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Monday Sept 23


One of Norwich's top student pubs welcomes Freshers to:


COURAGE BEST STRONGBOW £1.20 a pint CIDER £1.35 pint


his review is an excerpt from the September 23 edition of The Late Show:

Jack: I thought it was hot man , really rocking. lt was just like the Sixties all over again, man. I was mad for it! Jill: So were you there in the Sixties Jack? I thou ght you were born in 1978? Jack: [Looking confused] Well yeah , like, but my mate Lee's got the video. Jill: But visu ally wasn't it a pretty poor show? No special lighting, no backdrop , no atmosphere , don 't you think they relied too heavily on their music, which on its own wasn't enough? Jack: Crispian's jacket was so cool. I wonder where his mum got it from? Jill : [Sighs] Look Jack, how many times have you actually seen Kula Shaker? Jack: Erm, just the once like, but they were brill iant! Jill: Right, listen to me! I saw Kula Shaker before you'd even heard of Britpop, when they were still playing toilets in Camden, and I knew th ey'd make it. But I didn't want it to be like this. Before the record deal they were diverse and direct; they weren't afraid of crossing musical boundaries, or confronting the audience. Jack: [looks confused] Jill: [agitated] Now they've forgotten their roots , they've embraced th e middle class CD buying public while at the same time th ey're neglecting th e grass-roots fan base who put them where they are today. Their haircuts have chan ged , their clothes have changed, but worst of all their music's changed . They've lost their integrity. Their sitars are provided by Yamaha; the concert was dull , the guitar solos sickening. Can 't you understand why it grieves me so much when kids like you rave about mediocrity when you deserve so much more? Jack: Er, wi cked ... mad for it, like Oasis ... err ... Kula Shaker - brilliant! Jill: Aaahhh!!! [Stamps off set] Jack: Anyone got any tickets for Ocean Colour Scene? Joe Morris & Becky Williams


In this fortnights's installment, cazza J. gets the latest on the Backstreet Boys and Desire ala popskateers! Let me tell you, keeping an ear to the ground for pop goss is no piece of cake with those busy Gallagher brothers stealing all the headlines. I'm exhausted! But the giddy world of pop stops for no-one, so here I am again .


BACK TO THE GYM Most people just brush their teeth before going to beddy-byes. But those pec-tacular Backstreet Boys have far more energy to bum . "We work out before bed, then we pray," AJ reveals. How virtuous, you might think. But all this fitness fanaticism masks a collective craving for junk food . And AJ has confessed to being the "MacDonalds king" needing to work out to stave off blobbidom. Well, all I can say is keep going for the burn before bed!

BOVZ TO GIRLZ! There's a fair amount of girlie pop around at the moment, what with Eternal, Louise and the Spice Girls all fighting for a space at the top. And now three more pop princesses, going by the name of Desire, are making their bid for fame and fortune. But these are no run-of-the-mill girlies; for two if them, Ceavey and Edele, are none other than the sisters of Boyzone's Shane Lynch . But the 17-year-old identical twins are not mere hangers-on to the coat-tails of their famous brother; they write their own material and are more determined to make it on their own. Says Edele, "Shane has proved that anyone can make a success of their lives and that dreams can become a reality." Will they make it? Who knows?! Stay tooned to this column, maybe you'll find out! Cya


ok, if you're a fan, then ust stop reading now. o on. Move on to the next review because this'll only make you angry. Sorry to be so rude, but there really is no excuse for Cast is there? Oasis rock harder, Kula Shaker kick John Power's mystical butt, and even Northern Uproar are better looking. Probably. Basically this is just like all the other Cast singles : Bland, inoffensive, and burdened with a lead singer whose voice drives grown men to tears. And I don't mean in a good way. Yuk - avoid this like the plague! Stuart Dredge

-Biockx (pronounced, apparently, HB*II*cks) are a German ska(te) punk style band. Enough said, you might think. But rto, because as the saying goes, these guys have more than one string to their guitar. Not only can they do inferior (but nevertheless mildly amusing) Offspring or Greenday type hardcor:e, they can also remix it to sound like inferior (and not in the slightest bit amusing) Jesus Jones. As if this wasn't enough, on track three 'Welcome Tomorrow' they keep their career options open and stake a claim to becoming the next Scorpions by performing an anthemic and irony drenched epic. At risk of leaving the listener breathless with their sheer audacity, they deliver a rap rock crosso..-er of such quality hits as if Walk This Way never happened. How do I feel? David Jenkins Good question.

