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The Regina Police Service Not Your Average 9:00 to 5:00


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Why Choose to Cruise?

Sea to Sky Adventures

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WHY CHOOS By Cathe Offet

Vol. 3 - Issue 3 - March 2014

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Cover Story Regina Police



In the Spotlight Camille Munro


Why Choose to Cruise? Cathe Offet

For those of you who have cruised in the

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16 Gluten free recipes

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22 The nose knows Beauty column by Sara Lindsay

23 spring styling transitioning

Fashion column by Riley Lawson

24 Virgin Hair? Office Manager Debra Glettler

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By Jenn Smith Nelson

20 Working Harder not smarter

WRITERS Jessica Reimer

If you are avoiding gluten!

Hair column by Joy Amistad

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By CharMaine Luscombe

By Gary Weisbrodt

32 wellness travel, the new prescription

By Adele Kulyk


By Cheryl Kirkness

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Note from our Guest Editor

Spring is coming. Really. I promise. But in the meantime, let’s try to take better advantage of our time getting to know winter in a new way – especially on those more mild days. We will soon be past the bitter days of winter and onto the great melt of spring but until then why not try some activities that take advantage of our climate? Ice skating, cross country skiing, snow shoeing or hiking out at Wascana Trails are all fun options the whole family can do. If it’s too cold to even think of venturing out, stay in and get reacquainted with some of Regina’s staple attractions. The Royal Saskatchewan Museum, one of the many city galleries or the Saskatchewan Science Centre are always a hit for when a case of the stir crazies hit our family. Another way to not focus on the cold is to start planning for the future. Perhaps you can start making summer travel plans or maybe you are thinking of a move. While you wait patiently for spring to meander its way in maybe you can get started on some home staging. PINK’s monthly real estate column has some great tips for what you can do to successfully stage and sell your home. Or, maybe it’s the time to train for the career you have always wanted. Reading this month’s cover story by Jessica Reimer had me thinking about some of the great training opportunities and employers that exist here in Saskatchewan like the Regina Police Service. However you find yourself during the next few transitional months whether it be coping, optimizing, organizing or planning, try to remember that your happiness is dependent on you, not the weather. Jenn Smith Nelson

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The Regina Police Service Not Your Average 9:00 to 5:00 by Jessica ReimeR

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Quinn Hanoski and Rachelle Zuk are two young, spirited Regina residents that share a similar desire: to break away from the ordinary. It is this love of adventure and desire to make a difference in the lives of others that led both women into careers with the Regina Police Service. While the two occupy fundamentally different roles - Hanoski as a Patrol Officer and Zuk a Communications Officer - they both make important and meaningful contributions to the Service’s commitment to public safety every day. The Regina Police Service has been operational for well over one hundred years and today has a staff of nearly 400 sworn police members, four special constables and approximately 150 civilians. Its mission is to uphold public service and safety through the establishment and maintenance of strong partnerships with community organizations, agencies and members of the general public. The Service’s operations are founded on three values: respect, professionalism and service. In speaking with Hanoski and Zuk, it is evident both women are dedicated to public service and personify these three qualities in their daily operations at work. For Hanoski, what began as a job has since evolved into a meaningful career. She is now entering her second year as a Patrol Officer, a front-line respondent position with no shortage of surprises and challenges. Although she genuinely enjoys this role and her dynamic, ever-changing work environment, she confessed that previous to her employment with the Regina Police Service, she had not given much thought to the notion of one day becoming Constable Hanoski. “I became interested in officer work once I began work with the Service,” she says. Hanoski started out as a casual employee assisting with victim reporting. She was then offered a full-time position on the Evidence Management Unit, where criminal evidence ranging from seized vehicles to sexual assault kits is stored both on- and off-site. “The more I learned about the inner workings of the job, the more I wanted to be out on the street,” says Hanoski. After a few years of office-based work, she made the decision to apply to become an officer. The intake process for new Patrol Officers is no small feat. Applicants’ physical, intellectual and mental strengths are put to the test in order to reach the first round of interviews. From there, successful applicants must pass a polygraph test, thorough background checks, and are required to meet with a panel board of senior Regina Police Service members for a final interview before a decision is rendered.

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Quinn Hanoski

“““My normal has always been something outside the norm, I love what I do precisely because it’s always changing - Quinn Hanoski” “It is definitely an intensive process, but it’s worth it,” says Hanoski. “The Service aims to select only the best candidates and this involves really getting to know each and every applicant.” Following her selection, she was enlisted in Saskatchewan Police College and began policing immediately thereafter. Understandably, an average day for Constable Hanoski is anything but average. “My normal has always been something outside the norm,” she says. “I love what I do precisely because it’s always changing. When I’m in that kind of environment, it pushes me to work harder and keep going. I am constantly learning.” From responding to vehicle accidents to robberies, traffic violations and warrant assignments, Hanoski is thinking and problem-solving from the moment she sets foot in the police station for her shift each morning. “There’s a big learning curve associated with this job and it comes with a lot of challenges,” she says. Because the job is 10 |


person-centered, she must be confident and competent to deal with many high-pressure, time-sensitive and emotionally charged scenarios. “There are so many different situations and outcomes and it’s important that you’re able to think on your feet and to not simply respond to a call, but also to develop a ‘game plan’ so you know what your next steps might be.” Although Hanoski has found herself in some precarious situations and recognizes she is perhaps not as physically strong as some of the male officers on her shift, she has never felt unsafe nor at a particular disadvantage being a female in her industry. “I work with a great partner,” she explains. “If I found myself in a dangerous situation, I know I could count on him to look out for and protect me.” “We all have our own unique strengths,” she adds, recounting instances where her calm and caring disposition has in fact been integral in soothing distraught citizens. “We work

together as a team and it’s great.” This theme of communication and collaboration has obvious linkages to Zuk’s role and responsibilities as a Communications Officer. Employees of the Communications division liaise closely with officers like Hanoski to brief them on calls for service and provide other logistical and technical behindthe-scenes support in order to ensure officers’ safety, and to properly equip them for the day’s work ahead. The two groups communicate primarily via a sophisticated computer system installed in every patrol car. This allows for dispatchers to see officers’ physical locations and for information and action to be communicated quickly and effectively. “Every day is something new and you encounter obstacles and situations you never thought possible. It helps to have a team because you can problem-solve as a group,” says Zuk. In addition to this collaborative work, Zuk and her team are responsible for responding to the high volume of emergency and non-emergency calls that come in every day. According to the Regina Police Service’s website, over 175,000 non-emergent calls are received by the Communications department each year, with approximately 170 calls for service in a 24-hour period. With the nature of these calls spanning a full spectrum from stolen vehicles to domestic disputes to assault, respondents must be adequately trained and prepared to make split-second decisions that have the potential to impact not only the public, but staff as well. “This job has everything to do with the ability to multi-task and to develop listening ears,” explains Zuk. “As I gain more experience, I am constantly learning and improving on both those abilities.” Zuk reported a long-standing interest in policing, but hadn’t anticipated she would ultimately find herself working as a Communications Officer. That she remains in the position nearly half a decade later is testament to the fact that she has found something that taps into her passion and interests, and brings a tremendous sense of job satisfaction. “Growing up, I always wanted to be a police officer,” she says. “I’ve done the regular Monday to Friday work and I learned quickly that it just wasn’t for me. I knew I needed something where I was challenged on a daily basis and I was actively helping to make a difference in my city. While I’m not out on the streets, I’m working very closely with them and I enjoy my current role.”

Her interest in the field of policing led Zuk to pursue a twoyear Criminal Justice Policing Diploma at Lethbridge College in Lethbridge, AB. With less than a month of her program remaining, a family friend mentioned an opening in the Regina Police Service’s Communications division and Zuk elected to apply. She was awarded the job and happily moved back to Regina and into the role immediately following completion of her diploma. “I did my stint in Alberta but Saskatchewan will always be home for me. I’m very glad I decided to give this job a try. Even if I’m just transferring a call, I know I’m making a difference and that means a lot to me.” While certainly the content of the kinds of calls Zuk receives can be challenging, so too can the callers. From frenzied to inconsolable to angry, crisis intervention is a major component of Zuk’s job. “When you think about it, we really are the first responders. It is my job to serve as the voice of reason and help callers try to remain calm, even though they are often understandably upset. This can be frightening not only for them but also for me because I have a vested interest in their safety and a strong desire to help them.”

