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Few but significant details of next year's gigs at UEA have been announced, with the Entertainments Office this week confirming appearances from perennial rockers Marillion, indie-punk band the Manic Street Preachers, and goth band the Mission. The Entertainments Office is in the process of booking further acts, and confirmation of more gigs is expected around the middle of December. Expect also to see Ermentrude the Cow, Brian the Snail, Zebedee and the rest at UEA in the New Year because the Magic Roundabout is stopping off on its UK tour. Their wacky set promises dramatized episodes based on the cult TV show, interspersed with singing: a great night out and a good laugh, say those who are already initiated.

Alison Hi/ton DTired of traipsing into town every time you want to buy a new CD? Musiclink, Britain's first mail order music service claims to have the answer. Offering "music by phone", Musiclink allows you to buy music COs and cassettes "from the comfort of your own armchair". With no membership fee or purchase commitments , COs and cassettes can be ordered over the phone, and although they can only be paid for by credit card Musiclink claim their prices will be similar to those in the main high street stores. They aim to deliver items which are in stock within three days of ordering and wi ll charge nothing for postage and packing . Musiclink admits that for the committed browser there may be no substitute to trawling the racks of a large record store in search of rarities and fresh sounds, but hope that for those such as busy mums, the disabled or nightshift workers the service will prove invaluable. Whether or not Musiclink will replace the record shop remains to be seen. For the busy it may save time, for the lazy it may save energy, but for the impulse buyer it may prove just another way to run up a large bill.

On Christmas Eve this year Norwich will welcome lce-T and Body Count to it's King Street venue 'The Lads Club' as part of their first ever UK tour, as exclusively revealed in issue 3 of The Event, writes Jo Stubbington. The 1400 capacity club doesn't seem like the most likely choice for the rap super-star whose 1993 album 'Home Invasion' sold a million copies and who has also starred in films such as 'New Jack City' and the infamous 'Ricochet'. The group was originally formed after Ice-T and Ernie-C met at school and kept in touch eventually merging in 1989 along Caroline Ad/em with 0-Roc, Mooseman , and

Beatmaster to form Body Count. The controversial 'Body Count' LP was one of 'raw power' spiked by racial injustice and subsequently proved to be a phenomenal success with tracks like 'There goes The Neighbourhood' and 'Mamma's Gotta Die Tonight. ' One track,'Cop Killer,'was actually removed from the album after objections were raised in the light of the Rodney King case, the LA. riots . Body Count will be supported by 'Undermind' and 'Carcass', a British Death metal band . 'Undermind' fronted by vocalist Chris Goom are a local band. They have previously supported 'Senser'and 'Jacobs Mouse' at


Peppermint Park and were intact the last live band to play at The Waterfront before it was closed. The other members of the band, Lean Brooks (Guitar) , Adam Peel (Drums),lan (Keyboards) and Sieve Matthews (Bass) are all local students. They prefer to avoid large scale political issues and concentrate upon personal politics in their songs which are a mixture of rap and metal with a substantial dance element too. Together with Body Count " · Ice-T the group hope to ai large and diverse to include , dp, metal, speed metal ,lndie and film fans. •Tickets are £10 in advance, available from the usual outlets.

Loving Lionel - tor charidee

"We love you Lionel , we do!" echoed around UEA's Square as the BBC's Children In Need extravaganza brought six hours of madness, mayhem and charity fundraising to the university. The Square was host to BBC East's contribution to the national television event. Presented by Norwich panto star Lionel Blair, 'Look East' frontman Stuart White and, of course, the lovable Pudsey Bear, BBC East's regional slots brought the delights of inflatable Sumo wrestling , 'Gladiator' style jousting and remotecontrolled car racing into the front rooms of East Anglia . All for charity, of course. Norwich-based band The Persuaders were on hand to get the crowc; moving in their own funky way - just what was

needed to fend off the cold November night. Other impromptu events included shouting through a megaphone (courtesy of the Socialist Workers Student Society) . At the time , rumours abounded that Lionel Blair himself had put paid to the outburst singlehandedly. The largest banner competition was won by a religious group with their own "Children are in Need of Jesus" appeal , with "No VAT on Fuel" a close second. But the star of the night, according to the crowd, was that man Lionel. He does a lot of good work for Charidee - and gave UEA a night of unrivalled fun.

Report by Keith Whitmore and Katie Lane


The crowds were packed into The Waterfront on Wednesday December 1 when the city venue was relaunched. The opening ceremony was conducted by Union Communications Officer Jacqui Mackay and Harry Watson, Chair of Leisure and Community Services at Norwich County Council with the help of Radio 1 DJ John Peel. Said Jacqui, "We are very proud to open The Waterfront tonight. We hope that the venue will provide good entertainment in a safe and positive atmosphere. lt's a very positive move and is filling a gap in the market. • • We are hoping that everyone in the city can come down and enjoy the live music and club nights that The Waterfront is providing, • she added. Coun Watson added, "lt is very exciting. I would like to thank all iose who have worked so hard. f e look forward to cooperating with the Student Union on this venture; they have got thEt right expertise and experience- we're op•· ·.,tic for the Mu re." The k Ja!!.ed opening was marKed by a Megadog event which featured 'Banco de Gaia', 'Aphex Twin' and 'Eat Static'. The show offered an evening of techno music with Mike Dog as DJ on the Club Dog soundsystem and some spectacular lighting from the Fruit Salad lightshow. After an hour or so of ambient sounds presided over by MC Teabag, Banco de Gaia began an energetic set of impressive keyboard repertoire. Next came Aphex Twin's hardcore-esque Techno set Jpported by a hypnotic

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CJThe back streets of Putney was where The Event's Jo Stubblngton found TV's Llonel Blalr and a host of other celebrHies when she went In search of Norwich Theatre Royal's panto stars last week. Rehearsing Dick Whlttlngton with Llonel were 'Alive and Kicking's' Peter Slmon, plus George Sewell and Sale of The Century host, Nlcholas Parsons. Will they be ready In time for the Panto's opening In less than two weeks? Oh no they won't! •Enough of that.•. turn to page 16 to read our report.

Luvverly bubbly: John Peel and Jacqul Mac/cay celebrate the relaunch of The Waterfront lightshow and finally Eat Static provided the highlight of the evening for many. Waterfront Marketing Assistant, Dominic Russeii-Price, said of the opening night, "lt has been very successful indeed and everyone is very pleased. The Megadog is something different and there are definitely plans for another one ..." The second night which featured Freak Power and Honky was disappointing in comparison, although Dominic was philosophical. He told The Event, "You have to understand that it was only the second night

of the venue and also that the groups are at the moment relatively unknown. However, we do hope to book them again probably when they've made a bit more of a name for themselves." The Club nights on Friday and Saturday were both popular although a blocked drainage system did lead to a few 'teething problems' during the course of Saturday evening. The majority opinion though is that the first days of the city centre's venue have been a success. John Peel told The

Event, "The Megadog is an excellent start. I've been here several times in the past but the problem with the previous management was that they took

too many risks. The Waterfront is a good place for first division bands, there are loads that I would like to see. I am a bit worried about the sound alike bands; Bjorn Again are very one dimensional, once you 've seen them once then that's it, but they do fill the place, it's a question of getting the balance right." And he quipped, "Personally I am fed up with opening and closing the venue so let's hope it stays open!" •Megadog review: page 5. Freak Power review: page 7.

Above: Megadog crowds Extreme left: Pee/y speaks Left: Busy bar

CJOn Friday November 19 Oz Clarke, of TV's Food and Drink Programme visited Norwich's Waterstone's Bookshop for an evening of 'adventurous' wlnetastlng. The evening was to promote the revised and updated edition of the best-selling annual guide to wine and wine prices, Oz Clarke's Wine Guide. The book which celebrates Its first decade claims to be the complete wine buyers handbook and Includes prices and availability of over 15,000 wines as well as detailing the latest developments In the wine producing countries around the world. Oz told The Event,"There Is so much snobbery that goes on In the wine world but this guide Is aimed at everyone, I think that Is very Important" And this Is Indeed the philosophy of the man who was once described as 'The Rock and Roller of the Wine World' and was for some time thought to be something of a 'weirdo' for championing what are now some of the most exciting and popular wines In Britain. The tasting which lasted a couple of hours gave the public a chance to taste a variety of wines all of which were moderately priced. Oz who Is adamant that you should 'Speak out for what you like anti refuse to be browbeaten either on price or quaiHy' reiterated his stand· point when he commented, "There are no rules, If you prefer to drink a Claret with fish then that's what you should do."


U£A to Statmn








8 -



Jazz Festival

Love train

REVIEW - Part 2


•Norwich Arts Centre it's been a long time since live music in Norwich has been as dynamic as it has been with the NAG's NonNich Jazz Festival over the past couple of weeks, and the last few bands of the festival to entertain the full Norwich Arts Centre last week couldn't have had better credentials for creating the completely roaring finale . A band covering Charlie Mingus material can hardly fail to wh ip up some appeal in a jazz festival and though The Mingus Project were a little loose and rough round the edges, they were nevertheless still good fun . The band seemed to be almost a collage thrown together with musicians from other bands in the festival with a significant part of it being borrowed from The Serendipity Orchestra (who played in the previous) and I guess this may account for the fact that they seemed perhaps a little underrehearsed. Mlstura and Rowland Sutherland on the other hand were without a doubt well rehearsed and superb with it. My only quarrel really was that Sutherland's flute was most of the time obscured by the fact that he was nearly always playing synchronous with the trumpet and trombone which was king of a shame since he was billed as, and was - without a doubt- brilliant enough as a player to be, a solo flautist. Perhaps a bit lacking in percussion for a La tin-based band and there wasn 't a strong enough core of rattles , shakes and hitting blocks etc. to quite hit the spot. Trevor Watts and the Moire Drum Orchestra , however, were certainly not lacking in percussion with five traditional African drummers who, in combin ation with mind blowing stuff from the bassist, created the most thunderous rhythms which had more hard drive than a jumbo jet. Their jazz was an original sounding type of Afrofunk but with altosax player Trevor Watts blowing out brilliant free , more western influenced sounds which seemed to explore all of the melodic ranges of his instrument in one bar, they were much more than that. By the second piece they had the audience up on their feet and jiving on the euphoria of some of the happiest and most exhilarating music I've ever heard. Spirits were so good it seemed almost a celebration of life itself and the feeling of elated unity The Moire Drum Orchestra were able to create is the type of experience that seems to make you want to restore faith in humanity - big claims but big sounds! The Moire Drum Orchestra were without a doubt the best thing to happen in Norwich in ages and befitted the purpose of the Jazz Jon Batty festival itself.

If you're in the mood for some 'Boogie Nights' this Thursday then 'Get Down On lt' at The Waterfront where you can get 'Lost In Music' with Lovetrain. Doing the seventies thang as only they can , Lovetrain, a groovin' bunch of seventies disco revivalists , will be strutting their funky stuff as they have a 'Celebration' at the venue dazzling the audience with their stunning set of brightly coloured flares and flashy trashy jewellery. The band have played together for over two years and learned their trade in city clubs, pubs and wine bars before headlining an impressive range of London venues. Versatile musicians in all styles of music, the boys have developed a passion for disco inspired by big sound seventies supergroups. They are now ready to spread the vibe nationwide ... •Tickets are £3.50 adv.

Jo Stubbington

Jools Holland PREVIEW Jools Holland , famed for uttering expletives on British television , hosting various music programmes, sycophantically touring America in search of Blues "greats" for Channel Four and occasionally playing Boogie Woogie piano, is to perform with his "Big Band" at UEA on December 11 . Jools Holland's career was launched with the formation of Squeeze. From the time of the ir first hit, "Cool For Cats", they have been a hugely successful band, regularly touring the US and Britain , playing such prestigious venues as Madison Square Gardens and The Royal Albert Hall. When Holland left Squeeze in 1990, he embarked on a two-tier career, concentrating more on Television performances, whilst continuing to tour with his new band which he formed with exSqueeze drummer Gilson Lavis. In previous shows, the set-lists have been very much blues/ jazz-orientated. In a departure from the packaged "cuteness" of Squeeze, Holland appears to be concentrating on his musical roots. There has been plenty of crowd-pleasing, too, including such reliable classics as "Let the Good Times Roll" and "Shake Rattle 'n Roll", although these too are convenient vehicles for Holland to demonstrate his considerable keyboard playing prowess. Jools Holland's Big Band has been receiving rave reviews around the country, with most of the praise being reserved for the man himself. Despite the undoubted quality of the musicians that Holland has surrounded himself with, it is the effervescent keyboard player that will draw the crowds and hopefully provide the spark for a fine

This Christmas at The Oval PREVIEW There's the usual varied mix of music on at the Oval during December and January. Punk fans should find themselves well catered for over the Christmas period, with at least three nights exclusively dedicated to that type of music. The first of these is Wednesday December 8, when Big Boy Tomato take to the stage, along with Short 'n' Curlles. They are then followed by UK Subs and PMT on Thursday December 16. PMT come back to the Oval on Thursday December 23 for the Punk Special night. Joining them will be English Dogs, The Hairy Kids, Bralndance and various others. The India Special takes place on Tuesday December 21, when Goober Patrol, Waddle, Compact Pussycat and Magoo should be playing . If you can't wait that long for some indie music, then

your best bet is to go to the India Night on Tuesday December 14, when Breed, Spine Wrench, Cherry 4 Ever and NFL will be there to entertain you . it's unlikely that the Doors or the Rolling Stones will ever play the Oval (especially the Doors). However, if you don't mind settling for the next best thing - ie a tribute band - then you probably won't mind too much . Riders on The Storm, an American Doors tribute band, will be there on Saturday December 11, and the Counterfeit Stones on Sunday January 9. If your taste veers more towards rhythm and blues, the Brothers Grim m might well be worth a look. Having played to audiences of more than 20,000 at major events such as the Cork Jazz Festival and the Great British Blues Festival, they have gained a reputation for having an energetic and entertaining stage act. Their visit to the Oval is just part of their current British and European Tour. So whatever your taste in music, you'll probably fi nd something worth hearing at the Oval in the next couple of months.

Carol/ne Jenklnson


Megadog: Aphex Twin + Eat Static + Banco de Gala REVIEW •The Waterfront! Weds, Dec 1

Here's one band that won't have you sitting down...


+ Radlohead

PREVIEW Already sold out, even at £11 advance, Radlohead and James can look forward to an enthusiastic reception at UEA on December 12. P wad have enjoyed a recent surge of success with the rer, J8 of their sublime single "Creep" which made the top ten the second time around. Their recent album "Pablo Honey" has also gone gold In the US; largely because of the success of "Creep" among MTV's Insomniac audience. Unlike a lot of the revivalists In the current British India scene, such as Blur and Suede, Radloheed maintain a sound structured from the great 80s guitar bands such as the Pixies and early U2. Fuelled by the onstage energy and blonde charisma of Thom E Yorke, Radlohead look set to become as successful as their headlining band, but In rather less tune. James began In 1983 and wera raspected peers of The Smiths among others. Though they received critical acclaim, lt wasn't until a rerelease of "Sit Down" that they began to gain radio airtime and Increased their audience • "Sit Down" went to No. 2 In the chart. A series of emotive, captlvlitlng songs from "Gold Mother'', their 1990 album ensured their stature amongst the British public, as well as a rather attractive T-shlrt design. Their album, "Laid" was produced by Brlan Eno, who recently r meet wonders for U2 with the Zooropa concept and p. _ ~.K:tlon. Sceptical comparisons have been made of late comparing James to typical "Stadium Rock" band pomposity because they combine sincerity with a large audience - an unlikely combination. As If to expel this James did a succession of acoustic dates last year Including sets with the Incredibly credible Nell Young. 1t should be Interesting to watch their professionalism against Radlohead's vitality and relative Inexperience.

