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itting ly, support act The Rea l People are everything Ocean Colour Scene have l managed to avo id. They're an extension of the overJ flogged Castasis fo rmula, which they were doing even five years ago. Is prog ression out of th e I question? Although Ocean Colour Scene , ripped in with the crowd-pleasing Riverboat Song , their live act excelled wh en th ey abandoned ' the chunk-and-twiddle rifferama for the more wa rmi ng and 1.· plaintive, Springsteen-tinged ! acoustic tu nes. This said , they really ca n rock ~ with all the swagger of a Parisian ~~ catwalk in fa shion wee k, and , more axe-God windm ills than Pete Townshend in Holland . The ubiquitou s Weller com parisons are unfair if tonight was anything to go by: Ocean Colour Scene are crafting their own sound from the raw materials of rock history. 1 If you missed them , more's the


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'· pity, for Ocean Colour Scene are one of the rare bands that have both guts and soul. , Paul Machin '


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Live in The Hive


top country folk doub le bill reAches the LCR or• Frrday May 3 1 wrtr1 a speCidl v:srt by Jol1n Berry and Kate Campbe,, John Be rry rs one of Amenca·s finest country voices wt11le Kil te Ca mpbc ll rs a talented folk srnger/songwnter rn tl1e ve in of Nanc1 Griffrth


We 've got tickets to give away to the fi rs t TEN lucky readers who present themselves at the Union Ents Offi ce. upstai rs in Union House, holdi ng a copy of thi s issue of

Concrete. Twang'

i! You lot! Play properly or you don't play at all ! I, the Guardian Of The Sack , have t been informed th at last week while I was \ out torturing a few young children with the crap \,~D s that no-one won last term , someone came


he audience tor these two bands is massive - 1n 1ts indifference. Labradford lack stage presence (I hear Bez is out of a job) but make up for this with their sound . The noise they create is big and enveloping; Labradford don't write songs, they sc ulpt sound . Sure , they are deathly slow but, where on record, this can make for tortuous listening, live it allows the sound to pervade and entrance you. Well, I Irked them. The High Llamas - "The wh at Llamas? The High what?" - started off pleasantly with their knowing pop and the last few songs were good, but in between the songs just seemed to go on and on. At the same speed. Som etimes wi th a banjo. These songs were too caught up in themselves, too absorbed with muso details to appeal to anyone who didn't know them already. The High Llamas tonigh t were a sandwich made with quality bread but a dull filli ng. David Jenkins


into the office and attempted to root through the Sack, take what he wanted and leave the rest. No! That's not how to play' You wan t it, you take it ALL! Although Christ knows why you'd wan t any of it, to be honest. Up for grabs th is week are: A NEXT PRESS CATALOGUE WITH LOA DS OF PHOTOS OF TWATS WEARING AWFU L PRETEN D-DESIGNER CLOTHES! POSTERS OF TRICKY AND SPARKLEHORSE , NOT TH E






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PeterHart getsallllletoss onwllat'shot and What's dross in tilewonderlul world ol pop...

ell, here we go again for the penultimate goss-fest in what is prob'ly the best pop column in the world ... sort of!


Wonderwalls! Liam Gallagher may pretend to be a bit of a hard man, but he doesn't fool The Event one little bit! 'Cos the generous lad has just splashed out ÂŁ175,000 for a snoot, secluded three bed roomed house for his 'mam', complete with two iron gates at the front to keep nosey Oasis fans out. And not only that, but rumour has it that when Liam isn't out gigging, partying and snogging foxy laydees (not to mention Patsy Kensit!) he goes home to stay with Mrs Gallagher. Liam, you're just a little mummy's boy at heart; that's what we say!

Brian's Babefest Not being so good this fortnight is East 17's Brian Harvey, who recently got hitched to his girlfriend Natasha. Brian, like Liam, has always had a bit of an 'eye' for the laydees, so it really isn't much of a surprise that marriage 1 hasn't exactly tamed this one wild man of pop. On a recent visit to Australia with the band, he was heard to describe Aussie girls as "The best J , in the world", before nipping off the 1 tour bus and into a girlie fan's car! I i Ooo-er missus! You're in for it when you get home, young man!


Boyzone's Baby Boom! Keeping on this family theme mallarkey, The Event brings you the news that two members of teenypop idols Boyzone are staring fatherhood right in the face! lt's true! In fact, Keith's girlfie Lisa has just had a bouncing baby boy, who IS, as yet, untitled! And the proud father's verdict? "The baby's the image of me! it's got hair and everything. it looks more like me every second." Altogether now: awww ... how sweeet... And hot on his heels comes young Mikey, who has had to come clean about his gilfie's impending happy event after those sneaky tabloids got hold of the story. Still, at I least he's able to swap notes with Keith about ante-natal classes, breastfeeding and ... eek!. .. labour pains! So which one of the lads 1s next? Do I hear odds of ten to one on Shane? (That's quite enough about family matters, thank you - Eel)


dot John cargi\1, 1ou mav not:av,e ~e;~rst out and club but as the os ants vou to have a night ~op larts,dhe pies: Man Fasken good ume. wor s a


ohn Cargill is in it for love. not. mon. ey. His job, as one of Norwich 's leading independent club promoters, 1s no piece of cake , and it won't make h1m a millionaire in a hurry. But he is a man on a mission, as I realise, talking to him last Tuesday night at The Waterfront. That mission is to give the clubbers of Norwich a hell of a good time. Appropriately enough , on the night I interview him , First Out is celebrating one year since its re-launch, when John was put in charge of its promotion . On the way in, I am greeted by two guys in flamboyant outfits, who do not hesitate to offer me goodies from their 1 usherette's trays lollipops and little Safer Sex packs, including flavou red condoms and information on the do's and don'ts of sucking and rimming . Yes First Out, if you hadn 't guessed it, is a predominantly gay night. Not that this differentiates it all that much from other club nights. The main floor upstairs is awash with lights, and smoke seeps out from under the catwalk-like stage which divides the dance fl oor, accompanied by eruptions of thumping house and garage from the speakers. Next door, the cafe-bar area has been transformed into a groovy 70s retro zone. silver danglies galore, and a DJ with those




little torches mounted on his glasses. Nothing too revoluti onary here. So what's so special about First Out? "Ifs unique because it seems to be free of the tension you often get in straight clubs, " John explains . "You certainly can come down to First Out and meet people, whether they be boys or girls and whatever their sexuality, but there doesn't seem to be the same tension and potential for overindulgence." Though it has been going since 1992 . the club night has never been as popular as it 1s now, under his promotional skills. In fact First Out has been a smash hit since the packed opening night of its re-launch last year. I ask him if he attributes this to the relaxed atmosphere he has brought to the evening . "Certainly people who come to First Out, many of whom aren't gay, have a f*****g great time and that's why they come back. A lot of women come dcwn because they feel comfortable. it's somewhere where anyone can come regardless of their sexuality, but I would like people to come down and recognise that we think it's okay to be gay. In fact we think it's terrific. We wouldn't be any other way." John's latest venture is Pop Tarts, an indie event at the Norwich Institute of Art and Design on the third Saturday of every month; the first was April 20. NIAD's Students Union bar is a cosy place which serves cheap beer. I know because I was there , drank beer, got my rocks off on the dance floor, and had a great time . But why, I ask him, does Norwich need another club night? "The Waterfront does run an indie night," he tells me. "but I wanted to maintain the atmosphere I have at First Out, with indie music instead of house and garage." So is Pop Tarts a gay indie night? Not accord ing to its promoter. "it's about music. it's an indie club night, and I'd like people to come for the music. I'm certainly not going to ask them or be interested as to what their sexuality is but I hope that once again it will be free from homophobia . Any club I organise should be hassle-free , and it should be friendly above anything else ." I was certainly there for the music. One of the DJs was fairly mainstream - Blur, Pulp and plenty of Oasis. The other played slightly more obscure, but very danceable (I thought) stuff like Offspring, and that Duran Duran cover of Grandmaster Flash's White Lines. Great! But th e floor was hardly packed, even at the best of times. Did I miss something? "The first one and probably the first three I wou ld expect to lose a bit of money on", explains John. "The first night of a new show especially, is difficult to pack out. But considering that, I th ink the first Pop Tarts was a success. I'd li ke to think that in a year's time to be celebrating a yea r of Pop Tarts." And good luck to him. •The next PopTarts takes place on Saturday May 18 at the Norwich lnsitute of Art and Design Students Union, St George's Street. between 8 and 12.30 am . Admission £3 with flyer. £2 .50 NUS.

