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C o m m u n i t y S p i ri tma g a zi n j une /j uly 2017

Picture credit Brett Rojo, The Tulsa World

You Are Invited to

“A Night of Legacy” A Fundraising Event for

Coach Allan Trimble and the

Trimble Strong Foundation

July 15th, 6:00 pm at the ORU Mabee Center


ver since Allan Trimble announced that he had ALS (amyotrophic laterals sclerosis), fans, friends, ex-players and admirers from all over the world have stood in honor and support. They filled the Jenks Frank Herald Gym to pray, sing and express their concern. They also purchased hundreds of “Trimble Strong” t-shirts as both a donation and a personal sign of admiration. During one of the last home games, they raised cardboard signs in a coordinated “Luv Ya Allan” that spread clear across the stands. Along with all of that, literally, hundreds of former players and students have called, emailed and shown up to lift up and encourage him. In each instance, they leave, feeling that Allan somehow turned the situation around to minister back to them. It is easy to love this big-hearted champion. Not only has he lead his Jenks Trojan Football team to thirteen 6A Oklahoma State Championships, he has done so with style, teaching his players valuable life lessons and turning boys literally into champions. So now, as the symptoms begin to show and the reality of the disease becomes more evident, the community is stepping forward to ensure that Allan gets the medical attention he needs. ALS is a tragic killer which gradually takes away the person’s ability to control their muscles, ultimately including speech, swallowing and breathing. It is also an expensive disease, requiring around the clock nursing care and costly equipment.

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C o m m u n i t y S p i r it m agaz

j une / j uly 2017

Estimated needs for Allan’s care are $300-400 thousand dollars. Allan’s friends have joined together to help financially and they invite you to join them. A special, Night of Legacy, will be held at the ORU Mabee Center on Saturday night, July 15th. The purpose is two-fold…one, to raise money directly for Allan and his family and secondly, to raise money for the Trimble Strong Foundation which will continue Allan’s legacy in positively pouring into the lives of kids in our community. The evening will be one to remember. College coaches, players and celebrities from all over the country are expected to be there, as well as thousands of Trimble Strong believers. The evening will feature several special musical guests including Tulsa’s own, stars from The Voice, Alaska and Madi. Alan Robertson (the preacher and clean-shaven brother) of the hit TV series, Duck Dynasty will headline the entertainment, guaranteeing an uplifting experience for the whole family.
 A silent auction will also be held, featuring incredible donated items from friends and celebrities from all over the country. 
“A Night of Legacy” will celebrate the contributions and successes of Coach Trimble’s 21-year career as the head football coach of the Jenks Trojans. The evening also marks the launch of

Buy a Table! $1000 will purchase a table for you and 9 of your friends down on the floor of the arena. Come meet the celebrities as you enjoy a great evening of entertainment. Buy a Seat at a Table! Don’t have table mates? $150 will purchase dinner and a seat at one of the tables. Buy a General Admission Seat! Want to skip dinner and sit in the arena seats? General Admission Seats are $75 for adults and $50 for students Want to just mail in a donation? Make your check out to “ATS - Trimble Strong” and mail to P.O. Box 907, Jenks, OK 74037

Coach Trimble is an extremely special man. He has changed the lives of many students at Jenks high school. We think it's so important to give back to him like he's given to the community! We are honored to be a part of this special day!

Tickets are available through the Mabee Center

- Alaska and Madi the Trimble Strong Foundation which will help serve those who serve others by providing financial support, networking, and mentorship.
In thirty years as an educator, Coach Trimble has influenced thousands of students and athletes while setting an example of character and leadership for his fellow coaches. The Trimble Strong Foundation seeks to carry on Coach Trimble’s legacy by supporting those who are called to service through adoption support, ministry and mission support, and by providing college scholarship opportunities for future Christian leaders. It is the goal of The Trimble Strong Foundation to stand alongside the next generation of those who seek to make a positive difference in their community and impact the future for Jesus Christ. Plan now to be a part of this special evening. Proceeds from the ticket sales will go directly to this important cause and your purchase will make a great difference. However, come prepared to do more. Buy something at the silent auction, donate extra in order to sponsor students without the funds to purchase a General Admission seat, or make a donation directly to Allan’s support and The Trimble Strong Foundation.

C ommu n itysp ir itma ga zin e.c om

june / july 2017

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Someone You Should Know…

Andy Coleman A Servant of the Persecuted Church Runs for Congress

Never heard of Andy Coleman? There is a reason for that.


or security reasons, Andy has spent much of his career doing his best to fly under the radar. He remarks with a smile that only his closest friends have known or understood what he has done for a living. Intrigued? You will be even more intrigued once you learn more about this impressive man who recently popped up onto the political scene. Andy Coleman is hoping to be the new replacement for Jim Bridenstine, the US Congressman, for Oklahoma’s 1st District. Andy works with The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM), headquartered in Bartlesville. For the last five years, he has served as the Regional Director for the Middle East, overseeing a field team, that quietly moves in and out of some of the most politically dangerous regions of the world. Listening, building relationships, and earning trust, they work with “the church” to provide support and encouragement, reminding them that they are not forgotten and not alone. He described VOM as servants of the persecuted church, believers who act as silent partners in often clandestine ways to strengthen the church in dangerous locations. Sometimes that is to provide pastoral training. Other times, as when the church is attempting to minister to refugees who wash up on their shores, VOM supports by providing much needed resources.

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j une /j uly 2017

Andy plays an important role in serving such people. His work required him to be in the Middle East 80 to 100 days a year and to oversee a multimillion budget portfolio consisting of several hundred projects, spread over 17 countries. After graduating from the Air Force Academy and marrying his wife, Liz, Andy became a military intelligence officer, focused on the Middle East. Later, he attended law school and upon graduation, went to work for a large law firm. “Within a year, we felt God was calling us into full-time Christian ministry in the Middle East. It wasn’t easy leaving my job and cutting our salary in half, but we would do it again without blinking,” Andy said. Andy and Liz now have three children, ages 13, 7 and 6. He continues to serve on the staff of The Voice of the Martyrs, although he no longer serves in the Middle East, but instead as a field strategist. So Why Politics and Why Now? During the height of the 2016 presidential campaign, Andy was injured for a season. During his recovery, Andy was forced to temporally place his busy life on pause with little to do but watch the campaign coverage. “I have always been a policy guy. I studied international relations

and political science in college and I went to law school because I was getting agitated about what was coming out the policy world. Watching the coverage of the campaign, I got a belly-full of what was going on and it started this conversation in my head. I remembered Jim Bridenstine was going to vacate his congressional seat. I have liked a lot of what Jim has done, so the idea of extending the trajectory of his efforts was appealing to me. After months of prayer, I sensed that God was leading me in this new direction. It is all one big spiritual war and He had been using me behind enemy lines, but He was deploying me to a different front.” Qualifications? Andy would bring a unique perspective to Congress. He has a layered understanding of the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. His ministry experience, as well as his policy issue education at the Air Force Academy have given him front row seat to world affairs, allowing him to understand the cultural nuisances and complexities of the global stage. Andy believes deeply in the ideal of being a citizen legislator, someone from the community who is willing to represent the community first, not their career. “I think my legal background will help. My previous work in private practice and my background with the Alliance Defending Freedom and Christian Legal Society would serve me well in this role.”

