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Note from our Editor Christmas means something different to every person. For some, this time of year is a sad reminder of those who are no longer here. For others, it means stressing out over purchasing the right gift and not overspending. Some people see it as just another day in the year. But for most, it is the happiest and most magical time. For me, Christmas means family. It always has it always will. I come from a very large family, so Christmas is always a huge event. We take in the Candlelight service at church on Christmas Eve, relatives come from almost every province, we indulge in a potluck supper complete with homemade perogies and cabbage rolls, play games for all ages, sing carols, exchange gifts, and are always blessed with a visit from Old St. Nick himself! When the weather co-operates, we try to get outside for ice-skating, downhill sledding or carolling around the streets of whatever small town we happen to be in that year. Since starting a family of our own, we have started some new traditions, like watching The Grinch as we decorate, or making cheap and easy homemade ornaments for the tree. No matter what we do, though, we always do it as a family. Together. This Christmas our family is expanding, as we await the arrival of our second child any day now. This only adds to the excitement of the holidays, as we will have a new little person to sprinkle with love. However you like to spend the holidays, I hope it is with people you love. Wherever you go, I hope you travel safely. Whatever Christmas means to you, I hope it is special. Merry Christmas! Jenn Litzenberger Copyright 2016: PINK Magazine for Saskatchewan Women is a Compass Advertising Ltd. publication, published monthly and distributed free on stands across Saskatchewan. All rights reserved by Compass Advertising Ltd. Reproduction in any form of any material in PINK Magazine is strictly prohibited without written consent. Any requests for duplication of any content should be sent to Compass Advertising Ltd.. Compass Advertising Ltd. makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all of the information and ads that we publish. However, mistakes can happen and Compass Advertising Ltd., along with any affiliates, cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from any errors or omissions other than the cost of the ad. Compass Advertising Ltd. reserves the right to refuse ads if deemed inappropriate.

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Kali Eddy NURTURING WITH NATURE by: Jessica Reimer

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Growing up in the small Saskatchewan farming community of Aneroid provided Kali Eddy ample opportunity to explore and enjoy the outdoors. Not surprisingly, many of her favourite childhood memories were born from these adventures. “I’ve always really loved spending time in nature and exploring,” says Kali, who now shares a penchant for the outdoors with her husband, Mathew, and their three children: nine-year-old Dax, eight-year-old Vann, and six-year-old Wit. Taking time to appreciate nature has always been a core value in Kali’s personal life, but it was not until recently that she found a way to incorporate it into her professional life, too. Six months ago, Kali—a registered psychologist—debuted her naturefocused psychological practice, Wild Blue Psychology (www. Located on a working ranch in the picturesque Qu’Appelle Valley, Wild Blue offers an attractive and affordable alternative to traditional psychological practices and programs. “Wild Blue is a combination of everything I know: my upbringing, lifestyle, education, and training. I understand that psychology can be intimidating and overwhelming, not just for kids but also for their parents, as sometimes they have to face tough realities about their children’s mental health and wellbeing. That’s why I wanted Wild Blue to be a space that was inviting, natural, and relaxed.” Kali has dreamt of running her own private practice for years, but shared that the process of actually bringing this dream to life was a “very long road.” Before moving into psychology, Kali

chological tests and instruments for children and youth of all ages. It was during this time she made an important discovery: “I began to notice just how much mental health was on the rise. I could see there was an immediate need for early intervention— ways to help youth develop appropriate coping strategies so they weren’t faced with lifelong battles.” Kali spoke fondly of her time in the education sector: the children she worked with, the mentors she learned from, and the opportunities she took to promote awareness about mental health and early intervention. Still, though, she could not shake the feeling that she was destined for something more. “From the beginning, I knew what I wanted Wild Blue to be,” she contends. “Wild Blue is something very unique: as far as I know, there aren’t any other programs in Saskatchewan that combine traditional psychology with nature-focused, animal and equine therapies. Personally, I think combining the two really strengthens the mental health focus, because I can back up my observations with research and training.” Wild Blue offers four core services: animal-assisted therapy, equine-assisted therapy, psychological assessments, and a range of other traditional programs and interventions. Within two months of graduating from her program at the University of Calgary, and despite vehement claims she would “never be a student again,” Kali returned to the classroom to become a certified animal-assisted and equine-assisted therapist. Neither of these courses require post-secondary study in social or health sciences, but Kali maintains the two are a perfect and natural fit.

My goal was to create a space that is inviting, natural, and relaxed. spent six years as a special education teacher, a career she was sure would fulfil her desire to make meaningful impact on the lives of children. Shortly after she began teaching, however, she was plagued by a nagging feeling that something was missing.

Her next step was to secure a space where she could comfortably execute her vision for a practice that would “wow” clients and, in so doing, ease the transition from acute behavioural issues to managing and dealing with those issues.

