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iving , breathing , gods LIVE REVIEW of rock, and not a lot SCREAMING TREES of people are here to UEA LCR see them - the LCR is Friday Hov 8 nowhere near full. Mind you , the Screaming Trees don't get much radio play, and people probably th1nk they're some kind of imitation Smashing Pumpkins, which ebadoh: they aren't. The impressions they erratic, give are that, (a) the lead singer could romantic, have shown Kurt Cobain a thing or poignant, two about being a stringy, grungy, shambolic. For soulful, miserable git, (b) something anyone who isn't narcotic has happened to the skinny acquainted with them, each one of guitarist backstage so he can hardly Sebadoh's seven or so albums is a diverse keep his eyes open , (c) the great big display of music ranging from tear-jerking beardie other guitarist didn 't get any of ballads to white knuckle blasts of punk whatever his mate is on, and slings rock. Swapping instruments, ideas and himself around the stage like a styles, Sebadoh is a concept that people Tasmanian devil with a bottle-rocket stuck l!:~~~!i!5===~-~ll1 find both endearing and infuriating in up it, and (d) they're all hav1ng a really good time, especially the equal measures. drummer. Except fo r the singer guy, like I said, who walks off early. And tonight was no exception. !'.illilililla&liiM~IfiiHilitifJI All fairly standard Seattle stuff, you would think. But it's the tunes that 'When I get on-stage I don't really know how to act," explains Lou Barlow, really set them apart. Apocalyptic, melancholy, bittersweet heartfelt Sebadoh's frontman. "I don't really have much of a showbiz ethic, most melodies with breathtaking climaxes of guitars. With great big drums in. bands in England seem to have thi s really big thing that when they get on To name but a few, Nearly Lost You , Shadow of the Season , All/ Know, stage they have to be putting across the most forced , passionate looks, and Halo of Ashes , al l incredibly powerful songs. Discover the Trees apart from maybe Oasis, although they're still really contrived ." through these tunes , as I did . They are gods, but they could do with a few Sure enough, when Sebadoh start up their 90 minute set, they are more followers around here. Corin Monteverde characteristically non rock 'n' roll, shuffling and shy, without any of the ritpop! Pah! The spectre of four trimmings that we've come to expect from their English counterparts. For LIVE REVI nondescript blokes sweati ng on a stage starters there's no set list, the next song being decided ad-hoc, there's MY LIFE STORY was dispelled by Jake Shillingford and UEA LCR no backdrop, nothing but the music. Which, in the context of the parade his motley band of musicians. Forget anoraks Tuesday Oct 29 of Britpop semi-cabaret, can seem very alien. and Kangol hats; give me silver lame and "Oh, f"** Britpop," screams Lou, "I had no 1dea that stuff was so lame! glitter any day! Cast, Gene, Sleeper, I had no idea who they were, I'd read about them .-M~~ Top marks to whoever was responsible for and thought, 'Wow this sounds pretty exciting,' but them I saw a bunch bringing My Life Story to UEA fo r free - th1s of their videos, and I can't believe that this s"** is so bad. The guys time next year they'll surely be playing the perform1ng with th~ir coats on, think1ng they're in Oasis, all looking Royal Albert HaiL exactly the same, with their horrible, horrible songs!" Well, at least, they deseN e to. He then goes on to bemoan the generic state of English music, For anyone who missed it, let me put it like saying that the "interesting , jagged-edgy political music which he this: take your average indie bassist and associates with Britain (such as Gang Of Four, Joy Division or Killing drummer. Joke) has conveniently been forgotten in place of a safer 'pop' Then mix in a dash of keyboards, a pinch of sound . cello, and a lovin' spoonful of strings. In terms of Sebadoh's actual sound, there really isn't any obvious Top off with a flamboyant singer who'd be as reference pomt - tonight's set ranges from the aching melody of comfortable in a Broadway musical as in a gig. Willing To Wait, to the thrash punk of Crystal Gypsy with myriad A heady brew and no mistake! sounds in between. From the minute Jake leaped on-stage with a lt IS this chopping and chan ging of styles which has perhaps perky "Airiightt!!l" to the last bow, we were prevented Sebadoh from ever reaching a wider audience - a treated to a show; something which has been po1nt wh1ch Lou is perfectly happy to accept - yet it is exactly the sadly lacking from certain bands thrs year. unpredictablhty and the ragged edges which make Sebadoh I may have come into the gig having only exctting Sure, a show full of Lou's bitter-sweet love songs heard the two s1ngles, but I left as a new fan would be eas1er on the ear, but simi.arly a set w1 hout Jason's w1th a sm1le on my face two minute freak·outs would be lacking the vital edge that Only twelve reasons to love them? charactenses the Sebadoh expenence. I can th1nk of a lot more. Stuart A show that la s th1s long and changes direction this many times would usually end up looking a mess, but m terms of Sebadoh the whole even10g works coherently and Is Bonfire Night a distant memory? majestically. Gone are tne temper tantrums and the messy Well, fear not. relive it with a copy of My Life m1d-way halts that littered earlier shows, and in their place is Story's new single, Sparkle. a collectiOn of songs picked •andomly from their mne year We ve got 5 copies of the hn1ted-edrt1on 7 -inch career which leave me w1th a gnn on my face for days after V'"YI verSIOr", as well as 1ve s ts of CD the fact. All you have to do 1s w• te your rte story 10 Techmca y fiOt the best v sually not the most exCiting , fewer than 25 words, ana p.... t 1nto t e perhaps a bit s'oppy 10 the over all presentation, but I compet t1on box m Un1on House The fun wo ... 'dn t have it any other way Sebador. IS the best 919 e•1tnes Win the goods. Get <::rrmnu nn I ve seen m a long t.:ne. Mark Tobin



ONLY inslalllmenl. cam J. PJ Duncan




by "6hris 23/2 4 \Veaver~ I ane, () ff( ,c n lll'man' ~Wa l k, NorwiL h, Id: Nc.. h . (Oi h 0 3) hl l> l 67.


We are between the market and Topman


hay-hey! If anyone out there bothers to read this preambling bh.1 b of m1ne every issue, they'll know how gutted I was to have missed the Space gig. So imagine how orgasmically exc1ted I wa last week when I got the chance to pull on my whore-boots and go and see Gina G live!


Glna Hits the G-Spol! So there we were, me and my pop column predecessor Peter Hart, standing in the middle of London's Asteria 'niteclub'. Having danced ourselves silly to Kylie for

severa hours beforehand, we were mcely JUiced up for the arriVal of Miss G herself . as was everyone else 10 the club. Apparently, it was the first time that they had ever had to erect crash barners 1n front of tt>e stage! At 2 am the high priestess of pop herself emerges from a large Arabran tert that has 'myster;ously' appeared on the stage, and treats us all to her latest s10gle I Belong To You. Not surpns10gly though, the biggest cheer of the mght was reseNed for the top choon Oooh Aah, Just A Little Bit..., especially when Gina popped behind a large fluffy star, whipped off her dress and re-emerged in a chain-mail bikini type-thing! With dancers that looked like the Spice Girls, several top costumes and a promise to come back and sing again at the New Year party, it proved to be a tab night for all concerned. Plenty of Strongbow, a tit bloke to keep me company and Gina G in concert; what more could a tart want? Cya!

