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ti'O New year, new Event, jam packed as it ever was with music, films, interviews, reviews, previews, and all the goodies. If Concrete were a sandwich, this would be the filling, the bit in the middle with loads of bacon or chees and pickle or even chips. Mmmm. And we've added new stuff- an Interactive page of computer and internet stuff (WIN a laptop PCI Amazing!) - a new food section featuring beer and restaurant tests - and more, more, more! lt's just so exciting, I can't say enough. And next issue on Wednesday, February 5, even more ridiculously cool stuff! The Worm


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L------------ --------~ THE EVENT, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22, 1997


In the first of a new series, we present a band who we think are gonna be big in the future. This week, Stuart Dredge on his fave new rock'n'roll band. t's such a great feeling. You hear a song, for the first time, perhaps on the radio, and instantly fall in love with it. it's by a group you've never heard of, so you resolve to track them down and devour everything they ever produce. Well, it was like that for me when an unassuming 7" single popped into the music tray last year. That group was Orphic Soop, the song was Dead By Tomorrow, and here they are in The Event now, as our first Tip For The Top. How do they sound? Like my dream rock'n'roll band, combining my favorite bits from the Stones, the Crowes, Led Zep, Free, hell even the Charlatans if you stretch a point. Sleazy riffs, a singer who's not afraid to rock out, and, best of all, a Hammond Organ to fill out the already bulging sound. Reef may have hit the top five, but there's a whole lot more where that came from, and the Soop are going to be hot on their heels this year. Still, you don't want me gushing for the whole article: you want the facts . The band were


in Woking, not exactly the centre of the rock'n'roll universe, but it's a start. As with Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Black Crowes, the group revolves around the volatile relationship between two brothers; in this case Arno and Jake Spires, guitarist and organist. They were joined by their old friends Matt Webb and Omar Hayes, and finally by singer Mick Hosie Taylor, down from Bolton. Last year saw a nationwide tour supporting Reef, including a gig here at the Waterfront. Reactions

were positive to say the least, with Kerrang magazine claiming them as "the new saviours of rock'n'roll" • high praise indeed for a band that hadn't even had a proper single out at the time! The album is due out this Spring, preceded by Groove Dictation, a single which has barely left my stereo since I got hold of a preview copy. I'm not being too melodramatic when I say that the Soop could be as big as Oasis, or even bigger! Just remember where you head it first...

NORWICH ARTS CENTRE tbrwich s livelist venue


DeLaloal 3F11t lllfb ADtlllllillf


"And now I'd like to Introduce you to one of the claBSics... perhaps one of the most famous classics In all the world of music. " h yes. 1989. De La Soul. Posdnuos, Trugoy and Mase have the confidence to introduce the album version of their first ever release (Plug Tunin') as an undoubted classic. And who was arguing? Add to this tracks of the calibre of Say No Go, Me Myself And I, The Magic Number, Eye Know and Buddy, plus guest appearances from fellow Native Tongue collaborators A Tribe Called Quest. The Jungle Brothers and producer Prince Paul who would go on to produce the awesome Gravediggaz alongside Wu Tang mentor The RZA. 3 Feet High And Rising was such a classic that even when it was just a concept it kicked the butt of everything else around. I could go on about how 3 Feet High And Rising was easily digestible antidote to the hardcore socio-political stance of Public Enemy's lt Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back and as such an obvious candidate for cross-over status due to its more palatable content for the white middle classes. But that would be boloeks. Public Enemy rule. De La Soul rule. 3 FtHII High And~ is a classic. M»kTobin


RING (01603) 660352 FOR TICKETS & DETAILS Cafe tar open fran lOam, restaurant fcx.rl at cafe prices vegan, vegetarian & rreat dishes available




n talking to lead vocalist Martin (or Sugar, as he's known), the first th ing I want to know is whether they're genumely a new th ing, or mere johnny-come-latelys to the Manchester scene . "We're definitely a Manchester band , but it's more than that. Musically we're really different from the Mondays or the Roses - the music we do is just indescribable really! " Really? So who listens to these 'indescribable' records then? "More indie fans I think , although people from the dance scene tend to begrudgingly like us. it's a broad spectrum though - recently we've had people like U2 praising our record ." That's not all . Ex-Rose lan Brown was recently quoted as saying he was looking forward to listening to the Audioweb LP now he had more time on his hands. With mass appeal beckoning, would Martin ever want to be as big as , say, Oasis? "No one can be, that's just a freak. I'd like to be as big as Cast or Shed Seven,


although it'd be beautiful to be as big as Oasis! I just can't see it myself." Well , maybe the next single, Bankrobber, will be the one to make that possible. Why choose to cover an old Clash song though? "it's spooky, cos it's got all the things we do in it. it's quite dubby, and there's chatting on the other side. The Clash were so far ahead of themselves! I'm not into everything they do, but Bankrobber is the best punk/reggae tune ever!" Record-buying public take note. They were here with Space on Sunday, but past tours have been, er, less prestigious. Northern Uproar - why?! "I didn't really want to do it, but everyone else thought it was a good idea. it was like professional men playing and then some little guys coming on. I think they learnt from us! A lot of bands will have problems playing live with us, because that's our strength ." Well , Space have had previous problems with their support band, namely Octopus. When those cheeky Scots lads played a practical joke on the final night, their

scally hosts took offence and tried to beat the crap out of them! Be scared Martin. Be very scared ... "Nah - if they're nice then we're nice. If they' re not nice then .. Well , no-one's going to throw me off tour, know what I mean? We don't need any pranks on tour; music is our power." Profound words indeed . With high-profile support tours like this, and then one of their own afterwards, 1997 is looking bright. Where are the band going this year? "We'll be gigging every month , getting in the studio and releasing some more singles. I think we've got the potential to be one of the bands of '97. it's gonna be interesting!" Well, it should have been , if you were at the gig on Sunday. Judging by the way it sold out weeks before , it was certainly an appealing bill . With Bankrobber out now, we 'll soon see if Audioweb will be breaking into the charts, or simply doing hard time down the dumper.

80 Rose Lane Norwich



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ALBUM REVIEWS Blur • Beetlebum lt's been a long

~ait,but a~ 1t's more ~~ than "'Gir 'llllr worthit! ~~ Beetlebum is a blissful slice of whimsical pop, that creeps up on you unawares and gently tickles your pop tastebuds. If you're going to be influenced by the Beatles, then this is how it should be! Stick that up your Wonderwall Noel. .. Bald men in rock - what's the point? 11 may seem harsh, but this week has seen a deluge of slapheaded singles descend upon us. Take the Boo Radleys for example. Ride The Tiger is, lets be honest, a bit smelly. If the Boos are so experimental now, how come all recent singles have sounded like Oasis? Just a thought. More bald men: 808 State and James Dean Bradfield have teamed u~ to produce Lopez. Nope, young James hasn't had a drastic haircut! The cueball connection comes from Brian Eno, whose remix we received. Like all his other remixes, it's a wibbly pile of old arse. Likewise, The Orb's Toxygene, and even if they .aren't bald, on this record they sure sound as if they ought to be. Edward Ball is the only follicly challenged pop star this week to come up with the goods. Love Is Blue is one of those good old-fashioned ballads that supposedly aren't being made any more. On a similiar downbeat note, local lass Beth Orton's Touch Me With Your Love is the ideal post-club comedown track, marrying lush triphop beats to her own folky style. Now, you may have noticed that it's just a bit cold at the moment. Still, for some pop stars it's always summer, at least in their heads. The race to be the new Dodgy is well underway, with new singles from chirpy sorts Bennet, the Supernaturals, the Candyskins and Silver Sun. Basically, they're all spangly pop tunes that melt in your mouth and cheer you up, even if you're stuck in a below-zero temperature house with only your textbooks for company. Grr.. Angst-rock is still going strong this year, and with a new Radiohead album due sometime, there's a number of young upstarts waiting to usurp them. Geneva have been praised widely, and praised is the right word for their devout tunesmithery. Into The Blue is just as great as their last single, proving that Aled Jones fronting Suede isn't such a bad Idea after all. Velvet Jones are also tipped for the top, if only by us (see centre spread). Twisted is what you'd expect from the title - dark, compelling rock with a delicate underbelly. Finally, David Bowle's Little Wonder ptoves that dinosaurs can survive in the jungle yup, Dave's gone all drum'n'bass on us. it's a bit worrying though - kinda like your dad wearing a puffa jacket and going to Wortd 1• • • Dance... 11

