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Newsletter 42 July/August 2006

Inside Huntingdon Life Sciences A shocking report into what goes on behind the razor wire at Huntingdon Life Sciences written by two people who worked there in 2005

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Inside Huntingdon L The following account is written by two people who both worked in the Beagle Unit inside HLS for over 12 months, leaving in late 2005. The pictures displayed are stills taken from the TV programme ‘Animals’. At the end of the film it stated that the scenes of inhalation toxicology on dogs were not shot inside HLS. They were. We know because these two workers were there when it was being filmed. HLS would not let the TV crew film unless they put this at the end of the programme. In the scene that shows the beagle being killed they had to get workers from elsewhere inside HLS to kill those dogs as the

workers there did not want to be filmed on national TV killing dogs. “Animal Technician, must be animal lover.” the job ad read. “That’s me”, I thought. I’ve had animals in my home since I was born. I could never imagine living without them.

while they’re put to sleep. Until you get in there on the first day of work, you haven’t got a clue what you’ll be doing. If I’d known before I went in, I would never have done it. First day: I was given blue uniforms, wellies and toe-tector shoes. There are a number of inductions that the company gives but not one of these is about working with the animals. Even the health and safety induction was about office work and not anything to do with animals. Most inductions were long and drawn out. I think the people who actually work with the animals should be on a different course to the office workers. There was no mention that at any point you could get bitten by an animal. In the dog building I was met by the NACWO (named animal care and welfare officer). I was told at this point that I would be working every other weekend as overtime. I was astonished to learn that I would be working twelve days on and two off continuously! Then I met my team leader. She was in the middle of doing a bleed with another member of staff. I was shocked at what I saw and thought it was quite barbaric. The holder was sitting on a stool with the dog to her right hand side also sitting on the chair. She used her right hand to hold the dog’s front legs down and keep the dog tight to her body. Her left hand was used to hold the dog’s muzzle upwards

I had doubts, believe me. I had listened to talks given by both sides, for and against animal testing. However I’d never really decided how I felt about the subject. ‘That was years ago. Maybe things have changed now or even better improved,’ I thought. So I rang and asked for an application form. When it arrived I filled it in. All the usual details were asked for, and a small amount of medical history.

A week or so passed and I received a letter inviting me to an interview. Amazingly the letter said the interview could be up to two hours long. I couldn’t imagine what they could possibly tell me that would take that long. The interview consisted of seeing four different people, and actually going into an animal unit. I saw animals, and the rooms they were ‘dosed’ in. I left feeling confused. I still didn’t know how I felt about working at a place that was so often slated and hated by so many people. More than anything one specific thing bothered me, that they hadn’t told me exactly what my day to day job would entail. They don’t explain anything to you about what you will be doing. When we started we had no idea we’d be cleaning cages or holding dogs

When I went in the next day, one of the dogs was dead in his pen.

I was shown the units where the dogs were, which was building J24. There were nine units my side, each unit holding a maximum of 32 dogs. Some units were empty. There were five full-time staff and one part-timer. I was shown the day books. Everything that happens in a unit each day is recorded in time in the day book, from the first time anyone goes in the unit, right through each procedure to the last thing done in there that day. When the dogs first arrive at HLS they have a number tattooed in their ear. The dog is put into the right pen, then within a few days of being there, the HLS number is tattooed into their other ear. Most dogs hate this and have to be held tight to do

it. Some even mess themselves because they are so scared.

so that the neck was clearly visible to the technician taking the blood. The dogs were struggling and whimpering as the needle was stabbed and plunged in and out of their necks. I found it very difficult to watch. The trainee technician was trying to reassure the dog but it didn’t work at all. She took me round where my team worked and

Every time I have to get the dogs out for something, I’m just thinking I don’t want to do this.They think every time I come out of this cage I’m going to have something done to me, and they are.

We had a meeting with some of the top dog staff one afternoon who showed us some undercover video footage and then we were asked questions about it. There were around 20 staff in the room, some trainees, some licence holders. Not one person answered the questions. Everyone just sat there, silent. Most of the staff had a very uncaring attitude towards the animals and they seemed to be able to just “switch off” to what was happening. If you didn’t “fit in” with the team you were given all the horrible things to do, more dogs to clean out, more procedures to hold for. You didn’t get all your breaks, you were given procedures to ‘hold for’ at lunchtime so you’d have to have a late lunch. The same people time and time again got away without cleaning out, and never had to miss a break or usual lunch time. They were invited on lunches out and were gone for an hour and a half and sometimes came back smelling of alcohol.

Life Sciences : 2005 Cleaning out: after the first write up of the day came the cleaning out. When you enter in the morning the dogs are either in two’s or three’s. You’d let the pair or three dogs out into the middle of the unit whilst you scraped out, with a spade, the old sawdust and faeces, checked the water valve in each unit, put a shovelful of sawdust in and put each dog back into its right pen. This took ages as you can imagine! The first time I cleaned out 32 dogs it took me an hour and a half.

Sometimes you’d get a group of people, like 4 or 5 people, holding a dog still for a procedure and it’d always be whimpering. It’s bad enough for me to watch and I understand what’s going on, they haven’t got a clue what’s happening... it’s really horrible. I was told that whenever you start something in a unit, before going into the unit, you write your start time in the day book. When you finish you enter the finish time and initial it. Sometimes you were so busy you forgot to put a finish time or anything at all. At the end of the day the books were all checked by a licence holder and signed. If you had forgotten to write a time you were told to make one up. This is falsifying data and shouldn’t be done. Each morning and afternoon the first and last job to be done was ‘writing up’ the dogs. This is where you have a sheet with each dog’s number on it (before they go on a study or after the study has finished) and you go round the unit checking for abnormal faeces, vomit, under or over active dogs and that they are still alive. You write the time in and initial it.

You do get quicker but on busy days you’d get given half an hour to clean out 32 dogs and of course corners were cut and edges of pens would gradually build up with urine and faeces and sawdust. When you did get enough time it took much longer, or you were made to do a unit which had been neglected for a while and it was horrible. Sometimes the dirtiness of a unit hit you as soon as you went in, and the dogs were living in it all the time. The units are supposed to be power-hosed every four weeks which meant the dogs being moved to another nearby unit and their unit being powerhosed. This didn’t happen every four weeks, sometimes because we were too busy, short-staffed or it was just overlooked. When the unit was eventually powerhosed the pen bars would be thick with faeces and it took hours to clean. Feeding: All the animals are fed on Harlan Teklad. Whether they are 5-6kg or 12-13kg dogs they are all given 400g daily. If the dogs aren’t on a study they get fed as soon as they are cleaned out. If they are on a study they usually get fed an hour after dosing. This can be as late as lunchtime when they are fed. On very rare occasions dogs that have stayed the same weight or lost weight for three or more weeks get 500g of Teklad but that was extremely rare on my team. On some studies the higher dosed dogs go off their food. They were left as long as three days without eating, then they would sometimes get the food moistened. Very, very rarely, were they offered tinned food. The food is left in for two hours then taken away. Any residues are weighed and recorded for each dog. How the unit is set up for a study: Before the dogs arrive we are given a list of dogs (supplier numbers) and they are sorted into who’s going to be in certain groups.

When the dogs are on a study they are on a computer system, either VMS or Xybion. This is the first job at 8.30am and the final check is at 4.30pm. The dogs are left from 4.30pm til 8.30am without a check. At 6pm the lights went out in the unit (by timer switch) and at 6am the lights came back on.

