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Derby Day WINNERS 2018


1st May 2018

Derby Day 2018

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UPDATED: 25/01/2018 IT BEGINS...

The coaches are arriving, the warm ups are starting and UEA is looking to make it a sixth consecutive victory against the University of Essex as they arrive at Colchester campus this morning. The 18th annual Derby Day will be covered by the Media Collective, who are set up to keep you updated on Twitter at #DerbyDay2018 and on the liveblog on the website so follow along to keep up to date stay tuned with all the latest UEA wins. Horse-


riding, Futsal and Cycling are already well underway, with Archery and Cricket starting at 10:30. Stay tuned...

Photos: (Cover) Caitlin Maddox; (Tennis and Hockey ) Roo Pitt; (Rugby) Alicia Perez Lopez

Amy Atkinson

1st May 2018


Mixed success for squash C.E. Matthews Sport Writer While UEA’s Men’s team won a stunning 4-1 victory over Essex, the Women’s team fell to a hard fought 3-2 defeat. The Men went 2-0 up in quick succession to dampen Essex’s hopes of a win before the Captain Tom Vaughan entered the court. Although putting up a valiant fight Roo Pitt he succumbed to the bombardments

of Essex and the resulting score was 2-1, with UEA still in the lead. UEA’s second and first seeds secured the victory in impressive fashion and UEA Men’s finished 4-1 up. A l t h o u g h disappointed with his own defeat, the Men’s captain Vaughan said he thought, “everyone

played well” and was “pleased that the whole team won”. He decided the night would be a chance to “drown my sorrows, but celebrate the team”. Meanwhile the Women, 2-0 down after the fifth and fourth seeds had played, pulled one back to leave the score at 2-1 to Essex. However, after a tough struggle they lost the chance

Men’s win 4-1

Women’s loss 3-2 C.E. Matthews

to win as UEA’s second seed was defeated. The first seeds still played, and Captain Ally Artuch added another win to the score – the Women’s team were beaten but not disgraced. Ally told Concrete she was “really happy with some of the rallies” and impressed with how her team played. She hoped to return to East Anglia in the evening with a little more energy, “be not sweaty, and celebrate”, regardless of the overall Women’s result.

Roo Pitt

Roo Pitt reports on the tennis

Essex hit for Six C.E. Matthews Sport Writer

Win by


Although fighting against a strong wind, UEA Men’s Cricket thrashed Essex by nine wickets on Derby Day. Essex batted first, w i t h Hussain a n d Prevost opening. They started well and made it to 100 by the twelfth over


with no wickets lost. As a mighty bank of cloud hid the sun it seemed the day might be over for UEA before it had begun. In the tenth over the Essex batsmen were oozing with confidence, with one even pulling off a cheeky Dilscoop, much to the pleasure of the Essex supporters. However in the thirteenth over the tide began to turn. Hussain was caught by Reynolds off Shields, and Shields bowled Kalley out for a meagre three runs. T The key moment came in the fifteenth over when a persistent Rajagopal caught and bowled the big-hitting Prevost when the batsman was just five runs from a century. The Essex batsmen continued to fall as Lawrence, Shields, and Layer all took wickets, and the pressure piled on from a tight UEA field.

Essex finished with 156 runs for eight wickets after the full 20 overs. Even with that last cluster of wickets it was set to be a tough afternoon for UEA. That was before Lawrence and Bailey stepped up to bat. The pair hit sixteen off the first two overs, and by the sixth over UEA looked the likely victors as Lawrence hit a beautifully placed shot past the wicketkeeper to add two more runs and bringing the total to 58/0. Essex had a glimmer of hope as a lofted shot was caught, but the umpire deemed it a no ball and play continued. Lawrence was then caught on 72 but by then the die was cast. More than ten wide balls by the Essex bowlers didn’t help their cause, and UEA ended the match brilliantly with two overs to spare, beating Essex by nine wickets.

w While the weather was stilling holding up and before the women’s matches were promplty called off, UEA’s men put out a valient effort but lost all four of their matches to Essex. Mid-way, Luke Walker told Concrete: “We’ve got to win at least one of these singles matches to keep the game alive.” Team Captain Charlie Pridmore said: “We may have already lost out on the draw overall as we’re too far down on the singles to claw back enough points. Essex were originally against playing doubles, as they had already won at that point. However, persuading from UEA’s Pridmore saw the match take place. He said: “We’ve got guys that have come down just to play doubles.” Jack Murray lost both sets 6-7 &

1-6; Luke Coltman sets 3-6 & 1-6 UEA lost all 8 sets in total. Despite the tennis loss, Charlie told reporter Roo Pitt; “everyone gave their all, played their best, some matches were closer than the scores s u g g e s t , overall we’re happy.” "We may have already lost out on the draw overall as we’re too far down on the singles to claw back enough points. We’ll still play doubles, but we can’t win now”. Jack Murray lost both sets 6-7 & 1-6; Luke Coltman sets 3-6 & 1-6 UEA lost all 8 sets in total.



