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Vol. 2 - Issue 11 - November 2013

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Cover Story Vianne Timmons



Everyday Hero Taylor DeVos


Day In The Life Andorlie Hillstrom

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30 Movember Recipes Help support Men’s Health

32 In the Spotlight Regina Trades and Skills Centre

34 Mortgage Insurance

By Gisele Gherasim

36 48 hours in outaouais, Quebec

By Jenn Nelson

38 Family-FriEndly AttractionS in Las Vegas - By Cheryl Kirkness 40 MOMS & MUNCHKINS

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Note from our Guest Editor

Age really is just a number and nearly every day I hear about young people doing grand things. I am constantly in awe of these young folks who have chosen to make a difference in the lives of others. As well, the thought of having a calling, one you have felt since you were young is also something I envy. How about you? Did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up? I certainly didn’t and I am still not sure I do. What struck me while editing this month’s issue, is that inspiration to choose a life path can really strike at any age. Take for example our Everyday Hero this month, Taylor DeVos. Taylor is the founder of ‘1 Kid Making a Difference’, an ambitious campaign with the end goal of building a school overseas in a developing nation. As well, you will learn about how Vianne Timmons, who is featured in this month’s cover story - she also seemingly knew what path to follow at a young age. Not all of us have these early insights but what we can do is nurture it in others – our children, our friends, our family and even strangers. If we have something to learn from these go-getters, it is to follow what makes you feel something, where you can put your passion behind it. When you love what you do, fulfillment and success are sure to follow.

Jenn Smith Nelson

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Vianne Timmons

on passions and path finding By Jenn Smith Nelson

8 |


When Vianne Timmons turned 40, she made a commitment to get outside of her comfort zone. That led her to take up running, learn to drive a motorcycle and after a few bumps and bruises, by her late 40’s, conquer snowboarding. “That was very painful,” said Vianne “I had bruises in places I didn’t know existed.” She explained “I don’t like getting outside of the box but I like to push myself outside the box – it just makes me less bored with myself.” This idea of introducing uncomfortable and new challenges into her day-to-day process is a thread that has weaved in and out of Vianne’s very interesting and full life. Best known in Saskatchewan for her role as University of Regina President and Vice-Chancellor, a position she has held since 2008, Dr. Vianne Timmon’s path to success wasn’t typical or expected. Growing up in a small mining community in Labrador, Vianne explained that she never dreamed that one day she would be the president of a University. She was a coal miner’s daughter and would go on with her siblings to be her family’s first generation university graduates. A chance meeting when Vianne was young provided some interesting foreshadowing into what her bright future would hold. She told a story about the day she was introduced to the aunt of her roommate. This aunt just so happened to be a University President. “I looked at her with such awe … my world was very small,” said Vianne. “University wasn’t part of what my family did, they were all miners.” From that day onward Vianne Timmons reckoned that her path “wasn’t a path I chose but a path that chose me.” Her comprehensive dedication to education would begin in the late 70s. In 1979, she received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Mt. Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick, with a combined major in Psychology and English. Then soon after in 1980, she received her Bachelor of Education in Special Education from Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. By 1983, she had completed her Master of Education in Special Education at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, USA, and following that, received her PhD in Education Psychology in 1993 from the University of Calgary. Vianne spent her early teaching years in Alberta and British Columbia. By 1992, she returned to Atlantic Canada to serve as the chair of the Education Department of St. Francis Xavier University. In 1996, she became the first female Vice–President, Academic Development, in the Faculty of Education at the University of Prince Edward Island, a position she held until her move to Regina.

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Moving from her position in PEI was not an idea that immediately grabbed Vianne. But when a persistent headhunter insisted she was the perfect person to address the challenges the U of R was then FOR SASKATCHEWAN WOMEN | VOL. 2 ISSUE 11, NOVEMBER 2013 | 9

She was able to see some quick wins and today enrollment has never been higher with just over 13,000 students, which include 10% International students and 10% of students from Aboriginal descent. Of course being President of a University doesn’t come without its fair share of challenges. “Being President is a challenging job and someday the challenges can be daunting,” said Vianne. Through the course of interviewing Vianne, it came across clearly that when faced with a challenge she is able to view it as an opportunity, whether it’s for personal reasons or as specific objectives for the university. She was quick to point out barriers she may face but even quicker to find the positives that often times can be buried within a challenge or obstacle. This is the great gift of an optimist. It was also very evident that this is a woman who truly loves what she does, especially the diversity that comes along with it. “I love that there are no two days that are the same and every day is interesting,” said Vianne. Constant motivation to move the University forward, and tackle and overcome challenges keep Vianne going but there is also another large factor that drives her, the students. Each day Vianne walks to work and takes the same path as many of the students. It is here where she gets her daily dose of inspiration. “The thing I love is the connection with students,” she shared. “Whether it’s chatting with them about mid-terms or day to day chit chatter. Everyday when I get into my office I feel a boost of energy but also a reaffirmation about why I am here.” facing, such as the need to internationalize, and declining enrollment, she realized that it was an opportunity she couldn’t turn down. When she arrived in Regina the first thing that struck her and her family was the warm welcome they received. “Saskatchewan felt like home to me almost right away,” said Vianne. “What I love is that Saskatchewan people are direct, I don’t have to guess what they’re thinking. They are respectful but also genuine but they also want to know you as a person. It is ‘Maritime-like’ – people care about community and they care about each other.” It’s a great thing that settling in took little effort, as the headhunter who wooed her was correct; Vianne was just what the university needed. Coming from her position as VP, she had just gone through similar enrollment challenges. Plus, her extensive research in family literacy and barriers to post secondary access for Aboriginal youth in the Bras d’Or Mi’kmaq First Nation in Nova Scotia community would be of tremendous help when she got to work at the U of R. Additionally, another area of research and passion for Vianne, helping students with disabilities, would prove to be a tremendous asset. From day one at the U of R, Vianne set out to strengthen and grow the diversity and inclusivity on campus. 10 |


It is that connection with, and advocacy for students that at the end of the day leave Vianne feeling most proud. This is especially true when it comes to the work she has done for students in the field of disabilities. “It’s the most rewarding work as I can see the immediate impact on people’s lives.” She also prides herself in the University’s overall inclusiveness. Since her arrival, she has paved the way and extensive work has been done to promote inclusiveness on the campus. Some examples include gender-neutral washrooms, custom sinks for Muslims to wash before prayer, the Campus for All program (for men and women with disabilities) and the expansion of the Aboriginal Centre to name a few. Through her forward thinking and sensitivity to those who require advocacy, Vianne has made moves that reflect an open mindedness and thoughtfulness that welcome everyone to the U of R. “That’s the kind of university I want … this is the kind of campus I want to be president of.” With the youngest University of Regina student at 18 months old (conservatory) and eldest at 96 (life long learning) the University offerings also appeal to students of any age.

Inclusivity and passion for all is not just what she does, it is who she is. Vianne shared that “with just a little bit of effort, time and advocacy you can change a path for a person.” The list of accomplishments at the University of Regina certainly doesn’t end there and her list of other accolades is also very long. From the 2008-2011 period Vianne was named one of Cana-

With 5 full marathons and around 30 or so half marathons under her belt, it’s safe to say running is a passion. It is also one she has enjoyed sharing with her family, one that has created a bond amongst them. When asked which marathon was her favorite, Vianne spoke fondly of a Mother’s Day half marathon years ago in Ottawa, where she ran with her then 13-year-old son. A typical 13-year-

“with just a little bit of effort, time and advocacy you can change a path for a person.” da’s “Top 100 Most Powerful Women”. When asked what that meant to her, Vianne stated that the term ‘powerful’ was a bit of a stretch. “I don’t feel powerful at all,” she said. “For me I think it’s important that we have role models … particularly for young girls. It doesn’t matter where you come from, you can achieve a tremendous amount.” Vianne was also honored in 2009 as one of the ten most influential women in Saskatchewan and in the same year, received the Canada Post Literacy Award. In 2010, she was presented with the Canadian Association for Community Living’s National Inclusive Education Award and in 2012, the Canadian Association for Education Psychology presented her with the Carol Crealock Award, in recognition of her life’s work in the field.

old, he expressed to his mom that he didn’t want to do anything besides run beside her during the race – this translated to Vianne as ‘keep your distance and no hand holding’. As they neared the finish line however, the moments they shared together during the race obviously affected him. “He grabbed my hand and held it up in the air,” said Vianne who was obviously touched by the gesture. A mother to four, Vianne has shared her love for education, health and fitness with her children. Today, her son, is a very accomplished varsity runner … those runs with mom certainly got him hooked. Her role as mother and mentor to her other children, (she also has three daughters) is something that Vianne always took very seriously. Having a daughter with unique learning needs forced Vianne to focus on balance. When teaching, her children always came to the schools

Although proud, Vianne is extremely modest about her many accomplishments. She did admit though that this year’s Humanitarian Award awarded from the Red Cross, has meant the most to her. “That is the award I am most humbled by,” said Vianne softly. “To be honored for a passion, that is what’s nice. “ Pink also learned Vianne shares as many passions as accomplishments. Throughout her growth, there has always been writing, which is logical given she was an English major. Although she isn’t writing nearly as much as she would like, her passion for writing continues to drive her. To date she has penned and edited nine or so books and continues to write research and op-ed pieces.


