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2017 CCHN Annual Report


FRIENDS Dear Friends:

I am pleased to be delivering this annual report to the community after another successful year at CompleteCare Health Network. As we make our way into 2017, a year that will be uncertain for healthcare, I want to highlight the value that health centers like CompleteCare offer and the vital role they play across the country, as well as right here at home. In 2016 CompleteCare once again made a significant impact on the health of our community by providing affordable, accessible, high-quality healthcare to 59,391 patients for a total of 247,678 patient visits. Part of our growth was due to our mission of creating additional access for new patients by opening our state-of-theart health campus in Vineland, opening a new and expanded Medical Professionals office in Glassboro, and extending our hours in some locations to create more evening and weekend appointment availability. In addition to providing quality patient care, our expansive programs and services also continued to make a mark in our service area, committing to patients for more than just their medical care. Many will

be outlined throughout our annual report, but a few highlights include: Introducing Reach Out & Read to our pediatric centers; a program stressing the importance of literacy. Creating asthma management classes for kids to learn how to better control their illness. Continuing our work on the Affordable Care Act, helping to enroll almost 10,000 patients into coverage. Expanding our Smile Smart program to kids needing dental care to 28 local schools. I am extremely thankful to all of our staff for their hand in our successes, especially our volunteer board, hardworking executive and management teams, and each and every employee who truly believes in and works towards the CompleteCare mission each and every day. We are fully aware of the potential challenges the year is going to bring, including pending changes to the Affordable Care Act and possibly the way community health centers are funded. But, no matter what direction healthcare takes in the country we know there will be sick and underserved patients in our communities in need of quality, affordable healthcare and CompleteCare will be there to meet their needs. We look forward to your continued support. Sincerely,

J. Curtis Edwards/President & CEO

Board Officers

Board Members

Jack Surrency Chairperson Arthur Horn Vice Chairperson Maria Laboy Secretary Demetrica Todd-Ruiz, Esq Treasurer

Gladwyn Baptist, MD Paul Cooper Victor Cruz Beverly Dairsow Dulce Y. Gomez James Quinn Father David Rivera

Executive Team J. Curtis Edwards President & CEO Jean Calderon Senior Executive Assistant Sandra E. Brooks, MD, MBA Chief Medical Officer AnnaMaria Rosado, CPCS Director of Medical Staff Services & Recruitment Richie Elwell Executive Vice President of Business & Operations

Brian Stringari CPA, Chief Financial Officer Emily E. Paul, BFA, MA Vice President of Communications & Development Dong Choo Director of Information Services Meghan Spinelli Vice President of Community Relations Martha Alvarez, RN, BSN Director of Quality & Clinical Excellence

Emeritus Board Members Gwendolyn E. Gould

Jessie Torres Director of Facilities & Corporate Compliance Larry Levine, DPM Director of Podiatry Services Jean-Claude Dungasi, DMD Chief Dental Officer Carmen Williams, RN Director of Nursing Karla Pope, RN Interim Director of Nursing Kelly Benvenuti Director of Human Resources 


Mission Statement To improve lives by providing comprehensive, high-quality healthcare to every person in every community we serve.

Vision Statement CompleteCare Health Network will maintain its position as the leading community health center in the state and become a model for all other healthcare organizations to follow. We will create and maintain a healthier community by:

• Anticipating and responding to the needs of our patients to reduce and eliminate health disparities. • Collaborating with the community to provide accessible care. • Creating a consistent and financially stable model of care. • Maximizing technology to ensure an innovative and collaborative healthcare experience. • Providing an exceptional working environment for staff to help attract top-notch employees and providers.

OUR VALUES Accessibility | Cultural Diversity | Affordability | Quality












CCHN Coverage Area CCHN Health Center Site School Based Site


BY THE NUMBERS Health Centers



380 Patients in 2016:

59,391 up 3% Patient Visits in 2016:

247,678 up 9%

Services Include: Primary Care Pediatrics Dental Women’s Health Counseling Services Podiatry

Dermatology Optometry Ophthalmology Hepatology Infectious Disease Nephrology

Our Patients BY INCOME


Information based on percentage of federal poverty level guidelines.

65 & up

Unknown 6% 50-64


Above 200%


6% 8%


100% & Below



18 & under








BY DEMOGRAPHIC 3% Unreported/Refused

*CompleteCare has a dapted new gender guidelines for 2017 and beyond and will be collecting more inclusive data moving forward.