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Rachelle Zuk

“Growing up, I always wanted to be a police officer, I’ve done the regular Monday to Friday work and I learned quickly that it just wasn’t for me - Rachelle Zuk” Hanoski and Zuk agreed that there are many diverse career options within the Regina Police Service. The Service values professional development and promotes its employees pursuing new interests and opportunities. “The Regina Police Service is a very encouraging employer and there are so many opportunities for movement and growth within,” says Zuk. Hanoski echoed this sentiment, expressing her satisfaction with the Service’s positive emotional climate. “I’m lucky to work in such a supportive environment. Everyone here works so well together; we’re like a bunch of brothers and sisters. I am proud to be a part of this family and especially to be a female in my role.” When asked what advice they would offer to someone interested in pursuing a similar career path, Hanoski’s response clearly reflected the kind of dedication and perseverance she

12 |


demonstrates as an officer. “I was taught that if you want something, you have to work hard and earn it yourself. Nobody is going to hand it to you,” she says, attributing her hard work ethic to values instilled in her by both her parents. “If there’s something you’re interested in, go out and at least try it. Who knows? It could become a big part of your life.” For Zuk, a new mother, a fundamental cornerstone of her success has been her commitment to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. She believes this is an integral part of managing the inevitable work-related stresses in her field. “I have a family and I don’t want to bring home to them any anger or frustration I might experience at work,” she explains. “Some shifts can be just as exciting as they are emotionally demanding, so I try my best to leave work at work. If I can accomplish that, I’m better able to be there for my daughter when I come home.”

The Regina Police Service has done an excellent job of building an effective online presence and is active in the community, offering no shortage of opportunities for civilians and professionals to learn more about their vision, services and careers.

Congratulations CharMaine lusCoMbe froM


Information is available via the Regina Police Service’s;

Dear CharMaine:


Congratulations! On behalf of HomeLife Realty Services Inc. and our entire organization, it is my sincere privilege to recognize you for your outstanding contributions and dedicated performance in 2013.

Facebook Twitter YouTube On behalf of PINK, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Rachelle and Quinn for their dedication and service to the city and people of Regina. We wish you much success and safety as you move forward in your careers.

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Thai Chicken Soup


Dinner Rolls

Makes 8 Servings

Makes 9 Large Brownies

Makes 12 Rolls

1 tablespoon grapeseed oil

1/2 cup chopped walnuts, or to taste (optional)

1 1/2 cups warm water (110 degrees F/45 degrees C)

1/2 (12 ounce) bag semisweet chocolate chips

1 tablespoon white sugar

2 (14 ounce) cans coconut milk

1 teaspoon unsweetened cocoa powder

3 large eggs

1 tablespoon agave nectar

1/4 cup tapioca flour

1 1/2 teaspoons canola oil

1 (8 ounce) package crimini mushrooms, sliced

1/4 cup sorghum flour

1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

1/4 cup teff flour

2 1/2 cups gluten-free all purpose baking flour

1 head broccoli, cut into florets

1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

2 teaspoons xanthan gum

1 pound thinly sliced chicken breast meat

1 teaspoon xanthan gum

1 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons red curry paste

1 pinch salt

2 teaspoons dried dill weed

3 tablespoons lime juice

1/2 cup butter, room temperature

1 1/2 teaspoons minced garlic

3 tablespoons fish sauce

1 cup white sugar


1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro

2 eggs, beaten

2 serrano chile peppers, thinly sliced

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/4 cup chopped green onions


1. Stir warm water with sugar together in a bowl. Sprinkle yeast packet over water mixture and allow yeast to slightly foam, about 5 minutes.

8 lime wedges

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease a 9x9-inch baking pan.

3 shallots, chopped 2 tablespoons chopped cilantro 4 cups chicken stock

Directions: 1. Heat the grapeseed oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. Cook and stir the shallots and 2 tablespoons chopped cilantro in the hot pan until the shallot has softened and turned translucent, about 4 minutes. Pour in the chicken stock, coconut milk, and agave nectar; bring to a simmer over mediumhigh heat. Once the broth reaches a simmer, strain through a mesh strainer into a clean saucepan; discard the shallot and cilantro. 2. Return the broth to a simmer; stir in the mushrooms and broccoli and cook until the broccoli becomes tender, about 4 minutes. Add the chicken and cook until no longer pink, stirring constantly. Stir the curry paste, lime juice, and fish sauce in a small bowl to dissolve the curry paste; mix into the simmering soup.

2. Toss walnuts and chocolate chips with 1 teaspoon cocoa powder in a bowl until well coated; set aside. Mix tapioca flour, sorghum flour, teff flour, 1/3 cup cocoa powder, xanthan gum, and salt together in a separate bowl. 3. Beat butter and sugar together in a separate large bowl until creamy. Stir in eggs and vanilla extract. Gradually add flour mixture to butter mixture until fully incorporated. Fold in nuts and chocolate chips. Spread batter into the prepared baking pan. 4. Bake in the preheated oven until the top is dry and the edges have started to pull away from the sides of the pan, about 25 minutes.

3. Ladle the soup into bowls and sprinkle with 1/2 cup cilantro, serrano peppers, green onions, and lime wedges to serve.

16 |


1 (.25 ounce) package rapid rise yeast

2. Whisk eggs, canola oil, and vinegar together in a bowl until frothy. 3. Combine flour, xanthan gum, and salt together in a bowl until evenly mixed. Beat yeast mixture into flour mixture using an electric mixer until evenly combined. Beat egg mixture into flour mixture until just combined; stir in dill and garlic. Beat dough on high until dough holds together and is sticky, at least 4 minutes. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and set aside to slightly rise in a warm area, about 30 minutes. 4. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease a 10x13-inch baking dish. 5. Form dough into 12 large rolls and arrange 3/4-inch apart in the prepared baking dish. 6. Bake in the preheated oven rolls are lightly golden, 35 to 45 minutes.


Banana Bread


Makes 10 Pancakes

Makes 1 Loaf

Makes 8 Tortillas

1 cup rice flour

2 cups gluten-free all purpose baking flour

2 cups gluten-free all purpose baking flour

3 tablespoons tapioca flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon baking powder

1/3 cup potato starch

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon salt

4 tablespoons dry buttermilk powder

1/2 cup butter

2 tablespoons shortening

1 packet sugar substitute

1/2 cup turbinado sugar

1 cup hot water

1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder

2 eggs, lightly beaten


1/2 teaspoon baking soda

3 tablespoons maple syrup

1/2 teaspoon salt

6 ripe bananas, mashed

1/2 teaspoon xanthan gum


2 eggs

1. 1.Preheat an oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Lightly grease a 9x5 inch loaf pan.

1. Combine flour, baking powder, and salt in a bowl. Cut shortening into flour mixture until mixture resembles corn meal. Stir in hot water, 1 to 2 tablespoons at a time, until mixture forms into a ball. Knead dough until evenly combined.

3 tablespoons canola oil 2 cups water Directions: 1. In a bowl, mix or sift together the rice flour, tapioca flour, potato starch, dry buttermilk powder, sugar substitute, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and xanthan gum. Stir in eggs, water, and oil until well blended and few lumps remain. 2. Heat a large, well-oiled skillet or griddle over medium high heat. Spoon batter onto skillet and cook until bubbles begin to form. Flip, and continue cooking until golden brown on bottom. Serve immediately with condiments of your choice.

2. In a large bowl, combine flour, baking powder and salt. In a separate bowl, cream together butter and sugar. Stir in eggs, maple syrup and mashed bananas until well blended. Add the banana mixture to the flour mixture; mix until batter is just moist. Pour batter into prepared loaf pan.

