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o, you want to master the arts of the shadow warriort You want to walk about with a pair of nunchakas in a manner that makes people know you're not to be messed witht Want to be a cut above those bloody Ninja Turtlest Well, tough; I'm not telling. Welcome t o another f antastic issue of The Event, this t ime with a bit of a scary theme. Take a break from revision, turn to the centre spread a nd slaver over our definitive guide on films t hat turn your pants brown (i.e . they're a bit scary). Also, Kenickie d iscuss their underwear and we give you our recipe for a Mexican banquet. Right, I'm off to practise the ancient Ninja art of looking shifty with an offensive weapon. Here's the fruit rating ...


Sounds he award this issue nearly went to .. . The water that comes out of the taps on campus. Now I can't speak for Norfolk, Waveney, or the posh residences , but the tap water in Suffolk Terrace IS dreadful. For a start, it takes ages for the cold water to run cold. You have to let it flow for about five minutes (an environmentally unsound thing to do, given the drought I'm told we've had th1s year) before it gets any cooler than tepid , or lukewarm . Sometimes it's downright warm! it's just not right! The hot tap, however, is almost instantly hot , bu t if you turn it up to more than a dribble, it create s a kind of vibrating earthquake simulation , impressive in its loudness and the violence it bestows upon the cutlery, but not the desired effect, I'm sure. But I digress. This fortnight's award goes to revision. Just as it's getting nice outside, exams are looming. As I was learning exactly how Henry VIII governed England , I looked up from my window seat to note that "The sun has got his hat on , hip-hip-hip-hooray". After struggling through a few more pages , I made a break for the sunny Broad and, lo and behold, out comes Mr Cloud and his friend Roger Raindrop. After beating a retreat to the library, all was sweetness and light again. So I suppose in my paranoid state revision had better recieve the award jointly with the weather. John Kettley, Michael Fish - get your act together.



Screen Scares Movies & Videos

~(top banana) - good thing @(average apple) - medium thing @)(bitter lemon) - bad thing


Interactive he top news this issue is that we've got some free liquid refreshment lined up, courtesy of CarlsbergTetley. to tie in with the launch of Calder's Cream Ale. To blag the booze, all you have to do is make three go into one by coming up with your ideal film star, based on the qualities of three others living or dead. it could be the sexiness of Sharon Stone, the sassiness of Drew Barrymore and the humour of Whoopi Goldberg. Or what about the charms of Leonardo Di Caprio , the wackiness of Kenneth Will iams and the body of Brad Pitt. The choice , as they say, is yours and Calder's Cream Ale are giving away a free case of beer to the best three in one star, together with the most original reasons for your choice . Calder's Cream Ale gives the cream of three worlds to the discerning beer drinker or so it says here. lt combines the best of th ree different ales: the taste of a delicious bitter, the cooling refreshment of a lager and the smoothness of a stout, all in one



pint. Name your three in one star and you could be enjoying the three in one drink sensation of Calder's Cream Ale sooner than you might think! ummer's fast approaching , and we've got two pairs of tickets to give away for this summer's Sundance Festival. The event is being held on May 31 at Earlham Park and is organised by Sun In 1 The East and Offyerlace. So to save yourself £30, just answer this simple question: What Sneaker Pimps single is on the soundtrack to The Saint? Jot your answer on a postcard , and post in to the box by the Stewards Cabin in Union House . Good Luck! eanwhi le, here's a news flash from this year's Beeriest. Rag are looking for bands to play on the Monday night of the beeriest, for a night of top student hits. If you know anyone who might be interested - payment in beer, then give Claire in the Rag office a call on ext. 25 10 or 451395. Ta!


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}ames Tapsfield and Paul Stokes hob-nobbed with Travis, the best thing to come out of Scotland since the invention of the oatcake


f you've being bopping to Beth Orlon or meshing to Mansun recently then you may well have come across Travis, those cheeky Sectrockers who have been supporting top chart acts around the country. As they explain: "it's easier to get your band seen and heard supporting bigger bands ... it's obviously better us playing to a thousand people with the Longpigs than twenty at our own gig, you know? it's a surefire way of getting people aware of the band." Travis met at art college - "a place where stragglers go" - having worked in numerous menial jobs. Following a period in the unsigned wilderness they named themselves after Robert De Niro's character in the film Taxi Driver, and were signed by ex-Gel Discs mogul Andy MacDonald. Since then they've been working on an album with veteran producer Sieve Lillywhite in America. They say it was an excellent experience all round: "He hasn't made a record like that in 20 years. Just four guys in a room sweating!" So they weren't overawed by his reputation? "Nah. it was an equal partnership - really relaxed . it was like going on holiday and coming back with an albuml" So, where do Travis get their songwriting influences then? Music? "No, we don't listen to much music ... not current,

anyway. We ignore everything that's going on around us." Well then, as you're named after Taxi Driver... films? "You're the first paper out of all the media - NME, Melody Maker, the lot - to ask that. And congratulations, you're right! But it's not necessarily just movies, it's documentaries, television, books as well - you'll read something inspiring and it'll make you want to write .~ What do you think of acts who don't write their own music? "There's a great tradition of acts who haven't written their own music Frank Sinatra for a start or the Spice Girls. Some are good, some are bad. Those two are both good acts, though." If they like the Spice Girls, perhaps they wouldn't mind appearing in teeny-bap territory like Smash Hits! or Live and Kicking. "We'll do anything. We're rock WHORES! We think

it's good - if we were given the opportunity to go on something like that we would. Kids are forced to listen to so much rubbish these days it would be good for them to listen to some of our stuff rather than Shaun MacGuire!" Travis have no time for mediocrity. it's all or nothing, and the Travis bandwagon rolls on : "it's looking after us now. it's going where it's going to go." And with the album, More Than Us, shortly to be released , they are about to find out just where that is.







ritain Isn't exactly partial to good-time

rock'n'roll. Okay, so there's Reef, and possibly Oasis, but on the whole we

don't like our musicians to be long of hair and leather of kecks. Ifs a shame, as bands like the Crowes are doomed to near-obscurity and music-press ridicule. More fool us, for this has to be the best goodtime rhythm'n'blooze LP ever! You've got your prime slices of boogle singles (Remedy, Sting Me), tender ballads (Thorn In My Pride) and the obligatory RoUing Stones rip-off (Hotel Illness). And just wait till the heartstopping melodrama of My Morning Song wraps your heart around its little finger and refuses to let go ... Of course, it's not to everyone's taste, but those who casually dismiss the Crowes would be advised to take a listen without prejudice. This is one album that deserves to be your lifelong companion!

Stusrt Dredge


















I -

t's a dreary Sunday night, and the band have just played another energetic gig from a seemingly interminable, strength-sapping tour. They've just spent 20 minutes signing various body parts of excitable young fans, so I fully expect my request for an interview to be curtly refused. This is not any band, however. This is the best, brightest, sparkiest, sassiest thing to happen to guitar pop in ages. This is Kenickie, and instead of taking an early night like any sensible girls would, Marie Du



Santiago is asking me to guess the colour of her fellow bandmates' underwear. "Emmy-Kate is wearing a bright fuschia satiny pant that in actual fact belongs to me!" shrieks Marie. Then Lauren says the word "cerise" and not for the first time, Kenickie collapse into a fit of giggles. lt seems like a strange thing to say, but it is very rare to see a band obviously enjoying themselves as much as Kenickie are. On stage, they are confident, winy, elegant and

exuberant - and that's just between the songs. The tunes themselves are generally sharp, glit1er-filled bursts of melody-goading pop executed with deceptive simplicity and a brash assurance. If anyone was ever unsure that this was a band heading for big things, just look at the great pop star names they have given themselves: Lauren Laverne (tall, blonde, vocals, guitar, in contra~. Marie Du Santiago (big hair, loud, sassy, guitar, vocals) , EmmyKate Montrose (dark, pouting, bass, "easy Ving around") and Johnny X... hang on , where is Johnny X? His drumstool appears to have been usurped by someone called Sieve The Assassin. "Johnny X is in a cryogenic chamber in Sunderland, acting as a guinea pig for pioneering scientific experiments," explains Marie, mysteriously. Astute observers may have noticed that there is a common theme running through many of Kenickie's songs, and the dressing up and going out philosophy is best encapsulated in the adolescent rush of Come Out 2Nite. it's no surprise that when the girls reel me off a list of purchases made with money earn! so far, it includes shoes, lipstick, fake fur coats, glitter glue , mascara, jewellery, spangly shirts, eyeliner, more glit1er glue and , er, a Liverpool FC hat. To complete the picture , the LP is called At The Club. "Yes, it's a concept album," says Marie. "The concept is nature. On the first track: leaves. On the second track: water. And so on ." "Basically it's just Lauren and Marie with

me gimping it up in the background," adds Emmy-Kate. "I would write some songs, but I just can't be bothered!" Casual listeners may be surprised, however, to find a vein of intelligent introspection running through the album . Kenickie are clever enough to know that you can't provide such a brilliant encapsulation of life's ups without being able to articulate the downs. Songs such as How I Was Made and Brother John should render that pathetically inaccurate 'indie Spice Girls' tag redundant. Lauren explains the inspiration for路 her deeper lyrical moments: "Drugs ... that other people take, sex that other people have, religious experiences that I myself have ... " "Eyes that other people see through .. ." says Marie, picking up the theme and running with it, "hearts and souls!" And then they all break into song, showing why Lauren is never allowed to become existential to the point of pretentiousness. For some reason , we are discussing The Divine Comedy. "Neil Hannon is the logical conclusion to my husband ," says Emmy-Kate. "I could just picture myself, dragging him 'round Harrods, going 'come on Neil! "' Kenickie talk about marriage a lot. They would all like to marry the model Fabio. Marie would like to marry someone with a title "so everyone 'phoning me up would have to call me Viscount Marie. Or Mrs Elton John ." "Nah ," decides Lauren , "Marie will end up changing her sex and marrying a girl called Marjorie." In the end, they have to throw us all out of the building. Kenickie cannot help but be utterly charming company, and it's difficult to get them to stop talking. They're like your best mates suddenly turned pop stars. Listening to路 Kenickie 's music, you're almost convinced that you're having as much fun as they are.

