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Features Vol. 2 - Issue 9 - September 2013



Camille Munro

Cover Story Jennifer Giatras

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Day in the life


10 Questions with Sarah Cameron

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In this Issue Tips for family Camping Trips


ART DIRECTOR & Managing Editor Mustapha Itani

House Plans with Gary Weisbrodt

Healthy Beauty

Beauty Column by Sara Lindsay

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GUEST Editor Jenn Smith Nelson

By Cheryl Kirkness

Fashion Column by Riley Lawson

cHoosing the right bob length

Hair Column by Joy Amistad

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Change. I have been thinking a lot about change lately.

Note from our Guest Editor

Do you ever find that once you start thinking about something you start receiving signs about it? Like a good friend said to me “It’s like you have opened yourself up to the universe, and this my friend is the universe speaking to you.” And she’s right -- I have put a lot out there lately and there have been a lot of signs. I have been making some big changes in my life based on the what the universe has been throwing my way and I don’t seem to be alone. Many of this month’s stories feature elements of change: whether it is a getting a new haircut or opening themselves up to new experiences; the women featured in PINK are embracing their passions and finding their callings. They are open, they are learning, they are adapting, they are excelling. Change. It’s inevitable. We can choose to reject it or be fearful, but the one constant with change is that it doesn’t go anywhere and always reappears, sometimes without notice and sometimes because we have put it out there. My point in short, is that change should always be embraced as an opportunity. Now start paying attention to the signs and follow your heart without fear. Make change work for you.

Jenn Smith Nelson

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• New patients welcome • Emergency services available Dentistry including: orthodontics (notavailable by a specialist) and • General New patients welcome • Emergency services prosthodontics (not by a specialist) • General Dentistry including: orthodontics and prosthodontics (not by a specialist)

Dr. Greg Konotopetz | Dr. Kim Neudorf

3291 3291 Quance Quance St. St. E. E. || Regina, Regina, Sk. Sk. || 306-584-2833 306-584-2833 || toll toll free: free: 866-584-2833 866-584-2833 email: email:

By Lee Parent

8 |


If you haven’t seen it in person, you can often catch it on YouTube or TV …. folks of all ages lined up in a park or plaza somewhere, stepping and swaying to the hot beat of Salsa music. Under a clear evening sky, in a charming verdant venue, they have a lot of fun, boost their spirits and get a darned good workout at the same time. Right here in Regina it happens in City Square Plaza adjacent to Victoria Park, where free Salsa dance lessons are offered every Thursday evening from 7:00 to 7:45 p.m with open dance sessions continuing until ten. Some participants frown a little as they concentrate on the beat and dance steps but many are grinning hugely as they swivel and sway. When a friend told me about Salsa dancing and suggested we try it sometime, I merely shook my head. I love upbeat music and those “Salsa at the Plaza” sessions sounded fantastic. The photographs on the Regina Salseros website and Facebook page show dozens of folks having a great time as they learn the steps, but the thought of getting up on that pavement and negotiating those steps in front of those people struck terror in my heart. When I work out, no matter what the type of activity, I prefer solitude. There’s nothing spiritual or anti-social about my attitude; I am simply the most uncoordinated person in the world. I don’t want even my closest friends goggling at me as I fall all over myself, let alone the thought of looking foolish in front of a group of strangers. My loathing of exercise contributes to the fact that I find it very difficult to form a sentence that contains both the words ‘fun’ and ‘exercise’. In short, forcing myself to be active is almost as difficult as forcing myself to sit down at the computer when I have a deadline looming, so I’m constantly researching activities that will give me the work out I need but be enjoyable enough to catch my interest for more than two sessions. And truth be told, if anyone could convince me to seriously consider taking Salsa lessons it would be Jennifer Giatras of Regina Salseros. Giatras has embraced Salsa dancing in all its manifestations and in the summer of 2013, that includes those Thursday evenings in the heart of the Queen City. Having been involved in dance almost her entire life in one form or another, she started dancing Salsa just three years ago and that has become her passion. When Giatras was three years old her parents enrolled her in tap dancing classes. In one of those classes she met another little girl and they’ve been friends ever since. A good friend indeed, she was quick to pass on some information: there was Salsa dancing at the Lazy Owl Bar and Grill in Regina and they offered a half hour lesson at the beginning of the night. “I had never seen Salsa dancing before,” Giatras recalled. “I thought it would be fun to check it out and maybe learn a step or two.” She arrived in time for the lesson that was being given by the Regina Salseros. “I had a blast,” she said. “From that moment on I was hooked!” The two friends went back week after week. “I could hardly wait for the next Salsa Night,” Giatras admitted. “Shortly after, I decided to take classes with Regina Salseros; I wanted so badly to learn and improve, and the half hour lesson at the Owl just wasn’t enough.”

Financial Tips for Newly Single Women Within a marriage, a man and a woman’s financial circumstances are generally pretty much equal. But if a divorce occurs, the woman’s situation tends to be some-what more challenging than that of her ex-spouse. And that’s why, during this major life transition, you may want to meet with a professional financial advisor to go over your spending needs and your cash flow, so that you know what you absolutely need today — and how you can plan for tomorrow. Before we get into some possible steps you can take, let’s look at some of the reasons that women may fare worse than men, financially speaking, following a divorce: • Lower income — In many cases, divorce exacerbates a situation in which women were already trailing men in earnings. In fact, women still only earn 70.5 cents for each dollar earned by men. • Smaller retirement accounts — For example, in the U.S., the average balance on women’s defined contribution plans is only 60% of men’s average balances, according to LIMRA, a financial services research organization. Of course, “averages” are just that — averages. But whether you recognize yourself in the above numbers or not, consider these suggestions:

Create an emergency fund. Try to put six months’ to a year’s worth of living expenses in a liquid account. Once you’ve established this emergency fund, you won’t have to dip into long-term investments to pay for unexpected costs, such as an expensive car repair, a new furnace or a large medical bill.

Contribute as much as you can afford to your retirement accounts. Even if you will eventually receive some of your ex-spouse’s retirement funds, you need to take full advantage of your own savings opportunities — because it’s pretty hard to save “too much” for retirement. If money is tight, it won’t always be easy, but contribute as much as you can to your RRSP or similar employer-sponsored retirement plan. At a minimum, put in enough to earn the employer’s match, if one is offered. Rebalance your investment portfolio. If you are now investing for yourself, you’ll want to take a close look at your asset mix to make sure it is appropriate for your situation. For example, your risk tolerance may be quite different than that of your ex-spouse’s. So if you now have total control over an investment portfolio, you need to make sure it reflects your needs and preferences. Consequently, you may need to “rebalance” your holdings. PMS 5535

Above all, get some help. As mentioned above, now is a good time to meet with a financial advisor. And if you don’t have much experience in managing your finances, you may even find it helpful to work with a trust company, which can collaborate with your financial provider to manage your assets and also provide a variety of other functions, including bill payment and record keeping. A trust company’s services can prove especially valuable to you and your family should you ever become incapacitated. Unfortunately, a divorce may leave you feeling “at sea” in many areas of your life. But by following the above suggestions, you can at least help keep your financial ship in calmer waters. Black

Edward Jones, Member – Canadian Investor Protection Fund

Call today to schedule a personal financial review. Lory M. Neumann - Financial Advisor - 306-543-3486 455 Broad Street North Regina, SK S4R 2X8 White

Not only the dance steps intrigue Giatras; she was also fasciFOR SASKATCHEWAN WOMEN | VOL. 2 ISSUE 9, SEPTEMBER 2013 | 9

nated by the music and the culture behind it. “I needed more!” she explained animatedly. “I wanted to learn everything!” She took as many classes as were being offered and trained hard. No matter how much pleasure dance had brought to her life so far, she never anticipated just how incredibly passionate she could …. and would …. soon become about Salsa. Passion leads to dedication and dedication makes it pos-

Not many of her family or friends have become involved in Salsa dancing but she sees that in a positive light. “Salsa has given me the opportunity to make many new friends. It really is like a dance community.” So although she gets some family members out for an occasional night of dancing, “that’s about as far as it goes,” she laughed. She doesn’t feel the need to nag them to do more.

