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JNTRO DUCT JON The pleasant reception accorded my effects that have "been marketed, has been the factor in publishing this modest booklet. The tricks contained herein have been tested for practicability, novelty and audience appeal. That your verdict on "New and Original Tricks" will be favorable is my sincerest wish. Samuel Berland

Chicago, June 20th, 1933 Copyright 1933 by Samuel Berland Manufacturing right reserved by the author

C O N T ÂŁ N "f S Page Dollar Bill, Cigarette and Fountain Pen


Most Clever Billiard Ball Penetration


The Magical Melange


The Stabbed Card


New Ghost Cigarette


Spider and the Serpent


Jig Saw Card Trick


Visible Cigarette Vanish


Shades of* Svengali


Smokers Maze


Linking Razor Blades


Dollar Bill and Paper Matches


Improved Diagonal Palm Shift


Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper with New Climax


New Borrowed Cigarette in Pocket Book


DOLLAR BILL, CIGARETTE, AND FOUNTAIN PEN Berland & Faber A new version, with several ingenious improvements EFFECT A dollar bill is borrowed, and the numbers made note of for future identification. A cigarette is borrowed likewise, and initialed. Showing an empty envelope, the bill is placed inside and sealed. To prove the bill remains in the envelope, he tears away a little of it, revealing part of the bill in view. The bill is held over the flame of a match and accidently catches on fire, before anything can be done, the envelope has completely burned consuming the bill. The performer passes it off as accidental, then takes the cigarette, lights it, takes a few puffs, and it vanishes. Apparently forgetting about reimbursing the gentleman for the loss of his bill, the performer starts doing another trick, when he is reminded about the bill. He apologizes for his carelessness, and offers to repay the gentleman. He takes out his wallet, looks inside, but his face is crestfallen, for it is empty. Looking thru his pockets also proves futile. The performer offers to repay the gentleman with his check. "Would that be allright?" "Of course." He removes his fountain pen and takes out his checkbook, asks the gentleman his name, and starts writing the check. However, the pen seems to scratch, he shakes it, but it is dry. The magician by this time is ill at ease. He decides to investigate the pen. The checkbook is placed on the table, and he proceeds to take the pen apart. The part holding the pen-point is removed, and as he does so, a cigerette drops out of the pen. It is the borrowed cigarette! -1-

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Pages from berland s new and original tricks