. Etienne album! Another juicy slab of pop! Anot er reason to sta in! But And althougH that hang on there k1 , because this ole' devil is a remix compilati I concept, it works out a bit like a Wile E. Coyo m erpl n: Victory unds like a over the b - d Roadrun r on paper, but a long walk over a ta in re ife. see, the odd stand-out track (and, admittedly when I say stand-out what I mean is "teaches everyone else a thing or two about this popular music m arkey") such as Monkey Mafia's take on the already sublime Filthy, or Primax's He's On The Phone Eurodisco stomp, these re-workings pale in comparison with the originals. This, tied in with the tact a great deal of Casino Classics material has appeared previously in the fonn of 8-Sides, and that the album prior to this release was a singles compilation, makes th1s LP a sort of non-event. Which leaves you suspicious of record company pleasing, time-filling Idleness - not Infuriating In something usually associated with St. Etienne product. Glimmering in pfa others. A shrug of the shoulders no~committal kmd of record. Let's wait for the new album pro r.


es! lt's here at last! The much-rumoured rock/rave collaboration of the NOI!!!L • a HI!!!R century has finally got past the label wrangles, and is destined to be the best slice of big-beat mayhem to assault your eardrums ever. What have you got? All the basic Chemicals' trademarks, i.e. loads of mad acid squiggly bits, a thrusting bassline from hell, and really really big beats. And I mean huge! It'll probably sell by the truckload to Oasis fans and ravers alike. The former will admire the sheer genius of one of the greatest lyricists of our generation. The latter (and everyone else) will rejoice in the fact that the Chemicals have buried Noel's vocals under a barrage of wild noise. So that should be everyone sorted then! Whether you want to dance your socks off or just anpoy your next door neighbour, this single should be an essential purchase. Stuart Dredge

a•• '

LI!MONGROWI!RS Too aeaue...,IJ , ... o be read in your best Phoebe from Friends impression: "Well, okay, like, hello? Uke, duh, what are you thinking? This is like just not good. This is definitely not my lobster." Y'see, what Phoebe means is that this is a worrying record - it's worrying to think about the amount of time, effort and money that has gone into producing this. And to what effect? Well, nothing special, put it that way. All of




ith Now I Got Worry the Blues Explosion stick a greasy fist up the arse of the US post-rock scene, not to mention our own Britpop plodders. With whiskey for blood and blues for religion, Jon Spencer, Judah Bauer and Russell Simins have stomped out sixteen tracks of pure and dirty funk that show up Tortoise for the bunch of nerdy musos they surely are. For the layman The Blues Explosion are like the Beastie Boys' best garage hip-hop moments supremely tunked up and injected with true southern grit. The blues has always been preoccupied with sex, and Spencer's boogie appeals not so


much to the ears as to the hips. Each Stooges stomp convinces you more and more that when it comes to doing the nasty, Jon Spencer is a real bad boy. Yet the Blues Explosion are just the pinnacle of a large crop of US punk-rock bands who "got the funk" bad. Bands like Oblivious, Claw Hammer, Rocket From The Crypt, Chrome Cranks and Red Aunts take anaemic British pin-ups like Noel and Damon and funk them down the river. Because what do the kids want but sex? And when Jon Spencer hollers "Kiss ma ass!" ifs an invitation you can't refuse. JoeMorr/s

these songs are just so resolutely indie (apart from the bits that sound like The Beautiful South) and so mediocre. Do The Lemongrowers and Noisebox records (who put this record out) really believe that this music needs a wider audience, that the band are destined for the NME and a slot on TFI Friday? I mean, this is not awful, no, but just so unremarkable that I can't be bothered to even pigeon-hole it. You should be reaching for the stars, not just that nice park near the cui-de-sac. "Uke, duh." Joe Morris




At gentleman's walk opposite the market THE .EVENT, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1996 3

Tiger are this year's unlikeliest new stars. ust look at them . Their cheap market clothes and highly unfashionable mullet haircuts mark them out as people you 'd Sam Richards is grrrr-adually won over by probably avoid sitting next to on the bus. If I also tell you that their odd looks and shouty drone-pop Tiger herald from rural Hertfordshire and that their music is produced by two Moog keyboards and a guitar where all the three strings are tuned to A then you're already starting to think much the same as I am : nutters. ' Tiger, though , happen to be the talk of the indie-world right now. Signed after only two or three proper gigs (although guitarist Julie admits that this was "lucky"), Tiger's first single on Trade 2, Race, went straight into the charts at number 37. This was on top of NME declaring them "the best new band in Britain". People were starting to wonder just how the hell this band of weirdos had arrived at the kind of look and style of music they were modelling. "We're certainly doing our own thing , resolutely," explains Julie, "and I think that's why we've been lauded . I'm 29, and before I met Dan , I'd never really thought about being in a band before. His songs had an honesty and spontaneity that you don't hear in .most music, and I just had to get involved . The three-string guitar came about merely because that was what Dan was playing on - I hadn't played guitar before so it didn't seem particularly strange." The impression I'm beginning to form of Tiger is that whatever they do, it comes naturally. On the surface, their lyrics are complex and confusing, but Dan dismisses this with a shrug: "I just make it up and if I like it, I keep it. Usually five minutes before we record the songs." The highly dense Race is discovered to be simply about "cars . And driving." And so we come to the haircuts. A subject on wh ich the band are genuinely astounded to have attracted any publicity. "We're still trying to work out why people think we're so radical ," says Julie. "When I met Dan he had that haircut, and I thought it was funny, so I copied it. lt was nothing. Really, I'm shocked at little it takes to shock other people." People try hard to look like their favourite rock ," continues Dan . 'They dress outrageously, but we haven't got any shaved bits or dyed bits. I just wear what blokes down the pub wear." Perhaps it's Tiger's authentic and heartfelt ordinariness that sets them apart. In which case , they are, consciously or not, providing some kind of critique of the superficiality of the music business . . I thus enter the gig convinced by Tiger's unpretentiousness that in actual fact they're not strange at all. I think they rea lly believe this , but a few minutes of their crazed Jonathan Richman-meets-Stereolab-meetsplayground chants quickly reaffirms my original view that they are fru itcakes of the highest order. What Julie claims are are actually minimalist, drone-heavy, spiky, shouty numbers. Great tunes are a little thin on the ground, but Tiger manage to carry it all off with infectious energy. In fact, Tiger's joie de vivre will carry them through, regardless of haircuts or strangely-tuned guitars. After I have switched the dictaphone off, Julie and Dan enthuse about most other bands around at the moment, heap praise on the fine city of Norwich and rail against cliques. Tiger are a band that truly want everyone to join in the fun . Go on , it won't bite .