“When you’re working with kids in special education, a lot of the time you’re dealing with multiple diagnoses,” she elaborates. “You make a lot of referrals to psychologists, and I was so intrigued by their work. I was constantly asking questions about what and how they did what they did.”

“I wanted to create a practice that was unique and unconventional,” says Kali of the property’s inimitable, homey charm. “It’s a tough thing, reaching out for help, but it’s a step in the right direction. I want Wild Blue to be a place where families and kids feel safe and comfortable. To sum it up: it’s a powerful and unique experience—for them, and for me. I just love it!”

Each new question strengthened Kali’s resolve to return to school and study psychology. In 2007, she began spending her evenings, weekends, and even a year-long maternity leave completing her coursework for a Masters of Education in Applied Psychology from the University of Calgary. For her, the experience was “tough, but very worth it” thanks to tremendous support from friends, family, and especially her husband. After graduating from the program and in order to satisfy the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists’ registration requirements of 1,500 hours of supervised practice, Kali accepted a position with the Prairie Valley School Division. Working as part of an interdisciplinary team, Kali administered and scored psy-

Setting foot on the property is, indeed, an experience. A departure from the humdrum of city life, clients and visitors are treated to scenic views of the Qu’Appelle Valley’s rolling hills, and welcomed by an assortment of furry creatures on arrival. Inside and out, Wild Blue’s aesthetic is best described as earthy and rustic with playful punches of colour. Kali—with the help of her husband—has gone to great lengths to ensure even the smallest of details uphold her vision of a fun, comfortable place for children and youth to play, share, learn, and grow. What was once a barnyard is now Wild Blue’s headquarters, full of whimsical, kid-friendly designs. Each section of the barn FOR SASKATCHEWAN WOMEN | VOL. 5 ISSUE 12, DECEMBER 2016 / JANUARY 2017 | 7

I want to help promote awareness..mental health issues and topics should be part of our everyday language. is decorated with a particular theme, and clients may choose which space they’d prefer to spend their session in. Wild Blue is outfitted with hammocks, bean bags, toys and, of course, a growing team of therapy animals. “When we were redesigning the barnyard, we made sure to incorporate space for the animals,” says Kali, who considers her four-legged team members part of the family. “We have donkeys, cows, sheep, miniature ponies… we even have a pig we’ve trained to sit on command!” To guarantee the safety of her clients, Kali and her family invest significant time looking after the property and therapy animals. “Many of our animals were bottle-fed by my kids; it’s essential the animals be well socialized and desensitized to sound and touch. Each and every animal at Wild Blue is one I would trust with my kids, and it has been so wonderful to have my family take such an active role and interest in the business. I am very lucky.” Much of Kali’s process and philosophy is guided by the principles of experiential therapy, incorporating a wide variety stimulating task-based activities. “I believe in [experiential therapy] because it encourages the client to identify issues through active experiences,” she says.

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“Sometimes we are blind to the way we act or how we feel, and I’ve found that multi-sensory experiences like working with animals help people come to recognize their own issues.” Her observations are supported by decades of research touting the power and impact of the human-animal bond. Spending time with animals has been proven to improve mental, physical, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing. From a clinical perspective, Kali has found that children who work with animals as part of their treatment plan typically accelerate quicker towards their therapeutic goals and demonstrate increased motivation and engagement. “Animals help to build a therapeutic relationship and reach goals quicker,” she explains. “Clients enjoy reduced stress, and they feel calmer. I have observed that my clients tend to establish trust quicker when animals are involved, and they’re more open with their thoughts and feelings.” Given their innate ability to pick up on body language, innuendo, and emotion, horses are well suited to interactive, experiential therapy programs. And while research specific to equineassisted therapy is still in its infancy, what has come to light is extremely promising. Earlier this year, for example, Saskatchewan professors Darlene Chalmers and Colleen Dell published a study on the effectiveness of various horse therapy programs in


