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• 39 ST. GILES STREET • NORWICH • Telephone 612790

One of N.orwich' s most unique and popular Restaurants Vegetarian & organic meat dishes•!•Organic Wines & beers at sensible prices Open 7 days a week Tilllate•!•Families Welcomed

1 0% student discoLint

when you produce or mention ..this' · ad . ' . ' ~


•In an attempt to pay off 10 years back rent, the hilarious Uly Savage takes to the road from October 16. Outrageous but glamorous, Lily (actually a man In drag) Is one of the most exciting new stand-up comics In the country. The Th atre Royal, Norwich, has just announced that Uly will be gracing them with a visit on November 11. llckets are expected to go fairly quickly, so customers are advised to book early to avoid disappointment. After all, you can't go far wrong, when the Edinburgh Evening News said "Superb! The material Is glorious, the delivery dazzling and the adllbblng out of this world .•. you'll fall In love with Lily. •

•Jason Scott Lee (above), star of Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, released this week, has told The Event how he met the tragic Brandon Lee, son of Bruce, before his death. "I wanted to meet him, to pay my respects to him, and we talked a lot about my career and his career, and where we were both going,• he told our reporter, Joe Morse at a meeting in London. "lt was just two young actors talking together... • continued Jason. Read The Event's interview in full on page 14.

Jr"--.Peel's favourite band, =all', are to play Norwich's Peppermint Park venue on Thursday October 21, local cor V Phoenix Promotions ha\. announced. The Event-sponsored gig is one of only three in the country during The Fall's current tour, with the other two UK dates in London and Bath. After playing Norwich, the band move on to Ireland.

Although they had formerly been hoping to promote a record release with Andy Weatherall, it is now understood they recently fell out with Mr Weatherall and that the release will not go ahead. Said James Tully of Phoenix: "I'm very pleased that we're bringing The Fall to Norwich it's good to be able to put the City back on the rock and roll map!"

•Although the Students Union at UEA have now confirmed that '4 Non Blondes', 'Bjork', and 'Morrlsey• will not be playing the LCR venue as previously speculated, they have confirmed a new act: The Damned, who will play on December 1. llckets to enjoy an evening with the seminal punk band are priced at £8.50 In advance.

The Fall gig will be one of the biggest that Phoenix has handled since it began in February. Recent successes include a sell-out 'Belly' gig at Norwich Arts Centre, and Senser at Peppermint Park. •Tickets cost £7 in advance from the usual agents. The gig begins at 8pm and ends at 2am: some "very special guests" are promised.

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Students give Waterfront relloat plans the go-ahead

The Students Union at UEA moved a step closer to reopening defunct City music venue the Waterfront last week, after they received a mandate from their members deciding current negotiations With Norwich City Council should continue, wntes Nia/1 Hampton. At an emergency meeting called by the Union, students overwhelmingly supported the motion to get the venue up-andrunning. As reported in the last issue of The Event, the council intend to continue negotiations with the Union, who want to open the venue on a six-month trial basis for four nights a week from early December. Initially, this would mean featurmg two club nights and two live music n ghts per week. The Union is also liaising with the Eastern Counties Bus Company as to the possibility of routing a bus to the King Street venue, which Is In the middle of the City's red light district Despite a lukewarm reception to their proposals In the local •Forty four years after 'The Secret Garden' was first made for the silver screen, it has been remade with the assistance of Francis Ford Copolla. The screenplay is by Carolina Thompson, who wrote Edward Scissorhands and Homeward Bound, which is also released this fortnight. Read The Event's full previews of both films on pages 10 and 13.

Top: The scenes at last Thursday's emergency meeting Above: The Waterfront••. where else? press, the Student Union Is keen to emphasise they have a commitment to the local community, as well as students. Their campus venue, the LCR, is arguably one of the best in East Anglia and makes an Invaluable contribution to the local community. Sa1d Jacqul Mackay, spokeswoman for the Student Union, "As far as the local community is concerned we are totally committed to opening this venue and providing access to all members of the local community, and to students. "Unlike the majority of other

universities up and down the country, we've never asked for student identification when attending discos or gigs and I think that this experience and our past record should prove our commitment In providing entertainments both for the local community and for our own membership. By opening a venue In the city we are again reiterating our keenness to forge further links with the local commun ty and we will be promoting the venue as one for the local community which obviously does include the members of our Union."

•Culture -Who Needs lt? Is the subject of a debate at the Crome Gallery, Castle Museum, on Thursday October 14. The debate will address questions such as 'Is culture a dirty word?' and 'Are crossovers between classical and pop music a good thing?' To get two free tickets courtesy of The Event ring our hotllne (0603) 250558 now!

•Early 80's star, Toyah, is lined up to play the Oval Rock House, Dereham Road, on Friday November3. The red-haired lisping singer, has also experienced considerable fame as an actress, starring with such famous names as Sir Laurence Olivier. licket prices are yet to be announced. Anyone with enquiries should phone the Oval.




UCA to Stab on



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- r Catherine Wheel



REVIEW •Peppermint Park, Sunday, October 3.

Corduroy PREVIEW Anyone who is a fan of the Brand New Heavies will almost certainly be familiar with the 'proud to be independent' Acid Jazz label. So if you are a seriously funked up acid jazzy creature you will be tickled to hear that HMV will be presenting a series of events starting with some serious swinging of funky pants to the rhythm ic vibes of Corduroy. The band who released their debut album 'Dadmancat' in November last year have just finished a triumphant sell-out tour with fellow Acid Jazzers, The Sandals and Mother Earth. Quickly earning themselves an enviable reputation for their stage performances here and abroad . Corduroy who are 'deadly' when playing live are made up of twins , Ben and Scott Addison (drums and keyboards) , Simon Nelson-

Drop 19s


Smith (guitar) and Richard Searle (bass). Together delivering an unmistakable and distinct style of their own which can only be described as funky old-school garage sounds. Their new single entitled 'The Frighteners' was released in September, and this follow-up to the summer's essential sizzler 45 'Something in my eye' will be a taster of the band's forthcoming album 'High Havoc'. The idea behind the album being a sixties action-packed film track, with titles such as 'Follow That Arab' and 'Nobody Move', should be interesting . So if you fancy some heavy grooving get down to Norwich Arts Centre on Saturday, October 16. Tickets £6, concessions £4. And don't forget your corduEmilia Gwyn roys.

Antenna + The Pineapples + NFL

PREVIEW The night starts with a blast from NFL. Yes, after 4 songs one of the guitarists has the misfortune to completely and utterly wipe out the drum machine . Indeed, as the singer says, "This isn't what you need at the end of the day." Anyway, they did play a couple of good Rage influenced tracks - loud and nearly lively. The Pineapples came roaring out of the spilling over of the US underground , firmly wedged in the hardcore/college radio vein, and are the best band tonight by far with tracks that aren't far removed from our own Bivouac and Midway Still , but are also not guilty of being slackers. Tight, contrasting, infectious, catchy and worthy of being shown more attention . Antenna show us their set of strum my, swirly, powerful guitar melodies. Slipping in between is the soft guitars that explode into a wall of sound , only to drop off to let us catch our pace back. Vocals are so J Mascis but that's no bad point. Some songs prove rather bland to the end and this bunch have yet to prove their worth . Drop Nineteens arrive with a line-up change and move on from the infamous 'Winnona'. Showcasing new members and new songs, the band mix melody and noise sufficiently to create an existing and adventurous evening . Still needing gain a higher profile, they played to a smaller audience than last year, but are still one of the best on tour. How could I tell? Well, it was ob,, they act~ally enjgyed th~mselves too. Paul /ng/eby

Having only been to Peppermint Park s**t faced on a club night, seeing a gig there whilst sober was interestingly weird. Not the best of venues, but what the hell?! Support band, Spellbound, hit problems with the lights tripping out and a ropey first number, with the band sounding loose and slightly uncoordinated. But the lights and band soon picked up, with beautiful vocals sweeping over a wall of guitar backed by a drum machine. Inherent there is Spellbound's problem; the vocals and thumping drum machine don't mix. The sound of each is great... but not together. A pleasant high voice does not combine but conflicts with a drum sound not too far from Oil Seed Rape. However, the overall sound of the performance with Lush/ My Bloody Valentine inspired guitars, show the band have potential to build on solid foundations, even if there is little new or exciting on offer tonight. With their debut on Noisebox

Records (out now) they should seriously consider finding a drummer. With a crowd of 200 people, Catherine Wheel showcased their new LP "Chrome" which has proven their maturity and evolvement into becoming an impressive 'together' band. This powerful and somewhat individual trio evoke such a controlled and emotional sound that it reminds me of bands like Fugazi and Buffalo Tom. But it is unfortunate that after succeeding in America they have yet to break extensively in the UK. Unlike Radiohead they do not seem to have that one song that really stands out. 'Black Metallic is a strong contender, though, and maybe (like 'Creep ') it will be promoted better in 6 months time, too. Listening carefully, you can still hear the influences of their past, but the Catherine Wheel have emerged to be a band moving forward with increased scope. Ultimately they are a fresh rock band without cliched guitar solos (and all the c**p bits). Let's see how well the new single "Show me Mary" does and maybe many of you will realise what you've missed.

Catherine Wheel take to the stage at PP Tonight's performance was a positive one for the home crowd, with even the singer

noting it was an active crowd for Norwich.


Fish heads Oval line-up PREVIEW The Oval Rockhouse continues to fulfil its role as a leading venue in Norfolk with another packed two weeks of gigs. The highlight is undoubtedly the appearance of the ex-Marillion front man , Fish, who is playing two consecutive nights on October 16 and 17. Musical differences dictated the departure of the vocalist from his previous band in September 1988 where he had enjoyed considerable success, recording seven albums which produced several Top Ten records. Since he left Marillion, Fish has been busy setting up his own recording studio and putting together a solo career. From the time his album "Internal Exile" was released in 1991 , he has been touring almost constantly, playing to a crowd of 500,000 at a European open air festival at the Parkop. He has also managed to put together an album of 70's cover versions , which was released earlier this year, entitled "Songs from the Mirror". Fish is using this tour as a chance to promote new material , playing against more of a theatrical stage background. Adm ittance is by ticket only and costs £9. One of the most interesting nights will almost certainly be on the October 21 , with the brilliantly eccentric Scat Opera. This group formed the forefront of the fusion speed funk-metal movement in the late 1980's, along with bands like The Atom Seed and Metal Monkey Machine. The four piece band from London is full of energy from the insane and hyperactive lead man Ernie Brennan , through to outstanding guitarist Sieve Yates, bassist John O'Reily, and the bands principle weapon, drummer Mark Diment, and they're hopefully beginning to realise the mass potential they were continually labelled as possessing early on. The first years of the group saw a spree of supporting acts, to bands such as Bomb Disneyland, Primus and Napalm Death , as well as being the support to Faith No More, on their 1989 Real Thing tour. Scat Opera became known as the ultimate warm up band , but despite rave reviews, their supporting role often led to the frustration of playing in front of only half full venues. When a contract finally arrived, out came the aptly named debut

Fish - playing at the Oval album "About Time", proving that they could transfer their live ability onto vinyl , with a collection of tracks that reeked of youthful enthusiasm , Kerrang, the music magazine, labelled it as exceptional. Now with a second album behind them , "Four Gone Conclusion", the band finally seem on their way to success. They are well worth seeing, as is their support, the no holes barred Sheffield based, Swampwalk. Inner Sanctum also support. Probably best remembered for their hit single "Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps", Splodge-A-Ness Abounds make their

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Hair Br Skin Trading Co. + Pram + Hypnotize PREVIEW Another top-quality line up from the Wilde Club which presents three top bands and a guarantee of satisfaction, for a paltry £3. First band Hypnotize are a local outfit who owe their entire existence to the Spacemen 31 Spiritualized back catalogue which is fine by me. Far more favourable than sounding like The Wonder Stuff or Nirvana. Pram are signed by the world's coolest indie label, Too Pure (who brought PJ Harvey to the world's attention) and should require no further recommendation. The honour of headlining falls to The Hair and Skin Trading Co. who are on the road to promote their new album "Over Valence". Featuring ex-members of Loop, whose influence can be heard in the Hair and Skin sound, they put on an intoxicating live show which shouldn't be missed. And if that isn't enough, the first 60 paying punters will receive a free flexi-di~c featuring tracks from the two main bands. So be there early. •The gig is on Monday, October ' Tickets are £3 in advance or JO on the door.

Lemonheads + Eugenlus REVIEW

Tim Early

.... ~h Shiller + .teponem Pal REVIEW •oval, Wednesday, October6 Treponem Pal were awesome. The Oval was too small for the singer alone, whose stage presence and vocals outshone. I thought he sounds so much like Franz from the Young Gods which made the music sound a lot like them too, especially stuff like 'Jimmy'. Pitch Shifter completed the headline with their non-typical earache headcharge. I "SS subtle than Spinewrench, vier and angrier than ••eponem Pal , Pitch Shifter are faster, angrier and violently Pi ·~"ing you into their thrasholocaust. Their singerthe lov",; like a cross between frontman of House of Pain and Senser, except a lot madder. Chucking out leaflets of information, we pick them up and take it all in. Yet we already knew that 'modern culture sucks'. Buy the 'Desensitized' LP and create your own culture. Pau/lngleby

Steerpl·ke + The Lemon Growers + IVY •Oval Rockhouse, Tuesday, October 5. The f.irst b an d to ta ke the stage at this Noisebox-promoted indie night was Ivy, who peddled some pleasant tunes played by a Belly-sounding band with vocal harmonizing from the two female singers. Close your eyes and it could almost be The Cocteau Twins

Unless you're James and the support band's Radiohead, then the support even for a highprofile group is rarely worth watching. Eugenius are like that tonight. Yes, they play some okay tunes which get a number of the capacity-crowd going, but they do little more than that. After all , everyone's really here to see The Lemonheads, the Boston band who have risen from virtual obscurity to international stardom in a matter of months ... and all because of their cover of Paul Simon's 'Mrs Robinson'. So here's the crowd, comprising mainly of early-teen indie-kids, who push against the barrier in 'My Drug Buddy' T-shirts, and other Lemonhead-wear, waiting for the Evan, Nic and Dave to appear. On to the stage shuffles a tiredlooking Evan (it's a hard life being fancied by millions of girls), who launches into a short medley including, as expected, various tracks from last year's hit 'it's A Shame About Ray' CD. it's not a good start. The crowd, of course, are loving it, but there's no real action on stage, just some lame guitar playing and mumbling into a microphone. it's an unvaried set, just one CD track after another, with no direction or performance of any note. But wait. .. Evan speaks, and apologises for not dancing, but he says his 'weird' microphone 'jumps around too much'.

