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Soaring into Milford August 8, 2011

Summer 2011

Students Travel to Nation’s Capital

By Sarah Ely Earlier this year, from March 31 to April 4, 76 children from Milford Junior High School went to Washington D.C. These children had to get at least a 3.75 GPA, write an essay and do 20 hours of community service to be eligible to be in National Junior Honor Society and to go on the trip. The trip wasn’t just a fun time, but also an educational experience. The children got to touch a piece of the Berlin wall, see the original Declaration of Independence, and many more interesting attractions. “I would have to say my favorite part of the trip was the whole trip. I loved getting away for the weekend and going to look at some history and getting to hang out with my friends. I made so many more new friends and strengthened relationships with others,” said

Natalie Brady, incoming ninth grader. While in Washington D.C., the group saw many interesting sights. They saw the Washington Monument, Arlington Cemetery, Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Natural History Museum, Smithsonian American History Museum, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Iwo Jima Memorial, Newseum, Washington National Cathedral, Embassy Row, Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Monument, United States Capital building, Mount Vernon, White House, Jefferson Memorial, Roosevelt Memorial Park, World War II Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, National Archives and Gettysburg. “My favorite place we went was probably all the memorials,” Brady added. Washington D.C. was

National Junior Honor Society members pose for a group picture while on their Washington trip.

a fun, interesting, informative adventure for all the children. The city was wonderful, the sights were breathtaking, and the students were in the city during the National Cherry Blossom Festival, which added to the fun! I would recommend EVERYONE to go to Washington D.C.! It’s the capital of our country, and there’s so much history there that everyone should take a look at it.

Saddle Up for the County Fair

By Hannah Coursey The Clermont County Fair is something I look forward to every summer. There are yummy foods, sweet treats, and cold drinks. The rides are fun for everyone. Most of all, I like the animals; chickens, rabbits, goats, horses, cows, and sheep. The food is sooo good. I like to get corn on the cob and a hot ham and cheese. My favorite treat to get is shaved ice. If you have the chance, get a cherry cola flavored one. However, the best drink out there is the sweet tea from the 4-H outpost. It’s perfect every time. After all that eating, you may have to take a break before riding most of the rides, such as Zero Gravity or The Tornado. My favorite ride is the Cliff Hanger. You get spun up,

1 up, up, up and around in a paraglider. When you are the highest you can be, it is very peaceful. If you are a little younger, you might want to try the carousel or the many other rides similar to it. From toddlers to preteens, the fair has got something for all. The animals are so much 1) Zero Gravity ride at the fun to look at. Don’t be afraid Clermont County Fair. to ask an owner some questions. 2)Racers compete in the DeThey should be happy to help. molition Derby at the fair. My favorite places to go are the 2 bunny barn and the horse stables. Bunnies are so tiny and fragile looking, and they have adorable faces. Horses are the opposite. Horses are so big and strong. It appears that the horse is really in charge in the show ring. They glide across the ground. All of the animals are so cool. So, take my advice and try out the fair!

New Food Policy By Natalie Brady

Many have been hearing about the new policy about food in classrooms… and many kids are upset. However, after talking to some people, not many know what this new policy actually is, and what it’s doing for the children attending Milford Schools. So, what exactly is this policy? Why did the Board of Education (BOE) choose to make this a new policy? What was their reasoning? What was the process? You’re about to find out. First question: What is this new policy about food in the classrooms? Kids describe it as not being allowed to take food into class anymore. But why is that? “The policy is to prevent food allergy and obesity in students,” says President of the BOE, George Lucas. Dr. Robert Farrell, superintendent, says, “The food policy that was passed by the board in June was to insure that the nutrition services at Milford (cafeteria, vending machines, etc.,) were in compliance with the healthy food standards set forth in Senate Bill 210.” As you can see, this new policy is to protect the health of children, and to insure no kids with food allergies have an allergic reaction. Next: What was the thought process behind this new policy? The thought process was actually provided by the law that was passed by the State of Ohio. “The Board of Education merely adapted the guidelines of the law into our school policy,” Lucas explains. Farrell adds, “The Milford School District took it a step further to pass regulations in support of the policy that move the district

further towards healthy food standards throughout the school day and set procedures to insure that our schools are even safer for students with allergies.” Surely everyone’s wondering: what are the positives and negatives of this new policy? The positives – it will benefit the kids’ overall health, and students with allergies will be more protected. The negatives? “… There will not be as much freedom to bring food into school for students other than your own child that is not of high nutritional value,” admits Farrell. “It is important for everyone to understand school policy is born of two controlling government entities. The State of Ohio and the local Board of Education who must work together in order to create and implement any school policy. Sometimes the two do not agree on every aspect of a law or regulation. Paramount to best serving the student’s needs are typically policies that must have priority consideration. Obviously, in this case, both food allergies and obesity are major health concerns and warrant such a priority,” Lucas says. “The regulation allows teachers to use food for classroom uses but provides for safeguards. The regulation doesn’t allow food to be used daily for rewards. The regulation does not prohibit occasional parties/rewards at any level but they need to be planned, approved, and served in designated areas that can be properly cleaned to allow others to use the areas later in the day who may have food allergies,” finishes Farrell.

Soaring into Milford Staff

Editors: Max Berky, Natalie Brady, Sarah Ely, Jamie Kuhn, Reagan Smith & Katie Snider Reporters: Max Berky, Natalie Brady, Hannah Coursey, Sarah Ely, Alex Holbert, Jamie Kuhn, David Olson, Katie Olson, Brittany Pelopida, Awais Shoaib, Reagan Smith & Katie Snider Mascot by Katie Snider Lead Advisor: Cody Schultz Volunteer Advisors: Andrea Brady & Brenda Ely

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August 8, 2011

Soaring into Milford - Summer 2011

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MJHS Choir has Great Season

By Jamie Kuhn The Milford Junior High School (MJHS) Concert Choir is an award-winning singing ensemble. The Concert Choir is comprised of 61 seventh and eighth grade boys and girls. These students audition in September or January, depending on whether they participate for the full year or only one semester. The students then rehearse every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for four months. The Concert Choir participates in the Music in the Parks competition, two concerts, and two tours to local nursing homes throughout the year. The director of the Concert Choir is Mrs. Tracy Carpenter, a teacher of Music Theory and Music Technology at MJHS. Carpenter also directs the Introductory Choir, Advanced Choir, BariTenors, Triple

Trio, and Honor Choir at MJHS. The Concert Choir participates in the Music in the Parks competition annually. Music in the Parks is a national event, hosted in 42 parks throughout the country. In Ohio, it is hosted by Kings High School and the Kings Island Amusement Park in Mason. The event takes place on a Friday and a Saturday in May. Some groups perform Friday evening, and others perform throughout the day Saturday. All groups spend part of Saturday at the Kings Island Amusement Park. At the end of the day, there is an awards ceremony. This year’s Music in the Parks was hosted on May 20 and May 21, 2011. The MJHS Concert Choir scored a 98/100, a very high score for any group. This score was the high score any group of any age received.

