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ere's one for the next meet of the debating society: Who invented Britpop? The party line states that it was Blur, their Modem Life Is Rubbish LP re-inventing Englishness. You might get the odd speaker arguing for Saint Etienne, or Suede, or even those infamous bandwagonjumpers, Oasis. However, a case is currently being prepared for These Animal Men. When they broke on to the scene back in '93, touting a manifesto of snappy new-wave pop, retro football shirts , pouting and er, snorting buckets of speed , a nation followed . OK, the Men may not have had nearly as much impact as they desired , but that tight '70s Adidas shirt that you own was their fault. Last seen doing a much better impression of The Who than Ocean Colour Scene could ever hope to, These Animal Men are back for '96 . And are struggling . The stupid barnets are still in evidence (rumou r has it that they dye them black every day) and they can still pout like lunatics. But, oh woe, where are the tunes? Nothing in the set matches up to the open ing blast of Too Sussed, and even the best of the new songs , Life Support Machine , sounds like it's working on an iron lung. When they try and re-invent Speeed King in the style of a Cast support band then you know things have gone horribly awry. Live and learn , pop stars : if you piss off for 18 months then make a desperate effort to catch up with the times, you're lost, pioneers or not. Sam Richards

has her mates 1'01111, cnl lhe Spice Girls spread even hl1her lheir aeal - cazza J tells nlike nis rrggghhhl What with Liam being busted for drugs and Robson and Jerome certain to stay at the top of the charts for aeons and aeons, it's not been entirely happy and shiny here on the pinky plastic surface of Planet Pop recently. But hey, let's not dwell on that- let's goss!


Loulse's House Partv! How would you like to have Jamie Redknapp or Ronan from Boyzone nicking cans of Stella out of your fridge? Well, you may never get the chance to find out the answer to that one, but for pop songstress Louise such little incidents almost became reality during the filming of her new video. Y'see, Ms Nurding had this great路 idea for the video to her new single One Kiss from Heaven, which involved many of her famous mates having a knees-up with her in some


swanky London town-house. So apart from the stars mentioned above, you'll also spot Sean Maguire, Martine McCutcheon, Michelle Gayle, Jason McAteer, and Kelle from Eternal dropping Twiglets on the carpets and snogging in dark corners.

Spice 'n' ...Mice? One of the strangest rumours flying about at the moment is that the Spice Girls are supposed to be collaborating with Disney on a film based on the flavoursome fivesomes' lives. Details of this apparent deal are said to be 'sketchy', which is not surprising, given that an alliance between the guardians of wholesome family entertainment and a gang of leery laydees is odd, to say the least. Still, the thought of Snow White and the Five Mad-for-lt Birds appearing at a cinema near you does have its appeal.. . tooned!

do sound like Alanis Morissette, there's thirty who think they're talking

ere's the deal: Alisha's Attic are two Dagenham-bom girls (well , midtwenties) who made good this year with their brand of lush, lilting pop. Although criticised by some for an alleged resemblance to Alanis Morissette amongst others, their debut album Alisha Rules The World has been selling like hotcakes. The one thing that I want to know is why the girls chose to work with Dave Stewart as producer, seeing as the ex-Eurythmic has a reputation for being, er, a little mad. "lt was great! He's a really nice guy; totally wacky but really really sweet. · But wouldn't most people under 30 describe him as, er, something of a beardy old git? "No, not at all! lt was so relaxed; we could do anything we wanted, even mad things like taking pictures at 1 o'clock in the morning!" Phew, rock'n'roll! Anyway, moving on to the controversial question of influences Karen concedes that many people see Alisha 's Attic as being similar to Shakespeare's Sister or Alanis Morissette, although she claims that the group's influences are more diverse: •vocally, Pri nce is where we get our inspiration from . Also 70s music, like Hendrix, the Doors, or even contemporary groups like Radiohead ." But the fact is that people do think you sound like Alanis Morissette. How much truth is in that accusation? "None really. I mean , she's great, but we don't sound like her. For every one person who thinks we


nonsense!" Hmm. That might be debatable, but go on. "Every day we're compared to someone different: the Indigo Girls, Wendy & Lisa, even the Andrews Sisters! We 're just two girls who enjoy vocals - I think we're more like Bananarama than Alanis Morissette!" Well , that answers the critics then. Don't snigger at the back there! The fact that Karen and Shelley are sisters interests me. With certain other bands being well known for their sibling spats, do Alisha's Attic always get on?! Karen claim• that they do! What's more, she even tries to n.. ,-,..,,m .. me that they never argue. Come on , surely there are a Gallagher-style bust ups?! we do have little arguments about who's going to clean the or about who gets to use the tweezers first. · surely the one thing Noel and Liam haven't argued about judging by the state of their eyebrows! What more do you need to know? Well, despite being a young all-girl group, Karen claims that the 'Attic haven't had any male fan letters yet. No, not one! I timidly suggest that it may be down to the slightly scary public image of the group; all heavy eyeliner and sulky stares. Karen meets this with puzzlement. "I don't see why we should scare men, after all , we're not anti-men or feminists." Still, being without the attention of pesky stalkers means that the 'Attic can get on with writing their next album , which promises to be "exactly the same as the first" according to Karen . Eh? "Well, at the end of the day, we'll still be writing the songs, so they'll be the same, and we'll be singing the same, so .. ." I can't help thinking that Karen didn't quite mean this the way it seems, conjuring up a mental image of a Quo-like career for the girls.

