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elcome to Event 76, it's Hades, King of the Underworld here, mythical God and Disney antihero extraordinaire. Whilst on one of my regular visits up to the surface of the earth, I've picked u p a copy of Concrete to peruse on my boat trip back over the river Styx. Anything any lost soul could ever want to know about music, movies, the internet, food and the arts is stuffed into this neat little package. Compact, versatile and lightweight. Check out the magnificent centre spread devoted to the cult of kid's TV I could teach those teletubbies a thing or two ••• Ever wanted to know what makes top Radio One DJ Mary Ann Hobbs tickt Read all about her in an exclusive interview. The diligent folk at The Event have rated their reviews for our convenience on a scale of one to five. Those that score f 've go straight to the Eleysian Fields whilst the low scorers head straight into the boWel of ell. So enjoy, I'm off to steal a few souls, release some Titans an kick some Herculean but

in er toast has come to represent those things about University life that are, on a small scale, in its own little nu1sance way, evil and pestilent. If you've had a breakfast at The Diner lately, you'll probably be familiar with the toast there. Dry and biscuity in places, soft and chewy in others, and thorough ly not very hot all over. Every fortnigh t we give The Diner Toast Award to something judged unanimously to be bad. Not hugely, just something that is niggling in it's irritation, like m1ssing the number 35 by 12 seconds, queuing for NUS cards or findi ng that there are no more ploughmans in the Hive, and only th e lamb and mint sandwiches remain . But in all the start of term chaos, we feel that this fortnight's victor of the toast should go to timetables, their clashes and comp lexi ti es. How difficult can they make it? After three months of brain inactivity only the likes of Carol Vorderman could wrestle such a large notice board of room numbers, times and courses. After hours of mental acrobatics and furio us scnbbling on a scrap of paper balanced on your knee whilst hoards of students push past you also trying to dec1pher this crypt1c schedule, you then see that your fi gures don't add up, the re 's a clash. How annoy1ng IS that? So for timetables everywhere and their clashes, the toast's m the post. ~



rtnig he offer this fortnight is especially for all those watchers of daytime television, more specifically those who switch religiously on every lunchtime to Light Lunch, the kitschy Channel Four contribution to the nation's midday meal v iewing. If you fancy getting closer to where the action is, eating a packed lunch, watching loads of exciting interviews unfold before your eyes and seeing Mel and Sue in the flesh, then look no further than this fortnight's offer •• • The Event's giving away 30 tickets plus a


wanting something in return. To win a ticket you must come up with the best set of lyrics to match the light lunch theme tune. Runners up can expect to rec·e ive some Light Lunch merchandise. Send your groovy lyrics to: Light Lunch, Princess Productions, The London Studios, Upper Ground,London,SEI 9LT. Alternatively, any lnter@ctive whi:z:z kids can e-mail the programme at: Best of luckl

free ride t o t he studio and back, and an additional lfl to cover the cost of your own light lunch. Remem ber though, as the saying goes, there is no free lunch. The producers are


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No, they're not named after the chairman of the Tory party. James Tapslield has a chat ...


ew (arguably), Scouse (definitely) and often libellous (allegedly), Cecil are working hard to get your attention. The band consists of singer Ste Williams, drummer Ally, bassist Jay, and guitarists Pad and Ant and has actually been in existence since 1995 when they released their first single No Excuses. They have spent the intervening years refining their songwriting and shaping a new sound that is a good deal more chart friendly than their punky

What's the big fuss then? One of the original mod bands. Creators of cult classic Quadrophenia, the highly esteemed rock opera Tommy and numerous other hits including the classic My Generation (ice cream anyone?) . They excelled at excess and smashing things up. Unfortunately frenetic drummer Keith Moon excelled rather too much and died of a drugs overdose. Who did/does what? Roger Daltrey lead vocal, Pete Townshend guitar and backing vocal, John Entwhistle bass and Keith Moon drums. Townshend wrote the songs. Sold a few records? Huge all over the world. Which is best then? Probably Tommy, their slightly bizarre tale of a deaf, dumb and blind boy who wields a mean pinball. it's definitely the best known, anyway. Was apparently written to reflect elements of Townshend's own childhood. In terms of compilations, Who's Better Who's Best has all the essentials.

debut. Ste Williams is confi~ent that the new style is a step forward for the band. "We'll probably lose a few people, but we'll gain fans who really know who we are: a band who are going to change all the time. The album's just finished but we're thinking about the next album already - we've been out and bought loads of instruments like banjos and lap steel guitars and things so we're just going to have fun!" Cecil seem to have fairly eclectic influences: "I don't really listen to much modern music, mainly sixties and seventies stuff. Particularly Leonard Cohen 'cos I like his lyrics, but recently I've started to listen to a bit of drum 'n' bass, and I like Radiohead and the Cocteau Twins." So where does Ste Williams see the band in a year's time? "I want to be successful, like, in whatever I do - I mean, everyone does, don't they? Hopefully we'll be playing decent sized gigs but still writing good music, but going to number one and things doesn't really bother me 'cos Spice Girls get to number one, don't they? People like the Spice Girls come along, take all the money

and make people like me poor." Hmm. Fortunately Ste has more pleasant things to say about Mansun, whom they will be supporting on tour over the next few weeks. "Yeah, I'm happy to be supporting Mansun . I like the album, and I've met Stov and Chad. we used to rehearse in the same studios as them in Liverpool. The thing about touring is that you end up not eating properly. You eat a bag of crisps, and ... a bag of crisps. There's a lot of waiting around as well." So that's Cecil. You can see them when they play UEA with Mansun on October 10, but watch out... "One gig there was a bloke giving me [grief], he was right up the front for some reason, so I just flying kicked him in the face. People like that deserve it."

Are they still going? Recently the surviving members have been on the road again, with Ringo son filling in for Moon. Did we mention smashing things up? The Who's bad behaviour, particularly in the hotel trashing department, is legendary, and their manager usually joined in with the fun. One story tells of Keith Moon in his hotel room playing Who records very loudly. When the manager came to ask him to turn the noise down Moon disappeared back in to the room and proceeded to smash it up. "Now that was noise," he said, turning the stereo back up, "This is The Who." So what does the future hold? Big fat royalty cheques will certainly keep coming and with Daltrey's lucrative trout farm sideline (can this really be the hellraiser we once knew?), so money isn't an object. No new albU!"II, sadly. In retrospect? We're not trying to cause a big sensation ...



She's not contrary at all actually, but she is a damn fine DJ, as Stuart Dredge found out ... et's face it, until fairly recently Radio One was pretty cringeworthy. From the days when Tony Blackburn was labelled 'the thinking housewives' crumpet' to the time when Bruno Brookes ran away with the Smash Hits Best DJ Award every year. And let's not forget Dave Lee Travis, the self-styled 'Hairy Cornflake' ... But in the last few years that's all changed. The old hams were cleared out and replaced with younger, fresher DJs who were more concerned with playing exciting new music rather than propping up the ageing status quo (or, indeed, Status Quo) . Jo Whiley, Steve Lamacq , Tim Westwood, Pete Tong , Mark and Lard, and now even Zoe Ball, all picking up on new music and exposing it to an audience of millions. Which brings us to 1997 and Mary Ann Hobbs. Look at it this way; the average old-school Radio One DJ came across as the embarrassing uncle who monopolises the stereo at family parties with his crap old 70s LPs. Mary Ann , on the other hand , is far more the archetypal cool older sister with the wicked record collection that we all wish we had . After taking over from Mark Radcliffe early this year, she's built up a loyal audience with an eclectic mix of hip-hop , indie, drum'n'bass, big beat and spoken word. What's more, she's been filling in for other DJs to craftily subvert the daytime schedule , like today, when she's covering for Jo Whiley's lunchtime show, and coping admirably well with the demands of the playlist: "Well , you get a running order printed out for you, although I do get two free plays every day. it's okay - I mean , you get two opportunities to play the records you adore to a colossal audience, but then that's only two tracks ... " fun is Puff Daddy's karaoke machine is jammed! hearing Mary That's not an opinon, that's a facti _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __.,. opinion Ann 's of




the less-adored records, such as labelling the latest pile of dross from Sash, White Stiletto Heaven, live on air. Is that really allowed?! "You can get away with being relatively facetious , especially when you 're filling in. Often it's just the truth, such as the fact that Puff Daddy's karaoke machine is jammed - that's not even a critical statement, it's a plain fact!" True enough, and it's this empathy with the listening audience (and let's face it, who would dispute that last statement) that has won Mary Ann 's late night show such a loyal fanbase . it's a great success, especially considering the reaction when she first took over from Radcliffe. "lt was absolutely terrifying! He was my favourite man on Radio One, so to take over from probably the most revered cult show in the Western hemisphere was quite a job. A lot of people were dismissing me out of hand: y'know, 'Who is this f***ing cow?! ' But I think now they're realising that they were ready fo r a change, even if they didn't know it at the time!" Most of the kerfuffle concerned the change in the show's music policy. Whereas Radcliffe preferred guitar-based stuff, since Mary Ann took over it has become a far more eclectic selection, with her obvious enthusiasm for cutting-edge dance music of all genres, and especially the exciting

