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This supplement contains strong language and explicit sexual detail. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!



This year, Concrete invites you to pull out... Concrete’s annual Sex Survey is back, and this year it’s bigger than ever. Within the 12 pages of this supplement you’ll find graphs, charts and tables summarising the responses of the 773 students who took part. We hope that this material makes for an amusing read. But we hope also that the results of the survey will prove thought-provoking. Sex is a subject that we often struggle to discuss openly, and it is easy to fall into fearing that our insecurities are ours alone – that everyone else is nearconstantly shagged out. The sex survey proves that this is not the case. Participation is anonymous: sharing true feelings is made safer and easier. So in that anonymity we are able, perhaps, to share experiences, to have a glimpse of reality, and to reassure each other without the barrier of awkwardness and reserve. And when you’re done with being deep, have a good old giggle at the fantasies on the back cover...

The responses presented on the following pages were taken from the Concrete Sex Survey, conducted on Survey Monkey between 25th October and 7th November. Responses have been reproduced faithfully, although we regret that not all could be included in all cases. If you would like to discuss any of the content in this supplement, please do not hesitate to email Geri Scott: If you have been affected by anything in this issue, please contact the Union Advice Centre or the Dean of Students’ office for further support.



“I’m not up all night to get lucky (I’d like to be, though)” Personal choice, recently ex-religious Never even been kissed. I’m asexual and completely indifferent to sex. I don’t ever want to have it. Just never had the opportunity. Nobody has tried to have sex with me. You really think someone would have sex with me? Because it generally involves somebody finding you attractive. Because whenever I could have it, it would have been the wrong decision. Basically, I didn’t want to. Haven’t found the right person, don’t want it to mean nothing. Vaginas scare me.









If yes, what was it? Cops and robbers. One person I slept with wanted to be treated like, and I quote, “a slave to punished for stealing milk from the pantry�. After laughing for 10 minutes I obliged. I was Michael Gove and she was an unruly Theresa May. In a light bondage scenario, I have played both dom/sub. I dressed up as a sponge, and she drizzled soapy water all over me. Hot. Teacher and student, doctor and nurse. I was a naughty student willing to do ANYTHING to improve my grades. Office based (I was a secretary, he was my boss). Spiderman roleplay/damsel in distress roleplay. We re-enacted a scene from David Attenborough, the Africa series.



It annoys me when other people are having sex and I’m not. My housemate has awful sex with her boyfriend in the room next door and I have to hear it all the time. I often hear my student neighbours copulating a lot. I often now masturbate very loudly in the hope that some sort of rivalry with develop. Lack of sleep. Politics in friendship groups.

Everyone wants to share their sex-life problems with me. No time to study!! Strangers get let into the flat. My friend won’t shut up about how much sex she’s getting and I feel jealous. I like to watch but my boring flatmates won’t let me. I get upset when I see my ex with other guys. Awkward when I have a lecture with someone I had a one-night stand with.

The incestuous nature of friendship groups. NO SLEEP. Drama, drama, drama. It afftects my friendship group. It makes me miss my girlfriend more. Issues concerning the size of my penis. Lacking on the “pull charts”. Topic of conversation





It depends what you define as cheating. Sometimes it can be the action which results in least hurt. If you wish to be rid of them. Revenge. If the partner is abusive, it’s none of their business what the abused partner does. If they cheat on you, it is acceptable. Sometimes it’s a cry for help. I have an open-ish relationship with my partner. I have his permission to ‘cheat’ and he has mine. That’s the only time it’s acceptable.

Life is complicated. They deserve it. It’s an easy way to break out of a relationship you never wanted to be in in the first place. Only if they do it first. I mean by that point anything goes, really. If you love someone. When far apart and you need physical contact, I think you have to put yourself first. It’s good. Not everyone gets jealous. Sex is fun.




Poor technique.

Clitoral stimulation.

Lasting two minutes.

Lots of lube. Being in a relationship with someone you feel comfortable with. Him knowing how to use it and lasting a decent time. Safety, consent and compatibility. A degree of ‘roughness’. Detailed planning, extreme vigilance and no eye contact. Enjoyment by all parties. Big cock. Biting. Scratching. Smacking. Oral. Role play. No condoms. Oil. Lube. Foreplay (important). It doesn’t have to be perfect or over-thought: just having a good time with another person. When you’re pissed and nothing makes sense. Both being present, considerate and playful. Consensual bondage.