"The people who come to First Out, many of whom aren't gay, have a l*****g great time and that's whv they come back"

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SHOWGIRLS tmposte~ttr

i-i-i-ister Imposter" warbles Showgirls singer Justine Grimley, over one of the least catchy tunes I've heard in a while. Yes, a post-punk three-minute guitar song and their front person is named Justine not wildly original. Oh, and Louise Wener finally has competition for the title 'most annoying whine in pop' . But to be fair, it's not the Showgirls fault that they sound like a sub-standard Sleeper and resemble Menswear (of all people); it is their fault, however, that they fail to deliver the promised "energetic sure-fire melodies". Their only merit is that they provide an entertaining game of guess the influence. Imposters, this lot. C/aire Sweeting


PIZZICATO 5 U"•lpped/ EP he first song on this EP, Happy Sad, starts off vaguely like Hit by The Sugarcubes and follows a poppy, quirky course. lt's hard to know whether they're being ironic or not but I suppose any EP with a track entitled If I Were A Groupie must be . Pizzicato 5 clearly want to do some sort of cutesy-cutesy thing as indicated by the grown woman dressed as a schoolgirl on the sleeve. I'm sure if Nirvana were still around Pizzicato 5 would be supporting them . However, they're not musically interesting enough to be really diverting . This is closer to chewing plastic than eating sweets . Elisabeth Seal


rom the land of Rock, where men with tight trousers and poodle-perms reign supreme, comes the latest offering from Britain's best Bon Jovi sound-alikes. Def Leppard have been going for donkey's years now, but this album heralds a re-invention of sorts - more earthy acoustic workouts and a dash of psychedelia. Turn to Dust starts as Kylie's Confide in Me (fact!) , before turning into Kashmir- Led Zeppard anyone? Slang isn 't bad at all, a bit Stonesy, which has to be a good thing . Of course, there are a few cack-metal ballads (All/ Want is Everything, Work it Out) and tortuous five-minute solos (Gift of Flesh, Blood Runs Cold) , but 'The Leps' have been quite restrained considering their history. I'm tactfully ignoring the lyrics too, but overall this is quite a smart album (you realise this is a hangable offence?Music Ed) ; essential if you're a fan , maybe worth a try if you're not. Stuart Dredge



hose of you with long (and , let's be frank, rather sad) memories, may recall awful , one-hit, pop/grunge outfit Daisy Chainsaw. Their 'singer', Katie Jane Garside, was noted for wearing babydoll dresses and rolling around in cow dung . Well , talk about fame by association, because our Melanie is Katie's sister. In fact, Mel (as she was then known) used to be in a crap band called Tabitha Zu ,

looked like a crusty and let mice run about in her hair. Maybe she decided it was about time she tried to sell some records, hence the big image change . Sell some records she will probably to businessmen and your Mum's slightly trendy friend - for Melanie has managed to lever herself into the tiny space between Alanis Morissette, Sheryl Crow and that other one who did the stupid song about God . As Suggs surely knows,

however, selling records is a very different thing to being good. If you heard one song on the radio, you'd probably think it was inoffensive enough not to switch stations. U Pony! But let me tell you , a whole album of Suzanne Vega Bft sides as sung by the AOR .:1 Louise Wener and you'll be tuning in to the Radio 5 Live "rop! snooker coverage quicker than I can say 'hideously contrived and not wholly .... . , successful re-invention .' So • _ _ _ _ _r_r.,;a~h:,:!:__J there. Sam Richards





.. .. ................. . "'

IIUN LOVItt• • 'l'lte c---IMALS ---.... Conseal'lf:/ ap d ...... '




heck this: "There's foes that o me by proxy, yeah th Ppose foxy " 1do • ey try to get they're talki~g ab~~tnow exactly. What their lyrics are a hell ~,'ot of the time, but a lot more clever than all that "wav rubbish . e your arms in the air" They are the Fun Lovin' C . . they represent the f k. nmmals, and . un lest new E h lp-hop sound l'v h ast Coast lt's all good ; from ~h:~d for some time. the title track - The G~azzy keyboards of Constant - to the heav ve ~nd ~he trumpets of 8 ... . , Y gUitar nffs and F, om._m The L whilst 8 or Suckers is so ch .ll. ' , . lues hear lt· to believe .t DI In YOU jUSt gotf a I · amnl


For all your music requirements


For details of your nearest branch Tel: 0171 432 2000 THE EVENT, WEDNESDAY, MAY 15, 1996 5






mov1e news ... movie news ... movie news




Another week, another film festival , and this it is the 49th Cannes Film Festival that w1ll g1ve i those glorious lads and lasses a chance to bring out the party clothes . Britain's main film on show is Trainspotiing , starring Ewan McGregor and Ewan Bremmer. which _,., due to the weird and wonderful rules · ' of the Festival isn't showing as part of the competition. However, it has received some support from the Government, with National Heritage Secretary, Virginia Bottomly flying off to Cannes to promote the film , and the Briti sh Film Industry. lt seems that for the first time in a long the Government is actually taking an interest in the industry, who knows tax breaks may be just around the corner. But, let's just hope that really was her intention, and not just a free holiday in the south of France ... '

Some of you may well have seen the posters scattered around Norwich's bus shelters advertising .4#" the latest spoof comedy from F. Leslie Nielson, called Spy -r' · Hard. The poster has him in a Bond-like pose with a girl round his shoulders and his trousers on the floor. Whilst a Die Hard I James Bond spoof seems to be what many directors have tried recently, intentionally or otherwise, Nielsen is due a hit quite soon . Sadly, no preview prints were available at the time of writing , which sounds a little ominous, since the last film this was done for was the awful version of the Scarlet Letter starring Oemi Moo re. After starring in the diabolical Sudden Death , Jean-Ciaude Van Oamme has decided to move behind the camera . His directorial debut in which he will also star, has just started shooting stateside. He has promised his fans (yes, you there in the second row) that it will have all the action we could possibly want. At least he won't be able to blame the director when it flops. The blockbusters are lining up at the start, ready for the summer , race to the lucrative number one spot. Trailers can now be seen for Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible , a big budget adaptation of the sixties prog , Sean Connery in Dragonheart, Arnie Schwarzenegger in Eraser and the one I'm most looking forward to Twister, from Speed director Jan de Bont and produced by blockbuster man himself, Steven Spielberg. Whatever your choice, you'll be guaranteed plenty of bangs for your buck. The problem then comes of where are you going to watch f the action movie of you choice? I Well , good news! Norwich is to get a multiplex! The cinema ch a1n . UCI is plann ing a complex with up to 15 - yes 151! screens in the city centre . Needless to say it's be1ng billed as the latest and most advanced 1n the country. with the plans to 1nclude a l•censed bar and restaurant as well as the now-obligatory movie tiein merchandising. If all goes to plan, it should provide a great select1on of mov1es - let's JUSt hope places like Cinema City don't get squeezed out of busmess.