phenomenon that is Big Beat. In the year that the Chemical Brothers and the Prodigy really took off, she's been tirelessly extolling the virtues of bands such as the Propellorheads, Death in Vegas, the La-Fidelity Allstars and Bentley Rhythm Ace : "The great thing about Big Beat is that it's such a diverse musical selection - ragga, hip-hop, drum'n'bass. The beauty of the thing is that it's about a spirit and an energy rather than an actual sound ." The Bentleys' recent top 20 hit felt particularly sweet: "lt felt like a complete vindication of everything I've been playing this year. it's like, our music is finally getting the support that it needs, and is getting in the charts where it belongs!" Much of this support has been spawned from the unholy mixture of ballistic beats that comprises the Breezeblock - on between 12 and 1am four nights a week. The Prodigy rub shoulders with KRS-1 and Death in Vegas, with regular live sets from the heavyweights of the Big Beat scene. it's very much a reflection of her own likes, as she explains: "I came up with the name because I wanted it to have a really strong identity. I think it gives you the impression that this is a show that's gonna break your nose!" And talking of nose-breaking, one of the greatest radio moments of the decade so far has to be Mary Ann virtually resorting to physical violence on air on the night of the Mercury Music Prize, faced with the provocation of fellow DJs Collins and Maconie. The reason? Their blatant disgust when the award went to Bristolian junglist Roni Size. "I was appalled at what they said! They basically implied that it only won because it was the safe choice for the judges. I just thought, that's a really ignorant thing to say. If Radiohead had won they wouldn 't have dared, so I had to tell them to shut it! lt was a righteous victory - th e only truly groundbreaking record there ... " But it was obvious that Collins & Maconie hadn't even listened to it. "Yeah, which I found amazing! They're Q Boys really, from a very white indie ghetto background, so I suppose it's no surprise." But nevertheless unjust. Still , with that live broadcast and numerous Top of the Pops appearances under her belt, Mary Anne's star is truly in the ascendant. With the Breezeblock continuing along its trail-blazing path , the future is bright. We may even be seeing a Breezeblock mix compilation in the near-future, even though she concedes that her mixing skills aren't top-notch "by any stretch of the imagination!" Still, with private lessons booked with Jon Carter of Monkey Mafia, that should be remedied soon. Aside from that, Mary Ann's only immediate ambition is ''to buy another enormous throbbing motorbike - preferably an Italian Ducati 916. Until I do that, I have no other plans!" And who can argue with that?!

Mary Ann Hobbs' show is at I Opm Monday to Thursdays






Alb.. lftS BOB MARLEY DREAMS OF FREEDOM Despite UB40's persistent attempts to destroy reggae 's credibility, it somehow still soldiers on with the occasional chart hit. Hoping to broaden its appeal, Island is proposing a series of concept remixes of Bob Marley's music. Hip-hop and experimental dub producers have been pencilled in for future projects. Producer Bill Laswell is first on the case, embarking on an project that is bold, to say the least. There are those, no doubt, who think that cutting up Bob Marley is tantamounJ to giving the Beatles the full drum n' bass treatment, but then you can 't please everyone. Perhaps to pander to such doubters, this offering, unlike some remixes , leaves no doubt as to its origins. Most of the lyrics have been removed, with greater emphasis placed on choice reggae riffs , whilst the bass and drums are dubbed out for a proper, dirty, oozing, flavour. Unfortunately however, it does become tiresome towards the end, and feels like you've heard it all before . There isn't anything bad as such, it's simply that the formula fails to stay fresh . Tracks like So Much Trouble in the World take too long to get going, breaching the anticipation threshold and leaving you desiring little else than to press the skip button. As for the doubters, their fears are not wholly unjustified : rem ixing established classics like One Love requires genius, not foolhardiness. Stripped down to an EP, Dreams of Freedom would be fine , but after an hour of this you reallywon't be hungry for more. Nelll Johnstone

PORTISHEAD PORTISHEAD it's been a long time since Portishead released their double platinum debut Dummy, but was it worth the wait. As the title suggests, this album is a fine example of what Portishead do best.


The haunting vocals of Beth Gibbons are as beautiful as ever, shining particularly on tracks like Over and Morning Air. As expected, the album is made by the atmospheric drum beats and techno backdrops which take Portishead higher than your average . trip-hop outfit. The first, and undoubtedly the most impressive, single to be lifted from the album is All Mine. it's a climactic representative of classic Portishead, but the jazzy horn section shows that this band can still do what they were good at, and even improve upon it! Perhaps the thing lacking is the presence of instantly recognisable tracks. This album needs to be listened to several times before it can work its full magic and become more than mere background music. Just when you feel ready to cast it aside as a nondescript attempt to recreate the glory that was Dummy, you fall hopelessly in love and feel guilty for ever doubting Portishead's musical wonder. They say the best things come to those who wait, and on this occasion Portishead have proved the point. Nlchola Browne


. ·. .



The fuzzy boys from Oxford have had a good year Singles Richard Ill and Sun Hits the Sky, have both charted well, and their album In nFor thB Money has been proclaimed a modem masterpiece by many. So it comes as some surprise that they've chosen to cap such a year with the very laid back Late In the Da~ a breezy UtUe tune which lacks the Impact of some of trs predecessors. Still, it contains all the essential Supergrass elements and so sets up camp Inside your head. Before you know it you'll be humming it In the bath. good bands like this really need a Robert Plant or a Gary Stringer to make them great. If you can ignore this fault, 5 Days Wiser is rock of the highest calibre, which will lead to you rampaging around your room playing air guitar till you drop. Which is a very good thing indeed. Stuart Dredge



Tbe8eahona £on Jle U Lean Jle This record is ve!Y representative of The Seahorses own career: Initial promise, followed by a sense of disappointment and then a partial reconciliation. The song opens with a snazzy Bond theme-esque motif, before srldtng mto a pit of tract-rock propelled into the depths by Chris Helme's annoying vocals. However Love Me & Leave Me sneaks m by the back door, and you'll find your memories are somewhat fonder than your first reaction This, and the fact Love Me & Leave Me was penned with Uam Galtagher, suggest that it will perform well In the charts.

.............,. ..,.

Long greasy hair. Monster riffs . Testosterone aplenty, with beards to match. Yes, The Dawn are truly ROCK, destined to play huge stadium gigs, trash entire hotels, and no doubt get up to all kinds of groupie exploits. 5 Days Wiser is an accomplished tribute to Led Zeppelin, right from the opening driving riff to the last shimmering chords. The only flaw in the masterplan is that the singer appears to have arrived on a free transfer from Shoegazers Anonymous - a mistake, as


THE LEVELLERS UEA LCR Tuesday September lJ The Levellers are becoming an oddity in our times. The folkish musical style they champion , made popular in the early 90s by bands such as the Wonder Stuff, has been over taken by the chemical beat juggernaut. Their overly political material has been superseded by the use of wit and subtlety. In short, the Levellers in their current state are an endangered species. Apparently they have invested in the sample revolution for the new album Mouth to Mouth, but this does not appear on the night. Instead the Levellers revert to a conventional performance that their loyal fans are prepared to lap up . Songs like the recent single What a Beautiful Day, and Hope Street are received warmly by the favourable audience. The trouble is that the crowd tend to be too enthusiastic, allowing the Levellers to commit musical murder. Singer Mark is not an energetic front man , and despite his best efforts he fails to impress. They give a good account of themselves but the root of their problems is not the ability to play. The main trouble stems from their material. Encouraged by initial success, the Levellers appeared to have fallen into the trap of trying to

recapture former glories. The songs generally seem to be of the same laborious style . Acoustic guitars, plodding rhythm , and a little bit of fiddle . The result of this lack of variety makes the gig feel (particularly for those unfamiliar with the majority of their material) like one long unimaginative song. If the Levellers are going to remain a valid musical force then this problem will have to be seriously addressed.For all their sins however, they do seem to please the crowd, and perhaps this gig should go down as one for the fans. Paul Stokes


10.30AM-4.30PM At gentleman's walk, opposite the market THE EVENT, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1997




James Tapsfield gets Mansun in a wide open space to chat about life in pop


ansun last graced Norwich with their presence in the spri ng. At that time, their first album Attack of the Grey Lantern had just been re leased and entered the charts at number one, to almost universal cries of 'couldn't you have called it something else? .' They played to a sold out Waterfront and went down a storm, but proved moody and uncooperative when interviewed, as befitted the atmosphere of their performance. So it was with some appre hension that I approached th is meeting with their bassist, Stov. As it turns out, there was no cause for concern.




~JflOS 0



11.30-1.30 11 .30-1.30 11.30-1.30 11.30-1.30 11.30-2.00 11.30-2.00

(Closed evening) 4.30-7.00 4.30-9.00 4.30-9.00 4.00-11.00 4 .30-10.00


Tel: 451170 BOWTHORPE 745768

Branches at:


WATTON 01953 882401

This time Stov seems to be positively brimm ing over with th e juices of human kindness. Perhaps -----~ Mansun have come terms with the press attention , or perhaps they were just having a bad day before, but one could barely hope for a more helpful and friendly subject. He chats animatedly about playing in the US with the Seahorses, where apparently the reaction was great , and about the touring lifestyle they seem to adore. "Touring is the best thing with the band. I love going out and playing live and we real ly wanted to make sure everyone saw this show before we started another one. We must have played everywhere about three times by now." Three times obviously being considered quite enough , Mansun have decided that it is time to start work on a new album and the date at UEA will be one of the last few they do before retiring to the studio again. "We 're going to be starting pretty much from scratch . There are a few ideas floating , but it never turns out how you expect anyway ." Mansun originally formed in the summer of 1995 in Chester, where Stov used to work with Paul Draper (the controversial front man) in a design company. They met guitarist Chad, who was running a bar, and then came across Andy, who was drumming for a rock cover ou tfit. They used to talk about forming a band as "something to do at the weekend". At that time Stov had never picked up a bass before, and Chad could only manage a couple of chords on 1 the guitar. Within a couple of months however, the group had recorded a demo tape. They sent it in to the Evening Session, as Stov says, "more for a laugh than anything else'', and it was played.