Mary Bamecutt

The Waterfront was beamed to Planet Dog for the reopening night of this popular city music venue. The choice of a Megadog • essentially a collective of ambi· ent techno bands; DJ's, lightshow and sound system • to celebrate the Waterfront's re· opening, was an inspired move. Those entering the venue after the doors opened would have found the venue transformed • drapes, lights, projectors and the Club Dog soundsystem had created a different space inside the converted brewery. After an hour or so of ambient sounds presided over by MC Teabag (honest!) impressario Banco de Gala took to the stage to commence an hour's set. Banco's performance was energetic, frequently playing two keyboards at once, welded together by tight basslines and drum patterns. This encompassed ambient or more heavily danced based techno and his response from the enthusiastic crowd, who packed the dance floor, was more than welcoming. This rising star of techno was in an orbit of his own and definitely one to watch for the future. Next up after an interval provided by DJ Mike Dog was the much awaited Aphex 1\vln, whom Club Dog supremo Bob Dog regards as the Mozart of techno. However, the Twin played a set of hardcoresque techno, which was probably unexpected by the 600 or so crowd. Nevertheless, his dexterity and live energy - complemented by a hypnotic lightshow • ensured that the vibe sustained itself. After another interval and the prompting of MC Teabag, the crowd erupted to the entrance of Eat Static - which, although Aphex Twin seemed to have been billed as the headline band • provided the highlight of the evening. The two Ozrics, Merv and Joey, played a set that covered the whole range of techno, from

some fast and solid dance tracks to the more ambient style that they are most associated with . At this point, the crowdwho had been treated to surely one of the best techno excur· sions in East Anglia • were truly tranced up buzzing to the Static's set, a great end to a great evening. This is the sort of event that is needed more often in Norwich and where better than The N/a/1 Hampton Waterfront?

Jo Verret - lrvin Verret

The York Tavern XMAS MENU NOW BEING SERVED Saturday 11th December Sunday 12th December Sunday 19th December

- Dave•s Rave - Sweaty Liecester - The Lost City Ramblers

We are toasting marshmellows on our log fire Telephone 0603 620918

r 6





Noisebox lndle

The Stranglers REVIEW


t1UEA 's LCR, Weds Dec 1

lndie music at the Oval over the Christmas period starts on December 14 with a Grunge Night. This will feature Breed, a band signed to Wllja/ Clawfist Records, Spinewrench, NFL and Cherry 4 Ever, from Nottingham. Tickets should be £2. December 21 sees the lndie Special Xmas Party. Playing on this night are the hardcore Goober Patrol, Waddle, Compact Pussycat and Magoo. Waddle are a Norwich based thrash band, whilst Magoo, who are heavily Influenced by the late lamented Joy Division hail from King's Lynn. Compact Pussycat are a female four piece, who play a kind of freeform punk-goth crossover type of music. Again, tickets should be £2. Taking Noisebox Into the New Year will be the Skal Mod evening on January 11, with the Steptones, The Buzz and Skunk. One of Manchester's finest, The Sandmen, play the Oval on January 18. Apparently Mark E Sm~o.. of The Fall is a huge fan, and The Sandman's music has been described as a kind of psychedelic Fall. Their support has yet to be confirmed.

On Dec. 3rd 1976, the Anarchy Tour featuring the Sex Pistols, the Clash, the Damned and Funny Thunders was due to kick off at UEA. lt didn't ; the Vice Chancellor cancelled and the outraged students staged a sit in. Seventeen years later, the Damned returned and the fact that the receding hairlines (my own included) outnumbered the mohicans spoke volumes about their appeal. The thrill of anticipation was ...•• absent; the crowd bellowing like guests at a wedding as was reflected in their reception of freaks of Desire : a competent if uninspiring band looking like a cross between The Buzzcocks and Slaughter and the Dogs they enticed a love dancer onto the floor and received polite ripples of applause after each instantly unforgettable song. The dance floor filled, the lights went down and there they were! Moose, huge and shaggy, Alan Lee Shore unassuming, Kris Dollimole pink-skirted, Rat Scabies, hidden by his drumkit and Dave Valliau Malleu streaked hair slicked back, long black leather coat and a bizarre pair of shades. "Noise is for heroes" Valliau sang in "Noise, Noise" and they made a very professional one, songs old and new hammered out with great expertise. Visually, they were right, Valliaus's dark brooding 'cool' flanked by the manic movement of Moose and Dollimore. The first song "Testify" was new to me and presumable to the majority of the audience who erupted into action when the opening chords of "Love Song" followed. And this was the pattern for the night with "New Rose" receiving the loudest roar. Last night's experience was similar to meeting an old friend after a long absence, joy at the reaquaintance tempered by a realisation that common ground lies 15 plus years ago. After the gig, Valliau told me that "Punk was fast music for a fast-food age." This notion of disposability and this gig did not dispel the affection I still feel towards the Damned· but I'll not be seeing them again. Bob Scott


The Stranglers PREVIEW The most successful New Wave band to come out of the Seventies, The Stranglers, will be paying the UEA a visit on December 8. . This will be one of thirteen British dates on their " V" Tour, which follows the band's senes of European summer festival shows and their recent six week sell out tour of Canada and the USA. The tour is on the eve of their 20th anniversary, which will be celebrated throughout 1994 when their first new album in three years will be released. Three original band members remain -Jean Jacques Burnel (bass), Jet Black (drums) and Dave Greenfield (keyboards). They have been joined by John Ellis (guitars) and Paul Roberts, who replaces Hugh Cornwell on vocals. Roberts was a fan of the group before he joined, and was a regular at the front row of their concerts. . Their track record in the charts is considerable. Their "Greatest Hits" album, released m 1990, spent 56 weeks in the British Album Chart and sold in excess of one million units in Europe. They've also had 31 British hit singles, including "All Day and All of the Night", "Golden Brown" and "Always The Sun". Caroline Jenkinson

Big Boy Tomato £3 £ 1.50 Plus Short & Curlies £2 £ 1 Fun Palace Phil Hilbourne Band £ 3 £ 1.50 Plus Frantic £5 £3 Riders on the Storm Demented Are Go £4 £2 lndie Night: Cherry 4 Ever, Breed, Spine Wrench & NFL £2.50 £ 2.50 UK Subs plus PMT £4 £2 Brothers Grimm £5 £3 Living Spirit £ 3 £ 1.50

Phone 748244 for details


The Pogues




Performing at UEA's LCR on December 15th as part of their nationwide tour are the infamous and now greying Pogues . The Irish seven-piece are touring their passionate Irish Folk music following the release of the band's first new album in three years . Called "Waiting For Herb", it is their first album since the departure of principal songwriter and drunkard par excellence Shane MacGowan, and his replacement by founder member and tin whistle expert Spider Stacy . The band's original blend of punk rock and Irish traditional music has gained them a dedicated following . Critical acclaim was gained with the release of their debut album "Red Roses for Me", but the exalted peak of their career so far, in the view of many, is 1985's "Rum, Sodomy and the Lash" . Perhaps best known for their 1989 hit with Kirsty McColl, 'a Fairytale in New York', the band have enjoyed many chart successes, including their recent top 40 single, 'Tuesday Morning'. Despite the absence of Shane MacGowan's beery howl, the quality remains changeless and with eight albums and two Greatest Hits collections to their credit, The Pogues should have I"" 'lroblem finding material to tain an expected full house

Eighties hitmakers, Squeeze, w ill be descending upon Norwich for a gig at UEA on December 17. The Deplford based band are best known for a string of early Eighties hit singles, such as "Cool For Cats" and "Labelled With Love". The band notched its first hit, "Take Me I'm Yours", in 1978. From then on the band steadily gained momentum , reaching an early peak w ith the excellent "East Side Story" album. They

8 -




split up at the height of their powers in 1982, but regrouped in 1985. Since then they've done much to reclaim their status as popsters par excellence in the very best English tradition, albeit without the assistance of hit singles. Their latest album, "Some Fantastic Place", is another welcome addition to the Squeeze catalogue. it offers up a feast of melodic delights, proving that the three-minute pop song can still be a vibrant mode of expression. it's got the critics excited and even holds Elton John's seal of approval.

Michael Jolly

a • ..JEA . I

Carol/ne Ad/em and Richard Jones

! I

The Wilde Club



PREVIEW There's a great line-up at the Norwich Arts Centre this Christmas, as The Wilde Club book yet another satisfying month of music. Up on December 13 are Jacob's Mouse, the Bury SI Edmunds three-piece who are probably still riding high on their success at this summer's Phoenix Festival. Support comes from Stare, Skink and Choklut Orinj. lickets are £3.50adv or £4 on the

door. Get out your streamers and party to~·- for the Wilde Club Christmas on December 20 (they're PI aclising for their 1Oth Birthday celebrations in January). For a mere £2adv you can do all those things you wish you'd never done at a Christmas do, and enjoy the sounds of five bands at the same time. They are: Steerpike (recently featured on the Backwater One EP), My Giddy Aunt, Rachel Papers, Flyover and Joytand. If you can get over that one and look into January 1994, then make sure you get your ticket for the 'gig of the year' candidate: Cornershop, at the Wilde Club on January 17. Support comes from Lovejunk and Tokyo Sex Whale. TICkets are £3.50 advance or £4 on the night.

Freak Power +Hooky

REVIEW •The Waterfront, Dec 2 On only its second day of reopening The Waterfront took on two very different and relatively unknown bands, Freakpower and Honky. First up was Honky, an all-male group of 7, plying hip-hop with



PREVIEW With Verve, it's always been about aspiration. Never ones to set themselves shabbily realistic goals, they've always gone sfter the big unattaiable ones - and it's that attitude that sets Richard Ashcroft and co. high on a vertiginous perch from which they can either tumble or soar. Their debut album, 'A Storm In Heaven' was well-received upon its release last June, following three EPs which saw Verve emerge from the blackout blanket of Wigan-bom obscurity into the harsh and dispassionate glare of the world of first-single-front-covers . As far as the background stuff goes, Verve formed out of school in 1991 . Simon (bass), Peter (drums) and Richard all went to the same local comprehensive, meeting Nick (guitar) at sixth form college. The first single came early in 1992 - but Verve had already been dubbed "immortal" by NME in their first ever live review. Success inevitably followed. Since then , the band have toured with the likes of Aide and Spiritualized (one of the few bands they have any time for) . But now they're on their own, taking on The Waterfront on December 15. Expect lots of tracks from 'A Storm In Heaven' plus numbers like 'Blue' and 'The Sun The Sea'. Support comes from Acetone. TICkets are £5 advance from the usual outlets. A lucky Event reader has the chance to see the Verve gig with a friend for absolutely nothing! For we've got together with The Waterfront to give away a pair of tickets along with a Verve CD, to a winner, plus 4 CD's for runners up. So to be in with a chance of winning, simply tells us the name of Spiritualized's lead singer. Could it be: a.Jason Pierce? b.David Jason? c.Jil/y Cooper? Answers on Santa's beard to the address on page 25.

a commercial edge.hlp-hop with a commercial edge. This was Honky's first gig, and although disappointed at the turnout, they were nonetheless content with the venue itself. With a slot on Radio 1FM this week, an album In the works, and their next single "The Whistler" due out in February, "Honky" Is surely a name to look out for. Thus was the atmosphere set

for Freakpower, the five membered funk-machine led by the charismatic, and indeed 'beautiful' Ashley Slater on the vocals, who In turn captivated the by-now receptive audience into, well, being a lot more receptive. Sure enough, life was Inspired, the grooving ensued, as Slater confidently showed The Waterfront how it should be done. nmWslker

Rl:Sl AtrR ,\NT & FREE IIOliSE





p BAILEYS RESTAURANT THE NORFOLK and & FREEHOUSE.• TAVERN Exchange Street, Norwich Drayton Village Centre Tel: 616515 Norwich 867370 Open:8am - late Open: I Iam - late Both open seven days a w-eek




0 [L

Above: Most of the family, plus Right: baby Pubert

Addams Family Values PREVIEW


pH 1

'[1\l~lllJ~ D

FREE Admission and Pub prices Service will commence at 7 pm and cease at ll pm


top deck room is available FREE (subject to conditions)

- phone for details

Fri and Sat: FREE admission before 10.30pm with NUS cards, after 10.30 拢3 all night

Members night club andguests The management reserve the rigllt to refuse admission at all times

15, Dove Street, Norwich (near Tesco's/Market). Tel. 629060

Barry Sonnenfield's successful film adaptation of the 1960's TV show, 'The Addams Family' grossed $150 million on its release in 1991. The sequel, 'Addams Family Values' should prove to be no less successful. lt is ironic that America's most creepy and bizarre gathering should be held up as a model of the nuclear family, but that is Director Barry Sonnenfield's view. He claims that the Addamses are "the ultimate functional family. The parents love the children. The mother and father love each other. They don't change their values based on a whim . They're a perfect family." The sequel sees the introduction of several new characters to the family. Gomez and Morticia are thrilled by the arrival of baby Pubert who sports an extremely attractive moustache. Uncle Fester- never famed for his amorous nature - has fallen for another new arrival, Debbie Jellinsky. The latter is employed as the new nanny with her own ideas about Faster's future, none of which involve his longevity. Wednesday Addams also finds love with Joel Glicker, a boy she meets at Camp Chippewa. The flaw in the 'Addams Family' was that the presentation of the concept glossed over the film's weak plot. 'Addams Family Values' uses the new characters to inject a sense of direction into the film. Debbie Jellinsky

(played by Joan Cusack who recently eo-starred with Dustin Hoffman in 'Hero') is central to this aim. The Addams family see Debbie as slightly mad because she embraces traditional American values such as upward mobility and consumerism . From the moment that Debbie moves 1n With the Addamses, Wednesday is immediately aware of her intentions and soon observes Debbie going through the family's financial affairs Debbie is determined to tear the Addams family apart to get what she wants but does not count on their cohesiveness. Inevitably, the more Debbie tries to destroy the family the more she discovers they are not at all that she expects. Thus, the Addams family's innate weirdness is their main defence against the infiltration of modern values as espoused by Debbie. Essentially this film is a portrayal of the standard struggle between good and evil except that Director Sonnenfeld strives to question the standard conceptions by reversing their popular perception. Thus, the presentation of Debbie as a homely, pastel shaded suburbanite is incongruous with her penchant

for murdering her husbands. In addition Camp Chippewa may be portrayed as the perfect, rustic get-away for the offspring of class conscious yuppies, but as far as inmates Wednesday and Pugsley Addams are concerned, the camp is Hell on earth . When Uncle Fester wntes to Wednesday and Pugsley at Camp Chippewa telling them that he can never see them again, the children know something is wrong back home . Predictably their attempts to escape the camp to rescue Fester are thwarted by the actions of the other campers. The concept of 'Family Values' has been hijacked by the political right in recent times and despite its title this film does not claim to be a satire of this occasional hypocrisy. However the contrast of the morality of family values with the weirdness of the Addams family works well as entertainment and is strengthened in the sequel by a decent storyline which the original lacked.

