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((Page 1) AL BAKER'S "BILLET READING EXTRAORDINARY" A number of slips of paper are passed out to the company with the request that each write thereon any question they wish and sign their full name. They are requested to fold them all well, when they are gathered up in an envelope. The performer selects one and holding it up to his forehead immediately divines the question and answers it. He opens it, reads it and then passes it out for examination, A second slip is answered in the same way and so on. At any time the performer may pass out a slip for examination. It is the answering of the first question and passing out for examin tion that bewilders those who know the old method of working this effect. A number of slips of paper about 1-1/2" x 6" are placed in a large envelope (document size.) In the same envelope is placed a doubled carbon paper with the sensitive side outwards. This doubled sheet completely fills the envelope. Thus it will be seen that if anyone uses the envelope for a "pad" no matter which side is face up, a carbon impression will result on the opposite inside of the envelope. Come forward with envelope and pass out slips. Before last slip is given out, moisten the finger tip as if to help slide out the paper, but in reality to SLIGHTLY moisten the flap. The last slip is taken out and placed on top of envelope (incidentally) sealing flap a trifle and both envelope and paper are handed to spectator. Naturally, he uses it for a pad. Watch him very closely and just as he finishes, say, "Now, fold up your slip so that no one may see it." AT THE^SatiE TIi E, casually take the envelope from him and unseal it with the forefinger behind envelope. Address the audience as follows: "Now, if all have finished writing, fold your slips in four, using a good crease so that they will not open. I will gather them up in this envelope, "WHILE YOU ARE S.iYIi-.G THIS, casually open the envelope, glance inside and read the carbon copy of the last question, while in the act of inserting the fingers to hold it open. Gather up the last party's slip -first and place in front portion of envelope. Place all the rest on the other side of carbon paper, after returning to your place, bring forth any slip from the rear portion. Hold it up to your forehead and after a little deliberation, give as the question that whose carbon copy you have read. WHILE YOU ABE DOING THIS the left hand, with fingers still in the envelope, palms the one slip in the front portion and holds same at back of envelope with the thumb; fingers at front. The right with the aid of the left (WHICH STILL HOLDS ENVELOPE) opens up the billet (to see if he is correct.) He memorizes the question and folds it up again. Then as an after thought, says to the audience, "Ferhaps you would like to see it," â&#x20AC;˘Suiting the action to the word, he takes envelope in right hand and passes billet to left with which hand he passes it out for examination. What he really does is to retain the billet behind the envelope with his right hand and bring forward the other which he has been holding with the left, and whose answer and question he has really given. The exchange is VERY ,EASY and absolutely indectable. The envelope should be passed in a very casual manner. A second billet is selected and the memorized question of the first billet selected is given. The billet is opened as in the first case (but is not given.out for examination) and question memorized and given as the answer to the next billet held up. This is continued untill all have been answered.

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