Campers Leave it all on the Ice

By Alex Holbert Do you like hockey? Do you like meeting new people who also like hockey and enjoy a little competition? If all answers are yes than sign up for the Miami Hockey camp up in Oxford. It is a six day, five night camp that kids from all over the country come to participate. Kids from Alaska, Phoenix, Arizona, Florida and a bunch of other states came too play this amazing game. The dorms you sleep in are bug free with two to three beds, plenty of space, and a refrigerator for all the snacks he or she might bring. Three meals are served a day and during dorm time you can go to the little concession stand outside to buy a little something extra. The meals they serve


are healthy with the exception of a donut or maybe some ice-cream now and then. Each day there are four sessions of hockey practice that have four stations each all based on one little subject that will help round out your hockey playing. Each day your child will face off against another team. On Wednesday you get to call home to your parents and you also get to go to the pool for a few hours. Tuesday you have yoga and Pilates. Thursday you get pizza from Pizza Hut. Then finally get to have one last game. You then clean up your dorms pack up and go home. There are seven weeks for certain age groups, but then at the last week it is for girls of all ages.


Kate Gardin and Matt Hanna hold the trophy from the Concert Choir’s win at Music in the Parks.

Next school year, a new Concert Choir will form with some new students and some choir veterans. Hopefully, the choir will continue to win awards and do very well in competition.

Annual Summer Reading Program Continues

By Hannah Coursey

The Clermont County Public Library is continuing the traditions of hosting a summer reading programming. The children receive a packet of information and a passport, in the beginning of the summer, to fill with the “adventures” they have read. Passport to Adventure has two age groups, four to six and six to eleven, and children are encouraged to challenge their reading abilities. The library also offers a program to little ones up to the age of three called, Grow a Little Reader.

For teens, ages 12 to 18, tickets are earned based on the number of books read and special activities performed around the library. The tickets are placed in a raffle and prizes can be won at drawing time. Kelly Clark, librarian, tells me that the Milford Branch alone already has 800 participants. I have been part of this program and I happen to love it. As a small child, I was intrigued by the prizes, but as I got older, I realized the best prize was the gift of reading.

Getting Ready for a New Year to top it all off, we have six different By Brittany Pelopida and Katie Olson

Jr. High is right around the corner. Are you ready? We are almost there. There is so much to do! There are supply lists, schedules, meet the team dates, and so much more! The Jr. High is such a big building! From its classrooms to it gymnasium, you can admit that it is huge! There are walls lined with lockers down every hallway. Then

teachers! There is a lot of new stuff going on in the Jr. High. Like one way halls are gone. Plus you have combination lockers! There are a lot more people to interact with too. Sixth graders from six different schools to be exact! That is a lot of people! I hope you have a great rest of your summer and an awesome school year!

Splash into Miami Hills


By Max Berky


1. Hockey rink at Miami University. 2. Alex Holbert and fellow camper, look on from the side-line. 3. Alex Holbert and fellow teammate / camper, take to the ice. 4. Alex Holbert and friends pose for a picture at Miami University.

Miami Hills is a swim and tennis club with a lot of great features. For starters they have a huge pool with two diving boards and a baby pool. They also have four tennis courts with a nice shaded area. Miami hills has a huge pavilion, with a snack bar. Food includes hamburgers, hotdogs, nachos, and pretzels with cheese and a variety of candy and snacks. Right around the corner there are two vending machines for soda and water. Features include a basketball court with two hoops, three tetherball courts, and a volleyball net. There is also a very nice playset. First year total fees would be $1,256, and every year after your fee, you may bring a guest for a small fee. Listed below are the guest fees: $5.00 ages three and up

FREE Age two and under $2.00 Age 65 and older $3.00 after 6:00 p.m. $20.00 Family Pass one day (family of four or more) $20.00 Babysitter Pass five day pass *sitter must be at least 16 yrs. old *sitter does not count for 15 guest privileges Special Notes: Limit of 15 days that guests may be brought to the club by one membership. Guests who do not use the swimming pools or tennis courts during their visit must still pay a guest fee, as they are still using the facilities (parking, chairs, etc.) This is Miami Hills Swim and Tennis Club.

August 8, 2011

Soaring into Milford - Summer 2011

Zach Strief Makes Football Camp Special

By Natalie Brady

Zach Strief is a famous football player who plays for the New Orleans Saints football team and played in the 2010 Super Bowl with them, winning versus the Indianapolis Colts! He graduated from our very own Milford High School not too long ago, and now he runs a football camp during the summer in Milford. This has been the fifth year Strief has been putting on the summer camps. One of the main purposes for him to put on the camp each year is to come back to Milford. “I actually didn’t start playing football until my freshman year in high school,” admits Strief. He wants kids from all ages to be able to have the same experience with football he did; he learned responsibility, and he wants others to learn the same. Participating in high school football launched his career, and Strief also says, “I also want to thank all the people who started my career.” Sunshine or rain, the camp still goes on! If it’s raining, the camp is merely moved inside. “Its really hard to keep third graders attention, inside or out, so it doesn’t really matter,” Strief says. “We don’t need grass,” he continues. A few changes have been made to the camp this year – for example, the control is back in the hands of the high school coaches. Strief says the kids need role models, and younger kids have to know the coaches and want to be there. Not only do the coaches run the camp, but the ladies help run it as well! Shane Elken helps run the camp on field, while the football moms help run it by planning registration, putting together meals, ordering water bottles, T-shirts, and more.

“My favorite part of the summer camp would have to be that I get to come home and see old coaches and teammates, and I get to see old students and how they’ve changed and matured,” says Strief. As you know, Strief played for the Saints in 2009, and the team went all the way to the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl was a great experience for Strief, and he learned a lot. However, after the Super bowl, things weren’t too easy. It was underrated and very difficult – there were many injury problems and players struggling with their health. “My favorite part of playing in the NFL was the tremendous amount of opportunities that arose. At the end of the day I felt good,” Strief says, and then pauses, before adding, “Your ability to help and affect the people around you is the best platform. You raise awareness.” Recently, the Milford High School was renovated, and many new additions were added. In response to seeing the new additions, Strief says, “When I went here we had eight lunches. After seeing the new cafeteria…” he shakes his head in astonishment. “It’s really cool. Overwhelming. Overdone. To see everything grow will make life better.” Strief’s favorite memory at Milford High School was making friendships and feeling like he fit in with the school; feeling like he was a part of it. “Leaving here and feeling like I had done something that hadn’t been done a lot. I felt special. Appreciative.” Whenever he comes into town, Strief always tries to visit one place in particular: a restaurant in downtown Milford, 20 Bricks. His cousin, Paul Barraco, is the executive chef, and is extremely talented. Milford and our students appreciate all you do for us, Zach!