Andy would stand up and defend the faithful. “The church is up against increasing pressures in our culture. Increasingly, if you choose to identify with Jesus Christ, you pay a cost. There will continue to be more pressure on businesses, churches, individuals. So we must stand our ground, with grace, grit and resolve.” What will He Stand For? When asked, Andy explains he is committed to defending and restoring America’s constitutional liberties, competent stewardship over our economy, and comprehensive national security. Equipped with a Biblical worldview, Andy understands that God’s economy is not man’s economy. “God knows what He is doing. He is sovereign. He is on the throne. He is not surprised by any of this. He is moving and active in the Middle East and right here as well.” Andy Coleman is gaining support across all lines and for various reasons…his international expertise, his servant leadership and his military training and service, seem to be the things catching the most attention. He has already proven he is worthy of honor and consideration. God moves in mysterious ways and His plan just might be to place this servant of the persecuted church in a position to help all of us. “It is in His hands,” Andy said with confidence.

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Someone You Should Know…

Danny Stockstill Servant-hearted Preacher Wants to Serve in Congress

“A Baptist preacher walked into Congress one day…”


ounds like the premise of a good joke, right? Well, Danny Stockstill, Senior Pastor of Brookside Baptist is NOT laughing. Desperately unhappy with the direction our country has been headed in the last few years, Danny is ready to offer some Godly solutions and is willing to put his life somewhat on hold, to raise the money, to fight the campaign battles, and ultimately to bring some sanity to a seemingly insane Washington culture. Equipped with a servant’s heart, Danny Stockstill has never been satisfied with “only” preaching. He believes it is his responsibility to volunteer in the community along with regular duties. He says that when he asks someone from his church to teach or head up a ministry, he does so knowing they are doing it in addition to their full-time job. To him, it seems only right he should be doing something the same. “It’s what I ask of others,” he said.

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C o m m u n i t y S pirit m agaz

j une /j uly 2017

Currently, Danny serves as a chaplain for the Tulsa Police and Fire departments. Applying his ministry and counseling skills, he is called on to help families through the toughest times imaginable. “I am the guy who knocks on your door with the horrible news that forever changes your life…the death of a loved one,” he said with a sense of compassionate confidence. “It is a terribly challenging, yet incredible experience to somehow walk families through the news and the grief. It requires a great deal of strength to say here is what has happened and this is how you can get through this.”

“I finally decided that I could do the most good for my community by serving in the US Congress, to help us, as Oklahomans continue to keep our voice.”

Through the years, Danny has worked many different volunteer jobs, but whatever it is, he gives it his all. While preaching in Little Rock, he served as a volunteer wrestling coach at the Little Rock Christian Academy. Even in this volunteer position, he was voted “Coach of the Year,” by the Arkansas High School Sports Athletic Association. Once you understand Danny’s “need” or “calling” to be a servant, his decision to run for Congress makes more sense. “It is really a natural pivot for me and though I have never run for political office, I believe I bring some important things to the table. All the guys who have currently announced their intentions to run for Oklahoma’s Representative of the First District, all seem to have same Judeo Christian background. And, we are all going to agree on many of the same policies, such as reining in spending, protecting our borders, and so forth. But I do believe God wants me to run and that I can make a difference.” “For the last couple of years, I have followed along with Senator James Lankford and with Congressman Bridenstine, watching closely what they have done. I began to consider what the next step of service could be for me. I finally decided that I could do the most good for my community by serving in the US Congress, to help us, as Oklahomans continue to keep our voice.” One of the many policies of utmost concern for Danny is the education of our children. He and his wife, Sarah, own a local tutoring center where they especially focus on kids who are struggling in school. In doing so, he sees the vast improvement that possible when the kids get the specialized one-on-one attention not possible in most of our schools. He longs to find and support ways to improve the ways America educates its children.

More about Danny Stockstill Raised in an “Always in church family” in Broken Arrow Got a wrestling scholarship at Central Missouri State University but came home due to injury. Learned to be a “Christian first” while playing baseball for Athletes in Action. Met his wife on a blind date while he was the Youth and Family Minister at First Baptist Owasso. Finished his degree at William Carey University in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Has ministered at South Tulsa Baptist as well as Gyer Springs First Baptist in Little Rock Has two children, Cobin and Brinlee. Will continue as Senior Pastor throughout the campaign. If elected, plans to continue an associate role at Brookside Baptist.

He also strongly believes that our government can’t legislate morality. Instead, he wants to protect our churches, ensuring that people to have the freedom to choose to follow Christ. In fact, he shocked his church one Sunday when he wore six-inch heels during his sermon. While getting his haircut, his stylist was obviously a homosexual. Danny invited him to church and the stylist said, “I wouldn’t be welcome there.” Reassuring him that this wasn’t true, Danny laid out a challenge. “If you come, I will wear your shoes while I preach.” The challenge was accepted and the promise was paid. “We can stand firm in our beliefs in what the Bible says and at the same time, share the fact that the Gospel absolutely covers every sin, as we surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. It is going to the be Holy Spirit that convicts people and changes them, not the rules (laws) and regulations. Also passionate about States Rights, Danny explained that we have lost our way. “Where we have fallen the most, is that we have lost our ability to define borders. I am not much of a ‘build the wall guy,’ but I am very much a “lets define our borders candidate.’ If part of that is building a wall in places so we can define that more clearly, then let’s do it. But, let’s define our country. Let’s remember our brand. We have lost our ability to define gender. We have lost our ability to define marriage. We have lost our ability to define what is right and wrong.” C ommu n itysp ir itma ga zin e.c om