STATESIDE Georgina King is on holiday路 her exclusive Stateside column from 1he USA returns in 1he next edition of The Event -outJanuary19, 1994.

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ClAfter Kevin Costner's Robin Hood comes Mel Brooks' version - a spoof set in 'Rottingham', where the men wear tights. Caroline Jenkinson previews the film.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights PREVIEW


You'd think that the last thing any filmmaker would want to do was go over the legend of Robin Hood again: if it Isn't Errol Flynn swashbuckling his way through Sherwood Forest, it's Kevin Costner looking mean 'n' moody, as Bryan Adams wails in the background. Mel Brooks, however, has seen fit to release his own version of the story in 'Robin Hood: Men In Tights'. lt tells the usual heroic tale time when men were , and, er... they wore tights. Aided by his Merry Men, the dashing Robin of Loxley must wrest power from the evil Prince John and the despicable Sheriff of Rottingham (no, that isn't a typing error) and win the heart of the fair Maid Marian, as well as the key to her Ever-last chastity belt. As you've probably guessed, this film, like most of Mel Brooks' other productions, Is a comedy spoof. lt was 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves' which helped to bring it about, as Brooks r·· -eains: "I always wanted J a Robin Hood movie. "Tne recent version starring Kevin Costner made it all possible, and I'm very grateful. "His big hit picture reawakened the legend all over the world, so the time was right for a grand spoof." Anyone who has seen Costner's film will recognise certain characters being 'taken-off' by Brooks. The Loxley family's faithful blind servant, for example, is here as a man called Bllnkin, whilst chart-topping musician lsaac Hayes takes the role of the Moorish potentate, called Asneeze in this version. Other characters have been altered slightly: Will Scarlett becomes Will Scarlet O'Hara, and Brooks himself plays Friar Tuck, who appears to have switched to the Jewish faith to become Rabbi Tuckman. Although Brooks plays around with the various characters, he doesn't mess too much with most of the elements of the orlgl-

Above: "So who stole the rest of my beard?!" Right: That's Tracey Ullman, that is! nal story. He just spices them up a bit with some slapstick and general craziness. Prince John gets a jacuzzi installed in his palace; Loxley Hall ends up being towed away, and the Sheriff gets to ride his horse upsidedown. But Brooks insists that in playing around with the tale, he isn't trying to ridicule it. "We're not trashing the legend," he points out. "We're having fun with it, not making fun of it. The heroism and romance survive unpunc-tured." To make sure that the heroism and romance were maintained, Brooks needed someone who could be "a hero, a lover, and, occasionally, an upper class twit." His Ideal man came in the form of Cary Elwes, who has already played In one

• ~,z,~ •


tr400 7092 r----------------,

spoof film; the 'Top Gun' take-off, 'Hot Shots!' Elwes enjoyed the constant switching from hero to clown during filming. "In a Mel Brooks movie, you never know what to expect next," he says, "and that goes for the cast as well as the audience." So If you're looking for something unexpected on your local cinema screen,

you'll probably want to check out those men in tights. I leave the last (song) words to them: "We're men - we're men in tights We roam around the forest looking for fights ... "We're men (manly men!) men in tights (tight tights!) •The film is released on December 17 at the Odeon cinema in Norwich.


OFF: 'til end ol I

I Dece~nber I 1 on any order of 2 pizzas 1



or more with this coupon Take· Away and Delivery seven days a week 12 noon to 11.30pm

---------------Not applicable with any other offer or promotion


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Seattle detectives Bill Reimers (Emilio Estevez) and Chris Lecce (Richard Dreyfuss) are back for another stakeout- the woman and dog are optional extras...


Another Slakeout PREVIEW Six years after the fun-loving Seattle detectives Chris Lecce and Bill Reimers first got together in the film "Stakeout", they're back to carry out, not

surprisingly, "Another Stakeout". Emilio Estevez and Richard Dreyfuss play Bill and Chris, who th is time are grudgingly assigned to stakeout a house in


~t ~IGGt~l

0~ Jt~ NOR\MCH ~ tVm ~ttN! tvtRYTHING RtDlJCcD!

r lo~r

goat. lgne norvvich

ments to slot perfectly into place. Finding the right story took four years for a start , as writer/producer Jim Kouf explains. "it wasn 't until December 1991," he says, "that I had a story I co uld get excited about." Kouf also felt that he could not make a sequel unless he had the two original stars available to resume the roles of Bill and Chris. The chem istry which had existed between Estevez and Dreyfuss in the first movie had been so important to making it an enormous success that it would have been difficult to make "Another Stakeout" without them. Fortunately for Kouf, within two weeks of sending Dreyfuss and Estevez draft copies of the new script, both of them made firm commitments to star in the new film . Dreyfuss had no qualms about coming back to the part of Chris: "I read the scripts and didn't hesitate for a moment to take r-'!'1'"-------~----....., th is rol e," he says. "it was funny and exciting". Estevez wasn't hesitant either: "There was no risk," he explains. "This was an opportunity to make a sequel with material th at was stronger than the original film. I jumped at it. " • "Another Stakeouf' will be showing at th e Odeon from December 31. a small , up-scale community. The house belongs to Brian and Pam O'Hara, who are best frie nds with Lu Delano, a missing key witness in a mob trial. With the help of Ass istant District Attorney Gina Garret! and her unpredictable Rottweiler, their cove r relies on passing themselves off as an average American family on holiday; Chris plays "Dad", Gina is "Mom" and Bill tries to act like their grown son. Unfortunately, this "fam ily" spends more of its time getting on each other's nerves than watching for the appearance of Lu Delano. Can they actually learn to get along? And if they do, will it give them a chance to solve the case? it remains to be seen .... The original "Stakeout" (like its sequel , a comedy/drama) was a massive hit on its rel ease in 1987. This meant that a sequel was definitely on th e cards. However, it took a long time for all the ele-

Caroline Jenkinson

The latest action thriller from Glint Eastwood, in which he directs and stars, marks his first collaboration with none other than his actor/director contemporary, Kevin Costner. Set in 1963, two weeks before the fateful Kennedy visit to Texas (yet another film to tie in with the thirty year anniversary of the President's death) it tells the story of Butch Haynes, a hardened crim inal whose rap sheet extends to his childhood. Serving 40 years for armed robbery, he has escaped, taking a seven year old boy hostage in the process of stealing his getaway car. Haynes is being pursued by Texas Ranger Red Garnett, an experienced officer who just happened to be the arresting officer when Haynes was first sent to prison as a juvenile. At the time Garnett had recommended a harsh sentence for an otherwise minor offence , thinking Haynes would have a better chance of sorting his life out with the state, than if he stayed with his dyt functional family. The decision however, proved to be mistake .... The major twist and selling point of the movie (besides the two stars) is that the kidnapped boy, Phillip Perry has been raised a strict Jehovah's witness and as such has not been allowed to participate in social activities. He sees his kidnap, not so much as a disaster - more a blessing - and sees Haynes as the father figure he never had. Because of his own experiences as a child , Haynes tries to give Phillip a real childhood, whilst on the run from every law enforcement agency in Texas. In this way the film is basically a road movie, charting the developing relationships between the three central protagonists. Either Costner or Eastwood could have played Haynes with the other picking up Garnett, but maybe because if his directorial role , Eastwood decided to let Costner have the plum role of the convict on the run. Haynes is somewhat of a departure for Costner, as he usually plays the straight laced law-enforcement officer (Eliot Ness, Jim Garrison, or Frank Farmer for instance). However, his role is not that brave, as he plays Butch as a tragically misunderstood, rather than evil, cha racter. Eastwood proves , like Sean Cannery, that he too can grow old gracefully, playing Garnett much like he did the secret service agent in 'In The Line of Fire' - a man still good at his job, but well past his pri me. As the film is set in the early 'sixties, Laura Dern shows up as a token representation of the women's movement, playing (stereotypically} a (blonde} psychologist, interfering with the 'he's bad, I'm good', philosophy, and causing untold hassles for Eastwood. All in all 'A Perfect World' is very good film , in the tense thriller mould. Eastwood again shows why he deserved the Academy Award, and Costner makes sure the action is never predictable. If you're even a slight fan of either- it is a must see.

Darren Fisher




Malice PREVIEW - JANUARY RELEASE Talented film director, Harold Becker, renowned for realism, has added to his list of suspense thrillers by directing and producing Malice, which is released on January 7, 1994. The film, principally starring Alec Baldwin, Nicole Kidman, and Bill Pullman, mixes intrigue, decep-

lion and betrayal in a chilling cocktail which exposes the darker side of human nature. Newlyweds, Andy and Tracy Safian (Pulman and Kidman) are innocently restoring a Victorian House in Massachusetts (the film's location) when , lo and behold, Dr Jed Hill (Aiec Bald-

Carlitos Way PREVIEW - JANUARY RELEASE A new film by Brian De Palma, of 'Dressed to Kill', 'Scarface' and 'The Untouchables' fame, is due to be released next month. The film 'Carlito's Way' will be a return for De Palma to the world of street crimes and power struggles which he portrayed so strongly in the earlier 'Scarface'. The film will again use the talents of Pacino (Academy Award winner last year for his fOie in 'Scent of a Woman') and Sean Penn, also previously cast by De Palma in his questionable Vietnam drama 'Casualties of War'. With the box- office pull of two such respected actors the film is bound to draw the attention of critics and audiences alike in the new year. 'Carlito's Way' is the story of Carlito Brigante (Pacino) who, having been released from prison after five years, has decided to give up his former life of crime and wants only to escape from the streets and create a new life for himself and long term girlfriend Gail (Penelope Ann Miller). But things are not quite so simple! The streets of Spanish harlem have changed since Carlito has been inside and he has become a mythical figure to the violent younger 1eration who followed him; their reasoning being that if they _....n kill Carlito they too may become a legend. As De Palma explains, "The situation he faces is very much like one of those gunslinger myths where the guy wants to hang up his gun, but all these kids are talking about what a legend he was. If one of them can kill him, he'll be a legend too." In the meantime Carlito is preoccupied by finding enough money to take him and Gail away from this life to the haven Paradise Island, in the Bahamas, and to set himself up with a legitimate business once he is there. lt is at this point that David Kleinfeld (Penn), Carlito's power hungry lawyer appears with the perfect proposition as a return of debt of honour Carlito owes from the past. Unfortunately Kleinfeld's proposition is not strictly legal. .. The conflict of the film then lies in Carlito's choice between loyalty to Kleinfeld and his dream of escape and a new life with Gail. The film is based on a novel by Edwin Torres, the New York State Supreme Justice, who draws both on the experience of his own youth on the streets of East Harlem and his subsequent career in the criminal justice system. lt is in the conflict between Carlito and Kleinfield that these two worlds are merged. Despite this obvious area of interest De Palma stresses that "this · <t very moving, very romantic film" dealing not merely with Jstions of corruption and power, but about personal morality and emotion. If De Palma can produce this conflict with the same stark, often violent, realism with which he depicted Tony Montana in 'Scarface' the result will be interesting to watch; if not the film is in danger of falling into the schmaltz of Hollywood sentimentality. We can only wait and hope. • Carlitos Way is released on January 7 at the Cannon.

Polly Hayes

win) gets transferred to their local hospital, where Tracy happens to work as a volunteer in the children's ward. A vicious attack upon one of Andy's students (Andy is a college dean) cements some form of relationship between Andy, Tracy and Dr Hill, paving the way for a quirky movie with sinister overtones. Director/Producer, Becker, well known for such acclaimed works as Sea of Love (starring AI Pacino and Ellen Barkin, and The Orion Field, with James Wood and Ted Danson) modestly describes his new venture as a "uniquely original thriller", with the additional claim that "this story is a fresh addition to the genre,". An impressive cast certainly augments the seasoned director's abilities, including some of America's most venerated actors and actresses. Alec Baldwin's role as a charismatic trauma surgeon is only his most recent in a long line of diverse parts. Having recently received a 'Tony' Award Nomination as best actor for his performance in 'A Streetcar Named Desire', he has also adopted the guise of CIA analyst Jack Ryan in 'The Hunt For Red October', and achieved acclaim for his role as Mia Farrow's phantom lover in Woody Alien's 'Aiice'. Nicole Kidman adds her pouting countenance to the film and, has had the experience of the popular 1989 thriller 'Dead Calm' to add to Malice's malevolent themes. Bill Pulman, as Andy, also takes a central role - his second recent part as a husband - having been allied to Geena Davis in 'A League of Their Own'. The highly experienced actress Ann Bancroft is cast as Ms Kennsinger, and complemented by one of America's most distinguished actors, George C Scott as Dr Kenler. The flick also boasts an impressive collection of filmmakers , which includes Rachel Pfeffer, the Executive Producer of 'A Few Good Men' and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, who won the Golden Globe for that film . lt would seem that moviegoers are set for an unpredictable film with some originality

Above: Nicole 'cruises' through Malice Right: Can A/ec (Bald)win in this film? and plenty of talent. The cast alone should ensure good takings, and Becker is obviously certain that the film will achieve critical acclaim when he calls his script "a really good read",

crdsuns ~tattvtbll.slra!estalrdti'tJ n~~}O.Jb"IVN~~. cr


•Malice opens at the Odeon cinema on January 7.

Preview by Aaron Spicer






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8 - JANUAR Y 18

Also showing ... Bob Scottsits back and views the remaining films on Norwich's silver screens

Much Ado About Nothing

Christmas at Cinema City PREVIEW In December's run of films at Cinema City there is a real Christmas feast in store for the senses. With a mixture of the classics, from the controversial down to comic capers there is something to entertain everyone. Religion , blasphemy and ritualistic violence combine to produce Peter Greenaway's historical film, "The Baby of Macon", showing from December 6-15. Depicting the exploitation of children in religion through the ages, the film centres on the virgin birth, set in a small 17th Century Italian town.

The Commitments



Descnbed as a "sumptuouslooking" film, but also one of cruelty and violence , this film is guaranteed to shock, intngue and offend. Staying with an Italian feel is "Meditteraneo" - winner of the Best Foreign Film Oscar in 1992, showing December 12. A sentimental film to calm the senses after "Macon", it tells the tale of a likeable group of Italian soldiers stranded on an island duringWWII. Centred around the more amorous escapades of a group of soldiers is the excellent adaptalton of Shakespeare's "Much

Ado About Nothing", December 12-19. With brilliant perform ances from a star-filled cast this film has everything -intrigue, romance and adventure, for a highly cultural and entertaining night out. Appealing to a younger audience, the mischievous comic character "Dennis", is let loose on the Cinema City screens from December 20. The hilarious antics of Dennis, at the expense of his long-suffering neighbour (Waiter Matthau) are allowed to run wild in this fun children's film until December 24 - matinees only. At the same time, a repressed London Jewish boy is searching to discover his real father in the surprise hit film of the year, "Leon The Pig Farmer", December 20-24. Robocop (December 10) and Home Alone 2 (December 11) also provide popular entertainment. Meanwhile , showings of "Hue and Cry" (December 18) and "it's a Wonderful Life", bring some good old 1940s movie magic to the screens of Cinema City. In the new year, children will be able to delight in the magical enchantment of the classic adaptation of "The Secret Garden" while bringing a bit of true honest Irish soul to the screen is "The Snapper", a film centred around the lives of a Dublin family (December 27 to January 1) adapted from a novel by Roddy Doyle. In a similar vein , there will be a showing of that excellent film "The Commitments" on December 17 - guaranteed to fill you with Christmas spirit (and a little bit of soul).