“Having Salsa at the plaza is one of my favorite events. We teach a lesson right on the Plaza downtown for about an hour or so, and then dance the night away.” sible to devote time and energy to an activity. With her dance partner and members of Regina Salseros, Giatras runs Salsa Nights; and besides the sessions at City Square Plaza, there are Salsa Nights at the Cathedral Village Freehouse every second Wednesday night, with a free lesson and no cover charge. These events have undoubtedly spread the word about the dance craze. Giatras also gives formal lessons alone and with a partner at Fadadance, where Regina Salseros operates. The facility is located at 1951 Toronto Street in Regina and lessons schedules are posted on the Salseros website. “On average, between classes, the Salsa Nights we run and host, and my own personal growth and training, I dance Salsa between fifteen and twenty hours a week,” Giatras calculated. “Sometimes I think I even dance in my sleep!” She’s very quick to give credit to her dear friend, William Siguenza, for her progress as a teacher and dancer. “Not only is he my teaching partner,” she explained, “he is also (and most importantly) my coach. He trains me, guides me and pushes me to be the best dancer I can be!” Her enthusiasm is also evident as she describes the Thursday night gatherings. “Having Salsa at the plaza is one of my favorite events. We teach a lesson right on the plaza downtown for about an hour or so, and then dance the night away. It is completely open to the public and there’s nothing quite like dancing in the night air.” Because the plaza is a central and public place, it attracts not only dancers but also piques the interest and curiosity of people passing by. As the music echoes through most of the downtown core it can really draw in a crowd of onlookers. “I’d say around twenty per cent of the people who partake in the lesson at the beginning of the night are people who have just wandered over to check out what is going on,” Giatras estimated. “They then tell their friends, who in turn pass word along and we see more and more new faces every week.” The effect has been incredible in her opinion. “Having Salsa at the Plaza creates awareness of what we are doing and is really helping the salsa community to grow.” Giatras leads a fairly active lifestyle, going to the gym on a regular basis. She recently took up snowboarding too. But Salsa is still the focus of her days. “For the most part,” she admitted, “every free minute I have I dance!” 10 |


Salsa at the Plaza will continue to the end of September, weatherman willing. Over the winter, the Cathedral Free House will offer bi-weekly lessons and dancing - promising the best Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha and club beats in the city. Giatras mentioned that other cities have events too; the International Saskatchewan Salsa & Bachata Congress is held in Saskatoon annually. “It is the biggest event in the province for dancers and students,” said Giatras. “People travel from all over the country to be there!” Jennifer Giatras told me she was grateful for this opportunity to talk about the one thing she is truly most passionate about. But I was grateful too, to see how this dance craze has added so much fun to many people’s lives. I might even hunt for a Salsa DVD and practice over the winter (and it will take a lot of practice!) so I can dance downtown under the summer sky in 2014.


70 OFF %


SEARS outLEt StoRE | 1908 7tH AvE. REGINA Sk.



Now offering both lunch and evening buffet all week. Monday to Thursday 11:00 am to 2:30 pm • 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm Friday to Sunday 11:00 am to 9:30 pm Address: 320 Victoria Avenue East, Regina Phone: (306) 543 1000

Spices of Punjabi Restaurant & Sweets

The authentic Italian food experience, inspired by heritage, tradition, and celebration. Lunch & supper are served. Buon Appetito! Address: 3215 East Quance, Riverview Mall, Regina Phone:(306) 543 4411

Join us for our Thursday & Friday Buffet, come and check our pool table lounge & Live DJ every Saturday. Open 7 days a week. Address: 1802 9th Avenue North, Regina Phone: (306) 565 8989




Table 10 is a gluten friendly venue where guests can choose to mingle for casual drinks or spend an entire evening of dining and enjoying the company of family and friends. Voted Best Steaks. Regina’s most extensive gluten friendly menu. Join us for our Saturday / Sunday Brunch Address: 2118 Robinson St. Regina SK Phone: (306) 543 8836


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with Sarah Cameron by Lee Parent


What exactly is a Manager of Recruiting? My role is all about growth and development. I

focus on attracting new talent to our team and helping new advisors create the business and careers they want. It is the most fun I’ve ever had at work! I’m constantly meeting new and interesting people. At the end of the day I get a chance to see people really grow, develop and achieve success personally, professionally and financially.


How did your career path lead you to Sun Life? Well, it’s been a long and winding road to get here.

I started my career in the field of International Development working in Mozambique leading projects focused on supporting education. Ten years ago my husband and I decided to move to Regina to see what all the buzz was about and to be closer to my family. Moving back was quite a process - dealing with Immigration and credentialing issues for my husband. That prompted me to get involved in Saskatchewan’s growing immigration program. So, I spent the last seven years with the provincial government in a variety roles relating to immigration, settlement and the provincial labour demands.


From public service to the financial industry is a dramatic change …. What prompted that?

I had some wonderful opportunities and learned a lot where I was but eventually felt the need for change. I


What do you consider the most important role of a company like Sun Life?

Sun Life is a company that focuses on helping people in our community. We build real relationships with our clients that allow us to create financial plans unique to their own values and goals. It’s our job to help ensure families are protected financially, now and in the future.

12 |


wanted a career where the opportunity for growth was unlimited, where I could feel in control of my career. I also wanted more flexibility to manage both my career and family. I also needed to make better use of my strengths. I’m a people person and strategic thinker. My role as a manager at Sun Life is all about building relationships and finding ways to help both the organization and the people in it

? ?

? ?



grow. It was a big decision and it was scary but I realized I just

backgrounds. Teachers, farmers, sales people, small business

wasn’t happy with the path that was ahead and that if I wanted

owners, trades people, stay at home moms and more. This

things to be different I was responsible for taking action. So I

business is really all about people and relationships. If some-

closed my eyes, trusted my gut and jumped! And boy, am I

one has the ability to connect with people and the motivation

glad I did. Five years ago I would have laughed at the idea of

to work hard, we can train them in the financial advising piece.

working in the financial industry; I didn’t know this opportunity

In fact, we have some of the best training I’ve seen. We have

existed. Once I experienced the great culture at this office and

online courses, classroom training, a tremendous mentorship

recognized the possibilities here, I knew I could build a career

program and a top notch management team that supports our

that would fulfill my interests, my passions and my drive.

advisors to develop their skills every step of the way. Sun Life


is truly a ‘life long learning’ organization; we invest a lot in our

Financial Services has been somewhat of a male dominated field; what’s it really like for a woman?

people throughout their careers.

One third of the wealth in North America is controlled by women and that increases by eight per cent each year. Also, four out of five businesses in Canada are started by women. More women than ever are taking a proactive stance managing their finances and, many prefer to work with other women. The opportunities here for women are really unlimited. A career with Sun Life offers women a unique opportunity: to be in business for themselves but not by themselves. The ongoing training, mentorship and support here are quite remarkable; a woman can build something that fits her lifestyle and


What advice would you offer a woman considering in career as a Financial Advisor with Sun Life?

Call me! People are looking for different things and this business can be customized. I encourage people to come in, meet our team, talk to some of the advisors and see if this is the right fit. Until you explore the possibilities, you won’t know if a career at Sun Life will suit you. All it will cost you is an hour of your time. Sit down with me and see what we are all about!

helps achieve her goals. There is no cap on what she can earn, no glass ceiling to get in the way of her ambition. Managing time around our business and family, coupled with exponential earning opportunities, makes this career a great fit for those of us who believe we really can have it all.


There’s a lot more to life than work …. how do you spend time away from work?

Well, when I’m not at work I’m with my family. We have two boys, ages three and five - they keep me running all the time! My husband runs a soccer academy here in Regina. The term


So what kind of people are you looking for at Sun Life?

I am looking for people who are hard-working, self-motivated and successful at whatever they are doing now. Financial Advisors must be good with people; they must understand cus-

‘spare time’ really isn’t in my vocabulary these days. When I do have a few quiet moments, you would probably find me in the kitchen making cookies, cakes or something sweet ….. I have a deadly sweet tooth and I love baking. For me it’s very relaxing.

tomer service and the value of building relationships. An entrepreneurial spirit is a great asset as well!


What is the biggest myth about this career that you run into?

That you need a background in finance or accounting. I thought the same thing but in reality, our advisors come from all sorts of


What is the one thing you wish people knew about Sun Life?

All of the amazing unknown success stories. There are women here who are doing some pretty wonderful things. The women in this company are building professional careers and earning executive-level incomes, while knowing every day that they are helping other people achieve their personal financial goals.


Tips for Family Camping Trips

by Cheryl Kirkness

This past July, my family and I went on our first camping trip. My husband lives for the outdoors and seeing that our son seems to take after him, we thought he was ready to go on his first camping adventure. We chose to visit Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba because the area looked beautiful and we wanted to check out the new oTENTik tents (like a cross between a rustic cabin and a tent). When planning your first camping adventure with your kids, it is important to plan ahead. Gone are the days when you can hop in the car and figure out your destination as you cruise through the prairies. When travelling with kids (especially toddlers) it is important to plan out where you’ll be staying based on family-friendly attractions in the area. Most kids need to be kept entertained so finding a park with plenty of playgrounds, mini golf and a nearby beach are all great things to look for in a destination. Are we there yet? Keeping your kids entertained during the car ride is important as well. You can pack a few child-friendly games on the iPad, bring along brand new stickers and a sticker book, magic marker activity books and more. Something new will keep your child entertained for longer than a toy that they already get to play with at home.