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The Benefits of Xylitol and your Oral Health


ertainly by now you have heard from your dentist or dental hygienist about the negative effects sugar has on your dental health. It seems nearly impossible to completely avoid sugar in our diets, so why not try to incorporate xylitol into your diet, not only to satisfy those "sweet" cravings, but also to improve your oral health at the same time? Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that is derived from the birchwood tree. It's use dates back to the 1800's when Native Americans recognized the antibacterial properties of the birchwood and used it to clean their teeth. It is also found in the fibers of numerous fruits and vegetables and is therefore considered a natural sugar substitute. Xylitol has many positive benefits. Unlike sugar that spikes your blood sugar, Xylitol has negligible effects on blood sugar and insulin. Therefore, none of the harmful effects of sugar apply to xylitol, so it is safe for pre-diabetic and diabetic patients. The powerful benefits of xylitol and the oral cavity stem from the fact that Xylitol starves the cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth. When a person ingests sugary food or drink, the sugar feeds the acid producing bacteria which in turn causes the bacteria to mul-

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C o m m u n i t y S pirit m agaz

June /July 2017

tiply. When xylitol (sugar substitute) is ingested, the bad bacteria cannot use xylitol for fuel, so eventually these bad bacteria die therefore reducing the cavity-causing bacteria. Xylitol is now found in many mints, gum and candy. Clinical studies are showing that exposing the oral cavity to Xylitol candies can reduce dental decay and even result in some reversal of existing cavities in certain cases. It also helps reduce plaque formation and increase salivary flow, which aids in the repair of damaged tooth enamel. It can also help to protect your existing dental work. One relatively minor risk factor to consider with Xylitol is that ingesting excessive amounts can cause abdominal cramping and distress. Also, Xylitol should be kept away from pets, because it can have adverse health effects on animals. The best part of using Xylitol is that it is convenient to use. Now with the availability of so many mints, candies and gums, it is easy to incorporate Xylitol into your normal routine and in addition to convenience, it has a great taste!


f you see "pink" in the sink when rinsing, your gums are probably bleeding when you brush or floss. While you may think this is normal, bleeding is not considered healthy. Rather, it is typically a sign of gum disease. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, gum disease affects 47.2% of the American population. Gum disease is the slow deterioration of the foundation around your teeth. If left untreated, it causes the gums and bone to pull away from the teeth, creating pockets that can become infected. Studies show that the presence of gum disease can increase the risk of other chronic disorders such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, dementia, and even Alzheimer’s. Gum disease is also the leading cause of tooth loss.

How is gum disease detected? Your dental care provider is able to perform periodontal charting which measures around each tooth to detect bone loss, inflammation, the presence of plaque, and the presence of bleeding. This examination should be performed every 6 months to 1 year.

How is gum disease treated? Depending on its severity, gum disease can be treated a few different ways. In early stages of the disease, it can be treated conservatively with what most would call a “deep cleaning.” The more advanced stages of disease may require a procedure known as pocket reduction therapy. Thanks to modern technology and advances in dentistry, this can be done most comfortably with the assistance of a dental laser. The laser is a light that aids in the disinfection and removal of infected gum tissue from the pockets around the teeth. Small instruments are also used to remove plaque from the roots of the teeth during the procedure. After treatment, the gums will create a tighter seal around the now clean root. This results in closure of the pocket of infection that previously existed. Additional benefits from using this method include the reduced need for sedation and stitches due to the less invasive nature of the laser. At Tulsa Dental Implants and Periodontics, we utilize two dental-specific lasers during pocket reduction therapy. Patients often report a higher level of comfort than what they were expecting. Healing times are expedited in comparison to the traditional method of pocket reduction without a laser. Some patients have even returned to work on the same day or the following day of the procedure. Have you have noticed “pink in the sink” or any of the other signs/symptoms of gum disease mentioned above? Have you been putting off a periodontal exam because you feel that treatment would be too painful or inconvenient? Don’t wait any longer! Remember, gum disease could lead to tooth loss or even infection elsewhere in the body. Give us a call today to determine your next step for improved oral health!

Tulsa's Trusted Periodontal Provider Most Insurances Accepted (918) 609-0616 8006 S. 101st E. Ave., Ste. B | Tulsa, OK 74133 C ommu n ity sp ir itma ga zin e.c om

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C o m m u n i t y s p i rit m agaz

j une /j uly 2017

Highly Respected Christian Schools

Wright Christian Academy A Place to Belong Christianity and desire that their sons and daughters be educated from a Christian perspective. The end result of the efforts of the academy is to be the development of a Christian young person who is devoted to God, grounded in the teaching of Christ, and equipped to serve the body of Christ; one who is prepared in an exceptional manner to pursue further educational endeavors. The Academic Program at Wright Christian Academy consists of college preparatory coursework. Offering rigorous academic standards the academy supports an environment in which instructional staff can build meaningful relationships with students. ACSI certified instructors present academic topics using a variety of methodologies to provide a setting that is both interesting and challenging. Administrators and teachers work closely with students to encourage their fullest academic potential in order to be equipped for a variety of future endeavors. Our partnership with Colorado Christian University allows us to offer our High School students 24 college credit hours which enables them to graduate High School with almost a year's worth of college credit.


right Christian Academy was established in 1989 as a non-denominational academy dedicated to connecting the hearts of students to God within the context of a college preparatory academic program. At Wright Christian Academy, we’re more than a college preparatory school – we’re a family. A family in which all the members are supported and encouraged to grow academically, socially and spiritually. Relationship is the cornerstone of our ministry and the mechanism by which academic knowledge is presented and faith is integrated. Our smaller class sizes allow our faculty to know each of our students on a real, individual level. These relationships, coupled with a comprehensive and challenging curriculum, provide the foundation for a lifetime of social, academic and spiritual enrichment. We realized long ago that students need more than just a school; they need a safe and nurturing place to explore their gifts and grow socially, spiritually and academically.

In addition to solid academic and extracurricular programs our students participate in a variety of sports, service projects, environmental camps, challenge camps, team building camps, retreats and trips to Washington D.C. Orlando, Belize and Oxford, England.

Wright Christian Academy is located at 11391 E. Admiral in Tulsa. Learn more about this great school at

Our academy has over 62,000 sq ft of facilities on a 10 acre campus that include PreK-12th Grade classrooms, Before/ Aftercare rooms, Gymnasium, Cafeteria, Performing Arts Center, Library, Science lab and multiple Computer labs. The mission of Wright Christian Academy is to educate, in an exceptional manner, the children of parents who support and practice the beliefs of New Testament C ommu n itysp ir itma ga zin e.c om

june /jul y 2017

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Highly Respected Christian Schools

Rejoice Christian School a Premier Facility in Owasso

Rejoice Elementary Principal Rita Woolf has one overall goal to accomplish each day. “It is most important that I share the love of Christ with the students, parents, and staff,” Woolf said. “The love of God and the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross brings such joy and peace for us. We then want to show love and grace to one another. What a blessing it is to serve at Rejoice!” Students and faculty recently completed their first year at the brand new Rejoice High School Campus, which serves both middle and high school students. The campus features a 600-seat Auditorium, multiple science labs, a state-of-the-art Media Center, two gymnasiums – one doubling as a storm shelter – and a Contemporary Living classroom with a fully equipped kitchen and multiple stovetops. The campus also features a brand new athletics complex, including a weight room, 2,000-seat football stadium with concessions area, baseball field and tennis courts.