80 Rose Lane







ies Slicing swathes through. lazily categorised trip-hop and pretentious drum'n'bass Ninja Tune is the label to guarantee razor sharp tunes at every turn. Mark Tobin enters the home of the Ninja to report on covert operations in .the field of funk very once in a while a record label will start up that acts like a vinyl lighthouse, shining out a beacon of quality to help the weary public avoid crashing into the treacherous rocks of muso twattery. Ninja Tune is just such a label: the trademark hooded Ninja warrior clutching sword or perched, ready to pounce on unsuspecting decks is all you have to see to know that what lies in the groove of the record will be the funkiest, coolest, most mashed up slice of music that you'll have heard since ... ooh, the last release . Set up by the production double act of Matt Black and Jonathon More (better known as those practitioners of cut'n'paste Coldcut, who are credited with producing the first British DJ sampling record Say Kids, What Time Is it?) the label is home to a wide variety of artists who are dabbling in the electronic en of the musical spectrum. However with a release schedule that can see feted avant gardist DJ Vadim sitting next to the full throttle funk of DJ Food, or the jazz, samba and drum 'n' bass collage of Amon Tobin (no relation!) there's enough variety to keep even the most catholic of appetites satisfied. · Although eclecticism is, more often than not, a word which should be treated with caution as it generally means that the people using it are insufferably smug pseudo-artists - Ninja Tune take the idea and bludgeon all its


pretentious trappings to death . "So many people moan on forever about the categories in dance but why bother?" questions Matt. "Just have fun with them instead. Invent a new one for every day of the week." fter their own releases enabled them to enjoy success in the 'credible' underground and launching the careers of Yazz


and Lisa Stansfield gave them commercial success, Coldcut fell prey to "major label and lawyer bulls..!." Jonathon explains: "W_e started this label to try and get away from the lack of understanding we suffered a the hands of the majors." "it's also about conyincing people that they should start enjoying a more spiritual vibe," adds Matt. "We've got to get away from this fascistic attitude of the four-to-the-floor house DJ . it's a freedom thing, really, nothing to do with the death of house. it's about finding your own rhythm and your own way to dance." Although Ninja Tune is home to a wide variety of styles and ideas, there is a very definite identity to the label, from the aforementioned logo to the packaging, the press releases , club nights, visuals, web-sites etc. All of this has helped to mould the label into a recognisable seal of quality, where people will buy the records whether they've heard the artist or not. "lt goes back to Motown and Stax

in the 60s, both of which were labels people trusted," explains fellow Ninja Pete. "lt can happen with any sort of music. Duestche Gramophone for classical music, for instance." Of course the striking difference between Ninja Tune and legendary labels such as Stax or Motown is one of widespread success. Yet whilst the Ninja's may not be enjoying hit after hit after hit, you do get a sense that they are carving their identity - stealth like - in the minds of the record buying public. Coming under the cloak of darkness with the ir solid gold tunes and graffitiing the immortal words which can be found at the bottom of every press release, LP, sticker and flyer: "Everybody loves a Ninja."

cean rnfle .,:attte "A hundred thousand welcomes"

- - • • FREEHOUSE · - - - 10 real ales always available Probably the largest selection of Irish Whiskeys in the country Great value meals - including our 'Taste of Ireland' meDD. Come and join us for good beer, a great atmosphere and mighty

l'loarke blm•eU 92 POTTERGATE, NORWICH ir (01603) 626627 THE EVENT, WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 1991


UIJ guitar riffs and the occasional eighti es synth, which sounds like it was nicked from a Lloyd· Webber production of Juliet Bravo. b) An att empt at sophistication with a quieter mood, yet merely confirming my belief that music this mediocre has had its day. Tracks like Helpless an d She Loves Me Not are inoffensive enough , but would bore even the most patient listener to tears. Don't Faith No More kn ow that th is is 1997? We have better bands now, with original tunes , voca ls that don't sound like they've been growled into a teleph one, and a flair for experi mentati on . If rock is wh at you wa nt, why waste a ten ner on th is when you co uld get a real 'album of the year' by Radiohead or the Manics? Half the trouble is that it just sounds so dated. Th e rock train has long since left th e stati on, leaving FNM fumbling for change at the cigarette machine. If you're already a fan , then you 'll probably fin d this to be a disappointment. If not, you'll be legging it back to the reco rd shop clutching th e receipt in yo ur sweaty palm .

M ONACO Music For Pleasure Reviewer: David Jenkins


remember hearing a theory that the height the bass player wears his bass is directly proportional to how good the band is. In the bass-under-ch in category is the bloke out of Level 42 . In the bass-aroundknees category are Nicky Wire and , of course , Peter Hook of New Order and · getting to the point eventually! · Monaco. Hook's unique style was one of the most distinctive elements of New Order's sound , so it's no surprise that his new band's debut album is also littered with his trademark plucking . And seeing as how I've already mentioned th em twice comparisons with his old band are inevitable , and justified , especially when the singer does his best Bernard Sumner impression . Essentially an album of upbeat shi ny dance pop it veers from th e Europop of Sweet Lips to th e epic, or possibly just-too-long Junk, with a couple of slow ones thrown in for good measure. Lacking real substance or depth , and not quite making up fo r th is with enough memorable tunes, it falls awkward ly betwe en the two stools, yet I can't help liking it for its sheer com petence. Is th is damning with fai nt praise?


FAITH NO MORE ~ Album of the Year Reviewer: Richard Nosworthy


rue American Rawkers Faith No More have been going for 18 years. Unfortunately this latest release suggests that these have been 18 years flushed down the toilet . Upon hitting the play button I discovered that Album of the Year contai ns two types of song: a) A loud sub-Helloween drone accompanied by cliched Pearl Jam-style drum breaks, repetitive


SALAD Ice Cream Reviewer: Elizabeth Seal e Cream is an album full of unimaginative uitar pop. Salad aren't a band who make any art of impression or distingu ish them selves at all. With songs as spiritless as this I'm te mpted to wonder why they even bother! • A Size More Woman Than Her has Marijne making the dubious claim that, wait for it, she's "a si ze more woman than her." Judging by the diminutive singer, that other woman must be an anorexic twelve year old ... Foreign Cow could be ironically self-referential I suppose, but it' s notable only because it mentio ns Bill Hicks. Basically, what you get from Salad is a record which sounds as if it was reco rded by a Sleeper without any of Louise Wener's powers of observati on. If that strikes you as an utte rl y hideous prospect then you 've got a fair idea of what Ice Crea m sou nds like. it's ce rtainly not the HaagenDazs of British music; more like the slightly manky Milk Pop.



7 DAYS A WEEK! At gentleman's walk opposite the market THE EVENT, WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 1997


As we've said, the Super Furry An imals' single Hermann Pauline was our second favou rite song, and it' s completely mad. The Welsh wond ers return .~~-~ '"' to form with a beautiful reworking of th e Jim'/1 Fix If theme tune , but sadly it's all downhill from


Scarfo's new offering , ELO is aesthetically pleasing with its lovely cover but unfortunately is not so pleasing to the musical ear. The Stereophonics meanwhile are releasing More Life in a Tramp 's Vest · well you said it guys! Joining them in the reject pile is Speedy with Time For You. Sadly we don't have time for them, and neither should the record-buying public. it's obvious from Sweet Lips by Monaco that Peter Hook is stuck in a musical rut. This sounds exactly like New Order, and although that's not necessarily a bad thing, it's riot that inspiring either. Moving on to Geneva: it's Safe Sex week, and although we're currently enduring a period of enforced ce libacy, for those of you that are lucky Tranquilizer is the perfect accompaniment to any romantic entangle! The Frank & Waiters are still plodding along after all these years with How Can I Exist?, another record that handily answers its own review. We weren't quite sure what to expect from Elcka, but we were pleasantly surprised by their new single Nothing to Lose, which is a hummable tu ne with plenty of bits that you recogn ise from somewhere but just can't place. This week we haven't saved the best till last · The Blunted Boy Wonder's Crossroads wou ld be great if you were on e of those lads with an Escort XR3i , complete with tinted windows and Goodman's Speakers. You'd love it as its incessant beat wou ld be great for causing mass pollution and annoying old dears. But, unfortunately, we drive 2CV's and don't have a car stereo, so on yer bike, so to Emma Lee & Kate d 'Este Hoare speak!



Every night, one light is alWays on ... ... so there is always someone to talk to about bus times, exam stress, relationships, pizza delivery phone numbers, drugs issues, or anything at all. And as we are open from 8pm to 8am every night, you can always call by for coffee and a chat ...



Norfolk Terrace C03 .12

Beavis and Butthead Do America (15) ABC Cinema - Released May 23 MTV cartoon hits the b1g screen as the two anti-heroes of n1net1es youth are made to get of their arses when their TV is stolen . Their search of the continental US takes them to a sleazy motel , Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam and f1nally to the White House.

Matilda (PG) Union Films - May 23 Danny DeVito's makes his directorial debut with th is admirable film from Roald Dahl's ace book. Since work at school is just too easy, a child prodigy develops X file-like powers which help immensely in her school friend 's rebellion against their tyrannical headmistress. Funny.


Space Truckers (12) ABC Ci nema - Released May 23 Odd film with an all star cast set in a crazy, alternative future. Dennis Hopper is an intergalactic truck driver with a dodgy load of biological waste. Charles Dance makes a departure from his Jewel in the Crown roles and dons a sci-fi jumpsuit and meets a nasty death .

n the surface Mike Newell's new film is awash with funky retro gear, gas guzzling Cadillacs and large spangly disco balls. But as the story unfolds it's hard to believe the events in Donnie Brasco could be based on a true story, specifically the most successful and dangerous undercover mafia infiltration ever. it's 1978 and the ever more powerful mob in Little Italy, New York, has come to the attention of the FBI ('Forever Bothering Italians'). Johnny Depp is Joe Pistone, the FBI's man behind enemy lines who takes on the gangster role in the name of justice. His way into the cosa nostra is through AI Pacino's character 'Lefty' Riggiero, a veteran hit-man

"dicule sa sharp, Ri dicule (I S) intelligent Fra nce ( 1996) slap in the Dir: Patrice Le con te face ; breaking LT I Friday, M ay I 6 the conventions of the period film with so much style that Merchant Ivory should definitely consider retirement. 11 is the story of Gregoire Ponceludon Malovoy (Charles Berling) , an impoverished aristocrat from out of town who travels to Versailles to ask for the money needed to drain the swamps that surround his home and thus save the locals from malaria. In order to obtain the money he must get a hearing with the King ; but in order to reach the top, he must display quick thinking , a stimulating mind , and work his way through Louis XVI 's court. A court of self-centred, intellectual , aristocratic snakes whose wit and repartee can tear the most


Abso lute Power (15) Odeon - Released May 23 Glint Eastwood writes and directs his latest story of power and corruption at the highest levels of American politics. Eastwood plays Luther Whitney, an aging master th1ef, who, after seeing the US president getting decidedly kinky with his mistress is framed for her murder.

