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h helloool Here's the latest Event, jam-packed with swinging bits (oh behave, behave). Between photographing foxy ladies and being Britain's t op spy and his bi-monthy prize is awarded international man of to those things in life which mystery, I like to just aren't quite up to scratch , cur l up with the in ways which won 't affect the world groovy Event and catch u p on the too dramatically. Such as The Diner's 90s scene. Back in toast, with its soft patches, powdery the sixties we all crusts and general dryness. enjoyed This week, for services to being promiscuous sex immensely annoying, the Award goes and took plenty of to vending machines. Like ones which mind expanding spit out your pound coin three times chemicals ••• but I before you eventually convince them can't remember on the fourth try. And fag machines much about that ••• that give you Berkely Menthols when There's a groovy band 1 featured called Echo and you asked for Marlboro Lights. And I snack machines where your packet of the Bunnymen and a fab new film, Face which crisps packets gets caught on a finger looks just shagtastic. of Fudge and remains just out of Interactive h as a great reach . So congratulations, vending guide to the internet, I machines, the toast's in the post. don't know about you but that sounds like a great way to see some fabulous chicks. Enjoy folks, I'm off for a night on the town and a p lay with my Swedish enlarger. Ciao!


o ring in the new year, Island Records are having a fanpoptastic give away. You could win anything from the Island goody bag including COs, interview discs and posters. The Island Record label lays claim to bands such as U1, Pulp, Bob Marley, Paul Weller, Morrissey and the

big in the next 11 months, bands like dEUS, Warm Jets and Spring Heel Jack. All this could be yours if you can answ er this taxing question: Can you name two top I 0 Island hit records fr o m the last two yearsT So what could be simplerT Just put - - - your answers on a postcard, and __.. send them to 'Wild' at Suite 104, The Old Gramophone Works, 316 Kensal Road, London, W I o SBZ. The deadlin e f or competition entries is October 1 1st, whe n the winner's na m e w ill be d raw n out of a

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Alabama l. Slightly wacky and coming to UEA soon. Paul Stokes and }ames Tapslield try to get their tongues round the names and provide the necessary information ••• hese guys are a little ... eccentric. In fact, more than a little eccentric - Alabama 3 are downright weird. They claim to have been brought together by a strange religious quest to disseminate a 12-point plan. If followed , this plan 1s guaranteed to lead to world peace and general all-round happiness. Somewhat out of the ordinary, we think. Then there is the matter of the names. Alabama 3 was originally formed by one Very Reverend Dr D, Wayne Love, who gathered together


So you want to be

the following disciples: The Mountain of Love (credited with harmonica and 'analogue terrorism'), Larry Love (gospel singer), Sir Real "Congaman" Love (percussion, acoustic guitar), Mississippi Guitar Man Love (guitar) , The Spirit (keys), Little Boy Dope (drums) ... everyone still with us? Then there's .. . The Book of Love (employed to 'keep away the scary ones' , and apparently the fourth most tattooed man in Europe), IV Lenin (no relation) , who spreads his message of Socialism In the Mainline to the crowd, Little Love and Little Eye Tie (whose purposes in the band are not clear) . With enough people to run a small cash'n'carry outlet one would be forgiven for finding it difficult to imagine this band ever taking to the stage. Since early 1995, though, Alabama 3 have been wowing crowds with their all night gigs (or 'meetings' as

they like to call them), and gaining fans (sorry, 'believers') all the time. Indeed, Alabama 3 (who believe this or not, and personally I incline strongly towards 'not' , come from Brixton) were eventually signed a record deal. Their debut album Exile On Coldharbour Lane is expected later this year along with the single Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness. Furthermore, Alabama 3 are spreading the word across the country in the coming weeks. UEA gets its own taste of the Alabama 3 gospel when they support the Levellers at the LCR on Tuesday 23 September. Salvation, however, is not guaranteed!


able to bluH your way through a musical discussion without making an idiot of yourselft Look no further•.. What's the big fuss then? By popular acclaim, the biggest band ever. Whether you like the music or not you have to admire them ... captured the essence of the 1960s cultural upheaval. Who did/does what? Originally George Harrison lead guitar, Paul McCartney on bass, John Lennon on rhythm guitar, and Ringo Starr on drums. Singing was shared (even Ringo took part despite apparent lack of vocal talent) . By the end, however, the only certain thing was that they were all doing drugs. Sold a few records? You could say that. Numerous number ones in numerous countries. Which Is best then? Championing one particular album at a party will undoubtedly result in heated debate and may even lead to violence. Everybody has their own favourite. Are they still going? Officiallly split in 1971 with some acrimony, and all pursued solo careers. George Harrison was the only member to have a

number one outside the group. John Lennon was shot in 1980, but they still managed to release Free as a Bird in 1996. Did we mention drugs? Oh baby! These guys put away more drugs than your average laboratory rat does in a highly intensive week of research. it was the swinging 60s ... Are you pulling my leg? If you're unconvinced consult a book of Lennon and McCartney lyrics. I am the Walrus, for example. So what does the future hold? Prospects are excellent. Last year's Anthologies were a huge success and the level of interest is obvious from the mass of literature still being produced about the band (the recent Revolution In the Head will be of particular interest to fanatics). it is estimated that there is always a Lennon/McCartney song playing on the radio somewhere in the world. In retrospect? One thing I can tell you is you've got to be free ...



Surgery is o pen. The doctor and his minions grab the forceps and attacks this fo rtnight's releases.

Alb.....s Kevin Saunder son X-mix - Tra nsmissions fro m D eep Spa ce R a d io Launched three years ago, Deep Space Radio aimed to "musically go where no DJ had gone before". Since it is no longer on the air, th is taste of the Detroit airwaves is its final broadcast. Kevin Saunderson, as one of the founde rs of the station and Detroit techno itself, can be relied upon to seamlessly blend endless thum ping beats together, as he woul d in any live set. Transmission from Deep Space Radio can consequently be summarised as seventy minutes of Detroit techno, with added radio jingles as its gimmick. But that's where the problem lies: beats and jingles are nothing new, they are freely available in Pete Tong 's Essential Mix. Saunderson's choice of tun es is uninspiring, and unvaried. To be honest, much of his more innovative mixing sounds like he's accidentally pulling out his power lead . If this were banging out in a cramped , sweaty, bass booming club, then it might well go down a storm , as minimal upliflifting crowd pleasers tend to. As it stands, however, it looks more certain to join CD collections in th e techno juggernaut that is Belgium . 215 Nei/1 Jo hnstone

Various Dancehall Queen - Original Soundtrack No, not the famous Abba anthem. This is the soundtrack from Don Lett's new film release Danceha/1 Queen, and it features such legends as the Marley sisters, Grace Jones and ... Gasp! Chakka Demus and Pl iers - those traditional champions of quality music. The title track, by Chevelle Franklyn and Beenie Man, has enjoyed some success, apparently becoming a particu lar favourite at the Notting Hill Festival , but the questi on must be asked wh ether it was really necessary to featu re it three times. Even given that they are different remixes th e answer must still be no. Big bass lines and reggae beats abound, but the stron g reggae influence is tempered with a dance cl ub flavour an d occasional tracks even stray towards Drum n'