t's a rollover week here at Cack HQ, which means that the cack is literally spilling out of the sack. For some reason none of you young'uns wanted to come up here to the office and declare yourselves' to be the freshest fresher. Whafs the matter with you? Do you all smell? Bloody students. I tell you, in my day we had to walk 18 miles in our bare feet over hot coals and splintered glass in order to get our grubby little hands on some low quality freebies. And you lot can't even walk up here t in our n a soft bou


comfy shoes, bar of soap in hand, to claim your freebies. Anyhow, this time round we're doubling the quantity, halving the quality, and making the whole caboodle a sight more easy for you . In this fortnight's sack we have: ALL OF THE STUFF FROM LAST TIME, INCLUDING A CAN OF CIDER! PLUS A SHAMPOO POSTER! TONNES MORE CD'S! A PAIR OF TICKETS FOR THE CONCRETE CONTRIBUTORS' PARTY! PLUS SOME OTHER STUFF All you have to do - and remember this is easy - is come up to the office and say "Please can I have your cack". Ooh, that's eas .

路 ~路 * ddie Murphy has eate~ all the pies in this remake of Jerry Lewis' film of the same name, and manages to appear even more full of himself than ever, in more ways than one. Shy Sherman Klump, with a Pavarotti-like image and the love-life of an amoeba, invents a fatness antidote that transforms him into the swaggering casanova Buddy Love. 路 A variant on the laboured Jekyll and Hyde theme, this film attempts to get Murphy back to his stand-up roots. The remarkable special effects enable him to interact in the same frame with a further five characters, all played by him. One step beyond Coming to America then? No, the effects in this case take the place of the humour. The fact that the testosterone-ridden Buddy Love is indistinguishable from Murpl'ly's own 'star and full-time sex god' persona is vomitinducing. Lewis's fans will not take to it, and neither, I suspect, will Murphy's fans - if he has any left after Beverfy Hills Cop Ill. A typical swing 'n' soul soundtrack with the predictable nod to James Brown, rounds off director Tom "Ace Ventura" Shadyac's uninspiring massage of Murphy's ego. I was overcome by Murphy's comic-giant status - how much longer can he keep it up? This is a special effects filledtlellyflop! Gregory McCarthy










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John Travolta's career has been slippery, ever since his first big hit, Grease. Carolyn Boyd has a look at what he has done to keep staving alive since then lthough he'll never be able to live down that 70's white flared suit or escape the tune of Greased Lightning, come-back kid John Travolta has certainly managed to win the hearts of all 90s movie-goers. in Englewood , New Jersey, the last of six children, Travolta's passion performing began very early. His mother taught acting classes in the basement for which purpose Travolta's dad built a stage. Despite this acting background, Travolta's real passion in his early years was for


