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Spirits in the sky

'Spiritualized' (pictured), 'Mercury Rev ' and ' Or Phibes And The House Of Wax Equations' will now not be appearing in Norwich for the foreseeable future. The bands - who were scheduled to play a Green peace Benefit Gig at UEA on Friday, October 29 - postponed their gig late that afternoon . An attempt to reschedule the date for Wednesday, November 3 unfortunately failed. The Event spoke to John Best, Spiritualized 's publicist, who said : " The gig on Friday was cancelled because the band 's drummer, John Matlock, wasn 't well. The reserve drummer that we have used before, the guy from 'The Darksides', wasn't available either." And Gavin Hudson, Entertainments Assistant in UEA's Student Union explained the why the rescheduling of the gig proved to be impossible. "The last date of the tour was November 2nd. After that Mercury Rev had to go back to America due to recording commitments. Or Phibes and the House of Wax Equations had gone back to Liverpool. Although Spiritualized were fine for the gig on t he 3rd, we were less than happy about putting the package on without the two other bands. lt was not until Monday that we discovered that Mercury Rev were unable to change their flig ht times." But he said the possibility of putting the bands on at a different ti me had existed on the Friday." •If you are still the unlucky owner of a ticket to see the bands then you can claim a full refund at the Union 's Finance Office in Union House at UEA. Anyone who has an enquiry may phone the Student Un ion on 505401 . Richard Jones DTop US actor, Wesley Snipes, has told The Event, that he and Sylvester 'Sly' Stallone "got along really well" during the making of their latest movie, 'Demolition Man'. In our London interview, which can be read on page 10 of this issue, he says of Stallone: "I suppose we had something in common in that we've come from nothing and now we've got whatever... he pulled me aside and gave me some pearls of his wisdom." Our review of their film is on page 11 . O Ageing-rocker, Toyah Willcox, came to Norwich last week, when she played at sell-out gig at the Oval Rockhouse. She told The Event's Jo Stubbington that she was gigging at smaller "rock-type venues" because she wanted to appeal to a more studentorientated audience. But she was also anticipating a good response from her 80s fans . The gig is reviewed on page 5.

DTwo new club nights begin in Norwich over the next fortnight, at different ends of the City. The first is 'Headspin' on Tuesday November 16 at 7a Anglia Square. lt begins at 9pm and admission is £1. lndie guitar and indie dance music Is promised, plus cheap drinks all night. Meanwhile, at Manhattan Nightclub in Dove Street, 'Famous' brings a taste of the very best in London sounds to the heart of Norwich. Said UEA student, Lisa Ford, who is organisIng the night: " I really want to stress that this is not a student night, but it is open to anyone in Norwich who will appreciate the best club night around . Downstairs will be Garage, whilst the top floor will be Acid Jazz and Funk." Admission for the night is £2 in advance, or £3 on the door. Further details on (0603) 665681 .

T Wa erfro 1: ho it•s o ening & who

Above: UEA 's Student Union Bars Manager, Tom Balls (left), who w/11 also oversee the running of the bars at The Waterfront during the 6 month trial period. He's pictured with UEA 's Commercial Serivces Manager, Dav/d Hooper. Right: The Interior of the venue's Cafe-Bar- wilt this be opening?




Although full plans for the relaunch of The Waterfront have not yet been confi rm ed by UEA's Student Union , The Event can exclusively reveal that the venue will be open for its first night of public trading on Wednesday December 1.


'Evanl OFans of heart-throb American film -star, River Phoenix, were stunned by his sudden death outside a Hollywood nightclub last week. The reputedly clean-living star of fi lms such as "My Own Private Idaho" and "Indiana Jones and th e Last Crusade" apparently had an epileptic fit outside the club , owned by friend Johnny Depp . Many tabloid newspapers claimed that Phoeni x had been seen taking a mixture of valium and cocaine in th e club. On page 9 of this issue, The Event's Ami r Muhammad pays tribute to the star who coul d now be regarded as the new James Dean. Phoenix is pictured (above) in one of his last films , Sneakers, made in 1991 . lt eo-starred some far more famous actors , including Robert Redford and Sidney Poitier. •A number of Norwich video stores say th ey have been swamped with requests for any film starring the young actor.

Observant followers of the music press will have noticed a change In the line-up to the forthcoming Teenage Fanclub tour... which comes to Norwich 's UEA on November 19. Instead of the super-grunge Superchunk, second support will now come from the much-touted Juliana Hatfield Three. Having received mixed live reviews recently, the JH3 have yet to justify the amount of publicity given to them : their last single " My Sister" failed to capture the chart buying market, despite continuous play on daytime Radio One FM. But most of the hype surrounding the group has been focused upon Juliana's personal life and her relationship with Evan Dando from the Lemonheads, whom she used to live with. Confirming the image of the post-grunge, screwed-up, superwaif of the American middles classes , Juliana has openly discussed her problems with anorexia and insecurities within re lationships (she kept her virginity until she was 25). Unsurprisingly, this attracted a certain amount of attention from the voyeuristic world of male indiedom , ever reliant upon personality. Hopefully, Hatfield's music

Happy go lucky: The Ju/iana Hatfield... Four?! can withstand and rise above this tabloidesque fixation upon herself and be valued on its own terms. " Become What You Are" , JH3's new album , should

confirm their stature musically. •Turn to pages 14 and 15 for The Event's Teenage Fanclub feature. Mary BarnecuN


10 -




Story and exclusive pictures by Steve Howard Reporters from The Event were the first journalists to be allowed Into the Waterfront last week, as the UEA's Student Union finalised Its plans to re-open the venue. As our pictures show, work Is already underway Inside the venue on repairs and Improvements necessary to meet the preChristmas deadline. ~n Inspection of the Interior of the venue showed that lt was largely Intact despite l)diKI unused for close to t r. The roof has apparently needed minor repairs, as have some

Internal doors and the electricity supply to the building. The bars and bar fittings remain Intact from when the venue closed, and last week brewery chiefs were Inspecting the building along with Student Union managers who are charged with ensuring Its successful relaunch. Plans are still being finalised as to the artlstes who will appear In the pre-Chrlstmas programme, but they are believed to Include a Christmas Eve event of some sort. The Event will bring you more details as soon as they are available.

A workman puts the nnlahlng touches to the stage area of the venue

Not quite open for business... The Waterfront's box office

thewaterfront During the compilation of this news section, nobody from the Students Union at UEA was prepared to comment on bookings for the opening weeks at The Waterfront. But our investigations have discovered that a 'Megadog' will be the opening event. This sees the crossover of several bands' rock and dance music ... and is the latest development in Crusty culture. Many different bands have played the previously London-based Megadogs, Planet Dogs and Club Dogs, including The Aphex Twin, Orbital, Back to The Planet and Sheep on Drugs...


A ball at the Cannon The Cannon cinema has launched a discount offer exclusively for students. Those who produce the relevant identification - such as an NUS, UEA, NIAD or City College card- can gain admission for just £2.30, the price of a child's ticket. This represents a whopping saving of just over one third on the adult price of £3.60. The offer is valid at the Prince of Wales Road cinema on all Monday showings. Says Manager, Bryan Waters, "Students have been asking about it, now that they've got it, let's hope that they will use it." However, not all cinemas in the Cannon chain will be adopting the discount scheme, which has been launched in Norwich as a response to student demand. lt is understood that the discount scheme will extended at some point, but at the moment "the discount will be going to students" , explained Mr Waters.

i.JTecho band Dub Syndicate play P ppermlnt Park on ovember 181n What has n labelled an "East Anglian exclusive," by promoter James Tully. Featuring a live mix by member and eminent DJ Adr an Sherwood, dub heroes the Synd cate take the stage 1n Norwich just one month after the release of their latest album, •echomanla', which has been billed as their most nnovatlve to date. .Record label On.U:.SOUnd enthu&e that each track Is "a cl le In Its own right that pushes forward to explore new diversions of sound." Dub Syrtdlcate gained recognition In 1982 with the release of 'Pounding System' and since then have been associated with Inventive and Intoxicating music wfth roots based firmly In the rhythms of reggae. An ever evolving group of musicians In the hands of Style Scott and Adrian Sherwood, they have created a sound that Is uniquely and distinctively their own with an appeal far beyond the bounds of contemporary dub and reggae. Jarnes Tully of Phoenix Promotions told The Event, ..We were extremely pleased to get this gig for East Anglia, and especially Norwich, aeelng u Dub Syndicate aren't playing In either C.mbridge or lps ICh. ~lly It'll go down well, aa they're a legendary band." Tickets for the gig are £7.50 tn advance from the uaual outlets. N,.ll Hlltnpt!Nr



UEn to Stab on




THE EvENT, N ovEMBER 10 - No vEMBER 23

East Coast Jazz Festival PREVIEW



The Beautiful People

REVIEW •UEA's LCR, Saturday November 6 There are rock bands and there are great rock bands . At UEA on November 6, Hawkwind proved that they are no longer a great rock band. Hawkwind were formed almost twenty-five years ago and had endured well, the quality of their music earning respect from within and outside the business. Now, however, they have shown themselves to be middle-aged rockers trying to extend their youth for just one more year. The support band, The Beautiful People, won warm applause from an appreciative crowd. Their unique blend of music, based on the style of Jimi Hendrix, was creative and adventurous. The cover versions of "Purple Haze" and "Foxy Lady" towards the end of the set brought an enthusiastic response from the small audience, which grew steadily throughout the evening. While the visual aspect of Hawkwind's performance was innovative and exciting, the music was weak and lacked any real impetus.

Behind the stage was a screen upon which surreal images were flashed , and, coupled with extensive lighting effects, this created an illusory mood which the audience soaked up . The three band members, Dave Brock, bassist Andy Davey and drummer Richard Chadwick, were situated at the side of the stage, the centre being dominated by a solitary female dancer. As a three-piece band , however, they just did not fulfil expectations. While the set was imaginative, the music, which initially seemed bizarre , soon became monotonous and repetitive. I! was dull and all much of a sameness, certainly lacking in variety. The crowd applauded the band enthusiastically, but this was no si gn of the quality of the gig. Hawkwind lacked the power and commitment that are fundamental to their reputation . Hawkwind: isn't it about time you hung up your guitars and got proper jobs instead?

Martin Plant

Foster & Alien PREVIEW Foster and Alien , the popular Irish easy listening duo, are to play at the Theatre Royal on Sunday November 14. Following their successful tour of the UK in April , the pair are playing in Norwich as part of a tour consisting of 28 dates around the country. Last Christmas, Foster and Alien entered the UK charts with their album, 'Heart Strings'. This was followed by the New-Year release of their first new single for a number of years: 'Love You Every Second'.

This comin g tour is set to coincide, meanwhile, with the release of a new Foster and Alien album and video. The pair have promised a new look to their live act, and have hired another musician to add further dimension to their show.

Headcleaner PREVIEW Camden-based trio Headcleaner come to the Arts Centre in the Wilde Club's next g ig (November 22). Formed in Brixton in 1990, Headcleaner reflect the grim, dirty heartles s existence of city life. The frustration and aggressive release is a powerful mix of noise moments . Self-described as a sort of indie noise rock, they would be happ ier to be described as an avant-garde industrial roc k band. Spawned from the Camden (Falcon) scene, Headcleaner are d istinct yet similar to the fri ends Silverfish, Big Black and t he Love blobs. In attitude they, li ke Pudge Turner, need to release their frustrations and intense anger without resorting to the low form of physical violence. With sociat/political comments, the band is mean and powerful live, but seems approachable, talkative and basically likeable in interview. With their debut album " Au Fou" last year, and an EP " Stitched " last June, Headcleaner have gained their own cult status, even being mentioned in The Times in a grunge piece! Support is from industrial hardcore metal band Spinewrench. Recently supporting Pitch Shifter, they return to drive their own offensive guitar noise into your ears. Not to be missed! Other support bands are Waddle and NFL (try not to wipe out the drum machine thi s time!)


Trans-Giobal Underground



REVIEW •Peppermint Park, Thursday, November 4 Trans-Giobal Underground are not the first band you 'd expect to hear at Peppermint Park, perhaps better known for its beer-swilling student nights. However, as soon as keyboardist Alex Kasiek and bassist Count Dubula came on stage at 11 .15pm, adorned with tribal Nepalese masks, it was clear we were in for something a little different. Hailing from the ethnically diverse East End of London, Trans-Giobal Underground declare themselves the BNP's worst nightmare. A boiling pot of cultural and musical influences, they are covering untrodden ground in the alternative dance scene. For want of a better phrase, Dubula, the Greek-Albanian driving force , has loosely described their music as 'technoworld-dub-dance', but claims that "none of the labels attached to us really explain what we do." They are fronted by Indian belly dancer Natacha Atlas, whose wailing mantra vocals sail over the 90's dub-dance rhythms. Alongside is the ultra-cool and supremely relaxed Neil Sparks ,

the beat poet and bongo player whose omnipresent voice pervades the music with bellowed dub slogans, yelps and trills. He pauses captivatingly between songs to announce in a hushed, mellow whisper that we are "now aboard the TransGiobal Underground." The keyboards and bass combine with samples to provide a housey, hip-hop sound intermingled with exotic Far Eastern melodies and trance rhythms. The band, who played at Glastonbury earlier this year, are the quintessence of ethnic unity, and are well known in London clubs such as The Whirligig. "We're an inevitable product of living in London in the late 20th century," says Sparks. However, it was clear from Natacha's lack of enthusiasm and Sparks sardonic comments about Norwich that the band needed something more than the hundred-strong hardcore audience that appeared. Following on at12 .30am were support band Higher lntelli-

:;:: ~

""c:' 3


gence Agency. A total feast of synthesizers and samples, they provided the perfect progression from the comparatively more upbeat Trans-Giobal Underground. Trance-inducing beeps and space inspired noises washed over a meandering but rhythmic bass. The mesmeric quality of the music was echoed on the faces of the select audience, who flowed and ebbed to the bizarre. wave-like sounds. The two geezers who skulked beneath towers of keyboards and sampling machines, and behind a translucent drape, seemed blissfully unaware of the 'higher intelligence' they were bestowing upon the dazed hypnotic dancers. The bands provided a solid two hours of progressively more abstract, tranquil music that rounded off a surprisingly good evening.

Kester Hynds

The Colortorm REVIEW •Locks Inn, Geldeston, Bonfire Night, Friday November 5 lt is a testament to local band The Colorform's popularity that the somewhat isolated Locks Inn was packed for th eir bonfire night gig . The band took to the stage with a laid-back first number, "Liquid Sky", with Giles Davis' soaring didgeridoo performance adding a hugely surprising depth to their sound. The crowd 's approval was sealed with "Granny Bashing" as they launched into a Chilli Peppersesque funk groove, lead vocalist/bassist Mat Nagy's performance being honed to a se ries of convincing snarls. Infectiously funky grooves were dished out in abundance , with numbers like "Charter of Cool" getting the crowd thrusting its sweaty mass if flail ing limbs in time with the music. As a six-piece band, The Colorform worked brilliantly as a unit but seemed to lack an individual as a stage personality - the emphasis was

more on the fact that their style of live music is quite free-form . They went into longer instrumentals as the crowd danced manically, and there was a refreshing element of improvisation . To prove their professionalism, their power was cut three-quarters of the way through their set and it was left to drummer Nigel Emblin and DidgeMan Giles to kee p the songs moving - for ten min utes they grooved acoustically and the crowd carried on going wild .. . amazing! Barney Noblet's saxophone added a sul try edge to a few numbers, but it was the extraordinary didgeridoo that stole the show - they may eventually do the for the didgeridoo what Oz ric Tentacles did for the 20minute flute solo. Colorform's unique brand of funked-up indie dance should be sampled by everyone -catch them next at The Eye Town Hall on Saturday, November 13.


