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cean Colour Scene's outstanding efforts left us crying out fo r more on .,.,_..._....__ _ _ _ _ _ ___, Sunday night. After successfully winding up the crowd with the Real People, their impressive support band , the beautiful boys themselves arrived for an hour of great music. (Can you tell I enjoyed it?!) An interesting addition to the set-list was the Beatles' hit Day Tripper which went down extremely wel l, followed by a multitude of songs from Moseley Shoals, including renditions of 40 Past Midnight , it's My Shadow, and the all-time favourite The Riverboat Song. And how many of you noticed Oscar Harrison winding his way through the crowd during The Real People? How could you miss hi m with that great hat he had on?! A seriously good gig. Ocean Colour Scene are undoubtedly set for even bigger and better things. Gemma Goodson (songwriter, vocalist, guitarist and general top bloke) they clearly have a pricelessly talented frontman. This is reflected in the spectacle of their songs Magic Sponge and Sleep Freak which literally blew heads off. There is, however, another side to Heavy Stereo; Cartoon Moon and Mouse in a Hole show the more genteel, caring side to the band. They pull off both styles with prolific ease showing just how quality their package is. The finale Smiler leaves the crowd miles in the air and , put simply, it's not just rock 'n' roll but rock 'n' roll with edge! There were commendable performances too from the Ant Hill Mob and especially The Diggers who rose above the disinterested crowd noise to play a very professional set. Michael Millar

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PREE DELIVERY TEL 615853 53 Earl ham Road, Norwich NR2 3AD. Open every evening - Mon - Sat 5 - 11 pm, Sun 6 - 1Opm. Last orders 30 mins bfore closing. Minimum order for delivery £6. UEA deliveries to Porters Lodge, Village Site or Union House reception only.



eavy Stereo are difficult. They've rejected their so-called Britpop counterparts' philosophy by simply choosing influences such as The Ramones, Blondie and The Ronnettes, icons not of the fashionable 60s but of the forgotten 70s. Having been labelled "the band Creation signed after Oasis" they have finally, through four blistering singles and their debut album , managed to break free of such a constraint. As the set opener Chinese Burn kicks in, everyon e is taken with the sheer intensity of their sound , if not their unmistakable rhythm. The band has a distinct style and in Gem I ••




··lbursday Oct. 1 0 .. ·1~•,


;"'<\,:, · , ,




-.•.· z '


gig of literally cosmic proportions was promised when Space


The answer was to use expensive. keyboards, effects pedals, and plenty of echo on the vocals, which is all very well providing the equipment works, but early on Space suffered from technical problems galore, resulting in the slaughtering of their own classics. Eventually the technical

. il'

1~ 1 r'lllll "

brought their 'scally wag' problems were ovecome and tales of tower blocks, and ~ · . . ~~ ·} they delivered a stroming · ,.,,, , _ ~.. version of bank robberies to the Waterfront. '. · Neighbourhood, and a 1 ~ well recieved cover of \ W · . 'But when Space finally appeared it was after an · ~ ~ ~~ Underworld's Born age-like wait during ~ . ). \ '11. Slippy. which the roadies \ ' ' However, when they arrive for their encore checked every bit of equipment twice. .,.. / they choose to play the ·, · / two hits they mucked Everyone knows that Space are the best (and .· · ,; up earlier (Female Of The possibly only) band from Species, and Me And You Liverpool not to rely heavily on a Versus The World) the crowd Beatles influence, so the question are quite happy to jump around for another ten minutes, but you have to tonight is not if they are any good, but whether they can transfer their heavily question the motives of a band who'll produced studio album - Spiders - into a play their most commercial songs to workable live set. order. Paul Stokes



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nJ""""'" talks techno with the best musical

thing to come out ol Belgium since the Smurls. And makes sure he doesn't mention them lanis Morissette?! I'm confused. I'd expected a big techno star to conform to all the stereotypes: reticent, untalkative, and desperate not to be seen in any way 'un-underground'. I certainly didn't expect this. "Yeah, I'd love to remix Alanis Morissette if she was up for it. I just bought her album and I really like it!" Well that's my preconceptions shattered. Such is the way with CJ Bolland . He may be one of techno's leading lights, but he's also chatty, friendly, and free of any spoilt-bratness that his reputation may lead you to expect. What reputation? Trailblazing producer, globetrotting DJ, and remixer-extraordinaire, that's what. Is there anything that CJ Bolland doesn't do well?! "Flying. I have a real fear of flying." Hmm, this must be a bit of a problem in your line of work. "Well yeah, but I have to do it - I couldn't do my job otherwise! Call it suffering for my art if you like!" Well, the suffering has probably been worth it. You may have heard CJ's latest single, Sugar Is Sweeter, when it exploded into the charts recently. Combining big beats, a throbbing bassline, and vocals caught between angelic and psychotic, it caught flak in certain quarters for its alleged resemblance to a certain Prodigy song. Guilty as charged? "Nah, it sounds nothing like Poison! Someone told them that it sounded similar, so they got it checked out by some musicologists, who found nothing. They were just trying to pull a fast one, and it didn't work." The British public obviously shared his view, buying enough copies of Sugar Is Sweeter to send it to Number 11, which CJ admits was totally unexpected. The album is expected to go platinum when it comes out. With all this success, I ask if he's worried about being accused of selling out. "Not at all. The album's not commercialised in the least. it's pure CJ Bolland, which you can't pigeonhole. it's a real mish-mash of stuff." He's right too, for the one thing The Analogue Theatre is not is a bland collection of 4/4 pounding techno workouts. it's not afraid to take in a variety of styles, whether it be chopping breakbeats, electro-funk, or eerie spoken-word samples. To promote the album, CJ is touring the country with a live show, playing mainly rock venues rather than clubs. Is that a brave move? "it's what we want to do. it's a step on the road to playing bigger venues, which is where we wanna be." With these bigger venues set to include Glastonbury and Phoenix next year, plenty of people should have a chance to see CJ live, which he is excited about. This year has already included show-stealing performances at Tribal Gathering and Phoenix, where he went on directly before the Prodigy. So what would he say to people here who are thinking about checking him out? "Come along! It'll be a great gig. Oh, and lay off the drugs - you can enjoy my music without being smashed out of your face on pills." Kids, just say yes, to CJ Bolland.


LIVE REVIEW CLUB RUMBLE UEA LCR Saturday Oct 5 f you're looking for a night out, and you want to jump up and down to a monotonous beat, look no further than Club Rumble. Bodies were r.eating up as the night wore away, and the DJs knew exactly what was required. They delivered just what was needed but I don't think the crowd were that


bothered. lt seemed as if most people were bopping just to pull, and by the stroke of midnight anyone would do. By this stage I decided to take a walk to the other side, where Milky Lunch were throwing out House and Garage tunes left, right and centre. This was easier to 'swing your pants' to, but as the saying about jungle goes, you've got to be on something to survive a whole night! The actual event was geared more toward locals than students, leading to a situation where most of the people

attending were not people you knew! Of course, the obvious advantage of this was that you <..-ould let yourself go and dance as badly as you wanted without fear of reproof! Put it this way: girls like dancing and I needed no better excuse to let my hair down. Trust me, and take my route to an enjoyable night out: 1) Drink at the student bar (it's cheaper), then 2) Enter the jungle ring, and 3) Enjoy!







