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IT Music

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Entertainment and Leisure in Norwich

Interview: The Mission's Wayne Huss y talks exclusively to 'The Event•

IT Fashion

14-15 1

Stuck for cash? We hunt for bargains ,~~ ~--.....-:! in some of ~ the City•s F-~~IR,.~ secondhand shops!

Evans above! Wacky Chris has taken on a new show••• we profile Britain's brightest star.







Wanted: bands and venues! Back in February 1993, Mooncalf was a monthly 'happening' taking place at several venues throughout North No rfol k . lt was best described as a cross betw een a traditional gig, an indie disco and a club night. Mooncalf ran for app ro ximately six months, with its n o rmal base b eing at t he Village Inn in West Runton . Bands that app eared at th is time included Red Ink, Undermind and Revolving Jones. B ut it c eased operation at the end of last summer, becau se of 'rumbl ing s' over unsru p ulous and u nreliable landlords, and the general ap athy of the p ublic. Plans to start the thi ng up a g ain w ere then thwarted by even more apathy, and the departure of one of the Mooncalf's 'conspirators' from t he area. However, plans are now afoot to re-launch the happening again very soon, and those responsible would like to hear from all bands who would be interested in playing at any forthcoming events. Everything from grunge to psychedelic-funk and ambient-dub will be considered. They would also like to hear from venue owners who are open-minded enough to let such events operate from their premises. •Anyone who would like to get involved can contact Grundiose, the people organising future events at 15 Woodland Rise West , Sh er ingham, Norfolk, NR26 SNZ.

The latest on The Waterfront, as it reaches the halfway stage in its six month trial period Some say it's a waste of time and money. Some say it will never work . Some doubt the intentions of the parties involved . But city venue, The Waterfront, is now well and truly afloat halfway through its six month trial period . For the club , now operated by the UEA Students Union, saw tonight's (Wednesday's) D:Ream gig sell out weeks in advance . And its club night 'Meltdown' is proving enduringly popular with the local community selling out twice within the last month. Despite a slack period around Christmas, business has gathered momentum, and in the last three months, The Waterfront has played host to live music from Bjorn Again, Sultans of Ping, Madder Rose and The Royal Fam ily. And its upstairs room has seen visits from visiting clubs Mr Bumpman, Headspin, Lone Twister, The Cow Club and techno-fest Pure Sheng. Building on this solid base, The Student Union are now looking beyond the six

month trial period they have been given by Norwich City Council to operate the popular venue. Said Marketing Assistant Dominic Russeii-Price , "We're already planning for Christmas as we're confident of been given another six months. "And we want to know what people think, whether it's good or bad so that we can do what the punters want. We do listen." Dominic also announced a new event for Thursdays at the King Street club - a club night to showcase local mu· sical talent. Entitled 'Backwater', the event will feature local bands and DJs. In Dominic's words, it will be "a club with a big 'c' - somewhere where you can become a member." And members will be able to receive generous concessions . "There'll be newsletters, and offers of free studio time in a number of local studios for local bands", he said. Starting on February 24 for a one month trial period , 'Backwater' featu res Yogurt Belly and Delta Radio for its

D:Ream - The Waterfront's second sell-out gig first event. Subsequent dates will bring Goober Patrol (March 3), Fur and Steerpike (March 10), also Republic and Waddle (March 17). Opening times are to be finalised, but The Event can reveal that admission to Backwater will be £2.50 in advance or £3.00 on the night.

Concessions to members will result in SOp off the entry price. Added Dominic, "it's not just local bands, it's the whole scene. DJs are just as important to the vitality of local musicians in their own right. it's about being part of something and it's not just another club night." N/a/1 Hampton


Norfolk ALL OTHER u Area DRINKS £1.50 Suffolk

Upstairs at Pep p ermi n t Park available to students at only £40 f ully inclusiv e

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DFrom March 1, Norwich's Cannon Cinema (on Prince of Wales Road) will be taking credit card bookings, as a result of the computerised box-office system which was recently installed. The phone number for bookings is 0645 100 265.

0 The Event's chums, Right Said Fred, last Friday expressed their disappointment at the low sales figures for their current album 'Sex and Travel'. Speaking exclusively to Norwich's top Entertainment and Leisure Guide, Fred Falrbrass claimed that the album was "too plush for what people expect of us. "There are some really good songs, but we just missed the plot a little bit. Some of the songs just got a bit flat really," he said. Singer, Richard Fairbrass, recently told The Event's Nlall Hampton that the Richard: 'disappointed' band would 'be delighted' to play in Norwich. •Read more about the band's disappointment with the album, as well as their exciting new plans in the next issue of The Event, out on March 2.


DThe Oval Rock House on Dereham Road has issued a plea for more bands to enter their Band Competition, which has a top prize of £500. Phone 748244 for more details.

The bar area of Ssmsnths's on Its opening night

Another venue for Norwich: Samantha·s nightclub reopens One of Norwich's bestknown night spots, Samantha's, re-opened on February 10 after a yearlong closure. Recently acquired by the team which runs The Oval Rockhouse, the venue has undergone extensive structural alterations and a complete Internal refit (Including a new hl-tech lighting rig and sound system) at a total cost in excess of £50,000. The new owner, Chris Hlles, Intends to specialise In rock-orientated music, a market which he claims Is not being met in any other late night city-centre venues: 'We are not aiming to compete with the likes of Pep- • permlnt Park and Ritzy's, In fact we are not even In the same market. Samantha's Is a small and

After a year long closure period, Samantha•s nightclub is under new ownership, and it•s up-andrunning once more. Simon Mann has got the lowdown on the venue Intimate place, with capacIty limited to 150, and we want to encourage a friendly and personal atmosphere'. Mr Hlles, being well aware of the venue's past reputation for violence and drugtaking, Is keen to emphasise that the recent changes include a strong emphasis on safety and security, stating bluntly that as far as drugs are concerned. 'we will have none of that nonsense.' Admission Is limited to members only, who pay a one-off £5 membership fee

for an VD card Including a photo. Moreover, lt Is Mr Hlles's stated Intention that the only entrance to the club, at the side of the Festival House pub (which he also runs), will be manned solely by door staff known personally to him, as will be the case with security personnel within the club. Initially, Samantha's will be open until 2am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Thursday Is currently scheduled as an lndle/ Alternative night, Friday

will principally feature Goth and Industrial Hardcore, and Saturday will be a mainstream Rock 'n Roll night, with weekend admission being fixed at a flat-rate £3. In keeping with his intention to create a 'friendly and personal' feel to the club, Hlles has decided that there will be no dress code, stating: 'If someone Is a member, and obeys the club rules, they can dress as they like. We just want our customers to feel relaxed and comfortable.' The emphasis on comfort and relaxation extends to the catering side; cooked food will be available from a purpose-designed kitchen In the club, which will have the same openIng hours as the bar.

DThose ever-popular characters created by genius Roger Hargreaves, The Mr Men, come to the Theatre Royal on Sunday February 20. More on page 18. DEntertainments officials at the University of East Anglia have announced some new gig dates. They are a Megadog on Wednesday March 2, featuring Banco de Gaia and Transglobal Underground (see page 7), Bitty Mclean on Saturday April 23, and The Rollins Band on Friday April29. The Blur date, has now been confirmed for Sunday May 29 (and not May 8 as originally thought) . More details can be obtained by calling 505401 . Tickets are available from the usual outlets.

Transglobal Underground

ODid you know that Boswells on Tombland used to be a Bernllnn? Or that Hy's nightclub used to be the venue for dinner dances (although it wasn't Hy's back then!)? No? Then read The Event's leisure feature on pages 16 and 17, which revela more about the Tombland experience, Its history, and Its future •.. Dlf you're short of cash and worried that you can't keep up with your friends' wardrobes changing every few weeks, then there's no need to fret ... for Norwich has plenty of seconhand shops where you might be able to find the ideal outfit for that special night out. When we sent two Event models off round Norwich, they discovered loads of bargains, and clothes you really would wear. See how they got on in the centre pages.

atl'1e &'t\.OC~I Just re-opened after two years!l



tne best \n 1\.\tern: l


Thu: lndie Fri: Alternative Sat: Mainstream R.ock

t'astl:~a I-D-pe-n1-0p_m_--2a-m--B-ee-ra-tp-ub_p_ric-es--f-oo_d_av-ail-ab~lel \,



16 - MARCH 1

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Blue Aeroplanes


zooming who?

AHouse + Sleeper

REVIEW •The Waterfront, Thursday Feb 10

Mother Earth PREVIEW The funky Acid Jazz band, Mother Earth, will be appearing at Norwich Arts Centre towards the end of this month. The band began life as a six piece in February 1990, in the humble surrounds of a North London 8-track studio. At this early stage in their development, they recorded two tracks for successive compilation albums; '5th Quadrant' and 'Riot on 103rd Street' appeared on 'Totally Wired 6' and 'Totally Wired 7' respectively. lt was the praise which the band received for these tracks that led to them being signed to the Acid Jazz label in late 1991. Soon after this, they released their first album, 'Stoned Woman', which received a 9 out of 10 review in NME. By the Christmas of 1991, Mother Earth had become a live band, touring with the likes of Jamiroquai. An extensive European tour followed in 1992, with a single 'Hope You're Feeling Better ', being released in the November of that year. Mother Earth also toured extensively last year, taking in the UK, Japan, and Europe yet again on their way. They also found time to record with Paul Weller, and strip down from a six piece into a four piece. lt was this new line-up - Matt Deighton (vocals/guitar), Neil Corcoran (bass guitar), Bryn Barklam (Hammond Organ) and Chris White (drums) -that recorded the 'Grow Your Own' EP and the 'People Tree' album. 1994 has already seen the release of Mother Earth's latest single, 'Find lt', which is a groovy little thing by all accounts. To accompany the single, the band have embarked on a tour, which should see them mellowing out in Norwich in the very near future. •Mother Earth will be appearing at Norwich Arts Centre on Saturday February 26. Support comes from the Emperor's New Clothes. Tickets cost £7 (£5 concession). Caroline Jenkinson

Music press favourites , 'Sleeper', are first up tonight, fronted by Louise Wener, who has been described as "the 90s answer to Chrissie Hynde after polishing off a bottle of cheap vino." And you can see why. She comes on and is at once angry but teasing, stomping her way over The Waterfront stage in a manner that makes many of us wonder whether she will , in fact, put her little feet right through it. But no, and it's just as well , or otherwise we might have missed out on the fabulous tunes that already shout 'Sleeper': 'Delicious', first single 'Aiice In Vain', and the wellplayed new one, 'Swallow'. We love you Louise, just get those sad male 'musicians' in order. So with Sleeper off the stage, it's the turn of 'A House'. Sadly, they're probably the worst act of the night. They're good , but the others are better. Much better. A House peddle a brand of indie pop that at times comes curi ously close to sounding like 'Teenage Fanclub' -and you can take so much of it, but then the jangly guitars and oh-so-happy vocals become too much . That 's not to say that A House are a poor band. Everyone loved it, and I must admit to tapping my foot once or twice. Finally it's time for the big one. At least 5 minutes before the main band's due on, the indie tunes that have been playing over the PA change to aeroplane noises, as they apparently fly from one speaker to the other in glorious stereophonic sound. Hmm, so I wonder who can be playing The Waterfront tonight, readers. Ah , back after a two year absence it is, of course , The Blue Aeroplanes. The bassist is the first to wander on stage, followed by the rest of the rabble: two guitarists, drummer, vocalist and dancer. Erm, I'm sorry? Yes, that's right. Included in The SA's line up is a dancer, who goes by the name of Wojtek Dmochowski. And a manic dancer he is, at that. For as soon as the band launch into their first number, he's wildly flailing his arms, moving


2KW -10KW MARTIN I SOUNDCRAFT Tell Fax (0603) 250460 Mobile (0850) 235161

from one side of the stage to the other, and apparently getting in everybody's way. lt must, I suppose, be said that he does add a certain dimension to The Blue Aeroplanes' stage presence . But at the same time he's one of those people who would more than severely annoy you if he danced like that right next to you when out clubbing. The audience tonight is varied, but good. At least four hundred people must be assembled on The Waterfront's wooden floor in front of the stage, some peering around the pillars to get a good view. There's the 30 or 40 indie-kids down the front, meshing at the slightest opportunity, then a bit

further back there's the remaining die-hard fans, some very young, some balding or grey. And at the back there's people like me: rather bemused at why there aren't more people here tonight. For The Blue Aeroplanes are nothing short of 'excellent'. Their set continues, interspersing the best from the back catalogue with some new songs: a kind of crowd pleasers/ crowd teasers mix. In amongst them there's the cover of Paul Simon's 'Boy In The Bubble', given the best Aeroplanes treatment, plus 'Your Own World' and various bits and bobs from the new album, 'Life Model' which they are, after all, here to promote. Things quieten down about

Marillion PREVIEW As part of their full European tour, the rock group Marillion will be playing a gig at the UEA on Wednesday February 23. This tour follows the release of their latest album 'Brave', which has been described as "one of the classiest British rock albums in the past ten years at least!" 'Brave' is Marillion's seventh studio album, and was produced at Miles Copeland's 14th Century castle in Bordeaux, France. 11 differs from other rock LPs in that there is one story, based on real events, that runs through all the tracks. This story focuses on a teenage girl's life after she is found wandering memoryless on the Severn Bridge, and her consequent search for the past.

However good this album may prove to be though, there are still many preconceptions that are held against Marillion by rock critics and the record-buying public alike. One of these is the charge of untrendiness; Marillion fans are often regarded as the rock equivalent to train spotters. Not that lead singer Sieve Hogarth really cares about that though. "I'd much rather be taken seriously by the people who understand us," he says. "I don't care whether people that don't like us understand what we are doing , I just don't give a toss. If our real fans became cynical about the band, that would be the ultimate loss." As well as being 'untrendy' , Marillion also have an image

halfway through, for a piece between frontman Gerard Langley and Rodney Alien (guitars and vocals), who have toured Europe together over the last couple of years. And very nice it is too. We get little time to breathe, for soon it's back into the manic dancing and manic playing .. . before the Blue Aeroplanes leave the stage. But the audience aren't letting them get away. And so the band come back for more, and more, playing two encores and over-running by about forty minutes. Great. Well done The Blue Aeroplanes, well done A House, well done Sleeper. Oh, and well done The Waterfront, too. Peter Hart problem with regards to age. They've been around for a long time now, which means that when they are put alongside many of the younger chart acts that are around, they appear to be, well, very old .. .. Steve just laughs this one off. "Ha Ha Ha. Are we portrayed as fogies? I'm not really sure anymore. Well , we're not. I usually think of those blokes who are still in 1OCC when I think of the fogey brigade, blokes who are old and settled. We're not in it to pay the rent and knock out a couple of tunes now and then." Mark Kelly, who plays keyboards , agrees: "People don't like the fact that we're still around. We never set ourselves up to be trendy for 5 seconds. We exist outside of that scene. But we can laugh at ourselves. Fair comment doesn't upset us". •Tickets cost £12 in advance .

