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Inside Mount Notre Dame. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Downlite Company Store . . . . . . . . . . 4 Cardinal Pacelli . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 St. Ursula Villa. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Roger Bacon High School. . . . . . . . . . 7 Seven Hills School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Summit Country Day School. . . . . . . . 9 Directory listing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 0 St. Veronica School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 1 St. Thomas More School . . . . . . . . . . 1 1 Cinc. Hills Christian Academy . . . . . 1 5 Immaculate Heart of Mary . . . . . . . 1 6 St. Mary School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 6 Corryville Catholic School . . . . . . . . 1 7 McNicholas High School . . . . . . . . . . 1 7 St. Bernadette School. . . . . . . . . . . . 1 8 St. Louis School. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 1 St. Michael School. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 2 St. Xavier High School . . . . . . . . . . . 2 7 St. Columban School. . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 7

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Mount Notre Dame: The complete package Mount Notre Dame offers a unique educational experience to its young women. It provides a challenging college preparatory academic program, but it also prides itself on its commitment to the education of the whole person. The foundation of the Mount Notre Dame experience is the impressive academic program. With 17 Advanced Placement and 19 Honors courses, MND’s Honors/AP track (including an AP opportunity for freshmen) is among the best in the region. Beginning in the 2009/2010 school year, MND instituted the Billiart Scholar Honors Program, an honors society for students scoring in the 90th percentile or higher on the High School Placement Test. Billiart Scholars receive a scholarship, enrichment programs, career exploration seminars and early standardized test-

ing opportunities. MND’s Engineering Program is preparing the scientifically talented young women of today for a career in this male-dominated field. MND also boasts strong programs in the Humanities that offer leadership opportunities and a greater awareness of the inter-connectedness of our global society. MND is also deeply committed to the role of women in philanthropy. Its student-run Youth Philanthropy Council is a minifoundation that has made a difference regionally, nationally and internationally. Mount Notre Dame is committed to educating not only each student’s mind, but also her whole person. The MAP (My Action Plan) Program is a four-year, individualized empowerment program. It focuses on four “routes” to

empowerment: academic, spiritual, social and physical/emotional development. Each student’s personal “MAP Guide” assists her in goal setting in each of these areas. The guides go through extensive training and assist in making sure each young woman in balanced and is achieving her goals. MND’s family spirit sets it apart. Walking through the halls, it is evident that Mount Notre Dame’s students support, encourage and challenge each other. The result – young women who think critically to solve problems, work cooperatively in group settings, delight in each other’s successes and push one another to maximize their Godgiven gifts. To top it all off, MND’s athletic program not only consistently brings home state championships, but also produces play-

The foundation of the Mount Notre Dame experience is the impressive academic program. ers sought after by the most competitive colleges. Georgetown, Northwestern and Vanderbilt are just a few of the universities that have MND Cougars wearing their colors. In addition, MND meets various student interests through nearly 50 clubs. Mount Notre Dame is the complete package. It provides its students with the values and tools to succeed in high school, college and in their careers. Beyond that, the encouragement and support from faculty and friends instills a solid sense of self in the young women of MND allowing them to succeed in life.

Private School Directory


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Cardinal Pacelli continues to grow Cardinal Pacelli School continues to grow! Classes for kindergarten through eighth grade started Aug. 20. Families were welcomed back with several events. Welcome Sunday included receptions, Q&As and uniform sales. Parents heard from the principal, met teachers and learned about classroom volunteer opportunities during Back-toSchool Nights. This year, Cardinal Pacelli will further integrate technology into the daily curriculum. Over the summer, the Computer Lab was newly outfitted with 30 student workstations and an interactive white board. Additionally, 60 computers were added to the classrooms, Technology Carts bring laptops to the students, and 1 in 3 classrooms are equipped with

This year Cardinal Pacelli will further integrate technology into the daily curriculum. whiteboards. The technology director works with teachers to bring innovative uses of technology into the classroom. A new series of Math and Language Arts textbooks and classroom materials were added this year. These complement the school's strategic focus on these academic areas. A robust Fine Arts program and Spanish for kindergarten through eighth grade are highlights of the school. Kindergarten welcomed the first “graduating class” from Pacelli's Preschool program. In it's second year, the program offers a

morning Pre-K program for 4- to 5-year-olds and an afternoon preschool for 3to 4-year-olds. Preschool's first day of school was Sept. 8. Openings are still available. Registrations are accepted year-round. Prospective families may tour anytime or attend the Open House Sunday, Nov. 8, from 10:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. A National Blue Ribbon School, Cardinal Pacelli School and its parish, Our Lord Christ the King Church, are located in Mount Lookout. For more information contact the school at 321-1048 or visit

Private School Directory


St. Ursula Villa displays and demonstrates Ursuline characteristics Changes to St. Ursula Villa’s historic Mount Lookout campus further the sense of transformation and progress at this extraordinary school. Treasuring its uniqueness and legacy as Cincinnati’s only Ursuline elementary school, St. Ursula Villa implements the core values of an Ursuline education into the educational experiences of 490 Villa students in preschool through grade eight. In the freshly-renovated school lobby hang beautiful banners, designed by the students, which illustrate characteristics of an Ursuline education and provide colorful visual reminders of the school’s mission and purpose. The Ursuline characteristic of Personal Care of the Individual is demonstrated in the classrooms, where dedicated faculty and support staff create a dynamic learning atmosphere through small class sizes and individualized

St. Urusla Villa implements the core values of an Ursuline education . instruction. Options of Montessori or traditional programs for children in preschool through kindergarten allow for different learning experiences best-suited to the needs of individual students. Specialty classes of art, music, physical education, computer, and foreign languages are part of the Ursuline focus on Whole Child Development. Musical and dramatic performances, sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities offer opportunities for personal discovery and growth.