At the age of 12 he was already saving for flights from Newark to Philadelphia. Having had lunch on the plane he would turn around and come straight back. However something in his genes must have been at work and Travolta landed a part in the sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter. This led to his big screen debut in Stephen King's horror flick Carrie , closely followed by the lead part in the TV movie The in the Plastic Bubble. the filming of this extraordinary movie, he fell head over for Diana Hyland who, at 18 years his senior, played a confined to a polyurethane isolation.tent. Sadly, she terminally ill with breast cancer and died eight months during the filming of Saturday Night Fever. Remember the BeeGees soundtrack, with all that highpitched squealing? Saturday Night Fever was the film that - - - -..... literally thrust Travolta intb the limelight and he had to get I"P-----~------------• over his shyness to quickly become a teen idol. it was then that he started to study Scientology, - -- ----.....: which some believe helped him cope with his enormous success. Since then, Scientology has played a big part both in the life and career of our leading man. When, during the filming of Grease, director Randal Kleiser cut his foot, Travolta promptly leapt into action and 'cured' him of his 101 degree fever just by prodding him , presumably in a scientological way, with his index finger! Where exactly this prodding took place is unclear. Throughout the 80s, Travolta's success dwindled somewhat. His parts in The Urban Cowboy and Blow Out couldn't sustain the huge success he had enjoyed in Grease and Saturday Night Fever. Travolta put this lack of success down to competition from other, younger actors going for the same roles. The TV movie The Dumb Waiter was possibly the very lowest point in his career, before he finally attracted a little more attention in Look Who's Talking, as James the really nice taxi driver who didn't even once shave his hair off and point guns at himself in a mirror, saying, "talking to me, huh? You talking to me?" and so on. So successful was this film that it was closely followed by the sequel Look Who's Talking Too and later Look Who 's Talking Now, in which James lands his dream job as a private pilot (coincidence or what?). This would've seemed the perfect opportunity to prove that he was here for good, but instead Travolta zipped off around the world, fading into near obsurity once more, before Quentin Tarantino gave his career the kiss of life by offering him the role of Vincent Vega, cool hitman in Pulp Fiction. He took to shooting people rather than dancing with them like a fish to water, and proved he was just as capable of being a good-guy villain as he was at being Disco King or a kind-hearted babysitter. Travolta admits to having enjoyed several comebacks, but claims none were meant as a career move. Shorty won him the 1996 Golden Globe Award for Best Actor and having turned down action movies before , 42 year old Travolta decided to take his first and last action role in Broken Arrow, believing he ought to do one before he got too old. After refusing the role that finally went to Christian Slater, Travolta took on the role of the baddie, which proved to be much more fun. In his latest film , Phenomenon , Travolta plays nice-guy George Malley, a car mechanic who develops Einstein-like powers. This triggered off much controversy over the Church of Scientology, but Travolta's wife and fellow Scientologist, Kelly Preston, claims that it jEAN was religion that helped him get through all the difficult patches of his life. Travolta himself says, "Scientology put me in the big time." And in the big time he is, with current projects such as Roman Polanski's Double and his new film Michael. Travolta's success as a 90s star almost obscures all traces that he is the same guy who strutted his stuff in that lovely flared suit.

miss mone vood danl


simpson great pla ins

upstairs at

Jl.-tE bluE

sCREENf; MULnPucm USA (1tll) Dlr: Harold Ramls ABC - now showing ny film starring the excellent Andie MacDowell and Michael Keaton is sure to be a success. Multiplicty has it all: humour, entertainment and a sincere feelgood factor. Keaton plays construction man Doug Kinney who discovers that there simply aren't enough hours in the day to fulfil! his work contract and husbandly duties. Kinney comes across an extraordinary doctor who is able to ensure that stressed-out Doug can indeed go forth and multiply into not two, but four men. The highlights of this film are too numerous to mention, and the visual effects are brilliant, without it all being too overtly silly. Leg it down to the cinema now and get ready for a comedy that won't leave you cringing when the lights go up.


JANE EYRE (PG) USA199& Dlr: Franco zemrem ABC - DOW showing ollowing the current trend of literature classics comes another that is sure to remind you of your English GCSE. This time its Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. Anna Paquin (The Piano) plays the orphaned plain Jane who is packed off to a strict and freezing boarding school. Having survived the heartless and harsh headmistress and the transformation into Charlotte Gainsborough, who plays the older and even gutsier Jane, she becomes the governess to a kid whose guardian is the strangely attractive Mr. Rochester. With his mad wife safely locked up in the attic, a romance between himself and Jane soon develops, and it is then up to Jane to work out where the strange noises in the house are coming from. All in all, if Emma and Jude weren't big enough reminders of your English classes, or you just fancy seeing Elle MacPherson as Rochester's presumed fiancee, then this is for you.


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~ ~l N6HM1 ~






"C"ttte attd ttteet "'" lriettdfy hefpluf staft"





roquai have crashed into the top ten with Virtual lnsanJJY, the album charts with Travelling Without Moving, and now they're in The Event, talking about everything from Jacques Chirac to Timotei back and think of Jamiroquai• .. OK, mittedly most of ua would rather not. We reckon we've got 'em sussed; big hats, uslons to Stevfe Wonder, over-produced lte-boy funk; all mixed together with an easy line in pseudo-green politics. But Janiroquai is a far more c:omplax beast than that; ~ an environmentally aware political consciousness with a love of fa8t cars, easy women and, er, potato bongs. Rather t1an having people c:onlinually them, let's put the boot on uv the other foot for a .....


lot, it got like, 'now what man!?.. Beneath the light-hearted stereotyping of the student lifestyle there appears to be a certain amount of contempt (with Jay sneering at one point, telling me that something?1 I of

this is like tratelling without moving•, and I thought travelling without moving describes exactly what we're doing right now, y'know socially, because the world is 'Ooh Natural

gonna hump our way into the 21st century with a mega jointl'l want the 21st century1o be funky full of Barbarella type girls. No fat chicks!" "Yeah mate," chips In Stuart, "Frlggin in the riggin. No fat chicks, big girls bounce, blughl" of lh88e statements seems to be the Jamlroquai boys, flitting from Balbarella chicks, or 1D urging ua all "to


moment and aee ..tial

Jamiroqual make of us? , know students who like, 'Oh. I'RI college

friends booze





& RADIO ho could forget that fine establishment where you could go to rent a ghost? Despite there being a fine array of ghosts to choose from, why anyone would want to hire any of these ridiculous spooks is anyone's guess. l\b The most memorable of course was Timothy Claypole, a levitating jester with a Noel Edmonds style beard. His best friends appeared to be his little stick thing - the Claypole, and a floating hoover. Miss Pop-Ov, with a very dodgy German accent, would frequently sneeze, disappear, and then reappear in some other obscure location. She later popped-of to become Audrey




