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elcome to the new look Event, well okay, it's not that new actually, writes Editor-inChief, Nia/1 Hampton. We've gone back to the original format of The Event being a separate pull-out section in the middle of Concrete, the UK's number one student newspaper. But we couldn't let birthday celebrations pass us by, so in this issue you'll find a retrospective look at Concrete and The Even t's music coverage and film highlights of the past four years. Looking to the future, we have an interview with Gene, who play the LCR on January 26, plus previews of all the latest films, plays and books! And, of course, we have to make mention of cover star, Brad Pitt, our Screen Star of the Fortnight and current office pin-up. Special thanks go to Peter Hart for getting the trannie of the sexy Seven star to us when all else failed . Good work fella! Next issue, you can snuggle up on Valentine's Day with Mike Flowers or have a romantic dinner a deux courtesy of our Food in Film feature. Bye for now!

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PO BOX 410, NORWICH, NR4 4TB •TEL: 01603 250558 •FAX: 01603 506822 e-mall: EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Niall Hampton EDITOR: Michele du Randt MUSIC EDITOR: Sa m Richards Assistant Music Editor: Mark Tobin SCREEN EDITOR: Matthew Doyle Assistant Screen Editor: Liz Mills TV & RADIO EDITOR: Helen Lovett STAGE EDITOR: Matt Fasken BOOKSHELF EDITOR: James Cu rtis Contributing Editors: Peter Hart,


Peter Hart gets all tile goss on what's hot and what's dross in lhe wonderful world ol pop...

Yol The New Year may only be three weeks old, but already there's a huuuge load of goss from Planet Pop!

Rhumbllng on ... Spare a thought for those poor boys PJ and Duncan. Having spent their Boxing Day on Radio One, they're slaving away over the next few months getting a new series of The Ant and Dec Show ready, and preparing for another national tour! Here's hoping they don't burn out at the ripe old age of twenty ....

Bvker Groove... again?! Yes, sad to say that some of those Geordie lasses from that same infamous youth club as Ant 'n Dec, are making their bid for chart stardom! Leah and Charley (aka Jayni and Donna) have formed a 'group' called Crush and have released a pop single called Jellyhead. The Event predicts the same level of sucess as the ill-fated Byker Groove ... ie none at all! Sorry girlsl

Blalr we go! Top new popster, Blair, is a man much in demand at the moment. Not content with remixing PJ & Duncan's single U Krazy Kats and releasing his own faaaantastic single, Life, he's been asked by Louise Nurding to write a couple of tracks for her debut solo album.!

Pass the mouthwash! Here's a warning to any lad who fancies a snog with that feisty laydee T·Boz from TLC. The other band members, Chilli and Lisa, have revealed that she likes eating onions raw! "She eats them whole, like they were apples," claims Chilli. Oo-er yuk! Let's just hope she uses Listerine regularly! And on that unsavoury note, let's make that yer lot!

Up or Down? The jury's still out here at The Event on what we think of the all-new boy-band Upside Down. Their debut single, Change Your Mind, came out on January 8, and while it's not bad, it does sound somewhat reminiscent of the late lamented Bad Boys Inc. Still, that's not surprising, seeing as the mastermind behind the new 'lads' also helped to shape BBI's distinctive sound!

Caroline Jenkinson

Editorial Contributors: lain Hollands, Joe Morris. Becky Williams . Jane Kirby PHOTOGRAPHERS: Matt Stocks TYPISTS: Kati King COPY EDITORS: Jane Ki rby, Kay Spragg PROOFREADERS: Jane Ki rby, Kay Spragg




h yes yes yes yes yess1r! it's the return of the competi tion which still has nothing of any worth to give away. it's beyond irony, it's beyond kitsch - it is cack. If you dare suffer eternal emba rrassment, up for grabs this fortnight are : A VIDEO OF THE ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVAL· HENDRIX, THE WHO AND A BUNCH OF SMELLY HIPPIES! AND THE SOUND'S CRAP! GOD HELP US -A NEW ALBUM BY DEEP PURPLE! BUT AT LEAST IT'S ON TAPE SO YOU CAN RECORD OVER IT! AT-SHIRT FROM SOME TOSSY FILM CALLED THE { BROTHERS McMULLEN! LOADS OF SHITE COS WE DIDN 'T EVEN BOTHER LISTENING TO! A WHOLE MOUND OF CACK STUFF THAT WE UNSURPRISINGLY FAILE D TO GIVE AWAY LAST TERM! Wow! To win all this turd , all you have to do is present yourself at Concrete HQ upsta irs in Union House wearing a flowery headband. Far out man.




on'""eve ol Gene s ub£A :•:nb 1be bat, Mll' Jame~

., ill


r to the maR at the ac

s ~· proclaimed hi tH'e lasi'.tract( of thelt cfebut 1 alt>'nm 0/ymp.ia. n, .rt..N ... e .· U'fl.n<1 Qur ~way", and 1995 fiClVI t~m do JUSt tilat. + ' ~pe,~nq ~;t~JromJ.he uJJJQJ,!ltous Smith$ oomparisons, "neatlY sii:le:' tilePPipg t~. ESI SI§ . overtoad and }1,1 ut ing ' ~s~ti.O$ f!l,fbeja~f ihj att\lpb'o$ of lhe new fad. throughe>u!,thls fjme, the faobas~,was swelling ~cifittly. to warrant a ~urrection of For The OeadPbai>Kcon it$ feeta~n the r1W


Ooestthe ~release bf thesingfet

at~ with~ and .





acqustie segment But, ~orry, no


Martin but l'm alwayi lnter~$ted to " dancenof~ rsee wnat he says." ,. How do you feel about the press rThere's a political element to some treatment of Gene'? lyri~, a t.tcet which many,pflQple "Oti tl'!e !MlOie, the''ve been nice -to \~ssibly don{t realise, us} Tge ~nly ma)or thlnQ ~the "Yeah, Her Fifteen Years was about eo<lless Smitbs~mpartson~,T~y otMa!Wir&t 1hatCher ahd in fact one of dried up after a whUe. but one our new songs is abOut her too. ilttit,Jm reviewoasl~lly~id ~e were She's had such an impact on ·• po more th~f\ a covers band wnioh everyone1s Jives, I don't really se!:l is just wrong. HoWever?'posi\ively, ·hQw you OQUid ignote het:•Martin's ~di(f Qet{l.!Q1 of SQ1i!!Js faJ?S also sung about rape on This Is Not coming to our gigs to see wfiat ft My Crime·Which Is a dfffi~lf topic to w~ ~ll f\b<>UJ;, a~the~w.e "' . cove,r, es12~a!Jy for a map. but l , converted ttwmf" 1hiniC he dkt 1t very WelL £ W~t about the media ~ttem~t to § -yye~ a~afl~quit~a pq!fticaJ pand ~.A · between us. last yew we pfayed u; tne l:ielt~ Shelter bel'!efq gig and ,. we'd like to do more things like tv ' that~' ,, . Would you get Involved with ~ l!!!' ...-~ something like Red Wedge if the create a UK scene and your opportunity arose? inct'usion wittlin the (bOth Matt and I •t1m'1)ersonally more fnterested-in "' blanch at the WQrd) Brlfpop single issues rather than .party movement? polities~ r oouldn't see us 'on a "$tage $ 't$!eny that tile whole t!'ling, next to Tony Blair.• m -qreated as lt is, 'h~s helped ~ !here s~ms to be a lot '()f thought us and ,British music as a wQO!e. But that goes into tt)e ptlbllc Gene qon't really subscribe~to the presentation of Gene, nOt just In the pop e~io. I ~oo't Jil<e tl)e term anq songwriting. but in things Uke the we're definitely hot a pop bl:tnd. We record cover artwork too.' don't want toP& dispo~blfl.~ we "W(t started out to give Qene a want tq.~ reme~." definlte identity, bvt to ~ honest, lt is obvious that Matt wa~Gine to · that sort ofthlngls largel.!l outbfour btUe$pecled ln the classic . han® JheSff (jays. · Wf!l us~ to e1osw~r aJJ letters ov s~!v13s artd l enjoyed dolnQ.that,.but ,