The Man Without A Face At the Cannon , Harrison Ford is grim, chased and innocent in The Fugitive (12) . Despite a ludicrous beard, he turns in his usual first-rate performance, but the show is stolen by Tom my Lee Jones and his wise-cracking and politically correct gang of deputies. Not a particularly demanding plot, but some good set pieces. ••• I have received much criticism for my remarks made in this column about The Secret Garden (U). Apparently this adaptation of the old chestnut is 'wonderful', 'enchanting', etc. Sorry, missed all that - all those precocious brats got in the way. • Kevin Kline and Siguorney Weaver star in Dave (12) an amusing film in which a goodhearted stand-in does a better job of running the USA than the nasty, adulterous President. Films like th is always make me wonder why the wife doesn't notice the difference. They should- shouldn't they? •• After several failures and some international success, Stallone has made a genuinely funny film in Demolition Man (15). He and Wesley Snipes are cryogenically frozen in 1996 and reawaken in a 21st century where political correctness has been taken to the nth degree. Stallone's cop

chases Snipes' psycho creating mayhem a la Tom and Jerry. I think I've discovered a trend! In Hard Target (18), Van Damme plays Van Dammewith a ludicrous haircut Mind you , it's not as ludicrous as the plot which involves Vietnam vets being the live prey for wealthy businessmen. Much violence but none of the humour of Demolition Man. Finally, at the Cannon Jurassic Park (PG) - for anyone who's just been awoken from cryogenic suspension - it's about dinosaurs. ••• Top of the bill at the Odeon is Aladdin (U) which proves that Disney should stick to animation rather than fun -parks in the suburbs of Paris. In-

spired casting of Robin Williams as the voice of the genie, the only drawback to watching this is that you have to share th e auditorium with hundreds of. '•'" children. ••· Mel Gibson makes his directorial debut with The Man Without A Face (12). In it, he attempts to move away from his beefcake image by having a scarred face and by being a suspected paedophile. it is essentially a rites of passage film in which families and family relationships are held up to criticism. ** Good fun can be had in watching Posse (15) in watching which Western director, Mario Van Peebles has borrowed from next. Its use of so many cliches allows me to use one ; a triumph of style over substance. • Lastly, So I Married An Axe Murderer (12) stars Mike Myers (pictured) as a Scottish American poet sure he's romancing an Axe murderer. Audience reception was so bad to the preview showings, it was sent back for reshoots. The result is often hilarious, often dire, and always mixed up. Try it if you want to see something where even the director didn't know what was going

on .... "'*


he new UEA Drama Studio has been running since the beginning of Octo ber and has already housed an exciting range of innovative performances includ· ing a season of Polish Theatre, two Indian based dance performances (including a particularly memorable show by a touring Kathakali dance troupe), and productions of "Metamorphosis", "The Alchemisr, "Blood Wedding• and studio cler1< John Hyde's "Pablo Picasso: Dreams and Lies". This week sees the first production to come wholly out of the UEA Drama Sector • for whom the Studio has been primarily created to service • a production of "The Tempest" is to run from Wednesday December 8 to Saturday December 11. The Studio is essentially replacing the old University Village's Kenny Theatre which closed around six years ago. Since the closure of the Village Theatre the Drama Sector has 1'\Aen without any of its own \.._ . quate rehearsal and perl!mnance space • other than three weeks a year allocated to them by The Waterfront after an investment made by UEA's School of English and AmeriCan Studies towards production equipment at the venue. But with the closure of The Waterfront earlier this year the Drama Sector and student formed theatre companies associated with UEA were left with no real options for local venues, and the equipment

invested in The Waterfront was left redundant until the building of the UEA Studio in which this is now used. The UEA Studio came about after negotiations were made between the present Studio Director, Tony Frost, and the University board of directors from whom most of the funding for the building has come. According to members of the Drama Sector, the building of the Studio has already seen a dramatic increase in the number of student applications for the drama course at UEA. As it goes on to establish a significant reputation for itself as a student arts venue this is likely to continue. So, other than being a teaching base for the Drama BA and Theatre Directing MA, consider· ing the already well established local arts and drama scene, what exactly is the studio going to add to Norwich's cultural dynamism? Head of the Drama Sector at UEA, Ralph Yarrow, spoke about what type of venue the UEA Studio is designed to be. "it's basically a multi-purpose, extremely flexible space with an auditorium which can be ar· ranged into any configuration meaning that it can be used for a variety of performance related events. lt has a sprung dance floor meaning that it is a good venue for dance, and is fully geared up with professional quality lighting and sound equipment meaning that even music based performances would be housed well in the Studio.•

The site of The Studio before work began

UEA•s Drama Studio has only been open two months, but it•s already hosted a variety of productions, the latest of which is The Tem~st - performed by the people the venue was primarily built for. Jon Batty finds out more about Jhe~Studio and its latest play.

The UEA Studio is supposedly the only venue of its size in East Anglia, having an audience capacity twice the size of the NAC for example and a perform· ance space generally bigger and better equipped than most. So what kind of material is the Studio going to be used for? "Small to medium scale touring and local companies are gener· ally the type of performance groups we're dealing with here; says Ralph. "French theatre is something that interests us very much and small theatre groups who are just starting out constitute a type of programme which generally cannot be seen anywhere else in the region. "What we're interested in are innovative performances of any kind; we're not going to rival the Theatre Royal bringing in the RSC or whatever, we're not going to rival the Maddermari<et as they already have established

snookef... \ ~nd a Vlnole lot more.

a set kind of programme. The Studio is very interested in more experimental type material that doesn't fit into the spaces that already exist. The UEA Studio is also available for booking by any performance related group which approaches us. In principle it is a facility not only open to the Drama Sector, but also to the university as a whole, and drawing in an audience from all around the region.• This week's producti9n of The Tempest is set to serve as a late "grand opening" for the UEA Studio exploring the theme of perception, and transforming the studio, into an island "full of noise/sounds and sweet airs". Performers from the production have been in training recently with the Studio's own company in residence, HoiPolloi, who themselves trained at the LeCoq drama school in Paris.

Dress rehearsal fo~ The Tempest/ Plc: Kelth Whltmore Together they have explored the elemental images of earth, fire, air and water in order to create the magic of Prospero's island. Director Tony Gash, UEA Drama Lecturer, sees The Tempest to be "Shakespeare's most profound exploration of the nature of drama. On a "bare island" Shakespeare creates, through language, mime and music, every possible illusion • from a realistic depic· tion of Renaissance politics to the most fantastic creatures of

the imagination•. Authentic seventeenth century music will be used in combina· tion with the more electronic score composed by An ne Scarlett and lighting will be arranged by one who has been labelled as one of Britain's top three lighting designers • Francis Reid. The show is produced by Jo Rowe and John Hyde. • Performances start at 7.30pm, with matinees on Thursday and Saturday at 1.30pm.

• Satellite nlevision - all channels, wide screen

• Video Games t1 £150 jackpot machines • Hot and Cold Food always available -Low Low prices eg Chicken Nuggets and chips £ J.50

OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY 7DAYSAWEEK 21 S'OOKER TABLES A'D .t POOL TABLES (Snookl' r tahll'" £.2 ..20 pl'r hour pl'r tahll' midnight to 6pm. £.2.60 pl·r hour pl'r table 6pm · midnight) . Pool -Wp pl·r gaml'

• Licensed Bar - Low Low prices eg Carling Draught £ J.45 a pint - Bar Open JOam - J Jpm Mon- Sat, J2am - 3pm & 7pm - J0.30pm Sun.

FREE Membership on production



8 - J ANUARY 18






What happens when your helicopter hits a giant glttwy platfonn shoe from outer apace, leaving you stranded on a desert Island? You become Bjom Again, thars what. Jo Stubblngton dusts off her flares to talk to the super troupers prior to their Norwich Waterfront gig later this month

T:=y ldeaof inaeMewing a

the ..... lllghlly daunting,

but Dorfnatball, .... Frida

l.allgltOkln of atom Again, couldn't have been lnOI'8 down to earth. NDt a trace of the notoriously exaggerallld Swedllh accent, Oorina was just . .any A..- pop star, the only clletence perhaps being that she has n.verappeMtd In 'Neighbours'. So all that I have read about them ...... drolll*lg their SWedish accent

laalnfth. 1!1111 howcld. . whole phel10fn81'10n l:!egi1?

'""*"......uked .,ICJ88d

seventies thang: lashings or tacklne8s In the form of star spangled jumpsults, thigh length boots, ponchos, Jc:e-maidens and lime green

eye-lhadow. So, 181t true that the group's ambition 18 to 11art a master race of beautiful loW1g people to Rile lhe WOftd, wilh glllel?

-we just want to have fun, at the

moment we are 10o IMy to see V8fY far ahead" said Dorina, •After Christ· mas we wiU have a break and then who knows?" Btom Again's debut sln{Jie 'Erasureish' reached 25 in the UK charts In Oclober last year. Their next lingle has just been released and the debut album 'Flashback' is lrm*lent. "The album Includes some of our own

In an lniiMew wllh the NME Benny lllid, "Sent were bits of helicopter and pladonn shoe everywhere. Maybe the Mlrxlpawaslhe egg and the plat-

'poppy' because that Is what vellke" (Aha, 80 a bit of the Svedlsh slips In at last although it is soon conected). So, have the fab four, the other half of which are Benny Andelwear and Bjom Vofvoeta, always been fans of their splrllual forbearers? , think a~ we all liked Abba, allllle gifts lb Abba aflar al.• Aa for the reaction of the original Oandng Queens they are apparently rather flaDired by al the atlanllon. 'We received a telegram from atom Ulvaeus wishing us good luck during our first tour of Sweden. He said that anyone looking Hke him desefved to have a se IOC8ssful career - that was nice.· And a eoccees it certainly has been. Audiences the wortc1 over go crazy at the punchy action-packed rock shows, and as the group continue to add to their impr888iV81ist of achievements it 18 not only the fans who have taken Btom Again to their hearts. They have also attracted acclaim from

bmahoe....• •..HIIched lt," replied Frida, •And we popped out. Very coem1c.• Wll\ 111111 or their past • except for . . . beeullul . . melodies running lnUnd lnlldl their heeds ·they were dleccMred and tllk8n to the nearby 0181 of Mllboume, Australia. ~ alme everyone thought that they were the Swedlllh supergroup Abbe since they looked, aounded, and behP· ·..q ao much like them, but of ~.._Jtey were not. they were Bjom Again. Convinced, Ja? Naw, I mean no, neither was I. Dorina explained, •lt all Slart8d when I saw Bjom's advertisement for two f8male singers. Benny and Btom were VfKY much lnlo .. the seventies clothes, the flares and the platform shoes, and wanted to form the band.

There are more Abba records in the world than insects, and these four •uHer nutters• play every single one! But the best thing about a Bjom Again gig is that everybody has fun and no-one is being conned, what you see is exactly what you get. Said Dorina, 11We always have fun at our gigs wherever they are. The English speaking countries are usually the most receptive, and of course we love to visit Norwich. 11 Bjom Again are out for a good nigbt and they give a good night out.


atom Again are undot.ltUdly a very

wcMd you like?" she when I her how it all began, •..the gllllry shoe story or the real one?" I figured that everyone has hean:l the ~ .!he plallonn shoe, but just In C:U.,ft story goes that the group surtaced In 1989 after a COIIIIIIon between their helicopler and a giant glittery plaUonn shoe from outer epece wNch left them stranded on a


Dancing Queens? B}om Again

Quite a few gll18 auditioned and Agnelha and myself were choeen.• N. this point I wll just clarify that Dorlna who plays Frida Is the brunelle 'babe' and Agnetha FalstaJt the

...'*time.They'nt 80ft of

some of muaic's biggelt rocters IUCh • NIMina's Kurt Cobaln who bnl lhem 'asueaome' and Simply Red's Mlck Huclcnall who was said he thought that Abba had refonned and Slarted gigging In Melbourne. sme forming In 1989, Bjom Again have boasted over 850 live shows In over 20 countriee, lncfudng eel-out shows at London's famous Town fnd Ccxnry Club last December. They have also been i llel wiewd by nearly every major magazine and newepepert AlclnllyV. 8Upel' tlaupera haw been approached to do videos, a TV documentary, a poasl)le TV ..nes. TV comrnerdals, a blographylbook and even a London West-End theatre

production! I asked Dorlna If this would be a kind of 'Abbe The Movie' on stage. , really don't know", she laughed, "'t would be fumy tholql, lib the aound of ti1Q a commercllltoo: She- keen however, to dllpel tlrf notion thll Bjom Again .... noiNng more than a rfp.ofl band explollll1g the talent of others. 'When we perform we do have a clfferent act from Abbe. Sure we look very similar but we are much punchier than they were, the thing 1811181 most of the people who come to ... us have never seen Abbe. Evetybody thinks that we must spend hours wa1ching Abba videos and copying them exactly, but that's just

When we perfonn we do have a different act from Abba. We look very similar but we are much punchier than they were..... 11


everyone tecogtllsel thole, but a lot of the routines we ~create ourselves. SUre, wew I8IR the viOeos; people always throw Abba vtdeol at us thinking that wew never eeen them before and we do walehlhlm but we have our own Idea 10o:1t 18 eomalmee clllicult to know when to take Oorina seriously • after el lt is done talhertongue in cheek. Thellfenesa, howevW, II..anny. Benny's billowing whle lalndiiUit, Frlda's feather boa, lhl haD of while light for 'Super Trouper' and the chocolate money, money, money al strike a resounding chord of familiar· lly. EYery little idlolyncrasy 18 captured. Every t i of the hair, every wiggle, every Jggll... bul then as Dortna was quick to ........... , haven't seen Abbe. The gi'OI4)ie8 ... the ortglnalllaough, at each gig the 'BennyeDae' throw their braaalef88 on stage and others bestow boxer shorts, ftuffy toys, and kl8aea galore upon their ldoll. There have been numerous theories as to the success of the AUS8ie quar· tet, among them the fact that there are more Ahba records In the WOftd than insects (what a bizarre concepd} and the addtional fact that these four 'utter

not true.

nutters' play every single one!

acts, for example the back to backs,

N. the end of their show your mind Is left, we are told, 'gibbering' and •on an

-we take the main elements from their

endless loop of Waterloo', 'Femando', and 'Ring Ring.• But the beet thing about a Bjom Again gig 181hat everybody has fwl and noone 18 being conned, what you 18818 axaclly what you get. Said Dorlna, -we always have fun at our gigs whenMr they 818. Tt.Engish speaking countrle8 are usually the moet......_Mdofooureeweble to villi NoiWich.· B)om Again ... out for a good night and they give a good night out. Not once do the QrOI4) claim to be anything that they're not.... okay, 80 maybe l&ying that they are the amnesic suMvola of the Island of Lost MemoMs could be l8id to be strelchillg the boundlltea of Cf8Cibilily just a-.. bul hey, .-yone's allowed some poetic licence aren't l18y? Ja? Girls strut and twirl in metallc hofpanla, Benny ~· the gifts with his 'raunchy' randlllon of 'Rock Me' (I speak here from personal experiela), and the audience wave their I~ to weeples like 'Chiqultlta' and 'Thankyou for the Music'. So, If you're at a loose end on December 16 'Take a Chance' on 8jom Again, pay your 'Money, Money, Money' and get down to the Water....' well, okay, but what do you expect._ two out of three Abba puns ain't bad. e llckets are £8.50 adv from the usual outlets.