the province. For years, the pair have observed how interactions with different animals contribute to the healing and therapeutic processes. The results of the evaluative study support that the benefits of horse therapy are congruent with other animal programs; specifically, participants feel happy, loved, and part of a supportive, nurturing relationship. Kali leverages these benefits at Wild Blue, with an impressive outdoor pen devoted to equine-assisted therapy. Which tasks she chooses depends on her client’s specific circumstance and overarching therapeutic goals, but all are designed to trigger subconscious emotions and behaviours. “Tasks like these really take the pressure off the client, allowing them to project their feelings onto the animal.” One common task involves leading a therapy horse through a series of obstacles. Kali will observe the interaction between the horse and the client, but pays special attention to the way each child moves through the task. His or her reactions—frustration, apprehension, determination, and so on—often hint at deeper, underlying issues. Armed with this information, Kali can then gently steer the conversation, using the animal as a non-threatening reference point. Although Wild Blue is still in its early days, the results thus far are undisputedly positive. Sometimes, in as little as one session, children who are otherwise disengaged and withdrawn begin to emerge from their protective shells. This change is followed soon after by marked improvements in overall demeanour, as her clients learn to adopt healthier and happier behavioural patterns. Each and every gain, big or small, affirms to Kali she has found her calling. “I want to educate people on the therapeutic benefits of using animals in addition to traditional therapy, and I want to help promote awareness about mental health issues, especially with kids and youth. Mental health issues and topics should be part of our everyday language.” “Kids these days can really struggle to identify their strengths,” she continues, “but I’m very encouraged by the number of smiles I get from my clients. I believe that when you’re dealing with kids and adolescents who have mental health issues, difficult behaviours, or who are at risk and hard to reach, it’s important to approach things a little differently. That’s exactly what we do here at Wild Blue. The response has been amazing so far, and the next step is to show people just how valuable and necessary a service like this is.” For more information about the practice and animalassisted therapies, visit Wild Blue Psychology’s website ( or follow Kali on Facebook ( and Instagram (@wildbluepsychology). Kali is also available via e-mail at FOR SASKATCHEWAN WOMEN | VOL. 5 ISSUE 12, DECEMBER 2016 / JANUARY 2017 | 9

This Christmas I’m in South America about to embark on a oncein-a-lifetime trip to my final continent: Antarctica. But for the past five years in a row, I’ve had the opportunity to travel five continents for some unique seasonal celebrations. 1. Oceania 2010 - Auckland, New Zealand My first Christmas away was very different. No snow, hot weather — it just didn’t feel the same!


I surfed in the days leading up to the holiday and consequently blistered my face with a sunburn. I spent Christmas with family friends in Auckland. They welcomed me into their home, sharing their seasonal customs and took me to the Ellerslie Horse Races on Boxing Day. The next best thing to family is good friends. 2. Asia 2011 - Hanoi, Vietnam During my six months in South East Asia, I bussed into Hanoi, Vietnam with two Canadians. On Christmas Eve I visited Hoa Lo Prison where John McCain was held as a prisoner of war. Not so cheerful. But Christmas Day I celebrated with other international travelers at a festive lunch. I finished my night with Kentucky Fried Chicken for Christmas supper. Not exactly a turkey, but a good alternative after a full day of merrymaking. 3. North America 2012 - Saskatchewan, Canada Sometimes plans change and I spent less time in Central America than expected. I flew back to Canada from Belize on the busiest travel day of the year. After two years away, I happily spent a white Christmas at home with family. 4. South America 2013 – The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador Following my heart to the Galapagos Islands off the west coast of Ecuador, I spent two months pursing my professional-level scuba diving certification. I enjoyed getting to know the local customs during the holiday season. On Christmas Eve I had an Ecuadorian supper with my dive company. I spent Christmas Day diving with a school of hammerhead sharks. Even more exciting was also spotting the elusive Mola-Mola or Sunfish. 5. Africa 2014 - Cape Town, South Africa Before flying home to start my position as the Saskatchewanderer, I spent Christmas in Cape Town. With more than 770,000 tourists travelling here during the holidays, it was difficult to book activities. It was also rainy so I spent a short time exploring, then stopped for a big mac Christmas lunch at McDonald’s. The rest of my day was spent in good company with a fellow traveler. Merry Christmas to you, wherever you might find yourself this holiday season, and travel safely!

Suffering from insatiable wanderlust, Ashlyn George is a freelance writer and photographer who has traveled through more than 50 countries on 6 continents. In 2015 she traveled more than 37,000 kilometres across her home province of Saskatchewan as the official personality and travel blogger for the Government of Saskatchewan. Through writing, videography and photography she documents her adventures and stories on her blog The Lost Girl’s Guide to Finding the World.

To connect with Ashlyn and follow her journey, find her online at or at As well as on her social media channels: • Instagram: @thelostgirlsguide • Twitter: @lostgirlsguide 10 |


Consider Some New Year’s (Financial) Resolutions Supported by:

