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Jennifer Campeau An Unexpected Journey


IN THE SPOTLIGHT Lorie Langenfurth


Fashion column by Riley Lawson | beauty column by Sara Lindsay | Hair column BY Joy Amistad

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Letter from a reader Seasons Greetings! As I reflect on this past year, I am wanting to send ‘pink’ magazine a huge thank you.   After tales of my Mexican holidays and my zip line adventures, my sister, who has MS and is wheelchair bound, had wondered if she could ever do something like that.  Never did I think she could as the destinations were just to far off.  Imagine my delight when I picked up my first issue of ‘pink’, April 2012 to discover an article about Cypress Hills and the top 10 little knowns.  Could it be possible?   I contacted Jori & Nick at Eco-Adventures right away and sure enough they had one zip line that they felt could accommodate my sister in her wheel chair.  So in June as an early birthday present for her we headed off to Cypress.    I can not express how hard Jori, Nick & staff member Kat worked to pull my sister thru the forest in her chair, set her up, take her chair thru to the opposite end so they could catch her and do it all again, and again and again.  It truly was a memorable experience for all.   Thank You! If not for this wonderful magazine this “Freedom 55” would never have happened for my sister.  This magazine has a greater impact on peoples lives than you may realize, see attached photos. Wishing the magazine continued success.   sincerely, Jenny New

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Jennifer Campeau An Unexpected Journey By: Gail Jansen-Kesslar

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“It was one of the scariest things,” admits Campeau. “The responsibility of it all didn’t hit me until I was sitting in Chamber waiting. Here I was, about to be a voice for the constituents that believed in me enough to elect me as their representative.”


As the sounds of the clock ticking down brought her closer to the moment when she would walk across the Legislative floor to be sworn in, Jennifer Campeau thought back to the tour she took of the Legislative Buildings as a young student in Residential School. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that she would one day return as an MLA, representing the electoral district of Saskatoon Fairview, as a member of the Saskatchewan Party caucus.

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“It was a pretty big deal,” laughs Campeau, as she looked back at the journey that had brought her to this momentous point in her life. Born of the Yellow Quill First Nation, Campeau dropped out of school at age 17, married a U.S. serviceman at the age of 18, before welcoming the birth of her daughter two years later. She led the typical life of a military wife after moving to the U.S., until the slow breakdown of her marriage led to numerous moves back and forth across the border between Canada and the U.S. During one such move back home, Campeau realized that an education was the key to her being able to provide for her and her daughter’s futures, and after achieving her Grade 12, she then went on to take two years of a nursing program before realizing that she and the sight of blood were not compatible. Another attempted reconciliation with her now ex-husband, saw her living in the State of Georgia, where she worked for both the Georgia State Government, and the University of Georgia in various administrative capacities.

Photos by Lisa Slugoski

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“Eventually we had to admit the marriage wasn’t salvageable, and I had planned to come back to Saskatoon and maybe go back to school, but a visit to my Aunt in Texas led me to stay in Texas and working for the State for the next couple of years.” “Finally, at the age of 30, I made the decision to go back,” continues Campeau. “Back to school and back to Saskatoon. It was no longer good enough to just have a job, I wanted a career, and I felt like a hypocrite telling my daughter how important it was to go to school and have an education, when I didn’t have one myself.” An Educational Journey With an eye to pursuing a diploma in Business Administration through the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology, the love of learning soon led Campeau to seek more. Transferring to the University of Lethbridge to finish her degree, once completed, Campeau found herself thinking of pursuing an even higher level of education, applying for the MBA Program at the Edward School of Business in Saskatoon, despite the pressing financial needs of raising both her daughter and the niece who had come to live with her. “It was really hard financially, and while my Nation had paid for a lot of my education so far, it was a lot to ask to have them pay the $28,000 in tuition I’d need for my MBA,” says Campeau. A pressure further aggravated by Saskatchewan’s booming economy

Photos by Lisa Slugoski

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“That period of time helped me to grow and gave me the confidence to believe that I could do whatever I put my mind to.” and the resulting high cost of housing that more than doubled her housing costs in Lethbridge. “When the pressure was really on, I just thought “if it’s meant to be everything will fall into place.” And it did. “I’ve always believed in my journey,” adds Campeau. “In my 20’s there was a pull to come home and to raise my daughter around family, and now I had the pull of learning. I discovered that I loved to learn, and all of it together created paths that lead me back home.” Utilizing tools she had learned in business school and applying them to her own life, Campeau eventually found a way to make it all work. And soon after achieving her MBA, she set her sights on a PhD. “That period of time helped me to grow and gave me the confidence to believe that I could do whatever I put my mind to,” says Campeau.

10 |


At the same time as Campeau was moving forward, her own Yellow Quill First Nation was wading through difficult waters, and with more negative stories than positive making the news, a reporter at the Star Phoenix by the name of Jason Warwick looked to shed a more positive light by focusing on a success story arising from the Yellow Quill First Nation – Campeau’s story. “It ended up appearing on page three of the Star Phoenix, and was seen by, then Minister of Advanced Education Rob Norris, who soon arranged a meeting with myself and the Dean,” says Campeau. A meeting, she says, that started a dialogue between her and Norris that would ultimately change the course of her life and place her on a new path; the path of a politician. Political Aims Under the urgings of Norris and after nearly three years of deliberation, Campeau made the decision to run for the Saskatchewan Party nomination for the 2011 Provincial Election in the Fairview riding where she had spent a lot of time in her childhood. Despite feeling that she knew the area well and the challenges

faced with living there, she never thought for a moment that she’d win. “I wasn’t the typical candidate,” says Campeau of her doubt. “I wasn’t a Caucasian male in my 50s with a typical nuclear family, so no one was more surprised than I was when I won the nomination. I had just gone through with it for the experience.” Now an honest to goodness candidate, without the money for a glitzy campaign, Campeau, with the same grit and determination that saw her through numerous life challenges, turned that determination on to winning her campaign, through good old fashioned door knocking. “One of the first cold calls I made turned out to be the daughter of a Federal MP who was very politically astute,” says Campeau. “She invited me in and grilled me for over a half an hour, and really put me through the ringer.”