DAVID BOWIE & A GUY CALLED GERALD Telling Lies/ 7" av1d Bowie's career has been built on transition but even the cool Ziggy Stardust would have admitted that pop stars of a certain age can only evolve so far! Telling Lies , Bowie"s collaboration with A Guy Called Gerald has a weak and watery drum 'n' bass line that even Everything But The Girl wou ld have the Intell igence to throw out. Bowie's fut1le attempt to leave his own 1mprint on the 90s zeitgeist, evidenced by former collaborations with Leftfield and Brian Eno, IS mocked by the distinct psychedelic feel of this s1ngle, recalling poor out takes of Revolver rather than the progression of Leftism or Music For The Jilted Generation . Many, as I myself d1d , wâ&#x20AC;˘. look forward to I sten1ng to Telling Lies but as w1th The Beatles Free As A Bird and the recent rerelease of The Who's My Generation , they will be greatly disappointed. Which self-respecting clubber in 1996 would dance to this? Phi/ Parker


ONI! TRUI! PARKER ub le-Cunt/ 7" s far as debut singles go, One True Parker's Bubble-Gum is technically flawless. Yet this is hardly surpnsing . This jungle track contains so little substance that anyone with a cheap drum machine from Argas could recreate it with ease. The track begins promisingly but fails to develop and continues right to the end with virtually no variation. Similarly, the lyrics are uninsp1nng, although perhaps I'm missing some deeper meaning: "My life has just begun .. . bubble-gum." With the Creation promotional machine behind her, One True Parker may do as well as their label-mates Oas1s.


This fortnight Cazza J. casts her eve on the Spice Girls' naked japes and Peter Andre's pants leuggh! Hello pop pickers, and welcome to my column, which this week comes in association with my hangover. thought I'd aspire to being a Spice Girl for a night, but all I ended up with was my head down a toilet bowl! So much for glamour! But anyway, that's not what you want to hear, is it?






Osort:ed! ()Top!

... urrah!

But then aga1n, maybe not: Goldie thi s isn't. If you 're a hardcore jungl1st anorak (or should that be puffa jacket?) this may be worth a listen. But if like me, five minutes of incessant beats and bass are not your cup of tea, then give Bubble-Gum a very wide berth. A/ex Coyle

SPICE 'N' VICE! Speaking of those tearaway temptresses the Spice Girls, they've been up to their usual tricks of scaring all and sundry during their jaunts abroad Jas Mann of Babylon Zoo happened to be sharing a hotel with them during a recent promotional tour, and witnessed at first hand their re1gn of terror. "They were running around the corridors naked - I saw everything!" He claims. Dirty old Mann. "They were scandalising all the bus1nessmen and scaring small children!" And was our Jas shocked? Did he deplore their disgusting and depraved behaviour? ''Well I d1dn't mind ," was his s1mple reply.

PETER'S THE CK ONE! There's a rumour going around at the moment that Peter Andre (he of the rather finely honed chest) is soon to be modelling various garments of underwear for snooty designer Calvin Klein. Apparently, Pate's body is ideal for showing off all those gorgeous tight grey 'smalls' that do make a man look so damn horny .. . ahem . But, sad to say, for the moment it remains a rumour, with all parties involved saying things are "only in development". Keep those eyes focused on a billboard near you! Cya!

PUN LOVIN' CRIMINALS The Pun Lovln' CPintlnals/ 7'' could be all wrong about this, but I take it from the name and the crime obsessed lyrics of this lot that they are, like, ironic that they are having a laugh. If, unusual though it would be, I am wrong and they really are Uzi-toting dope-addled gangsta types (hello, the entire Death Row roster) then I apologise unreservedly.



In truth, though , these false associations probably do The Fun Lovin' Criminals a disservice as they are patently making no attempt musically to be a hard-core rap band. Rather, they blend the most listener friendly elements of pop-rock and pop-rap, kind of like House Of Pain with brains, or the

Beastie Boys with pop nous. And while not actually criminals they have obviously watched enough cop movies in their plush Manhattan apartments to make their rather fine rhymes sound as though they're down on the street. Cool , man. David Jenklnâ&#x20AC;˘



t is a universally acknowledged truth that extensive listening to Brad Roberts' vocals-over-gravel will lead to anal leakage. He still takes a pint of sand with his cornflakes. Mmm, a one-track album with 12 futile chord-changes. Have I sold it to you yet? Despite my adoration for the laid-back and chocolatey God Shuffled His Feet, the Dumms (when you've known them as long as I have ... ) have always been one of those combos whose second album is hard to imagine. The tracks are woefully indistinguishable and are all too pondering and downbeat. There is nothing here to match the rocktest of Afternoons And Coffee-Spoons, the melancholy lyrics of which, coupled with an optimistic tune, makes us momentarily take stock. But Brad's not clever, he's not smart. He's lost his appealing aberration and the ballads are banal. They may not be made of yellow plastic but, hey, they could still be in a pile-up. And they admit to themselves that toasters are dangerous, so here's hoping. There is something ironically appealing about the preoccupation with mortality. Mmm. James Phi/lips



In a BaP, unde•

ack /kak/ 1 n Brown substance excreted from one's postenor; can be found m a vanety of cons1stenc1es: runny, lumpy or pebble-like. Often em1ts a foul stench that is considered uncouth m civilised society. 2 eo/. Often used as a catch-all word for choddy objects found in a bag-like receptacle in the Concrete office. Students seem wholly keen to accept this cack indiscriminately, bless their little hearts. And so it was written; in the same week that words like dip-stick and slap-head appeared in dictionaries across the land, so did the internationally renowned Sack Of Cack. And who are we to complain?