We not a PIP $)land. We don't• want to brA d•ISPQUble W8 WIO'JO IJe rem•mbAJall '' =

ralifles corri'pllafion To Sell The LJght~ mark the 00eng Qf Gene's flr'St chapter? "I suppose so. We dort't have any new material reoorded'~ yet, bUt eignt new SOI!QS a1'8 wrttten, four of Wh~h were aired iri' our "' JQcent Peel sesslon. Tnere are . ideas for about another fwbnlY " songs ff9a~ng around- we're workloo on the$9 ~t the moment." Matt. JlOW!Yef. will nQt give ml{ch away CO!l~ming tne 'SOUnd of ~e new ttackst althougn I manage to aseer:tain that there will be-a ba$Yier soullnfluepce. ,· "We're all fans of Northern SOlJt But soul does\it on!y apply to black music. The Small Fa~s had soul.,. all cfaSS'ic band§ nave s~l and1thls ls what wrf • " are strivjn!) towards. 'So~ of

sam BlciJards .tends att:





son9.~ are

much mail so ..the task is delegated: How ~ose are you as a band? 'We're very close. We share the same OpiruahS'On most things wtth the benefit Df a range of


mytnmlc too. aut . otherwise-, .wait l;lnd see~"

OOO..,yOQ blg teaset Csn " you be Mllre forthe<;>rnlog J'Sbout the;llive !'ii shoW$? I've · "heard stQ$s of· .a Pet Sh~ ·Boys"Style extravaganza! "The repOrts ;{i h"v~ been ~. e~,99~tate~..." Matlchudd thaps il11agin1ng trussed UJ.l 1n mascarf;!and ~ "Martin dhty Sld he adli!lted · the Pet Sj'\Qp ~o~' llve ;\] .· . performances. We Want to mal<e' ot! ~lgs a llf!le n'IQte int~restipg 1our blokes on7t stage. We've got a sWge se~ a g®d liQhtsnow .a d we're ex~Jimentl~ with an



. . . tradition of British bands trommha Beatles, toroug~ ~ The.Jam, The ~miths and beyond. H$' sp&aks of hnnself not -only as a , drummer but as a songwriter. Not content to liit at fhe baCk and tak& ,. orde~ Matt is strongly Involved in the arrangem~nflbf songs and even checks ~t he is happy with the lyrics befo~ a st>hg Is recorded: · ' " ·t~ve never been mqcb good at * , English, so 1leave the wrlttng to

. We have a gqoct relationship v:lth our road cr&w1oo. Ha.ving said tgat1l'm nqJ $Ufft that we could stand livlog in tne same hoU$8 t99eth~rt s, "'" • , 0 So there you have Gene. dapper and determined, stylish and soclaUy~ consdous. Sexy scrul*sto.mpeli·Fighting /fit looks . set to be the next single and should move them closer to the rock; canonisation they c;rave. Watch them grow.










. J Morris and seckY •On our birthdaY, oe ears ot music Wllllams loo\t bac\t at ::u~:d The Event coverage In concre o Concrete has reached its fourth birthday; that means four years of upto-the minute, cutting-edge, rock 'n' roll music coverage ... doesn't it? Well, by Norwich standards anyway. For the first two years it was mostly indie territory, with bands like Lus h and Drop Nineteens (American shoegazer types) making curiously regular .-~!1:-appearances . In its third year, the music section became teenpop central under the helm of Peter Hart (who now works for the teeny boppers' Bible Just Seventeen). And now, as Concrete reaches the end of another year, our Sam has steered these pages back onto indie again (Tell me about it - Ed) . Sit back and relax


while we take you on a voyage through Concrete 's intriguing aural legacy.

THE GOOD Credit where credit's due - it's hard to please all tastes, but in the past Concrete has covered a pretty broad musical spectrum. Where else could EMF, Joan Armatrading, Rolf Harris and Oasis all share the same space? For those of you who favour the guitar above the sequencer; the Lemon heads over the Real McCoy say (both of whom have been interviewed in these pages), then you have not been left wanting. Not only did Concrete predict bright futures in the early years of the Britpop three - Blur, Pulp and Oasis - they also foresaw a grim outlook for Stiltskin ("one hit wonders") and Molly Half Head (no hits at all). There was also coverage of those more, er, 'obscure' bands like Magnapop, Swervedriver and the Throwing

"eternally fab" (eternally not, we hope!), Muses . For all you Whigfield fans, then the S*M*A*S*H- "Take That on speed" (yeah, teenybopper period was perfect Not only was obviously?!). there an interview with the Saturday ~ ':zi?~ ; · ~~:~ ! ·-· . Moving on- Niall Hampton, highly Night girl herself, but - ~!:.~., ~-~- /. .... esteemed Editor of Concrete, yes; music also tales of Peter .f;e ~..;.,;.;_ journalist, nooooo!!! Not only did he hail · ll ~e\\\ Blur's Girls and Boys as "a definite Hart spending the day, yes the whole WRE~C-KS" album track" (only a top 10 chart position day, with Deuce, Niall, hardly worth releasing really), but as-well as i:r----:7 -:; he also, in a rather long and turgid essay, 'extensive' insight 'j/ . .st Elienne's antics entitled 'Pop is dead', declared that pop · i ~•dt!doili_ngjh! was , er, well, dead. Obviously the British into the latest releases by Jason ~~"~'';,_k ~'5J;!P.. public weren't paying attention, they were Donovan, Get . . __ __ _ I .;: t~ to? busy forming b~nds and inventing Ready and 2 .,\1f$1f~ ':_- ~~ · . ;.; Bntpop. And to top tt all , he was so . · ::z.;;,_:·· ·.7~- impressed with Right Said Fred he Unlimited. i..._. ~;;t:;:~~:l~/-~~: suggested (or should we say begged) that Even Folk and "'~'"" <~"' they play UEA - thanks Niall, lets hope they Country got a weren't paying attention either. look in (The Saw Doctors got a whole page oncel). But that's enough praise ...