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We’re just about ready to open the door to 2017, so you might be thinking about some New Year’s resolutions. What’s on your list this year? More visits to the gym? Learning a new language? Mastering the perfect beef bourguignon? All worthy ambitions, of course, but why not also include some financial resolutions? By reviewing your needs and goals, you can identify some resolutions that are particularly relevant to your own situation. But here are a few suggestions: • Build an emergency fund. If you needed a major car repair or a new furnace, or faced some other large, unanticipated expense, could you cope with it? If you didn’t have the money readily available, you might have to dip into those investments intended for long-term goals, such as retirement. Instead, build an emergency fund containing three to six months’ worth of living expenses, kept in a liquid, low-risk account. • Cut down on debts. It’s not easy to cut down on one’s debt load. But if you can find ways to reduce your debts, you’ll help improve your overall financial picture. Many debts are not “useful” – that is, they don’t carry any tax advantages – so every dollar you spend to pay down those debts is a dollar you could use to invest for your future. • Boost contributions to your retirement plan. If your employer offers a group RRSP or similar retirement plan, take full advantage of it. Your earnings have the potential to grow tax deferred and your contributions may lower your taxable income. Plus, most plans offer a selection of investment options, so you can choose the investment mix that fits your objectives and risk tolerance. Therefore, if your salary goes up this year, or if you think you can find other ways to free up some money, increase your contributions to your retirement plan. • Review your portfolio. Is your investment portfolio still on track toward helping you meet your long-term goals? If not, you may need to make some changes. You’ll also want to study your investment mix to make sure it still accurately reflects your risk tolerance. Over time, and often without your taking any significant actions, your portfolio can “drift” to a place where you are taking on too much risk – or even too little risk – for your needs and long-term objectives. If this happens, you may need to “rebalance” your holdings. • Avoid mistakes. None of us can avoid all mistakes, in life and in our investment activities. PMS 5535 But as an investor, you’ll clearly benefit from minimizing your errors. For example, it’s generally a mistake to jump out of the market in response to a period of volatility. If you wait for things to “calm down” before investing again, you might miss out on the opportunity to participate in the next market rally. • Think long term. Keep this in mind: You’re not investing for today or tomorrow, but for many years from now. Try to keep a long-term focus when making all your key investment decisions. By doing so, you can avoid overreacting to short-term developments, such as a sudden drop in the market or a “momentous” political event that actually decreases in importance as time goes by. Black Try to follow these financial resolutions as best as you can. You could make 2017 a year to remember.

This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor. Member – Canadian Investor Protection Fund

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It is that time of year my friends! Family visits, fun in the snow, cheer in the air, gatherings and presents, and so much to be thankful for! It may seem as though the entire month of December is a write off and that it is impossible to stick to any schedule, but here are a few tips on how to stick to your healthy lifestyle AND enjoy the holiday season and all the great times it has to offer! As the FitnessPreneur, I travel and enjoy many events, holidays and adventures, but I always stay true to my health, my priority and my lifestyle of being my best. The Get Fit Series courses at my website – can help you understand how to fuel, exercise and goal set towards the life and the body you want! Cook ahead and cook extra – Prepare your meals in advance. Make extra and keep portions that are easy to grab from the freezer or the fridge. Pack a snack – When you are heading to an event, social gathering or family get together, pack a healthy snack. Even if you are going out for a festive dinner or lunch, if time runs longer than planned, instead of getting hungry and eating the snacks that are out or dainties that are displayed, you will have a healthy snack to eat and will be able to enjoy your company! Great purse snacks include: veggies, hard boiled eggs, protein powder, rice cakes, a piece of fruit, or nuts. Adjust meal timing – If you are heading home for the holidays, staying at relatives, traveling, or going to be in any situation that may throw off your normal schedule and put you at mercy of others, instead of anti-socializing to avoid falling off of your healthy lifestyle, adjust your meal timings to align with meal times of the family meals. Even if you pack your own meals or prepare your own special plate, adjust your timing to be involved in the celebration and sit down event with the entire family. Stay active – make activity a part of your day. There is no rule that we must sit to socialize. Get outside - Organize a family adventure, a physical game, a sleigh ride, skiing, or tobogganing. Ask your relatives to go for a walk, take the kids to the park to play, start a game of football outside or enjoy a workout with a family member. Wake up early – Wake up early and enjoy the calm before the day gets going and possibly running away from you. If there are certain things you must do during the day, get them done early. Do not leave them to the middle or end of the day. When you place them as a non priority, the fun activities of the celebrations, shopping, or get togethers will take over and your priorities will shift. Waking up early will help you stay on track and help you stick to your regular schedule. Cook with your family – The kitchen is usually where the action is. You can sit and eat and talk and drink until supper is served. Or you can volunteer to cook a plate and create your own healthy contribution to the family meal. This allows you to be included and contribute a healthy dish you will enjoy. 12 |


Eat Breakfast – Do not go hungry! Stick to your daily diet as usual, with the exception of the meal you will be eating with family, friends, coworkers etc. You do not want to set yourself up to overindulge or to find yourself picking at all the goodies on display. Eat a healthy and balanced breakfast.