Caroline Jenkinson

~ ' '




I : -


- 1 '



16 - MARCH 1


...That•s what The Mission's Wayne Hussey had to say about the current music scene. But he also had a lot of other interesting stuff to say, as Mike Unwins found out eeling from an acrimonious Sisters Of Mercy split, The Mission's first faltering steps in 1986 were immediately rewarded by the biggest selling indie single of the year in "Serpent's Kiss", making them the first ever band to go straight to the top of the indie charts with their debut release. In the four years that followed, the Mission took themselves from the grim realities of living in Leeds, to the far corners of the globe including a full tour of South America, another first. Indeed, "Children" and "Carved in Sand" LP's reached a huge worldwide audience ... The success wasn't without it's share of sadness though, with bassist Craig Adams breaking down on the first US tour and guitarist Simon Hinkler walking out in 1991. Adams was later to be sacked, leaving Wayne Hussey and Mick Brown to pick up the pieces. The "Masque" album in 1992 was seen as a definite attempt by Hussey to blow away the cobwebs of the past... and it failed commercially. Not until October last year, was the new Mish line up unveiled, with new blood Andy Cousins (bass), Mark Gemini Thwaite (guitar) and Rik Carter (keyboards) . A small club tour followed, including a benefit gig in Leeds which once again put Hussey together with his old stable mate and arch enemy, Andrew


Eldritch. Eight years down the line, they're coming to Norwich's UEA on Wednesday February 16 (with support from The Newcranes), so I asked Wayne Hussey what give him the motivation to keep it all going .. .. "Bills!" he replies. Is that it? "Well ... no not really. Regardless of whether I was really, really rich or really, really poor, I'd still feel a need to make music and the Mission is the vehicle that I choose to use." The big Mission anthem "Tower of Strength" was remixed and re-released last month. Another chart success, another appearance on TOTP, and it was weird seeing some new bods sharing the stage ... What does Wayne think of the new (well, revamped) single? "To be totally honest, I think the original version on 'Children' is superior - but rather than just put the old single out again, 'Youth' was suggested to us to do a re-mix. I like a lot of what he's done, and I like the stuff he's done on 'Tower' - but I think the definitive version was already done. Still, he made it contemporary... kinda trance like. Is that the idea, to be contemporary? To go further into the mainstream? "Well, no. The idea was to make people aware that we've got the 'Sum and Substance' LP (a greatest hits type thing) coming out. I think

'Tower', along with 'Wasteland' are probably our best numbers ... so hopefully the current single will just make people go, 'Ah ... The Mission!'" Taking a look at the band's new line up, how's it working out? Wayne replies: "it's early days really. We've been working on a new album , but you don't get to develop relationships as such while you're making records. it's only when you are out on tour and confronted with everyday traumas, that happens." They did, however, do a five week tour - 'Club Mission' with this line up, how did that go? "lt was great. Not the same, but I realise that it never will be ... but it can be equally as good, if not better. With time, I tend to forget the bad things and only remember the good .. There were some really lousy times with Craig and Simon, when they were in the band, but you kind of forget. And the new Mission ... I think they're all great chaps. Above all what they have given to me is belief. Belief in myself again." An all-new Mission album will be released in May. The last 'real' LP was "Masque" released in 1992. lt got slated a bit, didn't it? Wayne chuckles: "You could say that.. ." Few fans got to grips with the change in direction on that LP, so with the new material are The Mission going 'Back

to Basics'? ''That's very topical isn't it," saysWayne. Hmm, could be. So is Wayne intending to shack up with his secretary then .. ? (We sense silliness afoot!) "Well , my secretary just hap-

pens to be my wife, so yeah! Which also can be quite dangerous too. Ahem. Stoppit!" says Wayne, abruptly ending that part of that line of questioning . Okay, they've sold a lot of records and have further

made their name with spellbinding live shows, but, in a country that seems to be saturated with some very unimaginative dance music, are Wayne and co. still confi-

Continued on Page Six

Jo Verret - lrvin Verret

The York Tavern THE'lNN'PLACE TO BE Traditional Pub Serving Excellent Selection of Real Ales and Food - 7 days a week. Pool Room, Beer Garden, Live Music, FREE Use of Function Room for Parties & Meetings.

Telephone 0603 620918









The Mission Continued from previous page

dent about this tour - especially with an unfamiliar lineup? "Well, 'Club Mission' in October got it all started again .. . to get back into the habit of playing live. Before that, it was about 3 years since we last played. I didn't know how I would react, because the last bout of touring was a pretty bad experience. Also, I wanted to see if the new chaps had settled in and to find out if there was still an audience for us. They had and there was ." But the current Mission tour is quite a small one by their standards , is there a big one to come? Wayne replies: "I don't know at this stage .. . there will be some more dates in the Summer when the album comes out, but at the moment we're looking to do festivals - both here and in Europe ." Gigging has seemed to take it's toll on the (now departed) members of the band, so how come Wayne can cope with all the stress? "I'm not quite sure I do really. I think I'm the kind of person who is relaxed about most things ... it's my wife does my worrying for me these days! I guess that in years gone by, it was Craig and Simon who took it on themselves to worry. The thing is, if something

goes wrong there's no point in worrying about it... just deal with it." What about Top Of The Pops? Does he like doing it? Wayne giggles: "Yeah! I don't actually like doing the show itself, it's a pretty tedious daybut you 've probably heard people say that before ... " Did he meet any other 'pop stars' then? "Yeah .. . we had a drink with Marti Pellow (from Wet Wet Wet) , East 17 were there, so were Pan's People! You 're in the same room or corridor as these people , when you are waiting to go on ... so you can 't help having dealings with them ." And with the (Oh! Ever so good) Brit awards coming round again , has Wayne any thoughts on the state of the British Music Industry these days .. . it seems like we 've got Suede and Radiohead , East 17 or Take That... Wayne grumbles reluctantly: "I suppose they've all got their place in the overall scheme of things ... I don 't like Take That and I don't like Suede. I don't think that one is more or less of an evil. . I did like 'Creep' by Radiohead though . But the British music scene really, is pretty sad and has been for quite a while. I think that if the best thing we have to offer the world is Suede , then we are in

a sad state . There's been nothing British that has been a real international success for ages." Finally, moving away from that and putting music aside, what else make Wayne tick .. . what couldn 't he do without? "My family. My puppy. My car... " And has he got children? "No, but my wife is heavily pregnant, and due in March. I'm looking forward to that one ... really looking forward to it. OOOWWWW! TINY. .. GET OFF!" I think that the dog had decided that this particular call had gone on for quite long enough . But just to finish off: for someone who is sitting in a bar in Norwich, reading this - how would Wayne blag them into coming down and seeing The Mission play? That's a question he wasn 't expecting , and laughs nervously before replying : "firr.. . ooh blimey! You 've got me on the spot there! it's a hard one you know!" lt then went very quiet (apart from some strange noises he made , whilst in deep thought) . I decided to help out: in three words then ... ''Three words ... " (and instantly!) "Good time guaranteed!! That was crap wasn 't it?" Possibly. But the show promises to be anything but... e 'Sum And Substance' is out now. The Mission are at UEA tonight (that's Wednesday 16th). Tickets are £8.50 in advance .



Barbara Thompson

+ The Splendids



The talented and respected jazz musician , Barbara Thompson, will be returning to Norwich Arts Centre on Wednesday February 16. Accompanying her on this visit will be her impressive and highly original band Paraphernalia , which features Thompson's percussionist husband Jon Hiseman. Thompson is an international star, who is probably best known for her inventive compositions, soaring sax and flute improvisations. She is currently promoting a new album . This new album differs from her previous work, in that it contains more ethnic and folk elements than usual. Thompson will be playing a selection from this new material at the NAC , as well as dipping into her well-stocked bag of musical treats. lt is promised that the audience will be treated to an evening filled with an exotic blend of highly expressive melodies that span the musical spectru m, proving once more that Barbara Thompson can make her presence felt on the contemporary jazz scene. The concert starts at 8pm . Tickets cost £8 .50 (concessions £5.50) .


~ Bo9 *t'etls





50o/o student discount



on all prices except • (discunt as shown)

Thu Fri Sat

17th 18th 19th

Arbitrater Sweet & Shea Captain Sensible & Cuban Heels Sun 20th Buster James Band & Big Red Overcoat (Blues) M on 21st Roach ford Tues 22nd The Outsiders (R & B) Weds 23rd Band Competition Thu 24th The Meteors & Shakeout (Rockabilly) Fri 25th Jaimz Gang (ex Tiger Tailz) Sat 26th Jean Jen ie (A tribute to David Bowie) Sun 27th Edgar Broughton Band Tue 1st Lawnmower Deth + Support Weds 2nd Clawfinger

£2 £2 £4 £3 £4 £2 £2 £2 £3 £2 £4 £4 £4


Dereha111 Road, NonArich. Tel 748244

Every Day Every Night

Superci rqus take th e stage at The Waterfront on February 23 with support from local band , The Splendids . Hailing from Diss, Supercirqus are often compared to Stone Temple Pilots and Extreme, and their intelligent, progressive rock clearly shows why such comparisons can be made. They even venture into aggressive funk on some of their songs, which according to a recent review in The Event, have ''fireballs and attitude vocals as dramatically frightening as a ringmaster's whiplash ." Despite some critics attacking Supercirqus for a lack of vari ety, their four-track EP features powerful vocals and is impeccably performed and produced , as seen in the leisurely 'Tired of Waiting' and the six-minute epic, 'Better of Me'. Their support at The Waterfront comes from The Splendids , whose recent demo was well received critically here at The Event. For it featured a powerful, nononsense approach and some good instrumental performances, which reminded our reviewers of bands such as Living Colour, Pearl Jam and Rag e Against The Machine . Hopefully, their forthcoming appearan ce at the venue should add to the band's exposure and bring them a little more attention, which they deserve.

• ptZ~cme--




TUE5-SAT 9pm-2am

MON-SAT Noon-11 pm SUN Noon-10pm










Fur+ Ivy REVIEW •Norwich Arts Centre, MonFeb7 Local band Fur must have a bit to shout about at the moment. Firstly, they land a recording deal with up and coming indie label, Che, which recently saw the release of their debut single, 'Camomile'. And there's an album to follow in early March. Sounds good so far. Secondly, they played at the Arts Centre last week in what was their first headlining gig, with support from Ivy. I had not expected much from Ivy. Thafs not because I dislike their music (in fact, llove it) Techno-fest the Megadog returns to Norwich on March 2, and its but because their own vocalist, organisers, Club Dog, have managed to secure UEA's LCR to stage Spencer Harrison, had already the event. Their last visit to Norwich - on the night The Waterfront told me that they're not a good was reopened - was a huge success, and the line up of the forthband to see live. coming show recognises the demands of playing to a 1,470 capacTonight she was wrong. ity venue. From the slightest quiet Transglobal Underground, Banco de Gaia and The Revolutionary warblings, to the full force of Dub Warriors will take to the stage on the night when Norwich will Ivy's music when Spencer again be beamed up into Planet Dog. sings the band's best known Facilitiating this, DJ Mike Dog and the Megadog Sound System will track, Wish You Would, everybe in attendance, and MC Teabag returns to whip the crowd into thing is great. shape. The LCR will be tranformed by Dog Decor which this time is, of course, the obvious There features lighting by Coloursound Experiment and Hassid Casualty lack of a drummer, and the Ughts. drum machine is therefore Said Club Dog eo-founder Bob Dog, "We're putting the audience slightly overpowering, but I'm first, not last, and are staging a full spectrum of entertainment. The not grumbling. management work to make our shows work - we take a pride in our You're growing, Ivy. events, and we're giving people the biggest visual spectacle and the Ivy's exit was soon followed by best quality music. "We're doing a thinking man's techno music, and the performers we the arrival of Fur, who took to the stage to play a forty-five choose can perform. We've taken lots of time and care in building minute set. up Club Dog, and now have a good opportunity to bring the show to This performance was certainly the whole country." more accomplished, both musiBob was clearly happy to be staging the second East Anglian cally and atmospherically, than Megadog. their appearance last May. lt "Norwich has a fond place in our hearts as most of us have been to just shows how much Fur have the Norwich Free Festivals in the past, and a good time was had by grown in stature in such a short all", he said. time, and they seem to have moved up to headlining a bill In a bowl near you: the Megadog line-up very easily. TransglobtJI Underground ln a recent interview with The Hailing from London's East End, Transglobal are dedicated enemies Event, singer Jamie Putnam of fascism and consider themselves to be the BNP's worst nightdefined the objectives of the mare. Their music is essentially a boiling pot of cultural influences band. and observers point out that they are making forays into uncharted "We want to do something territory in the alternative dance scene. atmospheric - more emotional Frontman and driving force behind Transglobal, Count Dubula, than 4/4 rock", he said, adding, describes their music as "techno-world-dub-dance" but adds that "Our priority when we first "none of the labels attached to us really explain we do." started was making music that Onstage, the band are frontad by the intriguing Natasha Atlas, whose line in wailing mantra vocals is matched only by her revealing was not necessarily commercial but affects someone in a dress sense. Alongside is beat poet and conga player Neil Sparks, particular way." keyboardist Alex Kasiek, and Count Dubula on bass. And this was clearly the case at Transglobal's last appearance in Norwich was at Peppermint Park the Arts Centre, with songs like in November, so the Megadog offerli another opportunity to get 'Kill Me', 'Effigy' and current aboard the Transglobal Underground and experience a housey, hipsingle 'Camomile' played with hop sound weaved together with exotic Far-Eastern melodies and more than a certain amount of trance rhythms. feeling. Onstage, the band need to do Banco de Gala more in terms of movement, Formed by Toby Marks, a musician with a bizarre and varied backbut musically they are more ground, Banco has combined many diverse influences to produce a then competent. Jamie and unique and original blend of dance and ambient tracks. cellist, Sam Sansbury, comToby has always been keen to emphasise the live aspect of Banco bined to fashion a wall of texde Gaia and has therefore developed an excellent live set over the tured sound, the guitar's effects years, as the audience at the re-opening night of The Waterfront meshing effectively with the found out. His performance on that night was one of the highlights strings. of the evening. Richard turned in a more than Bob Dog sees Banco de Gaia as the most accomplished one man solid performance on the drums show. "He's a man who knows how to create a picture with music. -amply underpinned by Ben's He's influenced by the world and it comes across in his music", he said. basslines. The only disappointment was that the mix left Revolutionary Dub Warriors much to be desired, with little contrast between the instruThe last appearance in Norwich from this up-and-coming band was when they supported ambient pioneers Dub Syndicate at Pepperments, and too much emphasis mint Park. being given to the stringed The Warriors essentially offer an energetic and fresh approach to instruments. the dub style, and have managed to enlist the services of top proBut the crowd were nevertheducer and DJ Adrian Sherwood. This should see some releases in less appreciative of Fur's perthe near future, which should be more than well worth looking out formance and their songs were for. well received. Expect the Revolutionary Dub Warriors to steal at least some of the The band will be able to build show at the Megadog, and watch out for their frontman's dreads - at on this appearance with a gig at least three feet long, or ten years growth, so I'm told. The Waterfront on March 10 • • • • • • Nlall Hampton with support from Steerpike.