~-- -

She ls unhappy about my use of the term 'dance' and my attempts to label music. She does feelfttat you should be able "to do What you want to do" but not for the last in :OUr wnversatiQI'I I seem to have confused her. l had counter-«~ltural connections In mind such as; festival$", travellers, and the Criminal Justice Bill. Beth clearly didn't She etaims that sh& was •reany Jucl<y" as re{:Jard$' breaking through as a solo female singer, and dld not find. it all that difficult. tn her eyes, the difftculty arises after gaining some attention: "You have to deal with people trying to box you into beinQ a certain type of female per·


would appear to be true, as the NME

already compared her to Suzanne and Vox ~n compared her to June

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Tabor. Oh dear! lt would seem that solo mate singers are allowed to be regarded as originals (think Morrissey or Julian Cope) but women must always belong to a 'type'. Uve performances are an area which Beth particularly enjoys, "because it's like putting on a little show." She also likes the opportunity that playing live gives her to alter her songs and include things in retrospect: "You can change it every night; you can do what you want. n As Beth is from Norwich, and we are all in Norwich, I decide to question her about her roots. I ask if her home town has been a major spir· itual influence. She seems to miss the irony intended in the question, which is unfortunate as she must now think I'm a.) maintaining a density of unparalleled proportions, or b.) taking the piss. Growing up in Norwich encoumged her to "use her imagination~ and "make her own ehteMinment.• l-ean easily believe thiS 1$ the case tor many a Norwich balm. Music provided an escape route for her, and evefYone she knew was in a band. At this point Seth tells me she's "spaced out" dUe to food poisomng, and that she hasn't eaten for a week.

t's no good - no matter how hard I try I can't seem to write anything good about these bands. I apologise in advance for my negativity. The night doesn't get off to a good start when no band whatsoever appears until 10.30pm, and then things stubbornly


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This could explain why she is having difficulty understanding my questions, or maybe I'm just not being very lucid. Either way, pon being asked whether her status as the only other female singer to come from Norwich apart from Cathy Dennis makes her feel a responsibility, she Is un· amused. "I don't really consider Norwich. lt's just a place where I lived for a while.• I feel it relevant to explain that Norwich features so heavily because I'm from UEA, and I apologise for seeming obscure. Beth claims she was "wandering". / Her mood lightens and / we return to the subject ' of Cathy Dennis, who t apparently "did the Birdy Birdy Tweet song at Ritzys"! At this stage I feel it wise to quit while I'm / ahead. The main conclusion to be drawn from thfs conversation is that only Alan Partridge would make a virtue of coming from Norwich. Others seem to


pref&r to forget it. Ell-.l»tiJ Seal

refuse to get better. The support act are Don, an indie-rock outfit with some fair songs and less onstage charisma than four wet fish. At least the fish would have had novelty value. Symposium's angle is youth. Unfortunately talent and class are lacking. Leaping is carried out with dogged determinism and in no small quantity, but their Ned's Atomic Dustbin/Wonderstuff style is so contrived and tired that the initial quality

of surprise quickly gives way to an urge to smack the bassist round the head and tell him to calm down. And the name's crap. Enjoy it while it lasts, kids, because if your musical career lasts beyond next Christmas then a) my granny is a Mongolian peasant girl or b) there is no justice in the world. Sorry. Would it have helped if I had said they were probably kind to animals? James Tapsfield


t's coming up to Christmas, your kid broth er is nagging on at you to get him that top CD which ""''t"';'~c forty stonking club classics such as little Louie's French Kiss, Thelma Houston 's Don't Leave Me This Way, CJ Bolland's Sugar Is Sweeter, not to mention tracks by Natural Born Groovers, Way Out West, Express Of Sound and Inner City. Obviously you want to provide him with such an item but you've scoured the record stores, leafed through the music publications , and you still can't find a present to match his insatiable appetite for tunes. But wait!Look no further because the search is through.


fter opemng in January at Zoom (Pnnce of Wales Rd) With a once monthly 6afl" licence, the Kitchen -Norwich's only underground club- has gone from strength to strength attracting DJs from the underground o se anc techno scene of the stature of Kris Needs, DIY, Jamie Smart and DJ Lewis (Orb) , and also gain1ng nat1onal recognition m Etern1ty magazine look out fo r the December issue featuring a review of Offyerface in an article comparing the underground to corporate -::lubbing, such as Miss Moneypenny's - and the NME where rt was voted 19th best new club 1n Britain in a recent p 11. With its free fresh fruit, magazines and tea and coffee (available after 2am) the Kitchen already has a reputation as one of the friendliest Friday nights out. The Kitchen is run by Norwich dance collective Offyerface who have been responsible in the past year alone for tour visits to Norwich from the likes of Return to the Source, Wall of Sound and Logical Progression as well as hosting the VIP tent at Big Love and Tribal Gathering. So whaf s coming up? The next Kitchen is on Friday November 22, 10-6am featuring the return of DIY (Digs and Woosh) followed on Friday December 6 by the return of legendary acid techno madman Ege Bam Yasi who will be doing a live set at the club. Not content to rest on its many laurels, the Kitchen is already looking ahead to next year with Jody (Way Out West and eo-writer of club hit ''The Gift") confirmed for the first Kitchen date in January. Finally don't miss the Xmas Party on Friday December 20 with a irresistible mixture of top underground DJs, games, fruit and frolics all till 6am . Prices $4 NUS I $5 B4 11 $6/ $7 after. See ya there.

hink of some top names that have influenced the dance arena in the past twelve years. Chances are that you'd be including artists associated with 4th & Broadway. Don't believe me? Well how about Eric B & Rakim? Tricky? Alex Reece? or Bomb The Bass? The simple fact is that 4th & Broadway have been around since 1984 (they releasing the seminal Somebody Else's Guy by Jocelyn Brown) and are still here today, expanding w and being an influence on the bur!Jeoning dance scene. To celebrate this fact, The Event are teaming up with the label to offer you the exclusive chance to win a huge collection of 4th & Broadway goodies. Such as the entire Alex Reece 12" promo back catalogue, plus the album itself, numerous other promo goodies, as well as a very special exclusive first prize. All you need to do to stand a chance of winning is answer the following question: Can you name three artists featured on the 4th & Broadway roster? If you can then stick your answer on a postcard and deposit it in the Concrete competitions box near the stewards office in The Hive. Easy!


Fourth & roadway

80 Rose Lane norwlch


LACE (YOU REMEMBER路 AGADOO , DOO, DOO, PUSH PINEAPPLE, SHAKE THE TREE)! AN ALBUM OF STAGE HITS SUNG BY BRIAN CONLEY! A SPARKLY WHITE MARTINI TSHIRT! A BOOK WHICH REVEALS THE SECRET TO EVERLASTING LI FE, OR SOMETHING! AND, ER, OH I DON'T KNOW, JUST COME AND GET IT! All you have to do to receive this instalment of excrement is waddle on up to the office and say, "Cor blimey, maybe it's because I'm a Londoner that I love all your chod" and the 路 sack is yours. Catch ya later groovers.






fter an issue of abstinence, the cack returns! And this time it's bigger and better than ever. The Concrete team has recently returned from its SOJOUrn to London; suffice to say that the Old Smoke spewed up turds in abundance and we were there to catch it all for you, our valued reader. Because our last issue was without the cack, this time around we're making it a special limited edition bumper sack, replete with A POSTCARD AND POSTER SET WHICH INCLUDES COMPLETELY GRATUITOUS SWEARING! A PARTY CD COURTESY OF BLACK