The Ursuline characteristic of academic excellence is evident at every level. With a solid foundation laid in its earliest programs, a Villa education culminates in the strong junior high program which is consistently recognized for rigorous high school preparation and placement. Supporting this reputation are high school scholarships offers to Villa graduates totaling $1,517,500 over three years. Outstanding teachers, strong academics, and personal attention nurture independent learners who create, lead, engage, serve, and inspire. The Villa’s established reputation and progressive goals are manifested in the Ursuline characteristic of optimism and openness. Campus projects such as the Villa Way feature a new plaza with expanded learning and play spaces, and improved traffic/carpool flow. A beautiful stained glass window in the multi-purpose

room and new playground and recreation areas add beauty and function. A highlight of this school year is St. Ursula Villa’s 50th anniversary. Balancing history and progress, the entire Villa community will commemorate its Ursuline heritage and roots and celebrate a bright, dynamic future. Learn more about St. Ursula Villa and its Ursuline characteristics by attending scheduled admissions events. Montessori classrooms and traditional preschool options for 3- and 4-yearolds will be showcased at informational coffees Friday, Nov. 6, and Wednesday, Nov. 11, from 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. The All-School Open House Sunday, Jan. 31, 2010 will feature all grades and programs, preschool through junior high. To arrange a personal tour, contact Marta Runnels, 871-7218 ext. 2101;; or


Stand out at Roger Bacon Roger Bacon creates a personal environment that allows young men and women to stand out by offering them the relationships, discipline and opportunities needed to succeed in a changing world. Roger Bacon students stand out academically. Last year more than 90 percent of the graduates continued their education at colleges and universities around the country. Additionally, 52 percent of the class earned scholarships valued at $5.6 million. Over the last four years, 70 percent of Advanced Placement students passed the AP tests, and the College Board named 24 students as National Merit Scholars. Roger Bacon students stand out personally. Because of its size, Roger

Bacon encourages its students to participate in multiple extra-curricular activities. More than 95 percent of the students participate in one or more of 38 extra-curricular, cocurricular or athletic organizations or teams. From the world-renowned band to the one-of-a-kind underwater hockey team, Roger Bacon students are encouraged to explore and expand their horizons. Roger Bacon students stand out personally. Roger Bacon offers all students, opportunities to meet students from around the world. Exchange students from around the world regularly attend Roger Bacon. In 2010 students from China and Italy will graduate from Roger Bacon. Recently groups of Roger Bacon students

spent a part of their summer holidays visiting England, France and Italy. Finally, Roger Bacon students stand out spiritually. Last year’s senior class devoted 4,336 hours to community service, the foundation of Roger Bacon’s Franciscan teachings. Students enter high school as young boys and girls and graduate as young men and women with a compassionate global vision. Roger Bacon affords its students outstanding opportunities to achieve success in the traditional college preparatory curriculum. However, it also offers students opportunities to experience and achieve outstanding levels of personal development throughout their high school years.

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Seven Hills School: A wise investment in a bright future “In an increasingly competitive job market, in a complex global economy, we wanted to arm our children with the skills they need to excel. Greg and I look at Seven Hills as a critical investment in our children’s future,” says Lisa Kuan, mother of two upper school boys and a middle school girl, who have attended The Seven Hills School since age 3. “In a forward-thinking way, the Seven Hills faculty has made a sustained effort to adapt its curriculum to equip students with 21st century skills: critical thinking, creative problem-solving, technological competence, familiarity with global issues, comfort in a complex, multicultural world,” says new Head of School Christopher Garten. Upper school division head Nick Francis puts it this way. “At Seven Hills learning is experiential; students are deeply

engaged, and they learn by doing. Beginning in elementary school, and especially in middle and upper, students are confronted daily with complex and stimulating problems. They work in teams alongside talented peers; their teachers facilitate the process, providing the guidance and the problem-solving strategies students need to attack authentic problems with confidence.” Sally Leyman, whose son is a senior and whose daughter attends Amherst College says: “That’s why the school’s extensive athletics and fine arts programs have been so important to us. Through these experiences as well as through the highly interactive classroom experience with a skilled and caring faculty, our children have developed the confidence to meet the world head on.”

A hallmark of Seven Hills is its ability to foster excellence in students with a wide array of different learning styles. Lisa Kuan explains, “The relationships between teachers and students are magical; our children, who learn in very different ways, have always been known and cared for, and instruction has been crafted to meet their individual learning needs.” Patti Guethlein, head of the lower school’s Doherty campus, adds: “Because we have two Lower School divisions with two different methods of teaching, students with markedly different learning styles can thrive here and move seamlessly into our middle school. Our teachers in both Lower Schools and in Middle have been thoroughly trained in brainbased learning; classroom teachers work alongside an army of subject specialists and support

The Seven Hills faculty has made a sustained effort to adapt its curriculum to equip students with 21st century skills. personnel work in teams to understand and accommodate students’ individual learning needs.” Karen Horrell, whose daughter is in law school, sums it up: “Seven Hills graduates excel in some of the nation’s best colleges and universities (the college counseling here is unsurpassed); but more than that, they are armed with the skill and the drive to excel in a very competitive world. It’s the best investment we have ever made!”


