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MEDIARAZZI | ​Phil Autelitano | Mary L Wallace | Pinnacle Bank Fraud | Inter State Theft | Advergent Be Warned that Mary L Wallace and ​Phil Autelitano are going around operating a fraudulent business operation across State lines using wire transfer and email to scam innocent clients out of money here is email and other examples of this practice. Here is an ​IMAGE OF COMMUNICATION USING ELECTRONIC MESSAGING TO ROB HIS VICTIMS ACROSS STATE LINES


Phil Autelitano Author/Creator, "Publish Your Own Roku Channel" Founder/CEO, Mediarazzi

Mon, Mar 18,

Phil Autelitano​ v ​ ia

1:11 PM (13 days ago)

to me

With Vimeo you can generate the screenshots in the correct size and host them right from Vimeo, too. I'll provide instruction on that. It's actually quite simple and it keeps it all in one place -- and avoids bandwidth charges from AWS or other storage for the images. xxxxx is a GREAT NAME and leaves the door open to add all sorts of other content based on his legacy. (I was never personally a big fan of Tesla Media Network). We can leave the existing content stored where it is while we migrate it to your account and re-link it so there's no down time. Migrating it will take 2-3 days I can have Daniel our tech start on that as early as this evening (he works 11 to 7am).

Wire info is below, that's the fastest way. I'll need your contact info as you want it to appear on the existing account (even though we'll be moving the channel to your other account, there will need to be a clear change of ownership with the existing account which I can initiate instantly). This includes the "developer name" you've chosen for your own account. I'll also need the email address for your new account so I can request the transfer thru Roku. And a separate email address to add to the existing Tesla account. Wire transfer to: Mary L. Wallace 5709 Lyons View Rd Knoxville, TN 37909 Routing: 064008637 Account Number: 16036696 Pinnacle Bank Checking

If it asks for a company name: Advergent.

Let me know if you have any other questions. As soon as your logo is done, you can send it to me to create the channel artwork in the correct sizes or I can send you templates to use if you prefer to do that yourself.


Once Transfer was Made all emails about updates were ignored and Facebook posts removed After Doing Deeper Research We realize Phil Autelitano has been robbing people for a long time who knows how many people have not said anything. If you or anyone you know has been robbed by Phil Autelitano please contact : BBB of Greater East Tennessee 255 N. Peters Road, Suite 102 Knoxville, TN 37923 (865)692-1600 eatures-mediarazzi-advergent-big-brands-tv-phil-autelitano-r-1464944​ | h ​ ttps://​ |

The​ Federal Trade Commission (FTC)​ also networks with relevant authorities and will advise on the next steps to take. You may also make a report over the phone by calling the FTC Consumer Response Center on 1-877-​FTC​-HELP (1-877-382-4357 I​F YOU PLAN TO DO BUSINESS WITH THIS CROOK BE WARNED!!! ALSO SHARE WITH OTHERS ACROSS THE WEB TO HOPEFULLY STOP OTHERS FROM BECOMING VICTIMS!

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