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Big on data Today, we see many rapidly evolving, potentially transformative technologies on the horizon

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spanning Internet of Things (M2M), mobile internet, Big Data and cloud. These technologies have transformed the way we access information and changed the way we communicate with the world around us. These powerful technological forces that make up the Digital Transformation where the Big Data has the power to be its most potent force. Social media, cloud and mobility will all drive business growth, but the ability to draw on defining facts from the Internet of Things could be the differentiator between an organisation’s success and failure. It is easy for individuals to be overwhelmed by the prospect of Big Data. The information

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that can give an organisation a competitive edge is within its grasp, but finding the needle within the proverbial haystack is no easy task. A recent study by auditors KPMG revealed that 85% of CFOs and CIOs did not know how to analyse data that they had collected. This shows there is work to be done both in finding methods to mine the data, and in reassuring customers that there is light at the end of the tunnel. In the rush to find this value-adding information, it is vital that organisations consider security implications when mining Big Data. According to Cisco’s recent 2013 Annual Security Report in the Middle East and Africa, the highest concentration of online security threats come from legitimate destinations visited

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by mass audiences, such as major search engines, retail sites and social networks. And given that these sorts of destinations are where social analytics and Big Data programmes are getting their data from, this is a problem that must be considered by those

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looking to exploit Big Data. Etisalat’s clean pipe technology allows secure access to this potential gold mine, and our behaviour-based security solutions (which are discussed in this issue) provide a concise advantage in this quest. A large number of organisations are unable to connect the dots because they do not fully understand how data and analytics can transform their business. Unless businesses tackle the problem of data collection and analysis one step at a time, they run the risk of giving

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themselves too many issues to tackle at once. Social media has a vital role to play in getting the most out of Big Data. It provides a valuable resource of information on market trends, and is something we at Etisalat plan to

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exploit in our quest for valuable information. An important aspect of our culture is having a well-planned solution in place to make the most of the third platform. Read on to learn more about how we plan to capitalise on this exciting technology, and in the process, help you transform your business.

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09 Big Data: The next frontier for innovation Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data — so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. The concept of analyzing these large volumes of data for trends and insights is appealing to any business looking to make better decisions, writes Mehdi Quiraishi, Senior Director of Digital Services, Etisalat.




Breaking barriers

Retail Banking – Branch of the Future


Technology is changing the retail landscape, forcing retailers to develop seam cross-platform shopping experience combining the best of digital and physical worlds.

Branches are emerging as a place where channels and technology converge to create a new era of personalized banking.

Etisalat partners with IDC for CIO Summit



Taking security to the next level

On the right track

In 2014, cybersecurity is a seemingly never-ending conundrum. Threats are persistent and mercurial, and solutions which may have sufficed several years ago are now ineffective.

Geotab, specialists in vehicle tracking and fleet management, uses Etisalat’s M2M Control Center to gather real time information and insights.



Ahead of the game

Taming BYOD with mobile device management

Etisalat has expended its array of mobility solutions to help its customers ride the crest of this new wave.


ICT Insight

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) continues to be one of the most influential trends reshaping the landscape of the mobile enterprise and the evolution of IT organizations.

Etisalat showcases m-health technology at Arab Health Etisalat receives ISO award for business continuity management Etisalat shines at CIO 50 Awards and Forum

Cover Story

Big Data: The next frontier for innovation Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data — so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. The concept of analyzing these large volumes of data for trends and insights is appealing to any business looking to make better decisions, writes Mehdi Quiraishi, Senior Director of Digital Services, Etisalat.

Big Data analytics is revolutionising how individuals, businesses and government agencies collect, store and analyse data. Driven by the explosion in the volume, variety and velocity of available data, Big Data analytics is answering new questions as well as providing more accurate and complete answers to questions that have been around for decades. The world has evolved from a transaction based society to an interaction based society as we all interact now far more than we transact via email, text and social media outlets and the Web. This has created an explosion of data in volumes and types never imagined just a few years ago. The market has responded to Big Data with new technologies that store and analyze any volume and type of data. The leading technology is Hadoop, an open-source storage and compute platform that leverages low-cost, commodity hardware and can linearly scale to 1000’s of servers. Hadoop and Big Data analytic solutions that run natively on Hadoop bring dramatic, cost-effective storage and analytics to Big Data users. These Big Data analytic applications are key to end-users since Hadoop by itself has no user interface and requires coding to perform any integration or analytic operation.

Etisalat Business Update


Cover Story

What’s most exciting about Big Data is that many organisations are not even coming close to utilising data

points, so much of the focus in for businesses needs to be on linking the three ‘V’s to find value for the organisation.

to its fullest extent. The Big Data phenomenon is going to

As Gartner’s prediction states, by the end of the decade

only grow as an opportunity for competitive advantage,

technology spending outside of the IT department will

but it first must address the key challenges that has been

become 90 per cent of total spend. Big Data will be a

holding back its growth.

major driver of that, as it offers clear and definable value to all parts of the business. To keep on top of the trend,

Is Big Data too big to handle?

organisations will want to work on educating different

Most organisations are collecting data right now, but

teams within the business on how to draw meaningful

they’re not necessarily doing enough with it to articulate

insights from Big Data and then execute on them.

the value around it. In coming years it will become more

A lot of the energy around Big Data in years past has

important for businesses to make a strong business case

been around social media - gathering interactions and

around the data they’re collecting in order to justify

using it to better target customers with tailored content.

continued investment in Big Data solutions.