VARIOUS .AR'I1STS Phoenix: T1le Album Reviewer: Paul Stokes




n event of earth-shattering importance didn't occur in 1996. That event was the Glastonbury Festival, missing from last summer, it gave the other festivals a chance to shine which is exactly what Phoenix tried to do. The Prodigy played twice, the Sex Pistols got back together, Massive Attack played a stunning string-filled set, Neil Young and the Chemical Brothers also pulled off great performances, however none of that is on this album. What is on this album is, amongst others, a live recording of a "now deleted and very rare" Babybird song (dull) and a David Bowie exclusive (marvellous). Other highlights of this "festival on a disc" include: the Manic Street Preachers with From Despair To Where, Placebo (36 Degrees), and the relaxing sound of Sterolab playing a song called Percolator. This is all right for a "live" album, it's produced well, and the bands, most of whom are new "up and coming" groups, give a good account of themselves live; however, this might be "Phoenix: The Album" but it is not "Phoenix: All The Best Bits From The 96 Festival", as the glaring omission of some acts shows. it's good but it could have been SO much better.


Renclerers of Spirit Reviewer: Emma Lee



ou might think the life of a reviewer is really cushy - getting truckloads of COs every week. Normally you'd be right. However, this week I've been given the dubious pleasure of reviewing Lenny's album. My first problem was not having the faintest clue who he was! According to the press release , he's a pioneer of 'Jazz Rock Drumming'. Jazz Rock Drumming - Hooray! Does this mean I've got an hour-long record filled with the soothing sounds of drums? Cheers Mark and Stu! The suspense is killing me. I put the CD on, lie back, and relax . Two hours later I wake up none ----the wiser. 1 read with interest on the inlay card that in Lenny's music, "diversity rules". Well , if that's true, why does every song sound the same? The musical highlight of this album is a substandard jazz cover of Bacharach and David's Walk On By. As you might have guessed, I'd rather stick knitting needles in my eyes than listen to this album again, but if you a.) suffer from insomnia, or b.) think that the jamming session bit on Later... is really cool, then this album could well be an essential purchase.

VARIOUS ARnSTS Bring Da Ruckus . Reviewer: Kate d'Este Hoare

Q) I

h dear, this is not good. When you start listening to this album you may think, "Umm, not too bad, this first track's got a good beat ..." (as you dol), but after eighteen tracks and over an hour of the same repetitive beat and ' mother-f*~ing gangsta rap' the word boring becomes something of an understatement. Basically this is an album filled with very angry, very scary looking men wearing lots of gold jewellery shouting aggressively about all their 'gangsta' chums in 'da hood' trying to prove their masculinity and getting extremely worked up about it all in the process. There are, however, a few tracks by female R&B vocalists such as Yvette Michelle, and soul jazz singer Adriana Evans. These tracks provide welcome relief from the amazingly irritating endless drone of the rap which makes up the remainder of this album. If hip hop aint your !hang 72 minutes of this is incredibly likely to provoke you into such a state of

NEW YORICAN SOUL New Yorican Soul Reviewer: Davkl jenktns coking for some music to thaw out to? Well this could just the thing. The rainchild of those Masters At Work Loule Vega and Kenny 'Dope' Gonzalez, Nu Yorican Soul is an attempt to capture the sound of Latin American New York.And it works, sort of. Consisting of a relatively wide range of styles and guest artists, most of the album is retro in the extreme and sounds like it should be soundtracking some seventies movie. The quality varies from track to track, switching from classy soul, to extended instrumentals to, er, scat on Roy's Scat where upon the

le endary Roy Ayers does an ill-advised Scatman John impression. Then there's the solos that litter the album piano solos, the acoustic guitar solos, the flute solo, you get the drift. The good tracks are good, the bad tracks are long. Look, if you listen to the excellent Patrick Forge Worldwide on Kiss FM, read Straight No Chase magazine and know who Tito Puente is you will almost certainly like this. For the rest of you Roy Ayers' greatest hits might be a better place to start. As the jazz presenter from the Fast Show would say- "Nice". David Jenkins.

anger, frustration and irritation that it's highly possible your stereo could be smashed in an attempt to end the torture. If, however, you're into this kind of thing then I suppose you'll like this. Oh dear!

.AlPHA SEVEN Great Uft Joumeys of Norwich Reviewer: James Tapsfiekl

@ 4


s are fascinating things. Who amongst you asn't ever stepped into a really nice one nd thought, "Mmm! This is a really nice lift: I think I'll go Up." Even fewer, however, will have taken the time and trouble (and indeed, tape recorder) to record the sound it makes for home enjoyment. Fortunately DJ's Merkin and Alpha Seven have done the job for you with this album featuring some favorite elevators, including our very own Elizabeth Fry Building's. Foaming with anticipation, I load the CD into my stereo and listen to these samples, after which·, it's time to turn to the music, wh ich is actually quite good. Listening to this, one feels , should be undertaken in the company of a small group of close friends, with atmospheric lighting and copious quantities of narcotics to further enhance the mood. This isn't an album to just dip into occasionally for one track; it's there to create a certain ambience, and as such it works well. it's good! I'll be listening to it again, and I'm not even particularly fond of ambient music.




j·. . ., HMV . · ~~

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At gentleman's walk opposite the market THE EVENT. WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 22. 1997

, ---



Evita (PG) USA (1 9 96) Dir: Atan Parker Od eon _ now showing

musicals of all time

So if Madonna's not what floats your boat, but you fancy a good ol' sing-song all the same, take a look at this grand foray of musicals and realise that many of the writers quite possibly either had addictions of the narcotic variety or rather a kinky idea of fun . Wizard of Oz (1939) Dot and Toto get spun out on a technicolour trip to the E - city via the yellow-brick road, with equally hallucinogenic Tinmen, Scarecrows and munchkins who all dream of meeting the great Wizard - not at all weird then . Singin' in the Rain (1952) Gene Kelly makes a splash with this allsinging, all-dancing film about... rain. How they managed to make a movie out of that we can't say. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954) We're waiting for the sequel: Wife-swapping and Incest in the West. West Side Story (1961) Gang wars galore in this Romeo and Juliet escapade featuring several impure thoughts about Sharks. Mary Poppins (1964) A spoonful of sugar helps the acid go down in a most delightful way when Mary and friends explore the possibilities of jumping into pavement paintings. Nearly as bad a trip as the Wizard of Oz. The Sound of Music (1965) Julie Andrews makes a career change from nanny to nun and falls for the Leiderhosenclad Mr. Von Trapp. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1 968) Again, proving that there is a very fine line between between childhood fantasy and frequent drug use .. .how many talking, flying cars do you know? Grease (1978) Danny is the one that Sandy wants .. . is the one that she wants ooh ooh ooh honey. Quite. Annie (1982) Daddy Warbucks rescues flame-haired orphan Annie from the the drunken Miss Hannigan and you can betcha bottom dollar that she'll love ya tomorrow, and remember... you're only a day away. Rocky Horror Picture Show (1976) The film that started everyone's fetish fo r fishnets, suspenders and red basques .. .what do you mean 'What fetish ?', everyone's got one ... haven't they?