Fine vibes fora fine Christ1nasl! Mossl mo,


..-. ---·-




lt's that time of year again, when men dress up as women, women dress up as men, and someone does a roaring trade in custard pies. Jo Stubblngton got on a coacJ'I (formerly a RUmpkln) to~J?utney wh~r:e she foun . the d!ars of Non1vi eh Theatre R,_ o yal's 'DieM Wtilttlngton and his Cat' In rebearsal. All clawed-up: Mark Turner.


rs not really the sort of place you'd expect to find a host of stars, a converted swimming pool in the back streets of Putney. But making our way through the narrow corridors of the London dance studio and up the stairs we pass gaggles of animated leotards and legwarmers to where Dick Whittington is in rehearsaL

In his 22nd consecutive Pantomime at Norwich's Theatre Royal, and following his success as director and star of 'Cinderella' last year, Lionel returns to Norwich as Dick Whittington- the country boy who vanquishes the evil king rat to become Lord Mayor of London. Star of countless television shows, including 'Give Us A

The rehearsal room Is just like something from 'Fame' with its wooden floors and mirrored wall panels, and Lionel epitomising the role of director. So they really do clap their hands and call everyone 'lovie' all the lime

Above: Cast In stone - Peter Slmon, Nlcholas Parsons and Llonel 8/alr, amongst others Right: Running the risk - George Sewe/1 and Peter Simon explain how to produce shadow puppets to The Event's Jo Stubblngton

"lt's the Norwich Press," cries Lionel Blair dancing his way across the wooden boards to meet us, and its hugs, kisses and more hugs all round. Lionel is notorious for his love of the media and he certainly plays to it. He is a professional in every sense of the word. "Lionel, let me touch you. We love you Lionel," Peter Simon cries and promptly collapses into fits of laughter. A pensive, bespectacled Nicholas Parsons watches the proceedings from a safe distance, and as he brushes up on some of his lines Peter croons a couple of Sale of the Century gags. Meanwhile, in the background, the pianist bangs out a few notes of the quiz show's theme tune, and Peter collapses again. Lionel Blair, however is undeterred, after all he's a veteran of the panto.

Clue' , 'Sunday Night At The Royal Palladium' and no less than eight Royal Command Performances, Lionel began his career in Shakespeare at Stratford upon Avon. Uonel's West End appearances include the first revival of 'Lady Be Good', for which he recreated the Fred Astaire role 'Mr Cinders' and Tom Stoppard's Shakespearean spoof

'Rosencrantz and Guildenstem Are Dead'. Lionel also appeared in a wonderful cameo role in the film 'Absolute Beginners.' Nicholas steps forward to meet us, greeting us not with embrace but with a sedate handshake before retreating to his seat, this time to read the paper. Lionel, meanwhile, is introducing us all to Henry McGee. Henry comes from a distinguished theatrical family, which he can trace back to Kitty Clive, one of David Garrick's principal comedy players, and he is nr · one of Britains most expert- J enced comedy actors. He has appeared in numerous stage farces and on television has starred alongside s - ;, such as Paul Eddington;.....,dan Collins, Char1ie Drake and BennyHill. "This is my King Rat, isn't he a wonderful rat.?" Lionel stops and beams at the camera, and more hugs ensue. The rehearsal room is just like something from 'Fame' with its wooden floors and mirrored wall panels, and Uonel epitomising the role of director. So they really do clap their hands and call everyone 'lovie' all the time. They must be 'actaws' then, I thought, real 'actaws' ....amazingl


·S"·... ..,

Rollerskate at Superskate This Christmas £3.00 2pm - Spm 7pm - 11 pm £6.00 All NI ht Skate 7 m -11pm SAT 18th DEC 9am- 10am Father Christmas at the Superskate Club 1Oam - 12.30pm 2pm - 5pm 7pm - 11 pm SUN 19th DEC 10.30am - 1pm 2pm - 5pm 7pm - 11 pm MON 20th DEC 2pm - 5pm 7pm - 11 pm TUES 21st DEC Superskate for Radio Broad land OPERATION SANTACLAUS 10am -12.30pm Normal Sessions: 2pm - Spm 7pm - 11 pm WED 22nd DEC 2pm - 5pm 7pm - 11 pm THURS 23rd DEC 2pm - 5pm 7pm - 11 pm FRI 24th DEC 2pm- 5pm 7pm - 11pm FRI 17th DEC

SAT 25th DEC Closed all day SUN 26th DEC 10.30am -1pm MON 27th DEC TUES 28th DEC WED 29th DEC THURS 30th DEC


2pm- 5pm7pm -11pm 2pm - 5pm 7pm - 11 pm 10.30am - 1pm 2pm - 5pm 7pm - 11 pm 2pm - 5pm 7pm - 11 pm 7pm- 11pm

Burton Road Business Park, Spar Road, off Vulcan Road, Norwich Telephone 0603 403220

=--=-= ·----~--~=--::::-

-- -- -- -


While Uonel is putting King Rat through his paces, I interrupt a rendition of 'London is London' to speak to Peter Simon. Peter has been working as a professional entertainer since the age of twelve and has appeared at almost all the major cabaret venues throughout the world, including a ten month season at the Desert Inn, Las

Vegas. For the last few years he has concentrated on Children's Television and has become one of the country's most popular children's presenters despite early aspirations to become a journalist when studying at Bristol University. This being his third pantomime, Peter is looking forward to spending the season at Norwich's Theatre Royal where he will perform a stage version of his marvellously messy children's TV game show 'Run The Risk.' "lt's going to be great," he •ghs, "We're going to be - dShing all those kids, gunging them all, brilliant." He whispers, "And if you're th9· "fl the last night, guess w\ 3 getting gunged then?" A c .... ~ory glance across the room to where lionel is in a huddle with Nicholas tells me all I need to know.

I ask Peter about some of the differences between working on the TV and the stage. "lt's completely different, pantomime needs a certain kind of person." We are joined at this point by a rather suntanned George Sewell who plays the Captain. George who was bom in the East End of London started his acting career with Joan littlewood's legendary Theatre Workshop. His distinguished stage career has included performances in 'Oiiver', 'Fings Ain't What They Used To Be' and 'Billy' amongst others. He can be seen in films such as 'This Sporting life' and 'Sparrows Can't Sing' and on television he has appeared in 'The Detectives', 'Rising Damp' and 'The Gentle Touch' to name but a few. To think that the two had never met until a week ago is quite bizarre as they seem like old friends. "Pantomime is a particular genre," George professes, but disappears soon after leaving Peter all the limelight. "lt's actually quite difficult to do pantomime. "The thing is that you have to be so up to date with all the gags, I

mean we've put loads of Jurassic Park jokes in, but by mid-December it will be all Aladdin. At the same time there are no new jokes in a pantomime, they're the same year after year." He gestures in lionel's direction, "Talking of old jokes .. ." he laughs ... he's always laughing. "Trevor and Simon are going to come and see this one, mind you last time they saw me they said I was crap." At this point lionel grabs my hand ,"Who do you want now?" he asks but is called away by the portable phone in true 'actaw' style. He returns hand in hand with Samantha Hughes alias AI ice. Samantha's all-round singing, dancing and acting talents have brought her success in a wide range of theatre, film and television. She has appeared in many



Cleaning up: some of Dick Whlnlngton's stars West End shows including 'Underneath The Arches', 'On Your Toes'. 'Sugar Babies' and

'Stop The World I want to Get Off.' She has toured the country with 'A Chorus line', 'Jesus Christ Superstar' and 'Cabaret' and her television credits include 'Wogan' and 'The Russ Abbott Show.' The pianist begins to play a few very familiar notes and the two stage lovers duet the recent chart hit from Elton John and Kiki Dee. "Don't you think that's a good song" asks lionel rhetorically "lt's in the hit parade you know, it is." Peter smirks and so do I. Without waiting for our opinions lionel produces four mops and rounds up his cast with a flourish. "let's do the mop routine everybody" He turns to us, his audience, who are now reassembled and reiterates, "This is the mop routine ...... he laughs.

The Event's photographer, Mark, makes one last attempt to get a few impromptu shots of the cast; Peter is reading The Sun , Nicholas is on the phone, but lionel is having none of this. "Come on," he cries, "one last group shot." A few last poses and then we say our goodbyes. There are hugs for everybody as we wish them all luck for the show. Peter calls me over, "You'll have to come to the show, there'll be some good sessions going on down there." He's still laughing whilst impersonating Jake the Peg with the aid of one of the aforesaid mops. And so we leave them. The legwarmers and leotards are still spinning and twirling in the corridors ... so that was showbiz. lt's hard to imagine that in only a couple of weeks all that will be transformed into a

Even the cast find it difficult at times to keep a straight face especially during their interesting rendition of the Beatles classic 'She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah'· is there no end to the talents of this seemingly mismatched group of people who gel together so perfectly?


Lionel gives us a clue as to whom one of his eo-stars might be

He is right. We've all seen it a hundred times but it always seems to raise a chuckle, even the cast find it difficult at times to keep a straight face especially during their interesting rendition of the Beatles classic 'She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah'- is there no end to the talents of this seemingly mismatched group of people who gel together so perfectly?

production which will fill Norwich's Theatre Royal with cries of 'Boo, hiss', 'Oh no you didn't' and 'He's behind you ....' but in true panto style 'lt shall be done.' So if you have a penchant for rats, fairies and men in tights 'Dick Whittington' is a Christmas treat not to be missed . The show runs from December 16 to January 29 .... 0h yes it does!

- -






----- -- - - - - ---



I I 1~1'--J I< H EA.V EN S FO R

nr:rrrr-~r ~ rrr rr-J~~rr-rr rr-rT~rrAspects of Love REVIEW •Norwich Theatre Royal, Weds Dec 1- Sat Dec 11

j i






I ~

e ~e~

I !






!: (DraughtPINT lager, bitter or cider) !wiTH THIS COUPON : BEFORE llPM 1 at I~ -z=::>~ 1/-_~ ~





a!~~~~P~S ~c::l~;:_ ~p:: : 3 -- ~-:R~

Th e sell-out musical 'As pects of Love' premi ered at Norwich's Theatre Royal last week. The production, performed by Th e Really Useful Theatre Company Ltd . and with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, is based on the novel by David Garnet!. lt te lls the tale of Alex and follows his love affair with french beauty Rose Vibert in a Parisian setting and explores the hypothesis that romance only becomes truly romantic when threatened with an ending The show opens with a rendition of Love Changes Everything which provides a refreshing change from the Michael Ball version despite some doubtful intonation and tim ing to start. Although the initial cong lomeration of vo ices is difficult to follow there is some impressive singing in the show. Actress Kathryn Evans who co mes to Aspects of Love direct from playing the title role in the hit 1970's revival musical Hot Stuff in a sell-out season at the Leicester Haymarket Theatre plays the role of Rose beautifully and with an impressively versa-

Pericles The Panto PREVIEW Between December 14 and 17, the 'Ro ugh as Guts' Theatre Company are perform ing 'Pericles, The Panto' at the Norwich Arts Centre. And th is is how the story goes ... Once upon a time there was a young and ambitious Theatre Company who wa nted to do a pantomime to celebrate th e Christmas season. Howeve r they were thwarted by the evil theatrical Scrooge who decreed that pantomime had been done to death having been seen again and again. Just as Rough as Guts we re about to lose hope, in a fl ash of inspiration thei r fa iry godmother appeared before them brandishing a leather-bound parchment of Shakespeare's 'Pericles'; a perfect play for a panto ... .. A beautiful princess cast away from her parents, an evil stepmother determined to end her life, and the great sorcere r who preserved the life of the Queen and reunited the family. In fact it is a classic Shakespearean tale with a splash of 'look behind you ' and what's more is that it's free for children under 12yrs when accompanied by an adult! Tickets are priced £5 (£4 Cones). Something else for the children is a brand new version of Kenneth Grahame's classic 'Wind in the Willows '. The Compass Theatre will stage the production at the Norwich Arts Centre on January 12 and with its clever new set and specially commissioned music it promises to be a treat for adults as well as children. Tickets are priced £6 £4 Cones. Children under 14 £3. Jo Stubbington

tile vocal range she captivates the audience throughout the performance. Alexander Hanson who plays the lead in the production was trained at th e Guildhall School of Music and Drama . Towards the end of the show his voice had acquired a revitalised maturity of quality and tone which will undoubtedly carry him to further success on the musical circuit. The stage set for this show, although not as elaborate as its West End counterpart, is essentially effective. The costumes are illustrative of the emotions of the characters throughout and combine to provide visual pivots upon wh ich the audience frequently focus. An imaginative use of light and colour reflects the frequently diverging mood swings of both th e character and plot even though the gl itz and glamour elem ent is often scarce . The prod uction's Parisian circus scenes provide a spectacular display of riotous colour as the stage is filled with a delightfu l pl ethora of acrobats and clowns.

Similarly the fairgrou nd scene in the first act provides a festive respite from th e preceedi ng intensity whi lst also having its sinister element. The plot is very cyclical in its construction with many of the more poi gnant moments repeated and th us parallels are co ntinually constructed especially concerning the paradoxical

Guys and Dolls PREVIEW

rel ationship between youth and age. If you've never seen a Lloyd Webber musical then Aspects of Love is an excellent introductio n. A combination of appealinq orchestration and choreogr< coupled with an impressive professional cast ensures an excell ent night out.