But there is much more to be done. How many retailers

Big Data has three unique selling points - volume,

are making use of data gathering to understand how

velocity, and variety. These three ‘V’s can be linked to a

customers are moving through their stores? We can expect

fourth - value, which occurs when business value is linked

to see Big Data’s role move well beyond social media for

into each of the other ‘V’s. In other words, the business case

the innovative companies out there.

for Big Data will involve the collection of data on customer’s devices, preferences, activities, locations, and interests, and


this data will be analysed in real time to ensure a positive

Big Data analytics is changing the way enterprises and

customer experience. The velocity is critical because the

individuals gain insights from data. These insights are

value of information decreases sharply a short period after

driving increased revenues, lowering costs, detecting

it’s gathered. It’s impossible to make an effective business

fraud and providing a more complete view of prospect and

case for Big Data without meeting each of these selling

customer behaviour. The key to maximum benefit from Big Data analytics is the application of the appropriate technologies to a given use

Big Data offers tremendous promise, including opening the door to predictive analytics and improving operational efficiencies across a range of enterprise verticals.

case. Big Data analytics is not, in most cases, a replacement for traditional BI. For use cases that need to analyse moderate amounts of structured data, BI technologies are mature, well proven and appropriate. However, for use cases that involve analysis of large datasets, and or contain unstructured data or structured and unstructured data together, Big Data analytics is the clear choice.


ICT Insight

Vertical Insight

Breaking barriers Technology is changing the retail landscape, forcing retailers to develop seamless crossplatform shopping experience combining the best of digital and physical worlds. Etisalat offers tailor-made solutions for retailers to create a cohesive consumer experience.

The retail industry revolves around the customer more

and retailers, and particularly for consumer product

than any other Industry. It becomes imperative to not


just interact with the customer in a better way, but

The big question for retailers is the role of the store

also to ‘know’ the customer. Such knowledge helps in

in an increasingly digital world. Some retailers think

boosting profits, market share and customer loyalty.

digital commerce could put physical stores out of

“Challenges for retail industry are many in today’s

business completely.

business environment as divergences of market forces

Quraishi believes the most likely scenario is that

have created an extremely difficult climate,” says Mehdi

both stores and digital commerce will evolve in new

Quraishi, Senior Director, Digital Services, Etisalat.

and complementary ways, and that physical and online

In mature markets, the retail sector is constrained

channels may eventually become so intertwined that

in its ability to grow and maintain profit margins as a

consumers will no longer distinguish between them. Stores

result of a deflationary operating environment, market

that survive will offer omni-channel experiences that

saturation, lower consumer spending. There are

combine the best of digital commerce, easy comparison

also the immediate concerns of growing competitive

shopping, expert advice, low prices and broad choices

pressures, an increase in the number of alternative

with the best of physical shopping sensory experiences,

sales channels, a blurring of roles between suppliers

instant access, social interaction and easy returns.

Etisalat Business Update


Vertical Insight

New habits, new expectations Two omni-channel experiences are getting a lot of attention this holiday season: flexible fulfilment and the store as an omni-channel stage. Flexible fulfilment: shoppers value the ease of buying online, but that’s not the only factor in their decision making. Also important are delivery speed, security of the package, the cost of delivery, the ability to pay in cash and the ability to see and touch the product before buying it. Convenient delivery is a key pain point. But traditional retailers have a potential advantage in terms of fulfilment — their physical stores. One

As a consequence, the strategic focus of the sector is moving towards the emerging economies and expanding consumer markets, which offer new opportunities for growth through global sourcing, off-shoring and the development of modern retailing.

ambitious idea retailers are pursuing is redesigning stores as customer pickup and distribution centres.

been more important or challenging. Fortunately,

Retailers are facilitating in-store pickups of online

it is now much easier to accomplish with an

orders, shipping online orders directly from stores,

integrated approach to delivering retail initiatives and

shipping inventory between stores and accepting in-

applications. Etisalat Connected Retail strategy lets

store returns of online purchases.

you create a convenient and highly secure shopping

As a consequence, the strategic focus of the

experience by using technology to connect retailers,

sector is moving towards the emerging economies

shoppers, and suppliers . It can help you:

and expanding consumer markets, which offer new

• Reach mobile, connected customers

opportunities for growth through global sourcing, off-

• Maintain consistency across channels and customer touch points through etisalat multi-channel strategy

shoring and the development of modern retailing.

• Collaborate more effectively with employees and field managers through Etisalat unified communication &

Retail Industry Priorities As








demanding experiences,

retailers are not only expected to provide multiple touchpoints, but also a consistent shopping across the board. Other key priorities for the industry include:






Surveillance • Reduce capital and operating expenses through our managed services By using Etisalat network as your platform, you can

• Customer centricity • Operational

collaboration and Digital Signage platforms • Maintain





easily integrate access to information for every user, including employees, customers, and suppliers. Security,

• Increasing share of consumer wallet

management, rich connectivity, video, media, mobility,

• Multi-channel (A uniform & seamless shopping

voice, and identity services are enabled in the network

experience and branding across all their channels –

itself. Digital Signage solutions can display promotional

one view of the customer)

videos, tutorials, and other visual information that

• Reinforce advertising or promotions – through Digital Signage

enhances the shopping experience. As a result, you can provide your users with access to the information and people that they need, at any time and with any

How Etisalat can help you

device. With network-based services available to all

Etisalat enables retail to communicate, and thereby

devices, you can also execute new retail strategies and

be more effective, through the retail enterprise.

implement new applications far more rapidly, easily,

Connecting your brand to your customers has never

and cost-effectively than ever before.


ICT Insight

Services & Solutions

Taking security to the next level In 2014, cybersecurity is a seemingly never-ending conundrum. Threats are persistent and targeted, and solutions which may have sufficed years ago are now ineffective. What can orgnisations do to protect their data and infrastructure, and is it possible to thwart these new age attacks?









complex,” says Sudhir Menon, Senior Manager, Digital Security Services, Etisalat. “As technology has shifted from being simple to complex, so has the threat landscape. Attacks no longer just target one specific resource; they are more sophisticated and multi-vector. “This has largely stemmed from a wider attack surface that has come with new technologies. Today as the Internet of Things becomes a reality, information about an individual or an organisation can be acquired from a variety of sources.” Trends like ransomware and DDOS attacks convey this shift; there are a variety tricks attackers can use, and each poses a unique threat for an organisation. With hacktivism, groups are using defacement as a

Etisalat Business Update


Services & Solutions

says. “What is far more important however, is whether the spending is in the right areas. The reality is that by putting up a huge security barricade, you do not stop attacks. Even if a business buys best-of-breed technology, if it does not have the right mix between the right processes, technology and people, it will not achieve the desired results.” Abdulla Hashim, SVP Digital Services is keen to stress that Etisalat is able to cater not just for large organisations, but can devise programmes for all companies large and small, “Like large companies, SMBs can profit from our solutions,” he says. “Of course they don’t have similar needs, but if the delivery model can change to suit their needs and provides for better RoI, then that’s the best way for them to move forward. We’re able to deliver security options in an opex model, with plans that are suited for all organisations, depending on their individual needs.” A key feature of Etisalat’s security services is means of popularising their propaganda. Attacks are

providing customers with a ‘clean pipe’ as part of its

no longer just about showcasing skills or curiosity, but

internet services.

now there are serious financial implications.

