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Beyond expectation CEO Andrey Golov explains why Security Code can deliver cloud security products that go beyond protecting virtual machines. Andrey Golov, CEO, Security Code



How does your organisation’s technology help to enable an innovative culture in organisations that consume it? Cybersecurity is an integral part of today’s digital business. Digital risks and digital adversaries will continue to challenge organisations, and more losses should be expected. In a 2016 study of non-IT executives, 71% said that concerns over cybersecurity are impeding innovation in their organisations. We provide a comprehensive set of solutions to reduce cybersecurity risks for the most demanding government, energy and lawenforcement organisations.



AGC'S DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION SOLUTIONS AND APPLICATIONS Harnessing emerging tech to enable true transformation:



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About AGC Networks AGC Networks (AGC) is a Global Solution Provider representing the world’s best brands in Unified Communications, Data Center and Edge IT, Cyber Security (CYBER-i) and Digital Transformation & Applications to evolve the customer’s digital landscape. AGC’s ability to tailor solutions is strengthened by seamless services. For more details visit www.agcnetworks.com

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This set of solutions is based on the assumption that all underlying infrastructure might be already hacked. So, we need to preserve sensitive data in vulnerable infrastructures. To accomplish this, we overlay key security mechanisms by our own trusted ones. We can securely process sensitive data on endpoints, then safely transfer it through the network to private cloud and control the data there. Do organisations in the Middle East have the luxury of being able to work on innovation-driven projects? Middle East organisations have achieved a very good pace of innovations and innovation-driven projects. The key reason is a nexus of four forces: government vision, tech-native and savvy youth, fast growing economy and late adoption advantage. Governments in the GCC region understand the importance of innovations for improving quality of life of citizens. Tech-native youths demand innovations because it’s part of their lives. A fast-growing economy will fuel those innovations. And absence of significant investments in legacy infrastructure will make it easier to start from the scratch. Give examples of how your organisation’s technologies or services have been used to enable innovation in organisations across the Middle East. Our solutions help our customers to keep sensitive data safe. We provide three products:

“Our solutions help our customers to keep sensitive data safe.” 6


Security Code CTO Dmitry Zryachikh Secret Net Studio for Data - Unlike traditional data leakage prevention systems, we don’t rely on content analysis. We mark every sensitive file as confidential and restrict its transmission only to approved networks, devices or users. Security policy is applied to files and virtual machines tagged as confidential. It allows you to spend less resources to support appropriate data security posture. vGate - Unlike most cloud security products, we don’t secure virtual machines. We control the security posture of the private cloud and administrative access to the sensitive virtual machine

datastore. So, if a hacker gets access to the private cloud management system, they won’t do any harm to the sensitive VMs. Secret Net Studio Trusted Environment - Every standard endpoint protection solution works inside the operating system. But what if the operating system is hacked? Can we still trust the endpoint protection product in this case? Trusted Environment operates below the operating system and is completely invisible to it. It externally controls endpoint protection products and even if hackers try to deactivate it, we won’t allow them to do this.



Create directly on screen with our most natural pen experience The Wacom Cintiq Pro 32 and 24 are advanced creative pen displays. Combined with Wacom Pro Pen 2, they offer an experience designed to enhance every creative breakthrough.

Wacom Cintiq Pro 32 Featured artist: David McLeod

Transform your Wacom Cintiq Pro into a creative pen computer Its innovative design attaches seamlessly into the back of your Cintiq Pro 24 or 32, eliminating tangles of cables, and creating a convenient working environment.

Wacom Cintiq Pro Engine

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The new paradigm Asim Saud AlJammaz, vice president of AlJammaz Distribution, explains why networking is crucial in making GITEX a success, and why the firm hopes to educate customers on cloud, AI and IoT. Asim Saud AlJammaz, vice president of AlJammaz Distribution,

Give a brief overview of AlJammaz Distribution. AlJammaz Distribution is the leading value added technology distributor in the GCC and the Middle East, which distributes advanced technology products, solutions and services in the areas of data centres, infrastructure, cloud, IoT, networking, collaboration, cybersecurity, servers, storage, wireless mobility, broadband and Internet access, consumer gadgets and lifestyle products.   We do business through our channel partners; AlJammaz Distribution serves the financial, industrial, education, telecoms, hospitality, healthcare, government, SMB and consumer sectors, offering highdemand products at the lowest possible cost. Our portfolio includes leading technology suppliers such as: Cisco, Dell EMC, Veritas, Technicolor, Honeywell, Linksys, Lenovo, CommScope, Panduit,