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She declared herself as both a “ferocious reader” and “a bit of a best seller junkie.” Beyond her obsession with words she maintains a very athletic lifestyle. Her 40s transformation challenge introduced her into a whole new world of activity including downhill skiing, snowboarding and running. And, she ‘keeps up’ with some good company. Training with Ted Jaleta’s running group, one that includes many competitive runners, is something Vianne said she uses to “to clear my head and keep sane.”


and when running, they were always there. Her passions have always included her children. She also ensured to have conversations with them about what she was doing or where she was going so they always felt in the loop. She truly has been a mentor and a role model to all four, and as a family they remain very close-knit. Vianne also had a mentor, one who in fact she still remains in touch with today. Her mentor, the first woman president of the University of Prince Edward Island, is also the same woman that hired Vianne as the first woman Dean of Education. Vianne described her friend and colleague as “an amazing woman that I admire greatly, always there to talk to me, challenge me and give selflessly of her time.” Now it seems Vianne is paying that forward in dividends. Beyond her day job and passions, Vianne is an active speaker. Speaking on topics familiar to her such as women in leadership, disability, family literacy and university leadership to name a few, she continues to impart her knowledge and passion with others. If you have ever been to one of her engagements you likely left feeling motivated, inspired and recharged as she is certainly a gifted speaker.

When asked for words of wisdom to share with the women of Pink magazine and those who may be interested in pursuing a similar leadership path, Vianne divulged the following pieces of advice. “Be authentic, be true to yourself and find work that feeds your soul.” “Many women are successful not because of the position that they hold but because of the job that they do. If you put your passion behind your work it makes a big difference,” said Vianne. As the interview came to a close two realizations came to mind. The first was to do with that box that she said she broke out of in her 40’s. Even though Vianne stated there was a conscious effort to push herself beyond her comfort zone, I am not convinced that this really isn’t something she has made an everyday practice. I theorize that she lives there - out there I mean, in the land where challenge exists. It is where she is at her best. ‘Challenge and overcome’ could be easily be her motto. Lastly, if I had one word to describe Vianne I would choose the word ‘real’. Although I was interviewing a very accomplished woman, her warmth and ‘realness’ is what struck me most. One might say it was very ’Saskatchewan-like’.

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A Day In The Life Of Andorlie Hillstrom By Lee Parent

whichever show is in the works. Most recently, the project was A MidSummer Night’s Dream which ran at the Conexus Arts Centre from October 9 through to October 12. Other facets of such a venture must involve meetings, a necessary evil of any business. Although she uses all forms of communication available and is very comfortable with today’s technological tools, Hillstrom advocates face to face discussion whenever possible. She schedules meetings between ten thirty and one most days; these involve people who make a show what it is, from stage managers to set builders to designers. As the last meeting draws to a close, Hillstrom heads to the studio where she assumes another role. Here she is “at the helm”, involved with planning future courses and hiring teachers. There’s correspondence to be dealt with too, and financial decisions to be made. As Hillstrom puts it, “there may be thirty different strands to my day and I never know what direction one of them might lead to.” Since she considers teaching the most fulfilling part of her career, Hillstrom devotes several hours a day to that, usually from four in the afternoon until eight in the evening. Although she has always loved holding acting classes in a group venue, as time goes on she attains more satisfaction from providing individual instruction and mentoring. She has seen many former students go on to stellar careers in the performing arts, not just as actors but as producers, directors or even educators; there lies the greatest satisfaction for her, hearing those success stories and knowing what a difference she made in those lives. A day in the life of Andorlie Hillstrom is long, hectic and often stressful; that same day is also fulfilling, exciting and gratifying. Throughout two decades in the world of the performing arts in Regina, this talented singer and actress has evolved into a teacher, a business owner/manager, a director and an artistic director. She wears many hats and switches them several times each day. Beginning her day around seven thirty, Hillstrom breakfasts on something healthy and hearty, feeling the need to fuel up for the busy hours ahead. She also uses this time to organize portable snacks to take to work, for lunch is often taken at her desk as she works …. no leisurely restaurant lunches for this dynamic lady! Although the ring of the telephone may “throw a wrench into the works”, as Hillstrom puts it, she does follow a routine as much as possible, doing her best to maintain control of each day. By nine, she is at her desk, checking email and phone messages, reviewing details of on-going projects, and making calls. Time on the phone can be productive but also eats up the clock, as she deals with actors, contracts and all the other particulars of

14 |


When classes end, Hillstrom’s day is far from over in many instances. Each show means many hours of rehearsal and those sessions are usually held in the evening due to the fact that many of the people involved are students, or have day jobs and are only available after seven or eight. So for Hillstrom, ten to twelve hour days are the norm, not the exception … and she loves every moment of them. Even her weekends follow the same pattern; more rehearsals are held then, catering to the availability of the actors and other personnel involved in the current project. As a budding young actress, Andorlie Hillstrom didn’t envision the life she leads now. Although she grew up in a small rural community, her parents always managed to find a way to encourage her interest in the performing arts. Early on, that interest focused on music, especially singing, so they drove their daughter to the city where she could receive instruction. Eventually, Hillstrom studied in the Bachelor of Music Performance and Drama Programs at the University of Saskatchewan and continued scholarship studies in the Voice/ Opera program at the Banff Centre of Fine Arts. Although music led her there, once she discovered drama, her focus narrowed

and she set out to become an actress. Andorlie Hillstrom is not the name she was born with. Attending “cattle calls” in Vancouver, crowded into a room with dozens of other actresses auditioning for the same parts, she soon realised how difficult it was to catch the eye of casting directors. Sometimes given only a brief moment to make an impression, an aspiring actress needed a gimmick, a hook to snare the interest of the director …. so Hillstrom invented a name that was so unique as to be unforgettable, and has used it ever since.

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Successful as her performing career has been, Hillstrom found more joy working with youth even in the early days of her profession, and that joy is evident when she discusses the significance of her role as Artistic Director of Do It With Class Young People’s Theatre (DIWC). DIWC offers performance opportunities for young people aged eight to eighteen. The company has played a major role in the personal development of many who have gone on to succeed in the arts and other non-artistic careers. Now in its’ twentieth year of operation, the company has trained youth such as Tatiana Maslany, Amy Matysio, Paul Nolan and Jeff Irving, all well known in the drama field. Two or three times a year, DIWC presents a production at the Conexus Arts Centre, involving approximately a thousand people and showcasing local talent. Hillstrom directs many of the shows along with her partner and music director Robert Ursan. Hillstrom is also co-artistic director of another professional theatre company in Regina, The Golden Apple Theatre. She received the 2002 YMCA Woman of Distinction Award for Arts and Culture, the 2007 Community Builder Award from the Regina and District Association for Community Living Inc., and a bursary for Do It With Class Young People’s Theatre Inc. by the former Lieutenant Governor, Dr. Lynda Haverstock, in honor of his Royal Highness the Earl of Wessex.

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Her advice to young people as they consider a career in the arts is succinct; you must have a passion for this calling and be willing to make sacrifices, for as one can see from her schedule, the pace is furious and the pressure relentless. Hillstrom is also quick to advise taking care of oneself along the way; recent events really brought that home to her, as she faced a diagnosis of breast cancer. Her first reaction was anger that her life would be complicated by this bombshell. “I didn’t want to put my life on hold to deal with this!” she admits. “But I came to terms and am grateful that we caught this early … I know that I will be okay.” Meanwhile, if she feels the need to soak in the tub with a good book at the end of the day, she savors the down time, as well she should.