The East Coast Jazz Festival kicks off this month at the Norwich Arts Centre with a programme set to top all eleven previous festivals. There's performances by such figures as jazz giant Roy Ayers, and Trilok Gurtu who brings the exciting world of Indian percussion to the forefront of European progressive jazz. Ayers is set to serve as a dynamic introduction to the festival playing on Tuesday November 16 with quintet: Mark Adams (keyboard); Dennis Davis (exStevie Wonder drummer); Donald Nicks (bass) and Roy Gaskin (alto sax) . Ayers' eclecticism synthesises soul, jazz. scat, rap and funk. Gurtu, as part of his current world tour, is scheduled to appear on Wednesday November 17 in a performance which will be both exciting and visually stunning . Appearing with Indian tabla and dhol ; Western snare, tom-tom and cymbals; alongside African cowbells, tuned pans, temple blocks, bird-calls, and a bucket of water, Gurtu's rhythms also feature his own gentle Indian mnemonic style voice, plus keyboards and bas~ . Gurtu is perhaps most renowned for his musical collaborations with The John Mclaughlin Trio with which he trav the world, but he has als, .1 involved in exclusive and significant projects with L Shankar, Archie Shepp, Gill Evans and Pat Methery among others. If anything cannot be missed at this year's festival it is this! Also set to mark the East Coast Jazz F9stival as the most happening programme of events around in a long time is The Mistura project with flautist Rowland Sutherland . Misturasupposedly meaning 'mix' - is indeed a mix of sounds drawing fro m Brazilian and Afro-Cuban dances and cool , sophisticated jazz. The seven-piece Misturc. stem from diverse musical careers , between them featuring with such contemporary soul, Iatin and jazz giants as Womack and Womack, Puenete, ·g Heads' David Byrne, Bh8, Mseleku and Courtney Pine. Doing much more than just filling in the gaps is guitarist Derek Bailey and Locofoco (Thursday November 18); the Serendipity Orchestra (Friday November 19) with cellist, rave drummer, flamenco guitarist, jazz sax , hillbilly fiddler, gospel singer, keyboard and clarinet! On Saturday November 20, Something Else presents Vibe Tribe- a ten piece project from London's DJ underground circuit; Dick Heckstaii-Smith (saxes), Lionel Grigson (keyboards) , and Pete Beavis (brassman) gig on Sunday November 21 as "some of the country's best jazz men". Historic saxophonist, Joe Houston the man who's done things with such legends as Ray Charles, Buddy Holly, Nat King Cole and John Coltrane - plays with Albert's Blues And Boogie Band on Friday November 26; and Trevor Watts and the Moire Drum Orchestra provide an end to the programme. Jon Batty


Grant Lee Buffalo PREVIEW What do you get if you take a rusted drum, a dog skin rug, a tin guitar with barbed wire strings and add to it a spray painted bass and a songbook penned by a Ouija board? The answer is a voyage into the sanctum of the absurd with Grant Lee Buffalo, who will be taking their own particular variety of up-beat folk music to UEA's LCR venue on Saturday November 13. Heralded as Michael Stipe's (REM) favourite trio, the group will perform a 'slow-burning collection of quirky acoustic based tunes' taken from their excellent debut album 'Fuzzy'. The group, which features Grant Lee Philips (Guitar/ Vocals), Paul Kimble (Bass/ Backing vocals) and Joey Peters (Drums) originally formed way back in the summer of 1986. Philips, a film school drop-out, began working with Joey Peters. Peters, as a youth, had drummed alongside a host of characters, including a blue-haired gal in her '70's down at a local steakhouse, and travelling bluesmen like John Lee Hooker. Bassist Paul Kimble ditched the Midwest to enlist in '89. Over the next two years the trio underwent radical changes as they explored and expanded their creative repertoire although not always playing to a full house ... Grant Lee describes their music as being anything from 'GoGo Futurists' to 'Dustbowl Dandies' in the early days. Paul Kimble, producer of the band's first single, feels that the band have now captured their own particular corner of the market which encompasses beautifully comprised vignettes, 'deliciously crunchy electric guitars' and the compelling vocals of Lee Philips which have been said to fall somewhere between the campness of Nail Tenant and very early Elton John! The album certainly justifies all the rave reviews and so, if you're into the 70's thang and like your music to have a bitter twist, then this is the gig for you. You won't be able to resist 'melt-in-the-mouth' songs like 'Jupiter and Teardrop', 'Hook' and of course the current single 'Fuzzy' hyped up by the bands live frenetic energy and intimate magnetism. Part medicine show, part tent revival, part nuclear explosion, the 1g is.... Grant Lee Buffalo have arrived! - flckets for the UEA gig cost £7 in advance, and are available from Joanna Stubblngton and Tlm Early the usual outlets.

~ The Saw Doctors PREVIEW Noisebox organises another two India nights at the Oval over the next couple of weeks, in the regular Tuesday nightspot. November 16th kicks off with Joyland, a melodic indie pop band with firm roots in Norwich. The evening continues with an earty Norwich outing for Kings Lynn based Magoo who turn Joy Division influences into remarkably catchy melodies. Headlining the night are the ever popular Colorfonn - Didgeridoos, a funk sensibility, an Ameri., singer called Matt!?! .J support for November 23rd. is yet to be confirmed but second on will be Manchester based indie pop band This Gigantic World who (apparently) once fear ln an episode of East... ,.Jars! They are promoting their new single 'Swagger' which is due out next month. Rounding off the evening will be the raucous indie-noise of the Extension Leads, who come fresh from the final of the Oval Band Competition.

Determined to put serious fun back into that ailing beast known as Rock Music, The Saw Doctors will be taking their own variety of folk music to UEA on Saturday November 20, and tickets are selling fast. Topping the Irish charts with their revamped version of 'Blase X' and securing themselves a firm place in musical folklore with what has since become a national closing-time anthem throughout Ireland, the 'Does' have gone from strength to strength, their latest achievement being the triumphant album 'All The Way From Tuam' which was released in October 1992. The latest tour promises to follow in the footsteps of the last round of UK dates which saw every venue sold out and left the audience hungry for more. •Tickets for the gig- if you bother to buy in advance - are £8 {from the usual outlets).

Peter Snowman

Joanna Stubblngton

Mambo Taxi

+ Steerplke + Flvover + Hitch Your Wagon to a Chicken REVIEW •WIIde Club, Norwich Arts Centre, Monday November 1 NAG's own lighting man showcases his band Hitch Your Wagon To A Chicken, in pounding noise-fast fashion. lnterluded with Bmovie and children's stories samples, this duo and drum machine blast and shout their own industrial trash, speed, death metal into our eardrums. Aggressive, loud, and halfway down your throat. With a subtle change in music, UEA band Ryover, with lots of friends in tow, pace through their own Brit-indie with heavy Smiths influences and a couple of Ride lntro's. Flyover are confident and competent but bring nothing new except a diabolical cover of

Duran Duran's "Hungry Uke the Wolr. Strummy, foot-tappy and interesting, but futile. Following their recent Noisebox release, Steerplke play again to the NAC crowd. The set starts a bit disjointed but their confidence grows ... Push them harder and give them a dancier, poppier edge and it could be Back to the Planet. Mambo Taxi start with an instrumental (proving that they can play?) and pace through their '90s Riot Girl Revillo's act. With a '60s Vox organ and a few guitars, Mambo Taxi fail to captivate the audience as the Voodoo Queens did a couple of months ago, and became a tad disappointing. Even their fantastically titled single 'Why Do You Have To Dress Uke That In Front Of Other People's Boyfriends?" didn't entice the crowd. Amends were made for me, anyhow, with the cover of the '60s garage punk classic "Have Love Will Travel", with the singer desperately trying to leave the stage without an encore. Paullngleby

Jo Verret - lrvin Verret

The York Tavern

at the junction of York Street & Leicester Street, Norwich NR2 2AS, Norfolk.

THEiNN'PLACE TO BE Traditional Pub SeNing Excellent Selection of Real Ales and Food - 7 days a week. Pool Room, Beer Garden, Live Music, FREE Use of Function Room for Parties & Meetings.

Telephone 0603 620918




10 -

Jacob's Mouse PREVIEW East Anglian band Jacob's Mouse play the NAG on November 15 in their second Wilde Club appearance in the space of six months. The Bury St Edmunds three piece, who earlier this year opened the Mean Fiddler's Phoenix Festival, are touring to promote their forthcoming single to be released at the end of November, taken from the current album 'I'm Scared'. In what must surely be their most successful year to date, Jacob's Mouse eo-headlined a tour with indie popsters Bivouac, and embarked on a 6 date tour in July culminating in their set at the Phoenix Festival, when they played to 45,000 people. Their forthcoming date at club venue the NAG will, however, bring them back down to earth and offer a chance to air the tracks from the earlier 'No Fish Shop Parking' album, as well as from their current LP, which one music journo has described as their best to date. "On 'I'm Scared', they're mashing up our preconceptions in an attempt to seek out new chord changes, to go where no album has gone before, and it's a perversely thrilling LP", said the NME's Paul Moody. Featuring a wide range of textures, from the Clash-esque 'it's a Thin Sound', to 'Body Shop', which seems to launch acoustic grunge as a whole new genre, and the grunge onslaught of opening track 'Kettle', 'I'm Scared' is an album that the listener is left to work out for themselves. Tickets £3 adv or £4 on the door. Nia/1 Hampton




The Kinks

+The Bardots + Lols



•The Wilde Club, UEA LCR (!!), Mon Oct 25

Still going strong after 30 years in the music business, Rock 'n' Roll Hall-of-Famers, the Kinks, will be making a stop in Norwich on their current tour. The Ray Davies led band are set to take the stage at the University of East Anglia on Thursday, November 17. Most fondly remembered for their widely influential Sixties output, the Kinks have sol die red on through 30 albums and countless tours. Their current jaunt is being heralded as the Definitive Collection Tour, also the namesake of a recently offered greatest hits package which spans most of the band's lengthy career. Going along with this, the Kinks promise to deliver all their best known hits and crowd pleasers. In addition to the Definitive Collection, Ray Davies and Co. also have a new album to promote, 'Phobia', released at the beginning of this year. Along with 1989's acclaimed UK Jive set and 1991's Did Ya EP, the new album forms part of a mini Kinks Renaissance, with songs like "Babies" and "Scattered" harking back to the band's glory days. The new album finds the Kinks very able to hold their ground in the 1990's. lt features top notch songs from leader Davies, always a wry commentator on modern society and a champion of the world's misfits. The most quintessentially English band of their time, The Kinks came together in the early Sixties and immediately gained international fame with their

The Wilde Club at the LCR, eh? OK, so NAG had already been booked with children's comedy "Badger and Badger", so Wilde Club sought an alternative venue and ended up in Norwich's largest. .. make of that what you will! Lois started the proceedings to a smaller crowd than expected with no one daring to shuffle front-stage or even creep into the well. The LCR looked a tad empty all night, whether this was due to the band or the fact that this is UEA is debatable. However, Lois emerged with the drummer safely tucked behind the speakers and the other half of this duo left to sing and strum with most of the stage to herself. Often termed as riot-girrl folksters, there seemed few links to the likes of Huggy Bear & eo., and another attempt to define women musicians in one category. Apart from those quibbles, Lois played a pleasant, friendly, melodic strum that was basic but quietly laid-back and smoothly paced. With the limited instruments it seemed to lack depth or excitement, but it did rather soothe the brain in the same way Mazzy Star can late at night with the volume turned low. This American duo were polite, apologetic about the minor guitar problems and managed to seem comfortable in the vast setting . As a few more people emerged in the crowd, Norwich band, The Bardots, took the stage to push their own sub-manic guitar rock. Having been around a few years, The Bardots add to the number of Norwich bands to release material and then fail to gain any memorable accomplishments. The crowd seemed indifferent, merely waiting for Heavenly and having no grasp of the band. On the plus side, the Bardots are experienced and coordinated but lack captivation; this culminated in the loud heckle of "You're very boring" which, to be honest, hit the nail on the head. lt seemed obvious that their ambition is to be rock stars yet the impression left was of stale, middle-of the-road guitar rock. The style is similar to the Catherine Wheel but unfortunately not nearly as good. Basically bland and, yes ... boring! With Heavenly on the Sarah label, you know what you're getting: sweet indie jangly guitar pop. They seem to be stuck in the late '50s quirky, fluffy guitar sound similar to the Field Mice and Tulluliah Gosh (which, apparently, is where a couple of their members came from). Imagine The Wedding Present if they were EXTREMELY happy and you sort of get the picture. lt was a success with the crowd, though, who sang and danced along. Heavenly are the kind of band who are good at what they do but fail to interest me. With happy faces and a fun atmosphere, though, you can't complain, and that was just on-stage. Another heckle rises, "Better than the Bardots", someone following with "Not difficulr. Bouncy, jolly and sickly sweet.


second single "You Really Got Me". The track, Davies' rewrite of "Louie, Louie", that featured a scratchy guitar riff from his brother Dave, became a prototype for what would later emerge as heavy metal. From this initial raunchy R & B sound, the Kinks quickly matured with Davies' increasingly perceptive lyrics set to a gorgeous, harmony-filled backdrop. During a run of singles in the mid Sixties, the Kinks delivered some of the greatest pop tunes of the rock era - "Waterloo Sunser. "Days", and "Sunny Afternoon" just to name a few. Davies was able to pack more pathos into a three minute pop song than was thought possible. The band then went on to record numerous concept albums, still delivering potent singles like the gender twisting "Lola". The Kinks continued on into the Seventies, largely ignored at

home while being embraced by an increasingly cultish American audience. In the Eighties the band reached new heights, headlining Madison Square Garden and scoring big with the nostalgic hit "Come Dancing." Over the years, the Kinks have had the opportunity to hone their live show considerably. Now a four piece, featuring Davies and his brother Dave, with two ex-Argent members Jim Rodford and Bob Henrit handling bass and drum duties. respectively. A highlight as always is Ray Davies' enthused, hyperactive stage presence. The show should definitely make for an exciting even filled with some of the Roct\ era's best loved songs from one of its greatest bands. •Tickets for the gig are available from the usual outlets and are £9.50 in advance.

Mlchael Jolly

,. 0





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Hl:'tl .\1 11 \~I

his lortnlght at The oval PREVIEW .