Bass territory. This is where Danceha/1 Queen is at its best. However, with those few exceptions the mixture of styles does not come off well ; the album is far too nondescript to be anything more than mood music, an d not even good mood music at that. lt is to be hoped that the film will be somewhat more exciting than the soundtrack. Dancehall Queen? I'd rather listen to Abba. 3/5 James Tapsfield

Hurricane Hurricane #I You just can't keep a good axeman down! After indie-legends Ride split up (ask your scruffy older brother), guitarist Andy Bell cou ld have sat around staring at his shoes, but instead he got together his own new band and set out to conquer the cha rts once more, producing this accomplished debut album. Okay, so it does owe more than a little to labelmates Oasis, but having said that, this is at least as good as Be Here Now, and better in places. Step Into My World kicks Wonderwalfs wh iny arse, wh ile elsewh ere wah-wah guitar romps mix with lovelorn ballads. Singer Al ex is a star in his own right , wh ich is why Hurricane #1 are so much better than the sorry excuse for a band that is the Seahorses. This is an album that likes its rock to groove rather than plod , and this it does, aided by funked up basslines and slinky organ lines. Ride fans won't be disappointed , as this is merely a step on from Tarantula, the Oxford band's last album . But equally surely, the Hurricanes are destined to appeal to a much wider au dience, particularly in the wake of Oasis' chart dominance. Of course, this album's not going to change the w0rld , bu t then again it's not an odious pimple on the posterior of Noelrock like Cast or Ocean Colour Scene. On this evidence, Hurricane #1 will be blowing up a storm for som e tim e to com e. 415 Stuart Dredge

mer dance thang! The Collection is split into two discs, one mixed by each DJ. Oakenfold has, in his words, tried to provide an 'entertaining but educational' record , and although the range of material covered is not as experimental as some may have liked , he has succeeded in mixing an almost seamless record of various styles. Underworld, Orbital, and Olive are all present, as are, surprisingly, Depeche Mode. Their single it's No Good is from earlier this year has been given a credible house style face lift. The rest of the disc draws heavily on Oakenfold's acclaimed residency in Ibiza, and so is invaluable to all who want to recreate those summer nights (an d early morn ings). Mike Cosford 's disc is far more an out and out club reco rd . lt pulls together tunes that most committed club goers wi ll instantly recognise. This record is perfect for recreating your favourite club moments right there in your own home.So there you have it, if you we nt away this summer then this is th e record to help you survive the win4/5 Klaus Estop ter. Anti-freeze for Clubbers!

To our eternal surprise, Sleeper have released a single that can only be described as quite good. Amazed ? We weret Louise Wener has finally sorted her respiratory system and there are no annoying gasps on th is record. Fu rthermore she actually sings (high notes and all) with some accomplishment, and the tune, though owing a great deal to a certain Elvis Costello, is alright. More songs like th is and we might actually buy the album. But then Rome wasn't built in a day ...

The Wannadies You& Me Song Classy pop song gets a second go at the chart, while the Romeo & Juliet bandwagon rumbles on .

Revolution Singles Club No.6 A - House Under The Ground Lumbering rock beast from the band who shouldn't B (geddit?!?).

Glitterbox Take Me To Bed

Mike Cosford and Paul Oakenfeld The House Collection Have you ever danced your way into the early hours at a club in one of the fashionable Mediterranean resorts? If so this album is for you . Paul Oakenfold , who is apparently the most famous DJ in the world, and Mike Cosford, the DJ who's sold the most records, have been drafted in to recreate the whole sum-

The Pecadilloes .. .Initial Transmission EP Label debut from a band who can't quite make up their minds exactly what style of music they play, and consequently slip from conventional indte to cliche dance mtd song.

David Devant & His Spirit Wife Lie Detector lnteresttng retro symphony from the band named after the Victonan Magician.


10.30AM-4.30PM At gentleman's walk, opposite the market


Lo-Fidel ity All Stars Disco Machine Gun Underworld meets 70s funk in a bizarre mix of chemical beats and disco cheese.

Bjork Joga. Icelandic queen of the pixies follows Bowie into the world of drum n' bass. Unlike recent converts, Bjork does a half decent job.






h yeah, I think you should always dump your old friends. Get rid of them. Dead weight No, no, don't take me


seriously." Katrin Cartlidge shows none of the stereotypical star pomposity. The Event has a good natter to this nsing star...

You've made comments that some costume drams Is a bit rubbish..• Some of 1t's rather fantastic actually. I remember seeing Remains Of The Day. I think that's one of the best of that Ilk for a long time. lt really deals with the whole fascist element of the upper class. lt was a Japanese novelist, I think that's why it's particularly good: having an outs1de eye looking at the British upper class system with perhaps not so much love and tenderness and nostalgia. I loved the relationship between the father and the son and the way the system divided them emotionally I feel there's a tendency to look at history with a blurred focus: I've always wanted to be a time traveller and go back and see what 1t was really like. I don't th1nk I'm 1eam1ng anything from those dep1ctions, even costume dramas from the BBC.

You're being a bit critical about Britain, aren't you? Some of the stuff about Bnta1n is wonderful, there's no deny10g it lt's seductive, alot of that lifestyle and ceremony and so-called civility, but I think it's Important to see that in context of what lies behind 11. which 1s very sin1ster I don't think one can look at all that and forget that it's stand1ng on a p1le of dead bodies, because I think that to do so IS a denial of luck

Do you see it as a flipside of Mike Lelgh cinema? In a way, yes. What Mike's films do 1s to say that th1s 1s the warts and all scenano. but actually they're standing on someth1ng rather compassionate and rather moving and touch1ng and humanitarian. Although they're struggling, angry, Indecorous, snotty and grubby, there is something basically loving about them. I think I prefer Investigations that show both sides of the alleyway, not just the pretty frocks and the nnglets. I don't think people hke Jane Austen were really describing their times in such rosy hues: I think we could Interpret the1r work With a lmle more grit. Charles D1ckens was very gntty, Jesus Christ, but that is usually glossed over, 1t's all usually Jane Austen. Wuthenng He1ghts, as far I'm concerned, 1s animal. I would love to see a depletion of that wh1ch is not "Cathy, Heathcliff, la, la ,la" but IS actually psychologically bruising, w1ld, feral, dirty. There is a kind of fet1sh the British have with the past that has now be::ome fantasy and not h1story.

Do you see yourself as a feminist? No, not really You wanna hear the flak I got for Naked, How could you denigrate yourseH like that, how could you portray someone who's such a VICtim" That kind of feminist I'm not. Actually I'm not any kind of 'ist'. Apart from p1ssed somet1mes.