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While Campeau had originally thought she knew the issues inside and out, the experience led her to realize she needed to be better prepared. “I’m actually very grateful to her, it made me go back and do my homework. I thought I was prepared, but I realized I wasn’t. It was a good lesson to learn. It made me a better candidate.” Suddenly winning became a priority, not only because of the challenge it presented, but because as she started speaking to the people in the area, she realized that her campaign wasn’t really about her, it was about the people of Fairview.

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“The more I learned about the issues in Fairview, the more I realized I wanted to work with them,” says Campeau. “Growing up in a culture where you had to be humble all the time, it was a big stretch for me to have to now stand up and be their voice, but I’m a big believer that we all have certain paths to walk in, and this path, in a direction I never thought I’d go in, is a part of mine.” While she may have once had doubts about herself as a young girl with an uncertain future, sitting in the Chamber awaiting her turn to be sworn in she never for one moment doubted that she deserved to be there. “The people elected me,” asserts Campeau. “And that levelled the playing field.” Today, while her PhD has had to be put on hold, Campeau has no regrets about where her path has brought her. “In the beginning I thought I would be able to do both,” says Campeau. “But once I started the job I realized to continue with the PhD would mean that I’d be cheating either one or the other, and since this is an elected position I figured the people that elected me, would be better served by my putting all of my energy into being an effective MLA.”


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By: Marissa Landry-Dixon

After two years attending the University of Regina, Shaw, originally from Regina, came to a conclusion. “I really wanted to focus on photography but they (U of R) don’t have a dedicated program so I went to Alberta College of Art & Design in Calgary for another four years.” Staying in Calgary for a time to freelance provided her with vital connections who continue to call on Shaw when they need photos in Saskatchewan. It was at that crucial crossroads one year ago that Shaw removed herself completely from the 9 to 5 workday grind and entered into what can be described as a ‘patchwork quilt’ work day. Each ‘piece’ of her business is essential to weaving the whole of it together, while each part remaining unique in its demands, necessity, and fit in her overall work week. Shaw jokingly shares, “My days differ so drastically; it’s all over the place.” A day in Shaw’s life is as eclectic as the diverse offerings on her website - a site displaying her passion for people, photography, and of courses her pet rabbits. It’s a site filled with the raw blog ponderings of someone eager to tell a story, yes with words, but moreover with incredible photos that speak so loudly no words can compete. Shaw admits, “The blog takes a lot of time but it’s important to me to show that side of me so when people hire me they kind of see who I am, not just as a photographer, but as a person. All these little things or sharing these tidbits of my life or what have you are important to me and my business so I have to stay on top of it.”

Carey Shaw’s December 21, 2012 blog entry reads like this: “A year ago yesterday, we were celebrating at the studio my decision to bite the bullet, quit my safety net job, and just go for it. Full-time photographer. Although I had been shooting professionally part time for years, it was a scary decision to go all in. After all, I have two bunnies to feed and an online shopping issue that will never be resolved. But it has worked out. And it has been a good year…” Whether spending her day on family portraits, wedding photos, fashion shoots, commissioned work, or creating photo editorials for the array of magazines she works with, Shaw’s focus is on visual story telling. “It’s fun to put together photos that will tell the story, and I always end up meeting great people,” conveys Shaw enthusiastically.

14 |


Not only is it important for Shaw to express who she is but also to capture the essence of those she works with. “I have a few meetings before the wedding with a couple, figure out what kind of couple they are and incorporate all the aspects of them into the photos. I really want the photos to match their personalities, not just have an awesome location. It’s a wedding. It’s a celebration, so it should be about the couple,” she reveals. Shaw’s enjoyment of collaborating with people is palpable. “I love going to someone’s house and some of my best sessions have been just hanging out with the family. With one family we’ve gone for ice cream, came home, ordered pizza and just hung out. Everyone’s so much more relaxed and a lot more them, which I think is what I would want in a photo.” To understand what Shaw’s day is like truly depends upon the day and equally upon the time of year, with summers a longstanding wedding season. During the interview, Shaw humorously quips that she is considered the local neighbourhood dog sitter. Barking heard in the background attests to that. The next day, however, Shaw was heading out of the city, destination Ed-

geley, Saskatchewan, to shoot images that will accompany an article in Country Guide, a national magazine. “Saskatchewan has some really great spots to shoot; a lot of grid roads have been travelled because I often go to small towns.” Shaw’s willingness, whether for commercial work or magazine editorials, to venture across the province has landed her photos in Maclean’s, Western Living, Globe and Mail, FASHION Magazine, Quill & Quire and more. Shaw puts the miles on her car since some days are spent, as she describes, “Location scouting, especially in the summer looking for great architecture or gorgeous light. I drive randomly around and find a spot at the end of a block that you would never know is there. I try to find places that are beautiful and fun and work well with the couple or assignment.” To offset those days on the road, Shaw gets a (tongue-in-cheek) well-deserved break at the computer. “Some days it’s sitting in front of the computer all day and trying to maximize my use of time. A job could work out and get done in a few hours; often though it takes days. But, when I am working on and loving the images, it’s the best. It makes me happy.” Computer time is necessary as maintaining a website is critical to Shaw’s ever evolving business. Recently she began selling her work through ‘Society6’ a site where artists can upload their work to sell. Pinterest, a social networking site where Shaw shares her personal interests in art and design, has also provided a venue to share her photos. What would eventually become a client from the U.S. originally found Shaw via Pinterest. Does Shaw have any spare time in her day? Apparently just enough to form ‘Not Nowhere’ with Danielle Tuchelt a designer whom Shaw refers to as her “co-conspirator”. On their website Tuchelt and Shaw describe ‘Not Nowhere’ as “a resource for Saskatchewan-based graphic designers and photographers to showcase creative, strengthen the visual communications community and share inspirations.” Shaw and Tuchelt’s successful endeavor has resulted in “13” a poster show featuring the collaboration between thirteen photographers and designers in cooperation with the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada. The showing was held at the Artesian in January and then ended with a silent auction of the posters. Yet, in the midst of a whirlwind of responsibilities, not only to her own business but to ‘Not Nowhere’, and of course the occasional dog sitting stint, Shaw is a supporter of Breast Cancer Action Saskatchewan. In order to contribute to the various programs for women facing breast cancer, Shaw donates all the funds from a session each year. You realize, when Shaw shares her belief that “being nice goes really far”, that it comes across genuinely as her passion for connecting with people and expressing their stories through a visual medium. And if there is enough time in her patchwork quilt work day, Shaw takes photos that capture personally for her, the stories she wants to tell.