As my Aunt Beverly used to say, "If there be cack 1n abundance there be no need for hootm' an' hollerin', nor be there need for folks to complam 'bout stuff." W1se old gizzard, my Aunt1e Bev. And the cream of the UEA populace will have nothing to complain about once they cop a load of this fortmght's mstallment: THE USUAL ASSORTMENT OF CDs, INCLUDING; BILLY RAY CYRUS! METALLICA! MEGATRIPOLISI AND SHAMPOO! PLUS! SOME SELECT POSTERS! A FANTAZIA POSTER! AND NOT ONE, BUT TWO POSTERS OF 3T! A BAR OF CADBURY'S NEW CHODDY CHOCOLATE FUSE! AND SOME RIZLAS SO THAT YOU TOO CAN BE A SMOKER! All you have to do to get in on the craze that's sweeping the nation is come up to t office with a matchbox contalnmg your very own UEA bug, be 1t of the bed variety, the beetle variety. or of the made out of paper and ink variety. Be the first, or miss out.


sea/ LP

he first thing that must be said about this LP is that it defies description. Having said that, a definition should be attempted. The overall feeling of the album is not a particularly jolly one; the dark, chaotic and urgent mood created in Guilty Pleasures is typical. However, the mood is occasionally lifted with more catchy and amusing pieces such as Little Arithmetics and the fantastic Supermarketsong (no, it's not about Dale Winton's show!) In short therefore, In a Bar, Under The Sea is a thoroughly enjoyable album. The wide range of the musical styles utilised by Deus (Smashing Pumpkins, Whale and Tricky were all there) are merged to produce a unique and diverse sound of their own. With the result being a truly interesting yet cool album, filled with melodic, atmospheric, psychedelic, happy, sad, mellow, mad tunes. This album should come as a relief to anyone disillusioned with the current craze for 'Noelrock'. So if that's you, BUY IT! Kate d'Este Hosre




HMV RETURNS TO NORWICH Imagine a store where your every entertainment need is fulfilled. For the first time in Norwich, this drwam will become a reality. HMV ARE BACK and we're even BIGGER and BETTER. The new store at 21 Gentleman's walk, Norwich opens on Thursday, 17th October 1996. lt's with great anticipation and excitement that HMV returns to Norwich. Trading in an area of over 7,000 sq ft, almost 5 times the size of the old store, HMV will be offering a shopping environment and choice never previously available.

The choice will be bigger than ever experienced before, but if you still can't find what you want,J;-Il J.toll 0 HMV will order it for you. ~ Whatever customers y want, HMV staff will do their utmost to provide. The countdown to the store opening has already started! With buckets of opening offers and Special Celebrity appearances to look forward to on the day, keep your ear to the ground for forthcoming details ...



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Bad Lieutenant (18) USA (1993)

Dlr. Abel Fenara Cinema Cltv â&#x20AC;˘ Frl Oct 1:1 ad Lieutenant gained instant notoriety on its cinematic release for 1ts graphic depletions of sex and drugs, leading to a lengthy delay in its becoming available on video, and lumping it into the same media backlash which affected Reservoir Dogs , Natural Born Killers et al. lt is, however, very different from these contemporaries in its bleak, humourless vision of society. The plot centres on the title character (Harvey Keitel) in his efforts to catch the thugs who brutally raped a young nun. Since the mystery is



- -- - -


---¡ -


less than labyrinthine, the focus of the film falls instead on Keitel's interpretation of the corrupt lieutenant as he steals drugs from murder scenes, masturbates in front of teenage girls, and indulges in copious interfaces of the syringe-vein variety. Surely one of his bravest ever performances. Keitel's collaboration with director Abet Ferrara (responsible for such cult items as King of New York and MS.45) means we also get plentiful themes of Catholic guilt, alienation and redemption thrown in. All this may sound unappealing - and if you loved Forrest Gump then it probably does - but if you're fond of the nitty-gritty and have a strong stomach , you have a treat in store. Elissa Rospigliosi

- -----~




ollowing the drama and excitement of Robin Hood and Waterworld , what is everyone's favou rite aii-American romantic hero Kevin Costner going to do next? Is he rescuing the planet from aliens? Discovering the cure to a plague that will wipe out all of humankind, perhaps? Nope, he's playing golf. Costner swaps his bow and arrow and feathered cap for a nine iron and some dodgy trousers to star as an immensely talented golfer whose addiction to risk and recklessness has so far stranded him in obscurity. Currently an employee at a golf course he used to own , but then foolishly lost in a bet, his character, Roy McAvoy, meets and becomes attracted to a professional golfer's girlfriend. Somehow he gets it into his head that the best way to impress her would be to win the US Open, humiliating the boyfriend and getting the girl. Also featuring Don Johnson (of Miami Vice fame) as Costner's smarmy and insincere golfing rival and Rene Russo (Outbreak, Get Shorty) as the scatterbrained psychologist caught in a love triangle, Costner scores a hole-inone with this Bull Durham style romantic comedy. All in all, if you 're too lazy to play 18 holes, then give this a putt, its sure to be more interesting than watching four hours of golf on the telly. John Spacey


Robin Hood Prince of Thieves~


He robbed from the rich, gave to the poor, snagged Maid Marion and didn't even wear tights... the cheesiness of this film defies description.



Big budget, big flop in which Kev realises that all important secret to saving the world and feels the 'brie'-ze in his sails.


it comes to being the good guy, they don't come any better than Kevin Costner. Amy Peirce casts her eye on the highs and lows ol his career ' .


Kevin wants to find out the truth behind that great American president's death, kinda too intellectual to beat the Red Leicester ranking.

Field of Dreams


All American baseball flick in which mozzarella man stands in corny fields in the dark looking moody, followed by ghostly apparitions of old baseball players.

hat do a Russian spy, a couple of farmers, a medieval outlaw and the American Frontier have in common?....The • answer is that aii-American romantic hero, Kevin Costner. ...-t_t 41 years old and preparing for the UK release of his latest movie · rm Cup the actor remains (if at times unsteadily} perched at the Dances with Wolves pinnacle of his career. Costner is a Hollywood star who possesses Multi-oscar winning epic in which cool-cat Kostner the maturity and sophistication that appeals to your mother, but still does the foxtrot with a canine, E-dam it... what a radiates enough boyish charm to be labelled a heart- throb. guy! Costner like most actors came from an unremarkable background and like other stars, would probably like to forget his first few parts. His screen The Bodyguard debut was made in The Big Chill in which he had the difficult job of What would Whitney have done without Kevin playing a corpse in only one scene. This was followed by a role in the protecting her from a mysterious stalker, what a raunchy softcore porn-flick Sizzle Beach USA. lt was only after years of bit man, what a hero ....what a wuss! characters and background roles that Costner was to achieve any real success. Born in California on 18th January 1955, Costner went on to attend California State Out University in Fullerton. In 1978 he graduated and married Cindy Silva, who he has only Top military mastermind deceives them all and recently divorced. Though currently rumoured to be dating Elle MacPherson he remains in turns out to be the Russian spy-guy, hardly contact with his three children: Annie, Lily and Joe, who has managed to land a part in his anything even remotely cheesy about this. Dad's new movie. After his almost obligatory years as a struggling actor from 1987 the actor's fortunes began to look upwards. The Untouchables saw Kevin as ,....--------------------------------. lead character Elliot Ness in a prohibition gangster movie, joined by an impressive ensemble cast that T included Sean Connery. This was followed later in the same year by the film No Way Out which as well as casting Costner as Russian spy (a goodguy spy though, surprise-surprise} also involved some raunchy limousine scenes. In the next two years came the two baseball films Bull Durham and then as farmer Ray Kinsella in the excellent Field of Dreams. Now established in Tinsel-town as a big league star, Costner took a major gamble and on a shoestring budget produced, directed and stared in the four hour long Pro-native American epic Dances with Wolves. Originally referred to as "Costner's folly" or "Kevin's Gate", the ambitioii.Js project for Costner reaped great awards in the form of numerous Oscars, these included ones for Best Film and Best Director. These have no doubt made attractive additions to the mantelpiece of the stars Hollywood home. Following a film as phenomenally successful as Wolves proved to be quite a challenge. it's thought that Alan 8ickman, as the devilish Sheriff of ~eat Nottingham, stole the show from him in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. Despite this, Kevin did then have commercial success with both JFK and The Bodyguard in which Costner played Frank Farmer along with Whitney Houston in her screen debut. J Success took another tu m for the worse with the box office failures of A Perfect World, despite an excellent performance by our Kev', Wyatt Earp and The War. What Costner needed was a big movie. Big however was to become a fateful word, the budget for Waterworld was BIG, in excess of $1 00 million. Coupled with set disasters, / creative clashes and delays the film looked doomed to sink. Hopefully with not having to direct or produce his newest film, will regain some of his former success. Costner says "Tin Cup • took the pressure off me." This romantic comedy, also starring Don Johnson and Rene Russo, is set against the backdrop of golfing world. Costner himself has a rather interesting approach to the sporting nature of the film "Golf is like sex, ---~ -- because you can enjoy it even if you're not good at it." Somehow I expect that even after his rollercoaster career there 92POTTERGATE,NOR~CH are still a couple of million women who wouldn't mind him demonstrating whether or not the statement is true ... ~