APC, Rittal, Ruckus Wireless, Netscout, Fluke Network, Microsoft, White Hat, NEC, STC Business Services, Tenable Networks, Nexthink, Ring, Alibaba Cloud, Infrascale and XbOx. What do you hope to achieve at GITEX Technology Week 2018. We want to meet with our partners around the region and share with them the latest trends in technologies in hyperconverged and data centres, and to inspire channel partners about cloud opportunities and how can they use them to address and solve end user problems. We also want to show end users the latest technologies in surveillance systems and facial recognition at our stand, (Hall 3 entrance, Stand C3-1), to demonstrate different IoT solutions that channel partners can use to solve customers issues, solutions around cybersecurity, collaboration and wireless

We do business through our channel partners; AlJammaz Distribution serves the financial, industrial, education, telecoms, hospitality, healthcare, government, SMB and consumer sectors, offering high-demand products at the lowest possible cost.

that can help enterprises to secure and do their business better. Will you be making any announcements during the show? There will be several announcements that we will make during Gitex, including new partnerships around cloud solutions, AI and IoT. How does GITEX continue to be a relevant platform? I do believe it is one of the best events around the world, where quality visitors attend to connect with peers, network with Vendors, systems integrators and other end users, to learn from vendor experts and experience demos. For example, we will be actively participating together with some of our leading vendor partners to meet with our IT reseller partners, and of course share our experiences and know-how to further develop our IT reseller partner community and their capabilities, especially in new trends such as cloud, AI and IoT. How should partners ensure they have a successful Gitex? Plan the visit ahead of time, decide the technologies they need to know more about and search who is demonstrating them, and plan important meetings and have time to network with peers, friends and customers.

Network smarter Allied Telesis give their take on why technology “should lead to simplicity and convenience” and what to expect from the firm at GITEX.


Are you launching any new products or services at this year’s GITEX? GITEX will see Allied Telesis launch our new, world-first hybrid wireless solution in the Middle East region.

ball is rolling, the private sector will also add to this ecosystem. In our view, IoT will be a key area of technology where all sectors will start focusing, although at this stage, it’s mostly revolving around manufacturing.

What are the most exciting technological developments to have affected the Middle East in the last 12 months? I think governments are becoming very tech-savvy, and are using technology in the best ways available to them. For example, in the UAE, initiatives like smart city transformation, the Dubai Data Law, paperless government government and happiest city Initiatives, are all government-led and can only be achieved with the use of technology. They’re all great. Once the

What kind of changes are you expecting to see in technology


“In our view, IoT will be a key area of technology where all sectors will start focusing.”

over the coming year in the Middle East? Technology should lead to simplicity and convenience. The end deliverable should solve a major problem for users. That’s what drives the success of technology. Our slogan ‘Network Smarter’ describes just that. Can you highlight any major regional customers you have on-boarded over the last 12 months? How are they using your technologies and services to grow their business? We have customers in the Middle East across various verticals. The advantage of Allied Telesis solutions is that we have a broad portfolio that enables us to meet the customer’s technological and commercial expectations.



NETWORK SMARTER Experience the world′s first hybrid wireless solution


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The spirit of invention

Taj El-Khayat, regional director for Citrix Middle East & North Africa, highlights how the firm helps to foster innovation internally in order to deliver the best possible flexible working environment for customers.

Taj El-Khayat, regional director, Citrix Middle East & North Africa How does your organisation’s technology help to enable an innovative culture in organisations that consume it? Organic innovation – the process of inventing breakthrough technologies in-house – plays a key role in keeping technology companies competitive and healthy. That’s why it’s critical to foster innovation within the company culture. Be it cloud services or security or adapt to a digital office that is on the go, Citrix has helped companies stay ahead of the predictable, by ensuring they can focus on innovation while we take care of their IT needs. What does innovation mean to your organisation? Innovation has been a core part of our Citrix DNA from the beginning, and our ability to successfully foster that spirit of invention has played a key role in our continued success. Citrix continues to find new ways to encourage



creativity, motivate our smartest people and stretch our boundaries to fuel organic innovation through a variety of approaches. We host Tech Fairs to give our brightest product teams a chance to show off their concepts to senior executives and their peers. We plan and host Citrix Hackathons, and we provide Innovation Hubs as places where our best and brightest engineers and product managers can hang out and create. Is innovation a question of doing more with less, or does it demand high investment? At Citrix, we firmly believe that technology can be a great liberator. It should free organisations to push the limits of productivity and business operations, empower people to work from anywhere at any time all without compromising security. Innovation is indeed about focusing on your critical resources to accelerate business outcomes instead of managing