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Gary is responsible for the design and building of your housing dreams at gjConstructs House of Design. Gary’s thirty years of working with owners, Architects, Engineers, contractors, TD Bank, BLM Architects and the Regina Health Region provides you with a unique blend of skills and know-how for the delivery of your ideas. He’s a Design Builder which means working with you from design until the keys are turned over. An end to end no fuss no worry service.

DETAILSMATTER Soon to be published book “Cottage Kitchen Design” a home design series. Join Gary’s Design & Details Matter blog at: Design & Details Matter BLOG See the new series on how to avoid design mistakes.

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Windows and Walls Portals To The Great Outdoors

Windows let in pure sunlight that eases getting ready your food, sets the mood and also gives rise to a bright and open space in the heart of your kitchen. Rays from the sun are always sought-after, so keep the window treatments very low key. Use soft cottons, lace or other organic fabrics. Hold back from any heavy material or dark colours at the windows. Select cottage window curtains that allow rich light into your home as well as lending to the overall cottage style furnishings and colour palette. The only exception being when you require privacy or energy efficiency. Window treatments are a front-and-centre feature in a room and are for the most part one of the first things to grab the eye when walking into a living space for the first time. They are able to rule the tone and mood of a room by the way they filter, block or let in the light from the outdoors. Because of their moving impact it’s vital to choose the right style, design, and colour of your curtains. Cottage windows are your view to your garden. Avoid fussy treatments that take away from your experience. These over sized windows open to the goodlooking natural features of your landscape. Windows in cottage kitchens are often left bare to show off their great casings, windowsills and wood mouldings. Cottage style windows are never made in a complex shape or decorated with fancy patterns. Prints and floral cotton fabrics are lightweight to allow light and fresh breezes into your kitchen while adding colour and visual delight to the overall cottage theme. Cottage decorating is all about creating simplicity and a relaxing mood.


Several fashions are linked with cottage decorating: tab top curtains, cafe curtains, pinch pleats, draperies, curtain door panels with sidelights, roman shades, and sheer curtains. Buttons, rickrack, ribbon, lace, and other accents are reminiscent of using what you have on hand to make your house a home and work well with cottage window treatments. Cottage style decorating is known for mixing the old with the new. Hunt down items and make them fresh and new.

Vintage Fabrics or Barkcloth

Cottage Fabrics

Choosing the right fabrics plays a key role in styling your cottage kitchen. Cottage style is closely linked to nature. Fabrics may have grand floral patterns with the colour scheme taken right from your garden. Therefore, green, yellow, pink, pale blue and white are the first choice picks in any cottage kitchen. Any time-honoured fabric can be cut and crafted into charming curtains. As well, vintage fabrics or barkcloth are wonderful choices for covering your cottage windows as well. Next Issue

Window Covering Types


One Becomes Two Becomes Four By Dale Strawford

Malcolm and Coreen Moore are about to go travelling on a six month journey around the world with their two small boys Henry and Tom. Three years in the making, this trip is providing the opportunity for these former backpackers to revisit where it all began for them and introduce their boys to a great big world.

Let’s start with your itinerary. Where are you going and for how long? We’re off to Australia (New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia) for 6 weeks. Then to the South of France for 4 months, staying down in the Cathar region in the Southwest. What was the impetus for your trip - where did the spark come from for such a big adventure? We decided three years ago that the boys would be of a good age to appreciate some time away from home (7 and 4/5). Coreen and I thought this would be a golden opportunity to visit old friends and catch up with relatives. Are you starting in Australia? Is your decision to start where you first met, your way to start writing a new chapter in your lives? Heck, you are already well on your way since those days with two young sons. Yep. We are starting in Sydney, Australia. We’ll rent a car and drive up the coast to Brisbane and see old sailing friends. I lived in Sydney for just over a year and would like to see some old buddies. My uncle lives in Carnarvon on the west coast so we’ll fly there for a week or so. I worked there for a little while on the vineyards and would like to go back. It’s been 15 years. We’ll primarily be at my brother’s place in France, but he’ll be in Saudi Arabia for most of that time. What is the hardest thing about leaving? The hardest thing about leaving is getting everything together like visas, bills, banking stuff and so on. What is the easiest thing about leaving? The easiest thing about leaving is the thought of going somewhere else for 6 months, leaving Canada in February for the sun.

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You are giving the gift of travel to your boys and to your family. Are any family joining up with you along the way in your journey? Coreen’s brother and family will visit us in France for a while. My folks will fly out from Scotland over Easter. Do you have everything 100 percent planned or just ticket deadlines to get from major point A to point B? Or are you free to go where the wind blows you? We have a few things planned, a few places to visit, but we’ll mostly decide upon our course of action while there. Mal, you are a musical guy. How on earth are you going to pack your musical instruments? What are you taking? Yuke? Guitar? Didg? Harmonica? Bongos? Rhythm egg?

Designed for your special occasion Wedding

I’m not taking a guitar due to the amount of luggage we’ll already have. But, I plan on picking up a knackered old thing from a second hand store, and leaving it when done - both in Australia and France.

Coordinating & One-of-a-kind Custom Invitations & Personalized Papery

Coreen, are you planning on reporting into CBC Radio while on your trip? Running the morning show you must know how hard it is to get good stories. No CBC unless breaking news happens! Australia is the first stop of your travel journey, and where you first met. I assume it holds a special place in your hearts. We met in 1998 in Perth, in Western Australia, which is the reason to go back there with the children. We then moved back to Sydney and rented an apartment in the suburb of Glebe. After dating for a while and after she had already flown back to Saskatchewan, I decided it was time to leave Australia as well. After all, I’d hitch-hiked and travelled around the whole country for the course of 15 months. I pitched up in Regina in February 1999. After a significant amount of time backpacking you weren`t in Regina long before your next big expedition presented itself – sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. Within 7 months of being in Regina, we were off again on our big sailing trip with my parents, who were just too old to sail their 42 foot sloop rig without a young crew. In September of 1999 Coreen and I sailed from Portugal to the Canary Islands, then into the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo. After this, we sailed further south to the Cape Verdes off the west coast of Senegal. There we hopped across the Atlantic, heading south of the equator to Fernando de Noronha off the east coast of Brazil, then into Fortaleza on the mainland. Our last leg was up the coast, past French Guiana, Suriname and Guyana to finish up in Tobago. How long were you sailing for? The whole trip took six months. We came back to Regina in April 2000 and in October of that year, we got married and I became a permanent resident to Canada.