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By Lee Parent As waves of prosperity continue to roll through Saskatchewan, residents of the province are finding it easier to build the future of their dreams, to envision and realise a secure, comfortable lifestyle. Sensing that there might never be a better time, one local couple has opened a business that is truly based on dreams … and it looks like they are well on their way to success. By bringing The Mattress & Sleep Company to Regina, they offer customers one of the main components of a healthy lifestyle …. a good night’s sleep. Born and raised in Regina, Doug and Jaymie Dovell are familiar with the local marketplace, and are enthusiastic about building good relationships with consumers in the community. They also know their products inside and out, and can offer options that some of those consumers may never have thought of before. It will surprise no one to see Doug Dovell at the helm of this business; his work history includes stints in sales and retail markets, including some time with another mattress retailer. Because he enjoys the business, Doug is extremely focused on delivering excellent customer service, a quality that sometimes adds to his already heavy workload, for he hesitates to hire staff in case a potential employee fails to meet his high standards. As for his wife and business partner Jaymie, the world of retail is a brand new field for her, coming as she does from a background in a government office, but she’s finding the transition exciting and rewarding. While Doug already had extensive knowledge of the products they stock, she had to absorb a lot of facts and concepts in order to serve customers when he isn’t in the store. She’s in charge of the office and accounting duties are new to her too, but she’s taking that in stride, with just a monthly check-up from a professional accountant to guide her along. “Jaymie is amazing,” her husband told me. “She’s even better at all this than I expected.” 16 |


Like her husband, Jaymie’s consideration for customers is obvious, and her point of view is refreshing. “No one buys a mattress on impulse,” she pointed out. “It’s not the kind of item you spot as you stroll through a store, and simply purchase the one that appeals to you.” And yet, she continued, some people really don’t consider all their options, or spend much time deciding which bed to buy. “You will spend a third of your life sleeping on that mattress,” Jaymie reminded me, as she does all her customers. “You should lie on it for at least fifteen or twenty minutes while you’re deciding how comfortable it is.” As for options, The Mattress and Sleep Company offers many, from a basic single box spring and mattress combination right up to a king size, high end sleep set suitable for the most luxurious master bedroom. They carry the very best certified organic bedding and sleep solutions produced today; these products are environmentally friendly, using renewable and sustainable resources. Such sleep sets are excellent for allergy sufferers, as many of the raw materials utilized offer comprehensive hypoallergenic properties while also being extremely breathable and great for regulating temperature. Of course, furnishing a bedroom doesn’t simply mean buying a mattress; with that in place, the customer still has quite a list of needs and wants. The Mattress and Sleep Company can assist with that too, as they carry a wide range of the finest quality bedding, including custom made sheets, pillow cases and duvets. Not all couples can work well together, but these two really seem to have a system that succeeds. “We each do our own thing,” Doug explained, “and we aren’t actually here together all day long.” For instance, set-ups for customers often take Doug out and about, and his focus on service means that he oversees all aspects of each customer’s purchase. When setting up a bed, no matter how large or small, he doesn’t consider the project finished until the customer is

You will spend a third of your life sleeping on that mattress. You should lie on it for at least fifteen or twenty minutes while you’re deciding how comfortable it is.

satisfied with the arrangement, the sleep set is exactly where it should be, and all the packing material is completely cleared out. Since many of the bedding lines are triple-packed, that involves a lot of clean-up.

was born in 2004 and their first retail store opened in 2006; Doug and Jaymie Dovell have been urging them to open a Regina outlet ever since and are excited to have achieved that goal.

Doug and Jaymie are running a household as well as a business, too; they have a school-age son and daughter who are as active as most kids that age but aren’t old enough to be on their own at home. Someone must always man the store, but often one of them has to handle things on the home front, too, so this couple does a lot of planning and juggling. Besides school activities and sports events for their two children, there are all the daily chores that consume time in everyone’s schedule. Because this is truly a family business, Doug and Jaymie include the children at times; both of them are happy to spend time at the store, or assist their father with a delivery.

The Mattress & Sleep Company delivers across Canada, to the United States and around the World, with orders going out daily to a growing customer base. Their industry-leading Sleep Sound Guarantee® offers peace of mind by matching all competitors pricing either before purchase or up to 120 days after purchase. At the Regina store, Doug and Jaymie will help customers find unique sleep products and solutions that deliver value and sleeping comfort above the ordinary. By visiting their website you can learn all about those products and the high standards that are guiding them to success.

The Dovells are backed by a great organization, part of the reason that they chose The Mattress and Sleep Company as the basis of their endeavour. The Company is based in Alberta, the creation of Richard Buchfink and his family, who have been involved in the furniture and mattress industry for several decades. They wanted to provide customers with clearer and more complete information about mattresses and all the accompanying accessories necessary for that all important aspect of life, getting a great night’s sleep. Their concept

The Mattress & Sleep Company Where Sleep Comes Naturally ® 2406 Victoria Avenue East, Regina SK Tel: (306) 721 7002 • Toll Free: 855 301 7002 Email: •

best certified organic bedding and sleep solutions produced today


ThirsTy skin By Sara Lindsay

Winter is well on the way and our guests are seeing the signs of dry and irritated skin. Once the autumn weather arrives and the furnaces go on in our homes and work places, people sometimes start to notice a dramatic change in their skin. It can start to feel tight and uncomfortable and can affect not only the face but the entire body, including hands and feet, as well as hair and lips.


In some cases, skin will crack and feel quite painful. Eczema sufferers really feel the effects of dry weather because it tends to exacerbate it. However, argan oil has been shown to relieve some cases of eczema.

Helps protect skin from free radicals and heals dry skin. - Vitamins A, C & E, green tea, rosemary leaf extract, caffeine

There are a few things that can help restore skin’s moisture and help it to feel and look hydrated. Although they are comforting in the cold weather, try to stay away from very hot baths or showers. Hot water can break down the sebum in the skin and leave it more dehydrated. If you have a humidifier available, it can be very helpful to encourage hydrated skin. When deciding what skin and body care products to use, be aware of what the ingredients are. It’s important to know that they are safe and healthy but you also need to know which ingredients deliver the benefits that your particular skin type needs to stay moisturized. For your reference, I’ve compiled a list of several key ingredients that encourage hydration. Keep your eye out for some of these to help with thirsty skin.

Helps break down dry flaky skin cells on the surface of the skin and speed up cellular turnover. - tourmaline, glucosamine, salicylic acid, Jojoba beads, bamboo ANTIOXIDANTS

EMOLLIENTS/HUMECTANTS Acts as a barrier for the skin to maintain the skin’s moisture levels. - olive, coconut, shea, jojoba, or caster based emollients. Pictured are products which I recommend and offer in my store. Happy hydrating! For more in depth information, I offer private makeup lessons at my studio. Sara Lindsay Makeup Studio is now open at 3420 Hill Avenue in Regina. Hair Director Melissa Mark offers full Aveda hair services in studio to complement all makeup services. (306) 347-7829

Don’t Spend Another Winter With Your Skin Feeling Like This!

Products from left to right: Kahina Pure Argan Oil, Dr.Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips, Aveda Intensive Hydrating Mask, Aveda Tourmanline Charged Hydrating Cream, Dayna Decker Essence Moisturizing Gel in Ella

About the artist... Originally from Canada, and having spent many years of her career in the United Kingdom, Sara Lindsay is a professional makeup artist, with training from some of London’s top fashion academies. Having had the opportunity to work with some of Britain’s top artists, Sara brings an edge to her hometown of Regina. Sara’s professional experience includes runway work, editorial spreads, compelling commercial campaigns, weddings and special event clients. London Fashion Week and The London Clothes Show are just some of the highlights of her career. Sara was named Canadian Makeup Artist of the Year at The Mirror Awards 2011 and most recently was named a finalist for 2012. Sara’s successful freelance career, which complimented her time as a regional associate with MAC COSMETICS UK, gave her valuable experience in working closely with clientele to consult and direct their transformation to the extraordinary. In a consultative style, Sara works to achieve a look that is uniquely your own. 18 |



’s by Riley lAW son |w w w . r i l e y l a w s o n . c o m

i always get asked about my personal faves in fashion and beauty and what items i use on a day-to-day basis. since we’re quickly approaching winter, i thought i would give a rundown of my go-to items for the cold season.