2. Cut dough into 8 pieces; roll each piece into a ball. Press each ball into a flat tortilla-shape. 3. Heat a griddle or skillet over mediumhigh heat. Cook each tortilla in the hot griddle until lightly browned, 1 to 2 minutes per side.

3. Bake in preheated oven for 20 to 30 minutes, until a toothpick inserted into center of the loaf comes out clean. If using muffin or cupcake tins, bake for 15 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center of a muffin comes out clean.

Gluten Free Recipes

Perfect recipes if you are avoiding gluten! FOR SASKATCHEWAN WOMEN | VOL. 3 ISSUE 3, MARCH 2014 | 17


By Jenn Smith Nelson

Itching to escape the cold of the prairies to opt for some balmier west coast weather? Maybe a trip to British Columbia is in your family’s future? If so, consider road tripping the popular and insanely picturesque Sea-to-Sky route (Highway-99 to Whistler). Within a two-hour radius of Vancouver many wonderful family friendly adventures exist. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Vancouver

Stanley Park

FlyOver Canada - You will be blown away by this 8-minute sensation. Hold on tight as your feet dangle over the edge of your seats and you lift off to discover Canada from a bird’s eye view. Every sense will be engaged as you smell the trees, feel the mist of Niagara Falls, experience the northern lights and hear the wind as you fly across the country. Rent bikes and ride the seawall in Stanley Park – A handful of bike rental spots can be found near the entrance of Stanley Park and footsteps away from Vancouver’s dedicated path showcasing the scenic waterway. Make a day of it and stop at a beach, play at the kid’s park, feed the birds, visit the aquarium or simply pedal the route at your own pace. Rentals options to suit family needs are available.

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Sea to Sky Gondola Photo Credit: Rich Duncan 18 |


Sea to Sky Gondola - Take a 10-minute gondola ride to 885m above sea level and experience breathtaking views of Howe Sound fjord, the majestic coastal forest, surrounding mountains and more.Sqaumish’s newest attraction, set to open in May is sure to please every age. Once you reach the top, a whole host of four season activities await you.

Eagle Float Tours - If you happen to be in Squamish during the December - mid February timeframe and want to experience something incredible, you must take in an Eagle Float Tour. Every year eagles flock to the Brackendale area to feed on salmon that spawn in the Squamish and Cheakamus Rivers. The area attracts large numbers of the birds and in 1994 set a record with over 3700 eagles counted! Whistler (+2 hours from Vancouver) Have an Olympic moment - Rent skates and glide along the Whistler Olympic Plaza Ring in the village for free (skate rental is charged however). Open season for ice-skating is December - March 31.

Eagle Float Tours

Ski Whistler Blackcomb - Itching to hit the slopes? No need for a baby sitter when you can send your kids to ski school for the day. Not only are they in great hands, they are fed hot lunches and receive hands-on instruction in skiing and snowboarding. The Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre - If it’s a good dose of culture you crave, Whistler has just the place. The perfect spot for an educational and entertaining family outing, the Centre was created to celebrate the joint history of the Squamish and Lil’wat Nations. View art and exhibits while learning about the Squamish and Lil’wat people through performances, crafts and guided tours.

The Many Faces of


Ski Whistler Blackcomb

Candida can affect anyone. Male or female, young or old, large or small, Candida doesn’t discriminate. While the symptoms of Candida vary between individuals, the solution is the same. Renew Life’s Candida Solution is a 3 part program that eliminates Candida for good! The multi-faceted approach attacks Candida on all levels to deliver results that can be life changing.

Available wherever natural health products are sold.


Receive $2 Off Your Next Purchase Of Any Renew Life Product* Dear Retailer: Renew Life Canada Inc. will reimburse the full value of this coupon on the purchase of the product specified. Other applications may constitute fraud. Applications for reimbursement received after 6 months from the expiry date, as indicated below, will not be accepted. Failure to send in, on request, that sufficient stock was purchased in the previous 90 days to cover the coupons will void coupons. Coupons submitted become the property of Renew Life Canada Inc. Reimbursement will be made only to the retail distributor who redeemed the coupon. For redemption, mail to: Renew Life Canada • 8 - 1273 North Service Road East • Oakville, ON • L6H 1A7. * Limit one coupon per purchase. Coupon expires April 30, 2014. Signature:



The boom that is happening in Saskatchewan is turning into a bust for many Regina residents, says one local economist. With proposed increases throughout the city including to SGI, Sask Power, Sask Energy, and new increases from the City of Regina, including their proposed property tax increase of 7 per cent, it is getting more difficult to make ends meet for the average resident. Especially when you factor in that the increases are not consistent with the Consumer Price Index (the cost of living index) and are well above the rate of inflation. Where the real problem lies, says Hafiz Akhmad, is that the numbers and the rationale the City is giving for implementing such a large hike, simply don’t add up.

“While the debt is part of the justification for the proposed tax hike, and we’d all agree that debt is not a good thing, the increase is not consistent with the comparables they have laid out in the budget.” Comparing Regina against three other Western Canadian cities, including Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatoon, Akhmad says in addition to the numbers not being consistent with the typical drivers of household median income, media growth and comparable cities, the numbers they’ve listed for Edmonton within the budget are inflated to what Edmonton has been seeing in actuality. And instead of being the lowest average percentage increase found in that group, Regina is actually one of the highest.

“We are all busy, working hard to pay our bills, but collectively it is not a good trend because those bills will just keep being transferred to us and we’ll have to work even harder.” Hafiz Akhmad is an Associate Professor in Economics at the University of Regina, with research interests that include The Role of Institutions in Economic Growths. According to Akhmad, the figures cited by the City are not consistent with the drivers they cite. In his professional opinion, the economic downturn Edmonton is currently experiencing is a result of implementing many of the same kinds of increases back in 2007, and Regina could experience a similar fate if something isn’t done. “I looked at the City’s budget for the last three years to put the numbers in perspective,” says Akhmad. “Based on my review, the rate of increase in the City’s operating and capital expenses of 70 per cent and 21 per cent over the last couple of years is alarming. So too is the growing debt for the City, which grew at 128 per cent. From what I have reviewed both of these increases are not consistent with the typical drivers that should lead to these numbers. And that needs to be questioned.”

20 |


“I went back and looked at Edmonton’s budgets from 2010 to 2014,” says Akhmad, “and their average mil rate has been about 3 per cent, whereas they are showing on their table that the average is 5.39 per cent. Which means what they are trying to say about Regina is not true. Edmonton is the lowest. So these facts are not correct.” What does that mean for those who are not economists? Akhmad sums it up: “The increase they are proposing is just not consistent with the rational that they are using to explain it.” Akhmad does admit the City is stuck in a Catch 22. They need to address their alarming debt increase, some of which arises from non-essential capital projects including the soonto-be-built new stadium for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, while other essential and much-needed projects like road and infrastructure repair simply cannot be delayed any longer.