1% More than one race




1% Asian

Less than 1% Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander





Black/ African American

Less than 1% American Indian/ Alaskan



In 2016, CompleteCare saw: Medicare

People Living in Public Housing

Migrant Farmworkers 3145



10 Private

565 4398


6184 Seasonal Farmworkers Homeless Individuals





WHAT’S NEW? Vineland Health Campus, 58,630 Patients Served In 2016, CompleteCare opened the state-of-the-art Vineland Health Campus on Sherman Avenue in Vineland. This flagship facility houses 27 exam rooms, 10 dental chairs, phlebotomy services, and a pharmacy providing one-stop medical shopping for our patients. Services at this location include adult medicine, pediatrics, dental, women’s health, podiatry, counseling services, and more. In one year the site has already seen 25,652 patients for 58,630 visits.

Growing in Gloucester County Expanding access to quality healthcare for more patients is part of CompleteCare’s mission. Since opening their first health center in Gloucester County in 2005 the number of patients coming for care has steadily increased, signaling a need for CompleteCare to grow in the county. In August of 2016, CompleteCare split up its medical and dental services into two locations, giving patients more access to appointments and providers. Medical Professionals, Glassboro is now located in the Collegetown Plaza, just a short ride from its former home. The site has increased capacity with 12 exam rooms, a larger waiting area, and on-site phlebotomy services. The site sees patients for adult medicine, pediatrics, geriatrics, podiatry, counseling services, and more. CompleteCare hopes to expand services at this location later this year. CompleteCare Dental Professionals remains in the same location on Delsea Drive, but has expanded to include more dental chairs, as well as more dental providers, including dentists and hygienists. The site continues to see patients for all of their dental needs from preventive care and cleanings to restorative dentistry.

’s IMPACT ON THE COMMUNITY 2016 DENTAL Our dental program is growing fast! The five sites combined had over 61,840 visits in 2016, with a 5% increase in visits with the dentist and a 7% increase in visits with our hygienists.

REACH OUT & READ Incorporating the importance of literacy into our pediatric practice, Reach Out & Read is a new program for CompleteCare. Last year over 1,560 kids between the age of six months and five years received a book at their pediatric wellness visit.

SCHOOL-BASED SERVICES Teaching the importance of good health begins at a young age, that’s why CompleteCare’s five school-based health centers are so important. Last year these sites helped 1,723 students access primary care, dental and mental health services, as well as linked them into programs to support a healthy future, including career planning, tutoring, college prep and more.

COUNSELING SERVICES The need for mental health in our communities continues to grow and so do CompleteCare’s services. Our Counseling Services team had more than 3,675 visits in 2016, a 28% increase from the year before.

AFFORDABLE CARE ACT CompleteCare continues to work to fulfill the mission of the ACA by helping as many people as possible get insurance coverage. In 2016 the team completed 1,450 applications and assisted over 13,700 people. Our Access to Care Counselors also helped 7,336 patients apply for NJFamilyCare eligibility.

SMILE SMART Transporting kids from local schools to the dentist for preventive and restorative services is a big part of CompleteCare’s Community Services team. This incredible program recorded over 1,480 visits in 2016, helping to brighten so many smiles in our community!

OUTREACH & MARKETING CompleteCare’s outreach and marketing teams work hard to highlight CompleteCare’s services to the community. Last year CompleteCare saw over 17,975 new patients due in part to their efforts.

PODIATRY Our patients enjoy a variety of specialty services at CompleteCare, including podiatry. Last year patients had 6,435 visits with a CompleteCare podiatrist.

FARMWORKERS CompleteCare’s roots are in serving the migrant and seasonal farmworker population that is essential to our community. Last year over 7,640 farmworkers were served at CompleteCare health centers for a variety of services.

WOMEN’S HEALTH Healthy moms make healthy babies. CompleteCare’s Women’s Health services in conjunction with their Baby Love program continue to work to lower the infant mortality rate in our service area. Last year our women’s centers had over 15,266 visits, many of those for prenatal services.

Programs that Improve Our Communities CompleteCare Continues to Be Recognized for Performance Improvement In 2016 CompleteCare continued to receive monetary recognition for our Performance Improvement work which is focused on improving quality and outcomes while driving down the cost of care. We received shared savings from United Healthcare as we decreased unnecessary inpatient and emergency department hospital use, ensured timely access to care for both medical and OB patients, and improved care and results through increased coordination and care management offerings. Additionally, HRSA recognized improvements in the metrics they use to measure efficacy by providing a one-time funding increase to support ongoing performance improvement activities and trainings.