_ , .....

gs continue this month with "The F rds "(Ex Tattooed Loverboys) on y November 10 and the perennial "Zodiac Mlndwarp" on Thursday 11 -what can I say? lt's Zodiac Mlndwarpl On Friday 12, Norwich will be shaken by "Warrior Soul", whose Incendiary brand of hard rock prompted their signing with Geffen Records after only their fourth gig. Having toured with Metalllca and Queensryche and headlining at Wembley Arena the boys are currently touring In support of their new album "Chill Pill" (their fourth) which was released last month. This album sees a decided departure for "Warrior Soul". Although no less angry lt Is less political and more ''trlppy psychedelic hard rock" and features an appearance by US punk legend


Mlchael Munroe. Support will come from rising Irish rockers "Kerbdog" and tickets for the show are £5. Saturday 13 sees the welcome return to the Oval of "New England". Since playing there at the end of last year as part of their massive support tour with Wolfsbane, New England have toured, headlining In their own right, and opened the Motorhead I Saxon Christmas party at the Hammersmith Odeon last December. Anyone who watches MTV might recognize New England as being the band who play the background music for Headbangers ball and, having been singled out by Kerrang as one of the top "five bands to watch", they are sure to provide a great Saturday night out.

Warrior Soul With just a slight change of direction (I) The Oval hostthe legendary "999" on Thursday 18. Continuing their 21st UK tour and supporting their 11th album -"You, Us,lt" • "999" bring their ever controversial brand of post punk rock to Norwich. With nearly 17 years experience and having completed 10 US tours, 11 European tours as well as playing In Scandinavia and South America, these guys definitely know how to show their fans a good timeI Support comes from "The Hairy Kids" (aka Thrash merchants from hell; "Sweet 'n' Innocent")- miss this night at your peril. "The Legendary Undertakers" play on Friday 19, supported by "The Avon Ladles", and on Saturday 20 "Utter Madness" - the Madness tribute band return to Norwich after their appearance at UEA at the end of September. The Oval hosts Its regular Tuesday lndle nights on the 16 and 23 (see article) and gigs are yet to be confirmed for Sunday 14 and Sunday21.

Peter Snowman





THE NORFOLK BAILEYS RESTAURANT and TAVERN & FREEHOUSE.• Drayton Village Centre Exchange Street, Norwich Tel: 616515 Norwich 867370 Open:Sam - late Open: 11 am - late

Both open seven days a week








Don Johnson plays manipulative murder suspect: that's his vice

"" --


Courtroom drama comes to the cinema this week, courtesy of the thriller "Guilty As Sin", which stars Rebecca DeMomay and Don Johnson. DeMomay plays Jennifer Haines, a tough and confident criminal defence attorney who can get anyone acquitted. She plays only to win, and usually succeeds, but that was before the smooth-talking playboy David Greenhill (Johnson) walked into her life. He has been charged with first-degree murder- namely, pushing his rich wife out of a window and has selected Jennifer to represent him, with the expectation that he will be able to manipulate her as he does everyone else. David's charm works on Jennifer, and she begins to be drawn closer to him. But the closer she gets, the more reasons she finds to doubt his innocence. And by the time she discovers his terrifying agenda, and attempts to get the court to allow her to drop his case, she finds that he has trapped her in a situation from which there is no legal escape . This leads to a startling showdown between the two, in which Jennifer is forced to decide how far she should go to protect her client's rights and how far she must go to protect her life.

How can a psycho-nanny suddenly become a defence attorney? The climax to the film proved to be the most dangerous scene to shoot, with both DeMornay and Johnson required to perform their own stunts. Director Sidney Lumet remembers how tough it was for both of them: "it took incredible bravery from Rebecca and Don. For two nights they were suspended 44 feet off the ground . I hate physically dangerous scenes for actors, but they were magnificenr. Lumet is no stranger to courtroom drama, having also brought to the screen such classics as "12 Angry Men" and "The Verdicr. He's not exactly

came more fascinated with it. "I was interested in how attorneys are able to keep their objectivity and not be affected by the monstrous quality of the • criminals that they are forced to represent," she says. "There's an odd and unusual kinship between criminal lawyer and client. I had to ask myself, 'What's this woman doing n fending criminals? What's the appeal? What does she have in common with these criminals?' That intrigues me very much." •The film will be showing at the Odeon from November 12.

Come and join us in Manhattan!

Ter: (0603) 665681



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tree admission All drinks only £1.50 all ni ht

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sure why he keeps being drawn back to this theme though. "I've done numerous pictures about the failures and successes of the judicial system, but I don't really know where that comes from . it clearly interests me, because I've picked an awful lot of material like this. But I'm not consciously aware of why this is." Whilst Lumet is familiar with the ins and outs of the justice system, DeMornay reckons she knew very little about it before she took the role of Jennifer. Once she began to learn about criminal law though, she be-

Manbaltan•s Second

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wo very different "film people", the Italian master director Federico Fellini and the American actor River Phoenix, died late last month. Predictably, Fellini's grave has been garlanded with just tributes from collegues and admirers. But Phoenix deserves to be mourned too, for his death is arguably the greater loss. True, Phoenix's cinematic achievements, commendable though they were, were miniscule in contrast to Fellini's oeurve, but that's not the point. Fellini was 78, and he had more than proved his worth. Phoenix was just 23; he hadn't yet made his personal "La Dolce Vita" or "8 1/2". Now, of course, he never will. lt is traditional at this point to talk in terms of bright candles being snuffed out, and to reflect that symbols of flaming youth, from Marlowe to James Dean, often died in their twenties. The irony this time, of course, is that Phoenix never sought to epitomise the reckless irreverence we now associate with those other men. He was a song-writing, ecoconscious vegetarian who seemed to take his craft very seriously. This did not, mercifully, translate into blandness. His screen portrayals were often charged with gorgeous angst, with "promising" (in the very best sense of the word) fairly blazed across them. Sad, sweet, beautiful River Phoenix. Did he always seem like this, or do the suddenness and mysterious circumstances of his death - he simply collapsed outside a Hollywood night club and never recovered; there have been rumours of drug use - conspire to add lustre to our remembrances? But he was always at his best in "troubled" roles. As the son of an unconventional couple on the run in "Running on Empty", he was nominated for an Oscar. As the tragic, narcoleptic hustler in Gus Van Sant's otherwise preposterous "My Own Private Idaho", his authenticity shamed the rest of the picture. In a lighter vein: a brief but exhilirating prologue as the young lndy in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"; fitting in admirably with the big boys Redford, Poitier, Ackroyd- in the ensemble cast of "Sneakers". My candidate for his most memorable performance and movie: Rob Reiner's "Stand by Me" (1985), which ties Bergman's "Fanny and Alexander" as the best 1980s film about childhood. He played the troubled leader of an unofficial gang of young misfits in 1950s America, on a long summer trek to see a corpse. (lt was based on a Stephen King short story, "The

10- NovEMBER 23

Amir Muhammad writes a tribute to young American actor, River Phoenix, who died last week

River Phoenix (right) starred as a male prostitute in the 1991 film 'My Own Private Idaho', with best-friend Keanu Reeves {left).

Body"). He was awesomely good: capturing perfectly the essence of the popular leader, the kind we all knew, or wanted to know, at school. He was, in fact, easily the best American actor of his generation, far outstripping any Johnny, Keanu, Christian or Corey the Hollywood mill could chuck up who may even have been among the greats one day. In his debut, "The Mosquito Coasr, even Harrison Ford (as his father) looked actor-ish beside him. River Phoenix always seemed curiously ethereal and grounded at the same time. Perhaps, to be morbidly melancholy about it, it's kind of fitting that he should never have realised his potential, that the "ethereal" side should win . His character in "Stand by Me" died as well, but it was told in an epilogue narration. lt added a certain bitter poignancy to the ending: even though he was off-screen , the impact was felt. All the same, you still wish that the real River Phoenix could have stuck around a little longer.


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·· ·------ ------~~------------------------------w----------------..

10 - NovEMBER 23

Other films released this fortnight Concierge In ·concierge·. Michael J. Fox is Doug Island. an ambitious young hotel receptionist keen to make his yuppie dreams come true. He meets an investor, and it all seems within his grasp, but first he must babysit the investor's beautiful mistress. Brought to you by the director of 'The Addams Family'. and with an upbeat soundtrack of popular hits. ·concierge' opens at the Cannon on November 19th.

So I Married An Axe Murderer This film , starring Mike Myers (Wayne of 'Waynes'World ') opens at the Odeon on the same day. He seems to have found the woman of his dreams in the shape of Nancy Travis, beautiful , intelligent, but unfortunately with the nasty habit of chopping people into tiny pieces when the mood takes her...

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Joe Morse meets actor Wesley Snipes, currently starring in 'Demolition Man' and'Rising Sun' on Norwich's cinema screens


ith his ferocious screen presence, unexpected ver satility, and shrewd choice of roles AfricanAmerican actor Wesley Snipes has emerged as the hottest moviestarof1993. He can probably lay claim to being the most prolific too, after "Rising Sun" opened last month and his current role as a maniacal villain tormenting Sylvester Stallone in "Demolition Man" folllowed on from "Boiling Point" and "Passenger sr earlier in the year. But meeting the man is not so chilling an encounter as might be expected. He is nothing like smooth charmer Nino Brown, the drug dealing anti-hero of "New Jack City"; nor is he the edgy, hyperactive John Cutter, the cop he portrayed in "Passenger 57"; nor is he like fast talking hustler Sidney Deane, the character he played to perfeclion in "White Men Can't Jump". Perhaps he is a mix of all three, and more; a well spoken, intelligent actor with a talent for · and track record in - action movies, a narrow perception that may change by subtle degrees in the years to come. "I'm happy to leave the 'action man' thing to people like Sly and Arnold," Snipes explains, "I like to keep mixing things up and get kind of bored doing the same type of stuff all the time. ' I don't think I ever want to be stuck just doing action movies, that would be very boring and frustrating ."

to play good guy or bad guy, comedy or drama- above all characters where colour is no longer an issue • has made it difficult for Hollywood to easily catagorise him, and the impression remains that he likes it that way. "In Hollywood they don't know what to do with me man, if you look at all the stuff from "White Men Can't Jump", "Streets of Gold", the things I've done with Spike Lee like "Jungle Fever", you can see that all the characters have been really different. "Then when you see "Demolition Man" that's going to be com· pletely in the opposite direction of everything I've ever done. They don't know what to do with me in Hollywood," he chuckles, "I don't know what to do with myself." Snipes' rise to' the top has been so irresistible that eo-star Sylvester Stallone reportedly postponed production on "Demolition Man" until he was available to play villain Simon Phoenix, while Twentieth Century Fox bosses ordered the white cop in the novel "Rising Sun" be rewritten especially for him. "That's true actually, they thought it would be more inter· esting for me to play the role than Tom Cruise, who was the other choice," Snipes laughs heartily at his good fortune, "and of course I agreed with them 100%. "On "Demolition Man" Sly and I got along real well, and I sup· pose we had something in com-

Wes/ey In 'Demolition Man' nothing and now we've got whatever. Sly's had a long, long road and he could see some promise in me, so he pulled me to the side and gave me some pearls of his wisdom. "He told me some of the mistakes he'd made along the way so that I might not make the same ones too; like his 15 cars, 17 bodyguards, two marriages and all that alimony. Those were the type of pearls he kept dropping, man." With roles being tailored for him Snipes is one actor at the height of his powers, but his prodigious output shows no signs of flagging even though there is always strong competition for the plum roles. "I think we're all aware of the big roles open to black actors," he continues. "With "White Men Can't Jump" every black actor that had ever played basketball , not even that -who had seen it on tv. came in and auditioned fo r the role of Sidney. "But with "Passenger sr they

asked me to play it, and told me if I liked it then it was mine. "With every success it becomes even easier to just do what you want to do. Now if I hear that such and such a person is producing such and such a film and I want to do it, and they think the chances are that they can make some money off it, they'll listen to me." lt begins to seem like there is nothing Wesley Snipes cannot do, especially as he combines high profile starring roles v character parts in smaller t. such as "The Waterdance" in which he plays a paraplegic, and a highly unusual one that he is currently pursuing. "There's a project coming up, a Steven Speilberg movie, about three transvestites who go to town and have this wild and crazy time. They're considering me for one of the roles, and I'd actually be very comfortable with that if I got it. That would be hilarious - Nino Brown in high heels and fishnet stockings!", Snipes laughs the laugh of a

_ v_ et_h_is__ d_iv_e_rs_e_ta_s_t_es__ a_ nd__ a_ bility ____m __ on__ in_t_ha_t_w _e_·v_e_ c_o_m _e__ fr_ om ______P_r_e_se_n_te_d__ th_e_s_c_ri_ pt_t_o_m_e_a_n_d_____ co_n_t_en_t_e_d_m_a_n_o_n_c_ e_a_g_ai_n_·~~

This fortnight at Cinema City PREVIEW


tr400 709V r----------------, : O F F: I I I

•til end ol I Dece~nbe:r I o n any o rder o f 2 pizz a s I

I or more with t his coupo n I I Take • Away and Delivery seven days a week 12 noon to 11 .30pm I I I I I I Not applicable with any other offer or promotion .JI L


Cinema City kicks off this fo rt· night with the offbeat Italian production 'Puerto Escondido' (15) . Directed by Gabriela Salvatores, following her Oscar-winning feature 'Mediterraneo', it tells the story of an everyday middleclass bank clerk who gets shot by a policeman wh en he is mistaken for someone else. Luckily he is not killed, but unluckily, he is followed around by the fearful PC, lest he squeal ... Billed as a comedy, it stars popular mediterranean comedian Diego Abantuono, as well as 'Hot Shots' and 'Rain Man' star, Valeria Golina. On Monday 15 the oriental com· edy 'The Wedding Banquet' (15) premieres. lt concerns a successful young Taiwanese· American who is gay. The problem is that his parents do not yet know about his sexu· ality and are wondering why he hasn't yet got a wife. To keep the peace he arranges a purely legal marriage - but things start to get a little tricky when his parents decide to come to the wedding! The long awaited 'The Piano' (15) opens on the November 22. For those unfamiliar with the


title, Jane Cam pion's Australa· sian epic is not simply about a large black and white instrument, but rather about the owner Ada (Holly Hunter) a deliberate mute who communicates through its keys. When her husband forces her to abandon it because they're emigrating to New Zealand, Ada is determined to get it back,

going through a painful journey of discovery in the process. The two late night Friday showings could not be more different. On the 12th, there is the 'Cure Show'(PG). Recorded over two nights at Detroit last summer, it "captures the power and exuberance of their world tour". The nex1 week sees the return

of the immensely popular 'Reservoir Dogs' (18) after its sell out showing last month. Currently riding high with 'True Romance' Quentin Tarantino's ultra-violent debut about a heist that goes disasterously wrong will doubtlessly be oversubscribed again - so get there early! Dsrren Fisher


----- - ---


10 -



Also showing ... Garry Bonnick sits back and views the remaining films on Norwich's silver screens

Demolition Man PREVIEW



Be warned; this film starts as it means to goon ... 'Demolition Man' takes Sylvester Stallone out of the late Twentieth Century with a bungee jump from a helicopter (for one glorious moment I mistakenly thought that the rope was tied around his neck) and the maximum possible mayhem (he kills eight or nine people - baddies, of course - and blows up the best part of a city block, all in the movie's first few minutes), freezes him in a lump of ice (now there was a smart move) at the Los Angeles CryoPrison, and thaws him out in an apparently peaceful and benign 2032. In this new environment, much impressed (only kidding!) by a society without toilet paper, where swearing is fined on the spot and all vices have ""en made illegal, our Sly goes on the ipage oust for a change) in pursuit "'' nis sworn enemy Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes), the bad guy thawed out just ahead of him. In the course of this chase, John 'Demolition Man' Spartan (for Sly is he) helps to demolish and remake a complete society, only taking time off to knit (no, really) a respectable chunky red sweater, and indulge (well, almost) in some virtual reality lovemaking. There. So much for the plot outline. Basically, 'Demolition Man' is a not particularly entertaining vehicle for Sylvester Stallone to play a parody of his screen self, which he does as well as that rather undemanding task can be done: 'send a maniac to catch a maniac' he mutters as he leaps out of the helicopter, and who am I to argue with him? The director, Marco Brambilla, appar''y intended the film to be a commen. on the potential for silliness in the Politically Correct movement: 'we thought it would be interesting to do an exaggeration of the way things are today ... what we're dealing with is a future that's perfectly acceptable in certain ways, but at the same time has lost its humanity.' The worrying thought is that som~one decided it would be a good idea to have Sylvester Stallone act as the symbol for that missing 'humanity'.