Roo Pitt

1st May 2018


Derby Day 2018

Men’s footbrawl

Jack Ashton Sport Writer

A lacklustre first half was brought to life by the crowd as UEA men’s football faced off against Essex’s ‘Blades’ this Derby Day. Men’s football can often be marred with controversy, especially at Derby Day. There were reports last year of one fan headbutting the other, and this year tensions seemed similarly high. The game was lacking intensity in the first half, but tensions quickly bubbled over when security were forced to break up a fight in the Essex half of the supporters. The fight started after a few fans from the two sides opposing universities exchanged a few choice words, and then, within a flash, supporters from both sides surged over to each other. Security managed to break up the initial f i g h t and no Jack Ashton

one was hurt, but the 100+ UEA supporters were confronted by a number of fans from Essex who chanted “UEA- Your mum is a whore,” and “f**k off home, you’ve had your day out.”

“We’re only here for the beef” When both fans kept baiting each other, throwing bottles, glasses and drinks, several Essex students tried to cross the security line to presumably make it more intense. Security quickly dealt with them, but not before multiple smoke flares were thrown into the crowds on

each side. As a result, security split the two sides in half for the remainder of the game. The brawl followed a smaller one on the pitch in the first half and was accompanied by an Essex player getting involved with the UEA supporters in the second half after projectiles were thrown onto the field. Speaking to Concrete, an Essex student, who wished to remain anonymous, about whether the brawl makes her feel unsafe, said: “God no, we’re only here for the beef… Safe? I wanna be in danger!” According to her, the tension kicked off because “the unis hate each other”. UEA students seemed in equal spirits about it, when Concrete spoke to one particularly involved fan, he said: “It’s a bit of fun at the end of the day, there was no fights, security was good. A bit of testosterone you know. I don’t think anything like that should let it ruin the day, everyone ends up having a good time.”

Stoker hat-trick sees women’s lacrosse win

Tony Allen Sport Writer UEA women’s lacrosse continued their annual tradition of a Derby Day victory as they beat Essex 7-3. Facing a much stronger Essex side than last season, UEA were made to sweat in the first half. Captain Phoebe Hartz opened the scoring but Essex quickly drew level. UEA were passing the ball nicely around the Essex goal but the hosts were dangerous going forward. The lively Emily Stoker caused problems for the home defence throughout, and she found the net either side of the first quarter break,

first after some good passing and then from a penalty. Essex reminded UEA of their threat with a goal just before half time to make it 3-2. UEA really began to take control in the third quarter. Adela Milà-dePuri, a late addition to the squad following an injury to Ellie Lynch, popped up with a fourth and Cat Stallard soon made it five. The Eagles added two more in the final quarter after Essex pulled one back, as Emily Stoker secured her hat-trick and vice-captain Imogen Arzt-Jones rounded off the scoring with a powerful effort from close range. UEA kept the pressure on until the final whistle with Emi Collin coming close to a deserved goal. Hartz had more opportunities,

flashing wide after being set up by Stoker before being denied by the Essex keeper after cradling from inside her own half. Far from being the walkover some expected, the game was won by UEA’s composure and hard work, with the entire midfield putting in strong shifts going forward. UEA’s patient build-up play in attack from the likes of Stallard, Amy Coregan and Cat Andrews was an important factor. UEA’s team was drawn from both the first and second sides, with seconds captain Taylor Bennett marshalling the back line well alongside Kiki Abay. Keeper Bethan Nokes had to be alert at times to keep Essex at bay. After the win, Hartz told

Concrete: “It was really difficult picking the squad, especially as we’ve got almost 40 girls now split between the teams. The team played really well, we deserved this win. “I was pleased to get a goal. It was a bit frustrating because I had a lot more shots at goal, but the Essex keeper was extremely good.” Despite a solid performance, UEA’s men were unable to make it their year as they lost 9-2. Captain Harry Harris and Jack Govey netted for the Eagles, but it was not enough against a strong Essex team. They peppered UEA’s goal with shots, and were 3-0 up by the end of the first quarter, extending their lead to four soon after. UEA rallied as the game went

on, with some promising attacking moves from Will Vickers, Matt Dewhurst and Harris. Seb Grant faced off well. When the ball reached the Essex half, Sean Cullum and Mitchell Hoverd looked lively. However, the Eagles defence were never idle for long, matching Essex’s physicality, and keeper Chris Irvine made several good saves. UEA were cheered on in both games by an impressive following, including a coach of supporters who made their way to Colchester and braved the rain in the Square afterwards. Despite the mixed results, UEA spirits remained high after what was many of the players’ final match in an Eagles jersey.