Breathe Better Asthma Program In 2016 CompleteCare introduced their Breathe Better Asthma program as a result of a grant from the Horizon Foundation of New Jersey. Staff created a series of classes throughout CompleteCare’s service area for children living with asthma. The course helps kids learn tips for controlling their illness even during high-activity times like allergy and cold and flu season.

Shared Savings CompleteCare Health Network works in partnership with major insurers in the region on Accountable Care and Shared Savings Initiatives designed to promote value based care with  the aim of improving patient health, increasing patient satisfaction, and reducing healthcare expenditures. Our efforts include promoting preventive care and reducing preventable hospitalizations and emergency room visits.

Population Health CompleteCare’s Population Health Department manages and improves the health outcomes of CompleteCare patients with the following chronic diseases:

• Hypertension

• COPD/Asthma

• Diabetes


• Abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels

• Hepatitis C

PCMH Certification CompleteCare is proud to have once again received the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Primary Care Medical Home (PCMH) Accreditation. To earn this distinction, CompleteCare Health Network underwent a rigorous, unannounced onsite survey. During the review, a team of Joint Commission surveyors with expertise in ambulatory health care, evaluated compliance with ambulatory care standards related to a variety of areas, including coordination of care, infection prevention and control, management of medications, and patient education and training.

Patient Assessments CompleteCare has implemented three new surveys to assess patients, hoping to help them get more out of their healthcare visits. Health Literacy, which determines how much a patient understands about healthcare and helps providers and staff cater information based on that knowledge. Learning Needs Assessments which focus on determining a patient’s cultural and religious beliefs, emotional barriers, motivation, physical and cogitative limitations, and works to understand how these things will impact the patient’s health and healthcare. Finally, Self-Management Goals, which ask patients to work with their healthcare provider to set measurable short-term and long-term goals and action plans for their health. When combined these offer the patient a better experience and help them both receive better care and understand their next steps. 

2016 HIGHLIGHTS • Reorganized CompleteCare’s Care Management Team to empanel care managers within our health centers and assign them to specialties that best match their talents.

• Acquired $258,227 in additional Ryan White Funding. • Expanded HIV and Hepatitis C treatment services to our Wildwood Medical & Dental Professionals office.

• Refocused team goals to help meet PI objectives and Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) measures.

• Worked to identify ten new patients with HIV and helped get them into care.

• Acquired the Gilead Focus Grant for Hepatitis C Virus testing and linkage to care.

• Reached a total of 87% of patients with HIV having a suppressed viral load.

Increasing Empanelment Rates for Better Patient Care At CompleteCare we want our patients to get to know their personal care team, including doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and medical assistants. To help facilitate this we will focus on provider empanelment, working to achieve the goal of having 80 percent of our patients empaneled with their team by the end of 2017. Empanelment is essentially having patients see the same primary care provider and care team each time they visit, helping to: • Build trust between patients and providers • Help providers create more comprehensive care plan for their patients • Give patients a team they can communicate with when needed CompleteCare has created color-coded empanelment teams at each of their locations to make the empanelment process easier to implement and recognize. The hope is that patients will embrace this positive change letting them establish a relationship with their team while working together to achieve their personal healthcare goals.

CompleteCare Focuses on Tech to Improve the Patient Experience

Looking Ahead Kiosks Create Accuracy in the Registration Process

Translation Stations Bring a Much Needed Update to Patient Communication

All of CompleteCare’s health centers took a major step towards creating a more accurate and efficient registration process in 2016. Kiosk computers were installed to check patients in when they arrive for their appointments and also collect insurance information, copays, and update patient records with new information. All machines are secure and offer patients the opportunity to ensure all of their information is correct and up to date in our system.

Twenty-two percent of CompleteCare’s patients report that they speak a language other than English, however an even larger number see better levels of understanding when receiving information in their native language. To help communicate more accurately and effectively with these patients CompleteCare will introduce InDemand translation stations to many of their health centers in 2017. This technology connects patients to a HIPAA protected, live translator in their preferred language who can help increase their understanding of what is happening during their visit by translating for the provider.

New Software Keeps Patients in the Loop Missed appointments are often missed opportunities for both patients and health centers. CompleteCare loses the ability to open access to other patients in need of appointments and scheduled patients miss their much-needed provider visits. To help combat this CompleteCare introduced SolutionReach software in 2016, giving them the ability to communicate more effectively with patients where they spend most of their times – on text and email. The new software lets CompleteCare not only remind a patient about their scheduled appointments, but it also gives them the opportunity to prompt patients about other necessary testing and screenings, such as flu shots, wellness exams, and blood work.