80 Rose Lane








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ichard James - The Aphex Twin to you and I - is by most people's accounts a bit of a nutter. · A shy recluse who places pictures of himself on the cover of his LPs, an anti-techno-star techno-star. madcap maverick who signed a worldwide advertising deal with tyre-giants Pirelli allowing them to use a piece of music which had taken him twenty minutes to produce, yet has subsequently made him rich enough to retire. A guy who'd rather make music for himself than an audience, a guy in fact who'd rather make music than sleep with his girlfriend. nutter par excellence, whose exploits over the past few years have included: · Producing Selected Ambient Works, an album which placed him alongside Brian Eno and The Orb in the dreamy ethereal nonoise stakes, then going out on tour with Megadog and playing a disc of sandpaper


3 COURSES FOR 3p 3 Red Lion Street, Norwich Tel 614676

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whilst a skinhead stood stage-front and punched the air repeatedly . Performing a set at Destroy in New York which consisted of placing a coffee percolator on the decks and, er, well that's it really! Taking the live experience to even further extremes this year whilst performing at Big Love, by decking the stage out with teddy bears featuring his face, whilst laying on stage smoking a cigar. Despite, or perhaps because of these stunts the Aphex Twin's credibility has grown, turning him into a techno artist with the respect and potential success of acts such as Orbital, Leftfield or Underworld. With the Aphex Twin's latest long player Richard D James The Album proving to be the most accomplished work to date this success seems likely to become something more than just potential. An album which takes elements of drum'n'bass and creates songs that escape the boring inevitability which that would suggest, by virtue of the fact that string arrangements sit alongside the de-rigeur technoisms of sampled squeaks, acid squelches, and rolling snares which all go to lend the album a strength of both depth and breadth. Perhaps the records highlight comes in the form of To Cure A Weakling Child wherein the Aphex Twin samples a group of children talking about their body parts. As you may expect the result is both startling and disturbing, taking the innocence implicitly associated with children and twisting a certain degree of evil out of their snivelling little mouths. Still at the remarkably young age of 25, the Aphex Twin is already talking of retiring from the music biz, but not before he assembles his · DATs and decks down at The Waterfront on Thursday November 28 . Supporting are the likes of Luke Vibert (Wagonchrist), Broadcast, Andrew Weatherall and Mike Paradinas (Mu-ziq) , the evening will bring some of the finest dance acts of the moment together for what promises to be one of the techno highlights of the year.

f I wanted to completely slag off this event, it'd be fairly simple. I'd mention the doomed attempts to transform the venue into a club, the bloke in the LCR playing a didgeridoo, or the stagedancer dressed like a druid . . Does this sound weird to you? Normally it would be, but these oddities actually made the night great. The LCR was .more like The Waterfront, especially with Offyerface playing in the Hive. As for the didgeridoo bloke, his. interaction with the clubbers gave us something interesting to watch, rather than just a bunch of faceless DJ's. And the strange druid dancer'l Well, I found myself almost wishing it could be me up there! The brains behind Retum to the Source certainly didn't disappoint;. you could even chill out in the seated part of the ·Hive if you were feeling tired. We were taken on a journey through techno and trance anthems, and the sound-system left no-one untouched by the music. If only Thursday nights had this atmosphere. Let's hope Return to the Source returns



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Ell PLU 962



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I =~~t~:~ =~=~~=: ;~: :~. t::m:-=~~;a:r get I !:•:r~~:Y 1 :~d 0!!~~r v:;.!d s:!~r::: ~~~~~Y I ~:d ~~~~~=:~~!:'~~~:~~~~o:P~~~=:~:l:•~~r I ::::h:; ;!!~ ;:! :::•~ 0 ;r!::~ !~~~~nder E/1 PLU

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I :~!t::~ ::::::: :;: :~. t.::.:-:l:~r qet. I !:•:r~~:Y 1 :~d 0!~~:r v:~d s:!!r::: ~~=:~Y I 7~d .:=:::w!: :;,.~:~·~o=p~;~::m:l:·~~r I ~::~h:; :~;~ ;: ==~·~ 0 ;l !:~; !~~~~nder 9


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:FREE!one portion of garlic bread : I when you use a ll t hre e o f above vouchers I L,::o,!;!~~ ~u~t~E!,S,!!r~~~~-_v~i~ ~t,!l. ~ ~a.!l~'X. ~~.;... £o~e~ ~ J 4 THE EVENT, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27 , 1996

t last the competition to round off the year! Never one to leave you out in the cold, the beautiful benevolent Event has come over all Father Christmas-like ._,_-. and teamed up with those Samurais of South London: Ninja Tune. Providing the finest in dubjazz-breakbeat-funk, the Ninjas want to share a little happiness this Yuletide by providing all you little stealth-like warriors with the chance to win a Ninja Tunes T-Shirt, a copy of Ninja Cuts Volume 1 & 2 plus two exclusive passes to Christmas Stealth on December 20. This night sees the cream of the label converge on the Imperial Gardens in South London. Flexing their funk on South London will be


DJ Cam, DJ Vadim , Coldcut, Mixmaster Morriss, Fila Brazilia, Neotropic, The Herbaliser and the Up, Bustle & Out DJs . The runners-up prizes are copies of one of the Ninja Cuts CDs plus some Ninja skinz. To get your death-star cradling mitts on these goodies all you have to do is get your creative juices flowing and let them drip all over these questions: 1) "Suck my samurai" is code f or which popu lar domest ic Ninja occupation? 2) What should the Ninja's call their club next year? 3) What should the next Ninja accessory be? Answers on a post-card dropped into the Concrete competition box in The Hive. Follow this Shining Path, believe, and you too can be a warrior, melting into the shadows, and so on.

igamy at Christmas, what am I to do? Er, spend it with the family?, I can't I've got two: . ,Sensational Portuguese superstar Tony Ferrino bursts onto the British music scene with a Tom Jones cover and his personal reflections on the trials of the festive season. With fantastic wit, style and eloquence he implores you to "help yourself to my love,• until the local plant life uproots itself and dances to the beat. Ferrino gives the lyrics a depth and ·Sensitivity which equals anything ever done by Kylie or Jason, and by the end of the song, well, you'll want to buy a pair of maracas and Walk around in exceptionally tight trousers. Bigamy at Christmas sees Tony trying to alleviate fears about the break up of the family by bravely taking on more than his fair share, and will no doubt inspire countless sociological theses. To say these songs might be a big hit at the LCR is tempting fate, but if they were a' certain Steve Coogan might be happy... JohnSpacey


or Oasis fans the only thing supersonic about Barry Manilow is his nose. However, once you get past his elephantine facial features and start to pay attention to his music, you do find out that the man has talent. The predictable lyrics of the title track, penned by Barry himself, with long time mate Bruce Sussman, set the scene nicely for the rest of · the album and are obviously the reason why Rolling Stone magazine dubbed him a "legend". For all the hard-core Barry fans out there (hi muml) it does bring back the sounds of the 70s with classic songs such as The Air That I Breathe and I Go Crazy, but for the rest of us mere mortals remaining conscious past the first half of the album is an achievement to be proud of. On the upside though, Barry didn't write all of the songs, although he does manage to give each and every cover version that special touch of Manilow magic. So if you do have money to bum and are not afraid to face the staff at Our Price (not to mention your friends), the album is called Summer Of '78, buy it now, it's "fun" according to Barry. Debbl Marco