ejoice Christian Schools exist for the purpose of partnering with parents in training students in Bible-based Christian principles and in the establishment of a high quality academic foundation. The Vision of RCS is to be a Christian school that provides students with excellence in education and strength in character so that students will be spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially equipped to impact their community and the world for Christ. The administration, faculty, and staff at Rejoice strive daily to excel in accomplishing these goals, providing a core foundation in Christ for students as they prepare to succeed in life. The preschool, which serves children ages three and four, teaches the fundamentals, including academic needs, social interaction, and a deep sense of character development through monthly Character Trait Awards. “Rejoice is an amazing place for children to grow and learn,” said RCS Preschool Director Brenda Shade. “We strive to provide a safe, loving, active, faith-based learning environment. What makes us different? We love what we do! We love teaching children about God! God’s Word tells us in Proverbs 22:6 to ‘Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.’ What an exciting journey we have ahead of us each day. What an awesome responsibility we have to partner with parents in their child’s social, emotional, academic, but most of all their spiritual development. I praise God daily for this blessing.” At the elementary level, through use of a variety of Christian-based curriculum, students are challenged while also attending weekly Chapel services and learning about how God fits in to every part of their spiritual and physical lives.

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C o m m u n i t y s p i r it m agaz

j une /j ul y 2017

High School Principal Lisa Zingerman reflected back on the tremendous blessing. “It makes me feel like I am part of something so much bigger than myself,” Zingerman said. “God is at work and it is so humbling to get to be part of it.” All Rejoice students attend weekly Chapel services and daily Bible classes. The Worship Arts Class at the High School Campus has recently revamped the Chapel services. Beginning with a name change, Chapels are now called ‘UNITED’ with the mission statement of being united as one body for the glory of God. These students, who are in charge of running Chapel services, are broken into 4 teams: the worship team, the host/game team, the video team, and the audio/visual team. Through fun games, leading worship, inviting dynamic guest speakers, and creating powerful videos and skits, the Worship Arts Team has taken full ownership of their new leadership role at RHS.

Highly Respected Christian Schools

students are required to complete service hours as a part of their graduation requirement. In the end, Rejoice Christian Schools is one big service-minded family.

Spiritual Life Director Pat Golightly and Worship Leader Byron Trimble co-teach the class. “We praise God for what He’s doing in the hearts of our student body through these young people,” Trimble said. “The absolute highlight of this class is seeing the students respond to the Lord’s calling. It’s truly special to watch kids learn and work very hard to serve the Lord well, then see that effort rewarded by their peers chasing after God, too. They’re so passionate about seeing God move at Rejoice and now there is momentum building.” Service is a vital component of Rejoice’s curriculum at all ages. This year preschool students collected over 600 new winter weather clothing items to give to students in need in Tulsa. Each elementary class has special service projects, including donation drives or performing for veterans on Veterans Day. High school

“I am honored and humbled to be a part of what is happening at Rejoice Christian Schools,” said Superintendent Dr. Craig Shaw. “I can’t help but smile when I walk by a classroom and hear teachers integrating God’s Word into every lesson, whether it’s math, English, science or Contemporary Living. We are definitely providing a value added education that is positively impacting generations to come. We are truly blessed.”

Rejoice High School Campus 13407 E. 106th St. North, Owasso Rejoice Elementary Campus 10701 N. 129th E. Ave, Owasso Enrollment is now open for the 2017-2018 school year.

C ommu n itysp ir itma ga zin e.c om

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Highly Respected Christian Schools

Augustine Christian Academy Making A Monumental Difference In Lives


s Nicolas Scholl stood up on stage and sang a solo, his mom cried tears of joy and pride in the audience. To understand why this was so astounding, you need to hear the rest of the story. You see, only a couple of years earlier, he had been so dreadfully shy that when a friend suggested Augustine Christian Academy because of their drama department, his mother had laughed, saying “Nicolas would sooner have his eyes poked out with hot sticks than to ever get up on stage.” Prior to coming to ACA, Nicolas dreaded going to school each day. He was different than the average kid. He thought differently and learned differently and though his mom described him as “a sweet boy with a huge heart,” the things which made him different, also made him a target for being bullied, so much so, that his parents eventually pulled him out of a prominent private school after he was horribly bullied on the playground one day. His mom, Dr. Jacque Scholl, first thought that homeschooling might be the answer. “We found it to be really tough. In fact, it about killed me,” she said with a laugh. “It took so much work to plan out the lessons. He could get them done faster than I could get them planned out.” After about a year, she admitted that she just didn’t know how much longer she could work, own her own business, deal with her daughter who is deaf and has special needs, and “do this homeschool thing.” At her breaking point, she confided in a friend who suggested ACA. “I must say that I had my doubts. I had never heard of the school. But we decided to try it and I remember the day like it was yesterday. We walked in and immediately said, ‘this is our place.’ My son felt it too and after he shadowed one of the students for a day, he decided he wanted to go there.” “Nicholas started mid-year of his 8th grade year and I can’t even begin to tell you how life-changing it has been for all of us. One day, he said to me, ‘Mom, you know what I like most about ACA? From the very first day I went there, everyone was nice to me, and everything that is different about me, they liked!” “He has blossomed there. He is learning discipline, teamwork, and…he has already been in two productions! Seeing my son on stage, I had to eat my words!” “ACA gives him such a feeling of community and belonging. The standards are very, very high and he just seems to be able to rise to them. A couple of years ago, he was the kid everyone picked on. Now here he has some of the nicest, sweetest friends. Everyone is accepting of everyone. They seem to have a way of teaching the kids to embrace each other’s differences.”

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C o m m u n i t y s p i r it m agaz

j une /j ul y 2017

Dr. Scholl explained that the kids are taught valuable life lessons from both the Old and New Testaments. “They equip these young people with a sense of God, a sense of community, a sense of love, and a sense of acceptance in a world where we have very little tolerance for people who are different.” She explained that she thinks the ACA “House System” is a key reason for the success. “When my son arrived, he was assigned to the Dragon House. I had no idea what that was but soon found it to be so very important. From the start, I decided to get very involved in the school. If I didn’t, especially since he is a boy, I knew I would never know what is going on. So, I joined a house as well…the Hen House. We are a group of moms who get together and do things to raise money for supplies for the teachers, and to help families who are in trouble. In this house system, the older ones help the younger ones. You are not a freshman, you are a Dragon or a Pegasus or something. They look after each other. In fact, when my son was graduating the 8th grade, his dad was out of town and I was a little worried that the other kids would have family cheering when they announced the student’s name and that no one would cheer for my son since he had only been there a semester. When his name was called, I was drowned out by the Dragons. They come to support each other and to show love and support. ACA continues to be a blessing to the Scholl family. Nicholas has just finished his freshman year and Jacque serves on the board.