14 |


Sleeping somewhere different can be an exciting adventure for some kids but a little scary for others. If your child has a comfort item at home like a blanket or stuffed animal, be sure that goes on your packing list for the trip. You’ll also want to plan ahead for all the ways to keep your kids safe. This includes sunscreen, bug spray and verbal instructions on what they should or should not do. Let them know the dangers of open fires and how far back they have to stand; that they can’t eat wild berries they find unless a grownup says it’s okay and other safety precautions. For toddlers who won’t understand the instructions, you’ll have to keep a closer eye on them. To help get them excited for the new adventure, you can create a countdown calendar for them leading up to the trip and show them pictures of your destination on the computer. Over on Moms & Munchkins, I have a free camping packing list complete with packing items for everyone in the family: Happy travels!

See yourself in a whole new light B E CO M E A S U N L I F E F I N A N C I A L A DV I SO R

Are you looking for a career opportunity where you can make a difference and bring balance to your life? Do you want to be your own boss, where the earning potential is limitless and your efforts are rewarded? If this sounds like you, let’s talk.

Sarah Cameron Tel: 306-757-8631 ext. 2261 Cell: 306-550-5861 2202 Victoria Avenue, Suite 1200, Regina, SK S4P 0R7

Sun Life Financial Distributors (Canada) Inc. Mutual funds offered by Sun Life Financial Investment Services (Canada) Inc. Sun Life Financial advisors are contracted with Sun Life Financial Distributors (Canada) Inc. registered in Quebec as a financial services firm. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada is a member of the Sun Life Financial group of companies. © Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, 2013.

Take chances with your wardrobe, not your finances. Look forward to a brighter investment horizon. Ask us about Money for Life™ from Sun Life Financial.

Melanie Winter ext. 2259

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Mercedita Rosete* B.Ed. ext. 2206

Regina Financial Centre 306-757-8631

Norma Banga*

Shelley Bunnie* CFP®

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Sales Associate Advisor ext. 2213

ext. 2219

J & M Financial Services Inc. ext. 2253

2202 Victoria Avenue, Suite 1200, Regina, SK S4P 0R7 *Mutual funds offered by Sun Life Financial Investment Services (Canada) Inc. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada is a member of the Sun Life Financial group of companies. © Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, 2013.

Life’s brighter under the sun FOR SASKATCHEWAN WOMEN | VOL. 2 ISSUE 9, SEPTEMBER 2013 | 15

HOUSE PLANS © Gary Weisbrodt

gjConstructs HOUSE




Plan 101C Craftsman

This wheel chair accessible 1848 square foot with three bedrooms, two full bathrooms open modern design and attached double car garage fits on a 64 foot wide lot. The garage could be moved 24” to the right to fit on a 62 foot lot. Craftsman—Popularized at the turn of the 20th century by architect and furniture designer Gustav Stickley in his magazine, The Craftsman, the Craftsman-style bungalow reflected, said Stickley, “a house reduced to it’s simplest form... its low, broad proportions and absolute lack of ornamentation gives it a character so natural and unaffected that it seems to... blend with any landscape.” Your living room, with its dramatic fireplace, is the show room of your gjConstructs design. A wall of glass presents an ever-changing mural—provided by nature! For added privacy, bedrooms are completely separate from living areas. The master bedroom suite has its own private bath, vanity, dressing room and patio. From the world’s most efficient, most beautiful kitchen, you serve meals directly to the dining area, the atrium, sun room, or patio. Designed with you and your family’s needs in mind your

What Dreams Are Made Of If you are like most people, you want a comfortable place to live, one that fits your tastes as well as your pocketbook. All of gjConstructs custom home designs prove that style and good planning make your home economical to build, affordable to live in and a joy now and in the years to come. A Wonderful World of Beauty In your gjConstructs home, you live in a world of beauty… beauty that is achieved by grace and line, skillful combining of materials and harmonious blending of colours. “Simple Elegance” is the expression used by your friends in describing first impressions of a gjConstructs design. A Wonderful World o f Luxury Luxury and good taste are brought within your financial reach through gjConstructs design, construction techniques and buying power. Elegant master bedroom—dressing room—bathroom suites; extra room for hobbies, guests, homework; abundant storage … and many many more features…in the Wonderful World of gjConstructs. A Wonderful World Of Convenience Live your New Way of Life surrounded by every convenience imaginable! The carefully developed gjConstructs floor plans create more usable living space, inside and out, than is offered in any other home! Step-saving, work-saving space-arra ngement construction and material innovations and the latest built-in appliances add time to your day and years to your life. 16 |



e have taken up the role of modernizing the California Modern, Cape Code, Craftsman, Saltbox, American Foursquare and Modern architectural styles, and promoting an appealing affordable living option for middle-class families. Rather than reproducing traditional homes, gjConstructs refigures the design to include modern amenities to address your demands for increased privacy and up to date technology. Simplicity, functionality and livability remain prevalent features of Gary’s updated designs.

kitchen comes with just the right complement of modern appliances to fit your cooking and entertaining style. We give you the porch, a long missing benefit in cold and hot climates alike. A much needed buffer zone that contributes to keeping your inner living spaces comfortable and your heating dollars in your pocket. Another much needed but

missing feature is the mudroom. A space that when carefully designed for your families size, needs and habits works for you day-in-and-day-out. It’s an open floor plan with the exception of the added butlers pantry which by the way is another often missed benefit in homes being built today. The butlers pantry is where food prep including the washing, cut-

ting and plating happens. This also provides you with storage for all your diner ware. A place for the dishwasher and a deep sink that conveniently makes short work of cleanup. Hide it all away with a sliding door. The kitchen stores everything and we mean everything behind closed cabinet doors for an always neat and tidy look. Extra space between the kitchen work

surfaces make room for not one but two or more chefs working together. The morning ritual of breakfast and lunch making is a snap given the added space. You have no trouble making room for the largest of dining tables. A single open area, the combined dining and family rooms puts the emphasis on your families togetherness. If you are fortunate enough have a lot that slopes to the rear, you could build a walkout-type of basement and increase your living area by almost 50%. The location of the basement stairs ensures that this bonus living space fits naturally into the overall home’s design. © Gary Weisbrodt


Main Floor - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1743 sf. Loft - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 105 sf. Total - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1848 sf

Optional Areas Enclosed Atrium - - - - - - - - - - - 205 sf. Sun room - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 224 sf.

Lot Requirements Fits on a 62 foot wide lot Added Reading • BLOG Design Matters Details Matter: • Facebook: Search “gjConstructs” • Home: • LinkedIn: • Houzz: Contact 306 351-0907 FOR SASKATCHEWAN WOMEN | VOL. 2 ISSUE 9, SEPTEMBER 2013 | 17

healthy Beauty

By Sara Lindsay

With so many skin care products on the market these days, it can be daunting when deciding which one to choose. With each promising the best results, it’s now become very important for the consumer to do her own research. Whatever products you choose, make sure that the ingredients are healthy, safe and of course beneficial. Also, be sure to understand which ingredients are best suited to your skin type. A lot of women use a selection of products from various brands. While each brand may offer great products, it’s important to try to use one brand because they are often formulated to work together, which offers you the most benefit. Some brands offer a “gift with purchase” which may not include products that are particularly suited to your skin type, so be careful when using products you are unsure of. Remember that everything that goes onto your skin also goes directly into your system, so being educated about ingredients is key.

When deciding on which brands to carry in my store, I really pay close attention to what my clients want. What I know for sure is that plant-based and organic ingredients are most important to the majority of our guests. I am constantly searching world-wide for the very best products and I am proud to carry Aveda, which is a plant-based line of skin and hair care. One of the most desired ingredients among women is argan oil so I’ve been looking for the perfect line to compliment Aveda. For me, the line had to be organic, based on argan oil and because of my obsession with beautiful packaging, it had to look modern and gorgeous. I’ve finally found it and am thrilled to bring Kahina Skin Care to Saskatchewan. Kahina is certified organic, made with high concentrations of the purest Moroccan argan oil and is so beautiful to look at. Kahina has been certified by ECOCERT. The ECOCERT mark is recognized internationally as representing one of the highest standards for organic and natural products. All Kahina products are cruelty free. No animal testing is used in any phase of product development by its laboratories or suppliers.

