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Want to find your teet in banking, shoppingt living, · and partving at UEA? Yeab?Well read on •••

The Essen Guide to the University of Life ow that you have finally waved goodbye to your parents, and unpacked everything, from your CDs to your newly acquired cutlery collection, you now have a lit11e over four days until you start your

your money. However for some helpful information on the differen t packages offered by the high street banks see the Concrete banking guide on page 7. And if the Fayre has taken your fancy, there are plenty more stalls on Friday, as the first SocMart of the year gives you the opportunity to join all those interesting clubs ranging from the nude Archaeologists society to the overenthusiastic Vikings who charge about on Sunday morning tryi ng to kill each other. However a word of caution here as it's all too easy to find that by the end of the day that you 've spent £20 joining clubs that are not only of no interest to you but will

lectures. But before you begin to panic because you find yourself living next to a member of trainspot1ing soc, who insists on enlisting you as a new recru it , just remember that these are going to be "the best days of your life", even if it doesn't seem like it now. You are now living amoungst thousands of people mostly your own age who are all in th e --- -- - - same boat but ready to have fun - no more nagging parents and no more explaining away your movements. Basically you are now your own boss, you can do as you like, when you like. And the main thing to remember is to forge your own way through this week, don't let your friends , parents or even me tell you what to do. The Concrete Freshers' Guide is here merely to suggest ideas and make you aware of what is going on so you can choose what is right for

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yourself. The first event you will be faced with is the annually awkward "Icebreaker drink" where you are bound to be dragged ou t with your new housemates. Don't worry, most people are welcoming and are eager to talk to someone, and if you're still having trouble, just fight your way to the bar and purchase some of the cheapest drinks you will ever buy! And if you don't wake the next morning with the king-of-all hangovers you might just manage to drag yourself out of bed to go to the Freshers' Fayre . Freshers' Fayre (taking place on Thursday, September 18) is whe re the banks and the insurance companies set up stalls in the LC R in an attempt to persuade you to give them

What was y our first i mpression of UEA? lstvaD von

llan'acb. EUR m "I thought the campus was well set out, and the accomodation was really good. In the first week I met lots of people, and to top it all off there was free beer!"

Susi Cbapman, Soc


bluE j EAN eo.

persist in filling your pigeonhole with meaningless memos throughout the year. SocMart is a great opportunity to join clubs where you can meet plenty of likeminded people, and most of the major societies and clubs do have a varied social life ranging from three legged pub crawls to dinner dances . In between Freshers' Fayre and SocMart comes the highlight of freshers ' week, in fact the highlight of any week: the infamous LCR disco. While it may be only a large room during the day, it becomes the hippest, happening place on campus at night... And a source of numerous hangovers. After all this, you will be flung headlong into the world of seminars, and with your A-levels a distant memory, this can come as a bit of a shock to the system . Especially when your reading list comes through and you have all those strange books to buy and formalities to go through. But there is really no need to worry, an understanding of the lecture system and University customs will come with experience, but if you 're totally stumped ask someone who knows , and just remember everyone is in the same position as you. Anyway , let's face it - a far more pressing issue is whether you have pulled so far. So get down that bar and start drinking! Of course you may choose to ignore eveything we've said, but whatever you do make sure you enjoy UEA and get the best out of University life.


"I remember being annoyed that there was no late night pizza place. But I was chuffed that I was given a double room in Norfolk Terrace and the people in my corridor were brilliant, and friendly."

Cbris Stothard, SYS D "The place is a bit daunting at first with all that concrete. But the Fresher's LCR was great, I got totally legless and had a massive hangover the next day.

)Galllle Bottomly. Soc


"The accommodation was scary, I lived in Waveney and it was like a prison but that didn 't matter because the people were really friend ly, and some of the friends I made in the first week I still have to this day."

This is

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" So what A-levels did you take?"


"God, I'm sick of people asking me what A· levels I took."


"I should be ok for cash-my daddy's a second Lord of the Realm and he's given me £15 thou to last the term."

..... -:...



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"Labour decision t~ -;bollsh free ed-:a.t!fbn Is disgraceful."