Highly Respected Christian Schools

Our Mission To assist Christian parents in fulfilling the Biblical mandate to educate their children for the glory of God. To train young minds to learn, reason, and persuade from a distinctively Christian perspective. To examine the world and all human endeavors in the light of Holy Scripture.

“ACA has made such a monumental difference in our lives. The families are… just kind. I can’t imagine where we would be right now without the school. I don’t want to even think about that. Nicholas has done so well there. He likes to get up and go to school every day and we can’t wait till school starts again.” Dr. Jacque Scholl is an Audiologist and works with people who are deaf or hard of hearing. She owns the Scholl Center, a place that works on hearing imbalance problems for people of all ages. She recently opened a new story called Sound IQ to help people with mild hearing loss. Augustine Christian Academy is located at 6310 East 30th Street in Tulsa. You may learn more about the school at

To provide for the development of all staff members for the purpose of achieving our educational goals. To be used of God to reclaim our culture for His Kingdom and Glory.

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Highly Respected Christian Schools

A Beautiful New Home for Mingo Valley Christian


he board and administration of Mingo Valley Christian are pleased to announce the purchase of a new facility to serve as a permanent home for the 40-year-old institution, beginning in the 2017-18 school year. The property is located at 8304 S 107th East Avenue in Tulsa, in the building that previously housed Hope Worship Center. The ten-acre property has frontage on Highway 169 (Mingo Valley Expressway). The existing building on the new property has 24,300 square feet and, after a renovation this summer, will house all elementary classrooms. Construction is already underway on an adjacent 13,600 square-foot building that will serve middle-school and upper-school students. This construction will be completed in time for school to open on August 17, 2017. Additionally, there are plans to construct a full-sized soccer field and bleachers before the 2017-18 soccer season. Dr. Boyd Chitwood, superintendent, explains the significance of this purchase to the community of Mingo Valley Christian: “With this new campus purchase, we have a home and a future-a place to connect, to learn in community, and a place to grow. We call a building a facility because it facilitates or makes possible something we seek to do. We desire to educate children for their good and to God’s glory. We are committed to pursuing the fullness of God’s created intent for each of our students, a strong approach to personalized learning. This building will, in incredible

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June /July 2017

new ways, allow us to do that. We have new potential for real change in academics, in athletics and in the arts – today, two years from now and twenty years from now.” The renovations and construction in the summer of 2017 are only the first phase of development for the property. Dr. Chitwood explains that “further out, perhaps three years, on the timetable which the Lord gives us, we have developed plans for a gymnasium. We have plans for continuing improvement of our production and performance spaces for dramatic and musical programs. We also intend to construct an additional classroom building which will allow us to have two class sections per grade, grades K4 through 12th. In this building, we would also expect to have additional assembly, dining and educational spaces. Each phase includes advances in technology throughout the facility and continuing improvements to the beauty and welcoming character of the entire campus.” Mingo Valley Christian remains committed to the quality of relationships and community as a school. According to Dr. Chitwood, the board and administration see an optimal size for the school eventually totaling 500 to 600 students, with two class sections per grade, K4 through 12th, intending about 8-10% enrollment growth per year. “This is a rate which gives us advantages and improvements each year, while offering the right pace of growth for hiring the best faculty and preserving the cohesion and

Highly Respected Christian Schools

quality of our relationships as a school community,” he says. “We won’t grow there in the quickest way, but in the best way.”

and academically challenging curriculum and providing godly role models to students both in and outside the classroom.”

“MVC has developed a unique profile and impact over the last 40 years in the Tulsa community by consistently focusing first on serving spiritual needs by building biblical faith, knowledge and character in the hearts and minds of students,” says Board Chairman Ed Thomas. “The school has single mindedly cultivated a culture that celebrates partnering with families, serving others, and pursuing excellence. MVC has always been led and staffed by individuals who are passionate about teaching from a biblically infused

Mingo Valley Christian is currently enrolling for the fall 2017 semester, with limited spots available. For more information, visit, or call 918-294-0404.

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June /Jul y 2017

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Highly Respected Christian Schools Picture credit Evan Shapleigh

Regent’s New Sports Complex

Regent Preparatory School… A Thriving, Family Environment


egent Preparatory School of Oklahoma continues to grow, welcoming wonderful families and students to an expanding campus at 86th and Memorial. Enrollment exceeded 500 students for the first time this year and Regent’s participation in student activities and competitions throughout the state hit an alltime high. The school's original mission and philosophy still guides decisions with the goal of providing an excellent, classical education built on a solid biblical foundation. As Regent grows, God continues to meet all of the school's needs, bringing excellent faculty, supportive families, and financial resources to build out the facilities. Academics are central to the Regent experience. Parents and students prioritize the studies, but allow the other school activities to shape the overall involvement. Students read classic literature throughout the grade levels. They learn to analyze and discuss ideas and the point of view of great authors. They study Latin and see its influence on the English language and many of the vocations they might consider in the future. They build skills of speech and persuasion that lead them into high school and ultimately, to a capstone project, Senior Thesis, when they research, write about, and defend a position about a specific topic of their choosing. These skills prove to be very useful based on the testimony of

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Regent graduates who report back to the school faculty. A parent of two Regent graduates shares, “As a lawyer, what appealed so much to me about (rhetoric training) was that the kids were not only learning reading comprehension and how to express themselves in writing, they were also learning how to speak in front of people, which is so valuable. And you don’t see that as much in schools these days, but it’s so emphasized at Regent. They’re learning the Christian worldview, but they’re also being given the confidence to express it.” The Regent community is a thriving family environment. Parents are involved at every level, helping with academics and supporting and planning special educational days and activities. A Regent parent recently said, "Honestly, when we came to the open house at Regent, we were blown away by just the kindness. The parents who took us through . . . were so kind to us; they were genuine people, and we sat in the classroom and were flabbergasted by the amount of information that four- and five-year-old children were learning in a short period of time". Regent is a place where the mission and the daily pursuit of virtue and character, on the court, on the field, on the stage, or in the classroom is a high priority. Over the years, parents frequently express that while a good education is a valuable thing, the com-

munity in which they find themselves is one of the biggest benefits. Another parent mentioned, “Something that has been a surprise for us as we’ve been at Regent is the sense of community, the sense of family. It was not something we were looking for, because we didn’t know it was out there. We didn’t know we should be looking for it. We’ve been so surprised by it, but that has really been one of the things that has kept us here—the feeling of family, the parents partnering with us, the like-minded parents surrounding us have been there to help us raise our kids and to make us better parents. The parents have taught us things that help us to stand stronger when raising our kids.”