Suddenly, they found themselves the object of interest from a number of record companies. lt all seems to have happened very quickly: "We were on the radio before we even pl ayed our first gig." Despite the speed with which they were signed, the band were determined not to rush out the first album. "A lot of bands trying to be cool just go in and say, 'we recorded that in three hours' , but we wan ted to take our ti me. People were ca lling it a concept album but I'm not quite sure what a concept album is really. If it's where you go in to the studio and you have a definite plan and know what you want to do ... then yes, we were linking all the songs together." Re lations with the press have never been al l too frie ndly, although this has served Mansu n wel l in terms of cove rage. Paul Draper has made attacks on the Catholic church - one of the songs on the album is called Stripper Vicar - and voiced his dislike for art students. Both outbursts received great attention. Wh ile Stov seems reluctant to comment on whether he agrees with Draper on these specific issues, he does say that the band share mostly the same views and seems deeply suspicious of the music press in general , claiming never to read it. Apparently this is the reason for their slightly schizophrenic changes in attitude. "I get so pissed off with the British press. "Most of the papers all they care about is your haircut and clothes - the music comes second. We decided to mess around and just chop and change - one day we 'd wear make up, then uniforms , then suits, Chad wearing a dress ... They've never been able to categorise us. and I think that really pisses them off. We 've calmed down a bit now, though." Mansun, according to Stov , are not the bitter 'band with attitude' that they often come across as. 'We're not that kind of band. Most of it is humour. We take the piss, because in the end it's just entertainment." Are we witnessing a change in the Mansun attitude? it's hard to say. Far more certain is that when the album arrives next year we will see them step up another rung on the ladder of fame. In the shorter term the new EP released on October 6 promises a fix for anyone who just can't wait. As we wi nd up th e interview, Stov asks if I am coming to the gig and offers to put me on the guest list. What a nice man.


.- ..

. . .. I


With the release of Disney's :J 5th animated feature imminent, John Spaeey has a look at the House of Mouse, while Catherine }ones investigates the Greek goings on in Hercules...


espite a few notable live action successes such as Mary Poppins and the recent remake of 101 Dalmatians, it's always been the number and high quality of its animated features that has made Disney stand out from other film studios. The giant multinational corporation, which now has interests in areas such as television, video, comics, books and toys, along with four huge theme parks in various parts of the world, was begun in 1928 by brothers Roy and Wall Disney. Wall, later described as the most significant figure in graphic arts since Leonardo, was clearly the creative part of the outfit, showing talent as a cartoonist from a young age. When working as an ambulance driver fro the Red Cross, Wait's vehicle was covered not with camoflauge but with cartoons. Following a brief spell as an advertising cartoonist, Wait moved to Los Angeles. The first feature produced by the fledgling studio had to be scrapped halfway through after the release of The Jazz Singer, the first motion picture to produce sound, and work began on a second cartoon featuring sound. Steamboat Willie was released in November 1928, and starred a soonto-be-famous mouse called Mickey. The next major landmark for the House of Mouse was in 1937. By now an established, reputable animation studio, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs marked a new high, both for the quality of the animation and the cost: an unheard of two million dollars during the Depression, and unlike Waterworld in the 90s, Snow White was worth every cent. Despite not winning any regular Oscars, the film was awarded a special Academy Award for technical achievement. In the next five years Wait Disney oversaw the production of films that came to form the basis of the studio's huge reputation, including Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo and Bambi. In 1945 The Three Caballeros pioneered the use of live action and cartoon together. With the Disney reputation firmly established, and with the money rolling in, Wait soon turned his eye on expanding his empire opening

Disneyland in Los Angeles in 1955. Soviet premier Kruschev was reportedly furious when denied the opportunity of a visit on security reasons, and Soviet journalists who visited around the time of Kruschev's intended visit described it as quite unlike anything they had seen before. Old Wait allegedly wasn't too keen on Russians anyway, so he might not have been too bothered about Kruschev not visiting. Some claim that Wall was a tyrant, having an elite team of employees and mistreating the remainder. Among the most ridiculous of the allegations levelled at Wait is that he was an incompetent cartoonist who couldn't even draw Mickey Mouse, which seems a little odd when directed at the man who produced the finest animated films of the century. Disneyland itself was in some ways definitely behind the times. 11 wasn't until a few years after Wall's death in 1966 (when he was rumoured to have been cryogenically frozen) that men with long hair or beards were allowed in. Meanwhile the films were still coming out. The Lady and the Tramp, The Jungle Book and The Aristocats all performed well at the box office, and displayed alomst all of the quality of the late 30s and early 40s. The recent resurgence in Disney fortunes dates back to 1991 and the release of Beauty and the Beast. Reworking an old story was hardly an innovative step, but the Disney magic had returned . This was confirmed by the massive success of Aladdin and The Lion King. Disney are back, and they're here to stay. Oh, and here's one interesting fact; the Disney empire has expanded to such an extent that one of its subsidiary companies, Miramax, that financed Pulp Fiction. I wonder if Wall would have approved?

sweetened version. Nevertheless, the 'new' Hercules isn't a bad story, with all the essential Hercules ingredients to make child audiences whoop with USA (1997) glee and amuse their parents. The student Dlr: John Musker la~MI~l~'lcontingent fall somewhere in the middle of Odeon - From Oct I 0 the two. Celebrities always like to make an appearance in Disney flicks these days. We see James Woods in the role of Hades, token bad guy and king of the Underworld. Danny Devito is landed with the role of Philoctetes, Hercules' personal trainer, coming he annual Disney movie has now become across as a slightly less wholesome version of Mr. Tumnus in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, something of an institution: expect to see complete with potbelly, five o'clock shadow and Hercules products monopolising this Christmas' shop shelves as we all go bonkers for goat's legs. According to Disney, Hercules - son of Zeus and it. Disney have been rather economical with the his wife Hera - is stolen from his cradle on Mount classical truth and anyone that expects twelve Olympus, bought down to earth and made almost labours and a na-palmed shirt will not find it in this

"This head-slicing will have to stop"


SHOCK! HORROR! SCANDAL! Some people are accusing those responsible for producing Disney films of trying to undermine children's morals ••• 1sney films, you th1nk. Nice, wholesome, apple-pie fun for all the family. Just the thing where you take a 5 year-old along and sllll be entertained. The last few D1sney movies have certainly slipped in the odd joke that's a bit nsque but would fly way over the head of infants Some people, however, take the view that the guardians of Wall's D1sney's legacy are out to destroy the mnocence of the planet's youth. Jordan Larkm's frequently mis-spelt effort of a website catalogues JUS! a few of the alleged naughty incidents ... "Th1s is My[sic] Page. I have a few pages to fill and I felt like spreding[sic] my knowledge of Disney across the net. So I did. There aren't any pictures yet but there will be." On scrolling down you discover that, lo and behold. there actually are pictures. The unintentionally amusing text then continues, "One Of(sic] the first thing(sic] I heard about was in Alladin[sic]. A/ladin[sic] wisper[sic) really quickly "Take off you[slc] clothes." it's before Jasmine says "what?" Wouldn't you say what if some guy with a turban on flew on a carpet to your window and told you to take off your clothes?" And so it continues, with chronically poor grammar and atrocious spelling, claiming that the animators on The Lion King spelt out the word 'sex' In a cloud of dust, that the vicar in the Little Mermaid had a hard on and that Jessica Rabbit finds her dress just a little too revealing at one poiht in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. All furnished with pictorial 'evidence' to support his claims. Well, does it convince? About as much as the Loch Ness monster. Make up your own mind


mortal by drinking some concoction of Hades. All that remains of his divinity is his super-human strength, which doesn't win him many friends due to his tendency to knock not just entire buildings down but whole Greek settlements: that's until he decides to find out the truth about his past after his earth-bound surrogate parents decide to tell him where he really came from . Enter Philoctetes, retired hero trainer to the Greek legends who, after much musical persuasion, decides to give Hercules a whirl. The bad-turned-good love interest with the highly 20th century named Meg (admittedly, an abbreviation from Megara) is sassier than your usual Disney girlie but Here is as wholesome as ever. While Hercules should by no means be up at the top of your list it's a cartoon worth seeing, if only for James Woods' Hades. Better than Toy Story, but it's no Aladdin.


~--------------------------------------------------~------------------------------------------------------------ -

Compiled by John Spacey

A Life Less Ordinary Opening October 24 Ewan McGregor stars as a bored janitor wishing for a life ... less ordinary. Two celestial cops try to match McGregor with posh girl Cameron Diaz.

fter aliens who deserve having their butts kicked (Independence Day) and aliens who are the government's secret buddies (Men in Black) , comes a film which has a stab at presenting extraterrestrials in a more serious and believable light. Jodie Foster stars as the genius astronomer orphaned at the age of nine , who commits what her colleagues see as professional suicide by spending most of a potentially glittering career listening for signals from outer space. Foster turns in an always great performance, aided by a sensible script which discusses the implications of discovering that we are not alone, whilst various believers stand up against making contact with a possibly heathen species.


Unfortuanately for a film with so many good points, there is a heck of a lot of schmaltz: the flashbacks to Foster's childhood which attempt to explain her obsession are sugary to say the least, and the government officials who hijack Foster's project on ce she's discovered the signal from ET are straight out of the Hollywood bottom drawer of nasty characters. The trip thrpugh space itself, in the besVworst traditions of 2001, is a bit trippy. At heart, this is a convincing film which could have been a classic if only the sentimental Hollywood tosh had been chucked away leaving a serious discussion of one of the late 20th century's most overriding obsessions, and John Spacey quite possibly, a classic movie.