The Event - in yet another act of unreserved kindness - can provide you with the ideal gift: An Introspective Of House - 1st Dimension. Not only does it include all the desired tracks but it's also mixed by three of Europe's top DJs: John Kelly, Judge Jules and Seb Fontaine. Oh yes, this opportunity 1s one you cannot knock. To get your hands on one of four triple CD sets all you have to do is answer the question: How many volumes of Retrospective Of House did Sound Dimension produce? Simply place your answer on a postcard in the Concrete competitions box by the stewards' office and Bob's yer uncle, four times over.

press release Informs me that: "Joey Beltram 1s 24. Joey Beltram IS from Queens New York Joey Beltram specialised 1n techno mus c, and Joey Belt ram s a f***1ng legend. â&#x20AC;˘ Hmm. lt also cla1ms that Forklift p1ns you to the wall and demands attent on hke a spo eh Id Er, more hke Fork! !t g1ves you the urge to slap a spo1lt eh dl Who are they try1ng to kid? Th1s s ngle 1s 25 m nutes of techno rubb sh. it appears to feature s veral untalented five year olds play,ng the trumpet placed on top of a thumpmg techno beat The m xes range from soundmg hke they re be1ng played through a cardboard box to be ng rem n scent of a bad n ght on Norfo k Terrace By the e I heard the fourth and final x I almost f lt hypnotised mto Ilk ng this tune I could almost dec pher alt rnat ng per ods of tens on and release always th s gn of good music! Then I realised 1t was just a delus1on and the only release was the stop button on the GO-player. "F*** ng legend? Maybe, but only m the sense be ng f***1ng crap. Khushwant Sachdave


erril hails from Australia, and on the cover of this single she appears tinted in tasteful green. Her eyebrows and hair actually give her an ironic resemblance to Courtney Love. Although that approach could have had interesting results, the blurb for the song chooses instead to compare her to both Donna Lewis and early Madonna. Indeed, this brand of cutesy bubble-gum pop has been done many times before. You know the format: 'quirky' lyrics, sugar-sweet vocals, and a jingly synthesiser accompaniment. Frankly, there's nothing desperately wrong with the song, which obviously has no ambitions other than to be mildly upbeat and catchy. This is despite Merril's assertion that it's about "the struggle between mens' and womens' roles." Having said that, if this follows the same route as the Donna Lewis single did, you'll soon be smashing your radio every time you hear Merril chant "Kiss me on my salty


. lrom R ags

the name suggests, Yes, Yes, Y'all does not take itself quite as eriously as some of the rap predecessors from whom it borrows significantly. Essentially this record is - dare I use these words without sounding too retro? -cool and funky. Yes, these are cliches for describing records like this, but I can flij~~;;,~~ think of no other words which would suit it more aptly. This songs lack of pretence and unwillingness to deal with little more than the fact that they "got da vi be" is wholly endearing, much in the same way that Busta Rhymes' lyrical eccentricity and wit are. Yes, Yes, Y'alfs sound spans a couple of generations, with elements of Sly And The Family Stone fused with samples from De La Soul's Stakes Is High . If the movers and the shakers at the LCR have any sense of cool (which I often doubt) then this record should soon feature on the playlist. If it doesn't then perhaps visitors to Club Retro in 15 years time will be grooving along to a classic. Uncomplicated hip-hop pop with a refreshing sense of fun. Could be big. James Papadopou/os


es, it's time of year agatnPavarotti's annual collaborative album hits the shops and once more he's out to prove that he has got some friends. Rich and famous ones, no less. So just what has the behemoth to offer this time? Not an awful lot I'm afraid. Putting aside - momentarily - the French accent which corset-boy adopts, the New York, New York duet w~h Liza Minnelli is entertaining, but the flashes of interest are mainly when the large one is absent. Joan Osbourne's Mother Theresa and Sheryl Grow's Run Baby Run with Eric Clapton are both excellent, but Elton John is, as usual, as scintillating as a turnip. Frankly, I would rather watch old people eat than hear Elton John perform I Guess That's Why They Calllt The Blues again. There is some opera. 1t is vaguely listenable. lt is also in Italian. There are some other songs. They could be in Italian, but I can't tell. All in all, not great, but hell -it's for charity, and if you like that kind of thing it might be worth a tenor.


Ellsss Rosp/gl/os/

James Tapsfleld

NOW OPEN every career, some point they make some big lovey-dovey ballad, and yes, it's the turn of those Welsh ruffians the 60 Ft Dolls. Doing a sweet love song is a bloody hard task when you 've got the reputation of being some of indie's tear-a-ways. These men make Oasis look like angels! Once earlier this year, they invaded an Ash gig wearing just bin bags and posing pouches, but this CD shows them in a completely different light.

You won't see this five-track EP shooting into the top 40 like the Dolls' last three singles, because it's too long to qualify for the charts. lt's a shame, because this is actually quite good. In recent months dozens of guitar-based singles like this have been released. This is one of the better ones, but it's certainly no Wonderwa/1. lt may be mind-bogglingly average, but it shows that these Gwent boys have promise. Buy it - you might actually like it.




Nick Hawklns




ere we go, yet another action movie, with guns, guts and gore galore, and even more racing trains along a train-track. Laurence Fishburne and Stephen Baldwin (youngest sibling of the famous clan) are convicts, Piper and Dodge, on the run from not only the Law but also from the Mob. Their aim: to retrieve a stash of stolen cash and an incriminating computer disk, which just happens to belong to a group of nasty Cubans. The trouble is, they're handcuffed together. The dastardly duo are up against it all, high stakes, intrigue and secret identities, but the thing is they have to put up with each other long enough to come through it alive. Cora (Salma Hayek) plays the essential love interest who, as their 'hostage' inexplicably fancies, rather than fears, the two and becomes their partner in crime, helping them escape it all. The idea has been done before in The Defiant Ones, among others, so the question is, can it be done well again? If it can, then Fled will be pure escapism- literally! Ceri Evans


hat do a thousand miners have to turn to in their darkest hour? The answer is, of course, their very own brass band which is the subject of Mark Herman's new film Brassed Off. Ewan MacGregor plays Andy (and the trumpet) and even manages to look lovely smeared in coal dust after a busy day down the pit. Andy is part of the Grimethorpe Colliery Brass Band that finds itself struggling to survive as the town's pit faces closure. The band's conductor, Danny (Pete Usual Suspects Postlethwaite) fights hard to keep the band members' spirits alive as their worlds seem to fall apart. With his determination the band goes on to achieve what seems like the impossible. Enters Gloria (Tara Fitzgerald), Andy's fl ugelhorn playing love interest who returns to Grimethorpe as a successful career girl, but when it's revealed she's working for the Coal Board , their relationship gets a bit rocky. With plenty of comic moments mixed in with the tragic, it maintains its light-hearted mood throughout and makes this film about a Yorkshire Brass Band thoroughly entertaining. lt's The Commitments meets the North of England with a stark and gritty atmosphere that makes this British movie a refreshing change from all that Hollywood clap-trap which would have smothered this in sentimentality. Watch it, if only to see Ewan blow a trumpet which he manages with considerable conviction. Catherine