Jo Stur · · ·.,ton

Julius Caesar •

If you fancy spending New Year's Eve on Broadway, but ca n't afford the plane ticket, then the next best thi ng is to pay the Maddermarket Theatre a visit. Why? I hear you ask. Well , on December 31 , the Norwich Players will be bringing a little piece of Broadway to the city in the shape of the hit musical "Guys and Dolls". Based on Damon Runyon's colourful characters and comic stories of th e New York underworld , it tells the tale of two shady characters, Nathan Detroit and Sky Masterson . Nathan is looking for a joint in wh ich he can hold his famous Permanent Floating Crapgame , but he has a problem - he needs a complete sucke r to give him a thousand dollars for his proj ect. This is where Sky Masterson comes in. He is called Sky because that's how high he bets , so Nathan has the idea of making a bet with him that he cannot take the cutest doll on Broadway out on a date . The trouble with this doll , Miss Sarah Brown , is th at she is a mission wo rker, trying to save souls on West Forty-Ninth Street; not the sort of girl who would date villains or hoodlums. However, the upshot of the bet turns out to be a surprise to all parties conce rned .... "Guys and Dolls" runs from Friday December 31 until Saturday January 8, and then from Thursday January 13 until Saturday January 15. Tickets are £7 .50 to £3.50, wi th tickets on the Student Standby system at £4 . Caroline Jenkinson

My Mother Said I Never Should PREVIEW The highly acclaimed Not The National Theatre company returns to Norwich Arts Centre on Friday 10 December with Charlotte Keatley's award winning play, My Mother Said I Never Should. The play centres on four generations of gi rls and women and was written after Keatley had spent ti me absorbing and distilling the stories of the fifty women into two hours of theatre without gimmicks . Four actresses take on the th eme of mother/daughter re lationships 1n a production based on empathy, realism , fe w props , 'ordinary' language and 'typical' situation s. Not The National Theatre Company was founded ten yea rs ago by former members of the National Theatre . lt chooses work on the strength of the wri ting and has earn ed an international reputation for productions of the highest quality. The play was also staged earlier this year at the Maddermarket Theatre by the Norwich players. The Event 's Jonathon Batty found the production to be hindered by a somewhat awkward script and accentuated by what he considered were frequently clumsy performances of the actresses in the play 'to create a type of exaggerated theatricality which seemed most inapprop riate for a genre which is generally treated with a bit more sincerity than was fe lt from thi s particular performance.' Maybe this performance will be different. •The pl ay will be presented on Friday December 10. Tickets are priced at £6 Concs .£4 Jo Stubbington

REVIEW •Theatre Royal, Nov 19-27 Ambition is a dangerous pursuit; the higher you rise , the further you fall . To accentuate the point, the Maddermarket stage was dominated by a steep flight of steps for the Norwich Players' production of "Julius Caesar". These steps were used to good effect, both literally and metaphorically, in David Harris's sharp and economical production, marking the rise and fall of the cha racters in Shakespeare's still-topical ex1 ration of political motivation. Harris's direction explored to the full the way individual men in - or competing for - pos i t i on ~ • ' 'lower, attempted to exploit the 'or the ir own ends, and the "'ut th is same fickle mob, always only a hair's breadth from mindless violence , could turn on the exponents of oratory with frightening speed, as with the brutal of the poet Cinna. For the most part , the strength of the direction was matched by the quality of the acting; Brutus, particularly, was believable as a strong man torn by uncertainties and human failings. Cassius , too, successfu lly managed to convey the com plex ch aracter of a proud man, ambition frustrated , who adopts the mantle of a noble leader to regain status. Mark Anthony was less convincing , with his famous oration at Caesar's fune ral lacking th e cyn ical power the speech demanded, and Julius Caesar came close to being a caricature, fu ll of posturing vanity. The supporting cast, however, were consistently good , with a particularly strong perform ance from Messala as Brutus's loyal general. Aided by John Wa rden's simple but very effective set, the production as a whole was a definite success, and provided an absorbing and enjoyable evening's entertainment to an appreciative near-capacity audience. Simon Mann



8 -




MUSIC ON TV THIS CHRISTMAS Cult band Depeche Mode are captured live in performance in "Depeche Mode - Devotional" on BBC 1 on December 16. The concert features material from the band's current triple platinum album, "Songs of Faith and Devotion."

Compiled and written by Michele Du Randt




Din Radio 5's "Strange Stories" on Tuesday December 14, Uri Geller explains his ability for bending spoons by using apparently psychic powers as well as reading minds and prospecting for oil.

01 Fm's Jo Whiley and Steve Lamacq are joined by lndie stars from Blur, Elastica, Utah Saints and Pop will eat itself In "The Evening Session" on Thursday December 23 at 6.30pm for a "Celebrity Pop Quiz." Prince, er, Victor as he's now known

ORobert Elms spends an hour of Christmas Eve looking back over '93 in Europe in "Euromix" on Radio 5. He looks at body piercing in Amsterdam to left-wing Sklnheads in Berlin. Plus the best music from the continent you won't hear anywhere else.

~ Prince's "Sign 0 ' The Times" a film record of his 1987 tour, filmed in Rotterdam and Antwerp and featuring Cat, Sheila E and Sheena Easton in the video for "U got the look" - is shown on Channel 4 on Friday December 17 at 12.20 am . The film features many of Prince's biggest hits including "If I was your girlfriend", "Sign 0 ' The Times", and "Forever in my Life."

DAiso on Christmas Eve, Radio One's Pete Tong goes ht into Christmas Day with the hottest selection of on-stop dance tracks from midnight to 4 am. OChrlstmas Day on Radio 5 features the Story of Jt ~ and his Coat of Many Colours, read by Phillip Se. .eld with music from the original West End musical of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat starring Jason Donovan. DNewman and Baddiel provide a Christmas special for 1 FM on Sunday December 26, recorded on the tour, with material from the gigs as well as exclusive reports from behind the scenes. DKicking off a season of "Back by Public Demand" concerts across Christmas week on 1 FM Is Bon Jovl's summer concert In Milton Keynes. Hits from the concert Include "In these Arms", "Keep the faith", and classics like "Living on a prayer." The line up of 1 FM's concerts in the "Back by Public Demand Week" Include :- Chris Rea, Sting and Elton John.

~ Erasure

A great year of pop music draws a close in the annual Christmas special of Top Of the Pops on BBC 1 on Christmas Day when the viewers have another chance to see the best of the songs of '93. Among the star bands and artists performing live are 2 Unlimited, Snow, The Bluebells, Meatloaf, and of course, the show wouldn't be complete without Take That, fresh from their astounding success

at the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party. On Christmas Day the band will be tucking into a curry and play some of their all-time favourite records on Radio 1

FM . Mark, Robbie, Howard, Jason and Gary will also be answering questions sent in by listeners and we are promised some surprise guests playing Santa Claus. Finally, the frolicking fivesome will also be flexing their pecs and displaying their talent (?) to their ever-eager fans with a collection of top tunes including "Pray" and "Could lt Be Magic?" on Channel 4 on Boxing Day, Sunday December 26. Relight my fire ...

uMadonna's "Girlie Show" recorded in September In London this year as part of her world tour is broadcast on ~ FM on Monday December 27 after a little BBC


are live in concert on BBC 1 on Thursday December 23 in "Erasure : the tank, the swan and the balloon. Live!" Recorded during their "Phantasmagorical Entertainment tour" this film captures the full spectacle of an Erasure extravaganza and hit after hit from duo Vince Clarke and Andy Bell. ~ "Tina

Turner : What's Love, Live" gives fans a chance to see the Queen of Rock in concert in California on Channel 4 on Christmas Eve, performing such hits as "Steamy Windows", "Private Dancer" and "We Don't Need Another Hero".


lt • .ures a string of hits from "Holiday" to "Erotica" as well as Madonna's own tribute to Marlene Dietrich.

ONew Year's Eve on 1FM sees a whole line-up of reviews of 1993, starting with the Top 40 of the year at 2 pm , followed by NewsReview 93 as Pete Tong's Review of 1993 at 10.30 pm- two and a half hours of dancefloor hits, played without interruption apart from Big Ben Itself at midnight.

Channel4's Christmas schedule Includes a nine-day season exploring what many regard as the most vibrant yet excessive great city on Earth , New York • The lineup of special programmes and news reports Include a highly-alternative Queen's message from Quentin Crisp . Laurie Pike samples the city's hottest able news station and America's leading female Impersonator and super-model, Rupaul, has a "Christmas Ball" There's also a TV premiere of the Woody Allen/Scorsese/ Coppola movie "New York Stones", a brand new animation, "Prince Cinders", and a send-up of the Perry Como/Andy Williams Christmas log-cabin show in "Camp Christmas" •

~ An exclusive "Suede" special for Channel 4 on New Year's Eve follows the band and their fans and shows a concert the band recorded at Brighton.

Also on Channel 4 on New Year's Eve, UB40, the lively Birmingham reggae group feature in an hour-long concert "UB40 - A Family Affair."

Persian and English Bistro The place for your Christmas party! With plenty of room for up to 40 people!

£4.95 per head for niain course*+ a bottle of Stella or glass of wine Special deals on drinks - YOU specify the drink wi th your partybooking! PLUS bring your own music! 72 Prince of Wales Road, Norwich 765755 *any grill, specialist or vegetarian dish

50 metres up from the Cannon cinema





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r I

Michelle du Randt flicks through the Christmas TV guide and picks the best of this year 's flicks DBrad Johnson , Danny Glover and Wi ll em Dafoe head the cast of the Vietnam War drama "Flight of the Intruder" on BBC 1 on December 1Oth . DAifred Hitchcock's chill ing sequel "Psycho 11" on December 17th on BBC 1 stars Anthony Perkins as spooky Norman Bates . D "Pianes, Trains and Automobiles" stars funny men Steve Martin and John Candy as mismatched travelling companions trying to get home for Christmas on BBC 1, December 18th . DDecember 19 on BBC 1 sees John Goodman as "King Ralph" in the irreverent Royal Family comedy also starring Peter O'Toole and John Hurt . DAnjelica Huston and Mai Zetterling head the cast of ''The Witches" on BBC 2 on December 19th, a fantasy adventure adapted from a story by Roald Dahl. DThe modern-day reworking of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" is the seasonal comedy "Scrooged" headed by Bill Murray and eo-starring Robert Mitchum and John Forsythe on December 20 on BBC 1 . DSteven Spielberg's epic story of survival , "Empire of the Sun" is showing on Thursday December 23 on BBC 1 . DSean Cannery and Alec Baldwin head the cast of the 1990 Cold War thriller ''The Hunt For Red October'' on Christmas Eve on BBC 1. DThe Christmas day film on BBC 1 is the final part of the time-travel trilogy "Back To The

Future Ill" starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd . DAiso on Christmas Day on BBC 1 is the British TV premiere of "Ghosr, the successful romantic thriller starri ng Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg . DJohn Cleese , Kevin Kline and Michael Pal in star in the awardwinning comedy "A Fish Called Wanda" showing on BBC 1 on Monday December 27 . DThe comedy "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" premieres for TV on December 28 on BBC 1 and stars Michael Caine and Steve Martin as a pair of competing confidence tricksters . DTom Cruise stars in Oliver Stone's powerful drama "Born On The Fourth Of July" on BBC 2 on December 28 . DBBC 1 shows the spectacular science-fiction adventure "Explorers" on December 29 starring the late River Phoenix as one of a group of intrepid exploring schoolkids who build a spacecraft and take off into the unknown. DDudley Moore and Daryl Hannah are "Crazy People" in the film-comedy on BBC 1 on December 30 . DThe USS Enterprise is put to the test in "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier'' on New Year's Eve on BBC 1 as William Shatner heads the cast . DSteven Spielberg's animated adventure "An American Tail" on BBC 1 on New Year's Day follows the story of young mouse, Fievel Mouskewitz, lost in America .

William Shatner - stars in Star Trek V

Anje/ica Huston - stars in The Witches

Patrick Swayze - stars in Ghost


I搂! Tom Cruise - stars in Born of The Fourth Of July

River Phoenix - stars in Explorers

Comedy on TV this Christm 0 " Harry Enfield 's Festive television programme" on BBC 2 on December 14 features all the old favourites ; the old gits, DJ 's Smashie and Nicey, the Slobs, Lee and Lance and the Scousers. DMonday December 20 sees Rob Newman and David Baddiel's special extended version of their show "Newman and Baddiel Christmas in Pieces" for BBC 2. David searches for a seasonal miracle, Rob goes North for Christmas and Jarvis makes a fetive offer no young down-andout could possible refuse . And we say goodbye to the two professors from "History Today" as they make their final appearance on the show.

OTony Robinson writes and stars In a Christmas special of "Maid Marian and her Merry men" on BBC 1 on

You see those funny comedians? That's Newman and Baddiel, that is!

@@ @~

@@ @~

@~ @~

@@ @~

Christmas Eve. A fourth series of the awardwinning anarch ic comedy starts in the New Year. D BBC 1 provides another showing of Dawn French tap dancing her troubles away to the sound of Courtney Pine's saxophone in "French and Saunders" on Christmas Day.

D Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer are at hand to clear up those post-Christmas blues in "At home with Viv and Bob" - an enormous entertainment bonanza spread across Monday December 27 on BBC 2. Viewers are invited Into their home to sample the very finest of t he duo's personal collection including such diverse progammes as Wildlife on One's " Meer Kats United" and Mike Leigh 's

comedy play " Home Sweet Home" ; Interspersed w ith Viv and Bob's favourite comedy clips from Monty Python, Tommy Cooper, Dick Emery, Harry Enfield and Alexei Sayle. DBrummie Comedian Jasper Carrott turns his beady eye on the world of advertising in "Jasper Carrott's com mercial breakdown 3 " on Tuesday December 28 on BBC 1. He explores such advertising gems as spot the amazing flyi ng dog and an exclusive airing of Mazda's notorious "Charles and Di" commercial.

DA special feature-length episode of " Blossom" kicks off the fourth series of this popular Channel 4 American comedy on New Year 's eve. Starring Mayim Bialik as Blossom, Joey Lawrence and Michael Stoyanov.


8 .


Wading in dee Christmas releases complied by Carol/ne Jenklnson 11NY TOON BIG ADVENTURES and TAZ·TRONAUT {U) ·Retail. Lovers of wacky cartoons will be delighted to learn that the madcap antics of Warner Brothers' younger stars, Busier, Babs, Plucky, etc, and everyone's favourite little devil, Taz, are now available on video. Expect the usual anvils on heads and popping-out eyes from the masters of animated mirth. Out

January 10.

HAIR-Retail Singing and dancing hippies abound in the classic musical about the age of Aquarius, now finally out on video. Vietnam draftee Claude Bukowskl walks into a hippy 'Happening' in Central ParK, and ends up falfing in love with the beautiful Sheila. Can they be brought together, or will Claude be forced to go to an uncertain fate overseas? John Savage and Beverly 0'Angelo s1ar. Out January 10. Warner Home VIdeo and MGMIUA Home VIdeo will be releasing several new titles in their Screen Classics range. These include A CRY IN THE DARK (15) (see below); THE DELINQUENTS (15) starring Kylie Minogue and Char1ie Schlatter; the classic SUPERMAN· THE MOVIE (PG), with Christopher Reeve; and THE COWBOYS (PG), which sees John Wayne in one of his last movie appearances. All should be out on January 10.

A Cry In The Dark As part of their low price Screen Classics range, Warner Home Video are releasing the harrowing true story of the disappear· ance of a nine-week old baby, "A Cry In The Dark" (15). The fate of Azarla Chamberlain at Ayers Rock on a spring night in 1980 came to obsess the people of Australia, and led to a media witch-hunt that went on for several years. Meryl Streep takes the role of Lindy Chamberlain, the baby's mother, with Sam Nelll as the father, Mlchael. A distraught Llndy claimed that her daughter had been taken by a dingo, but there was no clear evidence, no body, no motive and no weapon. The lack of hard facts meant that Lindy and Mlchael were tried and convicted by rumour, suspicion and religious prejudice before the case even came to court, where the verdict was the same; guilty of murder. Lindy was to become the most hated woman in Australia, but was she really deserving of such loathing? Some were beginning to doubt her guilt; could she have been telling the truth about the loss of her baby? it's a powerful and chilling story of how the rumour that surrounded the infamous 'Dingo Baby' case managed to get a grieving mother convicted. •out on January 10, it retails at £6.99.