8! ·.

C 00Cfie ..







THE BAD Despite this mountain of quality music journalism, there's plenty, that with the benefit of hindsight, we can have a good old laugh about. For instance, how about Peter Hart's review of D·ROK - "They look on the road to success" he said . This about a stodgy rock band whose single was only available at the Games Centre Workshop. Laughable metallers Ugly Kid Joe were the recipients of a positively rabid live review, where it was claimed "on leaving the gig, the general feeling was one of ecstatic euphoria". like they were the Beatles or something! Fortunately Concrete managed to redeem itself two years later, with a review of their latest release, which concluded it was "a sad pathetic excuse for an album." - aah, that's more like it... Some other embarrassments we feel you should know about: The 25th Of May - "a dead groovy dance band" (/'m sorry?!) , Eskimos And Egypt - "this has some real attitude to it" (yeah man!) , Galliano -

Din 1993 you could have seen Blur or The Fall for just £5, it seems they couldn't get rid of the tickets. Din May, 1992, Norwich hosted the first ever Radio 1 Sound City, which featured the likes of The Shamen, The Prodigy, Carter USM, Nick Cave and The Farm. Din April '94 Saint Etienne hit the front pages of Concrete, when they wrecked the kitchens in Constable Terrace, going so far as to throw spaghetti at the walls, causing damage that was "extremely unpleasant and messy". Led Zeppelin they're not, but proof at last of rock 'n' roll life in Norwich. Finally, the prize for most appearances in these pages goes to Bjorn Again, who just keep cropping up Again and Again and Again (take the hint!)

£ouis vUarchcsi Next to RITZY Tombland ~n Tue Wed Thu evenings

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PLUS traditional guest ales FREE juke box Man - Sat CELLAR BAR AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE HIRE £50 PER NIGHT (WITH DJ) T EL 766785 4 THE EVENT, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24 , 1996

VARIOUS ARTISTS coa 'I'Pance 21 LP really thought we had seen the last of tie-dye and fractal posters. But no, the growing popularity of Goa Trance (one of the dullest strains of techno yet invented, it has to be said) has led to a crusty renaissance, and as with all dance movements, it now has its own series of compilation LPs. The lack of inspiration on the titles front - Tribal Sunrise, Transcendental, Mistral - is really the key here. Apart from the more acidy take on the genre provided


by Tufaan and the hookfriendly Children Of Dub, the lack of individuality of each artist is alarming. Actually, most tracks on their own would make for palatable listening but a whole album of the stuff is rather trying. The lingering image is of hippies on acid, staring at day-glo wall-hangings and trying to attain a higher state of consciousness. And none of the artists featured are actually from Goa, which is a bit of a disappointment.

TH• STYL8 COUNCIL 'l'lle Stvle COUnCil Collection/ LP


ow. This is brilliant. Rise And Shine is the third bottle of champagne on the first night of a round-theworld cruise . The tune is sublime and the instrumentation perfect, no fuzz. no distortion to interfere with the pure pop sound . The Cardigans are of course five inhumanly beautiful people from Sweden with more class

just to show how damn louche they are, the B-side, entitled Cocktail Party, is a medley of hits from the LP Life played in an easy listening hotel lounge style on the piano. To return to your Oasis records after this is like stepping off the QE2 and catching the bus back to Dagenham in the rain .

DUBWBnemy Malrer/"r


or anyone who's been on a different planet for the past few months, Spaceman is the new Levi's tune, and damn good it is too. If you wanted to be unfair, you could compare it with Stiltskin's Inside, 'cos it's got that sort of rocky-type vibe, but I don't want to be unfair, so I'm going to compare it to my mate Col in. Like him, it's all innocent and playful on the outside (the speeded up bits at the beginning and end}, but on the inside, it's dark, deviant and supremely sexy. As he would say, 'top'; and as I would say, 'single of the fortnight, if it wasn't for the Goldbug release' .


rom what I can understand of the lyrics, this is a song about 'the truth', and a tirade against those who wish to conceal 'the truth '. or something. Yeah, yeah , who gives a shit? Everyone knows that lies are way more glamourous and much more fun than the smelly old truth . For instance: "Hello my name is Rob and I go to UEA". or: "Hello, my name is Candice, I have loads of cash and live in a really hot country like Hawaii. "I do nothing all day but listen to music and snort coke with my nymphomaniac friends." One of these is the truth, one isn't. We all know there are a lot of nasty things out there, but they're not going to go away just because you've released a record which sounds a bit like Skunk Anansie crossed with Therapy?. are they?



ell it's hardly going to surprise anyone is it? I mean you don't really expect me to give this a good, or even favourable review do you? First of all I hate that twat Paul Welter, the hero of all who worship at the attar of 'real music', the 'Mod like, God like' arse who we still find bleating away in 1996, twenty years after The Jam were formed. And now, thanks to the brothers Gallagher and their highly lamentable canonisation of Weller, we (or at least I) am forced to sit through the soul dirge that is The Style Council Collection. A few words of advice: 1) The Style Council is quite rightly regarded as Weller's hiatus even by those who think Wildwood Is good. 2) This collection has a song entitled Big Boss Groove. 3) This is probably going to set you back around £13, and if you are willing to spend that amount of money on a pile of retrospective wank when there are so many more deserving bands out there you really must be a tosser In excelsls.


LOVB CITY CRDO HaPCI 'l'lm-/ LP emember Ricki? Remember Bardo? Well, they were British Eurovision entries some years ago, and my, didn't they set the world alight. So what we want to know is, will Love City Groove survive this deathly stigma? Well, the answer is ... possibly. lt's pretty inoffensive listening, but it's never going to be much more than background music. You might dance to some of the more 'poppy' tunes if you were very drunk at a party, but by that time you should have either copped off or be playing Truth or Dare.


For all your music requirements






f) sorted! Hurrah!

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--=--~EEL LIFE


movle news ... movie news ... movie news


John Travolta continues to make the best recovery since Lazarus, all thanks to appearing in Quent1n Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. The swinging star of the sevent1es faded away after the dizzy disco heights of Saturday Night Fever and Grease, but for a mere $150,000 he chose the role of Vincent Vega, and is now asking $21 m for his next project. ' Forthcoming releases are the ;· i comedy Get Shorty with Gene Hackman and Danny DeVito, and the action thriller Broken Arrow directed by John Woo, in which he stars with Christian Slater. Rising star Dylan McDermot f ensured his career was

'enhanced by not choosing the part finally taken by Kyle ! Maclachlan in Showgirls. f He did however see the :contract, which included :some rather interesting clauses. In the US movie ' magazine Movieline, he commented ~ "l t was stipulated in the contract !. th at they could digitally put a penis on the lead ing man, for a hard-on . Had I done it, I'd have supplied my own hard-on, thank you very much."

! 1

. I".. . i . .