Come see us at the Bridal Aisle February 24, 2013

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Tel: (306) 530 4316 FOR SASKATCHEWAN WOMEN | VOL. 2 ISSUE 2, FEBRUARY 2013 | 19

What was the best part of the trip? What makes you smile when you sit back and think about that trip? I especially loved seeing the millennium in in the Canary Islands, off shore, on a yacht, dressed up with champagne......truly beautiful. What are you most looking forward to about your trip? Warm weather, different food and beer, a different way of life, driving on the normal side of the road in Australia (Mal is British) and meeting new people. In France, some of the architecture and living in a medieval region steeped in history.

Do you have any goals for your sons on this trip? What do you want them to get out of it? I would like to see the kids immersing themselves in a different way of life, playing with Australian and French children. What are you expectations as a family? Springboard for discovery? Bonding? Life lessons and world education? As a family, we want to shake our complacencies and live differently for a while. Coreen and I have already travelled quite a bit, so it’ll be a new thing to take the kids with us for this period of time. Get out of the routine we have here at home.

Extensively renovated 3 bdrm, 1&1/2 bath character home located in the historic prairie town of Indian Head, just a 35 minute commute east of Regina on the Trans Canada Highway. The perfect blend of original character and modern upgrades gives this home tons of appeal. Character enthusiasts will delight in its enclosed front verandah, stained glass windows, 9’ main floor ceilings and charming dormer winVirginia Horsman dows. Practical upgrades include shingles (‘09), laminate & ceramic office: 695-3533 tile flooring, counter tops, some cell: 695-7871 bath fixtures, light fixtures, interior & exterior doors, interior & exterior paint & main floor laundry. Fantastic 75’ x 100’ yard is extremely private with its border of mature trees and hosts a firepit and sgl detached garage which is insulated, lined and has a new overhead door with auto opener. View more photos on-line at

Price: $169,500

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Electric Fireplace

Whether you choose gas or electric, we are the choice for style!

Gas Fireplace

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Hero Barb Bender By Marissa Landry

Barb Bender, president of the Hospital Auxiliary at Regina’s Pasqua Hospital, has one regret - that she didn’t start volunteering pre-retirement. Bender shares, “Throughout my nursing career, I knew of Hospital Auxiliaries. But, because I worked full-

time shift work, I thought I could not commit to anything more than my work, family, and home. I now wish I had joined earlier and volunteered what I could manage then.” Taking early retirement after 38 years as a Registered Nurse, Bender continues to

“The Hospital Auxiliary‘s goal is to work together to enhance patient comfort and care through volunteering to assist patients and to raise funds for hospital equipment” work casually at the Saskatchewan Healthline. The remainder of her time is invested in the Auxiliary, where Bender feels a renewed sense of fulfillment. According to Bender, “Volunteering keeps me young and active and out with people. It keeps me happy and healthy with a purpose that returns more rewards for me than I can ever give to someone else.” After two years as the Auxiliary Vice-President, Bender recently started her two year term as President. The confident and obviously driven Bender divulges one of her main focuses during her term as president is to promote volunteerism. “There are amazing opportunities in our world today for people to make life better for others, opportunities that cost volunteers only time, thought and caring. My time is the most precious gift I have to give, and I give it freely and willingly. I am thankful to be able to do so.”

2 Minutes North on Highway #6 Regina, Sk. Phone: 306.525.4260 22 |


The dedication Bender has for volunteering has deep roots. Born into a volunteer-oriented family, Bender’s 87 year old mother continued, as she had for decades, knitting various items to donate to the Lloydminster Hospital Auxiliary. There was also a neighbour recalls Bender that impacted her life. “She encouraged me to apply for a scholarship from the Hospital Auxiliary when I applied to attend the University Of Saskatchewan School Of Nursing. In 1966, when I graduated from High School in Marshall, Saskatchewan, I was awarded the Joan Bellward Memorial Scholarship from the Lloydminster Hospital Auxiliary. To this day, each year the Joan Bellward Memorial Scholarship is given out, to the Lloydminster Hospital Auxiliary also gives their own scholarship to another stu-

dent attending health related medical education. Several other Hospital Auxiliaries in our province give out scholarships to nursing or medicine students each year.” Bender admits that the scope of services the Hospital Auxiliary offers was not fully impressed upon her until she started volunteering four years ago. “The Hospital Auxiliary‘s goal is to work together to enhance patient comfort and care through volunteering to assist patients and to raise funds for hospital equipment,” says Bender who praises the efforts of volunteers for the countless hours, and ways in which they seek to provide support to patients who walk through the hospital doors. Further, “There are Auxiliaries in every corner of Saskatchewan and throughout the entire province, the members of every Auxiliary work to provide better and improved comfort and care to the patients in the respective hospitals, as well as in some healthcare centers and care homes and the like.”

Custom Closets

Various services include greeting patients, assisting them in getting to the required hospital department, dry-cleaning services, floral arrangements, and more. As Bender explains, “The Hospital Auxiliary that I belong to has a Hair Care Program, with a professional hair stylist employed to provide service to patients, employees and the public. Volunteers assist in transporting patients on the wards to and from the salon, as well as helping with appointments and laundry in the salon.” The Pasqua Hospital Auxillary holds several fund-raising projects throughout the year, including 4 different raffles each year, where volunteers sit at the raffle table and sell tickets in the hospital main lobby area. Two hot dog sales are worked by several volunteers at a local Sobey’s every summer for extra proceeds. Then, twice a year they hold a used book sale and a sidewalk sale, which are very popular and reap great benefits financially as well as move things and books to eliminate the storage problems of surplus items. However, the Auxiliary’s main fundraising project is the Gift Shop where volunteers are very dedicated and commit to work a 4 hour shift as regular as their life will allow.” Auxiliary fundraising endeavors have provided the Pasqua Hospital with ceiling lifts, wheelchairs, a bladder scanner, transport chairs and all of the hospitals’ electric beds to list a few of the growing number of items attained for patient comfort. Impressively, in 2012 the Gift Shop made the Auxiliary a profit of $215,000.00, which was given to the Hospital Foundation. Collaborating with the Hospital Foundation, which provides the Auxiliary their “wish list” of desired equipment, the Auxiliary sets its sights on what they will put their funds toward in any given year. The Auxiliary is comprised of members who pay a yearly $3 fee to join this executive headed, non-profit, registered charitable organization. Bender’s particular Auxiliary is under the domain of Volunteer Services in Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region, and affiliated with the Saskatchewan Health Care Auxiliaries Association. The passion Bender has for volunteering is conveyed not only through her words but can be heard in the inflection of her voice when sharing her encounters with fellow volunteers and with the impact their service has on the patients they care for. While Bender promotes the flexibility of volunteering for the hospital which can also be done from home whether by knitting, or paperwork or event planning, ultimately Bender hopes that everyone can find a way to volunteer. Suggesting that individuals find a place to volunteer that fits with their interests is the first step to experiencing the rewards that come from actively serving their community. Bender leaves us with this food for thought: “I cannot encourage everyone enough to give some time somewhere free of charge; it benefits the one giving more than can otherwise ever be bought or received. Volunteering makes us feel good, with higher esteem and self-worth, there is no time for depression. Volunteers are role models for our families and communities. To volunteer is to show real thanks for the ability to live our life to the fullest.”