"I'm flattered by your offer, but I've got a boy/girlfriend at home." Do~

"Oh b* -ks to whatever their name Is at home, let's go back to my place." " Have you done all the background reading --·~ yet? I had a two hour chat with my tutor about abstract philosophy yesterday."

he chair that you are sitting on looks like it has been recently plundered from a local secondary school. The walls that surround you are unfamiliar and in need of a serious posterlng session. Above all you definitely cannot remember the route you took to get here. Welcome to the obscure universe of campus residences. In a surprisingly short time you will be part of an extended family, including students of various ages, studying a wide range of subjects. An open mind and a laid back attitude will provide you with friendships that will last. Resident Tutors are the agony aunV watchmen of UEA residences. An introductory freshers' week party is usually thrown so that you can meet your Resident Tutor as well as other students in your block. UEA's facilities include a launderette equipped with washers and dryers. lt Is also open 24 hours a day so students whose body clock is strictly nocturnal can stay cleanI The on-site Health Centre deals with all medical needs and nurses can be seen without an appointment. For students with personal problems of whatever nature, there is Nlghtllne. This is a listening service run by student volunteers. You can telephone them on 503504 or visit them in Norfolk Terrace C0312. While the average student's freshers' week involves enough alcohol to kill a Shire horse and no sleep until October you will, at some point, have to eat. If when hearing Kelth Floyd's name you picture a hairy man playing a guitar your introduction to self-catering will not be eased by campus facilities. The kitchens are basically equipped and often cramped. Food cupboards can be padlocked but unscrupulous students have been known to lift the contents of each others fridges. The Union Food Outlet provides a basic selection of food and drink. However it is well worth a trip to Tesco's and Salnsbury's, both of which are in walking distance of the City centre. UEA cleaners regularly tend to kitchens and corridors but neglecting the washing up can earn you a fine as well as an ear bashing. If all this sounds like far too much responsibility do not despair! Thanks to 'Ainsley Rhodes', Concrete's own Consultant Edibles Editor, we can provide these exclusive "Fresher Fuel" recipes to fill your belly with fine fodder:



Chicken I Pork) Stir·Fry

Serves three to four. You will need : 250g Chicken breast or Pork steak, cut into thin strips. (See the bottom of the recipe for a vegetarian equivalent) 250g Egg Noodles 3 Carrots, sliced Into strips 2 Peppers, sliced into strips 1 Large Onion, sliced 1 Large Courgett Lots of mushrooms 1 Tablespoon of oil Salt and pepper 1 Large frying pan or non-stict< saucepan (or

Do~ " So you mean we've actually got to do even a wok if you have one 1 Saucepan some work while we're here? Damn!" Optional : 2 Garlic cloves, chopped Beansprouts (occasionally sold in the Union Food "I'm very Impressed with the LCR discoOutlet) great decor, great lights, such Interesting Soy Sauce people and fantastic music!" Bring a saucepan of water to the boil then tu m off the Do~ heat. Heat the oil in the frying pan. Add the meat and stirfry for a few minutes until browned. Add the garlic and the "This LCR thing Is crap." (But still tum up onion, stir-fry for about two rnlilutes. Bring the saucepan of single week of the year). water back to the boil, and add the noodles. Take the saucepan off the heat and leave to stand. Add the carrot and the courgette to the frying pan and stir- . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - fry for about seven minutes. Tip in the peppers, mushrooms beansprouts and seasoning to taste, stir-fry for two minutes or until all the vegetables are tender. Drain the noodles. These can be added to the stir-fry and mixed in for 30 seconds if desired. Serve with cheap lager or dodgy plonk. This dish can be transformed into a vegetarian alternative. Whisk four eggs in a ----~•FREEHOUSE•.---bowl. Pour about a fourth of the mix into a hot frying pan with a little oil and fry until a thin omelette is formed. Repeat three times. Slice up the egg into thin strips. Add to stirfry for 30 seconds.


cean rnfLe .J=afLt;e "A hundred thousand welcomes"



Ca••••aower )

.....,__C_b_e_e_s_e_ _

Serves four. You will need: 1 cauliflower One sixth of a block of butter Half a pint of milk 100g of cheese, grated 2 Saucepans 1 Dish Throw away the tough outer stalks of the cauliflower and separate the remaining stalks. Bring a saucepan of water to the boil and add a little salt. Add the cauliflower and boil for about 10 minutes or until it is tender but not disintegrating. While you are waiting for the cauliflower, make the sauce. To do this, put the milk into a saucepan, add the butter and the flour and heat gently stirring all the time. The sauce will start to thicken and as it does, reduce the heat and stir continuously. When the sauce has thickened up add half of the cheese and stir in. After draining the cauliflower and putting it into a dish, pour the sauce over it and then sprinkle the rest of the cheese over the top. For best results the dish should then be put into a preheated oven at about 250 degrees celsius until the cheese Is melted and the top Is sligtltty browned.