No wav


cean rnfle ,-aflt::e

''A hundred thousand welcomes"

- - • • FREEHOUSE ·~-10 real ales always available


Probably the largest selection of Irish Whiskeys in the country Great value meals - including our 'Taste of Ireland' menu Sky Sports on the big screen

Come and join us for good beer, a atmosphere and mighty "craic"

O'Rourke himself

W(Ol.603) 626627


Despite the video being bann·ed, Tile ,_, 11101111 Ill lfllll owners of Drinking Bames, and decided to check n•,..... • a few household obJects, and of course, copious amounts Olllllr n a living room not too far from campus, several crates of beer and some unopened spirits lay waiting. A group of thirsty stUde._nts pile out of lectures and head to 1he back-bar for yet another ~ editoJtal meeting. Varlou611'11ngs .-e on the agenda: Filing · photo$, ~ oflhe last laaue, ~ most


Jmpoftanllf,.."Let'a Partyt• Okay, olcap, this Is not iUit another excuse for a p*"'-Up, twe1&ertMOIILAWJeo, Imaginatively ....... DtfttldiW.......

floatscllntD the oCJicci 8Ad review.


u.. . .

The vld8o is ba8fcalt' a shoddy haiD8 made thfngy, with various young,~. .1hllr chinking skiDs in pubs, hoiules aact.~ Hmm, let's see. tbt lounge wiUlln which we have ~ our'sefves Is a few feet wide a'ld all members of the team are cramped up like widgets in a..,_beer can. This could cause • minor difficulties with some of the games but the team seems little affected. Sobriety brings


that one where goolies!" and, "If we cards then everybody each other!" But, as you all know, booz has an extraordinary ability to rele• evan ~ the most pent up inhibitions, '$!1d 8UI8: enough, once we've necked a feW bottles of Stella and downed th~ vodka, everybody is up for it

to down the forfeit (a crude mixture of Vodka, Taboo and Stella) everyone sticks their cans on their heads before they've truly finished promptly ending up with sticky hair and beersoaked T-shirts. That is apart from Stuart, who is allergic to anything that's not cider and therefore goes to be ill in the garden. N.e ver mind.

dealt an ace get to set the c:r1ter1a for the forfeit drink. First ace gets to decide what goes in, second decides how much of it, and the third gets to make it up. ~1be poor SOd who gets the fourth ace has to 'drink it. Anne, therefore, has to down a pint of vodka, Stella, Merrydown cider and soy sauce. The poor lass can't make it and the rest are going to let her off, that is until Jane shouts "I'll drink it, I'm not scared!" and has to neck the unsavoury concoction, which, by this time, has been enhanced by a Bitesize

.,.... CeNII


gU4iseed ltl You pour a box of cereat (AI!da Fruit And Fb'e is


~ on the

a.. Five: Suck Doft't 8low

Thfels the game that we all vowed would never happen. Get a playing card and hold I 10 your Ups by sucking In. Pa8a ft to your neighbour who takes ltfrem you by Inhaling and then passes I on in turn. The tanguaga at this game of boy, girl, gilt was not only terrible'but oompletelv unprintable. •Suck, not blow, love" satd Sam to Jo who had


momentarily collapsed on41Jteettee. while Carolyn couldn't stop giggling aS'-FaaJ.< ~ towards her face with the ace of hearts vacuumed to his lips. But Mark was the most entertaining, his eyes nearly popped out of his head as the oxygen supply to his head quickly diminished. Meanwhile Helen helps herself to a dish full of Vodka and cheese which has been lovingly prepared by Sam. Of course, there were more games to try if only we had iron constituions:

100's This involves getting a shot glass and filling it with lager or beer. Every player has to down a shot at an interval of 60 seconds. No problem, you might think, but it was just too much for our team, who couldn't face the prospect of drinking the equivalent of 12 pints in not much

over one hour. _ ,..,..., on the video, but lln<llftin,"'tit>n<> run wild nwcn,more Pllfto""RMJ:ICRf,.~H !.!:> to grasp of the

Game One: The Boat Race Right, this one involves downing a can of Budweiser and then sticking the can upside down on your head to prove that you're a) Not a wuss, and b) The last one to drink up. In desperation to avoid having

Strings of Life No matter how p***ed the lads got, they just couldn't quite manage this one where you have to tie a piece of string around your tadgers, thread the string through the hole in table, and then take it in turns to pull a ~!ldn,m unidentified string. Rather like hook a change a vowel. If it's your own :JCMil'eild up pulling then that's fine but of the person who has got tough. The prospect table to

Drinking caused so amongst the team... We've got three of 'quality' videos to give all you have to do is answer this very simple question: How much is a pint of Heineken in the Union bar? Just bung your entries in the Concrete competitions box in the foyer of Union House and maybe you'll be the one ending up like our Stuart (pictured right)!



ifth grade seems to be g~tting more and more exciting. Firstly, a ten-year old can now expect to have a top mum who can cook everything and play space games, have loads of cool toys, and friends who have a tree-house that is kitted out better than any student lounge. The twist to this tale is that Jack is played by a hairy man old enough to be your father (Robin Williams) who is unfortunately growing at four times the normal rate due to a freak medical condition. He is


the-scenes film lurb a repulsively trashy effort aimed to entertain a sick market. Avoid at all costsl Emlly ltfsy

. ,..,_

1WELIE .-Ell (15)


111111- .......