SIMPLY STOWED CLOSET ORGANIZERS is dedicated to offering great home storage solutions.

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BOOK CLUB by Lee Parent some years, but returned in 1990 to serve as Writer-In-Residence at Saskatoon Public Library. In 1992 she met historian and teacher Keith Bell, with whom she intends to live happily ever after. Savage’s most recent books illustrate the broad scope of her work. In 2012 she published A Geography of Blood: Unearthing Memory in a Prairie Landscape; in 2011 there was Prairie: A Natural History. But if we rewind to 2001, we find Witch: the wild ride from wicked to Wicca and a children’s book entitled Wizards: an amazing journey through the last great Age of Magic. One title especially intrigued me …. Born To Be a Cowgirl: a spirited ride through the Old West. Add to this list a number of volumes about birds and mammals, even one describing their parenting habits, and a reader can embrace an extensive body of work from this writer. She received many awards throughout her career. Candace Savage has ranged far from her first book, Our Nell: a scrapbook biography of Nellie L McClung, published in 1979. Learn more on her website at

Saskatchewan author Candace Savage has written more than two dozen books on a vast range of topics, from women’s history and cultural chronicles to natural science. Her parents, Harry and Edna Sherk, were both educators; books have always played a large part in Candace’s life; indeed, family anecdotes describe ‘book’ as the first word she spoke. The Sherks spent Candace’s childhood to many places around Alberta and included spells in British Columbia. One thing was constant during this time - Edna Sherk always read aloud to her three daughters, instilling in them the rhythm of the written word. Candace Savage still writes “by ear”, listening to the beat of sentences in her head as she writes. She attended the university in Alberta on scholarship; Candace achieved an Honours Degree in English and was awarded the Governor General’s Gold Medal and the Rutherford Gold Medal in English. In 1970, she married Arthur Savage and they moved to Saskatoon. He became a lab instructor and Candace began to write. Her first books explored the history of women in Western Canada. She then collaborated with her husband on a volume about mammals of Western Canada, a clear example of the span of her interests and her ability to delve into diverse topics. The Savages had a daughter, Diana, in 1979. Sadly, Arthur died unexpectedly two years later. Candace left Saskatchewan for 24 |


New? Like New Again? For your home and living supplies...

Bring it on! WITH 3 REGINA LOCATIONS North 655 Albert Street

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Written by Sara Lindsay

Having the proper makeup and skin care products is essential to achieve the look you desire. But, the tools and accessories you use are just as important. Once you have selected the products that appeal to you and that best suit your lifestyle, skin type, taste and budget, I highly recommend investing in the proper tools to apply them. Otherwise, application and blending can be very frustrating and ineffective.

must. You can use water and a mild shampoo but with that comes long drying times. Brush cleansers are very effective, hygienic and dry in only a few seconds. This will extend the life of your brushes and keep the bristles in excellent condition.

There are many excellent brands of makeup brushes available on the market at various price points. You don’t have to break the bank to find good brushes but, like anything else, always research the quality before purchasing. Brushes are made of different fibres - synthetic or natural hair. The bristles are shaped in very specific ways in order to achieve different results. Knowing what each brush is used for can be daunting. I can help you put together a collection of brushes that are catered to you and your makeup routine. Brushes create the best possible blend and finish for your makeup. If you take care of them, they can last for years.

One of the most important tools for keeping your makeup looking great is to keep your skin looking great. Use a quality skin care line that is well suited to your skin type. Be very aware of the ingredients in your chosen products. Try to choose a line that contains ingredients from nature in order to maintain healthy skin. I have been using Aveda skin care since I was very young. I love it. I always recommend Aveda, but there are several other fantastic nature based and organic lines on the market to choose from.

I have never been a fan of makeup sponges. I find that they absorb and waste a lot of product and can be unhygienic. However, there is one sponge on the market that I absolutely love and recommend highly. Beauty Blender is an elliptical-shaped sponge that fits perfectly into the contours of the face. Because it has no edges, will it doesn’t leave marks in your foundation finish. It applies and blends the foundation simultaneously, which is very unique. The latex-free, suede texture always leaves a perfectly even finish. There is also a Beauty Blender cleanser available to keep the sponge clean. The result you can achieve from this little pink egg-shaped sponge is remarkable.

If you struggle with applying your makeup or aren’t happy with the result you’re getting, try some of these tips. I think you might be pleasantly surprised.