0 Caroline Jenkinson previews a new thriller, which has an amusing side, too!




Don't you just hate days where nothing goes right? You know, the ones where you've got a simple drugs bust to do, but it all goes horribly wrong and all your friends either get gunned down or burnt alive, and then, to cap it all, there's a major explosion at the docks you're supposed to be looking after. OK, this situation is hardly likely to happen to any of us. But it's exactly what happens to undercover cop Jack Davis in the erotic thriller, "In Too Deep" (18). After this major fiasco, he's fired from his job. Jack is convinced he's been set-up by Cullen, one of his superiors, but being out of work, he reluctantly agrees to take the job of bodyguard to Eva, the beautiful wife of Largo, a wealthy businessman. Soon Jack and Eva are embroilea in a passionate and erotic affair, and he suspects that her husband is involved in the criminal underwor1d along with his former boss. And that, of course, is where all the real trouble and action starts .... The problem with this sort of film is that it's very easy to take the mickey out of it. The worst example of this came in a scene when Largo was showing Jack a video of him suffocating a man who attacked his wife, and my companion started humming the "You've Been Framed!" theme music. So much for drama. And then there's the sex scenes. They were certainly

entertaining, but not in the way intended. On the other hand, there are definitely movies a lot worse than this, and (putting the explicit sex and needless violence aside), it did have quite a strong, tightly-knitted plot, and

despite the sometimes cliched script, the actors didn't make too bad a job of it. "In Too Deep" is probably a little shallow for it to be a great film, but it's good enough for those who don't want to be too dis-

earning for one night. Yes, it's erotic; yes, it's thrilling; and yes, it's really amusing tool etn Too Deep Is out on Janu· ary 12 1994 ·available for rental from all good video shops.

One of the greatest westerns of recent years, if not of all time, is soon to be released onto the retail market. "Unforgiven", starring Glint Eastwood (who also directed) , Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman, won four Oscars in 1992, including Best Director for Eastwood and Best Supporting Actor for Hackman. Set in the 1880s, the film follows William Munny (Eastwood), an ex-outlaw trying to hide from his past. Once a cold-blooded killer, he laid down his gun eleven years ago and now works as a hog farmer in Kansas. Things aren't going well for him at this time though - his beloved wife has recently died, and fever has hit his stock badly. Then the Schofield Kid pays him a visit. He is looking for a partner to help him collect the bounty money placed on a group of cowboys who cut up a prostitute in a town called Big Whiskey. The sheriff, Little Bill Daggett (Hackman), let them off lightly, but the other prostitutes, in outrage, raised the bounty money so that their colleague

might be avenged . Munny decides to take up the Schofield Kid's offer, but only if his old partner Ned Logan (Freeman) comes with them . Logan , like Munny, has given up the violent life, but the lure of money tempts him into joining the group. They set out for Big Whiskey, where Daggett is waiting to deal out brutal punishment to any bounty hunter who comes into his territory. As the situation and violence worsens, Munny transforms back into the killer that he once was. Eastwood was drawn to playing William Munny because of the character's complexity. "He isn't one dimensional," he explains, "he's been through it all, he survived, and now he's forced by circumstances to turn back to what he left. He's got kids and responsibilities and a debt of love for his wife. He gave her his word that he wouldn't pick up the guns, but it's what he knows; it's the accident of who he is." To celebrate the release of "Unforgiven", some of Eastwood's other western clas-

sics are being re-promoted. These include "A Fistful of Dollars" and "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly". If you can only buy one of these films though, it

is definitely "Unforgiven" which is the must-see; a real treat for western fans . •Unforgiven is released for rental on December 28 .



8 -



D Caroline Jenkinson leafs through'Behold The Front Page' - the Bible in tabloid form!


COMING A MILE OFF! GULLIBLE Esau fell for the oldest trick in the Good Book yesterday, and saw the title of " God's Chosen One " slip through his hands . .--- - - - - - , I\' o t on ly d1d ha irymon E;a u tro de h •s fo r a measlv bu" i of ooup .


h~~~:~~~~~- ~~~h=~~~~c~n


Cunning stunt V.:: 1 .\:l:t .JII t h.Jn"· to t'll~ k1d "' ~tn~r ;.:~coO •nu • DRESS ED up .u ~ gv.•t

• rOO L E D e,f'd · .l:h.. r hf'"' ~:h ...


roRh~ -

, - - --


I.)..13C'I nto thttU.Inl;!: bn~th nr,.thrf'n '

Tt: ... i;:ur

p ! o.'U'



1\.Jt ;;- - f'a ';)~ p\o .. tH mum fkt>.-.."n '" .1 btd :o -n:nch th" lam :.• 'ortUI'Ieo Jromdum,., •ldhl.HJn E:>:.u • ,.:om-tJ f-t he -cl:u.t Esa u w;u ~ .ut nulht tf'anng h1.s h31r OUl.J~ ~niC ·:>tnCi..t'nJ:~ocob flf'd to \{,••<.H)OI.11TU.& :0 !it :::I~ With h '" .:. cif' L.1ban


page 18


In the beginning, there was the Word . And the word was, to be brutally honest, a little hard to understand. But it came to pass that three Wise Men - called Robert Moore , Jamie Buckley and Nick Newman - took the Word and re-wrote it in a language that all might understand. Yes, just in time for Christmas, the bible has come out in tabloid form , as a tribute to born-again Christian , Rupert Murdoch. 'Behold The Front Page', as it is lovingly titled, takes out all the 'unnecessary' bits of the bible, and leaves all the main stories in the hands of the tabloid journalists . "We speak for the meek!" they cry, giving us headlines such as "Fioody Hell!" for the tale of Noah's Ark, and "Virgin on the Ridiculous" for the miracle of Christ's birth . They haven't neglected the Page 3 girls either, although anyone expecting topless beauties will be disappointed, as Sultry Salome and Dishy Delilah keep their clothes and veils on . And in the interest of balance , there's even Samson, the Page 7 hunk, for us girls. Add to all that the "Dear Delilah" problem page, "The Bible says" comments, and the cartoons, and you have the self-proclaimed book that "leaves all other religions on the fringe ." And apparently it's cheaper than the Koran and the Bhagavad Gita as well! The photographs do leave a little to be desired though - I can understand the use of Saddam Hussein as Herod, but Arthur

You'll never Adam and Eve it!

. J '\ ( 0 \lt '-

I ·~ I


f•_ ,:·, ,



: ~




r. '/'; "


/r.ri. "' '·. -~-. J'

PHANTOII>! Progn~ncy I or v trqm hou sew ,fo.



. -· ....... ,.,


• I

H:l 1

·f , I



man "B'es

* JfSVS s pt#Ced my d nn lri '

H r··.'

• BIBLE ourz - how t>or are YOU'> Y

Scargill as Moses?! I think not. Still , it's a good fun read , and an excellent Christmas present. I wouldn't recommend it for the sternly traditionalist grandmother, but it's light-hearted

enough to warm the cockles of the slightly irreverent and even the faintly religious . And as it says on the back of the book, "Even the Pope's got a copy!", so you can 't really get

a higher (earthly) recommendation than that, can you? • 'Behold The Front Page' is out now- available in all good bookshops - priced at £5.99

alkin· a u This Christmas sees the release of a book containing 40 years of rock quotes: 'Small Talk, Big Names' Caroline Jenkinson gives her first impressions If you 're searching for that suitable Christmas present for the rock music buff in your life , you may consider giving Myles Palmer's "Small Talk, Big Names" a look. Once you've trudged through Palmers rather vain preface, which name-drops with alarming regularity ("After a while Townshend arrived with Eric Clapton"), you get to the heart of the book, which is crammed with quotations from virtually everyone who's anyone in the music business. Bowie, Jagger, Lennon, Madonna; they're all here , along with some markedly less famous music journalists and critics. Roughly half the book deals with themes, such as those two great rock cliches, sex and drugs , whilst the remainder focuses on the biggest stars so Elvis, the Beatles and the Stones get their own sections.

Out of the themes sections, "Ego" and "Bitching" are probably the most fun . "Ego" works best with the great gift of hindsight; like, for example , when Terence Trent D'Arby proclaims of his second album "it will be massive!". Yeees, and how far did "Neither Fish Nor Fowl" get up the charts? Not very far, I seem to remember. As for ''Bitching", well, there's

always some perverse pleasure in hearing people slag each other off. "Eivis Costello is ... all fat and sweaty" moans lan McCulloch of Echo and the Bunnymen fame . it's jealous, petty and great reading . My only complaint is that the section isn't long enough! The sections on individual pop stars and groups work well when they've led crazy and interesting lives, but fall down when there 's really very little to say. Bob Dylan may be one of the great figures in music history, but he doesn't really inspire or make any mind-blowingly excellent quotes. All in all though , it's a good piece of light reading, and it's great for impressing your friends with knowledge of pop littletattle. The jury makes this one a hit.

. . ortant. I remember when I "I don't think the ly~•c~ are th:~:i:~s I read an article by Fats d 'me He said you should was very young, thiS IS v~ry Domino which has really mfluence I " . Mick Jagger, 1968 never sing the lyrics out very clear y.

"Defiantly steering their care screaming young girls G er towards a mass market of onstage in shorts thei~ ta~O:;: an~ An~rew pranced around blinking stage-lights pi . ' hairy thighs glinting in the reached its climax whenai~ng ahgame of badminton that shorts." ey s oved shuttlecocks down their Tony Parsons on early Wham! tour

r en·oyed being in a crowd. I "Even before i was famouts ~~=~~s wi~h friends and my only feel. .. inferior. I woul~ go oexit? I feel better in a crowd if i ' concern was ' wher~ s the y u can never be too sure who s have people protectmg me. ~uch they hate you." out there, who loves you so Whitney Houston, 1992


8 -




Reviews by Chris Goom


What can be said about NI" -.,a that hasn't already bl Jald. They've spawned a thousand copyIsts and unfortunately, on this record they sound like a poor Imitation of themselves. Much better Is the second track on this single, also lifted from the 'In Utero' album, 'Rape Me'

Settle back in my chair. Hit play. Out of my speakers comes a wickedly-cool drum beat. "At last", I say to myself, "A good record to review. By the sound of the production, maybe even some Pharcyde-y type rap." Four bars in and what happens, the drumbeat fades underneath a godawful jangley guitar son with a 'Nirvana'-type chorus. Wonderful. That was called 'Crawler', and, unfortunately, it doesn't get any better. Listening to the rest of the album I came across a song, track no. 7 to be precise, which I thought might be an comes across as a satiriIce-T style spoken word cal poke In the eye to all justification of the rest of the people who got Into Niralbum. vana following 'TeenI was wrong. lt was called Spirit' as it appears to 'Sorry' and they really ought have been refused that oh- to be. so-famous guitar riff so If you're still interested, call that Kurt can explain how their info-line on 0891 being exploited Is no fun. 252122, maybe their phoneOr maybe he's just asking sex is better than their mufor a shag. sic.


Like, 'Engine Alley' "Exploit their forceful personalities to create a sense of pop theatre". Allegedly. 'Engine Alley' - doesn't that sound like the kind of name befitting to a substandard LA heavy metal band. Funny then that it should belong to a sub-standard poprock band from Dublin who have recently relocated to London. The Album starts off promisingly enough with a violin part that could almost have been lifted from Faith No More's 'Wonderers from Mars' instrumental, but it all seems to go sadly wrong from there onwards. lt's not that they're bad musicians, or that they can't sing, it's just that nearly all their songs are lacking in the excitement/ originality spark. The only exception in my opinion, Is the song 'Telescope Girl', with Its manic vocal working very tightly with the guitar and drums whilst singing about (I think), a female character being exploited through pornography it is the tune that even suggests this band have a future.



HMV â&#x20AC;˘ K N O W


This week's album chart

1. (1) Various- Now 26 2. (2) Meatloaf - Bat Out of Hell 11 - Back Into Hell 3. (4) Bryan Adams- So Far So Good 4. (3) Elton John - Duets 5. (5) Various- 100°/o Dance 3 6. (11) Diana Ross - One Woman: The Ultimate Collection 7. (6) Phil Collins- Both Sides 8. (29) Mariah Carey - Music Box 9. {28) Take That - Everything Changes 10. (27) Wet Wet Wet - End Of Part One (Their Greatest Hits)

Engine Alley/LP

Formed in 1989, in Melbourne, Australia, things of stone and wood arrive in the UK with a song. I'm sure they'd hate the comparison, but, like crowded house, T.O.S.A.W. have an obvious songwriting ability. But, also like crowded house, they are lacking in drive. You know the sort of band I mean, and you should also know the difficulties involved in criticizing a band like this, but it just seems like they should be playing at a middle-aged wedding reception.

AFRICAN HEADCHARGE In pursuit of Shashamane Land/LP Why me? How come I get all the records to review which are not to my tastes? 11 makes me sound harsh. Having said that though, of all the music I've been sent, I can honestly say that this is really the only lot that sparked any interest. I was recently lucky enough to catch transglobal underground at their Peppermint Park show and after hearing African Head Charge for the first time I can now hear who Transglobal have been influenced by. African Head Charge draw upon a very wide range of styles, including Dub, Asian, African and Ska amongst others. However, I'm not a big fan of any of these styles of music, and lacking the visual entertainment of Transgloballive, I can't really criticize justly (not that stopped me in any of my other reviews) as I don't really understand the medium and I'm sure African Head Charge fans will buy this album regardless of anything I have to say about it and I'm glad, because if you're able to, there's an albums worth of fresh and original material waiting to be extracted. For being original, African Head Charge do at least earn my respect.


or all your music requirements



Christmas Eve 1993

The Lads Clu


King Street,

Available from Soun

FRIDAY DJs Freaky D, Phil & Keith, Acid jazz to Iatin to heavy funk. Plus •Trial-Style• upstairs.

7.30pm til laLd and Phili Browne

SATURDAY Two rooms with a mix of every kind: lndie, 70s, 80s, dance & chart. 139 - 141 King Street Nof'Mch NR1 1QH 0603 662165


8 -




Who's going to be a happy badger this week? See who's won below: Get Stuffed Video: Polly Jepperson, Recreation Road, Norwich. Patrick Swayze videos: Jo Wright, Hellesdon; Helen Lloyd, Dereham ; N D Bishop, Buxton Road, Norwich. Beatles Boxed Sets: Kale Bailey, Dover Street, Norwich; David O'Neill, Cintra Road, Norwich.

Compiled by Caroline Jenkinson

Ol I IN D wE DL 2L DI K2 R



Flying jacket, ticketsand five berets to be won!






2 0 2 3 A


A R0 T L RA E L N c R 0 A I H N X E p V E 0 2 R N


H0 L X 0 3 0 s

3 0 sM3c3 L 0 2 s 3 E L A p D y I T A Hs s T ARHL N I H T T V A G I 0 A A A V D0 p N T N p E L V EM A u0 R A E s A NQHpNR EN B Dc N I N E N I X V K M0 uHE0 s z I R0 K J c M p V R RN I R p 0 y Rc T p

rou've seen the film , now wear the ... beret?! Yes, you too can own one of these stu nninp ,..;qces of headwear, as modelled 1n thf ';?emolition Man". The Event, in conjunction with the Cannon cinema, has got four to give away, alo, .~ a devilishly gorgeous flying jacket and a pair of tickets for the Cannon to go with each article of clothing . In a break with tradition, we've got a wordsearch for you to do. Above you will find the following words and numbers written vertically, horizontally, diagonally and backwards. All you have to do is circle them with a pen : DEMOLITION MAN; SYLVESTER STALLONE; WESLEY SNIPES; HUXLEY; SPARTAN; PHOENIX; CRYO PRISON; KILLER; 2032; PSYCHOPATH; GOVERNOR; L.A.P.D; CRIMINAL; ARCH ENEMY.