Anna Karenina Re leased May 23 Starring Sophie Marceau , Sean Bean and James Fox, this tragic tale is based on Tolstoy's behemoth novel of the same name. Passion ahoy as Anna embarks on a scandalous affair with a cavalry officer. Set in 1880's Russia, there are lots of nice costumes, shame about the acting.

The Relic (15) Odeon - now showing Starring no-one that famous , The Relic is promising to be a rather extravagant Bmovie. With a snakey type thing lurking in the basement of her museum, our heroine leaves her VIP do (cocktail dress and all) to find out just what it is that is munching away on all the unsuspecting patrons.


still pining for a taste of the Godfather lifestyle after 20 years as the underdog. Pistone adopts the alias "Donnie Brasco·· and for the next two years compiles the damning evidence needed to bring the wiseguys down. In that time the mob's way of life is revealed to Donnie: the lingo, the rules, the hierarchy and how they deal with the undesirables that get in the way, often with the aid of some sharp cutting instruments and black bin liners. Before you can say John Gotti, Brasco finds himself embroiled in contract killings and dodgy deals as he begins to climb the fam ily tree and rub shoulders with the likes of Sonny "the sleeping lion" Black (Michael Madsen) and various other gangsters with equally ridiculous pseudonyms . Director Mike Newell makes a significant

A nacond a (I S) USA ( 1997) Dir: Luis Ll osa Ode on - now showing

ith the tag line "If you can 't breathe you can't scream". Anaconda has clearly been made in the same vein as Jaws but somehow completely lacks that class1c edge. Within two minutes of the opening sequence you can pretty much pick out which characters will die: the idiot Englishman , the pretty but helpless hero1ne and the shallow, blonde bimbo. The story centres around a film crew headed by anthropologist Steven Gale (Eric Stolz) who plan to make a documentary about the illusive Shirishama Indians. The team set out aboard a Huck Finn-style river barge to explore the area of the Amazon that the tribe is said to inhabit. Along the way they pick up stranded boatman Paul Sarone (John Voight) . Claiming he knows where the Shirishama can be found , the charismatic Sarone manages to lead the crew off the right track towards his ultimate goal instead, the legendary anaconda - worth millions if captured alive. With Gale out of action for the bulk of the film


after a nasty incident involving a poisonous Leroine (Jenni fer Lopez) is helped along instead by the token hard bloke from the 'hood, Danny the Cameraman (Ice Cube) . Hitch follows hitch and the crew have no choice but to trust Sarone, conveniently aquainted with the ways of the jungle. We, of course, can hear the sinister incidental music that accompanies Sarone's every move and deduce early on that Sarone is eminently nasty. The crew, despite th eir reservations , follow his leadership and are plunged into the ridiculous giant killer snake horror that unfold s. Lopez and Cube principally take part 1n the action and find the courage to survive as on e after another of the crew are crushed by the snake or bumped off by th e grimacing John Voight. The film reveals the reality of being squeezed until your bones break, veins burst, eyes pop out etc. and includes a particularly disgusting regurgitation scene (although thankfully we see this only once) Despite Anaconda coming across a very B movie, you do find yourself on the edge of your seat as the snake hurtles in a Jaws-esque fashion towards a pair of flailing legs and is strangely satisfied when one of the baddies are horribly squished. This 4ijm is as predictable as they come and has been made for the die-hard fans of trashy Kathy Perry monster flicks only.

departure from his quintessential English films about the fun frolics of Hugh Grantish people in Four Weddings and a Funeral and Enchanted April. Donn1e Brasco sits comfortably amongst mob film greats like Scorsese's Casino and Goodfellas or any Godfather flick. AI Pacino, whom I assume everyone in Tinsel Town must ring up whenever they're making a gangster flick, is brilliant as Lefty. Depp carries the film supremely well despite being new to films of the gangster/thriller/grown-up men with guns variety. Brasco goes easy on the bloodbaths, exploding eyeballs or decapitated horses in other films of the genre (although there is some fantastic dismemberment, if th"at's what you're into) but offers an intelligent effort to go behind the old Mafia myths and resurface with a gripping and some excellent performances. Catherine Jones confidently wigged Frenchman down. Ponceludon proves his worth , consequently finding himself surrounded by heaving cleavage and many a monumental wig . He finds himself unable to resist th e lure of court and becomes side-tracked by the Contesse de Blayac (played by the incredible Fanny Ardant) and her "needs".. . meanwhile ignoring the stunning Mathilde de Bellegarde (Judith Godreche) . Th e script shines with intelligence , particularly in the duels of wit between Ponceludon and his rival de Vilecourt (Bernard Giraudeau). Punishmen t for defeat is ridicule and many fall along the way. Whilst Merchant Ivory portray a fairy-tale past of virtue, Patrice Leconte has gone the other way. Leconte has enlisted the help of the Director of Photography from Nikita and Lean to set the film 's tone. This is not a film for croquet, tea and Emma Thompson lovers, but even if you are, watch this award-winning film and get the rude awakening Toby Blakey you deserve.

\\ \ '/ . :~.







irecting, writing and acting in most of his films, Woody Alien is a true auteur. His work is largely autobiographical, packed with his obsessions with women, his childhood, death and New York. Every year Alien comes up with a new(ish) idea, his 26th and latest is Everyone Says I Love You which is also his first musical. BORN : Allan Stewart Kognigsberg December 1 1935, Flatbush, Brooklyn, New Yor1<. HUMBLE BEGINNINGS: Alien first developed his urban-Jewish misfit persona working in Greenwich Village cafes as a stand-up comedian. He also wrote for TV comedy programmes and gained notoriety as a guest on many chat-shows. His first break in the movies came in 1965 as a writer and actor in What's New Pussycat? The following year he took the unusual step of re-dubbing a Japanese spy film with a comedy script for What Up Tiger Lily? He then appeared in a James Bond spoof Casino Royale before making his full directorial debut with Take the Money and Run in 1969. FILMOGRAPHY HIGHLIGHTS: Play it again Sam (1979) Although the directorial reins were handed over to Herbert Ross, this was the first classic New Yor1<-based romantic comedy. lt was also the first of many to feature past love -




ich New Yorkers, neurotic writers, ex-wives and extended families, it could only mean one thing - Woody Alien. This time, however, his angst-ridden tale is set to music, w'ith an all-star cast made to sing all their own songs. The story of the relationships between the characters is as complicated as spaghetti, w'ith daughters threatening to marry ex...convicts and others running off to Venice. lt's easy to see that the audience is in need of a therapy session along with most of the characters to at least follow who's who and what's what. Alien plays his normal under-achieving wri1er type who flies back to New Yor1<, from Paris, to cry on his exwife's shoulder when his girlfriend dumps him and to sort things out before he tops himself. Cheerful. Instead, he takes his daughter, DJ, to Venice where he meets and'faHs for the beautiful Von (Julia Roberts). Meanwhile, DJ's sister, Skylar (Drew Barrymore), has • fallen for an unsavoury ex-convict (Tim Roth). So back they go to New York where Alien begins to wonder if his first love, and ex-wife · (Goldie Hawn) is really the one for him. The songs should be wellknown to most and because the actors had to perform all their own li ditties it doesn't come across as a showy musical. The result, thankfully, isn't too comy and although the songs don't leave much room for the plot to develop, its a pleasant romantic movie that hopefully won't leave you as neurotic as the great Woody Alien.

I '!

interest Diane Keaton. Woody plays a film critic who is helped by his hero Humphrey Bogart through his troublesome love-life. Love and Death (1975) A Tolstoy Parody. Woody is a cowardly Russian Peasant forced to join the fight against Napolean. Annie Hall (1977) This bitter-sweet comedy mirrored Alien's real-life break-up with eo-star Keaton. Manhattan (1979) Moving towards serious drama, Alien was now a director first and comedian second. Featured stylish black and white photography and a powerful Gershwin soundtrack. Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) Expertly plotted








ALL DAY. ROAST DI~NER~ (12:00pm • 10:30pm


CAREER LOWS: The release of Husbands and Wives was slightly tainted by the revelations about his penchant for photographing Mia Farrow's children in the altogether, much controversy ensued. BEST QUOTE: "I don't want to achieve immortality through my wor1<. I want to achieve it through not dying." FUTURE PLANS: In the wori<s are Deconstructing Harry, SUP.posedly full of anxiety, neurosis and eroticism ...a comedy of course. Also, a documentary about Alien's tangled love-life called An E"or of Judgement, as if we don't know about it already. Chris Hodgen



drama, starring Michael Caine, about adultery and the family, for a change. Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993) After Alien's acrimonious break-up with Mia Farrow, Keaton is back as leading lady. Mixes Hitchcockian suspense with witty observations. Bullets Over Broadway (1994) John Cusack takes the place of a young Woody, as a playwright indebted to the mob. CAREER HIGHS: Annie Hall wins Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Actress at the 1978 Oscars, but in true Woody style he's too busy playing his clarinet at Michael's Pub to attend.










t £3.95 1


. ~£2 95 or . •



-~ or, NUS 'CARD.





ltto!Ot.o,AI~ ...~t :ao,.... .., ~6)1 eAIJi 6


"~~"".;,::~,.:,.~~., ~Q 1:30~~~




ALFRED HITCHCOCK, Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh A woman runs off with her boss' cash to start a new life with her beau. Unfortunately she makes the fatal mistake of staying at a motel run by Norman Bates esquire who hasn't quite got over his mother's untimely death. Perhaps that house on the hill, intermittently silhouetted by fork lightening, and Mr Bate's intense 'undressing you with his eyes' look should have given her the hint: She decides to take that shower anyway. it's not long before the sister and boyfriend are on the case and finally the beans of oedipal desire, cross-dressing and schizophrenia are spilt.