Malin+Goetz Mojito lip balm: if you’re constantly looking for lip hydration without having to reapply 40 times per day, this is going to save you! not to mention, it’s mojito flavoured, so it’s minty fresh. snag yours from smith & best Float studio on Cornwall street in Regina. bonus: it’s got a slight shine to it so it’s perfect to wear under/over your fave lip color.

The slouchy Toque: Whether it’s for warmth or just because your hair should have been washed yesterday, the slouchy toque sits frequently atop my head throughout winter. This season i love the olive green tone so i snagged one to go with all of my fall colors. bonus: Add a brooch to the hemline for an added personal touch.

boot socks: not only are these fashionable, they’re also super cozy and perfect for our snowy season. i have both the longer/knee high boot socks and the lower/ankle height boot socks and wear them equally as much. bonus: under the knee boots and boot socks add volume to the bottom half of the body and can help balance out hips.

bold lips: stare-at-me lip colors are being seen in the fashion world tons this fall/winter season. My good pal, sara lindsay (who just so happens to have her column next to mine in this fabulous magazine) recommended the perfect red by ellis Faas. if you’re in need of a new lip color for fall, stop in to her studio on Hil Avenue in Regina and she wil get the perfect shade for you! bonus: you can blend the darker fall tones with lighter shades to take them into the spring! FOR SASKATCHEWAN WOMEN | VOL. 2 ISSUE 11, NOVEMBER 2013 | 19

Picking Your New Style For Winter By Joy Amistad from Visions Salon and Spa, Saskatoon

Looking for a fresh hairdo for winter but unsure what would suit you and your face shape? Here are some guidelines to think about when choosing your new style. If you wear your hair straight: A long face with a one length hair style does not work well together. This will elongate your face and pull down your features. Instead, consider a bob, lob (long bob) or hairstyle with facial framing layers. These styles will frame your face beautifully, adding lift and movement without weighing you down. If you have a round or square face, you can rock a one length style better. A lack of layers will visibly slim down ones face. If you have a square face, a fuller wide bang will compliment you beautifully. If you wear your hair wavy: Waves are almost uniformly flattering. The trick is to figure out how bouncy or loose to wear them. Thinner faces benefit from ample curls, while round ones look better with looser waves. If your face is square, bobs with a deep side part or longer asymmetrical sides will soften sharp angles. For longer faces, strategically place waves near your eyes or cheekbones to add width. If you wear your hair curly: If you have an oval or long face shape, choose layers concentrated around cheeks to add fullness. If your face is more square ask your hairstylist for layers from mid ear down

to add softness around jaw. A side part will cut any type of ‘boxiness’. If you love your hair cut and need some sort of change, incorporate multi tones in your hair. Not only will this make you look younger, it will add depth, drama and movement to your hair style. The days of streaky, chunky, obvious highlights are gone. Ask your hairstylist for subtle highlights and lowlights of warm tones to recharge your look. Happy holidays and more importantly happy hair days!

Joy Amistad is a passionate hairstylist who originated in Vancouver and has continued to develop her talent by further training not only in Vancouver, but as well as Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, Miami and is now residing in Saskatoon. Her extended training has furthered her knowledge in precision cuts, hair colours and up styling. Hair is a fashion industry that is continually changing and growing; she truly values the importance of continually upgrading and enhancing her skills. She doesn’t believe hair dressing is just a job, it’s her passion. Joy is a stylist at Visions Salon and Spa in Saskatoon.

20 |


Brand new to Regina! We offer technical, versatile, feminine fashion apparel for active urban women. We promote well being through a fun and healthy lifestyle. Like us on Facebook! #3 425 Victoria Avenue, Regina SK (306) 757-5653 •

Hazelnut Praline Torte Layered white and chocolate sponge with a hazelnut praline buttercream and milk chocolate shavings.

2705 Quance Street East, Regina SK (306) 779-2253 •

Inspiring women to move everyday is something we take to heart. Ask us about our free event schedule.

FORWARD moving Fashion Trino’s has both casual and formal wear. Be sure to LIKE us on FACEBOOK to see the latest arrivals! Ask about our existing customer database. Perfect for Holiday Shopping! 2445 Quance Street East, Regina SK (306) 522-4667 •

Urbane EQ3 is Regina’s destination for modern, affordable home furnishings. Check out our custom order upholstery including new fabrics from Swedish design house Marimekko. Photo: Stella sofa shown in Dazzle Tropic

1325 Broad Street, Regina SK (306) 779-0119 • FOR SASKATCHEWAN WOMEN | VOL. 2 ISSUE 11, NOVEMBER 2013 | 21

REAL ESTATE 101 tures can be in the form of a bungalow, a two storey or in Regina; we have some multi-family (apartment) condos being built this way. This is different from Ready to Move (RTM) houses or Stick Built houses (traditional on-site) builds.


have a secret……promise not to tell? Guess what? The first text I received after my first Real Estate 101 column was from a MAN! OK…Pinkie promise, (no pun intended) you won’t tell or say anything. Was I surprised? YES! I was also very flattered, as this fellow is a very successful business man in Regina. He has made most of his money through rental houses or investment homes. Needless to say, I welcomed the feedback and thought I would share with you that men want to know what us women are up to!!!

Modular systems are built indoors in a factory and shipped to the site where they are assembled with a crane. Where the seams meet, they are patched and connected together. These are gaining popularity as they are very costeffective. There is also little wait-time for your new home. Make sure the company/representatives are experienced and be sure to ask for references if you go this route (as you should with any builder or representative). RTM homes are Ready to Move homes. Many lumber sales centers will build on their site homes you can preview and tour. Then they will build your home on their site and then move it to the site you want to put your home. You will need to get the basement ready (or have contractors do this). The RTM home is then placed on the basement. This is popular in smaller towns or

“Modular homes are gaining popularity as they are more cost-effective in some cases. There is also little wait-time for your new home.” So, I thought I should pick up on the theme of last month’s column, rental/investment homes, and let you know that you don’t have to do it alone! There are property management companies that will interview tenants, collect rent, fix things etc. So, this can be as “hands on” as you want it to be. Modular Systems Gain Popularity... I thought I would start off with a few terms which may be confusing. There are new types of homes gaining in popularity called modular homes or modular construction. They are also called modular systems. Do you know what this means? These struc-

farms where there is a lot of space. Stick –built homes are your traditional homes built on –site by a home builder. That is all for now and I hope you learned something. If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them. Send me an email. These opinions are my own and are how I understand the terminology through my own experiences. Signing off for now, remember…live your dream!

By CharMaine Luscombe, B.A, B.Ed Broker, Commercial, Farm, Residential Agent

Homelife Prairie Realty Tel. (306) 535 3948 22 |


Modular-Built and RTM homes.

qUaLiTy | experience | inTegriTy

3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Grandeur RTM is one of many great homes we have ready for you! call us today





Arriving by Mid-November: Beautiful, spacious 1624 Sq. Ft. Grandeur RTM for sale! This elegant home features 9 foot walls with a 5/12 exterior roof pitch and 8’ wall studs for extra warmth. This open concept home has a walk-in pantry and island in the kitchen complete with Stainless Steel appliances. Main floor laundry, spacious foyer, garden doors off master bedroom, tiled shower in en-suite, roughed-in central vac and many more options are offered in this house. Book your appointment to view this home today!

10 years experience | 100% canaDian BUiLT rememBer:

Before you buy, be sure to research your product and your dealer, otherwise, you just never know what you’re gonna get!