What Is there to say about OMD, apart from "They're quite good, actually, and they played the UEA on December 3"? Well, now there's "The Event, together with the UEA, have got 5 OMD Live COs to give away, what a great offer that Is, and alii have to do Is answer this question": What Is the name of OMD's current album? Is lt: a. Terminator? b. Liberator? c. Rotary Cultivator? Follow the rules and send In your answer!

Fill it in and send it to us!


•We've also got some Verve Cds to give away, and tickets to their December 15 gig at The Waterfront, courtesy of UEA's Student Union • see the music section of this edl· tlon for entry details.

Courtesy of The Blue Jean Co.

Where would we all be without our faithful pair of jeans, eh? r- 'legged, that's what. e at The Event have got together with The Blue Jean Company to offer you the chance of winning a pair of their lovely jeans. They're BSCO jeans, worth £42.99!!

1. You

So answer these two questions to get your hands on them:

1. Where Is the shop? 2.What Is the name of the yellow car In the shop? Don't delay, send it today! (But follow the rules first!)

FAITH SHOES VOUCHERS You may have noticed that Faith Shoes have suddenly appeared in the Castle Mall. They're so excited to be there at last that they've asked us at The Event, to give away five £10 vouchers for their store. To be in with a chance of winning one, just answer this: What was the name of Patrlck Macnee and Honor Blackman's hit single? Was it: a. Hippy Sandals? b. Groovy Trainers? c. Kinky Boots?


ay enter as m nswers should any competif stuck-down envefe on the back of ~ons as You like 2. We don't car ope. Postcard or a a

none of th e how many . 3. The clos~~~e;tricting it to ~~::: ~ou send us • December 18. (Eate for all competifir ous~h~ld here! entries received Xcept for Verve eo ons t.h!s Issue is 4. You must In I after this date Will ;:'Petition). No telephone n c Ude Your name e considered 5. All Winner~':~~~~(it.You have ~~~~~~~dress and. ephone The E e Informed_ PI Your entry 6. You must vent ease don't tel. agree to · g Ive If You win any PUblicity 7. Please send a comPetition (Withl we may want to Event, Pia Your entries to C n reason!). 7TB net Zog ltd PO 8 omPetltlons ..... .,



8. And that Old h ' Norwich, NR4 final. That's lt ~hestnut. •. The Edito • • ' and have a r s decision Is great Christmas!

Answers on a pair of laces to the address opposite.





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8 - JANUARY 18

_____..__.......,_ 14 day listings in association with the Theatre Royal - Reservations (0603) 630000 FRIDAY DECEMBER 10






Addams Famil y Values opens at the Cannon (see page 8) . Plus some or all of the films from Wednesday.

Phil Hilbourne Band plus Frantic .

See Friday.

Demented Are Go.



8os wells

See Friday.

Broadside Swingtet. 12 noon to 3pm .

Dirty Tricks - rock covers.

Odeon No new films at the Odeon this week -therefore it's still likely to be showing some or all of the films from last Wednesday see them while you can!

Compiled by Caro/ine Jenkinson

WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 8 Cannon Screen 1: Demolition Man (15)Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes star. See page 12. 2.15pm, 5.45pm , 8.30pm. Screen 2: Hard Target (18)The Muscles from Brussels kick-boxes his way through another action -packed thriller. See page 12. 2.30pm , 6pm, 8.40pm . Also The Secret Garden (U) Children's classic remade for the big screen. See page 12. 1.30pm, 6pm . Screen 4: Dave (12) - The story of a man who's the spit1ing image of the President of the United States .. . Kevin Kline stars. See page 12. 3.30pm, 8.40pm . Also showing The Fugitive (12) which stars Harrison Ford as a man on the run for his life , when he's accused of his wife's mur..,.., der. Tommy Lee Jones is chasing him! See page 12. 2. 15pm, 5.40pm , 8.15pm.

Odeon Screen 1: Aladd in (U) - Awa rdwinning classic tale, given the Disney touch of magic. Superb son gs and animation. See page 12. 1.30pm , 3.45pm , 6pm , 8.15pm. Screen 2: The Man Without A Face (12) - Mel Gibson is, funnily enough , a man without a face, or soemthing like that... See Page 12. 1.1Opm, 3.25pm , 5.35pm , 8.15pm. Screen 3: So I Married An Axe Murderer (12)- Mike Myers (Wayne's World) stars in a hilarious comedy about a man who thinks he's married a serial killer. See Page 12. 1.30pm, 3.20pm, 5pm .

Cinema City Baby of Macon (18)- Peter Greenaway's controversial film

about a 'miracle' child. 5.45pm , 8.15pm.



Norwich Arts Centre My Mother Said I Never Should - a play. 8pm , £6/£4 cone.

Norwich Arts Centre Mike Beck's Something Else and China Pig Trio -jazz. 8pm, £4/£3 cone.



The Waterfront

Gig: Th e Stranglers. £10.50 adv. Drama: The Tempest - presented by the UEA Drama Sector. 7.30pm , £5/£3 cone.

Club night Swamp. Acid Jazz to Latin to Heavy Funk. £3.50 . No dress restrictions.

The Royal Family- a tribute to Freddie Mercury and Queen . £5adv.

Gig: Lit11e Ang els. £10. Drama : See Wednesday.

Scratch The Cat

The Globe Lucas Soul Band.

Club night.

Manhattans Sunday Service - Up-front dance music. 7pm-11pm , free admission and pub prices.

Superskate Family Superskate - 10.30am1pm , £2./2pm-5pm , £2.50. Collesseum (Games) Night 7pm-11pm, £3.50.

Gig: James + Radiohead. SOLD OUT.

Manhattans 'Famous'. The best sounds of Lon don brought to Norwich. Main Floor: Garage . Upstairs: Acid Jazz/Funk. £3 on th e door.

Ritzy Fast Trax. 9pm to 2am . £2 before 10.30pm, £3 after.

Peppermint Park Tequila Promotion .

Superskate Rave Night- 7pm-11pm , £3.




See Friday.

God Knows No Mercy.


8os wells

See Friday.

Jazzmatazz. 8pm to 11 pm.

Cinema City


Much Ado ... - 5.45pm . The Baby of Macon - 8.15pm

Club night.

Ritzy UEA Concert. Danel String Quartet. 7.30pm , £8/£6-£4 cone.

Nth Degree . 9-2 . £1 B4 11 (free with NUS card) , £2 after.

Peppermint Park Norwich Arts Centre Wilde Club - Jacobs Mouse + support. £3 .50 av.

Club night. 50p a pint!

Superskate "Rollermania" (Rock Night) 7pm-11 pm, £2.

Oval Big Boy Tomato plus Short and Curlies - Ska/Punk


King's Head


Fat Slugs All Star Blues Band.

See Friday.


Wrench , Cherry Forever and NFL. £2.50

Ode on


NJQ. 9pm to midnig ht.

See Friday.


Cinema City

Jazz 'n' Blues Jam with Dave Holgate and Paul Stevenson . 9pm to midnight.

See Monday. Also Much Ado ... at 2.30pm.


Girl of the Week

Club night.


Norwich Arts Centre

Technique. 9pm to 2am . £1 before 11pm and £3 after.

Pericles The Panto - a pantomime fo r adults who think their children , presented by Rough as Guts. 8pm , £5/£4 cone.

Peppermint Park Happy Wednesday. £1 all pints and normal admission.

Family Superskate. 7pm-11 pm , £2 .50 .

Oval Fun Palace - rock.



See Wednesday, plus 'What's Love Got To Do With 11" at 8.10pm . Cinema City See Wednesday. Also 2.30pm.

Astral Plane.

The Globe, Blofield Rhythm and Greens - 60s and 70s mixtures .

Theatre Royal


See Wednesday. 7.30pm only.

Lucas Soul Band. 9 to 12 .

Norwich Arts Centre


The Bob Hall Trio- blues. 8pm , £6/£4 cone.

Club night.

Partee. 9-2 . £1 B4 11 pm , £2 after.

The Waterfront


Lovetrain - 70s revivalists. £3.50adv.

"Back Seat of the Chevy" (16+) - 7pm-11pm, £3.

Superskate Disco Night. 7pm-11 pm, __ .JO.

lndie Night - Breed, Spine



Manhattans Art College Bash.


Go - 9pm to 2am . £1 .50 before 11pm and £2 .50 after.



Rhythm and Reeds. 9pm- 12.

Aspects of Love - Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's hit musical. £4£22, 2.30pm , 7.30pm.

See Wednesday.

Drama: See Wednesday.

See Wednesday. Also Robocop (1 8)- a classic! 11pm .

See Wednesday. 7 .30pm only.



8os well s

Theatre Royal



Cinema City

Mediterraneo (15) - aimable comedy about a group of Italian soldiers. 5pm . Much Ado About Nothing (PG) Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson , Denzil Washington , Keanu Reeves, etc. etc .... 7.30pm.

Theatre Royal

The Waterfront

Ci nema City Ki ng's Head



See Friday.

Throb - rock.

Ode on

King's Head

See Friday.

Hot or What Blues Band .

Cinema City

The Globe

See Wednesday. Also Home Alone 2 (PG) - 2.30pm.

Rock Bot1om - Rock and blues band .

Theatre Royal


Norwich Arts Centre

See Wednesday.

Beyond The Blues. 9pm to midnight.

See Tuesday.

Cannon See Friday.

Ode on See Friday.

Norwich Arts Centre The Imitations - £5/£3 cone. 8pm .

Hy's Club night.

The Waterfront

Cinema City See Monday.

UEA Gig: Pogues. £10. Drama: Woyzeck by Georg Buchner - 7.30pm, £5/£3 cone.

Club night Meltdown. All kinds of music/ no dress code. £3.50.


Maddermarket Theatre


The Artisan Christmas Show £5/£4 cone.

Furious Fun . 9pm to 2am . £3 before 10.30pm , £5 after.



King's Head

Gig: Jools Holland. 7.30pm , £7.50. Drama: See Wednesday.

Family Superskate - 1Oam12.30pm, £2/Family./Family Superskate - 2pm-5pm , £2.50. "Lethal Radiation" -7pm-1am, £3.50.

Headcleaners Blues Band .

Oval Riders On The Storm - Doors tribute band.

Club night. 9pm to 2am.

Hy 's Girl of the Week.

The Waterfront Verve (a former favourite of Radio One Dj. John Peel) plus Acetone . £5 adv.

Ritzy Go. 9pm to 2am .

Peppermint Park As last Wednesday.

Superskate Boswells

As last Wednesday.

Lee Vasey Band. 9pm to 12.


- - - - - - - - - - ------------


from £3 or £4





See Friday.

See Friday, December 10.

Blithe Power and The Wild Good -folk rock.



See Friday.

See Friday, December 10.

Brickmakers Otts and Davy Howe - Blues.

Cinema City

Cinema City

Much Ado ... 2.30pm, 5.45pm, 8.15pm.

it's A Wonderful Life (U) - Classic Hollywood movie, starring James Stewart. 5pm . Much Ado ... - 7.30pm .

Broadside Swingtet. 12 noon to 3pm.

Theatre Royal

As last Sunday.

Theatre Royal

Compiled by Carol/ne Jenkinson


Dick Whittington - Lionel Blair directs and stars in the annual panto. £2.50-£10.75, 7.30pm. See pages 16 and 17.

Glenn Miller Orchestra.

Superskate The Globe

Norwich Arts Centre



As last Sunday.


The Every Brothers.

See Tuesday.

See Friday, December 10.

8os wells The Waterfront

Nostalgia. 9pm to midnight.

Bjom Again. See centre pages for details and interview. £8.50 adv - a sure-fire sellout!

Hy's Club night.



UK Subs plus PMT - punk.

Partee ... 9pm to 2am.



Big Sleep.

As last Thursday.


Odeon See Friday, December 10.

Cinema City See Monday.

Theatre Royal See Thursday. Also 2.30pm.

Oval Goober Patrol, Compact Pussycat, Waddle and Magoo. £2


Brickmakers See last Friday.

Jazz 'n' Blues 8pm-12.

Glam Rockers.


King's Head 0

lus Robin ~s- see page

Charlton Brothers.

The Globe


The Acme Blues Company.

Cinema City Much Ado ... - 5.45pm, 8.15pm. The Commitments (15) - 11 pm.

Boswells Alan Stuart Octet. 9pm to midnight.

Theatre Royal See Thursday.

Hy's Club night.

Norwich Arts Centre See Tuesday. Also 2pm.

Manhattans As last Saturday.

UEA Gig: Squeeze. £8.50.

Ritzy Fast Trax. 9pm to 2am .



vlub night: see last Fri.

Peppermint Park Christmas Party.

Oval Brotlers

'lrimm - Blues Broth"

Club night.

Superskate As last Friday.



Peppermint Park


See Friday, December 10.

As last Monday.

Jeremy Goss Testemonial Night.




See Friday, December 10.

See last Monday.

As last Tuesday.

PLEASE NOTE While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of these listings, The Event can accept no responsib iIiiY for omissions or errors. You are advised to telephone venue to checlc details before

travelling to it.

Cinema City Dennis (PG) 2.30pm. Leon the Pig Farmer (15) 5.45pm, 8.15pm .

Theatre Royal See Thursday. Also 2.30pm.

Boswells Jazzmatazz. 8pm to 11pm.


Merry Christmas from

Club night.

Norwich Arts Centre Wilde Club Xmas Party with five bands £2 adv.

Ritzy Nth Degree. 9pm to 2am.

Cannon See Friday, December 10.

Odeon See Friday, December 10.

Cinema City Much Ado ... - 5.45pm, 8.15pm. Hue and Cry (PG) - Ealing film, starring Alistair Sim. 2.30pm.

Theatre Royal See Thursday. Also 2.30pm .

The Globe The Crocodiles.

Norwich Arts Centre Boswells

The Persuaders - jazz/funk. The Christmas party of the year. 8pm, £4/£3 cone.

Climax Jazz Band. 9pm to midnight.

The Waterfront


Club night: See last Sat

Club night.



Living Spirit - AOR band.

As last Saturday.



Rogues Gallery - folk rock.

Furious Fun. 9pm to 2am.

King's Head


Steel Street Blues.

As last Saturday.

Cannon Cinema, Tel623312 Odeon Cinema, Tel 0426 932450 Cinema City, Tel622047 Theatre Royal, Tel630000 Norwich Arts Centre, Tel660352 Maddermarket Theatre, Tel620917 Puppet Theatre, Tel629921 Brlckmakera, Tel426629 Kings Head, Tel627998 Manhattan Nightclub, Tel629060 The Oval Rock House, Tel748244 Peppermint Park, Tel764192 Ritzy Nightclub, Tel621541 UEA, Tel505401 Boswells/Hy's, Tel626099 The Waterfront, Tel632717 Superskate, Tel403220

Theatre Street Norwich


The Union of UEA Students are proud to present•••

Mind expanding trancy guitars + support from



Vicious A~er• Neil Young hint of v•ntage

WATERFRONT CHRISTMAS AND EW YEAR CLUB NIGHT SPECIALS Celebrate Christmas in style at Norwich·s finest venue in the company of DJs Freaky o, Phil Shreave and Keith Slater, with music ranging from acid jazz and Iatin to heavy funk.


See in 1994 by the river with the best music to be found in Norwich. The usual Meltdown mix of music including indie, 70s, 80s chart and dance, with a real party atmosphere.


Profile for Concrete - UEA's official student newspaper

The event-issue 6-29th January  

The event-issue 6-29th January