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BUILD • DRIVE • ENJOY From: CKC Medical Centre Symptom: Empty garage Prescription: Take one CKC Survival Pack and read thoroughly Dear reader Welcome to the Complete Kit Car Survival Pack! Within the new CKC Survival Pack you will find information that will cure your fear of the IVA regulations, dull the pain of registration and ease the stress of getting a competitive insurance quote. But most importantly, the Survival Pack also includes in-depth details on many of the big players within the kit car industry, endowing you with a rush of enthusiasm to get into the garage and build your own dream car. There are supercar replicas, classic car recreations, Lotus Seven lookalikes and a myriad of other intriguing, fascinating and downright bonkers machines you can put together at home to create something completely unique. In addition, don't forget the Survival Pack's other vital benefits, those being a superb Ultima GTR poster to put on your garage wall and give you sweet dreams, four exclusive CKC postcards which you can send to your friends to make them feel happy too and finally you can head to the Complete Kit Car website ( to claim your free quality calendar. If anything is going to give you a warm feeling inside, this superb free calendar is the perfect prescription.

Ian Stent, Editor.


Complete Kit Car 2010 - Editors Letter  

A letter from Complete Kit Car editor, Ian Stent.