EXHIBITION & SALE of ART & CRAFT from PERU, ECUADOR & BOLIVIA upstairs at THE GUILDHALL (opposite Tesco) 12th November onwards & th roughout December 1O:OOam to 4:00pm




iam Neeson plays Michael Collins, the man who tried to "take the gun out of Irish politics" and got shot in the process. From the guy who brought us The Crying Game (but let us also remember Interview With A Vampire - that masterpiece) it focuses ~~~-=~~~'='!~!~~-~-=~~-=-., on the Sinn Fein/ IRA campaign of 1919·21. The film has all the potential to be highly emotive. Only it isn't. Despite being visually polished and having an impressive cast, a combination that might have made it spectacular, the film doesn't quite make it as a rasing epic. Collins and his sidekick Boland (Aidan Quinn) are released from prison after being arrested for supporting several irish revblutionaries, to find themselves the new leaders of the Irish independence movement. Cue lots of political and military struggles against British rule and enter the lovely Kitty Keirnan (Julia Roberts) who wins the hearts of both Collins and Boland. She tends to the inevitable wounds that follow mastermind prison escapes, the creation of underground intelligence networks and the outfitting of an invisible army that used big guns from America. So when Boland goes off to raise support of the cause in the States, Kitty and Michael fall in love (aaahhh!). What follows is lots of peace talks, more political struggles, and civil war... not a lot, really. With unimaginative dialogue, s9ene begins to run into scene, with fleets .of Bugsy style cars, sandbags and empty warehouses that could be quite fitting to the situation, but the historical events in question seem oversimplified: the film seems to be all too eager to preach rather than to inform, about this controversial topic. If it's heavy historical politics you're into, or you just want to see what Liam Neeson and Julia Roberts have been up to lately, take a look. Even if the storyline doesn't put you off politics for life, the soundtrack will probably send you from the cinema. C!Jtriona MacLean



USA n•l

................. I 11r: Alldmr Rllllllll

f you're still looking to be spooked after Halloween then don't miss The Craft, which has enough witches and wizardry to show you the dark side of the twilight zone where good becomes evil and the real unreal, etc. Sarah (Robin Tunney) is the new girl at the academy who becomes involved with a trio of complete weirdo's and

provides the fourth element necessary for magic. Wrth spells taken from authentic Wiccon rituals, their experiments gradually get more extravagant before ultimately causing chaos and destruction, they also provide some 'alternative' beauty tips (so don't forget your notebooks) The violently obsessive leader of the witchy foursome, Nancy (Fairuza Balk), has a warped 'feminist' approach towards men as she gets her revenge on her Dad and ex-boyfriend, ifs good to see the lasses with the power for a change! Creepie crawlies are conjured up in their billions and the witches get levitation down to a fine art. The Craft won't keep you on the edge of your seat, but the few spine tingling scenes and the freaky special effects really make it watchable. So if you still haven't had enough hocus pocus for one year, then take a look, it's magic! · Sart1h Hemlngway o doubt going to Ritzy's on a Monday night can make you feel a bit old, as the place seems to teem with 16 year-olds. Now, if your better half was to dump you for one of those 16 year-olds, suffice to say that you might not cope with it very well. Well, in The First Wives Club, Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler and Diane Keaton star as forty something college friends who have all been divorced in favour of women 20 years younger. Obviously annoyed at being rejected for dumb blondes who look good in Spandex, the college friends band together to wreak revenge on their exhusbands in the boardrooms and bedrooms of Manhattan. Shot entirely on location in New York and also featuring top British actress Dame Maggie Smith, Dan Hedaya (Clueless, To Die For) and Sarah Jessica Parker (Footloose, Ed Wood) the film promises to be a bedroomfarce-revengecomedy. Remember, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. John Spacey


Ladies' & Gentlemen's Hairdressers Student Discount Monday-Friday

The students~ choice ck-Best prices in town ck-



1. SPICE GIRLS • SPICE There is no argument: The Spice Girls rule! Slick nineties pop guaranteed to make grown men swoon. What does 'Zig-uh-zig-uh' mean exactly?ll

2. EAST 17 • SREATEST HITS ineteenninety six was the year when teenybop pop made its triumphant return! A bold statement perhaps, and I'm sure a lot of people would violently disagree. Okay, so Oasis played a few gigs and Underworld sold a few singles, but who cares?! For millions of people the year will be remembered more for the split of Take That or the appearance from nowhere of the Spice Girls. However, us students seem to look down on this type of music. lndie is cool, techno is bang in', but so-called 'teenypop' is best left to your kid sister. But wait! Are we really as trendy as we'd like to think we


singles or Wu-Tang albums and you'll probably find a Kylie album lurking there. What's more, it's probably suspiciously clean, as though it's been played recently. Hmm. I smell a rat. Are we really so 'mature' that we're above such music now? Of course, the very term 'teenypop' is patronising, implying that ifs music solely for teenagers. lt takes in all the boy-bands (e.g. TT, Boyzone, Upside Down etc.), as

things teen, but they are emphatic that they DON'T want to be quoted in Concrete in connection with this issue, for fear of "being laughed at.· The general consensus appears to be that teen bands are for "screaming little pubescent girls looking for a puppy-love object." Gosh, that's that then. Chastened, I retreat to tl)e pub in the hope of some alternative opinions. However, the outlook is not good: Don't Look Back In Anger is blaring out of the jukebox, and everywhere I look I see.a rugby lad. Questions about Take That or Peter

well as solo artists like r--.--EA~A~n~dr;e~a~r:e~m;e;t;w;it;h~b~lajn~k~s~ta~re~s~ , ~or even hostility. lt Peter Andre, Louise and seems that here, we like our suchlike. Basically the "" EAST1 S f. VENTEEN music to be REAL, acts that you'd expect to fll with CREDIBILITY see in Smash Hits or Big and PROPER rather than in the NME SINGERS, whatever or Mixmag. Not that means. obviously appealing to How about a different students? My task is to approach? Since scratch the surface much of the teenpop and investigate industry hinges on the whether we're not, as looks of the bands, I Gina G might put it, decide to ask a few just a little bit young pertinent questions at heart. about the attractiveness The best place to of its stars. Surely we're - - - - start would seem not so superficial that we on the street. Surely we're not judge bands merely on such an elitist bunch? I'm sure that if I their looks? pick a random passer-by, I'll discover a "Take That were lame, but I'd shag Howard!" reasoned q>inion on the matter: leen bands? Nah, they're shite." "Louise? Phwoar!!!" Shite? S1ite?! Some of the most popular "I'd like to get that ginger Spice Girl and .. ." groups of our generation and all you can Young man! Less of that lechery! Maybe it is just a question of fanciability. There's no shame in admitting to say is 'Shite'?!! Sadly, the prevailing opinion seems to be a lustful interest in your average teen-pop star, but the just that. N:>t only does the average UEA music? Pah! Second-rate pap not worth listening to. But is it? The last couple of weeks has seen a student seem to have disdain for all veritable deluge of teenpop records in the

\"<" ''