ike it or not, Evita is set to make millions at the box office and make a respectable woman of Madonna. Alan Parker's saga of Argentina's first lady Eva Peron charts the unprecedented rise of Peron from low life country girl to the most powerful woman in South America quicker than yo u ca n say Falklan d Isles. Madonna plays Eva Duane who makes it to Buenos Aires literally singing all the way and after complaining of her li fe being another suitcase in another hall she begins her ascent from dancer to vice president (almost) via modelling, acting and lots of bed hopping unti l she gets hitched to Juan, the general with potential. Eva proved to be Juan Peron's greatest asset in his successful efforts to become president in a not entirely democratic campaign. The spectacular fu neral scene epitomises the effect this woman had on the nation and their co llective love fo r her. Fortunately Parker has not made a wholly biased biopic of the icon and lets the audience judge for themselves . Irritatingly catchy tunes are guaranteed in this Tim Rice/ Lioyd-Webber collaboration , to the extent that - be warned - the whole film is sung. While Madonna is clearly in her element, Jonathan Pryce who plays Juan Peron, her husband and president looks a little more uncomfortable singing his election strategy to his cabinet. Antonio Banderas is probably up for a n ----------~ Oscar nomination with his role as Che, a chorus figure popping up everywhere to narrate Eva's exploits. Jimmy Nail also features , swapping his Geordie grit and crocodile shoes for a guitar and a load of Latin lust. Spender fans , fear not, his nose is still enormous. This film is for loyal Lloyd-Webber fans and Madonna fanatics everywhere and thanks to a major advertising campaign, a month of Evita-hype , the general public should be sucked in too. Evita may not be everyone's cup of tequila, but if you've got slightly more than two hours to spare and beautifully filmed rags-to-riches tales are your thing , Catherine Jones don 't miss it.

\ levis gotcha a diet saltroek

miss mone vood dani I oole great plains stree s ster mambo at le et

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o' ell evls ub ove

urban stone fen h nneetion slmpson great plains

CLUBWEAR FOR G I RLS upstairs at

ri-lE bluE jEAN eo.


February brings us Tim Burton's welcome, an d even weirder, return with his fu ll scale , fryeveryone-in-sight alien invasion with Mars Attacks. Also look out for both Hamlet, starring Britain's fave luwie Ken , and a 90s version of Romeo and Juliet. John Travolta follows in Denzel's footsteps as an angel in Michael. .... March sees the long awaited return of the Star Wars trilogy, but if you're not into that, The English Patient, starring Ralph Fiennes, is promising to be an Oscar-deserving tale of plane crashes, amnesia and loving nurses. Bugs Bunny teams up with Michael Jordan in Space Jam and Tom Cruise wins our hearts in Jerry _ _,_,. Maguire..... Disaster strikes repeatedly throughout the year, starting in April with Dante 's Peak, when volcanic lava spews all over the place ..... Woody Ali en also makes a return with Everyone Says I Love You, a L..J~~-~~= musical starring Goldie Hawn an d Julia Roberts - let's

.... Wal es' answer to Trainspotting, a kind of "Sheepspotting", if you will , comes in the form of Twin Town, eo-produced by Danny Boyle , following the antics of two joyriding drug-dealers in small-town Wales. ~ore disasters afoot for the rest of the year in The Flood, starring Christian Slater. Oh, and something survived in Jurassic Pa rk apparently. Will it be up to Jeff Goldblum to save the world yet again in sequel The Lost World?

--:---:-- - ---J

.... Danny Boyle takes a trip to the USA with A Life Less Ordinary, starring Ewan McGregor, with Holly Hunter playing yet another angel. .... Autumn also sees more eruptions in Volcano and even more catastrophe with Titanic, starring Kale Winslet. Expect sequels aplenty with Speed 2: Cruise Control, with Jason Patric taking over from Kean u, and Alien:Resurrection with Sigourney being born again . ....And for the softees we've got Babe 2 and Home Alone 3 coming our way ... what more could you want?!





PREVIEWS The Mirror Has Two Faces ( IS) USA.(1996) or: Bartlara Stnlsancl Odeon - now showing Bart>ara stars and directs in this slushy romantic comedy about two academics who marry for intellect and friendship. Predictably, that ol' devil called love pops up to throw a spanner in the works. Also starring Pierce Brosnan and Lauren Bacall.

he original Mr Nice Guy. Tom Hanks has managed to keep himself squeaky clean in the coke fuelled sleazy world of tinsel town- and win a couple of Oscars along the way. Hanks now resides in L.A. but like other mega-stars probably has a trillion acre ranch in Montana, cosy apartment overlooking Central Park and a tropical hide-a-way in the Pacific. Now, turning his hand at writing and directing with That Thing You Do! audiences are now discovering he's as good behind the camera as in front. HUMBLE BEGINNINGS: Born in Oakland, California Hanks got interested in acting in high school and made his first professional debut in Taming of the Shrew. Since his thespian beginnings, Hanks has got himself some 23 films behind him, along with several television appearances, such as Tales From The Crypt, Saturday Night Uve


Ransom(IS) USA(I996) or: Ron Howanl Odeon • showing from Jan J I Mel Gibson is Tom Mullen the multi-millionaire tycoon who has the great misfortune of having his son (Nick Nolle's son in reality) kidnapped. The kidnappers demand a ransom and, despite being loaded , Mel refuses to pay up and turns the tables on his kidnappers, promising stuff.

Extreme Measun!s (IS) USA(1996) or: Mktlael Apted Odeon - showing from Jan J I Hugh 'annoying' Grant is a doctor with a prestigious hospital job but this is all about to change after a homeless man dies on the ward. Grant does a little investigating and gets accused of all manner of heinous crimes and is promptly sacked. The plot thickens, but not enough, and maintains a runny consistency to the bitter end. The Ghost and the Darkness ( I S) USA ( 1996) or: Stephen Hopldns ABC Cinema- now showing A true story set in nineteenth century Kenya. The British attempt to build a bridge linking Lake Victoria to Mombassa is foiled by two serial killer lions with a taste for civil engineers. The chief bridge builder Val Kilmer and celebrity big game shooter Michael Douglas go out to shoot the pests, dubbed the ghost and the darkness by the locals. Easier said than done.

and Taxi. FILMOGRAPHY HIGHLIGHTS: Splash! (1984), The Man With One Red Shoe (1985), Volunteers (1985), The Money Pit (1985),, Dragnet (1987), Big (1988), Punchline (1988), The 'burbs (1989), Turner and Hooch (1989}, Bonfire of the Vanities (1990), Joe Versus the Volcano (1990), A League of Their Own (1992), Sleepless in Seattle (1992), Philadelphia (1993), Forrest Gump (1994), Apollo 13 (1995), Toy Story (1996), That Thing You Do, (Dir:1997) BIG BREAK: Ron Howard's Splash, Hanks stars alongside Daryl Hannah, in mermaid mode washed ashore in New York. CAREER HIGH: Winning Oscars for Best Actor in two years; a feat which hadn't been managed In fifty years. CAREER LOW : Hasn't had one-yet. But let's not forget the bigger they are... the harder they falll BEST LEADING LADY: His eo-star in the 1985 film Volunteers, Rita Wilson, who he married soon after- with whom he is still enjoying matrimonial bliss.