Above: Fur in set/on/ Inset: Ivy's Spencer Hsrrison



'l,lli~IIJ.. I~




7pm • 11 pm PUB PRICES £1 admission with NUS Card




Main Club - Thursdays only Top Deck - Fridays and Saturdays





llllll~ Subject to conditions

Free admission before 1 0.30pm with NUS card. After 10.30 £3 all night

Members night club and guests. The management reserve the right to refuse admission at all times



" h






Madder Rose

+ My Life Story REVIEW

•The Waterfront, Thurs February 3 My Life Story at first appeared to be a bizarre choice for the more subdued Madder Rose to have as a support: - during their set they used a guitar on only two songs. Instead of the traditional indie fourpiece, this band consists of nine musicians including a cello, three violins, trumpet, keyboard and a flamboyant singer who owes more than a little to Jarvis Cocker {of Pulp) in style. They play huge authentic songs more suited to Wembley than The Waterfront, but do it with a heavy dose of irony through exaggerated kitch . They play best the theatrical songs which wouldn't sound out of place behind Bond movies- {the singer states his band have penned the new 007 theme and we 're not sure if he's joking) - but their sound is made more sophisticated than the glare of 'big band' partly due to the excellence of the string players who manage to sound funky while still contributing to the band's debonair approach . The recent Melody Maker 'Single of the Week' ; 'Girl A, Girl B, Boy C' is typically ostentatious and upbeat - they win over the audience absolutely. Camper than a Rocky Horror Convention, but with much Cii E more class, My Life Story are a welcome grand gesture in a "" :;; genre of understatement. ~ Madder Rose are, in contrast, more conventional. Current protegees of John love... play on Peel, who publicly admired Right: 'Now, which chord was their performance at the next?' Reading Festival, they have seems to gain strength as the recently done successful reset continues, especially on cordings for Radio One's the new songs from the forth'Evening Session' and Mark coming album which no doubt Radcliffe's programme where will further show the band's the band proved themselves ability to move from their eerie to be above the usual herd. melancholia of slow songs like They play an intense and varied set for over 1 1/2 hours, 'While Away' to twisted hardrock. ranging from harder, bluesMadder Rose are an excellent infused songs like 'Beautiful band who rethink the cliched John' which gives the indie crowd something to band their self-indulgence of most indie bands dealing with similar heads to, and the superior material. 'Swim'. Mary Barnecutt Ex-busker Mary Lorson


The Wilde Club PREVIEW Local band 'The Colorform' headine the Wilde Club's next gig at the NAC on Monday February 21 . Their music {some of which features a didgeridoo!) can only be They will also be going on tour around the UK to support the described as 'Infectious Groove', and is fun, exuberant and release, with dates being planned in Liverpool, Birmingham, easy to dance to. London and Bath, as well as various smaller towns. Being as yet unsigned, the band have decided to fund the reSupport for this evening comes from Mandrax Incident, Train carding, mastering, pressing and release of their first EP, 'The and Magoo. Tickets are £2.50 in advance. Big Truth', which should be released on April13. Another group with an EP to promote, Rollerskate Skinny, This gig at the NAC is aimed at securing advance publicity for headline the Wilde Club gig on February 28. Their 'Threshold' the Colorform and their EP, as well as raising money for the EP has just been let loose on the general public, and they have pressing of the single. recently toured with the Afghan Whigs .The support acts for this lt is hoped that fans of The Colorform will go out and buy 'The evening include Horace Goes Skiing {see Demo, page 24), the Big Truth' within the first two weeks of its release ; that way, punk influenced Tokyo Sex Whale, and Pit. Tickets £3.50 in thetels a .possibility ot the EP-makingthe.charts:-· -·-·-·-·-• -· -· • •. ·atj1fMc~ ~ • • •. •. • -· -·-• -·. • · •. · . • • .• -· •. • ClJrdlfne•JenkfFJsbh. •.


16 - MARCH 1


---------------------ADVERTISING FEATURE---------------------


If you're looking for somewhere where you can enjoy a mouthwatering authentic recipe pizza at an affordable price and in attractive surroundings then look no further... Pizza Express is the place for you. Norwich's Pizza Express is centrally located in the city's St. Benedicts Street and is one of 80 others throughout the country. They pride themselves on being a pizza restaurant with an extra ingredient; as you can enjoy one of twenty authentic recipe Italian pizzas made with traditional Italian ingredients as well as an exciting selection of pasta and salad dishes. All pizzas are prepared in the restaurant's open-plan kitchen and are served piping hot. Said Manageress, Maxima Bishop, "All our dishes are cooked to order on the premises. "The pizzas are made from original recipes making them unlike anything else from other pizza outlets." The wide range of pizzas means that there is something for every one at Pizza Express ... all in a traditionally Italian atmosphere. If you want to raise the temperature then why not try American Hot, a sizzling blend of peperoni sausage, hot green peppers, mozzarella and tomato. For the traditionalist there is the classic recipe Margherita, a delicious blend of mozzarella cheese and sumptuous tomato. And if you just can't decide then why not opt for the Four Seasons which combines mushrooms, peperoni sausage, capers, anchovy, olives, mozzarella and tomato on to one delicious allrounder. And why not try a side order of garlic bread, delicious golden oven-baked dough sticks brushed with garlic butter? Or you could compliment your

Looking for a delicious authentic recipe pizza? Then look no further than Pizza Express on St Benedicts! choice with a mixed side salad or a mouthwatering mozzarella and tomato salad giving the meal a continental flavour. The open plan feature is common to all members of the Pizza Express franchise allowing the customer to see the food being prepared by the chefs, ensuring the ultimate in hygiene at all times. The salads are also on show making an attractive display and the wines can be seen cooling in the chilled cabinet to just the right temperature to compliment your meal. There is an extensive wine list with something to suit all pockets. The house wine which may be purchased by the glass or the bottle is an ideal choice. All of the beers which are available are Italian and even the mineral water is authentic. The choice of desserts is guaranteed to tempt even the most virtuous of diners ... hard to resist, even if you're watching that waistline! Choose from a selection of fresh fruit salad, wickedly chocolate fudge cake and delicious fruit-topped cheesecake all served with lashings of fresh cream or dairy icecream. If you can't quite manage all that there are several lighter ice-cream alternatives, the only problem is which one to choose. Pizza Express primarily targets the younger market between the ages of 18 and 25. There is popular and up to the minute music and a young, lively staff to cater for your every whim. With a generous 10 per cent discount for students Pizza Express is the ideal choice for a celebration night-out with friends or just a quiet meal with that special person .

The restaurant is also happy to take party bookings of up to fifty people on any day of the week including weekends, a service which is not widely available. The surroundings have a distinctly cosmopolitan feel so much so that you could almost be in Italy. The marble tables with their red carnations compliment the interesting decor, an amalgamation of wall-hangings, sculptures and greenery. Most of the artwork on display is in fact by local artists and is for sale. The restaurant allows the artists to display their work in a pleasant atmosphere where it can be appreciated by a wide audience.

Said one very satisfied customer, "lt creates an intimate atmosphere while still being spacious." There is a strong Italian feel throughout giving that impression of style and panache that is so often associated with Italy... and even the chefs look the part in their navy stripes. So if you're looking for a 'pizza' the action but where you can enjoy an excellent meal then look no further than Pizza Express.

Top and Inset: Diners enjoying their meal at the Norwich Pizza Express. Right: All food preparation Is done In Pizza Express' open plan kitchen.

Open 7 days a week 11_.30am to midnight 141J0°/o student discount! FREE bottle of house wine with each full meal for four lor more) on production of this ad . .,5 St. Benedicts Street Tel 622.,57







16 - MARCH 1

Georgina King files her

Once Upon a Forest: at Cinema City until Saturday February 19

This fortnight at Cinema City PREVIEW I find Cinema City refreshingly free of the pretension of many of the art-house venues and the eclecticism of its programme a welcome balance to the offerings of the mainstream cinemas; in the next fortnight, there is plenty for everybody. A date to mark in your diary: Sunday, February 20. The early evening show is the Lewis Milestone classic "All Quiet on the Western Front". "Our bodies are earth and our thoughts are clay, and we sleep and eat with death, " says Paul , the central character who volunteers to fight for

Germany in WW 1. The blueprint for all subsequent antiwar films has one of the most poignant endings in cinema. If you need cheering up afterwards, stay for Bill Forsyth's whimsically funny "Gregory's Girl", in which John Gordon Sinclair falls in love with his school's star soccer player (Dee Hepburn). The late-night showings are "Thelma and Louise" (Fri 18) and ''The Exorcist" (Fri 25} ; the former, Ridley Scott's beautifully photographed female road movie; the latter, the shock horror success of 1973 which spawned a cou-


lc:a nE3

. ..

, .,

pie of sequels and a legion of imitators. For the children, there are matinee showings of "Once Upon a Forest" (until Sat 19}, an environmentally friendly cartoon from the creators of The Flintstones; and on Sat 26, "Super Mario Bros", the film film to be adapted from a computer game-although it's not nearly as successful. There is the final showing of "El Mariachi" on Feb 16, the film made on a shoe-string budget to overwhelming critical acclaim . "L'Accompagnatrice"- Claude Miller's genteel exploration of relationships in war-torn Paris - ends its run on the 19th. "Ruby in Paradise" (Mon Feb 21 -Wed 23) is another lowbudget production; this features Ashley Judd's attempts to find some direction in her life. "La Fille de I'Air" is based on the true story of a woman who learns to fly a helicopter

to rescue her husband from prison ; it is difficult to distinguish the cops from the robbers in this tense thriller. (Feb 24- 26) Sunday February 27 sees ''Those Glory Glory Days" attempting to do for soccer what P'Tang Yang Kipper Bang did for cricket in the early days of C4 film production. Also, "Strictly Ballroom", the hilarious success from Australia. Starting on Monday February 28 is "Friends" in which Sophie (rich, white) Aninka (poor, Afrikaan), and Thoko (poor, Zulu university graduate) have varying degrees of involvement in the political struggle of South Africa. Set against the ramifications of the release of Nelson Mandela, this stark story of three women holds out some hope for the future . The film runs until Saturday, March 5.


What on earth is going on??? I come back to England on a two week jaunt, having been out of the country fo r six months , and find that major turkeys are ruling the movie roost. What is all this fuss about 'Wayne's World 2'? Every newspaper and magazine has gone 'schwing!' crazy, and I keep reading about this 'blockbuster of a movie that took the U.S. by storm'. NO IT DIDN'T. 'Wayne's World 2' was one of the biggest flops in the U.S. of 1993. More people turned out for the 14th annual watermelon seed spitting competition in Luling, Texas, (there really is such a thing) , than they did to see a pair of idiots go through the same jokes that earned them the better part of $180 million the first time round. The same can be said about 'The Three Musketeers'. A trio of Hollywood hunks prancing round the countryside with ridiculous Californian accents, trying to recreate the feeling of seventeenth century France, doesn't really work for me. Hopefully that atrocious Sting/Bryan Adams/Rod Stewart song will scare enough people into taking cover when 'Musketeers' bombards their local Odeon . Those with nerves of steel are in for a cinematic nightmare - the MTV remake of Alexander Dumas' classic, complete with aerial shots which consistently zoom in on Rebecca De Mornay's breasts, a true Partridge Family style wig for D'Artagnan , and a King Louis who looks (and acts) like a waxwork dummy. Despite the controversy surrounding it, a movie which deserves the success it's enjoying is Jim Sheridan's 'In The Name Of The Father'. Having swept seven Oscar nominations , the movie is receiving both commercial rewards and critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic. Of course, few people in the States know who the Guildford Four are ('Are they like the Beatles? '), but anything with Daniel Day-Lewis in goes down well. Other movies laden with nominations offer few surprises. Of course, there 's 'Schindler's List' , 'Philadelphia', 'The Piano', and 'The Remains Of The Day'. 'The Fugitive' and 'In The Line Of Fire' are the only blockbusters which have been recogn ised in the major categories , but there's little mention of Martin Scorsese's 'The Age Of Innocence'. The period drama which opens soon in the U.K. actually did 'take the U.S. by storm' - for a while at least - when it opened at the end of last summer. Well , it's back off to the States for me , back to a land where Hollywood stars are treated like royalty, where Lorena 'I cut off my husband's penis and threw it on the highway' Bobbit is a national heroine, and where no one laughed at the title 'Free Willy' because they didn't have a clue what it meant... See you in a fortnight.

------- - - - ----


- -


16 - MARCH 1


1 man In bath to another man in bath: "Erm... don't you think there's some fundamental flaw in our plan to win this race?"

Cool Runnings PREVIEW Based on a true story, Wait Disney Pictures presents a new comedy for all audiences. 'Cool Runings' is the tale of four Jamaican athletes who go to extremes to compete as bobsled racers at the 1988 Winter Olympics. As they have never even seen snow before let alone experienced temperatures below tropical the task proves to be an uphill struggle for the

troupe from the tropics - including Derice Bannock (Leon), Sanka Coffie (Doug E.Doug), Yul Brenner (Malik Yoba) and Junior Bevil (Rawle D.Lewis) . Despite having no clue whatsoever about winter sports the four Jamaicans enlist the help of a down-and-out, ex-champion American slider lrv. Unavoidably drawn back to a sport he had come to loathe,

John Candy plays lrv, an ex-champion

lrv is faced with coaching a team of complete novices as they go for gold in Calgary. Once committed however, he is determined to turn them around, and to somehow right the wrongs of his own failed career. it's a bumpy ride, but with pride, determination and dignity, they make their impossible dreams come true. A Wait Disney Pictures presentation, 'Cool Runnings' is directed by Jon Turteltaub, from a screenplay by Lynn Siefert and Tommy Swerdlow

& Michael Goldberg and a story by Lynn Siefert & Michael Ritchie. An exciting story of commitment and determination which unfolds amid comic circumstances, 'Cool Runnings' began its lengthy gestation in 1988 when producer Dawn Steel then head of Columbia Pictures - read the script and fell in love with the story. Said Steel, "it's a Rockyesque' tale of dignity based on the real-life Jamaican bobsled team that sought to compete in the Winter Olympics. "I was ready to green light the movie. But as it happened Sony bought Columbia and I left the studio. "They abandoned the film and I decided to try and produce it myself." The film began principal photography in Calgary. Striving for authenticity, the production team was determined to create the thrilling excitement and immediacy of bobsled racing . Thus the Olympic bobsled track at Canada's Olympic Park was chosen for the location for the winter landscape and activities of this unlikely quartet. This is a fast and furious comedy which will appeal to all audiences, not just sports enthusiasts. Each of the principal characters portray Jamaicans in a positive light and each of the actors chosen for the principal

parts actually have Jamaican or Caribbean associations. Award-winning actor Leon who plays the part of Denice said,"lt was important to me that I make a movie that showed Jamaican people in positive image. "Jamaica doesn't have too many heroes that the world knows about.

"Fortunately, the Jamaican bobsled team captured the world's attention for a while. "And happily, Dawn Steel and Jon Turteltaub wanted to make a movie about it." The film is another hit for Wall Disney, entertaining and primarily fun, fun, fun! •At the Odeon from Feb 25.