Zach Strief Dream Big Foundation

By Natalie Brady

The Dream Big Foundation is a philanthropic organization, meaning it funds and supports programs that help the community in various ways. Dream Big Foundation was created in 2006 by Zach Strief and his family. It is run by his wife, Mandy. “The Dream Big Foundation is to empower people to change lives,” Strief says. Some of the events the Dream Big Foundation has supported include the Milford

football camp and the Big Night Out in New Orleans, which benefits local youth charities. The foundation also offers college scholarships and has sold shirts that say “I love boys in black and gold” to benefit charities. Strief feels it is important for everyone to give back to the community as best they can. He is doing this through the Dream Big Foundation. He hopes to help people and students all over the country through this important group.

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Q&A with Scotty van hawk

Reagan Smith, student reporter, (middle) poses for a picture with AMA rider Scotty Van Hawk (top left).

By Reagan Smith          Recently I got to meet up with American Motorcycle Association (AMA) superbike racer and personal friend (my mom is friends with him), Scotty Van Hawk. While I was at the race track, I had chance to interview him on a few select things at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Mansfield, OH. Here is what he had to say: Reagan Smith (RS): “How many times have you won championships in AMA? And what does it feel like?” Scotty Van Hawk (SV): “I won the last MOTOGT (a road course race) in the AMA racing series. It was rewarding. It

shows that hard work pays off.” RS: “How many bones have you broken?” SV: “I’ve had 84 breaks in many of the same bones. (Amazing huh?) RS: “From track to track how does your strategy change?” SV: “I listen to music (only the band Tool). I go through every turn in my head. And when to accelerate.” RS: “Are there any speed records you have broken or attempted?” SV: “I have set many track records on 600cc and 1,000cc (engine size). I race for me. Even if I’m the fastest I want to go faster.” RS: “How many races have you won?” SV: “I have won hundreds of races.” RS: “How did you get into racing?” SV: “I was racing on the street and crashing it. Then my friend showed me a safer way to race. So I went to a racing school.”            He also told me that he loves to teach good habits on and off the street to kids. He really wishes to accomplish more of this. I hope you learned some fun facts about Scotty Van Hawk.

Newspaper Group Creates New Word

By The Soaring into Milford Staff

Have you ever wondered how a word gets created? On August 1, the Soaring into Milford staff created their very own word! The process began with the staff grouping into pairs or working individually on their very own word. In the process, each group had to come up with a word as well as; it’s part of speech, definition, synonyms, antonyms and misspellings. Once each group had completed their word, the group voted on the winning word.

Riding for a Cause

The word that won was aedoporific. Aedoporific is an adjective meaning: to be excited, but nervous at the same time. The winning word was created by Sarah Ely, ninth grader. After the word was created, the word had to be checked through This ensured that the new word was not already a word. Once the word was cleared, it was submitted to the Urban Dictionary website. Once it is accepted, everyone can see the word on the website. And the coolest part is that the newspaper staff gets credit for creating the word.

By Sarah Ely Cincinnati Therapeutic Riding and Horsemanship (CTRH) is a very special program in Clermont County. It is a non-profit organization and runs on donations and grants. For 25 years, this program has been around to help the disabled people of the community get the opportunity to do fun things just like nondisabled people. Children and adults are able to participate in a complete recreational and therapeutic horseback riding program. “We service children and adults with disabilities,” stated Laura, a worker at CTRH. 25 years ago, Sue Radabaugh, Bobbi Thies and Childress Rodgers created CTRH because they were inspired by children with special needs who responded positively when they interacted with horses. Recently, CTRH, an accredited organization operating under PATH, Intl. (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International) celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary. “We’ve been around for 25 years,” Laura said. CTRH has about 75-100 disabled riders, nine program horses and about 200 volunteers. The riders are aged two years old to 74 years old. Since the beginning, CTRH has gained a larger herd of horses (nine), the organization has expanded to a bigger facility and they have gained more volunteers. The children and adults all enjoy being around the horses and their peers. CTRH even offers summer camps for the disabled children and adults of the greater Cincinnati area. If you are interested in Cincinnati Therapeutic Riding and Horsemanship, go to

ZigTechs Good for your Health

By David Olson Reebok ZigTechs are supposed to help your spine and feet. I personally own a pair and they are very comfy. They helped me a lot in basketball. I recommend all of the ZigTechs to anyone, especially the elderly.

Best in the Business

By David Olson EA Sports is a company that makes mostly sports games. Their most recent games are NCAA Football 12, Madden 12, Fifa soccer, and Tiger Woods. EA is my favorite because the graphics and the technology they put in to the game are the most advanced.

August 8, 2011

Soaring into Milford - Summer 2011

Miami Township Citizen Raises Champion Show Dogs By Sarah Ely Miami Township citizen, Linda Apel, raises show dogs. She also shows and trains them herself. She has been interested in dogs her whole life. “We grew up with a dog at home,” Apel said. Apel and her husband, Cliff, got basset hounds once they were married and showed them. Linda and Cliff wanted a dog with a little more energy that they could play with, because bassets don’t have very much energy. When Linda was at a dog show with her bassets, she found a Jack Russell Terrier for sale named Buckles, or “Bucky” for short. After Bucky, they got Madison, a Parson Russell Terrier. Unfortunately, Madison was missing four teeth, a common trait of Parson Russells, and couldn’t participate in dog shows. Linda set out to find another Parson Russell that could be in dog shows, which led her to Spice. “Spice was our show dog. We got her after Madison,” said Apel. Spice was a remarkable dog. She was the number one female Parson Russell Terrier in the United States in 2003. She won best of opposite in the Westminster dog show in 2004. After Spice, Apel started to breed Border Terriers. Currently, she is showing Champion Foxburrow Goosebumps,

“Goose” for short. Goose, also, is a remarkable dog. Goose became a champion in seven shows, which is very rare for a show dog. Now she goes out and competes against other champions and is working on becoming a grand champion. Linda’s favorite part of raising dogs is “companionship”. According to Apel, if you are interested in raising or showing dogs, go to dog shows and watch. Also, attend dog training classes. Having a pet dog isn’t that different from having a show dog. “To us, there’s not much difference besides the grooming,” Apel said. There’s not much you need to do differently with a show dog either. When asked what she did differently with show dogs than with pet dogs, Apel said, “The grooming and training them for the show ring.” Apel’s final thoughts were, “I think that people need to research the breed that would be right for them.” Jack Russell Terriers are really popular dogs but lots of people find that they’re not the right dog for them, so if you want a show dog or pet dog, make sure to check reputable breeders. For Linda Apel and her family, dogs have brought a lot of joy and fun. She thinks there’s a breed for every family and they should choose the right breed for them.

Junior High Gets New New Life for Furniture Assistant Principal and Families

By Jamie Kuhn For the 2011-2012 school year, Ms. Sarah Greb will be the seventh grade assistant principal at Milford Junior High School. Greb taught at Mulberry Elementary for several years prior to this. The assistant principal position previously belonged to Mr. Brian Zawodny, who has been assistant principal for two years. However, this year Zawodny will be taking the position of principal at Mulberry Elementary. Mulberry’s previous principal, Mr. Gary Schulte, retired this year after nine years in the position.