The wonderful founder of this brand is also committed to supporting the Berber women of Morocco who extract the argan oil for the products. She is kind enough to share a percentage of her profits with them in an effort to give back to these women and support their community. You can read more about Kahina at I always stay current with which brands of makeup are available on the market and have been disappointed again and again when searching for organic makeup options. In the past, I haven’t been able to find a line that is certified organic which can deliver good colour ‘payoff’ and also has a focus on great design. But I have recently found exactly these things in a stunning line called Kjaer Weis. Kirsten Kjaer Weis is a Danish born makeup artist living in New York. She has designed a high-end, certified organic and refillable line of cosmetics. When she sent her samples for me to try, I couldn’t believe the quality she has achieved with organic ingredients and how incredible the packaging is. Each refillable compact looks like a little work of art and the box itself is of very high design. The cream blush has a glorious texture, the lip tint is a sheer formula that complements every skin tone and the eye shadow is highly pigmented, delivering true colour every time. This luxury line also offers organic mascara which is a delightful addition to the line. Kjear Weis truly is a treat and I am proud to bring it to my guests in store. You can read more at For more in depth information, I offer private makeup lessons at my studio.

Sara Lindsay Makeup Studio is now open at 3420 Hill Avenue in Regina. Hair Director Melissa Mark offers full Aveda hair services in studio to complement all makeup services. (306) 347-7829

About the artist... Originally from Canada, and having spent many years of her career in the United Kingdom, Sara Lindsay is a professional makeup artist, with training from some of London’s top fashion academies. Having had the opportunity to work with some of Britain’s top artists, Sara brings an edge to her hometown of Regina. Sara’s professional experience includes runway work, editorial spreads, compelling commercial campaigns, weddings and special event clients. London Fashion Week and The London Clothes Show are just some of the highlights of her career. Sara was named Canadian Makeup Artist of the Year at The Mirror Awards 2011 and most recently was named a finalist for 2012. Sara’s successful freelance career, which complimented her time as a regional associate with MAC COSMETICS UK, gave her valuable experience in working closely with clientele to consult and direct their transformation to the extraordinary. In a consultative style, Sara works to achieve a look that is uniquely your own. 18 |


don’t forget.... by Riley lAW son |w w w . r i l e y l a w s o n . c o m i wanted to give some generalized tips and guidelines to help all the women out there make the right choices.

Blazer Bliss: blazers can do wonders for the female figure. They help define the natural waist, slim the hip and thigh area and exude that ‘put together’ style. Pay attention to the seaming down the back as well as the front. it should have some shaping through the sides and the bust. Always be sure to fit your shoulders first then get the body taken in if it’s too big. Horizontal Haze: it’s essential to be aware of where horizontal lines are created by the clothing and where on the body they fall. They should AlWAys hit at your smallest parts and neVeR at your widest. This means: low slung belts, wide stripes and boat necklines can be detrimental to your shape making you appear wider through that area. our eye naturally stops at the horizontal lines we create on our bodies, so if you’re always emphasizing the smallest areas with a horizontal line, (with a belt or seaming or ruching) those become the focal points. Pattern Principles: When mixing prints and patterns together it’s important to consider balance. Choose one larger or further apart print and pair it with a closer or smaller print. They wil balance each other out properly. it also wouldn’t hurt to have a common color between them. Also always try to mimic your features (face and body) in the prints you choose. What i mean by this is that they should be similar in sizing and spacing. if you have smaller eyes and lips, your patterns should be smaller. if your eyes are wide set and large, opt for that same scale in patterns/prints.

i would like to hear from you! What do yoU want to know? Do you have a question about something fashion related? Wondering about the right dress for your body shape? shoot me an email with your question(s) to style@rileylawson. com and mention you saw this article in PinK magazine! in the next issue i wil do my best to answer your questions!


choosing the right bob length By Joy Amistad from Visions Salon and Spa, Saskatoon

Are you sick of your long thick hair? Ready for a change but not sure what would suit your face shape? Take the plunge like so many celebrities have and chop that hair! This article will offer tips on finding the bob that best suits your face shape. If your face is: Round: Be sure your bob is longer that your chin and has slight layers around your face. This sleek style will help your face appear slimmer while creating a new fresh style. Oval: You have many options because you have the perfect face shape for a bob. Try a very textured or ultra-layered pixie style cut. Have fun with it. Square: Characterized by a larger jaw line and a face that is wider than it is long. You will look great with a longer bob with both layers and texture to soften hard edges. Heart: With a pointy chin you need fullness in your hair to create balance in that area. A side part will help draw the eye upward. Long: A long, narrow face is flattered by hair that is not too short, perhaps just a pinch longer than chin length. A full fringe will also make your longer face look more proportionate. At the end of the day if you absolutely want to try a style by all means go for it. Your hair doesn’t define you; you define your hair. And remember hair grows, so take the chance to try something new!

Joy Amistad is a passionate hairstylist who originated in Vancouver and has continued to develop her talent by further training not only in Vancouver, but as well as Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, Miami and is now residing in Saskatoon. Her extended training has furthered her knowledge in precision cuts, hair colours and up styling. Hair is a fashion industry that is continually changing and growing; she truly values the importance of continually upgrading and enhancing her skills. She doesn’t believe hair dressing is just a job, it’s her passion. Joy is a stylist at Visions Salon and Spa in Saskatoon.

20 |


Available at

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When you come to that fork in the road. • Downsizing • De-Cluttering • Estate Dispersal

(306) 535-3990 • (306) 789-5544 FOR SASKATCHEWAN WOMEN | VOL. 2 ISSUE 9, SEPTEMBER 2013 | 21

A Day In The Life Of

Camille Munro By Jessica Reimer

The Miss World Organization (MWO) is founded on two main principles: humanitarianism and philanthropy. Their slogan Beauty with a Purpose - prompted an interesting discussion on traditional misconceptions about the pageant industry. “The public tends to associate pageantry with bikinis, beauty and the degradation of women,” conceded Munro, who appreciates that some of these traditional pageant elements are still a part of modern competitions, but far from define the industry’s mission and intent. “For me, [my] crown is a symbol of strength and responsibility. With that crown I acquire new opportunities to be of service to my community and to make public the values and organizations I believe in.” Munro has a particularly altruistic platform: she promotes education, the betterment of youth and supporting underprivileged women. For years she has been intimately involved with Dress for Success Regina (http://www., an organization whose mission is to serve disadvantaged, job-ready women by providing them with business-appropriate attire, alongside other career building tools in a safe and friendly environment. Since 2009, Munro has assisted with sorting clothing, suiting clients, and recently accepted a position on the organization’s event planning committee. As a result of a recent surge in both recognition and clientele, she intends to continue to assist the organization transition through this gratifying period of growth.

Photo by Carol’s Photography

Camille Munro, born and raised in Regina, will be spending the month of September in Jakarta, Indonesia to compete with contestants from around the world to earn the coveted title of Miss World 2013. Munro clinched Miss World Canada 2013 earlier this year in Richmond, British Columbia; where she was the sole competitor hailing from Saskatchewan, and the first to bring home the crown from our province in five decades. For this already accomplished 22 year-old University of Regina graduate, her foray into pageantry has further cemented her belief system and offered her many new and exciting growth opportunities. “When I won [Miss World Canada], I felt like I’d just set a record,” Munro grinned. “I want to shout from the rooftops that I’m from Saskatchewan and enlighten people on what the pageant world is really all about.”

22 |


“Ever since my first suiting [for a Dress for Success Regina client], I’ve been humbled by the organization,” said Munro. “We tend to take the simple act of finding business-appropriate attire for granted. Here in Canada, there are many women who don’t have access to these types of luxuries and who come from backgrounds of low self-esteem, abuse and poverty. It is deeply fulfilling to invest my time and care into their inner and outer selves.” When asked who helped Munro to realize her dream of competing to be a Miss World delegate, she was quick to thank a few of her primary sponsors. Among them are Flirt Formal Fashions; Natalia K Designs; Brandt Tractor Ltd., and Access Communications. However, beyond local business and larger corporations Munro credits her work ethic and successes in large part to one individual: her mother. “My mom has been a tremendous advocate, not only in terms of taking initiative and assisting with public relations, but also in supporting the new and positive directions my life has taken,” she said. Munro expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to be traveling to Indonesia for the Miss World competition, although she is admittedly anxious about her first international flight.