Summit Country Day to host Early Childhood Education Symposium The Summit Country Day School will host its second annual Early Childhood Education Symposium on campus Saturday, Nov. 7, from 9 a.m. to noon. This symposium, a unique program that focuses on the development of children from birth through age 10, is free and open to the public. Research shows that the young child is able to learn much more information than was once thought. Young children, like their adolescent and adult counterparts, possess varied means of accessing, processing and retaining information. Understanding how children approach learning situations not only provides an effective format for teaching, but also allows for an integrated approach to learning by both teachers and parents alike. As teachers, whether profes-

sional or a parent, it is their responsibility to provide our children with the enriching experiences and opportunities to maximize their potential. Symposium attendees will have the opportunity to learn more from a variety of early education thought leaders. Presenters will include faculty from area colleges and universities, Dr. Jerry Jellig-Head of School at The Summit, Summit faculty, pediatricians, psychologists, college admission professionals, nutritionists, literacy and math specialists, along with members of the fine arts community. Attendees will also have an opportunity to talk informally with presenters during session breaks. An array of sessions will be available from which attendees can choose. A sample of topics include the

following: What is Montessori Education?, How Children Learn, Literacy Development, H1N1 Updates, Enrichment for Children, Technology as a Safe Education Tool, College Admission Begins in the Preschool, Nutrition and Your Child, How to Select Age Appropriate Literature, Creating a Love for Life-long Learning and many more. The goal of the Symposium is to present information for parents so they are able to gain a

deeper understanding of nurturing their child's development in the early years. The 2008-2009 Early Childhood Education Symposium speaker, Dr. Cynthia Geer, Chairperson, College of Social Services, Health and Education, Childhood Education and Literacy, from Xavier University, reminded us that we are all teachers. Dr. Geer stressed the importance of early education and its importance in promoting life-long learning. Since its inception in 1890, The Summit has been known as a leader in education. The Summit is once again pleased to serve the community by hosting this event. To RSVP for the symposium email or contact the admission office at 871-4700, ext. 261. To learn more about The Summit Country Day School please visit

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Private School Directory Our community’s private schools are rich in tradition and quality education. Students at private schools get a lot from their education - a sprit of giving back, a respect for education and a deeply rooted value system. Editor’s note: Below is a list of private schools in the area and pertinent information about them. They are listed in alphabetical order. If you have questions about the information in this list, please contact Melissa Hayden, specialty publications editor at 248-7121 .

All Saints 8939 Montgomery Road Cincinnati, 792-4732 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 453 Religious affiliation: Catholic

Archbishop McNicholas High School 6536 Beechmont Ave. Mount Washington, 231-3500 Grades nine through 12 Enrollment: 710 Religious affiliation: Catholic 2009-2010 Tuition: $7,975 Scholarships/financial aid: Yes Teacher/student ratio: 1:14 Percent going to college: 97 Hot buttons: McNicholas is the only non-public high school in the region to be recognized by the ACT for the rigorous content of their core courses in preparing students for college. We are proud to offer a Catholic, co-ed comprehensive learning environment.

Archbishop Moeller High School 9001 Montgomery Road Montgomery, 791-1680 Grades nine through 12 (all male) Enrollment: 930 Religious affiliation: Catholic in the Marianist tradition

Bethany 555 Albion Ave. Glendale, 771-7462 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 240 Religious affiliation: Mission of the Sisters of the Transfiguration

Calvary Academy 11970 Kenn Road Springdale, 674-9600 K-4 through grade 12 Enrollment: 100 Religious affiliation: United Pentecostal

Cardinal Pacelli School 927 Ellison Avenue Mount Lookout, 321-1048 Preschool through grade eight Enrollment: 390 Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic Tuition in-parish: Grades 1-8 $2,900 Kindergarten half day: $2,320 Kindergarten full day: $3,860 Pre-K (5 days): $2000 Preschool (4 days): $1600 Tuition out of parish: Grades 1-8: $4210 Kindergarten: half day $3,365 Kindergarten: full day $5,590 Pre-K (5 days): $2000 Preschool (4 days): $1600 Scholarship/financial aid: An education fund is available for parishioners Teacher/student ratio: 1:15 Percent going to college: N/A Hot buttons: Cardinal Pacelli School is recognized for its welcoming atmosphere, foundation in faith and excellence in education. A National Blue Ribbon School, Pacelli is known for its technology, fine arts, and foreign language programs.

Children’s Meeting House Montessori School 927 O’Bannonville Road Loveland, 683-4757 Pre-kindergarten through grade six Religious affiliation: None

Cincinnati Country Day School 6905 Given Road Indian Hill, 979-0220 Age 18 months through grade 12 Religious affiliation: None

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy 11525 Snider Road Symmes Township, 247-0900 Pre-kindergarten through grade twelve Religious affiliation: Nondenominational Tuition: $4800-$11,700 Scholarship/financial aid available: Yes Teacher/student ratio: 17:1 Percent going to college: 100 Hot buttons: CHCA offers academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment and is dedicated to instilling a passion for learning, leading, and serving. CHCA serves over 1,400 PK-12 students across all campuses.

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Superior education St. Veronica Catholic School provides a superior education for students from kindergarten through eighth grade. The school's standardized testing scores illustrate this excellence. St. Veronica School consistently ranks in the top 10 percent of all schools nationwide. The curriculum, which follows both faith and secular-based fundamentals, creates well-educated and involved members of the community through local and worldwide service projects as well as varied academic and extracurricular activities. St. Veronica offers an after-school band program, an award winning vocal ensemble, and a drama program that is now in practice for the production of its spring musical. The school’s art program also offers pottery, painting, and origami classes for enrichment after school. St. Veronica serves its community through the before and after school program. This program assures working parents that children have a safe learning environment before and after regular school hours. The school offers a fullday kindergarten as well as a half-day kindergarten. The full-day program provides children who are ready for the challenge of a full day the opportunity to benefit from additional hours of learning. Children who may need the extra hours for help in certain areas, such as speech, also benefit from the full-day program. In addition, this program benefits working parents by extending the hours their child spends learning and allowing the child to participate in the latchkey program before and after school. For more information visit ol or call 528-0442.


Choose MORE for your child • MORE Academic success: Students at St. Thomas More consistently score in the top 15 percentile on national tests, and exceeded the Archdiocesan scores in writing at all tested grade levels this school year. The challenging curriculum, highly trained staff and extensive support services help all children to experience success in the classroom. Twice a week Spanish instruction in the junior high builds competence and confidence in preparation for high school foreign language requirements.