“In essence, instead of a company having to invest

“The UAE market is very box-driven. The upside of

a lot of money in building infrastructure and getting

that is most of the latest technology from around the

the right people on the job, we will do it for them,”

globe is in the UAE, but the issue is whether you are

says Hashim.

getting the right set of products and services to give you the best protection,” says Menon.

As a service provider, security is of paramount importance to our own operations and within the

With analysts IDC predicting a Middle East IT spend

services we deliver to customers. Our security operations

of $32 billion for 2014, Menon is confident that the

centres play a vital role in ensuring we have the right

region has a positive approach to security investments,

combination of people, processes and technologies to

but is conscious of where the money is being spent.

provide reliable security services, he adds.

“Without doubt there is a huge spend on security not just in the UAE, but in the GCC region in general,” he






managed firewall services, as well as managed web and email security, and is a key player in security professional services and PKI. While disruptive technologies like mobility, Big Data

As a service provider, security is of paramount importance to our own operations and within the services we deliver to customers. Our security operations centres play a vital role in ensuring we have the right combination of people, processes and technologies to provide reliable security services.

analytics and cloud promise increased productivity and versatility within an organisation, the threat to corporate data is rife. “With a lot of enterprises mobilising their applications, contextual security is a market that has to be addressed,” says Menon. “While Etisalat offers MDM platforms,

ensuring the security of corporate data and networks. “As is consistent with our culture, we feel it is imperative to have a clear strategy from the beginning of security implementation, and to ensure it is tailormade to each organisation.”


ICT Insight

the most important

issue is understanding exactly what mobile security is;

Services & Solutions

Ahead of the game Etisalat has expanded its array of mobility solutions to help its customers ride the crest of this new wave.

The world of business is going mobile. Global

begin. To meet the growing demand, and to ensure that

enterprises and small to medium businesses alike are

businesses in the region experience a headache-free

adopting comprehensive mobility plans, both in terms

transition into their mobility plans, Etisalat has begun

of client-facing sales and marketing applications,

to focus on providing Enterprise Mobile Management

employee BYOD plans, management and productivity

for the progressive businesses of the GCC.

solutions. While the idea of mobility solutions is nothing

Etisalat’s goal is to provide solutions and manage them

new globally, plans are gaining momentum hold in the

so that CIOs in enterprises can innovate in IT and Mobility

Middle East market. Businesses around the region are

and contribute to their business growth. However,

beginning to adopt mobility plans and most solutions

with each business requiring different components for

are implemented and managed in-house. With a desire

different IT needs, Etisalat has a big order to fill. “The

to be abreast with technology and so many options

biggest challenge in enterprise mobility is addressing

available, implementing a mobility strategy for a CIO can

the diverse mobilizing requirements of each customer

seem like a daunting task, often not knowing where to

with complex and legacy IT infrastructure,� says Pramod

Etisalat Business Update


Services & Solutions

Kashyap, Product Marketing Manager, Etisalat. Despite complex IT requirements from customers, Etisalat’s suite of mobility solutions meets the brief from start to finish. The provider is offering end to end mobility solutions for customers in any business arena. “Today, we can offer smartphones, tablets, ruggedized devices, customized mobile applications, hybrid or native

We are an established mobility provider in the region, so clients can trust that we will be there for them long-term.

enterprise grade mobility applications with enhanced security, access to real time data, multi-platform support

Enterprise Mobility remained the top priority among

with desire service level availabilities to our customers

UAE CIOs with share of ICT spending to increase

in the region” says Pramod.

towards managed services than systems. “Etisalat has with

done the hard work of building assets through our

industry leader SAP. Under this partnership, Etisalat will

networks, data centres and partnership with best of

offer on premise and cloud based mobility management

breed solution providers, it is a logical extension that

solutions. Through the platform, enterprises can use

we start utilizing them to provide managed mobility

readily available pre-built mobile applications for

services to enterprises in the region.” Etisalat is always

diverse industry verticals or quickly mobilize their

looking to the future, and leveraging its infrastructure

existing IT applications irrespective of the back-end

to further support MMS which is an important focus for

infrastructure used by the enterprise. With real time

the company at this time.





data available on the device, sales can qualify and

Enterprises can consume these services without

close deals; HR workflows can be enhanced; Finance

the worry of changing their existing infrastructure to

approvals can be shortened and overall productivity of

meet new demands. With Etisalat taking care of the

departments within an enterprise will increase.

implementation and management of mobility solutions,

Mobility solutions for asset intensive industries like

businesses can concentrate on simply doing business.