Many cosmetic companies include small sponge tipped applicators with the product, including some of my very favourite brands. Why they do this escapes me. They are hard to clean, very difficult to use and don’t produce a good result. I always suggest my clients promptly discard these after purchasing any product that includes them. Again, try to use brushes; you won’t believe the difference they make. A good eyelash curler is a definite must for every cosmetic bag. It takes a little practice but curling your lashes really makes a dramatic difference. Your eyes appear more open and bigger. Although I love my traditional curler, another favourite of mine is my heated eyelash curler. My clients are always amazed with the result from this little gem. Cotton buds are another great tool. Dipped in eye makeup remover, they are handy for correcting mistakes on your eye liner. They are great for smudging eye makeup around the lash line. However, don’t try to apply or blend makeup with them. You’ll get much further with brushes. Brush cleanser is vey important to keep your brushes clean and conditioned. Bacteria can build up quickly so keeping brushes disinfected is a

Left to Right: Beauty Blender-Sponge and Cleanser, Aveda Skin Care-Green Science, Japonesque-Heated Lash Curler, Makeup Forever-Brush Cleanser, Japonesque-Professional makeup brushes

Sara Lindsay Makeup Studio is now open at 3420 Hill Avenue in Regina. I would like to welcome Melissa Mark to the team. As Hair Director, she offers full Aveda hair services in studio. Pictured are products that I recommend and are all available at my retail studio. For more in depth information, I offer private makeup lessons at my studio. | (306) 347-7829

About the artist... Originally from Canada, and having spent many years of her career in the United Kingdom, Sara Lindsay is a professional makeup artist, with training from some of London’s top fashion academies. Having had the opportunity to work with some of Britain’s top artists, Sara brings an edge to her hometown of Regina. Sara’s professional experience includes runway work, editorial spreads, compelling commercial campaigns, weddings and special event clients. London Fashion Week and The London Clothes Show are just some of the highlights of her career. Sara was named Canadian Makeup Artist of the Year at The Mirror Awards 2011 and most recently was named a finalist for 2012. Sara’s successful freelance career, which complimented her time as a regional associate with MAC COSMETICS UK, gave her valuable experience in working closely with clientele to consult and direct their transformation to the extraordinary. In a consultative style, Sara works to achieve a look that is uniquely your own. 26 |




by RIley lAW sOn |w w w . r i l e y l a w s o n . c o m

We are all guilty of holding on to items in our dressers and closets because we think we could one day want to wear them again. However, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, they tend to linger long past their expiry date. There are also items that we wear simply because it’s a necessity. Or we wear it often, and it’s time to be replaced. January is over and February is a new start – so I thought this month I would go through some great guidelines to help keep your closet clean, organized, and useable.

THe HAngeR FlIp: When you get some spare time, go through your closet and flip around every hanger so that it’s facing you. Hang it up pulling the hanger toward you to hook it on the bar, as opposed to the regular way of hooking it going away from you on to the bar. As you wear items hang the items back up the regular way. In 6 weeks time, have a look at the hangers that are stil hooked backwards – these are the items you don’t wear as often. Assess why you aren’t wearing them, consider putting them in to storage (maybe it’s a lighter weight top that works better in the warmer months), or potential y donate.

COORDInATe gARMenT Type RATHeR THAn COlOR: Many suggest arranging a closet by color – pairing all the black items together, all the white together…you get the idea. I don’t like this way of organizing because I find it more difficult to find the white top I’m looking for when it’s amongst eight others. Instead, I sort by garment, hanging all similar styles together in clumps. I hang all cardigans together, button-down blouses together, dresses together, etc. This way I know where my cardigans are in the closet. I easily just look for the color I want for that day/outfit.

One-In, One- OuT Rule: As I mentioned before we all have items that we wear simply because we need them and they’re a necessity in our wardrobe. These can be items like tank tops (we all use them for layering), cardigans, or our favorite jeans. They might have holes in them. Maybe they aren’t black anymore, turning into a faded grey tone. At times, I think we even keep pieces we no longer like merely because we wear them often and haven’t taken the time to replace them. Don’t throw them out before you replace them! you’ll end up feeling like you have nothing to wear more than you did when you had the other option. use the one-in, one-out rule – one item in, one out. This wil keep your closet free of clutter, and unnecessary clothing items (and help to control shopping habits!).


Fall In Love With Your Hair Colour this Valentine’s By Joy Amistad Stylist at Visions Salon and Spa, Saskatoon

Are you constantly experimenting with your hair colour and just can’t get it right? Do your locks compliment your features or do you feel washed out? Here are some tools that will help you fall in love with your hair colour this Valentine’s. While it’s fun to play with a range of hair hues, at some point you will want to settle on a shade that works for you. These hints will help you find your most charming colour. First thing’s first, always pick a base colour that is no more than two shades darker or lighter than your eyebrow colour. The brow colour that you were born with compliments your skin tone perfectly. When you stray too far away from it, your complexion appears washed out. You want a colour that will favour your skin tone, not work against it. If you look in the mirror and you feel the need to pile on makeup, especially the bronzer, just to match your hair, your stylist definitely went too dark. You should feel comfortable with or without make up. Subtle highlights in your base colour will enhance your features. Just like self-tanner and small doses of bronzer, golden tones illuminate your skin. Women with darker skin should stick to honey hues. If your complexion is more of a medium tone, try a sandy colour. If your skin is lighter, you can pull off pale, icy blondes. Need to cover your greys but find your hair looks flat, synthetic or obviously coloured? Adding a few different tones to your hair colour will make you look and feel more youthful. Natural hair is never one flat colour. Even Asian dark hair reflects various tones in the different lighting. Do you look back at pictures when you were twelve and love how your hair colour looked? How soft it looked with its sun-kissed natural highlights? Well, your stylist can achieve that youthful look with just a few foils. Place fine highlights around your face to help illuminate your best features. If you are worried about the maintenance, tell your stylist you would only like a few foils every other time you colour. “The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you!” -Coco Chanel Happy Valentine’s Day Ladies, and remember be good to the hair you were born with!

Joy Amistad is a passionate hairstylist who originated in Vancouver and has continued to develop her talent by further training not only in Vancouver, but as well as Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, Miami and is now residing in Saskatoon. Her extended training has furthered her knowledge in precision cuts, hair colours and up styling. Hair is a fashion industry that is continually changing and growing; she truly values the importance of continually upgrading and enhancing her skills. She doesn’t believe hair dressing is just a job, it’s her passion. Joy is a stylist at Visions Salon and Spa in Saskatoon.