We work to a ‘protocol’ which tells us how many dogs will be on that study, and what class the study will be. Class ‘4’ is a hazard group and once the study starts everyone that enters that unit has to wear a boiler suit, mask, gloves and over-shoes. If I was caught entering that room without all of these

I would be in trouble but I have seen my team leader, vets, study directors and the NACWO all enter the room without any of these on. Then they go into another unit. What are they passing on? Anyway it depends how many dogs are on that study. One study for example is 32 dogs, 16 male and 16 female. Males one side of the unit, females the other. Starting from the door the first four males and females are what are called “control” dogs. They are not on any drugs but they have to be dosed the same as the others. If the dose is a capsule, they are given an empty capsule, if it’s an injection (called sub-cut), injected into the scruff of the neck, it is usually purified water or similar. These dogs have a white card on their pen. Then there was group 2 dogs (yellow pen card). The dose was quite low and apart from the odd one which vomits there aren’t usually many signs. The dose depends on the study. It could be

around 0.5ml to each kg, it could be more. Again it was the next four males & females after the “control” dogs. Then it was group 3 dogs (blue pen cards): same amount of dogs as other groups, this could be 1.5ml per kg or more. It depends on the study as to side effects. Then the last four males & females were in group 4 (pink pen cards). Usually this group’s dose was double group 3’s. These had the most side effects and could be quite nasty. One study I was working on was an anti-cancer drug, class 4 hazard, and that had a group 5 section of dogs. Two days after dosing the group 5 dogs and a couple of group 4 dogs

One of the little female dogs had these warts all up her nose and legs... I was told “Oh she’s being put down in a few weeks - it doesn’t matter.”

Inside Huntingdon L were very ill. When I got there in the morning there was blood everywhere in these groups. I was shocked, but told to write each dog up as having red-stained faeces. Cleaning this out was not a pleasant job and I was glad I was wearing a face mask. The team leader called the vets as the dogs were underactive. The vet came in the afternoon and suggested the dogs be given tablets in their water to help them as they were dehydrating. They weren’t eating either. The vet suggested something else to help them, I don’t know what. We were

I saw co-workers grab them by the scruff, shout and swear at them, swing them by the scruff and slap them.

tube and it has on there what time point it is.

There were always two minute intervals between dogs so the holder would have to go into the unit, get the required dog, which was done as were all controls, all group 2’s, group 3’s and group 4’s. You had exactly two minutes, so once a dog had the needle put in its neck (bleed from jugular vein) you had exactly two minutes for that blood to be taken and then to take that dog back, getting the next dog and that being bled.

never told anything like that. The study director came over and the NACWO came in to see the dogs. They had a discussion and it was decided that the dogs wouldn’t get any medication and they would see how they went over the next couple of days. I said I was unhappy about the decision but I was just a “trainee”, what did I know! The dogs, about 5 of them, were lifeless all day, more blood all day, they didn’t want to eat, drink or exercise so they were not paired up that night. When I went in the next day, one of the dogs was dead in his pen. I went beserk and was told to go and get a coffee whilst the team leader, NACWO, vets and study directors sorted everything. It was decided that another two dogs were to be put to sleep that day. The study was put on hold for a few days, then it was decided that the group 5 was “too high” a dose and the highest they wanted was a group 4. Two more dogs were put to sleep over the next week or so. I was talking to another Team Leader about the study and she said that they knew the group 5 was too high a dose and they knew there would be problems, but they went ahead anyway. Animals dosed first day: Study starts. It’s always such a busy day when a study starts. Usually two people go in early to clean them out. There is a pre-dose bleed. On a bleed there is a licence holder and a trainee doing a bleed. The blood tubes are all labelled up a couple of days before. Each dog has its own

hours after dose, 8 hours after dose, 12 hours after dose and 24 hours after dose. When the 15 min, 30 min and 1 hour bleeds were being done, there would be at least two teams bleeding, which would be a licence holder and a carrier. The dogs were in and out of their pens constantly and they would get a bit uncooperative and agitated. The necks would be very bruised and swollen and they would still go in and take the blood. One licence holder I worked with would go in and out about five times with the same needle, not hitting the vein. The amount the same needle could be used was two. I reported this to my team leader but nothing was done. If we had a naughty dog who wasn’t going to sit still it would take longer than the two minute intervals and we’d constantly be running backwards and forwards with the dogs, some of which weigh 12-13kg plus, to make up the time. The time was never changed if it took longer, so again people were falsifying data. We would be expected to do overtime for the

Some dogs were not happy to be bled and they would struggle and not sit still. The licence holder would pull them around by the scruff, shout at them, and sometimes even used to pick the dog up off the chair by its scruff and have it dangling whilst they shouted at it. It could be a very disturbing time. I saw co-workers grab them by the scruff, shout and swear at them, swing them by the scruff and slap them. I was told I was “too close” to my dogs because when I carried them to and from procedures I would hold them tight to me and cuddle and kiss them. So there was a pre-dose bleed, then at around 9am the dogs would be dosed at two minute intervals. The study directors would come over and they are supposed to check everything was done correctly but they would stand in the way and chat generally between themselves and not take any notice of the study starting. The next bleed would be 15 mins after dose, 2

8 and 12 hour bleeds and it wasn’t liked if we said no. On busy days like the start of a new study, the animals didn’t get any exercise time and weren’t paired up until after the 8 hour or 12 hour bleed. They always looked so sad on these days. Urine cages: Depending on the study, at different times throughout the study the dogs would be put into urine cages. These were very small cages, with hardly enough room for them to turn round. They were on a tray with holes in it so the urine went down the tiny holes, into a hole in the middle of the cage and down into a pot. The dogs were put into the cages at 4pm in the afternoon and taken out of the cages at about 8.40am the next morning. As the cages were so small, when the dogs had faeces they were treading and lying down in it as they had no choice and couldn’t get away from it. Quite a few times dogs got their claws stuck in the holes of the bottom and in the morning their claw would have been pulled out and they had raw toes and couldn’t walk on that foot for days. In the morning the pots were all checked for urine. If they had been they were carried back to

Life Sciences : 2005 be put in the eyes twice daily. They didn’t make the soreness any better. The eyes had thick yellow slime which would crust up and it wasn’t until quite a few team members told the team leader how crusty the eyes were that they started to be bathed in the morning before the drops were put in. The third eye-lids were nearly always visible.

their pen. If they hadn’t been they had to be catheterised, which was upsetting for the dog. They had been in the cage all night and all the dogs around them had gone back and they’d be barking and pacing. When the dogs were taken out of the cages they would be very smelly and covered in their own faeces, not at all pleasant. When they were in the cages from 4pm to 8.40am they had no water. Hold for dosing: As a Trainee Animal Technician I held for all types of procedures, some very invasive and some a little less so. I always felt barbaric after holding dogs against their will. I would hold anything from 20 to 64 dogs. It was exhausting for both me and the dogs. Sometimes while carrying dogs back after dosing I would pass the pens of dogs that had already been dosed and see vomit, body tremors, or a lifeless dog curled up in the corner of its pen. This always broke my heart because normally they would be jumping up and barking with excitement when I entered the room. Different types of dosing: The different ways a dose is put into an animal are capsule, sub-cut, oral gavage, infusion, dermal, eye-drops. Capsule was as it says, a capsule which was quite big. It was given to the dog in its single pen, by a licence holder, put to the side of the mouth at the back and pushed down with the thumb. I have found the capsule in the dog’s food bowl. I told a licence holder, who threw it in the bin. I told the team leader after I had got the capsule out of the bin that the capsule wasn’t damaged by saliva and could have been given to the dog again. There should have at least been a comment made in the day book that that dog hadn’t been dosed that day but nothing. The team leader was going to speak to the licence holder about it, but it wasn’t done and no comment was ever made in the day book because I checked. Another capsule study gave the Group 4 dogs red raw eyes. All the fur around the eyes went and they were so sore. The vets were called and they were given eye drops called viscotears because the eyes weren’t making any fluid and they were dry. These drops had to

would be sick.