Jo Stubblngton


tr400 709if r----------------,




February I


•til end ol


I on any order of 2 pizzas I I or more -with this coupon I I Take - Away and Delivery seven days a week 12 noon to 11 .30pm I I I I I I . Not applicable with any other offer or promot1on .JI L









16 - M ARCH 1

Caroline Jenkinson takes a look at the other films on Norwich's silver screens

lli~Sf) it's not often that you get so many good films on at once in one fortnight, so I suggest you brace yourself for a popcorn overdose and do your best to see as many of these fine cinematic attraclions as you can . Starting at the Cannon, we find the charming tale of one boy and his whale; 'Free Willy'. Jesse, a young tearaway, makes friends with Willy the Orca whale after he is made to clean up the graffiti he sprayed all over the walls of the local Adventure Park. They are drawn together by the one thing that they have in common; the need for a family and a secure home; and together they search for true happiness. Don 't leave home without the tissues. You have been warned . The only tears you 'll shed whilst watching 'Wayne's World 2' are ones of laughter. In some respects it's even better than the original - the scene where Wayne has a fight with Cassandra's father is an absolute scream , as is the by now notorious Village People routine . A truly thought-provoking and worthy film ... NOT! Well , I had to get one of

Sllf)lfll 1fJ

those catchphrases in somewhere , didn't I? I don't know if there 's a male equivalent for "babe", but if there is , then Daniel DayLewis has to be one. He stars in Jim Sheridan's 'In the Name Of The Father' , a film which tells the story of the Guildford Four, mostly from the viewpoint of Gerry Conlon (Day-Lewis) . Even though you know how the film 's going to end, it still grips you with an intensity that's almost frightening at times. People might question the accuracy and truth of the story, but what you can't dispute is that this is a truly great and watchable film, enhanced even further by stunning performances from Day-Lewis, Emma Thompson and Peter Postlethwaite , who plays Conlon 's father, Guiseppe. Clint is still pursu ing Kevin in 'A Perfect World ' (15); Costner plays the convict who goes on the run with a small boy in tow, whilst Eastwood plays the Texas Ranger who is assigned to bring him to justice (that's Costner, not the small boy). Laura Dern's in the film too , although her role seems mainly consigned to standing around and looking pretty...

Sharing Cinema 4 with 'A Perfect World' is 'Addams Family Values' (PG) . Morticia has a baby - the lovable Pubert, the nanny tries to seduce and kill Uncle Fester, and Pugsley and Wednesday cause chaos at summer camp. Just another ordinary day in the life of the kookiest and ookiest American family then. If you dash across the city to the Odeon, you'll find Charlie Sheen and Kiefer Sutherland swashing their buckles in 'The Three Musketeers' (PG). This much filmed story has finally been taken up by Disney, and offers action and beautiful scenery by the bucketload. Plus Bryan Adams is involved in the soundtrack somewhere , so it has to be a massive hit, doesn't it? Robin Williams must be making a fortune at the moment, with two high-grossing films showing at the same time . If you don't get to hear him in Disney's latest and possibly greatest cartoon feature 'Aiaddin' (U) , where he puts in his usual manic performance as the voice of the Genie, then fear not, because you can make up for it by going to see 'Mrs Doubtfire' (12) instead. For a film that has really only the one joke (ie , a man

The Pelican Brief PREVIEW

Robin Williams stars in Mrs Doubtfire dressed up as a woman), it isn't half bad; there's more than enough to keep you chuckling all the way through . Can Robin Williams do no wrong? Not at the moment, it seems . Emma Thompson too, has two films showing in the city at the moment. As well as 'In The Name Of The Father', there's also Merchant Ivory's gentle period piece, 'The Remains Of The Day' (U) , in which she plays a housekeeper alongside Sir Anthony Hopkins's butler. No, it isn't a laugh or a thrill a minute, but at least it will provide you with a gentle way to wind down after all that wacky Hollywood stuff.

Well , she's back! After a two year break Julia Roberts returns as law student Darby Shaw in Alan J Pakula's adaptation of John Grisham's novel, 'The Pelican Brief'. Billed as a suspense thriller, Darby Shaw becomes in-

volved in a world of political and legal corruption . In her speculative brief on the murders of Supreme Court justices, she finds herself very close to the truth , as well as the prime target of the assassin's bullet. lt is in her lover's apartment

Darby (Julia) with Thomas Callaham (Sam Shepard)

'rhe Copper Kettle 'R eslaurant



57 Dereharn Road)

Home Cooked Food and Friendly, Personal Service



Tel 764058 Cannot be ~s ed in conjunctioh 路with any other offer-


Monday to Saturday 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. for Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks Telephone N orwich (0603) 6 2 6870 to reserve your table. 路~.,路.-



16 - MARCH 1


actor, Denzel Washington stars with Julla that she first learns of the assassinations. Soon after, her lover, who is also a constitutional law professor (Sam Shepard) is shot dead, leaving Shaw alone and isolated in the safe and sensual world of New Orleans. With nowhere to turn she moves to Washington DC in a cry for help. Here, she confides in Gray Grantham (Denzel Washington); a reporter with the 'Washington Herald' who was admired by her late lover. He is the only man that can help to break the story before the killers figure out where she is. "Through a series of phone conversations and tests of trust they become a team," says Washington. "As they survive the perils together, they become closer and their respect and admiration for each other grows.· lt is this bond that leads them to the startling reality of Shaw's 'Pelican Brief'. At the centre of the political scandal is the White House Chief of Staff, Fletcher Coal (Tony Goldwyn). "Coal's relationships with the FBI and CIA are extremely adversarial," explains Goldwyn. "There's a cold silent war going on between us." Coal is a man who amasses a great deal of power, but all it takes is one mistake for that power to be extinguished by those around him. With much of the plot taking place amongst the corridors of the White House, the film is shrouded in painstaking accuracy. Interiors of the White House were duplicated on the sound stages at the Citadel Centre in Washington. Rooms were added onto the original Oval Office set that was first seen in the movie 'Dave'. A lot of the filming was done on location with four weeks in New Orleans where complicated scenes were filmed


There's little Mystic Pizza for Julia Roberts to chew on in her first movie for two years. Lola Abayomi finds out more about the Pretty Woman's film

Darby (Julia) becomes the target of hired killers••• involving over 1500 extras. The filmmakers sought to create a cacophony of colours and images in the opening scenes, to represent the emotions that surrounded the film's Supreme Court assassinations. The accuracy to location and set construction is also extended to Roberts and Washington. "Julia delves into herself in ways I've seen with few actresses before," says Pakula. "She gives you everything that there is, puts everything at your disposal." For Washington's preparation, he spent time with reporters on the

'Washington Post' while researching the role. "To play a part I get with real people and find out how they feel and think and live, which is much like a reporter does; explains Washington. With both actors and filmmakers giving the best in costume design, cinematography, set design and effects, the film is set to grip its audience from beginning to end, even if the outcome is all too predictable. And if the suspense fails to hold you in its grasp, then surely the sight of Denzel Washington will be ample consolation! • At the Cannon from Feb 25.


• Satellite ~levision

t>.nd a V~hOie lot mote.

- all channels, wide screen

• Video Games C1 £150 jackpot machines • Hot and told Food always availaltle -Low Low prices eg Chicken Nuggets and chips £ J.50

OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK 21 S\001'-ER T.\BLES .\\D -t POOL 1..\BLES (Snookt·r tah Jto.., f1.20 pt·r hour pl' r tahlt· midnight to tlpm. £2 .60 pl'r hour pl'r tahlt· tlpm - 111 id night ). Pool -Uip !Jl'l' gamt•

• ••

• Licensed Bar - Low Low prices eg Carling Draught £ J.45 a pint - Bar Open JOam - J Jpm Mon- Sat, J2am - 3pm & 7pm - J0.30pm Sun.

FREE Membership on production



recent trip around Norwich's charity and second-hand shops revealed that seconds really can be best. We found some bargains to fit even the smallest of budgets proving that you don't need designer labels or a bottomless purse to look good. The Attic, on the top floor of The Movie Shop, St Gregory's Alley, packs in a collection of clothes dating from Victorian to the 1960's, accessories, jewellery, textiles and bric-abrac. Our models Usa and Robin were spoilt for choice as they rummaged through the rails to find their outfits. Lisa discovered a threequarter length leopard pattern fur coat (£30) which she teamed with a matching hat



Above: Shirt and jacket from the BHF. Left: Coat, hat, and top from The Attic. Below: Coat, shirt and trousers from Oxtam.

Secondhand stores. To prove this point, Jo Stubbington ventured out on to the streets with two ' Event' models to see what they could find. Pies by Peter Hart.

Fed up with the clothes in you wardrobe? Not got enough money to splash out on n outfits? Don•t fret because there's loads of cheap buys in many of the City's

The British Heart Foundation are to hold a spring fashion show of their own on Wednesday 23 February at St. Andrews Hall. The show, which will be sponsored by Anglian Windows, will feature clothes from local branches of stores including Laura Ashley and Monsoon. Tickets are available from the British Heart Foundation Shop and all the participating stores priced at £4.50. Last call was at Imperial Cancer Research Fund where we had our pick of the clothes that will soon be on sale in the shop. Lisa's favourite here was a cream jacket which looked great with her own black leggings. Robin looked very 'man

\Ve loundsome bargains to Ill even the smallest ol budgets... proving you don't need designer labels or a bottomless purse to look good

They wore his and hers tailored Jackets which looked similar to anlsaac Mizrahi outfit which has made appeared on the International catwalk!

(£6) and jet beaded chiffon top (£10). Robin chose a full length brown suede coat (£14) which he wore over a multicoloured tank top (£5) and his own blue denim jeans. The Attic has been in business for two years now and has a large clientele which ranges from students looking for something a bit different to older customers in search of a little nostalgia. Shop owner Sasha Allan told The Event that most of the clothes come from auctions all over the country with fifties garments proving particularly popular. Next stop was Oxfam, a little more conventional in the fashion stakes but with plenty of good buys to be had. Robin kept the cold out with a brown sheepskin jacket (£8) For underneath he chose a pair of brown casual trousers (£5.79) with a country-look check shirt (£4.49). Lisa found a long white cotton shirt(£4.49) which she wore underneath a cropped black jumper(£3.99), a look which features heavily in this season's collection from designer Katharine Hamnet. They went for the more casual look in the British

about town' in the suit he chose even if the trousers were a little on the short side...very Ralph Lauren, Robin! A quick change and a final shot of the pair, this time wearing his and hers tailored jackets which looked surprisingly similar to an lsaac Mizrahi outfit which made its debut on the international catwalk earlier this month. So if you crave Kamali, love Lauren or simply adore Armani then don't despair, second-hand chic could be the answer. • The Imperial Cancer research fund will also be holding a fashion show: at St.Andrews Hall on March 16 at 7.45pm. Proceeds from the show which will feature clothes from Jarrolds will go to the Imperial Cancer Research Fund and the Cancer Research Campaign. Tickets for the show cost £5 and are available from the shop.


. J




\- o.,. I



Heart Foundation where Lisa found the bargain of the day in a classic Levis denim jacket

for just £5.99. She also wore a plain black sweatshirt (£3.99) from the

shop. Robin picked out a versatile red/white checked shirt (£1.75) and a black

leather three-quarter length jacket both of which looked great with his own jeans.

Top: Lisa's denim jacket and top, Robin's shirt and jacket from the BHF. Bottom left and centre: jackets from the Imperial Cancer Research shop. Bottom right: Coat and tank-top both from The Attic.

16 - MARCH 1



Above: Llsa's jumper and shirt from Oxfam/ Inset: Robin's shirt, suit and tie from the Imperial Cancer Research Fund shop

qual ms? ~ Walk into the Oxfam shop on St. Giles, and you will find Levi jeans, Benneton cardigans, red leather mini-skirts, a grey business suit and that stunning little black dress - for less than ten pounds. Second-hand clothes sell for 25% - 35% of the original price. The best buys include top-quality jeans, which cost threetofourpounds, and designer labels like Yves Saint Laurent. At the end of February, Oxfam is planning to hold a half-price sale for winter clothing, which is worth going to - I bought a navy blue Marks & Spencers wool jacket for just three pounds during last year's sale. 'We have such a wide range of clothing it's impossible to describe," Roz, the shop manager, says. "I think we have a wider range of clothing than any other retailer that I've ever known." The clothes remain on display for a maximum of three weeks, so you're sure to find something new every week. However, some people get suspicious about great clothes

Oxfam worker, Hwee Hwee Tan, calms your fears about buying someone else's cast-offs! at low prices. If the outfit is so wonderful, why did the owner give it away in the first place? You never know where it's been • who knows, somebody might have died in them. But can you expect the clothes to be of a high quality? Having worked in the Oxfam shop for two years, I've seen my share jackets that look as if they have been dragged through the tens on a wet wintry night. 'We get very tacky pieces," Roz says, "but though we can't sell everything, Oxfam obviously gains because it's sent for re-cycling and we can get cash back for that." Oxfam has a high standard for the clothes they sell, and if a jacket has a small rip in the lining, or if a skirt is stained, they are rejected and placed in the black bin for recyclying. So everything sold in the shop

is in a good condition. Roz believes that she gets good clothes because people buy new clothes regularly, and are happy to donate their old ones. "Let's face it, if you went into a large store and tried a dress, how many people have tried it before you?" When you buy from an Oxfam shop, you can be sure ifs for a good cause. Oxfam has a policy that at least 80% of your money goes to aid relief projects. For example, the money helps pay for the cost of transporting warm jackets sent from England to Bosnia during the winter, and also to pay for long-term projects, like building wells and schools in Africa. Last year, the Oxfam shop at St. Giles contributed over a hundred thousand pounds to relief projects abroad. Everybody wins when you buy from a second-hand clothes shop like Oxfam. As Roz says, "You can actually spend money and feel virtuous at the same time."


1----------------~-- ·----------~----------------~--~--------~----~--------~-------~----------~----~~e-~0-------



16- MARCH 1


Hy Kurzner outside his club•.• Hy's!