Dive into Summer at Miami Hills

By Alex Holbert Ever have one of those day in the summer when you or your kids can’t think of anything to do? Just get registered at the Miami Hills Swim Club. Everyone will be up there and it is loads of fun. You can invite friends who don’t have a membership and there are loads of things to do: play basketball, tennis, join the swim team, take diving lessons, and a whole lot more. The pool is the biggest around with a three, four, and five foot deep area and then a deep end seven to twelve feet deep. All the staff are good humored and care about your safety more than anything. They also have a kiddie pool and a playset for the smaller children. The concession stand has lots of food and refreshments that you can buy at the lowest of prices. The Pavilion is a nice shady area, with umbrellas at tables to read a book, relax, and eat. This is by far one of my favorite clubs I have been to, so register today.

By Hannah Coursey New Life Furniture is a ministry that was created in Milford OH, by Tim Nabors and Holly Young, for people who are having hard times and are in need of furniture. Many kinds of people donate gently used or even new furniture for those families in need. Volunteers also help by delivering and installing the furniture right in the home of the family. During the delivery, the volunteers show kindness and respect to demonstrate the example God wants everyone to be. I interviewed Tim Nabors so I could find out more. “New Life Furniture began after meeting some families that were in the Interfaith Hospitality Network homeless shelter program, and discovering that after they finally found a place to live, they rarely had anything at all to furnish their home with,” Nabors says. New Life Furniture pick-ups do not cost you, and the furniture you provide goes directly to the ones in need at no cost to them either. If you are thinking of donating furniture, the things they need most are couches, love seats, living room chairs, dinette sets, dressers, and tables. For a complete list of do’s and don’ts go to; http://www.nlfurniture. org or call (513) 313-0530. Many people need help and you can give a piece of furniture to needy families and brighten their day.

Fun Facts with Max

By Max Berky •

• • •

Every time it erupts, Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park spurts up to 8,000 gallons of 199 degree water about 140 feet in the air. Tiger Woods’s real first name is Eldrick. Every time you lick a stamp you’re consuming one tenth of a calorie. Baskin-Robbins introduced the flavor “Lunar Cheesecake” to commemorate America’s landing on the moon on July 20, 1969.

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Vegetarianism Increases

By Jamie Kuhn Do you know anyone who is vegetarian? Vegetarianism is rapidly growing in the United States. Studies show that 3.2 percent of Americans are vegetarians, and 5.2 percent are interested in following a vegetarian diet in the future. Some reasons people become a vegetarian include better health, animal rights, environmental protection, trying to eat naturally, food safety, religion, culture, and weight concerns. Studies show that vegetarians tend to live longer than meat-eaters. Ethics are one of the main concerns of most vegetarians. There could have less world hunger if everyone ate a vegetarian diet, as livestock is fed enough in this country to feed 1.3 billion people. Also, there is a much a greater amount of animal waste product than human waste product, and most of this goes into the water. Thirdly, animals are eaten as a source of protein, when they actually only supply the consumer with one-fifth of the amount of protein the animal

consumes. There are also other groups against eating meat. One of these is pescetarians, who do not eat red meat or poultry, but consume fish and other seafood. Another group is vegans, who refuse to eat any animal product whatsoever, to avoid the exploitation of animals. Within vegetarianism, there are several variations. Ovo vegetarianism allows you to eat eggs, but not dairy products. Lacto vegetarianism allows you to eat dairy products but not eggs. Ovolacto vegetarianism allows you to eat dairy products and eggs. Some vegetarians also avoid any product with animal by-product, such as gelatin. With the planet’s increasing population, our resources are being consumed at an alarming rate. The ways of people, particularly people living in the United States of America, must change if we plan to continue living on this planet and meeting people’s needs. One way to change is to become a vegetarian, and many people are making this switch.

Political Talk with Max Berky

By Max Berky

Political Talk quick Tidbits • We have a new Milford City Manager by the name of Jeff Wright. • The Miami TWP. Trustees are expected to name Sue Madsen the first female as Assistant Police Chief Positions Held State House of Representatives -- Member - Danny Bubp House of Representatives -Member - Jean Schmidt State House of Representatives -- Member - Joseph Uecker State House of Representatives -- Member - Ron Maag State Senate -- Member - Tom Niehaus State Senate -- Member - Shannon Jones Clerk of the Board - Jacqueline Panioto

Danny Bubp

Commissioner - Todd Portune Commissioner - David Pepper Commissioner - Pat DeWine Commissioner - Bob Proud Commissioner - R. Scott Croswell Commissioner - Mary Walker County Administrator - David L. Spinney County Administrator - Patrick Thompson County Recorder - Carolyn Green Elections Director - John M. Williams Elections Director - Judy Miller Recorder - Rebecca Prem Groppe

Jean Schmidt

Joeseph Uecker

August 8, 2011

Soaring into Milford - Summer 2011

E-readers vs. Books

By Katie Snider Quite a few times you or your family have enjoyed shopping days where you’d go to bookstores and have expected to find green hills along the way, a lighted store, and every book you could’ve possibly imagined. What if that store wasn’t there for you to enjoy with your family? Or the green hills were covered with littered products and there weren’t enough resources to make a light bulb? Then you would be seeing the affects of E-readers in today’s society. Electronic readers are bad for the communities; they close libraries and bookstores, harm the environment, and waste lots of money. A lot of libraries, bookstores and even publishing companies are being affected by the E-reader. It is now a well-known fact that Borders has admitted to bankruptcy. “With people not wanting to buy paper made books, we can’t afford to continue the business.” (Rassam) Discussions have gone on throughout library board meetings, debating what to do about the rising fame of the E-reader. “Many public libraries do not have the funds to offer digital E-books online for users. The E-reader, in the end, is put to waste at the library.” (Jackson) Also, “According to the Association of American Publishers, sales in electronic books are now soaring, growing seventeen point six percent in 2009, while sales in the traditional print books have started to fall, decreasing one point eight percent in 2009.” (Carly) In other words, more and more people

are turning their backs on the past; wanting only new and shiny, not thinking about the after effects. Yet, like most new and shiny things, the E-reader is bad for the environment. “E-readers are composed of plastics and metals which contain toxic chemicals in them. If they go in landfills, nasty chemicals could leach into the Earth, destroying it along with many animals.” (Parchment Girl) While some people may say that there are different companies that will recycle used electronic items, so there is no need to put them in landfills. Third world countries beg to differ; they take the true toxic affect of the E-reader. “Numerous of the “recycling” programs set up to deal with discarded E-readers ship the machines to China or other developing countries where unprotected workers, dismantle them by hand and are exposed to lethal substances in the process.” (Parchment Girl) All in all, “E-readers are not biodegradable” meaning that no matter what, harmful chemicals can find their way into the world and hurt living things. (Carly) As usual, another problem with the E-reader is the money value comparison between traditional books and high tech. “Regular books you can borrow from the library or friends, buy used novels, and/or resell them when finished.” (Rassam) These are all advantages to books that you do not have with he E-reader. Today, “E-readers currently cost up to four hundred dollars and then you still have to buy the E-books! Think how many books you can get for the cost of one