You've seen the film, now erm ...see the film! Spielberg's prehistoric blockbuster, Jurassic Park, is still showing at the Cannon, and we are now being urged to see it again! You all know what it's about, and with such breath gasping special effects, I'll bet even a second visit will have you shouting, "turn the light out!" * * * * * Now where do you go after you've visited Jurassic Park? Why, to The Secret Garden of course. Also at the.Cannon, is this Francis Ford Coppolla adaptation of the children's classic. it's a magical mystery film which I would describe as 'nice'. After a diet of mutant turtles most kids will probably be bored stupid, so this is one for the more mature audience. (Leaves me out then). lt is Maggie Smith's (Room With A View) scene stealing Mrs Medlock that will earn this film it's stars.* * Still running for his life at the Cannon this week is Harrison Ford in The Fugitive. it's got some great chase scenes (ie the whole film) and Tommy Lee Jones is superb as the relentless US Marshal! hot on Harry's heels.* * * * Much Ado About Nothing looked as much fun to make as it was to watch. Branagh directed and starred in this sumptuous romp alongside an incredibly diverse cast. Look out for the bloke from The Good Ufe (Richard Briers) giving Batman (Michael Keaton) a hard time! * * * Still showing is the eponymously titled Dave, about a 'nobody' who happens to be the spitting image of the lecherous president of the US of A, William Harrison Mitchell aka Bill (spot the $200 haircut). Kevin Kline handles both parts reasonably well, look out for Sigourney Weaver trying to identify the bogus president by his 'parts' in the hilarious shower scene. Dave has been com路 pared to Groundhog Day, thoughnsome of the American in-jokes are wasted if you are not up on your US senators. * * * Also at this cinema you can still catch "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story". Kung Fu fans may enjoy seeing a different angle to the life of one of film's most dubbed action heros. Jason Scott Lee pays suitable homage adding up to good, wholesome brick-kicking fun . * * Finally,forthe Cannon, Dirty Weekend is Michael Winner's notorious 'seaside romp' follows the killing spree of Brighton belle, Sella, a sort of man hating 'DFens', who dispatches her male victims with delicious relish. The humour is described as black, maybe that should read 'jet black'. * * For a real feel-good night out, then you can't go far wrong with Sleepless In Seattle, the surprise sleeper hit of the year, showing at the Odeon . Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are the 'Harry' and 'Sally' who 'meet' each other thanks to the thoughtful interference of the mandatory cute kid. Hankies at the ready for this one.*** True Romance (see picture above) has been compared to Reservoir Dogs for it's graphic and detailed violence, directed by Tony Scott (Beverly Hills Cop 2) describes it as "a love story, an action piece and a chase film", (aren't they all?) A varied ensemble of actors support Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette in this wild (at heart) and crazy road movie at the Odeon. * * The last film you may want to catch is The Real McCoy, which stars Kim see it Basinger as an ace bank robber and cat burglar. I'll give this one * * if you're a Basinger fan. (For certificate ratings see The Event's "14 Day Guide" - pages 26 and 27).



Treading on Rocky ground Apart from a few unsubtle self-mocking jokes, like the macho-man's horror at realising he has been subliminally taught to knit while frozen in the CryoPrison, Stallone (unsurprisingly) does not convince as a symbol for 'humanity'; but then, the film dos not really attempt (thank heavens) to take itself that seriously. Most of the comedy and the human interest is provided by the 'baddie' Phoenix (Snipes), aided by the striking visual effect of having a blond crewcut, one blue and one green eye, and being left to indulge himself in some very fluid and attractive physical acting.

The real stars of the film, however, are the special effects and the buildings, particularly the CryoPrison, which is genuinely impressive, although most of the action scenes - especially the car chases - are predictable and unimaginative. lt may be hard to believe, but the film's production team originally expressed a serious interest in filming some of the scenes at UEA. Now that would have been a real mindboggier; Sylvester Stallone saving humanity in a bit of rural Norfolk disguised as Twenty-First Century Los Simon Mann Angeles!

apn Sega Prices are virtually non-existent Step Beyond! our sensors indicate that you can part exchange your grotty old cartridges for the best range of Games in the Universe!









Caroline Jenkinson chose

Halloween to visit the venue which bills itself as 'Norfolk's Premier 路 Nightspot'





threaded my way past the vegetable stall , the ladies of the night and the coffins, and managed to avoid Jac the Ripper through the thick smoke that was billowing 路out the door. 路 Once inside, I was facecil'ith a dead plague victim, a vaa~ Gin Palace and a mysterious & looking doorway, hung wtiat looked like blacl< bin li What was beyond that Strangely enough , it ~as permint Park's main 'dance floor. The reason for all the gruesome props was that PP was having a Hallowe'en Weekend, and they





Above: The venue itself, obviously! Top: A PP DJ wonders what he can get his teeth into next


had decorated the whole place. As well as the Victorian Street entrance, there was the Aliens Bar at the front of the club, the Satanic Temple downstairs and the Rocky Horror Party upstairs. Unfortunately, I saw only one ~on turn up in the Rocky tA>t costume, and she spent the entire evening headbanging OOYI'.f61:arrs anyway. enough, Peppermint is .actually haunted. According to John Hamblyn, the General Manager of the club, two children, a boy and a girl, have been seen playing on the downstairs dancefloor. There is

THe EveNT, NoveMBER 10- NoveMBER 23

also a secret passage which runs from PP to somewhere in Tombland. Whether the ghostly pair would have got on the dancefloor on Monday night is open to question. Monday night is essentially Student Night, with free entry for those who have an NUS card, and all pints at SOp. By 10.30 you could hardly move in the downstairs area, with a heaving mass of bodies and flailing arms covering the dancefloor. Woe betide anyone who got in their way; you either integrated into the swarm, or got trampled by them. Students play an important part in the life of PP. The Norfolk and Suffolk Area NUS, which encompasses UEA, City College and Lowestoft College, '-" amongst others, has a good relationship with the club, and The packed dancefloor last Monday night helps to promote it. This is because it is seen by them as a one girl called Colette. Howstairs mix seemed to be more small and friendly nightclub, ever, I did manage to find out popular than the offering upwhich provides a safe and goodfrom her that she visits the club stairs, with the metalheads, the . day, because goths and most of the students humoured atmosphere for nearly every M~ students, as well as being most of her s also go preferring to stay wit h the deafreceptive to the NUS's ideas. there, and1t gi .· her the opening music downstairs, rather portunity:to •get ~-2n- the -~-~han the strains of James Brown But of course, it isn't just students that Peppermint Park tries ptleap;-'Judgj!lf~y the nur!;!b_et-·---tfiat~me from above. Mind to ~ttra~t.. "We try to span the /-y'Of tip'les that th~rim Reaper\ \ you,'{ls.__the first floor ~oom is soc1al d1v1de" says John, wh~· a.nd Sweeney .Todd walked past,\ only arQ~nd half the s1ze of the me' carrying a'~uge stack of \\ other, tl'i\1\ was probably just as points out that the club is a~ / pla~tic pint gl{¥>ses, mosJ ople \\ veil. '\ very popular with weaken~ clubbers, and that some.-91 the f / s - eto · to dp \ Pceppermfhft1Park also holds people who visit PP were·actu- f I ·ng. I p~rbecueJ i~ the summer, and ally married in the builqi~g itself./ ( ·nt m l!le occasiqnplli~e gig (see The which was a council rE!'Qistry i ~ "than just though. q~ent's mLISf section this With the and ~~k), ad4s to the multi-enteroffice before it was co?verted . ' i \ are able to t<jit,lment ttiat the club tries to into a nightclub in 197pf So what makes it pop~lflr? I \ I prqvide. ,1 1 decided to go and ask S'~me \\ ~'stpart oft~e Hal~oween Week' -members of the throngw crow~\ ~ni:l, PP }i<:!d prov1ded a fortune}e~er: an 9fd man who read why they chose to comeJ~ PP. \ \ The only problem with this{\. \\ music Jpf!lms/~ well as a Tarot-card though, was the fact that the,_" \ 'the front bar. . led to inter- / !El~~music drowned me out corn·~~ ~ting listening you move0 lehfckened out of having one pletely, and that nearly everyone · - be.tween floo'J:S.·'t~ Faith.No-. r done for myself, but there were I approached was a little the More and Pet Shop Boy$ plenty of people milling around worse for wear. competed to get hold of your his door to suggest that he was "You'll have to ask me some eardrums. going to have a busy evening. questions when I'm sober!" said lt has to be said that the downOn other nights the Tarot-card

Jne ·.






OPEN 24 HOURS ADAV7DAYS AWEEK 21 SNOOKER TABLES AND 4 POOL TABLES (Snooker tahles £2.20 per hour per tahle midnight to 6pm, £2.60 per hour per tahle 6pm - midnight). Pool 40p per game


Above left: General Manager, John Hamblyn Above right: Better the devil you know...

reader also went down well... with most punters at least. In the future, John wants to "extend the concept that we have here", making PP more dynamic and offering more diversification. He also wishes to open the club for longer. At the moment, PP opens for 30 hours a week, which puts it in the top ~5% of clubs ar?und the Above: A number of bands have played at PP. The 1993 country In terms of tradln~ . Schools' Band Competition Final was held there (above). hours. John feels that th1s 1s not enough though, and is Below:. Loca1band, considering doing somet~ng Catherme Wheel, recently like opening the front .bar for . __ .took to PP's stage. business sep~ately fronr he \ ·aec!~ed to bounce instead of '. dance. I had elbows in my ribs rest of the club. ·. Whether this moviould bring_~ and back most of the time, but I any more'people P r mains was enjoying myself so much tl;lat 1 didn't really care. to be see·n. lt te n y i 't ' struggling to pull .in the crowds "; l!iS, all good things must come at the moment th!l:gh, if Mon;~ to ,an end, and this night was ' orie of them. I went back down day night \.vas an As midniglit approa'c •• he· the Victorian street, through the place seeme'd_-to fjll up even ~smoke, and didn't even notice more. By this time I'd managed· Jack the Ripper this time. He to squeeze into a minute space probably won't be back, but on the dancefloor, which got come next Monday, everyone even smaller when the crowd else probably will.

* SATfLLITf TflfVISICN - all channels , wide screen * VIU(f) f3!M(~ ANU £ lliU JAti\VCT MAtliiNf~ * li()T ANI) t()L() f()()() ALWA AVAILAI3Lf LOW LOW prices eg Chicken nuggets and chips 1.50 * LICf~Cf() UAV l'~


LOW LOW Prices eg Carling Draught £ 1.45 a pint. Bar Open 1Oam - 11 pm Mon- Sat, 12am - 3pm & ?pm -1OJOpm Sun

fiim3 membership on productionofUENNUScard St. Marys Plain Norwich Tel 627478





n Since they began In the late 1980s, Teenage Fanclub have becorne•.•er•.. not very famous at all, actually. They've certainly done all the things your common-or-garden lndle popstar should, and have even released three highly commendable albums. But still that dream of making it (very) big eludes them. Richard Jones tries to unravel the band's past, and peeks somewhat cautiously Into the future.


n the barren wasteland that constitutes today's pop charts... charts stuffed with inane dance, and the withered husks of Bryan, Phil and 'Meaty', with their sterile and soulless bilge, it is comforting to realise that bands with verve and exuberance still endure. For many this vivacity comes in the fonn of Suede with their foppishness, deliberately suggested sexual ambigu· ity, and innate Englishness. For others there's the power of Nirvana • American punk rock complete with blitzkrieg guitar and cacophonous drums. And then there's the bands dubbed a part of the 'New eclecticism', bands such as Senser and Rage Against The Machine, whose polemics and diverse musical cauldron fumishee them with a formidable following. But for disciples of 'American Guitars' and Beatleaque hannonies the allure of Teenage Fancfub holds sway. The germination of Creation's Teenage Fanctub begin In the late eight· les. After leaving the aeminalllne-up of the BMX Bandits, Norman Slake (guitar/ vocals) formed the Ill-fated 'Boy Hair· dressers' with Raymond McGinley (guitar/ vocala).

This floundertd, but undeten'ed Not· man and ~tllpton jamming In Norman's bediQom... in a four room cottage in . . .Jg back end of the leglnd8ly Glasgow Nub Bellehll (hOme of. .such kmrlw· les ae ~ Eeipon and tan SI


John.) After playing In allllltitude of 9f9UPI,

I'IOiabtf Singing Ginger, Efecll1c ' -

and Goof Juice, Nonn and Ray met


Oeny Low (bu&l vocal~) bizarre Brendan O'Har8 (dh.lnll

vocala), togethertormingTeenage Fancka. Thly inlllllr ....... laccllf~

meiScniiant, TheSaup.~


.......... oftllt ........ Mafia,,...~--

. . . . . . . . . . . .111~ Alcorda.

Soon a deal was signed, and their first long player, 'A Catholic Education', was recorded. The album enhanced Teenage Fanclub's reputation as purveyors of strombolic spontaneity - with it's slew of proto-slacker anthems - in the vein of Dinosaur Jnr. • Nonetheless, the drooling reviews did not manifest themselves until the release of the single, 'God Knows lt's True', in November 1990. The year finished for Teenage Fanclub in a flurry of gigs, features and positions in the music papers' "Albums and Singles of the Year'" sections. In early 1991, The Fanclub continued their impressive rise with a careerboosting move from Paperhouse Records to the Creation label in early 1991 . From this platform they released their second album 'Bandwagonesque' to a rapturous critical response. Unanimously praised by the critics, and a top twenty smash, the a:bum was filled with often half completed

Ideas. lt had charlcter by the skip-load, and it overspiRed with delightful melodies that realy understood just what the notion of perfect guitar pop was really all

mout. '8andwagoneaque • with Its brand of melodic gMlg8 • also blitzed the critics on the oiler aide of the Atlantic, and the band were tipped to follow Nlrva· na's 'Nevennind' Into seven f9n


This was, of course, wishful thilldng.•• llhough the inroads the album made lnb. . domain of the 'cornn'MMCial llltemattve' sphere werelmpreuive.

Tours wilh, IroniCally enough. Nirvana followed... Radio~ with long lime Icon,

....,.....,. ..... ............ --.......

AIM ChliiA (ex-Big Star) and a jubl-

llnl ~ Feetlval appNIWIC8

. . to add to the ~of llerewu811era. that the pi'OUir......tit'URwas proving \ID be cilllcull.

