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Saint James School – A tradition of excellence Saint James is proud of its commitment to excellence spanning over 160 years. Dedication to high academic standards has Dedication to always been a hallmark of Saint high academic James. Modern educational methods standards has and technology are utilized to fully prepare our students for always been high school and beyond. The school’s chalkboards have the hallmark of been replaced with electronic Saint James. SMART Boards and over 200 computers are available for students school-wide. Students receive weekly computer instruction and make use of Beyond innovative uses of the online program Edline to track technology, junior high students homework and check grades. take Spanish.

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Coming next year, Saint James will unveil a renovated Science lab. This newly designed lab will enable students to focus on STEM skills: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Even with these improved changes, a few of their most treasured traditions will never change. The tradition of excellence carried on through generations of White Oak families has remained steadfast. St. James’ pride in strong academics is rooted in a Catholic values-based education. Saint James is truly one of the premier schools in our area. The students ranging from kinder-

garten through eighth grade consistently score in the top 10 percent of national standardized tests. Having recently been awarded our fourth National Blue Ribbon, we became the only elementary school in the nation to achieve this honor. Saint James is now accepting enrollment for students in all grade levels from K-8 for the 2010-2011 school year. Contact the school office today at 741-5333 to schedule a tour and to pick up registration information. For more information, visit the Web site at

Private School Directory


Private School Directory Our community’s private schools are rich in tradition and quality education. Students at private schools get a lot from their education - a sprit of giving back, a respect for education and a deeply rooted value system. Editor’s note: Below is a list of private schools in the area and pertinent information about them. They are listed in alphabetical order. If you have questions about the information in this list, please contact Melissa Hayden, specialty publications editor at 248-7121 .


Calvary Academy

555 Albion Avenue Glendale, 771-7462 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 240 Religious affiliation: Mission of the Sisters of the Transfiguration

11970 Kenn Road Springdale, 674-9600 K-4 through grade 12 Enrollment: 100 Religious affiliation: United Pentecostal

Central Montessori Academy 1904 Springdale Road Springfield Township, 742-5800

Infant through grade six Enrollment: 120 Religious affiliation: None www.centralmontessori

Cincinnati Christian Schools 7350 Dixie Highway Fairfield, 874-8500 Preschool through grade six 7474 Morris Road Fairfield, 892-8500 grade seven through 12 Religious affiliation: Nondenominational

Cincinnati Country Day School 6905 Given Road Indian Hill, 561-7298 Age 18 months through grade 12 Religious affiliation: None

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy 11525 Snider Road Sycamore Township, 247-0900 PreK through grade 12 Enrollment: 1460 Religious Affiliation: Nondenominational Tuition: 4,995 PK 7,995 Kindergarten 8,995 First and second 9,995 Third and fourth 11,495 Middle school 11,995 High school Scholarship/Financial Assistance Available: Yes Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:17 Percent Going to College: 100 Hot Buttons: CHCA unleashes a passion in students to learn, lead and serve. With academics

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Graduating students rooted in Catholic faith For years, many have casually passed the cornerstone of the St. Michael School building, perhaps never noticing the year 1927 stamped into the concrete. Originally a two-floor, four-classroom school housing 85 children, St. Michael School has historically met its goal of graduating students rooted in the Catholic faith. This exceptional faith community, housed in Sharonville, Ohio, continues its mission and is stronger and more effective than ever. Officially stated, the mission declares that, "St. Michael School is part of a faith community which gives witness to the Gospel message of Jesus. We provide a safe and nurturing environment in which each child can fully develop his/her potential spiritually, academically and socially. The school community is dedicated to making responsible decisions based on respect for all people. We work as

a team to build a community of believers in which we pray, work, learn and laugh together." Fully committed to the academic strength of its students, St. Michael School offers educational programs accredited by the state of Ohio, for kindergarten through eighth grade. The school is a member of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and is fully accredited by the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association. Two classrooms for each grade level exist with a teacher/pupil ratio of 16:1. Full and halfday kindergarten classes are offered An extensive number of curriculum-enhancing programs are present at St. Michael School including Spanish courses for grades 1-8. In addition, math enrichment, remedial reading and reading enrichment are offered. Students with special needs obtain caring support through the expertise of an intervention special-

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Corryville Catholic School

grounded in biblical principles, teachers that nurture the love of learning, and a full complement of athletic, fine arts and service opportunities, CHCA students soar.