One of the themes of Career Girls Is the contrast between the '80s and the '90s. What do you think was wrong with the '80s? I did have the feeling we were all growing through concrete I didn't feel that we all had a huge lot of air to breathe. We all had a really strong sense of the bomb. 1t was commg at teatime, so we all thought, "sod 1f'.

ll they knew was that they didn't know what it was going to be," says a small grey-haired man to the assembled throng. "What's really important is that we're going to go out on location, and make a film up as we go along. it's the filming that's important. Not really the preparatory work." Mike Leigh never knows exactly how his movies are going to be tu m out until they're almost complete. The original shooting script for his 1993 film Naked was just one line long, but all his films are preceded by several months of intense rehearsals where his carefully chosen actors improvise their characters and Leigh begins to form his ideas about what the film will be. "In all of my films, in the preparatory period leading up to the shoot, I do have the actors improvise the characters throughout the years and years of the character's lives, knowing that the audience won't see this and it'll only be a memory and usually I will get to a certain point, drop anchor, and then tell the story contained within time present." Leigh's latest film Career Girls represents a change of direction, alternating between the reunion of two college friends in the present with flashbacks to the characters over six years ago in the ir student days. We see how the main characters have changed over the intervening period, and, thanks to a series of remarkable coincidences, we also see college friends and how they have also changed over the past six years. As part of the preparation before shooting, alongside extensive improvisation, the cast and director engaged in meticulous research into the environment their characters would inhabit. "North London Polytechnic was where we decided they went,• said Mike, "and they were very helpful, but also you have to be a bit sophisticated about it and we also talked to other psychologists and other people that could be helpful in various ways. One evening there were rounded up some dozen or so people who had


been at North London Poly 10 to 12 years ago. They came and talked to us, they were just there and talked about it in a reminiscing sort of way. lt was useful to us to build up a picture of a world which we all instinctively partly know about, but also needed to be specific about in order to get a sense of this specific world." Katrin Cartlidge, who stars as main character Hannah, claimed ignorance of the student world. "I had to infiltrate a college. which was a bit of an experience. I went to my first


lecture at the age of 36." Katrin's eo-star Lynda ll Steadman had had more experience of student life. "I could relate a lot to that world. In the 80s I went to drama school in London. I obviously in some shape or form drew from that. We trucked along to psychology lectures, met up with psychology tutors and professors." Leigh says research even went so far as looking into the nature of the skin disease that Lynda's character is afflicted with· "Lynda and I did once visit a Harley Street dermatologist who we are obliged to tell you had the worst dyed hair, bad teeth and dirty nails we'd ever come across, our stomachs turned. And he had dirty curtains. He was very helpful though". Mark Benton, who plays the disturbed Ricky, quickly insists, "I didn't meet any mad people or anything•.


ven if you've never seen a Mike Leigh film, you've probably guessed by now that as a film maker he's a million miles away from the crash-boom-bang-sod-the-plot school of film making that lurks around many a multiplex in the summer months. After seemg any film directed by him you'll away w1th several imrnP'~~;,,no:: but the one thing you'll feel is that seen real people portrayed on the screen. everything you see is perfectly plausible . From the