"You'd walk into these clubs and it looked as though some kind ol Alrican tribal ritual was going on... with all the girls dancing round their handbags." -Hr Kurzner


work, and you'll see a man who, with his staff, cares about his customers. One moment they're helping an elderly lady out of her wheelchair, the next opening doors for customers, or acknowledging them by name as they come through the door. So is this happening in some American city, where this kind of customer courtesy is common? No. lt's happening i n the Norfolk backwater of Norwich - in Tombland to be exact. For it is here that Hy Kurzner has built his business. A business founded on respect for, and care of, the customer. That business is coloquially known as 'The Tombland Experience': the combination of three wonderfully different emporiums; Pizza One/Pancakes Too, Boswells and Hy's, the nightclub. lt's taken many years to put a team together that really understands service... and keeps and open mind to the changes in customer con-

cept, customer need, and the market. Each Department Head, coordinated by Director, Melinda Kirkbride, has worked through the ranks, and has amassed more than 10 years with this go-ahead company. lt was in June, 1976 that Hy first passed through Norwich. Back then, where his venues stand today, stood one huge restaurant, a restaurant which had almost fallen into disrepair from a heyday postwar period. A period when the doormen were in full livery, and the venue was an eating place for the high society. But by the time Hy got to see it, Boswells had become a downmarket Berni Inn, and badly in need of some attention. Much to the surprise of Norfolk folk (who thought, quite frankly, that this American was a little touched in the head), Hy had purchased the building within two weeks and moved his family to Norwich. By September of that year the former Berni Inn had

reopened under its new own-. ership as an a la carte restaurant. Two years later disaster struck! For just as Hy hao begun to get his business out of the red and into the black, Boswells caught fire. By the morning, staff were left with an uninterrupted view of the sky - whilst standing in the cellar. But Hy refused to give in, and within 5 days opened a reduced-scale eaterie in an undamaged part of that very cellar... while building work, and the washing up, went on overhead, with the Dishwasher and Kitchen Porter protected by a tarpaulin. In May 1979, once Boswells was rebuilt and re-established there was a new revolution for Norwich. Hy had added a pizza restaurant on to Boswell's: the only place in the area serving Italian food ... apart from a real Italian in Pottergate. Fifteen years later, and Pizza One's still there, co-existing with Pancakes Too, which started in 1980. The restaurant is open from midday to 11 pm every Mon-

day to Saturday, and from midday to 1Opm on a Sunday. You'll find it offers extremely reasonably priced food ... and plenty of it! Why not try a pepperoni pizza for £4.25, or a bowl of pasta with bolognese sauce for £3.85, or a ham, cheese and mushroom crepe (£3.35). And then try following that with the popular banana dog: a whole banana, covered in soft brown sugar, rolled up in a pancake and sprinkled with lemon and melted butter. (lt's only £1 .65). Pizza One also offers a delivery service (tel 761515). But back to Boswells, when, in 1983, the move was made from a la carte to a carvery. Again, this was something new for Norwich, and again Hy's astute business sense had served him well, for business at Boswells boomed. However, something was wrong. Dinner dances were still being held in the function room above Boswells, and they weren't going well. So once again the Directors

"The lights went on and the floor went on, and a scream went up that still gives me goosepimples now... I realised that we had entered a new generation of clubs and clubbing. lt was welcome to London North East." - Hv Kurzner, speaking about the opening night of his club, in Tombland! . . Hv·s, .

------------------------- -----·

·--~-- ----------- --~--


realised they had to adapt: and a nightclub was the one element missing from the Tombland Experience. But not any old nightclub would do. lt had to be a nightclub with style, something which Hy says was sadly lacking in Norwich at the time: "We didn't want a place where girls were on display like a meat market. "You'd walk into these clubs and it looked as though some kind of Africa9 tribal ritual was going on: .. with all the girls dancing 'round their handbags." That was not his style. But nor was a club where men had to wear jackets and ties. And so Hy and his team set up the first Norwich club where jackets and ties did not have to be worn . In-


"We were trying to establish a particular kind of clientele," says Hy, "and that meant for the first 6 to 9 months we turned away more people than we let in." Next, at Hy's, an extremely unusual happy hour was introduced: which is still going today. That happy hour is not designed to get people blind drunk at the start of the evening , or to get them into the club so they will spend plenty of money during the night. Instead, it is at midnight, and says Hy, is designed to say "You're here, you're enjoying yourself, thanks for coming." The venue is now open from 9pm until 2am every Tuesday to Saturday. Back to the late 1980's, and things in Boswells things were slowing down a bit too

"We've opened the doors to anyone who wants to sing, play the drums, tell a story, and so on... " Melinda Kirkbride, talking about Tuesday night entertainment at Boswells stead, the 'dress code' was simply 'clean' . And people dancing around handbags were banned! The club's story is remarkable in itself, too long to go into here. But then anyone who has ever been to Hy's will know just how remarkable it is: with its armour plated glass dancefloor, which lights both reflect off and shine through! Hy recalls his club's opening night: "The lights went on and the floor went on, and a shout of wonder and surprise went up that still gives me goosepimples now... I realised that we had entered a new generation of clubs and clubbing." He smiles, adding: "lt was welcome to London East." The armour plated glass dancefloor was the first in the country, and remains the most popular type of floor in clubs more than ten years after its debut in Hy's. Talking about the club's policies , and , in particular, those of the door staff, Hy adds: "We realised that human beings have to be treated as human beings when they're out enjoying themselves". But he says that upholding that ideal meant a heartrending decision in the first few months of the club's opening :

1s- MARCH 1

much recalls Melinda. The carvery customers had other things on their mind. They had what Melinda calls 'the full catastrophe' : a wife, children , a car and ... a mortgage! Again it was time for a change. So Boswells made the most extraordinary turnaround yet; from a staid, olde-wortde carvery, to one of the most happening live music venues around , or 'tomorrow's pub today' as it has become known. And that means it's now open until 2 in the morning, with live bands from Tuesday to Saturday. Of course, being open til 2am is something not that unusual in itself for a City venue. But what people may find unusual, Melinda points out, is that a venue as stylish as Boswells can charge pub prices for their drinks. The customers seem to love Boswells. Since permission was granted to put tables and chairs on the Tombland forecourt, local customers have described the experience as like "being on holiday at home." The food is great, too. And, more importantly, very fairly priced . A lunchtime eater could expect something like chicken wings and onion

Above: Inside Pizza One/ Right: Mellnda and Hy rings with chips and a salad garnish for just £3.45. Or a classic lasagne for £4.15. There are loads of snacks baps and sandwiches available too. People can also dine in the evening at Boswells, so long as they book with a party in advance . And the prices remain the same! When The Event met Melinda last week, she revealed some new nights which would be taking place at Boswells and Hys. Starting from March 3, Hys will be hosting 'ESP' every Thursday. Melinda laughs, explaining that ESP is not what many people might think, but is, in fact, a party for the Emergency Services. ESP will boast free admission to all who qualify - from doctors and nurses to paramedics and people from the AA and the RAC. There will be the usual happy hour at midnight and a lager on special offer. Says Melinda: "it's a way of saying thankyou to all those people on whose help we've all come to rely." Meanwhile, changes afoot at Boswells include the addition of a resident musical trio to accompany people willing to 'have a go' on Tuesday nights. "We've opened the doors to anyone who wants to sing, play the drums, blow their own trumpet, tell a story, or whatever," says Melinda. And she adds that every fortnight from February 16, 'Horizon' will be entertaining in Boswells. Interestingly, they are a group who have formed through the Tuesday 'have a go' nights! And now they're getting paid for their appearances!

At this point, Hy adds: "You can't just take from the community, you've got to give back .. . and that's the way we're running this company." So how do Hy and Melinda see the next ten years of the Tombland experience? "lt depends on what new trend we can create next," laughs Melinda. Useful phone numbers: Boswells: 626099. Hy's: 621155. Pizza One/ Pancakes Too: 621583.

Knowledgeapple It takes product knowledge, experience and commitment to the customer to become an authorised AppleCentre. Only one operation in Norfolk has made the grade. So for advice on a new Apple, or how to make the most of your existing system,


contact AppleCentre Norwich, Norfolk's only authorised AppleCenrre. Call Paul Freakley today on

(0603) 630252. ,.

tiN AppleCentresw Norwich No-one knows more about Macs. Bamck Sueer, :'\orwich :--'R3 ITH Tel: 0603 630252

:... ·.· .' ••... '• .... ••·•• .......···"·?·f··.~.'.t•'• . ·f·t·1•'•'•\······...•••• ............. ~·~··· : \j>plcCena< IS . ~nnurlt of Apple UJmpu!<r LX ud.

Apple ond !lie .\pplc lq:o ar< !r>dc:marks of Applc UJmpulcr. lnc




16 -



; Absurd Person ·Singular



eTheatre Royal, Feb 7-12

Alan Ayckbourn 's popular comedy 'Absurd Person Singular ' opened last week I at Norwich 's Theatre Royal to a capacity audience. The play provides an acute observation on the strained relationships of three ludicrously mismatched couples as they celebrate three consecutive Christmases together. The interplay of the characters initiates a wonderfully revealing observation of the farcical snobbery that exists in middle-class suburbia. Like all the best parties the main events take place in the kitchen which provides a backdrop for the comic capers which ensue.


Measure tor Measure PREVIEW The award winn ing theatre company, Cheek By Jowl, will be presenting Shakespeare's 'Measure for Measure' for one week only at the Theatre Royal, starting on Tuesday February 22. 'Measure for Measure' is probably Shakespeare's most timely play for the 1990's. lt is a story of hypocrisy and mercy, which is by turns funny, horrible and moving. A lone woman must struggle against the might of a corrupt government that is obsessed with moral valu es, in order that she might win some form of justice for her wrongly accused brother. Set in Vienna, the play reveals a world populated by ministers and prostitutes, nuns and executioners, pimps, murderers and lovers. Cheek By Jowl have built up an excellent reputation for their interpretations of Shakespeare plays, wh ich never fail to arrest and delight audiences. One of the company's hallmarks is to integrate specially composed music into each production , which is played live on stage by the actors. ~ The company was form ed in 1981 by Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod , with the aim of making the classics more accessible to modern audiences . Their first production was William Wycherley's The Country Wife', which was followed by subsePREVIEW quent productions of little known world classics th at included Ostrovsky's 'A Family Affair' and Raci ne's 'Andromache'. r Roger Hargreaves' everShakespeare, as one would expect, also featured prominently popular characters, the Mr in their list of productions, The Tempest' , 'Macbeth' and 'A Men, leap off the page and Midsummer's Night's Dream' being just some of them. ~ the TV screen and on to th e This latter production came to Norwich in 1985, when it was Theatre Royal's stage on performed at the UEA. This was Cheek by Jowl's last appearl Sunday February 20 . ance in the city; until now, of course . 'Mr Men In Toyland' follows This year sees them taking 'Measure for Measure' on a major thei r adventures as they try to UK and international tour, with the Theatre Royal being just help the Toymaker's toys. Mr one of many venues that Cheek By Jowl will visit over the comGrumpy, who doesn't like ing months. anyone or anything , steals the The play will run until Saturday February 26, with nightly perkey to the Toymaker's Toy formances at 7.30pm , and a matinee on February 26 at 3pm. Machine , and hides it someTickets cost between £3 and £12.50. Caroline Jenkinson ; where in Crosspatch Castle.



Mr Men In Tovland


AII the Mr Men, together with the children , (and especially Mr Nosey) have to search high and low for the magic key. On the way, the audience will meet the Toy Soldier, Rag Doll, The Sugar Plum Fairy, A Puppet on a string, Honey Bear and a Jack-In-The-Box. There will also be the chance to do the Bump-Bump with Mr Bu mp, and si ng along to Mr Noisy's Quiet and Riot song. You can boo Mr Grumpy, chat

along with Mr Chatterbox, watch Mr Nosey poke his nose in everywhere , and be thoroughly silly with Mr Si lly and Mr Nonsense. But most of all, you must remember to be happy with Mr Happy! There will be two performances of 'Mr Men In Toyland' on February 20; one at 2pm and one at 4.30pm. • Tickets cost between £1 and £5. Children and the young-atheart shouldn't miss The Snowman also at the Theatre Royal from Feb 24-26 .

An amalgamation of rather trite situations, the comedy in the play strikes a note of irritating predictability reminiscent of the most stereatypical of situation comedies. There are the usual ambiguitles and social blunders t interspersed with an ageIj old collection of cliched misunderstandings and I wordplay. Fly-spray is conI! fused with furn iture polish and so it continues. Howl ever, the wry observations are at times entertain ing and accurate as are the



;The Browning Version- ~Harlequfnade ··1 1:~:~~~~~~i n~ ~~~~en;-~~;l.s

MILK THE V/BE in association with The Cow Club



morals I make up for in ethics" which received i In 'The Browning Version', Crocker-Harris, a Classics master at J raucous applause. 1 The all-star cast includes a Public School, is about to leave his job because of ill-health. Francis Matthews (Pau l Emotionally dead, with a shrewish wife and a profound sense of , I' Temple in Paul Temple, and alienation and failure, he is reduced to a 'shameless display' of emotion on being given a second-hand book as a leaving present \. the voice of Captain Scar~ J let), Georgina Hale (Ruth by one of his pupils. Ellis in 'The Ladykillers'), 'Harlequinade', by contrast, follows the chaotic and ego-ridden rehearsal of a famous husband and wife acting team (whom the 1 JJanet Dibley (Eiaine in 'Two \ of Us'), Daniel Hill (Harvey Stage Manager describes as 'entirely self-centred and dotty') l in 'Waiting for God '), Liza doing 'Romeo and Juliet' in a grim Midlands town. 1 !Tarbuck (Pamela in 'WatchThe contrast between the two plays was made powerfully effec; ing') and And rew Hall tive by the use of the same actors in both ; the performance of , (Russell in 'Butterflies'). Crocker-Harris and the 'luvvy' Arthur Gosport was particularly 1 impressive, in a quality production which was hard to fault. : 1The play, unfortunately, appears to make little demands upon their corn' bined experience, produc" ing a bland reproduction of PREVIEW all that's gone before. Andrew Hall's performance The Norwich Players will be turning their hands to Restoration Comedy, when they bring William Congreve's 'The Way • as Geoff, the egotistical Of The World' to the Maddermarket stage. husband of the long sufferThis polished and sparklingly funny play is set in the fashioning Eva (Liza Tarbuck) is able and greed-obsessed London of 1700, where then , as one of the more substantial now, survival was the name of the game . In this tumultuous of this play. He gives his world, husbands, wives, lovers, ex-lovers, rivals, social climbcharacter a depth and a ers and a country cousin are all thrown together in a desperbelievability which is ate struggle to win for themselves either status, sex or greatly needed making money - or preferably all three . Geoff one of the farce 's Passions run high as a tangled web of plots and countermore memorable ingrediplots lead to intrigue and blackmail , which provides a sharp ents. The tour of this play insight into the naked appetites which lie under the surface marks the 21st anniversary of a supposedly civilised society. of the huge West End sucCongreve's satirical drama is also noted for its vividly drawn cess the play received in characters and comic situations . Much entertainment is 1973 and its popularity, it promised from the repartee of the lovers Millamant and seems, remains. Although Mirabell, the barbed wit of Witwoud and Petulant, and the not everyone's theatrical scheming of the uproarious Lady Wishfort. cup of tea the audience 'The Way Of The World' runs from Friday February 25 until certainly gave it a good Saturday March 5, with nightly performances at 7.30pm. reception on its opening There wi ll be a matinee on March 5 at 2.30pm. Tickets cost night in Norwich. between £2.50 and £6.50. Jo Stubbington_ ,

•Maddermarket Theatre, Saturday Feb 5

The Way 01 The World


9 · 1am

theWcaterfriont .

139-141KingStreet Norwich NR1 1QH Enquiries 0603 632717

. .. .