After some rapid fumbling on the stage, you hope that it's all going to get better, but things just seem to carry on as before. Half the time you can't even see Evan's face because his damn hair is attacking him from all sides. And that doesn't help his singing either, which is okay, but you get the feeling that he's still being told to rest his voice. Midway through the set comes some new tracks, taken from the new album. 'Come On Feel The Lemonheads', which has just gone straight in at number four in the HMV chart. Things begin to improve now. One female member of the crowd yells a crude comment at Evan as he begins the antihomophobia country-style anthem 'Big Gay Heart'. He laughs, and the performance improves. But towards the end of the gig it all begins to tail off again. And then you realise what's missing ... the occasional vocals of Evan's long-time friend, Juliana Hatfield, which are obviously so distinctive on the CD. Even Juliana didn't get the Lemonheads where they are today, though. lt was 'Mrs Robinson' that did that. And so it's kind of sad when the Lemonheads leave without having treated the audience to the slightest outburst. They play out with 'Rudderless' which really serves to sum up the whole evening. "A ship without a rudder's like a ship without a rudder..." A set with no direction. Peter Hart "Nah, can 't be a""ed, mate." They need a personality, quickly. Finally, Steerpike arrived and I'd like to say they made my night out worth the effort. Unfortunately they didn't, and I'm simply left pondering the question why so many bands assume they can just wander on stage without performing any memorable songs. Verdict: No stars and unfortunately no life-changing songs.

on a bad day or The Sundays with colds. Open your eyes, however, and

law about the word 'lemon' being used in indie pop. Anyway, The Lemon Growers

However, the lack of musical variation in their set (excluding the stompy-thing at the end for the benefit of Gordon, the Mad-Dancer) meant that they did become quite tiresome. Wh en M.iC hae 1st·ipe smgs ·

the "magic" is instantly dispelled by the sight of the second vocalist's awful stage presence - she looked like a trendy drama teacher dancing at the school end of term disco. I think there should now be a

sang jangly, acoustic, midtempo Sundays/Kinksy songs about sitting in greenhouses and under trees and blue skies in the spring time, etc.. . They could have pulled it off, since they did have some good tunes.

"Don't talk to me about being alone" it's enough to break your heart. When Mr Lemon Grower sings "Catch me when I fall" there is enough emotion in his delivery to inspire you to yawn, shrug vour shoulders and mutter

Wayne Gooderham


Jo Verret - lrvin Verret

The York Tavern THE INN PLACE TO BE Traditional Pub Serving Excellent Selection of Real Ales and Food - 7 days a week. Pool Room, Beer Garden, Live Music, FREE Use of Function Room for Parties & Meetings.

Telephone 0603 620918

Cont. from page 4 debut at the Oval on October 14. If you're looking for a night of madness and entertainment, then you need look no further. Support comes from the Norwich based tongue-in-cheek punksters, ''The Wild Good", and "Th e Disciples", from Yarmouth. One of the most popular bands ever to visit the Rockhouse, Living Spirit, aka British Lion, make a welcome return on October 15, support on this occas ion coming from the L.A based Billy Morrison band. Iron Maiden's infamous drummer Nicko McBrain, holds a clinic with guests on October 22 and Oct 23 sees the Alex Harvey band, supported by Scallywag . The Brian Knights Raw Blues band appears on the 24th and the former Zodiac Mindwarp guitarist, Jan Cyrca, rolls into the Oval on the 25th . lt is worth getting to the gig early, Jan is giving away a two track sampler CD to the first 100 people at every one of his five UK gigs. The successful lndie night slot on a Tuesday continues at the Rockhouse this fortnight, October 19 seeing Yoghurt Belly, Passing Clouds and Still Spin, while on October 26 there's The Republic Maniac, Squat and Blink. The programme is comp leted by the 3rd semi-final and the Final itself of the band competition at the Oval, on the October 13 and 27 respectively. Frantic, Run Riot and Sods Law all compete to see who will go through to face The Extension Leads and No Mercy in the final, don't miss it!

• DPrepare yourself for •the wildest night of the year• as Fishbone, Bad Brai ns and The Goats arrive at UEA•s. LCR. Martin Rose talks to Fish bone bassist, John Norwood in . ' France, wh1le Frank Quinlivan gets the boring job of staying in Norwich to preview the other bands• performances.


Heavenly + The Bardots + Lois PREVIEW The NAG-based Wilde Club brings in one of the best bands to play Norwich this year, on October 25 . 'Heavenly' have at last surrendered to the Wilde Club's three year desire to have them play, but joy at booking them turned to the deepest despair as they realised the NAC had been double booked. Enter the Union of UEA Students, who agreed to half underwrite and promote the Heavenly gig and there's your guarantee of satisfaction. Most importantly, though, it meant heavenly had somewhere to entertain ; the LCR at UEA. Heavenly only play weekends, so Monday nights expedition into pop will be something special. The reason for this is not because they are temperemental artistes, but in fact lecturers in

Philosophy at Oxford University, well one is at least. As for their music, they play pop ... and its great, even though they have, in the past, been accused of being too 'pop' by idiots. Now drawing lyrical influences and themes from the 'Riot Grrrl' scene their sound is somehow the same as before, but it has also changed. Recent songs such as "P.U.N.K Girl" and "Atta Girl" along with older ones such as "Our love is Heavenly" and "Starsky" will have you believing on the following Tuesday that you fell in love last night. • Support comes from the locally famous "The Bardots", featuring Pioty Adorable's brother, and an American band named Lois, and all for £3.00 advance or £3.50 on the door.

Simon Bell

Stephen Hawkes

Bad Brains

Bad Brains + The Goats PREVIEW Appearing with Fish bone are cc-headliners Bad Brains - the Washington D.C. four piece are tou ri ng in support of their new album. 'Rise', their first release for a major label marks the vinyl debut of new vocalist Israel Joseph I and drummer Mackie. Bad Brains are the original

Rock/Funk/Reggae crossover band who since their earliest releases in the early 80's have mixed some of the fiercest hardcore punk with laid back reggae. The new album contains many songs such as 'Rise', 'Unidentified' and 'Free' which are sure to become classics in the same

way that 'Sacred Love', 'Sailing on' and 'I love ljah' have become a staple of the band's live set. i Bad Brains are the original still the best. Support comes from 10 piece rap act The Goats. Live the band consists of 5 piecf ~ a D.J. and four vocalists. cl Goats, who are promoting the self titled album, mix funky hiphop rhythms with biting soci al and political lyrics. The Goats are definitely a band for the future .




~J~W' 11

I 2 Pottersate, llorwjch

7 e l 61 ;16;15 Fax 761940 ( opposj te Head j n the Cl ouds)


~:j{:~·.·•·:·;·.·:·::.;:: HU:U \r. :::;:::::: :=::·:·::::::~:::.;::.:::::....,..

:::::::-: ~~~ ~-~-= ~::-;:·:·:···.·

~ome;. a.qt:/s!r;'# IJ~::~ :!i!~!f :=n:

10% off on production of NUS card

,.p : ...




50°/o student discount on all prices marked •


FRI 15 SAT 16 SUN 17 TUE 19 THU 21 FRI 22 SAT 23 SUN 24 MON 25 TUE 26 W ED 27

Sploge-a-ness Abounds British Lion Fish (Ticket only) Fish (Ticket & door) lndie N ight Scat Opera Nikko McBrain (ticket on ly) Alex Harvey Band Brian Kn ights Jan Cyrca ln die Night Band Comp . Final

* £3 * £2

£9 £9 * £2

*£ 3 £3.75 * £5 * £2

*£ 3 * £2 £2


748244 for



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critic's nightmare, LA's Fishbone have continually evaded all attempts to categorize what they do. From funk-metal to punk-ska, no variation of double-barrelled could ever be more than hopelessly inadequate. Yet despite this, Fishbone have one of the strongest personas on the music circuit today. Says Norwood: "The identity of Fishbone is the fun in fusing so many different types of music. We've been doing it for so long now, its hard not to have some sense of style." This style is nowhere more apparent than on their latest album 'Give a monkey a brain and he'll swear he's the canter of the universe', where funk, jazz, ska, thrash and rock are represented in Fishbone's uniquely powerful and natural way. But are these combinations of style problematic in the studio? "Its never a problem when we're writing the songs, its only a problem when the reviewers get a t>nld of it. They go, oh this "' I as easy as that Pet Shop Boys album. Why a lot of music right now is really diverse is ~ "'we are at the threshold oft 3. "lt's ha•ural in the evolution of man to take all these things and mix them up. At the end there will be a truly new thing happening." Fishbone don't pull their punches lyrically either, remaining conscious of the fear and pain which tears communities apart across the globe, and directing their anger at those responsible for creating this situation: "Death to the corporatefThe yuppie scum cloud of the earth.· And their message to those "'\o try to oppress others: ay your dog's colon be familiar with the warmth of your breath." F ' {orwood, fear is the most ~ rful negative and divisive emotion: "Fear is driving people crazy all over the world. I grew up in LA and it took me a long time to realize what Jiving in LA does to you. lt makes you paranoid. "You walk down the street and you look at somebody and you go, either they're scared of me, or they're gonna do something to me." Yet Fishbone retain their hopes and promote a positive awareness in the face of despair. The song Black Flowers, while essentially grieving a loss of direction in life, ends with the assertion: "No I won't give in to hatred/ And I'll never stop dreaming/ And I'll love 'til my very last breath is taken away. • The band also have a great respect for God, giving thanks on all of their sleeve notes. I asked Norwood in what sense he believed in God: "Even in all the bulls••t in the world, you can see perfection. I look at a tree and say, that is sustaining my life and man

lt's a rap ... didn't do that. "What made it happen? The universe has some sort of order to it, and I guess it's a respect for that more than a religious belief." As well as their serious aspect, Fishbone have a healthy appetite for fun, being in their element on stage. Norwood loves being on tour, and especially performing the new songs. Even after six months of working on them in the studio and six months playing them on tour, "it's a joy to play them. Every night its different." You're going to be in England soon? "Thank God! I'm ready for England." You like playing in England? "Yeah, I like the audience a lot." And are the audience an important part of your show? "Yeah! They're extremely important. That's why we like playing in England so much. "lt's because the audience give such a good energy back to us as we play, which makes us even more hyper as we go along. "To me it's really important that the audience knows we're just like them, you know. "Although we might live in different places, we might have different hues of skin, we are the same. And you can be doing this too!" The tour, however, hasn't been without its setbacks: "Fish, our drummer, just got back yesterday. ·we were in Germany. He has a condition, a disease that he's had since he was a young child and he just got worse and had to fly home to be treated.

"Earl Hudson, the original drummer from Bad Brains, filled in because he was living in Germany. "Earl was like, 'Oh I'll do the gig' and he came on the show with no rehearsals. He was like, 'just give me a tape of the show and a walkman .. .' He ended up on tour with us for two weeks." And Fish is back now? "Yeah, he's back." And is he fit? "He's still weak but he'll be better." Fishbone will be joined by Bad Brains and funky political rap act, The Goats, when they reach Britain, after touring Europe with Tool. "I'm looking forward to being on tour with Bad Brains. And the Goats? "Yeah, that should be really good. I like the album a lot. lt kinda bugs me, you know, they made a concept album and the f.. ked up things, nobody picked up on it then. "I was like, this s..t is brilliant, you know. One of the greatest albums of the early part of the nineties kinda went unnoticed." This very special combination of talent and musicianship on the British leg of the tour guarantees a wild, exciting and diverse performance. Miss it at your peril. •Fishbone will be playing their final date of this tour at UEA, Norwich, on Saturday October 16. lickets are £8.50 advance and available from the usual outlets.



Price Comparison: High Street Retail = £14-66, Vending = £18-00


:E.L...:E.C:""T'R._c:> :N"I C:.A. L...L..."V" ""T':E. s r-_r :Er>

Tested to International Standards including BS 3704 Chtssic Rainbow Flavoured Cockt:ail Variet:y

Our standard Condon-> Natural latex IIVith silicone lubricant..


Coloured condon->s Fron-> the spectrun-> the ralnboiiV IIVith silicone lubricant.. Coloured condon->s IIVIth a c~respondlng "av~::red lubricant. e. . Red - Strai!Vber • etc. etc. Natural condon->s Ml'ith exotic cocktail lubricant - Plna Colada. Carlbb-n Coconut. Peach Punch etc. e(c.


li~ £4-99





36 £4- 99

136 £4-99



An equal selection the above condon->s.


36 £4- 99


36 £4- 99



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13 -


.... ..





This is the blues! Blues at NAC PREVIEW Bored of the same old music scene - endless bands churnIng out unexciting combinations of rave, dance, rock and indle? Then why not take a trip down to the Norwich Arts Centre, where the next two Fridays promise some of the best blues music being played at present. Friday, October 15 brings Larry Garner to Norwich for a late night blues session. Inspired by his childhood heroes, Utah Smith and Charlle Jackson, Garner's music combines a tradit ional blues background with his own innovative skills In music and songwrlting. His originalIty and talent has not gone unnoticed, 'Dog House Blues' was a Lucllle Award winner In 1990. The following Friday, October 22, offers the oppor-

Larry Garner


Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said , REVIEW

Honeyboy Edwards tunity to witness a piece of living blues mythology In the form of Honeyboy Edwards. At n , Edwards Is one of the few remaining bluesmen to have known and played with such legenary figures as Son House, Robert Johnson and Big Joe Willlams. His repertory reaches back as far as 1912, and everything he plays is infused with the rocking drive and almost hypnotic quality of Depression-era delta blues at Its most intense. Edwards Is a lesson in living hlst'.)ry, affording a rare chance to experience a music which,

-· - - - -- - ·

+ Pit + Passing Clouds + Choklut Orini

- ---·--·

despite having Influenced a huge number of more recent musicians, Is seldom to be heard In such a pure and unchanged state In this day and age. Talking of his music, Garner has said, 'You got themes all over the place, something to build a song around, you's the feeling, it's always the feeling, always the feeling'. Come and hear Garner and Edwards, and feel the blues I •Tickets are £6 with concessions at £4, available from the NAC. Rachel Lawlan

~"'-,~~~~- ~_, _,:- /.- ~


•Wilde Club, Norwich Arts Centre, Monday, September 27. The proceedings start with the first appearance at NAC for Choklut Orinj. A young , jangly, indie pop band with some catchy tunes. Take the joke and playfulness out, calm it down a bit and you're not far away from Neds. A good start for them and a hint at what was to come. Pit played tonight with one member missing, thus some songs struggled . However th is turned into one of their best gigs yet and probably started off the

most fantastic atmosphere at the Wilde Club for some time. Anx ious to do well without a sound check, Pit blasted the ir way through a set of solid power tunes incorporating a bit of Ska and country on the way. "Skanky Bitch" stands out again as Pit send their own brand of noise out to the masses. Certainly a band not to be missed again. The Passing Clouds calm us down with some mellow indie pop. Although vastly improved with the relatively new singer the band has been known to play better as a 4 piece .