But aftertiling tlfmly tllloclltOid t1 a

Timeless melodies, deliciously agitated by stinging guitar, were again the order of the day. The album subsequently went top twenty, despite cautious reviews which all proclaimed it to be inferior to 'Bandwagonesque'. The reverence proffered to 'Bandwagonesque' is seen by many to be entirely justified. A rock guitar album that effortlessly made the rock guitar vital again - full of life, knowing raffish wit and the kind of tunes even your Grandma would hum. Yet to the band it seems to be 'just another album' as bassist Gerry Love explained: "Bandwagonesque was no watershed for us. We had no idea why it was so successful. We recorded it and then forgot about it, and then the hype started which I soon got sick of: especially the Big Star Companions. I wish it did sound as good as Big Star. "The magazine Spin said it was the best album made by white people in ten years. Oh dearie, dearie rnel We'd go to American Radio Stations and they would ask us which track we'd h"ke to hear. We'd ask for Dr. John or Burt Bacharach. Real music." What this hints at, apart from a commendable modesty, 18 the retro nature of Teenage Fanctub's music, In particular the rather striking similarity between themselves and thole other purveyors of American Style naive pop • Big Star. In the course of their career Teenage Fanclub have been acaiSed of cornmilling necrophilia with the corpses of the Beetles, The Byrds and the Inevitable r s-, as wellu chronically pllgi8ltllng Nell Young and Oinoaaur


~ Fanclub. . .cnDid is

~-- tothelrlbaolplonoft. gliter leDIIICYaf Pap's


...,... ...,. .Wtueof to . . . . . . . . modem

-Thent la allo no doubt that they are a

1hllr Mlbllon... Nonnan Slake


................... happyto

'IMJW' 11


'OfM. ....._'IWo'

~~·-­ &~tit---• .-• ~~

Creation Records (Teenage

'"*·~they deny, d1he accuMiow~a of privacy are now dui




Klnd-hearted as ever, we at The Event have got together with those nice people at


Jnr. i.~

""'· Wlha ....- ofglgaand a,... ~_..

n Fanclub's label) to bring readers the chance of winning some Fanclub goodies. We've got 5 'Thirteen' posters to give awBI!f and 3 copies of 'Radio'. To be In with a chance of winning, you11 need to answer the following question: what Is the title of Teenage Fanclub's latest ab.lm. Could lt possibly be:

Ollplabelng~bylhelr 'lndlt1nlegrlty' they 818 UMihameclln

Chlehlre ...............

ing their aim of pop supremacy. 'We've taken a lot more care over this one. We've given ourselves more time, the perfonnances are better and we're more confident. •~t•s better than 'Bandwagonesque'. lt should be better. Ifs taken long enough.· The immediate future for Teenage Fanclub is one of a continuous slog round mid-sized venues in Britain and Europe promoting the album - they arrive at UEA on November 19. Yet despite this gruelling undertaking the future looks buoyant, with no indi· eating that the band's popularity is on the decline. The fable of the Teenage Fanclub began with their blinding single, 'Everything Flows', and a music press who were quick to tag them Dinosaur Jnr. copyists. Since then they have not been faltered. Due to their association with Alex Chilton they've added the name Big Star to the indle rock canon, ushered in influential seventies references. and set songwriting standards for all to follow. •TICkets for the UEA gig are priced at £8 in advance, and are available from the usual outlets. The Juliana HatfJeld Three support - see the news section of this issue (page 3).




............ cu .........



b.Thlrtlen? c.lWo claan, thMk you

wrymaoh . . . . Simply folow the rules on

page 2S to enter.




Jo Stubbington examines the career of motormouth ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~




uestion: What do The Young Ones', 'Bachelor Boys' and 'Silly Cow' all have in common? Answer: They're all the work of Ben Elton, a man of many talents, who has been billed as the most successful British television comedy writer of his generation. And motormouth Ben is branching out. After his recent Shakespearian success in Kenneth Branaghs' 'Much Ado About Nothing' he kicks off a brand new standup tour this month which will include Norwich's Theatre Royal in its schedule of 38 dates. In addition, his third novel, 'The Other Eden' which incidentally features Elton in a seminaked pose as 'Rodin's Thinker', is to be launched and his first book 'Stork' will be reissued on November 11 to coincide with the December screening of a three-hour mini series on BBC2. Acclaimed by The Mail' as 'Britain's Most Prolific Comic Writer', The Man From Auntie is, in reality, a far cry from the gregarious glittery suited 'King of Comedy' that you see on the box or read about in the papers. He is not neurotic nor just plain bonkers; one expects him to be shouting ninety to the dozen, but would be pleasantly surprised by the placid and mild mannered man who is, in his own words," ..the least aggressive person you could meet." The writer/comic has been described by the press as the epitome of the successful '90's stand-up comedian, 'Just dishevelled enough in black Levis and Doe Martens, with a chunky gold watch that peeks out from his crumpled grey shirt, and


The Norwich Players present u ~ ~'5' '.' Ju,.~ ,LI· ' ..

decided to audition at Londons 'Comedy Store' - where he worked mainly to raise some cash to live on - but also hoping that it may provide a way to get his writing across as best he could. Had more interest been shown in his writing sooner he would not, he says, have become a comic.

He told the Liverpool Echo: "lt's too tough a job when you start to do it unless you absolutely have to." As a comic though Ben has been described as 'injecting anarchy, controversy and lashings of liberalism into the tired and staid old soul of comedy' but what 'sort' of comic he sees himself as remains a contentious issue. He is adamant th~ never considered himself an 'alternative' comedian; "I am a comedian. I am a cocnic writer. 'Aitero -..,...~~ just a buzz V.w crested by the media." In 1981 he wrote himself a stand-up act which he performed against the advice of Rik Mayall, who said that if Ben did so he could 'blow it'. This, however, paved the way for the success which has brought awards and considerable acclaim. Two of his projects, 'The Young Ones' and 'Biackadder' have won British Academy Awards for the best corn( show of the year (1984 ail"er"' 1987/90). 'Biackadder' also won an ACE award for the best comedy of 1987/8 after its airin: American Cable TV. '-"' Besides this there was the highly acclaimed BBC film comedy series 'Happy Families' ('English light comic writing at its best' - The Times) and 'Filthy Rich and Catflap' which critics universally panned but which doubled its audience in six weeks prompting immediate

Acclaimed by 'The Mail' as 'Britains Most Prolific Comic Writer', The Man From Auntie is, in reality, a far cry from the gregarious glillery suited 'King of Comedy' that you see on the box or read about in the papers. He is not neurotic or just plain bankers; one expects him to be shouting ninety to the dozen, but would be pleasantly surprised by the placid and mild.mannered comic...



screams 'Champagne Socialisf. The thing about Elton is that his 'I am what I am' doctrine makes no apologies. "I want to be liked" he told the 'Liverpool Echo', "..everybody does - although not desperately, not to the point that I'd be a hypocrite." Elton, however, is by no means averse to nerves in the form of plain old stage fright. Describing himself as "a nervous person " he tells of how in the early days he couldn't bring himself to eat on the day of a gig and of how he felt a "gut-



sbakesp'ea-re Maddermarket Theatre, St Johns Alley, Norwich 620917

wrenching fear'' at the prospect of public appearances. He admits that he still feels very nervy before a performance... although much less than before. lt was this violent emotion that prompted the aggressive delivery of his act with which we are all familiar, and which has caused the media to compare him to "a theatrical Nigel Manse!!." But this has not always been the case. In fact, Elton is the first to admit that he never intended to be a comic; his real dream was to be a comedy writer. While trying to make his way, he

Friday 19th - Saturday 27th November Nightly at 7.30pm Matinees Saturday 20th & 27th November at 2.30pm Tickets £6.50, £5.25, £4.25, £2.50 Box office open 10 - 5 daily

Student Standoys £3 for any" seat for anyperformance, . half..hour before performance





comedian, Ben Elton,

offers of a second series from the BBC. 'Batchelor Boys' ('The Young Ones' book), was a best-seller in the UK in 1984, selling three quarters of a million copies. lt also topped the best-seller lists in Australia. In 1986, 'The Young Ones' single, a Uonef Bart number ·•ith gags by Ben, spent a .1onth at No.1 going gold with over half a million copies sold. And so it goes on ... Obsessively dedicated to comic w,;•:.,g, Ben Elton has written I r all the major names of the younger generation of British comedians and despite himself often being pigeon-holed as a 'youth comedian' Ben is proud of his ability to cross boundaries to attain numerous awards

including an accolade at the Chicago Film Festival in 1984/5 for his 30 episode documentary series on London art and entertainment, 'South of Watford', which he eo-wrote and solely presented. And in 1987 he was nominated as 'newspaper columnist of the year' for his work on the Daily Mirror (an accolade traditionally secured by someone who is dying or possibly already dead!) lt isn't hard to see why Ben Elton has become one of the biggest icons of comedy ever known. lt is also pleasing to know that despite it all, the quick-thinking quipster still tours because he enjoys it. Those going to see the show can expect a fresh look at the Royal Family amongst other new material, and with critical acclaim unanimous, they can be sure that with Ben at the helm the show is sure to be a resounding success. •Ben Elton will be appearing at the Theatre Royal in Norwich on November 21 . Tickets are sold out, but there may be some returns: call the box office on Norwich (0603)



Two Gentlemen ol Verona REVIEW •Theatre Royal, October 25-30 The stage is suffused with a kind of youthful golden glow, but this is contrasted with the sombre, autumnal boughs that form part of the backdrop. This beautifully realised dualism is present through-out David Thacker's production of one of Shakespeare's least-revived plays. There are of course, many ways of approaching Shakespeare's comedies, but the best is probably not to take the central characters as seriously as they obviously do, but at the same time milking the situation for as much audience emotion as possible. Thus, while the production never really lets rip in the style of the RSC's current dayglo "Comedy of Errors", the hint of fugubriosity adds an unexpected but welcome poignancy to the proceedings. Let's see now: Valentine loves Sylvia, who is engaged to Thurio. Proteus loves Julia, but then thinks that he loves Sylvia instead. Julia dresses up as a male servant to check up on Proteus and then, well, all sorts of things happen after that... The plot elements are familiar enough - romantic confusion, masterservant bandinage, quirky coincidences, youthful impulsiveness, witty word-play, absurdly but thrillingly contrived denouement - but

union bookshop. union house, uea. norwich

the manner in which the play was done raised it above the level of dusty classic into the realm of thoroughly engaging, good-as-new brilliance. "The Two Gentlemen of Verona", which played from October 25-30, was done in 1930s costume, and even featured live songs from that era, usually during scene changes. For reasons which I can't even begin to guess at, the words of Gershwin ("Love Walked In"), Cola Porter ("Night and Day", "In the Still of the Nighr) and Shakespeare were perfectly suited for each other. And the 2hr 45min play's most famous speech ("Who is Sylvia? What is she?", etc.) was also jazzed up, as it were, to fit almost unobtrusively into the song repertoire. The direction, especially the deft control of mood and skilful use of sight gags and poignant pauses, was first-rate (Thacker is also the director of the new, elegiac Arthur Miller play, "The Last Yankee", currently playing in London). The technical side of things were up to the RSC's usual high standard, and the players, led by Dominic Amold as the romantic fatalist Valentine and Ben Miles as his bit-of-a-cad friend Proteus (the eponymous "gentlemen") were dashing and convincing. Special mention should go to the talented canine Woolly, as "the sou restnatured dog that ever fives" (Act If, sc3) who almost walked away with the show. A wonderful evening. Amlr Muhammad

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The coming fortnight at the Theatre Royal PREVIEW


Although November already seems to be providing us with darker colder evenings, a trip to the Theatre Royal this month, will guarantee to provide an atmosphere of warmth and energy. An evening of shocks launches the month with the Gothic horror 'The Woman In Black', Mallatratt's gripping adaptation of the Susan Hill novel about a lawyer who attempts to exorcise a curse which he believes has been cast over him by the mysterious woman in black. We will be held on the edge of our seats as the 'spine-chiller' promises to tap the core of our own 'primal fears' as reality and the supernatural are intertwined in the realm of the subconscious. it runs until November 13, and tickets are priced between £4 and £13.50. There is a one night musical interlude on Sunday 14th with the duo Foster and Alien (see The Event's music section), followed by the welcome return of the R.S.C. After their hugely successful production of 'The Two Gentlemen of Verona' we are now given our last opportunity to see Christopher

Hampton's award winning 'Les Liaisons Dangereuses' , billed as one of this decade's smash theatrical hits. The world of 18th century Parisian aristocracy is the setting for this drama of decadence and intrigue. Diana Hardcastle, best known for her role in TV's 'That's Love' takes centre stage as the Marquis de Mereuie in the tragedy that surrounds sexual power games and the corruption of innocence .lt runs from November 15th, for one week, and with tickets priced from £4 is well worth a visit. Following on from that is something ve.:y different, when Ben Elto •. brings his own characteristic blend of comedy and satire to the Theatre Royal on November 21st (see feature) . Finally for those who prefer dance, Peter Wrights production of 'Sleeping Beauty' performed by the Birmingham Royal Ballet •..,'7 classic tale of the princess, who pricks her finger and falls a for a hundred years, will not fail to stun its audiences with its lavisn sets , costumes and magnificent music, played by the Royal Ballet Sinfonia. Running from November 23-27th with tickets from £5 £25, this is sure to be a popular production for all ages.

Christianne Ward


Jullus Caesar PREVIEW



r------- X·-------,


!: (DraughtPINT lager, bitter or cider) !wiTH THIS COUPON : BEFORE llPM at.

'Z2 -z::::;>c:we ·z=_~~

1 I




LNO_P_Hor_oc_oP_IES_Ac_cE~\E;:_ _oP-EN _9-2 -

_R_.o._A.R.J .

Return to the Forbidden Planet REVIEW •Theatre Royal, October November 1-6 Even before you took your seats in the auditori um , the cast of "Return To The Forbidden Planet" were getting you in the mood for the thrills and spills that awaited you on stage , as some of th e performers chatted to, and milled about in , the audience. Billed as "Shakespeare's forgottenrockand rollmasterpiece", this musical is one with a difference. Thesongs areadaptationsofhit singles such as "Great Balls of Fire", "Good Vibrations", and "She's not Th ere" by the likes of

Jerry The Beach Boys,Lee andLewis, The Zombies. These give the musical momenL-------------=-----------~.....J t~Jm and fil~th e wl:lola perform-

ance with electricity and loads of energy. Th e plot is pretty straight forward and , true to Shakespearian plays, most of the dialogue rhymed. So that you could brace yourself for the next musical number (and believe me you needed to brace yourself, as they were loud!!) the first fe w words of the song were incorporated into the script. You can imagine the groans that came from the audience when they managed to bring the conversation round to "Great Balls of Fire"! All the performances from the cast were highly charged and the-multi-talented cast hopped ·

from one of the many instruments set up on stage to another, so frequently that you lost track of who was where! Although the cast were not all the original players from the successful West End producl ion, a member of the audience that had been to see both cornmented that this version was just as good as the original (even though it was in a smaller venue). The show is continuing its tour around the country into 1994. So if you missed it in Norwich , keep "Return To The Forbidden Planet" in mind, and get to see it if you can.