it's to the put-upon Maurice in Secrets and as though every aspect of the human condition can be seen in Mike Leigh's films. "For me the challenge is to make a film that isn't a copy of previous films. The film that preceded this (Secrets and Lies] is to a great extent, now that I think about it, about the past and it's relationship with the present, and what's this film about?" Well, it's not often that a director of Mike Leigh's stature implies that he's running out of ideas.

~~~ ~~~~~~=~~~~~m~is~o~g~yn~i~sti~·c Johnny in Naked

----· Career Girls (I S) UK (10?7) Dlr: Mike Lelgh Opens Oct J

ollowing the box-office success and critical acclaim of Secrets and Lies Mike Leigh has constructed a less heavyweight but equally character-driven film . After a gap of six years, college friends and former flatmates Hannah and Annie meet up in London. Between their efforts to get reacquainted, we see flashbacks to their student days, with a much more frenetic and cruel


Hannah, trapped by taking the responsibility of her alcoholic mother, and a chronically shy Annie, inflicted by a disfiguring skin disease. Despite Annie becoming the victim of Hannah's taunts, (including such charmers as "You look like you've had a tango with a cheese grater") the two soon become firm friends. Back in the present, the pair bump into old friends and acquaintances, including Hannah's amnesiac one night stand Adrian, make-up queen Clare, and the tortured

Ricky. By the end of it not much has actually happened, though this isn't a bad thing: the film proves to be an absorbing study of how people and the relationships between them change. Hannah, proves to have just modified her anger: rather than inviting people to "SWIVELII" when they annoy her she comes to master the art of verbal put downs and wordplay. Those they meet have varying fates . Commitment scared Adrian has become a husband and father, and can't even remember sleeping with Hannah, scream-queen Clare has taken up jogging, but the uncommunicative Adrian is slipping further into the abyss. By no means conventional, but still John Spacey fantastic.




I ~






Star Wars, The Six Billion Dollar Woman, and Blackadder he new Star Wars flick has begun filming in dear old Blighty, and the number of rumours surrounding the production are increasing . Carrie Fisher, the former Princess Leia, has been drafted 1n as a script doctor, while Luc Besson (Lean , The Fifth Element) has reportedly signed up to direct the third instalment, Alec Guinness may have recorded voiceavers for the beginning of the new movies, and most of the puppets we know and love will make appearances. Confirmed human cast members include Ewan McGregor, Liam Neeson and Natalie Portman , and the most promising (and unlikely) rumour of al l is that we could be see1ng the first of the new films next summer. We can dream. TV land cont1nues to be mined for ideas as studmuff1n Leonardo DiCaprio may be slipping on a white coat to play Or Kildare, and Ellsabeth Shue could be the all new Six Billion Dollar Woman.


~ I

Following the global success of Bean, Rowan Atkinson has agreed to revive his most popular, and frankly best character, Blackadder. Blackadder: The Movie will follow the sardonic family across several generations, possibly to be released in the year 2000 so it can be a retrospective of everything that is Anno Domini. John Travolta has agreed to head for the Paris sewers for a film version of Phantom of the Opera, and Sean Connery may be about to play Gandalf in a feature length version of Lord of the Rings, while George Clooney gets to keep the cape for BatmanS, possibly with Madonna and John Travolta (again) popping in as baddies, and the Trainspotting troika are adapting novel The Beach for the follow up to the soon to be released Life Less Ordinary. John

erhaps the nicest thing about Minghella's film . wh1ch deservedly swept the board at th1s year's Oscars. 1s the distinct absence of dinosaurs, aliens and volcanoes. Instead , the audience is given an intelligent film that remembered to include plot. Ralph Fiennes 1s the patient, badly burned in a plane crash. In the last weeks of h1s life , at the tail end of WWII, he is cared for by Hana(Juliet Binoche) a French-Canadian nurse. herself coping with her own scars, in a run down monastery nestled in the hills of Northern Italy. From his bed , stories of love and war unfold and the patient's secrets are gradually recovered. Caravaggio(Willem Dafoe) , a thief from Fiennes' pre-war past in Egypt arrives at the monastery, and as more of the patient's identity is recovered both Caravaggio and Hana are forced to find their own I identity after the ravages of war. The patient's love affair with Katherine(Kristen ScottThomas), an affluent English ex-pat is the focus of the film , with the glamour of thirties Cairo and sweeping desert landscapes as its evocative backdrop. Minghella has tra nsformed a prize winning novel into a three hour celluloid triumph with beautiful music, Catherine Jones intricate characteri sation and thoughtful storytelling.



Released Sept 19 King of cool Samuel L. Jackson stars as a teacher who, after being stabbed in a Brooklyn school and just surviving to tell the tale, somewhat curiously elects to take a JOb in downtown LA, and becomes the focus for gang bullying. Not a candidate for feelgood movie of the year.


''I just wanted you to know. I'm not missing you yet'' ..


Contact Released Sept 26 Jodie Foster, Matthew McConaughey and John Hurt attempt to answer the eternal question of whether or not we are alone in the universe , as Jodie Foster discovers a signal from ET and the world goes bonkers. Described by some as more spiritual than sci-fi.

The latest Disney flick reworks the legend of Hercules and features the voices of Danny DeVito, James Woods and Charlton Heston . A bit of romance , a couple of baddies, a few comedy sidekicks , a few catchy songs. chuck it all in the pot and watch the money roll in.

Cop land Released October Sylvester Stallone puts on alot of weight , takes a large pay cut, and encourages Robert DeNiro, Harvey Keitel and Ray Liotta to do the same for a tale of New York rozzers who aren't being good little boys. Does small timer Stallone shop his mates or does he obstruct the people who for the bad es?

My Best Friend's Wedding


(1997) D ir: P. J. Hogan Odeon - Op en ing Sep 19

"oh darling, it's wonderful!" ith stinkers like Mary Reilly and the more recent Conspiracy Theory, Julia Roberts' career hasn't been particularly prestigious of late, but with this great script, and able support from Cameron Diaz, Rupert Everett and Dermot Mulroney, she finally seems to have reached something approaching credibility. The tale centres around Julianne's insanely jealous quest to destroy her college lover's engagement, so that they can fulfil an old promise to marry each other if they haven't found anyone else by the age of 28. Rupert Everett, as Roberts' gay boss who agrees to pretend to be her fiancee , proves to be the standout member of the cast, almost continually outdoing Roberts and stealing almost every scene he's in. As Roberts' character becomes increasingly panicked and desperate, it's Everett who saves the film from being mediocre. Dermot Mulroney puts in a sterling performance as Michael, the friend whose relationship Roberts is trying to destroy. Cameron Diaz is curiously annoying, but on the whole th is film is very entertaining , and marks a great leap in Julia Roberts' career.



After FBI agent Travolta has put mad bomber Cage in a coma, using revolutionary medical techniques he grafts Cage's face onto his own head. Cage then wake s up and steals Travolta's face , so now Travolta 's the baddie and Cage is the goodie. Or something. Er, I dunno.

Should women serve in front line combat? True Romance director Ridley Scott directs baldie Demi Moore in an attempt to be the first female Navy SEAL. Everybody in America expects her to fail , but does she succeed? Eh , does she? What do you think?

Special disaster officer Tommy Lee Jones and vulcanologist Anne Heche watch Los Angeles get covered by lots of lava and then get to clear up the mess and cope with the rubbish that's left behind . it's

A Life Less Ordinary Released October 24 The Trainspotting team of Boyle, Hedge and McacDonald hit middle America as Ewan McGregor and Cameron Diaz go on a crime spree while pursued by a couple of crooks who are actually angels. Big does not begin to describe the effect this film will have.

\\ ·' . :,




sincers who'n had aeo at aeting

Of course, Damon's not t he first to make the jump from stage to silver screen. Here's a few who have committed their efforts to celluloid .•• Elvls Presley Promising early efforts such as Love Me Tender and King Creole, he lost the plot with rubbish such as Girt Happy.

Frank Slnatra The crooner was very neal'ly Don Corleone in The Godfather, but unfortuanately later appeared in Cannonball Run 11.

The Beatles With efforts like Help and A Hard Day's Night, John, Paul, George and Aingo starred in films that, quite shockingly, contained Beatles songs.