BBC 2 Frlay Oct 4, 99.30pm "Uulllrreekkaat• Yes, you've guessed it, Vie Reeves, Bob Mortlmar and babyGeorge Dawes are here

to take a swipe at various celebrities



including Take

That hunk, Aobble Willlams. Have I Got News For You

BBC2 Friday Oct 4, 1G-10.30pm Mrs Merton in her true Norlhem style has been ditched for the moment as Paul Merton becomes captain of his team once again in this new nine-part series which commences this week. Get ready tor yet more sat1ntt With the never-changing Mark L.amaar. Muppeta Tonight

BBC1 Friday Oct 11 , 7·7.25pm If you can't bear to stay In on a Friday for any of the above, then hele's one that you can ftt In just before you nip down the .,.,m. WaHow In memorlea of your past as Miss Piggy fties about the stage entertaining the likes of Whoopl ODidberg.

+-~.ill9-­ J



Roberts in Coronation Street. And what about poor old Dobbin? Who in their right mind would put a poorly dressed pantohorse under the stairs, especially when there was a high risk of carbon monoxide poisoning due to that awful incinerator that blew up nearly every week? Mr and Mrs Meeker (the proud proprietors of this mad house) would often take him for a spin in their convertible Triumph Herald to calm the poor mule down. But Dobbin was only picked on if the next door neighbours, the Parkins, were out. This rather posh couple, who, because of the little glowing paperweight on their sideboard, would invariably have all the ghosts tearing through their living room (and round the coffee table). Of course the 'biggest' highlight of this quality kid's show, was Christopher Biggins, who never quite escaped his typecast of Panto star. But the mayhem didn't end with Rentaghost, he went on to do that thrilling animal show, On Safari, but won't go on about that for fear of running off the end of this page with kiddies memories...

Caro/yn Boyd



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Transylvanian Count in the comedy adaptation of Dracula. Leslie Grantham and Vicki Michelle star as the bloodsucking vampire and vampirette. There is plenty of participation for the audience as they play the citizens of Whitby, trying to rid themselves of the hungry neck-snacker with the aid of

crosses. Dracula or, How's Your Blood Count? ell, here it is ... The smash hit musical we've all been waiting for {well I have!). Opening at the Theatre Royal next week, this wacky combin~tion of Shakespeare meets Star Trek; a sci-i version of The Tempest. · Set to a groovy rock 'n' roll soundtrack and featuring a whole host of all-singing , all-dancing characters, this is the Bard's


TRADSPIZZA Licensed Restaurant & Take-Away 53 Earlham Road, Norwich Tel: 615853 PBEE LOCAL DELWERf SERVICE C1assic Margherita Extra Toppings Spicy Beef Ham Anchovi es Fresh Tom atoes Cru s hed Chilli es






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Try our home-made pasta dishes: Beef or vegetable lasagne

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Voted Number one bylconcretel (issue 44)



Crosses & Veronicas Salnsbury Centre Oct 15- Dec 15 new exhibition opens at the Sainsbury Centre next week in celebration of Norwich Cathedral 's 900th birthday. The centre invited french photographer Patrick Bailly-Maitre-Grand(!) to create the exhibition which is inspired by the Cathedral 's architecture. The enlarged roof bosses and magnificent stonework are the focus of pictures entitled 'Crosses', whilst the 'Veronicas' represent other Christian images. The overall aim has been to create what the artist describes as "a primitive Christian crypt". This exhibition promises to be well worth the visit, whether you have visited the cathedral itself or not. James Morgan


Large £8.95

Spicy beef, pepperoni, mushroom, onions Thna, prawns, sardines, fresh tomatoes Spicy sausage, pepperoni, crushed chilli, onions, fresh tomatoes Fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, sweetcorn, onions

Open every evening - Mon - Sat 5 - 11 pm, Sun 6 - 1Opm. Last orders 10pm. Free UEA deliveries to Porters Lodge, Village Site or Union House reception only.

forgotten rock and roll masterpiece. Planet recounts the fortunes of Captain Tempest and his interplanetary crew who become shipwrecked on Planet D'lllyria. Various encounters with wierdos ensue, and the Captain finally falls for the last virgin in space. With special effects by Thunderbird's God, Gerry Anderson, a cameo from Patrick Moore and loads of audience participation, this show can only be matched by Rocky Horror. So, prepare to reverse polarity - this show will blast you out of orbit. Crispin Ro/fe

enial lrish-Aussie comedian Jimeoin (pronounced Jim Own) visits Norwich next weekend. Down-unders' top young funny man takes us on an irreverent ramble through the humdrum of daily life. Nothing is too trivial for this man, not even kitchen drawers or the temperature of bath water. Jimoein's style is ruthless but not agressive. After award winning stint~ at the Edinburgh and Brighton festivals Jimoein is appearing in here for one night only. With just one chance to see one of Australia's biggest comedy stars this is a chance not to be missed. /an Stone