Even after the competition closes and Munro returns home to Regina, she made clear her continued dedication to improving her community and taking new risks on both personal and professional levels. She is honoured to mentor women across Canada – particularly in Saskatchewan – and takes care to model a lifestyle based on setting positive, attainable goals and works hard to realize them. “It is imperative that we all believe in two things: ourselves and our abilities. I stumbled upon a quote some time ago that has now become the mantra I live by: ‘Let your faith be bigger than your fears.’ I think those are very true and powerful words and I want to share them with as many people as possible.” We are proud to have a woman of Munro’s caliber representing Canada on the international Miss World stage and wish her all the best in the ensuing competition. For updates on her journey, please visit the Miss World Canada 2013 Facebook page at

Photo by Norm Lee Photography

“Even though I might be nervous to fly I’m excited for what happens when I get off that plane,” she said. “In Canada, we are exposed to so many diverse people and cultures; I’m really looking forward to soaking up Indonesian culture during my stay.” With respect to the competition itself, all contestants are judged in various formal and informal capacities over the course of the month. Among these judging criteria are on- and off-stage etiquette, sport, stage movement and dance. “The MWO wants to see who you are, not what you look like on stage,” said Munro, who plans to make the same commitment she did in the Miss World Canada competition and remain levelheaded and authentic. “I am proud and happy of who I am, and by showcasing that I stay true to my own morals and standards.”

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Munro shared her latest educational endeavor: learning a traditional First Nations jingle dance that she will perform for the ‘Dances of the World’ competition on stage in Jakarta. Each contestant is required to bring with them a dance and costume to represent their country’s heritage. Because of our province’s significant Aboriginal population and the struggles Aboriginal people across Canada face, she believes the jingle dance – a ceremonial act of healing – is both a cathartic and appropriate choice to present. “I want to show people the wonderful things we have to offer in Saskatchewan. We are more than natural resources; we are a province rich with young, talented and artistic entrepreneurs.”



HEro Nicole Cook

From Hopeless to Hopeful and Beyond By Gail Jansen-Kesslar

Jacqueline Tisher, Executive Director and Founder (r) and Nicole Cook, Provincial Director of Programs for Hope’s Home (l)

Nicole Cook vividly recalls that horrible day seven years ago, when, while nursing her newborn son Ethan, his heart simply stopped. Nurses rushed at her, ripping Ethan from her arms to perform CPR on him and she remembers she and her husband both being ushered out to wait to hear the outcome of the medical team’s efforts to save their son’s life. With the nearby Chapel offering them the only shelter from the storm of activity that ensued, they went there to sit and wait.

nearer to medical services for their son. But, without a daycare available that was willing to look after their son’s medical needs, work was difficult to source.

“Neither of us were very religious,” recalls Cook, emotion filling her voice. “But we were both so scared, we just started praying.”

The day she and her husband Stephen decided, after some cursory research, to see what Hope’s Home was all about was the day life began to change.

Returning to their son’s room to find him sleeping peacefully, despite the news that his condition would from here on in be an upward battle, Cook says she was filled with a sort of calm where she could only think “Things are going to be okay. There’s a reason for all of this.” Little did she know just how true her statement would prove to be, though not before young Ethan would have to endure hospitalization for the majority of his first two years of life, with five surgeries, 12 bouts of pneumonia and countless trips to specialists in Edmonton. He also had to put up with a nasogastric (NG) feeding tube to provide nourishment until he was nearly 3 ½. Expecting the worst, the couple were reluctant to leave their son’s side. Forced to travel to Edmonton to seek the care he required, the couple, who lived in Prince Albert at the time, had many expenses, did not have any family around to support them, nor the ability to work. Selling their house and nearly everything they owned, they relocated to Regina to live with family and be 24 |


A trained nurse, Cook took on shifts at the Pasqua Hospital to help make ends meet, even though Ethan was still quite sick. It was during her orientation there that she first heard of Jacqueline Tisher, the founder of Hope’s Home, a daycare facility that also had the capacity to look after “medically fragile” children.

“We had Ethan with us and when we walked in, she didn’t look at the NG tube like everyone else did, she looked right past it and said, “Oh my God, what a beautiful little boy you have.” “It was the best feeling in the world,” says Cook. “Nobody had ever said that. All they wanted to know was what was wrong with him, or sometimes people would not even look at him; they would just turn away and not ask anything.” But Jacquie, she accepted him immediately and thought he was gorgeous. That in itself was like “oh my gosh – she loves our boy.” Introducing the family to the work she was trying to accomplish, despite having only four kids in her care and only one other staff member, Cook recalls leaving there feeling amazed and awed at the same time. “All I could think of was that I wanted to be a part of it, and not just for Ethan’s sake.”

At the end of May 2007, prior to her starting school in the fall, Cook began to pick up a few shifts with Hope’s Home, not only doing nursing work, but also administrative work, as she helped to set out some of the policy and procedures. It would be the beginning of an incredible partnership. “Jacquie and I have personalities that are completely different, but that’s what makes us such a good team. She is more involved with the relationship building side of things, while I focus more on the nuts and bolts of the organization. We really complement one another.” In July 2008, after deciding that it wasn’t the right time to be in school and, with more surgeries for Ethan looming, Cook was offered a full-time role with Hope’s Home, which by then had grown to 12 kids and 4 staff. She’s happily been there ever since. Personal and Professional Growth Today, with Cook’s help, Hope’s Home has grown to include two locations, both Regina and the newly opened Prince Albert Home, with a total of 80 kids in Regina, four of whom live there full-time, and 48 children in Prince Albert, with the capacity to grow to 90. Helping care for the children are a team of 107 staff members consisting of nurses, physiotherapists and early childhood educators who provide the inclusive programming that Hope’s Home is so well known for, as well as respite care for those parents who need it. Programming and care designed not only for children with medical needs, but for their siblings, and other typical children ranging in age from six weeks to 12 years.

The fun continues for young Rider fans with the release of the third book in the series.

The ALWAYS Team The Search for Rider Nation Written by Holly Preston Available at: Rider Stores, Chapters, McNally Robinson, Gift Shops, and CAA Locations

As great as their growth as an organization has been, Cook says the real growth that Jacquie and Hope’s Home have facilitated can be seen in her. Having experienced a neglectful childhood that fostered issues she continues to battle today, the unwavering support from Jacquie, Cooks says, was the catalyst that helped her to rise above her past. “When I first started I was very blunt and to the point, I didn’t care about anybody, I just did my thing, these are the rules, this is the way it is. I’ve never really been very good with people, but over the years Jacquie has really pushed me to understand why I am the way I am and to figure it out. She’s always had faith in me and trust in me. She’s put me through a lot of courses and workshops on self-building and learning about personality issues that I never would have dreamed of exploring on my own, and as a result I’m starting to understand who it is I am, and why I am the way I am. If I had never met Jacquie and had never become a part of Hope’s Home, I don’t think I would be where I am today.” Before that lesson was learned, Cook says her bluntness and inability to build relationships early on when she first started working full-time worked against her and cost her valuable staff members who had to deal with her “nonsense.” “I thought I knew everything back then. Boy was I wrong.” Today, Cook’s son Ethan is a happy well-adjusted seven year old, with a younger brother Jackson to guide and play with, and with medical issues that thankfully remain a part of his past, not his future; just as Cook’s own past issues are slowly giving way to new outlook both professionally and personally. “This organization has done so much, not just for my son but for me as well. I want to be alongside Hope’s Home forever, so that through it, we can change the world. I am a very determined person. I strive for excellence constantly and I want to see this organization spread across Canada, if not the world, and I won’t stop until it does.” “Hope’s Home means a lot to me because I’m a parent, I’m a nurse, and I’m now also an early childhood educator, so I see it from all sides. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. The things that have happened in my life, sure they were awful at the time, but they led me to where I am today.”


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins With Cinnamon Glaze

*Gluten Free, Vegan Makes 12 Muffins Ingredients For cupcakes: 1/3 cup 1 cup 1/4 cup 1 teaspoon 1 1/4 cups 1/2 teaspoon 1/2 teaspoon 1/4 teaspoon 1/4 teaspoon 1 cup 1/2 cup For glaze: 1/4 cup 1 tablespoon 1/2 teaspoon Pinch

Fall Recipes 26 |


coconut oil, melted sugar soy milk vanilla extract Gluten Free Flour (Bob Red Mill) baking powder baking soda salt ground cinnamon (optional) canned pumpkin chocolate chips

Maple Syrup coconut oil, melted vanilla extract ground cinnamon (optional)

Directions To make cupcakes: 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line muffin tin with cupcake liners. 2. Whisk together oil, sugar, soy milk, and vanilla. Sift in flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, and salt. Gently whisk flour mixture until well combined. Fold in pumpkin, but do not overstir or the batter will become gummy. Fold in chocolate chips. 3. Fill liners two-thirds full. Bake for 2426 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean. Transfer to a wire rack to let cool completely. 4. To make icing: Whisk together syrup, oil, vanilla extract, and cinnamon in a small bowl. Using a fork, drizzle icing atop completely cooled cupcakes.