his song may begin serenely, but that soon changes. Most of the song is taken up by the repetitive refrain of "You know they don't give a f*** about anybody else•, which can only be a good thing. Released in December, this track is highly infectious and should have you singing it all through Christmas. The chorus has a kind of glamrock feel which certainly doesn't


ny disappointment that may have been harboured at finding Stereolab's Ruoroscenes not up for review were dismissed as my ears were caressed by Kaleefs truly splendid interpretation of The Strangler's Golden Brown. Imagine Lamb, minus the chilling echoes of Louise Rhodes, fused with the Krautrock euphoria of Tortoise's Along The Banks Of The River, and you'd still be unsure of how this song had touched you. If disturbed at finding every musical reference point of the past year alluding to The Small Faces, take heart in British rap's ingenious focus upon the more genuine side of the 80s. Further than this, however, it shows that British rap has clearly grown from the lyrical legacy of keeping up with East/West Coast machismo to a c6nscious form ready to challenge Magic America. In keeping with 96's nihilism over drugs, forget the politics, shed the pennies and relax to this one. Ph// Parker



waste any time on subtlety. lt could easily provoke a joyfully defiant stomp-along. All things considered, this has to be a better bet than Gary Glitter's annual Christmas at the NEC, or is that us Brummies?! The Super Furries ....,..,...,have already managed to get undeniably song into the charts, but may not see something as blatant as The Man Don't Give a F*"* performed on Top of the Pops, which is a shame. El/ssbeth Seal


1 ..

houty drone pop was how Tiger were ibed in these very pages a few weeks back when we inteNiewed them before their Wilde Club gtg. Pretty accu ate, I suppose. They seemed like nice people in the inteN1ew which makes it all the harder for me to admit that this album is a collection of rather turgid, uninspired and downright annoy1ng dirges. The singer has a strangled cotton wool vo1ce, and our assertion that they were "schoOl chants~ was right, these aren't songs but keyboard riffs and muddy gUitar slogs with

someone whining nonsense over tJ;e top. Where are the tunes? Where's the song Writmg? The inspiration? The spark? If I wanted to be nice then I'd describe Tiger as Prolapse-without-a-bloody-clue, but really they're not interesting enough for that. According to NME they're the "best hew band in Britain" - oh, Lord help us th nl This eagerness to celebrate mediocrity is what makes reading the mus1c week es such a depress1ng prospect There are some truly exciting bands -playing 1n th1s country but they are at best margtnalised and at worst completely ignored in favour of utter rubbish. I m sorry but We Are The Pupp ts does anything but bring out the tiger In me. Joe Morris


7E5 1 I l 1

1 I I I

At gentleman's walk opposite the market THE EVENT, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1996 5




ev ust what the world has been waiting for. The wonder of the Boat Race is brought to cinema! No really, that's the sell ing


THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT (18) USA (1996) . Adventures of an amnesiac agent Dlr: Renny Harlin Odeon - from Nov 29 ver get th e feeling you've done something before? Like working fo r the FBI going round killing people? Samantha Caine does. Geena Davis plays the suburban school teacher suffering from amnesia, whose doubts about her previous occupation are confirmed when she discovers she has the ability to handle a common kitchen knife as if it were a machete so as to swiftly 'neutralise' an intruder. This alerts Caine to the possibility that her past may be somewhat more sinister than that of the typical -.,,.~..,.l~,-~ 'PTA mom' who can cook a darn good lemon meringue pie. Aided by Mitch Henessey (Samuel L Jackson of Pulp Fiction fame) a dead-beat private detective, she sets out to discover her true identity Their path leads them into the m1ddle of a conspi led by the rogue elements of the US Intelligence community and a notorious arms dealer. it's a case of suburbia meeting the world of espionage. question is, can Caine recover the full extent of her lethal skills to confront vindictive enemy Timothy (Craig Bierko) ? Along with some of Caine's former colleagues, this scoundrel plots kidnap her daughter and to completely wreck everyone's Christmas by blowing the town up. So if it's action you want, and a laugh at Geena Davis' many hairdos, then take a look, and kiss your £3 .50 goodnight. Khushwant Sachdave




the new British film True Blue lt tells the story of the Oxford team's troubled build up to the 1987 event. After Oxford's defeat the previous year, a group of world class American rowers are brought in to strengthen the team. However, it's not long before the new recruits are questioning coach Dan Topolski's traditional

team selection.

~·';-:a]~~~!'f,."-'~ 4 Eventually the

Yanks walk out to be replaced

~~~~?-~~~~~~~~l~tl~1 by honestand Brit __ reserves


,,_,..~~. •

~~~~~U~ (surprise, '----..;:_~~:;;.::~-,;,...;,~:::.;;~;...,:1

surprise) they go on to beat the enemy Cambridge crew. The sole message to be drawn from this is that the team unity is more important than individual talent, and that's about it really. Although the story is true, this doesn't mean it's worth telling on screen , especially as the "mutiny" plot is extremely repetitive , comprising of endless tantrums played with no humour whatsoever. What's more, the wh ole cast of little-known actors fails to add any great dramatic tension. Despite all these reservations, True Blue is probably the best Chris Hodgen film ever made .. . about rowing.


vooct0 dolls danlel poole great plains streets ster


The Gables Guest House 527 Ear/ham Road, Norwich, Norfolk NR4 7HN Tet: 01603 456666 Fax: 01603 250320



el Brooks, following many of his hilarious parodies (Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, Spaceballs, and so on), now ,r- --,"' takes on Bram Stoker's much filmed horror classic. Brooks produces, directs, eo-writes and plays vampire hunter Or Van Helsing. For the first ~ \ time, Brooks teams up with another veteran of the spoof, Naked Gun 1 star Leslie Neilsen. The film's plot stays fairly close to the novel but as you'd expect, Neilsen's Dracula is a blundering bloodsucker. One fine dark, stormy night in ·1893, the Count leaves his draughty Transylvanian castle for England, to discover that feasting on the tender veins of innocent virgins isn~t the piece of cake it was for Gary Oldman, Christopher Lee and all the other Draculas. Nielsen is about as successful a prince of the night as he was a detective in the Naked Gun movies. As usual, the good guys take him on armed with garlic, stakes and crucifixes. This well known tale promises gags galore, of the quality we expect from Brooks and Neilsen. With these two on board, Dracula: Dead and Loving lt looks to be good si lly Chrls Hodgen tun, with big fake teeth.