Alicia Perez Lopez


1st May 2018

Contemporay Dance

Roo Pitt

Ballet Dance

Roo Pitt

“Fully deserving of their win” Before Derby Day, a trampoline was just something my Dad wouldn’t let me have. I envied the kids who could bounce in their back garden whilst I had to dig up my mother’s weeds. Last Wednesday, however, I watched the Derby match between UEA and Essex where UEA won 31.6 to 25.56. The 14 girls were flying through the air, performing flips, kicks and spins with brilliant execution, fully deserving their win. For those of you, like me, who have no clue on the scoring of trampolining, I spoke to Secretary of UEA Trampolining, Jen Cripps who enlightened me. From her I learnt that scoring is on neatness, travel on the bed and finishing the routine as some competitors had “crashed out” (falling over, hitting the edges of the trampoline). For example, if you crash out after your third move of the routine, you are only scored on the previous two. Only one UEA competitor unluckily crashed out but only on her last move, allowing her an amazing score for the previous nine moves to help UEA grab the win. Each participant performed two routines which were averaged out for one score per competitor. These scores were then used to average each universities total to work out the final score. Sportsmanship was greatly evident in the sports hall with members of Essex and UEA spotting each other at the corners of the trampoline. There were cheers all round for each member and it was a thoroughly enjoyable watch. Amelia Rentell


Amelia Rentell

Street Dance

Roo Pitt

Flikr, Carine06

Caitlin Rogers-Peckham

Tap (Wildcard)

Roo Pitt


1st May 2018

Derby Day 2018

Women’s basketball ‘refreshingly on-target’ Sophie Clayton Sport Reporter UEA Women’s Basketball scored an easy half-point for the Derby Day cause, finishing with almost double the points of Essex. Faced with a pretty tough crowd of Essex supporters chanting their alternative version of “Oh UEA is wonderful”, UEA got off to a solid start, finishing the first quarter with 22 points to Essex’s 14. The second quarter began very promisingly, with an early three pointer from Corsetti, and they didn’t fail to delight. There were some good attempted runs from Essex, but they were not always cleanly executed. Despite the crowd’s attempts to put UEA shooters off, with airhorns and untimely chants, UEA were refreshingly on-target. The second half saw a rather rough and feisty match, with both teams clearly desperate for a win.

83 : 43 Sophie Clayton

Men’s Hockey


Roo Pitt

Men’s Rugby

The crowd became even more distracting with members of the Essex obtaining a megaphone and shouting personal digs at individual players. Despite a late injury, with a UEA player having to be taken off in the dying minutes, the final score was an impressive 83 – 43 to UEA. Amongst the celebrations, Concrete caught up with best scorer of the match, Hana Sztepanov. She said of the game: “I think it went very well, both of the team played very well. I couldn’t be more proud of my team. This is my second year and second win.” When asked about the impact of the rowdy crowd on the team’s gameplay, she replied: “We’ve played basketball since forever, so we’re used to this. “You just have to zone it out.” A fantastic win for the girls, and a true credit to their sportsmanship for not allowing the crowd to affect their game.

Alicia Perez-Lopez

Tony Allen


“H 8 2 be you” Daniel Peters and Daniel Cook report on tense Futsal matches

1st May 2018

UEA’s men futsal team stepped up to the plate and cruised to an 8-2 victory over their Essex counterparts. What started out as a close game, with the score level at one a piece at half-time, soon descended into an empathetic UEA win after the break, with UEA scoring four goals in a matter of minutes to take the tie away from their rivals. Such was the ease to which our boys strolled to the win, they even found time to pull off such showboating antics as a mazy run by UEA’s goalkeeper Ethan Scott and an attempted rainbow flick by playmaker Oscar Santos Bastos. An unfortunate own-goal from an Essex defender initially put UEA in front, before Essex equalised 5 minutes before the end of the first half. UEA did well to go into the break level, with keeper Scott pulling off a fantastic fingertip save onto the post just before the whistle. Even at the half way point, it was anything but close from then on, with number 4 Sam Ballard finishing off a great pass from Oscar Santos Bastos to put UEA ahead in the first minute of the second period. Ballard then turned provider, setting up Chris Skingly, whose fine finish