day-to-day IT tasks, which is made possible with Citrix solutions and services. A large part of success for companies lies in investing in innovation, however companies need to undertake careful planning and alignment with business goals to ensure these investments position IT as a change agent and prepare the business for the future. Do organisations in the Middle East have the luxury of being able to work on innovation-driven projects? The Middle East has undergone a profound transformation that has led it to become a collection of modern states with a high standard of living. The region, with its respective governments, is focusing on creating economies that are more



technology and knowledge-driven – we are indeed seeing a great push to drive innovation backed by government support. Give examples of how your organisation’s technologies or services have been used to enable innovation in organisations across the Middle East. Bank Muscat, the largest bank in the Sultanate of Oman, uses Citrix XenApp to deliver banking applications to the Windows PCs used in bank branches. It relies on Citrix NetScaler to provide secure access to the apps, plus XenMobile to provide access for mobile employees. Financial software applications, such as the treasury application Murex or the financial messaging platform SWIFT, often have very specific installation requirements to protect their security. However, with Citrix features like Application Isolation, AppDNA and Load Evaluator, the IT team can meet the most stringent requirements and deliver the applications that Bank Muscat’s staff require.

“Our ability to successfully foster that spirit of invention has played a key role in our continued success.” competitive market like the Middle East, there is no better time for businesses to enhance their existing environments to more rapidly shift to a digital business model. Innovation is key to survival and Citrix is in a unique position to help companies embrace cloud-first, mobile-first strategies and to address any number of business challenges - all while ensuring the data is kept secure at every point along the way.

Are organisations in the Middle East waking up to the need to innovate or face being put out of business? In a fastpaced,

@tahawultech www.tahawultech.com



Define the future

Mohammed Amin, Dell EMC’s senior vice president for the Middle East, Turkey and Africa, explains how the firm is helping the Middle East to achieve its digital transformation ambitions.

Mohammed Amin, senior vice president, Dell EMC

Give us some background on Dell EMC’s products and services. Dell Technologies is a unique family of businesses that provides the essential infrastructure for organisations to build their digital future, transform IT and protect their most important asset, information. The company provides the essential infrastructure for digital business and IT transformation by bringing together



strong capabilities in the fastest-growing areas of the industry, including hybrid cloud, software-defined data centre, converged infrastructure, platform-asa-service, data analytics, mobility and cybersecurity. Dell Technologies is a leader in numerous high-growth areas of the $2 trillion information technology market, with a portfolio, sales team and

R&D organisation across four globally recognised technology franchises – servers, storage, virtualisation and PCs. The Dell Technologies family of businesses includes Dell, Dell EMC, Pivotal, RSA, SecureWorks, Virtustream and VMware. It stands as a $79.9 billion market leader with the industry’s most expansive portfolio from the edge to the data centre to the cloud.



Reasons for exhibiting at GITEX and what you aim to achieve at the show Given the pace of progress in the Middle East with organisations preparing to enter this next era of human and machine partnerships, we believe that there is immense possibility on the horizon. It is a crucial time for businesses to either grasp the mantle, transform their IT, workforce and security, and play a defining role in the future or be left behind. GITEX brings these critical conversations to the fore, and this year we will be demonstrating the unparalleled strength of Dell Technologies in enabling and shaping organisations in the UAE and the whole of Middle East, Turkey and Africa (META) region to lead the frontlines of innovation. Can you give examples of your research that shows how technology will shape the future? According to recent research by Dell Technologies, only 27% of regional businesses believe they are ingraining digital in all they do while nearly half (45%) don’t know whether they’ll be able to compete over the next decade, and the majority (68%) of businesses are struggling to keep-up with the pace of change. In this pivotal time, Dell Technologies partners with businesses to provide capabilities spanning strategy development, consultative services and solution deployment and support to help customers and partners drive the digital transformation of their businesses. With an attentive and relevant audience, GITEX is the perfect opportunity to share our latest news and plans for the near-term and the longer-term future, around products, solutions, initiatives, partnerships, and much more. By 2050, the world population will reach 10 billion people, compared to 7.6 billion today. This demographic boom comes with big challenges that could lead