As Johnny Oepp clocks up yet another success with his latestlilm, Nick of Time, John Spacey turns back the hands to chart the rise and rise ot this modern day superstar

ow it's probably safe to assume that his previous job of pen salesman was long ago swiftly, unceremon iously and without the slightest regret dropped from Johnny Depp's CV. The closest he's conceivably got to such a job in the last decade or so has been playing an accountant in his latest film Nick of Time . However, the road to stardom seems to be littered with such menial jobs, and acting was not, as you may think,


of teen idol, but in fact he had only taken the role in the belief that the show would flop and he wouldn't have to do it for very long . The show ended up lasting four years, from 1986 to 1990. When he made the 50s rock 'n ' roll satire film Cry Baby in 1990, he had broken into leading man territory and with the extremely popular Edward Scissorhands in the same year he had set up the beginnings of a successful movie career. While in the 80s people tried to cast Depp aside as a rebel , in the early 90s he reinvented himself as more of an alienated loner and outcast.

appear to be as rebellious as his earlier roles suggested. A tattoo on his arm (one of several. including an image of an Indian chief which is a reminder of his part Cherokee ancestry) pronouncing WINONA FOREVER, is a permanent reminder of a four year on-off engagement to Winona Ryder, his eo-star in Edward Scissorhands. Though now dating supermodel Kale Moss, he has previously been seen with Jennifer Grey (from Dirty Dancing) and Sherilyn Fenn (from Twin Peaks) . He has also at various times been arrested for speeding and assault, and he once spent a night in jail after trashing his hotel room, where he was apparently continually asked for his autograph by both cops and criminals. His early love for music has not been abandoned either, as he has opened a club called the Viper Room in Los Angeles, most notorious for being the scene of River Phoenix's death . Edward Scissorhands is still possibly his He also has a band, P. which released an album last November. most popular film. In a performance Now he's back in the news for his latest allegedly based on a dog , the film traces cinematic effort Nick of Time, a thriller where the story of a man created by an inventor Depp is forced to try and assassinate the who dies before replacing the scissors he has temporarily given his creation for Governor of California because his daughter is being held to ransom by oh-so-nasty fingers, causing everything he touches to be destroyed . lt criminals (including Chr~stophe ~ Walkenessentially conveys (to now there s surpnse cast1ng 1.) get all pretentious fo r a NllM~.JobnnY DB JJP who force Depp to act out their moment) a great sense BORN: June 9 1963 wishes for the':". of Eddie's alienation AGE: 32 So our Johnny s not a huge, and inability to fit in STARSIGN· Gemini ma1nstream star m .the mould of . Tom Crwse, but he s still a with normal society. ' _ In Arizona Dream , ALMS: ANightmare on major figure whose films . Benny and Joon, and Elm Street (1984); Platoon impress a~d entertam millions. What 's Eating Gilbert (1986)• Edward SclssorhandS After workmg w1th Marlon Grape? Johnny . · : , • o·lhAI'I Brando on Don Juan, continued this theme, SEating I._., comparisons between the two Qrape? {1993); Don Juan De ,. were inevitably drawn , w1th some but it could be argued that he made (1995); Ed Wood · propositions that the film (slightly) more of a (ln.u:)·~ uw. of Tlnle(l99B) represented a pass1ng of the bid for the ~. ~ torch from one generation to the next. mainstream with two of his recent films, Don Juan de Marco and Ed Wood. lt remains to be seen if Depp can again In Don Juan he plays a man who is under reinvent himself and get rid of the tag of . threat of committal because he believes he 'outsider' which has prevailed throughout h1s is the legendary lover; and in Ed Wood, work for the past six years, but the days of selling pens are without a doubt over. directed by Tim Burton (of Batman and Edward Scissorhands fame) , he plays a person you could quite reasonably argue was the worst film maker of all time , yet for his whole life he believes the opposite. Off screen, Depp's antics sometimes

Johnny Oepp has at various limes been arrested 1 dh I tor speedmg and assau I, an e once spen a Florida when he was very night in jail after traShing hiS hOtel r00m, Where young and spent the rest of he was continually asked tor his autograph his childhood there. Depp's first ambition. Born in Owensboro, Kentucky, Depp moved to

After getting a guitar at the age of 12, he developed a keen interest in music and left school at 16 to concentrate on playing in his band, The Kids. Although they experienced some success, opening for acts such as lggy Pop, Talking Heads and the B52s , ultimately the band was going nowhere. Depp drifted into casual work , firstly as a petrol pump attendant and then into the fantastic world of selling pens . At the age of 20, Depp married the sister of one of the band members, and though he quickly divorced, it was through his ex-wife that he was introduced to Nicholas Cage (recent Oscar winner for Leaving Las Vegas). Cage convinced Depp to have a go at acting , and managed to get him signed with an agent. His first role was in the original Nightmare on Elm Street movie, and although his character suffered the indignity of being killed by a bed and the movie was overall as scary as a tin of baked beans, Depp did manage to continue his movie career, if only in forgettable numbers such as Slow Burn and Private Resort. Despite a minor role in the excellent Platoon. career-wise his most importa nt role in the 1980s was in the television series 21 Jump Street. This show about undercover police officers elevated Depp to the status


(1990), What


I .ven


seamanship and neglect? Or did he provide the lessons that helped the others survive? As the blurb puts it: "The conclusions they reach will define each boy as a man, and prove to be his ultimate rite of passage." Yeah, fair enough. But let's face it, the best thing about this movie is not the moving portrayal of male bonding, tragedy or responsibility: it's the fact that there are loads and loads of fit young blokes wandering around half-naked, one of which is that top totty Scott Wolf of Party of Five. Therefore, my firm recommendation is to don your trusty yellow souwester and galoshes, and get down to a cinema near you now! Carolina Jenkinson

we all know and love. fight the fascists. Chrlstopher Lambert as Set against a backdrop of haunting music. David move~ Tarzan is left at the tnercy of from a state of innocence apes (bearing a startling resemblance to H.arry, from about love (falling for the that US TV snow about bewitching Blanca), to a realisati011 about the need for ~igfoot) when his. n~rents Land and Freedom (15) die: After being bro~ht up UKISp3in/G(mnany (1995) <>Omradeship. t;>y'the apes. he is rescued The drama' is tense, Dir: Ken l.oach · and lakeh back to, er, inter:spers~ With humour · Video · and paf!.athe~ and t!'Jankfully,, Soot!anc;l, wh~~upon ~tilr:tgs lt .does not become · · . go ~ bit WibbJY ploHi.t~e. •~ · " ~qyerppweririgiV sic.ktY-sweet.· li~art is actually t,ord Claytof'l, fieir to a famUy • th~ ' horror$ of war which &State. He hangs around for threaten and enclri::le are kept oons(antly in view l')nd . . a bit•.snQgs Andie t,.,.. of a're coupled with a series of · MacDowell; then heads off "F~stiists - · · back to the · flash-backs fo the present :Y'()u've got jungle. day. A modern classic. no balls!", · JaneKirby The first half Land and hour is ace" Freedom for the fact just ....... , •• ,,, . Greystoke: The Legend Of did actually that there's no Ta~n (Wid&screen PG) have serious . dialogue USA (1983) undertones to its except for Oil-; Hugh Hudson plot. Coveting the period of apespeak! VIdeo • out to buy the Spanlsh Civil War in the · After that, it 1930s, the film traces the ot half a!:! bad as it : tums into a cunning. if tale of how Davia. a young sounds - ~reystoke is a . somewhat bizarre· yarn: Liverpudlian, leaves his SU~af1 Drec/tle rewriting of the Tarza.n films fiancee to tf<!VE!I to Spain to <