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1996 7 I


nside Trading is written by ex-UEA leclinr, eritic, dad ~ h8I'O Maloolm Bradbury, and is hiS first ~ pl_ay in mote that\ SO yea.s. lt iS limed on another play called Youth at the Helm by a tittte-kh'oWn German writer named Pad Vulpius, and was brought to Mslcolm's 8tterition by ~ No'I'Wich PaytYot~Se's Al'tiSUC Director, Henry Burke. · \ The play is a satire based on the issues of the accessibirrty of internatiOnal fihancal organisations. When an int$11igent yoUng man In Eih ~ suit biiJffs hiS ~ mto an ihdispensible job in a respected merctwrt bank no o'ne bats an eyelid, until pfoblems arise. Without getting bogged down in detail, the p1ay promises to be a r~ght-hearted romp around a post-Nick Leeson financial wolfd. This rather topical theme is what primarily interested MaiCok'n in taking Oh Henry BUdce's idea. ·1·m fascinated by what's happening in bahklng ; something Which seei"n$ to rne a great symbol of Britain in the eighties and nighties. These high-rise fihancial fOWe4"s. ~ traders, the yuppie and post-yuppie generation cdf the way careera.M8 and taU awe Ju$l like the VICtOrian era. Ifs just like Oickens dr TrOllop; perfect stUff b' a Writer.• And fronl thiS •perfect" setting, /(JSide Tradlrlg was born. The •great fan:e structure• of the originalj31ay was also something Which ~ Mak:olm in its adaptation. He describes it as "a: \vondefful piece of~ constrUction; a wonderful, well-made '(b.y." Malcolm aYaO feels that tllet$18 a: unique. attraction in writing for stag&, as ClPIXI6ed tO rele\liSiOW, wNch is largtliy16 CfO wilt\i he" ability to alter sciipt "1ighh up\tll the Bs1 ~ which, apparently", 1h8 tiiiin h'ave been doing! • Malcolrti ha& many reasoni.fol'c:hooSihO to ~ief ltlsldS Tr6dltt/J ~


- Che

PlaYhOUSe; not feast because.1be ~ ~ ~~N original play and, also. clr«::81W ~. f-It~~ TOr a!iwb thealfe Which was interested in~~ ~~ . .~-~

writing began ih a theatre in Bilmingham.

alcolm Bradburv and Ruth Rendell, two leading names in the world olthe written word. Katie Crockett and Seth Lerine talk to them about their latest creative ~xploits

rime writers are a genus within a genus. When popular, their appeal is universal. Nothing transcends cultural barriers like good detective fiction, and Ruth Rendell's fiction has transcended barriers in 24 l~uages. She is an ambassador of crim&-writing, and I was expecting her to act as such. Exactty how an ambassador of crime-writing shouk:l act, I couldn't tell you, but it's most definitely rot like this. I shouk:l have learnt my lesson two years ago when Brnore Leonard gave a talk as part of that year's literary festival. Leonard's books are pacy, t lmic and gripping. Leonard·s oration was pedestrian, monotone and dull. He is one of America's most popular crime-writers whose books thrive on atmosphere, yet he spoke about thEj average length of his manuscripts with all the emotive passion of an acc6Wltant. So Ruth Rendell delivered an hour speech on the process of writing a work of detective fiction. Things like naming characters and picking location much occupied her time•


~··········· crime-writers Maybe it isshouldn't something do w4th the writing. genre, bUt it seems that talktoabout crime Men oftM than




is lots of jfun ·in



~tTD1 J




11 all e turkey, mistletoe, and arguments with your parents get too much Ibis lestlve season, revive your spirit at the lllcks. Emma Lee and Emma Bolton take a look at what's on oiler



USA (1911) Dlr: Jollle Foster Fl'lm Dec 8 he latesfall star cinematic offering from Jodie Foster focuses on the not-so-happy Claudia (Holly Hunter} who is decidedly looking for some seasonal cheer. She's lost her job, she's struggling to bring up her teenage daughter who's being a bit naughty with a boy, and to top it all she's got to go home to her family for the Thanksgiving Holidays, where she'll be waited on hand and foot (the hardship). Doesn't sound promising, does it? But hey, this is America and it is Thanksgiving after all, so no doubt everything will come out in the wash, and we'll all have learned a lesson in caring, sharing and family values along the way, featuring a strong supporting cast (such as Anne Bancroft, Robert Downey Jr. and Steve Guttenburg of Police A cademy fame) . . This film will leave you with a warm glow inside. Or was that one mince pie too many?


101 DALMATIANS (PG) USA (1998) From Dec 13

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\!I:omblanb is 3Reallp





Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Disney and this year is no exception, as cartoon classic 101 Dalmatians has been turned into a live action canine caper. Based closely on the original film, with a modern twist this shaggy dog tale features Jeff Daniels and Joely Richardson. However, the real stars are the faithful Pongo and Perdy, who embark on a rescue mission to save the hides of their stolen pups ffom the wicked Cruella de Ville. Glenn Close stars as the villainous Cruella, and her performance will leave you cowering in your kennel. Disney can always be relied on to bring out the child in you and this fantastic furry fable has • no bones about it - all the right ingredients (villainous villains and heroic heroes) for a Christmas hit which will leave you with your tail wagging ..