+ 10 real ales always available +Probably the largest selection of Irish Whiskeys in the country +Great value Sunday lunches and our 'Taste of Ireland' menu +sky Sports on the big· screen +come and join us for good beer, a great atmosphere and mighty "craic" +uEA Crawl Society award winner

O'Rourke himself 92 POTTERGATE, NORWICH ft(01603) 626627

cluslef9d beyond the older parade. Also not to be missed Is another of the City's landmarks...the market, for which Norwich is famous, and which provides a vista of coloured tarpaulin and can, Hthoi'OI,Jghly sought out, yield some real bargains amidst the Spice Gir1s T-shirts and jelly shoes. The watch repairs are cheap as are walkman batteries, glmmicky-retro nail varnish (perfect for tonight) and their wicked pick 'n' mix sweetie stall, ( bJs here is £4.50 have you ever noticed how .._ more at a "»algain", the

more you spend?!).


t's 10.3oam - I've got 50 quid and Norwich to spend it in. Where do I go, what do I do and can I believe that I've actually got some readies in my pocket? The temptation to blow it all on a new pair of Levis is great, especially as my old pair are starting to resemble the Emperors trousers, but a steely determination to extract the most from the day and the dosh demands some careful planning. Working in reverse helps with my essays (maybe), so I will attempt it with today. Desiring a night away from EastEnders and pr:ingles, I think that a touch of the Jacksons is calling ... in the form of a 70s night at popular local club Hys - the Thursday night equivalent to our own Retro bashes, (consider also, Mojos "Joyriden night). So, dusting off my platforms, I am in hot pursuit of a new, cheap funky outfit and, if you follow me on my Norwich tour de force, I will reveal where to head and what to expect, Abba aside. As cities go, this one is well stocked for shops, restaurants and pubs (try the central "Murderers", for the latter), all within a reasonably compact area. The historic Gentlemen's Walk is where the original nucleus of outlets reside and is pleasant to saunter along (weather permitting) taking in our own FREE street entertainers, which range from the extremely dire to the Mexican pan-pipers, robotic dancers and a man playing the ·best(!) of Cliff Richard whilst rotating a pom-pom poodle on a stick... I head for Castle Mall, our prestigious newish shopping centre where the best of the high street names can be found, most importantly for. me, Oasis and Virgin Megastore where I spent a very happy hour and a neat £14.48 (top, £9,99, Sneaker Pimps single, £4.49 ). The good news is, that I've heard that 'Richard' is thinking of starting a student discount scheme... Having dealt with the mainstream stores, I decide to pay a visit to Norwich's own selection of fabulously "image-conscious• shops which are primarily


Beyond all this temptation for the thrifty shopper lies the even greater one of Lower Goat Lane, Pottergate and Bedford Street, fot: here, innocently nestling into the quaint cobbles, lie some of the City's most fantastic clothes shops with red- hot price tags. A health warning for your pocket should be placed on Lust, lneldas, Bazaar and Dogfish (Catfish for gins), which stock the latest in designer labels for the street conscious and the clubber. In today's market of branded clothes, a night out demands a visit, if only to drool, to these establishments. Havi~g worked my way through a modest sum, my virtues would have been obliterated as fast as you can swipe a Switch, on the purchase of a minuscule strappy top (approx. £37.50). Dream on! I've still got lunch, a new pair of 'lipsters, dinner and a club entrance to afford. I'm a typical humanities student - hopeless with economics! Feeling virtuous, I left... Chief stockists of Morgan, Lust joins the likes of Gingers and Kaizen along Timber Hill, and on the whole, unless you moonlight as an armed robber, are well out of the reach of most sane students (don't blow that loan!). Movilg swiftly down the road to Blue Jean Co, I suggest every student visits here as they speak in our language; that of the trusty NUS card, offering a respectable 10 per cent discount on all top label merchandise such as Ouiksilver, Red or Dead, Chipie and Stussy etc. Asylum for girls also resides in the upstairs section. Good but I was still determined to reach that elusive ultimate bargain. This part of Norwic1 combines the best of the ancient City, with the most interesting of shops, bars and restaurants, includirg The TreeTops Restaurant, based along Dove Street above Rainbow Wholefoods Store. Rainbow is vegetarian heaven, with the menu entirely meatless and value dishes of the most lip-smacking variety(! am biased!). Mindful of my budget and wanting to