GIRLS NOW OPEN - CLUBWEAR FOR GIRLS 10°/o student discount miss moneypenny - dub - atomic - komodo above the blue jean eo 8-1 0 lower goat lane THE EVENT,. W6[;)NESDA.Y, MAY 15, 1996 7

....-. Is 111111 hi-Jacked by the • Sllcllng lt In llle charts. llllan Dredge shares a Matk Tollln sips sa•• kandv pop with Bis

~::: :r~t lea:st~i~~(J\1

greatest bands, the late Take That. sad to see them go? - I wasn't a massive fan, although I thought a good band and I liked what they were


bumper one for inno~Mllr.. .-....,,... ._...., are proving that'fOII ttn•""-liUI!IIIit." Camden to be cool. 'Mih the rAI"An t Giliill publicity for good bands from , gasp, or maybe even England, the time would for Ash to conquer the world. On May 18 they're COI'Iling 1o town aet~rrtnaniAI notorious hell-raisers the 60 Ft Dolls and teen starlets Bis. For pure pop thrills there won't be another gig to touch it for a long white, and. being sold out, the LCR should become a 'Seething mass of bouncing pop kids. Yes, Ash may be a young band (ave!llge age 19),

the way open for Ash to storm in and vacant poster space In bedrooms up the land, especially now that the teen more open to guitar music. Hits is quite cool now isn't it? They got the pretty face.· went all-out for this audience when One roadshow, common haunt of and crap boy bands such as, er, Upside Down!" then? f***ing awful! Nothing there at all.. ." to see those citrus-tastic suits at close proximity, Mark enjoyed the experience: "lt was good fun; we were well up for it." ·When I ask his opinion on the screaming girlie fans for the l ime, Mark sounds a little