~LLEY Born and Raised: 14 May 1952, Chicago, Illinois. Childhood spent on the south side of Chicago, was soon making amateur films with an 8mm camera. After a brief stay at 'proper' college , was soon at the South California School of Cinema. Won a Student Academy Award for his film Field of Honour. Big Break: Showed Field of Honour to one Mr Steven Spielberg, who hired Zemeckis as a writer on his next film, 1941 . Getting Along: Directed Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas in the swiftly forgotten classic (ahem) Romancing the Stone. Declined the offer to be involved in the sequel, because ... Into the Big Time: .. .he was writing and planning to direct a story about a teenager who's eccentric scientist friend customises a DeLorean to travel through time. The resultant film , Back to the Future, ended up being the biggest grossing film of 1985. Mr Mogul: In 1988 he directed a bunch of Loony Tunes in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, again giving him th e biggest grossing film of the year. Completed two Back to the Future sequels in 1988 and 89. He hit the really big time in 1994 with Forres t Gump, a tale of an idiot-hero which people either loved or thought was sickening rubbish. Has a love for computers , put several American presidents in Forrest Gump, and manages to get 8111 Clinton into Contact by a miracle of technology.


OYOS House of America UK (1997) Dlr: Marc Evans ADC - opens Oct I 0

" Harry Secombe isn't a God" he Welsh setting and largely Welsh cast make comparisons with Twin Town inevitable, but this is a film which very much deserves to be viewed in it's own right. Sid, Boyo and Gwenny are twenty-something siblings stuck in a dead end town in the Welsh valleys, involuntarily wasting away their lives by shoplifting, driving about on their Harley, dreaming of Jack Kerouac and their father who walked out when they were young to go to America. From a pair who initially seem well balanced, Sid and Gwenny go further and further off the rails, Sid sent over the edge by his failure to secure a job at the local pit, and Gwenny is distraught after having no replies to the letters she sends to her father every week. Boyo, played by newcomer Matthew Ahys, chooses not to take part in their fantasy and instead receives humiliation at the hands of the more successful locals. As the siblings' mum burns their sacred motorbike and shows an ever increasing tendency to go round the twist, Sid and Gwenny choose to ignore their situation. The startling effect of the film lies in the script's refusal to pull out of the situation the characters are in : possibly something to do with the film's origin as a stage play. Just as it seems the characters are about to realise the predicament they're in and a fluffy ending is just around the corner, something even more unsettling and depraved occurs. To linger once again on the Welsh connection , this is a dark but entertaining film that is far away from the sometimes cartoonish style of its Swansea predecessor.


Volcano Opening October 3 Special disaster officer Tommy Lee Jones and vulcanologist Anne Heche watch Los Angeles get covered by lots of lava and then get to clear up the mess.

Nil By Mouth Opening October 10 Gary Oldman's directorial debut is an autobiographical story of a working class family in South London. Ray Winstone stars as the aggressive father who's just daring you to spill his pint.

Alien: Resurrection Opening November Sigourney Weaver comes back from the dead as half-human , half-alien. Winona Ryder eo-stars in a sequel directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet of Delicatessen .

Opening October 17 Stephen Fry stars as the poet who was jailed for homosexuality. Support comes from Vanessa Redgrave in what has been dubbed ''the story of the first modern man."

The Game Opening October 10 Director David Fincher's follow up to Seven, stars Michael Douglas as a wealthy businessman whose younger brother (Sean Penn) introduces him to the 'game.'

Cellaaloid路 Classic

Annle Hall us (1977) Dlr: Woody Alien

Cine ma City - Oct S

'-'We shoulda gotten steaks "cos they don't run around. They don't have legsn Duling the film, Annte takes Alvy to 8M her tamHy. Late at


he neurotic, paranoid, walking bag of nervous tics that Woody Alien plays in this film will be familiar to those who've seen any of his films. lt has never been bettered since Annie Hall, a movie allegedly based on the real life relationship between Alien and his eo-star Diane Keaton. The original title of the film was Anhedonia: a word describing the inability to experience pleasure, and for Woody's Alvy Singer this proves enti rely appropriate. After an awkward (and hilarious) first meeting between Alvy and Annie where their thoughts appear as subtitles at the bottom of the screen and prove to be entirely different from what comes out of their mouth we see the pair's courtship. On going to the cinema Alvy refuses to walk into the film a minute late, explaining that, "I've got to see a picture exactly from the start to the finish, because, because I'm anal." We see Alvy's childhood home underneath a rollercoaster, with the characters walking into their own and other people's past a& though it's a perfectly normal thing to do. The script goes right to the heart of the characters' faults, and makes the film all the better: despite the superficially unconventional ending, this has to be one of the best romantic comedies ever.

night, Alvy Is

waylaid by Annle's brother ouan8, who wants to have a man to man


jlll_.hiS when I'm driving on the road at night, I see two


49 St. Philips Road, Norwich NR2 3BL 01603 621784

Impulse to fum the wheel quickly, head on into the ~ing:car. l

can anticipate the _,~Ion. The

souhd of ~ling glass. The flames rising out of the flowing

gasoline. Alvy: Right. Well, I have to, I have to go now . Duane, because I'm due back on planet earth.



coming towards me. Fast. I have this svdden

soon to be famous extras...

ic holas Cage has promised to portray a new Superman for the new millennium, angering hard-core pantsoutside-your-trousers fans by changing the familiar costume to a fetching white and blue affair: careful, Nic, watch out for those hard路to路 remove skidmarks. Remember all those little Star Wars figures that people of a certain age played with/ abused! tied firecrackers to blow up? The franchise to make the figures to go with the new trilogy is

HOW ME THE MONEY! Or rather show me Tom Cruise in a different role.There is no escaping the fact that Jerry Maguire is just like every other film starring Tom Cruise. Maguire (Cruise) is a hot shot sports manager and success story in every way possible.That is, until his conscience rears its ugly head and he is fired. Jerry is left to salvage his dying career and try to keElp his hard nosed fiancee along for the ride. Obviously one has to go and, as we know with Tom Cruise, women are easily replaced. Loyalty and love, the themes of this film, supply the tediously obvious pl6t. But all is not lost. Oscar winning Cuba Gooding Jr outdoes himself in his support role as footballer Ron Tidwell. The real star of the show is Jonathan Lipnicki who plays the love interest's cheeky young son: the whole film is worth watching just to see him. The film isn't a bad one, and if you're a Tom Cruise fan you'll just love the way he oozes all over the screen, but it's the same old story: I get knocked down, but I get up again. Oh hang on: isn't that a Chumbawumba song... Debbi Marco

currently at an asking price of $1 billion, with a mere three companies in the running. Bruce Willis, Steve Buscemi and liv Tyler will star in Armageddon, a tale of oil drillers who are forced to train as astronauts to take a ship into space and blow up loads of asteroids with a nuclear warhead. Liv Tyler is also starring alongside Robert Carlyle (from Face) in P/unkett and Macleane, the directorial debut from Ridley Scott's son, Jake. Carlyle stars as a commoner in 18th century England who comes across Jonny Lee Miller's (Carlyle's eo-star in Trainspotting) bankrupt aristocrat. Nicho las Cage will pop up yet again in Snake Eyes, as an Atlantic City detective who has to solve the murder of a senior government official before a hurricane hits town and the several thousand witnesses run off.




2 meals for the price of 1, Monday-Friday,


resulting In Innumerable DrfHige wonders why. 10-IIVfllheiil..,.._.q .... dbiiers.., ... ......

ornelhlng slnlnglll lblt ta llettudent Uving rooms of Britain. All round . . - - . ohM wile mature. • eloquent human belnOt . . fDrllll*\8 . . . . of academia to folloW a new cna lbu l'a


pow&r to ~ua .......... aNIII 111M11hatea• true t11111 qullallw ~ ua . .


8\lefYWhenl. In aupermartcel8. On ToehfltL AnclMft on ..


Radio Times. Yes, the Teletubbiee . . . t IIFtilthe ftiiiiDn

~~~~------------------llllli--~~~- -~a..­

lecllna to tollow the~ of~ l..a-l.a, Dlpay and FO.

SW h nolq new, 8lnce . . dawn of time lludenll .... been avfd .... ~ .. .,...of chlldlens' programrnee. Take a look at )'OUf' own vllwlng habits. Hea\')welght doc:umen1Me8? ln-deplh.........,. of current affairs? Or Superted?l Well you're no1 alone. as generations of students have regularly .

swapped Dostoyevsky tor Dangsrmouss, and


~~~~------------------------------~ Puff the Magic DragontJJ ~~ Butthellet ot allegedlymug.. ..._______________________________________ Well, if you insist...

was just ao lela oomplcated? No counsework, no CMM'draftB, and no hangoYers to worry about. Bangers 'n mah, 8Chool clrvters. ja::kets for goalposls, elc. Home by four In time for the cartoons, and then a host of exciting programmes until clmertlrne. Most of the programmes that were on TV then ate 81111 around, such as Harlbeat and Henry's Cat Part of 1he lun Is In moaning about how it used to be so much bett9r In the old days. ' * also, ifs great fun to look back or theM favowlte childhood programmes with adult . . . nollclng for example the Wf!t1 that Tony Hart got a new young female assistant every series.

a minor trial cl adult life you're going to le on 'with ' the floor and have a screaming tantrum. Well, not always &nfMI!I... So what gives? Perttaps ifs the Intriguing and wry real paradox of student existence - Allhough we are nominally adults, we're still Alck in the halfway house that is higher edooation. Perhaps subconsciously plagued by the teeling that we ought to be out earning our keep rather than dossing around and attending the odd lecture, we choose to regress to the childhood stage and immerse ourselves in kiddie culture. Thafs what many psychologists would say, but then again, they do talk a bunch of arse don't they?!