l8e a more tangible return ~ my readies, I head for

JUil a 1ew doors down le Oxfam, anolher ataple of

~Street just a fiw ~away to Bar Tapas, ultimate hot Latin venue and extremely cheap ( even

manv 8ludents. rm not ~n~areaead 1n the ciiiiMe. which


tterl). If you are considering a party, then this Is a brilliant choice as the whole tapas experience Is sociable. Each person chooses a different dish and you aH get stuck in with your nachos and tortillas - costing approximately £2.50 a pop. Incidentally the booze is fantastic so be prepared to sup on Sangria and get out that pepper as the "stammers• are wicked. Leaving (or staggering out of) here with the damage now set at £22.98, I remember a distant promise to send a friend a suitably tacky gift. Abandoning the Idea of a UEA tea-towel, I progress to the tower half of Bar Tapas which constitutes Brambles - the Ndl'wlctl centre for Inflatable bras and choccy wHiles, and of course select artistic posters ( but you'll have bought them on campus naturally?). Spending a whacking £5.99 on a sundry Item ,(I'll tell not what), the fullsome 50 now~ mont like a ~ 20. wm 1achieve an 1set out to do? Tlme for a tea break in a suitably •culturar environment, I steer my weary tootsies to the Norwich Arts Centre down St Benedicts Street. Based In Reeves · Yard, it offers a weekly schedule of gigs, events and performances as well as a good value cafe-bar where I grabbed a quick coffee and biccie for £1.1 0 ( homebrew £1 a pint). Look out for their regular Monday night Wilde Club, where you can sample local and national indie talent for £3.50. Well, it is 4.30pm so I had better hurry to that tab second-hand shop Diva on Magdalen Street ,which will provide me with tonight's funky flares (I hope). This is a brilliant place to unearth unusual clobber at a decent price and, Jlaving got out the old abacus I figure that I could stretch to £13 for them. Ambitious maybe, but eventually I triumph in the form of some faded, slightly patched denims- party on man! Sore feet and still six quid left· what's a gir1 to do? I venture to Tombland (cheerful name hey?) and Pizza One and Pancakes Tool, where the pasta will rob you of

quite franldy 11 just • wellllnce moet of the mens' clothes will appeal more to pensioners than to me. However, I always check out the music section, for lhanl's always a bargain or two to be had. Flk:ldng quickly past the Big Band Cla88lc8 and Jlm ReeYaa altit.m8. I chance upon a gem: Patay Keneltalagendary single Not Soared, a kitsch clasak:l SOp Is aH it takes to poaaass it, along with 40p for a spy novel that tums out to be the most blatant 80s Thatcherite propaganda I've aver had the misfortune to read. StiH, you win some, you lose some. Moving on, I decide to go recoro shopping. While it's true that VIrgin and HMV provide the biggest range of titles, it's In the smaler Independent shops that you'll spend happy hours browsing through the racks. Uzard has a whole shelf of enticing offers on new records, yet after a particularty unrestrained iUI'Ml8l' I've vowed not to bUy any new albuml b-. hmm... atleata--. eo I restrict myself to plddng up The Verve's newla for a couple of quid. Pasalng the Norwich Ticket Shop though, I spy the programme of~ gigs at the Wlllarftont. Death In Vegas In Oetober? Somehow, without I'8COU"88 to my brain, my hand pays the £8 and takes the ticket. So much for caution with my cash! My last task of the day Is to decide where to go tonight. A variety of possibilities beckon: bowling, clubbing, pubbing, all of which make for a good night out But, strong hints from my other half favour a tr1p to one of Norwich's two main cinemas. But which? At the ABC, the main feature Is Bean, the long-fonn vehicle for Rowan Atkinson's 'loveable' comic creation. Meanwhile at the Qcleon it's the tackle-tastic The Full Monty. We opt for the latter, due to (on my part) it's reputation as a flne horl'le: grown comedy and (on her part) the prospect of seeing Robert Cartyle's arse - Hamish Macbutt anyone? Nine . quid for two tickets seems a little steep, but it's grand value compared to the usual outrageous prices Inside £1 .50 for a soft drink! My offer to pay in pints of blood is turned down, so the cash is handed over. An hour and a half later, the film finishes. In the event, it was worth every penny, being as it is probably the funniest film you'll see this year. "lt just goes to show,Ksays my gir1friend, "that you don't have to be shaped like a Chippendale to take your clothes off in public.• Hmm. How much do thongs cost nowadays?...