Infusion This was done by a cannula inserted into a vein in the leg. Each day a different foot was used so it would be 4 days before that leg was used again. The fluid was pushed through at a slow rate through a machine. The cannula would have to be taped to the leg and it took a couple of people to hold the dog’s leg whilst Sub-cut: means subcutaneous. it went in and one person had to stand with 2 This was an dogs whilst injection done they were beunder the skin on ing dosed to the scruff. The stop the dogs If you had forgotten to scruff had to be pulling them shaved weekly write a time you were told out. and marked into a to make one up. This is rectangle divided into Dermal two with a permanent This was a falsifying data. marker pen. The powder or injection was done in liquid put onto one side one day, the a shaved part other side the next of the dog, day. After the fluid usually the had been injected back so they there would be a lump couldn’t bite on their neck. The particular study I had was or scratch it. It sometimes made the skin raw a painkiller from puffa-fish. As soon as you or red. took the first dog out to be dosed, the group 4 dogs would start salivating very heavily, Eye-drops shaking their heads, and by the time they were Medicine entering the eye by drops. Given to dosed their pens would be soaked with saliva each dog in its pen. The dogs’ eyes in Group and very often they would vomit before dose 4 became almost shut, red raw, hair loss, third because they knew what was coming. eyelids visible.

After dose, most groups 3 & 4 would vomit and be underactive for up to an hour. The Group 2 dose was actually injected into a colleague by a licence holder, not the whole dose but part of it. This was just washed by a first aider. I had some of the dose squirted into my eye by a licence holder because the dog moved.

The dogs would rub their faces continuously on the floor or pen bars as they were itching, which made their side effects much worse. The eyes became so swollen. Some things that were very, very wrongly performed: Incompetence * I saw blood taken from a dog and put in the wrong blood tube. It was then poured into the right tube without it being washed. A new tube should have been used. * Untrue readings, licence holder incompetence. Nothing ever noted and no-one else told. * Some dogs were being put to sleep, and [a worker] had missed taking the blood from one of them. The team leader came running down and took the blood from the dog once it was dead. That blood sample would NOT have been a true blood sample.

Oral gavage This is done by a plastic tube inserted down the throat and into the stomach. The dose was put down the tube via a funnel and then flushed through with water to make sure all the dose was flushed into the dog. The dogs hated this procedure and often regurgitated the tube. When the tube was taken out the dogs regularly brought up the dose because they

* It was a licence holder’s job to check the dog’s tattoo in the ear before doing any procedure on it. Very often the procedure was done and then the dog’s ear would be checked. * Restraining of animals: Very often a dog did not want to sit beside you on a chair for a procedure. They would struggle and not sit down. As soon as anything went near the dog

Inside Huntingdon L they would cry and want to get down. Sometimes as many as three people would have to hold one dog, which made the dog more upset. A licence holder would grab the dog by its scruff, sometimes lifting the dog up off the chair, have the dog hanging and really shout at it to behave. Sometimes they would hold the scruff, whilst the dog was sitting on the chair, and push its head and neck down whilst shouting at it.

end of the annexe was cordoned off, a false wall was put up, dividing the rest of the unit from the end 3, so there was a spare unit for powerhosing. Everything that was put this end was cleaned with Virkon. Every pen, bin,

a week and were ordered by a former team leader who was always telling us just how much each item cost and that we should use things much more sparingly than we did. * Some dogs that had been there for nearly a year had been on three studies. On one of the studies they all had their thyroid glands taken out by surgery. Then they constantly had to have thyroid tablets. In the end, after being there for so long, they got so bored that they started fighting regularly. One weekend, a worker wasn’t in the unit excercising them, she was outside the unit keeping an eye on them and they started having a really nasty fight. Instead of shouting for help, she just stood there and watched the dogs fight. She then said ‘they’re having a fight’ and we rushed in and tried to separate them. About 6 or 7 dogs were attacking one dog. They had hold of it by its ear, legs, tail and hind leg. The dog was yelping and screaming.

* During a sub-cut study, the dose would come over from the pharmacy daily. The dose came in brown jars with a label on it for the control, group 2 etc. The amount of liquid was weighed out at pharmacy for how much was needed, plus a little extra. The dose bottles were weighed again when they reached us and the weight recorded. When the dosing was over, each bottle was weighed again. On a number of occasions the final weight was way under what it should be, meaning that some of the dogs had been given too much dose. This was recorded in the weight sheet and it must have been covered up one way or another because it was never recorded in the day book and the NACWO was never informed. This certainly would have had an effect on the end result data of the study. Once I overheard that the weights weren’t right and kept a look out in the day books. I asked the licence holder what would happen. They said they didn’t know. * Needles were repeatedly put into dogs’ necks, often more than 5 times before a new needle was used. The dogs get terrible bruising and lumps on their necks but they still continued to have blood taken from the same areas. There is often a short supply of products like needles, gloves, masks, disinfectants and detergent. When you go to a store room and there is none there you have to search the whole dog building to see if another team can spare some. Disinfectant to clean the floors was in very short supply and we often had to water it down so we could make it last longer. Sometimes there wasn’t a team in the whole building that had any. Supplies came in once

The weekend worker just stood and watched while it took us a long time to get the dogs off. The injured dog was bleeding badly, its ear was almost in two. The injured dog was taken into the annexe. The vet and NACWO were called. They decided that because the dogs were going to be killed next week anyway, they would just euthanase him there and then. A similar fight took place the next day and again the dog was terminated.

bowls, toys etc was Virkoned. These dogs had procedures done by a “gun” like instrument which they shot onto six sites on the stomach. These dogs had to be sedated because it was a painful experience. They had four lots

Sometimes the dirtiness of a unit hit you as soon as you went in.

of treatment over approx. 6-7 weeks, then the warts started to grow in the dogs’ mouths. Some of the warts were enormous. They were measured each week on health check. One of the little female dogs had these warts all up her nose and legs... I was told: “Oh she’s being put down in a few weeks - it doesn’t matter...”

I worked in one team where the dosers would race each other to see who could get all the dosing done the quickest, as this was usually done before morning break and the quicker it was done the quicker we could go to break. I’m sure that this is what resulted in the dogs always being given the wrong amount of dosage. * There was a study that made dogs grow warts. These were put into two units. That

When the study came to the end, the dogs were put down in the annexe, not taken to the normal place to be put to sleep. This was questioned and the answer given to me was “I’m not answering your questions”. I also asked how many dogs were being put in each yellow bin bag, and given the same answer. The dogs were put in yellow bags and wheeled down to necropsy in a large yellow skip-type smallish bin we used to take rubbish out in or go and get small amounts of sawdust and food in. I know for a fact that this wasn’t washed first. The units were cleaned out and then all three units were powerhosed. The dividing wall was taken down. Then the units were used to put dogs in overnight whilst their unit was powerhosed. The two units of dogs that were put into these units developed warts. Not all the dogs got warts but a good 60% of them did.