Concrete office. Those cheeky Spice Girls, Boyzone, East

17, Mark Owen and, oh yes, Let Loose have all kindly sent us their newies. Can they all be condemned to the rubbish bin? Well, in certain cases, yes. Boyzone were roundly booed for their weak balladry and especially for their risible cover of Michael Jackson's Ben. The Peter Andre LP lasted a mere two seconds on the office stereo before being ejected amid a flurry of abuse! On the other hand, as House of Love from East 17's Greatest Hits kicked in, the room erupted into elbowsakimbo Walthamstowstylee dancing. Judging by the way respectable Editors were seen to gyrate to Wannabe, the Spicies certainly get our approval too. Mark Owen's voice may be pants, but his song is, whisper it quietly, quite good actually. We're not scared to admit it, so why is everybody else? There are two possible answers: either students are

partial to pop yet scared to admit it, or maybe I'm just jumping to conclusions here.! In a desperate final effort to uphold our upstanding reputations, I popped into the LCR for some more vox-pop research. Would vast quantities of alcohol loosen peoples' tongues sufficiently to bring out their pop tendencie~? Surely enough, there were dozens of burly blokes prepared to admit to a deep love of Relight My Fire. Clubbed-up girls professing their undying respect for the Spice Girls. More people wanting to, er, shag Howard/Louise! So, the conclusion must be that many students are clandestine teenyboppers, intimidated by peer pressure and social conditioning into feigning disdain for teenpop. How can we remedy this parlous state of affairs? Perhaps a 'Teenyboppers Anonymous', providing a safe forum to come out, as it were. "Hello, my name's ... and I quite like Boyzone." lt could happen! Maybe someday, we'll be able to listen to whatever we want, without having to worry about our credibility. The Spice Girls playing the Reading Festival? Why not?! MNS on the Evening SesSion? Yes please! Upside Down to headline at Glastonbury? Well, maybe there are some limits...

Okay, so these are comparative oldies, but who can resist the urge to cavort madly to the sounds of House of Love, Alright, and especially Steam?!


Er, it's the music we like. Oh yes, the music. We like it. We don't fancy her at all. Not much~Ahem.


Surely the greatest teenypop sensation of the nineties, Take That have had many imitators, but no-one will ever come even close to their brilliance. This excellent summary of their all-toobrief career is guaranteed to make you dance around your bedroom and sing into your hairbrush!

2. PJ AND DUNCAN AKA • PSYCHE APart from being the most shaggable Geordies in the history of the world, Ant and Dec- as they are now known - have produced some top pop choons. Thrill to their 'kickin" rap antics, and above all get ready to rhumble!

3. KYLIE MINOGUE - RHYTHM OF LIFE lt may not have been the first, but this was the best of Kylie's teen-era albums. What Do I Have '[o Do?, Step Back in Time and above all Shocked make this the ideal Friday night album to play before you go out to get you in the mood.

4. BROS - PUSH They were twins! They made girlies scream! They spent lots of money! They went down the dumper! But for those brief Warholian 15 minutes, Matt and Luke Goss were pop gods. If you didn't own a copy of Push yourself, then you at least knew 15 slavering girlies (not to mention one sad bloke) who did.

5. FIVE STAR • SILK AND STEEL Five Star were another band who reached the top and then spent their way back to the bottom. Spawning a multitude of hits, including the classics Rain Or Shine and Can't Wait Another Minute, this was one of the defining moments of mideighties culture, along with cropped denim jackets and bright pink lipstick. Well, it was in my house ....



o,Jane is the new rock n roll, following the success of Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility, there are now two adaptations of Emma for your viewing pleasure. So, what does the TV version offer you? Well it does keep your options open - you can stay in with a warm milky drink and Kale Beckinsale in a televisual treat bought to you by the team responsible for putting Colin Firth in a pair of tight trousers. Sadly there is no such swoon factor her • don't say I told you, but Mr Knightley is balding! But, if you want an evening out, then why not enjoy the petticoat extravaganza at your local ABC? You can buy popcorn there too. Although, this does mean shelling out £3.50. Is it really worth lt though? Well, there's great direction, an immense feel good factor and superb acting. All with enough top totty ~o tickle your fancy: For the ladies of the house there's flavour


ust when you thought that they couldn't possibly do yet ANOTHER Jane Austen adaptation, along comes ITV's version of Emma. Enough already !! But what is the fascination with period dramas lately? Why can't we seem to get enough of the high-waisted breeches, heaving bosom and horse-drawn carriages? Austen's fixation has gripped Hollywood, but why? Surely we got enough of this at English GCSE! Well, let's see. They might have run out of storylines for one thing. You'll be surprised to know that the hit film Clueless was actuaiJy based on Austen's Emma. lt has to be agreed, Austen isn't that bad, neither is Bronte or Hardy. They're in vogue but they also deal with modern issues. Take for example the adaptation of Hardy's Jude the Obscure, out at the moment. Kate Winslet commented on her character, Sue Bridehead, as "a very, very modern girl. The script is so normal you could put the characters in jeans and it would make perfect sense.• Many dismissed it as a fad, but we're not convinced.


UEA Conference Services .



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. Nelson Court Guest Suite

Despite being self-confessed lovers of the swishing crinolines, having devoured every episode of Middlemarch , with much swooning over Darcy (who didn't?) and sighing at the rugged charms of Mr Rochester and Jude Fawley, we find the period drama to be no longer solely a "chick flick" genre. 1990s adaptations have had to widen their appeal, and their ever-rising popularity surely shows that this has worked. If the truth has to be stated, the saturation of big budget flicks peaked last year, and it seems that the audience no longer wants Costner and Waterworld but would prefer to see Gwyneth Paltrow aka Mrs Brad Pitt shimmering as Emma. Hey lads, that's good news, even for you! Millions tuned in to BBC1 's Pride and Prejudice last year, and there's no way that all of them were women. I would guess that a fair amount of male admirers fancied Jennifer Ehle's Eliza Bennett (she of the amazing gravity defying cleavage!), as us girls "phwooaaaarrrrred" over Darcy. • Before you dismiss the return to period drama films as just a phase, fever that has even hit television with the BBC's Pride and Prejudice and now we have ITV's Emma. Also let's not forget side dishes such as The Buccaneers, about six single gorgeous women who all go and get hitched. These adaptations say as much about what the public wants to see as they say about their respective settings. The issues such as marriage, wealth, class system still live and intrigue the modern audience as they did to Austen's characters.

ltl ltl ltl ltl ltl ltl

Competitive rates. There is a 10% discount for all UEA .students, their family and friends as well as alumni Located centrally on campus 62 rooms equipped to a high standard Colour TV Tea and coffee making facilities Rooms serviced daily Helpful reception staff


To find out more, or to make a reservation contact Conference Services on (01603) 593297 . If youare calling from within the University dial-3297 NORWICH 10 THE EVENT, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1996'

trembling Jeremy Northam brings a full head of hair and suave good looks to the role of Knlghtley. And for the blokes? Jane Austen caters for evefYbodY • you've got a choice of Greta Sacchl or m8SI11811sing ~ star Gwpelh ~

givfrlf~ that Otilllt.... Kale

The Guest Suite in Nelson Court provides comfortable, purpose built bed and breakfast accommodation all year round!! ltl

of the month Ewan Mcgregor, and the knee


All in aD, if its a l t.elt10101t _ _ _ 1he

. .. .......slla (PI) (1111- )

-= ............