but they've actually bean together and playing for a long time. ·we were 11 when our parents bought us our first guitars - crappy rubbish electric ones, but thars all we

~~~~~~;ents?l How did you manage

"We were rudely at~~rllll'81 lh b d I over e US, an We 10 With maSSift hanaonrsl ThBJ God knows why noli" •

that? There was never a Fender In my Christmas stocking... "Heheh - it took months and months to persuade them to buy 'em, but it was worth it." Mark claims that it was seeing bands live that started him off playing tile guitar, but which bands? Any embarrassing ex-faves in the closet? "Er, well, at 11 or 12 we were listening to heavy metal and all that bu!lshit, but when you're that age you don't have a f"**ing clue anyway!" Phew - luckily for us, Ash's musical tastes have changed somewhat since then, with Mark citing American experimentalist rockers Sonic Youth as his fave all-time band. Things really started to happen a couple' of years ago, with the first few in a ~eries of buzzing, (Jack Names The Planets. Petro() and a Trailer. Ash even attracted the attl:i{'\tion of grunge heavyweights Pearl Jam, ~ho asked three-piece to support (hem·on their Ash famously turned them down in exams: "We'd hardly played a huge stadium tour. We didn't anyway!" Once exams were out of concentrate on.tbe two of the best KungFuand Now, with them, they're proper,

was "Ifs and of songs with no pretty heavy, but ActuaUy, I love itt" made with absolutely no aura at all; Mark sounds genuinely prc.soect of releasing this album, and for it to go platinum by the end of the year." me, this a~ seUs as many as it ' to, it'll do far MUer than that. Recently, Ash have been pro'Tiottng the single over in Europe, and preparing for the forthcoming tour. Are they looking forward to it, particularly touring with those infamous party animals the 60 Ft DoHs? :vr:a!;

:~co:e~~~~=~~or it

Talking about their prominence, and the resultant column inches which it has spawned, John seems wary of treading the same path again. "You have to wonder about some people's motives. "We've had features in The Face , i-D and The Guardian, as well as all the major music papers, and only a few have actually approached us and asked -us about things. "Everyone's focused upon the fact that we're unsigned as if that was a deliberate thing, like some kind of marketing ploy. "We're not doing this deliberately, we just want to wait for the right deal to come along, which it hadn't at the time we were doing Top Of The Pops. People have some strange ideas about us, which they don't realise are way off the mark until they actually speak to us. "Half of the people who watch Top Of The Pops couldn't give a s*** if we're signed to a record label or not! They just want some good honest pop! They just want Bis!" And with both Bis and Ash lining up to blow away the LCR with some brash, abrasive, attitude-laden tunes, the Disco Nation is on the rise. The teen-c revolution is in full effect.

is are riding on the crest of a wave; -making the first unsigned band ever to Top Of The Pops, they are every wet dream ..John, Amanda and Steve are all still in their teens, and are all ready for werld domination (well aln¥>st). The forthcoming tour with Ash and 60ft Dolls is something that John is ~ularly looking forward to. , really like the idea that all of the bends are from outside England. No Offence to you English, but it makes a change that


1pparent at the time last year. but recenUy in a Melody Maker which time the biggest scare - tying in a having brain-scans • was over. better now than I was a year ago, but I'm in the process of~.· Ybu would think lt•d be hard t'O fb1loW that. but M8J1( is such a genuinely friwdY end talkative guy, that

we do. We talk about fame and music and TV · Is it .still strange being on the boX? "Wftre getting used toil~ f()() Of The Ppps next week and we'.re I~ to it• Britain's top pop programme meets with hf8 approval: "lt's a lot better than it now Bis are ont• Oh yes, Bis, one of the most exciting 9rOUP§ to emerge this year. How did they end up on lhe Ash tour? "We just got in touch and asked 'em to do it. We tried to get Kenickle too, but they couldn't get time off school or aomething. "Hopefully It'll be the most exciting tf)ur of the summer With us three bands! Moving on, the question of awards raises its head. Can Ash see themselves getting a few next year? "You never know. We went to the Brats last year and

was -

we' re dictating to the English, rather than the other way round." John seems to be somewhat aggrieved at what he sees as the condescending attitude of the English/ London-based press. "lt's kind of patronising when the

"Hallllle pe•le wha watch TIIP 01 The PDIS cauldn'l ~~e:Ys ~~~~u~~e~~~:, ~~=!her.

care leSS WbeUier we're S(g.llll a riCird label lr nOIJ , Tlley Just want Blsl • Jolln Disco, an making hlstarv

ace.• You haven't calmed down since the early days then? "Not reaDy - if anything we've got worse- real party animals!" So this tour isn't going to see some more mature behaviour? "Naaah!l" Previous unruly exploits include touring America with China Drum (Geordie band famous for their cover of Wulhering H91ghts), and~ on the tour bus in the middle of the desert SIJJ)Itlng. er, fragrant cigaretteS. 'We were rudely a~iin .-.e morning with the


This is a rather veiled reference to what John views

as another hazard of media exposure.

got totally wrecked, but didn't win anything. "We were there at the Brits this year too." Oh yes, those awards, that stage invasion. What did you think of 'Sir' Jarvis's actions? "That was cool! Jacko was trying to be Jesus or something. "lt was dead funny when he did it. The lV thing was a total joke - they didn't show any of the good bits." The Brits also heralded the sad end of one of

Delgados, Urus~i Yatsura and . Altered Images 1n the same article for no good reason other than geography. "lt's like 'Wow! Look, all these bands are good, and they're all from Scotland. What's going on up there?!'" So was the tour a deliberate thing or did the fact that you're ail playing together come about by chance? "No, no. lt's good that it happened in this way, because we get to do it on our terms, but it was never a purposeful action. "Although with all that's gone on recenUy, it's aboUt time we took the initiative back •


. --


xecutive Decision is a very. uninteresting title and the film itself is not much better. A group of Islamic terrorists hijack a Washington bound 747 demanding that their imprisoned leader is released. David Grant (Kurt Russell) is an intelligence analyst who learns that the leader of the terrorists has created a secret agenda to release a lethal toxin upon arriving in Washington. Russel joins an anti-terrorist squad led by Steven Seagal, who plan to secretly get on board the plane by docking it using a Stealth Fighter. This spectacular pl;:m fails when the Stealth is destroyed and Russell and half the team are left stranded on the 747. The problem with this film is that it doesn't seem to be able to decide whether it is an action movie or a political thriller. The unoriginal premise of the hijacking would be best used to serve a straight action spectacle in the mould of the producer Joel Silver's earlier films, for example, Die Hard. Executive Decision tries, but fails to create a more subtle kind of excitement. Once Russell is left on the plane, the plot moves forward at a snail's pace until the massive explosive conclusion overshadows the rest of the film. The bland heroes are put in the background by their hi-tech gadgets and the head bad guy (played by David Suchet) - is not psychotic enough. Make an executive decision not to take this dull night.

Chris Hodgen

BOOK YOUR ACCOMMODATION NOW! Available now until Sept J: 2 furnished flats for couples - Unthank Road Available from July J: 3/5 person cottage for singles/ couples - Poringland (3 miles from UEA) 1 single and 2 double bedsits - Unthank Road 1 x 4 person flat - Earlham Road

Mr Holland's D•us (PGJ USA (1995) Blabberlest

Dlr: Slephen: Herek

Rent £38 - £49 per w e ek to include: Colour TV, vide o , TV lice n ce, wash in g m a ch ine, m icrowa ve e t c Full mainte nance g uaranteed by a t e am of t radesme n Tel Mrs Barrett-Vane on (01508) 558366 or (0850) 034454 (mobile) or Mrs Sheila Ford on (01508) 495243 Registered w ith Norfolk and Norwich Landlords' Association


Odeon • qens Mav 17 uaranteed to be·the biggest weepie of 1996, this is the heart-wrenching study of one man's tragedy. ., Richard DreYtuss plays the,eomposer who"'' tums to lecturing before his ·wif~ flnds out that



- -------- ~-----