Life Sciences : 2005 One female dog in particular had warts in her mouth, and on her face, legs and paws. They were big warts. The dog was then given a nasty nickname because of her warts, and a male worker used to call her ‘dirty bitch’, ‘slag’ etc. It was then discovered that the warts had come from the “wart study” because: a) the units hadn’t been powerhosed properly, b) they should have been Virkoned again to kill any remaining germs.The unit wasn’t Virkoned again and then another study was put in there for a 13 week study. When a study came to the end everyone seemed happy that it was ending and that there wouldn’t be as much work to do. The dogs were written up and cleaned out as usual. The first dog would usually go around 9-9.30am. They were weighed so they knew how much anaesthetic to use. If you’d been the one looking after the dogs, they wanted you to take them down. You could say no but it was better for the dog to know the person taking them down because they would be more likely to behave. There was a kill sheet so you knew which order to take the dogs down in. Usually there were two groups of “post-mortem” people, so you’d take one dog, then the next and then there’d be a gap until the next two. Every study that I took the dogs down on had to have bone marrow taken. When the dog was put to sleep, you’d be sitting on a long work top. The dog would have its front feet on me and back legs and bottom on the side.

We had to hold the needle in place so they could inject the rest when the bone marrow was done. This didn’t happen with many dogs but it shouldn’t have happened at all. One particular team leader whom I carried for didn’t clean up the blood between dogs and when the next one was taken in they could smell the blood and anaesthetic and it would panic them. I was always told not to cry, they were doing their job, the dogs bred for a purpose and now they’d done their part and they had to go. On a night out someone from necropsy was boasting about cutting the head open and sawing through the bone to get to the brain and how the smell of blood made them hungry. They admitted that not only one dog was put in a bin bag, odd parts here and there ended up with another dog. Vans came to collect the dogs at night and took them to be burned. it always made me really sad knowing that these dogs went to be incinerated not even as a whole animal...

This is now the 6th time HLS has been exposed and do we really have to ask, how many more times? If you turn the page over you will see a check list of all the Action points for everyone to do. These are all really important. We have always said that massive animal cruelty is endemic at HLS and that the beagle beating in 1997 was not an isolated incident and now we can finally prove it. What can all of Huntingdon’s customers say now? What can Tony Blair and the Home Office say now? Press each and every one of them and do not let them fob you off. We have the evidence.

The front leg would be shaved. We were shown how to bring the vein up for the needle to be put in. When bone marrow was to be Please go through the Action points taken, the dog wasn’t to be dead when it was on the next page one by one and do taken but nearly there. The dog was laid on them all. The animals inside HLS are its back and the bone marrow taken from the counting on you. chest bone. This wasn’t pleasant to sit through. Two team leaders who I done The dogs got terrible this procedure with hadn’t bruising and lumps on given the dog enough anaesthetic and it whimtheir necks but they still pered and moved. This was continued to have blood so upsetting for me. They didn’t give more anaestaken from the same areas. thetic but carried on.

Conclusion * Blood in wrong dog’s tube * Dogs sworn at for no reason * Bleeds missed * Dogs shaken and slapped * Urines missed brooms etc * Dogs poked and prodded with ting figh for e attempts * Needles not changed after thre tised be* Dogs not adequately anaesthe oval rem row mar e fore bon * Needles not put in sharps bins oughly * Dogs not health checked thor t tmen trea vet ect * Not given corr scruff * Restraining of animals using * Wrongful administration of drug all day * Some dogs’ treatments missed abrasions wet dry/ with er suff to left s Dog ** to staff’s on ed pass was h ie impetigo whic children (fact) every * Senior Technician goes to pub of Stella, lunch time and has three pints r workers then drives himself and three othe back drugs, and * Same Senior Tech always on le caught peop y Man . work for late always g dogs. cisin exer st whil this person asleep leads er chok by g alon d pulle s Dog * tightly that * Inhalation masks done up so dogs’ skin on head was wrinkled 3 * Number of vets cut from 6 to

Action >>

HLS customers

HLS Workers Tape 1

Some of the companies below, namely Roche and GSK, have gone on record saying that we have no proof that rough treatment of animals and falsifying of results takes place inside HLS now. They say that what was filmed inside HLS was an isolated incident. No more can they hide behind that and all their excuses have now been blown apart. What excuse can they now have for continuing to work with HLS?

Eco Animal Health Ltd, 284 Chase Road, Southgate, London, N14 6HF Tel: 020 8447-8899 ====================== Syngenta Priestley Road Surrey Research Park Guildford Surrey GU2 7YH Tel: 01483 260000 ====================== Teva Pharma UK The Gate House Gatehouse Way Aylesbury Bucks HP19 8DB Tel 0129-6719768 Teva HQ 5 Basel St. Petach Tikva 49131, Israel Tel: +972-3-9267267 ====================== Sanofi Aventis One Onslow Street Guildford Surrey GU1 4YS Tel: 01483 505 515 Sanofi Aventis HQ 174, av. de France 75013 PARIS FRANCE Tel (33) 1 53 77 40 00 ====================== Pfizer Limited, Walton Oaks, Dorking Road, Tadworth, Surrey, KT20 7NS. Tel: 01304 61 61 61

Please take the time to write to each and every customer here urging them to cut all ties with Huntingdon. If they refuse to, then we can conclude that they just don’t care about animal cruelty or the falsification of results. If you would like to order copies of the report ‘Inside HLS 2005’ to send to each customer then please do so.

this is where the decisions are made, then please do as these addresses are the most important of the lot. We have never said this before in the whole of the campaign but we are saying it now. It is your duty to write to these customers urging them to distance themselves from the cruelty at HLS.

Also if you can also write to the companies’ HQ address abroad as ultimately

The animals inside HLS need you now more than ever. Please do not fail them.

Pfizer HQ 235 East 42nd Street NY, NY 10017 USA ====================== Makhteshim Agan (UK) Ltd. Unit 16, Thatcham Business Village Colthrop Way, Thatcham, Berkshire RG19 4LW Tel: 01635-860-555 Makhteshim Agan Industries Ltd. HQ 1 Azrieli Centre, Tel-Aviv 67012, Israel Tel: (972)-3-6947977 ====================== Dow AgroSciences Ltd Latchmore Court Brand Street HITCHIN SG5 1NH Tel: 01462 457272 ====================== Avecia PO Box 2 Belasis Avenue Billingham Cleveland TS23 1YN Phone: 01642 363511 ====================== Astra Zeneca 15 Stanhope Gate W1K 1LN London Tel: 020 7304 5000 ==================== Bristol-Myers Squibb Uxbridge Business Park, Sanderson Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 1DH Tel 01895 523000