Items Akhmad agrees need to be done. But what he sees as something that is missing from the budget are other suggestions and solutions for how they can raise revenue other than tax increases to combat their debt. But why should they, says Akhmad, when they have a captive market in Regina resident; a source of revenue that is guaranteed as long as there are residential buildings and tax-paying residents living in them. How then should the City address its growing debt? According to Akhmad, one of the simplest ways is to attract new business, something that becomes increasingly more difficult when businesses view a City as having tax levels too high for their employees to be able to live with. The other possible solution, says Akhmad, would be for City official to sit back at the negotiating table with the federal and provincial governments and renegotiate their revenue sharing formulas to something more inline with what is needed to cover growing infrastructure repair and maintenance costs. While a third and less unpalatable idea would be to increase efficiencies within the City itself, and cut spending in the operating budget. A less than desirable solution because of the loss of jobs and services it could lead to. “What I fear is that the burden of all of these increases across the board will only serve to drive people out of Regina at a time when the province is hoping to grow. Yet what else can they do, when their median household incomes are not matching the rates at which their expenses are growing?” Akhmad understands that the problems faced by the City are not easily solved, but he also feels that people need to be

aware of the inconsistencies and the lack of sustainability in the numbers he has studied. “The burden of spending is being shifted to people at the municipal level,” says Akhmad, “when much of it should be coming from the federal and provincial governments.” But with voter turnouts in both federal and provincial elections consistently low, Akhmad says apathy is going to put us at even more risk. “We need to try and increase our participation in these decision making processes,” says Akhmad. “We are all busy, working hard to pay our bills, but collectively it is not a good trend because those bills will just keep being transferred to us and we’ll have to work even harder.” According to Akhmad people have a couple of choices. One is to stay uninvolved and simply work harder to pay the bills they are presented with; the other is to make their feelings known as citizens. “We need to bring it to the City’s attention that we know their numbers are not right,” says Akhmad for starters. “We should also be further debating our capital expenses.” “Monkey see should not be monkey do, and we should be looking at Edmonton as a cautionary tale. These are the types of debates that people should be having and through them find solutions to what we can do to mitigate our exploding deficit.”

wAtch for our grAnd re oPening - coming soon

Table 10 is a gluten friendly venue where guests can choose to mingle for casual drinks or spend an entire evening of dining and enjoying the company of family and friends. Voted Best Steaks. Regina’s most extensive gluten friendly menu. Join us for our Saturday / Sunday Brunch Address: 2118 Robinson St. Regina SK Phone: (306) 543 8836

D E S I G N E D | to inspire Regina 824 Fleury St. 306-781-8007

S a S k at o o n 2206 Speers ave. 306-24 4-27 74


Direct Vent Gas Fireplace


The nose knows By Sara Lindsay

Perfume has three sets of notes that make up the complexity of an  aroma.  The notes reveal themselves over time. First the most obvious top note is present, followed by deeper middle notes, with base notes trailing as the final scent.  Personally I am attracted to aromas made up of natural plantderived essential oils rather than synthetic components, but there are certain classics that I also love. Coco by Chanel will always be a favourite of mine and is one that will always remind me of “a time”. It’s Chanel - of course it’s wonderful! Created by an iconic  British  makeup artist and exclusively available in Canada at our studio, is LEMON by Mary GreenwelI; the sister aroma to PLUM. The scent is fresh, bright and lively. ‘This aroma is vast fields of lemon trees, heavy with the zesty fruit, vivid colours of the young green leaf and vibrant yellow.’ The scent is captured in an incredibly chic square bottle with a solid 22 carat gold plated stopper. It is quite exquisite. Created by the founder of Aveda and based on Ayurvedic medicine and the body’s seven Chakra centres, Intelligent Nutrients offers certified organic aromatics, which are designed to balance. Each aroma is made up of blends of essential oils and offers a description card with each one describing the benefits. These scents range from spicy and earthy to fresh and bright.

Dayna Decker Essence Sprays are available in several glorious blends and can be used as a room or body spray. Featured here is Clementine, which is a velvety citrus with sweet woods, orange flower, honey, black tea, cassis musk and one of my all time favourite essential oils, neroli. They also offer complimentary body moisturizers in each aroma, which are a very unique gel formula that leaves the skin with a silky finish. For more in depth information, I offer private makeup lessons at my studio. Melissa and Leah offer full Aveda hair services in studio to complement all makeup services. (306) 347-7829 3420 Hill Avenue in Regina

(Products listed counter-clockwise from top) Plum and Lemon by Mary Greenwell, Intelligent Nutrients Aromatics, Clementine Essence Spray by Dayna Decker

About the artist... Originally from Canada, and having spent many years of her career in the United Kingdom, Sara Lindsay is a professional makeup artist, with training from some of London’s top fashion academies. Having had the opportunity to work with some of Britain’s top artists, Sara brings an edge to her hometown of Regina. Sara’s professional experience includes runway work, editorial spreads, compelling commercial campaigns, weddings and special event clients. London Fashion Week and The London Clothes Show are just some of the highlights of her career. Sara was named Canadian Makeup Artist of the Year at The Mirror Awards 2011 and most recently was named a finalist for 2012. Sara’s successful freelance career, which complimented her time as a regional associate with MAC COSMETICS UK, gave her valuable experience in working closely with clientele to consult and direct their transformation to the extraordinary. In a consultative style, Sara works to achieve a look that is uniquely your own. 22 |


spring styling: transitioning by Riley lAW son |w w w . r i l e y l a w s o n . c o m

The Cropped Top:

sleeveless Tops:

Many of us don’t wear these often but there is a great way to wear cropped tops to make them work in warm or cold weather. Rather than baring our stomachs by just going for the cropped top and pants, throw on a button down blouse beneath for a more covered up and mature style.

Though it’s stil freezing for us, sleeveless tops of spring and summer are beginning to emerge in stores everywhere. if you see one you love and need to have – go for it! There are absolutely a few ways to wear it before the weather warms up. Grab a blazer or cardigan and a scarf.

layer one with colored denim for a dressed up casual look.

Take this trend to the office by pairing it with some classic black dress pants or skirt.

spring Dresses: The same general rule applies to dresses as it does to sleeveless tops: additional items can be easily added to warm up your outfit. you can add a blazer, a cardigan or even a pullover sweater on top of the dress, and grab some leggings or thicker tights, thick socks and boots. Finish the outfit off with a scarf and you’re ready to brave the cold.


Virgin Hair? When I first started hairdressing school I thought coloring hair would be super easy. I thought that there were only a few different hair colors to use and work with; blonde was blonde, black was black, and brown was brown. I quickly found out that color theory is not that easy; so here is a quick rundown for you to understand the basics.

By Joy Amistad from Visions Salon and Spa, Saskatoon For any further questions feel free to email me at

Virgin hair: This means that you have never put any type of chemical on it and I don’t just mean color. When I say no chemicals, this means no smoothing treatments, henna, natural hair color and definitely no temporary box hair color that you bought from shoppers. The reason why this is so important for you to know, as well as to inform your hairstylist when you do decided to color your hair, is because this will determine what type of color product she/he will use on you. By not providing your hairstylist correct information about the history of your hair, it can alter the finished product, and I don’t mean for the good. Hair that is synthetically colored is a little trickier to work with. If your desired hair is lighter than your colored hair, a few steps need to be made to achieve it. In most cases, hair that is colored previously cannot be lightened with a one-step process. Synthetic color needs to be lightened, removed or bleached out. The word “bleach” scares people, but do not be alarmed as the product has come a long ways since the 80s. The only reason why damage can occur when “bleaching” hair is that it is either left too long; put under heat or the hairstylist wasn’t taking the proper precautions to maintain the health of your hair. Keep in mind though if you have dark colored hair and desire to be blonde in one session, your hair will of course be compromised. Any type of fast drastic hair color change (e.g. from dark to light) will weaken and dry out your hair. Your hair stylist will inform you on the best way to achieve what you want; it might just mean you have to wait longer than one appointment to achieve it for the health of your hair.

Joy Amistad is a passionate hairstylist who originated in Vancouver and has continued to develop her talent by further training not only in Vancouver, but as well as Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, Miami and is now residing in Saskatoon. Her extended training has furthered her knowledge in precision cuts, hair colours and up styling. Hair is a fashion industry that is continually changing and growing; she truly values the importance of continually upgrading and enhancing her skills. She doesn’t believe hair dressing is just a job, it’s her passion. Joy is a stylist at Visions Salon and Spa in Saskatoon. 24 |


REAL ESTATE 101 Affordable Staging Tips! Education is the key to making wise decisions. Experience is complementary to that education. So together, you have a great combination. It is the same with any profession and no different with real estate, whether it is the buyer, the seller or the agent. But of course you want your agent to be both educated and experienced in order to make the wisest decisions and able to negotiate on your behalf. And your job? You can help by making your property appealing for potential buyers. It is easy to do and can be done all on your own. Here are some simple, yet affordable staging tips to help you to prepare to sell your home! • Make each room look as spacious as possible. This may mean putting some items and even some furniture into storage. • Remove unnecessary items from countertops, tables and shelves.