A Magical End for a Wonderful Series

By Sarah Ely

Everyone is mourning the end of the Harry Potter series. Since November of 2001 when Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone premiered in theaters, children and adults have fallen under the spell of one of the most successful book and movie series’ in the world. On July 15, at 12:01am, families all over the world lined up and dressed up as characters from the series to be the first to see the last installment of the Harry Potter series. Some families even waited until 12:15 am to see the movie in 3D. This is the first time the series has ever appeared in 3D. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 starts out with Voldemort finding the Elder Wand, the most powerful wand in the wizarding world. Harry, Ron, and Hermione attempt to find the rest of Voldemort’s horcruxes, tiny bits of his soul, carefully hidden in valuable objects. They go to Gringott’s, the wizard bank, to find horcruxes and have to escape on the back of a dragon! They continue to find horcruxes and end up at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where the final Battle of Hogwarts occurs. Harry finishes the search for the horcruxes then goes to Voldemort to be killed. With his parents and friends, who have died, by his side, he is ready to die. He faces Voldemort bravely and Voldemort uses the killing curse (Avada Kedavra) and Harry falls. Harry goes into a dream state and discusses his future with Dumbledore. Will Harry decide to live or die? Will Hogwarts be saved? Will Voldemort control the future of the wizarding world? All the questions are waiting to be answered. He pretends to be dead and Voldemort believes it. Then he springs to life and Neville Longbottom, one of Harry’s friends, kills Nagini, Voldemort’s pet snake which is the final horcrux. Voldemort dies and the good side has won this battle. Harry gets the Elder Wand, but breaks it and throws it into the lake because he doesn’t want that much power. Harry goes inside to see how many people died for him, but realizes they didn’t die in vain. In the epilogue of the movie, we see Harry and Ginny, who are now married with three children named James Sirius, Albus Severus and Lily Luna. Also, we see Ron and Hermione who are now married with two children named Rose and Hugo. We also briefly see Draco Malfoy with his wife Asteria Greengrass and their son Scorpius Hyperion. James Sirius, Albus Severus and Rose are getting ready to board the Hogwarts Express train for school. Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione’s children even sit together on the train. This tells us that Hogwarts and the Wizarding World is strong and well. Harry Potter has been my favorite book series for years and I will love the series for years to come. It’s the classic story of good versus evil and all the characters have many important lessons to teach you. Harry is a boy who has not one blood relative that truly loves him. His true home is Hogwarts. This gives hope to children with families like Harry’s. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is a great movie that anyone would enjoy. It is available in 3D and 2D, but at some points in the movie, 3D made the movie feel a little more lifelike. If you’ve seen the other movies or read the books, get to the theater immediately because this movie is one of the best in the series!

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E-reader.” (Jackson) Finally, “While you might be saving a couple of extra dollars for each E-book purchase, in the long run it just isn’t that big of a difference from traditional novels.” (Carly) This clarifies any arguing dispute between better deals for traditional books, because while E-books are cheaper, the E-reader’s price tips the scale in favor of paper. Summing it up, E-readers are just not good for people, the environment, or the economy. Having said that, E-readers should be kept off limits from the public so that we can get back in touch with traditional books. Call back all of the E-readers that have been or were ordered and go borrow your desired novel from a friend. Let’s stand up and protect our past of elegant book covers and ink-covered pages! Carly M. “E-readers vs. books” December 13, 2009 8:04 AM in Reads < ereader-vs-books.html> Chris Jackson “Books vs. E-readers” Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2009 in phpBB < php?f=4&t=118#p1439> Parchment Girl “Are E-readers environmentally friendlier than paper books?” 2010-2011 in Graphically Designing < > Rassam Fakour-Zaker “Know Your Money Editor” Tuesday 24th November 2009 < ebooks-vs-books-a-publishing-smackdown/>

Padrino: A Family Friendly Place

By Max Berky As you walk in old Milford you come across a very nice family friendly restaurant, Padrinos. You usually get seated immediately and order drinks like any other restaurant. Once you get your drinks you get maybe five to ten minutes to decide what you would like to order. Padrinos is Italian for godfather so they serve a lot of nice Italian dishes. Now the food is not “knock your socks off” good. It is an inconsistent restaurant, but when the food is good it taste great.  The atmosphere is very pleasant. They have their liquor license so they do sell beer and wine, and hard liquor. They also have TV screens for your convenience by the bar. On Saturday nights they have bands play, which is a very nice edition. They also have trivia night at eight p.m. on Thursdays. They have wine tasting and spaghetti eating contests as well.  Overall, Padrinos is a very family friendly restaurant with nice food,  good people and great times.  Overall Grade B-  6 out of 10 stars 

The Perfect Combination Drink

By David Olson Arnold Palmer drinks are very tasty they have a combination of iced tea and lemonade. Both ingredients are very healthy for you. I would recommend this drink to anyone that likes these ingredients, you will love this drink.

transformers Breaks Record

By Reagan Smith Are you looking for some action, adventure, unexpected twists, and explosions? How about major fight scenes, buildings collapsing, and overall chaos? If you like what you hear, Transformers: Dark of the Moon is the movie for you. Every two years, since 2007, millions of fans have flocked in to movie theaters around the world to see the Transformers trilogy. Like most successful movies, the toys have been the thing to get. Transformers: Dark of the Moon goes deeper than the other two Transformer movies, looking into the past of Cybertron and the final days of the war there. This leads to an early encounter with the Decepticon Shockwave. There Optimus finds a piece of something that he thought was long gone. In Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Sam Witwicky, played by Shia LaBouef, is out of college looking for a job. The events in the beginning are relatively slow and seem unimportant. But if you pay attention to the small things you realize how they piece together to lead to a BIG event. The big event I’m referring to brings mass chaos and destruction (as you’ve seen in the trailers). If you are a person who loves all action, all the time you probably would get bored through the first part of the movie. The second half of the movie is almost completely action filled with many of those Michael Bay explosions! Overall, the action in the second half of the movie is amazing. True Transformer fans will love Transformers: Dark of the Moon! The movie is a good continual of the Transformers series if you liked the mass chaos in the other two movies. Transformers: Dark of the Moon has had many mixed reviews from the critics, but fans have rated the movie four and a half out of five stars. I give the movie a good four out of five stars (80%).