she is pregnant, which then changes their lives forever. Without a do~:.~bt, this will touch the hearts o( evetybody. ., -· ·Those whci'sit through all i4:3 minutes will leave the cinema in shock and in awe! Dreytuss pulls off his best performance ever, whilst the remainder of the castb('ing . it into " Oscarwinning territory. This is a fllm that can't fail to move! I


r-----------------------------------------------~----------------------------------------------------------------- ----

fD') F:\ ~o



Only Fools and Horses: A Touch of Class BBC1 Friday May 17 - Bpm Once again Del Trotter tries to outdo himself and impress a bunch of toffs - and winds up with egg on his face . Surprisingly.

Screen Two: A Man of No Importance BBC2 Sat May 18 - 9.45pm

• wackY and wilY wireless ... He/en Loren talks to_ the. boys lrom One FM'S RadiO TIP TOP inger Prince {he divulge his real name, insisting Prince) is an irrepressibly that he was eh cheerful and chatty who describes his job as , part changer of bulbs. part mascot, part continuity But as he (with his eo-host Kid mpo) just released a single, has a film in the pipeline and a TV show, he sounds rather more ambitious than he lets on . e TV show is my favourite of all the projects - we're going to e our repertoire, although television being as conservative as _lt curre · we can't do all we'd like, otherwise we don't gel the sh!" he s ked about the eature film, If's A Tip Top World, due out in 1997, excitedly launched into a description of some scary scenarios. e embryonic ideas at this stage are that everyone has a double, vil double out to thwart the good side." ou get to explore your Jekyll and Hyde for a while? everyone's looking forward to it! I can't wait to get into Hyd "


lt's lime to get down to the nitty-gritty and pin down his excuses for the decidedly dubious music he inflicts upon us. Does he think of his show as a genuine music show or just a gimmick? "You'd be surprised how long it takes to find those calibre records that we play! The number of crap ones you have to trawl through to find a good crap one - you know how Star Trek is twaddle, well it's good quality twaddle. "Of all those Gloria Hunniford records that she's recorded (and there are several), we're developing an art form!" But the man who's favourite joke is "What's big and red and eats rocks .... a big red rock-eater" has a soft centre really - he confesses that his biggest obsession about the past is the break-up of his marriage. What can I say? He charmed my cotton socks off. Tip Top Radio is on Wednesdays on Radio One FM, as the warmup to Mark Radcliffe.

Film starring Albert Finney, Michael Gambon, Rufus Sewel and Tara Fitzgerald . Alfie is a bus driver who models himself on his hero Oscar Wilde and gives poetry recitals to his passengers. He harbours secretlongings for another driver Bosie, until they stage an amateur production of Salome and country girl Adele joins the crew.

ShooUng Stars BBC2 Friday Mar 17 • Bpm


If you've not caught on yet - yo'u've been ..awlrni•ocoir"' out on Vie and Bob's grooviest show ever. Featuring Mark Lamarr, Caroline Hook and Danny Baker, it's a quiz show in ..,~ which the guests hardly get a word in edgeways.


Tile ESSIJIUal Selection May 24, 7 ·10 pm Radio 1 Pete Tong presents the highlights from Muzik Magazine's first awards ceremony, Saints and Sinners. Nominations include Best Club DJ, Best Club, Single, Album. and the Radio 1 Best Essential Mix Award. These dazzling awards coincide with the first anniversary of Muzik Magazine, which was launched at last year's Tribal Gathering.

Eurollslan Song Collhlst May 18, 8 ·11 pm Radio 1 & Radio 2 Your annual chance to get pissed and take the piss out of singers who are officially the saddest people on earth. You will be amazed to see that absolutely nothing has changed since 1956, when 11 began .

ention classic seventies/ early eighties Saturday morning kid's TV to most people, and they start rambling on about Tiswas; it was groundbreaking, hysterically funny, launched a host of careers, blah, blah, blah .... Well, it's time somebody spoke out about what was on the other side: an alternative offered up by the BBC that to many (well , to me, at least) was a hell of a lot better. And that, as you may recall, was Noel Edmond's Multi-Coloured Swap Shop. We're talking a lime here when Noel Edmonds was God , and not an annoying twat. When he would talk to a stuffed purple dinosaur called Posh Paws and a hairy hand called lgor, and in the same breath turn to the ever-reliable John Craven for a news roundup. When Keith Chegwin (My hero! - Ed) was still a fresh-faced youth, running around the countryside gelling kids to stand in muddy fields and swap unwanted toys for even more unwanted toys, with a beaming Maggie Philbin by his side. The format wasn 't really any different to that of its successors : link together a few cartoons , pop bands and minor celebrities with some crappy jokes and general tomfoolery by the beaming anchormen (and women). But it had style , panache, and a host of hideous ra inbow ju mpers that makes Noel's dress sense today look pos111vely stunn1ng. Saturday Superstore , Going Live, Live and Kickingthey're all just pale imitations. Remember kids. there's nothing like the real thing ; oh , and does someone want to swap some Lego for a Barbie doll? Caroline Jenkinson


Dining out in style needn't break the bank. At Lloyd's restaurant, our £1 0 three course menu is available for lunch 12-2pm and early evening dinner before 7 .30pm specialitY! ·on meals our


66 London Street, Norwich NR2 1]T Telephone: (01603) 624978 THE' EVENT, WEDNESDAY, MAY 15, 1996 11


ROCKY HORROR SHOW ..• Theatre Royal ~.:: .•M~"J;.~,::l8



ichard O'Bnen·s cult mu s1cal hits Norwich this week 1n what prom1ses to be an even u1g of lav1sh debau cl1 ery. Starr ing Nicho las Parsons in a ga rt er be lt as the Narra tor, this £500 .000 West End production is as fast, funny , and sexy as eve r' One da rk and stormy November even1ng , sweet bu t bonng college sweethea rts Brad and Ja net fmd th emselves trapped in the perverse worl d of a Tra nsexua l Transylvan ian cas tl e. home of Frank N Furter and a whole host of h1s b1 arre ma tes P'epare for an even1ng of rock ·n· roll , suspenders and pelv1c t11ru sts "tha t really dnve you 1nsane1 Let' s do the T1mewarp aga1 n' " A 1d the espec1ally danng among you are 1nv1ted jo1n in the fu n by donn1ng your f1shnets and leathers to the show for a rea lly rampant. sord1d n1ght ou t Of smut Re Wa rned this show IS not for the fa1nt hea rtedl


K ate Crockett

REVIEW IS MINTY A MAN? Norwich Gall e ry

May 15 ~3 5


ou may never have heard of Vaughan Oliver and his v2 3 graph ic works group, but unless you have been living on a particula rly remote Micrones ian island for the last fi fteen yea rs, they will have touched you in some way. Let me elucidate. v23 provide the artwork fo r every release on the 4AD record label. If you own a record by Lush , The Pixies or The Breede rs, then you own a v23 design . The 4AD artwork was a major factor in creating a name for the labe l in the early 1980s, with the abstract designs perfectly reflecting the et11ereal sounds created by the likes of the Cocteau Twms . This exh1b1tion, however, focuses on more recent works , and

r ---------------, I I I

shows that as the 4AD roster has broadened, so has the style of v23's design. Photos , pa inting and compu ter graphics are combined in the making of Vaughn Ol iver's record sleeves. My particular favourites are the beautifully evocative photog raphy on the Red House Painter's covers and the colour/design overload that features on Belly's early sleeves. Still , you don't need extensive knowledge of every His Name Is Alive single to enjoy this exhibition . lt displays a perfect Interface between art and pop. so cle ver th at it m1ght have com e off looking like pre tentious wankery , and instead appears rather classy Sam Richards

I I *I


1 01603 6 2 35 5 9 1 I FULLY AIR CONDITIONED I 1Wednesday t Str Thursday 16th Friday 17th 1 tOpm- 2am tOpm- 2 am t Opm- 2am I SALSA CLUB NIGHT GAS STATION I £3/£3.50 Free 84 t 1pm, £1 after £3 all night I I Saturday 18 th Wednesday 22nd 1 1Opm- 2am t Opm - 2am CLUB NIGHT ROOTS/SKA!SOUL!FUNK I wit h ]amie Watson live PA £3/£3 .50 1 £ 3 84 1Opm, £4 after I Thursday 23rd Friday 24th Sa turday 25th 1Opm - 2am 1Opm - 2am 1Opm - 2am I CLUB NIGHT


Free 84 1 1pm, f 1 after

£3. 50 all night

CLUB NIGHTI £3 8 4 1Opm, £4 after

Phone for detailed adtnission prices



I info I I

~ ---------- -----~ 12 THE EVENT, WEDNESDAY, MAY 15 , 1996

irgins are on the menu at the Playhouse next week with the opening of Bram Stoker's classic tale Oracu/a .This fast-mov ing and pysical adaptation of the blood-suckin g horror prom1ses plenty of killings, stakings and love-bites. W1th ev1l 1n mind, Count Dracula travels from his castle in Transylvania to England, snacking off the necks of innocent ma idens along the way. Need less to say, this does not make him very popular, and he soon has throngs of stake-wielding locals afte r him . Blood. guts and gore guaranteed. Don 't miss this, it's a one-off' Virgins ... don't forget to nibble on some ga rli c-bread before you go! Kate Crockett