/SSED oyously bright colours and ludicrous yet heart-warming smiles. Inappropriate headgear and tiny black eyes that resemble the aftermath of yet another LCR. Superlative upon merited superlative, and I haven't even touched below the surface. Most of us can remember being tucked up in bed with-a Mr Men book. These friendly comedy characters are a lesson to us all. Why should we attempt to conceal our most promin~nt features when we can revel in them? They tell us that it is fun to have fiendishly long orange arms. They tell us that it is fine to wear your hat upside-down if you so desire. The mess'lige of the Mr. Men? lt is okay to be a freak, an individual, a little bit different to the fashionable masses. This is the perfect remedy for our unprompted bouts of paranoia, a beautifully illustrated appeal for the people to unite, and to shamelessly exploit their accentuated characteristics. So Mr. Nosey ends up with a smarting proboscis for his beaky actions. So Mr. Grumpy gets his much needed come-uppance for his internal


IIF11mcHJS worb: Sons and Lovers, Rainbow, Women in Love, The Peacock, Love among the IHaysta,cks, Lady Chatterley's Lover. A novelist who about small rural INVnm1unititM where a happened behind

closed doors.

Famous for: Bringing about a trial in 1960 involving Penguin books who allegedly published an obscene book (Lady Chatterfey). Interesting fact: uiwrence was married for 16 years but claimed to be on the lookout for a bisexual lover.

his book is a powerful and accomplished exploration of the effects of a pact which both creates and inevitably destroys an intense friendship between a group of American students. lt follows the destructive effects of guilt on each of five main group members under the instigation of sombre, mysterious Henry. Although it may sound like a straight-forward crime story, the actual murder only occurs towards the end of the novel, the main emphasis being on the subtle construction of the relationships between the characters, and the way in which Henry cleverly manipulates the others, almost like the leader of a corruptive sect. Tartt uccessfully creates as realistic interpretation of 'university life' without falling into the trap of appealing to social


Poltucalty corr'8d statement: "How beastly the bourgeois is, especially the male of the

speci$S." How to sound Intelligent about

Lawrence: "Lawrence was

anguish. ~o Mr. Messy gets a lesson in personal hygiene from a short fat bloke and a tall thin bloke. All matters are resolved faster than Damon Hills' warm-up lap. New Labour, new danger, same old Mr. Men, same old blissfully happy approach to life. Everything is so damn smooth that I can't believe it's not butter, and from inside there is a nagging urge to be painted bright orange. Or dark blue. And to walk up a path towards some fluorescent green hills has never seemed so appealing, so warm. Even if Roger Hargreaves does sound like he should have been teaching maths at Grange Hill, I'm with him all the way. Paul McGonlgal


perpetuallY trying to discover what it was that drove human beings together.· How to .ound a complete nonce about Lawrence: "Wasn't lady Chatterley a heiress in east Suffolk? I think Hello ran a story on her last month. tt he was alive today he would be: The author of the Good Sex Guide. •

stereotypes or trends - in other words, if you're looking for Welsh-like

--tie Acid House by lrvtne Wellh llOIIIbinllil edectlc aeries of Short stories which yet again reveal him ,. ... undisputed 8CI'Ibe of the 'blank' generation Many of the - - . . IJI"'derppt .... by Fitzgenlldlan oommeniS on 1he jazz' genendlon of lhe twenties ntereltlngly enough, a favourtle aulhor of onecontemporaries Jay Mclnnemy As we wander through Welsh s world of council eetalel and sexual encounters we find ourselves plunged beyond the eeemlr-,g ' innocence of 1he middle ctaaees and nto the gritty reality of working dale Scolland. That Welsh should again have Chosen these aubjacls as 8l081rnpiiiiY generation rellect8 preoccupation wllh ldelllllm. tearfully broken Into needles fuGklng and pecuniary Gei'IIIUIICII\. "Another season of hell" wrote one critic of The Acid House and l*lliiPI Welsh's point that hell, ralher than heaven, Is a place on earth



although hedonism is at the core of the plot. Tartt's debut, and unfortunately only, novel is a compelling part murder-mystery, part psychological exploration, part social comment, and a must for any discriminating reader. · LomaJames


50% off all food 6-llpm between


Monday nights

(Whata Bella idea!) For example: Tagliatelle Alfredo E Funghi - Pasta strips in a creamy mushroom and white wine sauce- .[.S.85 £2.90

.~ • •


.. .I •








. ,w



FILMS ABC CINEMA ESCAPE FROM LA (15) Kurt Russell in this cringe-worthy action thriller, with lots of sequences that'll give you a laugh.


: INDEPENDENCE DAY(1~ • Space-ships the size of cities, really slimy • aliens and explosions galore in the biggest : film of this summer.

Sun Oct 6, 5.00pm , Weds Oct 9, 2.00pm • Oliver Stone's political drama with Anthony : Hopkins as the devious Tricky Dicky. See it if they haven't burnt the tapes.