“Make each room look as spacious as possible. This may mean putting some items, and even some furniture into storage.” • According to Barb Schwarz, the originator of staging, when it comes to objects on shelves, tables and even sofas, odd numbers work best. So, put three pillows on a sofa, not two or four.

Professional stagers look at your home through the eyes of the buyer. Do the same and you’ll be able to see what changes need to be made.

• A throw cover on a worn or older-looking piece of furniture can make it look quaint and stylish.

Want more tips on selling your home quickly and for the best price? Call today!

• Fresh flowers or a flowering plant can add life and freshen up just about any living space.

LIVE YOUR DREAM … Til next month,

• Consider having the table set with nice china. It makes the buyer want to move in and sit down for dinner! • To make an older bathroom look great, replace the sink, faucets and toilet. It’s relatively quick and inexpensive.

CharMaine P.S. Last month, I wrote about credit issues. There is a third credit bureau I was not aware of at the time but have since found. It is called Experian – So, add that one to your list to keep on top of!

By CharMaine Luscombe, B.A, B.Ed Broker, Commercial, Farm, Residential Agent

Homelife Prairie Realty Tel. (306) 535 3948 FOR SASKATCHEWAN WOMEN | VOL. 3 ISSUE 3, MARCH 2014 | 25

“Walls and Floors for Your Outdoors” paving stones • retaining walls • architectural slabs

Natural Rock • Water Features • Slates Expertise Doesn’t Come From a Big Box

But you can find it at D&J Paving Stones. Visit our Show Space today! Quality Products • Expert Advice

Visit our Showroom at 1515 Toronto St. 306.789.2043



Gary is responsible for the design and building of your housing dreams at gjConstructs House of Design. Gary’s thirty years of working with owners, Architects, Engineers, contractors, TD Bank, BLM Architects and the Regina Health Region provides you with a unique blend of skills and know-how for the delivery of your ideas. He’s a Design Builder which means working with you from design until the keys are turned over. An end to end no fuss no worry service.

DETAILSMATTER Soon to be published book “Cottage Kitchen Design” a home design series. Join Gary’s Design & Details Matter blog at: Design & Details Matter BLOG See the new series on how to avoid design mistakes.

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Window Covering Types continued Insulating For Comfort

The purpose of making honeycomb cellular shades is to trap air and offer superior insulation and sound reduction properties. These shades are energy efficient because of the built in air pockets. This provides a simple way to make your home friendly to your world and more energy wise as well as. These shades present you with greater light control and good insulation properties for both summer and winter. It would be hard for you to make a better choice, you get beautiful window treatments that help you better conserve energy and prevent damage to the environment. The honeycomb pattern in cellular shades traps air before it enters and or exits your house. Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall, energy savings increase as your need for cooling or heating is reduced. Windows are the number one source for heat loss and gain, which can significantly cool your house in winter, and increase temperatures during the summer. Cellular shades work to block heat and cold and protect interiors against damaging UV rays. Some offer a, sealed in‚ protection by using tracks that run down the sides of the blinds and secure the blinds against the windows for further air infiltration protection. The using of cellular shades not only restricts outside air before it enters your home, it also aids in the reduction of noise. Double and triple cellular shades are specially effective for this purpose. If you live on heavily trafficked streets, sound blocking increases the peace and ambiance of your home.


If you or someone in your family suffer from allergies shades made of polyester with hypoallergenic properties that block dust or other allergens are available. Wood or Faux Wood Blinds

Many shoppers don’t know the difference between faux wood and real wood blinds nor do they know the strong value points gained from faux wood blinds. Wood

Wood window blinds offer natural charming qualities to the interior design of your kitchen. They take stain beautifully and there isn’t another product on the market that can showcase the beauty of the natural grain of real wood. Wood blinds are also one of the strongest products on the market. This is a top-notch merit considering that they are also one of the lighter products you can purchase. Weight is a consideration if you envision yourself often adjusting the blinds up and down and or your windows are on the large side. They are held dear for their look and valued by many for the “feel” they offer to your room. Wood blinds come in a range of stains making them so able to adapt to a room decor that they will not fit into very rare. Natural wood accents like those added with wood window blinds add warmth to your room. This makes wood window blinds a product that stands out in an industry crowded with many choices. They also offer light control abilities with ease while providing for the basics. They control the view in and out of your home providing for your privacy and security. A tug on a string easily and conveniently adjusts the level of light blocking. The versatility of wood window blinds make them helpful for many. And the degree of excellence offered by the wood window

blinds makes them a great addition to your kitchen. Faux Wood

The first thing that you will notice different is the price. Faux wood blinds are sold for a substantially lower price than their richer cousins the natural real wood blinds. The second thing is the weight as faux wood is the heavier of the two. You need to pick them up or bend them to tell the difference between the two. When installed they both put forward the same popular look and feel to the decor of your Cottage kitchen. You will love Faux Wood Blinds for being easy to take care of. They are fully washable which makes them easier to clean than real wood blinds. They are unaffected by the additional humidity found in kitchens. With real wood blinds you have to be watchful of the amount of moisture applied in cleaning and maintaining, but with faux products you do not have to take this into consideration. Faux Wood Blinds are at your disposal in a wide selection of colours and textures and are effortlessly merged into any design style and/or colour scheme.

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Window Covering Types continued


InINthethe Spotlight spotlIght camille munro

By Lee Parent

Lorrie Dobni

by Lee Parent achieving the title of miss World canada in may 2013, camille munro could have rested on her laurels and relaxed, but that just isn’t the nature of this dynamic young woman. Besides, the title doesn’t simply bestow honor and prestige on its’ recipient; such an award carries with it many duties and obligations. The next step in the pageant chain of events is the miss World competition and preparation must be made for that, as each contestant wishes to represent herself and her country in the best light. as the days sped by, camille set her sights on that goal while she “shared her crown” at various events and public appearances around the country. During an ‘average’ day, camille coordinated phone conferences and answered emails concerning charitable events, public appearances and travel required in her position. She maintained contact with her many sponsors; her primary sponsor for all her gowns and dresses since day one, has been Flirt Formal Fashions and natalia K Designs in regina. “it can be challenging balancing travelling across the country for various events and maintaining healthy relationships with my family and friends,” she admitted, “but they all support me in my ventures. i am truly blessed to have such an amazing team on my side!” Then September arrived and the miss World Final was held in Bali, indonesia. The month long event involved one hundred twenty-seven women each representing a different country across the globe. contestants are required to showcase a talent and camille’s is dancing; she is trained in both classical and contemporary styles and has been dancing since the age of three. chosen as a Top Twelve Finalist, she performed at the Talent Final held only days before the crowning event. “The night of the Talent Final i was so nervous,” she recalled. “This is very uncharacteristic

Whether you’d like some rest and relaxation or are looking to get a bit rambunctious, there’s so much to see and do that you’ll want to spend a night or two. Minot has great shopping, great food and drinks, great hotels with great rates and great people all around — Sounds great, doesn’t it? Plan your trip and get up-to-date city-wide hotel listings at

30 |


of me as i have been dancing competitively for as long as i can remember. i think it was a combination of nerves that arose from wanting to perform well but also the fact that i was performing on an international stage and my performance was to be broadcasted live around the world ... definitely one of those moments you do not forget.”


The evening was made even more special because her mother was in the audience clapping and cheering as loud as she could. “i knew,” said camille, “that no matter the outcome, she was proud that i had made it this far!” camille placed fifth out of 127 contestants in the talent portion of the competition, the only dancer to make the Top 5.