Secure Printing Capabilities Increase Security Security is often something companies worry about in email and online communication, but rarely think of when they print or fax documents from one person to another. In 2017, CompleteCare will introduce secure printing and faxing capabilities to their offices, letting individual users control when and where their documents are printed or faxed with a simple click of their badge. Faxes can also been transmitted without ever touching a piece of paper, reaching the intended recipient on their personal computer instead. The goal of this project is not only to be more environmentally friendly by saving on paper and ink costs, but also to help reduce the risk of personal information being received by the wrong person or department.

In 2015 CompleteCare founded the CompleteCare Family Health Foundation to act as a fundraising entity for CompleteCare Health Network’s many programs and services. This includes things like:

• Smile Smart • Baby Love

• Care Management

• Reach Out and Read

• Migrant Services

In 2016 the company was pleased to host multiple fundraisers including two handbag bingo events, raising more than $37,000. In early 2017 Stephanie Shelton was hired as the foundation’s director and she has plans for multiple events throughout the year. The foundation has set a goal of raising $50,000 for 2017.

Grant Name

Funding Agency

2016 Funding

AIDS Linkage to Care and Navigation

New Jersey Department of Health: Division of HIV, STD and TB Services


Ryan White: HIV Testing

New Jersey Department of Health: Division of HIV, STD and TB Services


Ryan White: HIV Risk Reduction

New Jersey Department of Health: Division of HIV, STD and TB Services


Community Impact Fund

United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey


Hepatitis Screening and Linkage to Care

Gilead – FOCUS


Delivery System Health Information Investment

Health Resources and Services Administration


Breathe Better: Pediatric Asthma Program

Horizon Foundation of New Jersey


Oral Health Expansion

Health Resources and Services Administration


New Jersey Innovation Catalyst Initiative: Phase II

The Nicholson Foundation


Affordable Care Act: Outreach and Enrollment

Health Resources and Services Administration


School-Based Youth Services Program

New Jersey Department of Children and Families


Chronic Disease Self-Management Program

New Jersey Department of Health: Office of Minority and Multicultural Health


Integrated Primary and Behavioral Health Care

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration


Community Health Center Funding

Health Resources & Services Administration


Providers & Specialties Adult Medicine NEW! Jean Haspel, APN Elham Ismail, MD Maria Martinez, APN Justyna Obara, MD Counseling Services Elizabeth Bevan, LCSW Staci Cook-White, LCSW Meredith McClaine, LCSW NEW! Josephine Quinn, LCSW Megan Vengenock, LCSW

Employee of the Year

Lillian Colon, Program Improvement Director Lillian Colon is truly committed to CompleteCare Health Network and because of that commitment she is continuously looking at ways to innovate and improve processes throughout the company. Part of her job is training new staff and she does so with great talent and enthusiasm. Lily is always looking for ways to make CompleteCare a better place for employees and patients alike.

Dental NEW! Selina Asante, DDS Kimberly Benberry, DDS Walter Bilotta, DMD Gary Chopp, DDS Sandra Cortes, RDH Alfred DeSimone, DMD Jean-Claude Dungasi-Mabeyi, DMD NEW! Dottie Dyer, DDS Mariana C. Elwell, DDS Tara Haines, RDH Marian Halligan, RDH NEW! Gretchen Heller, RDH Zhao Hui, DDS Patti Krause, RDH Linda McBride, DDS Jennifer McCormack, DMD Faten Nakhla, DDS Ramon Raffucci, DMD Kiwuna Robinson, RDH Pankaj Shah, DMD Jonathan Weiss, DDS Dermatology Stefan Fenichel, MD

Provider of the Year Dr. Elham Ismail

Dr. Elham Ismail has been a remarkable provider at CompleteCare for many years. She is a favorite amongst patients because of her firm, yet kind manner. Dr. Ismail is also a favorite with staff, uniting her team to work tirelessly on behalf of her patients, while also creating an atmosphere in her site that feels like family. She is admired by other providers for her compassion and her willingness to always go above and beyond for everyone she cares for and works with.