Sting After Ace-Face in Quadrophenia, he sported a nappie it1 Dune. How the mighty can fall.

David Bowle Crimes against celluloid too numerous to mention, but the low point was Jared the Goblin King in Labyrinth.

MlckJagger Hollywood stars normally have long hair and luscious lips, but they're usually women. Plays pop stars, so isn't really acting.

TomJones obbers eh? They never learn! Despite the fact that every single cinematic heist has ended in abject faifure, they still keap on trying. Still, that's a good thing, for the bungled robbery scenario has brought us films such as Reservoir Dogs, and now Face. Set in London's East End, where according to movie tradition you're either a gangster or a barrow boy, the film centres around a raid conducted by five 'faces' who don't succeed as well as they'd hoped. Four of the gang are merely


disappointed; the fifth turns on his accomplices in an attempt to take all the loot for himself. The question is, who? Face gives man of the moment Robert Carlyle another chance to ditch his cud(lly Hamish Macbeth image, playing a hardened villain with a heart of gold, and sporting an impeccable East End accent to boot. Despite his fine performance, and the accomplished back-up cast, it's inevitable that many people will go to see Face just to see whether Damon Albam really can act. And can

he? Well, he doesn't reaUy get the chance to before kicking the bucket, but his pertormanc~:~ as a stroppy youth won't embarrass him. Antonia Bird's film manages to follow in the footsteps of, most obviously, Quadrophenia, and more recently Trainspotting in presenting a gritty slice of British realism. The cockney-sparrer dialogue is unintentionally tunny at times ("You slaaaagl"), and the plot could be accused of being a bit sketchy in places, but when taken as a whole Face is a gripping movie. Stuart Dredge

The Welsh love-muscle recently had a cameo in Tim Burton's Mars Attacks. UB40 Recently seen as singers on a cruise ship in Speed2.

Tricky Made his debut in The Fifth Element this summer. Died halfWay through. Shame.

The Spice Girls With a Boxing Day release, Spice Girls: The Movie threatens to rake in lots of cash .

•• M

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00 Cor blimey, guvnor. That Echo and the Bunnymen,eht The history of Echo and the Bunnymen could fill an epic novel. Paul Stokes and James Tapslield spoke to long standing guitarist Will Sergeant and tried to make sense of it all cho and the Bunnymen have never been known for their self-effacing reticence. Fairly typical are the 1984 adverts for Ocean Rain describing it as 'the greatest LP ever made'. Front man lan McCulloch, who Is widely referred to in the press as Mac the Mouth, has stated that he would say anything to stop the band becoming boring. He is at present under threat of legal action from Michael Eavis, organiser of the Glastonbury festival, for the fairly outspoken comments he made during their performance there. The outburst angered Eavis, but the Bunnymen certainly gained in column inches. Perhaps McCulloch's self-publicising skills go some way to explaining why Echo and the Bunnymen have proved so durable. The group originally formed nineteen years ago with McCulloch on vocals and guitar, Les Pattinson on Bass, and Will Sergeant on lead guitar. Having been inspired by Brian Eno's work in the 1970s, they initially made use of a drum machine. However, the machine was fairly basic and the decision was soon taken to drop it in favour of real drummer Pete De Freitas. Quickly building up a following in their home city of Liverpool, they signed to Korova records, and with the backing of Warner brothers started releasing albums. The first one was Crocodiles in 1980, which made the top 20, followed by Heaven Up Here, which crept in to the top 10 and was particularly admired for Will Sergeant's guitar work. The Bunnymen made their first foray into the world of film during 1981 when their 'secret' gig in the Derbyshire peak district was filmed. 'Participants' in the gig were not given any details, just maps to find the remote location of the event.


The film premiered later that year at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. The band's other film credits include a short film. Pictures On My Wall, and contributions to several sound tracks, including that of The Lost Boys. Will Sergeant also wrote a soundtrack of more experimental music for a film called Grimes. Though Theme from Grimes was released in 1983 the film has never been completed. In the years that followed the band went from strength to strength. In 1984 they released the LP Ocean Rain. one of the most critically acclaimed albums of the 1980s. By 1985 they were big enough to headline the final night at Glastonbury festival. However, the strain was beginning to tell by the time the band entered its tenth year. McCulloch left after their last show in Japan, at what was arguably the peak of the


Bunnyl!len's career; their cover of the Doors' People Are Strange had just reached number one in the American chart. Sergeant, Pattinson and De Freitas made the unexpected decision to continue with Echo and the Bunnymen despite McCulloch's departure and recruited Noel Burke as their new vocalist. They had just completed the auditions when disaster struck. Pate De Freitas was tragically kiiiE!d in a motoring accident. De Freitas had always been a colourful member of the band. He infamously disappeared for a weekend in 1986 during which he to have either formed a new band called The Sex Gods or was abducted by aliens (take your pick - the truth was never fully revealed). Despite the loss of De Freitas, Echo and the Bunnymen released the album Reverberation, which indulged Sergeant's

' "We kept it [the return] quiet for a while, whilst we were writing; Explains Will Sergeant "11 was kind of planned, but the plans kept changing. The record sort of 'got out in America' and the radio started playing the first single to death so we had to bring everything forward. We've never had to bring any thing forward before! In the old days we were always putting back, so it was a bit weird." The Bunnymen signed to London records, and released the well received Evergreen album which entered the chart at number seven. wanted to make Evergreen to sound like a classic 'Bunnyman' album, that was our criteria. We were a bit worried about how it would be received." So how does the self-proclaimed 'first band from Mars' fit in with the music world today? "I think we fit in better than we used

demanding perfection from the band and to sing until they got it right. How do the rest of the band cope with outspoken singer ? "Well nothing really came of it," says Sergeant dismissively, "He's just a mad character so what do you do? Anyway, he's never that critical of me! He might tell the band to shut up, but that's OK 'cause I know when to shut up. So how are the live shows going? "The set is 40% new stuff 60% old stuff, the festival appearances have been brilliant and we've done our things in Los Angeles and San Diego which went down pretty well!" Just who is going to Bunnymen gigs these days

? "There's been a mixture really of old loyal ' Bunnyman' fans and some new, younger / fans. But it's a bit difficult to say exactly

-----------------~-~._: at this stage, ·cause

we've been doing lot of f~;~stivals a lot of people just

was actJally stolen some while back!" So ther~ you have it. The origins of 'Echo' may have been a myth, but 'Bunnyman' reformation is not. Echo the Bunnymen have executed one of the most sLccessful returns to popular music in recent times. Sex Pistols take note.

Echo and the Bunnymen are touring the UK and will be at UEA on Saturday October 11.

Original Albums

Crocodiles 1981 Heaven Up Here 1983 Porcupine 1984 Ocean Rain 1987 Echo and the Bunnymen 199o Reverberations 1997 Evergreen 1980

lan McCulloch (Solo)

Candieland 1992 Mysterio


Burnnvma.n· years. Follow•ino a period in the

wirrt"'r""'"'"" Sergeant and ,,...,_,un·<J<.;rr teamed up once

to form Electrafixion, but despite the continuing growth of the Bunnymen's cult status in America and a top thirty hit they were not satisfied. Les Pattison was approached, and they decided to reform Echo and the Bunnymen in its original form last year.

to." What about Oasis? They appear to have stolen your duffel coats... have done a lot of geod for everybody who's in a proper band, rather than some crappy sort of thing!" 'Bunnyman' star is in ascendance. Festival appearances at V97 and Glastonbury have gained the band a sound live reputation, as well as some notoriety as a result of lan McCulloch's -on stage outbursts. infamous 'Glastonbury incident' saw McCulloch slating festival organiser Michael Eavis and inciting festival goers to demand their money back. Eavis threatened legal action and a muffled apology eventually came from the band's representatives. Soon after, at V97, McCulloch was