@tahawultech www.tahawultech.com

“Dell Technologies is committed to creating technologies that drive human progress.” to chaos. The connected city presents the attractive opportunity of improving quality of life and facilitating a continuously innovative environment which not only caters to residents’ needs, but is also able to predict their future requirements and demands. Today, future urbanism is not only a topic of interest but one of increasing relevance. Dell Technologies is committed to creating technologies that drive human progress and we look forward to the opportunities GITEX presents for collaboration and innovation towards future development. Can you give some examples of regional contract wins or other success stories? Digital transformation is a priority for businesses in the region and we have witnessed and increased adoption of technology to tackle challenges and drive human progress. Dell EMC has recently collaborated with pioneering public organisations like Dubai Municipality and Abu Dhabi Monitoring and Control Centre (ADMCC) to advance the nation’s innovation agenda and facilitate the development of smart cities. With the aim of embracing digital transformation to interconnect public and private services, increase innovation and efficiency, and provide credible measures to enhance safety and security of the citizens of the capital through surveillance cameras, ADMCC collaborated with Dell EMC to build an advanced control centre.

The transformational project includes the deployment of industry-leading, highly available and space efficient solutions to build an advanced control centre and manage mission-critical applications, which can monitor and analyse video streams from surveillance cameras. Leveraging Dell EMC ViPR Controller, storage automation software, to optimise the control centre will reduce human error and the number of staff focusing on managing the infrastructure, compared to the existing setup. In addition, these scalable, secure and highly available solutions will enable ADMCC to meet their surveillance data needs and simplify management of unstructured data. This move comes in the light of enabling government agencies to better pre-empt and respond to emergencies and safeguard the city’s inhabitants. Dell EMC also announced a strategic collaboration with Dubai Municipality to create an integrated and agile technology foundation. This landmark project aims at driving the city’s advancing innovation agenda and contributing to the overarching goal of transforming Dubai into the world’s smartest sustainable cities by 2020, by offering digitally enabled services. With a mandate to transform the IT foundation, Dubai Municipality worked with Dell EMC to implement their strategy and enable virtualisation capabilities using software defined scale-out infrastructure. In addition to helping the entity in reducing the complexity of managing the IT infrastructure, the growing number of smart services and the resulting data, this solution also allows the IT staff to focus more on innovative projects, rather than maintain the infrastructure. Together with Dell EMC, Dubai Municipality has created a truly advanced and agile platform to transform its position as a broker of smart services and add real value to the way citizens live their lives.



Strength in diversity Exclusive Networks’ managing director Nathan Clements highlights why the firm is a trusted cloud and cybersecurity partner, and what the Middle East can expect from the launch of its Cloud Training Centre. Nathan Clements, managing director, Exclusive Networks

Give us some background on your company’s products and services. Exclusive Networks is a global trusted cloud and cybersecurity value added distributor, with headquarters in Europe. Exclusive Networks accelerates market entry and growth for innovative cybersecurity and cloud technologies. This makes us the go-to choice for vendors and reseller partners. Our business model of a single touch/ multiple markets specialist distributor is unique. We combine specialist value-added technical and marketing support, with the volume and reach of a global distributor. Reseller partners around the world rely upon us to boost their business opportunities and achieve new revenues from the changing technology landscape. Exclusive Networks continually challenges traditional distribution



models, redefining value and creating differentiation. Why are you exhibiting at GITEX and what do you aim to achieve at the show? Gitex is one of the most important platforms for us as we can showcase our cloud and cybersecurity solutions to a massive audience across five days. The past two years have seen Exclusive Networks Middle East rapidly evolve and adapt so that we can remain relevant to our vendors and our customer base. We have been very focused on adding new vendors and setting up a new, highly passionate and energetic team, to work towards the group’s growth objectives. This year at Gitex, we will be officially launching Exclusive Group’s first cyber and cloud super centre. Our ideology revolves around conveying the message that we are a proven

and specialised distributor not just in the security realm but also in cloud. In the past few months, we have been training our partners on cloud technologies, in addition to the usual security workshops we host. We will also be launching our ‘Cloud Training Centre’ which enables us to deliver authorised and approved cloud training to technical and sales teams across the region. We have diversified and grown our portfolio, which will be a major highlight for this year’s show. There are around 15 vendors we are actively working with as of today. Some of our new relationships with vendors will be formally launched at Gitex 2018.  The vendors we currently work with include: Nutanix, Rubrik, Fortinet, F5, SentinelOne, Gigamon, Gemalto, Infoblox, Skybox, Ivanti, FireEye, Exabeam, Cloudian, Pure Storage and Mellanox.