Oil & Gas, logistics where devices are used in harsh

The philosophy is simple – mobility shouldn’t be a pain

work environments can also be offered through the

point for customers. Partnering with Etisalat for mobility

platform. A mCommerce portfolio on the platform will

solutions releases businesses from managing all of the

help banking industry in offering B2C applications.

moving parts of a mobility solution plan. “Through our

Government and public sector can utilize the platform

Managed services products, we are already managing

to transform their existing e-services to m-services and

so many of our customer’s on-premises solutions,

offer it to residents of UAE.

mobility is just an extension to this area in which we

Another area of Enterprise Mobility management is

excel,” says Pramod.

through Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). BYOD programs

Beyond providing the tools to clients to maintain

are already being informally deployed by enterprises

connectivity between customers, employees and the

in UAE. Enterprises need security and agility, and

home office, Etisalat is also in the business of providing

their employees demand better user experience on

long-term customer care to clients that implement

their devices. Etisalat is offering solutions to address

mobility solutions. “From an enterprise point of view,

looking to support the needs of its clients in regard

we would like to be the preferred partner of choice

to streamlining a BYOD environment. “I think BYOD is

for Enterprise Mobility management,” says Pramod,

going to increase in the future and stretch itself into

“We are an established connectivity provider in the

management of mobile devices, applications, email, and

region, so our customers can trust us and get the

content. No longer will employees have to go to a public

much needed convenience in dealing with one partner

sharing folder to share corporate content. Instead they

for all their mobility needs with guaranteed service

will use secure containers within the device to share

levels to match their requirements.” Globally, as new

information among teams or partners,” says Pramod.

trends emerge in the area of technology, Etisalat is

Indeed, managed mobility solutions are warming up in the region. A recent regional survey revealed that


ICT Insight

committed to bring in these innovations to the region and offer to its customers.

Deep Dive

Retail Banking – Branch of the Future Branches are emerging as a place where channels and technology converge to create a new era of personalized banking. Mehdi Quraishi, Senior Director, Digital Services, Etisalat, takes us through how tech is changing retail banking and Etisalat’s Branch of The Future offerings.

In this new world, banks are engaging with customers in very different ways. For some banks, branches are emerging as the new, technology-enabled centerpiece in the relationship with customers, a place where channels and technology converge to create a new era of personalized banking. “Gone are the days when branches represented a onesize-fits-all solution for all demographics and services. The onset of digital technologies has resulted in a divergence of the banking environment. While self-serve digital channels cater to transactional activities, branches provide relationship-based activities that require proximity,” says Mehdi Quraishi, Senior Director, Digital Services, Etisalat.

Etisalat Business Update


Deep Dive

The Branch of The Future may see the digital world

• Does it reduce the cost of banking operations?

come into the branches, rather than replace them. The

• Does it contribute real growth to the business?

advent of digital technologies has not been lost on banks.

• Does it maximise the return on investment?

Many banks have begun leveraging the latest innovations in technology to offer a personalised banking experience.

If all the channels are not judged against the same

For instance, some banks in western world converted its

measures in this way, the customer experience will be

branches into specialised branches where customers can

variable, and each channel will remain segregated with its

get expert advice on mortgages and small businesses via

own objectives. The result of true integration will be the

video-conferencing supported by integrated document

emergence of a single face of the bank to the customer

sharing functionality coupled with integrated scanner and

with a clear set of objectives and service. Some of the key

printer to send and retrieve signed documents. Similarly,

characteristics of the branch in the future will be the need for


increased speed and efficiency, and for the branch to be rich






technology such as media walls, interactive kiosks and

with information that is directly relevant to each customer.

work benches that enable customers to self-navigate

Etisalat contribution to the solution is The Branch of The

and gain information on a wide array of products and

Future, a concept for the future that places connectivity at the

solutions, and also conduct transactions.

heart of bank operations, which will open the door to a whole

Etisalat recognises this need, and has the expertise and resources to offer a multi-faceted solution in the form of The Branch of The Future, underpinned by the kind of connectivity that will support advanced applications such as multi-channel integration and video-conferencing. The Branch of the Future will transform the customer experience. Customers can be coached in the use of

range of technology, applications and services. The vision of an Branch of The Future involves all aspects of banking: • How can technology and communications make a modern bank fast, agile and cost-effective? • How can banks make step changes to what they do? For example, in increasing levels of service and reducing costs.

automated methods of banking, while staff are made available to sell more products or provide specialist

The first focus for The Branch of The Future is directly

advice. In this way, the branch will return once again

on the branch, which is the most obvious start. The project

as the flagship of the retail brand, be more relevant and

will then be guided by input from stakeholders (banks,

useful to customers, while dramatically reducing its own

staff, consumers and technology partners) to fine tune

running costs.

existing ideas and develop new ones.

The most effective models of future branches will

While customers gain from an increasingly multichannel

be the ones that address the current problems as


part of a multi-channel strategy. As with all of the

themselves can turn their attention to giving advice to

channels, the branch of the future will need to pass

customers and selling financial services and products,

three essential tests:

creating a better return for retail banks as a whole. This






will also improve morale and self-image amongst staff who may feel that their roles have been taken over by the newer telephone and internet services.

Gone are the days when branches represented a one-size-fits-all solution for all demographics and services. The onset of digital technologies has resulted in a divergence of the banking environment. While self-serve digital channels cater to transactional activities, branches provide relationship-based activities that require proximity. 14

ICT Insight

The Branch of The Future is a blueprint for the retail banks to deliver a higher quality of customer service, while driving their own sales far more effectively at the same time says Mehdi. The strategic use of technology in The Branch of The Future can allow for a much more concentrated focus on the customer, from both the applications themselves, and also from the staff who work in the individual branch. Understanding what customers want is the key to success. Strengthening the relationship between customers and branches should be the primary role of the bank of the future.

Case Study

On the right track Geotab, specialists in vehicle tracking and fleet management, uses Etisalat’s M2M Control Center to gather real time information and insights.

Johan Wolhuter, Regional Manager, Geotab, woke up one morning with a problem. An entire group of vehicles that the global leader in fleet management tracks had simply disappeared. The state-of-the-art tracking systems that would normally be pumping out real-time telemetrics on location, speed, refrigeration temperatures, even tire pressure had fallen silent. This was, to put it mildly, alarming. Geotab’s entire business model is about providing, via M2M technology, companies that manage fleets of vehicles specific, real time and precise measurements and information about their vehicles. The SIM cards that are installed in each vehicle are the key to providing such data through M2M communication. “We have a very low failure rate

Etisalat Business Update


Case Study

globally – around .54 percent,” says Wolhuter. So when

platform. It also delivers authentication and real time

the vehicles disappeared in the GCC region, he knew he

management of M2M connected devices. The Control

had a very real problem.