Enjoy a treat – No one said being healthy meant never eating dessert or enjoying a treat! It’s all about moderation and complimenting your lifestyle. With portion control, enjoy and ALLOW yourself a treat! Don’t drink heavy drinks, eat a heavy meal and finish with a heavy dessert – try your best to indulge in one area. Skip the drinks and enjoy an off meal or eat a healthy meal and enjoy a treat for dessert. Cheers with a glass of champagne or pair your dinner with a nice glass of wine. Indulge where you want to most, but leave the excess consumption out. Things to AVOID this holiday season: •

The snack table

The bowl of nuts

The office snacks

Sleeping in and staying up late

Forgetting to drink water

Replacing your water with alcohol, coffee with creamer, eggnog, fancy punch

Forgetting your routine

Introductory Massage

Time with friends and family

Great food

The outdoors


Registered Massage Therapists Stretch your budget with affordable pricing Convenient hours and online booking

Things to ENJOY this holiday season: •



Direct billing to most insurance providers Open evenings and weekends

Give the Perfect Gift *First visit only. 1 hour includes change time and health history assessment. Prices subject to change. Prices and services may vary by clinic. Taxes not included.

Remember what matters the most and be grateful of the blessings that this year has brought. Be proud of all of your hard work and be excited for the new adventure that comes with the new year! Happy Holidays! I look forward to a healthy and happy 2017 with you!

Give the gift of relaxation this Holiday Season. Call us for details.

Connect with me and ask me anything! Instagram @hollsbarksfitness Email: • Facebook: /hollsbarks Holly is a Saskatchewan born and raised fitness enthusiast. She grew up in Whitewood, Saskatchewan and graduated from the U of S School of Business. She now owns two Anytime Fitness locations with her husband in Regina and is a sponsored athlete, bikini competitor and fitness model. She loves to inspire others to also find the zest in life” and live their passions to the fullest!

2535 E Quance St. Regina, SK (306) 525-6161 2600 8th St E, Unit 250, Saskatoon, SK (306) 373-6161


#STYLELIVESHERE By Michelle Strawford


With our favourite season well underway, we are thrilled to share our favourite fashion finds this holiday season. Drum roll please…

7. POST CHRISTMAS DINNER OUTFIT goes to DEX Motto Jeggings with your favorite Bella Private Label sweatshirt

1. CHRISTMAS SHOPPING OUTFIT goes to Orb’s Trench Coat, plaid blanket scarf and Dex Super Skinny Repaired Denim jeans.

8. POST CHRISTMAS LONG SLEEVE goes to “I Can’t Adult Today” graphic top.

2. PARTY DRESS OF THE SEASON goes to Brunette The Label’s Tracey Dress and matching lace skirt.

Whatever the Christmas occasion, Bella Chic’s got you covered! Wishing all our customers, friends & family a blessed holiday season. Huge thanks to the amazing Pink Magazine team who tirelessly create a fabulous magazine month after month. We love working with you!

3. BABY’S FIRST CHRISTMAS OUTFIT goes to Bella Chic onesie “Party In My Crib 3 AM Bring A Bottle” 4. CHRISTMAS MORNING OUTFIT goes to Bella Private Label’s “#CozyUp” pullover and Z Supply camo joggers. 5. STOCKING STUFFERS OF THE YEAR go to the “If you can read this... Bring me a glass of wine” socks and the Bella Private Label Trucker caps. 6. CHRISTMAS FUN DAY OUTFIT snowman-making gear goes to cozy mittens and scarves paired with our Dex parka.

You do not need to look far to find the best in fall fashion and prices. Shop Bella Chic online at Also visit Bella Chic in our new store at new store at 5P South Plains Rd W, Emerald Park. Now open 7 days a week. Directions and store hours are available online. Find us on Facebook at /BellaChic.Fashion and remember to share your favorite fashion pics on our Instagram feed @Style_Lives_Here_BellaChic.

photos by BELLA CHIC

With a lifelong passion for fashion Michelle Strawford runs multiple businesses all with a focus on showcasing and bringing style to Saskatchewan. From owning a photography company and producing SK’s top retail events, not to mention owning a women’s fashion company too, Michelle lives and breathes what she loves. Find out more at: Instagram: @Style_Lives_ Here_BellaChic Facebook: /BellaChic.Fashion Twitter: @BellaChicOnline Facebook: / 14 |

FOR SASKATCHEWAN WOMEN | VOL. 5 ISSUE 12, DECEMBER 2016 / JANUARY 2017 Facebook: / Twitter: @WhatWomenWantSK Contact Michelle at Twitter: @michelleStrawf1