Forceful and treating women like a piece of meat. Sweaty fannies and hairy bums. When you don’t like the person, and you’re not really into it. When the paperwork isn’t correctly filed after. Nightmare. Compliance. Rushing. Bad bed. Unshaved / bad hygiene. Greed. Selfishness. Being British. Pressure to perform. Too much kissing. S&M, or any kind of scary bondage-related things. Bad dirty talk and wearing socks. Embarassment and lack of patience. The screams. When will they stop?

Orgasms. Multiple orgasms. Butt stuff. Hung guys.

When one of you wants to have sex and the other one won’t listen to it. Probably being caught by your grand parents. Or joined by them.

I don’t know. Trust, respect, fun. A good pounding. Getting glitter licked off my chest. Submission. Jizz.

Mistrust, lying, no communication. Alcohol, so struggle to get it up when drunk. Pain.



Role play and to try a foresome.

Harry Styles (I wish I were joking).

Take LSD and travel back to the late sixties. Fluffy blankets and having to do as little as possible, with no expectation of personal hygiene. Two lesbians, probably sisters. I’m just watching. Just having romantic nights in with my girlfriend, which involve a calm atmosphere. Sex with a stranger. Being dominated(ish) and against a wall with a slightly older man. Having sex with someone on the Concrete team. Small cock.

Being bitten until I bleed. Bending a girl in a penguin costume over my knee and spanking her with my toilet-paper swaddled hand. Honeymoon.

Mostly BDSM-related. Hot wax. Multiple partners. Also very ‘arty’ fantasies. Candles, incense, partner with similar interest in art/ literature, with good music on. Having sex with an athletic-bodied female, preferably a fighter or martial artist, with them wearing nothing but a large jumper. I just like dressing up as a pig, thanks. Spontaneous public sex. That she doesn’t leave straight afterwards. Boxers. To achieve a satisfying amount of purchase during the sexual act (for bloody once). I want girls on bread. Being wrapped around each other. Sex beside a fire. Being completely tied up, blind-folded etc while being spanked/fucked by several guys. Consensual sex with a fellow mlilitant anarchist. Sex with two male twins at once. Destroying a man before sending him home to his wife so my girl and I can laugh at him. Having sex while, or just after, discussing literature, politics, philosophy or history (playing gracefully with ideas while playing - perhaps gracefully - with each other). It involves Lana del Rey baking a cake and washing the car.

Michael Palin (young) A sizzling hot bacon sandwich with fried onions drizzled with ketchup. In a foreign country with a hot women, high on drugs. Game of Thrones, Khaleesii.

A bouncy castle and a hosepipe. Fisting. Denial of orgasm. My girlfriend wanting to have regular sex with me again. Maggie Smith. That is all. My very own Queen of Scots. I like chase/pursuit fantasies.

Spontaneous stuff like a blowie at a birthday party. Boom!

Being told what to do. What I hate in life I love in sex!

Edging. Look it up. All fairly bland and vanilla. Where to start? Paxman all the way? Eating my own balls off my groin. I prefer to have ‘normal’ sex with someone I ‘love’. Sex in gym changing rooms. Ryan Gosling. ‘Nough said. Having sex again. In real life. Not in the Sims. My sims are getting quite a lot of sex. Damn them. I am the pizza delivery guy and you are the pizza.

Being caught or watched. Having sex. As a 21 year old man filed with testosterone, I have fantasised about pretty much any woman I have met, and some men too. Specifically, being tied up, threesome, outdoor sex, and of course the 5 L’s I have none, I take a pragmatic approach to sex. Leather and latex. To do power play. Anal sex. Threesome. Mainly master and slave related. Having sex in the first place is a good start. I dunno, does watching your partner strip count? I mean who wouldn’t have that as a fantasy of theirs. Comfort, a closeness with my partner, that’s basically it. Not really a wild person here. Have my man dress up like a French maid.

Mila Kunis and Scarlet Johannson.

Being urinated on by a partner

Down by the lake. Doesn’t that go for everyone at UEA?!

Woman dressed all in leather.

I’ve ben far too well brought up to talk about that kind of thing... Watching other people have sex with my partner while I watch. And then taking it in turns. Being puched up against a wall, like in a romcom.

I’d like to have sex on a private beach in the Mediterranean. Oh but on a bed of course, sand is just impractical. A threesome with two men, being dominated or having sex in a place where we could be caught. Slave narrative. Having sex with a professor.

I like the idea of being tied up and having someone burst in to rescue me, only for us to be overcome with passion. The thought of a threesome with Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin is ever pervasive. As we finish, Mao Zedong screams that “Political Power grows out of the barrel of a gun”. Our hammers and sickles are spent. I now understand what he means. I’d like to do it on a train - the little ledges in the bathrooms would be perfect…

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