111111 - -llrul

When the film was released in America it did well, shame the Brit's didn't follow their American counterparts. Richard Dreyfuss plays Mr Holland, a composer with a dream. Yep, it's the American Dream to become rich and famous. Mr. Holland starts a teaching job to look after his family, only to see the years fly by. Whle the decades are drawing to an

end, he becomes one of fie aH time favourite of his local schoOl by giving hope

and fulfiling the dreams of his students.The American Dream factory gives us a story of hope and the message that life is magical. Mr. Holland hears his opus at the end of the film, but by this time he's been sacked and realises that he is 'expendable'. Ufe, however, has been good to him. He conducts his opus as tears are falling. The film wll make you cheer and cry (as long as you're human). A worthwhile watch to melee you feel, life aln't that badl

TO DIE FOR (15) USA (1196) Dlr: sus Van Sant VIdeo • out to rent


Dlr: Lawrence Kasden VIdeo • out to rent If you've got a penchant for love fil ms or are just in the mood for romance, then French Kiss is for you. Set in that city of 'Lurve', Paris, Meg Ryan stars with Kevin Kline in yet another romantic comedy. Ryan plays Kate, whose fiance has taken a trip to Paris, trouble is, it isn't just the city he's fallen in love with. So she decides to n1p to Paris and track the 'bitch' down. On the way she meets the mysterious Frenchman, Luc (Kline) and that sexy accent is enough for our Meg to make Luc the man of her dreams. French Kiss manages to be hllanous in places despite some unbelievable moments, and the story is enterta1n1ng. So if its big black moustaches, dodgy french accents and all the romance of Paris you 're after, take a look , it's all quite cute really! Amanda Akien

THE ASSASSIN (18) USA (1993)

Dlr: John Badham VIdeo • out to buy The Assassin is John Badham's Hollywoodised version of the fanatic noir- thriller Nikita (Luc Besson) . While some of the original's dark and alienating atmosphere is lost to the usual trappings of Hollywood production , the Assassin still manages to turn a slightly far fetched plot into an exciting and emotionally engaging film. Bridget Fonda is surprisingly good as Maggie, the drugged-up-cop-killer saved from a death sentence by a secret government agency who turn her into an under.cover assassin. As you would expect, she finds it a bit tricky balancing her life with an unsuspecting new boyfriend and her life as a ruthless murderer; but her emotional reluctance to carry out her orders is juxtaposed with blood-splattering action scenes and some very big guns. This is a good, violent thriller, with an excellent cameo from Harvey Keitel, which manages to keep at least some of the eerie, noir-ish elements of the French original. Matt Stocks

This is a very refreshing black comedy, extremely well put together, and made compelling viewing by Nicole Kidman who dominates the fi lm with her powerful performance. Kidman is Suzanne Stone, a woman wh o'll do anything to advance her career in the world of television. With her motto, ''you aren't anybody if you're not on TV," she proceeds to show that there really are no limits to her ambition . This is one of those all too rare femalefrontad films, centred around a lead actress who doesn't need to get her kit off to make the film entertaining (sorry lads!). So if its edge of your seat style stuff you're after then this is definitely worth a look. Peter Norris

ony Hart must surely be up there with Brian Cant and Bagpuss as one of the gods of children's television. For many years , he reigned supreme in the schedules. enthralling the nation with a mere flick of a pen or charcoal st1ck . But 1t wasnt only his fine artwork that made the grade - who can forget The Gallery'? Th1s was a chance for the children of Bntain to send 1n the1r felt-tip scrawls and be made to feel like the next Leonardo Da V1nc1 when they appeared 1n extreme close-up on the pro-


Lethal Weapon 3 (15) USA (1992)

Dlr: Richard Donner VIdeo - out to buy Mel Gibson, Danny Glover and Joe Pesci run around a lot and tell jokes about dog biscuits, nymphomaniacs and dynamite, but do not under any circumstances ask "Isn't it all a bit far fetch ed?" From the spectacular opening sequence where an entire skyscraper explodes into rubble due to the ineptitude of Gibson's (non-exi stent) bomb disposal skills, the ch eeky, irrelevant tone of the movie is clearly set. If you 've seen the previous Lethal Weapon movies then you'll know what to expect, but although it doesn't stray from the established formula, it's definitely much better than its predecessors, and the constant stream of gags alone makes this a video worth seeing. JohnSpacey Yes, you too could be a proud owner of one of these delightful videos! Both are available as a part of Warner Home Video's screen classics collection and to the ordinary punter on the street would cost £6.99 ... but to you , they're free! Just answer these simple questions: For The Assassin - What was the original French version called? and for Lethal Weapon 3 - Who stars as the hot chick in the said flick? Answers on the back of some sociology lecture notes to the Concrete box in The Hive.



s c(o./1. .·~ " -r;.rccT{ :~({_ ~ccJ - 7




gramme. Plus there were the adventures of Morph, the little plasticine bloke who lived in a wooden pencil case and had loads of rumbles with his mate Chas . And what about Mr Bennett , the incompetent caretaker who would always fin ish up at the end of the show stu ck in th e lift or with his head wedged in a bucket? it al l started to go a bit awry wh en Tony got several art student dolly birds in to 'help' him even if they did know how to do exciting things with bits of cardboard and cellophane (oo-er missus!). Mr Bennett vanished off the face of the earth and Morph went off to do h1s own series. As for Tony. well , he went on gamely for several more years . but as w1th all good television presenters he couldn't go on for ever Something which has been made even more poignant by the fact that poor ol' Tony has now been reduced to do1ng that h1ghly 1rntat1ng Ambros1a Creamed R1ce ad . surely a maJor comedown for the world's greatest art1st Has anyone seen my poster pa1nts? Caroline Jenkinson




fhe Gables Guest House 117 t a r/h a m l<o au ,


Norwt c h , Norfolk Nl<4 I HN le / : 0 160 J 4 5 6 6 66 /' , ! X: 1/lhl /1 L11JJL l/





rB f!/®~


HAMLET Norwich Playhouse Now showing



es, it is Christmas again and apart from all commerce, this time always suggests a homely feeling: lt Is a time when laughter rings throughout the cold and icy air, when scents of pine, hot chestnuts and plum pudding bewilder the senses etc. An integral part of Christmas has always been Dickens' Christmas Carol which is going to be performed by the Northern Ballet Theatre. lt has had sell-out seasons throughout the UK including

Scotland and Northern Ireland; and now - for one week only - it is going to come to Norwich! The audience will experience a magical recreation of Dickens' masterpiece being theatre, music and dance all wrapped in one sumptuous Christmas parcel! A Christmas present created by designer Lez Brotherston, danced to Car! Davis' atmospheric Christmas score and choreographed by Italian dance visionary Massimo Morlcone.


nee again Hamlet the epic and arguably best Shakespearian tragedy made a return to the stage at the Norwich playhouse. Both directed and acted in by Julian Glover, an established member of the RSC, it held every expectation of excellence, and the audience wre not disappointed. This was a dramatic, dark and brooding production, high on tension with an impressive sword fight and the intense inter-relations of characters exploited. A good performance was given by Hamlet, Jamie Glover and an interesting twist was added by the real life father, mother and son combination playing Hamlet, Gertrude and the ghost. There were some other strong performances Polonious, Geoffrey Whitehead and the ever humourus gravedigger, Stephen Lang . A workable adaption, one to see if you're a Shakespearian fan.





Norwich Playhouse Sun Nov 3 hat happens to a playwright's work once the words are on paper and their muse has decided to take a short break? The Sunday workshop at the Norwich Playhouse, with UEA graduate Jackie Kohnstamm exposing her play Out of Bounds, hoped to provide the answers. Split into four sessions, the first focused on scenes the playwright felt the play revolved arou11d. The writer, director and cast interacted in exploring their understanding of the characters and playwright's intentions. The final session encapsulated the day's development with the cast dramatising the scenes rehearsed and reading the remaining script. The plot revolves around a Kilburn terraced house and the secret it hides in the attic, buried for years underneath the foliage of nature. The fi nal discussion focused on the themes of time, the relationship between mothers and daughters and the illusory quality of mature. The involvement of the audience in the creative piecing together of a play need no longer be 'out of bounds.'