Cincinnati Waldorf School 5555 Little Flower Avenue Winton Place, 541-0220 Preschool through grade eight Enrollment: 209 Religious affiliation: Nondenominational

108 Calhoun Street Cincinnati, 281-4856 Preschool through grade eight Enrollment: 180 Religious affiliation: Catholic

Elder High School 3900 Vincent Avenue Price Hill, 921-3744 Grades nine through 12 Enrollment: 900 Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

Hillside Christian Academy 5554 Muddy Creek Road Western Hills, 451-3777 4255 Ashland Avenue Norwood, 451-3777

ist, speech pathologist and school psychologist. Additional characterbuilding programs for St. Michael students include a strong athletic program promoting good sportsmanship and Christian values, and a student council program promoting leadership skills for older students. An active D.A.R.E program, in cooperation with the Sharonville Police Department, promotes good decision-making, while the parent-taught Everybody Counts! program instills empathy for the disabled. St. Michael is an everevolving establishment offering a faculty focused on achievement and moral growth, with the added vigor of dedicated families and a supportive parish community. St. Michael School is the kind of place where parents want to send their children, and a place where the alumni are, indeed, sending their children. K-3 through grade 12 Religious affiliation: Baptist

Holy Family 3001 Price Avenue Price Hill, 921-8483 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 180 Religious affiliation: Catholic

John Paul II 9375 Winton Road Springfield Township, 521-0860 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 482 Religious affiliation: Catholic

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Private School Directory


St. Al’s: A small school offering big possibilities In a technology-driven society, dominated by electronic conversation and a friend-filled cyberworld, one often loses sight of the importance and comfort of going places where people really do know our name. At St. Aloysius Gonzaga School in Bridgetown, staff and faculty make it a point to know not just their students’ name but families as well. St. Al’s offers academic excellence and extra-curricular options typically found at bigger

schools while its small size and accessible staff foster a welcoming atmosphere that has created a learning environment in which both children and families feel comfortable. St. Al’s academic reputation is built on its small class sizes, child-centered atmosphere and skilled, caring teachers. The fall 2009 standardized tests taken by St. Al’s students placed them in the top 10 percent in the nation in math and reading scores. Integrated technology, a hands-on science lab, and

the well-stocked, automated library all contribute to this academic excellence. Underlying the curriculum is a strong Catholic focus on faith, service, morality, and discipline. St. Al’s offers students numerous options to enhance their academic experience, including the Accelerated Reading program, Science Olympiad, Young Authors, It’s Academic, Junior High Speech Contest, Geography and Spelling Bees, as well as schoolwide community service

projects. St. Al’s staff recognizes the diversity and importance of students’ nonacademic interests as well, offering many extracurricular options to encourage this exploration and growth. These include a comprehensive athletic program which has produced city and state championship teams, a drama club, dance classes, Boy and Girl Scouts, Environmental Club and Children’s Choir. This school year St. Al’s initiated a weekly enrichment program to

encourage cognitive and social development to support academic learning. Students chose from a range of activities including a book club, knitting, chess club, art enrichment, and cooking. All grade levels spend one class period in enrichment each Friday. To learn more about this small school with big possibilities, call 574-4035 or visit Registration for the 201011 school year is almost complete with limited openings in some grades.