• MORE access to technology: At St. Thomas More school, your child enters a facility with Internet access and interactive whiteboards in all classrooms, wireless access throughout the campus, and United Streaming multimedia online resources. Edline, a secure web portal, keeps home and school connected with 24/7 access to grades, as well as school, PTO, and Booster news. • MORE religious education: In addition to religion classes, St. Thomas More offers your child weekly opportunities to attend Mass and other

liturgical celebrations that are intended to support the faith that you have built at home. Father Bill does a great job bring the gospel to life for the students with his stories! Older students participate in Mass planning and ministries-acting as lectors, servers and greeters. • MORE community: Your child is surrounded at St. Thomas More School by a caring and loving community of students, faculty, staff, and volunteers who value each other. The student: teacher ratio of 18:1 is the lowest in the area and underscores our commit-

Act today to choose MORE for your child and enroll at St. Thomas More … ment to forming a closeknit learning community. St. Thomas More nurtures your child in an atmosphere that feels like a home away from home. Act today to choose MORE for your child and enroll at St. Thomas More for the upcoming school year. For more information contact the school office at 753-2540.

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Guardian Angels School 6539 Beechmont Avenue Mt. Washington, 624-3141 Kindergarten through grade eight Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

Hillside Christian Academy 5554 Muddy Creek Road Western Hills, 451-3777 4255 Ashland Ave. Norwood, 451-3777 K-3 through grade 12 Religious affiliation: Baptist

Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic

7800 Beechmont Avenue Anderson Township, 388-4086 First through grade eight (Will have kindgergarten starting Fall 2010.) Enrollment: 630 Religious affiliation: Catholic Tuition: $3,384 (parishioner), $5,849 (nonparishioner) Scholarship/Financial aid available: Yes, multiple child discount available. Teacher/student ratio: 1:22 Hot buttons: The Immaculate Heart of Mary Roman Catholic School Community provides a caring and challenging educational environment for children. We value the individual child, nurture spiritual growth, and promote student responsibility and independence. We provide excellence through an integrated curriculum based on the

gospel values of Jesus Christ, and current educational practices that include activities suited to a variety of learning styles. In 2004 named a No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon School. Offers an After-care Program.

Liberty Bible Academy 4900 Old Irwin-Simpson Road Mason, 754-1234 Pre-school through grade eight Enrollment: 150 Religious affiliation: Nondenominational

Mars Hill Academy 4230 Aero Drive Mason, 770-3223 Kindergarten through grade 12 Enrollment: 270 Religious affiliation: Historic Protestant

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Marva Collins Prep School 7855 Dawn Road Roselawn, 761-6609 Pre-K through grade eight Enrollment: 60 Religious affiliation: None

Mercy Montessori Center 2335 Grandview Ave. East Walnut Hills, 475-6700 Pre-school through grade eight Enrollment: 250 Religious affiliation: Catholic

Miami Valley Christian Academy 6830 School St. Newtown, 272-6822 Preschool through grade 12 Enrollment: 300 Religious affiliation: Nondenominational Scholarship/financial assistance available: Yes Percent going to college: 95

Teacher/student ratio: 1:18 Hot buttons: Quality Christian education in a loving environment with biblically integrated classes in all grades; spiritual and character development through daily Bible and discipleship classes; AP and Honors classes; co-curricular activities include athletics, drama, etc.

Milford Christian Academy

1365 Woodville Pike Milford, 575-1708 K-3 through grade 12 Enrollment: 234 Religious affiliation: Baptist

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Montessori Academy of Cincinnati & The Child’s Place of Cincinnati

8293 Duke Blvd. & 4936 Old Irwin-Simpson Mason, 398-7773 (MAC) 398-6928 (TCP) Grades: MAC - Preschool through eighth; TCP infants through 5 years old Enrolled: MAC - 300; TCP 150 Religious affiliation: None

Mount Notre Dame High School

711 E. Columbia Ave. Reading, 821-3044 Grades nine through 12 Enrollment: 760 Religious affiliation: Catholic Tuition: $8,600 Scholarships/financial aid available: Yes Teacher/student ratio: 1:15 Percent going to college: 99 Hot buttons: MND is one of the area’s premier college preparatory high schools. It offers 17 Advanced Placement and 19 Honors courses as well as Scholars Program and the institution of a Tablet PC Program for the Class of 2014.

The New School Montessori

3 Burton Woods Lane North Avondale, 281-7999 Preschool through grade six (3 years to grade 6) Enrollment: 150 Religious affiliation: None

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart 170 Siebenthaler Ave. Reading, 733-5225 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 169 Religious affiliation: Catholic

Prince of Peace Catholic School 6000 Murray Road Madisonville, 271-8288 Kindergarten through eighth grade Religious affiliation: Catholic www.princeofpeace

Purcell Marian High School (ECASE) 2935 Hackberry St. East Walnut Hills, 751-1230 Grades nine through 12 Enrollment: 430 Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

Queen of Angels Montessori 4460 Berwick Street Madison Place, 271-4171 Preschool through grade eight Enrollment: 185 Religious affiliation: Catholic

Renaissance Montessori School 9994 Zig Zag Road Montgomery, 234-5821 Toddler through first grade

Rockwern Academy 8401 Montgomery Road Kenwood, 984-3770 Pre2 through grade eight Enrollment: 215 Religious affiliation: Jewish Day School

Roger Bacon High School 4320 Vine St. St. Bernard, 641-1300 Grades nine through 12, coeducational Enrollment: 580 Religious affiliation: Catholic, all students welcome Tuition: $7,850 in parish; $8,050 out of parish. Scholarships/financial aid: Financial aid is available through the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and Roger Bacon’s own resources. For the 20082009 school year, Roger Bacon awarded more than one million dollars in scholarships and financial assistance to approximately 60 percent of the student body. Teacher/student ratio: 1:11 Percent going to college: 92 Hot buttons: Franciscan heritage with strong community service; new library, art rooms, guidance conference center and field turf; personalized attention in class and in college planning; emphasis on technology; consistent recognition as National Merit Scholars with seven in the class of 2009 and 24 in the last four years; extensive databases available in the library/

media center; wide range of extracurricular activities including band, underwater hockey and robotics club; family-like atmosphere.