28 |


Far InFrared

SaunaS Factory Direct Pricing

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Discover Saskatchewan

Have you ever wanted to become an explorer in your own province? Even your own town or city? Join along and discover special spots in Saskatchewan that satisfy your tourist urges. Written and Photography by Jenn Smith Nelson

Finding winter in Waskesiu I remember way back when I was little I didn’t mind winter. Growing up in Saskatchewan we were all exposed to the elements early on when forced outside for winter recess. Even today my my kids seem to handle the cold in stride, but me, not so much anymore. So when and why does this change as we age? I have noticed through my own experience and that of my peers as we age, we seem to become more averse to spending any more time outside in the cold than necessary. In fact, I would guess the trend for the majority of families is to find ways to escape the cold rather than embrace it. This is can be evidenced by the number of Canadians spending more winters abroad in warm climates. Now, besides the occasional toboggan run, this is what I know to be true. But I am sure avid winter sports minded families exist. Are you out there? Well, what if we embraced winter? What would that look like? This month I decided to find out and I learned it could be fun, exciting and warm, if dressed appropriately. I was determined to not only spend more time outside, but to find winter fun again. What better place to do it then beautiful northern Saskatchewan? After just over a five hour drive, my mom, my two boys, and me arrived in Waskesiu, situated in Prince Albert National Park. We were quick to admire the winter landscape as the snow-capped pines led us into the park. Beyond the immense white beauty surrounding us, we noticed that it was unusually quiet. I know and love the bustling Waskesiu region in the summer, but boy what a stark contrast. At first I was a bit taken a back. After all everything was closed. No shops or museums to visit, no restaurants or bars (besides the hotel) to chow down in and literally no one was around. That feeling soon left me though. I realized it was like we were explorers in this relatively untouched winter wonderland. One of the first activities was a wildlife tracking excursion with Bradley (Brad) Muir. Brad is an expert interpretive guide and runs the wonderful outfit, Sundogs Excursions. Sundogs offer activities in both the summer and winter, but winter is where most of the action takes place. Dog sledding, skijoring (where a skier is pulled by one or more dogs in harness), snowshoeing, interpretive tours and wildlife excursions in the Boreal forest are all sample offerings. As soon as I met Brad I could tell that we were going to have a lot of fun. He had a special gleam in his eye that bright, sunny morning, and when we turned down an untouched road to the Narrows you could read the anticipation on his face. This never gets old for him. Being the first down the road he excitedly explained “meant 30 |


we would have a better experience tracking as it’s easy to see the fresh prints.” We easily spotted off the hop a herd of elk, commonly seen residents of Waskesiu. One in particular who was nipping buds off a balsam poplar posed for numerous photographs. Next was one of my favourite animals to see in the wild, a fox. It was nestled up, face in his tail on the side of the road. We exited the vehicle and watched him scoot into the forest. He was much more camera shy. Then, we came across some exciting tracks, those of a river otter, followed up by two sets of wolf tracks a little farther down the road. Brad knew how badly I wanted to see a wolf. In fact, I think my first question out of my mouth when I contacted him was, “how likely is it we will see a wolf?” Wolf sightings are not super common, but in winter the chances are greater. Brad explained that there are several factors that increase the probability such as: freshly plowed roads, very little traffic, huge lakes (to walk across / and to spot them on) and a healthy population of wolves in the park. Unfortunately after following the tracks for some time, the wolves decided they wanted to hang in the forest and not come and meet me. I understood. After all, it was only a brief morning excursion and the expectation to come across these amazing predators was a bit high. I didn’t leave disappointed however as the fun really was in the hunt. Later in the day Brad introduced us to dogsledding. Dressed up like Michelin men (it was -20 something that afternoon), we climbed on a long sled while Brad mushed his team of pooches into the forest. Saying that it was fun is an understatement. It was an incredible experience and I seriously cannot wait until the next time. Plus, I really adored the dogs and how excited they were to mush. It was what they were born to do and they know it. The next day it was time to try another new activity. So, borrowing snowshoes from the Hawood Inn, I made it out to the lake across the street and was greeted by a family of deer who were lying down beneath the trees. When you are all alone and cannot see anyone outside for miles being surrounded by wildlife is an amazing feeling. I stayed far enough back not to frighten them, strapped on my new shoes and gave it a go. It was super easy and fun. After about 10 minutes of trekking atop fluffy snow along the covered beach, I was quite toasty. I figured out stay warm is easy; the key is simply layers and movement. I walked along the lakefront a little more and enjoyed the sunrise. Our last day in the park came so quickly and it included a visit to Elkridge Resort. The kind staff invited us to spend the day seeing as we couldn’t get a room there due to the fact they were booked solid. Once we arrived we completely understood why. Found nearby the official park entrance, Elkridge is a four-season, highend resort that features a good variety of park experiences along with creature comforts like a full service spa, fine dining and more. Golfers flock there in the summer and in the winter the offerings are impressive. They have an expansive skating rink which can be overlooked from the dining room of the resort’s restaurant. Besides renting skates, visitors can also be easily equipped with

snowshoes or cross country skies to take advantage of their groomed trails. I think it’s safe to say it’s also a snowmobiler’s paradise. Because I was travelling with young children we stuck to activities of their choosing that day: swimming and tubing down the toboggan run. It was a blast and probably the most fun the kids had during the whole trip. We even got grandma down the hill twice! I wouldn’t hesitate to return to the park and give Elkridge another go but I am going to have to plan ahead a bit as it seems it’s no secret just how awesome it is. And, if I am really on top of things, I am going to take advantage of the partnership between Elkridge Resort and Sundogs Excursions as they have a “Mush & Stay” package. Sounds dreamy doesn’t it? This experience opened my eyes to just how much fun can be had outside in winter. Whether it was reflecting during my time alone or playing in the snow with the kids, I truly adored finding winter again in Waskesiu.

About the writer: Jenn Smith Nelson is a freelance travel writer/blogger/photographer who is a sky lovin’, prairie wonderer at heart. With enthusiasm she seeks to explore, capture and promote the beauty of our province and share it with those who are curious to learn more. You can read more about her travel experiences and life in Saskatchewan at

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In the SpotlIght Lorie Langenfurth

The Right Place at the Right Time

by Gail Jansen-Kesslar

“It’s a lot harder to go back when you’re married with kids,” says Langenfurth, “but I was lucky to have a great husband who picked up all the workload at home, and somehow we muddled through.” As she headed into her last and final exam, Langenfurth got the call she had been waiting for - she had gotten the job as a receptionist at Saskatchewan’s Heart and Stroke Foundation. “I always tell people, I came for the job but I stayed for the cause.” Not the type of individual to ever say “that’s not in my job description,” Langenfurth threw herself wholeheartedly into her new position. Her work philosophy had her always looking beyond her immediate duties to see where else she could help. If a job needed doing, and no one else was willing to step up, Langenfurth says she was always there at the ready, which helped her not only to learn more about all the different departments, but also to learn about the opportunities that were available. Opportunities she didn’t always feel she was ready for, and might never have explored, if it wasn’t for the support of her husband, and the indirect mentoring she received from former Foundation CEO’s Diane Waterer and Lucy Buller.