USA(1tll) Dlr: Brlan Lnant Following critical acclaim for performances in films such as Kindergarten Cop and Twins, Hollywood hard man Arnold Schwarzenegger turns his hand to comedy once more in this seasonal romp. Wracked with guilt for neglecting his son during the year Howard Langston (Amie} vows to make amends at Christmas by poaching him the toy at the top of every boy's (and my) wish list, Turbo Man. Obviously ifs not as simple as popping out to Argos as, fool that he is, Howard has left his shopping to the last minute, it's Christmas Eve and Turbo Man is more popular than Robson and Jerome and Boyzone put together (and probably just as plastic). Rather than taking the sensible option and settling for a book token, Arnie gets the chance to flex his pecs as his small scale search inexplicably turns into a full scale festive farce with everyone he meets (evil Santa and loopy postman Myron) determined to thwart his plans. Brought to you by the people responsible for such realistic dramas as Home Alone, The Flintstones and Beethoven, this film promises to be a real smash of a stocking-filler.

f you're easily turned off and onable then this v1deo is nght up your street. If, on the otherhand you can't wait for the break to make a cuppa then you'd best get something else from the video shop. John Peel, a self-confessed ad-fan, presents us with a multitude of classics (which, naturally were before my time... honest) and favourites such as the Castl ,m, 'ne XXXX's mate and the

'mild' Hamlets this IS just the job for commercial junkies. As you are most probably thinking, Ad Fab is an odd Idea and ... you're nght. I am not the sort of person who only watches the BBC because I can't stand the ads, but then again a whole video of them isn't exactly number one on my Christmas list. tf on 1t at all. Having sa1d that, I am partial to a bit of "By 'eck you smell gorgeous tonight, petal" and a few Creature Comforts never fall to cheer me up. So, I was mildly entertained (although the interviews that accompany some of the ads failed to grab me by the 'PG Tips') but I did feel like I was waiting for a long break to finish. Ad Fab is a good laugh, but it isn't Ab Fab... Lauren Cohen


: the ~~~bestl OH!! At last, terrestrial TV has got round to showing one of the best sitcoms/cartoons ever made! The Simpsons is one of America's biggest hits and is all about a "typical" American family set in Springfield in all its glory, with a nuclear power plant and somewhere you can see the tyre dump fire from miles around. The main characters are Homer, Marge, Bart. Lisa and baby Maggie. Now, most people would believe that Bart is the star (remember Do the Bartman! that 'great' hit we all couldn't help singing along to a few years ago?). When you have seen a few episodes, however, you will realise that it is actually Homer who is the top dog, even if he is the fool.


This week's episode sees Bart risk life and limb as he copies a real dare-devil by leaping a gorge on his skateboard, has Bart found his calling? With special guest voices done by people such as Dustin Hoffman, Elizabeth Taylor and Paul McCartney, The Simpsons is a must see! Chris Loader

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• hy be a Fletcher, whose, er, unorthodox good looks led


student journalist? Sure, there's freebies, and the chance to get your opinions into print, but isn't there another reason? The possibility that you may have an editor as ravishingly gorgeous as Lynda Day, editor of the Junior Gazette in Press Gang! Not that people were only interested in Julia Sawalha's looks, for this supposedly kids' show was packed with hilarious characters and cunning plots. The main focus was the on/off relationship between Lynda and Spike, played by Dexter

to the regular sound of a nation of teenage boys screaming "Why??!!" So I've heafd anyway. And as for that accent, who among us can put their hand on their heart and honestly say they didn't realise it wasn't genuine? Well, at least that ill-fated run as host of Gamesmaster and the gruesomest cockney accent in the world ever! With hard-hitting plot lines, and much more slick comedy than it's given credit for, Press Gang was the defining moment for a generation. A re-run of all five series is well overdue (so all of us Julia fans can admire how she looked before she hit the big-time with Ab Fab ... it would also mean seeing her getting it on with Dexter. Grrr... ). Stuart Dredge


G A L L E R y 8, Wh1te Lion'Strn:t, Norwtch, Norfolk. NR2 lOA reetings, radio freaks. In the last two weeks since I revealed the merits of the Greek Show on Friday nights, it has come to my esteemed attention that in fact there are many shows of a similar high order on Livewire. On Mondays between 12 and 2pm, at a time when you may be munching contentedly on a SASSAF sandwich, why not listen in to the delights of Dylan Moss and Friends, who last week shocked a small portion of the nation by re-enacting the Henman-Rusedski tennis final live on air using hands and balloons. Or, at exactly the same time, but on Thursdays, tune into Robbie Knox and Nicky Butt and discover just how funny two blokes who threaten to reveal embarrassing secrets about each other can be. I'll be back with more ramblings after Christmas, but remember, when you're not listening, we're laughing at you. Dan Trelfer



Ji"~ .


u~·c,,u, ;·n ,\:-.;J


(01603) 615 00 THE EVENT, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1996 11


FRITZ SCHWEGLER: GRAINS OF COUNTRY FLOWERS WITH LEMON NORWICH GALLERY Nov 27 - Dec 20 urrealism and humour form the basis of Schwegler's current exhibition at the Norwich Gallery . Featuring sketches and PEiNS sculpture, this personal collection attempts to ...L- - - - - - - , draw upon the artist's childhood , dreams and . 路, German folk traditions. Although hard to relate to, the sculptures evoke . a gentle humour and




form the centre of this small exhibition. As the work is so heavily based upon abstract personal SiTTERS experience and memory it is difficult ...L-------, for the viewer to fully appreciate the exhibition. However, you are given an insight into the artist's surrealist outlook on his own past which, AN 1t1 AL.f> although L-- - - - - - - incomprehensible, retains a certain comic charm. Toby S/akey



yperactive, hysterical and propelled by interplanetary warp-drive, Craig Charles landed with his Live On Earth tour after a year's absence from UEA. Whilst proving that his time in prison has, indeed, made him critical of the law, prison life seems to have left his sense of humour intact as he demonstrated how good he looks in stockings and suspenders. Expensive clothing, members of the

audience, German tour buses and unmarked refrigerated vans {?) were all subject to mockery. The frenzied stream of jokes was interrupted only by the occasional swig of beer, the search fo r a working lighter and some funny poetry. This was a great show which confi rmed Craig Charles as an exceptionally talented comic. Amy Pierce


s Naked Pony Theatre Company promised, this certainly was Shakespeare stripped down to the bones. On a bare stage , a single chair was the only prop . Slide projections were used to set the scene, sounds expressed the weath er, music


created atmosphere and melodramatic expressions told emotions. However, through this, the power of Shakespeare's immortal words were lost, and an attempt to draw out black humour verged on a send up. The tale of King Lear was told quickly and

efficiently, with no time to ponder on weighty soliloquies. about madness and power. The pace was fast, the fight at the end exciting and the play , overall, refreshingly short for Shakespeare. I was in the pub by half nine. Jeremy Bartho/omew