The Norwich Players will be presenting their latest interpretation of Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar' at the Maddermarket from Friday 19 to Saturday 27 November. This is the fifth time the Plc-ers have performed the pia~; and it has been chosen for this season partly because of the recognisable way contemporary events in Russia - ')t:lo Shakespeare's analys · ~.. ~· 1e <t way the interplay of character and personal relationships unavoidably contribute to the progress of political change. 'Julius Caesar' traces the course of political events in the Rome of 44BC. With the defeat of Pompeii, Caesar is now the acclaimed and undisputed ruler of Republican Rome - but his popularity could be a warning of a possible slide to dictatorship. Can a strong ruler, we are asked, grow too popular for his country's good? How is the idealistic Brutus to decide if he is justified in taking Caesar's life in the interests of democracy? What influence will the passionate Cassius have on his troubled friend? And what are we, the audience, to make of the miscalculations and bloody after-effects of Caesar's assasination? Although Shakespeare's play is over 500 years old, it still presents topical food for thought. Performances are nightly at 7:30, with matinees at 2:30 on both Saturdays. Tickets are from £6.50 to £2.50.

Preview by - - - - Jaokie-Stsfford· · · - • •- •••• • $im~ll Napn



OStartlng Friday November 19 and continuing each Friday and Saturday night until December 18, Channel4 will be offering Insomniacs the chance to catch up on a cult collection of music, film and entertainment programmes from the Channel411brary linked together each weekend by a choice celebrity or two. OSmashle and Nlcey a.k.a. Harry Enfield and Paul Whltehouse present the first weekends line-up, with offerIngs Including 'Naked City', 'Seal In Concert' plus repeats of Eurotrash, The Word and Saturday Zoo. Successive weekends Include concerts by the Levellers, The Velvet Underground, U2 and exclusive Sign O'The Times footage from the Prince concerts. Hoffman gives an Oscar winning performance an autistic In the funny yet moving film 'Ralnman' this Friday, 9.30pm starring alongside Tom Cruise. Disinherited In favour of Raymond, the autistic older brother he never knew existed, Charlle Babbltt Is deterP'1"'4td to claim his share of the late father's fortune and 1 tps Raymond from the Waibrook Institution In which •· ...a spent most of his life. But, as they head for the fast living C811fomlan coast, Charlle discovers that his brother has rare gifts of his own •••

Wild Palms, the first television project from Oscar-winner 01/ver Stone, begins on BBC 2 on Monday, November 15.

O'The Secret cabaret' with Slmon Drake Is back with a repeat series on Channel4, Tuesdays at 1Opm. Fast moving and very stylish, the show Is populated by cheats and swindlers, psychlcs and freaks and a variety of death defying acts who risk all for your entertainment and pleasure. Knlfethrowers, hair-hangers, glass-walkers, regurgltators, contortionists and fakirs risk pain, Injury and possible mutilations. Dare you watch? ODenzll Washington and Sarlta Choudhury star In the moving tragicomic drama 'Mississippi Masala' on Chan.,.r.nel4 this Tuesday. "111ithe story focuses on a mixed race love affair, and the tensions and prejudices which loom beneath the surface of a cool, and seemingly tolerant town ...


rmskl hosts another fun-packed D-Energy on BBC2 • ~on day at 7.OOpm with a hot line-up of live performa s by the likes of Bjork, K·Kiass plus the International Style Squad checks out the latest club fashions and there Is an exclusive screening of Janet Jackson's new video. OMore latex lampoonery Is guaranteed as "Spitting Image" returns for Its fifteenth series on Anglia, this Sunday at 10.00pm. All the old favourites are back, Including the Royal Family and Frank Bruno, as well as some new rubbery faces such as Naoml Campbell, Terry Venables and Chrls 'Big Breakfast' Evans ...



B I., T R 0 1

Dynastic intrigue, murder, a stunning new technology and the promise of etemallife create a deadly struggle for power in Oscar-winning Oliver Stone's first television venture 'Wild Palms' beginning on Monday, November 15th at 9.00pm on BBC2. A futuristic and surreal fivepart drama set in Los Angeles in the year 2007, it stars Jim Belushi, Angie Dickinson, Robert Loggia and Kim Cattrall. In the opening feature-length episode, 'Everything Must Go', ambitious but naive patent lawyer Harry Wyckoff (Jim Belushi) is the target of his demonic 'mother-in-law from hell', Josie lto (Angie Dickinson) and the charismatic presidential aspirant senator Anton 'Tony' Kreutzer (Robert Loggia.) As Harry awakes from a disturbing nightmare nothing, not

his family, his friends or even reality itself, is as it first appears. After quitting his job at his law firm, Harry is introduced to Senator Kreutzer, who is the powerful owner of a TV network from whom he accepts a job offer he can't refuse at five times his previous salary. The senator is about to land a revolutionary technology known as 'virtual reality', the process converting television transmissions into 3D holographic programmes that appear in living rooms throughout the world . Despite his rise within the Senator's empire, Harry is soon caught in a spiralling sequence of events which will eventually spell his downfall. If you think the first episode sounds complicated, in part two of 'Wild Palms' on Tuesday November 16th Harry not only discovers that the leader

of the organisation he joins which calls itself 'The Friends' is, in fact his father -in-law, but also that his son, Coty, isn't really his son but an evil little boy conceived in one of the 'Fathers' organisations' synthiotic houses, where members are taught a belief in 'multiple realities'. Hailed by many as the new 'Twin Peaks', 'Wild Palms', written by Bruce Wagner, certainly succeeds in fulfilling all the weird and wonderful criteria of its predecessor, without the cherry pie, coffee, black humour and of course Special FBI Agent Dale Cooper. Part three of 'Wild Palms' can be seen next Tuesday (November 23rd) on BBC2.


MON, NOV 15 9pm

DWith the first pro-gay rights President in the White House 'Assignment' screens the documentary 'Backs Against The Wall' this Tuesday November 23 at 7.45pm on BBC2. Under the new regime America's homosexual community hoed that the US was on the brink of a new era of tolerance. Having contributed millions of dollars to the Clinton campaign they expected their hero to honour his promises to end discrimination, but instead of acceptance there has been a passionate, anti-gay backlash. The spectacle of half a million gays and lesbians marching on the capital, of homosexuals kissing in public and the prospect of an end to the fifty year old ban on gays in the military, has outraged middle America, reports David Lomax. Anxiety about the loss of family values is rife at present and 'Assignment' interviews lesbian couples with new child custody problems, gay fathers and churchmen who have announced their sexuality in public after many years of silence. · A revealing insight into what still remains a somewhat clandestine part of US society.

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DThe Oscar winning 'One Aew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' continues BBC1's season of 'Movie Classics' this Tuesday November 23 at 11 . 1Opm Jack Nicholson and Louise Fletcher head the cast of director Milos Forman's powerful, funny and moving drama which tells of Randle.P McMurphy who, charged with assault and statutory rape, is transferred from a penal work farm to the State Mental Hospital. Irrepressibly cheerful, and with a hatred of all forms of authority, he soon comes into conflict with the formidable Nurse Ratched who sees him as a threat to her efforts to soothe disturbed minds and sets about trying to change his ways. Both Nicholson and Fletcher won Oscars for their performances in the film which, when · released in 1975 also received awards for best picture, best director and for its screenplay by Lawrence Hauben and Bo Goldman. The supporting cast includes Will Sampson, William Redfield, Danny De Vito and - making their screen debuts Christopher Lloyd and Brad Dourif, who also stars in 'Wild Palms', showing on BBC2 on Tuesday, November 23.



[JJonathon King continues the series 'Music, Music, Music' for Radio 1 FM every Tuesday evening at 9.00pm, choosing a different aspect of the music industry to Investigate, examine and analyse. [J 'Time Out' Comedy Award winner Kevin Day makes his radio debut reading 'Snake in the Grass' a chaotically comic story for Radio 5 this Friday at 7.15pm. Written by Helen Creswell, it's a picnic from hell tale about the day little 'Robin's family take him for a trip to the count ry;- where a whole host of opportu nities for making trouble awaits. [JUnmissable Is Pete Tong's newly extended 'Essential Selection' on Radio 1 FM every Friday night from 6.30pm until10.00pm. All the usual gems remain, Including the cool cuts chart, each weeks Essential New Tune and the non-stop mad music sweep. All the coo lest happenings f or the weekend are rounded up in the Club Country Upd ate and list eners can even fax their o wn messages and tributes to 'the man like Pete Tong.'

The show that everyone loves to hate, "The Word", is back on Channel 4 on Friday November 19th embarking on its fourth consecutive series. For those who really don't know what "The Word" is like, it can really best only be described as anarchic, with cameras that dash about the studio as if they were on dodgy substances, a live audience that can do unpredictable things at any moment (a jelly was once thrown at presenter Katie Puckrick when she was trying to do a link) and

a wobbly, garish set. The guests aren't much better either: Mark Lamarr had a jug of water tipped over him by the 'oh so pleasant' Danni Minogue, and Oliver Reed appeared on the show, apparently blind drunk once again. Strangely enough, it takes a lot of organisation to create such anarchy, with all the weird camera angles being mapped out thoroughly beforehand. Alas, gone from "The Word" are Mrs John Taylor - Amanda De Cadenet, and Katie Puckrick.

As part of its late night horror season BBC 1 screens 'The Lost Boys' this Friday at 11.15pm. Made in 1987, it combined a brat pack cast with an excellent soundtrack, and appealed to both sexes to attain cult status. lt tells the story of two brothers, Sam and Michael Emerson, played by Corey Haim and Jason Patric. Shortly after moving to Santa Clara, a small town on the Californian coast, they fall into a mysterious world of the undead, evntually battling to save their family's lives as well as their own . Santa Clara is a town terrorised by vampires. They roam in youth gangs and sometimes can take seemingly innocent forms. When Michael (Jason Patric) spies a beautiful woman (Jamie Gertz) at a fairground he is mesmerised. Even when he discovers her part in the vampire world he cannot pull himself away and one night in their underground lair he drinks their special 'wine', with its distinctively salty after taste . Can his younger brother Sam save the day? Sam enlists the help of the Frog brothers- although they seem a little young to be running a major retail outlet, they are wise in the ways of the undead and have large stocks of garlic and holy water on hand. Kiefer Sutherland, sporting some painful-looking contact lenses,puts in an excellent performance as the leader of the violent youth gang. The film seems to be able to combine humour with terror and a rock soundtrack manages to sound mysterious and etheral in all the right places, with a great cover version of 'The Door's' 'People are Strange'. Admittedly this film is likely to appeal more to a young female 'Smash Hits' reader with its glamourous cast and slick production, but it's well worth a look.

Emma lrvine-Robertson

The presenting team now consists of three; the loveable (?) Terry Christian, Mark Lamarr, who did a stint on "The Big Breakfasr and the ever effervescent Dani Behr, formerly of 'pop' group, Faith, Hope and Charity. In this series, they promise to tackle everything from glamour to grunge, but this week they are investigating Stateside bornagain virgins, black transvestite bank robbers .... and Vinny Jones.

Caroline Jenkinson

Mark Lamarr


MON, NOV 15 9pm

This Friday at 11.15pm, Channel 4 screens a one-off music documentary hosted by Lenny Henry. The show is a mix of live performances, interviews and clips d riven by a non-stop, seriously funky soundtrack, and looks at t he best of British soul music over the last 15 years; the clubs, the clothes, the dance moves â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘.. the hair cuts. Shot at the Vox Club In Brixton, there are live sets by Omar, Mica Paris, Max Beesley and Nu Colours. Lenny Henry interviews Jazzle B from Soul To Soul and even performs a rap with the 'Young Disciples' and a song with Omar.

Loveable Irishman and buddy of The Word's Mark Lamarr, Sean Hughes, returns in another series of " Sean's Show" next Wednesday (November 17). His special guest for the evening is Golden Girl, Bea Arthur, who will no doubt be delighted at spending her time in a sitting room watched by about 4 million people. Expect bizarre jokes galore, and thank your lucky stars that your life isn't half as hectic!


10 - NovEMBER 23


Jo Stubbington reviews a video that gives a whole new look in moves which are to exercising ... body 'carefully designed for mutual Barbarians At The Gate (15) • Rental. James Gamer (Maverick, The Rockford Files) and Jonathan Pryce (Brazil) star in a 'true story' about life on America's meanest street, Wall Street. Based on the bestselling book by Bryan Burrough and John Helyar, it tells the incredible and funny story of F Ross Johnson (played by Gamer), a flamboyant multi-millionaire who sparial off a $25 billion bidding war when he plans a buy-out of his own company. Out November 10.

Willing To Kill (PG) • Rental. True story starring lesley Ann Warren as Wanda Holloway, an Insanely jealous mother who would later eam the title -rhe Pom-Pom Mom• from the world's media. Wanda only wants the best for Shanna, her daughter, and when Shanna decides to try out for the cheer-leading squad, Wanda is there, pushing her to succeed. But the coveted place looks as though it will go to Shanna's rival, Amber Heath.... Out November 17. Undercover Aaeaasln (18) ·Rental Never-before-filmed special effects, dramatic stunts and tense political intrigue combine in this action thriller. When John Phillips goes out one night, his life suddenly becomes a nightmare ... Robert Davi (Die Hard, licence to Kill), Tony Curtis and Chartene Tilton star. Out November 17.

VIDEOPLUS CHART (1 Young (PG) (2) aWoman(15) {3) [-]Boxing Helens (18) (4) [-]Army of Darkness (15) (5) [-) Loaded Weapon (PG)

(6) [·) Jungle Book (U) (7) [-] Dlst. Gentleman (15) (8) [-]Accidental Hero (15) (9) [-]Under Siege (15) (10) [-)Splitting Heirs (15)

•Chart kindly supplied by VIDEO PLUS, 107 Unthank Road, Norwich. Telephone (0603) 666863

November 1 saw the launch of 'Sexercise', a new video fitness programme specially designed for couples. lt is claimed this tape 'will change your life and banish boredom from exercising forever.' Well, I don't know about that but it will give the Green Goddess something to think about! The programme, say presenters Gillian Gale (who looks like a cross between a Barbie doll and Dannii Minogue) and Dr. David Delvin (who doesn't look as though he's capable!) has been designed to encourage couples to work out together for their personal benefit as well as bring them even closer. 'Sexercise'. they claim. 'is the best aphrodisiac of all.' I suppose this would all depend on your particular interpretation of the word aphrodisiac. Accompanied by an ample dose of groaning noises, liberal quantities of M&S underwear and an elementary health warning, the viewer is reassured that 'Sexercise' is for everyone - all you need is an intriguing piece of equipment called (imaginatively enough) a sexerciser; however, if you don't have one of these handy an ordinary towel will do! Sorted! This will , it seems, be wrapped around various parts of the

An ample piec ol vie So there you are, stuck in your kitchen with no new ideas about what to cook for tea. Mind you, that doesn't really ~ r. seeing as you've got Aldly any money to spend on food anyway. What on earth are you going to do? Reach for the "Get Stuffed" video .. ' t's what. 11 of 1est recipes from the late-night cult cookery show have been brought together in this televisual cookbook. Their claim is to provide "easy, interesting and cheap recipes, leaving out all the boring bits, but keeping in all the yummy bits", and they certainly live up to ill The recipes, demonstrated by real people in their kitchens, are very easy to follow, and don't take a lot of complicated preparation. The price for each meal ranges from the moderately expensive (£7.50 for Melanzane Alia Parmegiana) to free for market scraps, where you are advised to pick up waste from vegetable stalls to make something like a curry. But of course, as fans of "Get Stuffed" will know, it's the "yummy bits" which really make the programme. The highly advanced paper and string cut-out animations keep the whole caboodle flowing nicely along, and the "Rock Food Soundtrack" greatly enhances the visual images. And the lyrics, which can be truly mind-blowing at times "You'll never have a trauma/ if

benefit' sporting ambiguous titles such as the 'Standing Quadricep Stretch' and 'Abdominal Curl Ups'. The regime also includes stress relief programmes which involves clearing your mind and concentrating on your partner's breathing' (if in fact at this point you discover that they are not breathing refer back to the health warning at the beginning of the film.) The video continues in this vain we are told that feathers, handkerchiefs, making the bed and doing the hoovering can all contribute to the whole body becoming an erogenous zone. Yeah, right! And if the closing shots of the models lying on the floor and looking close to death but, who we are told, are feeling 'invigorated from their new sexual fitness', are anything to go by , the programme's appeal seems limited at best. However, if played at fast speed and after copious amounts of alcohol , this housewives' Karmasutra could take on a whole new meaning .... and it certainly gives a whole new meaning to 'One, two, three, stretch .'