“They’re learning the Christian worldview, but they’re also being given the confidence to express it.” A Regent Parent The growth of the school and its entrance into the OSSAA three years ago led the school to conduct a capital campaign to further develop the campus. Arts facilities and library space are enhanced as a result of the campaign. The arts are a central focus in the classical education and Regent is growing those programs including worship band, theatre, choir, band, and visual arts. Students participate in two Fine Arts Week celebrations when art is displayed, band and choir groups perform, and plays or musicals are produced. This year’s production of Beauty and The Beast sold more than 1,000 tickets and involved more than 90 Regent students.

Highly Respected Christian Schools

Regent’s 87 graduates have spread out all over the country for their college education, from west coast to east, from public university to quality private schools, with numerous students receiving academic, arts, and athletic scholarships. The graduates’ average ACT score is 28.5 and 23% of them have qualified for National Merit recognition. While their academic achievement is important, the quality of their character is at the center of Regent's mission. As classical schools become more prominent across the country, universities quickly recognize the strength of the curriculum studied while in high school and are anxious to recruit these students to their campus. Regent regularly hosts college and university reps from across the region. Regent has grown into a robust Pre-K thru 12th school, offering musical options, performing arts, nine secondary and varsity sports, academic bowl, Beta Club, Student Council, and a variety of electives. The school began its journey back in 2000 when it opened with 61 students as a Pre-K through 3rd grade option in the Tulsa education market. Adding a grade per year and pausing to contemplate the addition of a high school for a year or two, it enjoys a history of steady growth. The school plans to continue its founding mission to serve Tulsa area families by providing “a challenging educational experience designed to help students know, love, and practice that which is true, good, and excellent and to prepare them to live purposefully and intelligently in the service of God and man.” For more information, visit the school’s website at or call the office at 918-663-1002.

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elebrity Attractions is delighted to announce that TIME Magazine’s #1 Show of the Year, MATILDA the Musical, is coming to the Tulsa Performing Arts Center from June 20-25 for its first U.S. National Tour. Winner of 70 international awards including 4 Tony® Awards and a record-breaking seven Olivier Awards® including Best Musical, MATILDA the Musical is based on the beloved novel by bestselling author Roald Dahl (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr. Fox). It is the story of an extraordinary girl who dreams of a better life. Armed with a vivid imagination and a sharp mind, Matilda dares to take a stand and change her destiny. MATILDA the Musical is directed by Tony® Award winner Matthew Warchus (God of Carnage), who helms this production with a book by Tony® Award-winning playwright Dennis Kelly and music and lyrics by Australian comedian, musician and composer Tim Minchin. MATILDA the Musical is produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Dodgers. The production has sets and costumes by Tony® Award winner Rob Howell, with choreography by Peter Darling, orchestrations, additional music and musical supervision by Christopher Nightingale, lighting by Tony® Award winner Hugh Vanstone, and sound by Simon Baker.

in person at the Tulsa PAC Box Office or online at Groups of 10 or more may be placed by calling 918.796.0220. Get social with Celebrity Attractions by becoming a fan on Follow us at or join in the conversation by using #MATILDATulsa. MATILDA concludes Celebrity Attractions’ 2016-2017 Broadway Season. Celebrity Attractions is proud to have KOTV-News on 6 and Tulsa World as sponsors for this amazing season. For more information visit, or

THE DODGERS (Producer). Dodger Properties is a producing partnership hatched at BAM in 1978 by six friends: Michael David, Edward Strong, Rocco Landesman, Des McAnuff, Doug Johnson and Sherman Warner. From the initial foothold in Brooklyn, the Dodger family grew, migrated to the NY Shakespeare Festival, then to off and on Broadway, where their productions have garnered a host of national (Tony, Drama Critics Circle, Obie) and international (Olivier, Helpmann and Dora) awards. Current Broadway: Matilda, Jersey Boys. Other Broadway: 42nd Street, Urinetown, The Farnsworth Invention, Dracula, Jesus Christ Superstar, Into the Woods (’87 and ’02), The Music Man, Titanic, Wrong Mountain, Footloose, Mandy Patinkin, High Society, 1776, …Forum, The King and I, The Who’s Tommy, Ralph Fiennes’ Hamlet, Guys and Dolls, Once Upon a Mattress, How to Succeed…, Jelly’s Last Jam, The Secret Garden, Prelude to a Kiss, The Gospel at Colonus, Big River, Pump Boys and Dinettes. In addition to Matilda and Jersey Boys on Broadway, the Dodgers are producers of current Jersey Boys productions in London, Las Vegas, and touring productions in North America and the United Kingdom Presented by Celebrity Attractions, MATILDA the Musical comes to the Tulsa Performing Arts Center for eight performances only June 20-25. The performance schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30 p.m., Friday at 8 p.m., Saturday at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m., and Sunday at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Tickets are on sale now and may be purchased via phone 918.596.7111 or 800.364.7111, C ommu n itysp ir itma ga zin e.c om

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Long-Term Care: Crisis in America


truly believe that God has allowed me to experience many of life’s challenges to better equip me to minister to my family, friends and clients. I was seven or eight when my uncle came to live with my family due to a long-term illness. Somehow, we managed to fit my two other siblings and three adults in that twobedroom home in Memphis Tennessee. Back then, that’s what families did when a family member was in need I saw my mom become his primary caregiver and even at that young age, I knew the toll it was taking on her. I was fifteen when my grandmother came to live with us. Once again, I saw my mom struggle to take care of an invalid unable to cope with the day-to-day activities of life. Many years later, when she finally gave in to brain cancer, we

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moved her in with my sister in Florida. I witnessed the results of four generations of my sister’s family struggling to live under one roof and watched as she struggled with financial hardship when

she gave up a very good job and income to care for my mom. I remember how helpless I felt living so far away, as my mom slowly slipped away.

LONGEVITY RISK: THE RISK THAT AN INDIVIDUAL WILL OUTLIVE HIS/ HER RETIREMENT SAVINGS. The emotional, financial, and physical results of long-term illness on my family has indelibly left a mark on me and explains why I am so passionate about helping families protect themselves against it.