The first event of the day kicked as touchline tensions rose. This off in the Sports Arena with culminated in a penalty awarded women’s futsal. Despite the home to UEA six minutes into the second advantage, Essex supporters were half, following a foul on Kathryn outnumbered by our travelling fans. Stanley. The first half was a tight affair, However a strong save from with both sides heading in 0-0 at the Essex keeper Enya Tooke saved break. their 1-0 lead. With the fire alarm situated Fearless defending from the directly behind the goalpost, it was likes of Sofia Serghiou and keeper no surprise to see it get hit and then Emily Cockrill kept UEA hopes alive signal the alarms when a UEA as we maintained pressure effort brushed wide of the around the Essex goal. goal. With two minutes to The second half play UEA called a was a far more team talk in one interesting affair, final attempt as Essex took to force extra an early lead time. just seconds Massive after kick off. attacking However UEA pressure from women were not UEA left them phased, and began vulnerable at the a period of sustained back, which Essex pressure on the Essex capitalised on in the Dan Cook goal. Striker Millie Daviss final minute. worked hard up top, whilst The final score was Sofia Serghiou brushed a free kick UEA 0-2 Essex. However there just wide of the post. was a general feeling amongst the Essex women were struggling team and spectators that UEA was to maintain their lead, committing unlucky to lose. a string of fouls against UEA DP

Cue the celebrations

Volleyball hits the net Unfortunately, there were no points for UEA in volleyball. The Men’s volleyball team challenged Essex to a fast-paced, high intensity game, with UEA holding their own against a rowdy and intimidating crowd. UEA got off to a promising start, gaining an early lead, but after a tense twenty minutes, the score was 19 – 25, with the first set going to Essex. Two more very close, very tense sets saw both go to Essex, the score being 21-25 and 22-25 respectively. Concrete caught up with Nick Morris, UEA Men’s Volleyball Captain, after the match. He said it was a “really tough game against Essex today, but the guys got a lot of points in the sets. “We were only about two or three points behind through the whole way, so we’re really disappointed to come away with a loss but the guys played really well so I’m really impressed.” The Women’s team were also on great form. After a promising start and a close first set, things sadly started going downhill for the UEA girls. Despite morale being kept up by plenty of UEA chants and barrels of enthusiasm, the point gap began to increase. In the end, Essex proved the better team, winning three consecutive sets, and the match overall. Both the Men’s and Women’s squads functioned seamlessly in their respective teams, and although Derby Day wasn’t their day, things look promising for the future. Sophie Clayton

doubled UEA’s lead. Another goal from Ballard took the game away from Essex, making it 3 goals in under 2 minutes and all put winning the match for UEA. Just minutes later, Skingley got his second and UEA’s fifth, after he finished off a well-worked move from on the floor. Ballard pitched in with another goal, not long later, making it a hat trick for the number four and all but confirming the half point for UEA. It all seemed to be getting too much for the Essex coach who granted, after some goading from UEA supporters, raised to the bait and was heard shouting expletives in their direction. You can’t blame UEA for being excited, their side were excellent and had the win in the bag. After another great save from Ethan Scott, UEA turned defence to attack and got their seventh after a fine chip over the Essex keeper by Mike Shaw. Sam Marrow sealed the win with a long-rage strike into the bottom corner, making it 8! Credit to Essex, they didn’t give up and gave their fans something to cheer about - but it was too little too late. DC

Flikr, Carine06 Photo: Hana Sztepanov

Both of UEA’s Men’s pool teams beat Essex after a long day at the table. The As won a convincing 2313 while the Bs fought it out to beat Essex 23-21. Early on the As and Bs were having opposite fortunes, with the As leading Essex 6-2 after eight frames whilst the Bs were losing 6-2. As the afternoon approached UEA As were leading Essex 12-11, and the Bs losing 13-8. Yet while UEA As pulled away with a stunning performance, the Bs struggled after around twenty frames. The As beat Essex in 36 frames, winning 23-13, but at the same time the B team’s score remained at 16-16. The two university’s B teams continued to slowly inch up, the score remaining tight for the next hour, and all was set for a nail-biting finish. The room fell silent as all players watched the table with the score 22-21 to UEA. Finally, after a remarkable fortyfour frames, UEA Bs clinched the victory over Essex, beating them 23-21. The pool team’s victory took UEA to 0.1 points from overall victory. Pool President Sam Slater praised the “valiant effort” of the B team especially when the match “didn’t start particularly well”. He said it was “fantastic to bring home both points”. With Slater leaving at the end of the year the committee elections are fresh in the minds of the players. Slater spoke on the issue, saying he hopes the team will “bring back both points next year and continue to beat Essex”. Chris Matthews

2018 Derby Day  
2018 Derby Day