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ComplyTec RSA Services

Supercharge your security with help from ComplyTec’s RSA experts

Whether you’re embarking on a RSA SecurID implementation, an upgrade or if you simply want on demand support from a knowledgeable team, you can count on ComplyTec. We make improving your IT security faster and easier by pairing you with senior-level experts, following our proven design and implementation processes, and by providing standout customer service.



“ComplyTec Services was there when we were in a tight spot in terms of getting out RSA SecurID Systems Integrated. ComplyTec provided invaluable knowledge, integration experience and training for Aviya. This was especially critical for us during COVID 19 as our operations moved to a fully remote workforce. ComplyTec took care of us when we needed them most.”


1 ComplyTec SecurID Services

What’s next for securing your environment?

RSA SecurID has everything you need to address today’s unprecedented challenges with authentication, access management and identity governance without compromising security, ease or convenience. Whatever priority is next on your list, lean on ComplyTec to avoid costly mistakes, delays and disappointing outcomes.

Implement RSA SecurID

RSA SecurID provides complete identity and access management, including authentication and governance, on a single trusted identity platform Our RSA experts will customize the system to suit your unique environment and preferences and make the job of your IT security team easier

Move to the cloud

RSA SecurID gives you all of the benefits of cloud storage without any of the worries Here are just a few of the things you’ll appreciate about RSA SecurID:

99.95% availability

Availability coupled with a unique on prem failover authentication capability that enables on premise RSA SecurID deployments to seamlessly pick up access if internet connectivity is interrupted

Tailored to user environments, user/device risk profiles, and organizational preferences, including biometrics, one time password (OTP), push to approve and passwordless authentication

MFA options in the cloud

Risk-based authentication

Stepping up authentication only when access risk warrants it, based on advanced analysis of user and device behaviors

Preparing to move to the cloud or adopt a hybrid model? Our experts can guide the process from start to finish to ensure all aspects of the cloud adoption have been considered, shaped and executed properly.

Roll out a zero trust strategy

Zero trust is about establishing the right level of trust before granting access to a user. RSA SecurID supports this with a range of multi factor authentication (MFA) methods, as well as governance and lifecycle capabilities to enable governance based authorization of access. Our experts can help you put your zero trust strategy into action by expanding your existing RSA SecurID system, or designing and implementing it from scratch

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Having a hybrid workforce securely access resources from anywhere and any device requires sophisticated identity and access management With cyber crime more prevalent than ever, organizations need the latest and best technology, which is why so many choose RSA SecurID paired with multi factor authentication (MFA) It secures your perimeter, is extremely user friendly, and decreases the work and stress for your IT security team

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3 ComplyTec RSA Services Wondering about the benefits of MFA over 2-factor authentication? Here are 5 reasons to upgrade:
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Expert help you can count on

In a sea of big companies selling every solution under the sun, we’re different by design. For nearly 20 years, we’ve chosen to specialize in just a few solutions including RSA SecurID so we can provide you with unparalleled expertise Today, we’re the vendor of choice for many of North America’s largest organizations using RSA SecurID

We’ve also built our reputation by offering best in industry customer service. At ComplyTec, you deal a dedicated, senior expert, who takes the time to get to know your team and your business. We are easy to get a hold of, we act fast, and you’ll know us all by name. It’s different here at ComplyTec and we’re proud of it. Just let us know what you need and we’ll get it done right.


Implementation Services for RSA SecurID

Expert help with the initial installation and deployment of your RSA SecurID software, including but not limited to, a number of applications.

Upgrade & Expansion

Upgrading services for RSA SecurID

Assistance with expanding user counts, adding additional agents, and upgrading, patching and fixes to the authentication manager console

MFA Rollout

Rollout RSA SecurID MFA

Expert help to ensure a smooth implementation and rollout of your MFA authenticators


General RSA SecurID consulting and support

A set number of hours that can be used for any RSA SecurID services you require

Remote 4 Day: $225 / hour $7,200 CAD

Remote 2 Day: $225 / hour $3,600 CAD

Remote 3 Day: $225 / hour $5,400 CAD

Custom Quote by Project

Angelo has over 20 years’ experience planning, managing and integrating IT solutions He excels at making technology work well for users, and has done so across a multitude of platforms, including RSA SecurID

Patrick Chouinard


For 25 years, Patrick has worked deep in the technical aspects of IT security. He is known in the industry for his expertise, his work with RSA SecurID, and the numerous implements he has led

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