Center can also be customised with easy to program

Not one to panic, Wolhuter investigated the issue. “It

rules. The user-friendly interface allows businesses to

was a full failure of the SIM cards,” says Wolhuter, “each

set rules, decide what will trigger those rules and set an

SIM had received an SMS requiring it to be registered

action to take place when the rule conditions are met.

to the mobile provider. Because the device is installed

Etisalat provided Geotab with a unique, real-time

securely inside a vehicle without the need for human

view of how each device was connected on the Etisalat

interaction and haven’t used SMS technology since

network. This feature allowed Geotab to analyse and

the mid-2000s – the SMS was never received and the

control how the vehicles were working in the field, and

mobile operator deactivated the SIM cards.”

respond immediately to any situation. It was this type

A simple misunderstanding, Wolhuter went to his

of access that Geotab needed to manage their fleets.

mobile provider and explained that the tracking devices

“With Etisalat’s M2M Control Center, we can make

would not be able to receive an SMS to register, and

the vehicle a mobile platform. We can send messages

that deactivating the SIM cards would be devastating to his business. The provider seemed to note the issue, but

Johan Wolhuter, Regional Manager, Geotab

to drivers through the GPS devices installed in each vehicle, and we can monitor exactly where and what

the next month the SIM cards were deactivated again.

each vehicle is doing at any given time,” says Wolhuter.

“As the SIM card is literally our only point of failure,

The M2M Control Center also gives Geotab full control

this was just not an acceptable situation for us.” It was

over the SIM cards themselves. Geotab is able to

at that point that Wolhuter found Etisalat. He learned

activate and deactivate devices on their own at the

about Etisalat’s M2M Control Center and knew that he

touch of a screen. “This gives us control from the time

would be changing providers.

a customer signs on, throughout their contract,” says

“The difference between Etisalat and our previous


provider was huge for us,” says Wolhuter, “They

Geotab is also now able to run detailed diagnostics

understood what we needed and were able to provide

on any device. “We are the largest fleet company with

both much needed support and independence in regard

active data management globally, with almost 450,000

to access to our own data.” Most importantly, Etisalat

monitored vehicles,” says Wolhuter, “It is mission critical

provided Geotab with a point of contact that understood

that my devices stay online, because if my customer

their business. No longer did they have to connect with

can’t see where his vehicles are then what is the point?”

a call centre and speak to a new person every time that

With M2M Control Center, employees at Geotab, and of

didn’t know the situation perfectly. The pain of going

course Wolhuter himself, can pinpoint any vehicle. “I

over past issues each time he called in was eliminated.

remember sitting with a client, using an iPad to watch

With a face-to-face point of contact, Geotab wasn’t

his vehicle make a delivery. We sat, watching the tiny

stuck explaining the issue time and time again.

point go across the screen as it entered an area that we

In addition to consistent and understanding customer

knew had a low signal. We kept waiting for the point to

support, Etisalat provided Geotab with the freedom to

disappear, and it never did.” It was then that Wolhuter

look into their own data. Employees at Geotab were

knew he had made a wise decision.

able to access the data that had been uploaded from

Geotab’s success story with Etisalat’s M2M Control

the Etisalat SIM cards, and interpret it with their specific

Center is just one of many. The system can be put

expertise through the Etisalat M2M Control Center. This

in place to monitor and manage M2M applications in

cut out the step of going through the provider to view

devices like Smart Meters, ATMs, Health Monitoring

interpret the data, cutting down on turnaround times

Devices and Vending Machines. The Control Center

and increasing productivity. Etisalat’s M2M Control

can get to market quickly, help control business costs

Center applications go beyond monitoring the status of

and improve efficiency. With continued support from

equipment, they gather real-time data from connected

Etisalat, implementing, deploying, managing, scaling

machines. This data can be interpreted by a customer

and customising M2M monitoring can put any business

like Geotab through Etisalat’s hosted and secure

in control of their M2M data.


ICT Insight

Services & Solutions

Taming BYOD with mobile device management Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) continues to be one of the most influential trends reshaping the landscape of the mobile enterprise and the evolution of IT organizations. The influx of powerful mobile devices into the workplace

access corporate email, calendar, and contacts, etc. As

is changing how users access and consume enterprise

more and more personal devices become prevalent in the

resources. IT managers are establishing policies with

enterprise, workers are using these devices to access

BYOD access as the norm rather than the exception due to

enterprise resources and applications to do their daily

increasing demands from employees and executives who

jobs. With employees using personal devices for mission

embrace this megatrend. Enterprises are beginning to see

critical job functions, mobile device management (MDM)

BYOD as an opportunity rather than a challenge. There

are becoming increasingly important. Functions such as

is no longer any doubt that enterprise IT departments

ensuring that a device can be locked and wiped remotely

are adapting to mobile devices (smartphones, tablets,

in case it gets lost or stolen or when the employee is

laptops, etc.) in the corporate workplace to meet user

terminated are becoming a necessity.

expectations and leverage new technologies to boost worker productivity. IT needs to balance productivity with security and coordinate business justification with the various line of







momentum towards meaningful infrastructure, security, and wireless innovation and provide a solid rationale for BYOD investments.

business owners to implement BYOD programs within an

To understand the benefits and the challenges BYOD

enterprise. On one hand, employees are demanding access

poses, it is helpful to understand the business trends that

from devices not only within the corporation, but also

are hindering or driving BYOD adoption.

beyond the firewall. On the other hand, risk management dictates that corporate data must remain protected.

Role of MDM in the Enterprise Network – Mobile Device Management is designed to help an enterprise rapidly

The Etisalat BYOD Solution delivers a unified

and securely deploy mobile devices and applications

workspace that increases workforce productivity with

with policy, compliance, configuration, and application

high quality collaboration on any device, anywhere.

management to minimize risk. Large enterprises are

Etisalat BYOD Solution is a complete, yet flexible and

extremely interested in delivering general-purpose as well

secure BYOD solution that one can easily tailor to meet

as custom-built corporate applications to their workforce.

an enterprise’s needs.