THE LOVE OF THE NIGHTINGALE UEA Drama Studio May 22·25 hose dyna mic first-year. dra ma students who have put so mu ch ta lent and vi tality 1n to th1s ye ar's productions at the Drama Stud1o re turn w1th thei r adaptalion of Timberlake Wertenbaker's( ') Th e Love of the


Nig/Jtmgato .

The play . based on a Gre ek Myth in wh1ch th e gods transform an Athenian princess into a n1ghtingale, combi nes acting and puppetry.

Language , silence, power , mythology- no concept is left unexplored 1n this , a ventable feast of deep thought and puppets . You get the gist. They wil l be going all ou t to make th 1s an unforgettable theatn cal experience. This is the climax, the grand finale , the pinnacle of th e first year students efforts, and 1ts outcome will determine whether they are dest1ned for RADA or busking w1th dodgy hand puppets and a tinny stereo oppos ite Top Man . Matt Fasken


In association with Waterston

ineteen-ninety-six is the 40th anniversary of Elvis's inauguration into the history books. 1956 saw The King record his debut Heartbreak Hotel, and become a number one artist on both sides of the Atlantic. Naturally enough as with every anniversary, for absolutely anything anywhere , this meaningless milestone will, and already has heralded a batch of retrospective collections. it be albums, television documentaries, postage stamps or anniversary mugs, the memorabilia is coming thick and fast, and most of it is weighty, academic, and f"****g boring . The Hitchhikers Guide To Elvis , therefore makes a welcome appearance as a book which injects a dose of humour into the over-inflated icon. Chronicling hundreds of artefacts, myths, strange beliefs and rumours, this book offers the reader complete immersion in the world that is Elvis. Often funny, at times unbelievable and occasionally disturbing, each entry presented here has - at one time or another - been presented to the public as absolute truth . This book succeeds where others would undoubtedly have failed because it never falls into the trap of descending into a childish piss-take. it satirises, derides and blatantly mocks Elvis and more importantly his slavish fans , but behind all the humour one still senses just what Elvis Presley did for twentieth-century culture. Mark Tobin


Banana~ ~ -


lthough her name sounds like a carefully prepared pudding, Banana Yoshimoto reasserts herself as a writer of great talent in her latest publication , Lizard. In six short stories she weaves an intricate web of emotion, spiritualism, morals, and passion. Behind the modern Japanese life of skyscrapers and microchips (karaoke is not mentioned} lies a mystical traditional world which produces a backdrop of suitable mystique to compliment her often surreal storytelling. These tales become a pleasure to read, using language that is effective through its sheer simplicity. Although the scenarios in Yoshimoto's book are as implausible as her name, it is guaranteed to intrigue every reader. If you want to take in a totally different perspective on life this is bound to grasp your imagination and leave you with a fruity aftertaste! Scott Tompsett



Cold Snap

I fter Thorn Jones' "extraordinary debut" we ' are brought "a story of unparalleled fire and vision ." At least that is what the publisher would have us believe. On closer inspection , it seems that the only unparalleled aspect of Jones' work is the sheer volume of messed up, drug addicted, deranged characters. In truth , the first stories were pretty good. They were funny , entertaining and thought provoking . it may not have been the author's intention, but realising how dire these characters' lives were made me feel better about myself. But after a while the sparkle dies out. Jones' stories simply have the same pattern, the same characters (albeit with different names), with the same problems. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that the book becomes a little bit boring after a while. Here is what I suggest. Open the book and read two or three pages, this will give you a fairly good impression of the other

A Famous works: The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Importance of Being Earnest. Famous for: Shocking London with his flamboyant dress-sense, being tried for homosexuality, founding an aesthetic cult. Famous lovers: Among his many lovers was Lord Alfred Douglas, whose father provoked Wilde into a law suit that led to his social and financial ruin which resulted in him being thrown into prison . Comments to students: "Work is the curse of the drinking classes.¡ Fashion advice: "One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art.â&#x20AC;˘ Interesting facts: Oscar is said to have

walked down Piccadilly with a Lily in his hand, and later commented: 'To have done it was nothing but to make people think one had done it was a triumph .' Famous quote: "I couldn't help it. I can resist everything except temptation." Immortal line: "A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, but a great deal of it is absolutely fatal ." Last spotted: In a Parisian cemetary. How to sound intelligent about Wilde: The decadence of his aesthetics was truly revolutionary. How to sound a complete nonce about Wilde: Wasn't he that bloke in the dustbin on Sesame Street? If he was alive today he would be: Julian Clary's arch rival.


226. Ben Klopsch



he sacred relationship between a mother and her child is the area Donnelly attempts to challenge in his seventh psychological thriller. He presumably wished to create a successfully scary horror novel by approaching this taboo subject from a candid and often gory standpoint. Unfortunately the only mildly unsettling aspect of Incubus arises not from the depiction of an evil child but rather the general bland ineptness of the author's enterprise. 1111NMIIJ~IIJ The novel resembles a particularly inept episode of the X-Files, with the humourless police officers David Harper and Helen Lament investigating cases which, in the best tradition of the genre are of course by no means routine . The feeble investigative skills of these police officer heroes is startling . The intellectual vacuum is immortalised in the line: "The dead woman had to be important, David had figured that out already." Along with the beleaguered Freudian plot, this makes for a generally poor effort. The title itself is ironic in that it has a double edged meaning. An Incubus can be either an evil spirit visiting a sleeping mind or a burdensome object and whilst Donnelly sets out to depict the first definition, he unfortunately ends up producing the second . James Matthews








Money Train (18) Controversial action thriller re-teaming Woody Harrelson with Wesley Snipes, and not a basket ball in sight.



Primal Fear (18)

Mighty Aphrodite (15)

Winn ing is everything for Richard Gere , playing an ambitious defence attorney in this thriller that examines the borders of sanity. Hmm interesting .

Wed May 15 - Thurs May 16 - 5.45pm. Thurs May 16- Sat May 18-8.15 pm. Mon May 20 - Wed May 22 - 5.45pm . Thurs May 23 - Sat May 25 - 8.15 pm . Woody Alien on top comic form , in a tale of a genius son , his adoptive parents and their search for his young , attractive , prossie mum!

Barb Wire (15) Baywatch Babe Pamela Anderson Lee plays the spikey heroine who doesn't want to be ca lled babe . Implants and broken fingerna ils ahoy .

Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead (18) Standard Mafia plotline , featuring 'cool' hitmen, creepy baddtes , and a lot of violence. Well made indie thriller.

While Squall (15) Soggy adventure/rites-of-passage tale about a tough sailboat captain intent on turning his weedy crew into seafanng men.

ODEON Mr Holland's Opus (PG) Heavily sentimental tale starring Richard Dreyfu ss as a music teacher tnspt ring his pupils over a thirty year stretch Feels like it as well.

Executive Decision (18) Yet another mtnd-numbing action fest . featuring a muscle-bound Kurt Russell , a very muscle-bound Steven Seagal and a plane full of baddies.

Nelly and Mr Arnaud (PG) Wed May 15 - 8.15 pm . Thurs May 16 - 2.30 pm . Thurs May 16 - Sat May 18 - 5.45pm. End earing Gallic tale of a housewife whose everyday life IS transformed by a chance encounte r.

The Mask (PG) Sat May 18 - 2.30pm . Rubber-faced Jim Carrey ; cartoon special effects; an ancient mask with magical properti es; and a cracking story-line .

Alfie (18) Sun May 19 - 5.00pm . Cu lt film starri ng Michael Caine as the cocky Cockney Lothario . Drama and humour abound.