Butternut and Acorn Squash Soup

Sweet Potato Casserole

Apple Cider

Makes 8 Servings

Makes 6 to 8 Servings

Makes 8 Servings

Ingredients: 1 butternut squash, halved and seeded 1 acorn squash, halved and seeded 3 tablespoons butter 1/4 cup chopped sweet onion 1 quart chicken broth 1/3 cup packed brown sugar 1 (8 ounce) pkg cream cheese, softened 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper ground cinnamon to taste (optional) fresh parsley, for garnish

Ingredients: 3 cups

Ingredients: 1 teaspoon 1 teaspoon 1/8 teaspoon 3� 1/4 cup 2 quarts

Directions 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Place the squash halves cut side down in a baking dish. Bake 45 minutes, or until tender. Remove from heat, and cool slightly. Scoop the pulp from the skins. Discard skins. 2. Melt the butter in a skillet over medium heat, and saute the onion until tender. 3. In a blender or food processor, blend the squash pulp, onion, broth, brown sugar, cream cheese, pepper, and cinnamon until smooth. This may be done in several batches. 4. Transfer the soup to a pot over medium heat, and cook, stirring occasionally, until heated through. Garnish with parsley, and serve warm.

1 cup 2 1 teaspoon 1/2 cup 1/2 cup

mashed sweet potatoes brown sugar eggs, lightly beaten vanilla milk melted butter

Topping: 1/2 cup 1/3 cup 1/3 cup 1 cup

brown sugar flour melted butter chopped pecans

allspice whole cloves nutmeg cinnamon stick brown sugar apple juice

Directions: Combine all ingredients in a pot and bring to a boil. Let simmer 20 minutes and then strain.

Directions: Combine first 6 ingredients. Pour into a buttered 1 1/2 to 2-quart casserole dish. Mix remaining ingredients together and sprinkle over top. Bake at 350° for 30 to 40 minutes, until hot and browned.


Discover Saskatchewan

Have you ever wanted to become an explorer in your own province? Even your own town or city? Join along and discover special spots in Saskatchewan that satisfy your tourist urges. Written and Photography by Jenn Smith Nelson

Women in the Wilderness How many men does it take to pack 20 women into a Twin Otter floatplane? The answer: seven, plus a bilingual dog (I have been told he can meow). As we waited patiently in Missinipe for the nice men to load our luggage, fishing gear and generous amounts of wine and beer, we were kept entertained by Osprey Wings Ltd., owner Garry Thompson. Not one to hold back any punch lines, Garry’s jokes set the stage for what promised to be a weekend of fun and laughter. Being dropped off in the middle of who knows where could be an unsettling experience for some. For the 10 of us seated in the first plane out, we couldn’t have been more excited. We were headed to Pine Island Resort to take part in the annual Women in the Wilderness weekend. The women who attended included a few groups of friends, several mother and daughter teams and a few of us solo gals. Pine Island Resort Ltd., which hosts Women in the Wilderness, is run by Vickie and Bart Bricksaw. My body was practically vibrating as we skimmed through the water and took off toward Black Bear Island. The flight, incredibly smooth minus a small dip or two, provided breathtaking views of what one thinks of the great Saskatchewan north – trees and lakes and lakes and trees. Black Bear Island Lake is found at a widening of the famous Churchill River system where hundreds of years ago fur traders canoed the same routes. One can (and we did) see rock paintings hundreds of years old, make an offering at the Swimming Stone, boat through Birch Rapids or fish at Bear Rapids. I had never been on a floatplane and really found that any nerves I did have were easily overcome by the excitement for the weekend ahead. The plane was abuzz with estrogen and I just knew that this experience would be different than any other. As we landed the welcoming crew including Vickie, Bart and their adorable bloodhound Jake (yes, I did fall in love AGAIN) warmly greeted each of us as we stepped off. One breath in and one look around confirmed it. Yep, I was in paradise for the next few days. No kids, no job, no responsibilities. Plus, I was surrounded by lake and sky on a private island. Days would be spent fishing, relaxing and laughing. At that very moment I wondered why this has been such a man’s thing all these years. They must have wanted to keep places like this secret, as they are so bloody amazing. Figures. The lakefront cabins where we all bunked were fantastic and I had the feeling that I was at some sort of cool summer camp. A thoughtful touch; each bed had a gift bag filled with great little goodies. This was the work of Vickie, who I learned even before I came – thinks of everything! In fact, she is the heart and soul of Pine Island Resort and worked very hard to make it an experience that none of us could ever forget. We would be by no means roughing it.

28 |



The Mosaic Company is committed to supporting our community. Mosaic actively partners with organizations such as the Regina Food Bank in the effort to end hunger in communities across Saskatchewan.

DONATIONS CAN Also be dropped off at all local fire stations, or the food bank warehouse (445 Winnipeg street) Watch for

The Virtual food Drive

Powered by:


RFB-31A Print Ads_Pink.indd 1

13-08-29 10:18 AM

On top of the gift bags, guests enjoyed individual massages, nightly prizes, endless offerings of warm hugs and, best of all - incredible meals, which included wine and appetizers, all prepared by Vickie. If I was a foodie I would insert some genius jargon here in an attempt to get you fantasizing and drooling but alas that is not my thing. All I know is that I need her pork wellington recipe. Gah. And anyone who takes time to make walleye honeydew cut outs is tops in my books. On top of all the work it takes to prepare hosting 20 women, Vickie managed to organize a collection for our group of women to support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Pledges for fish caught and straight up donations tallied over $5,000 of donations for this worthy cause! This was indeed a great group of very generous women. Before we even made it on the water, quick friendships were being formed as we all took the time to get to know and learn from each other. (i.e. I now know I NEED a redneck wine glass). The first night was spent relaxing and as we took in the Monet like skies and sat fireside swapping stories. As you would expect in any situation with that many women, the chit chattering began pre-flight and didn’t stop until we all disbanded for home on Sunday. Laughs were shared by the minute and what made it so great is that there was no norm. There were young and old, experienced fishers and newbies and a few wild souls that kept on top of entertaining the rest. I wouldn’t generally classify myself as wild or entertaining, but my boat mates would beg to differ over my stinging insect antics while fishing. They seemed entertained by each squeal and flail incident. Up and at ‘em early to leave for fishing at 8, we were greeted at the dock by expert guides ready to take us out. As we whizzed through the glassy lakes I realized just how well these guides must know the area. Not only is it the fishing spots they need to know, but to remember how to get to them! Although the landscape surrounding us was gorgeous, after a while it all started to look the same. I totally had no sense of direction and was thankful to be with someone who did. The guides are true experts of the north. Our guide for the first day was Ricky Nelson. Ricky, and his brother Bucky are two of the most well known and much respected antler carvers in Canada. I put an order in for a raven. Ricky and I quickly bonded when we realized we share a common affinity for the (often despised) bird. The guides help extended beyond the boat escort. For those of us newer to fishing, they helped assemble the tackle and bring the fish into the boats. Mid way through the day we headed inland for a traditional shore lunch where they took in our morning bounties and prepared the fish for cooking. Although I can admit I have a lot trouble seeing animals die and could never kill one myself, that fresh fish lunch was darned good. And, I felt really good that I had made everyone in the boat smooch a fish before keeping it. Yes, that did happen – I have pictures. Even Ricky did it and I am pretty sure he’s never been asked before! (They are all better people for it. Trust me!). For future reference if you happen to do any fish kissing - try to catch walleye, as the pike are pretty slimy. By all means avoid the sucker fish. Three glorious days left us wanting more as we all wanted to stay out on the remote island. By the end of the weekend nearly all of us had signed the sheet to return in August 2014. If you think this type of trip would be up your alley, come along with us next year. For more information, visit or contact Vickie Bricksaw at 30 |


About the writer: Jenn Smith Nelson is a freelance travel writer/blogger/photographer who is a sky lovin’, prairie wanderer at heart. With enthusiasm she seeks to explore, capture and promote the beauty of our province and share it with those who are curious to learn more. You can read more about her travel experiences and life in Saskatchewan at

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Health and Wellness Dare To Be Yourself