Bristol-Myers Squibb HQ 345 Park Avenue New York, New York, USA 10154-0037 Tel: 212-546-4000 ====================== Arpida Dammstrasse 36 CH-4142 Münchenstein Switzerland Phone: +41 61 417 96 60 ====================== Actelion Pharmaceuticals BSI Building 13th Floor 389 Chiswick High Road Chiswick London W4 4 AL Tel: 020 89 87 33 33 Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd Gewerbestrasse 16 Switzerland ====================== Roche 6 Falcon Way, Shire Park Welwyn Garden City AL7 1TW Tel: 01707-36 6000 Roche HQ F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd Grenzacherstrasse 124 CH-4070 Basel SWITZERLAND Tel +41-61-688 1111 ====================== Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Limited Frimley Business Park Camberley, Surrey GU16 7SR Phone: 01276 692255 Novartis HQ Novartis International AG CH-4002 Basel Switzerland Tel: +41 61 324 11 11 ======================

s - Their Contracts their fault Checklist. GlaxoSmithKline UK Limited 980 Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 9GS Tel: 020 8047 5000 ====================== Abbott Labs Abbott House Norden Road Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 4XE Telephone: 01628 773 355 Abbott Laboratories HQ 100 Abbott Park Road Abbott Park, Illinois 60064-3500 Telephone: (847) 937-6100 ====================== Merck Sharp & Dohme Limited Hertford Road Hoddesdon Hertfordshire EN11 9BU Tel: 01992 467272 Merck HQ Merck & Co., Inc. One Merck Drive P.O. Box 100 Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889-0100 USA Phone: 908-423-1000 ====================== Monsanto UK Ltd The Maris Centre 45 Hauxton Road Trumpington Cambridge CB2 2LQ Tel: 01223 849 200 Monsanto HQ 800 North Lindbergh Boulevard St. Louis, MO 63167 (314) 694-1000 ====================== Otsuka Hunton House, Highbridge Business Park, Oxford Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 1HU Tel 018-9520-7100 Otsuka HQ 2-9 Kanda-Tsukasamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8535, Japan ====================== Sepracor HQ (Only in the US only but a consistent HLS customer so important) 508-481-6700 84 Waterford Drive Marlborough, MA 01752 ====================== Surface Logix (US Only but have used HLS in the last 9 months) Surface Logix, Inc. 50 Soldiers Field Place Brighton, MA 02135 Tel: 617.746.8500 ====================== Wyeth Huntercombe Lane South Taplow, Maidenhead Berks SL6 OPH Tel: 01628-604-377

Wyeth Worldwide Headquarters 5 Giralda Farms Madison, New Jersey 07940 ====================== Bayer HQ Bayer AG 51368 Leverkusen Germany ====================== Arch Wood Protection, Inc. (US only but have used HLS in the last 9 months) 1955 Lake Park Drive, Suite 100 Smyrna, Georgia 30080 Tel: 866-789-4567 ======================= Chugai Pharma Europe Ltd Mulliner House, Turnham Green London W4 1NN Tel: 020 8987 5600 Chugai are an HLS customer in their own right and are also owned by massive HLS customer Roche from Switzerland. Chugai HQ 1-1 Nihonbashi-Muromachi 2-Chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8324 Japan ====================== GroPep (They are in Australia only but have used HLS in 2005) 28 Dalgleish Street Thebarton SA 5031 Australia ====================== Baxter Wallingford Road Compton Newbury Berkshire, RG20 7QW Tel: 01635 206000 ====================== ORTHO-McNEIL PHARMACEUTICAL, INC. 1000 U.S. Route 202 South Raritan, NJ 08869 USA ====================== Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology Cnr Whitmore St & Seven Oaks St Taringa QLD 4068 Australia ====================== DAIICHI SANKYO UK LTD. Chiltern Place, Chalfont Park, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire SL9 0BG Tel: 01753 893 600 DAIICHI SANKYO HQ 3-5-1, Nihombashi-honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8426 Japan Tel: 03-6225-1111

What we need 1 We need you to write to every single customer on these two pages. Don’t let them sidetrack you with talk of ‘extremism’. The issue at hand here is that things have not changed inside HLS and pages 2-7 contain all the evidence we need. Please also if you can send letters to the companies’ HQ if abroad. 2 Support the demos on the back page. If you live near where one of these demos is taking place then please join us. We need numbers. If you can organise your own demos against some of Huntingdon’s customers then please do so. Please try and get the press to your demos and make sure that you have adequate copies of the ‘Inside HLS 2005’ report to give to the press. You can search for your nearest customers on our new online HLS customer database at 3 Money. We rarely ask for money but we are asking for it now. We will be mailing the ‘Inside HLS 2005’ report to every MP and are printing an initial 5,000 copies of the report. There will also be numerous demos happening not just in the UK but across the world with SHAC UK members in attendance to get the report and its findings across to HLS’s customers wherever they be. This is expensive but very, very effective. Wherever a major HLS customer is in the world, be that America to Israel, France to Switzerland, we will be there. 4 Please ring and write to all the suppliers listed. All their previous excuses are now dead in the water. How can they justify supplying a company where workers do this: “ I saw co-workers grab the dogs by the scruff, shout and swear at them, swing them by the scruff and slap them. ” 5 Please write to your MP and if possible make an appointment to visit him at his local surgery. If you don’t know who your local MP is then you can find them at: All you need to do is put your postcode in. Again do not let them divert the conversation on to ‘extremism’ or their views on animal experiments. Keep it to the ‘Inside HLS 2005’ report where the law has been clearly broken many times. What is your MP going to do about it? 6 Write to the Home Office in the same fashion as you write to your MP keeping it focused on the’ Inside HLS’ report. If you are not happy with their reply, then write again, keeping it tightly focused on the report. You pay these peoples’ wages so if you are not happy with their response then ask again. Home Office Direct Communications Unit 2 Marsham Street London SW1P 4DF Lastly just work out how many copies of the report you need and order them today. Good Luck!

Action >>

HLS Supplie

Listed on these pages are companies that are all currently dealing with HLS. Please contact them politely and inform them about the report you have just been reading. Thereis no need to be rude to these people: the facts exposed yet again at HLS should be enough for any right-minded person to make an ethical decision to not deal with cruel, incompetent, fraudulent HLS. You are the animals’ ambassadors and speak on their behalf, so put your points across firmly and clearly by letter, phone call and email. Remember HLS have lost hundreds of suppliers so if you take the time to speak out for the animals trapped inside their cages at HLS, IT WORKS!

10 5

Lancer UK ltd

Lancer UK Ltd 1 Pembroke Avenue, Waterbeach, Cambridge, CB5 9QR tel : 01223 861 665 fax: 01223 861 990

Did you know that HLS has between 2-4,000 Guinea Pigs at any one time for experiments and were one of Newchurch Farm’s biggest customers?


Lancer supply HLS and have done for years.

Mettler-Toledo Ltd

Mettler-Toledo Ltd., 64 Boston Road, Beaumont Leys Leicester, LE4 1AW Tel: 0116 234 5005 Tel: 0116 235 7070 swiss number is 044 944 4546 Website: For Global sites just use the drop down menu at the top right hand corner of their home page. They supply HLS with lab equipment and have been doing so for years.


Chiller Rental Services

Chiller Rental Services Ltd Wigan Rd, Leyland, Lancashire PR25 5XW Phone Warren on 01772 643040 This company have very recently rented chiller units to HLS and say they will not rule out going there again.


Vet Way

VET WAY AND DGP 1 Harrier Court, Airield Bus Park, Elvington, York YO41 4AU Tel 01904 607 600 Email: Vet Way/DGP have been lying. They made a statement but HLS now send their own vans as Vet Way’s courier company won’t go there. How stupid Vet Way are to think they wouldn’t get caught out....