Most countries celebrated the century of cinema last year. Britain however, chose 1996 to celebrate. On March 7, The Empire , Leicester Square


will host The Premiere. o.f ·the Ce.ntury, wh1ch 1s bemg kept secret at · this time. Also , June 2 has _"; · been designated National Cinema 100 Day, with all .· . i cinemas charging £1 to i get in, with many blockbusters getting an . . · I . 1ea rl y release, together ! wi th older classics . Said Dickie ! Attenborough , at the ! launch , "Cinema is the art 1form of the 20th Century."




Kenneth Branagh is currently filming an epic-length version of Hamlet in England, which he promises will be the definitive full length version . lt seems that after the failure of monster movie Frankenstein, the Belfast boy is moving back to his roots . ~ in the Bard . His next release will ~ be Othello, eo-starring Larry · Fishburne , although we are ·assured this has been cut for the screen .

orn in Shawnee, Oklahoma and raised 1n Springfield, Missouri, Brad Pi tt attended the Univers ity of Missouri at Columbia, wh ere he majored in journalism . He moved to LA to study advertising and graphic design, but instead began to


films, and millions of fans. His latest movie Seven has been a hit, not just with audiences but cri tics ali ke. Indeed, there is even ta lk of an Oscar nomination. This must seem a long way on from the days when he was an out of work actor, getting by with a job in a chicken suit to advertis e a take away restaurant. But for the young Mr Pill, it was work in adverts for Levi jeans - which led to an opening in Thelma and Louise. A cameo as J.D. in the Ridley Scott road movie, shot him to international stardom . The night he spent wi th Geena Davis gave him good excuse to

Meanwhile the ex-Mrs Branagh is high on the list of tips for this year's Oscars. Emma Thompson's adaptation of Sense and Sensibility, in which she stars with Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman and Greg Wise , has been doing big business at the US box office, and , more importantly, with th e critic. Could it be Oscar number two for Britain's finest actress?


show off the figure whi ch has caused many to swoon in the aisles. Indeed, the $6,000 orgasm scene, ranks as one of the best in the film. Then came Johnny Suede in which he was the lead with the bizarre quiff. His hair piece was perhaps the most notable part this independent movie directed by Tom ,.. DiCillo, in which Pill starred as the rockabilly musician. The film proved to be .~~~a.Ju"' a bit too off aud iences , but Brad roll. More applause followed his role in Robert Redford 's A River Runs Through it. Pill's presence is surely responsible for the increased interest in fly fish ing - why else did so many go and see it? lt was also im possi ble to avoid comparisons between Pitt and Redford in his younger days. Brad , as the doomed and alcoholic Paul, stole the film from under the nose of topbilled Craig Sheffer. Leads followed in Coo/ World


HAM£: wnuam ara\tteJ '"' BORN: oec 181964 AGE:'31 and Ka/ifornia , both very different, but both failing to set the box office tills on fire. In Cool World , a mix of live actio n and animation, Brad was a World War 11 vet , complete with 40s mannerisms, who patrols the cartoon world . An ambitious proj ect, this failed whe re Roger Rabbit succeeded, but Pill still managed to come out with credit. In Kalifornia however, he played a messed up psycho on the run with Juliette Lewis getting David Duchovny and Michelle Forbes more invollted than they intended. Looking in desperate need of a shower 'n' shave , bad Brad caused mayhem on the highways in MTV director Dom inic Sena 's flashy thriller. Just as it looked like we might have seen Brad 's best, he cameoed as dopehead Floyd in True Romance to great effect. He made the most of Tarantino's screenplay , and perked up his career with another scene steal ing performance. Interview With The Vampire saw Brad as the reluctant bloodsucker Lou is de Pointe du Lac. Poor ol' Brad doesn't much want to munch on people , and tries to survive on rats alone. But, as Tom Cruise points out, there's nothing like a good suck with someone else. The Neil Jordan fi lm enjoyed mostly good public and criti cal reaction , whil e Brad managed to hold his own

STAR SIGN: SaglnariUS BEST FILMS: Thelma and touise l1991l; ARiver Runs Throuuh lt l1992l; true w somance (1993); lntervle Wltb the vampire {1994); tegends ot the fa\\ l1994l;

l __





against the Cruiser and Christian Slater. One common theme in Pitt's career has been a character wi th a tortured soul, as in Legends Of The Fall, where he was one of three brothers who all fell in love with Julia Ormond. Spanning decades, Brad managed to be cowboy, lover, mariner, soldier, bootlegger and even bearwrestler all in one. This is his biggest hit to date, and following on from Vampire proved that he was more than just a guy with a pretty face. Gwyneth Paltrow is the lucky partner of Brad , and she eostars with him in Seven as his girlfriend. Both of them did get ra ther annoyed when a British tabloid published nude shots of them on holiday in Britain , and the subsequent web site of these photos is probably one of the most visited on the interne!. With the forthcoming Twelve Monkeys , directed by Terry Gilliam and eo-starring Bruce Willis, already doing big things in the States, and Seven riding high here, it looks like Brad ley's days of wearing chicken suits are well and truly over.

· out 1111 aon1~ to "': ~he past tour years 'bappenlnas ova .· .


CaroUne: Sandra Bullock~ fpr ~Pwct.,

· ':. . J,1att: The · · Shawshank Redemption. Carollne: . . Schlndler's Ust.


WORST FILM Matt: Fon-est Gump ifs dump. Carollne: On Deadly Ground.



Matt: Priest. Caroline: Alan Gumming, as Boris in Goldeneye. Phoarrr!


'BEST ACTOR • Matt: Anthony Hopkins. for Remains of ,·the Qayand Shadowlands. · ·. Caroline: Uam Neeson, for'Schindler's


BEST ACTRESS Matt: Emma Thompson. for everything.

. .


~ ~~> ·~x."


FUNNIEST<. "'. ;'~ ~. ~ ~~~..I MOMENT ;·, ·~ ... . Matt: Drop Zone - not a moment, the whole thing! Caroline: Steven Seagal "'~~~~~ running along the corridor of the ......_~-~ crashing train in Under Seige 2does this man have a severe attack of constipation or what?


Matt: Quentin Tarantino, for making the · whole world go mad about him. Carollne: Steven Spielberg. for · Schindler's List and Jurassic Parlc.


Away: he killed the'le · .· :

Matt: Jack Traven (Keanu Reeves Speed). · Caroline: Oskar · Schindler · (Liam · Neeson)/ Jack rraven (Keaiu.l · ' Reeves).

MOST EVIL SWINE Matt~ Tom Hanks, for winning two Oscars in a row. Caroline: Tommy Lee Jones in Blown

FILM WITH HIGHESt Tom CONTENT . · Matt: Anything with Emma Thompson in. Carollne: Kafifomia. with Brad Pitt and Oavid Duchovny. ·

BEST ENDING _·.·:· ./: · Matt: The Usual Suspects. Carollne: Priscil/a, when the <;~?t. blow-up . . ·~ . ' ~ doll lands in China. • • . -~


WORST ENDING Matt: Forrest Gump, (142 minutes long). Caroline: Fearless; I'm sorry, but Jeff Bridges should have been killed by the strawberries.