- - - - -- -

eon is advertised as the "movie magazine you've always wanted". You may be thinking that the last thing the world wants or needs is yet another movie magazine, but Neon is different. lt makes a refreshing change from the sophisticated and dare we say it 'slightly snobbish' likes of Empire etc. If the other movie mags are likened to Cosmo and Vogue, Neon would be MORE! Full of juicy gossip and interesting tit bits. (Hopefully, all you guys out there got the analogy, but admit it, who hasn't from time to time read 'position of the fortnight'!). Neon is packed full of the things the movie makers and stars would rather you didn't know. lt also has plenty of interviews, previews, and reviews and on locations. If you can wade through all the puns and the play on words, 'Ready, Jedi, Go', 'Porn under a bad sign', 'Welcome to the Terrydome', you will get1o find out what really happened to Robert Downey Jr. and the Coen brothers ten favourite underwear movies! If you are a film studies student who watches a film for the mise en scene and what it tells us about society, you will probably hate it. If you are like most of us who will watch a movie because it is a damn good yarn, it is worth checking out. Cerl Evans



hether this holds up to empirical verification, it seems that the second half of the Twentieth Century falls short of its quota of heroes. Genuine, heroes. Heroes whose motives are beyond

doubt. The figures who loom largest on the landscape of Twentieth Century history tend to be despots, dictators, perpetrators of atrocities. lt seems all the more pertinent in this Century of unprecedented suffering inflicted by active evil or widespread indifference that we should, in the last decade, be given Nelson Mandela's autobiography, a treatise on understanding, tolerance and forgiveness. In common with Aung San Suu Kyi's Freedom From Fear, Mandela's biography is the chronicle of a life of unwavering principle in the face of concentrated, systematic evil. Unlike Suu Kyi, Mandela has been able to put his conviction into practice. There can be few leaders in history with a moral mandate as powerful as Mandela's, and Long Walk to Freedom gives an insight into a life of deep conviction. Mandela has a narrative gift of placing his political beliefs in the context of his life, and states early on his abiding conviction that nurture rather than nature forms personality. Whilst that is an essential tenant of a man committed to a nonracial, egalitarian society. it is difficult not to think that nature bestows a man of his virtue upon the world every so often to give the rest of us hope. Seth Lev/ne

NORWICH ARTS CENTRE Norwich's livelist venue

round this time last year, I was in Los Angeles covering the verdict of The O.J . Simpson trial for an alternative San Francisco weekly. I was given explicit instructions by my editor to focus on the wider implications of the case in terms of race and urban decay in Los Angeles. That hot, smoggy day in October was my first experience of LA, and made an impression on me that I have been unable to fully articulate since. Beyond the trite observation of the stark dichotomy of life-styles in the hedonistic neighbourhoods of, say, Beverly Hills and the slums of South Central and East LA, I couldn't express a deeper distaste for what LA represents. After the verdict had been given, I drove to a press-conference in South Central LA, and watched as the scenery changed from the plastic decadence of Hollywood and Downtown LA into the decaying squalor of LA's notorious "'hoods". One sight that stuck with me was of several groups of men and women, seemingly bound together by ethnicity, sitting expectantly in car-parks. On one corner there was a group of Koreans, on another African-Americans, another Latinos. My fear of urban America is greater than my inquisitiveness, and as such precluded any further investigation, even when I later saw the same sight repeated in Santa Monica. lt wasn't until I read The Tortilla Curtain that I realized what I had witnessed, and that I finally understood from where my deep of LA sprung.


BRINGING YOU THE BEST IN: INDIE, COMEDY, LATIN, THEATRE, FOLK, JAZZ, WORLD MUSIC AND CHILDREN'S SHOWS Cor(eghasan's genius lies in taking what is an everyday event, .__ __.11 that a tourist like myself can witness without even understanding, and turn it a profoundly moving personal 1\l !l~,...".::"...­ account of everything that is with American and human society in general. The groups of people I witnessed were part of what is known as America's informal, flexible labour market - illegal immigrants who wait in loosely organised collectives for casual work. As California's increasingly draconian anti-immigration laws take hold, a culture of intolerance has risen in Southern California, personified brilliantly in Corraghesan's protagonist : a liberal, conservationist writer, who finds his life turned upside down by a chance encounter with a recently arrived 'wet-back' (a reference to Mexican immigrants who cross the RioGrande illegally to enter The US) His gradual retreat from his liberal position into a vengeful angry white-man is brilliantly juxtaposed against the lives of two recently arrived Mexican immigrants. Corraghesan Boyle's book not only exposes the terrible plight of immigrants in America today, but also the innate intolerance and bigotry lurking beneath the most liberal facade. lt is also a brilliantly entertaining read. Seth Levlne


RING (01603) 660352 FOR TICKETS & DETAILS Cafe bar open from 1Oam, restaurant food at cafe prices vegan, vegetarian & meat dishes available REAL ALE ÂŁ1 A PINT



. - -- ---- - - -








Marlon Brando is the evil geneticist Dr. Moreau who's in the business of creating man-animals on his tropical island. When a plane crash survivor arrives the trouble begins .



Another British film . This time about the 1987 Oxford-Cambridge boat race drama.

Liam Neeson and Jul ia Roberts star in yet another based-on-a-true-story historical flick about the life and times of Michael Collins in Ireland .


• A couple of grisly murders occur in Smallsville USA, with Steve Buscemi in this superior film by Joel Coen.



• •


Disney's five years in the making computer graphics cartoon about the secret lives of toys. With the voices of Tom Hanks and Tim Alien as rivals for their owner's affections .

JUDE (1 5)


Two convicts are on the run, only trouble is they're handcuffed together making escape just that bit harder.

Mon Nov 25- Sat Nov 30, 5.45pm, Thu 28 Nov & Fri Nov 29, 8.15pm. Christopher Eccleston as Jude in this better than most film-of-the-book period drama.

Another Stone biopic this time about the infamous US President Richard Nixon and the whole Watergate thing. Promises to be good as Welshman Anthony Hopkins play the American leader.



Three bitter New York ex-wives seek colourful revenge in this "don't get mad get everything" comedy with Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler and Diane Keaton.

Fri Nov 29, 11 .OOpm Tarantino's cult classic. lt all gets bloody when an armed robbery goes wrong, but who's the inside man? Lots of guns and ear slicing .

Inside trading

The Scapegoat Sun Dec 1 The th ird production in the Playhouse's new writing initiative.£5/£3.50

THE USUAL SUSPECTS One of the most exciting crime thrillers in recent memory with a dramatic sting in the tail with that psycho from 'Seven ' Kevin Spacey and Gabriel Byrne.