Sexercise Retail: Nov 1 - £12.99 Rating:**


Pizzas, Pastas & French Crepes at their Best - Even on Sund 10% STUDENT 1:~ DISCOUNT ON ALL MAIN COUn-.J~~

you eat Chicken Korma", can only be described as nothing short of genius. Best of although, is the song about baked beans. I leave you to guess what line of thought that one pursues. The Mystery Chefs pop up occasionally to give us their handy hints, and there is a special appearance from the amazing Captain Grub and Blubber, who demonstrate the rather scrum my recipe for chocolate-coated Blubber Bars. Add to all this the fact that the video was shot in Norwich itself,

which gives you the chance to say "Ooh, I've been there!" and you have an entertaining hour of fast-moving fun and information. A percentage of profits goes to Feed the Children too, so it also allows you to do your bit for charity. it's not Delia Smith, but I guarantee that after watching it, you'll want to wash your hands and head for the cooker.

Caroline Jenkinson

Get Stuffed Retail: Out now Rating:* * * * *

o llpm

,. ·lloon to I Opm


24 TOMBIAND • NORWICH • TEL 0603 621583 FOR DELIVERIES 0603 761515



10- NovEMBER 23

'Australia, The Rough Guide' ,_REVIEW "Australia, The Rough Guide," is an essential read for anyone considering a trip Down Under in the near future. Geared towards young people, it contains anything and everything that you need to know about visiting the country... The majority of this reference book is taken up by detailed information about each region of Australia, as well as Tasmania. This includes a brief outline of the area, followed by sections on all the main places of interest, both natural attractions like Ayrs Rock and the major towns and Cities. Its history is given along with vital information for any visitor. Restaurants, bars, nightspots and sights to see are recommended and there are lists of all forms of accommodation, and their approximate prices. As well as all this information, useful telephone numbers and addresses for taxis, car hire and so maps and local cus1 details ofon,town l----~::::::::~:_::~~~~~!-~--------~::~



_ toms are also provided. The remainder of the book deals with all aspects of Australian culture. Warnings about health hazards and natural dangers (crocodiles, leeches, mosquitoes and other delightful creatures) are included, along with sections aimed at the disabled, homosexual, and women travelling alone. The guide caters for all interests with information on wildlife, Australian books and films, sports, festivals .... The list of Australian words and their meanings makes interesting and amusing reading, although anyone who watches Australian soap operas will already be familiar with many of them. The only criticism is that there is just one page about work and seasonal employment, so if anyone is planning to eam some money while seeing a new country, this book is not much help. But then again, having travelled across half the world, the last thing anyone would want to do is to get stuck into picking fruit or harvesting grain. Once your holiday is arranged, it will be well worth investing £12.99 in a copy, as it provides a definitive and conclusive guide to every aspect of the country which gave us Home and Away,

the Minogues and Crocodile Dundee ... and it will enable any traveller to make the most of Jane Homer their visit. •"Australia, The Rough Guide," is compiled by Margo Daly, Anne

8 page pull out I · ou o

Dehne, David Leffman a. ChrisScott. The Event's review copy was kindly donated by Waterstone's Bookshop on the campus of the University of East Anglia. Win the bookl seepage25.

the ne t 241


10 - NovEMBER 23


Reviews by Jamie Putnam


Heart ol Diri/EP

Ex-pat Bostonians (former home of The Lemon heads, Throwing Muses, The Pixies and New Kinds on the Block) now based in England, Done Lying Down, try to reach the height of their peers, Fugazi , but fall a couple of inches short of the mark. Having said that Heart of Dirt is not by any means a bad record. it gets loud and quiet in all the right places, but it just lacks the 'something' that would raise it about the swarm of guitar bands currently ploughing the same furrow. (Incidentally, bees do plough furrows ... I've seen them). 'Dissent' is a song that could quite easily be a new 'Teen Spirit' but only if they can find the missing ingredient and chuck it into the mixture. 'Nobody Loves Me' on the B-side is very Fugazi, with syncopated bass and lumps of guitar doing very strange things, and is really quite frustrating in that it never quite makes it. Hopefully they'll sort out the recipe and then they'll really be the ones to watch.





A sprightly little number, this one. 'Reach' bounces along like a huge beach ball with loads of 'Car Wash' style twiddly bits and 'I'm So High it's Beautiful' vocals ... and is basically the sort of thing you come to expect from Justin and his 'Daisy-age' kitsch pop. The Can Can' mix is especially good - with a groovy bass drum - so on the whole it's a worthwhile investment is you haven't already forked out for the album - doesn't quite live up to the stroke of genius that was 'Koochie Ryder' though. Hmmm.


PAULINE HENRY Feel Lilce Malcing Love/12 11

Feel Like Making Love? Feel like making myself sick, all over this dreadful record, more like. A massive hit in Garageland, no doubt. With any luck It'll stay there. Yuk!

FRANK ZAPPA The Yellow Sharlc/ LP I'll hold him down -you get the straitjacket. What the hell Is a 'G-Spot Tornado' anyway - Mrs lappa must be a very happy woman.


The cover of this record is a black and white photo of young boy about to bury a huge chunk of rock into a piano ... and it only takes a couple of seconds to work out that Meat Machine make nasty music. And nasty it is. Very much in the same vein as AI Jourgenson's Ministry/ Revolting Cocks. Meat Machine manage to make every song sound like a combine harvester mangling a flock of baby lambs. 1uitars spew out all over the ,.>lace, and some heavy-duty rhythm pins it down to make it the aural equivalent of being knocked down by the Screaminr - -"les' tour van. "Splish, s~ , brainwash" goes the chorus, but it may as well be "Bish, bosh, goulash" for all the message it puts across. Meat Machine tackle pretty standard


MOLLY HALF HEAD Following three EPs, including the interesting 'Taste of You', comes this offering from Manchester's new guitar upstarts. And what a mixed bag it is. Opening track 'Vivid Whitsun· kicks off with a bassline straight off 'Doollttle' and some vocals which might suggest that the lead singer has haemorrhoids, but it is, in fact, an-


Industrial themes too, with titles like 'Television Head', 'Numb Religion', and 'Ga-Ga Crack Brain', but I suppose it doesn't really matter, because after about ten minutes of this record you get the urge to commit

unspeakable acts anyway! 'Best Song Award' goes to 'Peep Freak' for its brilliant lyrics. "Freak, Peep Freak, too cool. " I just hope Pauline Henry doesn't have the misfortune to bump into them in a dark alley.


Kicking off with the 3-minute Heaven that was Power Missy, Birmingham's Delicious Monster might appear to have played their trump card a little too early · on this record. Taking the raw attitude of PJ Harvey, and mixing it with the fragility of Harriet Sunday, on the aforementioned gave them a song that should have been a colossal hit... but cruelly wasn't. 'On Joie de Vivre', OM prove themselves to be no 'one hit' wonders, and come up with at least three quarters of an album of absolute stunners, and prove that they are really worthy of all the praise heaped on them over the recent months. 'Ripped' is brilliant, and 'Some Relief' is like

Sullc/LP noyingly catchy and actually very likeable. 'Spectacle Clear' then appears, and totally changes your conception of the Motly Half Head sound - with its Hendrix style and guitar, and Fallesque bass and lyrics. With 'Promote' they do the chameleon thing again, and start off with a bongo intro that could have been an out-

take from 'Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me', and some vocals that sound scarify like John Lennon. Then they go all Dinosaur Jnr with 'Bone Idle' - and all this is just on Side A. However, as you get further into the record, their varied sound tends to irritate rather than inspire, and by the end it all becomes very confusing. Worth a try if you've got a tenner to spare I suppose.

delicious mo ster

Suede but without the 'codcokernee' bits. The real gem, though, is 'Talk To Me', which is leagues above any of the other

releases this week and could become one of lndiedom's great undiscovered beauties. A great album - simple as that.


This week's album chart 1. (-) Phi I Collins - Both Sides 2. (-) Lisa Stansfield - So Natural 3. (-) Bryan Adams- So Far So Good 4. (2) Meatloaf - Bat Out Of Hell 11

For all your music requirements



5. (-)Various- Hits •g3 Volume 4 6. (1) Kate Bush -The Red Shoes 7. (6) Diana Ross- One Woman: The Ultimate Collection 8. (-) Wet Wet Wet- End of Part One (Their Greatest Hits) 9. (8) Various - Greatest Hits of 1993 10. (1 0) Michael Crawford: A Touch of Music In The Night



10- NovEMBER 23



OPINION 1 Kicking in with some very scuzzy guitar, Magoo then turn opening track 'Beach ball Head' into the long lost child of lan Curtis and Mark Gardener. The bassline could almost be Hook whilst the vocals swoop all over the place, veering too far away to lose their impact and, on the whole, it's pretty convincing. By the end of track two 'Schmillson', it becomes very clear that Magoo are setting their sights a little bit higher than most local bands. Although perhaps a bit too long, it cruises along, getting blustery in all the right places and ends in a lovely whirlpool of guitar soup. Nice. Last track 'Eleven' sounds more like the Pale Saints crossed with Stereolab (Yes, that is possible) and works quite well, although it seems like there's one tiny ingredient missing. On the whole, a pretty cool demo and definitely a band who deserve to play the other end of the A 11 . Jam le Putnam, The Event's record reviewer

OPINION 2 Magoo offer a tight and quite well produced demo with moments of excitement, and deserve due credit for a band coming to the close of their first year together. 'Beachball Head' upholds the above - it's a well-structured song that stomps along in its indie D.M's with a lot of spirit. Although the drum patterns are pretty uninspired, the vocal arrangements are well thought out and I'm sure the areas of weakness will become stronger with more experience. There is also a good mix of American grunge and British guitar sounds and styles. 'Schmillson' bows very heavily towards an old Cure bassline, Thousand Yard Stare guitar line and a Ride vocal. Although the drums




All scores are out of five.

ORIGINALITY....................2 & 2 CAN THEY PLAY THEIR INSTRUMENTS? ... 4 & 3 'SEXINESS' .................... 3.5 & 4 NAME ..............................O.S & 1

20 OUT OF 40

keep it moving, the song starts to drown in unoriginality. The vocals are well produced again and the execution is of good quality. The third and final song 'Eleven' also deserves praise for its arrangement and production. This is the least strong and yet most interesting song on the tape and feels a little bit unfinished or as though it needs re-writng slightly, so l'llleave any criticism until I hear it again . They sound like they'll be well worth seeing live and I'll come off the fence and recommend them ... so I hope they prove me right. James Tully, Phoenix Promotions.

In subsequent Issues of The Event, we will continue to run free classified ads for anyone who wants them. There's a huge range of categories, from FOR SALE to PERSONAL and WANTED to ANNOUNCEMENTS- please feel free to send us ads for whatever you like. We will advertise anything within reason, and our full terms and conditions are available from us by post If you want them. Basically though, our decision on whether to run any particular ad Is final, and you remain responsible for the consequences of your ad. We will withhold your name from publication If you wish, but you must at least supply us with your name and addrP ~ - \n the first Instance. A telephone number would also help, especially If you tnh1k that we might want to check whether you ad Is genuine before we run lt. Send In as many ads as you like, and we will publish In the next available Issue. Get writing!






Do you fancy owning a box full of Beatles? Obviously we're not talking about the crawly black things here, but John, Paul , George and Ringo. In conjunction with HMV, The Event has got two CD boxed sets of the 'Red' and 'Blue' albums to give away. These boxes contain not only the two albums, but also a 12 page booklet, a poster and a badge. And what's more, they retail at £25.99

each! To get hold of one of them , all you need to do is answer these two questions:

1. What does HMV stand for? 2 . What is HMV's logo? You'll find the address and competition rules at the bottom of the page.




OOK, you lucky people, who's managed to win something this week? The winners of the competitions from the second issue are: Forever Young: (VIdeo and Oil of Ulay) Hilary Patterson, Northampton; Andrew Sainsbury, Llndford Drive, Eaton. (Oil of Ulay) TRuffles, West Winch; Julla Hall, Grantham; AT Clarke, UEA; Steven Hare, Willis Street, Norwich. Clothes Show Live Tickets: Jo Wright, Hellesdon. Dragon T-Shirts: Tim WallerTaylor, UEA; C K Chung, Old Catton; Shaun Bridgwood, Brundall; T Ruffles, West Winch; Steven Hare, Norwich

~ THREE VIDEOS OF THE OUTRAGEOUS LILLY SAVAGE The glamourous and outrageous Lily Savage, in an attempt to pay off ten years back rent, is touring the country at the mont, and will be camping . ....p in Norwich on November 11, at the Theatre Royal. Fear not If you can't make it th 'l, because we at The - .mt have got three copies of her crazy video to give away. What you have to do Is give us the answer to this: In which London borough does Lily live? Is it:

Take an insane bunch of people from Norwich, some amazing cut-out animations and a rock food soundtrack, mix together well, and turn out into a video box. You now have a video of "Get Stuffed" ready for instant enjoyment. Or, if you prefer, you can have a take-away copy from The Event. Just answer this culinary question: Where does Chicken Korma come from? Is it a. China? b. America? c. India? Answers on a wooden spoon to the address below.


a. Lambeth? b. Toxteth? c. Brixton? Simply follow the rules as usual, and make sure you get your entry In before the lng date!


CK (well ... not quite)

Would you like to cuddle up to Patrick Swayze for an evening? Well, unfortunately we can't give away the real thing, but we do have 3 copies of Mr Swayze's new video, "City of Joy", up for grabs. To get hold of one, puzzle this out: Who was Patrick's eo-star in "Dirty Dancing"? Was it: a. Jennlfer Grey?

b. Klm Baslnger?