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Mother of Mercy High School – a Catholic school gem on the west side! Mercy’s long tradition of excellence in the education of women makes it the ideal choice for a young woman seeking not only a school that will give her cherished memories, but one that will also give her the very best preparation for her future. How does an investment in Mercy bring your daughter the future she deserves? • Mercy’s faith - Their Catholic identity is seamlessly woven into every school day, building for each student an incredible foundation of strength

for the challenges she’ll face in her future; • Mercy’s values - Their students come to personify Mercy’s founding values of faith, service, compassion, leadership and excellence, giving our girls the confidence needed to become all that God intends for them; • Mercy’s faculty - The teachers, staff and administration genuinely care about each student, encouraging her to strive higher while fully supporting her in reaching her goals; • Mercy’s girls - the student

Directory | From 5 La Salle High School 3091 North Bend Road White Oak, 741-3000 Grades nine through 12 Enrollment: 771 Religious affiliation: Catholic

McAuley High School 6000 Oakwood Avenue College Hill, 681-1800 Grades nine through 12 Religious affiliation: Catholic

Mother of Mercy High School 3036 Werk Road Westwood, 661-2740 Grades nine through 12 Enrollment: 496 Religious affiliation: Catholic Tuition: $7,975 Scholarships/Financial aid available: Yes Teacher/Student ratio: 1:12 Percent going to college: 100 Hot buttons: A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, Mercy is proud of its long tradition of academic excellence and is always striving to offer Mercy students the very best possible in education. Mercy welcomes its first president, Kirsten MacDougal, who looks forward to leading the way with Mercy's outstanding academic programs, state-

of-the-art technology opportunities and awardwinning fine arts, sports and co-curricular activities.

Mount Notre Dame High School 711 E. Columbia Avenue Reading, 821-3044 Grades nine through 12 Enrollment: 760 Religious affiliation: Catholic

Our Lady of Grace 2940 W. Galbraith Road Groesbeck, 931-3070 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 700 Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

Our Lady of Lourdes School 5835 Glenway Avenue Western Hills, 347-2660 Kindergarten through

population at Mercy is of very high quality demonstrating stellar academic performance, determined work ethic, moral courage and absolute kindness. Their girls grow in this amazingly positive and energized environment; • Mercy’s academics - With an intense college-prep curriculum modeled in the manner of higher education with longer class time through block scheduling and integrated, options-based technology, Mercy students have consistently arrived at college completely and confidently ready to

grade eight Enrollment: 383 Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic Tuition: 2009/2010 In parish $2600 + Fees $50$150 per student, Out of Parish Fees $50-150 per Scholarship/Financial assistance available: Yes, based on need. Fund is limited Teacher/student ratio: Low Percent going to college: High Hot buttons: Technology, Security, High Level of Performance, High School Scholarship 30-40% of 8th grade class per year. We have one of the most beautiful campuses in the area. We prepare Children for Life.

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart 170 Siebenthaler Avenue Reading, 733-5225 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 169 Religious affiliation: Catholic

Our Lady of Victory 808 Neeb Road Delhi, 347-2072 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 582 Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

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… students come to personify Mercy’s founding values of faith …

realize their dreams. It is not at all by chance that Mercy remains a leader in women’s education; it is only by our relentless commitment to serve Mercy’s students and their families with the unparalleled educational performance they’ve come to expect and deserve. Academically, spiritually and morally, there really is no better preparation for the young women of Cincinnati than Mother of Mercy High School -an investment that truly pays dividends for life.

Private School Directory

8 Directory | From 7 Our Lady of Visitation School 3180 South Road Bridgetown, 347-2222 Grades one through eight Enrollment: 857 Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic school.html

Purcell Marian High School 2935 Hackberry Street East Walnut Hills, 751-1230 Grades nine through 12 Enrollment: 430 Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

Resurrection of Our Lord 1740 Iliff Avenue Price Hill, 471-6600 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 180 Religious affiliation: Catholic

Rockwern Academy 8401 Montgomery Road Kenwood, 984-3770 Pre2 through grade eight Enrollment: 215 Religious affiliation: Jewish Day School

Roger Bacon High School 4320 Vine Street St. Bernard, 641-1300 Grades nine through 12, co-educational Enrollment: 580 Religious affiliation: Catholic, all students welcome

Seton High School 3901 Glenway Avenue Price Hill, 471-2600 Grades nine through 12 Enrollment: 540 Religious affiliation: Catholic Tuition: Freshmen and sophomores $8,525*; juniors $8,675*; seniors $8,025 *includes Tablet PC for each student