“We are enjoying a period of sustained growth.” Can you highlight any regional contract wins or recent success stories? We are enjoying a period of sustained growth. It’s easy to say this growth has come from our existing vendors and also the addition of new vendors and services. In parallel to this, we have a strong and highly motivated team which has allowed us to consistently deliver good growth. We have worked hard and have been successful in making Exclusive Networks a place where people aspire to work, and once here, all of our team are constantly trained and developed so they can be the best in their field. Our vendors and our channel partners appreciate and understand the value of our team, and enjoy working with them. We’re never complacent, we live by the saying “if you do the same things, you get the same results”, so we meet regularly with our vendors and our partners and always look for ways to challenge ourselves so we are constantly improving and evolving.

@tahawultech www.tahawultech.com



More with less Sunil Paul, co-founder and executive director of Finesse, gives his take on why the appetite for innovation in the Middle East is driving enterprises to pursue the latest and greatest in technology. Sunil Paul, co-founder and executive director, Finesse How does your organisation’s technology help to enable an innovative culture in organisations that consume it? Finesse has a renowned digital transformation-enabling ecosystem for our clients, in addition to the integration expertise we provide. Observing the evergrowing IT consumption model, we offer customised technology solutions with a structured approach towards automation processes. We mitigate risks using solid project management principles. What does innovation mean to your organisation? Innovation is a vital aspect of technology and adds value to businesses. Finesse brings in innovation with every solution in our portfolio. Finesse is a one-stop system integrator for enterprises to get a plethora of innovative solutions, including business intelligence and analytics, Blockchain, RPA, CEM/CRM, infrastructure solutions and cloud enablement amongst other business-critical applications. Is innovation a question of doing more with less, or does it demand high investment? Robust digital transformation comes at a



cost, and Finesse provides all clients with quality services and technology. Digital transformation is providing a competitive edge to businesses in all verticals and that requires a subtle amount of investment. Nevertheless, technology is all about reaping more out of lower investment, and automation helps to achieve that in the long run. As a system integrator, Finesse ensures quality and resultoriented business solutions. Do organisations in the Middle East have the luxury of being able to work on innovation-driven projects? Yes, organisations in the Middle East are highly competitive and adaptive to innovative technology infrastructure. Finesse has a wide customer portfolio with many renowned companies as clients in this region. Companies from all verticals in the UAE are focusing on digital transformation and working towards generating revenue in a costeffective manner. How have your organisation’s technologies or services been used to enable innovation in organisations across the Middle East? Finesse has successfully delivered

services to a department of the Dubai government. It is the first ever initiative of its kind within the government arena. Along with the Qlik Analytics Platform, Finesse launched an automated communication platform to provide the public and businesses with necessary information. We enabled easy access to a wide range of high-value data that had been accumulated over years by the government. Finesse has collaborated with many renowned companies and worked on various futuristic endeavours in Blockchain, RPA and with other innovative technologies. Are organisations in the Middle East waking up to the need to innovate or face being put out of business? The Middle East is showing rapid growth in technology adoption and is utilising the most innovative solutions. The current offers an array of opportunities for solution providers like Finesse. The region is investing heavily in development innovation clusters and companies are utilising the best technological innovations in the UAE. The region is swiftly transforming into a digital world that is accessible from everywhere.



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Audra Simons, director of Forcepoint Innovation Labs, explains why innovation has “no set budget”, and why it must always be done to solve specific problems. Audra Simons, director of Forcepoint Innovation Labs How does your organisation’s technology help to enable an innovative culture in organisations that consume it? Forcepoint’s risk-adaptive technologies offer two benefits: one is to reduce traditional security friction pain points. Billions of events come across the SOC and the only practical way to deal with these is through technology which truly understands what’s considered normal or anomalous behavior and activity – and filter out the rest. This frees up security teams to focus on the activities that pose the greatest threat, and also gives them time back to look at more innovative projects within a business. The second benefit is to help our customers truly understand their employees’ behaviours and motivations as they interact with data and IP, providing security based on risk associated with a particular individual. With context from our solutions and an understanding of baseline behaviours of individuals, customers can identify when an anomaly in behaviour is truly of interest or just a change in behaviour with good reason, like a new project or change of a job role. Perhaps these insights into behaviour can identify a broken business process, and give security and cross-functional teams the early-warning system needed to fix problems before workarounds cause a security incident.