Lancer UK Ltd (Northern) 1 Lancer Court, Astmoor, Runcorn, WA7 1PN tel: 01928 580 783 fax: 01928 580 784 email:

Industrial & Scientiic Supplies

Industrial and Scientiic Supplies The Grip Industrial Estate, Linton, Cambs CB1 6NR Tel: 01223 891 953 Email: A secretive irm that hide away in a unit with no name outside - ISS still got caught out!



Invitrogen Ltd 3 Fountain Drive Inchinnan Business Park Paisley PA4 9RF Phone: 0141 814 6100 FAX: 0141 814 6260 Email: Tel: 0800 269 210 Free Fax Orders: 0800 243 485 Email: HLS has 2 accounts with Invitrogen - on one of them they owe £2937.34p. Invitrogen a really sick company. Check out their website:


Top Notch Scaffolding

Top Notch Scaffolding Services 10, Bringhurst, Orton Goldhay, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE2 5RS Tel: 01733 234276 This company has been identiied as supplying scaffolding to HLS.


FT Construction

F.T Construction (Swainsthorpe) Ltd Norwich Rd, Swainsthorpe, Norwich, Norfolk NR14 8PU Tel: 01508 471777 This is a construction company that has been linked to HLS.



PHENOMENEX Melville House, Queens Avenue, Hurdsield Industrial Estate, Macclesield, Cheshire SK10 2BN Tel: 01625 501 367 Fax: 01625 501 796 Phenomenex supply analytical lab equipment to HLS and are a really important supplier.


Arrowmight BioSciences Campwood Road Rotherwas Ind. Est. Hereford HR2 6JD Tel: 01432 352904 Fax: 01432 344960 This sick company supplies HLS with animal cages. Email:



Millipore (U.K.) Limited Units 3&5 The Courtyards Hatters Lane Watford, WD18 8YH Tel 0870 900 4645 019 23 81 33 65 They supply HLS with lab equipment. Global Ofice Locator see Head ofice is in France

12 Penauille Servisair Penauille Servisair, Atlantic House Atlas Business Park, Simonsway Manchester, M22 5PR Tel: 0161 490 5600 Email: This company cleared a shipment of 64 Beagle pups from Marshall Farms, destined for death inside Huntingdon Life Sciences in September 2005. Please contact them to tell them why they should ditch doing business with the animal killers at HLS.

This is somet inside HLS wil

ers - No excuses any more 13


Thermo Electron Unit 5, Ringway Centre, Edison Rd, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21 6YH Tel: 01256 817282 Thermo Electron 01223 345 410 or 0870 609 9203 (Basingstoke) They supply HLS with Lab Equipment. Also at Thermo Electron Swift Park, Unit 2A Old Leicester Road Rugby, Warwickshire, CV21 1DZ Tel: 01788 820300

Did you know that HLS have a cat colony at their Occold lab? They bought cats from Hillgrove cat farm to start this colony.

Thermo Electron 93 - 96 Chadwick Road, Astmoor Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 1PR Tel: 01928 562600


Peterborough Pump and Valves The Old Forge, Cross Street, Farcet, Peterborough PE7 3DE Tel: 01733 242 497 More liars. This company is 100% still dealing with HLS, even though they think they are covering their tracks. Wrong!

Thermo Electron Corporation Bath Road, Reading Berkshire, RG5 7PR Tel: 07787 568038 Labmedics Ltd. Telegraphic House Waterfront Quay, Salford Manchester, M5 2XW Tel: 0161 869 0420 Country locator,,882,00.html


Scott Nutritions

SCOTT NUTRITIONS Scott Nutritions, Sedge Fenn Road, Southerry, Downham Market, Norfolk Tel: 01353 676 234 This company supply HLS with animal feed. This company is run by the same people who run Harlan, who supply animals to labs.

thing a pup ll NEVER do

Peterborough Pumps & Valves


Head ofice: YORK International Ltd Gardiners Lane South Basildon, Essex SS14 3HE Tel: 01268 246000 Fax: 01268 246001

This company are owed ÂŁ16,544 by HLS and have recently sold them an industrial chiller unit.

EUROPA 20BIOPRODUCTS LTD Europa Bioproducts Ltd, 15-17 North Street, Wicken, Ely, Cambs 01353 721 118 For Distributors see whatsnew They do products for experiments and HLS owe them money! No surprises there then.

Sartorious Ltd

Sartorius Ltd. Longmead Business Park Blenheim Road Epsom Surrey, KT19 9QQ Phone: 01372.737100 Fax: 01372.720799 E-mail: This disgusting company manufacture laboratory equipment and were recently leaked to the campaign as a supplier to Huntingdon. They have some good global sites.


Industrial Cooling Systems Head Ofice Gore Road Industrial Estate, New Milton Hampshire BH25 6SA T +44 (0) 1425 625 900 F +44 (0) 1425 639 041 Email:

York Refrigeration

York Refrigeration are a key supplier to HLS and guess what? HLS owe them tens of thousands of pounds! York are still supplying HLS and are a key supplier. for nationwide sites


Industrial 19 Cooling Systems

R&R Planthire

R & R Plant Hire Kings Dyke Whittlesey Peterborough Cambs PE7 1PG Tel: 01733 204 438 This is a company involved in the building work at HLS.

Did you know that HLS has the largest beagle unit in Europe and one of the largest in the world? It can hold 1,6000 beagles at any one time. Yes 1,600.



SYNE QUA NON LTD Navire House, Mere St, Diss Norfolk, IP22 4AG tel 01379 644 449 fax 01379 644 445 One of the largest niche data management and statistics companies in Europe HLS do archiving for them so they pay HLS makes a change! A source of income for HLS.



Impex, Unit 1, Peartree Business Centre Bretton, Peterborough PE3 8YQ Tel 0845 602 1662 Mobile 07836 739 096 email: This is a truly disgusting company who have shipped many animals to their deaths at Huntingdon.

Action >> 26

HLS Supplie


Strand 30 Transport

Xerox (UK) Limited Bridge House Oxford Road Uxbridge UB8 1HS Tel: 01895 251133 Fax: 01895 254095

Did you know according to the Home Office, HLS has 40,000 rats for experiments at any one time?

Goods 23 Dangerous Management Dangerous Goods Management Unit 23 Heston Industrial Hall Church Road Heston Middlesex TW5 0LD General Manager is Steve Burnett tel: 0208 577 8566 fax: 0208 577 8588 email: This is a transport company that specializes in transportation of dangerous goods and substances. They have recently been exposed as supplying this service for puppy killers HLS and have said they don’t care about animal cruelty. Run by obnoxious idiots.

24 Parker Fine Foods Parker Fine Foods Parker Fine Foods Belgrave House Baird Road Corby NN175ZA Tel: 01536 200 800 Fax: 01536 200 123 Parker Fine Food Services Winkadale House Knights Road Leicester LE4 1JK Tel: 0116 235 5666 Fax: 0116 235 5777 A long-term HLS supplier caught out bang to rights this time. Will lie - don’t believe them.

SJ Marlow

25 Pipework Services SJ Marlow Pipework Services Ltd Still Barn Farm, Upper Batley, Low Lane Batley, West Yorkshire, WF17 0AW Tel: 01924 479168 This company are in and out of HLS like yoyo’s.