11pproximately a fiver with a little more for a side salad and believe me it will be sweet in the taking! ( student deals on Mondays). Afterwards, all that remains is to head home with some peppermint foot lotion and unwind to Sister Sledge to get me in the mood for tonight. Remember to choose comfy flip-flops to Hy's and expect to queue. Hopwever, the £1 entrance fee is great and I'm heading for a groovy, cheesy night. So, I've spent my 50 and had a fab dayunfortunately I've no money left, so it looks like I'll just have to find someone to buy me a drink...


kay, so here's the scenario: it's a wet Wednesday in Norwich, I've got 50 quid in my pocket and a hot date this evening. As a bloke, impressing that special someone is always a tough job, even if as in my case she (or he, natch) is your long·term partner. Somehow I've got to spruce myself up for tonight, as well as grab some lunch out, meet up with mates, and actually decide the destination for the evening's . romantic expedition. So, once I've crawled out of bed at the unreasonable time of 1Qam, it's off to my first appointment of the day, at Diva's on St Benedicts Street for a haircut (£10). Uke most male students, I never did bother to get it cut during the summer holidays, resulting in healthy two-inch roots,

helpfully pointed out by friends, family, and casual passersby in the street. lt Is of no matter, for thanks to the capable hands of stylist Claire, I leave with an all-new hairstyle designed to transform me from floppy-fringed indie-kid to chiselled rock star • at least that's the idea... As for clothes, let's just say that I'm In need of something new. Something exciting. Something... cheap? Sadly yes, as my budget can't quite stretch to designer labels. Madhouse in the Castle Mall shopping centre is always a good bet, particular1y If you're off out to a gig or club. As I enter the shop, I see a bright orange top. The orange top sees me. We fall in love, and at £5, the deal is quickly done. There won't be any problems meeting up tonight - the entire venue should know I've arrived! But it's lunchtime, and I'm in the mood for something just a little bit more sophisticated than your average fast-food restaurant. One of the best things about Norwich is the amount of smallish restaurants catering for every style of food, from Italian to Vegetarian to Mexican... the list is endless. Worth checking out is the Waffle House on St Giles Street, just minutes away from the main disembarking point for buses from UEA. Just £5 brings me a large waffle w1th garlic mushrooms, and the best home-made milkshake I've ever tasted. Perfect, at least until I realise that my glr1friend is hardly likely to love my gar1ic breath. Doesn't matter though; I'm off to get some Doublemint...

• We're quite sure you'D be dying to find out UEA's hisktry. We've put togethe a guide to e most recognisable campus lanclm.arks and the sUiiest stories that go witb them ome of these stories we know to be true, some are complete rubbish, but we'll leave you to work out which is which. Let's start with the