However, an enjoyable per· formance with vocals touching on the standards of Bjork and Kim Deal. Sidi Bou Said were just plain great. With the help of Pit's wh isky, there emerged a charged and fun atmosphere that was sadly lacking when they played at UEA last year. This thrashy, melodic, indie band from the States certainly knew how to have fun . Wit' depth, feeling and power wrapped up in a tight set Bou Said won the crowd over. A great band , a great live show and a great night out. Now you know where to be on a Monday Paul lngleby night!

s .....

. . Come and JOin us •

(near Tesco's I market) • Telephone 629060 • All sessions 9pm - 2am

.:.ilJJJ-::3 j !)j Jjj I rJ ~ t T HE mona ~ ~ ay alternat·

Admission £1 before 11 pm, £2 after




Thursday 14th

TEXAS EDGE oan and Sam from ~o_rt Wood Texas : The ongmal /ine~up, just reformed


HOUR American jazz funk soul

£ 1 84 11 p m, £2 after

PRIVATE PARTIES: The top deck room

l's aval'lable FREE • phone for detal'ls

£1 84 11 pm, £2 after. Drinks at pub prices Members night club and guest~ . . . The management reserve the ng~t to refuse admiSSIOn at all times FREE MEMBERSHIP on presentatiOn of NUS cards

Slam's back bringing down the house to bring you the best club night in these city walls. DJ's from Norwich & London combining to give you tunes from heaven. Adm. £4


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Kester Hynds visits Norwich Community Workshop, a centre de ·cated to the ~ractical arts


n a dark recess on the corner of Music House Lane in Norwich lies a ramshackle old church building, sheltering behind sparse vegetation and a pitted brick wall. .. Enter, if you dare, the tardis-like world of the Norwich Community Workshop! This year the Workshop, known affectionately as a 'practical resource centre for the arts', is celebrating its Tenth Anniversary Year. lt has already held a successful Open Day in July in honour of their ten years accomplishment, and they are organising a charity raffle for the end of this year. Prizes already include a trip round the Lotus test track at lud· ous speeds, free juggling s and a tour of the sewaye works! You can even have your bike serviced by Keith the mechanic or have a trailer load of pigs' rtrnoninn" delivered to the house choice! this month the Workshop will also be receiving an award from the newly founded Education Extra Organisation. The £200 award will be of great use to the Workshop, which at present receives a small social services grant, but relies largely on self-funding. Usually the award goes to help fund extracurricular activities in schools, but an exception has been made thanks to the 'serious endeavours of the workshop provide meaningful activities.' rne staff behind the success of the Norwich Community Workshop are fulltime managers Nicola r-· wksi and Annie ~ .ley, who are aided in their task by numerous voluntary workers. Originally founded in 1983 to provide 'affordable and accessible' activities for the unwaged, the Workshop is now open to anyone of any age, race or creed. Most of the courses are aimed at single parents, the unemployed

studio, and there are disabled toilets available. The creche {subject to booking) is a benefit to parents who wish to continue with their latest plaster masterpiece undisturbed. Also the cafe, which the Workshop tries to run at a small profit, serves snacks and drinks all day, with cheap meals available at lunch time. Nicola said "Some people are put off by hospital-like community workshops. 'This place could do with a coat of paint, but most people find it a more relaxing and enjoyable place to work in. 'lt gives people a lot of confidence and experience. 'lt helps them to realise their own skills and make use of their tangible assets." Annie and Nicola are keen to pursue the spirit of community, and earlier in the year everyone knuckled down to take part in the Tree Cover Project. Visitors to the Workshop had the chance to design embroidered squares depicting scenes of tropical forests and animals. The squares are now included in a huge quilt being made to raise awareness over rain forest destruction, which may be auctioned in the near

and those and with Nicola specialstress needs, but Annie that "no one is unwelcome!" The workshop offers a great many facilities, including a computer room, creche, photographic darkroom, cafe area and a large art studio. And next to the main building is a large carpentry workshop where people engage in constructing anything from dolls' houses to bunk beds. The Workshop environment is designed to be as friendly and convenient as possible. it is largely accessible by wheelchair, except for the upstairs

future. The Workshop members are now hoping to take part in the forthcoming Tree Dressing Project, which {you guessed it) involves dressing up trees. The Workshop is literally open to anyone who wishes to make use of their facilities, and most sessions cost only sixty pence {forty if you're a member) plus a small charge for materials. Courses include carpentry, silkscreen and batik, leather work, jewellery, picture framing, photography and computing , to name but a few. There is even a resident bike _

\\I \lt Ill '! "' I \ \1




If{ \\

I( H

t ;/ f J ~~~ ,

Above: The Community Workshop itself, situated between Rouen Road and King Street/ Left: A typical Workshop activity

--:::~:;::----!...1~---J::d mechanic, Keith, who is around on Mondays and Tuesdays to mend punctures and tighten bolts in his Bike Shop. "I started fixing bikes about thirty years ago as a hobby," said Keith. "I just enjoy getting my hands dirty, and this is certainly the place to do it!" Apart from the established courses, many people use the Workshop for all sorts of personal projects: "We once had a Viking mf:!ndinQ his leather

@~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~

helmet on our industrial sewing machine," said Annie. "And recently an alternative allfemale band called PMT used the art studio to print T-shirts for their gigs!" "We are flexible in the extreme," added Nicola. The cafe area is always available for hire during evenings and on weekends. 11 is ideal as a rehearsal space for a band, or small club meetings, and its a snip at £7.50. Friends of the Earth use the


facilities regularly, and once a bagpiper from UEA hired the room all to himself! Full use of the kitchen facilities is included in the price. The hire of other studios and facilities is open to negotiation, but already several local artists and carpenters make use of the Workshop every week. Annie and Nicola are keen to encourage people to come and see the Workshop: "Whatever your interest, why not come along and sample things and take something away. ' There is no obligation to return!" Paul, a volunteer worker, adds "it's friendly and good fun!

'There is a new challenge everyday and you are always seeing new faces. 'Above all everyone is welcome."

The Workshop is open Monday to Thursday from 9.30am-4.30pm, and Annie and Nicola would love to hear from anyone who is interested in the facilities, or who would like to donate any unusual prizes to the charity raffle, or who would just like a chat. They can also be contacted by telephone on 0603 626316.

@~ @~ ®~ @~ ®~ @~

-- · ~

10 T HE


13 -


---- -- -


Homeward Bound PREVIEW "A dangerous journey over a vast distance ... new heights of adventure ... unexplored depths of courage ... the greatest friendship of all", with dogs. Based on the 1960 novel by Sheila Burnford, The Incredible Journey' was first filmed as a motion picture by Wait Disney in 1963. Three decades later, the story is being updated. That is, assuming the tale of Shadow, a golden retriever, Chance, an American bulldog puppy and Sassy, a Himalayan cat can quickly become outdated. And so it is that the three furry companions again brave the Pacific Northwest wilderness to re unite with their owners. Presumably the traffic is busier and the pollution thicker, as the 1990s version repeats their epic journey in the face of extraordinary obstacles. Wait Disney has obviously learned that in order to drag young Teenage Mutant Turtle fans in to see a film about domesticated pets, things need to be hipper. So Michael J. Fox provides the voice for the cheeky young Chance, who sniffs around a hen house enquiring, "Which of


you guys are regular and wh ich are extra crispy?". Sally Field (Sassy) and the veteran actor, Don Ameche (Shadow) , one of the stars of "Cocoon", also provide voices. A film like this undoubtedly demands incredibly patient directors and a truck load of identical looking animals. Writing about Hollywood in the 1930s, the actor John Gielgud describes walking past cages filled with different types of

iAit IFF il

Lassies - the angry Lassie, the relieved Lassie, the excited Lassie. You can't help wondering where they found the necessary amounts of Himalayan(!) cats for 'Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey'. Trained specifically for this film, each of the animals worked up to seven weeks before shooting began. Each readily responded to voice

and sound commands and was rewarded for its performance with tasty liver treats! The first film adaptation focused primarily on the animal's physical journey, with a narrator to express their thoughts. The new film expands to introduce the family that the animals are seeking. And more importantly, it examines the special bond that exists between the child and his pet.


Producer Jeffrey Chernov observes, "To me, the most important part of this movie is about family...The human characters don't start out as a solid family, but they grow into one ... The animals, then, are the thread in the needle that helps stitch the family together." The head trainer claims "these animals developed affections for each other and the actors that come through on screen".

"Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey" is not for the cynical , or for those who won't be able to resist the temptation to count the numbers of diff. ;;> animals used. Take along children, nieces and nephew and suspend your disbelief for a hanmless and gentle good time. • Homeward Bound is showing at the Odeon, Anglia Square, Norwich from October 22.

Emma lrvine-Robertson

Fll AI tl,tlltllt

Norfolk•s biggest Student Night every Monday

c EAP DRINKS All main line beers-£1.50


Admission £1 .50 with student I.D. Rose Lane , Norwich: Opposite new Boots store, Castle Mall, behind Anglia T.V




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STATESIDE Georgina King files her movie report, strai ht from Boulder, Colorado

Not quite Wall Street...

The coming lortnlaht at Cinema Citv "'EVIEW In the next fortnight Cinema City plays host to a variety of films some with an international theme, thus sparing us from our traditional Multiplex-fed diet of Hollywood blockbusters. Liv Ullmann's Sofie deals with an old chestnut: trying to reconcile love for an individual who falls outside the standards demanded by family. Set in 19th century Denmark, Sofie is the Jewish daughter of a comfortable mercantile family forced to choose between the portrait painter she loves and her Jewish cousin. No prizes for guessing which of the men is favoured by her family, and uoumately Sophie acquiesces to her family's wishes. Sofie is showing at Cinema City until October 16. Remaining in the 19th century but movinn to Spain, Pedro Olea's The Fenclaster is the story of a woman's a •• ~,npt to be taught the art of sword fighting. Initially her attempts to learn are frustrated by the fencing master, Don Jaime. However, Adela's extraordinary skill persuades the Don Jaime otherwise and before long he is infatuated with her. The Fencing Master comes to Cinema CitY,. on Monday, October 25 and runs until the Friday. For those who prefer intrigue, Mark

Frost's Storyvllle should come up with the goods. Having graduated from the cult TV series Twin Peaks, Frost has carried over his talent for creating gripping viewing onto the big screen. James Spader turns in a great performance as a highly ambitious politician who overreaches himself in this tale of corruption and murder. Spader eo-stars with the English actress Charlotte Lewis who is better known for her role in The Golden Child and for taking her clothes off in Playboy. Whilst Frost's fine directorial debut is sometimes compromised by an overcomplicated plot, this is not a major detraction from a generally enjoyable feature. Storyville opens at Cinema City on Monday, October 18 and runs until the Saturday inclusive. Other more well known films are being screened briefly in the next two weeks. Ridley Scott's sci-fi classic Blade Runner featuring Harrison Ford is shown on Friday, October 15 at 11pm, whilst the excellent Falling Down (11 pm Friday, October 22) pits an extremely angry Michael Douglas against Los Angeles on a bad day. Both films are highly recommended.


After a summer saturated with actionfests and dinomania, the biggest movie of the moment in the US makes a refreshing change. Both witty and achingly romantic, Martin Scorcese's eagerly awaited period drama 'The Age Of Innocence' has received nationwide acclaim as the best movie of the year. Postponed from its original 1992 release-date so Scorcese could perfect every detail, critics have tipped the movie to sweep the boards come Oscar night next year. Bued on Edith Wharton's novel, the film is set in New York in the 1890s, and stars Daniel Day-Lewis, Michelle Pfeiffer and Winona Ryder. Day-Lewis plays Newland Archer, a member of New York's upper crust, who whilst engaged to mindless beauty May (Ryder), falls in love with her scandal-tainted cousin Ellen (effortlessly portrayed by Pfieffer). Hoplessly in love, they become imprisoned by the morals of upper-class New York society, and have to choose between bearing the responsibilities Imposed upon them, or disgracing their families by giving in to their forbidden love. Shot against a sumptuously-crafted backdrop of Victorian ideals and idiosyncrasies, and superbly acted, 'The Age Of Innocence' is one of the few films which lives up to and even exceeds expectation. Falling flat on its face against such high-class competition is 'Striking Distance' - Bruce Willis's attempt to grasp his diminishing star appeal after the disasters of 'Hudson Hawk' and 'Mortal Thoughts'. His new self-proclaimed 'blockbuster', (which eo-stars 'Honeymoon In Vegas" Sarah Jessica Parker) has been slated by the critics - no surprise there - and has also, quite unexpectedly, failed to take off at the box office. In the movie, Mr Demi Moore recycles his usual lone-hero-takes-on-theworld character, this time as a demoted river-rescue patrolman on the trail of his father's killer. Already suffering from a dreadful advertising campaign- "They shouldn't have put him in the water, if they didn't want him to make waves" - and negative advance word, the film was dealt another blow when a member of the cast blurted out the crucial plot twist on national television. One disaster having followed another, it's back to the roman numeralswamped 'Die Hard' for Brucie instalments Ill and IV are currently shooting back-to-back.

s ...... p

Meanwhile, touted as Hollywood's hottest ticket, Quentin Tarantino is cementing his reputation as the most talented writer/director of his generation with his most recent offering 'True Romance'. The Tarantinoscripted gun-slinging love story has already proved popular in the U.S., and hits British screens in the West End on October 15. Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette star as newlyweds on the road to LA. for their honeymoon jaunt, peddling coke stolen from the mob as they go. Trailing in their dust are the leaders of the drugs-and-guns culture and, following in the 'Reservoir Dogs' tradition, violence and shooting sprees galore. Brad Pitt, Gary Oldman, Dermis Hopper and Christopher Walken all appear in delicious cameos and establish themselves as the coolest cast in the movies. Next up for Tarantino is another 'love story' 'Natural Born Killers'. Directed by Oliver Stone, it stars Juliette Lewis and Woody Harrelson as two mass murderers on the run from the law. Stone's own feature 'Heaven And Earth' - the final part of his Vietnam trilogy- opens later this month and stars 'The Fugitive's' Tom my Lee Jones. With Woody Harrelson getting some of the most sought after roles in Hollywood after the success of 'Indecent Proposal', the rest of the ex'Cheers' Boston bar set are not fareing quite so well .... Ted Danson is due to make a sequel to the unfortunate 'Made In America', again teaming up with off-screen partner Whoopi Goldberg. Meanwhile, Kirsty Alley has been lumbered with 'Look Who's Talking Now', again starring John Travolta.