Xerox gave a statement to the campaign but they have sneakily been supplying HLS via Business Direct. For UK sites click here


FFWD Couriers Ltd, Unit B1, Seedbed centre, Pinnacles East, Harlow FFWD Couriers Ltd Harolds Rd Harlow, CM19 5BJ, Tel: 01279 415717 i 5 Speed Couriers Ltd Joseph Ho/Harolds Rd Harlow, CM19 5BJ F F W D Couriers Ltd Harolds Rd Harlow, CM19 5BJ Tel: 01279 415717 K P Despatch Services Joseph Ho/Harolds Rd Harlow, CM19 5BJ These are all the same companies FFWD, KP Despatch and 5 Speed Couriers. They go into HLS on a daily basis and sometimes several times a day. They normally deliver paperwork for GlaxoSmithKline but also do work for some of the other Big Pharma customers of HLS in Herts/Essex like Roche.



BIOCAIR The Business Centre, Church End, Cambridge, CB1 3LB Tel: 01223 245 223 This is a vivisection industry freight company that have been spotted going in and out of HLS by local supporters on a regular basis.


BBC Fire Protection

BBC Fire Protection Limited St. Florian House, Ayton Road, Wymondham Norfolk NR18 0RA Tel: 01953 857700 Fax: 01953 857750 Email: Website: A company local to HLS’s lab at Eye but deals with both UK labs.


STRAND TRANSPORT SERVICES Strand Transport Services Ltd, Strand House, Rugby Road Industrial Estate, Rochdale, Lancs OL12 0EP Tel: 01706 868 486 Email: david.greenhalgh@ Strand do daily deliveries in the UK for major HLS supplier Perkinelmer and visit HLS on a regular basis.


Business Direct plc Xchange House 1 Great Central Way Butlers Leap Rugby Warwickshire CV21 3XH Tel: 0)1788 821 200 Fax: 01788 821 201 Tel: 0870 626 0406 Customer Helpdesk: 0871 871 2987 Business Direct plc. 13 Greenhill Crescent Watford Business Park Watford Hertfordshire WD18 8QU Customer Helpdesk: 0845 262 1102 Accounts: Business Direct Plc. Somerset House Somerset Road Teddington Middlesex TW11 8RL Tel: 0)20 8977 4522 Fax: 020 8977 4787 BusinessDirect have delivered to HLS recently.

32 Parkside Construction Parkside/Most Construction Tel: 01423 565 572 and 01423 521 298 12a Park Parade, Harrogate, HG1 5AF Most Construction alias Parkside have participated in the building of units to house animals in at HLS and have made themselves a fortune on the backs of animals dying inside HLS.


Monock Freight

Monock Freight Ltd 14 Mount Road, Feltham, TW13 6AR Tel: 0208 894 5400 Monock Freight deliver lab animals to HLS.

ers - No excuses any more 34


Cannon 13 Queensway, New Milton, Hampshire. UK. BH25 5NU. Switchboard Tel: 01425 638148 Fax: 01425 619276 Tel: 01425 638 148 Sales Hotline: 01425 632600 Email: Worldwide ofices see They supply data cabinets to HLS.


Triac Air Conditioning Ltd

Triac Air Conditioning Ltd, Shrubbery House, 47 Prospect Hill, Redditch, B97 4BS Tel 01527 591 199 Ian Gunton is the one dealing with this. The work is subcontracted to: AM Joynes Electrical, 34 Forest Road, Hinckley, Leics LE10 1HB Tony Joynes 0780 221 2557 and 01455 234 996 Tony Joynes is putting in 4 new chillers for HLS om behalf of Triac.



Broughton Plant Hire 10, Trade City, Ashton Rd, Harold Hill, Romford, Essex RM3 8UJ Tel 01708 383 350 also Notts 07966 188 195 They are supplying building tools to HLS.


Kirton Tube and Components Ltd Hunt Close, Lowmoor Business Park, Kirkby-in-Ashield, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG17 7ER Tel 01623 750 606 Currently involved in building work at HLS.


H.A.C Pipeline Supplies Ltd

H.A.C Pipeline Supplies Ltd 31, Pinfold Rd, Thurmaston, Leicester, Leicestershire LE4 8AS Tel: 0116 269 5062 Currently involved in building work at HLS.



Hereford Fast Freight Unit 4, Twyford Court Rotherwas Industrial Estate Hereford, HR2 6JG This company delivers to HLS on behalf of Arrowmight Biosciences, a lab animal cage supplier and disgusting company.



Arrow Express Couriers Unit 1b, Neath Farm Business Park, Church End, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB1 3LD Tel: 01223 415 666 They deliver to HLS for GlaxoSmithKline.


HRP HRP, Unit B6, Manton Centre, Manton Lane, Bedford MK41 Tel: 01234 272 702 HRP, Rougham Industrial Estate, Rougham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP30 9XA Tel: 01359 270 888 A local irm to HLS passing on equipment to HLS for Eastern Counties, listed below. Email: SHAC has contacted this irm and the managing director of it said that it is a free country and people can do what they like. Of course it is, and we can carry on informing her staff of just who they are doing business with.


Kirton Tube

39 and Components

Little Creek Kennels

Little Creek Quarantine Kennels Kingswood Lane, Saughall, Chester CH1 6DE Tel: 01244 880 267 Mobile: 07850 841 030 Email: This company is a quarantine kennel 45 minutes from Manchester Airport, where numerous lab animals are imported into the UK for torture. It has been leaked to the SHAC campaign that this company has been acting as an agent for HLS lab animal supplier Charles River. Contact this kennels, and get down there and do a demo. The staff may have no idea the owner is heavily involved in the lab animal trade, and nor will the members of the public visiting and collecting their animals.

Tartan 43 Mechanical Services Rose Farm Business Park, Leicester Rd, Countesthorpe, Leicester, Leicestershire LE8 5QW Scott Walkinshaw 0116 278 4999 Currently involved in building work at HLS.


Tecniplast UK Ltd

Tecniplast UK Ltd Venture Park Kettering Venture Park Kettering Northamptonshire NN15 6XR Tel: 01536 312512 Fax: 01536 312505 Email: Website: This vile company make lab animal cages. They boast that they have been leaders in this ield for over 50 years and that they regularly are involved in the design, construction and refurbishment of new and existing animal facilities. All the most evil companies deal with HLS.

Did you know according to the Home Office HLS has 4,000 rabbits for experiments at any one time?


Fetch Europe

FETCH EUROPE Fetch Europe Ltd, 3 Woodhurst Drive, Denham, Bucks UB9 5LL Tel 01895 835 774 Mobile 07764 584 413 email: Fetch Europe are heavily involved in the lab animal transport trade and think it’s funny to send emails to the campaign saying how they couldn’t care less about driving animals to their deaths and how they really support HLS.


Gatwick Expediter Management Services Ltd

Gatwick Expediter Management Services Ltd 101-102A Timberham House, Gatwick Airport, West sussex RH6 0A6 tel 01293 567 643 fax 01293 568 479 This company carries out customs clearance for Fetch Europe at Gatwick Airport.


World Courier

World Courier Unit 3, Riverside Cargo Centre Matheson Way, Poyle, Colnbrook SL3 0HF 01753 726 999 fax 01753 726 981 World Courier also carry out custom clearance for Fetch Europe this time at Heathrow Airport.

And last but by no means least...