Mon Dec 2- Sun Dec 8, 5.45pm & 8.15pm . Shakespeare's timeless comedy, this time with a Victorian setting. Lots of crossdressing and famous people.

AI Pacino is the Mayor of New York embroiled in corruption and conspiracy. John Cusack eo-stars.


MADDER MARKET Beaten By Toffee Fri Dec 20 - Sat Jan 4 The Maddermarket's unique offering to th e festive season . £3 .50-£7.50

FEAR (18)

BRASSED OFF (l ) 5 A British film starring Ewan MacGregor as a doomed coal miner, with a mean brass band soundtrack.

Fri Dec 13, 11.OOpm lsabelle Adjani and Sharon Stone make up a • vengeful wife and lover team in this French : remake . A murderous tale with a string of • surprising developments. •

Spectacular special effects made Twister a box office hit. Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt star as two scientists desperate to get to the heart of the huge tornado.

• • An attempt for high school popularity leads : four geeky girls to turn to witchcraft leading to • hubble, bubble ,toil and plenty of trouble . •


Thurs Dec 12- Sat Dec 14, 8.15pm A film about the lives of two Parisian wasters in this 'Withnail and I' type story starring Gerard's son Guil lame Depardieu .




•• • •



• Sun Dec 1, 7.30pm Samuel L Jackson plays the private detective • An excellent early Hitchcock with James and Geena Davis the multi-hairstyled mum/ • Stewart as an ex policeman and vertigo mean assed hard woman in this action flick • sufferer who's desperate to recreate his new as they battle against evil terrorists on • girlfriend in the image of his lost love. Christmas Day in suburbia. ~~------~~--,





• THEATRE ROYAL • : Crazy For You • Wed Nov 27 - Sat Dec 14 : (Matinees Wed & Sat - 2.30pm) • Award winning romantic comedy. £3. 50 - £25




Eddle lzzard • • • •

Sun Dec 8 'The bald funny one' from They Think it's All Over live and unedited . £3-£10

THEATRE ROYAL STUDIO • Twelfth Night • • • •

Wed Nov 27 - Sat Nov 30 Youth theatre production the Shakespeare comedy £5/£4

• Scrooge • Wed Dec 4 - Sat Dec 7 • Modern adaptati on of Charles Dickens's • classic Christmas tale . £5 .50/£4 .50

Jack and the Beanstalk Sat Dec 21 - Sat Jan 25 Traditional Chrictmas panto for all the family. £2 - £11 .50

14; I THE EVENT, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1996 ' f I 1 I \ ' 0















(0~ 603)

UEA STUDIO Two Gentlemen of Verona

Thur Dec 5 - Sun Dec 8 The latest offeri ng from the UEA Drama : Sector, this time it's a Shakespeare play • directed by John Martin . • £6/£3 .50

• •


: Almost Human • • : • • :

Sat Dec 7 Dynamic physical theatre commisioned by the Lynx Educational Trust for Animal Welfare and performed by Norwich 's Tiebreak Touring Theatre. £4.75/£3 .75

Sun Dec 1 Legendary award winning comedien arrives in • Norwich for just one show. SOLD OUT

Lee Hurst

14 day listings in associatio_ n with the Theatre Royal -

Anna Karenina Fri Dec 6 - Sat Dec 14 Adaption from the novel by Tolstoy. £4/£3.50

Set deep in Glasgow in the 1960s and dubbed as another Trainspotting , Small Faces and its tales of gangland warfare promises to be highly watchable.

Mon Dec 9 -Weds Dec 11 5.30pm & 8.15pm, Thu Dec 12- Sat Dec 14, 5.30pm. Teenage tomboy Randy develops a crush on her classmate Evie in this adolescent comedy with a twist.

Marky Mark ditches the Calvin Kleins in this Fatal Attraction style romp with Reese Witherspoon, the unfortunate girlfriend.




it's one big bloodsucking bonanza in this silly version of Bram Stoker's gothic novel. Starri ng Leslie Neilsen.


Thur Nov 28 - Sat Dec 14 (Matinees Wed & Sat 2.30pm) World Premire of the new play by UEA's own Malcom Bradbury. £3.50-£15

EIGHTH DAY (PG) The French tale of a workaholic businessman 's chance meeting with Georges - a friendship that will change their lives fo rever.







• •• • • •


: Crosses & Veronlcas • • : •

Wed Oct 30 - Sun Dec 15 Exh ibition of photographs celebrating the 900th anniversary of Norwich Cathedral. £2/£1 (Free with UEA registration card)

: Anderson Collection of Art Noveau

• • • •

• •

Donated to the University by Sir and Lady Anderson , this is a unique collection of visual arts . £2/£1 (Free with UEA registration card)

: LTl ••

• Margret Drabble • Wed Nov 27 Critic, biographer and novelist comes to discuss two of her most well known novels The Gates of Ivory and Witch of Exmoor. £3.50/£2

630000 for reservations. Tickets always available from £3 or £4

------------~----------------------.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ·-----•






: Emplrlon + Jamle Smart (Prodigy DJ) + • ottrertace DJs

MeiYJn Bragg

Sunday Service

Allsha's Amc

•• ITZY •

Sunday December 8 Tip-top supercharged pop thrills courtesy of Geordie lasses (and lad) Kenickie. Go, and prepare to dance yourself silly! £TBC

Grains of Coun1rv Flowers wllh Lemon Thur Nov 14 - Fri Dec 20 Abstract art exhibition by Fritz Schwegler. Free


•• Peptone + Massey

: Club Retro • Saturday November 30 • The final Club Retro of the year, so put your fancy pants on and party out. £3 adv

! •

Monday December 9 Dive in to pop-metal Oblivion with those lovable Bradford boys. £10.50 adv

Wednesdays • Student Night


Saturdays • Furious




Friday December 6 it's time once more to get your glad rags on and get on down to the pure pop of Abba. £9.50

9pm-2am cheap drinks 50p with student ID I £3 otherwise

9pm - 2am £4 b4 1Opm I £5 after


Blom Again

: Saturdays • Gay Club Night • 9pm - 3am £3 b4 1Opm 1 £4 after

• Monday December 2 : Punky pop types. £3.50 adv

Mondays • Hubba B ba Student Dance Night 1Opm - 2am £1 .50 b4 11 pm I £2 after (with student ID)


