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ed templeton A rt i s t - ph oto g r a ph e r - De s ig n e r - p r o f e s s i o na l s k at e b oa r d e r - B r a n d M a nag e r -

here is unlikely any skateboarder from the past 20 years who doesn’t know Huntington Beach, California’s Ed Templeton, whether it be for his skateboarding, photos or art. Ed has been consistent with his output in all of those areas and has incorporated them into products and advertising for Toy Machine, Emerica and other brands he collaborates with and is sponsored by. It all started when he created the graphics for his first New Deal Pro model in 1990, featuring the iconic cat graphic (see the Toy Machine reissue of it below).

The evolution of Ed’s style hasn’t been a dramatic one, but has grown more subtle and nuanced over time. His characters have come to life and seem to have their own secrets and twisted suburban stories. Ed chooses to stay in Huntington Beach, which is well known for skateboarding but not as a fine art hotbed, unless you consider tribal tattoos a form of creative expression. Even in the post-war suburban tract housing of H.B., Ed is able to take from and document teenage angst and boredom, along with a larger view of the world through his constant travels

for skateboarding and art. On the fine art side of things, Ed has gallery representation by Roberts & Tilton, based in Los Angeles, and keeps himself busy with a solo show almost every year and numerous group shows worldwide. It’s not difficult for all grade school skaters with a knack for drawing to be inspired by Ed’s proven ability to mesh all his disciplines. —Randy Laybourne

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“In a world where everything seems to look the same, Ed has been navigating his own unique approach to art and design for nearly two decades. Whether it be humour or awkwardness, I love how his art always evokes emotion.” —Jamie Thomas

Toy Machine “Cat” deck Toy Machine “Ed Brain Stab deck Toy Machine “Marks Match” deck Toy Machine “Provost Punk” deck Toy Machine “Diego” deck Toy Machine “Girl’s Face” deck Toy Machine “Lurkfest” deck Toy Machine “Cruiser” wheel Toy Machine Good & Evil DVD Toy Machine “Stairway” tee Toy Machine “Sect” sock Emerica “Tempster” shoe Emerica “China Flats” shoe Toy Machine “Turtle Boy” sock Toy Machine “Sock Monsters”

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“Cross Out” by Ed Templeton. Created exclusively for Concrete Skateboarding. 20

Concrete skateboarding

Art Blender 119 Ed Templeton  

Concrete Skateboarding 119 Art Blender - Ed Templeton

Art Blender 119 Ed Templeton  

Concrete Skateboarding 119 Art Blender - Ed Templeton