·1111 Cl •1111 111111111' 11111 (11) ·


llr:...._PIII. . .I

111111· .... ..,

wanna see you go through these premises like sh~ through a goose! Get this piece of f***lng sh~ back to the compound!!" This poor excuse for a documentary heaves with inane sentences like these, along with ear-splitting gun fire, screeching cars, black balaclavas and bellowing rednecks, all put to a growling 'soundtrack'. The viewer is guided through a series of deadly training procedures, which potential SAS soldiers must endure before passing the test (or rather war game) to become fully fledged fighters. The first hour (I had to switch off half-way through before the rot set in) depicts graphic, even perverse violence including one scene where a soldier is trapped into a metal cage the size of a dog kennel whilst the others thrash a corrugated Iron sheet over his head. "Ifs basically a play on phobias,· commented one.


f sitting back and soaking up a pleasant film was what you had in mind, then this isn't the vid for you. Terry Gilliam's tale of a plagueridden future demands your constant attention if you're to make any sense of the plot - but don't give up: everything ties up with an exciting twist at the end. Bruce Willis plays "volunteer" James Cole, sent from the future to find a pure form of the virus which has wiped out 99% of human life on earth by the year 2035. The notorious Army of the Twelve Monkeys (the black sheep of the PG Tips family), prime suspects in the creation of this dreaded lurgy, are led by Brad Pitt who gives a star performance as a big slice of crusading fruitcake. Cole becomes entangled in a world of surreal detective work which provides us with some fantastic images and clever (if sometimes puzzling) concepts. Although the telly doesn't bring the fantastic visuals home with as much impact as the big screen, Twelve Monkeys is definitely worth a watch, especially if you want to see Brad Pitt completely off his rocker. Ssrah Hemlngway


supported by wonderful parents and an intellectual teacher (Bill Cosby). This is all very well, but who is this film aimed at? The humour and seriousness of the medical condition are directed at adults, but the weak plot and childsplay are directed at the kiddie in you. A bit silly really. But this doesn't mean that Jack is unpleasant to watch, rather it is good entertainment with some cute bits thrown in that will plunge you into being a sticky ten year old yourself. Remember falling for your teacher? Remember grazing your knee? Well then Jack's got it all and more. The moral is to make the most of your school days and be good to your friends. If you do that, then the rest will be easy. Jane Kirby


Dlr: Jellll Lassellr VIHI • out 18 1'111 1r biJ et out your Barbie, dust off your Lego and sort out your stickl&-bricks, because the toys are back in town. Released on video on October 15th, 'Toy Story', Disney's fantastic computer generated film, tells the story of Andy's favourite toy, Woody the cowboy. All is fine until Buzz Ughtyear, the super dooper hi-tech robot, makes an appearance in Andy's bedroom, causing a threat to Woody that would keep even the biggest kid amused. Tom Hanks and Tim Alien provide the voices of Woody and Buzz and Norm from Cheers is the single and desperate Mr Potato-Head, who hangs out on the other side of the fence with his friends SoPeep and Slinky. Woody's



"':::::;:-:';'!a~ iiii~-J concsience leads him next door to the evil clutches of Scary Sid and his even scarier mutilated toys (If you can call them toys!). Whether you saw it at the cinema or not, it'll make you feel like a 6-year old with 1000 quid to spend in Toys-R-us. Lsuren Cohen

SOLIEI SOLDIER: 1'111 P-11111 Ticker Sl8rJ

•n•J 111111- .... ..,

or anyone who is a tan of 'Soldier Soldier' or even remotely familiar with it, this video is definitely worth watching. (If however the idea of Robson and Jerome is


bother). There are three showings of their classic(?) version of Unchained Melody not to mention Big Spender and Waterloo complete with costumes, on this compilation of Tucker and Paddy's (aka Robson and Jerome) best and worst moments. The clips are great. Love 'em or loathe 'em, it's hard to deny that r-~~~--l Robson and Jerome were In their AIAmAnt l as the cheekiest chaps in The King's Own Fusilliers. However, Cartton Home Entertainment linked them all together in an APPALLINGLY tacky way. After the actionpacked title sequence , a little old Geordie man begins to reminisce about "Paddy - the best mate a bloke could have• and "Donna • whose body defied the laws of gravity". This, supposedly, is Dave Tucker on his 100th birthday, telling stories about his life In the King's Own. Corny just doesn't cover it! However there are some great scenes, and the current version of the programme seems a lot different. Seriously though, this video is great for a night in, gratuitously ogling blokes in uniform, and your mum would probably like it for Christmas. More disinfected todger than old codger, there's a classic scene showing Tucker's painful but hilarious attempt to cure himself of VDI If you're into that kind of thing. All In all it's a good laugh tor tans and nonfans alike. An(JttiB Foy

------------------------------------------------ -----







concentrating on new music, football, gossip (apparently Noel's got a girlfriend), and cinema. With sport on Saturday afternoons, and a host of fresh new blood in the shape of first year DJs for you to sup on, it all makes for an exciting time in the seedy world of student radio. So please, bless us with your undying support, and remember ... the use of your ears for just one hour a week could save a DJ's life.


ivewire 945am, UEA's best (although admittedly only) radio station relaunched last Saturday to great critical acclaim from, er ... some of our friends. This year the schedule has been remodelled to incorporate more specialist evening shows. Look out for programmes ranging from dance to jazz, to reggae to the inevitable indie stuff. Every Wednesday evening between six and seven there will be shows

e're oft to Button Moon, to follow Mr Spoon, Button Moon, Button Moon. As far as I know (and please correct me if I'm , Mr Spoon must


DOUBLE JAM • JAZZ 'n' BLUES Every Monday 8pm - 11 pm Every Tuesday 9pm - midnight


have been the first spoon on the moon, Neil Armstrong eat your heart out. To get up, have Mrs Spoon pack his sarnies and go off to the moon every morning with Egbert, leaving his wife at home, was an admirable thing to do, especially as he didn't travel in a hi-tech NASA rocket. Mr Spoon (was his first name Wooden?) owned a fantastic baked bean tin which served him well over the years, getting him safely to the moon and back. Being a cautious piece of cutlery, Mr Spoon always checked out the moon before he went through his telescope. Once on the moon, he would check that Mrs. Spoon was alright (and not being naughty with Mr Fork) and then explored the craters looking for fun , yet educational stuff to teach the viewers. But it wasn't all work, work, work as Mr. Spoon always returned home, to spend some quality time with Mrs Spoon before the next episode when he would go once again to the big, yellow button in the sky. Lauren Cohen




BIG BAND SOUL 12.30pm - 3pm

GREAT BANDS EVERY NIGHT Licensed 'til 2am Tel: 01603 626099

' p~DMS-




£2.5 0 per person



a pint with student meals Bring your student ID

THE PLACE TO MEET AND EAT Tel: 01603 621583




company which hails from Norwich's twin town Koblenz. This lively performance offers a unique opportunity to experience a cross-cultural interpretation of a landmark English play. The production also explores some of the folk tales and myths which characterise European history. Above all , Die Verzauberte K6nigstochter promises to be an evening of great entertainment. Viel SpaB! Hendrik Stammermann


Oct 27· - 29 round Control premiers at the Studio at the end of the month courtesy of Minotaur Student Theatre Company . Written by EAS student Charlotte Harris, the play promises to make the impossible possible and dissolve fantasy into reality. The play is about the moment in childhood when you no longer believe in fairy tales, and the moment in adulthood when you realise that true fairy tales would be a nightmare. Here you can talk to Freud or Monroe and you can travel to the moon as a super hero. When it's no longer a dream, you really can make a difference. Ground Control promises to snatch away the security blanket of youth culture and leave it floating in techno-space. The show touches time. down in a


i ~


,' i i





Sewell Barn Theatre .