Assistance Available: Yes. Over $1 Million in scholarships and financial aid were distributed this year. Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:14 Percent Going to College: 99 Hot Buttons: Seton's college prep comprehensive curriculum includes 15 Advanced Placement Courses and one-to-one student Tablet PC program. This year, Seton is the only area Catholic high school accepted into Project STEP (Science Technology Engineering Program) from the National Science Foundation and the University of Cincinnati. On-campus 900 seat Performance Hall was renovated this summer and includes a new sound system, new carpet, paint and interior upgrades. National Winner of the Disney High School Musical 3 School Spirit Contest!

Enrollment: 195 Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Aloysius on the Ohio

grade 12 Enrollment: 957 Religious affiliation: None

The Summit Country Day School 2161 Grandin Road Hyde Park, 871-4700 Age two through grade 12 Enrollment: 1,100 Religious affiliation: Catholic, Independent

The Seven Hills School

St. Aloysius Gonzaga

5400 Red Bank Road Madisonville, 271-9027 Pre-kindergarten through

4390 Bridgetown Road Bridgetown, 574-4035 Kindergarten through grade eight

6207 Portage Street Sayler Park, 941-7831 PreK and kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 117 Religious affiliation: Catholic Tuition: PreK full time $4,081; PreK part time $2,893; K-8 $2,805 Scholarships/financial assistance available: Yes/Limited Teacher/student ratio: 1:11 Hot buttons: We are a small school that treats all students and parents as family.

St. Antoninus School 5425 Julmar Drive Western Hills, 922-2500 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 470 Religious affiliation: Catholic

Directory | Continued 9 Directory | From 8 St. Bernard Taylor Creek 7115 Springdale Road Colerain Township, 353-4224 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 167 Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Boniface 4305 Pitts Avenue Northside, 541-5122 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 185 Religious affiliation: Catholic www.stbonifacecincinnati. com

St. Catharine of Siena 3324 Wunder Avenue

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9 Westwood, 481-7683 Kindergarten through grade eight Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Dominic 371 Pedretti Avenue Delhi, 251-1276 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 514 Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Gabriel Consolidated 18 West Sharon Road Glendale, 771-5220 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 415 Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Ignatius School 5222 North Bend Road Monfort Heights, 389-3242 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 994 Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

St. James the Greater School 6111 Cheviot Road Green Township, 741-5333 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 800 Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

St. James of the Valley 411 Springfield Pike Wyoming, 821-9054 Kindergarten through grade eight

Enrollment: 183 Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. John the Baptist 5375 Dry Ridge Road Colerain Township, 385-7970 Preschool through grade eight Enrollment: 473 Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

St. John the Baptist School-Harrison 508 Park Avenue Harrison, 513 367 6826 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 297 Religious Affiliation:

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Private School Directory

10 Directory | From 9 Catholic Tuition: 2,350 Scholarship/Financial Assistance Available: Yes Teacher/Student Ratio: 1/18 Hot Buttons:We offer a rich curriculum emphasizingspiritual growth, academic excellence, social justice, physical fitness and emotional health. We have a state-of-the art technology emphasizing student participation and communication between school and home.

St. Jude School 5940 Bridgetown Road Bridgetown, 598-2100 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 499 Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

St. Lawrence 1020 Carson Avenue Price Hill, 921-4996 Preschool, kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 240

Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Martin of Tours School 3729 Harding Avenue Cheviot, 661-7609 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 223 Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

St. Michael 11136 Oak Street Sharonville, 554-3555 Kindergarten through grade eight Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Peter Claver Latin School for Boys 121 East 13th Street Cincinnati, 929-9164 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 36 Religious affiliation: Catholic

Enrollment: 385 Religious affiliation: Catholic

Saints Peter and Paul Academy 231 Clark Road Reading, 761-7772 Kindergarten through grade eight

St. William 4125 St. William Avenue Price Hill, 471-2989 Kindergarten through grade eight Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Rita School for the Deaf 1720 Glendale-Milford Road Cincinnati, 771-7600 Daycare through grade 12 Enrollment: 180 Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Xavier High School