Coming Soon: 11/3 Sandals 16/3 Senser 22/3 St. Etienne 23/3 The Grid ' ' .. -. ••


1classic ,"What I lack in




------------ -------


16 -




Nice game, shame about the concept Eternal Champions SEGA £59.99 Oh, no. Not another Streetfighter 2 variant. Ethemal Champions has been touted by SEGA to be a SF2 beater. So does the hype live up to our expectations. The balance between good and evil in unbalanced with Satan always seeking the opportunity to take over. For centuries the Eternal Champions and a wise old man have been keeping on the situation, but now its got out of control. The old man decides to find a champion from one of the nine fighters all of which are trying to stop Satan in his tracks. There are quite a few opponents including, Midknight, Slash, Shadow, Rax, Blade, Larcen Tyler, Trident, Xavier and Jetta Maxx. Each has his or her own special abilities. I don;! really need ro go into too much detail about this game as most people know what this sort of game is like,apart from the fact it's a 24meg cartridge and the graphics and sound are spot on. Also this game really shifts and is rock hard. I'm rapidly going off these sort of games as most offer basically the same boring formula. This goes some way to rectify this. As with Turtles Tournament Fighters, this is great in two player


union bookshop, union house, uea, norwich,

Sonic 3 SEGA £59.99 SEGA are really trying to get the most out of their mascot, what with Sonic Spinball, Sonic Chaos and Sonic CD . So, what has Sonic 3 got to offer over the other titles? Well, here goes . Or Robotnik has crash landed on the Floating Island after being marmalised by Sonic in Sonic 2 . While there, he finds that the Island holds a secret, being Chaos Emeralds. This powers the Island and is just what Robotnik needs to repair his Death Egg ship. Sonic and Tails arrive on the island to collect rings, find the Chaos Emeralds and ultimately discover Robotnik's plan and set out to thaw! his progr~ss. ,, , , , 1 There are six levels to the

A HUGE RANGE OF SECONDHAND ACADEMIC AND GENERAL BOOKS Large range of gender literature VVe buy secondhand books let us n~ake you an ot=t=er!!

Visit the shop or call us on Norwich 58592 Open: Mon Fri ~ 0



16 -



TV & Radio is compiled and edited by Michele du Randt

DStephen Kings' bestseller, "Misery", is the film premiere on Channel 4 this Sunday, February 19 at 9:00pm, it stars Kathy Bates as a deranged fan who saves her favourite writer, played by James Caan, from a near-fatal car crash which leaves him crippled and at her mercy. What follows is a gripping reign of terror involving some chilling ideas to prevent his escape, including the famous "hobbling" scene .•. DA shy, adolescent boy's secret wish to " be big" backfires when a fairground fortune-telling machine transforms him overnight into a 35 year old man. Only his closest friend believes that it's still him and the fun really starts when he lands an executive job with a toy company, as their chief toy tester and new product inventor. Any "big" kids' dream perhaps? "Big" is on Anglia at 8:00pm on Wednesday February 16.

QJohn Gordon-Sinclair (pictured) stars as Gavin Nelson, a local newspaper journalist, in "Nelson's Column", a new comedy-series for BBC1 starting on Thursday, February 17 at 8:30pm. Like all good journalists, Gavi n has dedicated his life to pursuing truth, justice and decency...not to mention pursuing fellow reporter, Claire (Sophie Thompson). QThe moment has arrived for British ice-dance duo Jayne Torville and Christopher Dean to begin their quest for a second "Olympic Grandstand" on Friday, February 18 on BBC2. Live coverage of the compulsory dances at the Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer, Norway, spotlights the celebrated pair who are aiming to repeat the golden success they enjoyed with "Bolero" at the Sarajevo Games 10 years ago.

QJournalist Russell Cavies introduces the 37th annual "What The Papers Say Awards" on Friday, February 18 at 11 :15pm on BBC2, which this year are hosted by Gery Robinson, Chairman of Granada Television. The Awards are presented before an invited audience at the Savoy Hotel Ballroom in London. Categories include Newspaper, Editor, Cartoonist, Scoop, Investigation and Columnist of The Year. QThe new series, "United States of Television", continues on Channel4 at 11 :OSpm on February 19, as Laura Kightlinger presents a compilation of the most interesting, unusual and downright bizarre items from the world of American television . News, cartoons and sitcoms all feature and this programme samples, among other delights, the Outdoor Channel , a homeshopping channel that will kit you out for Alaskan prospecting and Charlton Heston advocating American's "right to bear arms".

Captain America PREVIEW



A first showing on British television for the action adventure , "Captain America" on BBC1 at 7:00 pm on February 16. Starring Matt Silinger as the comic book character, Steve Rogers, who is given enhanced strength and stamina through a secret experimental process , and becomes the World War 11 super-hero, Captain America. After apparently being killed , his frozen body is discovered 40 years later-and a legend lives again .. .

L'Jll lS ')}~

The Jack Dee Show PREVIEW

Highlights for the fortnight ahead

CH4 - FRI FEB 18

Jack is back ... The stand-up comic hailed as a miserable genius, has been given a second series. But don't worry, it hasn't cheered him up .. .much. For the second series of 'The Jack Dee Show" we are back in the smoky, vibrant atmosphere of the Bohemia Club . As in the first series, the sharp-suited Dee is backed up by the house-band , the Apollos , as he delivers more of his wry observations on the vagaries of life. The guest star this week is songstress, Cyndi Lauper, who so likes Jack, she flew in from America to sing , "I Pity The Fool" and "Product of Misery". Is she trying to tell him something? The new series starts at 10:30pm on Friday Februarv 18 on Channel 4 . • • a~• ············[ •••••••• ,.,,, .\ \ \ \ " l l l _,,,.,.,,. "•••••••~ ... .. a f« •

QThe strange and strangely funny adventures of Dr.Joel Fleischman (Rob Marrow) returns to Channel 4 on Monday February 21 at 1O:OOpm in a new series of Northern Exposure. Set in the frozen wastes of Alaska, this is an American comedy-drama on the same par as "Twin Peaks" for weirdness. In the first episode, Maggie (Janine Turner) hits 30 and decides to write a letter-via an old Indian ritual-to all her dead boyfriends. Hit by a sharp, stabbing pain, she starts to hallucinate and Joel rushes to the rescue ... and another medical problem. 0 I I 1

'a\ \ \ '

11 i

9 'I 1 t t f

QGerard Depardieu and Sandrine Bonnaire are the stars of BBC2's first showing of the film, "Under Satan's Sun" on Saturday, February 19 at 10:55pm. In despair over his failings as a priest, young Father Donissan becomes interested in the young and willing Mouchette - a situation leading to a spiral of murder and savage disruption of the country community. QThe ethereal folk-rock sound of 10,000 Maniacs can be heard on BBC2's "Unplugged" series on Saturday, February 19 at 7:25pm, as they perform some of their most criticallylauded hits. Originally transmitted on MTV, selections include, "These Are Days", "Candy Everybody Wants", "Dallas", "Like The Weather" and "What's The Matter Here".

QThe Designer of the Year in Ireland and the Bride of the Year in Essex star In the second of a new series of "The Clothes Show" at 5:00pm on BBC1 on Sunday, February 20. There are also some French pyjamas from Coup de Coeur to ward off winter chills, and the show investigates the popularity of the Adidas logo. Qlt's back again , bigger than ever, the only television programme that packs the whole of the world's news into 45 minutes- BBC1 's new series of "Sunday Night Clive" starting on Sunday February 20 at 1O:OOpm . Each week, Clive James gives his own , unique interpretation of world events, and is joined in the studio by Jeff Banks hosts the Clothes Show a guest commentator, this series including Joan Collins, Victoria Wood and Stephen Fry.

QCelebrating their ninth birthday this week, "Eastenders" conti nues to deal with the usual collection of family intrigue and drama in and around Albert Square. In Thursday's episode on February 24, Mark puts a business proposition to lan, only to find that his greedy cousin proves family loyalty means nothing to him. Pat is full of questions when David returns from the police station, but will he tell her the truth? QThe sinister and smooth-talking Simon Howe (Lee Harvey) tightens his hold over the mesmerised members of his religious cult in next Wednesday's edition of "Brookside". His role as sect-leader is becoming more and more influential as he begins to bring Katie and Terry together. Meanwhile, Ron Dixon comes face to face with Jimmy Corkhill .. .

' ' ' ,• \ 5,· ,•, ·., '.'

• '


•' .ol


• · ' , .... ·, t , .. ·, , o





',. ' , , •



, o


·e· •

.... o



.J ·"



16- MARCH 1





Don•t Forget


Your Toothbrush

Highlights for the fortnight ahead

CHANNEL FOURSATURDAYS syoumayhave already discovered, bursting from your TV screen at 1Opm every Saturday is an all-new entertainment show presented by the man who has turned breakfast TV into a national institution ... Chris Evans. Moving from the morning mayhem of the ever-popular 'Big Breakfast' to the suave, late Saturday night slot has meant a corresponding change in style. The wacky Hawaiian shirts and lurid suits have being replaced by a more subtle, grown-up look, but the man behind the clothes refuses to change his personality for anyone. The 26-year old presenter has become more than just a household name. His trademark Woody-Alienlook glasses, lanky 6'2" frame and carrot-coloured hair have formed the classic 'nerdy' look which so obviously appeals to the 2 million 'Big Breakfast' viewers every day. However, we mustn't be taken in by what's on the outside. Chris Evans' 'nerdiness' is only skin-deep. For underneath that wacky, in-yer-face exterior lies a sophisticated perfectionist. Born in Warrington, where he set up his own kissogram agency: 'Kinky's Kissograms the skinniest Tarzans in town', Evans is still known for doing anything for a laugh, a trait which almost got him fired from his job at Picadilly Radio. But it's also a trait which put him where he is today ... amongst the most popular of

OManchester band, the Smiths were one of the most popular and influential bands in the Eighties with hits such as "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now", "What Difference Does lt Make?" and "Big Mouth Strikes Again". John Peel looks at some exclusive recording from the band, as well as interviews and interesting recollections in this programme for Radio 1 FM, broadcast at 7pm on February 13.


DEartha Kitt purrs into action as Kaa the Python in Radio 5's new five part dramatisation of Rudyard Kipling's famous story "The Jungle Book". The story of Mowgli and his friends in the Jungle starts on Monday February 14 at 9.55am and continues all week. England cricket team return to Sabina, Jamaica, the scene of their victory on the last tour of the West lndies. Graham Gooch is part of the "Test Match Special" team covering the match for Radio 5 at 6.05pm on Saturday, February 19. OSunday, February 20 sees Radio 1 FM's "Sieve Edward's Soul Show" featuring the jazz night at the "Black not Black" festival at the ICA. Amongst the line-up of artistes are Omar, Vanessa Simon and Tony Remy. Steve's show starts at 8pm and goes on until 11 . OMonday February 21 is the second night that Radio 1 FM continues its coverage of the "Black Not Black" festival, and "The Evening Session" at 7pm this week features music recorded at the rap night of the festival, including "Credit to the Nation", "Urban Species" and "Silent Eclipse". ODavid Baddiel is in the hot-seat in Radio 1 FM's Room 101 on Monday February 21 at 9.30pm. This week, it's up to him to pick his least favourite people, places and pop songs. Included in his selection is William Shatner's version of "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" and "Summertime Blues" by a band which didn't quite make the big time.

Something to get your teeth Into: Chrls in his sharp suit

British TV presenters, outranking the likes of Jonathan Ross by a long way. Now, Evans has been given a very free hand with his newest TV venture: 'Don't Forget Your Toothbrush' . As he says: "People will either like it or hate it, either way it'll be down to me. "This is me ... the sets, the

Egg In yer face: Chris in Big BreakfasfmiJde

titles, the shots, the script. it's what makes me laugh." Live, and totally spontaneous, the show promises to fill the cavity in Channel Four's Saturday night. Chris insists his new programme will not stick to the usual talk-show format, saying: "Forget the idea of three guests, a couple of gags and a couple of songs. "We have lots of items, and it's all about having fun ." As last Saturday, every show will see 300 people from around the country arrive at the legendary London Studios on the South Bank. With cases packed, passports in pockets, and toothbrushes in hand, everyone has the chance to enter the 'Don't Forget Your Toothbrush' competition to win a trip to the Caribbean that very night. Underscoring the evening's entertainment is the ironic master of the ironies, Jools Holland, who joins Chris in paying tribute to a different 20th Century musical icon every week. 'Don't Forget Your Toothbrush' is a show that revels in unpredictability: it's about having as ·much fun on a Saturday night as is humanly possible. And it's guaranteed that no two shows in the series will be even remotely similar! •Catch the next edition of 'Don't Forget Your Toothbrush' on Saturday February

!9 ~~ 1Opm 012 Ch~'ll'lel F'?~r.

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In The Line 01 Fire REVIEW

Edited by MichiJ/e du Randt

lt) Ill ~~1 il ~! #;$1 =tll ~I :1 ;11 ~I "Hot Shots Part Deux" (PG) - Rental The same faces are back on board for a follow up to "Hot Shots", the hilarious Airplane-style spoof. This time, Harley (Charlie Sheen) is back with a difference .. . he's all oiled up, rippling with muscles and raring to go in this laugh a second sequel. Armed with twice the hair and twice to body, he's prepared for twice the action and twice the women! Teamed with Lloyd Bridges, Valeria Golina and Richard Crenna, his mission is to lead his commandoes backwards to rescue men in a huge jungle of macho-women warriors and purring kittens! Out now.

"Appointment for Killing" (18)- Rental Based on an amazing true story, this thriller starring Corbin Bernsen (LA Law) and Kelsey Grammer (Cheers) replaces love in the bedroom with intrigue when a devious murderer is romanced by his determined wife into confessing his crimes on a hidden wiretap. For Dr. Stan Benderman (Bernsen), patience is a deadly virtue. Stan has dedicated his life to the three things that give him the most pleasure ...... women , money and murder. To his clients, he is the perfect dentist. To his lover, he is the perfect accomplice. B:.~t behind Stan's charm and charisma lies a cold heart and calculating mind, responsible for a trail of unsolved murders. Out February 23.

"Coneheads" (PG) - Rental If you love "Wayne's World", then don't miss this zany comedy which is from the same Saturday Night Live TV stable. Blues Brother Dan Aykroyd models a very strange looking head as one of the Coneheads of the title - aliens who are out with a mission to conquer the planet Earth, whilst posing as a very strange "AII-American" family. Out now.

"The Lover" (18)- Retail 'One of the most controversial films of 1992' has just been released into the shops. ''The Lover'' shocked audiences with explicit sex scenes between actress Jane March and celebrated actor Tony Leung . The Sun described the films as making 'Sharon Stone look like Snow White.' it's true. 'The Lover' leaves little to the imagination .


Clint Eastv.:ood, star of such films as "Unforgiven" and "The Dead Pool" plays the tough, uncompromising sharp shooter Frank Horrigan, a veteran Secret Service agent who gets involved in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a psychotic ace assassin. Clint's role in this brilliant new thriller set in the high stakes world of presidential politics, gives him the chance to prove his worthiness as a truly magnificent actor. But, John Malkovich, who's also starred in "Dangerous Liaisons" and "Empire Of The Sun" deserves just as much praise as the softtalking assassin, Mitch Leary, who is on a personal mission to kill the US President. The situation becomes a nightmare for Horrigan, because he's haunted by the fateful day in which he let a bullet past another President, JFK, 30 years ago during his first presidential assignment. Leary knows that Horrigan still feels personally responsible and taunts him in a chilling series of telephone calls, which establish an unlikely bond between the would-be killer and the presidential protector. As Horrigan's claims about Leary aren't taken

Sliver REVIEW After sending temperatures sky-high in "Basic instinct", Sharon Stone is back and firing on all cylinders in this erotic thriller which sees

'In The Line Of Fire' see~Ciint EastwoQd starring .,~~, a Secret ~eljVice:a~e aunted.b 4 is failure.$ 'tc)!protect JF@lfrom'' (leat . 's out d . Q oc!w:?. and Michele;;du Randt ggt her lland&;on a copy •·· .;.;-.

seriously by his Secret Service colleague, it's up to Horrigan alone to find himbefore the assassin's bullet finds the President. Also starring Rene Russo,

gorgeous Billy Baldwin and Tom Berenger competing for her attention. Stone is career woman early, who moves into a "Sliver" - a narrow New York apartment - after ending her marriage. Her neighbours are Zeke, a wealthy young bachelor (Baldwin) and Jack (Berenger), a crime novelist who's taken a personal




;,.;w;_ ;;;~:MJ




" In The Line Of Fire" is a fast-moving, sometimes shocking suspense thriller which will have you on the edge of your seats all the way through the film.