Etisalat enables IT administrators to manage large-scale

When BYOD is properly implemented, it delivers an

deployments of mobile devices. Quickly enrol devices

uncompromising, work-your-way user experience and

in your enterprise environment, configure and update

enables organizations to secure data with unified policies

device settings over-the-air, enforce security policies and

and essential controls.

compliance, secure mobile access to corporate resources,

Mobile devices are turning into general computing

and remotely lock and wipe managed devices.

devices with faster components and better integration

By implementing a BYOD program, or a hybrid of

and support in connecting to enterprise systems. They

corporate- and employee-owned programs, enterprises

are being used by employees to perform their regular

can allow employees access to corporate resources and

job functions. In many cases, each employee owns

ensure that their data is protected and secure.

multiple devices which they use for personal as well as business work.

Etisalat provides unprecedented choices over the types of devices you deploy and the device ownership models,

The BYOD market was initially centered on allowing

without compromising the security and management of

employees, partners, and guests to connect to the

your mobile fleet. Etisalat provides a flexible model for

corporate networks and be able to perform a limited

asset management, policy enforcement and distribution

number of basic functions, such as access the Internet,

of profiles and apps based on device ownership.

Etisalat Business Update



MARKETING’S BIG CHANCE: DATA DELUGE The consumer decision journey is generating huge amounts of data




Successful marketers have figured out how to use data to squeeze billions more from marketing and help their companies grow.

Global Marketing spend per year


Better marketing analytics can improve the returns 10-20%







of European consumers carry out web searches on their mobile devices in stores


of mobile activity is data (not voice)

CMOs today face mounting pressure to deliver above-market growth, manage growing amount of data, and adapt to arapidly changing technology landscape.


of consumers worldwide use digital channels as part of their purchase journey


Minimal amount if data stored by US companies with more than 1000 employees




of CEOs “Marketers are always asking for more money, but can rarely report explain how much incremental business this money will generate.”



8 6

50% of companies surveyed reported struggling to measure the impact of digital marketing on sales and profits. According to a survey of the chief marketing officers:


SOURCE: McKinsey & Company

of projects do not use marketing analytics to inform decisions


of campanies do not measure the ROI of their social media.


higher productivity for big data leaders vs. other companies


higher profits for big for big data leaders vs. other companies



Revenue 1999-2009 10 year CAGR Big Data Leaders Other Companies






Marketing Mix Modeling drives on average - 14% profit improvements

Series of big compaigns, each spending beyond point of diminishing returns Diminished ROI Max ROI








5 - 14

Series of big compaigns, each spending beyond point of diminishing returns

15 - 24


25 - 34 35+

higher profits for big for big data leaders vs. other companies

Provit improvement: (%)

Marketing ROI increase

Diminished ROI


25% 2009






Direct mail to broad customer segment Inmmediate incremental

Short-term memory effect

Long Term Brand Growth

Average increase in profit of promoted products

Sales Impact

Brand Maintenance Without marketin investment, a brand’s base would declineover long term

Brand Base



MARKETING MIX MODELING (MMM) Immediate effect: 0-6 weeks Memory effect: 2-3 months Incremental effect typically responsiblefor 20%-40% on total sales

BRAND MARKETING Long-term effect: 3-5 years Typically responsible for 60%-81% of total sales

Many smaller targeted campaigns: + 100 campaigns per year + 2 million customers + 10 million transactions




Etisalat partners with IDC for CIO Summit facilitate effective use

said: “The consumerisation

of ICT applications and

of technology has made it


imperative for the CIO to balance business needs

At the pre-summit press conference, Mehdi Quraishi,

with opportunities and risks

Senior Director Product

involved in business. Today

Management and Marketing,

they are actively involved in

Etisalat participated in

making business decisions

a panel discussion held

as well as strategic long

Today, the role of IT

‘Digital Revolution-Advances

ongoing need for technology

focusing on ‘Technology

term partnerships of the

professionals has evolved

that will transform life,

to bring in transformation to

and Transformation’.


and is critical to bring

business and the global

stay ahead of the curve.

Experts gathered to discuss

in transformation in the

economy’, he said: “In today’s

new business world, said

business environment, the

Abdulla Hashim, senior Vice

role of IT professionals

President, Digital Services, Etisalat UAE.

The annual IDC CIO

key opportunities and

Summit attracted more than

is a strategic event which

challenges facing the IT

300 industry professionals

helps us engage with the

industry today in bringing

converge to hear a

is constantly evolving

relevant stakeholders and

this transformation in an

discussion on the new types

and the infrastructure is

showcase our range of

enterprise environment.

of challenges faced by CIOs

Hashim was speaking

becoming increasingly

services and solutions.

Jyoti Lalchandani,

as a result of third platform

at the 7th IDC CIO Summit,

complex, creating the

Etisalat has always strived

Group Vice President

technologies – the cloud,

held in Dubai between

need for new skillsets. As

to offer an unparalleled

and Regional Managing

big data, mobility and social

24-25th Dubai. Delivering

technology becomes even

level of expertise to

Director for IDC Middle


the key note address on

more advanced there is an

implement, support and

East, Africa, and Turkey

“The IDC CIO summit

Etisalat showcases m-health technology at Arab Health Etisalat showcased its latest mobile health (mHealth)

and revolutionising healthcare services with a fully-

technology at the Arab Health Exhibition and

integrated patient health information system.

Congress, the largest healthcare event in the Middle East and Asia. Developed in line with the regulations and vision

Commenting on Etisalat’s participation at Arab Health, Abdulla Hashim, Senior Vice-President, ICT, Etisalat UAE said: “We are committed to harnessing

of the Ministry of Health, Etisalat showcased its

the power of mobile connectivity through innovation

innovative “Learn Anywhere-Anytime” technology

to develop products that change people’s lives for

in partnership with iHealthEngines, a rewards based

the better and help to accelerate social and economic

platform for health education and change management

development in UAE. Etisalat’s advanced infrastructure

that empowers consumers to take charge of their

and technological expertise will enable convenient and

health. Leveraging the power of Personal Medical

accessible healthcare in the UAE.”