Brealdngthe Waves ( 18) ~ (1996)

or: Lars von Trier Cinema City - now showing A truly excellent film and winner of the Grand Prix at Cannes 1996. Breaking the Waves tells the story of Bess from a remote, conservative Scottish community who marries a foreigner who works on the North Sea oil rigs. Wedded bliss is short lived as the husband becomes paralysed in an accident which sparks off Bess' moral decline. A gripping and involving film. The Now Book (18) UI(JHolland.ft' ( 199S) or: Peter Greenaway Cinema City - now showing Perhaps Ewan McGregor's kinkiest film yet Nagiko (Vivian Wu) has a fetish for being painted with Japanese characters and searches for more talented calligraphers to satisfy her peculiar tendency to be turned on by being drawn upon. Enter Ewan the translator who's more than happy to oblige but this calligraphic couple aren't to enjoy happiness when an evil publisher from her past appears to rock the boat. Foghorn Legtiom WamerBros Union Film Society Everyone's favourite big red cock makes an appearance before the next four Union Films, look out for him before Emma (Jan 31), Beautiful Thing (Feb 4), The Nutty Professor (Feb 6) and A Time to Kill (Feb 7) in the new look film society. With a new video projector that makes the LT2's screen look bigger, a more cultural theme is being brought to Tuesdays, while Thursdays are saved for the blockbusters and Friday for British Heritage and action flicks.


The Preacher's Wife (U) USA (1997) Dlr: Penny M arshall ABC - now showing et another Whitney film, yet another chance for Whitney to warble her heart · out. This time she plays the gospelsinging, choir-leading, people-loving wife of Preacher Henry Biggs (Courtney B. Vance) who asks God for a bit of help when his faith in the job starts to wane. Cue the Angel Dudley, played by the notably unwinged Denzel Washington, who is seni down to this humble New York suburb, to help out the Rev. Unfortunately, poor Dudley doesn't quite make an all-too-convincing angel and Pastor Biggs has a bit of trouble believing that that his motives go any further than wooing his wife. There are sub-plots aplenty, a local teenager gets wrongly arrested, a property developer wants to tear down the neighbourhood, and Whitney, in whose mouth butter wouldn't stand a chance, feels neglected by her do-gooder husband. All the ingredients are there for a potentially heart-warming tale of love, hope and er...gospel-singing. Having said that, the whole film, a remake of the 1947 Cary Grant film, The Bishop's Wife, feels like a sing-along-a-Whitney video. The fact that the soul diva has never had an acting lesson in her life at least gives her one excuse for being as convincing as Terry Wogan's toupee, and with such a poor script, the poor girl doesn't stand a chance. So, if .it's the angel Denzel you're after and not a warbling Whitney then Its worth a look, but if you just want to see how many octaves she can cover in 124 minutes then use your Christmas gift tokens to buy the soundtrack.








had this one

' ' I don't know how Ocean Colour Scene haw the gall to go dressed as Art Garfunkea

thrown up, pissed himself, and was being carted off to hospital!" Bassist Leigh raises an eyebrow and looks me in the eye. "Say, we should get you to come on the bus with us." Gulp! Welcome to the world of Terrorvision; a world of high japes, insanely catchy tunes, and dangerously exhilarating gigs. A world where pop and rock don't just mix, they darn well go down the pub and get rat-arsed together! And, apparently, a world where journalists been known to find



themselves tied up, head-bagged or stripped, "just for a laugh." And to think I jumped at the chance to interview them ... However, in the flesh , they're a friendlier and altogether cuddlier bunch. As I arrive, Tony is engaged in a fierce discussion with the tour manager. What can it be? Is the rider too small, the dressing-room too cramped, or the cocaine supply not pure enough? Nope, Tone has just been up to see what time the last bus leaves, and has realised that it's after the gig's scheduled finishing time. So, he's making sure his band come on earlier, so all the .fans can get home. Aww ... o, are you prepared to rock? Perhaps more than any other band, Terrorvision have almost made metal cool again, something which they acknowledge with characteristic good humour. "Oh aye, when we started out it was an embarrassing sort of music to be into. Remember all those horrible old rock bands that you used to see on the front of Kerrang? Well we got rid of 'em!"- Tony And he's right, as those of us who r~ember the days of spandex-pants, big poodle perms, and horrible guitar solos will know. But then again, having administered the death blow to bands like Poison, Saxon and Whitesnake, why then choose to go on tour with Def Leppard? Surely they're just the sort of stadium-filling dinosaurs that Terrorvision are the antithesis of? "Oh no, they're top blokes - really down to earth considering that they've sold however many millions of albums." Well, I'm sure those two in Los Del Rio are 'good blokes', but that doesn't mean I'd go on tour with them! Still, it seems to have been a success, although Leigh·concedes that it wasn't ideal playing to an audience replete with "mullets, stone-washed denim and AQ/DC shirts." Still, Terrorvision make no bones about the fact that touring with the Lep's gave them the chance to appeal to a new audience. They may have attracted some criticism in the music press for this, but they have a bee in their very own bonnet, and it's sting is pointed straight at Noelrock.. "I don't understand how the music press can criticise us when they're promoting shit like Ocean Colour Yawn." Leigh's incensed, and pointing out that the press seem to vilify that particular band doesn't dissuade him. "I just don't understand how you can live with yourself when you're so f***ing derivative!" Fifteen-love. Over to Tony: "Aye, we played with 'em at the Top of the Pops concert. I stood and watched 'em in all their little sixties gear with their stupid f***ing Spencer Davis Group haircuts..• Thirty-love. Back to Leigh: "Fair enough, you can reinvent yourself, but you can't just say 'F*.., that didn't work' and find another era to plunder!" Forty-love. Match point. Tony to serve: "And what I don't understand is how they've got the gall to go onstage dressed as Art f***ing Garfunkel!" Game, set and match to the boys from Bradford! 1 Serious argument is all well an d you C<y'l't


beat a bit of puerile, unfounded, but above all funny abuse. But they do have a serious point, as Tony illustrates when he portrays the historians of the next century striving to work out exactly which decade Kuta Shaker come from. Say what you like about Terrorvision, but you can't deny that they have their own sound. Put it this way, if you turned on the radio and heard Perseverance you'd place it straight away. As for The Day We Caught The Train, you could cycle through a number of noary old beat bands before hitting on the right one. Leigh agrees: "When you look back in twenty years' time, you'll look at bands like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin or U2. They'll be seen as the true innovators in music who really moved things on. No-one'll remember Kula Shaker." h-oh. After a brief moment of sensible thought, we're back to the subject of THOSE bands. Suffice to say, the conversation descends, reaching its nadir when Tony suddenly remembers a 'hot' new band that he has an opinion on: "Have you seen that Laxton's Superb?" Yes, unfortunately. "Well, I haven't heard the record; I've just seen the haircuts - f***ing hilarious! If they're not a joke band then they deserve a serious kicking!" The natural progression is to debate what exactly 'Laxton's Superb' means. Cue a long, rambling conversation, with various suggestions, including a brand of hairspray, breed of cow, or a real ale. The problem is finally solved, however, when Leigh is struck by The Truth... "I know! it's that 'morning after a good curry

syndrome isn't it. You know, 'I had a superb Laxton's this morning - it really cleaned me system out!" Er, cheers. Finally, I manage to turn the conversation away from which bands Terrorvision hate to the privileged few who they, gasp, actually like! Such as... "I love the Prodigy, I really do. I seriously reckon that they're the next Led Zeppelin!" Eh? Not that I'm disagreeing Tony, but the Prodge aren't exactly known for their cock-rock tendencies!