Crisis in America Some might say that’s a little over the top? Perhaps, but the number one risk affecting pre-retirees and those already retired is a relatively new concept referred to as Longevity risk. This risk is possibly the most important risk factor that will determine whether you will have a successful retirement or not. There are three reasons this risk could tarnish your “Golden years”. The concept is quite simple and could play out like this. First, the longer you live, the greater chance that inflation will erode your resources. Second, the longer you live the greater your money will be exposed to downturns in the market. Third, and the risk we would like address in this article involves the risk of your or your loved ones needing prolonged long-term care needs. Longevity risk is, in essence, a risk multiplier and a financial planning concern that must be addressed if a successful retirement is to be achieved. This article will address some of the statistics surrounding the subject of long-term care and possibly de-bunk several myths that seem to be prominent today.

Myth vs. Fact Myth- Long-term care is only used by the elderly. Fact- 41% of long term care is provided to people under the age of 65. 1

Bottom line With 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day (Heimlich, 2010) and with the majority of those eventually needing some level of care, is it any wonder that 82% of the long-term care providers have pulled out of the market. (Marc A. Cohen, 2012) With only a dozen reputable carries offering coverage and with underwriting getting more and more stick, applying while your young and healthy is imperative! Our last experience with long-term care was recently completed with the death of my mother in law. She had a LTC policy that paid for her assistance and her nursing care. THERE WERE ABSOLUTELY NO FINANCIAL PRESSURES and while we miss her every day, we know that without that policy, she would have died penniless. While she was living, she expressed how much she appreciated “that” policy and the peace she had, knowing she was not a burden on her family. If you or your family is facing potential long-term care issues we would love to assist you with those important decisions. If you are considering purchasing long-term care insurance, we would love helping you navigate that decision. Even with fewer carriers, there are alternative strategies that could possibly work for you.

FACTS 41% of long term care is provided to people under the age of 65. Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program ( 43% of all individual care is provided in home. American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance ( Medicare provides limited benefits for 100 days and until you empty your bank account, Medicare offers no support.

Myth- Long-term care insurance only pays for a long-term facility. Fact- 43% of all individual care is provided in home.2 Myth- Medicare and Medicaid will pay for long-term care. Fact- Medicare provides limited benefits for 100 days and until you empty your bank account, Medicare offers no support. 3 Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program ( aboutltc_whatis.html) 1 American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (http://www.aaltci. org/long-term-care-insurance/learning-center/planning-basics.php) 2 3

RANDY C. COWELL ACT FINANCIAL (918) 664-0081 4111 S. Darlington Ave., Suite 800, Tulsa, OK 74135 Randy C. Cowell is a columnist and President of ACT Financial Services, Inc. in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is the author of “God Good-Debt Bad”. Randy welcomes your thoughts and prayers. He can be reached at 918-664-0081 or by e-mail at “Randy C. Cowell is a registered Representative of and Securities and Investment Advisory services offered through Hornor Townsend and Kent, Inc Registered Investment Advisor. HTK is a member of FINRA/SIPC and does not offer tax, legal and credit service advice. The views expressed are not necessarily those of HTK. ACT Financial Services, Inc. is not affiliated with HTK.”

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Why Business Owners Fail to Sell Their Business


’m convinced that business owners are some of the most interesting people on the planet. The reason is that every business owner I talk to has a story. A story of why they started their business, what they envision for their business, and what they have sacrificed to grow their business. The passion that business owners display when talking about their business is quite fascinating. Occasionally, however, I’ll come across a business owner at a time when the tone is not as optimistic. When this happens, the common theme that I hear goes something like this. “I’m burnt out. I just want to sell and retire.” “I’m worried that if I’m not here every second of the day, the business will fall apart.” “I would sell my business tomorrow if I could, but I’m nowhere near being prepared to do so.” As disheartening as this is to hear, it does happen. Maybe you have felt this way before. Maybe this is how you feel right now. I don’t know what your current outlook is regarding your business, but I do know that during those times of frustration and doubt, knowing the value of your business and having a documented succession plan can bring a great deal of comfort

It’s estimated that over the next decade, more than 10 trillion in business value will transition ownership. However, according to the Exit Planning Institute (EPI), a premier provider of networking, education, and development for exit planning professionals worldwide, as well as, BizBuySell, the internet’s largest and most heavily trafficked business for sale marketplace, the conclusion is that only 20-30% of businesses that go to market actually even sell. It’s no wonder this is the case when many business owners don’t fully understand the complexity of the process and time it takes to prepare for this event. According to a 2015 survey performed by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, LLP, “73% of family businesses do not have a documented succession plan.” This is extremely disconcerting, especially given the fact that many business owners have 80-90% of their assets tied up in the business. What the EPI, led by CEO, Chris Snider, has found is that forecasters anticipated a prodigious transfer of businesses to start happening 10 years ago, however, baby boomers, now ranging from age 53 to 71, are holding onto their businesses longer than the previous generation. While many business owners choose to hold onto their business well into their 70’s, because they love being involved in the day to day operations, I would wager that most business owners are forced to hold onto their business longer than they want to, because they have no idea what their business is even worth, which keeps them from developing an exit strategy.

So, now that I’ve thrown a bunch of statistics and numbers at you, let’s talk about the emotional side of this whole process. Before we do that though, let me ask you a rhetorical question. Would you rather plan for the transition of your business, retirement income needs,

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j une /j ul y 2017

desired sale value, and financial freedom that you’ve worked hard to attain all while you are in a state of optimistic euphoria, or, under duress and frustrated? Can you imagine trying to plan something so important during a time when you are mentally checked out? This is exactly what can happen when a business owner procrastinates planning the transition of their business. What’s worse is when something catastrophic happens to the business owner, or, partner of a company before the planning conversation can even take place. My friend, when a business owner waits to start this kind of planning until they are ready to sell, the planning can potentially become rushed, the business owner could pay more taxes on the sale, as well as, not realize the full value of what their business is worth.

I hope, by now, I’ve made you aware that by neglecting to plan your exit strategy and sale or transition of your business until you aren’t ready to sell, you are taking an enormous risk. My encouragement to you is that you stop procrastinating. Be proactive rather than reactive. Otherwise, we all know where the road paved with good intentions leads. I don’t know if what I have covered resonates at all with you, but I am all about paying it forward and want to be a resource for you. If there is ever a time that you would like to have a conversation around this topic, then I welcome your email or phone call.