anyway." Now there just seems to be one element misSing from Echo and the Bunnyrnen: Echo the drum machine. Echo has been replaced by live drummers throughout the Bunnymen's career. This time Michael Lee (sticks man for Plant & Page) is in its place. So what happened to the box of tricks? "That was actually a lie. Echo wasn't the drum machine! What that was, we used to get so many people saying 'who's Echo?' and it just got on our wick, so we said it was the drum machine: Will Sergeant has just rubbished a decade's worth of pop trivia. And there's more... 'That drum machine

Will Sergeant (Solo)

Them,es Frum Grind 1996 Glide




8p~~ 11n BLUES

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6260~~L 2AM

SO'S- 80'S DISCO Tel: 01603

1!11 Tuesday hy·life -CLUB




Classes THE DANCE THAT IS SWEEPING THE UK EveryTuesa Absolute Beginn ay Intermediate and ;rs 7.30 - 8.30pm

Then Part eyo~d 8.45 - 10pm

One Class a Club £3 y Until 2am 1 Tel ~~~~:~~~ (after 10pm) £



his year's international literary festival starts with a bang. First up is Norman Maller, one of America's finest living writers and author of The Naked and the Dead and winner of not one, but two - - - Ma1ler Pulitzer Prizes. His talk at UEA -Norman coincides with the publication of his new book this month, The Gospel According to the Son. Hot on the tails of Mr. Mailer comes lain Banks, author of the very freaky Wasp Factory and the slightly tamer Crow Road, recently serialised on BBC2. The next two writers both have books to plug and are appearing together, Peter and Richard Ford . Peter Carey's Booker prize winning novel Oscar and Lucinda is due to be released as a film starring Mr English Patient Ralph Fiennes, and his most recent novel is Richard Ford Jack Maggs, whilst Ford's latest contribution to the literary world is Women with Men. it's more intriguing to try and establish a connection between his Pulitzer Prize winning novel Independence Day and last year's blockbuster film. Is Will Smith's character fashioned on Ford's protagonist? Cstherine Jones


Catherine }ones checks out a new breed of shop ...


here are few shops in Norwich which can boast a black spotted polyester fur sofa, but Kulture Shock is a break from the Penguin classics saturated norm of most high street book shops. Kulture Shock was born at the start of June this year and specialises in science fiction and horror, but the shelves of films, videos, erotica and magazines are continuing to expand. The Event decided to pay Kulture Shock a visit and see what makes it proverbially tick. The shop on St Benedict's street is a two levelled spacious affair with lava lamps and fantastically funky stationary punctuating the well stocked shelves. Weaving my way through the racks of film stills and star portraits I found my way to the video section and met Gemma, an employee with shockingly bright pink hair and a specialist in film . Other than the specialist nature of the store I wanted to know what it was that made them different. "The first thing which separates us most is our attitude towards our customers. When people come in we want to talk to them, we want to find out what they're interested in. Each of the staff here have their own particular area of expertise and we can answer practically any question that people have." Well, always a good start, casual, informative, friendly, an excellent business maxim. David, one of the owners, complains that they wanted to serve coffee to their customers but, due to hygiene laws, this is only possible on Sundays. Obviously the only sanitary day of the week. The shop's owners Richard and David are sci-fi and horror fans respectively but decided, when opening their shop to do things alternatively. "Oavid felt that there was this need for a different style of shop." I second that motion. "When people think of a sci-fi shop or one specialising in horror they think of something dark and dingy" and she'd be right. I looked at the light wooden floor and bright walls gratefully.


Sainsbury Centre Autumn highlights


nother term, another veritable culture-fast to' sink your teeth into at UEA's very own Sainsbury Centre of Visual Arts. This season's exhibition celebrates the life and work of the Spanish poet and dramatist Federico Garcia Lorca, best known for his plays Blood Wedding and The House of Bemarda Alba, who met a nasty end when he was executed during the Spanish Civil War. On show are manuscripts, poems, plays as well as biographical material, photographs, theatre posters, along with items illustrating the history of Barraca, the travelling theatre he directed. Look out for the workshops and performances of his work. Meanwhile in the Lower Gallery brings us the The Age of the COrer -the British museum's collection of German Renaissance Prints. Featuring work by DOrer himself, as well as prints by Lucas Cranach, Albrecht Altdorfer and Wolf Huber, the exhibition includes his famous armour-plated Rhinoceros and an intricate portrayal of Adam and Eve. Other events include the Ensemble Bash Percussion Quartet, a cabaret-style oerfonna11ce of African drumming and calypso, as well

I did wonder at what kind of customer the shop expected when they opened. Sci-fi freaks? Compulsive Stephen King readers? Those individuals that really don't spend that much time in the real world but dream up fantastically paranoid and implausible conspiracy theories instead? "The variety of people has really surprised me. That's the good thing about this shop is that it goes against a lot of stereotypes, we're not a stereotypical bookshop and we don't get stereotypical customers." Certainly the place has quintessential funkiness and a feeling of cool; not something I've come to expect from a Norwich shop. Gemma insisted that "Norwich seems to have really welcomed us, we've filled a gap," that they certainly have: it has been the venue of two very successful evening literary events, something they hope to continue. Like most shrewd businesses, Kulture Shock will have a stall at freshers' fayre and you may be lucky enough to receive one of their many freebies such as a manga keyring complete with small knife and bottle opener. Slightly more useful is the effort Kulture shock is making to ensure they will be stocking some Of the books required by UEA students for various courses. "We will get in anything people wanr Gemma promises, so if that book on the wing velocity of African and European swallows that you've been scouring the shops for just can't be found they may just be able to get it for you. Loyalty cards enable the regular customers, who Gemma says they are on first name terms with, to receive an extra 10 per cent off their books, but there are rumblings of a student discount arrangement in the future, the sooner the better. Despite their approach it's doubtful Kulture Shock will be hailing a revolution in retail style. "I don't think the big shops will ever change the way they do things". Ho hum.


anfred Karge's play Man to Man is a powerfljl one woman show about Ella, who has the unfortunate task of living with an assumed identity due to the arrival of the Nazi regime in her life. Despite the serious nature of this new theatrical beast the Cops Theatre Company have exploited a number of theatrical conventions to provide an injection of humour and capture the essence of the plot such as the inclusion of the music of the time. This latest production of Karge's play shows promise and initiative, tickets can be booked by calling Norwich 615564. I "

: I • I

t I I



The internet is allegedly the most obscene, filthridden, pornographic and generally corrupting a preacher speaks... icture the scene: a fundamentalist church somewhere in Bible-Belt America. The sizeable congregation has already taken part in a mixture of singing, worship and the sort of healing where middle-aged ladies are propelled across the room at the touch of the minister. And now comes the sermon. The Reverend Nosecandy Ill steps up to the pulpit and surveys his flock, satisfied that the collection should easily fund his mansion, mistresses and expe'lSive coke habit. He starts to speak: "Righteous brothers and Sisters, a great evil has come among us! Oh yes my friends, th1s beautiful God-given earth is shadowed by a pestilent cloud of depravity!" The congregation responds with a mixture of 'Amen's, and tentative hand movements. He continues. "For the Devil has once again sent his agents onto th1s sweet planet, to corrupt and maim and destroy all the values that our society holds dear.. ." People are beginning to shout and punch the air in agreement now. Sensing their mood, the by-now red-faced preacher moves up a gear: "And what is the name of this Godforsaken curse? This disgusting plague? This immoral spawn of Satan?" The church has reached fever pitch, With vanous people fainting, standing on their chairs and talkmg in tongues. He moves in for the kill: "I'll tell you, brothers and s1sters! The name of th1s terrible disease-ridden horror, which you must shul" like you would shun a fiend of Hell is THE INTERNET! II"


