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hio tends to breed many designers, photographers and artists that end up in the skateboard world. Andy Mueller has become a creative powerhouse by combining all three of these key skills. Starting in 1993, Andy ran a design studio, OhioGirl [], with clients like Burton and numerous record companies. In 1999 he moved from the Midwest to Los Angeles to work for Girl Skateboards’ new shoe brand, Lakai. For the past 13 years he’s been at the helm of Lakai’s creative direction as the brand’s

Art Director. Not only does he handle all the ads, catalogue and design work for Lakai, he also creates board graphics for Girl and Chocolate. In his spare time, Andy continues to freelance with OhioGirl and runs his brand and project, The Quiet Life []. As a member of The Art Dump, he creates for a variety of shows every year. The art and drawing style Andy utilizes is reminiscent of ’60s and ’70s commercial art. The drawing line he uses is simple yet effective in representing

a lighthearted view of the world. His designs and graphics for Girl and Chocolate are eclectic in nature and tell their own stories through the use of type, drawing, paint or photography. Andy’s love of photography is a whole other matter and is utilized by the Girl family of brands. He captures not just the skate culture that surrounds him each day, but also the small absurdities of life in and around Southern California. —Randy Laybourne

clockwise from top left:

Girl “P-Rod Collage” deck Chocolate “Eldridge B&W” deck Girl “Biebel Mosaic” deck Chocolate “Anderson 15yr.” deck Quiet Life 5 panel hat Quiet Life stickers Quiet Life Ping Pong case Quiet Life “Shoot Me” graphic Quiet Life “Over Expose” tee Quiet Life “People People” tee Lakai print advertisements Lakai x Quiet Life “Belmont” shoe Painted OG Girl

“The sheer volume and quality of Andy’s graphic design speaks for itself, but the real guts of the Mueller epoch resides in his photography. Contemplative, spacious, minimal, clever and subdued are words that come to mind when I think of his great photos. Scary thing is, I think his best photography is yet to come.” —Tony Larson 18

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Concrete skateboarding

“Misc. Photos” By Andy Mueller. Curated exclusively for Concrete Skateboarding.

Concrete 120 Art Blender - Andy Mueller  

Concrete Skateboarding Magazine Issue 120 - The Photo Annual Art Blender - Andy Mueller For more click here: http://www.concreteskateboardi...

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