Of course, anyone who says that their

But this nostalgic longing for past pleasures doesn't explain why we so avidly


watch the most up-to-date


one example which just it's Impossible that the series'

The fact is, much children's television is simply better than its adult equivalent. There's more comedy in five minutes of Tiny Toons than in the


- - - - - --



l8al8d kids profpiiVI188 •

Amy Pierce lists the essential

Roundabout was one of the more blatant examples. Firmly entrenched In the flower poWer culture of the sixties, 1t won a healthy student audience when it was re-shown in the last faw years, most of whom were wondering how they could haYe failed to guess why Dylan was jUst eo relaxed when they were ldds. Mr Benn is still rhapsodised 0\181' in the Hive by sophisticated-looking bohemlans on account of Its subversive propagation of the joys of LSD. Puff the Magic Dragon? Well, if you insist...

kids·' programmes that no student should do without. o we know that Teletubbies is a cult thing, even Live and Kicking are making fun of us students, but it's not just one children's show that we're mad about. Out there in TV land are a host of tab programmes best served late on Sunday mornings with cereal and coffee. One cartoon deserving of the tv hall of fame is Rugrats. Tommy leads a cast of nappy-wearing wonders: the neurotic Chucky, Phil & Ul and psychopathic cousin Angelica.


But, then there's the ugly flipside of the student coin • "Ne're just too clever for our cwm good somellmee._Watdling TV meant for children allows us to feel amug about our maturity • haven't we SJ'OIIII\1 Thus, you'B occasionally tlnd a living room of braying undergrade ripping the plss out of a cartoon simply because it doesn't measure up to their outdated concepts of characterisation and plot development. Anyone who enthuses about the joys of watching kids TV

Mr Men is one saga that has run and run, no doubt some· where in every students' bottom drawer is a piece of Mr Men merchandise, be it pillowcases, stationery, lunchboxes or indeed the books themselves. The hardcore Mr. Men con· sisted of Mr. Happy, Strong, Bump, Messy, Small, and Tickle soon to be followed by Mr. Bounce, Impossible and Rush. By the mid eighties the desire to gender toys became an epidemic and spin offs were all the rage. The Little Miss range was born, never as good as the original. What child ever wants to read about a little Miss Splendid when we can catch up on the latest escapades of Mr. Funny.


- - - - - - -- -- - - - - - - - - - - - - . . . . . . "because lfa 80

crams In more existential angst into a single gesture than most J J soap actors manage in a lifetime!



Broadcasts for ...,...-----------------------------~ Party Political entire recorded output of Birds of a while Sooty the rest their life!

demands explanation, for creators could have foreseen that students would be so much part of Its SIJCC8S$. Or could they? ...

After all, leaving aside tor the moment all possible dodgy connotations, Teletubbiesls a programme ideally suited for student consumption. Ifs early-morning (well, 10 o'dock) timeslot Is perfect to attract redeyed arts studllnls waking up after a hard nlghfs partylng. Think of the Ingredients: No plotllne to folow, scanty clalogue, and helpful repelltlon of key Incidents just In case you fall back asleep the first time. ifs a coloutful world, whlch'll cheer you up before that lhNe hour Shakeepeare seminar In the afternoon. Okay, so admlttediJ mora 8ludlnla claim to watch it than actullly do. because the lllniCtlon can toon W88l' off. Still, you have


crams In more existential teenage angst into a single silent gesture than most soap actors manage In a lifetime. Adult programmes are often constrained by the need for realism, resulting In the depressing greyness of your average Eastsnders episode. In cllildrens' T'l. on the other hand, the writers (who let's not forget are adults) are allowed to Indulge the boundaries of their imaginations, to create fantasy worlds or totally oorealistic comic setpieces. Take the genre of physical comedy, or slapstick to give it Its popular name. Even Jlm Carrey or Lee Evans are held back by the limitations of the human body.'* C8l1oons do not have to obey these rules, giving vastly lncraaead potential for comedy. Road FU!ner is the best

example • physical violence as comedy which Que'*' Tnntino can only hope to enUate. Okay, 80 if we'te dlacusslng the appeal of chlldrens' TV to atudents, the que8lion of questionable substlu1C8Sis bound


but lll

apot a narcolc fnlluence form of popt,(lar culbn. ~·TV llr a flrtle IU1IIng gro&nt. Wltnel8 the 8CUIIoue 'J81afteo«N l1lnCU8, about which 111111 Mmlln lllent for fear of Concrete becoming 1he flnlt tMI' newspaper to be sued for 1he lmplicallon that a group of multk:oloured tll!ldclee 818 In fact E'd up. SUftlce to say, 1he suspicion that the acrtptwrltera ha¥11. er, llureellng fnlluences has appealed to a great


wllh their colourful and a updiiiiSifr large proportion of chann8. their audience lllllllde up of bleary-eyed students taking . . . out fnlm



Finally, there's the plain fact that childrens' TV Is far more enjoyable to watch than many adult~· Sure, we should all be bruehing up on our knowledge of current affairs, but when you've had a hard day's leclulaa (or a hard day's sitting in the Hive • hey EAS fallaal) and you've made the long Journey home, something ~ cheerful and abol.te all optlmlatlc - since when did you see an unhappy ending at teallme? Exactly, and when you've slumped Into an armchair refusing to anl8rtaln the Idea of cooldng, children'a TV tile the couple of hours before your storflach

starts to digest Itself. So, don't be ashamed of your viewing habits! There's no need to hide behind proteatallons that you can't be anred to change the channel, or that you only watch 1t becaiJ88 your houaemlde'a l*tden the Alfi'10t8 cxnroL Be proud of your wide range of viewing - - . 8ll8n If they do cloeely resemble thoee of )'OUf' younger d)lngal And, don't be afraid to nMI8I your alllnlly with those cuddly Telelllbbles • there's far more fane out there than you ltllnld

For anarchy, desecration of classical literature and a mockery of the entire world, it has to be those irreverent scamps, Anlmanltlcs. Produced by Steven Speilberg, this cartoon has the golden touch, with a new series on the way it gets more and more manic and funny. From current culture to distant past some cartoons never lose their appeal. Oougal glides by, Zebedee pops up and Florence keeps mooing in her stylish hat (complete with flower). Take another spin on The Magic Roundabout.

•Postmtln Pa~ Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his

black and whie car He was always smiling, Mrs Goggins always had a cup of tea and no-one seems to mind if the road was blocked and they were six hours late starting work they always finish the half hour with a big village get together of some sort. There were stlange goings on down in the wood, Wlllo the Wisp aka the fantastically wispy Kenneth ------~r;;--1 Williams floated through the woods trying to stop the megalomaniac television, Evil Edna, from turning everything evil, helped by the friendly fairy. There was a nutty professor, a criminal mob, a lumberjack, Penelope Pitstop, Dick Dastardly and the real star Muttley. They were The Waclcy Races, the good guys always tri· umphed, Dastardly got run over, blown-up and always lost. Yet children watched it religiously every week. Another unfailingly predictable but somehow addictive cartoon was Scooby Doo. Shaggy and Scooby cowered in a corner whilst Daphne looked like a Barbie doll and the egg-head Thelma solVed the cases, if it hadn't been for these pesky kids the man dressed up as a mummy could have gotten away with it.



For a new experience

~ ~ ~

t~t;;S-4L ~ .

good food at affordahle pr~ eating il believing


.._ ~

.._ ~ ~


-- - - -- -- - - - - -

-------------------- - - -- - --






- -- --

--- - - -


Laughing Lunch Ladi


hen Light Lunch first exploded on to our screens it was fresh , new, funny and quickly became very successful. Now the high-rating jewel of daytime television is back for it's second series and we are assured it 'lighter and lunchier than ever before'. Hosted by Mel Gielroyc and Sue Parkins the show begins in the kitchen where each day guests ranging from top chefs to school dinner ladies cook them a meal. They and the rest of the guests progress into the dining room , and finish up with coffee and biscuits in the lounge. Hosts Mel and Sue are veterans of the Edinburgh fringe and the stand up circuit. Whilst they may appear to have a soft, fluffy approach, they do in fact possess a brutal wit, and their use of puns is infamous to say the least. Their jokes and sketches at the beginning of each show are fast establishing them as one of Britain's brightest comedy hopes. In the relaxed, laid-back atmosphere viewers can phone, fax or e-mail celebrity guests with questions, whilst the studio audience are encouraged to bring in their own pack lunches. Previous famous guests include the ever young looking Cliff Richard, French and Saunders and the German pop idol & lifeguard wonder David Hasselhoff. Sometimes the


celebrities are even forced to cook or sing. With ljve music from the Light Lunch house band, who come up with cheesy related food titles like the Rolling Scones (in the new series The Spice Racks and Big Mac & the French Fries are other innovative names) the whole show is easy and interesting watching. The upper class of television treatment and also a bored student's best lunchtime friend. Amy Pierce & Paul Stokes

filmoftbe JFK

CS Sunday 5 May 9-11pm s the cliche goes, can you remember where you were when John F. Kennedy died? I can't, since I wasn't even born until fourteen years later, and I expect the same is true of most of you reading this. So why does a film about a death back in the black & white age of 1963 make for such compelling viewing? For one thing, the subject matter is great. Kennedy's assasination had an impact all over the world, and as mass conspiracies go this one is murkier than a badger's mudbath. With rumours that everyone from the CIA, Mafia or secret government agencies were involved and by the end of the film even the most cynical of viewers will be convinced that the assassination was a set-up. Kevin Costner puts in a compelling performance as Jim Garrison, a prosecuting attorney arguing that a Cuban fascist organisation were actually to blame. Costner proves what a quality actor he was before losing both his hair and a substantial amount of money by the time Waterworld finally came out. With JFK, director Oliver Stone cemented his


reputation as Hollywood's top anti-establishment conspiracy theorist. lt is a long film , but only chronic sloths will find themselves snoozing with this one. What more is there to say? You'll finally find out all about that much referred-to grassy knoll, as well as enjoy the dubious pleasure of watching the famous amateur footage of Kennedy's head exploding over and over again. 路 Which is most definitely not nice! With our appetites for a good stitch-up undimmed by interminable repeats of the X-Files and all its imitators, JFK should find a large audience. Stusrt Dredge