Education Credit Scores (PME) and incentives,

“Learn Anywhere-Anytime” is aimed at both the public 1:07 pm - 30 Jan 14

Habib Rahman Etisalat is always great 8849630647.84288.107009842653217/6960747 67080052/?type=1

3:56 pm - 30 Jan 14

Namita V Suri Etisalat always comes with attractive offers 2321691969.13401.107009842653217/6961716 63737029/?type=1&relevant_count=1

5:35 AM - 17 Feb 14

the platform enables hospital systems, insurers,

and private healthcare sectors and offers users a wide

pharmaceutical companies and employers to drive

range of mHealth-based services on their smartphones,

patient education and engagement.

which connect them with medical professionals.

@EtisalatUAE You are doing a great job #EtisalatMyChoice keep it up

Specifically in the UAE, the platform is highly strategic to

During the event, Etisalat UAE signed a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the

medical service providers, supporting increased revenues

Ministry of Health (MOH) in support of eHealth,

and quality, strengthened relationships with patients,

mHealth and Digital Hospital, with the aim of

and referrals of community physicians.

improving healthcare standards in the UAE. As part

The platform can be used to train clinicians and

of the agreement, Etisalat will build a world-class

credentialed network physicians (CME and non CME

healthcare infrastructure and increase the network

Education) to improve quality of care and increase patient

connectivity of the Al Wareed Project, the first and

referral rates, ultimately helping to reduce the number of

largest public healthcare initiative in the region aimed

patients who travel abroad for medical treatment.


ICT Insight

Tugay Hakan @Turtugol

8:23 AM - 16 Feb 14

wasim shaikh @wasims9

100MB downloaded in like 5 seconds. Awesome internet speed. Thanks @EtisalatUAE :-)

Etisalat receives ISO award for business continuity management business in order to better serve our business customers. “It also reaffirms our resilience and ability to continue to provide services during crises and emergencies with the least possible disruption.” Etisalat MSS and Data centre hosting business is also ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified and has received its report under the International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) 3402 Type II (formally SAS 70 type II). MSS is one of the core departments within Etisalat, providing a range of managed services including, network management services such as routers, switches, voice and UC management, as well as security management services such as secured remote access, firewall and unified threat management, hosting, data centre and application management. The solutions cater to Etisalat’s business customers in the UAE Etisalat has been awarded the ISO standard certification for Societal

and provide a proactive monitoring, management and service support

Security – Business Continuity Management by the British Standards

agreement on a 24/7 basis throughout the year from Centralised

Institute (BSI).

Customer NOC and SOC equipped with latest technologies and tools and

The ISO 22301:2012 certification, which was developed to help companies manage the risk of disruptions as a result of a major disaster

manned by IT Professionals and Engineers. Ahmad M. Darwish, SVP/Customer Service Engineering, Etisalat UAE,

or minor incident, is indicative of Etisalat’s commitment towards about

said: “This achievement is a key milestone for Etisalat and highlights

implementing a National Emergency Plan.

our efforts towards ensuring that service levels are on par with

Etisalat received the award for its Managed Services Solutions

international standards. We offer a distinct advantage to our customers

(MSS) and Hosting Data Centre and Fixed Network during a ceremony

and this certification emphasises to our clients and stakeholders that

at the company’s Alkifaf Building, Dubai on February 13, 2014. The

we can provide them with uninterrupted business operations under all

announcement comes after the telecom major’s Mobile Networks


Certificate was upgraded from BS 25999 to ISO 22301 in November

The international standard provides a framework for companies in implementing procedures that will ensure the continuity of their critical

2013. Commenting on the announcement, Tareq Alkharji, SVP/Data Centers

businesses during exceptional circumstances. The objective of this

and Cloud Solution, Etisalat UAE, said: “We are delighted to receive this

continuity plan is to protect the company from disruptive incidents such

prestigious award from BSI. Attaining the ISO 22301:2012 certification

as fires, unavailability of information systems, pandemics, and malicious

reinforces our commitment towards improving all aspects of our

acts by reducing their potential impact on its business.

Etisalat shines at CIO 50 Awards and Forum CIO 50 Awards and Forum. Etisalat was the main sponsor for the event, which brought

mobile data services and social media. Irfan brings 17 years’ of global

together the 50 leading CIOs in the region to

telecommunications experience to his role

honour their innovative use of IT to progress

at Etisalat and is responsible for providing

and aid their organisation’s goals.

large enterprises with services and solutions

During the event, Etisalat’s Director/ Solutions Architecture-ICT, Irfan Ali, gave

across the spectrum of digital services. Abdullah Hashim, Senior Vice President,

the industry keynote speech on Digital

ICT, Etisalat UAE, meanwhile, presented

Revolution, which covered topics including

awards to the winners during the ceremony,

Etisalat is one of the most innovative

the role of digitisation in economic growth,

which took place at The Jumeirah Beach

companies in the region at this year’s CNME

disruptive technologies and the explosion of

Hotel, Dubai on 27th January 2014.

Etisalat Business Update



Etisalat offers 2-month free rental for new Business Ultimate customers Etisalat is rewarding its

plans of AED 49, 99 or 199

John Lincoln, Senior

and large enterprises. New

new post-paid customers

and in return receive rental

Vice President, Business

customers and those who

by waiving 2 months’

waivers on the first & 13th

Marketing, Etisalat, said:

upgrade by joining us will

rental on its Business

months. They will also

“We, at Etisalat, have a

benefit from the pricing

Ultimate packages. This

enjoy up to 260 minutes

customer-first approach

transparency, flexibility

offer is also a golden

of international /national

and always believe in

and predictability that this

opportunity for 055 & 052

calls, limited free SMS and

providing differentiated

offer brings to businesses.