When Lorie Langenfurth and her husband spoke about her job as a receptionist at the Heart and Stroke Foundation, he’d often joke that one day she’d be running the place. Little did he know 16 years later she really would, as its newest CEO. “It all actually started by accident,” explains Langenfurth, of her beginnings at the Foundation. “I just kind of fell into it.” After her post-high school plan to “take a year off” turned into ten, and her managing position at an import clothing company was made redundant, Langenfurth decided it was time to finally pursue post-secondary education. She enrolled in the Saskatoon Business College’s Administration Assistant program. With a husband and two small children at home at the time, in hindsight says Langenfurth it wasn’t the smartest decision in terms of timing, but they made it work.

32 |


“I’ve held seven different positions in total in the last 16 years with the Foundation,” says Langenfurth, “Some of them I’ve applied for and some of them, they sought me out and asked me if I would consider applying for the position.” Dubious at first if she had the skills required to fulfil those positions Langenfurth says she quickly learned an important lesson: if other people think you can do it, then you probably can. The climb on the corporate ladder at Heart and Stroke wasn’t always upwards. By her own choice Langenfurth says that during her time as the Area Manager for Northern Saskatchewan, she came to the realization that the time spent travelling away from her kids, wasn’t in the best interests of her family or herself. “When the Executive Assistant to the CEO came up, I had been Area Manager for about a year. I decided to strategically take a step back. A lot of people thought I was crazy at the time, but, for my family, it was definitely the right move. I was happier, my kids were happier. It wasn’t a move that was supported by

everyone, but by this time I was growing confident enough in my own abilities that I knew it was the right move for me.” And she was right. From Executive Assistant, she moved up to become the Director of Funded Development.

For those that think starting at an entry level position and paying their dues to reach the top is not the sort of career path they would want to follow, Langenfurth stresses that rather than shunning such positions as “beneath them,” people should actually seek them out.

If other people think you can do it, then you probably can.”

The benefits of having worked her way up the ladder before taking on the top job are many says Langenfurth. This way she was able to see the organization from a multitude of angles. Having worked on the administration side, and in the Fund Development Department, where she worked closely with communications and their Health Promotion Department, Langenfurth says she knew from the ground up, what it took to run the organization successfully in Saskatchewan. “I knew the players involved and I could see it from everyone’s perspective. I could not only see what the big picture needed to be, I could also see the steps that were needed to get to that big picture.” “If I had just parachuted in,” continues Langenfurth. “I would have had a much steeper learning curve and it would have taken me a lot longer to win the staff over. This way I already knew the staff had my back before I even started, which was huge.”

“Everyone needs to start somewhere and it’s very few people who start at the top unless they started their own company. You need to get to know a company. You need to figure out the ins and outs, you need to let a company get to know you and where you’re going to fit in there.” “You need to work hard,” adds Langenfurth, “make yourself available, and have a keen interest in what you’re doing, and have a little luck on your side, as I did, which allowed me to be in the right place at the right time.” “I never would have imagined when I started here as a receptionist 16 years ago that I would end up where I am today as CEO,” concludes Langenfurth. “Looking back I’ve accomplished a lot more than even I thought possible, and when it comes right down to it I’m really proud of that.”

While there were plenty of upsides to knowing the organization so intimately, Langenfurth says she has had to caution herself not to grow complacent with a “been there done that” mentality. “Because sometimes new people will come to the organization with great ideas, and while you may have tried it 10 years ago, and it didn’t work, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t reasons that warrant trying it again. So, sometimes having that corporate memory is great, but sometimes you have to be really careful that it doesn’t hold you back.” In her 16 year tenure, Langenfurth says she has seen a lot of changes to the organization. From being 10 different regions operating independently, to being amalgamated into one unified national organization, to moving from a predominantly research role to a public awareness and education one, but through it all Langenfurth says, her own personal connection and experiences with Heart and Stroke has ensured that her goals have always been clear: connect with and educate people; advocate prevention and support ongoing research. “That’s where I say the job brought me, but the cause kept me,” explains Langenfurth. “I have a very strong history of heart disease and stroke on both sides of my family, and my dad had a triple by-pass in his mid-forties.” “While my dad is now starting to experience some issues again, some 20 years later, I look at it as, if the Heart and Stroke Foundation wasn’t doing what we’re doing in both research and education, he wouldn’t have had these last 20 years here with us. So, it’s a passion for me, it’s not just a job.”


THE MONTH OF LOVE I’m sure you are all aware of Valentine’s Day on February 14th – except maybe your husband, so start leaving “random” reminders around the house now! There are so many ways to shower your family with love that it’s tough to fit it all into one day. So why not try to make an entire month of it? February = the Month of Love. A treasure hunt is always just as fun for you to set up as it is for the kids to play. You can leave multiple clues around the house and your kids will have to solve one clue in order to discover the next. One clue example is quoting a line from their favorite book and hiding the next clue inside that book. The next clue could lead to the front hall closet with a clue hanging on a mini shovel, which leads them to the next clue hidden in a tin buried outside in the snow. You get the idea - the possibilities are endless! The final clue could lead to a special treasure like a new board game for the family to play together. Weekends are a great time to be lazy and stay in bed all day. Okay, maybe not all day but you could plan a special weekend breakfast in bed. The whole family could cuddle up in your room

with breakfast trays topped with heart-shaped pancakes, berries and juice in tall plastic champagne glasses. If you have a TV in your room, you could watch a funny cartoon while enjoying your special breakfast. Everyone loves receiving a sincere compliment so it’s a fun idea to leave these posted around the house to be discovered. You could start by making a list of all the things you adore and appreciate about each of your loved ones. Use this list to create little love notes for your family. Hide these love notes in lunch kits, briefcases, under pillows, in the fridge, written on a mirror or in other creative locations. What are your favorite ways to show your appreciation for your loved ones? You can visit Moms & Munchkins ( for more fun ideas for Valentine’s Day including free printable games, party ideas, date night ideas and more. As always, I love to hear your feedback! I hope you have a fabulous February filled with plenty of heartshaped chocolates! 34 |


by Cheryl Kirkness

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