Oct 4- 12


ost of you have probably never been to the Sewell Barn Theatre, indeed, I hadn't until last week when I went along to review Wait Until Dark. This converted barn which is home to its own theatre company must be one of Norwich's hidden treasures. Perfectly suited to the barn's intimate atmosphere, Wait Until Dark is a frightening play of suspense, thriller and murder. Rhett Davies, the director, cast the play wonderfully from the Company's actors. The actors portraying the psychotic murderer and the courageous blind wife especially shone out. The next production at the Sewell Barn Theatre will be Tolstoy's Anna Karenina, taking place in December. As the programme for the rest of this season is equally appealing, this atmospheric little theatre should be well orth a visit. Kate Crockett

Would you like to come and watch a fast moving, big money TV game show? This i s a brand new show for Channel 5 with a brand new star! NOW 's your chance to take part in TV's newest channel.


If you and your friends would like FREE tickets then give us a call now on 01603 615151, extension 2661 or 2605; ask fo r Kathy or Jane. ANGLIA 12 THE EVENT, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1996

RETURN TO THE FORBIDDEN PLANET Theatre Royal et 7- 12 t was not so long ago that the spectacular Rocky Horror Show had the Theatre Royal audience rocking and thrusting their hips all over the place , and now it's happening all over again . Return to the Forbidden Planet touched down in Norwich last week with a whole host of lavish costumes, 50s hit songs and Gerry Anderson explosions . The show, which is based loosely on Shakespeare's The Tempest, has an amazingly talented cast who play no less than five instruments each and can all sing brilliantly (sickening isn't it) . One of the highlights of the show was the rotation of the characters between the two drum kits, numerous electric guitars, and brass instruments. Just to top it all off, the audience participation needed to "reverse polarity" was characteristically silly. If you missed this opportunity to see Shakespeare's forgotten rock and roll masterpiece then bad luck, the show doesn't return to Kate Crockett earth until the year 2000.


et in the 19SOs, Blue Murder is a heady cocktail of black comedy and Whitehall farce. Written by the award winning Peter Nichols and starring various tetE!VtS~Ion • notables, the play moves from the conventional to the sheer anarchic. A nice home counties girl turns out to be a blue movie actress, and a respectable middle-class family harbours murderous secrets (and why not?). The plot twist and strong language in Act two are an added bonus Throw 1n Tncky Dicky from Eastenders, mix and stir, and you're left w1th a simmering play of audac1ous and ntngwng nature. Th1s "absolute cracker" of a comedy opens at the Tneatre Royal tn two Rolfe


at Soup : Food for the imagination Food , alcohol and sex are the order of the day for Eatsoup, the magazine that proudly boasts Loaded as its parent magazine. Eatsoup has pretentions of resembling Playboy in it its heyday, but it seems unlikely to last as long. The magazine's recipe of fairly dull food trivia covered with a thick sauce of lad culture and a side dressing of semi-naked women is unlikely to appeal to a wide audience. This is a magazine for men ~ ..,.,=:..~ who think that the abilitiy to tell banana flambe from seafood salad will suddenly make them irresistable to women. Should this hell of sausage jokes, vegetable innuendo, constructive ~-- beer discussion and topless women be condemned to a top-shelf life? No, it shouldn't. The sight of a naked model holding a ridiculously conveniently placed lobster marin shouldn't offend. lt will, however, make you cringe.