Finally, the night of the miss World Final came. again, camille’s mother was in the audience, “Global Healthcare In the cousin small from city new of York Tubingnen, joined by camille’s and miss World canada’s chairman,Connections ike lalji. overall, she Germany, placed 14ththe outcobblestone of 127 contestants is the they best have canada done and in proved thehas network streets which recent years.lead “as atoSaskatchewan born and bred,”connections camille clarified, am so proud to to “i coordinate and a 10-story girl building with once again break records at miss World canada, not only on our national Stage but on the deliver optimal health services. The internationalstate-of-the-art stage as well.” treatment, located

on the University campus, adjacent

trips were worth it, a PET scan back

Following the miss World Final, camille’s presence was requested at several significant to a Comprehensive Cancer Center. Germany in October of With 2013 events. in December 2013, she spoke at the closing in Panel Discussion for ‘Walking care university is of utmost showed my aspirations cancer was, indeed, our Sisters’Individualized at the First nations of canada about her for young women in canada. The ‘Walking exhibit How is dedicated missing can youtofeel betterand than importance, and With it our is Sisters’ well art gone. murdered aboriginal women and showcases one pair of moccasins for each missing or great?” Carynn asks. recognized in Germany, and under murdered woman. “The exhibit was breath taking,” she declared, “and i was honored to the watchful eye of Prof. Med. Dr. be a part of such an event.” Medical Travel is not merely about

Joachim Drevs, Carynn received 5

simply at meet in January, camille made a special appearance as misssavings, World canada the 15thAdele annualat weeks immune boosting, martin luther King of event in Toronto. onnon-toxic stage, she spoke the influence that nelson GlobalofHealthcare Connections and mandela hadcancer on thetreatments. world; she also described her journey to the save title and her crown you could more than in you hopes that it would inspire youth in attendance that evening. Professor Drevs is a Hematologist,

think… like the rest of your life.

The miss World canada ceo and organization came together and nominated camille for Oncologist, and Doctor of Internal One should to suffer two prestigious awards for community service and leadership at the not Harryhave Jerome awardsan having(Black practiced Banquet putMedicine, on by the BBPa Business inProfessionals association) in april 2014. hour, a day or a month longer than Germany, and Africa. camille is hoping to winUnited one ofStates, the two awards at the isupcoming ceremony, which will reasonable, but thousands be and held on aprilThe 12th, 2014 in Toronto, integrative cancer





pool,‘Show gym, of rehabilitation next came includes the 48th a annual Hearts’ Telethonlingering for Variety - The children’s charity anxiously in wait-list limbo in Vancouver,centre B.c. During the Telethon, camille proud to announce that the 2013 and small café, the city was is very and the list gets longer every day. Delegates ofbeautiful miss World canada had collectively raised $64,000.00 in support of Variety and in between Just because treatment isn’t life - The children’s charity. treatments, you’re healthy enough to

threatening doesn’t mean it isn’t vital as 2014 began, camille prepared to co-host the regina Symphony orchestra’s oscar enjoy your surroundings. No one is to quality of all life. It’s notraised about Party held on February 15th at the connexus arts center in regina. proceeds theirthe diagnosis, and from the ViPcategorized reception willby benefit seven charitable programs which the it’s rSoabout supports, ‘queue’ jumping, your treatment is settheupmiss specifically for crown a prime example of aligning World canada with humanitarian work, which health, and what is more important is at the corethe of the organization’s program. individual. “In addition to labs, than that?

camille is also thrilled to be attending annual royal children’s Ball being held at chemo-sensitivity bloodthe first tests, the Hotel Saskatchewan radisson Plaza regina on Picture march 2nd, support of the South a in 50-year-old woman, ultrasound, hearing and eyeinexams, Saskatchewan cystic Fibrosis chapter. “i cannot waitoverweight to see the smiling on allslowly the and faces being a PET/CT scan was also performed, little girls and boys who i will have the opportunity to meet,” she said. This is a new type of crippled by deteriorating knees, yet andSouth here’s the kicker, in cystic ONE day, I chapter fundraiser; the Saskatchewan Fibrosis is partnering with many local unable to have knee surgery until regina businesses make thereports event possible. had theto imaging and basic

she’s lost the weight; a 20-year-old results. in mid march, camille will continue returning tolab Vancouver to work closely alongside the man whose hairlines miss World canada organization as a Delegate Development Programpremature leader, continuing I was well taken care of, my to lead and provide life skills to past and current delegates. makes him look not a day over 45; treatment was in a lovely quiet,

individual withDance limited finances, camille will also be collaborating with Brian Torner ofanThe continental club and dimlyof lit room, classrooms’, I saw my adoctor, ontario’s Division ‘Dancing program inthat supportneeds of teaching underprivileged expensive dental Professor Drevs every day. events After willimplants children life skills through dance education; take place in Toronto 29th and crowns, on or april someone, (which happens be uneSco the to five weeks, I international came homeDay to of Dance) and June 18th, 2014.

By visiting another destination where the treatments for these and dozens more conditions aren’t just plentiful, but are more advanced and surprisingly affordable, people from all walks of life can have their health and happiness restored in weeks, not years. Medical travel or Medical tourism, as it is also referred, is not about queue jumping and it’s not about access for some elite, uber-wealthy segment of society, it’s for everyday people who are Travel tired ofisbeing in pain,about tired Medical not merely of life on a wait list, who want savings, simply meet Adeletheir at Global Connections lives andHealthcare their health re-stored. and you could more than Seeking care save abroad can you be think… likeHow the rest your life.and daunting. do of you find access licensed, respectable medical CONNECTING TO health professionals in YOU specialty •centres CosmetiC surgery located around the world?

• Dental Crowns anD implants should youCanCer ask, know, or •What integrative Care •expect? orthopeDiCs These are the questions •that weight surgery can beloss answered by Global Healthcare Connections. They have

CALL (306)with 974 top 2470facilities in connections IN SASKATOON ACCESS: locations all over theTO world—and in

most cases, they have actually

• advanced medical treatvisited the facilities to assure ments, technology and suppquality. matter where you go, portiveNotherapies.

GHC’s international network who know the destination country inside • a collaborative, multidisciplinary and out will, tend to your every team of cancer experts that need during after a workbefore, along side theand patient. treatment or procedure.

• treatments for the body, mind and spirit, to help patients fight the disease and maintain a high quality of life. Global Health Care Connections Inc. Unit C - 628 10th St. E. Saskatoon, SK. Phone: 306.974.2470

no matter what age, struggling with

returned to canada on may 11thSaskatoon, in Vancouver,then the 2014 miss World Final willand be emotional held. “i’m looking the medical rigors of forward to working year’s group of Delegates as they journey towards the Germanywith in this September of 2012. cancer, knowing that odds of five crowning night!” camille scans told me enthusiastically. and although her reign as the current The PET/CT showed the tumor year survival aren’t promising. queen will end, her title has opened many doors. two-thirds gone. “

“Becoming miss World canada has given me the opportunity of making business connections across canada,” she explained. “i have worked closely with many charitable organizations and businesses. This has opened up many possibilities of employment throughout canada. “ camille munro’s philosophy is simple yet profound. “i am a firm believer that we live in a world that is extremely connected! every connection made branches out and eventually we are a part of larger networks of people looking to achieve similar goals; it’s very powerful! miss World canada has given me a platform to showcase to potential employers, coworkers, business partners and peers my ability to display leadership, accountability and responsibility, and to me, those are vital skills in the professional world.” FOR SASKATCHEWAN WOMEN | VOL. 3 ISSUE 3, MARCH 2014 | 31

n, y et til d es 5; s, al e, th of e

treatment or procedure.