路 ~-------------- ------


UGS K --' '

so say The Verve. But do we believe themt Stuart Dredge Our fort nightly guide to checks out a new CD-Rom t he hottest sites to be u the real facts seen on the internet ..,----.::...__--.,

ritain has a poor record whe n it comes to ut what do the CD's potential users think? educating its young people about drugs. lnter@ctive playtesters Christian Miles Particularly during the eighties, the (MTH 3) and Alice Whitaker (PHY 3) put D-Code through its paces, intending to find out government's unequivocal attitude towards drugs users meant that, rather than giving out helpful whether it really does get the message across. The first impressions are good, although the advice, adolescents were instead bombarded with patronising and often misleading information in an game's excitable narrator is instantly accused of being a professional Londoner: effort to keep them away from drugs. Unfortunately, this had the opposite effect to that "Why do they need to have him as such a cockney intended. Faced with the inaccurate media geezer?" wonders Christian, while Alice claims that stereotype of drug users as wasted junkies, young he's a soundalike of Phil Daniels, actor and mate people continued to take drugs in even greater of Blur. But, comedy accents aside, the narrator's quantities. Even high-profile cases such as the cheeky quips regularly have our playtesters in stitches. death of Leah Belts failed to make an impact. Faced with this, drugs agencies are taking a The questions themselves are often a matter of different approach , epitomised by the release of Dcommon sense , although there are a few posers. Code , a CD-ROM that aims to provide nonQuizzical eyebrows are raised at the inclusion of patronising information and advice for young drugs such as GHB, which neither of our testers people, whether they take drugs or not. R!IA-... have heard of. What's more , Christian has Produced by the National Drugs Helpline, strong opinions on two drugs that have thousands of copies were recently given been left out of it: away on the cover of magazines such "I don't understand why they haven't as Melody Maker and Muzik, with the featured alcohol or tobacco. Surely they aim being to reach young music fans are the drugs that many young people are likely to abuse!" and clubbers. The structure is simple, but effective, And he has a point, although to be fair D-Code never claims to be addressing involving a mixture of multiple-choice questions and short mini-games. You these particular issues. choose a drug category (for example, ManJuana) and are asked five questions about that particular drug. For every correct answer you get some points, while any you get wrong can be returned to later. You can also win points by completing the various mini-games. Examples are destroying a group of toxins heading towards your heart, or putting the pieces of someone's brain Maybe back together. that'll be Mmm .. nice ... the follow up. All this Once you've is quickly forgotten ''Quizzical eyebrows are raised at bagged a million though, as a heated points, which the inclusion of drugs such as debate ensues over effectively whether crack is GHB, which neither of our testers means stronger than have answering all cocaine or not. ..,.._ _ _ _heard _ _ _of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, Somehow, the questions in all the categories, you get to the game's reward . conversation turns to the legendary lce-T incident Called the Arcade of Sound, it's a music (drunk Englishman walks up to ultra-hard US programme which allows you to mix up your own rapper and 'posse' at a festival and asks if they songs, using a variety of styles (drum'n'bass, big want some crack. When they nod, he shows them beat, trance etc.) Thus, the theory goes, music his arse ... ), but despite this our attention is still fans get a really fun application, with the cost focused on the task in hand. The Cannabis section being only a couple of hours answering questions .. is dealt with easily, and although heroin causes a few more problems, progress still seems to be smooth. At least until Christian spies the score .. . "Bloody hell! Only five hundred thousand!! How long is it gonna take?!" lt is true that, once you 're midway through, D-Code starts to drag a bit. With the aim being to accumulate a million brain cells, there's no way of skipping any sections that don't apply to you . So, whether you want to or not, with D-Code you 'll learn about tranquillizers, anabolic steroids and solvents. Frustrating at the time, but as Alice admits, "it's useful to know, if not for yourself then for other people you might encounter''. She's thus pleased by the important information given on


Everybody's talking about pop music, at least if you believe that cheeky chap M, and as we know a good-looking bandwagon when we see one, this week Interactive's on the search for interesting and useful music-related sites. There's absolutely tons to choose from, especially considering that every single crap American grunge band has at least one site devoted to them. Not that we're going to feature any of them - as far as we're concerned grunge is dead, and a good thing too!




how to calm someone down who's suffering a bad trip. Finally, they do it. One million brain cells, and the Arcade of Sound is opened up. Both playtesters confess to being worried in case it turns out to be a damp squib, but after an hour of using it all agree that it rocks , big-time. The idea is to give you a fun way of making your own music, from a huge bank of samples. it's not very complicated and you can't save your work, but it is immensly satisfying - a worthy reward for all that learning! But the final verdict? Positive on the whole, although Alice concedes that "it's probably aimed at a slightly younger audience - some students might find it a bit patronising." Christian is vastly impressed by the Arcade of Sound, and provides perhaps the best endorsement of the CD: "I don't take drugs, but if I did this would certa1nly make me think again . D-Code shows that it's just not worth the risk ." And you can't say fairer than that!

Anyway, whatever style of music you're into, it's worth finding a good general site to give you a few helpful hnks. lndie-kids should try, while for ravers, m. If you're after block-rocking hip-hop info, try And what about all you polka lovers? Try for a nice surprise ... As for the most famous British bands and DJs, with only a little effort you should be able to find their sites, either official (i.e. run by the record company or management) or unofficial (i.e . they have all the interesting gossip. Here's a few examples for various acts. The Prodigy (, those Essex upstarts Blur (, Staten Island's finest phat beats collective the WuTang Clan ( and even those loveable Backstreet Boys ( While it is possible to check out various sites from printed music magazines (for example the NME ( you'd do well to take a look at Addicted to Noise, the internet's ve ry own electronic mus1c magazine at . lt somehow manages to get in-depth interviews with any British act that makes it remotely big over 1n the USA. Talking of which, the UK's finest exports at the moment are the Spice Girls. Now love 'em or loath 'em. it has to be admitted that they're everywhere, and the 'net is no exception. Ignoring the many thousands of sycophantic bootlick sites (use Yahoo if you really want to see them), why not head for the more interesting tributes? Such as the oddly named Spooge Hurls (http:Jikelanl.corn/spice) which has possibly the most revolting touched-up photo ever seen. If you really can't stomach the fe isty fivesome, then you'll be wanting to see the AntiSpice Webring ( But finally, it's essential to visit the Rocktoons website at Why should you? Just feast your eyes on this cartoon of a certain pair of Mancunians. Other bands featured are mostly Amencan, but there is a Prodigy toon, wh ich manages to convincingly age them by about . _ -~"'' twenty years! For this week anyway, th-thth-that's all folks!


Let's all meet up in the •••


afe 2000 Is located halfway down Prince Of Wales road, within staggering distance of Zoom, Mojo's and possibly lkon(Ritzy's) for those who can stagger slightly further. Catering for clubbers, as the staff freely admit, Is the cafe's main function as lt stays open until people stop coming In on Friday and Saturday nights. lt's not your average greasy spoon - with Its bright decor, Andy Warhol pictures and ambient drum n' bass background music. The food Is all freshly cooked and tastes great, serving pizzas, burgers, veggle burgers, steak sandwiches, baguettes, chicken nuggets and scampi (take out and eat In). For all you sweet tooths out there there are also some desserts. 2000's menu Is reasonably priced and there's a handy cigarette machine for the post food light up. The only slightly dodgy aspect Is that the food Is served In tin foil - this, we discovered, Is not a continuation of the space age theme, just they haven't any plates as Is the newest place on Prince of Wales road Is a great place to eat after a heavy night w/thoutwaklng up with Delhi belly or kebab breath. it's even got Job vacancies I Worth a visit for this at least. Et/en Dlcklnson

If you didn't think you'd see another roast dinner until Christmas then think again •••


f you are missing your Mum's home cooking, try whipping up a Sunday roast with your house or corridor. Once you've peeled the potatoes and vegetables and put the meat in the oven, all you need to do is relax over a glass of wine and enjoy the beautiful smells leaking out of your oven. The recipes given are for 6 people. (If you are trying to cook for your corridor, use two chickens and double the amount of potatoes.) Serves 6

Ingredients 1 x 1.4kg chicken Seasoning A little butter or oil

Method 1. Preheat oven to 21 Oc or 425 F 2. Take the chicken and rub on a little oil or butter and some salt and pepper into the skin. 3. Put the chicken into a roasting tin with a little wine or water so that the chicken doesn't dry out. 4. Cook for 1hr 15mins, basting occasionally until the skin is golden and the juices run clear when a skewer is inserted. If the top of the chicken cooks before the inside is done, cover it with tinfoil to stop it from burning. 5. Remove from the oven and allow to stand for 10 minutes before carving.

Hints and Tips To check whether the chicken is cooked try twisting the leg slightly. If it moves easily in the socket then the chicken is done. Make sure you take the giblets out of the chicken before you cook it - or buy them with the giblets removed!

Roast Potatoes Try to time this so that the potatoes and the chicken are ready at the same time.