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physically and emotionally involved that you run the risk

how long the relationship. But leave it too late and it

Which means not only running the risk of an unwanted pregnancy, but also of contracting one of the many

you've still got your underwear on?

sexually transmitted diseases. Like chlamydia, gonorrhoea

become clear to both of you that you want to have sex.

of not using a condom at all.

becomes almost impossible. Once you're completely naked you can become so FOR








and, of course, HIV, the vtrus which leads to AIDS.

H I V,




What if your partner doesn't have one ? Then carry

So why not say you want to use a condom while






some on you, just in case. Because if there's only one thing that's

You're still in control of your emotions yet it's now







08 00






going to be worn in bed, make sure it's a condom. 24







~~--------------- ~--~

BVent ~~

hould Mlchelle Pfeiffer be awarded perfect p...tect or be given dire detention for her


new movie? True s tory time again I'm afraid. MlcMtle Pfelffer plays ex-marine LouAnne Johnson, who In pursuing her dream to teach Englis h, la assigned to of biNk .Inner· city schools. Brlbei'y, 'understanding' pupils are top undergoing Michelle

ANIMANIACS (U) USA (1995) Amaz.lng Animation Video • out to buy

a recent restoration, Miehael Powell's classic thriller Peeping Tom is now available to buy on video. akko and Wakko Cart Boehm is a psychologically are the Wamer unbalanced bloke who was unfortunate enough to be used as a Brothers, and Dol, the Wa.mer Sister, guinea pig by his father for who were created 50 experiments on fear. Now grown up, he works as an years ago. But these fun...crazed assistant cameraman in a film cartoon fur balls were locked away in the Warner Bros water tower,. ·; studio and takes girlie pictures Now they've escaped. And along . • · above a seedy news agency in the with their positively bonkers . " · evfiniogs. animated pals, they're about:to Blil by n1ght 11e stalks beautiful y(Omeh, obsessed With the . explode into the Wildest, ·w ackiest; animated adventures know to man, , Insatiable desire to photograph the · · .'' .;f:. · ...•terror on their faces as he murders woman or 'toon. · : ~ ihem.Powell shows here why he Is Prepare... if you dare ... for Animaniacs! This top cartoon series . regarded as one of the best British directors ever, with this high quality is essential viewing - go and buy it · now! So, all together now, "We're and absorbing thriller which comes · highly recommended. an-i-ma-ni-acs.. ."



robably the best film of last year, The


Usual Suspects fs a high quality psychological thriller which keeps you guessing 'till the very end. Five criminals have teamed up for a <:~rugs heist on boat in San Pedro harbour, but the film ~ns sflqwing that this has all gone hom'bly . wrong. The story leading. up to the ···;ru;-.......~".. _ failed heist ·is in flashback' J<eviri whilsl111 .. custody The cast superb, y.tith Snacti~V. ·!P almirlteri Gabriel Syroe all deserving a special mention for' ~ormances which propel the film.

Cmdy Crawford moves on from the catwalks to 'star' with Wilham Baldwin in th1s unoriginal and disappomting action flick from Joel Lethal Weapon Silver. There are car chases, explosions, and deaths by the bucketload, but this cannot hide the fact that all that remains IS a broken-down vehicle for Cinders.

THEW R(12)



El~ah Wood stars 1n this tale of the

real meaning of war, grow1ng up with h1s friends In the summer of 1970. Dad Kevin Costner has just returned from the Vietnam War. and finds it difficult to settle back in to life on the home front.

SEVEN (18)


•· n ws owl

Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt are on the trail of a serial killer who murders according to the seven deadly sins. Initially it seems like the cliche of the old cop (Freeman) and young rookie (PiU) working together. But this is very deceptive, as Seven is a brilliantly original movie . (Not for the faint hearted).

TRADSPIZZA Licell8ed Restaurant & Take-Away Classic Margherita Extra Toppings ell the title at least conjures up a wonderful image of the Master of Darkness, tormentor of men's souls and general torturer extraordina1re, gadding around, horns and all, in a pair of heels and a rather attractive spangley little number. In fact, Devil in a Blue Dress is a film noir of the type 'they' don't make anymore. Never mind your 90s Neo-noir, this is from the Raymond Chandler, Bogey-esque stables. Set in 40s LA, Denzel Washington plays Ezekial 'Easy' Rawlins, who having fallen on the customary 'hard times', takes the job of finding the mysterious Daphne Monet (Jennifer Seals), only to be drawn into a suitably noirish world of murder, blackmail and corrupt cops. Director Carl Franklin (acclaimed for his debut feature One False Move), and writer Waiter Mosley (who shot to notoriety when President Clinton heralded h1m as h1s favourite author), go for the nostalgic approach . There are shadowy shots aplenty, a sense of gritty cynicism , self-pitying oneliners and the 'what it lacks in plot, it more than makes up for in atmosphere and style' mentality. Which just goes to prove that they do occasionally make 'em like they used to.


Liz Mills

Spicy Beef Ham Anchovies Fresh Tomatoes Crushed Chillies

Specials: Tracl: Thr Fishrrman: Pin·antr: \ ·r:,!l'l aria n:




£2.50 40p

£3.50 50p

£5.95 80p

Spicy Sau age Tuna Capers Mushrooms Black Olives

Small £3.95

Bacon Sardines Onions Sweetcorn Tandoori Chicken

Medium £4.95

Pepperoni Prawns Peppers Pineapple Egg

Large £8.95

Spicy hl'l'f, Jll'pprroni, mmhroom. oniom Tuna, pnl\\ns, sardinrs. frr'h tomators Spicy sausagr. pl'JlPl'roni. cruslu'<l chilli, onion~. fresh tomatol'' Frc~h tomator•~o mushrooms, prppl'n, ~" rrtcorn, onion.,

Try our home-made pasta dishes: Beef or vegetable lasagne or a generous helping of spaghetti bolognaise - all only £4.75 Or some little extras: Garlic bread £1.00, mixed side salad (ring for choice of dressings) £1.50, coleslaw 85p, baked potato £1.75, gateaux or cheesecake (various) £1.50

Voted Number one bylconcretel(issue 44) Book the cellar bar for your party!

lllEE DELHTEHY TEL 615S53 53 Earlham Road, Norwich NR2 3AD. Open every evening- Mon- Sat 5 -11pm, Sun 6- 10pm. Last orders 30 mins bfore closing. Minimum order for delivery £6. UEA deliveries to Porters Lodge, Village Site or Union House reception only.




event u 'V Film: Alive BBC 1 Friday, Jan 26, 10.25pm-12.25am

No 13:

The Adventure Game

TV Premiere of the true story involving the 1972 Uruguayan rugby team whose plane crashed in the Andes mountains. Some of the passengers and crew were killed , and when the survivors heard on the radio that the search team had been called off, they were forced to resort to cam tibalism and feed off their dead fri ends.

ot exactly a well known prog ramme this one, owing to its being tucked away on BBC 2 of a midweek evening in the early eighties, but as anyone who ever ca ught it is well aware, it was a bit of a classic. Basically, the idea behind it was quite simple. Take three celebrities (Richard Stilgoe was a particu lar favo urite , I seem to remember) , make them pretend they've gone to another planet, and give them three or four logic puzzles to solve. Now this would have been terri bly dull , if someone in the creative department had n't had two