Royalmont Academy 723 Western Row Road Mason, 754-0555 Pre-K3 through grade eight Enrollment: 155 Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

The Schilling School for Gifted Children 8100 Cornell Road Montgomery, 489-8940 Kindergarten through grade 12 Enrollment: 38 Religious affiliation: None

The Seven Hills School 5400 Red Bank Road Madisonville, 271-9027 Pre-kindergarten through grade 12 Enrollment: 965 Religious affiliation: None Tuition: $9,245 - $19,135 Scholarship/financial aid available: Yes Teacher/student ratio: 9 Percent going to college: 100

Springer School and Center 2121 Madison Road Hyde Park, 871-6080 First through grade eight Enrollment: 180 Religious affiliation: None Tuition: $19,250 Scholarships/financial aid

available: Yes Teacher/student ratio: 1:8 Hot buttons: Since 1971, Springer School and Center has empowered students with learning disabilities to lead successful lives. Springer is the only resource in the region dedicated entirely to learning disabilities.

Springs East Montessori School 9429 Loveland-Madeira Road Loveland, 793-7877 Preschool and kindergarten through grade three Enrollment: 75 Religious affiliation: None

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CHCA committed to strong academics, Christian education All parents desire the very best education for their children and choosing the right school can be a difficult decision. This is especially true in Cincinnati where there are many wonderful options. Some area schools are committed to strong academics; others are committed to Christian education. One school, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, a non-denominational pre-K through grade 12, excels at both. CHCA’s dedication to instilling a passion for learning, leading, and serving is unparalleled. Like many private schools, CHCA has much to offer in the way of smaller class sizes and more individualized attention.

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Add to that, new Science and Language Enrichment Labs at Edyth B. Lindner Elementary, a new Performing Arts area and a new Science and Academic Wing both at the Martha S. Lindner High School Campus, 116 new computers (including 74 new tablet PCs for middle and high school teachers), four Department of Education Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Awards, state-of-the-art facilities located on 23 wooded acres in Symmes Township, and CHCA makes for an extremely desirable choice. Then consider that all CHCA courses are taught at the college preparatory level; 15 Advanced Placement Courses are offered; and 100 percent of CHCA gradu-

ates go on to top colleges, with the majority accepted into the college of their first choice. Last year’s 118 graduates were accepted into 118 colleges and universities and received over $5.5 million in scholarship offers. Students are far from being classroom bound, though, completing thousands of hours of community service in Cincinnati, Florida, Tennessee, and even in Mexico and India. These are impressive academic statistics, but for many parents and staff, the wellroundedness of the school experience and focus on the faith centered mission are just as critical. “Integrating an atmosphere of unapologetic faith, academic excellence, promotion of athletics

and appreciation of the arts, while actively leveraging and engaging the expertise of staff and parents to further the school’s mission are normal parts of life at CHCA,” says Dr. Rob Hall, middle school principal and CHCA parent. “Instead of settling for one or the other in such scenarios, CHCA is successful in finding ways to do both. That is what makes CHCA such a unique and engaging place to work and learn. That’s why I not only work here but send my own children to school here as well.” To explore the possibility of your student soaring at CHCA, visit their new Web site at

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Fifty years of service to youth For more than 50 years Immaculate Heart of Mary School has been a place that has provided a Catholic education to families in and around Anderson Township. I.H.M. was named a 2004 U.S. Department of Education No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon School. This honor means that the parish school is a nationally recognized School of Excellence. They provide excellence through an integrated curriculum based on the gospel values of Jesus Christ and current educational practices that

include activities suited to a variety of learning styles. Academic programs and extracurricular activities are structured to help each student be successful. “We focus on their different learning styles and have intervention programs in place to address those needs,” says Mary Hedger, co-principal of the school. An enrichment program for older students is in its third year of operation. Spanish is taught to all grades, and an inhouse studio gives older students experience in broadcasting. The school

houses more than 19 interactive whiteboards, several laptop carts, a fully equipped computer lab, a piano lab, and a Starlab. IHM also has a band and a strings program. Students have the opportunity to enjoy a completed outdoor classroom that includes seating for an entire class, a water feature, trees, flowers, and children’s statuary. The area provides a peaceful environment to enjoy a good look or paint a beautiful picture. This year, IHM’s PTO is sponsoring an artist in residence. The focus is on stained glass. Older stu-

dents have the opportunity to design, cut, and assemble stained glass pieces that will be displayed in the main hallway of the building. Younger students are involved in making a quilt that will be sent to the children at the Educational Center in Batahola, their twinning parish. For more information on school registration for the 2009-2010 school year, please contact Debbi hill at 388-3020 or Information is also available on the Web site,

More than 100 years of excellence St Mary School enters its 101st year of Building a Family and educating students in kindergarten through grade eight. Wireless laptops for an entire class, smart boards in classrooms, math enrichment & high school algebra, and a compassionate community service program are all right at home at St. Mary School in the heart of Hyde Park. St Mary School has three times been awarded the National School of Excellence Blue Ribbon Award from the U.S. Department of Education. Teachers are trained in the Talents Unlimited teaching technique that develops productive thinking, communication, and decision-making skills for all students in every subject. St. Mary School offers excellence in education along with the opportunity for spiritual growth. Students participate in weekly Mass and community service programs. A state-of-the-art computer lab and wireless laptop computer carts provide cutting edge technology preparing students for a tech-savvy world. Spanish in kindergarten through grade eight, high school algebra, math enrichment, foreign exchange program, Jr. High Elective program, before and after school child care, and an emphasis on the fine arts round out the unique offerings at SMS. They would love to share their school with you. Please call them for a personal tour at 321-0703.