Ingredients 5-6 tbs. oil 1kg/21b old potatoes

Method 1. Peel the potatoes. 2. Cut them in half or into thirds. 3. Put them into a large pan of boiling salted water and parboil for 10 minutes. 4. Put the oil into a roasting tin and place in the oven to heat up while the potatoes are cooking. 5. Drain the potatoes and place in the roasting tin. 6. Cook for 1hr - 1 ~ hrs until they are crisp. Gmvy Once the chicken has been removed from the roasting tin, add two tbs. plain flour and cook for a couple of minutes on the hob. Add any juices from the chicken and vegetables, a stock cube and make it up to the required amount with some boiling water. Bring to the boil, stirring constantly. Allow to simmer for a few minutes to thicken it slightly. Serve with any vegetables of your choice.

14·16 LOWER GOAT LANE, NORWICH (entrance next to Andy's Records)



666802 THE E~~rfT,

E(Jfii~SDAJ, .QiiTOJI~R 1, ~9.97


:Sean Hughes ;Alibis For-Life ·rheatr~ Royal :Sunday, October 5th, -}'.30pm . • !I'

• ' ...

ean Hughes: youngest ever w1nner of the Perrier comedy award; creator and star of the hugely successful Channel Four 'si tcom ', Sean's Show and writer of three books, including his new book and f1rst novel The Detainees. Things, you might think , are looking up for the young comic, indeed he's taking his sellout Edinburgh show Alibis For Life on a nat1onw1de tour. However Sean IS not the fresh faced young lnshman you m1ght re member. H1s new show takes a format akin to that of Sean 's Show. Sean is house-s1tting for h1s neighbours, and the set is bu ilt to resemble a front room. Sofas. tele phones, lamps, the works. Through different themed monologues Sean te lls the story of h1s recent life , h1s relationships , and the detenoratmg marnage of the cou ple whose house he is silting . The show is backed with 'mood' music, and the use of interesting, and at some points b1zarre slides. it's an ambitious show that Hughes carries off well. The difference between this show and Sean's past work is that it he 1s far more depressed than he used to be. At t1mes you are likely to fi nd yo urself cry1ng with despair. whilst 1n other places you 'll be crying with laughter. Despite the new down-beat fra me of mind, h1s wi t and sense of comedy are still as sharp as ever. Alibis for Life is as funny anything Sean has done before , the unique thing about this show is that it's strangely thought provoking mood makes 1t so entertaining . Paul Stokes.




he men in blue descended upon the Norwich Theatre Royal last week. Yes, the Official Tribute To The Blues Brothers had come to town . From the moment the show started, the 'Brothers', dotted amongst the crowd, did their best to excite an initially unreceptive audience, getting no help from the lead Blues Brothers on-stage. We were 1nvited to rock to the sounds of Rawhide and the truly pitiful Stand By Your Man, a song performed by the actors/singers without the requisite tongue in cheek. The audience, a surprising mix of all ages (there were some kids in front of us and a couple just about old enough to be our grandparents beside us) , only began to stir about five songs in. We watched amusedly as the opening to the soul classic Higher And Higher was belted out by what seemed to be a pnest on a mock altar. His credibility as a priest was further set back when he ripped off his robes to reveal some black leather underwear for the next song. Of the Blues Brothers themselves, Elwood had a fantastic voice. In contrast however, his brother Jake sounded decidedly lacklustre before the interval, but restored our fai th with a beautiful version of Under The Boardwalk in the second half. With Sam and Dave's Soul Man the audience were finally kick-started into life, much to the relief of the black hat and sunglasses brigade. The 'ra bble rousing' night that the slogan writers had promised had finally arrived. As we copied dance moves from our distinctly older neighbours, I have to admit that even th is sceptic was convi nced.The Official Tribute To The Blues Brothers is actually pretty good . James Graham

lt's tough being a t op writer these days, especialfy if you fancy rewriting t he New Testament, but if anyone can N orman can ... ince Norman Mailer is one of America's finest living writers you can bet that he was always going to be a big draw for th e opening night of the International Literary Festival curre ntly running at UEA. Considering this is a rnan who, at various times in his life, has admitted to attempted murder. run for mayor of New York, married five women and confessed to being vain , selfish and egocentric. the venue was, unsurprisingly, packed out. Mailer's new book, The Gospel According To The Son, has fuelled the flames of controversy in which he burns. In a nutshell Mailer has rewritten the Bible's New Testament in the first person . But as he explained to his assembled audience, this was not simply an exercise in ego bu t a genuine attempt to get the most out of a story which, unlike the Old Testament, has never been told quite like this. Although still displaying some of his now trademark arrogance Mailer claimed to have turned his back on his old ways, describing himself as a fool in his younger years.



He knows that many, especially the critics , are still obsessed With the man that IS Mailer. In many reviews of The Gospel According To The Son the book has been pushed to the periphery whilst Mailer is grilled over his egotistical tendencies for having the blasphemous gall to write Jesus' life in the first person. Mailer has come to expect this treatment by now and is quite unfazed by the wh1n1ng critics. Mailer claims to have brought Jesus' compass ion to the forefront of the book and tned to make us consider h1m as a human bem g. Th1s is 1n stark contrast to the ·superman' the New Testament wnters we re interested in portraying as they tried to build an institution around the guy. Whatever one may think of Mailer, his production of a readable accoun t of the life of Jesus is timely. As we are thrown towards the big 2000 and beyond, it's amazing how few of us really know anything about the life of the man who did more for shaping Western Civilisation as we know it than any icon. Funny then that it took Norman Mailer of all people to bring it to us. James Graham

front cover of the new

,__ _ _ concerned. This could be because she is attempting to balance an apple on her head, or because her eyes have been airbrushed to resemble blue flying saucers, or perhaps she represents the feelings of the Frank editorial. Producing a magazine for the 90's woman is a dangerous endeavour. Who is she and what does she want to read? Frank (short for Francesca?) could well have bitten off more of the apple then she can chew. Coming from the same stable as Face and Arena, it is no surprise that Frank is mainly a style magazine. Its fashion shoots are outrageous, glossy and in yer face . lt tells you what designers to name drop, and the labels to wear all with one eye to New York. Unfortunate,

given that London is, apparently, the city of the moment. If there is a continuum of woman's magazines, with More at one end and Vogue on the other, then Frank is aiming for the upper end of the scale, somewhere above Cosmo. Consequently it is crammed with articles for the 路intelligent woman' who, when not shopping for designer labels, is apparently interested 'in politics (particularly if it involves human suffering), cars, health, successful women, more successful women, and fridge magnets. She is informed on such issues by well written, but hardly exciting articles. What Frank lacks is a sense of humour with little attention paid to the frivolous. The compulsory article on sex doesn't make an appearance, nor the voyeuristic help page. Music is virtually ignored, film allowed only if it has a political edge and don't whatever you do mention the Spice Girls. lt is possible for magazines to have a cultural impact, Face did in the 80's, Loaded in the 90's. First though, this needs to figure out what culture is. lmogen Rose-Smith

..... The Norwich Arts Centre has a jam packed agenda this fortnight starting tonight with I Am A Coffee by Peepolykus, the team that brought you Squid and Let the Donkey Go and was nominated by the Independent as one of the Edinburgh Festival's top shows in 1996. With a somewhat surreal title I Am A Coffee is an aromatic blend of slow roasted theatre, comedy, clowning, puppetry and live music. The play is a futuristic tale featuring two fishermen who travel through time in a refrigerator to save the world. ..... Slightly more down to earth is Platform 1's production of Anouilh's Antigone tomorrow and Friday. Passion clashes with reason in this classically tragic tale in this

reinterpretation of the play. ..... For the more poetic there is a chance to see John Hegley next Wednesday who has appeared on the Mark Radcliffe show and who's sidekick, Nigel, provides the musical accompaniment. ..... At the King of Hearts on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 is the questionably titled My Horse, My Wife and Myself which has been inspired by the work of local artist, AJ Munnings. The story begins In 1912 and explores the past and its people. The EDP have described it as 'a

-;~;tt~~rwtffi=~:.!-..2~~!::::!!-.J hoot' so presumably it's funny . ..... Don't forget to check out the Theatre Royal this month and try not to miss the RSC's touring Henry V.




steelworkers who decide to strip for a living . Don't be shy lads, get yer kit off.

hours when his young son's wish comes true.

MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING Julia Roberts and Rupert Everett try to break up the engagement of Robert's best friend . Nasty people. Or are they?

SPITFIRE GRILL Friday, October 3. An ex-con relocates to a rural backwater, but small-town suspicions turn people against her.

CINEMA CITY ABC FACE 'Britpop' movie about a successfu l heist where one of the ro bbers turns on his mates and they have to work out who. it's a thousand miles from Reservoir Dogs. SPAWN Civil servant comes back from the dead to avenge some past wrong or other in this special effects extravaganza. MEN IN BLACK Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith star in the fi lm of the summer as shadowy government agents who control alien immigration . MR BEAN Much jolliness to be had as the extremely quiet one goes to California and causes havoc there. Hurrah! AUSTI N PO WERS "I can 't believe Liberace was gay. I didn't see that one coming." Swinger Mike Myers and starlet Liz Hurley do their definition of a bombastic jazz sound .