residences. Norfolk and Suffolk Terrace are collectively known as the ziggurats. Though the Union in the past has enjoyed using them as a logo, it has to be said they're not really the most pleasant buildings. Look out for the silly toast rack outside Suffolk, apUy named Extrapolation, believe it or notl You'll find that the University has a rather strange habit of pionklng unidentifiable Items of 'art' everywhere, probably by famous artist that once decided to take a stroll down by the broad. There's stone figures that have a wonderful, healthy polished glow to them, plus the odd wildlife thingy, meant to represent the fact that the campus Is actually a haven of tranquility. Waveney Terrace, by the way, is supposed to be based on the design of a Swedish prison. Looklng out from your window, you may be lucky enough to have a view of the Broad. UEA Is alleged to be one of the greenest universities in the country, though this view may have to do with the man-made greenery of the broad than the 60s concrete monstrosity you'll be taught In. Apparently there Is a JCB submerged at the bottom of the broad because it was stranded there after it had helped to remove dirt for the broad. lt was cheaper to leave it there and buy a new one than winch it out of the hole it had created. Between the broad and residences you may see a few bunny rabbits. Probably you're not offended by them; in fact most people see them as a pleasant distraction. Not, however, those who find them a nuisance. Last year qualified pest control companies were employed to cull the floppy-eared varmits. Poachers with nets and dogs also managed to wander onto campus, despite complaints from senior members of the school of biology that such culling was Interfering with international research, and the hospitalisation of one member of staff following contact with poison. The Ubrary is supposed to be sinklng. The common story Is that the architects failed to take Into account the weight of the books that would be put on the shelves. You'll probably meet other students from universities across Britain and America who wUI parrot exactly the same story to you about their university.The LCR is the scene of many a supreme and'or embarrassing student moment. One of it's highlights was when two rock climbers found it was sold out and decided to abseil from the first floor of the Hive in their dinner jackets. In the Square Is the Fountain. Sometimes it wori(s, usually it doesn't. Very occasionally it looks like someone has put a lot of bubble bath into it. Sometimes drunken people jump into it. Not that we want to give you any ideas. Anyway, mentioning baths offers a spurious link to the unlikely story that the Chaplaincy was built instead of a swimming pool. The Registry is perhaps the most rich in stories of UEA's landmari(s. One "Daring Duo• replaced the UEA flag with one proclaiming 'Welcome to Disneyland'. And in December 1995, the Union rent strike took a new and for many people highly amusing tum when a few people decided to occupy the Registry in an ongoing protest against rent rises. Food was passed through the windows by not quite so brave sympathisers, the police turned up and sabbatical officers were served with injunctions by UEA solicitors. The then Welfare Officer, Esther Jillett proudly burnt hers in front of a dumbstruck audience.

tbe fo1111taia:

it's a bit I'Ubblsh

nexttolkon Mon-Sat

Special offers 7pm-9pm Hofmeister lager £1.20 pint Gnat's Piss biHer £1.20 pint Do.ubles (gin, vodka, brandy, whisky, white rum) all with a splash £2







FREE jukebox all week





a& e

of okay, so you might not actually have very much money in the next three years but what little you do have will have to be managed carefully. Here's a guide to what each campus bank offers freshers








Opening Hours

9.30am until 3pm

9.30am until 3.30pm

Interest· free overdraft limit ·

£500 in first year

£1100 in first year

£1000 in &it year


National Express coachcard + £6 voucher

uft to £50 and £ 0 cinema


National EXpress coachcard + £6 voucher

£50 or four year student railcard

Credit Card

Mastercard limit: £250 no annual charge

Vasa (Barclaycard) credited with £25 limit: £350 no annual charge

Mastercard/V"asa 56 days interest free credit no annual charge

Mastercard/Visa limit: £500 no annual charfie 8 wks int free ere •t

Manager's Tips

Work out a monthly forecast

Come and see us before you get in trouble

Identify expensive periods, like when you will have to buy course books

Earn money during the holidays and take advantage of student discounts

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

Oct 7 to Dec 7


A life of lorca Drawings, photographs, books and manuscripts by Federico Garcia Lorca

Autumn 1997 Open Tue-Sun

Oct 7 to Dec 14

11.00- 17.00

Information 01603 456060 . or ask at Gallery Reception

Admission Free

to UEA Students Et Staff

Oct 5, Nov 2, Dec 7 14.00 - 16.00


The Age of Durer German Renaissance Prints From the British Museum

Jazz/World Music a Children's Activities lectures, events, workshops gallery shop, cafe

Junction of York Stand Leicester St ,. I




~-··~ ~"





t uEA



Our own brewery on-site Serving 'Old Duke' 3.8°/o abv 10°/o discount on food with UEAJNUS card BAR MENU AND MAIN MENU: Mon-Fri, Lunch: 11:30-2:30 Mon-Fri, Dinner: 6:00-10:00 (last orders) Saturday and Sunday, all-day Plus- York Special Sunday Roast Big 6' screen Satellite TV covering all major sporting events Large beer garden Music night every Thursday See Gig guide or phone for details Large function room with bar Available for private bookings

Two pool tables

il JHUE (C lE lLlLAiffi JHI (Q) ill§lE A rrceCIDlllly UrrCIDcillllUllCIDnnCIDll ]p)TIIllh

With excellent food and a separate non-smoking restaurant Food: Mon-Fri 11 :30-2:30 I 6·1 0 Sat & Sun all day food Open all day, 7 days a week





Wide selection of wines

. 2 Eaton St, Eaton, © 45451 1 South end of Bluebell Road at junction with Newmarket Rd (A47)

Fresh 97 issue 75 17 09 1997