•The film is available for rental now from 'Videoplus' at 107 Unthank Road, who kindly loaned us the film for the purposes of this review.


interest in investigating the true-life deaths which have been going on in the apartment block recently. Despite the weird goings-on, early and Zeke start a passionate affair, which leads her to confronting her deepest fantasies - and to also discover the truth behind the block's strange history. •Sliver is out now.

wait a year to see a film on satellite?

Cliffhanger at No.2


Baldwin finds he's totally Stoned...






MU ~ I C

The latest previews and reviews by Nia/1 Hampton


lch Bin Ein Auslander/7"

This looks like a welcome return to form for the Poppies - what with all the trauma of their split from RCA last year and the disappointing 'Familus Horribilis' single. 'I eh Bin ... ' is essentially an industrial foray for the anarchic Brumsters, featuring a rough-edged guitar chopping above a solid and methodical groove, with the usual quota of irrelevant samples thrown in for good measure. Typically, the lyrics are relevant and in-yer-face - condemning the rise of fascism in this case with Glint's usual sardonic wit but quite where he learned his German pronunciation remains unknown. All in all this is a good cut and has a bit in common with the name of PWEI's new label, which is - you got it - Infectious. The 12" mix is pretty good too.

BARK PSYCHOSIS For a band much vaunted by sections of the popular music press, this album is a huge disappointment. The album - which took most of 1993 to record - features songs that mostly never cease to appal in their blandness. Yet the band are capable of far better - as seen with the 'Man Man' EP and the single 'Scum'. The fact is that 'Hex' is just a melee of sounds and textures that meander around with no coherent direction. Bark Psychosis' record label, Circa, are keen to enthuse that some of the songs "dovetail into each other". I think complete sonic fallout would be somewhat more appropriate. The album features 51 minutes of music, but of this, only several songs provide any real interest. On 'A Street Scene', the band incorporate some jazz rhythms and arrange their instrument parts quite well. 'Absent Friends' sees this


trend continued, as it ushers in layered ~;uitar textures over an unconventional and sparse drum line. The lyrics also make an attempt to sound relevant. But the other songs, including 'Big Shot', 'Eyes & Smiles' and 'The Loom' are just featureless attempts at creating emotive sound-scapes, where melodies seem to have been eschewed in pursuing 'atmosphere' - also sadly lacking. From listening to 'Hex', maybe Bark Psychosis could be better off trying to find a reasonable middle ground between ambient techno and fusion ...

This fortnight's HMV album chart

Therapy..• down to number 3

1. (2) Enigma - The Cross Of Changes 2. (3) Torl Amos - Under The Pink 3. (1) Therapy - Troublegum 4. (7) Chaka Demus & Pliers - Tease Me 5. (5) Diana Ross - One Woman 6. (56) Cyprus Hill - Black Sunday 7. (-)Deep Forest- Deep Forest 8. (11) Richard Marx - Paid Vacation 9. (52) Gabrielle - Find Your Way 10. (6) Various - Now Dance 94

BITTY McLEAN Just To Let You Know/LP

From the guy with a strange name comes an album almost as, well, bitty. For the crooner that drove you Insane with last summer's annoying hit 'lt Keeps Ralnln" has returned with a debut album. Just to let you know... untll recently Bitty was a tape op at DEP Records, who have strong links with the acceptable face of 'reggae', UB40. So little surprise then, that on the back of the ragga boom, Bitty and his little ditties have become commercially successful. Other than Bitty's top hits, 'Here I Stand' and 'lt Keeps Ralnln", this collection Includes tracks like 'True True True', 'I've Got Love' and 'What Goes Round (Comes Around)'. Essentially, these sound like sub-standard UB40 album tracks, a pllnky piano bouncing over extremely obvious bassllnes with a horn chucked In. A sort of UB40 meets Chaka Demus and Pliers on a bus In Birmingham, but haven't quite got enough for the fare. On 'Stop This World', our man Bitty eschews all Instruments In favour of an acoustic number with guitar. He even tries to be lyrically aware, seen In "They put us in the class first second and third/ All this old idea to me Is absurd" and proves himself to be a mas· ter of the rhyme. Still it's refreshing to hear a song that's not about either love, sex or dancing. Elsewhere, on 'Dedicated to the One I Love', Bitty breaks out the horn section, and on 'Talkin' to the Wind' he Is essentially ranting to himself. All in all, this album could have been reviewed just listening to the dire 'lt Keeps Rainin" over and over again. For this track suggested that Bitty's debut album would be just as bland and lightweight. Which it is.


Spiritual Love/7"

This is a really solid track, but unfortunately not the best of a band from whom much is expected. Some are already touting Urban Species as the next De La Soul, but this is probably unfair - on the former. 'Spiritual Love' exposes a considerable Acid Jazz influence, not wholly dissimilar to stablemates Galllano and Incognito in approach. Take a mld-tempoed dance groove, add a nice solid bass and drop in throaty vocal with a soulful chorus and you'll probably get somewhere near where this song is. Having said that, this could make the outer reaches of the Top 30 and bring this Tottenham threesome a little nearer greater recognition, but they've done a lot better than this. What's all this Spiritual Love about anyway? The successor to free love or what?



Incognito are one of the most successful jazz-funk bands around, and are actually Talkin' Louds' biggest selling act. No surprise then, that when on tour they can command the services of none other then Jocelyn Brown, who provided the vocal on their 1991 hit, 'Always There'. This album again sees Incognito's main man, J P 'Biuey' Maunick, in the production and eo-writing role, and he has used no less than 18 musicians to record this al· bum. The result is a collection of mellow grooves, featuring influences from the world of jazz, seventies soul and traditional funk.

Opening track, 'Still A Friend of Mine', is put together in the classic Incognito mould: a wandering bassline lazily arpeggiating, with electric piano and drums chugging away. Title tune 'Positivity' sees a less cluttered approach, but again the jazz harmonies feature over a more percussive groove. Of the other cuts, 'Do Right' has a groove more based on swing beat and is far more sparse, whilst 'Better Days' sees a minjmalist vocal wandering over a syncopated groove. So, a real contrast in styles on this album , and for those looking for something a little more derivative than Acid Jazz, 'Positivity' could well be it.

16 - MARCH 1


FREAK POWER Rush/7" Despite being lampooned by a certain member of my household - who likes DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince - I really like this track. Although not the sort of thing that's going to make an enduring classic, it's perfect pop: energetic, lively and superfluous. Yes, it's very Acid Jazz. Yes, it's not entirely original. Yes, the lyrics do leave a little to be desired. But it's the thoughtful touches that punctuate the song - a few horn stabs coupled with a surprise offbeat here and there. Add this to a hoarse vocal that's fortunately - in these times of imitation unlike Jamiroquai and you've got a good formula to work with. A funky little number indeed. Watch out for Freak Power in the near future, for they're produced by Norman Cook of ex-Beats international and Housemartins fame. Although not having the best hairstyle in the world of pop, Norm seems to know a good tune when he hears one, and their subsequent releases could prove interesting.

MOTHER EARTH Find IU7" Well, about time really. Yes, Mother Earth actually DO record on the Acid Jazz label, so they're probably the most authentic of the above bunch. Although they look like a cross between The Style Council and detectives from The Sweeney, they can actually knock out a good tune. But when the intro cuts in, it's easy to imagine that you're watching some low budget early seventies film with a car chase soundtrack. As the Shaft-like rhythm and lsleysesque guitar gets into gear with the plinky organ, I kept expecting Dirty Harry to burst in ... That aside, this is a funky track with the offbeats in all the right places, and there's a reasonable attempt at a keyboard solo. Towards the end of the track, the band try to get clever and go a bit jazzier, but they manage to pull it off. Nice try, but still not as convincing as Galliano.


The HMV February sale starts Friday 11th February. There are hundreds of bargains for everybody from the rock and pop fan to the classical music connoisseur.

So hurry down to HMV in Norwich and pick up some great bargains!

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If you would like to see your band reviewed in this section, send a tape containing three original songs, plus a bit about the group and a photo (if possible) to DEMO, The Event, PO Box 410, Norwich , NR4 7TB



All scores are out of five

ORIGINALITY.....................O&a CAN THEY PLAY THEIR INSTRUMENTS?... 3&2 'SEXINESS' ....................... O& 1 OUT OF 40 NAME ................................. 1&3 .. llllillill

I :J

OPINION 1 Horace Goes Skiing . Hmmm. The name is, to say the least, a little unconventional , but the music isn 't. Their latest demo, the curiously entitled 'Drop Out,' has just arrived at The Event's office and features three tracks varying in tempo and arrangement. All the songs are a bit anarchic - not in the RATM sense, rather a little all over the place in arrangement and the way that the different instruments fitted together. Having said that the band have injected a melodic element into their songwriting , and this seems to be a major concern of theirs. The only problem with this is that you end up scrambling to locate the varying influences ... The fi rst song , "Taking Liber-

ties" is a mid-tempoed indieesque effort which jangles along in its own charm ing way. The real interest for me came in the second , slightly slower, track, entitled "Less than 2 Minutes", which has an interesting bridge section , reminiscent of a ska-l ike fee l. I liked that - a nice little touch . By the third song , 'Sometimes', Ho race Goes Skiing have introduced some vocal harmonies , but these are just a little meandering and bland , and need some more work. The re's a solid wall of sound in each song, but this is melodic and thoughtful rather than being gratuitous, and I think this shows that the band are both competent musicians and songwriters, and the overall sound on the tape is quite tight, although the vocal mixes could have been a little

more flattering. All in all , I'm quite impressed , but I'd like to see more of those interesting bits that popped up in the second song. Nice try guys. See you live soon , no doubt.

Nia/1 Hampton, Deputy Editor, 'The Event ·

OPINION 2 I have had two tapes this week by bands whose names include Horace. He must be popular. The first, Horace X, from Cambridge, who sound like a bunch of Ukranian crusties, were a completely different kettle of fish to the more athletic-sounding, Horace Goes Skiing. From initial chord of the first track, 'Taking Liber-

ties', the thrashy guitar got me thinking that I would be pogo-ing around the office before the end of the tape. Fast guitars and manic drumming, stopping and starting, and an off-key vocalist: in 1978 this would have been a group on the punk bandwagon who could go somewhere: probably as far as Ronco Punk Compilation with the likes of Generation X and the

Plasmatics (for credibility), and Jona Lewie. To add to the effect the second track is even more jerky and starts with the classic 1234 intro of a tapping hi hat. Without the slow middle this track may have lived upto its title but as with the other tracks it is a tad too long. Ultimately Horace Goes Skiing seem to be trying to be the Buzzcocks. But the Wedding Present have been doing it better for years and after all the real thing have been touring. We have S*M*A*S*H and Elastica as the New Wave of the New Wave. Will Horace Goes Skiing join the new bandwagon - not quite. Dominic Russe/1-Price, Marketing Assistant at The Waterfront


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FRIDAY NIGHTS featuring the

'Here Comes The Sun' REVIEW


Main Room:




25th February LIVE MUSIC

4th March in the main room



The UKs leading soul outfit

Duncan (13th Floor) FreakyD MOVE ON UP Keith (jb's & uptown) Paul (SoundClash)

+DJs JB's Keith (Funky Street Soul) MOVE ON UP: Tuf Kut & Jock hip hop an' swinging



For more details call 0603 632717

As with most books, Tom Holt's 'Here Comes The Sun' has a piece of blu rb on its back cover which uses the most glowing adjectives possible to describe what the book is like; 'dazzling' and 'hilarious' being the words in question here. Fortunately, in this case , the use of these words is entirely justified, for 'Here Comes The Sun' has to be one of the funniest and most enjoyable books I have ever read . The story is set in the gigantic company which happens to have the most important job in the universe - namely, they run it. The problem is that for the past few years, things have been starting to go downhill - the sun is rising late , covered in dirt and is in desperate need of a service, whilst the moon is in such a state that it's about to be scrapped ; but then again, they've been saying that for years. /1. solution is needed to the problem , but the only thing is that the company's think-tank has refused to think. So the Chief of Staff and D Ganger, the 'Devil's Advocate' decide

to bypass the usual procedures for hiring staff and employ a mortal , Jane, to try and sort out the mess that the immortals have made . And this she does. When a trainee gets muddled up and floods Memphis, Tennessee with the River Nile, rathe r than Memphis, Egypt, she manages to get it cleared up free of charge . When joyriders steal the original sun, she organises a mammoth car boot sale to take the minds of the whole of humanity off the fact that they have no actual daylight. The only problem is, she proves to be a little too efficient, and she begins to annoy people, some of whom have dark secrets that they want to remai n hidden .... The story gets a little confusing towards the end, and you can't quite grasp what's going on in some places , but that's really the only criticism that you can make of this book. Seeing complex theories of time and space reduced to mere problems with motorway traffic jams and bad wallpapering is amusing in itself to start with , but Holt manages

to enhance this with lots of little jokes on every page, which are guaranteed to make you smile, if not laugh out loud. If you adore Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams, then you 're going to absolutely love this book to bits. All I need now is to find the time to read this one again !

IW!\'i ~I fJfUn jl! 'fWijl] 111! Qj iii[I]~ 1;1 ~ ~i'~'i ~ jl In the last issue of your fun-packed Event, we asked you to tell us whom the woman on the right who stars Wayne's Wortd 2 along with Mike Myers and Dana Carvey - is married to. Well, the 'babe' is Kim Basinger, and she is, of course, married to Alec Baldwin . Well down to all those readers who got it right? (And let's face it, who else could it have been!) Winners for this competition will be revealed next issue, out March 2.