Tuesday December 3 Old troopers return to Norwich to plug a new compilation of old songs. £1 0 adv

Mondays • Student Night

• 9pm - 2am £3 b4 1Opm I £4 after

: Monday December 9 Thur Nov 29 1-2pm Brother of executed Nigerian environmentalist • Digsy (of Definitely Maybe fame) brings his • band to Norwich peddling a similiar brand of Ken Saro-wiwa discusses human rights. balls-out rock'n'roll. £3.50 adv FREE


9pm - 2am free b4 10.30pm I £1 after

Fridays • Fast Trax

• Smaller


• Club Rumble

! Saturday December 7 • • : •

Thursdays • Gay Club Night

• ,.....------------------....,

9pm - 2am cheap drinks 50p with student ID I • £3 otherwise •



Uplifting hard house, garage and tectino, drum 'n' bass from outer space 1Opm - 2am Free to Movement menber I 50p otherwise




Wednesdays • Elevation

Friday December 6 Drum 'n' Bass night with guest DJ Devious D 9pm - 4am, £5 b4 11 pm I £6 after

Stephen Frv


India Hits 1Opm - 2am 50p all night with cheap drinks

Weekly Sunday house night 9pm - 2am, free entry all night

Thursday December 5 Isn't it ironic? You oughta know that Alisha's Attic are worth falling head over feet about. Just make sure you've got one hand in your • pocket. £8 adv

Mon Dec 9 The eagerly anticipated visit from the famous comedian coincides with the release of his third novel, Making history. £3.50/£2

• Mondays • Student Night

• Saturdays Regular house night 9pm - 3am , £5

• Friday November 29 • Exclusive appearance from one of the UK's finest techno outfits, whose single Narcotic Influence is one of Mixmag's top 50 all time dance reccords. £6 I £5 (cone) 9pm -2am

Wed Dec 4 Editor and presenter of The South Bank Show comes to UEA. £3.50/£2


: Sheer Bliss

•• Hys • Loft ••• The Manhattans • Peppermint Park • Ritzy ••• The Waterfront Zoom •• ABCOnema

621155 623559 629060 764192 621541 632717


•• Wednesday • Student Night ! 1Opm -2am £1 b4 11 pm I £3 after •• Saturdays • Love Bomb Baby ! Pumping house and garage • 1Opm -3am £6

• • • • • •

••• !

A Christmas drum 'n' bass explosion featuring • Marvellous Cain , Kenny Ken, Ellis Dee, • Peshay and Mike Bolton (PFM) amongst others. £9 I £8 (adv I cone) •

: Clu Progess • Saturday December 14 • £8 (adv)

! • • •

H U E :• THE Llle In The Hlle Karaoke Tuesday December 3

Christmas Partr featuring Bananamanla A wild frenzy of banana induced excitement is guaranteed for all. it's risque but never crude! Tuesday December 10

• •

: Aphex TWin + Broadcast IDJs Luke Vlberl • [WagoncbriSO lr Andrew Wealherall) • Thursday November 28

! Top night of ground-breaking techno from West• Country recluse Richard James, with a truly bangin' support bill. £7.50 adv

Emplrlon + Jamle Smart (Prodigy DJ) + ottrerlace DJs Friday November 29 Exclusive appearance from one of the UK's finest techno outfits. £6 I £5 (cone) 9pm -2am

Roots tor lalre Sunday December 1 1.28 Union House Roots/Reggae benefit for refugees in Zaire, with the Timeless Sound System. Minimum donation of £1 .50 on the door 8-12pm

T E ATE FRONT Aphex TWin + Broadcast IDJs Luke Vlbert [Wa onchriSO 1r Andrew Wealh rail) Thursday November 28 Top night of ground-breaking techno from West-Country recluse Richard James, with a truly bangin' support bill. £7.50 adv



• •

••• •• •



Uplift Wednesdays Happy House 1Opm - 2am Free entry

Gorgeous Friday November 29 Fortnightly Happy House night with resident DJ MCG. 9pm - 4am, £5 b4 11 pm I £6 after.

•• ••


------------------------------~-- ~~-






Sat 30 club £3.50/£3 su adv

APHEX TWIN +Broadcast +DJs Luke Viebert (Wagon Christ) Special guest Andrew Weatherall

MANTRA Live Pa from Emperion +guest DJ Jamie Smart (Prodigy DJ) t

offyerface DJs Louis, Vodka, CJ, warp, Dr Toolc 21 .00-02.00 £6.

MELTDOWN lndie + Alternative Dance

21 .oo-o1 .3o £3.5 Upstairs • Club Fatboy Independent dance with breakbeats aplenty

ALISHA'S AniC Allsha rules the world

19.30 £8.

TUNESPOniNG featuring Roy the Roach


21 .00-02.

+ Raise The Roof DJs

MELTDOWN lndie + Alternative Dance

21 .oo-o1.3o £3.50/£3.oo Upstairs· Con Brle·O! cheesy beats to treat your feet

KENICKIE + Stereophonlcs

' 19.30 £4.5

FILM QUIZ + Christmas Special

19.30 £1 .00


21 .00-01.30 £3.50/£3_00

MELTDOWN lndie + Alternative Dance

21.oo-o1 .3o £3.50J£3.o Upstairs· All Our Yesterdays 60s soul, RnB, jazz, powerpop I


DJ Tony de Vlt + guests

22 .00-06.00 £12/£11

MELTDOWN lndie + Alternative Dance

21 .oo-o1 .3o £3.50J£3.oo

Upstairs • Bangers and Mosh

CHRISTMAS MANTRA Live Pa from special guests As~alasia +offyerface DJs Louis, Vodka, CJ, warp, Dr Toolc 21.00-02.00 £6.00/£5.00

MELTDOWN lndie + Alternative Dance

21.oo-o1.3o £3. 50J£3.oo

Upstairs • Pure As Soul

NEW YEARS EVE Meltdown +Con Brie·O! +Flying Squad 21.oo-o2.oo


http://www sys ~uea ac uk/whatso n/ I



Hatte a baatetbtie bNtitt & a&, ettj.a ke Htilte ~iN , aattl lka~tk3 be.Jt ~ei


The event issue 067 27 11 1996