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''Shirts shirts, ' & more shirts from only £20 up to £60''


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lack comedy is combined with a surreal interpretation of the future in this novel by Michael Marshal! Smith. "Luck? Don't talk to Jack Randall about luck. He didn't keep up the payment on his, and it ran out long ago. The fortune box is empty. A loner veteran of a savage war, he's spent the fast five years buried deep, hiding out on a Spares farm with people who can't even spell Luck." This is the opening paragraph, and a fair reflection of what to expect from the book. Smith attempts to describe the void of morality that capitalism will inevitably produce, how in the future the gulf between rich and poor will be so vast that the proletariat will no longer be treated as human beings, just 'spares'. Smith draws aggressively on the imagination, but it seems that he is constantly trying to assert himself as a powerful and expressive writer, when really there is no need. Some paragraphs are poorly written and the momentum of the book gets lost as a result. He writes well of the decay


and corruption that Randall sees, but the passages where he aims to shock whilst portraying the wretchedness of the spares detract from what is otherwise a good novel. Smith's claim that the book "f***s you up" is an indication of the pretentious and gratuitous nature of his writing. His description of the future, whilst unpleasant and disturbing, lacks the polemical resonance of, say, George Orwell or lain Banks. Overall, the novel is easy to read and fairly enjoyable, if you're inclined towards sociologically based novels. The futuristic setting allows Smith to create a good framework for his protagonist. A renegade society dealt him a bad hand and he's got two choices: take revenge or turn away.

merican photographer udy Olausen has united with her 75 year-old mother to bring you this selection of tableaus intended, apparently, to show younger women how far they've come since the • 1950s. Each photograph, from Mother as Doormat to Mother as Roadki/1, has something to say about the position of women in the 1950s, and it's usually negative. Olausen junior is determined to portray the fifties as a time when women were used as little more than unpaid cooks and house-keepers, whilst their husbands went out and had all the fun at the factory or office. Olausen senior, however, remembers the fifties with more fondness than her daughter. "I just stayed at home and monkeyed around the house," she says in the introduction. "I was really happy. Delirious. I didn't know any

better." Quite. If only she'd known she could make a killing by tak1ng cheesy photographs of her mother. If you have a friend or relative who likes a social message in their kitsch, then Mother would make an ideal present. The composition of the photographs is superb, and some of them are bound to raise a smile, even among those who bemoan the passing of the Good 01' Days. Edward Reeves


miss mone vood doni

Sam Howard

he wrote in the womb), spontaneously combusted, rendering the cutting of the umbilical cord unnecessary. Despite this tragic start to life, the young Gabriel went on to write such classic magic realist tales as "Eva is inside her cat" and the l!:==~=::::~ poignant "Someone has been disarranging these roses".

Ukely magical realist explanation of global phenomena: Upon publication of his last

No 7: Gabriel Garcia Marquez . (1928-) Famous Works: 100 Years Of Solitude, Love In The Time of Cholera, Chronicles of A Death Foretold Career: One of the greatest exponents of magical realism, Garcia Marquez was born in Colombia in 1928. His mother. overcome with joy at giving birth to so great a literary figure (this she knew by virtue of the prose

novel, the poignancy of his prose provoked such tears that it caused a nse in the world's water levels.

Thoroughly unmagical realist response: I thought that was global warming. How to spot a magic realist: Anyone who foresakes the fam1ly Volvo for a flying carpet probably has magical realist aspirations. Endearing legacy: The intellectual legitimisation of fairy-tales.

If he were not the greatest living exponent of magical realism he would be: Committed · Seth- Levlne



,BVe nt--=c;:;O::r~D lir iNGs i=ltMI ODE ON THE FAN (15) Robert De Niro freaks out Wesley Snipes as a psycho baseball fan who'll do anything to save his hero's reputation .




: Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton • get together to reek revenge on their ex : husbands.

Sun Nov 24, 7.30pm . • A priest is torn between the sanctity of the confessional and a confession of a murder for : which he is being blamed .

• : • •



:• • •. • •

• Mon Nov 25- Wed Nov 27 , 5.45pm . • Another classic that'll remind you of your ANTONIA'S LINE (15) : English GCSE, starring Kate Winslett and Weds Nov 13- Sat Nov 16, 2.30pm , 5.45pm • Chris Eccleston. & 8.15pm • Oscar-winning hairstyles, violence and deep sentiments straight from the Netherlands. •

BRASSED OFF (15) : GIRL 6 'BLAX Pies' (18) - Ewan MacGregor gets the horn, and plays it very well , in this film about a Northern colliery • Fri Nov 15, 11 .00pm • When a girl refuses to strip during an brass band . : audition, she lands herself a job as a phone• sex operator and discovers that it's just the THE CRAFT (15) : job. Four nerdy girlies discover that sewing and basket-weaving aren't quite as exciting as • witchcraft, so turn to that to make themselves • BLAXPLOITATION - THE EVENT • Sat Nov 15, 1O.OOam - 4.30pm popular. : A whole day of those great 70's films, such as • Superfly (1972) along with discussions about CHAIN REACTION (12) • the role of black artists and its audiences. Keanu Reeves plays a student involved in top • scientific research (aren't we all?) , featuring • DISTANT VOICES, STILL LIVES (15) lots of explosions, snogging of his eo-star and : Sun Nov 17, 5. 00pm . . FBI blokes. • Part nostalgia, part nightmare, th1s IS Terence • Davies' look back on his post-war upbringing WIND IN WILLOWS (U)

Relive your ch ildhood, and see all your old favourites played by Steve Coogan , lots of ex-monty pythons and Victoria wood .



: Spy thriller about a woman working undercover to expose a Nazi spy ring . A touching and thrilling dark romance.


EMMA (U) Jane Austen is still doing the rounds with her story of, yes you guessed it...romance and manipulation .

FLED (PG) Two blokes escape from prison and have to put up with being handcuffed together, wh ich is ·easier said than done.

• • : •

• drugs.

: Wed Nov 13

• Emma Thompson does her stuff with her • adaptation of Jane Austen's (she sounds • familiar) famous tale. :


•• WAR OF THE BUTTONS (PG) • Sat Nov 23, 2.30pm • Rural Irish kids film , that doesn 't get childish , • about two rival gangs and the battles that mirror the growing conflict around them .


A DIP In The Gene Pool .

• Interactive drama, with the Norwich Players, • highlighting moral issues underlying genetic : engineering . • £ 2 • •


: More literatu re, this time it's a makeover of • • Shakespeare, starring Robert Downey Jr and : • Annette Bening. :

EXECUTIVE DECISION Kurt Russell and Steven Seagal have the tricky task of stopping a hi-jacked plane from • crashing into Washington .

THE JUROR Demi Moore gets called up for jury service and has to contend with Alec Baldwin trying to tell her what to do (poor girl) .

GREASE Sing along with all your favourites and try to stop yourself from getting up and dancing in the middle of the lecture theatre .