Not Someone You’re Not; But Everything You Are by Wendy Turner-Larsen Imagine not feeling pressured, stressed, guilty or driven to live out of constant obligation to please or perform. When truly ourselves, we live the life we want to live. Being yourself frees you from pressure to be something you’re not, from doing something you don’t want to do, from making choices that are not you and allows you to live more freely. The freedom to be you brings joy, calm, and instills peace. Choices then come form a place of freedom instead of from feelings of ‘should’, ‘guilt’ and ‘obligation’. As a result, many of us would not be living the high pressured, frenzied busy life that erodes joy, peace or even happiness, and promotes stress, anger, resentment, worry, anxiety and burnout. When women do not allow ourselves to be who we truly are, we pursue value externally—from doing; identity at work, identity as a mother, friend, daughter, wife; from performing and from over-giving and maybe even martyrdom. “Oh, I don’t have time to do that for myself, I need to help this person or that person. I need to work more.” Losing oneself is the consequence along with a rat wheel life that we had no intention of living. We then ask ourselves, “How did I get here? This isn’t even what I want!”

es may not follow the norm or mainstream expectations. You might decide to work less and play more. You might decide to let go of things that seem good to everyone else but may not be you. You may forego promotions, more money, or goals that aren’t for you. You may go back to school. You may leave a relationship. You may follow your dreams. You know what those things are; things that erode rather than give you life and if you pause long enough, you know how living this way makes you feel. Many wonder why they aren’t more fulfilled, happy, peaceful and content -because they did what they thought was right. They followed the rules, norms and maybe the status quo. Ask yourself—where in your life are you not being you? Do you find yourself giving into pressure, expectations and obligations that aren’t you and that don’t add anything to your life? Are you daring to be yourself at your job, in your relationships or are you trying too hard to be something or someone you’re not? Ask yourself—what people, situations, things, dreams and goals give life to you. Follow those. Dare to be yourself — not someone you’re not; but everything you are. © Turner Larsen Consulting All rights reserved.

Daring to be yourself takes intense courage because your choic-

Wendy Turner-Larsen, MA Counselling/Psychology, MA Adult Education and MS Health and Nutrition Education is President of Turner Larsen Consulting, Regina SK, works as a workplace leadership and health coach, training consultant and keynote speaker. She has a long and proven track record helping professional women manage busy lives through 1:1 coaching and workshops designed specifically for women. Check her website at for upcoming Fall 2013 workshops: Running on Empty—Managing Stress at Work and Home and Personal Excellence for Women—self-awareness, letting go, work-life balance, boundaries, assertiveness and more.

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Tickets $45 Tickets Available: Saskatoon Sexual Assault & Information Centre 306.244.2294 (Cash/Cheques Only) Cheques are payable to: Saskatoon Sexual Assault Centre #201 – 506 25th Street East, Saskatoon SK S7K 4A7 Or Paramount DaySpa & Salon 306.242.0017 (702-2nd Avenue North) (Visa, MC, and Debit accepted at Paramount)

Saskatoon Sexual Assault & lnformation Centre lnc. Proceeds to fund our 24 hour crisis line and programs to end sexual violence upon individuals in our community.

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TFSA – A Great Savings Tool By – Gisele Gherasim, CFP, FDS The government of Canada introduced the Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA) in 2009. This is one of the very few legitimate tax shelters available to Canadians.

Since opening her TFSA in 2009, Sarah has contributed $5,000 for 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. In 2013 Sarah makes another $5,500 contribution to her TFSA. Later that year she withdraws $3,000. Unfortunately, her plans changed and she cannot go. Since Sarah already contributed the maximum to her TFSA earlier in the year, she has no TFSA contribution room left.

Any and all earnings on money deposited to a TFSA, whether it is interest, dividends or capital gains, is exempt from tax, even on withdrawal.

If Sarah wishes to re-contribute part or all of the $3,000 she withdrew, she will have to wait until the beginning of 2014 to do so. The $3,000 will be added to her TFSA contribution room at the beginning of 2014.

Any individual over 18 with a valid social insurance number can open a TFSA. Between 2009 and 2012 an individual could deposit up to $5,000 per year to their account. This threshold was raised to $5,500 in 2013. Unused contribution room carries forward. This means that if you have not used your contribution room, you could shelter the earnings of up to $25,500. You can withdraw all of part of your TFSA at any time (so long as your investment choice does not lock you in or trigger fees). There is no tax on withdrawals. Any withdrawal increases your contribution in the following calendar year. There has been some confusion on replacing withdrawals. If you withdraw and replace the withdrawal in the same calendar year, you may find yourself over contributed and subject to penalties. For example…

If she re-contributes any of the withdrawal before 2014, she will have an excess amount in her TFSA and will be charged a monthly tax of 1% on the highest excess TFSA amount for each month that an excess remains in the account. Many people think that only deposit type investments are eligible for TFSAs when in fact, government and corporate bonds, mutual funds and securities listed on a designated stock exchange all qualify. In general, if an investment qualifies for an RRSP, it will qualify for a TFSA. The TFSA can be a great tool in your financial plan to help you achieve financial independence.

Gisele Gherasim, CFP, FDS 2300 Smith Street, Regina, SK S4P 2P6 Phone: 306.337.4500 | Toll-Free: 1-866-317-4500 Fax: 306.337.4505 Email:

Mutual Funds provided through FundEX Investments Inc.

In the Spotlight NimisKahpimotate: Susan Freitag’s Sister Journey Lorrie Dobni

by Lee Parent By Jessica Reimer

When a co-worker dropped an informational poster for NimisKahpimotate – an intercultural canoe trip aimed at bridging the gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal women – on Susan Freitag’s desk, she knew instantly this was one challenge she was up for. “As a woman working in social services in a province with a growing Aboriginal population, I see and feel the effects of residential schools and racism on my clients every day,” said Freitag, who is on board with the Ministry of Community and Social Services’ commitment to a better representation of Aboriginal traditions and values across Canada. Much of Freitag’s work involves managing Aboriginal youth placed in foster care and she seeks out opportunities to deepen her understanding of the factors that have and continue to promulgate the struggles Aboriginal peoples face. Freitagholds a degree in International Studies from the University of Regina. She has had exposure to many different cultures, relocating temporarily to both Cuba and Mexico but ultimately finding her way back to Canada. Upon her return, she was disheartened by the recognition that our nation’s cultural mosaic is not without its own breed of conflict and exclusion. “There are many systemic barriers in our society today and so few avenues in which Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people can come together and have meaningful conversations about what to do with our fractured communities,” said Freitag. The Paddling to Reconciliation canoe trip – also known as NimisKahpimotate, which in Cree means ‘sister journey’ – has a three-fold platform: to share truths and stories; to nurture new friendships and to encourage healing and reconciliation on an individual and community scale. The first trip was launched in 2012 by Dawn Guenther and Terry Harrison, both avid lovers of the outdoors; whose passions align well with the Truth and Reconciliation Council of Canada’s (TRC) vision of an inclusive society focused on healing and togetherness. The trip is funded by the United Church of Canada’s Saskatchewan Justice and Right Relations group (, with subsidies offered to reduce participation fees to a minimum. This year’s trip took place during the final week of June. Approximately fourteen women of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal descent are selected each year to participate in a one-week canoe excursion in the visually stunning and lush Saskatchewan region north of La Ronge. In addition to portaging, canoeing and 36 |


camping, participants are required to divide up chores, facilitate group activities and arrive with open minds and hearts. Previous experience is by no means a requirement for prospective applicants. Instead, selected participants are required to attend a preparatory weekend retreat where seminars are offered on topics including hypothermia prevention, canoeing techniques, and impromptu, group-directed sessions on more philosophical topics such as white privilege and reconciliation. The sessions orient participants to what the weeklong journey will look like and set the stage for the kinds of conversations that are likely to take place. “At first I expected the trip would be very intense, full of hardhitting, controversial questions about racism, values, tolerance and intolerance,” Freitag confessed. “Once I was there however, I found there was no confrontation. Each of us was simply focused on building ties and sharing the common threads of our human experience.” Together the team navigated through the Cree region of Missinipe up towards North Falls, Grand Falls and through Grandmother’s Bay. According to Freitag, this state of constant movement proved to be just as emotionally rewarding as it was physically challenging. “I found the total departure from the everyday world – and the inability to access it – one of the best parts of the trip,” she said. “It afforded us a fertile playground in which to dream the dream of what the end product of reconciliation might look like. We went out and made our own reconciled community.” Freitag leads child-friendly yoga sessions with her clientele at work and thought this an excellent opportunity to broaden her repertoire by offering to teach yoga and meditation to the group each morning following breakfast and a smudging ceremony, a traditional cleanse using sweetgrass smoke. Not only did this practice instill greater confidence in her teaching abilities, it also created a unique and contemplative space for the group to reflect and energize. “My approach to yoga is very playful,” said Freitag. “It was a great way to start the day as we’d usually elicit a few good laughs from everyone.” Once the group completed their morning canoe trip and arrived at that day’s destination, a melange of activities from preparing Bannock – a Native American fry bread – to beadwork, song, and sharing readings and poems were offered as a way to facili-