Global Health Care Connections Inc. Unit C - 628 10th St. E. Unit C - 628 10th St. E. Saskatoon, SK Saskatoon, SK. Phone: 306.974.2470 Phone: 306.974.2470

By Adele Kulyk


There’s been lots of buzz about it, increasing numbers of Canadians are going for it, and it brings a renewed sense of wellness to those that connect to the right sources for it. ‘Wellness travel,’ ‘medical tourism’ or ‘medical travel,’ – all buzz words used by people who seek treatment in other countries. It has a different definition for everyone. Some Canadians seek reasonably priced dental and surgical procedures; others look for stem cell, cancer and wellness treatments. Snowbirds combine it with their time down south, close to the borders of California and Arizona, and many vacationers escaping the throngs of our Canadian winter add a light medical procedure or dental treatment to their planned vacation. Sound interesting? Like most people who consider going outside of Canada for medical treatment, the first question is where would one start? A quick search on Google for ‘medical tourism’ can be really intimidating – there are an overwhelming number of options available. Many facilities don’t have well translated English websites. Often times, communication can be fractured, and sometimes you don’t know exactly what you are asking for or what you will be actually getting. Trying to book a flight for returning home after surgery can be an exercise in frustration, and people do not realize specialized medical travel insurance is needed when going abroad. Traveling safely for dental treatment or a medical procedure and coordinating continued care at home, is not a task for the do it yourself crowd. It’s important to find a Certified Medical Travel Professional who can assist and guide you to the right facility and location for your needs. 32 |


This is exactly where Adele Kulyk, CEO, of Global Healthcare Connections, a Saskatoon based company comes in. Adele is the only Certified Medical Travel Specialist in Saskatchewan, one of two in Canada. Adele has spent the last half decade working tirelessly on behalf of her clients to find personalized medical care solutions around the world. From treating life-threatening diseases like cancer to providing quality-of-life treatments in dental, bariatric and cosmetic surgery, Adele has partnered with leading medical facilities in multiple locations. She personally travels to each facility and meets with physicians and caregivers to ensure the level of treatment is far above any expectations Canadians may have. One of Adele’s longest lasting and strongest partnerships is with Almater Hospital in Mexico. It was the first hospital Adele toured back in 2010 and it’s also where she sought treatment in October of 2013. It is where many of her clients experience personalized, professional care. Located in Mexicali, Mexico, Adele describes Almater Hospital as “a crown jewel in the desert; the owners and staff are just like extended family.” Almater has been quietly attending to the needs of American and Canadian patients for more than 20 years. Every month, hundreds of American and Canadian patients choose Almater for a level of personal, attentive healthcare that is uncommon even among the best US hospitals. “We want to make it as easy as possible, so that there is no hesitation and people feel comfortable to come,” says Diana Cota, who oversees international care at Almater, where roughly 20 percent of patients come from outside Mexico. “Even before the point where someone is suffering or waiting too long for surgery in Canada, we want them here so we can help.”

Alex Sipko | Before Alex Sipko of Saskatoon is one of Global Healthcare Connections Inc.’s patients whose life was positively changed through his connection to Adele and the trip she planned for his weight loss surgery at Almater. “At 390 pounds, I could not get out of a chair on my own. My weight-related health issues included a swollen liver, high blood pressure and high heart rate. I was never embarrassed about my size but I wanted to see my children grow up and I wanted to be around when my grandchildren were born. I knew I needed to make a change. Health care officials suggested weight loss pills. To me, medication was not the answer. We discussed lap-band surgery but there was a four to five year wait time. My doctor of 25 years simply advised, “Get off your lazy ___ and work out.” I contacted Global Healthcare in August 2011 to address my obesity problem. Adele Kulyk referred me to a food therapist who helped me to overcome my emotional attachment to food and by changing my eating habits I lost 85 pounds before surgery. At 305 pounds, I was ready to have vertical gastric sleeve surgery. Having heard all the negative press about Mexico, I was nervous about travelling there for the surgery but after a two and a half hour meeting with Adele Kulyk, I felt confident. I travelled to Almater Hospital in Mexicali, Mexico in December 2011. Everything felt comfortable right from arrival to departure. Prior to surgery, doctors and staff explained everything thoroughly, further bolstering my confidence. After a successful surgery and a speedy recovery, I was back at work early. My entire lifestyle changed. I left my hourly wage job and started a company on my own, Saskatoon Woodworks. Spending time with my family has brought us so much closer. I am running again and I learned how to scuba dive – a

Alex Sipko | After dream I had given up years ago because I was out of shape, and this past year, my wife and I visited the Great Wall of China. Today I weigh just 225 pounds, a far cry from the over 390 pounds I started out at. My dreams of seeing my children grow up and being around for future grandchildren are a reality. I no longer live to eat; now I eat to live. I am so blessed to have dealt with Global Healthcare Connections and the medical staff at Almater Hospital.” At Almater, everything they do is focused on the patient. As a Canadian patient, the Almater international patient coordinator will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you feel comfortable and cared for during your entire stay. The bilingual staff attends to patients with great warmth, making every patient feel truly welcome. Even though Almater boasts the latest state of the art medical technology, the facilities and patient rooms feel more like a boutique hotel than a cutting edge hospital. And, at Almater Hospital, the meals are so good they get rave reviews from patients! Locals and visitors alike often dine at the Almater cafeteria instead of local restaurants! Adele and her team at Global Healthcare Connections can put together a total package for a surgical trip on a timeline and budget that just isn’t available anywhere else. Instead of months and years to get in for a surgery, you could be in Mexico within a couple of weeks from your first call to Adele. Prices depend on the type of surgery, but often compare at up to 50 - 60% less than what’s available privately in Canada. If you are interested in learning more about medical treatments outside of Canada, Adele Kulyk, a trusted medical travel expert, has amazing resources to help people just like you. One call to Global Healthcare Connections will link you to valuable information about traveling safely for the services you seek. FOR SASKATCHEWAN WOMEN | VOL. 3 ISSUE 3, MARCH 2014 | 33