. Aphra Behn

~~~~~~!~~~:~~,~~~a!n!.!*!T!O!d!d!• •.. Gang Th Thought Th of:

Visiting Writers: l!!dna O'Brlen

ollowing up William Gibson's triumphant start to this year's Literary Festival must have been a daunting task, yet Irish novelist, playwright and short story writer Edna O'Brien, rose to the challenge and proved that futuristic cyberpunk trendiness is all very well, but you can't beat a good old fashioned story. Reading from her latest novel Down by the River, O'Brien read with real passion and involvement, allowing the poetic and lyrical quality of her writing to really shine through. O'Brien proved to be as charming and elegant in person as she is in prose, and appeared to be enjoying herself almost as much as the captivated audience. She later fielded questions dealing with her Catholic upbringing, writing methods, and the state of Irish fiction, before leaving to thunderous applause for the traditional book-signing. Richard


No 6: Leo Tolstov Best Known Works: Anna Karenin, War and Peace, The Cossacks and Resu"ection Interesting Fact: Despite the moral neutrality and compassion of novels such as Anna Karenin, later in life Tolstoy went on to write polemical Christian essays on art in which he claimed that for art to be valid it must be morally valuable (by promoting Christian values). This, of course, meant his own books had no value. Doh! Discredit your whole life's work why don't you, Leo.

Intelligent things to say about Tolstoy: An enigma wrapped up in a mystery. As a novelist Tolstoy painted complex, compassionate characters whose greatness lay in their common failings. As an aesthetic essayist and religious zealot, he presented a narrow, unconvincing view of life and art which more than often hinted at religious intolerance. Pedantic things to say about Tolstoy: Hmm. Surely the surname in Russian reflects gender. This being the case, Anna Karenin should have been titled "Ann a Karenina". Things to avoid saying about Tolstoy: 'Wasn't he the Bolshevik who had an axe buried in his head in Mexico?' If he were alive today he would be: (a) A part of the moral-majority; (b) leader of America's Christian Coalition; (c) Somebody who has a picture of a fish on the back of their car.




he autumn literary season at UEA has begun with a senes of talks by wnters who liVe and work at UEA On Monday night 1t was the tum of rnternational scholar and critiC of womens' writing professor Janet Todd, publicising her new book The Secret Ufe of Aphra Behn. The biography cornbrnes both narrative and fact, givrng not only a story of the life of a woman who shrouded herself In secrecy, but a p1cture of the culture of the restoration perrod, a period that Behn Is often said to eulogise. Publtshmg 1n the 1670s, Behn's work was at e forefront of the sexual frisson wh1ch a o •.=· th. ough the arrival of the female b on the stage. The biography explores ideals of a writer born 1nto lower classes w1th a desire for the glamour and respect of a courtly hfe but who rema1n an entertainer of the anstocracy. Todd's work does much to reveal the "lady In the mask", presenting Behn as a great literary d1va of er time. Khushwant Sachda


s a philosophy student, it is always gratifying to find a vocationally tenable use for my degree. In The Thought Gang, Tibor Fischer offers one career alternative that may not immediately have come to mind - armed robbery. The protagonist and narrator, a disillusioned Philosophy lecturer with an irreverent way with language, turns to armed-robbery whilst on the run in France. Having "gone pro" in "the philosophy biz", Eddie Coffin decides that material wealth really is all it's cracked up to be, and begins to misappropriate scholarship funds. The result is an enforced exile in France, where the unlikely philosophy lecturer meets an even more unlikely armed robber- a one armed, arthritic Frenchman with an unfair share of prosthetic limbs. The ensuing partnership makes for a highly entertaining read, and Tibor Fischer confirms something I've thought for a long time: the only really practical application for Seth Levlne philosophy is comedy.






Want some quick easy munch, but feel guilty about spending too much

We have the solution! Buy your lunch from the SASSAF snackbar & ease your conscience with the knowledge that the profits from your tasty roll have gone to raise funds for South African educational projects.

Selling: 1Uletl tfltls Crisps Ori11lts Chlltfllales

£1.00 20p

35p 25p





. :FILMS.·


Thurs Oct 24 - Sun Oct 27 The sixteenth Norwich fest ival dedicated to the exhibition and promotion of women 's fil mmaking.




If you still haven 't seen the top movie of the summer, here's your chance . Will Smith • saves the world from a lot of nasty aliens.


Disney gets hold of Victor Hugo's classic and makes Quasimodo look like a cutie!

Mon Oct 28 - Wed Oct 30, 2.30pm Roald Dahl meets Tim Burton in a tale of massive soft fruit and a boy's outsized insect friends .

Children 's classic with wooden puppets, nose : JAMES ANDTHE GIANT PEACH (UJ extensions and helpful crickets . Starring • How many giant peaches have you seen Martin Landau and Dawn French . recently? None? Well come and meet James, : his many-legged mates, and their big fruit.

DRAGONHEART (PG) Sean Connery lends his voice to Draco , an 18 foot scaly dragon, who befriends Dennis Quaid and defeats the evil king . A romantic Jurassic Park set in the Dark ages !

TIN CUP (1 5) Kevin Costner ditches his bow and arrow in favour of plaid slacks and a nine iron in this romantic comedy set on the golf course.


: CINEMA CITY • • • • :

Thurs Oct 17, 2.30pm & 5.30pm and Fri Oct 18, 5.30pm Emma Thompson 's still hang ing about with her adaptation of Jane Austen's classic, also starring Kate Winslett.


Literature fans will love this Hardy classic, starring Kate Winslett, in a story of love and ambition.

• • • • : •

Another classic on the literature bandwagon, this time its Charlotte Bronte's novel , rich in mad locked-up-in-the-attic wives, romance and deprivation.


Mon Oct 28 - Wed Oct 30 , 5.45pm & 8.15pm • omance, deprivation and mad wives locked up in the attic, it's all here.


JUDE (15)



THINGS TODOIN DENVER ... Oct 17 Andy Garcia stars in this tale of a mob heist • gone wrong, with Steve Buscemi as Mr Ssh , hitman with very little to say.

gets his kn ob out.

• LOCH NESS (PG) Sat Oct 19, 2.30pm Ted Danson goes in search of Nessie in this magical adventure set in the depths of the Scottish Highlands.

• • BROKEN ARROW • Oct 24 All action flick with Christian Slater and John Travolta doing all the action .



Oct 25 Courtroom drama with Richard Gere defending an archbishop , with the help of choirboy.


• Sun Oct 20, 5.00pm Comedy in which Eddie Murphy develops a • Orson Welles directs and stars in this concoction to make him thin ... the question is, : timeless classic, a favourite for film buffs how long will it last? everywhere .



• Fri Oct 18, 11 .OOpm • Oct 22 Scottish epic with Mel Gibson fighting for his • Harvey Keitel as a corrupt copper who : indulges in all sorts of criminal malarkey. And : freedom by slaughtering lots of kilted blokes .

Michael Keaton decides that the only way to : get everything done is to multiply himself four times , lucky ol' Andie MacDowell! • : • A TIME TO KILL (1 5) Sandra Bullock and Matthew MacConaughey • in th is courtroom battle against racial : prejudice .

• •

APOLLO 13 Oct 29 Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon get stuck in space, with great special effects that' ll have you hooked.


•• Sun Oct 20 , 7.30pm

Victor Hugo's masterpiece, telling the tale of • one man's desperate struggle to survive • whilst helping the suffering masses.

• • •


' ' ''


Bloody Poetry Thur Oct 17 - Sat Oct 26 A play revealing the real lives of Mary Shelly and Lord Byron . You think pcetry is harmless? • £3.50 - £7.50