Healthy Hair For The New Year By Joy Tesch at Visions Salon and Spa

Now that winter is here and everything seems dry, your hair can really take a beating. Regular trims are a must, but remember that what you do to it daily will ultimately affect the condition of your hair. Think of it this way; to keep your body healthy you can’t just eat one salad and expect to stay healthy. It is what you do and eat daily that will result in your overall health. Treat your hair like you treat your body. Feed it with proper hair products that will hydrate and strengthen it, as well handle it with care every day. Here are a few hair tips that will keep your hair feeling renewed and healthy for the New Year. Try not to wash your hair daily. This action can strip away the natural oils on your scalp and hair, which can cause a dry and itchy scalp as well as hair breakage. When your hair is wet, it has the most elasticity, which means it is at its most fragile state and can stretch and break. Not only is the washing not ideal for your hair, but using a blow dryer and hot tools daily can really pay a toll on your hair in the long run. I do understand that people with fine hair can feel greasy if they don’t wash daily. In that case, I would highly recommend using a dry shampoo on day two hair, or styling your hair in a braid or top knot. The great thing with styles these days, is that day two hair can sometimes be ideal for styling. Try looking on YouTube for simple hair styling tutorials. There are lots of different styles that you can try that don’t require your hair to be washed. I do love styling my hair, but it is important to use proper hair products that not only will protect your hair but will strengthen it as well. When using hot tools on my hair I love to use Surface

Repair Tonic. This product can be used on dry or wet hair. It not only works as a heat protectant, but also has vegan proteins that will help rebuild and strengthen your hair without weighing it down. I also use Surface Protein Cream when my hair is wet as a detangler. As I mentioned above, your hair is the most fragile when wet. Surface Protein Cream will make brushing your hair easier and will stop breakage from occurring. Just remember to be gentler with your hair when it’s wet and to detangle ends up! I hope some of these hair tips will help educate you to have great hair for 2017! Happy Hair Days! Photo credit: Photographer: Ginas Portraits Hair: Joy Tesch MUA: Steph Lemieux

Joy Tesch is a passionate hairstylist who originated in Vancouver and has continued to develop her talent by further training not only in Vancouver, but as well as Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, Miami and is now residing in Saskatoon. Her extended training has furthered her knowledge in precision cuts, hair colours and up styling. Hair is a fashion industry that is continually changing and growing; she truly values the importance of continually upgrading and enhancing her skills. She doesn’t believe hair dressing is just a job, it’s her passion. Joy is a hair stylist in Saskatoon. For more hair tips, follow her on Facebook and instagram at Joyteschhair. FOR SASKATCHEWAN WOMEN | VOL. 5 ISSUE 12, DECEMBER 2016 / JANUARY 2017 | 15


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About the artist... Originally from Canada, and having spent many years of her career in the United Kingdom, Sara Lindsay is a professional makeup artist, with training from some of London’s top fashion academies. Having had the opportunity to work with some of Britain’s top artists, Sara brings an edge to her hometown of Regina. Sara’s professional experience includes runway work, editorial spreads, compelling commercial campaigns, weddings and special event clients. London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, the Junos, and the CCMA’s are just some of the highlights of her career. Sara was named Canadian Makeup Artist of the Year at The Mirror Awards 2011 and was named a finalist for 2012. Sara’s successful freelance career, which complimented her time as a regional associate with MAC COSMETICS UK, gave her valuable experience in working closely with clientele to consult and direct their transformation to the extraordinary. In a consultative style, Sara works to achieve a look that is uniquely your own. 16 |


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Women We Won’t Forget Remembering Great Saskatchewan Women

Marion Mossing (1885-1975)

By Roger MacPherson

Although Marion was born in St. Johns North Dakota, she immigrated with her family to Tomkins Saskatchewan at the age of 10 in 1895. Her life and her contributions to society are so deeply rooted in our province, and in our country that we are proud to claim her as one of our own. Her story is unique and inspiring. Marion Mossing (nee Paupst) attended primary school in Tomkins Saskatchewan and later went on to study music at St. Boniface College in Manitoba. Born into a musical family, Marion had a natural ability and a great passion for the piano and later the flute. While at college she met a young man who also had immigrated from the U.S., Bernard Mossing. Like Marion, Bernard had grown up with music as part of his life and was an accomplished trombone player. The two shared a passion for music which would lead to a great legacy. They were married soon after graduating and eventually settled in Regina. The family grew over the next 17 years to number 5 children; Basil, Fred, Isabel, Darcy and the ‘afterthought’ Robert who came along 7 years later. All were drawn into the world of music and were mentored and inspired by their parents. During the war years, the two eldest boys Basil and Fred, left home to serve in the RCAF as fighter pilots in Europe. They were inseparable as siblings and remained so during their military service. Basil, the elder brother, was due to muster out 6 months prior to the end of Fred’s tour of duty. Basil was reluctant to return home without his younger brother so he volunteered to remain in England as a much needed flight instructor. The brothers planned to reunite and return home together after both tours were completed. Fred was then serving in Europe flying sorties over Germany. During this time he was shot down over Germany and subsequently captured. Tragically, around the same time, Basil was killed in a training exercise over England. While Fred eventually returned to Canada, Basil was interred in England never to return home. Marion was devastated by the loss of her first born. 18 |