: Bruce Willis is the last man standing at the • end of this shoddy western after he peppers • all the others with bullets.

• DEAD MAN (18)


: Quasimodo is given the Disney treatment to • compliment the rrresistible Esmerelda.


Excellent courtroom drama, based on the John Grisham novel , in which Sandra Bullock • • and Matthew McConaughey battle it out : against racial prejudices .

JUDE (15)

: NIXON (15)

RICHARD Ill (15)



Hilarious comedy in which Eddie Murphy develops a potion that will make him thin . However there is a twist... How long can it last?

: PULP FICTION (18) • • : •

Fri Oct 4, 11 .00pm More guts and gore from Tarantino, with Bruce Willis and Harvey Keitel , among others, doing the slaughtering .


. .•

• Sun. Oct 6, 2.30pm • 1950's remake of Fanny Hurst's novel , about . • a kmd black woman and troubled daughter.


. Demi Moore gets her kit off to earn money in an attempt to get her daughter back. Hilarious • Sun Oct 6, 5.00pm performance from Burt Reynolds , but the rest • Bogart classic, with Lauren Bacall. One of the : best detective movies of all time , full of is a bit bare. • mystery blackmail and intrigue.

Sun Oct 6 The first in a new series of productions by new writers at the Playhouse. This weeks show is by Anthony George.



EMMA (U) • Weds Oct 2 - Sat Oct 5, 5.45pm & 8.15pm • Gwyneth Paltrow in Jane Austen 's classic • tale of romance and manipulation.



Mon Oct 14- Weds Oct 16, 2.30pm or 5.45pm Modern-dress interpretation of Shakespeare's evil king , scary enough to give even Hitler the willies.



• The Entertainer


Thur Oct 3 - Sat Oct 19 Mon Oct 7 - Weds Oct 9, 2.00pm, 5.45pm or • (Matinees Thur & Sat- 2.30pm) • 8.15pm . Humorous, but compassionate , tale of a has• Award-winning tale of a postman and a poet, JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH (U) been comedian falling to gin, beer and chorus a lovely story if you're Italian , or can read Tim Burton meets Roald Dahl in this fabulous girls! subtitles. tale of a boy who climbs into an enormous peach . The World that Used to Be

Kate Winslet stars in Thomas Hardy's tale of • Denzel Washington stars in this actionlove and ambition , a must for all you literature • packed thriller which traces the Gulf War • more closely than the news could ever have lovers. • done. Truth seems elusive as there are several hush-ups, one involving a case of JANE EYRE (PG) • death due to 'friendly fire'. Based on Charlotte Bronte's story of deprivation , romance and mad wives locked up in the attic. Starring William Hurt as the strangely attractive Rochester.

Michael Keaton X4 stars with Andie MacDowell in this comedy about a guy who clones himself in order to be able to fulfil his duties.

•• ' ,, , • • • • NORWICH PLAYHOUSE I

Mon Oct 7- Weds Oct 9, 5.45pm or 8.15pm • Weird deadpan western , in which Johnny • Depp ventures into mystical depths.


• Return to the Forbidden Planet Mon Oct 7- Sat Oct 12 : (Matinees Fri & Sat- 6.00pm) Shakespeare's forgotten rock and roll masterpiece finally returns to Norwich for the last time this century.

•• Dracula •• Mon0ct14-Sat0ct19 • (Matinees Wed & Sat- 2.30pm) • Leslie Grantham and Vicki Michelle star in • this comic approach to Bram Stoker's classic novel. Audience participation promised .

• • •

Wait Until Dark Fri Oct 4- Sat Oct 12 Psychological thriller involving a drug-filled doll, some baddies and a blind wife. Terrifying stuff.



• • •


• Crosses & Veronicas

• Tues Oct 15- Sun Dec 15 • An exhibition by photographer Patrick BaillyMaitre-Grand celebrating Norwich Cathedral 's 900th anniversary .

• • •


• •

• : THEATRE ROYAL : Jimeoin

Sun Oct 13 • 'Seriously funny' Irish comic from Austrailia .

: UEA LCR • •• Australian Doors •• Wednesday October 2 • Oh joy! Another tri bute band. £9 adv


• Ocean Colour Scene

• : • •

Sunday October 6 What d'ya wanna know? They ride Lambrettas, they play football , they're mates with Mr. Weller, it's SOLD OUT

• : • •

Sunday October 13 Brett and the boys are back in town and this time they've got spiky , jaggedy pop tunes. SOLD OUT


: Dub War + H Blockx + DJ Jimmy James • Thursday October 3

! One time Manics support go "it alone. £5 adv 14 day listings in association with the Theatre Royal - (01603) 630000 for reservations. Tickets always available from £3 or £4 14 THE EVENT, WEDNE.SQ!\Y, OCTOBER 2, 1996

LIST Friday October 4 Fortnightly Happy House night with resident DJ MCG. 9pm - 4am , £5 b4 11 pm I £6 after.