What does innovation mean to your organisation? Innovation flows throughout the culture of Forcepoint and is instilled across teams, particularly engineering. We achieve this through regular ideation and patent harvesting workshops, R&D Days, and global hackathons across 12 regions, to provide an opportunity to mine the brightest minds within our organisation for potentially evolutionary and revolutionary ideas. There is also a business case for this activity, where successful prototypes go into the portfolio roadmap.   Is innovation a question of doing more with less, or does it demand high investment? Innovation is about de-risking the investments of the business and identifying the ideas that will deliver the products and revenues of the future. It is experimentation, research, discovery, and testing ideas. It is interacting with customers to understand their insights and pain points and then identifying if ideas solve real business critical problems. It’s not just creating for the sake of creating. The aim is to find the ideas that are worth investing in, to drive future success. There is no set budget – innovation can be run on a shoestring or at a huge investment.

Give examples of how your organisation’s technologies or services have been used to enable innovation in organisations across the Middle East. In 2018, we’ve been able to implement SDWAN with native NGFW security in organisations across the Middle East. Forcepoint’s network security products combine latest in software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) with the industry’s top-rated next generation firewall (NGFW) security, all managed at enterprise scale from a single policybased console. Organisations of all sizes in retail, hospitality and financial services are benefiting from our central management console, keeping all locations protected and managed centrally, and enabling them to update policies organisationwide in minutes, not hours. This allows organisations to reduced MPLS costs, cut IT complexity and ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations. We’re also bringing our DLP customers on a journey towards Forcepoint Dynamic Data Protection. By adding human-centric behaviour analytics, we’re offering next-generation data protection that adaptively shapes and enforces security policies across enterprise endpoints or devices, without requiring administrator intervention.



SEE FURTHER. RESPOND FASTER. PROTECT SMARTER. Today’s enterprises need sophisticated cybersecurity, the type that can quickly identify changes in risk and adjust controls in real time. At Forcepoint, our risk-adaptive security approach integrates best-in-class products with behavior analytics, bringing you better risk insights and automated remediation.

Learn more about risk-adaptive security at forcepoint.com

‘Innovate for a digital Middle East’ Alaa ElShimy, vice president and managing director of Huawei Enterprise Middle East, gives a preview of what GITEX Technology Week 2018 visitors can expect from the tech giant’s presence. Alaa ElShimy, vice president and managing director of Huawei Enterprise Middle East New technologies like 5G, artificial intelligence, and smart cities are revolutionising how governments, businesses, and consumers interact with the world around them. In the spirit of openness and sharing wisdom, we are hosting our third annual Innovation Day on the sidelines of GITEX Technology Week 2018. Held under the theme, ‘Innovate for a digital Middle East’ the one-day event is a platform for luminaries and industry experts to gather and discuss how all can work together to embrace digital transformation and forge ahead on the road to an intelligent world. With the aim of promoting a 5G ecosystem in the Middle East region, we will start the day with a 5G Ecosystem Conference held under the theme ‘5G is Now, from eMBB to Digital Society.’ The second part of the event will focus on AI and smart cities, under the theme ‘Embrace digital transformation, the road to intelligent world’, where discussions, opinions, and sharing experiences will take place on how AI and smart cities are transforming and reshaping the world we live in. As a leading global provider of information and communications technology infrastructure and smart devices, Huawei views the Middle East as a significant market where the company can contribute to the development of



the ICT industry, bringing digital to every person, home and organisation for a fully connected, intelligent world. Huawei’s end-to-end portfolio of products, solutions and services are both competitive and secure. Through open collaboration with ecosystem partners, we create lasting value for our customers, working to empower people, enrich home life, and inspire innovation in organisations of all shapes and sizes in the Middle East region. Huawei is committed to bringing its global expertise and latest innovations to the Middle East region and creating maximum value for governments, telecom operators, enterprises and consumers. Our long-term enterprise strategy in the region is to build a digital ecosystem through which Huawei can help our Middle East channel partners meet their customers’ needs by bringing in the most cutting-edge artificial intelligence products and solutions, enhancing connectivity and improving user experience across different domains. Through joint innovation with our customers, partners, and peers, we hope to achieve growth across all industries, creating a robust win-win ecosystem for organisations throughout the region. GITEX is an ideal opportunity for Huawei to showcase our innovative products and