"No, but just in the way they're completely redefining the rules. They're cool as f***l I love the way they really sound like they're from these times." Other Terrorvision faves include Black Grape and the Fun Loving Criminals, both of whom are required listening on the tourbus. Seeing as the next album is due to be written fairly soon, will these bands influence it at all? "Only in as much as we want to do better than them. That's the way influences should work; to inspire you to go away and produce something better." What's promised, if not something completely different, is at least a significant progression. If you've heard Easy, you'll know they're capable of more than just pop-metal singalongs. But enough of the music! I wanna hear some rock star stories! Any rock band worth their salt should be able to tell a few interesting tales. You know the sort of thing: Drinking champagne from supermodels' bellybuttons. Throwing the bed out of the hotel window and then following it, just for a laugh. Terrorvision don't let me down, although they take a bit of prompting. "We don't like to .talk as much about it, cos earlier this year every interview seemed to be about us getting off our faces." Oh c'mon guys, just for me?! 'Well, it's nothing unus~al. Loads of people who work in nine-to-five jobs during the week spend the weekend getting compl~tely shitfaced. We just do it every night!" hat's more like it. Having established this, I'm treated to a selection of tour anecdotes, including the unf~rtunate German fan already mentioned at the start of this article. Others include playing to just two fans in Wrexham ("..but they were stagediving and everything!"), various horror stories involving unlucky journalists, and best of all the Prirtce anecdote, which Tony recounts with relish ... "One of me mates was coming out of a club, and this bouncer grabbed him by the throat and pinned him against the wall. Turns out it was because Prince was there, and didn't want to brush past anyone on the way in. So, next week we were doing Top of the Pops, and so was he. I got me mate to point out the guy that did it. So, I went up to this f***ing huge bodyguard and told him, 'If you touch my mate again, I'll f***ing kill ya!'" Tony sits back with an air of pride, quickly punctured when Leigh leans across and whispers conspiratorially, "Yeah, and then the daft f***er ran away and hid in our dressing room!" What more can you say? Exuberant, witty, mouthy, and often downright hilarious Terrorvision are one of the most down-to-earth groups around. 1997 promises to be their year, especially if they can crack the lucrative US market. In 12 months time, who knows where they'll be? The biggest band in the world? Stranger things have happened. Whatever, Tony and Leigh intend to take it as it comes, with a smile and a healthy dose of northern cynicism. As they say, "You can take the man out of Bradford, but you can't take Bradford out of the man." There remains only one thing to be asked. Terrorvision, what will be written on your gravestones? Leigh ponders this, knowing that a profound answer is required. Finally, he settles on this: "Terrorvision. They came, they rocked. Like mothers!" Who am I to argue?!


Who Are They? Michael (Vocals), Dean (Guitar), Giles (Bass), Bill (Keyboards), Jon (Drums) From? London What do they sound like? Imagine a weird yet wonderful hybrid of Terrorvision and Radiohead, and that's "only half the story. Upbeat angst-rock with added hummability. You Should Know: Giles is the son of George Martin, famed Beatles producer. He produced Kula Shaker when they were a crap mod band known as The Kays. The band are produced by Chris Sheldon, who has also worked with Terrorvision. You Should Buy: Twisted single, released January 27th Odds on being the Next Big Thing? 5·1. They may be just a little bit too weird for complete chart domination

Who Are They? Pete (BassNox), Chris (Guitar), Ben (Guitar), Keith (Drums). From? London-based, but originally Geordie. What do they sound like? Punky-metal-speedpop from hell - Wildhearts mixed with the Pistols, except with more tunes than that. Apparently they're quite loud live, in a 'blow-the-roof-off' sorta way. . You Should Know: Keith used to be a member of Skyclad, infamous pagan metallers who smelt a bit. Chris is still growing his eyebrows back after an encounter with Ginger Wildheart. They'll be here on Friday 24th January as part of the NME's Bratbus tour. You Should Buy: Nuclear Holiday single, which has been out for a while. Bratbus ticket. Odds on being the Next Big Thing? 2-1 . With the might of Oasis' record label Creation behind them, how can they fail?!

So Who Are They? Five young whippers1nat•Pe1rs allegedly called Noel, Liam, Guigsy, Alan and Bonehead. From? Up North somewhere. What do they sound like? Hmm. A hard one this. There's definitely a Beatles influence, with a few pilferings from Cast, Shed ~even etc. They take all these influences and create their own original sound. You Should Know: Noel gave up his job as a Bis roadie to join the band. Liam was recently detained by Glasgow magistrates for possession of an ounce of sherbert. The lads are so popular they've already inspired one tribute band, in Manchester You Should Buy: I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing, a cover of the well-loved New Seekers anthem · Odds on being the Next Big Thing? 1-4. They'll be playing huge stadiums in Hertfordshire this time next year, mark my words.



hoever came up with the idea of a collaboration between best selling author Michael Crichton and cinematic guru Steven Spielberg des~rves a medal, which could be hung next to the numerous Emmys this show has received. Despite being in its third series, the massively successful hospital drama ER shows no sign of losing steam (though you can guarantee there will be liberal amounts of blood). The key to the show's success seems to be the fast paced visual action combined with convincing medical lingo. sensitive and provoking story lines and characters that the audience can relate to. And drop-dead gorgeous George Clooney (Or Doug Ross) probably doesn't do the series' ratings any harm. The main story lines that are to be developed over the series are Jeanie's contraction of the HIV virus and the 'will they, won't they' situation between Mark Greene and Susan Lewis. In the episode Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Wed Jan 22) Jeanie struggles to carry on with her job and cope with the cocktail of medication she has been prescribed, and as the side effects begin to show Carrie Weaver becomes suspicious. Meanwhile Susan has finally decided on a holiday destination, and in a spontaneous moment she asks Mark to go with her to Hawaii, however both are so embarrassed by the suggestion the opportunity for romance is lost (again).

Without wanting to reveal too much, the rest of the series has路some interesting developments. Look out for the new paediatric surgeon Abby Keaton, who has a romance with one of the regular characters, the ever complex web of Doug Ross's love life, a mistake in the operating room that has tragic consequences and the tearwrenching departure of one of the key characters from the series. Having seen most of this series I can guarantee that ER remains probably the best medical drama on telly, either side of the Atlantic. Nothing like a bit of gore on a Wednesday night. Amy Pierce

films of the fortnight This film portrays the massacre that occurred at Gallipoli, and follows the two heroes as they learn to cope with the horrors and realities of war. Though powerful and visually dramatic, the film does have it's lighter moments. Mel Gibson gives a sensitive performance in one of the most popular Australian films of the eighties.