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Every day, thousands of Americans cross the border into Mexico, seeking affordable, high quality By visiting another destination where healthcare. Many of these international patients take advantage of excellent medical care savings of the treatments for these and dozens Every day, thousands of Americans cross theatborder 50% to 80% over U.S prices at world class hospitals into Mexico, seeking affordable, high quality more conditions arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t just plentiful, located just 2 hours frominternational San Diego, California in healthcare. Many of these patients but are more advanced and vibrantofborder citymedical of Mexicali, takethe advantage excellent care atMexico. savings of surprisingly ALMATER ATaffordable, A GLANCE: people 50% to 80% over U.S prices at world class hospitals Mexicali a desert affordable healthcare. from all walks of life can have their located just 2ishours fromoasis San of Diego, California in B 5+0=0+<(3"664: Here the air is warm and dry, the healthcare is the vibrant border city of Mexicali, Mexico. health and happiness restored in B 7,9(;05."664: exceptional and the affordable medical prices ALMATER AT A GLANCE: weeks, Medical or encourage (Ask not aboutyears. our cutting edge travel Mexicali thousands Canadians is a desert oasis of of Americans affordable and healthcare. B 5+0=0+<(3"664: technology!) Medical tourism, as it is also crossairtheisborder access Hereto the warm toand dry,the theunbeatable healthcarevalue is of By visiting another destination where B 7,9(;05."664: B  /@:0*0(5:#7,*0(30:;: healthcareand in Mexicali. referred, is not about queue the treatments for these and dozens exceptional the affordable medical prices (Ask about our cutting edge more conditions arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t just plentiful, B"(+0636.@,7(9;4,5; encourage thousands ofSAID Americans and Canadians WHOEVER â&#x20AC;&#x153;WINNING jumping and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not about access for but are more advanced and Among Mexicali hospitals, Almater Hospital stands out as a leader in providing technology!) (Helicoidal 64D CAT SCAN, to cross the border to access the unbeatable value of surprisingly affordable, people some elite, uber-wealthy segment of ISnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t EVERYTHINGâ&#x20AC;? NEVER international patient care. Almater Hospital has been quietly attending to the B  1.5 /@:0*0(5:#7,*0(30:;: T Magnetic Resonance 1.5T, from all walks of life can have their healthcare in Mexicali. society, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s for everyday people needs of American and Canadian patients for more than 20 years. Every month, health and happiness restored in ultrasound) B"(+0636.@,7(9;4,5; HAD TO FIGHT CANCER. weeks, not hundreds of American and Canadian patients choose Almater for aMedical level travel of or Among Mexicali hospitals, Almater Hospital stands out as a leader in years. providing who are tired of being in pain, tired (Helicoidal 64D CAT SCAN, B5+6:*67@,7(9;4,5; Medical tourism, as it is also In the small city of Tubingnen, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Global Healthcare Connections personal, attentive healthcare that is uncommon even among the best US hospitals. international patient care. Almater Hospital has been quietlyreferred, attending to the is not about queue of life on a wait list, 1.5T, who want their 1.5B T ,+0(;90*(5++<3;% Magnetic Resonance Germany, the cobblestone streets proved they have the network and jumping and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;smonth, not about access for needslead of American and Canadian patients for more thanand 20 years. Every to a 10-story building with connections to coordinate ultrasound) lives and their health re-stored. some elite, B6473,;,4,9.,5*@ hundreds of American and Canadian patients Almater for uber-wealthy a good? level ofsegment of state-of-the-art treatment, Almater located deliver optimal health choose services. The What makes Hospital uncommonly itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s for everyday people B5+6:*67@,7(9;4,5; Seeking abroad can be on theattentive University campus, adjacent were worth it, even a PET scan back thesociety, Traumacare Center personal, healthcare that istrips uncommon among best US hospitals. who are tired of being in pain, tired a Comprehensive Cancer Center. Germany in October of 2013 Bdaunting. ,+0(;90*(5++<3;% Almater, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s clear that they inshowed approach patient care from the patientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s of life on a waitperspective. list, who want their B<33 /(94(*@ How do you find and AttoIndividualized care is of utmost my cancer was, indeed, livestheir and patientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s their healthshoes re-stored. The healthcare professionals at Almater put themselves in B6473,;,4,9.,5*@ importance, and it is well gone. How can you feel better than access licensed, respectable medical What makes Almater Hospital uncommonly Seeking good? care abroad can be SERVICES: recognized in Germany, and under great?â&#x20AC;? Carynn asks. and work to provide warm, personalized medical attention, custom tailored to Trauma Center daunting. How do you find and professionals in specialty health the the watchful eye of Prof. Med. Dr. Medical Travel healthcare is not merely about patientsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; individual needs. Quality is about paying attention to access licensed, respectable medical At Almater, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s clear that they approach patient care from the patientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s perspective. B<33 /(94(*@ B,5,9(3#<9.,9@ Joachim Drevs, Carynn received 5 savings, simply meet Adele at centres located around the world? Thethe professionals in specialty health details, and working to provide every patient with the care they need, in an healthcare professionals at Almater put themselves in their patientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s shoes weeks of immune boosting, non-toxic Global Healthcare Connections and B9;/67,+0*#<9.,9@ centres located around the world? cancer treatments. SERVICES: thatwarm, feels a personalized bit like work to provide you home. could medical save more attention, than you custom tailored to What should you ask, know, and or environment What should you ask, know, or B(90(;90*&,0./;6:: Professor Drevs is a Hematologist, thinkâ&#x20AC;Ś like the rest of your life. the patientsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; individual needs. Quality healthcare is about paying to questions expect? attention These are the B,5,9(3#<9.,9@ SurgeryThese are the questions Oncologist, and Doctor of Internal expect? At Almater, everything they doaniscare focused on theinpatient. Oneevery should not have with to suffer that can be answered by Global the details, and working to provide patient the they need, an Medicine, having practiced in B9;/67,+0*#<9.,9@ hour, a day or a month longer than As international patient, the Almater international B(9+06=(:*<3(9,(9; Healthcare Connections. They have that can be answered by Global environment thatStates, feelsand a bit likeanhome. Germany, United Africa. is reasonable, but thousands and connections withstep top of facilities B(90(;90*&,0./;6:: patient coordinator will be with you every the in Surgery The integrative cancer center Healthcare Connections. They have thousands of Canadians are locations all over the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and in includes a pool, gym, rehabilitation Surgery way to ensure that you feel comfortable and cared for At Almater, everything do islimbo focused the they patient. lingering anxiouslythey in wait-list B/,:; (053050* mostoncases, have actually connections with top facilities in centre and small cafĂŠ, the cityduring is and the list gets longer every day. your entire stay. The bilingual staff attends As an international patient, the Almater visited international the facilities to to assure B(9+06=(:*<3(9,(9; beautiful and in between B '&64,5:#,9=0*,: Just because treatment isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t life locations all over the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and in quality. No matter where you go, patients with great warmth, making every patient feel patient of the treatments, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re healthy enough to coordinator will be with you every step Surgery threatening doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t mean it isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t vital GHCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s international network who B 3(:;0*6:4,;0*#<9.,9@ one truly welcome. Even though boasts thefor latest most cases, they have actually enjoy your surroundings. No way tois ensure thatof you feel cared to quality life. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s notcomfortable aboutAlmater know and the destination country inside B/,:; (053050* categorized by their diagnosis, and B,<96:<9.,9@ â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;queueâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; jumping, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s The about your state of the art medical technology, the facilities and patient rooms feel more likeevery and out will, tend to your during your entire stay. bilingual staff attends to visited the facilities to assure treatment is set up specifically for health, and what is more important B '&64,5:#,9=0*,: need before, duringfeel and the after a B(;/,;,90A(;065()#,9=0*,: a boutique hotel than a cutting edge hospital. And, at Almater Hospital, patients with great warmth, making every patient the individual. â&#x20AC;&#x153;In addition to labs, No matter where you go, chemo-sensitivity blood tests, than that? treatment or procedure. Bquality. 3(:;0*6:4,;0*#<9.,9@ meals are so good they get rave reviews from patients! Locals and visitors alike truly welcome. Even though Almater boasts the latest B"(+0636.@#,9=0*,: Picture a 50-year-old woman, ultrasound, hearing and eye exams, GHCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s international network who B,<96:<9.,9@ atwasthe Almater cafeteria instead local restaurants! stateoften thedine art technology, the facilities and patient rooms feel more like overweight and of being slowly aofPET/CT scanmedical also performed, know the destination country inside crippled by deteriorating knees, B(;/,;,90A(;065()#,9=0*,: and hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;shotel the kicker, in ONE day, I a boutique than a cutting edge hospital. And, atyetAlmater Hospital, the unable have knee surgery untilCanadian patients theso imaging basic Discover why thousands oftoAmerican andLocals and out will, tend to your every mealshadare goodreports they and get rave reviews from patients! and visitors alike B"(+0636.@#,9=0*,: sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lost the weight; a 20-year-old lab results. Article by: Patrick Goodness, Global Health Care Connections Inc. have come to believe that Almater Hospital often dine at the Almater cafeteria instead of local restaurants! man whose premature hairlines need before, during and after a The Goodness Company: Medical Tourism Marketing

Unit C - 628 10th St. E. I was well taken care of, my makes him look not a day over 45; Saskatoon, SK. treatment was in a lovely quiet, an individual with limited finances, Phone: 306.974.2470 dimly lit room, I saw my doctor, that needs expensive dental Article by: Patrick Goodness, Professor Drevs every day. After implants and crowns, or someone, the five weeks, I came home to The Goodness Company: Medical Tourism Marketing no matter what age, struggling with Saskatoon, then returned to the medical and emotional rigors of Germany in September of 2012. cancer, knowing that odds of five $"""!  INTERNATIONAL PATIENT COORDINATOR: DIANA COTA email: The PET/CT scans showed the tumor year survival arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t promising. gone. â&#x20AC;&#x153;     two-thirds  !   $#     

treatment or procedure.

is the cure for the common hospital. Discover why thousands of American and Canadian patients have come to believe that Almater Hospital Global isHealthcare Connections Inc. Plan Your Mexicali Medical Vacation Today! the cure for the common hospital. Unit C - 628 10th St. E. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Saskatoon, SK

Plan Your Mexicali Medical Vacation Today! Phone: 306.974.2470

INTERNATIONAL PATIENT COORDINATOR: Global Health Care Connections Inc. DIANA COTA â&#x20AC;&#x201C; email: $"""!  Unit C - 628 10th St. E.      !   $#     

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