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P u b l i s h e d by GEORGE SNYDER J R . SNYDER'S MAGIC SHOP 908 Superior Ave. Greyhound Bus Station Cleveland 14, Ohio

FORKWORD I have often wondered whether the purpose of a foreword is to explain something, or to make an excuse for the writing of the book, or Just to take up space. Now I know! However, I leave it for you to read and Judge for yourself. Some of the best magic that I have ever seen has been 'at the table' after the show, or dessert as Martin Gardner has put it. It was for this reason that we named this manuscript as we did. Paul Roslni, who is one of my favorite magicians, doe3 a very nice show, but it is at your table, after the show that he does real miracles. We don't say this Just to couple Paul's name with ours, it's Just that it doesn't seem that one can possibly write a book on cards without at least mentioning him. We have no apology to offer for any of the items here included. We use them all and find that they go over nicely. We are especially proud of the cull-stock shuffle. While this shuffle is not usable on all occasions, when the chance does arise, you'll find it is a reputation builder. For those who don't care for this book, we have a money- backguarantee to offer. We will accept all complaints submitted in writing, double-spaced on one side of a sheet only, notorlzed and delivered by the sherriff. We are sorry, but we regret that we can do nothing more but hope that you forget your 'squawk' in time to purchase our next book.

January 1946

Neal G. Ellas

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