: Baby Bird • • : •

Space + Agent Provocateur Thursday Ocotber 10 Scallies with tunes, one of Chris Evans' favourite bands , etc., etc. £6.50 adv

Fluffy Saturday October 12 Playing as part of the regular Saturday night Meltdown. £4 adv

NORWICH ARTS CENTRE Loyko Thursday October 3 Russian trio with an intriguing mix of Gypsy, Russian and Jewish folk music. £6

Martyn Joseph Friday October 4 Highly acclaimed protest singer with (gasp!) a sense of humour. Can it be true?! £6

• • ••• • •• : UEA LCR • • • : • •

Saturdays Regular house night 9pm- 3am , £5


Mondays - Student Night lndie Hits 1Opm - 2am 50p all night with cheap drinks

Wednesdays - Student Night


9pm-2am cheap drinks 50p with student ID I £3 otherwise

Saturday Ocotber 12 Your favourite hits from the 60's,70's and 80's plus the added attraction of The Cheeky Monkees, a Monkees tribute band . £5 adv

Four Men & a Dog

Friday October 11 Meltdown's hugely popular 80's night moves to Fridays, with breakbeat and funk courtesy of Superfly upstairs. 9pm - 1.30am. £3.50 I £3 (cone)




• Wednesdays • Happy House : 1Opm - 2am Free entry

: Uplift

•• Gorgeous •

Saturdays - Gay Club Night 9pm - 3am £3 b4 1Opm I £4 after


9pm - 2am cheap drinks 50p with student ID I • £3 otherwise

: Fridays - Fast Trax • 9pm - 2am £3 b4 1Opm I £4 after

• •

Saturdays - Furious 9pm - 2am £4 b4 1Opm I £5 after


•• • •••

•• • • ••• • •

Mondays - Hubba Bubba

Hys The loft Manhattans Peppermint Park Ritzy The Waterfront Zoom ABCCinema Cinema City Odeon Madderrnarket Norwich Arts

621155 623559 629060 764192 621541 632717 630760 623312 622047 621903


Student Dance Night 1Opm - 2am £1 .50 b4 11 pm I £2 after (with student ID)

The Charles & Di Experience • • : • •

9pm- 2am free b4 10.30pm I £1 after

Wednesdays - Student Night


Thursday October 10 More folk from a duo who've been working together for 3 decades. £4.50

Thursdays - Gay Club Night

Mondays - Student Night

Saturday October 5 The regular Saturday night out for lovers of all things 'alternative' with 3 decades of soul upstairs 9pm- 1.30am. £3.50 I £3 (cone)

John Renbourn and Jacqui McShee

Dance and House 1Opm - 2am 50p all night

Friday October 11 Fortnightly Drum 'n' Bass night with guest DJ Devious D 9pm - 4am, £5 b4 11 pm I £6 after

: • • •

Saturday October 5 Psychedelic ambient/trance with the top-notch Suspect Sound System. £3

Monday October 7 Young Irish band who'll be of interest to any Ash fans out there. £4 I £3 .50 adv

• Pumping house and garage • 1Opm -3am £6


Friday October 4 DJ David James, with Shiva's Kris Dent and Phillipe Pendaries 9pm - 2am , £41 £3 (cone)

: Saturdays - Love Bomb Baby

Sheer Bliss

• •• Club Retroactive

Milky Lunch

Weekly Sunday house night • 9pm- 2am, free entry all night

Saturday October 5 A promising night of drum & bass and hardstep from the likes of Kenny Ken , Micky Finn and Ray Keith 8pm- 2am £8.50 I £7.50 adv. cone .


: Wednesday - Student Night • 1Opm -2am £1 b4 11 pm I £3 after

Sunday Service

: Club Rumble


Saturday October 12 Established band combining traditional Irish folk tunes with new compositions. £6

Monday October 14 Sheffield's finest exponents of twisted , sardonic pop. Get your tickets fast before it sells out! £7 I £6 adv

• • : • •

• ••• • ••

• •• • • • •• •• •

• • ••• • •• • •••



--------------~~ --~--------------------- -- - - -- - -·

thewaterfront KING STREET NORWICH 632717


Wed 2 AUSTRALIAN £9.00


:::~:+~H~B:L:O:C:KX:;+~D:J~J=IM:M:Y~JAM:::ES~ SPACE

Sun 13 SUEDE 10 50 £ .


FLUFFY + SUPPORT 21.00 • 01.30

Sat 19 DODGY


Wed 23 INCOGN Pine £8.50


BOLLAND 21.00 • 02.00 + SALT TANK


N Fri 1 JOOLS HOLLAND £9.50 Wed 6 AUSTRALIAN PI ..._,..,.,-u'""'




_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. . Tues 3 S



«Who are these three shady characters? The Event talks to the band the same week they play the LCR, to try and discover what's dodgy about

£lo.o Fri BJORN AGAJ 9 50 £ .

Wed 5 THUNDER £ 0.00

«Ocean Colour Scene - We review one of the biggest gigs of the semester featuring the tip-top britpop foursome. «Drinking Games -the video they banned! We get together with a lot of beers and a VCR to find out why... « Dragonheart, Jack,

a load of other films, competitions galore, and much, much

The event issue 063 02 10 1996  
The event issue 063 02 10 1996