And finally, this fortnight, to the hottest rising star in America. He's been featured in magazines from coast to coast; he's even been on the cover of the 'New York Times' Arts and Leisure section; and at just twelve inches tall he's the shortest guy to set pulses racing across the States. 'He' is the one and only 'EARRING MAGIC KEN!' Yes, those trendy types at Matte! have given Barbie's once clean-cut boyfriend a new image - let's face it, he couldn't keep up with the queen of dolls' hautecouture style. Decked out in lavender fake-leather waistcoat, matching mesh shirt and slinky black jeans, and complete with a fetching two-tone hair do and earring, Ken has become what Matte! call "a nineties guy." But Ken has been seen sporting another accoutrement, which is the main reason for his present zoom to stardom. Hanging round the little guy's neck, on a metallic silver thread, is what look suspiciously like a cock ring. lt seems Ken has finally got in touch with his own sexuality, and despite being hastily dubbed •a charming necklace" by the manufacturers, the gay community has come out in droves to buy the doll they see as having been made just for them. As one proud owner described it, "When you've made it to the aisle of 'Toys R Us', your movement has arrived!" .... See you in two weeks ...

Willis: this man needs Moore

Brad: Definitely not the Pitt(s)


12 T HE


13 -






ICred1t Card Hothne: [0603] 50511011

Emma lrvine-Robertson sits back and reviews the remaini ng film s on Norw ic h•s s i lver sc reen s


the heady days of the 60s. a chance to relive the cult experience of Jim Morrison and The Doors. £8 adv.

, • •

fl~eH!~~EF:thBEP~B~m~d ~J~~i~~~EJ~ers.


Living colour. and add some reggae and rap ... and you 'll have the w ildest night of the year. £8.50 adv.



mERcuRv REu o oR PHioEs

The majesty of Spiritualized 's 'Lazer Guided Melodies' album can be experienced live at this Greenpeace Benefit Gig. Also expect some excellent support . £5 adv.


their twenty-fifth year. these space rockers return to Norwich to do their thing . They must be experienced live! £7.50 adv.


JnffiES TnVLOR OUnRTET Recognised as being at the forefront of

contemporary acid jazz music . £7 adv. '-



, • •



observing modern America . A band you should be certain to watch out for.. . so why not come along to this gig? £7 adv.


performance . from the original band. Classics like 'Waterloo Sunset'. 'You've Really Got Me'. 'All of the Day', 'Lola ' and 'Apeman ' are promised. £9.50 adv.




Scottish indie-music at its best from Teenage Fanclub. They've supported the Soup Dragons and Primal Scream in the past. £8 adv.

• ~· ~ •. •• • • • ~



I ,

snw DOCTORS The finest sing-a-long Irish tunes you can imagine as the fabulous Saw Doctors return for a real foot-stomping , barnstorming session . £8 adv.

nswno From Dub to Lovers Rock to pop singles, this is great music from one of the most popular and enduring UK reggae acts of all time. £8.50 adv.

THE onmnED One of the first but most original punk rockers are back out on the road . and are stopping off at UEA at the beginning of a nationwide tour.£8.50 adv.


t the Cannon this week, Harrison Ford is a man running for his life in 'The Fugitlve'{15}. Ford stars as a man falsely accused of his wife's murder in the big-screen version of the long-running 1960s television series. If the well-scripted action and adventure is not enough to entice, the much-praised performance of the charismatic Tom my Lee Jones as the dry humoured U.S Marshal! is worth the price of a ticket alone.**** Continuing its run at the Cannon, Tom Cruise plays a young lawyer involved in intrigue, corruption and murder in 'The Firm'(15}. Despite direction from the talented Sydney Pollack and a strong supporting cast that includes Gene Hackman and Holly Hunter, the film is considered by many to be a disappointment. The pace is often slow and at a bum-shuffling two and a half hours it does seem mysterious

T HERnPV? Hailing from Belfast, Therapy's industrial style grunge rock is not to be missed . especially at only a fiver to see this festival favourite . £5 adv.

JOOLS HOLLnno nno HIS om nnno Great piano boogie-woogie. rythmn and blues from one of TV's favourite front men. £7.50 adv.

JnffiES o RnDIOHEnO This will sell out soon - with 90% of the tickets sold already , don't be slow if you want to see this acclaimed double bill. £ 11 adv.

THE POGUES lrish-influenced music with plenty of mayhem. The departure of original frontman Shone MacGowan hasn't diminished their popularity. £ 10 adv.





that it apparently overtook 'Jurassic Park' at the U.S box office.** You'll be able to tell your grandchildren that you remember when Steven Spielberg's 'Jurassic Park' {15} first entered cinemas . it's still continuing at the Cannon and looks set to run and run. Unlike most hyped films, this one was hyped with good

Top: Ford every stream Above: "If only I could free my coat from this door ... " Below left: Hanks a million reason. Don't wait for the video. The special effects are truly stunning.***** 'Much Ado About Nothing' (PG} may sound dull but it has humour, excitement and some truly sexy performances. Don't let the idea of Shakespeare put you off because despite the strange dialogue this is a story of romance, adventure and intrigue. Starring Keanu Reeves, Denzel Washington, Michael Keaton and Robert Sean Leonard and directed by Kenneth Branagh, this film makes you want to put on a white dress and run through the Italian countrysideeven if you're a bloke. ***** Showing at the Odeon this week, 'Sleepless in Seattle' (PG} is a movie that leaves you with a fuzzy warm feeling inside. In the style of classic Hollywood romance, it stars Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in a tale of true love, and radio call-in programmes.Hailed as a 'great date movie', it is perhaps more suited to a girl's night out. Bring tissues.* * * * Also showing at the Odeon, 'What's Love Got to Do With lt' (18} tells the impressive rise

to fame of Tina Tu mer in the face of domestic violence and hardship. The film pulls no punches i, telling of her abusive marriage to lke Turner. While some may find it disturbing, Angela Bassett's compelling performance as Turner is well worth a look.*** Continuing its run at the Odeon, is the Glint Eastwood blockbuster 'In The Line of Fire' (15}. Clint stars as a secret service agent haunted by the memories of failing to save JFK from assassination, 30 years ago. John Malkovich is his terrifying and dangerous opponent and Rene Russo is the love interest young enough to be Glint's daughter. This edge-of-the-seat thriller is Eastwood's best film for years. * * * * * 'Hot Shots Part Deux' (12), starring Charlie Sheen as Topper Harley, lampoons a host of recent films including Basic Instinct, Rambo and The Lady and the is not as funny as the Naked Gun films it tries so hard to replicate, but if you enjoyed the first Hot Shots this is good for a few giggles.* *


Dlast brought to the silver screen in 1949, 'The Secret Garden' has enchanted generations. Now it has been remade with the assistance of Francis Ford Coppola. The screenplay, meanwhile, is by Caroline Thompson, the writer of 'Edward Scissorhands' and 'The Addams Family' as well as 'Homeward Bound', which is also released this fortnight. Catherine Do/an's got the lawn mower...

The Secret Garden PREVIEW (U)



'The Secret Garden' is a British film, directed by Agnieszka Holland, based on the classic children's novel by Francis Hodgson-Bumett. lt tells the story of Mary Lennox ·ate Maberly), a plain, spoilt, •.>ur-tempered girl whose parents die in an earthquake in India, leaving her orphaned. She is shipped back to England and sent to live with her reclusive uncle in Yorkshire. Here she meets her ailing cousin, Colin (Heydon Prowse), who believes he will die before he reaches adulthood. She also meets Martha (Laura Crossley), the cheerful Yorksire maid and her brother Dicken (Andrew Knott), a boy who has almost supernatural powers over nature. Maggie Smith ("A Room with a View", "The Missionary" and "Pride of Miss Jean Brodie") plays the would-be tyrannical Mrs Medlock, the ousekeeper. •s Mary explores her new home she discovers the forbidden "Secret Garden". With the arrival of spring and Dicken's help, she is able to bring it to life again, having been ordered shut 10 years ago by Colin's father (John Lynch) following the death of Col in's mother.

Of course, they had cameras in those days... The garden appears to have wonderful shots of the moors, almost magical powers, a theme . but most impressive is the magwhich is recurrent throughout nificent Gothic mansion. the film, because it is here that The most notable performances Col in learns to walk and is acare from Maggie Smith and Kale cepted by his father, who seems Maberly who is really very good to have finally overcome the as the spoilt 'Mary Mary Quite grief of losing his wife. Contrary'. Filmed on location in Yorkshire 'The Secret Garden' despite 'The Secret Garden' has some being based on a children's

story is aimed at adults, and is likely to appeal mostly to women. •If you want to see a light mental escapist family film, complete with happy ending, then catch this, which opens on Friday October 15 at the Cannon

13 -




Ill THE EvENT , OcTOBER 13 - O cTOBER 26

Jason Scott Lee takes on his biggest ever role as the legendary kung-fu film star, Bruce Lee, in ·oragon· out next week. Joe Morse works his way to the chop The name is certainly the same, and the balletic grace is strikingly similar... but Jason Scott Lee is not, repeat NOT, related to Bruce Lee. Call it coincidence, call it the destiny that seemed to prefigure Bruce Lee's own life, but Jason is an actor first, and a martial artist second, chosen from hundreds of hopefuls to play the lead in 'Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.' Addressing itself as much to the legend of Bruce Lee as to a straight biographical narrative, the film suggests that his destiny was mapped out from birth and that although he achieved much in his short life, demons haunted him and eventually accounted for his death at the early age of 32. Tragedy stalked his son too, as Brandon Lee was killed on a movie set earlier this year aged only 27 - an incident that gave extra poignancy to the film, and had some impact

.. He stressed that I shouldn•t treat his lather like a legend, that he was a man with an incredible range of abilities but still a man .. .. Jason Scott on Brandon Lee on Jason himself. "The film was already completed when Brandon died," Jason explains, ' but I don't know if he saw it or not. • "I was on location in Easter Island when I heard about his death, and there was some talk of holding the film back for a while, but Linda [Bruce's widow] wanted us to go ahead and put the film out. " The role Brandon played 1n shaping Jason's performance was considerable, but contrary to popular rumou r he had not sought the role for himself. "He told me he just wanted to do his own thing, • Jason continues. "He was shadowed for so long by his father and the expectation that that placed on him, so carrying on his father's career was not something that appealed to him. He wanted to be his own person. ' We actually had dinner before we started. I wanted to meet him, to pay my respects to him, and we talked a lot about my career and his career, and where we we re both going. ' it was just two young actors talking together. He stressed that I shouldn't treat his father like a legend, that he was a man with an incredible range of abilities but still a man. He had loves, passions, failures, sorrows, all the conflicts of being human. ' That gave me the incentive to start on a small level and take the first steps to getting an idea of his true character.· Intensive physical training, as well as a great deal of research into Bruce Lee's life and background, laid the foundations for Jason's remarkable performance - all the more remarkable for his inexperience in the field of

Above: "Do you come here often?"/ Right: Playing it for kicks martial arts. "I had done some tai-chi , to help me focus in acting, but it was non-combative. When I wal ked into the role of Bruce Lee I actually met w1th a student of his who taught me the art of Jeet Kune Do, which I still ma1ntain. "We'd work out for maybe three hours a day, and then maybe after a two or three month period we started a six hour a day period of training in Hong Kong - having breakfast - then a th ree hour workout, eating lunch, then another three hour workout. ' it was all designed to work on my tendon strength and build up the muscle closest to the bone. That way you don't create mass, you create strength with speed.' For British audiences, Jason Scott Lee will be fa miliar from his role as Avik in 'Map Of The Human Heart', a role that saw him age 30 years and win plaudits from the critics in the process. "Critics were surprised by the two roles. I think 'Dragon' had more of an impact because it had more advertising behind it, but they both came out within a week of each other in the States, even though 'Map Of The Human Heart' was done two years before. lt was almost like a one-two punch.' Such acclaim is in stark contrast to Jason's earliest experiences in Hollywood, where despite being Hawaiian, he was typecast as an Oriental 'type'. ' When I was first in Hollywood, a lot of the roles were just refuge roles, kind of stereotypical Asian roles.• He smiles, ' I realised you had to learn to squat early on if you wanted to be cast.'



Two decades after his mysterious death, at the age of 32, Bruce Lee's extraordinary life is captured in "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story", directed by Rob Cohen. Bruce Lee, the master of martial arts, created a revolutionary new approach to the ancient fighting forms and became a legend in self-defence and motion pictures. He was born in San Francisco in the hour of the dragon , in the year of the dragon, 1940. Raised in Hong Kong, he returned to the U.S.A and became involved in the dark world of back street fights and gang actvities. Moving on to become a high profile kung-fu instructor, Lee broke into television and went on to star in a series of fast-moving martial arts films. Yet "Dragon" is not just a standard bio-pic about the popular star of the high kicks and one-sided fights . lt attempts to tell a moving story of a complex man. You need not enjoy the man's work to appreciate the difficulties he overcame to achieve international recognition and his success in breaking Hollywood's colour barrier against Asian actors. "Dragon" is certainly a kung fu film with some spectacular lighting sequences, but it is also a moving interraciallove story between Lee and his blond American beauty, Linda Emery, who would later become his wife and

mother of his two children. Jason Scott Lee stars in a film officially blessed by the man's widow and recognised as the most accurate telling yet of Bruce Lee's haunted life. Ironically last year, just as America began discussing again the rumours of Chinese mafia involvement in Lee's tragic death, his son Brandon Lee was killed in an on-set shooting incident. The Lee family seems to be a family haunted by demons. The tragic accident seemed to eerily correspond with the pre-lilm publicity and confirmed for

many that the Lee family's story is still a source of ghoulish fascination . Many claim that Lee was punished for his betrayal and commercialisation of the old Chinese ways but whether or not you believe the fairy stories, his story makes for fascinating viewing . Both for the male members of the Bruce Lee fan club and any red blooded heterosexual females able to appreciate the talents of Mr. Jason Scott Lee in the starring role. • At the Cannon from October 22.