solutions which are being deployed across multiple vertical sectors. This year, our presence at GITEX will be building on the importance of AI as one of the future’s leading technologies. We will use GITEX as a platform to launch and showcase a range of exciting new products, with a particular focus on AI. These will include: • Huawei’s full-stack, all-scenario AI solutions • The FusionCloud 6.5, a next-generation enterprise-class full-stack intelligent private cloud solution • The FusionAtlas intelligent computing solutions: an AI enablement platform based on ‘One Cloud, One Lake and One Platform’ architecture to help enterprises accelerate cloud migration and achieve digital transformation • For unified cloud communication, we will showcase EC3000, the latest integrated platform to facilitate enterprise video conference and cloud communication • In the field of wireless technology, we will showcase the latest eLTEDSA solutions, which overcomes the challenge of insufficient continuous dedicated spectrum resources around the world by using 4.5G technology to aggregate traditional VHF/UHF narrowband discrete spectrum into broadband spectrum resources











OUR HIGHLIGHTS • 50 products developed since 1995 • 400+ experts in 3 R&D centers based in Russia • Technological partnerships with Intel, Microsoft, VMware, Kaspersky lab • Company is acknowledged by Gartner as a Cloud Workload Protection Platform developer

WHAT IS INDEPENDENT SECURITY BY SECURITY CODE? Attackers always keep one step ahead of the specialists responsible for protecting corporate infrastructure and sensitive data. There are two reasons: • Organizations are not ready for frequent updates of critical endpoints because of the dangers of suspending critical business processes • Most means of protecting endpoints rely on a trust to operating system; if an attacker gains control of the OS, it cannot be trusted further. Our ‘independent security’ concept assumes that the data and OS on virtual and physical servers should enjoy two layers of protection: standard security mechanisms plus an additional control circuit. The additional control circuit duplicates several critical processes, such as user authentication, control over the integrity of OS elements, and control over access rights. Some of these mechanisms are implemented through control of the external environment beyond the protected OS which minimizes the risk of an attacker circumventing them.

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In-built innovation

Johnny Karam, regional vice president, emerging region, Veritas, gives his take on why effective data management strategies provide a platform for innovation. Johnny Karam, regional vice president, emerging region, Veritas

How does your organisation’s technology help to enable an innovative culture in organisations that consume it? In the Middle East region, innovation is now increasingly regarded as a key driver of growth, so much so that it is integrated into the strategic visions of governments across the region. Here in the UAE, as part of the government’s ‘National Innovation Strategy’ there are more concerted efforts to drive innovation, and in investing in digital technologies that accelerate the innovation growth curve. Organisations with clean integrated data assets will find it much easier to conduct data analytics, which in turn accelerates innovation. For the region, we also see significant opportunity in the small and medium enterprises (SME) sector, another core area that the governments are promoting, for their ability to innovate and contribute to the gross domestic product. What does innovation mean to your organisation? Innovation is part of Veritas’ DNA. We see tremendous value in how we can collaborate with our customers in the region, enabling them to drive innovation through our solutions that help collect, store, analyse and utilise data to gain a competitive future.



In-house, we leverage our team of highly knowledgeable professionals to help drive innovation. For example, we recently invited our customer experience team to help us redesign the user experience (UX) of our latest NetBackUp product. Traditionally a role for IT developers, we decided to crowdsource ideas from a wider spectrum of talents, to get to know how our customers are actually using our products. The new UX is so well received, in fact, that we are now applying this model across our entire suite of products.

Do organisations in the Middle East have the luxury of being able to work on innovation-driven projects? Of course, and we see robust results in this direction in the region. Investing in innovation is not an option anymore; it is an imperative for any organisation to survive and thrive, and we see a focused drive by most organisations to nurture a culture of innovation, especially by drawing on young talent and advanced solutions in data management.

Is innovation a question of doing more with less, or does it demand high investment? You need to invest time, resources and money to deliver new innovations, but budget constraints often mean organisations need to think creatively. Before you launch into any new innovation project, the first step is to understand what business or customer challenge you want to solve. It’s easy for people to get sidetracked by exciting new ideas and forget why they are doing it in the first place. Having clear goals and objectives, and a detailed strategy will guide you to successful innovation. And you may even find that some of the talents, resources or projects already exist within the organisation without the need for high investment.

Give examples of how your organisation’s technologies or services have been used to enable innovation in organisations across the Middle East. Through our data solutions, we have organisations to streamline processes through our Enterprise Vault: Automated Data Retention & Email Archiving to help centralise and automate the retention of data; our NetBackup 8.1.2 solution; the InfoScale Enterprise, a software-defined storage and availability solution for demanding enterprise environments, and other business critical services. What these solutions do is allow enterprises to free up their time and resources – as well as talent – to focus on promoting in-house innovation.