Instilling Catholic values McNicholas focuses on instilling Catholic values, providing an excellent academic environment and developing the leadership, social and athletic talents of its students. McNicholas was founded in 1951 as the first coeducational parochial high school in Greater Cincinnati. Its curriculum of study includes 15 Advanced Placement courses, 25 fine and performing arts electives and a fully mainstreamed learning disabilities program. The science department has received the governors award 20 consecutive years, and Thespians have performed 13 consecutive years at the Ohio Thespian Conference. They are a member of the GCL and GGCL athletic leagues. Ninety-seven percent of graduates enroll in college.

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St. Bernadette provides a complete education One visitor to St. Bernadette School commented: “The students seem to enjoy being here.” Small classes enable each teacher to reach each student. Instruction is challenging, and students are expected, encouraged and challenged to achieve at or above their ability levels. Catholic values form the basis for relationships among students, teachers and parents. Respect for others, caring for each other, and praying for and with each other are the building

Students are expected, encouraged and challenged to achieve … blocks of these relationships. Yes, St. Bernadette School is a very special place. Call 753-4744 for information or visit its Web site at


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The Summit Country Day School 2161 Grandin Road Hyde Park, 871-4700 Age 2 through grade 12 Enrollment: 1,100 Religious affiliation: Catholic, Independent Tuition: $5,200 to $17,500 Scholarships/financial aid available: Yes, K-12 Teacher/student ratio: 1:9 Percent going to college: 100 percent since 1890 Hot buttons: The area's only independent, Catholic, college-prep school serving students age 2 through grade 12 offers a diverse community of students who benefit from a rich, classical and challenging curriculum within three contiguous divisions. Extensive athletics; visual arts; and technology resources.

St. Andrew-St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School St. Andrew Campus 555 Main St. Milford, 831-5277 Sixth through eighth grade St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Campus 5900 Buckwheat Road Milford, 575-0093

Kindergarten through grade five Enrollment: 516 Religious affiliation: Catholic Tuition: Kindergarten half day – $2,250; kindergarten full day – $3,900, Grades 1-8 – $2,920 Scholarship/financial aid available: Yes Teacher/student ratio: 1:23 Hot buttons: St. Andrew-St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School focuses on its mission to serve as Christ wants us to serve. "Christ is the reason for our school."

St. Bernadette School 1453 Locust Lake Road Amelia, 753-4744 Preschool through eighth grade Enrollment: 190 Religious affiliation: Catholic Tuition K-8: $2,660 in parish; $4,200 out of parish. Pre-K 3year-olds: $1,300 (two half-day classes per week.) Pre-K 4year-olds: $1,800 (three halfday classes per week) Scholarship/financial aid : Yes Teacher/student ratio: 1:15 Hot buttons: St. Bernadette School is committed to preparing each student to live a Christian life and enriching their character. We offer each student the opportunity to learn the skills necessary or becoming a productive and caring member of society.

St. Cecilia School 4115 Taylor Ave. Oakley, 533-6060 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 197 Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Columban School 896 Oakland Road Loveland, 683-7903 Grades: Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 698 Religious affiliation: Catholic Tuition: $2,500 Kindergarten $2,900 First child $5,510 Two children $7,975 Three children* Scholarship/financial aid available: Tuition assistance is available Hot buttons: St. Columban School … where Faith makes the difference.

St. Edmund Campion Academy

4100 Taylor Ave. Oakley, 871-0331 Grades one through 12 Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Gertrude 6543 Miami Ave. Madeira, 561-8020 P-4 through grade eight Enrollment: 460 Religious affiliation: Catholic

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19 St. Mary School

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St. Louis School 250 North Broadway Owensville, 732-0636 Pre-K through grade eight Enrollment: 170 Religious affiliation: Catholic Tuition: $2,650 one student, $5,000 two students Scholarship/Financial aid available: yes Teacher/student ratio: 1:16 Hot Buttons: The small family atmosphere provides the opportunity for individual attention within a challenging curriculum to optimize student achievement, growth of leadership capabilities and a spirit of servitude. Promote use of technology in classrooms (Smart Boards and desktops) and possess a 35person computer lab; software for language curriculum, math, reading, writing; grading and assignments;

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resources to assist students with learning differences; and extracurricular First LEGO Robotics Team(s).

St. Mark’s Lutheran School 5849 Buckwheat Road Milford, 575-3354 Pre-2 through grade seven Enrollment: 162 Religious affiliation: Lutheran

2845 Erie Ave. Hyde Park, 321-0703 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 517 Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic Tuition: $2,950 in parish and $5,550 out of parish Scholarship/financial aid available: Check with school office Teacher/student ratio: 1:18, 1:15 kindergarten Hot buttons: Three-time award-winner of the National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence; Spanish K-8; stateof-the-art technology; fine arts abound, community service, and strong Catholic identity.

St. Michael School

11136 Oak Street Sharonville, 554-3555 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 410 Religious affiliation: Catholic

Hot buttons: National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence; Extended Day Program; Math and reading enrichment; Spanish for grades 1-8; stateof-the-art technology.