St. Teresa of Avila School 1194 Rulison Avenue Covedale, 471-4530 Kindergarten through grade eight Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Ursula Academy 1339 E. McMillan Street East Walnut Hills, 961-3410 Grades nine through 12, (all female) Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Ursula Villa 3660 Vineyard Place Mount Lookout, 871-7218 Preschool(age 3) through grade eight Enrollment: 490 Religious affiliation: Ursuline, Independent Catholic

St. Vivian 885 Denier Place Finneytown, 522-6858 Preschool through grade eight

600 W. North Bend Road Springfield Township, 7617600 Grades nine through 12 Enrollment: 1,550 (all male) Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

Ursuline Academy 5535 Pfeiffer Road Blue Ash, 791-5791 Grades nine through 12 (all female) Religious affiliation: Catholic


Where traditional Catholic values meet academic excellence Saint Catharine of Siena School sits atop a hill adjacent to Saint Catharine of Siena Church on the corner of Wunder Avenue and Fischer Place in Westwood. Saint Catharine of Siena School has been serving the community of Westwood for more than one hundred years thanks to the dedication and commitment of this parish to providing a Catholic education for the children of the parish. Saint Catharine serves students from kindergarten through eighth grade. The school supports a philosophy of educating the whole child with the Catholic religion at its center and foundation. Students not only receive religious instruction daily in religion class, they also attend weekly Mass each Friday morning. The educational environment challenges and encourages children and parents to participate in the formation of a positive and moral learning environment. The school is accredited by the Ohio Catholic Schools Association. The curriculum is aligned with the Graded Courses of Study for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. One of the mantras of the school is – Experience the Warmth Our Small School Offers – Saint Catharine sees its small size as an advantage for students who receive more personalized attention from teachers. Even though they are small, with one class at each grade level, they remain committed to the educa-

Angels lead Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem in St. Catherine of Siena’s Christmas Pageant.

tion of the whole child. This commitment is evidenced in the school curriculum which offers music and physical education instruction as well as weekly Spanish classes. Individual music lessons are also available for students. Art instruction is taught be classroom teachers from kindergarten through fifth grade. Students in 6,7 and 8 receive art instruction from an art specialist. They have hosted Art Weeks this past school year where an art teacher visits for a week to work on special projects with students in grades K-5. Saint Catharine has an excellent school library where students go each week to read and research. The school also has a science lab and a computer lab that is staffed with a full-time technology coordinator. Saint Catharine utilizes advanced interactive technology

Saint Catherine of Siena students per form form in a Christmas Pageant.

in all aspects of the school day. Their Power School program enhances parent-school communication by posting grades, homework, tracking assignments, progress reports and attendance online. Each classroom has several computers with Internet access. Their computer lab contains enough computers to host an entire class for project and research-based work. The majority of our classrooms have SMART Boards. They have prioritized technology training for our teaching staff over the past year. Teachers have attended several workshops to improve the use of technology in classroom instruction. Two other things that the school offers are a hot lunch program and a Latchkey program. The lunchroom staff prepares hot meals for students each day. The Latchkey program is an after-

school childcare program. Children are supervised immediately upon dismissal and can participate in recreational activities or do their homework. The school also offers a variety of extracurricular activities including many sports, scouts, as well as academic and creative programs. Examples of these programs are The Power of the Pen for student writers in grades seven through eight, Bible Bowl for students in grade six, Speech Contests for students in grades seven and eight, an It’s Academic Team Competition for students in grade eight, and student council for two students in grades four through eight who are elected by their peers to represent their grade level. Students in grades six through eight are servers for the daily Mass and weekend liturgies. The seventh- and eighth-grade students can also serve as readers for weekly schoolwide Masses each Friday morning. Saint Catharine offers tuition assistance for parishioners who qualify and also accepts vouchers from children who attend public school and meet the criteria for the State of Ohio Ed Choice Scholarship program. See why your neighbors have chosen St. Catharine of Siena School. For a tour or more information, stop by or call the school office at 481-7683. Find details at

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West/Northwest Private School Directory  

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