A classic from 1981 , Gallipoli is set in World War I and stars Mark Lee and a very young (and very cute) Mel G_ibson as Australian athletes who sign up and are transported to the Dardanelles, where Allied forces are locked in battle with the enemy.


ow can you begin to describe such a program, a monolith that towered over 'yoof culture for so tragically few short years? You've got the Girlie Show, you've got the White Room, you've got Dani Dares and, well, Jots of late night stuff, but all of them are vastly infeJior. This show was so tacky you couldn't quite bring yourself to turn it off. Now come on, admit it - you couldn't. Bring on a guest -such as Jimmy Hill or Oliver Reed, get Terry Christian to take the piss out of him and ask e.mbarrassing questions before cutting to some noisy band. Put a constantly changing psychadelic background in, and point the camera at the audience dancing around like a bunch of over-excited chimpanzees. Then of course there were the lovely cockumentaries (ahem) - the American who had his organ enlarged (including pictures of the operation}, or the bloke who hung weights from it for a laugh... revolting. Later series saw the fantastic innovation of the 'I'd Do Anything To Get On Television' feature, where assorted, urn, hopefuls, agreed to do the most vile and repulsive acts ever to be seen on


MA D MAX Sat 25 Jan 11.05pm - 12.45am ITV In the performance that brought him to the attention of the American market, Met Gibson stars as policeman Max, caught up in the tight against the violent biker gangs who emerge as society spins out of control. When the bikers kill his family the previously level-headed copper goes a few prawns short of a barby and vows to kill them in revenge for destroying his life. Watch out for the very nasty dilemma he presents the final biker. He then wanders off into the sunset, presumably in search of Tina Turner. Anyway; not much plot, but action fans and Mel fans will be more than happy. Amy Pierce

television in return for a few seconds of post-pub fame. For example, the guy who cut some of his pubes off, smeared them on a cracker and proceeded to munch away. And a woman fully submerged herself in a bath of cow dung. All of course accompanied by the audience lOudly "uuugghhh"ing. And rightly. The presenters are now scattered to the four winds, ranging from the success of Mark Lamarr to the obscurity of Hufty. Wherever they are now, they should not be forgotten - students of the 90s unite, and salute the emperors of late hlght tack.

John Spacey

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, ' ,,

ome jobs are better than others but being a food and drinks writer must have its advantages! With the Grad. bar changing brewery from Courage to Bass we were invited to a tasting session of the new beers exclusively available to it here on campus. So this is what a selection of the Concrete editorial team and friends, comprised of three men and two women, thought of the new arrivals on the drinks scene. The good news for budding geniuses is that Guinness is now available. Caffreys was described as: "a very nice, refreshing pint somewhere between a lager and a stout." Grolsch gained approval as a fine addition to the range of stronger lagers. Carting Black Label was found to be less acidic than comparable lagers, with a smooth taste and less painful on the stomach . Carling Premier on the other hand certainly lived up to its publicity regarding the amount of head! In the same league as Grolsch, it was found to have less head and the particularity of the amount of head was thought to be not necessarily to its


advantage. Moving along the Bitter pumps, Worthingtons, at a pound a pint, qualified as: "a light thirst-quencher." On to the "Real" Ales and Stones made a favourable impression as something more of a pale Ale with its light, straw colour and suggestion of sweetness. The flagship Bitter, Bass, however was by far the most popular, with a full flavour, just the right bite one expects of a good Bitter and plenty of body. Definitely corpse-less however was the ethereal Hancocks HB, which was regarded as "disappointing". (Well, that was not exactly the term used, but we can't print the one that was.) "Thin", "sweer and "very fiar also featured as disqualifying adjectives. The re-launch of the Grad Bar is on Friday, 24 January, between midday and two, and from five o'clock to eleven o'clock and will be exceptionally open to all; Graduates, members, non-members and most of all, Undergraduates. As they say, there is no such thing as a free beer, so at least we will have a chance to pop along and pay the GSA back for its generosity in allowing us to sample the new brews.

cean rnfLe .,::atL-ce ''A hundred thousand welcomes"


ยง ยง ยง ยง

53 Earlham Road, Norwich Tel: 615853


10 real ales always available Probably the largest selection of Irish Whiskeys in the country Great value meals - including our 'Taste of Ireland~ menu Come and join us for good beer, a great atmosphere and mighty "craic"

O'Rourke himself 92POTTERGATE,NOR~CH


(01603) 626627 THE EVENT, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22, 1997







The exciting world of Women in Gorilla Costumes Hmm. Well, whatever floats your boat... Children of the Sandwich Spread homepage. Slightly, er, mad cult devoted to, well, take one guess! Skin Disease Weekly Various foul afflictions, complete with photos!

H you U*lk the lntemet ls too big to handle, Yahool may have the answer o you think the interne! doesn't matter? That all it does is provide a life of sorts for acneridden computer geeks the world over? Think again! The interne! is slowly working itself · ~,........., into the very fabric of our society, and every day thousands of new users are turned on and tuned """_,.,..... in to its charms. Whether it's for business, leisure, or simply finding nude piccies of Baywatch stars , it's quite possible that this sprawling beast of a p you search for system will someday figure in your life. So why interne! sites. All you have to do is type in a word wait! or phrase , for example 'Football' or 'Napoleon', The world-wide web is so popular now that it was and it'll give you a list of places to go. The even the subject of a recent Oxford Union debate, advantage is that it's based here in this country the place where budding Tories practise speaking ( which makes it quicker crap in preparation for a career as a minister, to use. Well , it sure beats counting sheep while r---~~~..-,..-- judge , or your computer accesses an American site (Ten backstreet thousand and one , ten thousand and two ..) pervert. With the motion being 'This If you want proof, take a look at the Sites for Sore Eyes column. All those websites were fo und House Believes That The Internet · through Yahoo! On a more serious note, if you have an essay, class paper, or worksheet to do, Heralds The Rise this is an alternative to the library for that allOf A Global important resea rch. Community' , the As luck would have it, The Event has got debate was fierce, together with those cuddly people at Yahoo! to with plenty of present a competition. The prize? A brand disagreements, spanking new ninja PC - the IBM Thinkpad to near-fights, and be precise. Worth over £2000, this'll be great plenty of cheap for your work, and even greater for games! All --..-~Milll-..1 insults. you have to do is bung us a postcard telling us As you 'd expect, the actual motion was forgotten , the answer to this question: in favour of a slanging match the like of which has What does 'Yahoo!' stand for? never been seen before. In the end, the motion Get them in to the Concrete Competitions box was narrowly passed with 93 for and 88 against. next to the steward's cabin in Union House by One of the verbal gladiators speaking for it was Friday February 14 for a chance of winning this Jerry Yang, eo-founder of one of the internet's top prize, and if you're stuck there's a clue most useful sites, Yahoo! Standing for 'Yet somewhere in this article. Get scribbling! Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle!' (you


28JAN in the vein of Alanis Morrisette and Sheryl Crow, songstress Beth is destined for huge things


:Jr~JJ~l @1j~J~j1j

for those who like raunchy guita;l{ 'n' 8

11 FEB



a®J~ E~!ll~

to easy you in the groove acid jazz, then pick up the pace with some classic 'pop'

18 FEB

~~fll[})J(?J ~a:2 £30 ~]]1})

every kid's dream • waiter service bring you Kerplunk, Buckeroo, Twister, Taboo, Chess, Pictionary, Connect Four and many more

25 FEB a night for dancing to wicked acid jazz tunes

4 MARCH strut your stuff, sing your heart out, become a star, for 3 minutes anyway


Cb®® W®0®YJ [IJ®w11

soul, r&b, motown, classic retro hits, partytime



®(} /J@[Jflil fiJ®!JflY]