All of our homes are manufactured 100% indoors from start to finish to ensure superior quality. Hwy # 1 East Moose Jaw, Sk. • Phone: 306.694.5455 • Toll Free: 1.877.380.2822

w w w. d u f f e r i n h o m e s . c a

HOUSE PLANS © Gary Weisbrodt

gjConstructs HOUSE




Plan 302CCM Cape Cod Modern

Designed for an active, vibrant, young family with school-going children and four footed pets. Who needs a step machine when you have multiple levels in your home? This two and a half story 1952 square foot with three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, one powder room open modern design and attached single car garage fits on a 46 foot wide lot. A 52 foot lot would accommodate a double car garage. Cape Cod—originated in New England in the late 17th century. Features distinguishing a cape cod include steep roofs with side gables allowing for additional living space; symmetrical appearance with door in centre; centre hall design; hardwood floors and little exterior ornamentation. We give you the porch, a long missing benefit in cold and hot climates alike. A much needed buffer zone that contributes to keeping your inner living spaces comfortable and your heating dollars in your pocket. A well sized mudroom greets active children and guests alike. Coat storage is separated from back packs and seasonal sports equipment. The adjacent powder room is convenient for guests and clean-up of your furred pets. When the space is a bit messy you just close it off with the sliding door. A space that when carefully designed for your families size, needs and habits works for you dayin-and-day-out. What Dreams Are Made Of If you are like most people, you want a comfortable place to live, one that fits your tastes as well as your pocketbook. All of gjConstructs custom home designs prove that style and good planning make your home economical to build, affordable to live in and a joy now and in the years to come. A Wonderful World of Beauty In your gjConstructs home, you live in a world of beauty… beauty that is achieved by grace and line, skillful combining of materials and harmonious blending of colours. “Simple Elegance” is the expression used by your friends in describing first impressions of a gjConstructs design. A Wonderful World o f Luxury Luxury and good taste are brought within your financial reach through gjConstructs design, construction techniques and buying power. Elegant master bedroom—dressing room—bathroom suites; extra room for hobbies, guests, homework; abundant storage … and many many more features…in the Wonderful World of gjConstructs. A Wonderful World Of Convenience Live your New Way of Life surrounded by every convenience imaginable! The carefully developed gjConstructs floor plans create more usable living space, inside and out, than is offered in any other home! Step-saving, work-saving space-arra ngement construction and material innovations and the latest built-in appliances add time to your day and years to your life. 24 |



e have taken up the role of modernizing the California Modern, Cape Code, Craftsman, Saltbox, American Foursquare and Modern architectural styles, and promoting an appealing affordable living option for middle-class families. Rather than reproducing traditional homes, gjConstructs refigures the design to include modern amenities to address your demands for increased privacy and up to date technology. Simplicity, functionality and livability remain prevalent features of Gary’s updated designs.

From the world’s most efficient, most beautiful kitchen, you serve meals directly to the dining area or patio. Designed with you and your family’s needs in mind your kitchen comes with just the right complement of modern appliances to fit your cooking and entertaining style. Extra space between the kitchen work surfaces make room for not one

but two or more chefs working together. The morning ritual of breakfast and lunch making is a snap given the added space. Your open plan Family, Hearth and TV room, with its dramatic fireplace, is the show room of your gjConstructs design. Matching windows present an ever-changing mural—provided by nature! You have no trouble making room for

the largest of dining tables. A single open area, the combined dining and family rooms puts the emphasis on your families togetherness. For added privacy, two teenage sized second floor bedrooms are completely separate from main floor living areas. The children and/or over night guests have their own entertainment area and access to a

private deck over the garage. Homework, play, study or just reading and relaxing is all self contained on the second floor. The third level provides the ultimate getaway from the everyday routin es and trials of your day. The master bedroom suite has its own private bath, vanity, dressing room and front/ back views. If you are fortunate enough have a lot that slopes to the rear, you could build a walkout-type of basement and increase your living area by almost 25%. The location of the basement stairs ensures that this bonus living space fits naturally into the overall home’s design. © Gary Weisbrodt Area

Main Floor - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 716 sf. Second Floor - - - - - - - - - - - - - 716 sf. Half Floor - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 520 sf. Total - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1952 sf

Optional Areas Enclosed Porch - - - - - - - - - - - - - 48 sf.

Lot Requirements Fits on a 46 foot wide lot

Added Reading • BLOG Design Matters Details Matter: • Facebook: Search “gjConstructs” • Home: • LinkedIn: • Houzz: Contact 306 351-0907 FOR SASKATCHEWAN WOMEN | VOL. 2 ISSUE 11, NOVEMBER 2013 | 25

Pink Magazine is always looking to feature great Saskatchewan women that are making a difference. Do you know someone with a story worth sharing? Please email us today.

great saskatchewan women stories

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HEro Taylor DeVos By Jessica Reimer

‘We Day’ is an educational event meant to empower youth to become active local and global citizens. The movement got its beginning in 2007 and events are now hosted annually in major cities throughout the United States and Canada. On November 6, Saskatoon will host its 2nd annual ‘We Day’ at the Credit Union Centre. Among the event’s attendees will be local activist and fundraiser extraordinaire, Taylor DeVos. Taylor will have the honour of giving a two-minute speech before thousands of her peers about her experiences as an advocate for social change.

Taylor’s excitement and enthusiasm have garnered significant attention. Not only has World Vision featured her, but Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall and renowned comedian Brent Butt have also formally recognized her impressive accomplishments. At the head of Taylor’s long line of supporters, though, are her parents. “She is a truly inspiring young woman,” said Taylor mother, Cora. “It is so easy for us to become caught up in our own worlds but Taylor’s work puts into perspective the importance of thinking about people other than ourselves.”

“I’m excited and nervous at the same time,” said Taylor. “I’m going to talk to everyone about setting goals. I hope to inspire them.”

According to Cora, Taylor’s commitment to helping others started at the age of nine when she was deeply impacted by a World Vision commercial.

It is no surprise that Taylor was selected as a youth ambassador for an event founded on the principles of passion, volunteerism and perseverance. At only twelve years old, this Porcupine Plain resident already embodies each of these qualities in great measure. She is the founder of ‘1 Kid Making a Difference,’ a multifaceted fundraising campaign whose goal is to work alongside World Vision to build a school overseas in a developing nation. Taylor committed to a goal of fundraising $15,000 in two years or less. With only a few months remaining, she currently sits at approximately 85% of that goal.

“Suddenly Taylor was hooked,” said Cora. “She used to look forward to Sundays so she could watch those commercials three times over! She insisted that all she wanted for her 10th birthday was to sponsor a child, so naturally that’s exactly what her father and I did.”

When asked how she felt about the wide support network made up family, friends, community members and even complete strangers, Taylor’s response was short and sweet. “It’s really cool!” she exclaimed with a broad smile.

28 |


Taylor was drawn to Mesline, a beautiful nine-year-old Haitian girl. Now, two years later, the two continue to correspond on a regular basis. “I try to write to [Mesline] as much as I can. I like to include little gifts too,” said Taylor. “Once we sent her a pin with her photo on it. I think she looks very pretty.” After being exposed to the World Vision campaign, Taylor stated that her desire to create change was instant. From this, ‘1 Kid Making a Difference’ was born.

“I saw how other people lived and it made me think about how much I have and how much they don’t,” she explained. “I wanted to change that because I think everyone should feel the way I feel. I am very lucky and very grateful.” Her decision to fundraise towards building a school in a thirdworld country came while reviewing a World Vision catalogue. This choice was further cemented through one of her own school experiences. “[Porcupine Plain] just got a brand new school and I remember being really excited when I walked in there on my first day. It felt awesome, and I think everyone should experience that!” In order to make her dream a reality, Taylor and Cora have spearheaded numerous fundraising efforts in and around Porcupine Plain. Among them is the ‘Girls Day Out’ tradeshow, a community event scheduled each year for the Mother’s Day weekend. The tradeshow event features services from over 30 local vendors that include estheticians, Tarot card readers, masseuses and even professional photography by Cora, business owner and operator of Little Inuk Photography. Now in its second year, the ‘Girls Day Out’ tradeshow has become a highly anticipated community event, attracting hundreds of men, women and children from Porcupine Plain and surrounding areas each year. “The ‘Girls Day Out’ tradeshow is something Taylor and I really enjoy doing together,” said Cora. “What better day to hold the event than on Mother’s Day, a day that’s all about family!”


Y cK L a o sP s t Di in on nD

Your own personal far infrared sauna

Where the Healing Begins Benefits of a Vacuum master sauna Detoxify - sweat 2-3 times more than traditional sauna • Weight loss and control • Relieve chronic pain including arthritis and fibermyalgia • Stress Relief - rebalances your body’s hormones • Improves flexibility • Improves skin conditions • Improves immune system • Improves heart health

Over the next few weeks, the two will commence selling homemade Christmas wreaths for the upcoming holiday season. Details will be available through Taylor’s fundraising webpage. “Every dollar counts,” said Cora. The DeVos’ have been overwhelmed by the financial and emotional support from people around Saskatchewan, across Canada and even internationally. When asked the time-tested and often daunting question of ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’, Taylor provided a very diplomatic response. “It changes every day but I know that I want to work at a job where I get to travel and help people, no matter what. That’s what I want to do: help people.” Taylor closed the interview by sharing two simple principles she believes account for her successes so far. “It’s all about following your dreams and being yourself,” she said. Taylor hopes her journey will serve as a positive example of the pay-off of hard work and determination. Congratulations Taylor on all your hard work and persistence! To learn more about ‘1 Kid Making a Difference’ or to assist Taylor in meeting her $15,000 goal, please visit her website at or follow her on Twitter at @1kiddifference.