St. Nicholas Academy

7131 Plainfield Road Deer Park, 686-2727 Preschool through grade eight Enrollment: 212 Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Peter Claver Latin School for Boys

121 East 13th St. Cincinnati, 929-9164 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 36 Religious affiliation: Catholic

Saints Peter and Paul Academy 231 Clark Road Reading, 761-7772 Kindergarten through eighth grade

St. Rita School for the Deaf 1720 Glendale-Milford Road Cincinnati, 771-7600 Daycare through grade 12 Enrollment: 180 Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Susanna 500 Reading Road Mason, 398-3821 Grades one through eight Enrollment: 620 Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Thomas More School 788 Ohio Pike Withamsville, 753-2540 Kindergarten (half day and full day) through grade eight Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

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Teaching tomorrow's leaders with today's technology Teaching tomorrow’s leaders with today’s technology, St. Louis School in Owensville has partnered with the community to continually enhance its programming. Despite its small size, the school enjoys Smart Boards in every classroom, a fullyequipped 35 terminal computer lab, as well as about four computers within each classroom. The school has access to accelerated programs for math, reading and writing, online Rosetta Stone Language, EdLine for assignment and grading, and numerous new resources for students with special learning needs in any core area. Of significance this year is the addition of a PreKindergarten program, led by teacher Jen Arnold, herself an alum. “It is my goal

to create a preschool environment that is cheerful, fun and challenging with activities that are developmentally appropriate and designed to encourage social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth in each child. We will provide activities that develop kindergarten readiness, such as, listening, language development, group interaction, letter/sound recognition, counting/number recognition, dramatic play, art, music, and small and large

motor activities,” she says. She continues: “With a small teacher to student ratio, seven enrolled in our class, our preschool program will provide a more individualized instruction for students.” The school enjoys a 16:1 teacher to student ratio. This small group setting accentuates opportunities for teacher collaboration. In her 10th year with St. Louis, Intervention Specialist Kelly Stitzel provides auxiliary services to students with special

needs. Stitzel enjoys the small setting and faculty in-services, which are encouraging differentiation approaches to education and greater strategies for a variety of students, to include those with learning disabilities. Teachers are so willing to collaborate and support accommodations in the classroom.” In addition to an excellent educational curriculum that follows the Archdiocesan Program, the school also offers outstanding extracurricular activities, including choir, piano and violin lessons, scouting, First Lego League, and sports. With the support of a corporate sponsorship through SAP, Phil Smith will serve as another coach for a second school Lego Team, an extracurricular activity using

robotics to foster learning in science and technology. Parent of two alumnae, Smith “watched from afar” how the participation could aid student learning and build critical skills during elementary years. “It just creates relevance for the students, not just textbook learning.” Lego League experiences provide experiential learning and problem-solving opportunities, coupled with presentation skills: invaluable skill sets in ‘real life’ and business environments.” Public schools within 30 minutes of the school provide bus transportation to St. Louis, Owensville in Clermont County. For more information and 2010 Open House schedule, visit or call 732-0636 to arrange a tour at your convenience.

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Continuing long tradition of quality education The St. Michael family is celebrating the 90th anniversary of the parish this fall. The faith tradition and stability of the parish is one of the main building blocks in the success of St. Michael School. Continuing a long tradition of quality education, St. Michael’s boasts a faculty that is extremely well qualified and experienced. The teachers’ commitment to Catholic education is evident in their ability to develop the student’s faith formation as well as bring out their best academically. The students’ consistent academic performance can be attributed to the dedication of the teachers

at St. Michael’s. One of the benefits of attending St. Michael is the specialized attention that the teachers can provide each student. In addition to each of the homeroom teachers, the school offers enrichment teachers for reading, math, written language and speech. This specialization allows for students that may need extra assistance in mastering a concept to get the attention that they need. The enrichment programs also offer students who are excelling an opportunity to experience greater challenges. The children, under the faithful guidance of the teachers, are

encouraged to achieve to their best ability everyday. This is seen in all the activities in which the children participate. The pride in accomplishment can be seen in their eyes while they are participating in Mass, academics, sports, band, student council, and many other after-school activities. The children at St. Michael’s learn more than what is in a book; they learn respect for others and how to be a caring and responsible person. This is seen in many of the student driven events such as coat drives, canned food drives and other outreach activities. Students, teachers, parents

St. Michael is a 2009 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. and the parish community have started the 2009-2010 school year with excitement for the many learning opportunities and special events planned for the year. To learn more about what St. Michael School has to offer, please visit

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The Compass School

St. Ursula Academy

9370 Waterstone Blvd. Montgomery, 683-8833 Six weeks to age 12 Enrollment: 140 Religious affiliation: None

1339 E. McMillan St. East Walnut Hills, 961-3410 Grades nine through 12, (all female) Religious affiliation: Catholic

Kehilla School for Creative Jewish Education

St. Ursula Villa 3660 Vineyard Place Mount Lookout, 871-7218 Preschool(age 3) through grade eight Enrollment: 490 Religious affiliation: Ursuline, Independent Catholic Tuition: $2,134 to $8,943 Scholarship/financial aid available: Yes, EdChoice participant, financial aid available Teacher/student ratio: 1:10 Hot buttons: Emphasis on individual students’ needs and abilities creates dynamic classroom setting for support and challenge. Small class size, family atmosphere, Ursuline values, nurturing the whole child, outstanding high school preparation.

(New school formed by the combining of Northern Hills Synagogue and Congregation Ohav Shalom) The school will alternate locations: in the first semester, beginning Sept. 9, students will learn at Ohav Shalom (8100 Cornell Road) on Wednesdays and at Northern Hills Synagogue (5714 Fields Ertel Road) on Sundays. For the second semester, in late January, the locations will switch. 931-6040 Pre-kindergarten through grade seven Enrollment: 45 Religious affiliation: Jewish Egalitarian

KinderCare Learning Centers

St. Veronica School 4473 Mt. Carmel Tobasco Road Mount Carmel, 528-0442 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 470 Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic Tuition: Call school Scholarship/financial aid available Teacher/student ratio: 1:19 Hot buttons: St. Veronica offers a curriculum rich in values and academic excellence as well as the arts and music. Spanish classes for students in K to 8. Students of all backgrounds and abilities are successful. Both remedial and challenge programs are available.