Family Medicine Jessica Adamson, APN, CNM Majorie Affel, MD Aarti Aggarwal, MD Rula Al-Hilli, MD Anna Alberici, DO William Barker, MD Yostina Bichay, MD Sharon Brown, APN Diane M. Burt, APN NEW! Kristin Bryan, APN Jacob Cogen, MD Deirdre Conroy, APN NEW! Melissa Curtis, APN Darlene Deamer, MSN Shawn Denning, APN Charmane Dixon-Murriell, APN Karen Dong, MD Genean Doyle, APN Stephanie Flaherty, DO Laurie Forty, APN NEW! Kimberly Geria, APN Gina Glass, MD Janet Gibson, APN Sylvester Hamilton, MD Paula Hasenauer, APN Erin Higgins, ANP Holly Huber, APN Levin Irina, MD Osman Jalloh, APN Patricia Leigh, APN Allendre Lindor, PA Tina C. Lopez, FNP NEW! William McLean, APN Danielle Miller, PA-C Christopher Myers, APN

Eunice Obamiro, APN Staci Oertle, APN NEW! LaTia Pierce-Lamar, APN Michelle Phillips-Cottrell, APN Melody Randle, APN Shawna Reigel, MD Barbara Roehl, MD Azizeh Salloum, MD Christopher Simkins, APN Inga Simkins, APN NEW! Rachel Schmitz, APN Rosemarie Stag, APN Suzanne Vanderwerken, MD Heather Wilmore, APN Stacy Williams-Hall, APN Hepatology Swarnalatha Neema, MD Infectious Disease John Ahrens, MD Vakula Atthota, MD NEW! Jean Haspel, APN Internal Medicine Elham Ismail, MD Justyna Obara, MD Nephrology Naeem Amin, MD Elis DePriori, MD Obstetrics & Gynecology Sandra E. Brooks, MD, MBA – Chief Medical Officer NEW! Mark DeMasi, DO Karen Duncan, APN Cathy Geria, APN Michael Geria, DO Marie Herron, APN Gwen McKenney, CNM Jason Meade, DO Richard Michner, MD Joseph Milio, DO Bruce Noll, MD Ann Riley-Spoltore, CNM Satinderpal Sandhu, MD Shelly Yamasaki, APN Ophthalmology Jean Claude Pilet, MD Optometry Marina Drozd-Gordeyeva, OD Pediatrics NEW! John DeLeonardis, MD Sharon Ceravolo, APN Veronica Gonzalez-Rivera, MD Jazmine Harris, MD Prabha Nair, MD Fritzi Tanner, MD Stephanie M. Torres, DO Pharmacy NEW! Emanuel Poku, PharmD Podiatry Nicholas Giorgianni, DPM Crystal Gonzalez, DPM Christine Kotulski, DPM Stephen Noone, DPM NEW! Yaron Raducanu, DPM Psychiatry Susan Cline-McGroarty, PhD

Locations Cumberland County



Toothmobile Locations throughout Cumberland County

Medical & Dental Professionals 1200 North High St. Millville, NJ 08332



CompleteCare Family Medicine Center at Inspira 75 West Red Bank Ave. Woodbury, NJ 08096

Adult & Specialty Medical Professionals 70 Cohansey St. Bridgeton, NJ 08302 Colt Connection Cumberland Regional High School 90 Silver Lake Rd. Seebrook, NJ 08302 Kids’ Corner Broad Street School 251 West Broad St. Bridgeton, NJ 08302 Pediatric & Family Medical Professionals 265 Irving Ave. Bridgeton, NJ 08302 RiteCare at Upper Deerfield ShopRite 1000 North Pearl St. Bridgeton, NJ 08302 Smile Center (Dental) 105 Manheim Ave. Suite 11 Bridgeton, NJ 08302 Teen Center Bridgeton High School 111 North West Ave. Bridgeton, NJ 08302

Kids Center Downe Township Elementary School 220 Main St. Newport, NJ 08345


Vineland Health Campus 785 West Sherman Ave. Vineland, NJ 08360 RiteCare at Vineland ShopRite 1255 West Landis Ave. Vineland, NJ 8360 Women’s Medical Professionals 484 South Brewster Rd. Vineland, NJ 08361

Cape May County Cape May Court House Medical Professionals 3 Broadway CMCH, NJ 08210

Wildwood Medical & Dental Professionals 3700 New Jersey Ave. Wildwood, NJ 08260

Gloucester County

Phone Numbers


Cape May: 609-465-0258

Dental Professionals 335 North Delsea Dr. Glassboro, NJ 08028

Cumberland: 856-451-4700

Medical Professionals Collegetown Plaza 715 North Delsea Drive Glassboro, NJ 08028

Woodbury: 856-853-2055

Glassboro: 856-863-5720

Upper Deerfield Medical Professionals 1369 Route 77 Seabrook, NJ 08302 Women’s Medical Professionals 105 Manheim Ave. Suites 7-9 Bridgeton, NJ 08302




2017 CompleteCare Health Network Annual Report  
2017 CompleteCare Health Network Annual Report