1) Josh Duhamel at the premire of Tranformers: Dark of the Moon. 2) Shia LaBeouf and co-star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Tranformers: Dark of the Moon

August 8, 2011

Soaring into Milford - Summer 2011

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This Is Us: 2010-2011 Marching Band Kate Gardin, an incoming freshman in marching band and her sousaphone

By Natalie Brady with Sarah Ely

On June 9, 2011, the Milford High School marching band received their new marching music. The music had been composed especially for them, and they were all very eager to start working on it. This Fall’s marching band music is titled “This Is Us”, with three movements. Movement One: Foundations. Movement Two: Teamwork. Movement Three: Achievement. Marching band is for all high school band members who choose to participate. Each year they play a new piece, along with choreography. The marching band students are seated in a placement test, where the band directors listen to each individual player play the same piece, scales, and sight-read a piece (meaning they play a piece they

Seventh Graders Face Summer Reading

By Katie Olson and Brittany Pelopida Every year the Milford Jr. High English teachers challenge seventh grade honors English students to write a book report on the book “Freak the Mighty.” “Freak the Mighty” is about a boy named Max who lives with his grandparents because his dad “Killer Kane” has murdered Max’s mom. Max meets a boy named Kevin or as he calls Freak. They face many challenge together. As the book goes on their friendship gets stronger and they face many challenges. The Jr. High honors English teachers are expecting a lot out of these students. The have to really use detail and try there hardest to get a good grade on the paper. The whole paper is worth 95 points. It’s also the first grade of the year. It allows teachers to see what they have to work on with the students, during the new year. This really pushes the seventh graders to try there hardest. But I bet they can do it.

have never seen before). The band directors listen to the player without knowing who it is, and then they place the players according to instrumental sections. Then, when summer starts, so does conditioning. Conditioning is two times each week in the summer, and everyone who is in town and able to make it is encouraged to go. At conditioning, the students exercise by stretching, running, doing some basic marching band stuff, playing games, and more. Along with conditioning, each instrumental section also has sectionals, set up by the section leader, who is chosen by the band directors, and is often a senior. By listening to the section’s summer plans, they pick a day of the week to get together and run through the music and practice some basics. Starting in August, the students go to camp. By this time, all the students should have the pieces basically memorized and from that point they begin learning the choreography and putting it together with the music. The number of hours per day is scattered: the first week camp is only three hours, then eight hours, then twelve hours, until school starts. Once school starts, the marching band practices on certain days after school, and on Fridays the marching band performs at the football

Electronic Car: Good or Bad?

By Awais Shoaib with Max Berky I personally think electric cars are a waste

of money. They need to be charged every night. If you take a trip to New York in one you will have to stay three nights to recharge. Where with a regular car you can fill up and go. Electric cars are not saving the economy either. They are still using fossil fuels, which are just as bad as petroleum. They are also very expensive to buy. And the money you “save” in gas, you spend in recharging the car.

Spot the Difference By Katie Snider

Find five differences between the two pictures, then check them with the key at the bottom. Have fun!

Western and Southern Financial Group ATP World Tour

By Max Berky The Western and Southern Financial Group ATP World Tour is a huge tennis tournament that comes to Cincinnati every year. ATP stands for Association of Tennis Professionals. It starts August 13 and ends August 21. For the first time men and woman will be combined in the same week. All of the top pros will be here including Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Andy Murray, David Ferrer, and Andy Roddick. They are also doing renovations. This is a 1000 Masters Series event. There will also be vendors there. This is what the 2011 Western and Southern Financial Group ATP World Tour will be like.

Key: 1. The man on the horse in the bottom right hand corner gets switched with a girl on a horse. 2. The archer standing in the castles gets faced in the other direction. 3. The dragon doesn’t have fire coming out of it’s mouth anymore. 4. The king in the castle gets replaced with a pirate. 5. The guy playing the banjo moves up a level in the castle.

games at half time. However, that’s not all these marchers are up to. Not only does the marching band perform at the football games, but they also go to competitions. Milford is very intent on getting good scores and a good place – you see, marching bands from all around the area go to these competitions, and they compete against each other for first place. Also, Milford marching band goes to competitions outside of Cincinnati: for example, Cleveland, Ohio, and Indiana. Marching band is a huge thing for band students. You are not required to be in marching band if you are in regular band, but most kids participate for the fun of playing their instruments, meeting new people, and hanging out with old friends. Upcoming freshman tuba player, Kate Gardin, says, “I love marching band. The music is so much more involved and complex than it was in junior high and I will definitely continue marching through all my years in high school. I love meeting a lot of new people and hanging out with those I’m already friends with!” Don’t forget to go to the football games this season and listen to the marching band at halftime playing: “This Is Us”; all three movements!

Nothing Like Nikes

By Awais Shoaib

Nike shoes are one of the best show shoe companies in the world. Here are some comments from ordinary people on Nikes: Yolanda Elliot said, “I am a fifty year old female who no longer drives a car. My daughter gave me a pair of Nike shoes for my birthday on 2/25/05. I have since then put 1400 miles on these shoes which I still wear. Granted they now have holes in the bottom ( I am going deaf and on ssi so I can’t really afford a new pair), but they are still shoes on my feet. Just wanted to let you know that these were the best shoes I ever had.” Hommad Iqbal said “I am a 15 year old male and I think Nike shoes are comfortable and durable.”

NFL Lockout Lifted

By Natalie Brady The NFL hadn’t had a lockout (where the players’ union and the team owners can’t agree on basic contract terms) since 1999… until early March of 2011. This lockout was about the owners taking more than just the game away from fans. Supposedly, taking away football would not only be devastating to the loyal, supportive NFL fans, but it would also be devastating to the local economies. However, Zach Strief – famous New Orleans Saints football player and Milford Graduate - has faith the lockout will end. “I do believe there will be a NFL season this year. The owners and the players are getting close; a lot of work can and will be done,” he says. Even though Strief has faith in the situation, he is also having a difficult time. Strief is a free agent this year – his contract is up with the New Orleans Saints. “I have no team. No home. Hopefully it’ll still be New Orleans… but the worst thing is, I don’t know,” Strief admits. “For the regular NFL fan, football is about the sport – the game. But it’s not just a sport, a game; it’s also a business. Football is a big business, and some people just can’t accept that. It’s become so big and exciting because it’s a business, and hard decisions are and will be made,” he continues. Luckily enough, Monday, July 25, 2011, the lockout ended, opening up opportunities not available before, and making sure the fans have their 2011-12 football season.

August 8, 2011

Soaring into Milford - Summer 2011

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Cooking Corner Celebs Bring in Animal quiz

By Natalie Brady

The definition of a brownie is a small square of rich cake, typically chocolate. Sometimes brownies can be served warm with ice cream on top, some have frosting on them, some have caramel, and some are just plain chocolate. For all you bakers out there, I know how hard it can be to find a brownie recipe that you really, absolutely love. Well, I have that delicious, perfect recipe for you. Ever since I was little, my mom would always make brownies, because our whole family loves them. I remember craving the delicious, warm, chocolate brownies she would make, and committing the scent when they just came out of the oven to memory. Our family has a huge chocolate craving and these brownies seemed to always satisfy it. I hope you enjoy this recipe… I know my family does! Brownies: 3 oz. unsweetened chocolate 1.5 sticks butter (be sure to use butter, not margarine!) 2 cups sugar 3 eggs 1 T. (tablespoon) vanilla 1 cup flour Frosting: 1 lb. (3.5 cups) confectioner sugar 4 T. (tablespoons) cocoa 1 stick butter (be sure to use butter, not margarine!)

