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round 800 kilometres south of Winnipeg lies the small town of Mitchell, South Dakota. Known for its cornfields and overwhelming flatness, it was where Andy Pitts was raised and grew up skating. He eventually made his way out west with the goal of becoming an Art Director in the skateboard industry, which is exactly what happened. Andy is now a full-time artist and designer at Deluxe in San Francisco. Prior to the NorCal move, and lacking art or design-related education, he gained experience by entering online t-shirt design contests at Andy also designed tees for Salt Lake City’s Dirty Hessian/48 skate crew. For the past five years he’s handled anything and everything for the Deluxe art room. From his beginnings as a freelance artist for REAL, Andy quickly jumped in full-time to create product, print ad, web campaign and video graphics for Spitfire, Thunder, Venture, Anti Hero and Krooked. His favourite mediums are board graphics and tees because of the open area of creation, but his work on wheels and trucks shows his ability to create within any restriction. “I really enjoy doing packaging for Spitfire; coming up with new ways to present the wheels and tell a story really appeals to me.” While busy applying his unique style, witty graphics and inhuman levels of output, Andy still manages to find time to freelance on the side, kill it on a skateboard and build DIY spots for the Bay Area scene. Overall, he’s the most down-to-earth skate rat around. —Randy Laybourne

“I have to check myself just about every time Andy shows me a finished piece of his art. I worry that showering him with praise might go to his head. I just nod and maybe smile while I consistently get blown away by hands-down one of the most creative and positive people I have ever met.” —Jim Thiebaud


left to right from top: REAL “Long Days Brock” deck REAL “Hard Nights Brock” deck REAL “Pest Control Hardy” deck REAL “Magic Carpet Ramondetta” deck REAL “Band-Aid Ishod” deck REAL “Busenitz Police” deck REAL “Bad News Blob Squad Chima” deck REAL “Special Ed Brock” deck REAL “Watermelon Team” deck Spitfire “Darkside” tee Spitfire “Some Like It Hot” tee Spitfire “Blood Beast” wheel Thunder “Gerwer Rocket” truck Krooked “Boxing Klub” tee Spitfire “Molotov” tee Spitfire “Spirit Animal Johnson” wheel Spitfire “Grade A Alvarez” wheel Spitfire “Froston Lager” wheel Spitfire “Billionaire Johnson” wheel Spitfire “Speed Lovers Mariano” wheel

“Visual Guide To Skateboarder’s Signs” by Andy Pitts. Created exclusively for Concrete Skateboarding. visit to download art blender wallpapers for your computer & mobile device.

Art Blender 129 Andy Pitts  

Original artwork by Andy Pitts exclusively for Concrete Skateboarding Magazine