IIIB!llll l






. GEORGEA. ROMERO, Judith 0 ' Dea, Duane Jones,

ROMAN POLANSKI, Mi41 Farrow, John Cassavetes, . Ruth Gordon

WILLJAM FRIEDKIN, EDen Burstyn, &lax Von Szdow, JasonMWer

TOBE HOOPER, Marilyn Burns, Alien Danziger, Willaim Vail

WESCRAVEN, Robert Endund, Johnny IJepp, Heather Langenkamp

TOM HOLLAND, Catherine Hicks, Chris Sarandon, Alex Vincent

WESCRAVEN, Courtenay Cox, Drew Barrymore, . Neve Campbell

Somehow, radiation from a ravaged space rocket manages to get into a morgue, which gets cremated along with the bodies. The toxic waste then gets into the clouds and rains down on a cemetery or two. In true horror style, this makes the bodies turn to zombies that require live brains to continue in their moronic state. Cue much chasing of people by hundreds of flaky-skinned cadavers in the wee hours of the morning.There was obviously not enough shedding of dead skin in this version, as they saw fit to remake it in 1990. . Spawned lots of zombie-like versions, particularly of the Italian variety.

Mia Farrow, Rosemary, has an unpleasant nine months carrying her first child. As the weeks pass she gets more and more suspicious of her friendly old neighbours, conferring her to odd gynaecologists prescribing her strange herb teas. Her friends die, or fall into comas, and she develops an unearthly palate for raw red meat, liver particularly. If only she hadn't eaten that 'chalky' chocolate mousse all those months ago... After a night of unpleasant contractions Rosemary has discovered that she is the proud mother of Lucifer junior, such is life.

The devil decides to inhabit the body of a cherubic little girl. With now, laughable -effects we see her transform into a vile monster responsible for the deaths of an unfortunate few. Despite the plethora of crosses and holy water little can be done to prevent our unfortunate possessee from levitating and being foul mouthed much to the disappointment of her moth· -er and the local priest. To no one's surprise this movie carried an X certificate and was a huge commercial success when first released.Unfortunately, Leslie Neilson saw fit to sabotage this classic with his spin-off Repossessed.

Few words can be said about a film of this ilk. Visitors to a cemetery in rural Texas find their house occupied by a homicidal maniac with a chainsaw. Allegedly the film was inspired by real life events, surely not, that was also responsible for bringing the far superior Psycho to our screens. it goes without saying that there is much hacking up of people and copi· ous amounts of fake blood. Cousins to this film include Driller Killer or Chainsaw's sequel and was the influence for the whole new genre of blood splattering horror a virulent strain in late Seventies film .

Bastard child who results from several psycho's raping a nun grows up to be evil child molester who gets burnt by the parents of the said children. They grow up to be wholesome aii-American adolescents until he comls back to haunt them with much slicing of bodies with a knifed glove in their sleep. What follows is countless weirdo dream sequences featuring girls in white dresses singing 'one two, Freddie's coming for you ...etc. etc.', among other bizarre stuff. This continues for seven films with as much mincing of teenagers in each. Sleepover parties just aren't the same without it.

Serial killer who happens to be a dab hand at Black magic turns himself into the nearest person-like-thing to escape the police. Troubfe is, the nearest one is a doll belonging to a cute little boy. Much killir19 of people follows as the maniac Chucky continues to slaughter. The reason for so many unmotivated attacks in the short space of two hours is a mystery. No plot, no intrigue and straining under the weight of gratuitous bloodletting. A truly terrible film, possibly the biggest waste of two hours, your life has ever seen. Then they had the gallto make two sequels.

A surprisingly clever and entertaining post-modern horror which moves between white knuckle terror, cliff hang· ing suspense and pant wetting comedy. The plot starts out as standard horror movie fare: small town, a few gorgeous women, crazed killer (actually inspired to splatter blood after watching other horror movies) and some cops. The superb writ· ing elevates this way above any Exorcist or Nightmare On Elm Street. Oh yeah, and . the link between Drew Barrymore and a filleted fish has to make the opening scene one of the best in the history of

Without doubt the spectacular head turning scene. Under the influence, Linda Stair's head rotates a disc slipping 360 degrees while at the same time spews a pea-soup like substance.

Any time a victim is sliced to death by a chainsaw validates 'worst scene' . The volume of the saw's hum and levels of bloodcurdling screams are directly proportional to the grossness of each scene.

Freddie demonstrates how easy it is to colour a room's walls with the inards of a certain Johnny Depp. After which spins him around the room and then he gets sucked into the bed.

The showdown in the factory where the evil Chuckster chases the boy through and around the machinery. He escapes by the skin of his teeth only so the story can run for another two sequels.

The bit in the girl's home where she gets chased by the masked man. The police knock on the door and when she opens it the policeman is holding the mask to his face .

Third degree burns, fatal blood loss from gashes of major. ateries due to excessive incisions of the Kreuger kind.

etween incidental music of suspense and anxiety there are sporadic bursts of violence, people are thrown from windows, stabbed and have 'nasty' falls ...

You know the process of hanging, drawing and quartering, well miss out the first two and you'll have a pretty good idea of the quantity of pain and blood. have recently purchased a loveable doll or are training for a management position in TOYS 'R US.

.. you don't know a good film when it axes you in the forehead.


Probably one of the most infamous scenes on celluloid. Janet Leigh takes ·a shower, Norman watches ...cue spine-chilling music... reeeek, reeeek, reeeek ....

Perhaps the dreadful moment when the only remaining living people in the area are desperately barricading themselves into a house whilst multitudes of zombies groan at the windows.

Low on screen, bar a stabbing. The blood on screen was actually chocolate sauce.The epitome of Death By Chocolate, go ahead...tuck in!

High, considering the maxim is 'remove live people's brains'.Cannibalised corpses aren't exactly the most aesthetic killers.

Mia Farrow is raped by the devil whilst the demon's geriatric followers look on, naked. The result? A bouncing baby boy that bears an uncanny resemblance to the proud father. Like Hitchcock it's pretty psychological, imaginations run wild. And if you have an imagination as fertile as that of Wes Craven's...prepare to be scared ...or sick.

This film set a new gore level for the next generation of horror movies and has aged, gore intact after twenty years.

ower intestines, livers, kidneys and other such inards spewing around all over the place in pretty much every scene. As much gore as you can stomach



('re in the shower. have a skin complaint you're a tad sensitive about.'re in your third term of pregnancy


,.lbn -llrelghl-to=. ~ IFNtltltl Kreuger (Nightnulte on Elm

ISfnlet Serletl) ILI!IIOITIO. .

not to play with matches the hard his knarted appearance. also lost earty on in the game only to be uncomfortably sharp metal

•nd tn8ny

Never one 11) reveat11is true self, Satan likes summer camps brimming with fun

loving teenagers.

face with a hockey

mask known forpiMing victim~ to large ~cn~ve~ and leaving

rnanltelt......., .. cold winds,

poe••*'cl . . . 01 ~ voicee. often

Wilt Green rep6lioul eyes. Most prominent role to die. was the rapist in Rosemary's


Always covering his

doors 'with

• to

...your parents burnt someone when you were young.'re trimming the hedge.

Stephen King the God of horror airport novels and made for TV movies. Stephen King's that ever reached the screen is ~o~n'=~•ol~IUIY The Shining in which Jack ~ic:holson coins the immortal phrase lhFIAAAr~•'!l Johnny!" whilst banging down the with an axe. Up there in the echelons of t;r.~uinA!l.c; rests King's substandard, but tlonethel,ess chilling, TV movie IT in which a h.c;,,chntic clown, embodiment of evil, terroris· a group of friends.

I'./ huge caesarean-like slit In James Wood's . stomach in which to store, and indeed play, videos (a la Videodrome)?

filmic circles, Hitchcock is responsible for the more credible horrors and thrillers of the 50s and 60s. No doubt best known for his most disturbing ctlaracter Norman Bates and the films Psycho and The Birds . Even twenty years after his death, any horror or thriller worth its salt still regards Hitchcock as the standard in which to work against.

('w . . .es_C_ra-~-en--.) .


them there.

Norman Bstee (Payr:IJO 1 a Disturtled IJlUinm]r-IIUJj": Md proprietor~ CIUIIMbat.l..

otrmoaw and

... you have missed a few confessions lately


Solely responsible for the m urders of several high-school girlies via his creation Freddle Krueger throughout the eighties. Masterminded the return of the • great molten-faced one in Wes Craven's New Nightmare in · which Freddie comes back to carve up the makers of a new film thafs supposed to feature . the fictional Freddle. H"IS latest, . of course, is Scream, which'll have you jumping air as

high as Freddie dldlrefon~ .



@ RJ ,

Bloo d Simple (1 8) USA ( 19 83) ·_d) D lr : Joel Coe n VIdeo - out to r ent o r buy . If only there were more films like this nowadays. If you were impressed by the Coen brothers' Fargo, Blood Simple will give you an early testament of their originality from way back in

1983. UAR, UAR (11) USA ( 1997) Dlr. Tom Shadyac A BC - Now Showing

here are several words to describe Jim Carrey. "Talented" and "overpaid" rank high on the list. If Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and The Mask are anything to go by Carrey can fluctuate between comic genius and irritating excess. In Liar Liar, his most recent offering, Carrey plays Fletcher Reede, lawyer and compulsive liar. Fletcher is divorced (though you .could wonder why anyone married him in the first place) and the father of five year-old, Max. The story begins with Fletcher desperate for promotion and willing to go to any lengths to become a partner. His new client, Samantha Cole, is a serial adulterer married to a millionaire, and Carrey makes it his mission to convince her that she should sue him (so the law firm can collect a lot of money). His boss, Miranda (Amanda Donohoe) is so impressed that she seduces him, causing him to miss Max's birthday party. So while blowing out his candles Max wishes that his father can only tell the truth for a whole day. Mayhem insues as Max's wish comes true ... This film sees Carrey in full comic force. If it's extreme he can make it more so, if its unlikely, it will happen and if it's just down right unnecessary Carrey will still play it up for all its worth. There are some great lines though, such as when Miranda turns to him, after they've had sex and asks "Was it good for you?", to whi_ch Fletcher replies "I've had better". Fletcher's in big trouble because


today is the Cole trial, and he can't lie. With increasing desperation Fletcher tries one ploy after another to delay, and ultimately not lose his big case, particularly as the Senior Partner is in court to watch him. Basically this film gives Carrey the chance to fling himself manically from one sit· uation to another. While the film basks in sporadic moments of unadulterated humour. lt's also grossly overacted and under scripted in places. For fans of Mr. Carrey there's enough to keep you happy, but if your looking for a quality film, this wouldn't be your first choice. Honest. Amy Pierce

·Though comparisons of the two films are inevitable (both are tales of murder in smalltown America), Blood Simple is a bit of a classic in its own right. Set in the stifling humidity of Texas, the characters are somewhat less quirky than those in Fargo, believing that the less said and done the better. As a result, you'd be forgiven for thinking you were watching it at the wrong spefid. The very laziness of the plot seems simple enough to begin with: Ray and Abbie (Fargds Frances Mcdonald) are about to have an affair, but when Abbie's husband Marty finds out, he is driven 'simple' to the point that he gets a detective to kill them both. Only the detective (M. Emmet Walsh, superb as the amiable low-life) fakes their deaths and shoots Marty instead. it's never made clear why he does this but the upshot is that Ray thinks Abbie did it and suspects her, while at the same time she suspects him. This creates a breakdoWn in communication, creating a· chasm in their relationship begin to reflect the dramatic landscape and so with less said, our imaginations are left to their own devices. This approach is much to the films credit; the power of silence and image creates a very visually stylish film. The emphasis is placed on darkness and image rather than top-speed action, the result of which

might well make you feel like nodding off (there's barely a raised voice to jerk your attention), Having said that, the ending is well worth the wait. Blood Simple proves no less capable than Fargo, and on arriving at the brilliantly . conceived finale, the strange journey at last makes sense • and yet not quite.