ODEON HERCULES Yet another legend gets the Disney treatment as the myth of Hercules is made unrecognisable , appearing in a version hugely different to the original. CONTACT Jodie Foster stars as an astronomer who wants to talk to aliens . Matthew McConaughey eo-stars as the world's religious conscience and James Woods features as a sinister government agent. THE FULL MONTY Robert Carlyle heads a bunch of unemployed

SOMEONE ELSE'S AMERICA Wednesday, October 1 -Thursday, October 2 at 5.45pm. Also Thursday, October 2 at 2.30pm. Two European immigrants living in Brooklyn are taken by surprise when thei r relatives decide to join th em in America. REGARDEZ LES HOMMES Wednesday, October 1 -Thursday, October 2 at 8. 15pm. Wh en a policeman is shot, and put into a coma, his friend, an unsuccessful salesman, gives up his job to go after the attackers. GRIDLOCK'D Friday, October 3- Saturday, October 4: Monday, October 6: and Wednesday, October 8 Thursday , October 9 at 5.45pm. Also Tuesday, October 7 at 2.30pm and 9pm. Tupac Shakur and Tim Roth star as a pair of junkies desperate to get into a detox centre . OUT OF THE PAST Friday , October 3 at 11 .15pm. Robert Mitchum has one of his best roles in this film noir, where his laconic private eye is under threat from a bunch of motley characters. STAR TREK Ill: TH E SEARCH FOR SPOCK Saturday, October 4 at 2.30pm. "Jim , we're destroying the Enterprise." "Belly Swallocks to you mate, I'm gonna nick the old girl and bring Spock back from the dead ." As you do.

LA KERMESSE HEROIQUE Wednesday, October 8 at 8.15pm. A small 17th century Flanders town is invaded by Spaniards in this pre-war French classic. RAKE 'S PROGRESS Thursday, October 9 at 8. 15pm. Rex Harrison plays a upper class cad in this British gem. OH, MR PORTER Friday, October 10 at 8.15pm. Will Hay stars as the incompetent stationmaster of the sleepy village of Buggleskelly. BRAZIL Friday, October 10 at 11pm. Terry Gilliam di rects Robert De Niro in a very stylish and bleak satire that we strongly urge you to see. THROUGH THE SOUND BARRIER Saturday, October 11 at 2.30pm. An anthology of the best moments from classic silent films such as Metropolis , Greed and Sunrise, and Blackmail.

DON JUAN DE MARCO Monday, October 6. Johnny Depp plays a man who may or may not be the legendary lover. Marlon Brando eo-stars as Depp's pyschiatrist. LOOKING FOR RICHARD Tuesday, October 7. AI Pacino makes his directorial debut in a film of and about Shakespeare's famous play. Includes a load of his mates. JERRY MAGUIRE Thursday, October 9. A notable film , if only because it features a chi ld star you don't want to throttle . For the blokes as well as Tom Cruise's normal audience. EVERYONESAYSILOVEYOU Friday, October 10. A Woody Alien musical! All the actors have to do their own singing as well. ANAC ONDA Tuesday, October 14. Jon Voight does the jungle boogie and leads a bunch of adventurers down the Amazon to tackle a monster-sized snake.

BROK EN ENGLISH Saturday, October 11 - Monday October 13 at Spm. Tuesday, October 14 at 2.30 and 8.15pm . A romantic drama staged in New Zealand from the director of Once Were Warriors, and set in a similar vein .

ANN IE HALL Sunday, October 5 at Spm. Woody Alien and Diane Keaton star in a Oscar award winning film that allegedly chron icles their own real life relationship.

THIS HAPPY BR EED Monday, October 13 at 8.15pm. Recently restored to glorious technicolour, this script by Noel Coward promises to be a treat.

ABSOLUTE POWER Sunday, October 5 at 7.30pm. Glint Eastwood plays a career criminal who gets involved in a political conspiracy that goes all the way up to the Oval office.

UNION FIL.MS LIAR, LIAR Thursday, October 2. Jim Carrey stars as a lawyer unable to lie for 24

THEATRE ROYAL. THE COUNTRY WIFE Wednesday , October 1st Saturday, October 4th, 7.30pm . See the Restoration Comedy brought to life, with Patrick Robinson . £15/£3 SEAN HUGHES Sunday, October 5th , 7.30pm . A night of surreal stand-up from the star of Never Mind the Buzzcocks . £9.50/£3

NORWICH ARTS CENTRE PEEPOL YKUS PRESENT "I AM A COFFEE" Wednesday, October 1st, 8pm . Surreal comedy theatre with live music and puppetry. £7/£5 .50 ANTIGON E Thursday, October 2nd Friday, October 3rd, 8pm. The Platform 1 Theatre Company present a reworking of Anouilh 's tragedy. £5/£3.50

SAINSSURY CENTRE LORCA AND DRUER Tuesday, October 7, 6pm-8pm The chance to hear expert introductions of the two exhibitions and take part in a tour £4/FREE THE AGE OF DRUER Sunday, October 12, 10am- Spm Spend a day learning about Northern Renaissance prints .. .

- - - -- - - -- -

9pm- 2am £9adv/ £11 on the door £16/£5 MELTDOWN Saturday October 11 , 9.30pm - 2am You know the drill for this regular club night. As Pure As Soul in the Studio. £3uea £4/£3.50conc

IFOR MICHAEL, LUNCHTIME CONCERT Thursday October 2, 1pm . Enjoy the pianist's renditions of Janacek, Rachmaninov and Gershwin. £1 .50 MAGGIE COLE, NORFOLK AND NORWICH FESTIVAL Wednesday October 8, 7.30pm. Listen to the "Goldberg Variations" on harpsichord £4.50/3.50. MY HORSE, MY WIFE AND MYSELF Friday October 10 Saturday October 11, 7.30pm. A new musical comedy from the Spin Off Theatre Company. £4.50/3.50


T STEREOPHONICS Wednesday October 1 Richard Branson's favourite new band, they only play deep powerful songs allegedly. £5.00adv FEEDER Thursday October 2 Loud & simple rock! £5.50

STUDENT NIGHT Mondays 9.30 2am FREE before 10/ £21 £1 stud . before 11

SPICE PARTY Friday October 3 9pm- 2am

IC '

COPPER KITE Saturday October 4 9pm- 2am



STUDENT NIGHT Mondays 9.30- 2am FREE before 10.

UNSTITCHED Friday October 10 9pm- 2am

CHINA DRUM + CABLE + CARRIE Tuesday October 7 Geordie rockers who are apparently best known for covering Wuthering Heights. How exactly one can 'cover' a book will reavealed at the Waterfront. £6.00

T C£ ROBBIE WILLIAMS Wednesday October 1 Robert was just a fresh faced young lad in Take That. Now he's a rock god, with behaviour to match! Will UEA ever be the same again? SOLD OUT

JUICE Saturdays Uplifting house & garage. 10pm 3am Girls £2.50 before 11 I £5 after Lads £3.50 before 11 I £5 after


WILDE CLUB Mondays A regular club evening featuring new live acts proves the importance of being indie. CHRIS GREEN Tuesday October 7, 8pm. Up and coming singer/songwriter performs his Middle Class Zero set, in the Arts Centre Cafe. 8pm £2.50

BJORN AGAIN Saturday October 4 Dancing Queens and Super Troopers will be out in force for this tribute to Sweden's best. £8.50adv


THE PRISM Saturday October 11 9pm- 2am SANCTUARY Mondays, 9pm - 2am Old favourite Student night. £1 stud. before 11 I £2 stud. after. SUPER PUB Wednesdays A regular club night, with live bands and pub prices 8pm- midnight FREE


MORE MEDICINE Mondays The Student Social. 1Opm 2am £1 stud. before 11 I £2 after HELL FOR LEATHER Wednesdays Goth , indie, metal, and alternative. 10pm 2am £1 stud. before 11 / £ 2 after

SPIRITUALIZED Sunday October 5 Gospel funk from outer space lands in the LCR. £8.50adv HAWKWIND Wednesday October 8 Handle bar 'lashes and sweaty old men. No it's not S&M , it's Hawkwind. £8.50adv MANSUN Friday October 10 The band the Church of England love to hate (stripping vicars indeed!) play the LCR. £8.00adv ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN Saturday October 11 Scouse powerpop. Look out for lan McCulloch slagging all and sundry: the crowd, the band, that wall on the left ..... £1 0.50adv




CON BRIE-0! Friday October 3, 9pm - 2am. Cheesy pop night, and great give aways if you can "dance like your dad." £3uea £4/£3.50conc MELTDOWN Saturday October 4 Regular indie, Britpop, and Alternative Dance club. Club Fatboy in the Studio. 9.30pm- 2am £3uea £4/£3.50conc

sunday october 7.30pm tickets: £3.00 - £12.00

FUSION Friday October 10, 9pm - 2am Hardcore, Drum N' Bass, and Jungle from a whole host of DJs.






Wed 1st

£11 student holds





BJORN AGAIN £8.50adv

Sun 5th



Wed 8th


21.30-02 .00 £3 .00(UEA)


Fri 10th

£8adv £10.50adv




MANSUN Sat 11th

19.30 £1 .00door


club OUT to LUNCH with the MINISTRY dj's Ashley Beadle, Rocky and Mark Wilkinson


21 30-02.00 £3 .00(UEA)


£ 7.50adv

Sun 19th

19.30 £6.

Australian PINK FLOYD


sat 25th RETRO-ACTIVE £5adv with tributes to the Village People and Kylie Minogue


Sun 26th


MIKE SCOTT and his NEW Band


Sat 1st club MIXMAG feat. Danny Rampling Tue 11th


ECHOBELLY £8.50/£2.50 UEA students


Live hits from all the cult movies

Fri 14th

£12.50 adv




£1 Oadv


IID®©®mmfu®IT Mon 1st


Wed 3rd



Fri 5th



Do gy ·

Sun 14th

£12.50adv £12.50adv

TBC £8adv

MACHINE HEAD Tickets from Union Finance Office, weekdays, 11am·3.30gm. Prices quoted are t~e student ailvance prices


19.30 £6 .OOadv


20 oo £7.




Wed 12th

19.30 £6.00ad





19.30 £8.00adv


19.00 £6


19.30 £7


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The event issue 076 01 10 1997  

The event issue 076 01 10 1997