UEA STUDIO : Fudge • Wed Oct 16- Sat Oct 19 Minotaur Student Theatre present a weeklong festival of new work and twentieth . • century class1cs . • £6/£3 .50

. •

: Die Verzauberte Kiinlgstochter : • • • •

(The Old Wives Tale) Fri Oct 25 A German theatre group bring their interpretation of George Peele's landmark comedy to Norwich (in German!). £6/£3.50

: Ground Control • Mon Oct 28 - Wed Oct 30 • Minotaur present a new play by UEA student : Charlotte Harris based on youth culture and David Bowie!? • £6/£3.50

• •


• Lee & Herring's fist ot fun • • • •

The stars of BBC2 hit show return to Norwich with their collection of comic characters and guest appearances. £6


• • • • •

Robin Williams acts his age as a ten year old with a medical condition that makes his body age four times faster than usual.



: THE PROMISE (1 5) • Mon Oct 21 - Wed Oct

• German melodrama about the fall of the Post-Gulf War drama in which Denzel • Berlin wall and the collapse of East Germ any, Washington investigates the strange circumstances of an officer's death . .......,..,-.,..__ • great if you're German or can read subtitles!

• •


part 1 - Thurs 17 Oct, 8.15pm , part 2 - Fri Oct FROM DUSK 'TIL DAWN 18, 8.15pm Oct 18 40s film following lvan the terrible from his : Harvey Keitel and Quentin Tarantino as coronation to victory against the mongols, the wanted criminals fleeing to Mexico ... mind murder of his wife, his return to the throne ... your neck 'cos there's a vampire twist! and plenty more!



• Crosses & Veronicas

TH ATRE ROYAL Blue Murder Mon Oct 28 - Sat Nov 2 (Matinees Wed & Sat - 2.30pm) Comedy by award winning playwri ght, Peter Nichols, about secrets , dirty movi es and murder. £3 .50- £15

Spirit of the Dance Sun Oct 20 The Irish International Dance Company (of Riverdance fame) present an exhilarating show of fol k dance. £3-£ 17. 50

NORWICH PLAYHOUSE The Entertainer Wed Oct 16 - Sat Oct 19 (Matinees Thur & Sat - 2.30pm) Humorous but compassionate tale of a hasbeen comed ian falling into gin, beer and chorus girls . • £3 .50-£15

• Wed Oct 16 - Sun Dec 15 Photography exhibition by Patrick BaillyMaitre-Grand, celebrating Norwich Cathedral 's 900th ann iversary. £2/Free to UEA students

Grace Palev: visiting writer Wed Oct 16 (7pm , LT1) A read ing by the award winning author of Enormous Changes at the Last Minute. £3 .50/£2

: NORWICH GALLERY Translations Thur Oct 17 - Sat Nov 9 A new exhibition of work from four artists from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

• NORWICH ARTS CENTRE Marilvn Through the 1950's Wed Oct 16- Sat Nov 16 An exhibition of photographs by Eve Arnold depicting Monroe fro m eager starl et to just before her death. • Free

14 day:fistings in association with the Theatre Royal - (01603) 630000 for reservations. Tickets always available from £3 or £4 14 THE EVENT, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1996

IL E CLU (AT ICH A TS CE T ·E) Imperial + Candyaflple Wednesday October 23 Evening Session favourites haling from Colchester. £4 I £3.SO (adv)

Prolapse + Magoo + Schema + Man White &the Emulsions


Monday October 28 Copious shouting and a fair few tunes from Wilde Club faves, plus hotly tipped locals Magoo. £4 I £3.SO adv


: Wednesdays - Student Night

• Dance and House • 1Opm - 2am SOp all night

: Mondays - Student Night • Weekly pi ss-up at the popular student venue • 9pm-2am cheap drinks SOp with student ID I : £3 otherwise

9pm - 2am free b4 10.30pm I £1 after

• •• Wednesdays - Student Night

Saturdays - Gay Club Night

• 9pm - 2am cheap drinks SOp with student ID I : £3otherwise

• Fridays - Fast Trax 9pm - 2am £3 b4 1Opm

9pm - 2am £4 b4 1Opm


Saturday October 19 Return of the chirpy threesome after a summer spent touring with a big top. How will the LCR compare?! SOLD OUT


• Student Dance Night 1Opm - 2am £1 .SO b4 11pm I £2 after (with student ID)

Club Retro Saturday October 26 The return of the bona-fide Retro night, classic cuts from decades past £3.SO I £3 (adv & cone)

Wednesday - Student Night


Pumping house and garage 10pm -3am £6

1Opm -2am £1 b4 11 pm


CJ Holland + The Advent + Salt Tank Friday October 18 Respected techno artist, DJ, and Event star! With Offyerface DJing downstairs and Shiva's Kris Dent and Philippe Pendaries downstairs £7 I £6 adv

Tom Roblnson Band Tuesday October 22 Protest songs from an old man. £7

Reef Thursday October 24 Big Hair and bigger vibes from Cornwall's finest: Remember that minidisc ad? £7.SO

Gig 96 - NYCS Band Showcase Sunday October 27 A chance to see the best local bands strut their stuff! £3

NOR ICH A S CENT E Barbara Thompson + Paraphernalia Thursday October 17 Jazz quartet playing a wide selection of classic ballads. £7.SO



Saturday October 19 The regular indie shenanigans downstairs with All Our Yesterdays in the studio £3.SO I £3 (cone)

• Friday October 2S : The farewell 2am bash , with house DJs Ricky • Stone, David James and Unity downstairs and the Offyerface crew spinning hard house and techno upstairs. 9pm -2am £3

Saturday October 26 Evening of jigs and reels with the Don't Panic! Ceilidh band. £4.SO

Jl __


Hys The Loft Manhattans Peppermint Park Ritzy The Waterfront Zoom ABCCinema Cinema City Odeon Maddermarket Norwich Arts Centre Norwich Playhouse Theaftl


621155 623559 629060 764192 621541 632717 630760 623312 622047 621903 620917 660352 7oo~r.tot:).J

lndie Hits 1Opm - 2am SOp all night with cheap drinks

A new biting comedy written and directed by Peter Nicholls

• L

Saturday October 26 As per normal downstairs with the added bonus of Globo upstairs, playing live techno dub supported by DJ Reg Dubby £3.SO I £3 (cone)

A HITTA S • Uplift • Wednesdays

•• Happy House 10pm - 2am Free entry

Gorgeous Friday October 18 Fortnightly Happy House night with resident DJ MCG. 9pm- 4am, £S b4 11 pm I £6 after.

Sheer Bliss Saturdays Regular house night 9pm- 3am, £S

Sunday Service Weekly Sunday house night 9pm - 2am , free entry all night

Camouflage Don't Panlcf



John Otway + Anlla the Stockbroker Friday October 2S Surrealist poet meets wild rocker for an evening of satire, stupidity, love, anger and hardcore gardening (?). £S.SO


Mondays - Student Night

• MllkJ Lunch

Merengada Saturday October 19 Eight-piece Latin band mix wild Merengue dance rhythms with Salsa. £7.50 I £6.SO adv

I £3 after

Saturdays - Love Bomb Baby



I £S after


Choc Brown Quanet + Guest DJs Friday Ocotber 18 RAG presents an evening of Jazz Funk and Soul Groove. £2.SO I £2 (memb)


I £4 after

: Monda·rs - Hubba Bubba



oNE NuM8 ~~b~ I



9pm - 3am £3 b4 1Opm I £4 after

• Another weekly pissup at the popular student : venue .

Saturdays - Furious

Wednesday October 23 Groovy tunes and funky beats from the best in Acid Jazzzzzzzz... £8.SO adv

Thursdays - Gay Club Night

Friday October 2S Fortnightly Drum 'n' Bass night with guest DJ Devious D 9pm - 4am, £S b4 11 pm I £6 after

•• • • • •• • • •

• •• •• • •• •• • ••


..vt ... 4» 4»



0 ~ • ~11111: .. 1: V G)

o I':

.. 0 l:llllo 11111: OJ


'i > .t: ..

V .. . . _a


• •

•• •• •


--------- -

- ~--


-- - -

-- -

--~-- -- -~--- - ~ ~~--


-- --

OCTO.-...~_, -

Wed 16 comedy LAN PARKE . . . llllillfll_..lillil. . . URBAN WARRIO · £5.00


21.00 . 02.00




ni t i

Sat 19 DODGY


£8.50 Courtney Pine



£9 ·50 . _ +MAINSTREAM + LIME Wed 6 AUSTRALI N PINK FLOY ;;~~~~~--., £7.50

GIG '96 17.00·22.30





~··J•O•CA•S•TA_ _ _ _ _ _.. Sun 24 SKUNK A


£9.00 Mon 25 BELIN



- - - - - - -.. F .



*Young upstarts or startling youths? Concrete talks to the band that is going against the grain of Britpop.



* Reel- Rolling into Norwich, top tunes should be no Great Barrier for this bigname band.



0 603 50540 /01603 764764

*Blood and Gore - We get our noses into the latest horror from Storm Constantine

*Glastonbury - Some hip kids getting their rocks off, all immortalised on video.

The event issue 064 16 10 1996  
The event issue 064 16 10 1996