The Go-Between (15) Sun May 19- 7.30pm Strange, melancholic 'heritage' tale , directed by Joseph Losey and scripted by Harold Pinter.

Thurs May 23 - 2.30 pm Thurs May 23 - Sat May 25 - 5.45 pm. Unpredictable crime drama, backdropped by seedy 50s LA, sees Bridge! Fonda fleeing her boyfriend and the cops for Mexico and an expat journalist.

The Nutcracker (UJ Sat May 25 - 2.30 pm Straightforward adaptation of the Victorian fairytale starring , rather incongruously, Macaulay Culkin in the lead role.

The Knack ... And How To Gelll (18) Sun May 26 - 5.00 pm 60s comedy focussing on the 'hilarities' of three people sharing a house in London!

11 Postino (UJ Sun May 26 - 7.30 pm Oscar nominated tale of a Chilean poet whose exile to Italy is made bearable through a close relationship with an illite rate local ftsherman.

THEATRE ROYAL Rocky Horror Show Wed May 15 -Sat May 18 (Matines- Tues & Wed- 8pm , Thurs-Sat 6pm & 8.45pm). Fishnets , leather and PVC ahoy! And no, this isn't Soho, it's the Theatre Royal. £3-£15.

Don Quixote

Jumanii (PG)

Tues May 21-Sat May 25 The Northern Ballet Theatre Company dance their way to Norwich in this story of Spanish passion. £4 - £21 .

Mon May 27 - 2.30 pm Family adventure featuring a magical board game, whose powers unleash a whole herd of wild animals on an unsuspecting town


Sense & Sensibility (UJ Mon May 27 - Tues May 28 - 5.45pm. Tues May 28 - 2.30pm . Mon May 27 - Tues May 28 - 8.15pm. Oscar winning Jane Austen outing deftly handled by director Ang Lee, with Emma Thompson et al acting their hearts out.


Rough Magic (12) Mon May 20 - Wed May 22 8.15pm /........ ~~=--


Thurs May 16 Endearing tale of a piglet who dreams of being a sheepdog . Really brings home the bacon.

Shanghai Triad (15) Fri May 17 A Chinese-styled Goodfellas , short on action , heavy on the moral implications of evil. Fu ManChu it is not.

The Madness of King George (PG) Tues May 21 Amusing and very viewer-fri endly insight in to George's private life. Lavish costumes, sumptuous sets and great acting all round.

Seven (18) Thurs May 23 Morgan Freeman and Brad Pill on the bloody trail of a serial killer with a penchant for executing the Seven Deadly Sins. Essential viewing .

Strange Days (18) Fri May 24 A mindboggling mix of violence, sex, voyeurism and hard sell , all packed into this controversial techno-thriller.

Devil in a Blue Dress (15) Tues May 28 Good old fashioned film noir with Denzel Washington as the hard put upon hero hired to find the usual femme fata le.

Wed May 15 - Sat May 25 (Matinees - Thurs & Sat - 2.30pm). Country romance set in this fair county ; and not a tractor in sight. £3-£11 .

Dracula Mon May 27 - Wed May 29 Vampires and Virgins on-stage th is week in the Hull Truck Theatre Company's adaptation of Bram Stoker's chilling tale. £7.50-£10.

UEA STUDIO The Love of the Nightingale Wed May 22 - Sat May 25 UEA's resident drama students perform this mythological tale about a princess transformed into a nightingale. £3 .50- £6.

MADDERMARKET Woyzeck Fri May 17- Sat May 25 Inhuman treatment and social deprivation drive a soldier to madness and murder in Georg Buchner's tragic masterpiece. £3- £7 .

EVENTS . Adam Phillips - Visiting Writer Wed May 22 - ?pm The psychotherapist and author of Tickling and Being Bored, taking place in the Elizabeth Fry Building. £2 - £3 .50.

Barbara Gowdy & Kale Pullinger - Visiting Writers Tues May 28- ?pm Fantastic double bill , also at the Elizabeth Fry Build ing, featuring the auth ors of Mister Sandman and The Piano respectively. £2£3.50.

14 day listings in association with the Theatre Royal- (01603) ·630000 for reservations. Tickets always available from £3 or £4 14 THE EVENT, WEDNESDAY, MAY 15, 1996






• Blue Horses + The Ralnbvrds ,. Saturday May 18 A new slant on amp-ed up folkery. £6/£S adv.

Huw And Tonv Wllllams


• Fridays -Gorgeous House Night • 9pm - 4am £6/£S Saturdays - Club Dance 9pm- 2am £2


Friday May 24 A bouncy psychedelic collision of roots and pop. £4/£3.SO adv.

• Mondays - First Degree 9pm - 2am SOp b4 midnight with student ID Wednesdays - Cool And Casual ,. 9pm - 2am SOp b4 midnight with student ID Fridays - Fast Trax 9pm- 2am £3 b4 10.30, £4 after ,. Saturdays - Furious Fun 9pm - 2am £4 b4 1Opm, £S after

Ash + 60 Ft Dolls + Bis

Waulk Elektrik Saturday May 2S Funky Celtic rock. £6.SO/£S.50 adv.


Saturday May 18 Youthful exuberance from our centre spread stars. SOLD OUT.

Thursday May 23 Acoustic singer songwriters with bizarre sense of humour. £6/£S adv.

The Dharmas + Flvntrade + Massev


Sleeper + Longplgs + Octopus Tuesday May 21 Reliable old Britpop from a band promoting their second LP, The 1t Girl. £8 adv.

THE WATERFRONT Sam Brown + Ralnbvnts Wednesday May 1S "Return of the blonde soul/pop/folk artiste. £6 adv.

Buzzcocks Sunday May 19 Unlike othe.r ageing punks, this lot didn't split and reform, but just kept going. £8 adv.

Whipping Bov + Strangelove Monday May 20 Anthemic, angsty guitars from Ireland and Bristol respectively. £6 adv.

: THE WILDE CLUB (AT :• NORWICH ARTS CENTRE) • Supermodel +.Biuescript + Box 8 + Avid

• Monday May 20

• • • • •

Mondays - Student Party Night 9pm- 2am £1 all night Wednesdays - Midweek Party 9pm - 2am SOp with flyer Fridays - Frantic Fridays 9pm - 2am £2 b4 11 pm , £3 after Saturdays - The Big One 9pm - 2am £3 b4 11 pm, £4 after

• Yet another group of rowdy young lads with • rowdy guitars. : £4/£3.SO adv.


• The Kitchen

: Tribute To Nothing + Vanilla Pod + Dog • Tribe • Tuesday May 28 ,. Youthful skatecore types who shout a lot. £4/£3.SO adv. ~

: THE FISHMARKET (AT ... SAMANTHA'S) Pltkins + Spiderbomb + Trank Thursday May 23 Janglepop from local bands receiving airplay on Mark Radcliffe. £2

Zlon Train + Suspect Sound System

Friday May 24 Jamie Smart (The Prodigy) and Offyerface DJs .. 10pm- 6am £7/£6 Mondays - Cow Club Student Night 11 pm - 2am £2 with student ID Wednesdays - Alternative Night 10pm- 2am £1 b4 11 , £2 after Saturdays - Cow Club House and Garage 9.30- 2am £S

Wednesday May 1S - Sa/sa 1Opm - 2am £3/£3.SO Thursday May 16 - Club Night 10pm- 2am Free b4 11pm, £1 after Friday May 17 - Gas Station 10pm- 2am £3 Saturday May 18 - Club Night with Jamie Watson live PA 1Opm - 2am £3 b4 1Opm, £4 after Wednesday May 22 - Roots/Ska/Soui/Funk 10pm- 2am £3/£3.50 Thursday May 23 - Club Night 10pm - 2am Free b4 11 pm, £1 after Friday May 24 - Marvel 1Opm - 2am £3 .SO Saturday May 2S - Club Night 10pm- 2am £3 b4 10pm, £4 after

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Thursday May 23 Deep, trancey dub for those into dreadlocks and spiritual healing. £5.SO adv.

Dodgy Monday May 27 Big and bouncy guitar pop from those bostin' geezers. £7 adv.

UEA LCR Club Jungle • Xpress Yourself Saturday May 2S Top night out featuring anyone who is anyone in jungle: LTJ Bukem, Grooverider, Peshay, DJ Rap and more! £8 adv.

THE WATERFRONT Return To The Source Friday May 17 Popular trance night with Sid Shanti, Hans Solo and Tristan , live PAs from Manmade Man and Astralasia, Offyerface DJs upstairs. 10pm- 6am £8 adv.

The Thatcher Years • Saturday May 18 Eighties night with Meltdown upstairs. 9pm 1.30am £3.S0/£3

" Wall Of Sound Tour 4

Friday May 24 A night of Chemical beats (see page 4). 10pm- 6am £6/£S

Meltdown lndie, indie, indie and other-stuff with cheesemeisters Con Brie-0 upstairs. 9pm - 1.30am £3 .S0/£3

Wednesdays - Uplift Student Night ...._._..,. : 9pm- 2am Free b4 11pm, £1 after

THE EVENT, WEDNESDAY, MAY 15, 1996 15 ·!

r.-·----·---.:._----- SAT MAY 18, LT 1, £3 . 50 ADV AN EVENING WITH ...




Tue 21

22:00-06 :00



US Coun try music



+SUSPECT SOUND SYSTEM 20.00-01 .00 £5.50

£5.00 adv

Thu 6

FASHIO + Disco


Fri 7



ow £7. 50 adv


£5 adv

Club RETRO-ACTIVE live band Wharnduran Sa t 15

Cl u b MISS M ONEYP EN NY's (weekd,a ys


City Ticket Shop Andy's Records

CREDIT CARD BOOKING 01 603 505401/764764




vote for your favourite tunes! Don't be cautious, take the plunge any genre, any style, any age Just list below your favourite top 3 artists and tracks ...







I 1 I I I 2 I I 3 I Get your votes in by Wed May 22, in the box by I I the stewards' cabin in Union House 1 The results will be played at the I I LCR, Thursday 23 May




Longp ·gs, the latest ~. it op bQnd to cross over into ·the . mainstream charts bar. heir souls' o The Event.~·> ·.,_· . I


' - ' ljl


li fr


j 1'

~~j_ ~~ 1"1


-,';J,.l•o •




H l' )

! '

£6 .00



£6 .50

20:00-01 :00

r--The--~----, time has come again, to

£5 00



Tickets available from: Union Finance Office 3.30) Soun d clash Our Price


*The heat is on! -·we preview the best of the summer's films... ' ·.,., *We celebrate the last issue with the biggest ever Sack of Cack to give away! *Plus much, much more!


The event issue 060 15 05 1996