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SCHOOL PRIDE - Ten Years in the Making By Mr. Bruce Weir

It has been a long road but school pride and anticipation are now a major part of life at CIS. Students at Concordian are now more excited and happier than ever to belong to an active and sporting culture. In the early days, when CIS was still a small school it managed to put together soccer and swimming teams for limited competition against other schools. After school activities were done largely by outside sponsors with average attendance. This is not the case in 2011. The Concordian Dragons – as we became known four years ago – now compete against other schools in basketball, softball, soccer, golf and badminton on a regular basis. And we have had some great successes in doing so. Our girl’s senior basketball team has just completed a four year run with an amazing record of 46 wins and 4 losses. It is an incredible record by a group of hard working ladies! Our badminton teams have consistently brought home team or individual championships when competing in Thailand International School Activities Conference (TISAC). Big, a grade 6 student, won the flight “D” championship of a golf tournament involving all other International schools in Bangkok last year, and he finished 3rd in the more difficult “C” division this year. Concordian can boast a 90 percent participation rate among students in After School Activities. To make this happen, we have as many as 20 teachers giving up their time to be sponsors for these activities. It is not uncommon to look out on our pool, tennis courts and fields and see activities happening in all three areas and more every afternoon. It is great to see so many students involved in so many activities after school. It is an active and sporting culture that has been 10 years in the making!


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