Usually Starts 9.30

C loses 12.30



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.. ~For anyone who is still in the festive spirit there are just a few days left to see this years Christmas panto at the Theatre Royal. Jack and the Beanstalk stars numerous has-been celebs, includ· ing Toyah Wilcox of Quadrophenia fame. Other forthcoming highlights to watch out for are Blood Brothers and Fame, which arrive from London's West End later this year. ~The Norwich Playhouse have recently revealed their new season of events which include Trainspotting (for all those who haven't already been over· exposed) and the return of the Reduced Shakespeare Company. This month's New Writing Workshop is based on a play by East Anglian writer Beattie Pellett, and will be directed by the theatre's Artistic Director. The play, entitled Spadger, has previously won a drama competition prize at UEA. The Playhouse has also launched a Millennium Appeal to secure its financial future into the next century.~ Forthcoming shows at the little-known Sewell Barn Theatre on Constitution Hill include What the Butler Saw, directed by UEA's Ralph Yarrow.~Febuary 1 sees the opening of a unique exhibition Art at the Norwich Castle Museum on loan from the Tate Gallery. This collection of works from top 60s icons such as Colin Self and Andy Warhol looks at the relationship between art and popular culture, using imgery from the media of the period. The Museum is also holding lectures and gallery talks with historians and some of the exhibitors. ~Coincidentally, the Norwich Playhouse are holding a Grand Auction of Pop Art by Colin Self on March 9, with the drawings on show from February 24 . ~The VIsiting Writers season here at UEA this term promises a whole host of top names including lan McEwan, Ben Okri and UEA's own Rose Tremain. Two to look out for this fortnight are Slake Morrison and Hermione Lee.

reading Incubus, even the bravest prospective father might have second thoughts about making babies! Forget child· I snatchers; Joe Donnelly's villain is an angel-faced ickle baty who just happens to be the murderous evil sprog from hell! rrhe action revolves around the age-old premise of

two cop partners; David Harper and Helen Lamont. Before you ask, yes they do fancy the pants off each other: Mulder and Scully revisited! They're puzzling over the link between two seemingly unrelated cases. One: an old woman collapses and dies in a shopping mall. Two: A young woman disappears without trace. The only connection is a baby... Hmm. If I was Freud, I'd probably go on about the mother-child relationship, and would probably · speculate on the author's troubled childhood. Thankfully, I'm not a German shrink with a big bushy beard, so I won't. What I will say is that Incubus is a bit foul really; okay, so horror writers have to go some to scare us nowadays, but Donnelly goes that little bit too far, particularly with the ending. Maybe I'm just a wuss, but this isn't really my sort of Stuart Dredge

his month sees the release of yet another movie magazine. Now there's no problem with that as long as it has something new to offer. Fortunately, Total Film, does. A good looking Previews section gives a decent amount of advanced notice for forthcoming movies, with more information than provided by the press releases. The reviews are inventively laid out, if slightly cluttered, and handy one line summaries at the end, for those who don't have time to read the other 300 words. Top gimmick has to be the interest curve graphic, predicting what points in a film will have you on the edge of your seat and which will put you to sleep, although what this actually proves is debatable. Films are also scored out of a useful total of 10. As to be expected, the Star Wars Trilogy special editions (due for release on March 21 , April 11 and 21) receive glossy coverage, with some good preview shots (although these have already appeared elsewhere) . Perhaps the best line however, is the question as to why, since Jabba the Hut is just a big slug, Han Solo didn't throw a bag of salt over him?

The gold star however is reserved for the Simpsons feature looking at all those oh so clever references to the screen classics. For example, in the recently ""'"'"'''"'n episode A Streetcar Named Marge, there was the scene of all the babies taken from The Birds, followed by a cartoon cameo by Alfred Hitchcock. As Total Film says, "cute". As Empire and Premiere begin to look tired, despite free videos being taped to the front, Neon and now Total Film show that there is a better way. Even if you enjoy movie magazines, the £1 cover price makes Total Film a tempting investment. The first issue of Empire now sells for £50 in film memorabilia shops. As to whether the Total Film will last as long as its riVals, the evidence of this first issue makes it seem likely.



guess this one goes out to all those guys who are scared of







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'ng a

• it •

ODEON SPADGER Sun Jan 26 This months New Writng production is a comedy written by Beattie Pellet!, a former UEA prize winner. £8/£6

EVITA (PG) Lloyd-Webber brings his twenty-year-old musical to the screen with a little help from Alan Parker, Madonna and thousands of extras. RANSOM (15) Mel Gibson stars in this superior kidnapping tale . Tycoon plays cat and mouse with his son's captives- rather than pay up. EXTREME MEASURES (15) Evil doctors do evil experiments on kidnapped corpses, when Dr. Hugh Grant discovers this he may be next .. . THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES (15) Barbara Streisand and Jeff Bridges are a couple of academics not looking for love but find it anyway. Slushy.

ABC THAT THING YOU DO (PG) Tom Hank's directorial debut. Feel-good movie about a small town one hit wonder, with Liv Tyler. THE PREACHER 'S WIFE (PG) Gospel type songs provided by Whitney Houston in a 'nice ' film about a helpful guardian angel played by Denzel Washington .

MADDERMARKET BREAKING THE WAVES (18) Tues Jan 28, 2.30pm , Thurs Jan 30- Sat Feb 1, 8.15pm A film with a difference, widely acclaimed and award winning . One woman 's moral decline after her husband's tragic accident.

EMMA Made at the height of Austenmania, this version of the book is watchable and girlie. Gwyneth Paltrow has the best British accent west of the Atlantic.

LE MEPRIS (15) Mon Jan 27- Wed Jan 29, 8.15pm, Thurs Jan 30Sat Feb 1, 5.45pm 1963 french film starring screen goddess Brigit Bardot who plays the wife of a script writing husband. When the two visit a film set in Capri it's not long before the relationship disintegrates.


SMOKE (1 5) Sun Feb 2, 5.00pm Harvey Keitel is a cigar shop owner in Brooklyn who's the focal point for the film 's other characters in this dry humorous film .


JACK AND THE BEANSTALK Wed Jan 22 - Sat Jan 25 £2-£11.50 BARNUM Tues Jan 28 - Sat Feb 1 Charity circus musical by the Norfolk and Norwich Operatic Society. £3- £10.50

NORWICH PLAYHOUSE UP UNDER Thu Jan 23 - Sat Feb 8 (Matinees Thurs & Sat - 2.30pm) Olivier Award winn ing comedy with members of the Norwich RFC . £3.50 - £10.50

THE GHOST AN D THE DARKNESS (15) Two man-eating lions cause havoc in a nineteenth century bridge building project in Kenya. Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer are given the task of killing these oversized pests.

CINEMA CITY THE PILLOW BOOK (18) Mon Jan 20-Sat Jan 25 5.45pm & 8.15pm Beautifully filmed Peter Greenaway film about a romance between an artist and her translator. With Ewan McGregor. THE COOK, THE THIEF, HIS WIFE AND HER LOVER (1 8) Fri Jan 24, 11.00pm Another Greenaway, described as 'a hazy mix of erotica, excrement and violence' , worth a look. FARGO (18) Sun Jan 26, 7.30pm A blacker than black Coen brothers comedy, one of Barry Norman's favourites about murder in small town.



FORTY YEARS ON Tue Jan 4 - Sat Feb 8 (Matinees Thurs & Sat - 2.30pm) Alan Bennett play-within-a play. Starring Tony Robinson . £3 - £15

FIERCE CREATUR ES (12) The fish called Wanda team have reunited , this time they're managing a zoo, not very well. Bound to be fu nny.