Cindy-Rella’s Merry Christmas! It’s a glittery Cindy-Rella fashion this year! Kits available! 3847 Sherwood Dr., Regina, SK (306) 585-2227


Plugs into regular power 15 amp breaker • No venting or exhausting • Lifetime warranteed low EMF emitters •AM/FM stereo mp3 plugin • Coloured light chromotherapy • Canadian Hemlock 25% thicker than industry • Pennies per session to operate

Vacuum Master - 306.543.7544 375 Broad St at 2nd Ave N. Regina, Sk.


Chocolate Moustaches

You will need:


A moustache lollipop mold Chocolate moulding wafers Lollipop sticks Directions: 1. Melt chocolate in a small bowl in the microwave for 30 seconds at time, stirring after each 30 second interval, until chocolate is melted and smooth. 2. Pour melted chocolate into mold, filling 1/2 full. Tap mold gently on surface to remove air bubbles. Place lollipop stick in mold cavity and turn to evenly coat stick with chocolate. Place in freezer or refrigerate until chocolate is firm. 3. Turn mold over onto flat surface and gently twist to release lollipops. Enjoy!

MOVEMBER RECIPES Help Support Men’s Health by Making These Fun Recipes! Go to for more information on Movember.

30 |


Maple-Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Because What Man Doesn’t Love Bacon? Makes 2 Dozen Cookies 2 cups 1 teaspoon 1 teaspoon 1/2 teaspoon 1 cup 3/4 cup 3/4 cup 2 1 teaspoon 1 teaspoon 1/3 cup 1 cup

all-purpose flour baking powder baking soda salt butter, softened packed brown sugar white sugar eggs vanilla extract maple extract chopped cooked bacon semisweet chocolate chips

Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper. Whisk together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt; set aside. 2. Beat together the butter, brown sugar, and white sugar with an electric mixer until smooth. Add one egg; beat until blended into the butter mixture. Add the remaining egg, vanilla extract, and maple extract; beat until well blended and slightly fluffy. Stir in the flour mixture a little at a time, mixing just until combined. Stir in the bacon and chocolate chips. Scoop by rounded tablespoonfuls onto prepared cookie sheets. 3. Bake in the preheated oven until edges turn golden brown, 10 to 12 minutes. Remove from the oven, and cool on a wire rack.

Moustache Shaped Cake

Bacon Quiche Tarts

Moustache Cupcakes

Makes 2 Cakes

Makes 10 Tarts

Makes 16 Cupcakes

1 (18.25 ounce) pkg devil’s food cake mix 1 (5.9 ounce) pkg instant chocolate pudding mix 1 cup sour cream 1 cup vegetable oil 4 eggs 1/2 cup warm water 2 cups semisweet chocolate chips 2 cups prepared chocolate frosting Directions:

5 slices 1 (8 ounce) pkg

1 1/3 cups 1/4 teaspoon 2 teaspoons 3/4 cup

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). 2. In a large bowl, mix together the cake and pudding mixes, sour cream, oil, beaten eggs and water. Stir in the chocolate chips and pour batter into 2 large, well greased round pans, filling only halfway. 3. Bake for 40 to 45 minutes, or until top is springy to the touch and a wooden toothpick inserted comes out clean. Cool cakes thoroughly in pan at least an hour and a half before inverting onto a plate. Cut a symmetrical curve in the middle of the cake for the mustache. (See image below) Place sections side by side to form a “mustache” 4. Frost cakes with chocolate frosting.

bacon cream cheese, softened 2 tablespoons milk 2 eggs 1/2 cup shredded Swiss cheese 2 tablespoons chopped green onion 1 (10 ounce) can refrigerated flaky biscuit dough Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Lightly grease 10 muffin cups. 2. Place bacon in a large, deep skillet. Cook over medium high heat until crisp and evenly brown. Drain, crumble, and set aside. 3. Place the cream cheese, milk, and eggs in a medium bowl, and beat until smooth with an electric mixer set on Low. Stir in Swiss cheese and green onion, and set aside. 4. Separate dough into 10 biscuits. Press into the bottom and sides of each muffin cup, forming 1/4 inch rims. Sprinkle half of the bacon into the bottoms of the dough-lined muffin cups. Spoon about 2 tablespoons of the cream cheese mixture into each cup. 5. Bake 20 to 25 minutes in the preheated oven, until filling is set and rims of the tarts are golden brown. Sprinkle with the remaining bacon, and lightly press into the filling. Remove from pan, and serve warm.

1/8 teaspoon 3 tablespoons 1 1/2 cups 2 3/4 teaspoon 1 cup 3 cups, divided 16

all-purpose flour baking soda baking powder unsweetened cocoa powder salt butter, softened white sugar eggs vanilla extract milk prepared white frosting blue sprinkles chocolate moustaches

Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Line a muffin pan with paper or foil liners. Sift together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, cocoa and salt. Set aside. 2. In a large bowl, cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add the eggs one at a time, beating well with each addition, then stir in the vanilla. Add the flour mixture alternately with the milk; beat well. Fill the muffin cups 3/4 full. 3. Bake for 15 to 17 minutes in the preheated oven, or until a toothpick inserted into the cake comes out clean. 4. Frost cupcakes with 2 cups of the white frosting. Sprinkle blue sprinkles each cupcake. Place one chocolate moustache on each cupcake. (See recipe for Chocolate Moustaches)


IN the In the Spotlight spotlIght Lorrie Dobni Regina TRades and skills CenTRe

by Lee Parent

By Gail Jansen-Kesslar

Once upon a time, trades and skill-based training and associated jobs were once fields that catered solely to men. But those days have gone. as saskatchewan’s economy continues to grow and create a greater demand for skilled workers, women are realizing that jobs in the trades industry have the potential to open doors they never thought to crack; offering up a new lease on life at whatever stage they find themselves at. Helping women make the transition into trades is an industry-led program offerred by the Regina Trades and skills Centre. The program bases their intake for both men and women on merit rather than gender. The program has jobs waiting for successful graduates at the end of an eight to twelve week course. it’s a win-win for those who are thinking of getting into a trade and are looking for a taste of what it would be like.

32 |


How do those who take part in the training know that a job will be waiting? Because it’s the employers themselves that have asked for the courses they offer. and, currently all of the courses offerred have less people in them than what industry demands. Meeting regularly with their industry advisory committee, Regina Trades and skills Centre listens and learns where industry need is at it’s greatest. They then respond by offering courses that will give people the foot in the door they need to be successful. Courses include: introduction to general Carpentry, introduction to the electrical industry, Residential Roofing, Hardwood/ laminate Flooring, Culinary arts, introduction to Plumbing, Floor Covering installer, steel studs and drywall, Basic scalfolding, Basic Welding and Cutting, Commercial Roofing, Framing, Customer service Representative and even Painting.

For women who’ve thought about starting life over or who have been thinking of getting into the trades, now might just be one of the best times to make the leap. students gain the necessary skills which will allow them to finish a course on a Friday and walk onto a job site Monday, complete with all the safety training, terminology and knowledge that will allow them to perform the basic work required. Once hired the employer can then develop those skills further for the needs of a particular job within their company. Currently only 3% of trades people in saskatchewan are female, yet the Centre’s percentage of successful female graduates currently sits at 25%, running at about eight times the provincial average. This proves times are changing and women are integrating themselves into the industry. The statistic also speaks to how dedicated women are once they’ve made up their minds to pursue a trade, no matter whether they are in their 20’s, 30’s or 40’s. Once focused, women seem to excel in all of the Centre’s courses. The other benefit to women who undergo basic trades training is the ability it gives them to break the “Catch 22” cycle that often

Our Courses include:

Introduction to General Carpentry Introduction to the Electrical Industry Residential Roofing Hardwood/Laminate Flooring Culinary Arts Introduction to Plumbing Floor Covering Installer Steel Studs and Drywall Basic Scalfolding Basic Welding and Cutting Commercial Roofing Framing Customer Service Representative Painting

Contact us today:

1275 Albert Street, Regina, SK Call 306.337.0533 Fax 306.584.0787 Email

exists when trying to break into a trade. Often times you have to first be working in the industry before you can apply to become an apprentice in it, yet it’s difficult to break into the industry without experience. By working through the Regina Trades and skills Centre, graduates not only have the ability to work in the industry and then apply for apprenticeship, but the 180 to 320 hours of training they undertake depending on their program, are also recognized by the saskatchewan apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission Commision and counts towards their first year of apprenticeship. For women who’ve thought about starting life over or who have been thinking of getting into the trades now might just be one of the best times to make the leap.