Emma lrvine-Robertson



13- OcroBER


Emma lrvine-Robertson previews the latest movie penned by Michael Crichton, author of summer blockbuster, Jurassic Park



Following on from Steven Spielberg's monster adaptation of his best-selling novel •Jurassic Park", the name of author Michael Crichton is set to be on everyone's lips for years to come. Hollywood has now discovered his tighUy-plotted, fast-paced novels make for popular, profitable films and it seems likely his other twenty or so books will steadily work their way through the Hollywood studio system. "Rising Sun", adapted for screen with help from the author himself, stars Sean Cannery and Wesley Snipes and is set in a complex, dark world where "busmess is war". Lieutenant Web Smith (Wesley Snipes) - a liaison officer with the Los Angeles police force • is called to investigate the murder of a young woman in the boardroom of a hi-tech Japanese corporation. The mysterious Detective John Con nor (Sean Cannery) becomes his gu1de and leads the younger detective through a world of ancient ways and loyalties and of futuristic technological secrets. Nothing is what it seems. "Pay attention, Kohai" Connor warns, m his trademark, Inexplicably Scottish, accent. The theme is culture clash. 1t1s only through the1r 'senpa1' (gUide)/ 'koha1' (student) partnership and Connor's wise knowledge of Japanese ways that these men can solve the mystenes, as the occas1onal crudeness of American police methods wrestle with twenty-first century Japanese. The investigation is hindered by the Japanbashing of members of the LAPD force (in particular the racist Harvey Keitel) and helped by the unnecessarily sexy computer expert, Tta Carrere, star of last year's smash hit "Wayne's World". Although Asian-Americans are among the stars of the film, and the director, Ph11ip Kaufman, is keen to promote his"Japanese and American collaborative effort" the film drew controversy in the United States for what some saw as its negative and unnecessarily cruel portrayal of the Japanese community. In his novel, Michael Crichton makes no apologises for his picture of Japanese business in America. He presents it as an arrogant world in isolation, operating under its own laws and with little regard for the laws of the surrounding crude gaijins (foreigners). Although the film has attempted to tone down the novel's harsh message, cries of 'Japan-bashing' have not been abated. Oscar-winner Sean Connery was a natural for the part of John Connor, having been 'cast' in the role while the story only existed in the mind of novelist Michael Crichton. The pair had formed a relationship in the late Seventies when Crichton, who is also a filmmaker, directed the actor in "The Great Train Robbery". When the time came for Crichton to create an image in his mind of the serenely imposing Connor, Sean Cannery was his model. In the part, Cannery is as wise and witty as ever, though not necessarily stretched as an actor, repeating many of the qualities of his character in "The Untouchables"- the role that won him an Oscar as best-supporting actor in 1990 .

Although in the book, the character of Web Smith was not specifically an African-American, Wesley Snipes, star of "White Men Can't Jump" and "Passenger 57", adds an extra dimension to the examination of race relations with the Los Angeles community. Just as in the film, where the two investigators come to respect each other's methods and skills as their partnership grows, Sean Cannery and Wesley Snipes were reported to have developed a warm friendship during filming. Despite its drama, the film also contains humour, with many of the lighter elements coming as a result of the contrasting viewpoints the two men bring to the investigation. But while the younger energetic Web Smith feels bogged down by the protocol of a society not his own, John Connor understands that patience is needed when dealing with an ancient culture and mutual respect is necessary if the key to an investigation is to be unlocked ... See the film, enjoy the murder mystery, and judge the film's pro or anti-Japanese message for yourself. •Showing at the Odeon, Norwich, from October 15.

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Mime - Nola Rae and Sally Owen REVIEW •Norwich Arts Centre, Friday, October B. Mime conjures up an image of unwatched street theatre, TV families and PE classes spent feeling your way along an imaginary wall. A popular misconception no doubt. The great Marcel Marceau told us that "Mime is not a silent art. it is the art of touching people ." One of his forme r pupils, Nola Rae , an Australian by birth but now residing in London, has collaborated with Sally Owen on this mimodrama , directed by Carlos Trafic, an Argentine now based in Holland. The result is a tragi -comic tale of two women sharing a two-berth cabin on a ship, both wishing top swap an old life for a new one. Taking with her only her most prized possessions, a long chorizo, a ham , an angel to watch over her and her recently deceased husband's ashes, an irrepressible Latin lady finds herself in close confinement with an austere Scottish lady, who is fleeing the disaster of her husband-to-be eloping to wed a rival. During the voyage of sympathy and antipathy (and sometimes murderous resentment) there are some singularly hilarious scenes . Among the noteworthy ones are when the rough sea throws the pair around the cabin, when they become more intimate by exchanging their respective traditional dances, and when Sally Owen feeds her husband's silhouetted ghost a meal of spaghetti. Unfortunately, the journey's end brought no reconciliation. The choreography was seamless and the music and the image were impeccably matched throughout. Mime is a very interpretive art and the performers proved their calibre in the field. Both Rae and Owen have a background in dance (with the Royal Ballet School and the Ballet Rambert respectively) and exhibited this in the fluidity of their movements, especially in those scenes involving dance. Facial expression was succinct and every emotion could be deciphered. Cororal cleverness at its best. Mime , an elusive art, can seem to be too burlesque, too pass-the-hat to be appreciated as high art, but critics can be wrong, as this one was. In the capable hands of such performers as Rae and Owen , mimetic art deserves a brighter future.

Richard Shepherd

Hi-De-Hi! Camping it up with Jacob Marley (alias Barry Howard, left)

Scrooge REVIEW • Theatre Royal, Tuesday, October 5- Saturday, October 9. Dickens' much loved classic, 'A Christmas Carol' was wonderfully retold in 'Scrooge- The Musical' which played at the Theatre Royal last week. Anthony Newley as Ebenezer Scrooge delighted the audience from the very beginning as the covetous old miser plagued by Christmas, its festivities and the audacity of his clerk Bob Cratchit (Paul Downing) who wants both Christmas Day off and to be paid! Paul Downing plays a convincing down-trodden worker and

devoted father of lame Tiny Tim , a child with a beautiful voice and who was thankfully not precocious on stage. Jacob Marley, Scrooge's long-dead and likeminded partner, was played by Barry Howard - and anyone who has seen him pratting around in Hi-De-Hi! as the wife-dominated champion ballroom dancer, would be pleasantly surprised by his good voice. Jacob Marley appears and warns Scrooge to expect visits from the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future ... who arrive on time ...

but still manage to make the audience jump, using illusions and special effects that are well worth seeing . The ghosts take us through Ebenezer's life from boyhood and happiness to his lonely death , showing us the accompanying merriments of those who are now no longer in his debt. The three ghosts' tales spur the cast into the expected energetic dances and catchy tunes - such as 'December the Twenty-Fifth' and 'Thank You Very Much'. You can catch up with this production on its widerang ing tour stretching from as far as Plymouth to Aberdeen and Birmingham, where it finishes in mid-February.

Lisa Bush rod

my mother said i


ShouJd a

p,lay by

My mother said I never should Play with the gypsies in the wood. ( harlo fte If I did, she would say 'Naughty little girl to disobey. K~at Your hair won't curl, your shoes won't shineNaughty little girl, you won't be mine.'

I ey

Friday 22nd October - Saturday 30th October Nightly at 7 .30pm Matinee Saturday 30th October at 2.30pm Tickets £6.50, £5.25, £4.25, £2.50






City centre location next to Central Library Theatre Street Norwic h NR2 1 RL

relaxed ~

friendly at mos


In mid-October for one week only, Norwich's Theatre Royal plays host to Pam Gem's powerful drama 'Piat'. This play, dramatising the unstable life of France's most beloved female singer, Edith Pial, promises to be well worth a visit. The experienced and skilful Peter Hall is its director, and the musical marvel Elaine Paige (who has been highly acclaimed for her theatrical as well as musical performances in popular shows including Evita, Cats, and Chess) plays Pial. Excepting men, Pial's only source of pleasure was her music, and Elaine Paige's renditions of some of her best loved songs, some in English and some in French, (including the famous "Non , Je Ne Aegrette Rien") will almost certainly be one of the highlights of the play. 'Pial' gives a powerful account of how the legendary singer rose from the gutter to stardom during the Second World War, only to tall back into a lite of decay when she was drawn into the early 1960's atmosphere of drugs and 'free love'. The pity of this desperate woman's ultimate demise is what 'Pial' aims to put across . The play runs from October ~ to October 23, at 7.30pm, v. . . . . matinee performances on Wednesday, 20 and Saturday, 23 at 2.30pm. Tickets start at £3, and can be obtained by ringing the Theatre Royal Box Office on 630000.

Andrea Bird


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Dlarv ol a Madman REVIEW •Maddermarket Theatre, Thursday, October 7.

The new Drama Studio at UEA opened on Monday October 4, with a performance of Steven Berkoff's 'Metamorphosis' by the local semi-professional Seventh Seal Company. Designed as a (rather delayed) replacement for the Kenney Theatre, demolished when the University Village site was sold, the new venue has cost close to £1 million to build and is being promoted as the best equipped studio theatre of its size in East Anglia. Although sited at the University, next to the Sports Centre (some students thought it was a new badminton court) , the Studio is being promoted as a venue for all kinds of performance by all kinds of companies, professional and amateur, from all around the region. The new venue boasts 200 seats (which can be moved to provide varied stage layouts), a complete lighting rig and control room a trapdoor, high level access doors for two-level sets,a series of costume and scenery workshops, dressing rooms, entertainment areas, and a large rehersal room with facilities which will enable it to be used as a mini-venue in its own right. A series of performances, ranging from Ben Johnson's 'The Alchemist' to Kathakall and Ottanthullal dance-drama by an Indian troupe from Kerela, are already booked through to January, when the new Studio is due to be officially opened by famous playwright Arthur Miller. Enquiries about tickets and bookings should be directed to UEA's Simon Mann Drama Clerk, Jon Hyde, on 592272.

"There Is very little equity in life, and what there Is is onesided." So says Poprishchin, the character from the Gogol short story adapted and performed for the theatre by Graham Duff. This Is certainly a one-sided production; there are ten parts, and Duff acts them all, using a range of voices and comments, but always lnterpretlng them through the unbalanced but entertaining perspective of the departmental head quill-sharpener. Poprlshchln Is slowly going mad, as his meaningless personal world dissolves; it is a process symbolised by the disintegration of the candlestick which lights his way onto the stage at the beginning of the performance. Duff, with his mobile facial expressions portraying perpetual surprise at the way life is treating him, gives an excellent performance as the earnest but clueless clerk from the Russia of 1830. 1t is a very funny, if disturbing, portrayal of a descent into madness; the section where Poprlshchin reads what he Imagines to be the correspondence between two dogs is especially entertaining: "talking dogs, alright ... but dogs who write letters and know how to use the postal system, that's too much!". lt was a memorable evening's entertainment, and a very successful one-man production; the only sad thing was that a mere handful of people turned up to the Maddermarket Theatre to see it. S/mon Mann

My Mother Said I Never Should PREVIEW Soon to run at the Madder Market Thaetre, is Charlotte Keatley's play of much critical acclaim "My Mother Said I Never Should" which won the Manchester News Best New Play Award 1987 and was joint

union bookshop, union house, uea, norwich

winner of the George Devine Award 1987. Described as "illuminating and touching" and with "a marvellous sense of the richness of family life." (The Times) "My Mother Said" is an all female

Diary of a Sadman? performance depicting the mother/daughter relationship of four generations and examining the changing expectations and attitudes of women from the Second Wortd War to the present day.

directed by David Harris from Friday, October 22 to Saturday, October 30, nightly at 7.30pm with a matinee on Saturday, October 30 at 2.30pm. Tickets range in price from £2.50 to £6.50.

•The play is presented by the Norwich Players and

Jonathan Batty

Union Travel Shop Union House, UEA, Norwich


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O Simon Mann takes a ringside seat at the Chinese State Circus. Topping it off: Kate Bailey


Rose Lane, NorWch. Prices from £50 including DJ and licenced bar until 2arn

CAll 764192


The most puzzling thing about the Chinese State Circus must be why it has not sold out for every performance. Although most of the audience were adults - and they applauded loudly and frequently the most noticeable thing (other than what was going on in the arena!) was the way the children reacted to the show; with an enthusiasm which could be judged by their shouts and yells of amazement. If these noises are a sign of childhood, then I must be a child myself, because I found I was involuntarily oohing and aahing as well. it was all I could do to watch the two hour performance - during wh ich I counted 23 separate acts - and keep a track of what was going on for this revue. it was certainly value for money; not only were the acrobatics brilliant, but the whole performance kept going at a cracking pace , and with loads of energy. Part of the explanation for the relatively low attendances might be that this remarkable enter-

which is a bit misleading as 'circus' is not what most people would call it. Anyway, however you describe it, this is a great show, and I will make no apology for being enthusiastic about it. The contortionist, a small , fraillooking girl, was not so much double jointed as universally • jointed and the plate-jugglers played for laughs, making the juggling look absurdly easy. The gymnastics on the hanging ropes were enough to make you dizzy, especially as the routines were done without the standard metal rings at the bottom, but simply with the rope-ends wrapped around the performers' wrists. The stack of seven chairs act has to be seen to be believed; and that anyone could dive through a two feet wide hoop about seven feet up, which is balanced on four other hoops beneath it, without touching the hoop or needing a springboard, is hard to credit even when you have seen it done. In fact , they do sometimes get '' wrong, but on every occasion the performers simply repeat the act until they get it perfect, at wh ich point they get an extra round of sympathy applause; perhaps they do it on purpose! The only slow and less than fascinating bits of the show were the short interlude pieces; these may have been culturally significant bits of Chinese folklore, but most of the audience seemed to find them simply meaningless. Having said that, the Chinese State Circus is a performance not to be missed if you can possibly help it.

•The last performance is on Sunday 17 October; there are evening shows every day at 7:30, plus matinees at 2:00 and 5:00 on Saturday, and 2:30 and 5:30 on Sunday. Prices are £14.50, £10 and £8, but you automatically get £2 off every seat price with a student card, and there are a lot of '£2 off' vouchers being offered around. Make sure you go; for as little as £6 for a seat, it is a bargain!