~!!!JL!.!!IiCl]~ I jl I)' 1/1

answers should be on thy competitions as you likestuck-down envelope. e back of a postcard or a 2. We don't care how many entries ou se

;;;£:"~:~~;::;:~.·.',~ ::::.::~:~:-:.~~:~~!

nes received after this date will be sldered. con4. You must Include yo telephone numbe (If ur name, age, address and r you have one) with yo t 5. All winners will be Informed I ur en ry. ephone The Event. - P ease don't tel6. You must agree to any publicity we

~~~~If you win a competition (within re~:~n~ant to

Eve:;~~aS:e~~~:u~t~nt~~s~~~ ~~m0 peNtltlo ns, The



, orw 1eh, NR4

~~:~~d that old chestnut. .. The Editor's decision Is 9. That's alii

How would you like to have records, videos, T-shirts, tapes, COs, posters, books, games and money coming out of your ears?! (Okay, so we draw the line at money, but promise that each bag will feature most, if not all, of the above). Well ... now's your chance. For here at Planet Zog Towers we're having a bit of a clearout, and that means that you, the lucky reader, Is getting the chance to win heaps of the stuff we don't want. .. erm, I mean, heaps of brilliantly expensive goodies, all gift-wrapped in one lovely supermarket carrier bag. Not impressed? Well you should be, as the COs going in each bag are worth a small fortune, including artistes such as Bitty Mclean, The Mission and Joe Roberts. And then there's the game which one lucky reader can win: Chart Moves. The object of the game is to earn enough money, by doing various deals as a hustler, to





Last Issue we ran a mouthwatering Plzzaland competition, to win vouchers to spend at the Norwich restaurant. The questions and answers In full: 1.Who's licensed to sell alcohol at the Norwich Plzzaland branch? A: Gary Rising & Helen Booth 2.Name all the different types of fish found at Pizza land. A: Tuna, Prawns, Salmon, Calamarl, Anchovies 3.What's different about the Valentino pizza? A: lt has a cheese sauce base instead of tomato Winners names will appear in the next Issue



~ [I •i«n ~ •~ 1 ~~~• an ~'~' ij j i1i'11~ •

Last issue we ran a D:Ream competition to win copies of the chart-topping album, D:Ream On : Vol. 1. The closing date for that competition has not yet been reached (it's November 23): so the answer will not be revealed until next issue . And that also means that anyone with a last minute entry should rush it to our offices on the double!

launch your alter-ego as an artist on the chartboard! This edition is not available in the shops, and is an exclusive limited edition, first-run, collectors piece (honestly!) And what about the books? There's loads of interesting tomes sitting in our filing cabinet just waiting for you to get your grubby little paws on them. So how about it? All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is to complete the following sentence in no more than twenty words.

"I love 'The Event' and its superb competitions because .... " Then, you know what to do. Pop your 'catchphrase' on a postcard or the back of a stuck-down envelope and get it to the address above quick-smartish! Otherwise you know what will happen when you find out your mate's won all the prizes ... ?

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draught pints • 1n Central Park I

V\lednesdays BpiTI




16 - MARCH 1

14 day listings in association with the Theatre Royal ~,...,._

















Norwich Puppet Theatre



See Wednesday.

See Wednesday.

See Friday.

Captain Sensible and Cuban Heels.



Ode on

See Wednesday.

Drama: See Wednesday.

See Friday.

Cinema City


Cinema City

L'Accompagnatrice- 2.30pm , 5.45pm , 8.15pm.

Thrash Night- Arbitrator and support.

Once Upon A Forest - 2.30pm . L'Accompagnatrice - 5.45pm , 8.15pm.

Brickmakers Floating Greyhound - rock.

Compiled by Caroline Jenkinson


Theatre Royal


See Wednesday. Little Shop of Horrors- 7.30pm only.

Sullen Blaze - rock.

Norwich Arts Centre

Acme Blues Co. 9pm to Midnight.

Boswells Theatre Royal See Wednesday.


Norwich Arts Centre


Tranceaction -with DJs Mog and Winton. £3/£2.50 cone, 8pm .

Club night.

Club night.

UEA Superskate "Back Seat of the Chevy" (16+) - 7pm-11 pm, £3.


Drama: Reflections on Revolution - by David Powell. A dramatisation by two actors of a dialogue between Thomas Paine and Edmund Burke . £5/£3 cone, 7.30pm .

Waterfront Club night: Meltdown. All kinds of music and no dress restrictions. £3.50.

Norwich Arts Centre

Screen 1: Free Willy (U) . No , not the offer of the Century, but the touching story of one boy and his whale! See page 12. 2.30pm, 5.45pm, 8.30pm . Screen 2: Wayne's World 2 (PG) . Sequel to Wayne's World , funnily enough , and quite 'chucklesome' too. See page 12. 1.30pm , 3.50pm , 6pm , 8.45pm . Screen 3: In The Name Of The Father (15) - Starring Daniel Day-Lewis as one of the Guildford Four. See page 12. 2pm , 5.30pm, 8.15pm. Screen 4: A Perfect World (15) - Starring Kevin Costner. See page 12. 5.20pm , 8pm . Also Addams Family Valu es (PG) - it's still running, and still stars Anjelica Huston! See page 12. 1.45pm, 3.30pm .

Painting with Light - children's workshop , showing how you can photograph things without a camera. £4 .50 per session (age 4-11), 2pm to 4pm. Jazz - Barbara Thompson and Paraphernalia. A night with Britain's best known saxophonisVcomposer/multi-instrumentalist and her famous band. £8.50/ £5.50 cone, 8pm .

Odeon Screen 1: Mrs Doubtfire (12) Stars Robin Williams as a 60 year old Scottish housekeeper! Hilarious viewing . See page 12. 1.20pm , 4.40pm, 7 .30pm. Screen 2: Aladdin (U) - See page 12. 1.50pm, 3.35pm. Screen 3: Remains of the Day (U) - With Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson. See page 12. 5.20pm , 7.55pm .

Norwich Puppet Theatre Frank Einstein -a bizarre tale of bodybuilding and needlework, based loosely on the classic story. £4 , (£3 concessions and children) , 2.30pm .

UEA Gig: The Mission. £8 .50pm , 7.30pm . Drama : Nietzche 2: Descartes Disco - sequel to Nietzche: The Musical , presented by the UEA Drama Society. £2, 7.30pm.

Waterfront D:Ream - They've 1-Jad a Number O"r OU~ oported Take - c:,0\..0 ~ .... what more can Yl ~dy? £6 adv.

Oval Band competition .

Cinema City

King 's Head

Once Upon A Forest (U) cutesy animated tale , featuring the voice of Michael Crawford. 2.45pm . L'Accompagnatrice (PG) - Th e story of a young pianist and the people who employ her. 5.45pm . El Mariachi (18) -A musician finds himself stuck in a onehorse futuristic desert town. 8.15pm.

East Coast Blues Band.

Theatre Royal Jack and the Beanstalk - presented by th e Norwich Puppet Theatre , and performed in the Town Close Room . £2.50, 11pm, 2pm . Li ttle Shop of Horrors - Su Pollard stars in this musical about a man-eating plant. £3-£15, 2.30pm , 7.30pm .

See Friday.

Manhattans Main Club - Technique. Upper Level - Strut!. £2 before 11 pm , £3 after.

Peppermint Park Drink of the Week - £1. All other drinks £1 .50.

Superskate Family Superskate . £2.50, 7pm-11pm.

Manhattans Club night. For prices , see Friday.

Superskate Family Superskate - 10am12.30pm , £2/Family. Family Superskate - 2pm-5pm , £2.50. "Lethal Radiation" - 7pm-1am, £3.50.

characters come to life on stage . £1-£5, 2pm , 4.30pm .

Ode on


See Friday.

Busier James Band - rhythm and blues.



See last Wednesday: times may have changed

Club night: Swamp, featuring McKoy. £3.50, no dress restrictions.

Odeon See last Wednesday: times may have changed

Oval Sweet n' Innocent and Sheaheavy metal.

Cinema City Once Upon A Forest- 2.30pm. L'Accompagnatrice - 5.45pm, 8.15pm. Thelma And Louise (15) -the first road movie for girls. 11 pm.

Brickmakers Charlie Gibb and Zone- blues and soul.

King 's Head Steel Street Blues.

Theatre Royal See Wednesday. Little Shop of Horrors- 7.30pm only.

All Quiet On The Western Front (PG) - the tragic tale of young German soldiers fighting in the First World War. 5pm. Gregory's Girl (PG) - John Gordon Sinclair stars as a gawky teenager with a crush on a girl who just happens to be the school team's star footballer .... 7.30pm .


Theatre Royal Mr Men In Toyland - the cartoon

Brickmakers Lee Vasey (lunchtime).

Manhattans Sunday Service - £1 admission with NUS card .

Superskate Family Superskate- 10.30am1pm, £2 . Family Superskate- 2pm-5pm , £2.50. Collesseum (Games) Night7pm-11pm, £3.50.


Colorform, plus Magoo, Mandrax Incident and Train. £2.50 adv.

Beyond the Blues.

See Friday.

Norwich Arts Centre




Painting with Light- 11 am to 1pm. Making Your Own Film - 1Oam to4pm .

Club night.

See Friday.

Opportunity Night- featuring Future Legend.


Cinema City

Fast Trax. 9pm to 2am . £2 before 10.30pm , £3 after.

Norwich Puppet Theatre See Wednesday.



Club night. Entry free before 10.30pm with an NUS card; £3 after.

Drama: See Wednesday.

Superskate Rave Night - £3, 7pm to 11 pm.

Ruby in Paradise (15)- a film charting the coming of age of a young woman . 5.45pm , 8.15pm .

UEA Concert: Rejouissance. Instruments and voices combine in works by Vivaldi and Monteclair, amongst others. £8/£6-£4 cone, 7.30pm.


Go - 9pm to 2am . Students free admission before 11pm .

Furious Fun. 9pm to 2am. £3 before 10.30pm, £5 after.

Cinema City

Horizon. 9pm to Midnight.





Girl of the Week

Nigel Portass Trio. 9pm to midnight.

8os wells Make Your Own Film - children's workshop, running over two days. £15, (ages 7-15) , 10am to 4pm . After Hours- traditional Irish music. 8pm, £6/£4 cone.


King's Head Acme Blues Co.

Hy's Club night.

Ritzy Nth Degree. 9pm to 2am. Students free admission all night.

Peppermint Park All draught 70p/pint. Free adm . with NUS card .

Superskate Cannon Cinema, Prince of Wales Road. Tel 623312 Odeon Cinema, Anglia Square. Tel 0426 932450 Cinema City, St Andrews Street. Tel 622047 Theatre Royal, Theatre Street. Tel 630000 , Norwich Arts Centre, St Benedicts Street. Tel 660352 Maddermarket Theatre, Maddermarket . Tel 620917 Puppet Theatre, St James' Whitefriars. Tel 629921 Brickmakers, Sprowston Road, Tel 426629 Kings Head, Magdalen Street. Tel 627998 Manhattan Nightclub, Dove Street. Tel 629060 The Oval Rock House, Dereham Road. Tel 748244 Peppermint Park, Rose Lane. Tel 764192 1 Ritzy Nightclub, Tombland. Tel 621541 1 UEA, Earlham Road . Tel 505401 I Boswells/Hy's, Tombland. Tel 626099 The Waterfront, King Street. Tel 632717 Superskate, Vulcan Road. Tel 403220

I! I


Norwich Arts Centre Wilde Club featuring The

"Rollermania" (Rock Night) - £2 , 7pm-11 pm.



See Friday.

Live in the Hive: Glam Disco music from the 70s; T Rex to the Bay City Rollers .

Odeon See Friday.

Hy's Cinema City

Club night.

See Monday. Also 2.30pm.

Superskate Theatre Royal Measure for Measure - £3£12.50, 7.30pm .

Disco Night. £2.50, 7pm-11pm.







See Friday.

Band Competition .

See Friday, February 18.


King's Head


See Friday.

Otts and Davie Howe - Jazz} SouVBiues.

See Friday, February 18.

Cinema City See Monday.

Theatre Royal Ritzy

La Fille de L'Air- 5.45pm, 8.15pm. Super Mario Brothers (PG) 2.30pm.

Norwich Arts Centre Manhattan& King Prawn Club.

Theatre Royal

Law plus support - rock.

Measure for Measure - 3pm, 7.30pm . The Snowman - 9am, 11.15pm.


Peppermint Park Norwich Arts Centre

Manhattan& As last Saturday.

Superskate As last Wednesday.

Acid Jazz - Meganight with Mother Earth ... £7/£5 cone, 8pm.



See Friday.

Meteors - psychobilly.



See Friday.

Homeland - rock.

Furious Fun. 9pm to 2am . See Friday.

Superskate As last Saturday.

Norwich Puppet Theatre Pied Piper - a magic flute




La Fille de L'Air (15)- Beatrice Dalle in a true story of a French woman who helps her husband to escape from prison. 2.30pm, 5.45pm, 8.15pm.

Club night.

See Friday, February 18.

See Tuesday. Also The Snowman - Raymond Briggs' magical story. £2.50-£3, 2pm.


Maddermarket Theatre

Cinema City

Theatre Royal

Alan Stuart Octet. 9pm to 12.

As last Wednesday.

UEA Gig: Marillion. £12 adv, 7.30pm.


Complied by Caroline Jenklnson

Jean Genie - David Bowie tribute.


Go. 9pm to 2am. Ruffian On The Stair - the Rough as Guts Theatre Company present Joe Orton's first play. £5/£4 cone, Spm.

Waterfront Club night: Meltdown .

Cinema City Hy's Girl of the Week.

See Tuesday.

causes the children and rats to dance. £4 (£3 concessions and children), 2.30pm.

TUESDAY MARCH 1 Cannon See Friday, February 18.

Odeon See Friday, February 18.

Cinema City See Monday. Also 2.30pm.

Theatre Royal La Traviata- Verdi's opera, telling the love story of Violetta, a gorgeous young courtesan. £3-£30, 7.30pm.

Maddermarket Theatre Oval

See Friday.

Edgar Broughton Band - rock.

Peppermint Park 'Studio 1 Pete' alongside Stereo Mix - promising a unique selection of Studio 1, Treasure Isle and Classic Roots. £3, 10pm2am.

Superskate As last Thursday.

Norwich Arts Centre

Odeon See Friday, February 18.

UEA Brlckmakers Lee Vasey (lunchtime) .

Drama: Purgatory - £5/£3 cone, 7.30pm.



As last Sunday.

Lawnmower Deth

Cinema City Those Glory Glory Days (PG) 5pm. Strictly Ballroom (PG)- 7.30pm .

Maddermarket Theatre



As last Sunday.

Club night.

See Friday.

See Wednesday.




See lastTuesday.

Cannon See Friday, February 18.

Odeon See Friday, February 18.

Cinema City Friends (15)- a film which focuses on the friendship of three women in South Africa. 5.45pm, 8.15pm.

' A man-eating Venus flytrap from outer space . wacky songs , zany costumes , and Su Po ll ard '

Maddermarket Theatre See Friday.

Brlckmakers Opportunity Night - featuring Fretz.



The Pelican Brief opens (see pages 12-13), plus see last Friday.

Club night: Swamp.

Oval Jaimz Gang (ex Tigertailz).

Odeon Brickmakers

Cinema City


La Fille de L'Air - 5.45pm, 8.15pm The Exorcist (18) - an intense horror flick. 11 pm .

Chris Simmons Band. 9pm to Midnight.

11th Hour- 'completely original'.

Ritzy Nth Degree. 9pm to 2am .

Peppermint Park All draught 70p/pint. Free adm. with NUS ca rd .

Hy's Club night.

Theatre Royal

Superskate As last Monday.

See Thursday. Also The Snowman at 10.30am .

As last Friday.

Norwich Arts Centre


Jewish Music - the Burning Bush. £6/£4 cone, 8pm.

Fast Trax. 9pm to 2am.

Maddermarket Theatre

Hy's Club night.

Cool Runnings opens (see page 11), plus see last Friday.

The Way of the World - William Congreve's polished Restoration comedy. £6.50-£2.50, 7.30pm.

Boswells Candlelight and Romance with Jonathan Dodd. 9pm to midnight.


Superskate As last Friday.

Mon 14th- Sat 19th Feb Mats Wed & Sat 2.30pm Eves 7.30pm

Theatre Street, Norwich, NR2 1 RL

BOX OFFICE (0803) 83 00 00









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