' I i

I Seasiders

incredibly bright ideas. The first was to make the ruler of this pla net a large aspidistra plant called 'The Rango of Arg', so when the celebs first turned up, they had to bow down and say "Grander, Grander Rango"; total humiliation guaranteed ! The second came after all the puzzles, (which ranged from jumping over worm s doing Polynesia n stick dances to sending furry machines down mou seholes) were solved. Its name wa s the Vortex, and any hapless ce leb who ran into its path was vapourized and sent off into space as a million or so atoms. You could only avoid it by choosing the correct path th rough a sort of maze-type thing aided on ly occasionally by a sandwi ch tossed into its path. Richard Stilgoe usua lly succeeded. Keith Chegwin didn't, but somehow still managed to get back in time to do Swap Shop on Saturday. I still haven't worked out how he managed that. ... Caroline Jenkinson


f Channel4

I Thursday, Feb 1, 9-9.30pm


•N ew series exposing the garish activities at Haven's .Primrose Valley Ce ntre (I kid you not) during th e summer months, i including a look at the 'eager hopeful s' who actu ally want to i work there - among them Debbie, 'who wants to stop selli ng bridal wea r and start sell ing fun.' An d they keep a straight face.


The Girlie Show Channel4 Friday, Feb 2, 11.05-11.55pm

-u·-;: }'



@fmCIDD@ ........................ ..............,. !. . ..


The Evening Session Radio 1FM Thursday, Feb 1, 7-9pm

. Live from Leeds, Jo Whiley and Steve Lamacq officially launch Sound City 96. As a preview to the main event, The Evening .Session present this preview concert from the Leeds Cockpit Club with sets from Gene, Oubstar and the Wannadies .

Journeys Into Space: Beam Me Up

&;otty Radio 4 Friday, Feb 2, 10.02-10.30am 'John Peel looks at space-age pop culture from 1929 to 1999. This first programme .begins with a look at the late 1920s when comic book heroes Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon beamed down from Mars.

1 t

! Raw, raucous and compulsive viewing for

l d . ·I those who use to stay 1n on a , Friday night to watch The Word, this week includes an interview with the LA cop who stri pped fo r Playboy. f Regular features are Toilet Talk , Wanker Of , The Week, .and Girl s Night Out. At least we're ' spared Terry Christian.

! I



l-st~~ ·~ . .~~''*'--»''oll-:- ~""~""'··

s Techn TECHNOPOLIS will be a number of things.

lis tnean.

latest technology transforming our lives - to help w ith your

A place to learn, a business centre, a place to meet, a remarkable tourist attraction exploring the past and future of Norwich. A place to enjoy. And, a unique library.

homework, in-depth research or even to fin ish a crossword. You won't even have to travel to TECHNOPOLIS to use it . Remote access points - computers in public places like libraries and post offices - will let anyone use

As a place of learning, TECHNOPOLIS will be unparalleled. For example, the library will be a place

TECHNOPOLIS anywhere in the UK and throughout the world.

where you will be able to tap into information from

TECHNOPOLIS will equip us and our children f or a

around the world - in seconds.

changing world. Which is why we need TECHNOPOLIS and why we need you.

And, you will be able to learn how to use all of the

Education. Tel : Technopoli s, Castle Mall M anagem ent Suite, 4th Floor, Castle Mall, Castle Meadow, Norwich NR1 300



efore Christmas, the Norwich Playhouse staged a hilarious performance of Jumpers, by Tom Stoppard, with an allstar cast including Timothy West, who is also the President and Artistic Advisor of the theatre. For the new year, the Playhouse brings us what looks to be another momentous performance, but with a darker theme - the World Premiere of the outstanding new play, Blood Libel, showing from February 1-17. The distinguished Jewish author Arnold Wesker, tells the story, based on historical accounts of a wave of religious hysteria which hit 12th century Norwich. A child was found dead and a tiny community of Jews were accused of killing him as part of a ritual, out of their hatred for Christianity. As a result of its dealing with the sensitive issue of antisemitism, this story got national press coverage last time it was to be performed in Norwich - in 1994 where it was to be part of a festival celebrating the city's BOOth anniversary year, but City Hall saw fit to remove it from the proceedings , judging it to be not celebratory enough a theme for such an occasion . This blatant act of censorship was blasted by playwright Wesker, whose stage version of the same story was already lined up to show at the Playhouse. Performed like a courtroom drama, the play has the support of a strong professional cast and a well-respected director, lrena Brown. Religious intolerance springs from the past into the modern world in this play, and it is sure to shock and intrigue even the most theatre-goer. Don't miss it! Jane Kirby



aster of mirth, Sean Hughes, makes a welcome return to the Theatre Royal on Sunday, February 4 al7.30pm. Having turned author for a while {his second book, The Grey Area, was published several months ago), he is treading the boards again with a show that was rapturously received in Australia last year.


Vision: The life and music of Hildegard von Bingen Mlchael Joseph/ Penguin Studio- £15.99

What you always wanted to know: The ultimate answer book Jlm Hensman - £5.99



ever mind Hildegard von Bingen, a 12th century nun, who composed these chants. Never mind Richard Souther, "an explorer of textual and atmospheric music", who uses contemporary pop and world music sounds to reinvent her music. Do not expect too much from the book, which relates to Hildegard's life story and includes commentary on her lyrics. Stick to the illustrations which are plentiful and excellent. But by far the best is the CD: the music is great. As Ms. von Bingen said herself, "Underneath all the texts, all the sacred psalms and canticles, these watery varieties of sounds and silences, mysterious, whirling and sometimes gestating and gentle must be felt the pulse, ebb, and flow of the music that sings In me." Frankly, I am no Catholic, I do not understand the religious message - I simply like the music, it is both powerful and soothing. Ben Klopsch

et us not beat about the bush. This is a book to go in the Christmas stocking, the downstairs toilet, or is compelling reading for that chap in the pub who smells a bit and tells crap jokes. Although the book is admittedly amusing at times, I would not include "where the fluff that accumulates in navels comes from• as something that I had a searching desire (or even a mild interest) to discover. Yet despite never having wanted to know at least half of the facts in the f)ook , once seated comfortably in the aforementioned downstairs room, I found myself wishing that my business would x. take longer to complete, so intriguing were some of the discoveries. This book is not a must, but can serve a useful function, i.e. that of making an otherwise mundane activity quite enjoyable . PS. The navel is a natural trap for a mixture of fibres and sweat that travel down the body. James Curtis

WHY DON'T YOU ...? Visit the Union bookshop ... The shelves, counter, floor and all other surfaces are bulging with second-hand bargain books


Remember our books are about half the price of new ones. Remember also we l!yt your old textbooks for cash! So bring your clean, tidy books to us for instant cash up to £20 or a cheque for larger amounts. Visit us soon -

you won't regret it/


Jason and the Argonauts (U) Forget Paris (PG)

MGM CANNON Some or all of the fil ms below will be showing over the next fortn ight. For exact listings and times , please ring the cin ema.