Outside the box Mario M. Veljovic, general manager of VAD Technologies believes that looking after partner needs is paramount, and that GITEX serves as a great platform to foster relationships. Mario M. Veljovic, general manager of VAD Technologies

Give a brief overview of VAD Technologies. VAD Technologies is an established IT and technology value added distributor, headquartered in Dubai. We cater for enterprise and SME markets through a strong channel footprint across Middle East and North Africa, and deliver world-class technology products and solutions to transform the IT landscape. What is the company’s primary objective at GITEX? For VAD, it’s all about strengthening our existing relationships with vendors and partners, as well as building many new ones. GITEX is the key event of the year for the ICT industry and for all that are actively involved. How does GITEX continue to be a relevant platform? As most of the key senior executives are in town, GITEX still remains a key venue to finalise new agreements and



seek more investment into the region’s channel ecosystem.

“Great innovations will help to drive faster ROI and lower TCO.”

How should partners ensure GITEX is successful for them? GITEX helps to build new relationships, but as it grows year on year, everyone should have a clear plan of what to see and who they should meet. Partners should look out for new disruptive and innovative solutions this GITEX. Do your research before stepping into the show.

But yes, ultimately great innovations will help to drive faster ROI and lower TCO.

What does innovation mean to your organisation? Innovation for VAD means constantly striving for ways to add value to our partners and help achieve their business goals.

Do organisations in the Middle East have the luxury of being able to work on innovation-driven projects? I would rather see innovation-driven projects as a necessity to stay relevant to our business Partners.

Is innovation a question of doing more with less, or does it demand high investment? It’s about thinking out of the box and spending quality time with partners to understand where real value can be added.

Are organisations in the Middle East waking up to the need to innovate or face being put out of business? Absolutely, it’s a necessity to stay relevant to our business partners.



@tahawultech www.tahawultech.com



Game changer

Mamoun Abdullah, channel head of ZyXel, highlights how the firm is positioned to enable high quality connectivity to consumers and enterprises. Mamoun Abdullah, channel head of ZyXel

How does your organisation’s technology help to enable an innovative culture in organisations that consume it? ZyXEL’s award-winning product – the Multy X AC3000 Tri-Band Wi-Fi System allows customers to blanket their home in seamless Wi-Fi, allowing multiple devices to remain connected even as you manouevre throughout your home. The Multy X Wi-Fi system supports the 802.11ac Wi-Fi network standard and supports tri-band connectivity with one 5 GHz band dedicated to network backhaul, while the other 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies support end user connections. Wireless devices can take advantage of enhanced Wi-Fi

“An innovation is not just a change but a game changer.” 30


speeds of up to 3000 Mb/s thanks to MU-MIMO technology, giving you the power to stream multimedia content on your tablet, game on your laptop, and download large files all at the same time. If a wired connection is required, the Multy X comes equipped with three Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports and a single Gigabit Ethernet WAN port providing a fast, reliable wired connection. What does innovation mean to your organisation? Innovation to me is when a change or update is made to something that already exists, but it dramatically improves its efficiency, productivity or outcome. Whether it’s an improvement to a system, product, service, curriculum, an innovation is not just a change but a game changer. Is innovation a question of doing more with less, or does it demand high investment? It requires investment but in the

long run it is a case of paying less for more benefits from innovative technologies. Do organisations in the Middle East have the luxury of being able to work on innovation-driven projects? Yes, most of the organisations in Middle East believe in change for better results. Our tailor-made solutions help clients in achieving their technical objectives. Are organisations in the Middle East waking up to the need to innovate or face being put out of business? The Middle East is becoming renowned as a technology hub, with the United Arab Emirates one of several nations focusing strongly on technological innovation. A number of key initiatives put into motion by the federation of emirates look set to drive technology, with digital transformation taking off in key sectors including government, banking, transportation and healthcare.







Innovate for a Digital Middle East

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Huawei Middle East 3rd Innovation Day 2018



October 15, 2018 | Dubai | UAE

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It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend the third annual Huawei Middle East Innovation Day – “Innovate for a Digital Middle East”– Date & Time: 09:00-17:00, Monday, October 15, 2018 (GITEX Day 2) Location: Sheikh Maktoum Hall, Dubai World Trade Centre

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