Basil was awarded the military silver cross (MSC) and the distinguished service medal (DSC) posthumously. Overcome by grief, Marion could not bring herself to travel to Ottawa to receive these medals. She eventually accepted them and in the portrait accompanying this article, she is seen to be wearing them both. Marion searched for solace and found it in a burning desire to invest the love and energy she had for her offspring into other children and young people surrounding her. For Marion, music had always been a passion and a refuge. She was inspired to start a band program for neighborhood children. This became her contribution to making the world a better place. The Queen City Band was formed in 1945 in Regina as the war drew to a close. Marion completely submerged herself in the process of building a training and performing venue for these children. According to her youngest boy Robert, when funds were not available to sustain the program, she walked the streets until she finally found a sponsor in the local Lions Club. Thus the Regina Lions Band was born in 1946 Among the early members were boys like Adam Faul, who later went on to become a Canadian heavyweight boxing champion. Another young man, Adolphus Raymondus Vernon Agopsowicz, later went on to become a famous actor adopting the name John Vernon. He had originally come from Zehner Saskatchewan and encountered Marion after moving to Regina to continue his education in high school. 70 years later, over 12,000 people have passed through this institution. Over the years the band has travelled the world, winning many competitions and accolades. The Mossing School of Music is now headed by Marion’s only remaining son and the youngest of her children, Robert Mossing. Bob, as he is affectionately known by his students, continues the tradition begun by his mother and at 81


years of age, has no intention of retiring. A recipient of the order of Canada for his contributions to the youth of our country, he can be seen conducting his bands in several regular concert venues throughout the year in Regina and elsewhere. The legacy begun by Marion Mossing has endured through several generations. It is people like her who have indeed made the world a better place. The value of her commitment and her vision is incalculable. Our Saskatchewan community continues to enjoy the fruits of her vision and passion. We are much wealthier as a result. The Mossing legacy is a true provincial landmark. A brief history of band music in Saskatchewan. Regina’s first Brass Band was formed in 1886. Saskatchewan’s first wind bands were modeled on prototypes brought by British immigrants in the late 1800s: industrial brass bands, and military brass and reed bands. The North-West Mounted Police organized the earliest, first at Fort Walsh in 1878, with others following at Fort Qu’Appelle (1880), Battleford (1882), and Regina (1883). The Prince Albert Cornet Band, established in 1883, was probably the first civilian band. Before the turn of the century, similar aggregations were assembled in Regina, Moose Jaw, Grenfell, Qu’Appelle, Indian Head, Moosomin, Whitewood, Kolin, and conceivably elsewhere. Brass bands were also formed in Indian residential schools at Lebret (1892) and Regina (1894). The number of “town bands” or

Robert (Bob) Mossing is still conducting with a vigor that belies his 81 years. In 1994 he received his membership in the Order of Canada for his years of dedicated leadership. He has no intention of retiring any time soon.

“citizens’ bands” increased steadily from the turn of the 20th century to the outbreak of World War I. Bands were frequently the first large concert ensembles established in prairie towns and villages, providing music for all civic occasions: sports days, sporting events, special ceremonies, public skating, ice carnivals, fairs, and parades. The two World Wars and the Great Depression adversely affected civilian bands. During the Depression, funding shortages often forced bands to stop operations. Similarly, many civilian bands ceased during the wars, as musicians and bandmasters left to serve overseas. Concurrently, the number of militia, cadet, and military bands increased. Service organizations such as Kinsmen, Kiwanis, Lions, and Elks clubs assumed a major role in sponsoring the bands re-established after World War II. Unlike the earlier town bands, the majority of these post-war community groups were “junior” or youth bands. By the early 1960s, an increasing number of school bands were also active. However, it was a program introduced by the Department of Education in 1966 specifically to encourage the creation of school bands that triggered their general proliferation. This initiative was highly successful, and by 1975 bands were an established component of Saskatchewan’s educational system. Though the specific details of Saskatchewan’s “school band movement” are unique, general trends mirrored those across North America.* *Edwin B. Wasiak 2000. “School Bands in Saskatchewan, Canada: A History,” Journal of Historical Research in Music Education 21: 112–31.

Serving Regina and area for over 100 years. Celebrating lives well lived is where the healing begins. 2136 College Ave. Regina, SK | 306-522-3232 |

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REAL ESTATE MARKET REPORT Stay Informed by Jessica Forbes

This month’s article is a summary of the Saskatchewan Real Estate Market Conditions to keep readers informed, and to help gain awareness of the contributing factors that impact our market. One factor that has proven to be a common denominator is new home starts. The production of new, multi-family projects, along with single family homes truly is a “numbers game,” which plays a major role in our market conditions. The basic economics of supply and demand should be taken into account for any real estate market at any time. Over-production can easily trigger an imbalance in listing to sales ratios, regardless of the overall market conditions. Any form of mass real estate production will always be a gamble depending on the current need for that specific product; this cannot always be properly predicted.