PDP Couriers

P D P Freight Services Ltd Unit 10, Ashford Industrial Estate, Shield Road, Ashford, Middlesex TW15 1AU. Tel: 01784 420 466 Fax: 01784 424 300 PDP are Huntingdon’s main worldwide courier company. They lie constantly. What a sick business.

SHAC News >>


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SHAC Actions across the world

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Holland UK




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Recent L

Actions across the world




Liberations Italy: A group of 20 activists entered the University of Milano Pharmacology building’s animal housing facility (see pictures) at around 6 pm. Within minutes, they were able to remove 8 beagles, 3 golden retrievers, 12 rabbits, and several mice and rats. Students and university staff, including researchers, were present inside the building at the time of the raid. All the animals are now in loving homes. It has been reported that the University has been raided since this.

The pitiful fencing that had been erected after the last visit was removed, and the boar once again given a chance to colonise the New Forest.

Russia: The main Russian newspaper has reported that a lab in Russia was recently raided and 15,000 yes 15,000 rats, mice and hamsters were rescued. We know no more than this at present.

Italy: in the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, a group of activists saved three sheep and 14 rabbits from slaughter at a small farm. Also a wild bird that was in a cage was freed in Italy. In the night we entered the organic farm of Borgo Adorno, in Cantalupo (AL). The action has brought freedom to 12 young goats.

UK: The Otter and Owl Centre in Hampshire was visited for a second time by Animal Liberation activists.

Sweden: 9 rabbits were liberated from Per Mattssons meat farm in Berga, Knivsta, north of Stockholm. USA: 35 hens were liberated from a large battery cage egg facility in Delaware.

Prisoner Support: “If we haven’t got prisoners we have stopped fighting. If our prisoners are forgotten about they have beaten us.” Keith Mann Don Currie is on remand in custody on charges of arson in relation to PDP Couriers who are a major supplier to Huntingdon Life Sciences and have also lied to SHAC in the past, and the Wilton Box Company who make lab animal transportation boxes.

Josephine Mayo (PR6508), HMP Peterborough, Saville Road, Westwood, Peterborough PE3 7PD

Please write letters of support to Don. If you do not know Don or the other prisoners then don’t worry - your letters are still more than welcome and will make a big difference. If you are really not a big writer then just send a card in support. You can also send Don stamps and sae’s.


Donald Currie, TN 4593, HMP Woodhill, Tattenhoe Street, Milton Keynes, Bucks, MK4 4DA ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Sarah Gisborne was sentenced to six and a half years for conspiracy to cause criminal damage to vehicles and property of HLS supporters. This sentence was reduced to five and a half years on appeal. She is well, fit, strong and determined as always so please write letters of support. Sarah Gisborne (LT5393), HMP Cookham Wood Sir Evelyn Road, Rochester Kent ME1 3LU, England :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Josephine was sentenced to 4 years to do with the now closed Newchurch Guinea Pig farm, who we mustn’t forget supplied HLS with many thousands of guinea pigs.

HMP Bronzefield, Woodthorpe Road, Ashford, Middlesex TW15 3JZ

John Smith (TB4887) HMP Lowdham Grange, Lowdham, Nottingham. NG14 7DA.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: A.R. Prisoners abroad US prisoner Update - Peter Young Peter Young was recently sentenced to 2 years for raiding 6 fur farms and releasing 8,000 mink. Peter was on the run for 7 years. Letters can be sent to: Peter Young #10269-111 FCI Victorville Medium II, Federal Correctional Institution PO Box 5700, Adelanto, CA 92301, USA

Jon Ablewhite (TB4885) HMP Lowdham Grange, Lowdham, Nottingham. NG14 7DA. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Kerry Whitburn (TB4886) HMP Lowdham Grange, Lowdham, Nottingham. NG14 7DA. John, Jon and Kerry are currently serving a 12 year sentence relating to Newchurch Guinea Pig farm. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Heather Nicholson is on remand pending sentencing on the 21st July for the charge of affray in relation to a hunting family. Call us to check what her sentence is before writing to Heather.

On December 16, 2005, Chris McIntosh was sentenced to eight years in prison relating to a fire at a Seattle McDonald’s in 2003. The action was jointly claimed by the E.L.F. & A.L.F. Christopher McIntosh #30512-013 USP Hazelton, US Penitentiary P.O. Box 2000, Bruceton Mills, WB26525 USA ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Heather Nicholson NR7271

Merchandise order form Item

HLS general lealet A5


Merchandise is free unless stated. However donations to cover costs are appreciated. Return the order form below to SHAC, 6 Boat Lane, Evesham, Worcs WR11 4BP.



Direct Action - Punk Rock compilation CD £5

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Dead puppy A2 poster Videos/DVD’s (Please state which) 1 Action Video/DVD. This includes Times for Action 1, 2 and 3, the US Strikeback and the all new Hit Em Head On 2006- £2 2 Cruelty footage. This includes the SHAC Short video and the Documentary Countryside Undercover of footage shot inside HLS. £2 With both these please state whether you want a VHS video or a DVD

NEW SHAC Direct Action T Shirt Black only Sizes Skinny Fit, Small, Medium, Large and X Large £10 each SIZE.......................... SHAC Global T-shirts Black and khaki only Skinny Fit, Small and XL only T-shirts now only £5 SIZE ..........................

‘Slaughter of the Innocent’ by Hans Ruesch Classic scientiic anti-vivisection book, £5

Michelle Rokke’s diary of her 9 months working undercover inside HLS, £2

Book : ‘Caught in the Act’, £3 Undercover investigation on Prof Feldberg

Collecting tins

Science book ‘Sacred Cows and Golden Geese’ by Dr. Ray Greek, £8

Airhorns £5

‘Campaign against cruelty’ An activist’s handbook - Covers all the basics, £5


Cruelty free guides - lists what’s tested and what isn’t, 50p



Active Slaughter Punk Rock CD, £5



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Inside HLS SHAC on Tour Mon 7th Aug - Fri 11th August

Monday 7th August Start 9am Astra Zeneca, Alderley Park, Alderley Edge, Cheshire leaving 10am then demos all day then finish 4pm back at Astra Zeneca, Alderley Park ______________________________ Tuesday 8th August Start 9am Novartis, Litlington, Royston Cambridgeshire leaving 10am then demos all day then finish 4pm at Huntingdon Life Sciences, Huntingdon ______________________________ Wednesday 9th August Start 9am Merck, Hoddesdon, Herts leaving 10am then demos all day then finish 4pm at Roche, Shire Park , Welwyn Garden City ______________________________ Thursday 10th August Start 9am Novartis, Frimley, Surrey leaving 10am then demos all day then finish 4pm at Bristol Myers Squibb, Uxbridge ______________________________ Friday 11th August Start 9am Novartis, Horsham, Sussex leaving 10am then demos all day then finish 4pm at Pfizer, Walton Oaks, Surrey ______________________________ If any of these demos are coming to your area, then please join us even if it is for a couple of hours but you need to let us know that you are coming. If you need maps to any of the sites or a list of where we are going on any given day then please contact us. We will have banners, megaphones and placards so all we need is you, but please feel free to make and bring your own. JOIN SHAC ON THE UK TOUR!

“ The dog was laid on its back and the bone marrow taken from the chest bone. This wasn’t pleasant to sit through. The two team leaders I did this procedure with hadn’t given the dog enough anaesthetic and the dog whimpered and moved. This was so upsetting for me. They didn’t give more anaesthetic but carried on.”

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