Mortgage Insurance – Consider the Facts By – Gisele Gherasim, CFP, FDS If you have a mortgage you may have been offered “mortgage insurance” from your creditor when you opened or renewed your mortgage, but is this the most efficient and cost-effective way to protect your asset? Typical mortgage lender insurance: • Is limited to the outstanding mortgage balance. In other words, as you pay down your mortgage, your insurance coverage decreases (although your premiums don’t) and once you pay off your mortgage, you no longer have any insurance. • Is not portable. If you change banks or get a new mortgage, the insurance doesn’t go with you. • Is not flexible. The creditor is the only beneficiary and the only use of the proceeds is to pay off the mortgage. • Underwritten post-claim. This means that the insurance carrier decides after your death if your health actually qualifies you for insurance even though you have been paying premiums all along. If you choose to purchase a personal term life insurance policy through a licensed insurance advisor, your insurance policy: • Is a level, not decreasing, benefit with guaranteed

premiums for the term of the policy. • Is practical. As long as your pay your premiums, your policy remains in force. • Is flexible. You can name anyone as your beneficiary. The death benefit can be used to pay off outstanding debt or the beneficiary can use the proceeds in other ways. • Is under-written when you apply for coverage. • Is convertible. You can often convert your term policy to a permanent policy within a certain time frame. Rather than buying mortgage insurance and focusing solely on that need take a holistic approach and consider all of the financial requirements (replace your income, pay for children’s education, plan for retirement) of your dependents/survivors in the event of your death. Often individuals think that due to their health or lifestyle, they won’t qualify for personal insurance. This isn’t necessarily the case as there are many options available to suit unique or difficult situations. Speak to a qualified insurance professional before making any changes or decisions regarding your current insurance coverage. He can review your current benefits and specific insurance needs to help you determine the options that are best suited for your situation.

Gisele Gherasim, CFP, FDS 2300 Smith Street, Regina, SK S4P 2P6 Phone: 306.337.4500 | Toll-Free: 1-866-317-4500 Fax: 306.337.4505 Email:

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Mutual Funds provided through FundEX Investments Inc.

ReaDY. set. shoP! Regina’s newest PRemieR women’s Fashion Destination

RiveRview Plaza

3221 Quance Street eaSt regina | 306.543.2013

48 hours in... outaouais, Quebec! Have you ever had the chance to explore Quebec? If you find yourself in the province, plan for a pit stop in the Outaouais (OOH–TA–WAY) Region. Where the heck is that you ask? This region of western Quebec is located on the north side of the Ottawa River opposite Canada’s capital – so, right near Gatineau and Ottawa. People who live in the region pride themselves on living active, outdoor lifestyles and it’s easy to see why. Parks are everywhere. Most hotels have park access across the street and in the winter, offer cross-country skiing from their front doors! Equipped with artisan’s offerings, boutique shops, some of the country’s best spas, cabin chic to luxury hotels, and activities galore. It’s the perfect place for a fulfilling getaway! Here is what 48 hours in Outaouais could look like! Day 1– A day of fresh air and healthy choices 9 a.m. Start your day finding your balance atop the trees. The Arbraska Laflèche – Cave and Aerial Park offers a fun and challenging aerial park and zip line course that will leave you wanting more. And if you are the brave type and seem to be ok in small spaces, be sure to explore the largest cave on the vast Canadian Shield also located within the park. TIP – Autumn is a great time to go as the forest colours are incredible. Noon: You will be hungry from all that fresh air and activity so swing by the intimate (and cleverly named) Café Soup’Herbe. There you will enjoy healthy and freshly prepared meals that will keep you going strong into the afternoon. 2 p.m. A truly unique experience,Timberland Tours will ensure you enjoy a whirlwind ride behind a team of racing dogs. Think dog sledding but on dry land and standing up. Meet the dogs (a unique mix of Alaskan husky, pointer and greyhound), take a spin and stay to hear owner, Denis Rozen explain the intriguing history behind this unique attraction and sport. 5:30 p.m. By this time you have earned some r & r. The Wakefield Mill offers wonderful culinary options, renowned spa services, (voted 2013’s Most Romantic Spa) cozy lodgings and a waterfall in its backyard! TIP – Comfortable with food adventure? Try the Discovery Menu! Day 2 – Treat yourself to more rich adventure and a dash of luxury 9 a.m. If you like apples (or cider!) a visit to Coronation Hall Cider Mills is in order. Tour the cider mill, eat some tasty apple treats and stock up on cider. 10:30 a.m. If you are an animal lover, you must head to Parc Omega. The park sits on 1008 acres and is home to animals found in the prairies, forest, mountain, lake and boreal regions. Bison, wolves and bears oh my! TIP – Buy carrots at the park entry and explore from the comfort of your car. 12:30 p.m. Artistry is alive and well in Outaouais. Visit Choco 36 |


By Jenn Smith-Nelson

Motive for a delectable lunch and ask the chef about fair trade chocolate. If you need more reason to visit, they have sandwiches with chocolate in them. TIP – It’s the perfect place to stock up on chocolate goodies to bring back as presents. 2 p.m. Think you know nature? Put your skills to test with a visit to Éco-Odyssee, a one of a kind maze through marsh water! Armed with a compass, paddleboat and a quiz, see how you fare with your knowledge of the outdoors (and of steering). 6 p.m. If you can afford to, splurge a bit. Make a stay happen at the luxurious, yet rustic Fairmont Le Château Montebello. The world’s largest log cabin is simply the best in the region boasting fine dining, incredible spa services, an amazing view and expansive grounds to explore. It’s a fit for any type of holiday from a family vacation to a girl’s getaway.

3d Fiber Eyelashes $35 CAN

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Younique specializes in organic, all-natural, mineral-based cosmetics that are free of parabens, oils, synthetic fragrances, and cheap fillers.

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Home: (306)-789-6933 • Cell: (306)-591-1241 Email: Website:

3121 Saskatchewan Drive, Regina, SK S4T 1H6 • P: (306) 352 6044 • F. (306) 359 7425 Hours: Monday to Friday - 8:30AM to 5:30PM



Midway Games

My husband and I just celebrated our third wedding anniversary and we thought it would be fun to travel back to the city we were married in, Las Vegas. Although both of us have been to Las Vegas multiple times, this trip would be much different because we were bringing our 2 year old son with us. A toddler in Las Vegas? Were we crazy? We knew there were a lot of familyfriendly attractions in the area and we looked forward to seeing a different side of the popular tourist destination. To start, we chose a hotel on the main strip that did not have a casino, was completely non-smoking and had a small kitchenette in the room. Having our own kitchen when traveling with a child (especially a child with a food allergy) is always a priority for us. If you’re planning on visiting the Las Vegas area as a family (no matter if your children are toddlers or teenagers), here are a few attractions worth visiting: Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat: Kids and adults of all ages will love this attraction! Located inside the Mirage, you’ll see dolphins, tigers, lions and more. If you’re looking for a once in a lifetime experience, check out their special VIP packages. Shark Reef Aquarium: Located in Mandalay Bay, this is your chance to get up close and personal with sharks and other sea creatures. They also have a couple of walk through tunnel experiences so you feel like you’ve dived right in! Paris Eiffel Tower: From the Eiffel Tower observation deck you’ll have a breathtaking view of the Las Vegas strip. I’d suggest going at night so you can see all of the beautiful lights.

Gondola Rides

Serendipity 3

Fountains of Bellagio: Every 15-30 minutes you’ll see a spectacular show of lights and fountains dancing to a variety of different songs. This is one show you have to see to believe and it’s free! Sirens of TI: This is another free show that runs multiple times a night (depending on weather). It includes pirate ships, pirates, music, fire, water and more! It may not be appropriate for young children but teens and adults will enjoy the action-packed show. Hard Rock Cafe: Music fans will want to make a stop at the Hard Rock Cafe. This 42,000 square foot, 3-floor cafe features rock n’ roll memorabilia and an energetic atmosphere. Stop in for a meal or simply browse the store for souvenirs. Volcano at Mirage: Explosions, fireballs and energetic music await you at the Volcano show at Mirage. This is a free show that runs every night from 7p.m. - 11p.m. on the hour. Serendipity 3: With fun menu items like dinosaur-sized BBQ ribs, triple decker grilled cheese sandwiches and frozen hot chocolate, guests of all ages are sure to find something delicious on this menu. If you win big at the casino, you could even indulge in the Golden Opulence Sundae priced at $1000!