Julla Roberts? Send us your answers, but follow the rules first!




wednesday 1. You may enter a answers sh s many com stuck-down~~~: ~e on the bac~:i:~ns as You like 2. We don't e ope. ostcard or a care ho none of th t w many entri 3. The clos~n~e;tricting it to one:: ~ou send us November 20 Nate for all competltr ousehold here/ be considered o entries received ~ns this issue is 4. You must In . I a er this date Will telephone nu c Ude Your name a 5. All Winners ':,~,~~(if_ You have ~n:;~~~dress and ephone TheE e Informed -PI ' Your entry 6. You vent. ease don't te/.. . . must agree to 91Ve If YOU Win a c any PUblicity We 7. Please send ompetition (With' may want to Event PI Your entries to C '" reason!). 7Ts ' anet Zog ltd PO B ompetltions ......e

410 ' lil , Norwich, NR4 fmal. That's it s· stnut. .. The Editor's d . . •mple really. Oh ec•slon is ' and good luck.

~- And that Old che



Pints £1.20 all night £1.50 admis ion before 11 pm, £2.50 after

Free before 11 pm with NUS card


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Both nights: 9pm-2am Casual dress great



14 day listings in association with the Theatre Royal - Reservations (0603) 630000

- - -........=~,,.,.,;...

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 12 · Cannon Demolition Man opens starring Sly Stall one - see page 11 . The Piano also opens - see page 9. Plus all or some of the films from last Wednesday. Odeon Guily As Sin opens starring Don Johnson - see page 8. Plus all or some of the films from last Wednesday.

Compiled by Caroline Jenkinson

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 10 Cannon Screen 1: The Fugitive (1S} Harrison Ford is a man on the run for his life. Tommy Lee Jones is chasing him! See page 11 . 2.1Spm, Spm , 8.1Spm. Screen 2: Dave (12)- What happens when a man stands in for The President? Kevin Kline finds out! See page 11 . 2.30pm, S.SOpm, 8.30pm. Screen 3: Secret Garden (U) Children's classic tale remade for the big screen. See page 11 . 1.30pm, 4pm , 6.10pm. Also Dirty Weekend (18)Michael Winner's latest movie. See page 11. 8.30pm. Screen 4: Jurassic Park (PG) it's still showing! The summer blockbuster now at 2pm. See page 11 . Much Ado About Nothing (PG) Keanu Reeves , Kenneth Branagh , Emma Thompson , etc .... 6pm . See page 11. Dragon (1 S) - Jason Scott Lee stars in this film about the Kung Fu legend, Bruce Lee. See page 11 for details. 8.20pm .


Odeon Screen 1: The Real McCoy (12) - Kim Basinger stars as an ace bank robber and cat burglar. See page 11 . 1.30pm , 3.3Spm, S.40pm , 7.4Spm. Screen 2: True Romance (18)Christian Slater and Patricia Arq uette are on the run across America. See page 11 . 1.0Spm , 3.2Spm , S.4Spm, 8.0Spm . Screen 3: Sleepless in Seattle (PG) - What happens when your son rings a radio station to find you a wife? Tom Hanks finds out. See page 11. 1.1Opm , 3.1Spm, S.20pm , 7.30pm . Cinema City House of Angels (1S) - Swedish comedy. Part of European Film

Week. 2.30pm . Puerto Escondido (1S) -Another comedy, this time from Italy. 8.1Spm. Theatre Royal The Woman In Black - Supernatural tale, starring Frank Finlay. 2.30pm, 7.30pm , £4£13.SO. Norwich Arts Centre The Boyfriend - presented by the Mixed Bag Theatre Company.

..,. Odeon See Wednesday, plus "What's Love Got To Do With 1r at 8.10pm. Cinema City House of Angels - 2.30pm Puerto Escondido - S.4Spm. Theatre Royal See Wednesday. 7.30pm only. Norwich Arts Centre Trans -a puppet show. Oval Zodiac Mindwarp and God Knows - rock. -. Brickmakers Fat Slugs Blues Band.

Theatre Royal See Wednesday. 7.30pm only. Oval Warrior Soul and Kern Dog hard rock.

King's Head Steel Street Blues

Cannon See Friday.

Boswells Rhy1hm and Reeds. 9pm to midnight.

Odeon See Friday.

Hy's Club night. Manhattans 2nd birthday weekend celebrations. Cheap drinks. Peppermint Park Budweiser promotion . Ad m £1 84 11 pm plus free can of Bud. with ticket. Ritzy Fast Trax. 9pm to 2am. £2 before 10.30pm, £3 after. Superskate Rave Night - 7pm-11 pm, £3.

Brlckmakers Serious Business - rock group.


Oval For God's Sake and Monster rock. King 's Head Sharks - rhy1hm and blues.

Manhattans Technique- for the more progressive sounds of house. 9pm to 2am . £1 B4 11 pm and £3 after. Peppermint Park Happy Wednesday - Free pint with ticket. Adm £1. Pints £1 . Ritzy Go - 9pm to 2am . £1.SO B4 11pm and £2 .SO after. Superskate Family Superskate. 7pm-11 pm, £2 .SO.

8os wells Lucas Soul Band. 9pm to midnight. Hy's Club night. Manhattans Free admission . All drinks £1 .SO. Peppermint Park Free admn ladies. £2 guys. Ritzy Partee. 9pm to 2am . £1 before 11 pm , £2 after. Superskate "Back Seat of the Chevy" (16+) - 7pm-11pm, £3.

Theatre Royal Foster and Alien. 7.30pm, £2£8.SO. 8os wells Broadside Swingtet. 12 to 3pm.

Cannon See Friday. Ode on See Friday. Cinema City See Thursday, plus Swallows and Amazons (U) - Arthur Ransome's classic story. 2.30pm .

Brickmakers Floating Greyhound - rock group. King 's Head Charlton Brothers - rhy1hm and blues.

Oval The Derek Dangerous Band (formerly the Avon Ladies) souVblues. Brickmakers Lee Vasey - jazz and blues. (Lunchtime). UEA Thea tre Workshop: Mask - The Hoipolloi Theatre Company explores acting through mask work. Superskate Family Superskate - 10.30am1pm, £2. I 2pm-Spm , £2.SO. Collesseum (Games) Night7pm-11pm, £3.SO.

MONDAY NOVEMBER 15 Cannon See Friday. Odeon See Friday.

Theatre Royal Les Liasions Dangereuses - The glittering tale of decadence and corruption in 18th century France . 7.30pm, £4-£13.SO .

Bos wells NJQ. 9pm to midnight. Hy's Girl of the Week

Cinema City Puerto Escondido - 2.30pm. House of Angels - Spm . Orphans of the Storm (PG) Lillian Gish stars. Live piano accompianment. 7.30pm .

Cinema City House of Angels - 2.30pm. Romper Stomper (1 8) - Powerful drama about Austrailian NeoNazis. Spm. The Wedding Banquet (1S) Comedy about a TaiwaneseAmerican and his boyfriend. 8.1Spm.

UEA Concert University Orchestra. 7.30pm , £S/£4-£3 cone.

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 11 Cannon See Wednesday.

Cinema City See Thursday, plus Cure Show (PG)- the band in concert. See page 10. 11 pm.


UEA The Arthur Miller Centre Literary Festival: Penelope Lively, former Booker Prize winner. 7pm , £3/ £2 .

Brickmakers Opportunity Night - for local bands. Sterile Attic and Mad Apple- indie. Boswells Candlelight and Romance with Jonathan Dodd. 8pm to 11pm. Hy's Club night. Peppermint Park Free admission with studer· 9pm to 2am . SOp a pint! Ritzy Nth Degree. 9pm to 2am . £1 before 11 pm (free with NUS card), £2 after. SOp a pint! Superskate "Rollermania" (Rock Night) 7pm-11pm, £2.


Bo s w ells Beyond the Blues. 9pm to midnight.

Cannon See Friday.

Hy's Club night.

Theatre Royal See Wednesday.

Hy's Club night.

Odeon See Friday.

Norwich Arts Centre The Oyster Band - roots rock.

Manhattans As Friday.

C inema City The Wedding Banquet. 2.30pm, S.4Spm, 8.1Spm.

Boswells Jazz and Blues Jam with Dave Holgate and Paul Stevens 9pm to midnight.

Norwich Puppet Theatre James and the Giant Peach Roald Dahl's tale of a little boy and his insect friends. 2.30pm, £3.S0/£2.SO cone.

Peppermint Park Red Stripe promotion. See Fri.

UEA Gig. Grant Lee Buffalo - Acoustic based country band. 7.30pm , £7. Oval New England and Sods Law rock.

Ritzy Furious Fun. 9pm to 2am. £3 before 10.30pm , £S after. Superskate Family Superskate- 10am12.30pm, £2/Family. Family Superskate - 2pm-Spm, £2.SO. "Lethal Raditation" - 7pm to 1am. £3.SO.

Cannon Cinema, Prince of Wales Road. Tel 623312 Odeon Cinema, Anglia Square. Tel 0426 932450 Cinema City, St Andrews Street. Tel 622047 Theatre Royal, Theatre Street. Tel 630000 Norwich Arts Centre, St Benedlcts Street. Tel 660352 Maddermarket Theatre, Maddermarket . Tel 620917 Puppet Theatre, St James' Whltefriars. Tel 629921 Brickmakers, Sprowston Road, Tel 426629 Kings Head, Magdalen Street. Tel 627998 Manhattan Nightclub, Dove Street. Tel 629060 The Oval Rock House, Dereham Road. Tel 748244 Peppermint Park, Rose Lane. Tel 764192 Ritzy Nightclub, Tombland. Tel 621541 UEA, Earlham Road. Tel 505401 Boswells/Hy's, Tombland. Tel 626099

Theatre Royal See Monday. Norwich Arts Centre The start of the Jazz Festival, with Roy Ayers.

Oval Noisebox lndie NightColourtorm, Magoo and Joyland. Manhattans Talent Show '93 - Heat Six. Superskate Disco Night. 7pm-11 pm, £2.SO.

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 17 Cannon See Friday.

King's Head Otts and Davie Howe.

Odeon See Friday.

8os wells Lee Vasey Band.

Cinema City See Tuesday. S.4Spm and 8.1Spm only.

Hy's Girl of the Week

Theatre Royal See Monday. Also 2.30pm . Norwich Arts Centre Tri lock Gurtu - jazz. UEA Gig. The Kinks. 7.30pm , £9.SO.

Manhattans Happy House - see last Weds. Peppermint Park See last Wednesday. Ritzy Go. 9pm to 2am. Superskate As last Wednesday.

--------------------- -------- -- --- --21

14 day listings in association with th~e Theatre Royal - ti~kets THURSDAY NOVEMBER 18


from £3 or £:;.4 . ;;..~

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 20 cont. Theatre Royal

King's Head

See Monday. Also 2.30pm .

Chicago Shout House - blues.

Norwich Arts Centre


Vibe Tribe -jazz.

Alan Stuart Octet. 9pm to midnight.

Maddermarket Theatre See Friday.


Compiled by Caroline Jenklnson

Club night

UEA Drama: See Friday. Gig. Saw Doctors. 7.30pm, £8.



Club nite. Admission £3 with NUS card (£5 otherwise) or FREE with NUS card B4 10.30.

Utter Madness (Madness tribute band) .




Furious Fun. 9pm to 2am.

See Friday, November 12.

Talent Show '93- Heat Seven.




As last Saturday.

See Friday, November 12.

As last Tuesday.


Brickmakers Khan - described as "unusual but brillianr.

Cinema City


See Monday, plus The Piano at 2.30pm.


Maddermarket Theatre

See Friday, November 12.

See Friday.




See Friday, November 12.

Brown Bottle Blues Band. 9pm to midnight.

Cinema City

Drama: See Friday. Event Paul Zenner, hypnotist. 7.30pm, £4.50.

Sleeping Beauty - the classic tale, presented by the Birmingham Royal Ballet. 7.30pm, £5£25.


Maddermarket Theatre

Hy's Club night.

Manhattans Free admission . All drinks £1 .50.

Peppermint Park Dub Syndicate - seminal dub rappers - see page 3. Tickets £7.50 in adv.



999 and The Hairy Kids (aka Sweet 'n' Innocent).

Partee .... 9pm to 2am .


. .

Theatre Royal

Seventh Heaven (U) - silent melodrama, set in Paris. 5pm. Un Coeur En Hiver (12)- a violin maker becomes involved with a young violinist. 7.30pm.

Tansards and Rogues Gallery.

See Friday.



Theatre Royal

Lee Vasey (lunchtime). Otts and Davie Howe (evening).

Ben Elton - the fast talking comedian. 7.30pm, £3-£12.50.

Boswells Nostalgia. 12 noon to 3pm.

Norwich Arts Centre Dick Heckstaii-Smith, Lionel Grigson and Pete Beavis.

Superskate As last Sunday.

lndie Night - Extension Leads, This Gigantic World and Elysium.

Boswells As last Tuesday.

Hy's Club night.

MONDAY NOVEMBER 22 Cannon See Friday, November 12.

Brlckmakers :.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 19 See last Thursday.

Ca,.--,n Se !-Friday, plus Concierge ith Michael J Fox (see page 10).

deon See last y, plus So I Married An h. ..Aurderer with Mike Myers (see page 10).

by Federico Garcia Lorca, presented by the UEA Drama Society. 7.30pm, £4/£3 cone. Gig. Teenage Fan Club. 7.30pm, £8.

Oval Scallywag.

Brickmakers Caretaker - soft rock.

Cinema City See Tuesday, 5.45pm and 8.15pm only. Plus Resevoir Dogs (18)- the violent crime drama. 11 pm.

King's Head Acme Blues Company.

Boswells Chris Simmons. 9pm to 12.

Theatre Royal See Monday.

Norwich Arts Centre Serendipity Orchestra - jazz.

Maddermarket Theatre Julius Caesar- the Norwich Players present the Shakespeare play. 7.30pm, £2.50/ £6.50. (After 7pm, £3 with an NUS card .)


Odeon See Friday, November 12.

Cinema City The Wedding Banquet 5.45pm. The Piano (15)- Holly Hunter and Harvey Keitel star in this tale of a mute woman . 8.15pm.

Maddermarket Theatre See Friday.

UEA The Arthur Miller Centre Literary Festivat. Malcolm Bradbury and Rose Tremain . 7pm, £3/£2 cone. Concert Eric Gruenberg (violin) and Anthony Goldstone (piano) . 7.30pm, £8/£6-£4 cone.

Hy's Club night.

Norwich Arts Centre


Headcleaner, plus Spinewrench and support. £3 adv/£3.50 door.

'Famous'. The best sounds of London brought to Norwich. Main Floor: Garage. Upstairs: Acid Jazz/ Funk. £2 advance, £3 on the door. Details on (0603) 665681 .

Brickmakers Opportunity night.

Boswells As last Monday.

Ritzy Fast Trax. 9pm to 2am.

Drama: Blood Wedding - a play

Hy's Club night.

Superskate A I t F .d


Peppermint Park See last Monday. 9pm to 2am.

Ritzy Cannon

Cinema City

See Friday, November 12.

See Tuesday, 5.45pm and 8.15pm only. Also Mr Nanny (PG) - Hulk Hogan plays nursemaid. 2.30pm.

Odeon See Friday, November 12.

Nth Degree. 9pm to 2am.

Superskate See last Monday.

(just present this advert at time of booking to claim £2 off any of top 2 prices. Only one voucher per purchase. Subject to availability.)

November 11th

10pm Prices £9, £7, £2


The event-issue 4-23rd November