6 T. (tablespoons) milk or cream 1 t. (teaspoon) vanilla Pre-heat oven to 350*. Melt chocolate in microwave with butter for 1.5-2 minutes.  Stir until fully melted.  Add sugar & mix well.  Add eggs & vanilla; mix well.  Add flour and mix thoroughly.  Pour into lightly greased 13x9 pan; batter will be thick.  Bake until just set.  Start checking at 12 minutes; poke the very center of the pan with a skewer or cake tester.  If the skewer comes out gooey, put in for another 2-5 minutes (depending on how gooey it is).  Keep checking until the skewer comes out pretty clean. While the brownies are baking, make the frosting.  Boil the cocoa, butter and milk together in a saucepan.  Remove from stove.  Pour into mixing bowl.  Add confectioner sugar and vanilla.  Beat until blended.  It is like fudge! After you take the brownies out of the oven, let them sit for just a couple minutes.  Then take a fork and poke holes all over them.  Pour the frosting over the brownies.  It will melt and get runny, but it will harden again as the whole thing cools.  The runny frosting slides down into the holes you made with the fork, giving your brownies that fudgey flavor and texture! Enjoy!

Animals Doing Cute Things By Sarah Ely

the Dough

By Katie Snider

By Brittany Pelopida

1. Justin Bieber- $53 million His record “My World 2.0” quickly acquired platinum status. Bieber’s movie Never Say Never grossed $10 million. Also his live concerts around the world ranked in about $600,000 in ticket sales per night! “Baby”, Bieber’s most viewed video on YouTube received 500 million views. 2. LeBron James- $48 million Not only is his jersey a number one seller…his SHOES are too! James reputation took off last summer when he announced he was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat! 3. Roger Federer- $47 million He still commands the most expensive endorsement portfolio in all sports with a major deals including Nike, Credit Suisse, Rolex, and Wilson. He was the only one of Gillette’s original three “Champions” to have his deal renewed. 4. Taylor Swift- $45 million Country, pop, or both there is no question that Swift is a moneymaking machine. The famous album “Speak Now” was certified triple-platinum less than one month after its release date in October. Tour ticket sales up to $750,000 per night. 5. Katy Perry- $44 million Perry’s top selling album “Teenage Dream” released in August, making it one of nine albums making it in the Billboard Hot 100’s in a record time in the 52 year history. Don’t underestimate her though, she is no stranger to business, Perry shills for Proactive, Adidas, and Ubisoft, she also has her own perfume line Purr.

Find out which you would be – a cat or a dog? Just answer all of the questions below and add up your score at the end! That easy – 1. If you were stuck inside on a rainy day, what would you do? •Make weird concoctions in the kitchen (3) •Stay in bed all day (1) •Watch a movie marathon (2) 2. If you got the chance to go anywhere in the world, where would it be? •Egypt (1) The Beach (3) •China (2) 3. If you had the choice of riding an animal, which would it be? •Elephant (2) •Camel (1) •Giraffe (3) 4. If you got to pick any color for your car, which would it be? •Pink (1) •Red (3) •Blue (2) 5. If your house were burning down, what would you do? •Get the heck out of there! (1) •Call 911 (2)

•Risk your life to save others (3) 6. If you could have any pet in the world, which one would it be? •Tiger (3) •Guinea Pig (1) •Hippo (2) 7. If you could have any food in the world, what would it be? •Pizza (2) •Steak (3) •Shark (1) 8. If you could add any accessory to your outfit, which would it be? •Top hat (1) •Eye patch (2) •Bandana (3) 9. If you had a million dollars, what would you spend it on? •Give it all to charity (2) •Install a swimming pool and hot tub (3) •By a mansion (1) 10. If you were a pet, what would your collar look like? A. Spiked (3) B. Diamond incrusted (1) C. Black leather (2) If you scored between 10 – 19 you are a CAT! Meow! If you scored between 20 – 30 you are a DOG!

City Barbeque is Delicious

By Max Berky On July 5, 2011 I went to City Barbeque in Eastgate. When I walked in I found huge smokers on the outside of the building. Then I walked in and saw a huge rectangle of ice with drinks in it. After this, I went up to order with my family to get a huge family platter!!! Then I sat down at the table. The environment was almost a kind of western theme in a barn. When our food was ready it included smoked ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken and brisket. We also had Texas toast and corn bread. Drinks included fresh squeezed lemonade and other soft drinks. My meal was very good since it

Holtman’s Donuts

By Max Berky

I tasted three different kinds of donuts at Holtman’s glazed, chocolate, and powdered sugar. It is a small store in downtown Milford. The glazed donut has a lot of glaze. The cake of the donut is very thick. The cake was airy and light. There is a very nice coating of glaze. Overall this is a very thick but rich donut. The chocolate donut is very similar to the glazed. It is also very heavy with glaze. The cake is very thick too. It is a very, very rich glaze. Overall this donut is very rich. The powdered donut is very thick like the other two. There is too much powder on this donut though. The donut has a very deep taste. Overall, this donut is very deep with a lot of powder. Overall, Holtman’s is a very nice small restaurant with many flavors. They also have cookies for those who don’t like donuts.

was smoked, and it was meat, of course!!! The service was fine, nothing perfect. Last but not least, the atmosphere was great. The crowd was very friendly. My final overview on the restaurant: City Barbeque is very good, the only thing I would say is they need a bigger hook to reel me in. There was not really anything that pulled me in and made me want me to come more often. The only thing that really made me want to come more is the fact that its barbeque. Final Grade B+ Final star average 7 out of 10 stars

Donut Wars

By Alex Holbert

Ever wonder where to go get donuts that you will enjoy the most? Out of three places I took three different flavors of donuts to observe  the technique the place uses for flavoring donuts. The three places are Dunkin Donuts, Mark’s Donuts, and Holtman’s Donuts. The three flavors I chose are chocolate, glazed, and chocolate cake donuts. We will now start with Dunkin Donuts. Their chocolate donuts  are a bit bigger than the rest of the donuts and uses a thick layer of icing that cover a little less than three fourths of the donut. Their glazed donut is completely covered in a thick layer of glaze. Finally their cake donut  has a thick layer of icing that covers the very top of the donut. Overall this place seems to like to flavor their donuts a lot so if you like a lot of flavor go to Dunkin donuts. Now for Mark’s Donuts. Their chocolate donut uses a very small amount of icing that is in a thin layer across the top of the donut. Their glazed donut is covered completely in glaze, but it has a very thin layer. Finally their cake donut. It is a bit smaller than the other donuts and has a thin layer of icing across the top part of the donut. Overall I think this place is made for people who don’t like much icing on it and like a donut with little icing flavor. Last but not least, Holtman’s Donuts. Their chocolate donuts have a layer of icing that is thin, but covers at least half of the donut. Their glazed donut is fully covered with a medium layer of icing. Finally their cake donut. It is the same size, but has a thin layer of icing that covers about half the donut. Overall, Holtman’s Donut shop is for people who like a balanced donut.

August 8, 2011

Soaring into Milford - Summer 2011

Horoscopes: What’s Your Sign?