IJU JO~ UATIJ~ ;o'rl - , • .,.. aoGC M.'rAL- AL'r.l\l'riV. IIAVY Ml'rAL 10pm-2am

This scene, although fictional, is probably taking place in hundreds of churches, while similar arguments often appear in newspapers looking for a scapegoat for society's problems. But, if the interne! is such an evil, how come us students get free access to it? Surely it can't be that bad, unless of course it's a plan by university bosses to turn us all into raving Satanists ...

the true facts Seriously though, the interne! isn't that bad - in fact, it's pretty good, seeing as it allows you to communicate with people on the other side of the world, find information about anything you want to, and even get a few cheap laughs. The trouble is, many students are put off using it by its reputation - after all, who wants to be an interne! nerd? - and the way novices are baffled by a bewildering collection of jargon. Which is where this guide comes in. The aim is to get you started using the interne!, to show you how to go about finding the things you want. Oh, and to destroy the view that all interne! users are sad no-lives who spend their nights looking at illicit pom - 1t's just not true!

how it aU started

Admission £1.50 84 11 pm £2.50 after. NUS off



starting October 9


• Art• and llwn rutie-s • ~OI' Illulu.l.ll.wl!ir.l


The interne! was originally conceived in the sixties by top American boffins as a worldwide communications network that could survive a nuclear war. Of course, once scientists discovered that they could also use it to send amusing chain letters to each other, its future was assured. However, until relatively recently the interne! was used ma~nly by government agencies, big companies and universities. lt wasn't until the eighties that work began on making the interne! easy enough to use so that the rest of us could use it too. Eventually, in the early nineties, a scientist called Tim Berners-Lee (pictured right) developed the World Wide Web, which was a graphical system which made it much easier to use the intemet. In turn, this encouraged millions of people to create their own 'web sites'. People have created websites for various reasons Some are by academics who want to make the1r work available to a wider audience. Others are by music fans who want to publicise the1r favourite

And, yes, sadly some are 1 1 1-------------------------------~~~b~and.created by people who want


want to know more? S o what is 'Interactive'? Well, it's the regular section in Concrete based on the interne! and computers in general. Over the next year, we'll be bringing you regular features , reviews , helpful advice , and no end of silliness. We'll have a page or two in Concrete every week mixing up entertaining features with game reviews , helpful tips and whatever else takes our fancy. But that's not all .. .




will be featuring all the articles you see here plus even more stuff. Advice on using newsgroups , creating your own web pages, and hundreds of links to the very best in interne! sites. See our address at the bottom and check us out! We 're always looking for writers . Fancy reviewing a computer game, even if you don't have your own machine? We can sort it! Got an idea for a feature? Tell usl And if you see any interesting sites on your travels then we'd always love to know about them . Either pop in to the office upstairs in union house, or send us an e-ma1l at su.interactive@ Happy surfing'

to display their naked photo collections ...

how it works Yes. indeed. So, you want to know how to use the damn thing? The f1rst thing to do is head down to the Computing Centre and register for an account. Then, read their Beginner's Guide brochure which will explain the basics, such as formatting a disk to use and actually logging in to the computers. For the purposes of this article, I'm assuming that you've managed to start up Netscape, which is the






+ "



mass-medium that the world has ever seen. Do you fancy a got programme UEA uses to access the interne!. You should have in front of you a screen full of UEA's welcome page. It, like all web pages, contains a mtxture of text and pictures. Looking more closely at the text. you can see that certain words or phrases are blue and underlined • these are called 'hyperlinks'. If you click on those, then you'll go to a different screen. For example, clicking on the phrase 'A top music venue' will take you to the UEA Events Diary which tells you what's happening this term at the University. To go back to the previous page, stmply click on the 'Back' button near the top of the screen. Once you're back on the main UEA screen, take a look at the white box containing the text ''. This is the 'address' of the page that you're looking at. As well as clicking on the hyperlinks, you can also go to another page by typtng in its address here.

finding stuff

thus also no central organisation to make sure it all works smoothly. So, you might find a really great site through Yahoo, but when you try to go there you get a message telling you it's long stnce disappeared • just grin and bear it! Try these sites for more information on the net's ·history, practises. and how to use tt better: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS http:/ http://www pd.astro.iVfaqes/www/ USING THE INTERNET DESIGNING YOUR OWN WEB PAGES http://www e/hype/savoirfaire/weaveweb.htm

There are millions of web pages out there, so how are you supposed to find the ones that you're specifically interested in?! What you need is a 'Search Engine' • an interne! site that's designed to ask you what subject you're interested in, and then give you a list of suitable sites. The quickest and most userfriendly is Yahoo! So, to get there, type this into the address box:

49 St. Philips Road, Norwich NR2 3BL 01603 621784 You should see the welcome screen. There's a number of suggested subject areas, such as Entertatnment', 'Health' and 'Science'. Clicking on any of these will take you to more lists of options, and eventually will present you with a list of sites that you can visit. Alternatively, you can search for something specific, using the white box next to the Search button. All you have to do is type a word or phrase in, and Yahoo will try to match some sites to your request. If, for example, you want lnformatton on the programme Friends, then typing that word in brings up a list of sites of all kinds • Fan sites, Anti-Friends pages, gossip, scripts • you name it. it's on the interne!! Once you've learnt how Yahoo works, you should at least be able to find interesting sites to visit. Sadly, for all its fine and noble intentions, ustng the net can often be frustrating and slow . it's important to get the right time of day. In the mornings it's a doddle. as pages whizz tnto your computer like there's no tomorrow. The trouble ts, as the day goes on, the ·net begins to get crowded with users, and towards the eventng America wakes up en-masse and reaches for its keyboard . You've probably heard the interne! referred to as the 'information superhighway' Unfortunately, when a lot of people are ustng tl, it's less super-htghway and more 'eight mile tailback on the M25'. For those on campus, the 'net can be spectacularly quick on Sunday mornings if you can be arsed to get up. Perhaps the internal's best feature can also be its most annoytng. There has never been a central authority controlling the 'net -it's been called at various times 'the perfect democracy' and 'a perfectly working system of anarchy'. There are no controls, no censorship (yet...), but

2 meals for the price of 1, Monday-Friday, 5.30-7.30


~--------------~~-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - ---- - --



ABC MA BEAN Much jolliness to be had as the extremely quiet one goes to Cali fornia and causes havoc there . Hurrah! EVENT HORIZON Laurence Fishburn e and his spacemen go to th e edge of solar system and make an unscheduled stop in Hell. Yes, that's fi re and brimestone and Satan Hell. AUSTIN POWERS "You 've a rig ht to be jealous , baby. I shag ged her. I shagged her rotten ." Mike Mye rs stars as a '60s swinger who's out of his time . LOST WORLD Dinosaurs galore in this unimaginative sequel from Steven Spielberg. Jell Goldblum does his usual "er, nyyahhh, yo u're all mad", stuff. CONSPIRACY THEORY Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts stumble upon a conspiracy and get hunted down by govern ment agents for th eir trou ble. SPAWN Bloke comes back from the dead to aven ge some past wrong or other in this special effects extravaganza.

ODEON AIR FORCE ONE Harrison Ford plays the US president as a bunch of mad Ruskies take over the presidential plane and threaten to blow it up . FULL MONTY Robert Carlyle heads a bunch of unemployed steelworke rs who decide to strip for a living . Don't be shy lads , get yer kit off. MEN IN BLACK Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones kick alien butt in a Spielberg produced comedy that's been going strong all summer.


not a ra ised eyebrow in sight.