Babe (UJ This charming fam ily movie is great fun and well worth a look, as Babe, the gallant pig, tries to make a career out of being a sheep dog. Watch out for th e singing mice.

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (12) Oh dear, we've seen it all before as Jim Carrey does his rub ber faced impressions of tomfoolery , but with Ace Ventura 1, The Mask and Batman Forever, it real ly is getting boring .

Tues Jan 23 Billy Crystal and Debra Winger are the star struck couple who fall in love in gay Paris , and have a few laughs along the way in this lighthearted romantic comedy.

Species (18) Thurs Jan 25 Dodgy sci-fi drama about a half human/ half al ien dream date who causes all sorts of problems for scientist Ben Kingsley.

Clueless (12) Fri Jan 26 Alicia Silverstone , whose parents foun ded a famous race track in Britain , stars in th is modern day version of Jane Austen 's Emma, set in the teenage worl d of Beverley Hills.

Sat Ja n 27 - 2.30pm One of the greatest films ever made, with topnotch plasticine type effects from Ray Harryhausen. Watch out for the fighting skeletons !

·• Le Ballon d'Or (PG) Sun Jan 28 - 5pm Footy movie , focussing on a young African • boy who wants to be a top player.

.. ·~

Interview With The Vampire (18)


Sun Jan 28- 7.30pm Rampant horniness in the fine shapes of Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. Whey-hey!

Peter Pan Wed Jan 24- Sat Jan 27- 7.30pm (Matinees - Wed Jan 24 & Thurs Jan 26 - 4.00pm , & Sat Jan 27 - 2.30pm) . Classic Christmas japes with Lorraine Brunning as Pan the man. £3- £11 .25.

Land and Freedom (15) Mon Jan 29-Weds Jan 31 - 5.45pm . Thurs Feb 1-Sat Feb 3 - 8.15pm. Matinee on Tues Jan 30 at 2.30pm . A young Li verpudlian lad goes to Barce lona in the 1930s to fi ght in th e Span ish Civil Wa r.

Meet Me In St Louis Mon Jan 29 - Sat Feb 3- 7.30pm (Matinee Sat Feb 3 - 2.30pm). Charming musical "chock-full of great tunes and memorable songs" , like Skip To My Lou, and The Trolley Song. I rest my case . £3- £9.50 .

Something To Talk About (PG) Ju lia Roberts and Dennis Quaid are happi ly married until she finds out that he has been playing the field somewhat and so she decides to get her own back .


The American President (12) This enjoyable romantic comedy from Rob Reiner, sees Michael Douglas scowling his way around the White House as Mr Prez, and Annette Bening as the campaigner he falls for.

Laurel &Hardy Fri Jan 26 - Sat Feb 3 The dynamic duo are back from the grave , and must re- live their lives to get themselves a place in Heaven , in this play by Tom McGrath . £3 - £7 .

The War (12) Kevin Costn er returns from the Vietnam Wa r a broken man bu t takes second stage to Elijah Wood his son, who has a confusing time building a tree house and making fr iends, which res ults in a muddled film.

NORWICH PLAYHOUSE The Rise and Fall ol Little Voice Wed Jan 24 - Sat Jan 27 - 8pm (Matinees Thurs Jan 25 & Sat Jan 27 - 2.30pm). Award-winning comedy by Jim Cartwright hila rious, poignant, and with a healthy hint of strong language. £3 - £11.

Fair Game (15) Ci ndy Crawford makes the move from catwalk to silver screen starring alongside Wil liam Baldwin in this cliche ridden thriller about cops and robbers .

Sabrina (PG) A remake of the Billy Wild er original sees Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond in this upstairs-downstairs tale of the businessman and chauffeu r's daughter. Fun , if you like that kind o' th ing .

Waiting To Exhale (15) An entertaining, if unsubstantial film , foll owing the lives and loves of Whi tn ey Houston, Angela Basset! , Lela Rochon and Loretta Dean .

ODE ON Seven (18) This impressive thriller sees Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman as two cops trying to track down a serial killer (see page 6).

Showgirls (18) A load of old tosh from Paul Verhoven and Joe Eszterh as, who have slipped into dirty mac territory (see page 11).

Goldeneye (15) Pierce Bros nan is still pull ing in the crowd s in this disa ppoi nti ng latest add iti on to the Bond series .

Dangerous Minds (15) A cliche ridden tal e of what can ha ppen if you just bel ieve in yourself, with Michelle Pfeiffer tryin g to kee p order in th e classroom.

Blood Libel Assassins (15) Tues Jan 30 Antonio Bande ras and Sly Stal lone battle it out in th is disappointing thriller to see which one has a bigger shooter (oo-er missus!).

ID. (15) Th urs Feb 1 This British movie about football hool igans fa lls into a few too many cl iches, but is still worth a gander.

Funny Bones (15) Fri Feb 2 Lee Evans teams up with Jerry Lewis in this patchy comedy .

Carrington (18) Tues Feb 6 Award winn ing stuff from Christopher Hampton, with two fab perform ances from Emma Thompson and Jonathan Pryce .


Mon Jan 29-Weds Jan 31 - 8.15pm. Thurs Feb 1-Sat Feb 3 - 5.45pm. Matinee on Thurs Feb 1 at 2.30pm. Critically-acclai med film about three young Irish Catholic brothers with very tangled love lives.

Weds Jan 24 - Sat Jan 27 - 5.45pm and 8.15pm. Matinee on Thurs at 2.30pm . What we said above pretty much stands , I think .

Fri Jan 26- 11pm. Atmosphe ri c medieval drama set in China .

Cabaret with Maria Friedman

Sun Jan 4 - 8pm. Ca n Maria Friedman, acclaimed actress and • singer, make the jump from national stage Sat Feb 3 - 2. 30pm and screen to Sunday night in Norwich? Cutesy tale about a ba by seal. Take your sick .., Come and see . £7 .50-£10 . bag .

My Darling Clementine (PG)


Sun Feb 4 - 5pm The tale of th e gunfight at the OK Corra l, directed by John Ford (see 'Classic Corner', page?)

The Rehearsal

The Wages ol Fear (PG) Sun Feb 4 - 7.45pm Suspense and thrills on a grand scale in Central America , with Yves Montand at the centre of it all.

Mon Feb 5-Weds Feb 7 - 5.45pm . Matinee on Tues Feb 6 at 2.30pm . Romantic adventure , with the delicious Ol ivier Martinez.

Thurs Jan 25 - Sun Ja n 28- 7.30pm Subtitl ed "fo r the price of love", this play is di rected by David Gwyn Harri s and brought to UEA by Loose Cannon productions. Bound to be fa ntastic.

<OMEDY THEATRE ROYAL Sean Hughes - The Grey Area Tour

Shanghai Triad (15) ATouch ol Zen (15)


Andre (PG)

The Horseman on the Root (1 5) Carrington (18)

Thurs Feb 1 - Tues Feb 6 - 8pm (Matinees Thurs Jan 25 & Sat Jan 27- 2.30pm) . World premiere jam-packed with religious hysteria, mutilated bodies, and monks, by Arnold We sker. £3- £ 11.