Compiled by Michele du Randt


l:IThe unsung hero of Vie Reeves 'Big Night Out' seemed to have died a TV death since BBC 2's 'The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer' replaced the Channel4 series. But now, 'Les Llvres', a series of 10flve-minute silent comedy slots (BBC 2, Mondays at 6:55pm) charts Les's (Fred Aylward) progress In the big wide world, as he deals with everyday tasks such as getting a Job, going to the moon and having a baby.•. OAmle's back!- And he's on our TV screens this Sunday October 17 (9:30pm on BBC 2) with a showing of the "classic" film 'Terminator'. Am le stars as the terrifying homicidal robot sent from the future to kill Sarah Con nor, the mother of an as yet unborn son, John, who Is destined to become mankind's salvation. The deadly assassin Is pursued on his mission by Kyle Reese, a young freedom fighter determined to protect the unsuspecting Sarah.' Terminator' Is the finrt In a series of "Filmworka" movies for BBC 2. ORough Guide to the Americas· Magenta De VIne and Ra)an Datar mark their luggage labels for the Americas in the new eight-part season of the award-winning "Rough Guide" travel series, starting Wednesday, October 20 at 6:50pm on BBC 2. Each programme features a two week joumey round a different area of the American continent, atartlng with San Francisco, America's gay capital and slowly moving on to Seattle, the home of ugrunge". Other Pf'09r&mrr¥tS In the series Include a look at Florida, Canada, Boston & Washington, Venezuela and Chile. !JWorld Cup Football- Live coverage from Rotterdam (October 13 at8pm on Anglia) of the exciting match between England and Holland. lWo hours on a knife edge for manager Graham Taylor and the nation alike, as England aim for victory which would put them within one game of quaUfylng for the USA finals. ODemob starts this Friday (October 15) at 9pm on Anglia. Griff Rhys-Jones and Martin Clunes atar In this new six part comedy-drama as two soldiers In 1945 trying to break Into showbuslness. Les Dawson Is the variety show boss, his final role before his death. OGuns are a source of excitement as Drew Barrymore and paroled pen-pal James LeGros go on a murder spree In the claasy road movie, Guncrazy, on Channel4 at 1Opm this Thursday (October 14). OWestmlnster Uve starts a new series on (Tuesday, October 19 on BBC 2) as MP's return to the splendour of the Palace of Westminster for a new session of Parliament. And on the following day (Wednesday October 20, BBC 1) a new four part documentary series begins; 'Thatcher: The DownIng Street Years'. Lady Thatcher talks openly for the first time about the many Important Issues she confronted durIng her time at Number Ten.

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Cor blimey, Arfur! Ex-Minder star, Dennis Waterman, has landed himself a role as an SAS Officer in a new drama from Yorkshire TV. Susan Henderson dons her flak jacket to find out more


or Dennis Waterman , the man who has made a name for himself playing what he calls "chirpy, cockney chappies", the role of John Neil, an SAS officer in a powerful and tense drama about the IRA, is a bit of a departure. And he says he is very pleased with the result - particularly the reaction of his wife, Aula Lenska. "Aula's sister was visiting when I suggested watching the video," he says. "What I loved was that two sisters - two Polish sisters at that - who get on very well and were chatting away, were silenced in moments and stayed silent throughout. lt was a wonderful effect.• In 'Circle of Deceit', filmed in Yorkshire by Yorkshire Television, to be networked on Saturday, October 16 (9.15pm), Dennis' character, who lost his wife and five-year-old son in an IRA bomb attack, is called back into service with the SAS to infiltrate an IRA cell. He is to live the life of deceased Jackie O'Connell and his mission is to get close to the McAuley family and obtain information on a consignment of arms bound for the Province. The real O'Connell left his home nearly 30 years earlier to live in London with his father in an IRA safe house. Dennis, perhaps best known for his role as Terry in 'Minder' and more recently in the BBC sitcom 'On The Up' and Yorkshire Television's 'Staylucky', was involved with the project, based on an idea by Jill Arlon, from the start. He says it was not a conscious decision to take a more serious role. "lt is nice for a change, • he says. "You get fed up with reading in the Radio Times that you are a 'likeable cockney'. But if I had been asked to do more Stay Lucky, I would very happily have done that. "I never really meant to stay away from serious drama - it


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just happened. If you go back to the 'Sweeney' with John Thaw, that was less light-hearted. We only made it 'light' because we thought that people who work together can't always go round worrying about the job." In fact, Dennis has done a remarkable variety of work since he entered the profession at the age of 12, when he was invited to join the RSC at Stratford after a starring role for the Children's Film Foundation. He spent three years at the Royal Court and his film credits include Up the Junction, Man in the Wilderness and The Eyes Havelt. Currently he is appearing in the West End musical 'A Slice of Saturday Night' and has recently finished a nationwide tour of 'Jeffrey Bemard is Unwell'. "I'm fairly lucky that I have been in a few successful series, as opposedtojustone,andthat people know me as Dennis, • he says. "There was a time when people in the street only shouted 'Terry'." Dennis says he might have felt nervous about the role, were it not for the fact that he was filming with Yorkshire Television, people he had worked with on 'Stay lucky', and for the strength of the rest of the cast. Derek Jacobi plays intelligence chief Randal, PeterVaughan plays liam McAuley, IRA brigade commander, and Clare Higgins plays liam's daughter Eilish, a one-time fervent believer in the IRA, who became

"Want to buy a tank, guv? One careful owner... " the 'black sheep' of the family when she married a protestant. Clare, who recently received rave reviews for her performance as Cleopatra for the RSC, says she took the role of Eilish because she felt it was a very brave script. "lt deals with the IRA and gets right to the heart of it. lt isn't an 'ideas piece', it's about relationships. lt works on an emotional level, much more than a political level. "Eilish was a part I had never seen written before - someone who is right inside the IRA, but who at the same time is fighting against it and won't embrace violence. "Although I have met a few Irish women who do occupy that position, I have never seen anything like it in drama or, indeed, in a documentary.

"like my character, I don't believe in violence as a means of solving conflict. As far as the politics go, I have nothing to say." She had never met Dennis before, but enjoyed working with him. "My impression is that his relaxed style is quite deceptive. The reason he appears relaxed is that he knows exactly what he is doing. I learned a lot from working with him because he knows television like the back of his hand it's second nature to him." According to Yorkshire Television, there is likely to be a follow-up next year, taking the John Neil character into a different situation. Yorkshire is also hopeful that the programme will be sold to America. Says Dennis: "So far I have been singularly unsuccessful in America, except for The life and loves of a She Devil. "The other stuff I have been in has been too London-based but hopefully, with this being an Irish story, it will have more of a chance - I've heard Meryl Streep wants to play me in the film."


* SATfLLITf TflfVI\1()~ * Vl()f() £ 1tiU JAti\V()T

SAT, OCT 16 9.15pm

- all channels , wide screen fJAMf~ 4~()

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rij'l#§ membership on production of UEN NUS card St. Marys Plain Norwich Tel 627 478

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OSix different students, on six different courses, with s ix different backgrounds and six different outlooks are brought together in one house in Manchester in 'The Living Soap', Def ll's new fly-on-the-wall soapumentary on Friday October 15. Michele du Randtsuds off ...


Picked from hundreds of hopefuls, the students are a blend of diverse personalities, all representative of 90's youth . Each week, 'The Living Soap' follows the students as they go about their everyday lives, from occupying the ir shared house to attending lectures and pursuing their varied social lives. The attendant moments, ranging from crisis to triumph , will be captured by student crews from the University College , Salford. Says series producer Spencer Campbell: "we want to be as flexible as possible, to let the content of the programmes be dictated by the students' lives. We'll also be looking to show their opinions on current affairs and other topics of concern to them and their generation." Each episode is shot just a week before transmission , so how things will develop is anybody's guess. Indeed, one student left, even before filming began , convinced that living with five strangers and having her private life televised for millions of viewers would be too much to cope with. But, unlike any hard-up student, M athew Lappin admits that the chance to live rent-free for a year made the idea of having millions watching his every move a little more palatable. Meet the stars of 'The Living


Soap' ... Simon McKeown , aged 23. Simon is a third-year student of politics at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has spent the last year on sabbatical as the education officer at the Students Union. Liverpool born , Simon wants to be a journalist and is articulate and funny.

ploma in professional audio systems at University College Salford. His all-consuming hobby is Death Thrash metal music. He plays the guitar himself, although his warm , self-effacing personality stops him from owning up to his considerable talent.

Matthew Lappin, aged 20.

A second year advertising student at Manchester Metropolitan University, Emma is a single

Matthew is going into the second year of his National Di-

Emma Harris, aged 22.

parent to three-year-old Sammy and says she is "a mother first, me second , and a student th ird ." She works part-time as a DJ and a waitress. Straight talking and confident, she wants to be an advertising copywriter.

Daniel Moore, aged 19. A second year geography student at Salford University, Essex-man Daniel does not like to be seen as a typical student and resists the idea that such a thing exists . Highly motivated

and enterprising, he already has his own business . His hero is Virgin boss Richard Branson, and Daniel hopes himself to be a millionaire himself, one day.

Karen Bishko, aged 19. A second year history of art student, Karen is a dedicated club goer and shopper, who enjoys painting and spending hours on the 'phone. Urbane and lively, Karen gets on well with people - even Simon gave up the bedroom with en-

suite bathroom after Karen's claims that it was too girly and more suited to her! Vidya Manlckavasagar, aged 18. Vidya is the house Fresher, comi ng up to Manchester to study Russian and Italian. A self-confessed club freak, she spent her first night in Manchester exploring the nightlife and sampling the local delicacies - chips and gravy from a real Manchester 'chippy'. • Vidya's nickname is "spider" because of her gangly legs.



DJames first entered the charts in May 1990 with the record "How was it for you." Since then their hits have included the infamous "Sit Down," "Sound," and " Born of Frustration," and now the release of their new album " Laid" is set to coincide with a busy UK tour starting in December. On Saturday, October 16, at 7.30pm, Radio One's 'In Concert', recorded earlier this year at London's Town and Country Club, is a round-up of their hits to date. James will be playing at the University of East Anglia in Norwich on Sunday, December 12, with support from Radiohead. D Music, Music, Music is a new 10-part series starting on Tuesday 19th October at 9pm on Radio 1, and is presented by the multi-faceted Jonathan King. Here, he poses his own views on the current state of one of the UK's biggest industries - popular music. "The series is a response to the purveyors of doom," says Jonathan, "to the people who say, that popular music has had its heyday." If nothing else, the series introduces listeners to music they may have previously dismissed, if not heard of at

all. DThe excellent Radio Four series, 'Wakademics', continues on Mondays from 3.15-3.30pm, where David Stafford discovers unusual and eccentric research projects.

Yakketv vak, Clive·s back!

Cllve Anderson returns to Channel 4 on Friday nights at 10.30pm with a new series of the sharp and funny chat-show, "Ciive Anderson Talks Back." The "uncrowned king of chitchat" continues to probe, pester and poke his nose Into any and every aspect of the contemporary world. Facing his rapier-like wit this week are celebrities Including Gore Vidal and Sir David Frost.


13 • OcTOBER 26

Cyborg Agent (18)- Rental Scl·fi action starring Kim Cattrall as a half human, half machine female terminator, out to get revenge on the man who had her put to death. The film also stars Billy Zane of Dead Calm fame, and Diana Rigg. Out October 20.

Sketch Artist (18)- Rental Jeff Fahey, Sean Young and Drew Barrymore star in this erotic thriller. Fahey plays a police artist who is stunned to find his wife described by a witness in a murder case. He decides to Investigate further , which leads to trouble. Out October 13.

South Central LA • Rental Directed by Oliver Stone, this is the story of a gangster , who, after ten years in jail, has to dissuade his young son from taking up a life of crime. A harsh tale of innercity life, softened by the theme of fatherly love. Out October 27.

Ladybugs - Rental A family comedy, starring comedian Rodney Dangerfield as the coach of a teenage girls' soccer team. To bring more success, he recruits a young lady called Martha, who he knows is not all she seems... Out October 27.

carol/ne Jenkinson

ich in Love

In Love' may not be the most riveting film you'll see, or even the most exciting family drama you're likely to witness ('The Sullivans' provided more shocks, hands down) but it is certainly an original portrayal of an unusual family. lt centres on the romantic ideal· ist Lucille (played with impressive naivety by Katherine Erbe) and her father· Albert Finney straining with a southern accent • after Helen, the wife and mother, has abruptly left home. The elder daughter Ray (Lucille's total opposite) shows up pregnant and married (to <yle Maclachlan's Billy) acting neurotically. Mild pandemonium ensues. '""·""''nm•11v humorous, the has a lot going for it, not because the film's characters are so diverse dnd even eccentric. Their eccentricities make the characters believable and sympathetic so some moments are quite touching. But sometimes the sentimental

button is pressed a little too blatantly, as when Albert Finney states that his family may have been poor, but they were 'rich in love'. The film's main problem, though, is that it seems confused over its direction and identity; one moment seeming like an absurd melodrama, the next, a coming-of-age comedy. lt traces Lucille's maturity process effectively but I was left wondering about the other family members. 'Rich in Love' is delicately handled by director Bruce Beresford but it is barely more exciting than the chess championships. Watch it if you desire a quiet evening of sig hing and inward laughter, but otherwise you might want to stick around for Die Hard3.

Gabriel Silver Rich In Love Rental this fortnight Rating:


Forever Young

Also released onto video rental this month is Forever Young, starring Mel Gibson and Jamie Lee Curtis. See The Event's competition to win the video , overleaf .. .