38 |


Adventure Dome at Circus Circus: The Adventure Dome is filled with rides and arcade-style games. All of the rides seemed a little rough for a toddler so we didn’t try any out but older children would have a blast here.

Volcano at Mirage

Midway Games at Circus Circus: This was my son’s favourite part of Las Vegas! The Midway Games are a great place for children to run around and win stuffed animals while playing fun carnival games. Save some room in your suitcase as you will likely be headed home with a lot of stuffed animals. Shopping: There is no shortage of shopping locations in Las Vegas. You’ll find selections from outlet malls to expensive boutiques and everything in between. There are a few outlet malls to choose from so research which one is closest to your hotel. Popovich Comedy Pet Theatre: Located in Planet Hollywood, this entertaining show features unique comedy routines by Popovich and stray animals he rescued from animal shelters.

Dolphin Habitat

M&M Store: What could be better than four floors of candy coated chocolate? Shop for unique colours or even personalize your own M&M’s to take home. The store also features a wide range of M&M toys, souvenirs, a movie theatre and an M&M sponsored race car. Flamingo Habitat: Located in a garden of the Flamingo hotel, this free attraction features flamingos and other feathered friends like swans, ducks and more. Gondola Rides: Located inside the Venetian hotel, glide down the Grand Canal with your own personal singing gondolier. Rainforest Cafe in MGM: Both kids and adults will love the scenery at the Rainforest Cafe. It is both a restaurant and a store filled with waterfalls, creatures and rainforest vegetation. Photo Opportunities: From silly dressed up characters walking down the Las Vegas Strip to beautiful statues and water fountains, there are so many opportunities for fun photos that you can take home and put into a family scrapbook. Town Square: Just two miles south of Mandalay Bay is a fun shopping, dining and entertainment community called Town Square. They have a children’s park filled with fun things for kids like a tree house, slides, splash area, maze made of hedges, a children’s theatre and more! Deuce Bus: Just a few dollars gets you a 24 hour pass on the double decker bus that travels up and down the Las Vegas strip. Hop on the bus for a tour of the strip or simply use it to get from one hotel to the next. Freemont Street Experience: This is located off of the Las Vegas Strip but there are buses and shuttles that travel to the area. In the Freemont Street Experience you’ll find an overhead lightshow and free concerts throughout the year. Hotel Pool: No matter what hotel you decide to stay at, you will likely have a hotel pool. Many of these pools are outdoors so be sure to check the hotel’s website for seasonal hours of operation. For more information on Las Vegas family travel, visit the Moms & Munchkins travel page at travel/.

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ARE YOU AN ENTREPRENEUR WITH A DISABILITY? Whether you are 16 or 65, we offer disability supports and business services free of charge, so you can move forward with your vision of starting a business. Some Support includeS: • Providing one-on-one or group training in business development. • Reducing barriers, in terms of disability issues. • Mentoring and consulting services. For more information: Call Brenda at (306) 757 7452 ext. 236 or email


HOLIDAY PLANNING TIPS How early do you start your holiday shopping? Do you know where you’ll be celebrating the holidays this year? The holidays are such a wonderful time to celebrate with friends and family but it can also be a stressful time with busy schedules, holiday planning, travel arrangements and more. Here are some easy ways to plan ahead so you have more time to enjoy all that Christmas baking and hot chocolate. Holiday shopping list: You don’t need to know the exact gift you’re buying for everyone yet, but you can start by making a list of the people you want to buy gifts for and your budget for each. Start to brainstorm and write down gift ideas so your trips to the mall are more productive. Finalize travel plans: Travelling over the holidays can be pricey. If you can, finalize your plans for where you’ll be celebrating the holidays this year. You may not be able to find a seat sale but at least you can factor your travel costs into your holiday budget.

Start your holiday cards early: It is difficult to find a couple of uninterrupted hours to write out, address and mail Christmas cards. If you break it into smaller projects - like writing two a day - you can store them until you’re ready to mail them out. Create a holiday activity calendar: There are always a lot of activities during the holiday season with some starting as early as November. Create a holiday calendar and hang it in a place the whole family can see. Write down school concerts, holiday parties for your kids, work holiday parties, family photo day, days you’re dedicating to holiday shopping, Christmas baking days, travel days, etc. Start baking: If you do a lot of holiday baking every year, decide if any can be made in advance and put into the freezer. Make sure everyone knows which items are to be saved for the holidays or you could be a few cookies short by Christmas Eve! If you’d love a variety of homemade holiday treats without spending all your time in the kitchen, ask your friends if they’d like to do a bake exchange with you. A bake exchange party is also a great time to catch up with friends before the busy holiday season starts. I hope your holiday season is filled with laughter and great memories! 40 |


by Cheryl Kirkness

BUILDING KNOWLEDGE The College Avenue Campus Renewal Project

The College Avenue Campus Renewal Project




Campus, then known as Regina College.

The Centre for Continuing Education will

• 32 newly renovated classrooms

For decades, through growth and during

continue to provide programming for:

• A 550-seat performance centre at

ver 100 years ago, the University of Regina opened its doors at the College Avenue

struggle, the campus provided a place for students to learn, grow and thrive. Now it’s time to restore and revitalize this historic campus for the future benefit of our students and the community. Building Knowledge – The College Avenue Campus Renewal Project was

• Business and Professional Development • Credit Studies • Distance Learning • English as a Second Language • Lifelong Learning Centre

the name given to this important revitalization plan.

Restoring the Conservatory will:

We believe that it is our responsibility to preserve and

• Expand music lessons, programs and

steward the visionary legacy of those who imagined and


built the former Regina College. As such, the Building

Creating the Executive Education Centre

Knowledge project is the University of Regina’s

will provide opportunities to:

number one capital fundraising priority this year.

• Host university conferences, lectures and events

WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS Conservatory and Darke Hall will be fully restored

School of Public Policy

known as the University of Regina Leadership and Outreach Centre (LOC) and will offer a multitude of tangible benefits to the entire community. Students of all ages and stages of life will continue

a raised lounge adjacent to Darke Hall • A 150-seat Conservatory recital hall • An art room for 20-25 students • A state-of-the-art music room for master classes • A computer laboratory for 16-20 students • Teaching space for summer camp programming

business and professional development and the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate

University of Regina. This revitalized campus will be

• A 250-300 seat concourse, including

• Increase classroom use by 50% for

As part of this project, the College Building, the and adaptively reused as a fundamental part of the

Darke Hall • A 75-seat lecture theatre

Revitalizing Darke Hall means: • This landmark will once again become a well used, bustling event space that

“Revitalizing our historic College Avenue Campus will strengthen the University of Regina’s connection to the larger community and further contribute to educating the next century of learners and leaders in our province.” – DR. VIANNE TImmONS, PResidenT & ViCe-CHAnCelloR

UniVeRsiTy of ReginA

maintains significant public access, functioning as an increased capacity community facility

to populate the sustainably refurbished and easily accessible College Building, Conservatory and Darke Hall. The hub of the LOC will be a new Executive Education Centre. Here, learners from the Centre for Continuing Education, Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy and the community-at-large, will attend seminars and lectures in “smart” meeting rooms designed for groups of 20 to 300 people. Once completed, the University of Regina LOC will serve as a provincial and national destination that integrates academic programming with outreach and training for both public and private sector professionals.

ConCePTUAl RendeRing - noRTH fACAde

Help renew the University of Regina’s College Avenue Campus. Visit or call (306) 585-4024 to learn more.




Free Estimates • Glass, Mirrors • PVC Windows & Doors Custom Glass Shower Enclosures • PVC Fencing, Decking & Railings • Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

1-888-545-3990 • WWW.GLACIERGLASS.COM • FAX: 949-8872 42 |


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Crawford Realty

PINK Magazine - Vol. 2 November 2013  

PINK Magazine features women who are making a difference in the province through academia, sports, business and charity. With Saskatchewan b...

PINK Magazine - Vol. 2 November 2013  

PINK Magazine features women who are making a difference in the province through academia, sports, business and charity. With Saskatchewan b...