Justin Graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in business Administration from John Brown University in 2007. For over 30 years, Justin witnessed his father, Randy, approach his financial planning practice as a ministry. This inspired Justin to pursue a career where he could help families and business owners achieve their maximum financial potential. Justin C. Cowell - Partner ACT Financial Services, Inc. 4111 S. Darlington Ave., Ste. 800 Tulsa, OK 74135 O: 918-664-0081 C: 918-810-7239

Strong Is the New Skinny: Why Women Need Weight Training Ladies, here are 5 reasons you should start lifting weights today: 1. Builds Muscle and Burns Fat (Lean & Toned Body) a. Resistance training can improve the appearance of the body by toning and firming muscles. These effects may not make a difference to your bodyweight (because muscle outweighs fat), but can still result in a drop of dress size and overall increased body confidence. 2. Burns a Ton of Calories (Boosting Your Metabolism) a. Weight training builds muscle, as lean muscle increases so does your metabolism. Weight training has been proven to raise your metabolism for up to 24 hours after a workout. The more intense the workout the more calories are burned. 3. Maintain Bone Density (Bone Strength & Health) a. As women age they become increasingly vulnerable to bone loss and osteoporosis. Strength training and weight baring exercise has been proven to help increase a person’s bone mineral density (BMD) and slow the process of bone loss over time. 4. Stress Reduction (Enhances Mood) a. Weight lifting is one of the best ways to naturally enhance boost mood. Exercise and resistance training releases endorphins, which are neurotransmitters that prevent pain, improve mood, and enhance pleasure. These endorphins also help to relieve stress and put the body in a state of relaxation. 5. Reduce Risk of Injury (Improves Balance)


eight training, also known as resistance training, is a key part of achieving and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. Weight training is important for not only strengthening the body in general, but also for increasing a person’s bone mineral density (BMD), which is an aspect that all adult women should be concerned about. The misconceptions that weight training will cause women to become super bulky and masculine is completely ridiculous and incorrect. Until recently, the weight room has been a predominately male domain, but now that is starting to change. Today more and more women are recognizing the benefits that come from lifting weights and are putting these misconceptions to rest.

a. Better muscle tone and increased strength due to weight training has also been proven to improve balance and posture. This is especially important for older women, who may be at a higher risk for falling and sustaining injuries due to weak muscle mass. Weight training also increases strength in connective tissues and joints, this is important in helping to prevent injuries and can also relieve pain from osteoarthritis.

8007-C S. Sheridan Tulsa, OK (918) 320-0153 C ommu n itysp ir itma ga zin e.c om

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Oklahoma Methodist Manor Sets Course for Expanded Services The Tulsa Community Steps Up to Help…As an Investment in Our Community


xciting things are about to happen on the campus of Oklahoma Methodist Manor, just west of 31st and Harvard. With a 60-year history of serving Tulsa seniors “in the spirit of Christ,” the respected, premier retirement community is asking for your help as they begin a major facelift.

The projects will include the construction of a three-story building that will provide 40 assisted living residences, a new main kitchen and new dining venue. In addition, the plans include two memory care assisted living households, which will provide a new level of specialized dementia care.

In May, the OMM board of directors launched the public phase of the “Generation to Generation Campaign,” to help fund replacement of some outdated facilities as well as an expansion of the continuum of care on their beautiful campus. Bishop Jimmy Nunn, presiding bishop of the Oklahoma Conference of the United Methodist Church addressed the crowd as the board set the vision on the upcoming changes.

Paula Marshall will serve as the honorary chair of the Generation to Generation Campaign. “When I was asked to consider supporting the campaign, I decided to make a leadership gift in memory of two very special people,” Marshall commented. OMM’s Executive Director, Steve Dickie explained that one of the new households will be named The Marshall-Gaddy House in memory of Paula’s mother, Lilah B. Marshall and her godmother, Pauline Faye Gaddy.

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Marshall added, “I believe OMM’s approach to person centered care will positively impact many people in the Tulsa community. I hope you will join me in investing in OMM and its mission to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia in Tulsa. I know this will be a place where elders can be assured of the best quality of life…Generation to Generation.”

“The apartments in the Generation to Generation project will have a large, attractive design which is what people are seeking in Assisted Living residences.”

Jacob Will, Director of Assisted Living The 3-story assisted living building will be a cornerstone in the heart of the OMM campus. Dickie explained that because of its central location, it will foster and encourage social interaction between people in assisted living and those living in other parts of the campus. The first floor will house the main kitchen, the anchor of all dining services for the nearly 400 people who live at OMM. The new kitchen’s state-of-the-art design will allow the OMM culinary team to feature meals served by wait-staff or buffet style dining for people who live independently and those in assisted living. A private dining room is planned for family gatherings and other special functions. In addition, the plans also make room for a great room, conference room, as well as a staff meeting and training room.

“I believe that OMM’s approach to person-centered care will positively impact many people in the Tulsa community.”

Paula Marshall, CEO, The Bama Companies and Honorary Chair of The Generation to Generation Campaign The new facilities will also include a medical clinic with two exam rooms, a consultation room, and a doctor’s office. A beauty salon will be located in the building for the convenience of the residents. The upper floors will have 20 residences on each floor as well as a common living area. Memory Care Assisted Living The Marshall-Gaddy House is one of two memory care assisted living households. Each one-story, free-standing household will feature 12 private rooms with baths, common spaces, and outdoor spaces. Built to look and feel like homes in a traditional neighborhood, the units will include common living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. Elders will be able to move freely through the household and enjoy familiar activities, where they will nurture meaningful relationships.

So How can YOU Help? The new facilities at the Oklahoma Methodist Manor will truly honor and care for Tulsa’s elderly. It has been said that you can judge a society by how it takes care of its elderly. Providing good care is an investment in Tulsa. You can help honor this great generation with your support. Will you consider giving a gift to help make it all happen? Here are the figures… Total Campaign Goal:


Progress to Date:


Mabee Challenge Grant:


Total Amount Needed:


Want to join in the effort to provide for Generation to Generation? Help Oklahoma Methodist Manor and you will know that there will always be a home where elders find life worth living. Contact the Oklahoma Methodist Manor Development Office for more details at 918-336-6639. Oklahoma Methodist Manor is Proud of its Nurses and its Commitment to help develop Oklahoma’s best nurses… Did you know OMM nurses often receive top honors? • OMM has the first free-standing long-term facility in the nation to earn full NICHE (Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders) membership. • Awarded the American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordinators (AANAC) “2016 Best Practice” • AANAC’s 2016 Director of Nursing and Nurse Assessment Coordinator of the year • OMM partners with The University of Oklahoma School of Medicine to prepare doctors in the Family Practice Residency Program to serve elders It is also a clinical site for students from OU, the University of Tulsa, Oral Roberts University, Tulsa Tech, and other licensed nursing programs. Finally, it is a clinical site for CNA and CMA certification programs 60 Years of Serving Elders in the Spirit of Christ… Since 1956, Oklahoma Methodist Manor has been a leader in serving Tulsa seniors. Beginning as a housing provider, OMM expanded over the years to offer residential living, assisted living, and skilled nursing services. Now, they are ready to expand…ready to help Generation to Generation! C ommu n itysp ir itma ga zin e.c om

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Community Spirit June/July 2017  
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