4% increase in comparison to 2696 ends in 2015. The average sales price for all market areas for the month was $308,824, which is an increase of 1% from $305,395 average sale price last year. By the end of October there were 1107 homes for sale; this is down from the 1237 listings at the same time last year. As for the Saskatoon market, home sales were 8% higher than the recorded sales for October of 2015. To conclude this article, I would like to welcome anyone wanting more information regarding the Residential Real Estate Market to contact me for further explanation. I’d also like to mention a change in my brokerage as I have recently decided to join The Craig Adam Team at Re/Max Crown Real Estate. Our team is happy to provide assistance in the process of buying or selling a home, do not hesitate to contact us!

This is an especially sensitive time in the Saskatchewan Real Estate Market, as it will take time for consumer confidence to be regained after we have seen, at times, volatile market conditions throughout the year. It will also be interesting to see what kind of impact the new mortgage test that was implemented in October this year will do to the market conditions. This was a nation-wide change that will affect all Real Estate and Mortgage markets in the country. An additional update to note is The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has issued a red flag on overbuilding in Regina. This can be seen as a positive decision that has been enforced. I am hopeful this will contribute to balancing out our market and providing a more stable forecast for the upcoming year. In regards to Regina Real Estate stats; our year to date residential sales have been recorded at 2803 sales in all areas. This is a

Jessica Forbes Re/Max Crown Real Estate 306-533-7085

20 |


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#202 2313 MONTREAL ST.

Open concept condo close to downtown, 9’ ceilings, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, granite counter tops, convenient in suite laundry and underground parking

$259,900 MLS®#583870


Custom built bungalow in Windsor Park, 3 bedrooms, hardwood floors, professionally finished basement, double attached garage, close to parks and schools

$516,900 MLS®#586536

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4411.indd 1

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holiday candy bar

The holiday season is here, which means lots of fun parties and delicious desserts! If you’re hosting a party this year, a fun idea for all ages is a Holiday Candy Bar. It’s really easy to set up and there are lots of fun ways to get creative with it. You could set this up as a treat to enjoy during the party, or as a favour bar for guests to take home with them after the party. Here are a few fun ideas to help you brainstorm your own holiday candy bar ideas.

Choose a Theme - Your candy buffet doesn’t have to have a theme but it does make your shopping list a bit easier when you know exactly what you’re looking for. Some fun theme ideas for a holiday candy bar include: Gingerbread House Construction Zone: Your candy bar could include items you’d typically use to decorate a gingerbread house like gingerbread cookies, gumdrops, chocolate coated candies, peppermints and more.

consider the ages of your guests as well. Adults would be fine with a bar-style table with different heights of candy vases but for a candy bar for kids you may want to use something shorter like a coffee table and plastic serving dishes. You’ll also want to add some colour to your table with items like a tablecloth, paper lanterns, candles, flowers or other colourful holiday decorations. Tree ornaments are great for this! Finally, you’ll need to give guests a way to carry their candy. You could use small paper bags, little favour boxes, bowls, or even plastic martini glasses. Don’t forget the candy scoops for your guests to use instead of their hands. I hope your holiday season is full of great memories and plenty of delicious desserts!

Holiday Colours: Your candy bar theme could simply be your favourite holiday colours like everything in red, green & while or silver & gold. For this party I went with a silver and red theme. For silver candies I used Sixlets (a candy coated chocolate), York peppermint patties, and Hershey’s kisses. For red candies I used licorice, Sixlets, and then mixed in a few other items like frosted & sprinkled cookies and chocolates. Homemade Candy: If you love baking, you could set out a buffet of your own homemade truffles and candies. You could start with some easy Oreo Truffles (a recipe was shared in the last edition of Pink Magazine), homemade fudge, saltine cracker toffee (you’ll find a recipe online – this is always a holiday favourite), and more! The bulk candy section is a great place to shop for candy for your party. They have a large selection of candy and you can buy it in the quantity you think you’ll need. Setting the Scene – Once you’ve decided what you’d like to serve in your candy bar, you’ll need ideas for how to display everything. Glass vases work great to display a variety of candies, but they aren’t the best idea if you’ll have younger guests at the party. At your local craft supply store, you’ll find plastic candy vases that look just as pretty as the glass ones. Clear plastic bowls and scoops work just as well too. Whatever you decide to use, make sure it’s easy to see the candy through the serving bowls and vases. Next, you’ll want to add some height to your table display so you can easily see everything to choose from. For a holiday-themed party, this could be as easy as using wrapped gift boxes as a stand to hold candy bowls and vases. When planning how to display the treats on your table,

by Cheryl Kirkness



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