Daniel Grzenda The Onion Field ( 18) USA (1979) D lr: H a rold Beck er VIdeo - out t o r ent o r b uy How much more inspiring could a film title be? The Onion Field. lt hardly has me quivering with excitement . However, never one to judge a video buy its cover, I brave my fears at the prospect of two hours in the life of a vegetable farmer. The onion field in question turns out to be the scene of the film's pivotal scene, the murder of a police officer (Ted Danson) by a pair of small-


time thieves: the sadistic and unbalanced Greg (James Woods), and the naive, newly-released Jimmy. The slow build up to this event lasts over half an hour and the remainder of the film is occupied by poorly developed and disjointed court scenes. lt sees itself as a powerful courtroom drama, but fails to develop or focus upon any issue or character for the audience to care about. Somehow, the vegetable farmer idea seems more appealing. lt is supposedly based on a true story, and in keeping with this, the wranglings in court take place ov~r a number of years and goodness knows it feels like it. The one area the film does succeed is in that it manages to be as drawn out and tedious as the US legal system itself. Although I don't want to turn this review into a list of The Onion Fields defects, there is certainly enough to have you in tears, and it's not the onions. Andrew Davies

A 4raveller's Life EricNewby

Don't set out on your travels without a guide from the Union Bookshop


rom the suave graphics, the tasteful intro. music, and introductory deluge of jokes, you quickly find that Angus Deayton is in top form as the angelic host of this calvacade of liars, frauds and down right absurd people. Between them they've pulled off practical jokes you could only dream of. Deayton is engaging and witty, the quips come with such ease you almost miss them. · The guests are diverse and progressivly stranger, there's a man who's philosophy of life Angus says is; "Clothes may make'th the man but the Rolls Royce pulle'st the girls", a stone blaster by day, a millionaire by night. Then there's Dave Smith, an ordinary guy who convinced Kilroy that he was a loan shark. Even more impressively he and his partner in crime Dave Jnr convinced the manager of Cambridge United that he represented a celebrity who wanted to buy the club. Dave Snr says it's all just a laugh, though the chairman didn't think so when he got a


been phone call from scammed. Next we meet Stanley Kubrick, alias Alan Conway a travel agent, who for three years travelled the world convincing actresses, theatres and the Groucho club that. he was indeed the world famous director. lt would seem odd that people could be fooled so easily. Dr Brian Thomas-Peter, Forensic Psychologist explains that the deceptions are all just an escapism for insecure people (hello, a Forensic Psychologist?) Sometimes its hard to tell what's true and when the show is just pulling your leg, which is the key. See if you can't spot a fraud, what would make you think anyone else can?

film of thTe~!_~ig)Jl,m. ,.. futuristic, gothic film about a young man, Eric Draven who, along was his girlfriend is murdered. A year later on Halloween night, a crow brings him back from the !!!!ol'~., .. u, to inflict revenge on his killers. Draven discovers the murders weren't accidental, his girlfriend was the target, because of her outspoken political views. Top Dollar a crime boss had her killed in order to protect his organisation. Based upon the comic books created by James O'Barr, this is not a

ct ifs

,,.,tiv.,, ,,.epy.


nameless city is all too real , while the foreboding back alleys, and criminal brutality can be found in the modern world. The Crow will be remembered as Brandon Lee's (son of Bruce Lee) last film , as he died in mysterious circumstances during filming. This is stylishly made with lavish sets, classy cinematography and a strong performance by Lee as the tortured Draven. The film combines dramatic action sequences with the subtle reflections of the character. Motive and emotion are both created arid transferred effectively to the audience. The irony of this film is it takes a traditional horror movie monster, a man raised from the dead, seeking revenge, and turns him into the hero. As one by one the henchman fall , and Draven gets ever closer to Top Dollar, we will him on, rather than condemning him for his crimes we admire, him for punishing the true villains of the film. A compelling movie. Amy Pierce


BERSHIP £1 Plain, N rwich Tel: 627478 Only 5 minutes from Norwich market JHE EVENT, WEDIIESOAY, MAY 14, 1897




es, so the interne! is a wonderful thing, replete with opportunities to learn, communicate and experience other cultures. Nevertheless, it's a sad fact that most of us prefer to arse about finding funny sites. What's more, with the advanced search engines out there, 1t's possible to look up many fascinating s1tes simply by typing in one word. In an adventurous spirit, lnter@ctive decided to see what delights could be found out there, using a list of, shall we say, diverse keywords For convenience's sake, we used Yahoo (, and each keyword had to e simple. And potentially silly. Pumi the Whippet's Page http://xiron. pc. helsinki. fi/peopl e/aliinamo/pumi.html Well, what better place to start than the animal kingdom, and more specifically Man's Best Friend? The word 'Whippet' may conjure up images of flat-capped Northerners drinking bitter, but Yahoo came up with Pumi, a five -yea r-old pooch from Finland , and his very own homepage. Therein , the happy hound regales us with tails (arf!) of his interests, which include girl wh ippets, hares, cookies and "soft things for me to lie on". Altogether now,

le is go cha a di t

m o quiksilver b' abong fi ~trap sonneti he~dworx

simpson great plains


Amboog-A-Lard Homepage

·._ · "

~ ~ ·~, -~ ~:-:.





FishNet htm

Death to the Spice Girls!

Apart from being the I'm sure you all ebullient sidekick of top Love 'em DJ Mark Radcliffe, what went to or hate 'em, lardsee Marillion at ;c;;;_~-the LCR a couple of weeks they're a global phenomenon, and related delights does the "'il-,,_~ ago, what with them being a top this is shown by the amount of interne! hold? Well, plenty it websites devoted to them. Skip seems, with the choice pick contemporary band and all that. being this US Band's site, But we refused , for as you know, past all the fan-worship sites and check out this canny Australian one, where they explain the the band are no longer led by their concept behind their latest charismatic singer Fish . So what is which claims to be "dedicated to the album (pictured right) As he up to these days - the kids eradication of the spice girls and their evil influence on the world as we know you can probably guess, demand to know! Well fear not, for FishNet is here to cater fo r all your it." Those of us who are fans of the they're a scary bunch of metallers, replete with horrendous lyrics of the lanky Scottish has-been needs! GASP! at nubile fivesome are advised to " go angst variety. Ugh ... the super Fish Quiz! MARVEL! at the play your Wannabe single or cha nce to win a trip to see Fish something." Created by someone VERY live in 1997! PISS Mr Cheese' s World of Cheese YOURSELF LAUGHING ! at bitter, it includes 36 Reasons To http://www the risible Fish crossword!! Hate the Spice Girls, individual Yes, this is a site so poor, it's :.;.._.._c......w~;.a...;...;;..;..~ rants against each girl , and an ace section reprinting the ace, and I for one have "Why surf the web when you can sail the seas of resolved to congratulate the man personally at his enraged reactions of fans of the group. cheese?" asks Mr Cheese, email address of and justifiably so, as his site is packed with useful fromage related Are You an Alien Abductee? information and links. http://www.anw/aliens/52questions.htm What's more, it's perhaps the only site on the net where you can read about the 'Ancient Cheese Rituals of the Ookas', which apparently involve You may scoff at those who beli eve in UFO's, but Elvis costumes, 'cheesy sacks' and (gulp!) is there really life out there? Certainly in America, there's millions of people who believe that they sequined pants. Okay, so interest in the site is have been subject to an alien slightly dampened by the fact that its creator probably has no friends, and isn't really called Mr abduction, for nefa rious Cheese at all. But only slightly ... purposes or otherwise. For those of you who thi nk yo u might have been Anabolic Frolic's Happy Hardcore Headquarter spirited away by little green men, this chris/happy.html may well be the site that sets your heart at rest, Happy hardcore is taking providing 52 questions to over the world, ask you rself to see apparently. Funny that, I whether you have been knew about the puffa abducted in the past. These range from the jackets and silly hats, but I hadn't realised they had an army! Okay, lame sensible ('Have you had dreams of UFO's or alien jokes aside, this is an ace example of the sort of enthusiast's homepage which can give you oodles beings?') to the comical of info about subjects you know nowt about. ('Have you ever awoken I Funniest fact: the mention of DJ Sheepy, who may with soreness in your well be a bad-ass mofo in the flesh, but sounds all genitals which can't be too much like a farmyard animal for true credibility. explained?') That's one thing you never hear on the X-Files ... Homer's Gate The Summer of Love Doh! Homer Simpson's a web phenomenon! Who could believe that a mere cartoon character could "Enter here with a flower inspire the sheer amount of websites that Homer in your hair." says this has. This witty take-off of San Francisco-based the Heaven's Gate cult website , wh ich is a (see last issue) provides fond tour th rough 1967, I things Homer: Quotes, Files, Links, and even the Summer of Love. Okay, so I admit, an exciting (?) collage of piccies for your I wasn 't exactly what you could call alive in 1967, but it seems delectation. Possibly of use to every sad computer technician who ever like a pretty cool time to live in - loads of happy hippies, thought of having Windows shout free love and copious '1: "DOH!" at amounts of psychedelic ·-. them every drugs! There's links to time they Grateful Dead sites , the San made a Francisco Mime Troupe (?!) and best still, a 'Hip Dictionary' that should tell you all you need to know about hippie slang, maaaan!


miss mone enny vood .dolls dani oole great plains street si r a at



x cept o neil

evis d b dove






Okay, so let's be honest, this wasn't an exhautive survey of how to use search engines on the interne!. That'd require much more space, and would probably be as boring as a 2 hour session in the launderette In Summer. When all your friends are out frolicing in the

Square .. You get the picture. But hopefully it does show that you can use the interne! to find pretty much anything you want using simply one word. Most of ours were silly, but think of the academic Implications! Next year, we'll be telling you more on that score.