SWINGERS Wednesday, September 17, 5.45pm: Thursday, September 18, 2.30pm: Thursday, September 18 Saturday September 20, 8.15pm. Sod Generation X, forget sitting around and complaining about how rubbish things are, get into the vibe of th is year's and perhaps th is decade's most cool film .

FEVER PITCH Tuesday, September 30. Women or football ? Colin Firth faces a perennial quandary in a tale of a man who just loves Arsenal

JOUR DE FETE Friday, September 19 -Saturday, September 20, 5.45pm: Monday, September 22- Wednesday September 24, 8.15pm: Thursday, September 25, 2.30pm A manic French postman sees a documentary about the US mai l service and decides he can go one better in this new colour version of an old classic. CON AIR Friday, September 19, 11pm. Poor old Nicholas Cage's parole is due but then he gets stuck on a plane with a bunch of pyschos. Does he go, or does he stay and protect the innocents on board the plane? STAR TREK : THE MOTION PICTURE Saturday, September 20, 2.30pm. "Illogical." "He's dead Jim ." "Captain's Log." "Fire all phasers." "She cannae take much more cap'n." "it's life Jim, but not as we know it." You get the idea. KIND HEARTS AND CORONETS Sunday, September 21 , 5pm. Alec Guinness stars in a classic Ealing comedy in which he performs eight roles. Yes, eight. And some of them women. PALOOKAVILLE Sunday, September 21 , 7.30pm. A comedy crime movie , where the characters view crime as a "momentary shift in lifestyle" but can't actually bring themselves to do the deed. ALBINO ALLIGATOR Monday, September 22 - Saturday, September 27, 5.45pm: Thursday, September 25 - Saturday, September 27, 8.15pm: Tuesday, September 23, 2.30pm. Kevin Spacey's directorial debut stars Matt Dillon in a tense hostage drama, whe re poli ce men are surrounding the bar and th ere 's no way out. THE RELIC Fri day, September 26, 11 pm. In a Chicago museum some fu ngus covered leaves suddenly mutate into a big nasty monster and cause a bit of trouble. Oh dear.

STAR TREK 11: THE WRATH OF KHAN Saturday, September 27, 2.30pm. "Jim, you 're not as young as once were. You can 't go planet hopping like a teenager. Live long and prosper. Here's you1 bus pass, grandad." THE GLENN MILLER STORY Sunday , September 28, 5pm. James Stewart stars as the World War 11 tunesmith who provided Jive Bunny with their mercifully short career.


THE DEVIL 'S OWN Sunday, Septe mber 28, 7.30pm. Brad Pit! stars as an IRA terrorist in a film that occasionally looks like an extended Caffrey's advert.

CARMEN Thursday, September 18- Saturday, September 20 Bizet's famous opera doused in romance and tragedy with a fantastic soundtrack. £4- £10

REGARDEZ LES HOMMES Monday, September 29- Tuesday, September 29, 5.45pm : Tuesday, September 29, 2.30pm. When an unsuccessful salesman's policeman friend is shot and put into a coma, he gives up his job to go after the attackers .

OLLY DAY/JOHNATHAN WYATT Sunday, September 21 A va riety co nce rt ce lebrating the golden jubilee of Age Concern Norfolk. £2- £7.50

WEST SIDE STORY Tuesday, September 30, 8.15pm . Those modern day Montagues and Capulets, the Sharks and Jets , do their fu nky gang warfare thing in 50s New York to a great bunch of songs

UNION FIL.MS ST ELMO'S FIRE Monday, September 22 . Brat packers Demi Moore and Rob Lowe toy with each other in a very '80s love story. KO LYA Tuesday, September 23. A lothario impoverished cellist is offered an arranged marriage in Czechoslovakia on the eve of the Velvet Revolution . THE ENGLISH PATIENT Thursday, September 25. Ralph Fiennes stars as th e eponymous patient in a throwback to ro mantic fil ms of old. THE SAINT Friday, September 26. Val Ki lmer gleefully adopts a variety of ill-advised disguises in the remake of the '60s series. Sadly,

THE BLUES BROTHERS Monday, Septe mber 22- Saturday, September 27 The stage tribute to the film about Jake and Elwood , the Blue's Brothers. Featuring the best songs from the movie £3.50-£ 16 THE COUNTRY WIFE Monday, Septe mber 29- Tuesday, September 30 This up dated version of a satirical restorati on comedy stars Patrick Robinson of Casualty fame . Lots of adulterous !rollicks guaranteed. £3- £15

VISITING WRITERS NO RMAN MAILER Tuesday, September 23 A veritable heavyweight in the modern literary arena and winner of two pulitzer prizes . His latest book The Gospel accord ing to th e Son comes out this month. lAIN BANKS Wednesday, September 24 His first novel The Wasp Factory is perhaps his most famous while, The Crow Road was recently televised on BBC2. PETER CAREY & RICHARD FORD Monday, September 29 Carey hails from Australia and is known for his prize winning novel Oscar and Lucinda whilst Ford, a Mississippian has his new published this autumn .

NORWICH ARTS CENTRE TVP POETRY EVENING Wednesday, 17 September Poetry and music with Lisa D'Onofrio and Jason Rapier £1 .50/£1 WATERSON:CARTHY Thursday, September 18 An evening of English acoustic folk ... £8/£6.50 JAZZ CAFE WITH FIONA MITCHELL & FRIENDS Wednesday, September 24 Funky music jazz style. £2.50 HENRI DE TOULOUSE LAUTREC DANS SON CABARET Th ursday, September 25 A ce lebration of the artists life. £6/£4.50





\1\\1\ \1' \.

MELTDOWN Saturday September 27 lndie, Britpop, and Alternative dance. Full Steam Ahead in the Studio. 9pm- 2am £4/ £3.50 cone/ £3uea

IIC! N ( I


THE LIGHT Saturday September 20 A Production Night! Fashionable dress required . 9pm- 2am £5 before 11 .00/ £6 after

THE POOZIES Saturday September 27 Female folk

THE LEVELLERS + ALABAMA 3 Tuesday September 23 What with tunnels under Manchester airport and a extra lottery draw a week , the Levellers certainly will not be short of things to 'protest' about. Find out exactly what they've singled out when they kick off this year's LCR gigs. £11 Limited to 2 tickets per person

COURTNEY PINE UNDERGROUND TOUR Wednesday September 17 Jazz thrills. £10 adv STIFF LITTLE FINGERS + JUNK Tuesday September 23 Confrontational punk from long standing band. Featuring ex-Jam bassist Bruce Foxton £10 adv SPLINTER GROUP feat PETER GREEN + JET MARTIN Wednesday September 24 Legendary Fleetwood Mac guitarists returns playing electric blues. £12.50 adv STEROLAB + SUKIA Thursday September 25 Understated electro-pop group grace the Waterfront with their new album Dots and Loops. £6 adv TANYA DONELLY Sunday September 28 After years in various bands, Tanya Donelly steps out in her own right. Expect a bellyfull of entertainment. £7 adv


OPENING NIGHT! Friday September 19 Smart jeans, and no trainers on Ikon's first night. 9pm- 2am FREE before 10.30/ £4 after

THRUSH PUPPIES + MOGGY + JAM JAR WARRIORS Monday September 22 The Wilde live music club.




10pm- 6am £121£10 cone

DONNA McPHAIL Friday, September 26 Top comedienne takes the stage. £6



~1 1/

Uplifting & garage. 10pm- 3am Girls £2.50 before 11 / £5 after Lads £3.50 before 11 / £5 after

PURE SWING Wednesday September 17 Uplifting swing for the people of Norwich 9pm- 2am FREE GORGEOUS Happy House club night Friday September 19 9pm- 4am £5

SANCTUARY Old favourite Student night returns! 9pm- 2am £1 stud. before 11 / £2 stud. after. SUPER PUB A new regular club night, featuring live music and pub prices. The Lee Vasey Band open proceedings. Spm- midnight FREE

CR POPTASTIC Saturday September 20 Classic 90s dance hits plus live tributes courtesy of Babe (Take That want-to-bes) and THEMPeople. 9pm- 1.30am £3.50 adv /£5 on the door CLUB RETRO Saturday September 27 Ever-popular UEA club returns for the new term. 9pm- 1.30am £3 adv Students /£4.50 on the door




SIGN 0 THE TIMES Friday September 19 A new name and a new time for 80s Nostalgia club, but same thrills promised. DJ Paul Fayers in the Studio. 9.30- 2am £4/ £3.50 cone/ £3uea

zoo MORE MEDICINE Mondays starting September 29 The Student Social. 1Opm- 2am £1 stud. before 11 / £2 after HELL FOR LEATHER Wednesdays Goth, indie, metal, and alternative. 10pm- 2am £1 stud. before 11 I £ 2 after WRAITH AND CHEMICAL WORLD Fridays Different club nights for different weeks. Ring for details. JUICE Saturdays

MELTDOWN Saturday September 20 Regular lndie, Britpop, and Alternative dance club. Look out for special Verve promotions. Madchester classics upstairs in the Studio. 9pm- 2am £4/ £3.50 cone/ £3uea THE KITCHEN Friday September 27 The offyerface posse are back dancers and all.


Fri 19th COMEDY NIGHT £3.5Dadv/£5 door with Jeff Green, Rex Boyd and Sham sat 20th club POPTASTIC £3.5Dadv/£5 door feat. tribute acts BABE, TheM People & dj's £11 student holds

Tue 23rd

The LEVELLERS Sat 27th

£3su adv/ £4.50 door

club RETRO

@©fr®fu®lf Wed 1st holds

£11 student









MANSUN Sat 11th




club OUT to LUNCH with the MINISTRY dj's Ashley Beadle, Rocky and Mark Wilkinson Sun 19th


Australian PINK FLOYD sat 25th RETRO-ACTIVE £5adv with tributes to the Village People and Kylie Minogue Sun 26th


MIKE SCOTT and his NEW Band

Sat 1st



club MIXMAG feat. Danny Rampling Fr 14th

£12.50 adv





JOOLS HOLLAND Tickets from Union Finance Office, weekdays, 11am-3.30pm. Prices quoted are the student advance prices


The event issue 075 17 09 1997  
The event issue 075 17 09 1997