The Brothers McMullen (15)

Mon Feb 5-Weds Feb 7 - 8.15pm. A gri ppi ng tale of life in the seedy underworld of 1930s Shanghai .

Sun Feb 4 - 7 .30pm The award-winn ing comedi an gives us the lowdown on reaching 30, girlfriends, homeowning , and an all manner of other anxieti es.

14 day listings in association with the Theatre Royal - Phone (01603) 630000 for reservations. Tickets always available from £3 or £4 14 THE EVENT, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24 , 1996

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------- -------

Mondays - Cow Club, student night. Admission £2 with ID. 10pm- 2am. Tuesdays - Fresh! Current and classic chart and dance. FREE before 11 .30pm , £2 thereafter. 1Opm - 2am. Fridays Admission £4. 9.30pm - 2am. Saturdays - Cow Club Pumping house and garage. Admission £5. 9.30pm - 2am.

• Harry Becken Friday Feb 2 One of the country's best jazz trumpet and • flugelhorn players. £7/£6 adv.

• Hugh Comwell

<iiGI LCR • UEA Gene+ Duffy Friday Jan 26 Glorious tunesmithery from London's finest (see interview page 3) with support from revitalised ex-Lilac Time man Duffy. £7 adv.

The Mavericks Sunday Jan 28 Stomping country-blues-rock in the style of Steve Earle, apparently. £7 adv.

Echobelly Tuesday Jan 30 Showcasing smart and sassy guitar pop from their excellent second album On. £7.50 adv.

Australian Pink Floyd Friday Feb 2 Yet another bunch of antipodean imitators. £6 adv.

Saturday Feb 3 Re-emergence of ex-Stranglers frontman with his new band (although old Stranglers tunes are promised) . £7 .50/£6.50 adv.

• THE WILDE CLUB • NORWICH ARTS CENTRE • Flaming Stars + Action Jacks + Navigator • Monday Jan 29 '60s garage rock from ex-Gallon Drunk and Earls Of Suave men with top quality local support. £4/£3.50 adv.

Monday Feb 5 Melodic strummy guitar pop with killer • choruses. £4/£3 .50 adv.



:• THE WATERFRONT Lunch •• MilkY Friday Jan 26 10-6am

Shed Seven + Soda Saturday Jan 27 Return of the original Britpop combo plus another group of young pretenders. £6.

Honevcrack Saturday Feb 3 Fast and furious Britrock. £4.

NORWICH ARTS CENTRE The Klmbara Brothers

"' Rumble

~:~.ission £3 before 10.30pm , £4 after. 9pm- ·::


Mondays - Student Party Night • Admission £1 all night. 9pm - 2am. Wednesdays - Midweek Party • Admission 50p all night. 9pm - 2am. • Fridays - Frantic Fridays Admission £1 before 11 pm . 9pm - 2am . • Saturdays - The Big One Admission £2 all night. 9pm - 2am.

• • • •• • •• • •

MANHATTAN$ Wednesdays - Uplift student night Free before 11 pm, £1 after. 9pm - 2am. Saturdays - Club Dance Admission £2. 10pm- 2am.

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Jl -·



Hys The Loft Manhattans Peppermint Park Ritzy The Waterfront Zoom Cannon Cinema City Ode on Maddermarket Nor\Mch Arts Centre NorWch Aayhouse lheafre Royal UEAS1udio

• • • UEA lhlon En1s • •

·- '1

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•• •

, First Out

Dab Hand + Swap

• The Kitchen

Thursday Feb 1 Scottish/Irish fiddle based folk dancers! £7/£6.

E NU"'

• Tuesday Feb 6 9-1am Norwich's best gay club, fast becoming an institution. £2/£1 flyer.

.. · ZOOM

Natalle MacMaster

Mon Feb 5 - 7 .OOpm The author reads from his The Swimming Pool Library or The Folding Star. Probably. • £2-£3.50.

Thursday Jan 25 Hot club jazz inspired by Django Reinhart. £6.50/£5.50 adv.

Friday Jan 26 Folk double-bill. £7/£4.

Alan Holllnghurst - VIsiting Writer

• Saturdays - Furious Fun • Admission £4 before 10.30pm, £5 after.


• Friday Feb 2 9-2am Jungle downstairs courtesy of Fabio, Stuart : Banks and Scooby Doo and happy hardcore • upstairs with Hyperbolic. £7/£6 .

Janene Turner Hospital - Visiting Writer

• Fridays - Fast Trax

Featuring house DJs Jim Shaft Ryan, Simon Owen, Grant Plant and David James with Sub Rosa DJs playing hard house and techno Monday Feb 5 Kings of fiddly folkly rock. If you haven't got a • upstairs and Reg Tubby's World Of Stereo (lounge and exotica) in the cafe-bar. £8. ticket, hard luck 'cos it's SOLD OUT.

Saturday Jan 27 9-1 .30am lndie and Britpop club. £3.50/£3. Saturday Feb 3 9-1.30am • More indietastic tunes. £3.50/£3.

: UEA STUDIO Tues Jan 30- 7.00pm A reading by the author of Charades and The Last Magician . £2 - £3.50.

Mondays - First Degree Admission 50p before midnight with student ID. 9pm - 2am. Wednesdays - Cool and Casual • Admission 50p before 12am with student ID. 9pm- 2am.

The Levellers



Perfume + Pltklns

• • • ••


Friday Feb 2 10-6am Offyerface DJs with special guest Mark Broom playing .d~"l!l·~lj~ new electronic groove, future house and funky techno. £7.


box office (01603) 6300 00 Theatre St, Norwich, NR2 1RL



the waterfront N Fri 26

Sat 27


A R y

GENE + DUFFY Club RETRO 9.30pm - 1.30am


adv ·



the best dance music from the last three decades. advance tickets from the finance office. look out for the £1.50 introductory voucher!

sun 28 Tue 30

F Fri 2











authentic-sounding tribute band with an impressive light show

Mon 5

Sat 10 Wed 14

Sat 17






£.0 £8/£7 cone

R Fri 1

Sat 2






house collection tour '96. featuring mike c and luv dup

Fri 8

Sat 9 Tue 12

sat 16 Wed 20







£8/£7 cone £7.50


union finance office open 11.00 - 3.30 weekdays tickets: soundclash, our price, andys, city ticket office credit cards: (01603) 505401/764764 (subject to a booking fee) thu 22 23

the neon bible the scarlet letter

Tickets are available in Norwich from : UEA Union, Soundclash , Ticket Shop, Andys & Our Price. Prices are on the door except where stated and may be subject to a booking fee .


CREDIT CARD BOOKING 01603 764764/505401

http://www. s ys. uea .a c. uk/wh atson/

to die for young poisoners hand-

fri 16 tue 20

nine months straw

fri 15 tue 19

The event - issue 055 - 01 1996