:IWilJ~TI@ill~ illr1Jill1r~illWI1J

1f_ As

summer approaches, our top Concrete chef and Iatin spice ~ lrl, Emma Newbery, cooks up a feast for all the family. Enjoy! This is designed to serve 8 peopl~, and Is perfect for a fmal meal gether before people move their separate ways, or as an end of exam feast. The best way to serve this is as a buffet, and it's great because everybody can prepare something - it just needs a bit of organisation!

J If>

lefriedleaDDlp 1 tin of retried beans 1 jar of ready made Salsa 1OOg grated cheese

fill flour tortillas with the various dips and roll up and try to eat them without losing the contents out of the bottom!

Mix together all ingredients, and either microwave or heat in a saucepan, stirring constantly until the cheese is melted. Serve warm.


Serve these three dips next to a big bowl of Tortilla chips, flour tortillas, and Nachos, so that people can either dip the chips in, or fill tortillas.

1 large onion, finely chopped 1 large green chilli, finely chopped 2 crushed garlic cloves 450g/11b very ripe tomatoes, diced seasoning olive oil


juice of 1 lime Don't make this too soon bef?re you serve, as the avocado w1ll discolour. Using a fork, mash together all the ingredients.

leave for a couple of hours or overnight to allow the flavours to blend. Season to taste.

laacamole 3 large ripe avocados 2 green chillies finely chopped 1 tomato chopped 1 small onion finely chopped

lachol 1 quantity of Salsa about 20 tortilla chips 300mlf1hpt soured cream 175g/6oz cheese Preheat oven to 200c/400F salsa across the base of tray. the tortilla chips over top so that they cover the salsa. Spoon the soured cream over the chips, and cover in cheese. Cook in the oven for about 15

mins or until cheese has melted. Serve immediately.

From the producers of Hectors' House The Wildebeest Arms and The Mad Moose comes their latest release, "The Aquarium"! The Aquarium is situated in Erpingham House, Tombland, a building with a long history as a rendezvous to eat and drink. With not so much of a face-lift as a revitalising , the decor is chic Italian in both the upstairs bar and the ground floor restaurant. This is a fish lovers paradise, which also offers a couple of meat and vegetarian options. For those who do not require a large meal (and they are large!) the the bar serves lighter food at a correspondingly lighter price. In common with c pany policy, most dishes are available in small or large format, thus not totally excluding those with a small appetite and a minimum budget (ie students!). From an exciting and adventurous menu I had Warm Smoked Salmon on Pot Barley with Grapes (£5.50) followed by Charred Tuna Tortilla, Black Beans, Hot Salsa, Guacamole and Sour Cream (£11 .25) and, to my surprise an additional main course to taste; Roast Cod Steak, Chorizo, New Potato. Confit Fennel and Avocado (£1 0.95) The desserts are ju t as creative. For example, toasted chocolate and pecan loaf, battered ice-cream. coconut. banana and cinnam There is an excellent Wine·list, Wit whites ranging from a mo st 1995 Touraine Sauvignon, · a rt of Junior San erre t £10.95 to the exceptional 1996 Beaujolais Chardonnay the epitome of While Burgundy, and a 1989/91 Puligny Montrachat ler Cru, as well as excellent value house wines. Save \JP for a ce ebration lunch or dinner, or, recommend it to your parents for that special Graduation celebration. And ~ou could even go really mad with friends and enjoy " olli Hour" Mon·Fri from 5-7pm with Bollinger C ampagne at £25 a bottle or the popular Adnams Champagne at just £15. Ashley Perks Bon Appetit!

bit hotter, buy red ones, it's worth playing around and finding out which ones you prefer.

CbllliC:on-carne If you're feeling bold, have a go at making this (preperatlon time 30min, cooking time1 hr) 1 large onion, chopped 2 large garlic cloves, crushed 2 chillies, finely chopped SOOg lean lamb or beef mince 1 teaspoon chilli powder 1x14oz tin of chopped tomatoes 1 cinnamon stick Fry the onion, chillies and garlic together in a pan until the onion is clear. Add the meat, and cook to brown it. Stir in the chilli powder, and add the tin of tomatoes and the cinnamon stick. Bring to the boil, turn down the heat, and leave to simme for at least one hour, stirring occasionally. Serve this with a big bowl of rice, and use as before as a dip, or to fill tortillas.

2. Sound Cream You can find this at most supermarkets, or use creme fraiche. You can also buy ordinary cream and add lemon juice and mix well, to thicken the cream.

3..&vocados To see if the Avocado is ripe , press down gently at the base. If it is slightly soft then it is perfect. lt is best to buy them when they are still hard, and put in a paper bag for a few days and allow them to ripen.

l lefried Beans These cna be bought in tins in the Mexican section of the Supermarket.

l Tacos and !ortWaQipl Again, you will find these in the Mexican section of any supermarket. You could also buy Dorritos or flavoured chips as they are cheaper, although not quite so authentic.


L ChlJila Chillies are available at any supermarkets for a lot less than paying for a whole jar of chilli powder. If you want something a

These are available at all major supermarkets. If you have the time and energy you can make your own, as it will be far cheaper.


We've Got Student Ra All Wrapped Up 3-DAY WEEKEND SPECIAL



Rote applies to a Group Acor rented from Friday to_Mondoy for a three-day total of £49.99. Larger cars at similar savings. Rote is inclusive of COW /TPI and VAT. PAl/Excess Protection is extra. Availability is limited and restrictions apply, so ring for details. Enterprise rent-a-car

Pick Enterprise. We'll pick you up.·


01603 484384 11

• •1 t


Absent Friends Theatre Royal April 30- May 3


Blood Brothers Theatre Royal May S- 17

ith catchy songs and appealing characters, Willy Russell's Blood Brothers is a musical which would appeal to anyone. The story is about twin brothers , Eddie and Mickey, one of whom was given away at birth because their mother couldn 't afford to keep them both. The twin given away enters a rich family , and as fate would have it the twins meet at the age of 7. They immediately become best friends and made a 'blood brothers' pact to stay friends forever. Despite both mother's attempts to keep them apart, their friendship grows stronger, but Eddie , the adopted twin, and his family move to the country, seperating the twins yet again. At the age of 14, late intervenes again, and the other twin Mickey and his fami ly are housed around the corner, and are inseparable until Eddie leaves to go to university. Mickey loses his job at the factory soon after marrying his pregnant girlfriend so when his older brother, Sammy offers him money to participate in


lost in suburbia

musing and cynical commentary on the trials of middle class life is an area that Alan Ayckbourn has made his own , and this 1975 classic just goes to show what a good writer he is. In a suburban living room on a wet Sunday afternoon, a group of old friends gather in anticipation of the arrival of Colin (Christopher Strau li) . The self-appointed task of Paul (Peter Slake) and John (David Janson) is to cheer Colin up, following the recent death of his fiancee Carol. Meanwhile, Paul's wife Diana (Shirley Anne Field) has become tired of her lifestyle, and is regretful of having let herself be socially dictated to, by doing the "right things" of marrying and having children. Paul is a short-tempered, domineering husband who seems to be the prime cause of Diana's insecurity. Despite being arrogant and self-centred, Paul is nevertheless sympathetic to Colin's plight and once the ice is broken the unlikely friends get on well. John, suddenly thrust into the rather unfortunate position of discovering that his wife has slept with Paul, provides the comic interludes in an otherwise rather depressing plot. One cannot help but feel sympathy for John in his apparent powerlessness against Paul, on whom he relies to make a living. John's verbal exchanges with 'hard' northern wife Evelyn are hilarious, with monosyllabic answers and tough attitude coming across as the antithesis of the caring personality of John. Her constant interruptions from her hypochondriac husband provide necessary relief in the heavier parts of the play, although towards the end this becomes rather tedious. The twin concepts of Colin's sadness and Diana's disillusionment worked effectively, helping to bring the two main themes together well. Colin's optimism in the face of tragedy makes Diana's craving for a better life seem positively selfis h. Al l in all , a good bit of light entertainment and another warning of the crap middle class life that cou ld creep up on you while you 're not looking . Duncan Cowper

thom as lyn ch an armed robbery , Mickey cannot refuse. Inevitably, it all goes horribly wrong and Mickey ends up with a seven-year jail sentence. Spiralling down into a pit of depression and addiction, Mickeyhas become a fallen man : Eddie , on the other hand, has become a successful councillor and repected pillar of the community. The play climaxes when the harsh truth is revealed to Mickey that he could have been everything Eddie is. Lyn Paul as Mrs Johnstone in the lead role , is incredible and she is complimented by Mike Dyer's, the Narrator, amazing voice. The portrayal of 7 year old children, with their grubby knees, spitting and swearing is enough to have anyone in fits of laughter. With a strong cast and a fatalistic but gripping storyline, this musical will make you laugh and then it will make you cry. Blood Brothers is just too Debbi Marco good to miss.




living ca re. Going on to describe


s summer is upon us, the idea of reading a book about undertaking and death might be almost certain to kill your sunny spirits . However, this book will do nothing of the sort. Call me morbid, but I found this frank description of the undertaker's trade quite amusing. The author, Thomas Lynch belongs to an established family of undertakers, and his sensitive account of death and its effect on the living is deeply moving at times, while unnervingly blase at others. The reader is thrown in at the deep end, as the first few pages are filled with facts and figures about death; making you highly conscious of your own mortality and repeatedly pointing out that the dead are gone, and only the


different cases and experiences that Lynch has faced in the course of his career, including embalming his own father, and ending with a description of his perception of his own funeral , while still assuring the reader that he himself won't know or care , as he won 't be there . He reminds his readers that that dying is an inescapable part of living, in the same way that mourning is part of loving, and loving is part of life. lt sounds incredibly depressing , but his down to earth style makes it into a cocktail of wise, touching and amusing prose. While the book doesn't lecture about the state of the society in which we live , it does offer a perceptive and gentle comment about subjects many might consider taboo. I would not recommend this book to anybody who has recently lost somebody close to them - but otherwise , it is a refreshing piece of writing that Emma Newbery puts death into a new light.