THE WINSLOW BOY Thurs Jan 30 - Sat Feb 8 A 13 year-old boy gets kicked out of college for stealing and so he and his family set out to challenge the establishment in a tense legal battle. £3 .50- £7 .50

WRITERS· I.T 1 BLAKE MORRISON Tue Jan 28 Poet, literary critic, journalist and author, Morrison , comes to UEA to talk about his latest projects. £3.50/£2

UEA STUDIO HERMIONE LEE Tue Feb 4 Critic and Professor of English talks about her most recent literary success, her biography of Virginia Wool!. £3.50/£2

NORWICH GAI.I.ERY SLIGHT Wed Jan8 - Sat Feb 15 Various artists present a collection of notebook sketches ranging from NASA spaceships to Kale Moss. A fresh look at artistic works in their early stages. FREE

THE VAN (15) Mon Feb 3- Fri Feb 7, 5.45pm Another film of a Roddy Doyle book this time about two men's friendship which comes under strain when the two run a chippie . Doyle describes the van as 'Thelma and Louise with chips'.

UNION FILMS MULHOLLAND FALLS A star studded cast in this detective film with a sleazy 50s Hollywood backdrop. Nick Nolle and Michael Masden investigate a woman's murder, with John Malkovich. BOYS An adaptation of a short story by James Salter, starring Winona Ryder as the love interest in th is film about a horseriding and much, much more. Or at least, that's what the poster says. INDEPENDENCE DA V Perhaps the most successful B-movie of all time. Aliens take over the earth, or try to but , thanks to Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum , they don't stand a chance. BEAUTIFUL THING A gritty British film, another product of this country's growing industry. This film deals with homophobia on a London estate, no doubt powerfulf





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' 1:


MONDAYS ·STUDENT NIGHT 9pm-2am cheap drinks SOp with student ID I £3 otherwise WEDNESDAVS - STUDENT NIGHT 9pm - 2am cheap drinks SOp with student ID I £3 otherwise FRIDAYS· FAST TRACK 9pm - 2am £3 b4 1Opm I £4 after AUSTRALIA Wed Jan 8- Sat Feb 1S A collection of paintings by Australian artist Alana Jelinek looking at aspects of Aboriginal culture and tourism. FREE


MONDA VS - HUB BA BUBBA Student Dance Night 1Opm - 2am £1 .SO b4 11 pm I £2 after (with student ID)


WEDNESDA V - STUDENT NIGHT 1Opm -2am £1 b4 11 pm I £3 after SATURDAYS- LOVE BOMB BABY Pumping house and garage 10pm -3am £6

MONDAVS • STUDENT NIGHT lndie Hits 10pm- 2am SOp all night with cheap drinks

GENEVA+ SYMPOSIUM+ TIGER+ 3 COLOURS RED Friday January 24 Angelic angst, Teen strop-pop, punk-metal and, er, mullets, all wrapped up in an exciting NME Bratbus package. £6.SO adv

Ll E I




BETH ORTON Tuesday January 28- 10pm Chilled-out singer-songwriter Beth, plays the Hive in her homecoming gig . FREE.

T E SILVER SUN+ GRASS SHOW+ DON Monday February 3 Beach Boys meet Weezer for sun-kissed guitarpop, with quirky Swedes in support. £4.SO adv



(AT NORWICH ARTS CENTRE) THRUSH PUPPIES+ VELVIA+ SPIDER BOMB +MENTAL PERSUASION Monday January 27 The Wilde Club kicks off the term the way it means to go on, by giving local bands a stage on which to strut their stuff! £4 1 £3.SO adv NOVOCAINE+ WADDLE+ SPOT Monday February 3 Not much is known about Novacaine, except that they're possibly from Newport. £4 I £3.SO adv

WEDNESDAYS- ELEVATION Uplifting hard house, garage and techno, drum 'n' bass from outer space -10pm- 2am Free to Movement members/ SOp otherwise

CLUB RETRO Saturday February 1 Dig out those loon pants and flaunt those boobtubes to a host of top retro choons! 9pm-2am. £3



THURSDA VS - GA V CLUB NIGHT 9pm - 2am free b4 10.30pm I £1 after SATURDAYS- GAY CLUB NIGHT 9pm - 3am £3 b4 1Opm I £4 after


THE CHARLES & Dl EXPERIENCE Friday January 17 Eighties hits galore, with a special Friday-night Meltdown upstairs. 9pm-1 .30am. £3.SO I £3 cone MELTDOWN + GROOVEADELIA Saturday January 18 All your indie faves , with top psych, funk and pop upstairs. 9pm-1 .30am. £3.SO I £3 cone A WAY OF LIFE Friday January 24 Hard-hitting drum'n'bass from one of the UK's biggest clubs, featuring DJ Rap and more .. 9pm-2am. £8 I £7 adv

UPLIFT Wednesdays Happy House 1Opm - 2am Free entry CAMOUFLAGE Friday January 24 Fortnightly Drum 'n' Bass night with guest DJ Devious D 9pm - 4am, £S b4 11 pm I £6 after SHEER BLISS Saturdays Regular house night 9pm- 3am, £S

OUT TO LUNCH Saturday January 2S First in a series of monthly club nights with the Lunch posse and various guests, including Luv Dup and the slammin' Jon & Dan Kahuna. 9pm-2am . £7.SO adv

SUNDAY SERVICE Weekly Sunday house night 9pm - 2am, free entry all night GORGEOUS Friday January 31 Fortnightly Happy House night with resident DJ MCG.

14 day listings in association with the Theatre Royal - (01603) 630000 for reservations Tickets always available from £3 or £4 THE EVENT, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22, 1997

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- ------ --





UEA LCR '97 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

CLUBRETRO RIDES AGAIN! SAT 1st FEB Hits of 60' s + 70's + SO's

Drum & Bass from the nation's finest 21 .00-02 00 £8.00/£70

DJs Jumping Jack Frost +Guests



lndie + Alternative Dance

SAT 22nd FEB £3 plus LVCAS 8 his 60's soul band SAT IS MARCH £S plus Y.M.C.A Tribute band



F R I 24T H J A N £6.50 N ME BR AT TO U R


21.oo-o1 .3o £3.50/£3.oo Upstairs • Club Falboy Independent dance with breakbeats aplenty

FILM QUIZ Loads of lovely prizes

LATE LUNCH MELTDOWN lndie + Alternative Dance

21 .oo-o1.3o £3.50/£3.

Upstairs - Wllde Club







£1 0








21 .oo-o1 .3o £3.50itJ

LOST IN MUSIC 21 .00-02.00 £3.00

MELTDOWN lndie + Alternative Dance

£1 0 £8.5 0

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••• CLUB NIGHTS £7.50 MIXMAG


Valentine dj's Luck Neville, Miss Barbie, David }ames




· lndie + Alternative Dance

Milky lunch + offyerface

dj's Luvdup, Fat Tony, Parks+ Wilson

MELTDOWN Upstairs· Con Brle-0! cheesy beats to treat your feet




Four Decades Of Top Hits



21 .00-01.00



DJ Steve Clarke





21 .oo-o1 .3o £3.50/£3.

Upstairs • Full Steam Ahead

CHARLES & Dl EXPERIENCE Upstairs • Meltdown

21 .00-01.30 £3.50/£3.00

MELTDOWN lndie + Alternative Dance 21 .oo-o1 .3o £3.50/£3 . Upstairs · All Our Yesterdays 60s soul, RnB, jazz, powerpop


MANSUN + Support


+ Support

19.00 £7


The event issue 068 22 01 1997