By Katie Snider


Dec. 22 - Jan. 19


Jan. 20 - Feb. 18

You set high standards for yourself and are capable of persisting for as long as is necessary to accomplish a goal you have set for yourself. You strive for honesty in your criticism of self; you respect discipline from above and demand it from those beneath you. Great authority is your gift, but once reaching higher rank you may not be able to accept ideas from anyone else. While hardworking, you might come by to others as humorless, or a person with zero personality due to your conservative nature. In order to make more friends you should try creating a separate time for work and play. Once you leave the office, try to stop thinking of your job and focus on companionship.

You are stubborn in your beliefs, and are hard to persuade. There is no middle ground; when you love someone you expect them to love you just as much; sometimes to the point of being unreasonable. You tend to hold emotions in until you finally burst with rage unexpectedly. Instead of being judgmental, you should learn to accept people for who they are instead of scrutinizing their every flaw.



Ryan Sheckler 12-30-1989

March 21 - April 19

You are a natural born leader with a concern for personal advancement as well as physical satisfaction. Headstrong and short tempered is how some may describe you, but this is only because they are slow or sensitive. As much as you are the Ram, there is still the little lamb in you. This means that at times you would attain your goals more easily by gently giving in without resistance to the demands of a given social situation, rather than getting your horns entangled in something larger and more powerful than yourself.


June 21 - July 22

April 20 - May 20 You are practical more often than intellectual, but apt to become fixed in your opinions through your preference for following accepted and reliable patterns of experience. You are a faithful and generous friend, but rarely one outside your normal social circle. Making a new and exotic companion can help break your mundane, routine life, and rejuvenate your soul.

Sept. 23 - Oct. 22

You loathe cruelty, viciousness, and vulgarity, and detest conflict between people, so you do your best to cooperate and compromise with everyone around you. Your ideal for your own circle and for society as a whole is unity. You show understanding in other’s points of view and when settling arguments you try to be fair. However, with such gracious qualities, it is common for others to take advantage of your kindness. Try and lay down your beliefs to others in a firm manner, so people will no longer selfishly benefit off of you. Brett Farve 10-10-1969

Justin Bieber 3-1-1994


May 21 - June 20

You are cunning, and wonderful at escaping blame with your undeniable charm. However, if things do not go as planned you are prone to throwing frivolous tantrums in hopes of obtaining your desires. But you soon grow tired of this stupid game, and are able to quickly switch interests without a moment’s hesitation. Geminis can be successful in many walks of life, though their general characteristics tend to make them unreliable. If you make a commitment to something or someone, you should mentally force yourself to keep that commitment where possible.

Shakespere 4-23-1564


July 23 - August 22

You often show extreme arrogance in your capabilities, giving off the conception of “snobbish superiority”. When someone else does happen to be better then you, your absolute jealousy becomes blinded to you due to the imposing lies you tell yourself in order for you to discredit any chance of a person besting you. Often times you feel as if you are the most important person, causing you to demand service, but are incapable of giving any as to wound yourself centered image. You should lower your ego and stop trying to gain attention. Accept that others may be as great as you, and you will learn to let go of your self-reflection.

Mark Wahlberg 6-5-1971


August 23 - Sept. 22

Often times concealing too much emotion from not only one’s self, but others in fear of your own judgment. It is common to be conscious of self-doubt within one’s mind when facing hazardous events. Responsibility irks you for the dread of messing up in sticky situations. You need to learn to put your trust in people and in yourself; this will make your life less dull and more likeable.

Romeo 8-19-1989

Spongebob 7-14-1986


Feb. 19 - March 20

Pisces tend to withdraw into a dream world where your qualities can bring mental satisfaction and sometimes, fame and financial reward. You are extremely gifted artistically. You are not egotistical in your personality, and you usually give more then you take. Being faithful and loyal is one of your many fine qualities, along with your sympathy for the weak. With your humble outlook on life, just make sure that people don’t take advantage of your kindness and you will prosper greatly.

Jennifer Aniston 2-11-1969

Lady Gaga 3-28-1986

Your tendency for being emotional may make you overreact in a serious manner. You are imaginative and you sometimes get carried away in your own personal world until it almost seems real in your eyes. Outwardly, you are often seen as emotionless, but this is just a façade for your sensitive heart that longs for dramatic ordeals. You crave drama, a chance for vivid emotion and ambitious thoughts to comfort your romantic mind. But sometimes you can be over sensitive/dramatic about a situation, driving companions away. Make a special effort to hold onto your wild imagination, live in reality instead of getting carried away with your mind.



Oct. 23 - Nov. 21

Your willpower is immense, your depth of character and passionate conviction overwhelming, yet you are deeply sensitive and easily moved by your own emotions. The sensitivity you posses, together with a propensity for extreme like and dislikes makes you easily hurt, quick to detect insult or injury to you and easily aroused to ferocious anger. Because of this you are careful not to befriend others unless they prove truly trustworthy. You should try not to be scornful of what you perceive as a shortcoming in your partner’s personality and soften up your rigid, unbending attitude. Katy Perry 10-25-1984

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Lea Michelle 8-29-1986


Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

You are modest and show a strong sense of morality to you. A profound, wide ranging mind helps you foresight in your own good judgment, even if that judgment is not for the purest reasons. The ties you make are for your own personal benefactor, to help you farther yourself in the endpoint. However, you try to play fair and mostly stick to your beliefs unless strongly persuaded differently. To make your life more essential, try looking inside yourself before you make a decision and decide what reasons you have for making it. If the answer is for your selfish benefit, rethink your choice. Taylor Swift 12-13-1989

August 8, 2011

Soaring into Milford - Summer 2011

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Meet the Soaring into Milford Staff

Max Berky

Grade: Seventh Fun Fact about Max: Max Plays tennis competitively.

Sarah Ely

Grade: Ninth Fun Fact about Sarah: Sarah’s favorite color is pink.

David Olson

Grade: Seventh Fun Fact about David: David loves all things sports.

Awais Shoaib

Grade: Seventh Fun Fact about Awais: Awais is from Pakistan.

Natalie Brady

Grade: Ninth Fun Fact about Natalie: Natalie plays the trumpet, piano, and sings.

Alex Holbert

Grade: Eighth Fun Fact about Alex: Alex has a twin brother and they were born on New Years Eve.

Katie Olson

Grade:Seventh Fun Fact about Katie: Katie loves to play basketball and hang out with friends.

Reagan Smith

Grade: Seventh Fun Fact about Reagan: Reagan went to the 2011 Brickyard 400.

Hannah Coursey

Grade: Seventh Fun Fact about Hannah: Hannah is the 2011 Clermont County Champion Junior Sheep Showman.

Jamie Kuhn

Grade: Ninth Fun Fact about Jamie: Jamie sings and acts.

Brittany Pelopida

Grade: Seventh Fun Fact about Brittany: Brittany would love to meet Justin Bieber.

Katie Snider

Grade: Eighth Fun Fact about Katie: Katie plays basketball, volleyball, golf, and tennis.

“Our Mission: To be the best performing petroleum marketer in the Midwest”

Lykins Companies, Inc.

5163 Wolfpen Pleasant Hill Road Milford, Ohio 45150 513-831-9487

Soaring into Milford  
Soaring into Milford  

Soaring into Milford