The full range~~ Parcelforce Worldwide services are now available at The Union Post Office (from May 19) Wherever, Whenever, UK or Worldwide - WE DELIVER THE EV.ENT, W.EDNESDA Y, MAY ,14,, 1997

rash , flash and oozing caustic wit, Dramasoc's production of David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross proved to be a smash hit, featuring a strong cast and impressive direction by Johnny Messias. This slick, fast paced production highlighted to full effect the play's overriding themes of greed, materialism and competition in the seedy and desperately corrupt real estate world of 1980s Chicago. Mamet's macho men were brilliantly and convincingly portrayed as highly stressed and living only on their wits. All performances were memorable, particularly John Lord as the fast talking wiseguy Moss, and Chris O'Neill's outstanding performance as the cunning, witty and at times manic Roma. But the production's success owed much to


Performing Arts Soc&ety Uve In the Hive April 20 ve in the Hive is a bit of a lottery (but then gain that's an analogy used for everything owadays). You could end up with the next Oasis or you could end up with the opening act, Oranmore. After a couple of pints, the only image that comes into my head when I hear a couple of people playing the fiddle in a what seemed a distinctly Irish fashion is a long line of women in short skirts kicking their legs into the air while a sweaty bloke at the front does a few pirouettes. Yes, I was having Riverdance flashbacks. Thankfully impro group Klustafux were on hand to help me away from the Emerald Isle, coming on to Song 2 by Blur, simultaneously pretending to be ~ach other's arms, or some similar game from Whose Line Is lt Anyway? Pretending to be a tampon, the virtues of cucumbers, an Ann Summers shop: topics that were all chosen by the audience. If you leave it to students what do

his is the latest magazine to hit the top shelf of the newsagents. Don't get too excited: basically it is a souped up comic that would probably appeal to those who find the Sun just that little bit too intellectually challenging. lt's not all bad. The X-Piles cartoon does land a few clever below the belt blows at Mulder and Scully, and Home and Awaysis succeed in getting the word "fookin" into practically every sentence. The nearest Tat gets to politics or anything connected to the real world is a comment on Kenneth Clarke's pie consumption rate. Oh yes, and The Official Monster Raving Loony Party manifesto at the back of the first edition should not be missed. Basically Tat th inks it's funny to distort photographs of famous people and change their names in that ever so unsubtle way Tat seems to have got down to a fine art. Mind you, "Gari Whodes" does get a well deserved slating . However, an intellectual might notice thatthe Virtual Reality cartoon does use Edward Hopper's


.... On Sunday 18 May the Solid Silver 60s Show comes on its annual visit to the Theatre Royal, featuring such pop icons as Peter Noone, Dave Berry, Gerry and the Pacemakers, and Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders - a line up which collectively spent over nine years in the chart. Take your Mum. From Tuesday 20 to Saturday 24 May Carmen on Ice sets the famous story of the beautiful Spanish gypsy on, surprisingly enough, ice, in a 拢3.5 million production from the Russian Ice Stars. ....On Sunday 25 the Mr Men make an appearance, and later the same day Don McLean warbles a few songs, including, I have no doubt, American Pie. Finally on Tuesday 27 May, the Northern Ballet Theatre have set Dracula to ballet and are bringing it to the Theatre Royal to celebrate the centenary of the Bram Stoker novel. .... The Maddermarket gives us another slice ol suburban Tupperware parties, Weight Watchers and wife-swapping by Willy Russell - his play One for the Road sees one man making a break for freedom with a rucksack and a collection of aerosol sprays on the eve of his 35th birthday . .... At the Playhouse from May 22 to May 24 there's Think No Evil Of Us: a study of the life, times and problems of camp Carry On stalwart Kenneth Williams, followed by another biographical insight, th is time on nonsense poet Edward Lear. How Pleasant to Know Mr Lear, starring that star of stage and numerous gameshows Nicholas Parsons, is on Sunday May 25. Personally, my favourite poem was Shimbleshanks the railway cat. .... Vernon Scannell, author of The Black and White Days, is doing a reading at the King of Hearts on Tuesday 20 May, followed by the Brook Street Band performing works by Handel路on the 22nd ..... At the Norwich Castle Museum the exhibitions by Thomas Gainsborough and Edvard Munch continue.

the playwright. David Mamet is a shrewd writer, and his dialogue remains punchy and accessible while suggesting profundity. The cast was small, so the audience's sympathies weren't thinly spread. The wideboy geezers depicted by Mamet are all caricatures, perhaps with a slight hint of complexity, but caricatures nonetheless. Amongst them were some great parts to play: shy, narrow-minded, aggressive twerps, with terrific wisecracks to deliver. At a time when amateur dramatics increasingly seems to mean The Crucible or an exhausted Shakespeare favourite, ,_.,~ Glengarry Glen Ross made a welcome and wisely judged change. EmilyMay& Catrlona MacLean you expect? Next up were a band who screwed up the beginning of their first song five times, the lead singer remarking "we've just come on after a comedy act 路so we thought we'd let you.have a bit of a laugh". Sadly, this established the tone for the rest of the set. Among other stuff, they did a couple of Nirvana covers before ending on an abysmal cover of Twist 'n' Shout. After a bit a duo come on: one guitar and a keyboard. Result: the offspring of Kraftwerk and Tears for Fears. By this time I've stopped taking any notice of what's going on stage and it takes the final act to shake me out of my apathy. The bass player seems to spend the whole set hopping about the stage like an endearing overexcited toddler who's taken too many E numbers. Damn funky. If only they'd come on earlier the rest of the night might not have seemed such a calamity. Overall, it could only be described as a John Spacsy very disappointing night.

an williams

&THE Qfld


his is a book about Pooh, a bear of enormous brain, and about how all of Western philosophy is in fact laid bare in Winnie the Pooh. What is essentially a comedy (and quite obviously an extension on the previous texts, The Pooh Perplex, The Tao of Pooh and The Te of Pigle~ is a book that is also enlightening and endearing. The idea that Pooh is simply a loveable, well meaning but slightly simple bear is dismissed. In fact this book proposes that such simplicity is just the mask of humility that Socrates also wore. Pooh is, apparently, a remarkable bear, a wise and enlightened guide to us all. Pooh's wisdom can be found on every page. By looking beyond the childish images we find the real meaning to his stories. Honey is so much more than Pooh's appetite: it is the embodiment of his quest for knowledge and spiritual truth, as he the teacher seeks to educate Eeyore, Piglet, Tigger and poor simple Christopher Robin towards the higher truths


that he alone understands. The beauty of this book is that you almost take it seriously. Relating Pooh to Descartes, Plato and Wittgenstein is so appealing that you begin to believe that Pooh is so much more than a bear of very little brain. The author opens philosophy up to the average reader, using a character that we are all familiar with to illustrate some seemingly complex ideas. By the end of the book we discover that each of the characters has a function in widening our understanding of the world, and though Rabbit apparently has the potential to become a dictator, and Eeyore simply isn't Pooh's intellectual equal, we're still fond of them all. Amy Pierce


STERLING AIR SERVICES LTD coffee shop in its first frame but Tat gives the impression that art critics are not its target




audience. Credit has to be given to their motoring page AKA the Penil> Extension manifesto. it's admirable how many sexual references Tat can get into 100 words. The new Renault Clito is a car that evry man would want: 300mph in a cool 5.7 seconds. Still not as fast as some blokes I know. Tat is exactly what it says it is: tasteless, tatty articles and cartoons that you wouldn't spend #1 .60 on. I'd rather have a pint - it's more intellectually stimulating and funnier. Debble Marco


TEL: 0181 574 8386

FAX: 0181 574 6840 TWE.&V&NTf



1~ ,1a997

HIGH SCHOOL HIGH (15) That this is a film from the makers of Naked Gun you may already have an idea of what's in store . An idealistic teacher leaves his job in a swish academy and joins the staff of a rough inner city high school.

DAYLIGHT (15) Thursday, May 22 Another movie in the new disaster genre , this time with Sly Stallone who single handedly tackles a flooding tunnel caused by a gross flaw in civil engineering . Good effects.


THE RELIC (15) After an unexplained bout of particularly foul murders in a natural history museum a police lieutenant and a biologist join forces to catch the little critter.

SPACE TRUCKERS (12) Futuristic fun with Dennis Hopper and Stephen Dorff. A cargo driver is carrying a dodgy load of bio-hazardous waste that with either make him millions or kill hi m. Starring a half dissolved Charles Dance.

BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD DO AMERICA (12) As the title very obviously states the two icons of the MTV generation travel across the US in a desperate effort to pull , difficult in an AC/DC Tshirt.

MATILDA (PG) Friday, May 23 Admirable adaption of Roald Dahl's classic children's book of the same name . Matilda is a child prodigy with super powers wh ich she uses to lead a highly successful rebe llion against Mrs. Trunchbull , the evil headmistress.

LIAR LIAR (12) Jim Carrey's number one film in the US has put him at the top of th e funny man list. Carrey is a top lawyer due to his capac ity for telling porkies. When his son's wish comes true Carrey can't lie for a day causing huge comic repercussions.

JUNGLE 2 JUNGLE (PG) Before a successful city trader can marry his new love he must fi rst divorce his estranged wife who's been living in the Amazon jungle. When he realises she has a son he agrees to take him back to his own habitat, New York.

ROMEO & JULIET (1 5) The funkiest production of Shakespeare yet, bursting with snazzy sets and spangly costumes. Leonardo di Caprio plays Romeo with co nviction and Clare Danes is the pe rfect innocent. I only wish the ending cou ld have been cha nged.



THE ENGLISH PATIENT (15) Another tragic love story. Ralph Fiennes is a Hungarian Count with a mysterious past hauled from a wreckage of a burning plane. The film traces his past life in Egypt just before World War 11. THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (U) RETURN OF THE JEDI (U) The last two installments of the Star Wars trilogy. Wi ll Han Solo escape from Jabba? Will the force be enough to fight the dark side? Watch and see.

ODEON SCREAM (1 8) Wes Craven 's latest contribution to the horror genre is decidedly scary with liberal amounts of spilt blood and impalations aplenty, whatever turns you on . DONNIE BRASCOE (18) This is the true story of undercover cop , Joe Pistone aka Donnie Brascoe aka Johnny Depp who brought down the New York Mob back in 1978 hence the movie's retro look. ANACONDA (15) Number one in the US, allegedly. A documentary team in search of a lost tribe are led by a manic hunter into the hunting ground of a large snake. Like Jaws, only in the jungle. And no sharks.