The Business Ultimate

mobile series customers to

data capacity on monthly

and customised solutions

Businesses will experience

post-paid packages were

upgrade to Etisalat without

basis. The upgrade will

to our customers. The

the difference when

launched last year to

changing their numbers.

enable businesses to

Business Ultimate

partnering with the UAE’s

address the needs of

enjoy the best value for

packages have been

leading telecom operator

business customers and

subscribe to Business

money and transparency

designed to cater to the

and digital services

deliver real value their

Ultimate postpaid rental

of package.

specific needs of the SMEs



New customers can

Etisalat inks pact with SAP for enterprise mobility lower entry cost for

source technologies

a strategic opportunity

be at the forefront of

enterprise-grade mobility

which makes it device

in building and offering

helping to make this a

management with faster

and tools agnostic.

cloud based Managed

widespread reality. These

Mobility offerings for the

solutions will help bring

time to market, thereby minimizing the cost and

government departments

private and public sectors

about the transformation

risk of implementing and

or enterprises can

in the UAE, as mobility

to smart cities.”

maintaining a mobility

achieve quick mobilization

is increasingly becoming

Sherif Hamoudah,

infrastructure. They

of their IT applications

critical in the day-to-day

Head of Telco at SAP

also offer flexibility

through pre-built mobile

business operations.

MENA, said: “Our mobility

and scalability to any

applications or develop

“Along with SAP,

Etisalat has partnered

organisation, geography

enterprise grade hybrid

Etisalat will bring in

considerable value to

with SAP to deliver a

and usage model.

mobile applications. The

innovation in the way

businesses of all sizes

platform also includes

government services

across the UAE, and

comprehensive range

In order for businesses

solutions can be of

of enterprise mobility

to leverage mobility

mobile solutions for

are offered and the way

Etisalat is a strong ally

services and solutions to

for their competitive

asset intensive industries

enterprises are run, with

for us to reach our widest

businesses of all sizes in

advantage, Etisalat

such as oil and gas,

the ability to ‘run once,

audience yet with these

the UAE.

mobility solutions

logistics and warehousing

deploy everywhere’.


address the development

where readily available

Our goal is to improve

which was announced

and usage of mobile

productivity applications

their ability to compete

enterprise demands

during Mobile World

applications, control

like Asset Manager and

and thrive and to drive

simplicity, and an

Congress in Barcelona,

of mobile devices,

Inventory Manager can

innovation. Increasingly,

intuitive user-experience.

Etisalat will build and

security and compliance

be effective.

and necessarily, the

This is a partnership that

offer cloud-based and

requirements, as well

Abdulla Hashim,

future of the UAE is

is all about empowering

on-premise mobility

as the management of

Senior Vice President,

being shaped in the cloud

the end-user. We want

management solutions,

the overall enterprise

Digital Services, Etisalat,

and on mobile devices

to help businesses

based on a robust

mobility strategy.

said: “Businesses in the

along with data-driven

exceed customer

The SAP Mobile

UAE have to be mobile-

real-time decision-making

expectations, drive sales,

SAP. Such solutions

Platform is based on

enabled to develop and

and strong leadership.

boost loyalty and reduce

offer companies a

open standards and open

compete. Etisalat sees

Etisalat is proud to

operational costs.”

Under the partnership,

mobility platform from


Through the platform,

ICT Insight

“The unwired

Etisalat unveils first of its kind surveillance solution Etisalat has launched its

“Businesses today are

network and data centre

new Smart Security and

increasingly concerned

facilities by a trusted

Surveillance solution,

with security and

partner for sensitive data,

the first of its kind in

procedures and technology

this competitively priced

the UAE, which protects

must effectively prevent

solution customers added

customers from theft,

vandalism, accidents,

peace of mind.

vandalism, accidents and

or unlawful building

unauthorised entry.

access from disrupting

SMBs and large enterprise,

Aimed primarily at

daily operations. For

Etisalat’s Smart security

has partnered with LG

video surveillance, many

and surveillance solution

Electronics, to provide

companies still use closed

is offered with a managed

customers with a fully-

circuit TV but this is

service contract and up to

hosted end to end IP

not an efficient way to

three year payment plan.

based solution offering

view property and asset

The service is offered on

security features such


a performance based SLA

The telecom major

IP-based cameras work

and requires no upfront

infrastructure, the video


surveillance system

with monitoring software

becomes part of the

and network attached

data network and can

storage devices to allow

step in the evolution

be integrated with

improved event search

one step ahead of any

of video surveillance

other business systems

and retrieval and remote

Vice President, Digital

unwarranted activity.

technology. By connecting

to provide enhanced

management of the

Services, Etisalt, said:

Operated via an extensive

to the existing IP

surveillance capabilities.

physical security.

as live on-site video

“Our exciting new IP-

streaming, centralised

based solution is a one

video archiving, remote

stop shop for security

video playback, alarm relay

and surveillance allowing

surveillance is the next

and video analytics.

business owners to stay

Abdullah Hashim, Senior

IP-based video

Etisalat rolls out Cloud digital signage solution audio and visual content

immediate faulty device

signage solution allows

to a display. By utilising


businesses to reach

Abdullah Hashim,

their key audiences and

customers can quickly

Senior Vice President,

grow revenue by making

and efficiently deliver

Digital Services,

their communications

multimedia content

Etisalat, said: “Digital

more relevant and

via a reliable, scalable

signage is seen as


network and system

the next big thing for

and enjoy features

advertisers, marketers

of our offering allows

such as remote content

and promoters in a

customers to create

uploading and real-time

wide range of market

cost effective, eye-

content editing.

segments including

catching, interactive

retail, hospitality and

marketing solutions fast

subscription basis, the

entertainment and is

and efficiently, giving

service is available on

often preferable to

a particular campaign

cloud technology,

Available on Etisalat has launched its Cloud digital signage

to SMBs. The telecom major

“The dynamic nature

solution, designed to

has partnered with LG

a 24/7 basis through

printed signage because

timely exposure to a

address the advertising

Electronics to provide

managed services

content is visually

target audience through

and promotional needs

state-of-the-art digital

including remote system

dynamic, targeted,

a network of displays all

of business customers

signage, a method of

monitoring, proactive

flexible and affordable.

managed from a central

from large enterprises

relaying interactive

customer support and

Our cloud digital


Etisalat Business Update


ICT Insight - Big Data (March 2014)  

The technology industry is changing. The power and decision makers are shifting. The phrase ‘money talks’ is definitely applicable as CFOs b...

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