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arc McKee is a legend in skateboarding and deserves to be in whatever hall of fame there is. His work from the late ’80s onward has revolutionized and pushed the boundaries of skateboard graphic art many times over. Born and raised in the San Francisco area, Marc ended up going to UCLA in Los Angeles, graduating as a design major. However, his technical skill came from copying Pushead (Brian Schroeder), Robert Williams and trialand-error more than from his university education. Marc’s first mass-produced skateboard graphic was released in 1989—the widely recognizeable World Industries Mike Vallely “Barnyard” graphic. Its revolutionary double kicktail shape and departure from the skull and bones imagery was a giant contrast to everything else on the market at the time. From there, Marc created some of the most memorable, offensive and hilarious images to ever be printed on a board. Still his favourites are 1991’s Natas Kaupas “Devil Worship” (101) and 1992’s Guy Mariano “Accidental Gun Death” (Blind) graphics. Over the years Marc has worked consistently and feverishly on skateboards for A-Team, Cliché, Darkstar, Almost and many more. His style ranges from the very cartoony to dark and detailed, and everything in-between. Warning: The Art of Marc McKee, a book released in 2011 by Winston Tseng, shows a selection of Marc’s personal favourites from his amazing graphic output. Ironically, his more classic graphics are just as relevant in gun-happy and polarized America as they were 20 years ago. There is no doubt he can draw rainbows and kittens, but skateboarding clearly needs much more than that.

—Randy Laybourne

left to right from top: World Industries “Vallely Barnyard” deck 101 “Natas Devil Worship” deck Blind “Mariano Accidental Gun Death” deck World Industries “Colvinetics” deck Blind “F.U.B.K. High Guy” deck Blind “Jason Lee Burger” deck 101 “Natas Challenger” deck Almost “Haslam Mustash Rides” deck Darkstar “PLG Tribute” deck Blind “Duncombe Eternal Life” deck Blind “Morgan Smith Lost Boy” deck Almost “Haslam Figurehead” deck Almost “Youness Manneken Pis” deck Cliché “Winter Delivery” deck Cliché “Boardroom Icons” deck

“Marc’s art redefined what a skateboard graphic could and should be. He set the tone and direction that the entire industry has followed for the last two decades, including myself.” —Winston Tseng

“Loonie Bin” by Marc McKee. Created exclusively for Concrete Skateboarding. 16

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Art Blender 128 Marc McKee  

Dec, 6 2013 118 impressions Original artwork by Marc McKee exclusively for Concrete Skateboarding Magazine

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