Romper Stomper REVIEW 'Romper Stomper' is a much talked about, controversial Australian film, about a bunch of neo-Nazi skinheads in Melbourne. The film-makers claim it does not glorify racial violence, and instead shows the brutal hatred of the youths, and the futility of their lives. But it was banned by both Glasgow and Portsmouth councils, and elsewhere caused much discussion about the rights and wrongs of censorship. The leader of the gang, Homno, is the only thug portrayed as recognizing the political ideology behind their actions, and the others are seen as stupid, weak and directionless without his leadership. However, you have to search very hard to pull out even this information behind the (almost

endless) nasty, violent brutality of the film . The thugs attack a group of young Vietnamese men, who are trying to buy 'their pub'. After horrifyingly awful attacks on some of the Vietnamese, they do in fact retaliate spectacularly, but only by using the same methods as the thugs. Eventually the police become involved, but again only use violent methods and murder, although this did not come across as entirely realistic. The thugs and the people they attack are presented within a vacuum, away from the wider context of an Australian or any social system. The film tries to redeem itself by having a love story running through it, but the woman involved is portrayed as childlike and vulnerable, and like the few

lt's 1757. Frontiersman Hawkeye (Daniel Day-Lewis) one of the last of the Mohican tribe • hence the film's title • chances upon an ambush led by Magua, the Heron war captain, and saves the lives of Alice and Cora (Madeline Stowe) Munro and their escort Major Duncan (Steve Waddington) ... The Director (Michael Mann) has aimed for authenticity throughout the film , especially in the spectacular battle sequences which quite violently depict war as it was fought in 1750s colonial America, which equates to mutilation of bodies with pick hammers, the odd sliced off scalp and (much later in the film) the removal of a heart in mid battlefield with the victim conscious! That aside, the emphasis is definitely on action-packed adventure spiced with that essential ingredient: romance , rather than gore. Hawkeye leads the trio safely to Fort William where the young lady's father- Colonel Monro- is entrenched. During the journey Major • Duncan's blinkered view of service to King and country

serves to provide a stark and flattering contrast to Hawkeye's spirit of freedom and self-determination- although, without giving too much away, Major Duncan redeems himself somewhat at the eleventh hour. But arrival at Fort William does not bring the hoped for safety as we learn it is within hours of fall ing to the French; when this does occur the occupants are allowed safe passage by the enemy. lt is during this safe passage away from Fort William that Magua repeats the ambush that bought Cora and Hawkeye together at the outset of the film .... In all "Last of The Mohicans" is, 'a cracking good adventure' in Barry Norman's typically crusty but eminently fair judgement. However, for those who originally saw this at the cinema, the magnificence of the film's setting and the full force of the action sequences inevitably lose their impact with transition to the small screen. Lisa Bushrod Last of the Mohicans Retail this fortnight Rating:


other women in the film, is objectified, and unseen as a real person. The film does improve a little towards the end, when the main characters start to develop, just in time for the film to end, in the violent way it began. Despite the good intention of the film makers, because of the overwhelmingly high content of plain, nasty brutality, it really does nothing to inform about the mentality of Neo-Nazism. More importantly, it does nothing to present the opposition of the mass membership of anti-Nazi organisations and many people who support them, throughout the world • fighting back peacefully and politically in Brick Land, Rostock, and in Melbourne as well.

Julie Drewitt

Romper Stomper (18) Rental: From Oct 13 Rating:




(1) [1] Death Becomes Her (PG) (2) [2] Singles (15) (3) [3] Dracula (18) (4) [6] Unforglven (15) (5) [7] Single White Female (18) (6) [9] Peters Friends (15) (7) [4] Malcolm X (15) (8) [1 0) Damage (18) (9) [8] Leon The Pig Farmer(15) (1 0) [5) A Few Good Men (15) •Chart kindly supplied by VIDEO PLUS, 107 Unthank Road, Norwich. Telephone (0603) 666863




13 - OCTOBER 26

Graham Rawle's .. Wonder Book ol Fun.. REVIEW

"Weird and somewhat surreal illustrations"

Some ol the illustrations give the book a sinister tone

Graham Rawle's 'Wonder Book of Fun' is being marketed as a puzzle book wh ich pays homage to childrens' annuals from the 1940's and 50's. Granted, it contains puzzles wh ich in themselves are of a famil iar format, but the nature of the mainly 30 illustrations that accompany them are not merely strange, but also somewhat disturbing . You may or may not be familiar with Graham Rawle's column in the Weekend Guardian , 'Lost Consonants' , which has attracted quite a cult following over recent years. lt contains often extremely clever and amusing captions accompanied by we ird and somewhat surreal illustrations . However, some of the illustrations in his 'Wonder Book of Fun' give the book a sinister tone, and in others one of perversity. (The photo to the left of this review is a suitable example) .

To be fair, though, playing the games themselves can be enjoyable, and Graham Rawle himself says that his aim in compiling the book was to exploit the unintentional surrealism he felt to be inherent in trad itional picture puzzles. Whatever, the book suggests it will provide "endless after dinner fun tor you and all your friends", and perhaps it will. Some of the puzzles are more brain taxing than others, and the majority can be read out loud and tackled independently of their bizarre accompanying illustrations, taking anything from a few seconds, to never, to solve! Incidentally, Rawl e's history in the world of art is wholly impressive. He has worked in art design and direction for Red Rooster, Cannon, and Channel 4, and since 1988 has successfully provided the Guardian with his weekly illustration work.

Another of the book's intriguing pictures His illustrations have also been featured in numerous popular journals including CreativeReview, Impact, Media World, and men's style-mag Esquire. Whether I could actually recommend the book as a whole, is doubtful. For it seems that although the puzzles can be amusing they are really only half of what the book is about. Without an appreciation of what Rawle is doing in the artistic side of the book, which I presume I must lack, I suspect this book will be more of a source of

wonder than of fun . For people who, like me, are merely baffled by the fact that the word ' art' is used to describe such illustrations, this book, available incidentally in late October priced £11 .99, is worth little more than a curious flick-through if happened upon on a bookshop shelf. On the ...... other hand it could provide hours of entertainment with _..,. Auntie Mabel on Christmas Day. And it is bound to be far more popular than the post-Christmas lunch film, which everyone has always seen before anyway.

15 - 17 Haymarket Norwich NR2 1QJ Tel: 625490

HMV Autumn Sale Goes On! Many recent chart CD•s reduced to £ 9.99 including: New Order • Subslllnte Tin11 Turner • Wh11l's Love Gol To Do Wilh 11? Bjork • Debul SWV • ll's Aboul Time M11ri11h t11rey • Musit Box Four Non Blondes • Bigger, Seller, F11sler, More Also available on LP and cassette for £6.99 and £7.99 Classical CDs from £4.99 Videos from £4.99 Full Metal Jacket, Thelma and Louise, Bill & Teds ] Bogus Journey, Silence of The Lambs for £7.99 :JJ.



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k:N OV\1


fiMV • Kr-J O





MlJ O., f<

This week's album chart

The Lemonheads at no. 4

1. (-) Take That: Everything Changes 2. (-)Crowded House: Together Alone 3. (-)Pearl Jam: Vs 4. (-) The Lemon heads: Come On Feel. ..


13 - OcTOBER 26

(2) M-People: Elegant Slumming

• (3) Pet Shop Boys: Very

I. (6) Various Artists: 100% Dance Vol.2

8. (4) Meatloaf: Bat Out of Hell2- Back Into Hell 9. (9) Various Artists: Now 1993 10. (5) Lenny Kravitz: Are You Gonna Go My Way


-lFrom next issue (out October 27). The Event will be running a demo-review slot on this page, providing the opportunity for you to get your band heard by prominent figures in the local music scene. What 's more, it will be read about by tens of thousands of young & interested people. -lSend a cassette containing no more than 3 original songs (any quality will do , even if it was recorded in your bedroom) together with a bit about yourselves and a contact number to 'Demo '. The Event, Planet Zog Ltd, PO Box 410, Norwich, NR4 ?TB. -lThanks a lot to those who have already sent us cassettes ... they are proving interesting listening and we will get round to reviewing them very soon.

Following on from their stunning series of singles including the masterpiece that was "Marbles" comes the debut album from a band who are becoming synonymous with London bedsit cool and unsurprisingly it's brilliant. Weighing in at 77 minutes on the CD, the words "commercial suicide" might spring to mind, especially for a debut but the Tindersticks get away with it effort!~ssly. The opening track "Nectar" is superb, setting the tone for what's to follow with hopelessly sad guitars and some superb one-liners. The Tindersticks are so superior to everyone else because they know they have found their medium and manage to create a sound that is so full and soulful that it's quite unsettling. "Tyed" has an instantly memorable bass line and is very Nick Cave-y which gives the song ar ;~ddi­ tional ten points on the c.ap-ometer before it's even begun. "City Sickness" and "Marbles" are, needless to say, utter classics with the brilliant lyric "The moment you saw her your life became a series of complicated dance steps," in the latter being worth the entire album. "Jism " is superb, sounding like it should be the soundtrack to a scene from 'Withnail and I" with its cheese-y Hammond Organ and "Piano Song" starts wtih the lyric "Shut up I'm thinking" delivered in such a perfect way that it sends shivers down your neck. However, if its possible to select one stand-out track from an album of genius, it has to be "Raindrops" - a piano ballad in the tradition of Nick Cave's "The Ship Song" which lodges in your subconscious and resurfaces about a week later when you're doinmg something really mundane. For a debut album, the Tindersticks have showed themselves to be geniuses and I can't reccommend it highly enough they're still playing gigs at Norwich Arts Centre on November 8th so get down there whilst they're still playing gigs where you can see them from the back ofthe venue.

Not a tassle In sight...

MEXICO The title is fast, punchy and sounds a little too much like The Lemonheads for its own good. Having said that, its lack of success will probably be more to do with their coming from the wrong side of the Atlantic than the content. "I Want You" is a

Everywhere/12" heartfelt accoustic number that I suspect would sound better electric, while Neil Young's "Cortez The Killer" - recorded live in Finland - is given a Gary Moore style guitar treatment, which I might add is a very, very bad thing... but I'm sure Mexico

FISH LOGIC I feel like I should be supportive of Fish Logic since they're vaguely local, but unfortunately this record Is rather Insipid and seems to lack any energy whatsoever. lt's a shame really because the introduction to each song Is quite promising but

70 don't wear leather jackets with lassies on the sleeves which is a very, very good thing. Singer, Mick Bund is working with St. Etienne's Sarah Cracknelllate in the year, the results of which should very intriguing.

Every Kerry Orange/EP none of them really take off and then they're over. The vocals are vaguely Slouxsle Sloux but lack any real dynamics and the mix doesn't help since it manages to remove any punch left. So on the whole it's rather

disappointing. "Glide" is the most Interesting out of the four, since they slow down for a while and the guitars do some quite Interesting things but even this falls to capture the Imagination and the whole experience Is pretty forgettable. Shame!

WAIT FOR LIGHT xxx/LP The haphazard amateur look of the sleeve suggests another great American rock band in the tradition of Dinosaur Jr and Buffalo Tom but they fall way short of their peers on most tracks soundIng more like the Levellers than the Lemonheads. The lyrics smack of trying far too hard to tap into the teenage-angst that Mascis et al have built their careers on. 'Why am I such a misfit, why am I such a nitwit?" is trite and somewhat pathetic while "The Gun Song" with its Levellers style preaching about an easy target is the best arguement for the gun lobby I've heard yet.

15 • 17 Haymarket, Norwich lel 625490




13- O cTOBER 26



In subsequent issues of The Event, we hope to be running free classified ads for anyone who wants them. There's a huge range of categories, from FOR SALE to PERSONAL - please feel free to send us ads for whatever you like. We will advertise anything within reason, and our full terms and conditions are available from us by post if you want them. Basically though, our decision on whether to run any particular ad is final, and you remain responsible for the consequences of your ad. , We will withhold your name from publication if you wish, but you must at least supply us with your name and address in the first instance. A telephone number would also help, . especially if you think that we might want to check whether you ad is genuine before we run it. Send in as many ads as you like, and we \/'\rill publish in the next available issue. Get writing! o




Send to: Event FREE Classilieds PO BOX 410, NorWiCh, Norlolk, NR4 718

rr -


• LARGE PORTIONS· GOOD ENGLISH HOME COOKING FOOD AVAILABLE EVERYDAY ·LUNCHTIMES AND EVENINGS· 41 Earlham Road Close to the RC Cathedral Tel628155 OPEN 11am to 11pm Man- Sat, 12pm- 3pm &7pm -10.30pm Sun

Under the same ownership as The York l

J 1 {))


QDragon: The Bruce Lee Story Is released on October 22 - and stars Jason Scott Lee as the legendary Bruce himself. This quality film charts his ascent from assistant In a Chinese restaurant to television work and film stardom. But Lee's rise to stardom is hindered by the fact he Is dropped from his TV series and suffers racial slurs as well. To celebrate it's release, we've got together with United International Pictures to bring The Event's readers the chance to win one of 6 exclusive Dragon T-shlrts. All you need to do Is tell us what Bruce Lee was, other than a film star. Was he: a. A Liverpool football player? b. A martial arts expert? c. A farmer? d. A top chef. Follow the rules below to enter.



FOREVER YOUNG ~ VIDEOS &OIL OF ULAY BEAUTY FLUID! box office title for video release in October is' Forever ... and The Event has got hold of two copies to give away (courtesy of Warner Home Video!) Mel Gibson and Jamie Lee Curtis star in this romantic adventure about courage, taking risks and getting one more chance. You see, irs 1939 and Daniel McCormick (Gibson) has the world at his feet. But he's on the brink of proposing to his childhood sweetheart, Helen, when tragedy strikes and she is left in a coma. So, grief-stricken, Daniel volunteers for a top secret cryogenics experiment - and he becomes frozen for 50 years ... only to be woken-up in 1992, when he begins to age at an alarming rate (if only he'd used Oil of Ulay Beauty Fluid). To stop you finding yourself in the same situation, we've also get 10 bottles to give away. Simply answer the question below and follow the rules opposite: In which film did Mel make his first cinematic appearance? a. Mad Max, b. Bad Max or c. Jurassic Park? The first two correct entries will each win a video and two bottles of Oil of Ulay, while the next 6 will get just the fluid itself.... Good luck!

GIG TICKETS AND RECORDS! This week we've landed ourselves with another competition to win gig tickets ... this time for The Fall's gig at Peppermint Park on Thursday October 21 (the closing date for this competition is therefore October 19).They'd normally set you back £7 each, but we've got two pairs to give away, along with a Fall record for each lucky winner! To stand a chance of winning a pair of tickets, simply tell us the name of The Fall's lead singer. Is it: a. Marky Mark, b.John Smith or c. Mark E. Smith? You shouldn't find that one too difficult, so when you've managed to 'work out' the answer, let us know by following the rules opposite. The first two correct entries out of the so-called hat will each win a pair of tickets and something on vinyl or compact disc.


As you may know, from Dec 11 16, the UK's most exciting event in the fashion calendar, Clothes Show Live, sponsored by Lloyds Bank, returns to Birmingham's NEC. Although admission to the fashion workshops is free, a ticket would set you back £7.50 ... but we've got together with the show's organisers to bring you the chance to win a pair of tickets.