THE PORTRAIT OF A LADY (12) Wednesday, May 14- Friday, May 16, 5.30pm & Saturday, May 17, 4.30pm Jane Campion's first film since The Piano is an adaptation of the novel by Henry James. lsobel is a naive American trying to understand the European ways of life- and failing. THE EXORCIST (18) Friday , May 16, 11 .00pm Scary stuff and the father of all horror films , despite its age The Exorcist still manages to horrify the pants off any viewer, other than the perverse. TOY STORY (PG) Saturday, May 17, 2.30pm I'm a little surprised at the success of Disney's 'state of the art' computer graphic cartoon , despite computer wizardry and the voices of Tim Alien and Tom Hanks the storyline plods on like a child's substandard airport novel.

QUADROPHENIA (18) Monday, May 19- Wednesday, May 21 , 8.15pm & Tuesday, May 20, 2.30pm it's 1960s Britain and the veritable Mon tagues and Capulets of their day, the Mods and Rockers are at each others throats . Watch out for Sting's dodgy dance moves. BREAKING THE WAVES (18) Sunday, May 25 , 7.30pm Lars Von Trier's contribution to the film world is this outstanding story starring Emily Watson, nominated Best Actress at the Oscars. Watson plays Bess, a simple woman living in a pious backward Scottish island who experiences a plethora of sexual experiences that eventually lead to tragedy. 101 DALMATIANS (U ) Monday, May 26- Wednesday, May 28, 2.30pm Disney's reworking of their cartoon starring Joely Richardson, Jeff Daniels and Glen Close with her flagship performance of Cruella deVil the fur hungry demon. THE ENGLISH PATIENT (15) Monday, May 26 -Thursday, May 29, 5.00pm & 8.00pm & Thursday, May 29, 2.00pm, Friday, May 30, 5.00pm , Saturday, May 31, 8.00pm Minghella's brilliant film is on again at Cinema City for anyone who still hasn't seen it or, quite simply wants to watch it again .

UNION FILMS FIERCE CREATURES (15) Thursday, May 15 A Iuke warm comedy from the usually hysterical team that brought you the Wanda phenomena. This time a zoo is in dire straits and needs the help of a flatulent Australian tycoon to bail them out.

JUDE (15) Sunday, May 18, 7.30pm Based on Hardy's Jude the Obscure, Michael Winterbottom's adaptation of the novel is bril liantly carried by Kale Winslett and Christopher Eccleston as two doomed lovers in Victorian England, very Hardy.

RIDICULE (15) Friday, May 16 Very sophisticated French flick a la Dangerous Liaisons following the outcome of revenge and humiliation in the French court of the eighteenth century.

EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU (12) Monday, May 19 - Saturday, May 24 , 5.45pm & Thu rsday, May 15 - Saturday, May 17, 8. 15pm Woody Alien's latest contribution to ci nema comes in the form of a musical, all very experimental but heaving under the weight of all its stars.

FLIRTING WITH DISASTER (15) Tuesday, May 20 Comedy starring Patricia Arquette. When an adoptee meets his biological parents the agency decide to video the occasion. Chaos ensues, and it has nothing to do with Jeremy Beadle.

EXTREME MEASURES (15) Tuesday, May 27 Hugh Grant has the great misfo rtune to stu mble upon an evil , not to mention highly unethical, medical experiment which may explain the mysterious number of disappearances of down an d outs across th e city. Produced by gi rlfriend Liz.

drama THEATRE ROYAL BLOOD BROTHERS Wednesday May 14 - Saturday May 17 (Matinee Saturday 2.30pm) A musical tale of twins who have been seperated at birth and grow up on different sides of the tracks. £3- £19.50 CARMEN ON ICE Tuesday May 20 - Saturday May 24th (Matinees Thursday and Saturday 2.30pm) The story of the beautiful Spanish gypsy adapted by the Russian Ice Stars. £4-£20 DRACULA Tuesday May 27 The Northern Ballet Theatre bring Stoker's gothic romance to Norwich to celebrate the centenary of the novel. £4-£2

NORWICH PLAYHOUSE THINK NO EVIL OF US Thursday May 22 - Saturday May 24 A biographical study of the life and times of Carry On stalwart Kenneth Williams. £3.50- £12 .50 HOW PLEASANT TO KNOW MR LEAR Sunday May 25 A Playhouse Benefit with Nicholas Parsons on the life of Edward Lear. £3.50 - £10.00

MADDERMARKET ONE FOR THE ROAD Thursday May 22 - Tuesday May 27 More suburban angst from Wil ly Russell. £3.50- £7.50

events SAINSBURY CENTRE SHAKEN AND STIRRED Thursday May 22 A discussion with artists whose wo rk crosses the boundary of art an d science. FREE

KING OF HEARTS Vernon Scannell Tuesday May 20 The author of A Time for Fires and The Black and White Days comes to Norwich. £2


-~. ' 9 I\


• ,

II )

' •




Movement member I SOp otherwise

SHEER BLISS Saturdays Regular House night 9pm-3am. £S

THURSDA VS - GA V CLUB NIGHT 9pm-2am free b4 10.30pm I £1 after SATURDAYS- GAY CLUB NIGHT 9pm-3am £3 b4 1Opm I £4 after

SUNDA V SERVICE Weekly Sunday House night 9pm-2am. Free CAMOUFLAGE Friday May 23 Fortnightly drum 'n' bass night with resident DJ Devious D 9pm-4am £S b4 11 pm I £6 after

MONDA VS - STUDENT NIGHT 9pm-2am SOp with student ID I £3 without WEDNESDA VS - STUDENT NIGHT 9pm-2am SOp with student ID I £3 without FRIDAYS- FAST TRACK 9pm-2am £3 b4 1Opm I £4 after

The Brook Street Band Thursday May 22 Programme includeS music by Handel. £1.SO

FLUKE + HEADRILLAZ + KRIS NEEDS Wednesday May 21 Fluke's atmospheric synths and big beats brought them success last year with Atom Bomb, see them live with the legendary Kris Needs on the decks. £7

XEROX Wednesday May 14 - Saturday May 17 The Norwich School of Art and Design present an exhibition consisting entirely of photocopies. FREE



MARTIN TAYLOR Thursday May 22 Jazz guitarist Martin Taylor is apparently regarded as the world's greatest so it should be good. £8.SO I £7.SO cone

PERFUME + SPACEMAID Tuesday May 20 A chance to see two up and coming bands for free . Billed as 'the next generation of Britpop.' FREE

THE WANNADIES + WESTPIER Thursday May 1S Top Swede popsters hit the Waterfront hot on the tails of chart success and TFI Friday exposure. £6 JESUS JONES Saturday May 17 Early nineties nostalgia accompanies the usual Saturday night Meltdown mayhem, with Jesus Jones' trademark mix of rock ·and techno. £6 SUPERNATURALS +GRASS-SHOW Tuesday May 20 Two acts who have both rocked Norwich recently; the Supematurals supported Gene and Grass-Show did the honours for Silver Sun, here's another chance to see them before they hit the big time. £S

SATURDAYS- LOVE BOMB BABY Pumping house and garage 10pm-3am £6

WEDNESDAYS- ELEVATION Uplifting hard house, garage and techno, drum'n' bass from outer space. 10pm-2am Free to


EDVARD MUNCH Wednesday May 14 - Tuesday May 27 Munch's master work The Sick Child will be on display, along with a selction of prints. £1 .SO

WEDNESDAY- STUDENT NIGHT 1Opm-2am £1 b4 11 pm I £3 after

MONDAY- STUDENT NIGHT lndie hits 1Opm-2am SOp all night with cheap drinks

STRANGE FRUIT Wednesday May 14 - Saturday May 24 Photographic exhibition by Brenda Croft featuring issues of race, gender and cultural identity. FREE

YOUNG GAINSBOROUGH Wednesday May 14 - Tuesday May 27 The works of an 18th century English painter. On tour from the National Gallery. £1 .SO

MONDAYS- HUBBA BUBBA Student Dance Night 1Opm-2am £1 .SO b4 11 pm I £2. after (with student ID)

Hys The Loft Manhattans Ritzy The Waterfront Zoom ABC Cinema Cinema City Odeon Maddermarket Norwich Arts Centre Norwich Playhouse Theatre Royal UEA Studio UEA Union Ents Norwich Gallery

6211SS 62US9 629060 621S41 632717 630760 623312 622047 621903 620917 6603Sl 766466 630000 S9ll7l SOS401 610S61

CLUB RETRO Saturday May 17 The final retro night of the year, so don't miss out. The set in The Hive is fast becoming legendary! £3 adv MISS MONEYPENNYS Saturday May 24 This is Milky Lunch's third birthday bash, and with DJs Simon Owen and Dizzy Dubfire it should be a corker. £8 adv

CHARLES & Dl EXPERIENCE Friday May 16 LCR DJ Paul Fayers spins an 80s tip whilst in the studio there's Foot, alternative 80s fun . £3.5 I £3 cone. OFFYERFACE'S THE ULTIMATE KITCHEN Friday May 23 Featuring Underworld's Darren Emerson, Ultimate's Trevor Rockliffe with a fruity floor show from the Pervee Posse and VJing courtesy of Eyemax Media Lab. 1Opm - 6am. £12 I £11 cone. MELTDOWN Saturday May 24 The usual bag o' fun downstairs with In The Bag providing loose fitting hits from the baggy era. £3.SO I £3

UPLIFT Wednesdays Happy House 1Opm-2am Free entry GORGEOUS Friday May 16 Fortnightly Happy House with resident DJ 9pm-4am £S b4 11 pm I £6 after

14 day listings in association with the Theatre Royal - (01603) 630000 for reservations Tickets always available from £3 or £4




SAT 17th MAY



19.30 £6.00ad


lAST RETRO OF THE YEAR! Features live music and the hits from G,-ease PLUS! Look out for our

19.30 £5.00adv

voucher offer

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I~JJ.~Y TUE 10TH MAY




84 11.00PM.




PINTS :£1.20











+ HEADRILW + KRIS NEEDS20.00 £7.00ad

s~~D + Support



8 £rBA





MIXMAG ~25 ~20




•••••••••••••••••••••••••••• CLUB NIGHTS SAT 24th MAY £8 club Miss MONEYPENNYS








19.30 £5.

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The event issue 073 14 05 1997