STRANGE DAYS (18) Fri Nov 22 , 10.45pm . Ralph Fiennes stars as 'Santa Claus of the • Subconscious', a seedy ex-cop involved in : trading virtual reality disks, in this satire • about how computers are shaping society.



Mon Nov 18, 9.00pm ; Tues Nov 19 - Sat Nov 23 , 5.45pm and 8.15pm. Matinees on Tues and thurs 2.30pm French rendition of the 18th century theatrical Gadfly.

Steven Seagal doesn't hit people enough in this rip off of Seven. In fact he just stands still a lot while people try and hit him , and then does some aikido on them .

Liam Neeson and Julia Roberts star in this Irish epic of freedom , romance and bravery.

• : If you still -haven't seen it, then here's your • chance to see lots of blokes sitting at the : station in anoraks (not really) , oh and lots of




Light Shining In Buckinghamshire


: in working -class Liverpool.

• : •

.• Sun Nov 17 - Tue Nov 19 f • UEA Drama Society present a tale o Roundheads and Cavaliers presented with a : "very black humour". : £61£ 3 ·50



: JUDE (15)

I . l ,, .,

• • ••


• •


• • Glyndeboume Touring Opera • Wed Nov 13- Sat Nov 16 An operatic triple bill including Mozart's Marri age of Figaro and Verdi's La Traviata, sung in Italian with subtitles nicely provided so that those of us wh o don 't speak Italian know what's going on too. £5-£39

Crazy for you


: Charlle Chuck • • : •

FriNov15 Surreal stand-up from ex-Vie and Bob sidekick . £6

• ••


• •


: Crosses & Veronlcas • • • : . •

Wed Nov 13 - Sun Dec 15 Photography exhibition by Patrick BaillyMaitre-Grand, celebrating Norwich Cathedral's 900th birthday. £2/ Free to UEA students


: The Anderson Collection of Art Nouveau • : • •

Wed Nov 13- Sun Jan 12 A unique collection of visual arts given to the University by Sir Colin and Lady Anderson . £2/ Free to UEA students


Tues Nov 26 - Sat Dec 14 The amazing all-singing , all-dancing hip swinging , pant burning hit musical comedy arrives in Norwich. £3+

Wed Nov13 Booker Prize winning author talks about success and her new novel Babel Tower. £3.50/£2


Wed Nov 20 The Crime Queen talks about her work from her first novel in the present day. £3.50/£2


Ruth Rendell

Wed Nov 13 - Sat Nov 23 (Matinees Wed & Sat - 2.00pm) Danish bloke goes bonkers and everyone who is anyone dies in the end, usually in a fairly painful way. £3 .50-£15

MADDER MARKET Genlng On Thur Nov 21 - Sat Nov 30 Alan Bennet's confusingly witty play about an MP in a mid-life crisis. £3.50-£7.50


UEA LCR Skunk Anansie + The Driven + Three Colours Red Sunday November 24 They shout, they scream , they scream some more, for about two hours. SOLD OUT

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: Shear Bliss

The sweeney + The Massey

• Saturdays • Regular house night : 9pm - 3am, £5

Monday November 25 £4 I £3.50 adv

Mondays - Student NI hi India Hits 1Opm - 2am SOp all night with cheap drinks

•• Sunday Serwlce : • • : • • :

Bellnda Carlisle Monday November 25 Oh yes, this Belinda certianly can go-go. Catch the foxiest gig of the year. £9.SO adv,

Retum To The Source

T E ATE IF NI Bls + The Raincoats Wednesday November 13 Beasite Boys' new best mates, anarch6 funsters Bis rock the Waterfront. £4 adv The Aloof + Baby Fox + DJ Kris Needs Blurring the edges of contemporary dance music, The Aloof mix it up with excellent support. £S adv


RockY Horror Picture Show Party

• Mondays • Student Night

Saturday November 23 Rocky returns and this time he's bigger than

• Favourite student weekly night out. : 9£pm-2am _cheap drinks SOp with student ID I


Tom Paxton

3 otherwise

o..E NU

• ::

• 9pm - 2am cheap drinks 50p with student ID I • • £3 otherwise

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Melld wn

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Saturday November 16 The regular Saturday night out for lovars of all things 'alternative', with Grooveadelia playing the top pop tunes upstairs and These Animal Men downstairs 9pm - 1.30am. £4 I £3.50 cone

• : Mo days • Hu ~ Bu ba • Student Dance N1ght . • 1Opm - 2am £1.SO b4 11 pm I £2 after (w1th • student ID) •

: Melldown • • : • •

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Saturday November 23 Same as usual downstairs, but The Flying Squad will be doing their thing on the wheels of steel upstairs. 9pm - 1.30am. £3.50 I £3 cone

: Uplm • Wednesdays Happy House 1Opm - 2am Free entry

• Gorgeous

Monday November 18 £4 I £3.50 adv

Friday November 1S • 9pm - 2am £3 b4 1Opm I £4 after Mixmag's national tour, coming at you with DJ : Saturdays - Furious Danny Rampling. • 9pm - 2am £4 b4 1Opm I £5 after 9pm- 2am. £81£7 adv •

Saturday November 16 Psychedelic techno brougth to you courtesy of SuspectSound System. £3.SO I £3 adv

Bennet + BluescriPI + Michigan + Glorious

• •• 1h rsdays - Gay Club Night

• 9pm - 2am free b4 10.30pm I £1 after : Saturdays - Gay Club Night • 9pm - 3am £3 b4 1Opm I £4 after



East Coast Jazz Festlwal

Uplifting hard house, garage and techno, : drum 'n' bass from outer space • 1Opm - 2am Free to Movement menber I SOp • otherwise


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: Wednesdays • Student Night

Thursday November 14 Haunting lyrics and musical virtuosity blending to create powerful English I Celtic folk. £7.SO/ £6.SO adv

Wednesday November 20 - Tuesday November 26 Selected highlights from this week long festival include Ntshuks Bonga Tshisa, The Tommy Sixth Sextet, Pa'lante and Choc Brown. Check Arts Centre for details of prices.

Wednesdays - EIBJaUon


•• Mlxmag Pos1t111 Education Tour

Tuesday November 19 Folk Roots magazine has declared this American singer I songwriter "an institution". Go along and find out for yourselves! £10 I £9 cone

Weekly Sunday house night 9pm - 2am, free entry all night Camouflage Friday November 22 Fortnightly Drum 'n' Bass night with guest DJ Devious D 9pm - 4am, £5 b4 11 pm I £6 after

Friday November 15 Offyerface put on a night of techno trance mayhem. 9pm - 4am. £1 0 adv

ever, wear what you dare! £3 with costume 1 • £3.SO without •

Show Of Hands


Friday November 1S Fortnightly Happy House type stuff with resident DJ MCG. Yes the abbreviations can get a bit confusing. 9pm - 4am, £S b4 11 pm I £6 after.



• Wednesday - Student Night


10pm -2am £1 b411pm I £3 after Saturdays - Love Bomb Baby Pumping house and garage bound to get you going. 1Opm -3am £6


The loft Manhattans Peppermint Park Ritzy

The Waterfront Zoom ABC Cinema CinemaCty Od

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* The Events takes a festive look at the best or the Christmas films, books, music, shows and television to keep us warm over the winter months...





*They came from outer space - extra terrestrial thrills and spills in Mars Anack! from top zanv director Tlm Burton

*Alisha's Attic - the biggest sister

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