tate a hands-on cultural experience. Meals were cooked as a team, with a talking circle facilitated after supper each evening. “Oftentimes we’d sit on rocks overlooking the water and share about our lives and experiences,” said Freitag, who was moved by the group’s ease and shared desire to create a community. “Over time we began to see that each of us was telling the same stories but with different beginnings and endings. This made for an intensely personal yet unifying experience.” All of this year’s participants have remained in contact, sharing stories and reflections via e-mail and, in the process, upholding the goal of a shared sisterhood. “This trip was a perfect example of the need to reconcile communities by bringing individuals together, not by working from a top-down mentality,” Freitag shared. For her, the physical challenges she faced during her journey drew a nice parallel to the cultural disparities and hardships that persist around Saskatchewan and across Canada. “I felt strength in our shared weaknesses,” she stated. “I found this a rare and precious opportunity to express my solidarity and explore justice, community and healing together. I believe it is through opportunities like [NimisKahpimotate] that we will find solutions and our future, a cohesive Canadian identity.” To learn more about Paddling to Reconciliation, please visit their website:https://sites. Information on TRC events is available online via their website: www.trc.caor by following the TRC on Facebook Truth-and-Reconciliation-Commission-of-Canada/97429247038 and Twitter https://

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YOU SAY Croatia I SAY republika Hrvatska

By Dale Strawford

Photos by Michelle Strawford

I wanted to book a trip to a beautiful place, so I booked a trip to Croatia. At least that’s what I thought. It’s actually the Republic of Croatia I later read. Turns out that wasn’t entirely accurate either. To the locals, it’s actually Republika Hrvatska.

smooth! Despite the fact the wall has been rebuilt and shored up in much of its length due to aging and war, it still retains its feeling of invincibility and is among the rarest of sites. It is a designated Unesco World Heritage site for a reason.

My preconceived image of Croatia stemmed from National Geographic Adventure magazine articles I read over the years; kayaking journeys on crystal clear waters amongst endless islands. The photos didn’t lie but Croatia is much more.

Dubrovnik showed me another warm welcome from the people I stayed with. It is very common in Croatia for home owners to leave their homes in peak summer season and rent them out for tourists. Our owners moved into the downstairs apartment while we stayed with them. We were their last guests of the year and they went out of their way to make our stay a pleasant one. Noemi became ‘Grandma Noemi’ to our sons as they became accustomed to morning treats of cookies while they played with their new friend and family dog Buggy. Noemi was always quick to offer a coffee or a morning shot of her homemade fortified cherry wine – and of course treats.

Places like Croatia are not typically on the radar of the average person looking for a holiday but they should be. One just has to step outside their comfort zone. Croatia is a stunning vision of mountains, islands, trees and sea that can be hard to capture with photos - it just doesn’t light up like it does for the human eye. But light up it does. The countryside is a never-ending portrait of beauty and a kaleidoscope of color, especially in the fall when I visited. The ‘foodie’ in me was challenged at times with the national menu but the amazing bread and crepes my hosts whipped up at a moment’s notice kept me smiling. That and the pomegranates that grew in the yard of my rental home. The ancient city walls of the city of Dubrovnik are a must see. The wall construction began in the 1400’s when Dubrovnik and Venice were superpowers and vied for the world’s merchant trade. At up to 25m high and 12m, thick the approximately 2km wall encircles the entire ‘Old Town’ and is a pleasant and uncrowded walk despite the constant cruise ship traffic. Walking around it and glancing down over the imposing cliffs make it clear why it was never successfully breached – at least until during a weak moment of trust, they invited the French. There is so much foot traffic within Dubrovnik’s walls that on the main street, known as the Stradun, the cobblestones are polished 40 |


In one of those wonderful moments that travel rewards you with, Noemi said something to her husband that he grumpily didn’t quite understand and to which he replied “What? I’m standing in your sunshine!” She warmly smiled, touched his cheek and replied “No, you ARE my sunshine.” Priceless. While it seems a distant memory, the Croatian war following a declaration of independence in 1991, left a lasting visual impact on the country to this day – your eyes tell you all you need to know. Every countryside village and town we passed through displayed the broken shells of houses, stripped of their past. It is such a common site, one you get used to it but one that remains very haunting. Frequently there would be a newer house built right next to them, signfiying in essence, a new beginning. To my surprise, the locals didn’t seem to mind discussing the war and had a ‘live and let live’ attitude. Our hosts in Dreznik Grad indicated that near the end of the war as the Bosnian armies retreated, they destroyed everything in a deliberate attempt to ensure that there was nothing to come back to, and

to a great degree they succeeded. It may be hard for us to understand but many of the displaced people simply could not start over – they just didn’t have the capital to rebuild their homes or replace the farm machinery they relied upon. Our hosts indicated their area was traditionally a farming area and that after the war most people didn’t come back or couldn’t return to the farming livelihood they once had. A sad past to such a beautiful country. The jewel of Croatia is unquestionably the Plitvice Lakes National Park and it is without comparison. It is also a World Heritage site and like Dubrovnik, for good reason. There are 16 lakes in total that are separated by a series of natural dams formed by the deposit of minerals, like a stalagmite wall, that hookup with moss and other plants to form barriers. Because these barriers can grow at up to 1cm a year, the flow of the water down the lakes is constantly changing. The water is a glorious bluish-green typical of the alpine lakes of the Canadian Rockies. It is a credit to the park workers that they have developed such an extraordinary series of trails and raised wooden pathways within the park area. You literally walk through and around the waterfalls in every direction. The park is also excellent at moving guests through – we never felt cramped and many times had trails and sites to ourselves. It’s somewhat of a testament to how large the area is. There are boats set up strategically to ferry passengers across the small lakes if they don’t wish to hike the entire border of each lake and a bus trolley that runs up and down the mountain for those who don’t want to walk much or are at the end of their day. We started at park entrance number 1 (eastern edge of park) which was a lucky decision as our path continued upwards through the maze of spilling water. And when I say you are right in the mix, you are – there is water splashing right onto the walkways as it rages past in some places, a bit nerve wracking with curious little boys at times, but well worth it. My sons never complained a bit about the six hours of hiking and we easily lost count of the number of falls. This is one of the most beautiful things I have seen before and it will be a treasured memory. The

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pictures I took certainly don’t do it justice but that’s ok, the memories remain. I am typically a man of many words but like a specially invited guest I quietly soaked in my good fortune and relished every minute with a contented grin. Quite a place this Republika Hrvatska.


Soaking up the end of summer

shapes using cookie cutters and mini bags of crackers; then head over to your local spray pad park for an afternoon picnic. Most spray pads close in mid-September so check your local listings before heading out.

The kids are back in school but the summer season isn’t over yet! How many of you started your summer with a “summer bucket list” filled with activity ideas that you wanted to try over the holidays? How many of these items did you cross off your list? You don’t have to file that list away yet! Just because school is back in session doesn’t mean the end to your summer fun. Here are a few ideas for soaking up these last days of summer.

The Greatest Playground Contest - Check online to find a listing of all of the playgrounds in your city and make a list of the ones that you want to try. If you group them by area, you’ll be able to visit more than one in a day. Give your kids a scorecard with ranking factors like originality, size and fun factor and let them rank each on a scale from 1 to 10. It’s a fun way for them to vote on their favourite playgrounds and create a list of the places they’d like to return – a start to your summer bucket list for next year!

Creating Your Own Water Park - You can have a lot of fun with water right in your own backyard. Set up a little kiddie pool filled with water and let the kids splash around. You could also purchase a small badminton net and play beach ball volleyball. Another idea is to fill up laundry baskets with water balloons and have a family game of water balloon dodge ball.

Obstacle Course Challenge - Is your family a fan of the popular TV shows full of wacky obstacles? You can try to create your own mini version in the backyard with obstacles like hula hoops to jump through; streamer paper tied between two chairs that they have to crawl over or under; a race with water balloons tucked between your chin and neck and other silly challenges.

Hosting a Family Picnic - Pack up a little basket of snacks like mason jars filled with juice and ice cubes; sandwiches in fun

I hope everyone enjoys their last days of the summer season. Don’t forget to make a stop for one last deluxe ice cream sundae! 42 |


by Cheryl Kirkness

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