To stand a chance of winning, you'll need to answer the question below, and send your answer to the address given in the 'rules' section of this page. The question is: Which member of the Clothes Show team also sells a washing powder guaranteed to get your whites whiter than white? Is it: a. Jeff Banks, b.Jim Hills or c.Caron Meadows?

1. You mayenter. . . . . .~W. answers sh as many com stuck-down ~~Id ~ on the bac~:l:ons as You like 2. We don't ve ope, Postcard or a none of th care how many . 3. The clos~~;e;trlctlng it to ~~:: ~ou send us October 23 f ate for all competltir ousehold here/ entries after :~cept for The Fall eo ons this issue Is 4. You must In ~ date Will be consi:J'pefitlon). No telephone nu c Ude Your name a ered. 5. All Winners";,'::;~' You have ~n~;~~~dress and ephone TheE Informed_ pi Your entry. 6. You vent ease don't talmust agree t give If You Win o any PUblicity w 7. Please send a competition (with I e may want to Event Pia Your entries to C n reason/). net Zog Ltd PO B ompetitions .,.._e

ne '

Finally this fortnight, we've got 6 mystery bundles of pop ., 0)( 410 ' ,, posters to give away- we're not saying what, or whom, they 8. And that Old h ' Norwich, NR4 contain, except to say that there's not one of Take That or final. That's it estnut... The Editor's d Bad Boys lnc amongst them. The first six people who write to . mple really Oh eclslon Is us pleading for this staggeringly-generous prize will win - and . , and good lu k c. we'll even throw in a pile of mystery records as well. Winners of last issue's competitions will be published next issue.





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13 - OCTOBER 26





13- OcTOBER 26

---,, IIIV-Iistings in association with the Theatre Royal - Reservations (06.03) 630~~-o..;.;.; ; .__ SUNDAY OCTOBER 17 Cannon Secret Garden (U) (see page 13) plus some or all of the films from Weds. Phone for details.



See Friday.

Fish (see Saturday) .



8os wells

Homeland - soft rock

See Friday.

Broadside Swingtet. 12-3pm.


Cinema City


British Lion and Bill Morrison

Time of the Gypsies (15) Yugoslavian film about gypsy life 1n contemporary Europe. 5.00pm . The Unbearable Lightness of Being {18)- adaptation of Milan Kundera's celebrated novel , starring Daniel Day-Lewis. B.OOpm .

Family Superskate- 10.30am1pm, £2. Family Superskate - 2pm-5pm , £2 .50. Collesseum (Games) Night7pm-11pm, £3.50.

crime writer. 7pm, £3/£2 cone. Drama: See Thursday.


Compiled by Caroline Jenkinson

Cannon - ' Screen 1: The Fugitive ( 12) Harrison Ford stars in this remake of the 60s TV series . See page 12. 2.15pm, 5pm, 8.15pm. Screen 2: The Firm (15) -Tom Cruise plays a lawyer in a corrupt company. See page 12. 1.25pm, 4.40pm, 8pm. Screen 3: Jurassic Park (PG) This summer's classic movie from Steven "ET" Spielberg. See page 12. 2pm, 5.15pm, 8.15pm. Screen 4: Much Ado About Nothing (PG) - Keanu Reeves, Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson , Denzil Washington ... need we say more? See page 12. 1.20pm, 3.30pm, 5.55pm, 8.35pm.

Odeon Screen 1: Sleepless In Seattle (PG)- Slushy and romantic movie with Tom Hanks and Meg _, Ryan . See page 12. 1.20pm, 3.25pm, 5.30pm, 7.45pm . Screen 2: In The Line Of Fire (15) - Nail-biting thriller with Glint Eastwood. See page 12. 7.30pm . Also Hot Shots! Part Deux (12) - Sequel to the hilarious Hot Shots, with Charlie "Topper Harley" Sheen . See page 12. 1.30pm, 3.25pm, 5.30pm. Screen 3: What's Love Got To Do With it (18). See page 12. 2pm , 5.30pm, 8pm.

Theatre Royal Song of Love and Death - a young soldier discovers love admist the clamour of war. Presented by the Glyndebourne Touring Opera. 7.15pm , £3-£40

Norwich Arts Centre Zenkasi Theatre and Rough as Guts - Polish theatre double bill. 8pm, £5/£4 cone.

Sofie (15)- 5.30pm, 8.15pm.

King 's Head Steel Street Blues

Cinema City

8os wells

See Wednesday, plus Blade Runner- The Director's Cut (15) 11pm.

Climax Jazz Band. 9pm to midnight.

Theatre Royal

Club night.

La Clemenza Di Tito - 7.15pm. For prices, see Wednesday.



Fast Trax. 9pm to 2am. £2.00 before 10.30pm, £3.00 after.

See Friday.

8os wells


60s, 70s and 80s disco. 9pm to 2am


Norwich Arts Centre Late Night Blues with Larry Garner plus All Star Band 10pm to midnight, £6/£4 cone .

Superskate Rave Night- 7pm-11pm , £3.

UEA Arthur Miller Centre Literary Festivat. Kurt Vonnegut - author of "Slaughterhouse 5". 7pm , £3/£2 cone. Gig. Austrailian Doors - 7.30pm, £8adv.


See Friday.

Hy's Cinema City

Club night.

Storyville (15). 5.45pm, 8.15pm.

Arthur Miller Centre Literary Festivat. Elmore Leonard -

Ritzy Theatre Royal Pial - Elaine Paige stars as the legendary French singer. 7.30pm , £3-£22.

Nth Degree . 9pm to 2am . £1 .00 before 11 pm (free with NUS card), £2.00 after.

Peppermint Park Norwich Arts Centre


Hair & Skin Trading Co. +support. £3 adv/ £3.50 door.

Third band competition semifinal - with Frantic, Run Riot and Sods Law.

Student Night. 9pm-2am. Phone for price.

Superskate UEA Arthur Miller Centre Literary Festivat. E L Doctorow - novelist. ?pm, £3/£2 .

King's Head Live music (tbc) .

"Rollermania" (Rock Night) 7pm-11pm, £2.

8os wells NJQ. 9pm to midnight.



Girl of the Week.

Ritzy Go- 9pm to 2am. £1.50 before 11 pm, £2.50 after.

Peppermint Park



See Friday.

11th Hour - chart band.



See Friday.

Fish (ex-Marillion).

Club night.

Superskate Cinema City

Rising Sun (18) (Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes star, see page 15) plus some or all of the films from Weds. Phone for details.

Family Superskate. 7pm-11 pm, £2.50.

Cinema City

King's Head

See Wednesday, plus Lord of the Rings (PG) - animated version of Tolkien 's story. 2.30pm .

Acme Blues Co.


Norwich Arts Centre Corduroy plus DJ - acid jazz. 8pm, £6/£4 cone.



See Wednesday.

Mainland - rhythm and blues



See Wednesda~ .


Cinema City


See Wednesday. Also 2.30pm

Lucas Soul Band . 9pm to midnight.

Theatre Royal Don Giovanni · Glyndebourne Touring Opera.

Club night.

Norwich Arts Centre


Vasmalom -Hungarian Folk group. Bpm , £6.50/£4 cone.

Partee .... 9pm to 2am . £1 .00 before 11 pm , £2.00 after.




Drama: Christie in Love - by Howard Brenton, performed by -:he Twin Tub Theatre Co. 7.30pm, £3/£2 cone.

"Back Seat of the Chevy" (16+) - ?pm-11 pm , £3.

UEA Drama: See Thursday. Gig: Fishbone, Bad Brains, The Goats. See pages 6 & 7. 7.30pm, £8.50.

1992 Booker Prize Winner. 7pm , £3/£2.



See Friday.

Noisebox-promoted lndie Night with music from renowned local band Yoghurt Belly plus the Passing Clouds and Still Spin . 7.30pm. £2.

Cinema City See Monday. Also 2.30pm .

Theatre Royal See Monday.


Norwich Arts Centre

Candlelight and Romance with Jonathan Dodd. 9pm to midnight.

Aly Bain and Tom Gilfellow. An evening of folk music. Bpm , £6/£4

Nigel Portass Trio. 9pm to midnight.



Arthur Miller Centre Literary Festivat. Michael Ondaatji -

Theatre Royal Glyndebourne Singers Recital 2.30pm. Don Giovanni 7 .15pm. For prices, see Wednesday.

See Friday.

Hy's Club night.

Club night.

Superskate Disco Night. 7pm-11 pm , £2.50.

Ritzy Furious Fun. 9pm to 2am. £3.00 before 10.30pm, £5.00 after.

Superskate Family Superskate- 10am12.30pm, £2. Family Superskate - 2pm-5pm, £2.50. "Lethal Radiation" - ?pm11 pm , £3.50.

/cann-;n-CI~ema, Prl~ce-·~f w~;s Road:'T;Is23312 Odeon Cinema, Anglia Square. Tel 0426 932450 Cinema City, St Andrews Street. Tel 622047 Theatre Royal, Theatre Street. Tel 630000 Norwich Arts Centre, St Benedicts Street. Tel 660352 Maddermarket Theatre, Maddermarket . Tel 620917 Puppet Theatre, St James' Whitefrlars. Tel 629921 Brlckmakers, Sprowston Road, Tel 426629 Kings Head, Magdalen Street. Tel 627998 Manhattan Nightclub, Dove Street. Tel 629060 The Oval Rock House, Dereham Road. Tel 748244 Peppermint Park, Rose Lane. Tel 764192 Ritzy Nightclub, Tombland. Tel 621541 UEA, Earlham Road . Tel 505401 Boswells/Hy's, Tombland. Tel 626099


9pm to midnight.

See Friday.

Hy's Odeon

Girl of the Week.

See Friday.

Manhattan Cinema City See Monday.

Theatre Royal See Monday. Also 2.30pm .

'The Fish Tank'. A night of Trance, Progressive, Acid and Go-Go Girls. Local DJs: Jezzaroona, Jon D and Danny. 9pm to 2am. £3.

Norwich Arts Centre John Law and Michael Garcia jazz music. Bpm, £4/£3 cone.

Ritzy Go. 9pm to 2am

Peppermint Park Oval

Club night. Phone for details.


Superskate King's Head Fat Slug Blues Band .

8os wells Lee Vasey Band.

As last Wednesday.


13 - OcTOBER 26


14 day listings in association with the Theatre Royal-=-ticket-s a - lw - a-ys- lrom £3 or £4 THURSDAY OCTOBER 21 Cannon


See Friday.

Scat Opera


8os wells

See Friday.

Brown Bottle Blues Band. 9pm to midnight.




01 ---·-·

Cinema City See Monday. Also 2.30pm.


Hy's Club night.

Theatre Royal See Monday.

Peppermint Park

Norwich Arts Centre

The Fall + special guests. 8pm to 2am. £7 adv.

Elsie and Norm's Macbeth. 8pm, £5/£3 cone.


Brlckmakers Halflife - rhythm and blues


Partee. .. . 9pm to 2am

Superskate As last Thursday.

Norwich Arts Centre

See last Friday, plus Dragon (15) (see page 14).

Honeyboy Edwards - blues legend, joined by Dave Peabody and Aaron Burton. 8pm, £6/£4.

Odeon See last Friday, plus Homeward Bound (U) (see page 10).

Caretaker - soft rock

Cinema City


See Monday. Also Falling Down (18)- Michael Douglas loses his temper and goes on the ram. "le. 11pm.

Theatre Royal SeA Monday.

, 1

.!rmarket Theatre

My Mother Said I Never Should - a play by Charlotte Keatley, depicting the relationship between mothers and daughters from the Second World War to the present day. 7.30pm, £6.50-£2.50.


Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden) and guests Drum Clinic.

Brown Bottle Blues Band.

8os wells Alan Stuart Octet. 9pm to midnight.

Hy's Club night.

Ritzy Fast Trax. 9pm to 2am.

Superskate As last Friday.


Theatre Royal Dominic Kirwan- Irish singing sensation. 7.30pm, £2-£8.50.


Maddermarket Theatre

Cinema City

See Friday.

See Monday.


Theatre Royal

Brian Knights Raw Blues

Nostalgia. 12 noon to 3pm.

Two Gentlemen of Verona- The RSC bring Shakespeare's comedy of being young and in love to Norwich. 7.30pm, £3-£17.50.


Maddermarket Theatre

As last Sunday.

See Friday.

Cinema City Master of Bankdam (PG) "Trouble at mill" story, set in 19th century Yorkshire. 5.00pm. Lorenzo's Oil (12)- Emotional true story about a couple's fight to help save their son's life. 7.30pm.




See Friday, October 22.

Club night.



See Friday, October 22.

Nth Degree. 9pm to 2am

Cinema City


Tom and Jerry - The Movie (U) - when their home is demolished, the crazy cat and mouse end up on the streets, actually talking to each other. 2.30pm. The Fencing Master (12)- A Spanish tale of passion and flashing blades. 5.45pm, 8.15pm.

As last Monday.

Maddermarket Theatre See Friday.

Norwich Puppet Theatre See Saturday.

Norwich Arts Centre Children's Festival - Clowns, ghost stories and Bodger and Badger. Runs until October 29. Telephone for details.

Boswells 60s, 70s and 80s disco. 9pm to2am




See Friday, October 22.

The Law - rock.



See Friday, October 22.

Alex Harvey Band.

Cinema City

King's Head

See Monday. Also Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (U) - Snoopy and Charlie Brown take to the big screen. 2.30pm.

The Boogaloos - rhythm and blues

Theatre Royal

Boswells Chris Simmons Band. 9pm to midnight.

See Monday. Also 2.30pm.

Hy's Maddermarket Theatre

Club night.

See Friday.

Ritzy Norwich Puppet Theatre

Furious Fun. 9pm to 2am .

The Ugly Duckling - classic fairy tale , designed for younger children. 2.30pm, £3.50/£2.50.

Superskate As last Saturday.



King's Head

Candlelight and Romance with Jonathan Dodd. 9pm to midnight.

See Friday, October 22.

See Friday, October 22.


8os wells

See Friday, October 22.

Cannon Odeon



While everv ellort Is made to ensure the accuracy or these listings, The Event can accept no responsibility .Jor omissions or errors. You are advised to telephone venue to check details before travelling to it.

See Friday, October 22.

Hy's Club night.

Superskate As last Tuesday.

Norwich Puppet Theatre See Saturday.

UEA Drama: Kathakali and Ottanthullal -dance-dramas of south-west India. 7.30pm, £5/£3 cone.

Oval lndie Night: Republic + Maniac Squat+ Blink. 7.30pm, £2.





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The event-issue 2-26th October