St. Vincent Ferrer 7754 Montgomery Road Kenwood, 791-6320 Kindergarten through grade eight Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Xavier High School 600 W. North Bend Road Springfield Township,


5857 Cinema Dr Milford, 576-0300 10695 Loveland-Madeira Rd Loveland, 683-2641 Grades: 6 weeks - 12 years Religious affiliation: None

Prodigy Preschool 6407 Branch Hill-Guinea Road Miami Township, 683-2345 Ages 6 weeks through 10 years old Religious affiliation: None 761-7600 Grades nine through 12 Enrollment: 1,550 (all male) Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic Tuition: Call school Scholarship/financial aid available: Yes, more than 28 percent receive more than 2.3 million with average award $5,500 Teacher/student ratio: 1:15 Percent going to college: 100 Hot buttons: 75 percent of the graduating Class of 2009 received some form of academic, service and/or athletic

scholarship. Twenty-four Advanced Placement courses are offered in seven subject areas. Taking these courses gives students college credit prior to enrollment into college. St. Xavier is routinely one of the top high schools in the area with students named national merit finalists, semifinalists and commended students. More than half of our Division I athletic teams have won state championships; 41 total state championships have been won by our athletic teams which is tops in the State of Ohio.

Ursuline Academy 5535 Pfeiffer Road Blue Ash, 791-5791 Grades nine through 12 (all female) Religious affiliation: Catholic

Village Christian School 4581 Long Spurling Road Pleasant Plain, 877-2143 Pre-kindergarten through grade twelve Religious affiliation: Church of Christ

Seton Preschool 5900 Buckwheat Road, Milford, 45150 Miami Township, 575-9900 Enrollment: (3-year-old, 4-yearold, and 5-year-old classes) 130 preschoolers Religious affiliation: Catholic Tuition: 2-day classes- $145 per month, 3-day classes $170 per month, 5-day class $210 per mont; $75 Registration Fee No financial assistance available

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Seton Preschool cont. Two teachers per class Hot buttons: Our curriculum focuses on language and social skills, fine and gross motor activities, along with reading, writing and math readiness skills in a Christ centered environment which enables the child to have a comfortable transition into kindergarten.

Sharonville United Methodist Church Weekday Nursery School and Kindergarten

3751 Creek Road Sharonville, 563-8278 1 Age 2 ⁄2 through kindergarten Enrollment: 185 Religious affiliation: Methodist

Tuition: Ranges from two sessions per week at $120/month to $182/month or five sessions per week Scholarship/financial aid available: Discount for church members Teacher/student ratio: 1:10 preschool and school-aged, 1-7 toddlers

Youthland Academy 455 Wards Corner Road Loveland ⁄ Miami Township, 248-2218 Grades: 6 weeks - 12 years Religious affiliation: None

Youthland Academy 55 W. Technecenter Drive Milford ⁄ Miami Township, 831-5459 Grades: 6 weeks - 12 years Religious affiliation: none

Xavier University Montessori Lab School 3800 Victory Parkway Cincinnati, 745-3424 Pre-kindergarten through grade three Religious affiliation: None montessori


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CreativeLiving INSIDE: Wow Windows The beauty of fall Seton High School A novel idea Judson Village Your family is our family

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St. Xavier High School, a place good for you always For more than 178 years St. Xavier High School’s educational heritage – inspired by more than 450 years of Jesuit tradition – has been a warm, welcoming atmosphere of learning, friendship and spiritual affirmation. Young men from more than 100 grade schools throughout Greater Cincinnati come to St. X’s 110-acre campus and leave to populate the world as men with a genuine sense of home and belonging. The Jesuit ideal of cura personalis – care of the whole person – synthesizes mind, body and spirit in an academically rigorous college preparatory education. St. Xavier High School offers an intentional focus on the intellectual, physical, spiritual, expressive and interpersonal gifts of its students as conveyed in the teachings of St. Ignatius Loyola,

founder of the Jesuit order. St. Ignatius said an education devoted to the full development of each student would produce Christian leaders capable of seeing God in all things and answering God’s call. Today Jesuit students across the country use a document known as The Graduate at Graduation as a road map to this complete education. St. X students, by the time they earn their diplomas, are expected to be open to growth, intellectually competent, religious, loving and committed to doing justice. St. Xavier High School students and graduates attempt to live up to the school motto of being men for and with others while always seeking the magis – the more – and living lives in pursuit of justice and service to community as exemplified by Jesus Christ.

Where faith makes the difference God says: Say it, Pray it, Believe it, Receive it! St. Columban School is committed to creating a community permeated with Gospel values and to providing an enriching and challenging learning environment for all students. During this academic year, teachers and students will explore and work each trimester on developing a particular value trait as outlined in our school-wide Catholic Identity goal. During class discussions, they will collaborate to create t-charts as a means to learn “what the gospel value looks like (positive actions) and what it doesn’t look like (negative actions). The first trimester will be used to explore Evangelization. We are called by the ministry of Jesus to follow Him and

spread the Word. St. Columban students nourish their own faith with morning Scripture readings and weekly liturgies, and then reach out to spread God’s love to others through numerous service projects. Trimester two will be devoted to promoting Discipline through Prayer. By incorporating prayer into the daily routines of everyday home and school life (morning prayer, meal prayer, evening prayer), they want students to better appreciate the presence of God’s love and mercy in their lives and respond with praise and thanksgiving. Respect all Life will be featured in the third trimester. We are created in God’s image and we are His masterpiece. Students can demonstrate

St. Columban fosters an environment where faith does make the difference. their respect for all people, especially those that they see every day by inviting someone to play, cheering for others, using peaceful words and refraining from making fun of someone. Gospel Values proclaim the message of Jesus. Actions and outreach derived from these values will make a lasting impact inside and outside the classroom. St. Columban truly fosters an environment where faith does make the difference.

Xperience Day Program The Xperience Day program is designed to provide interested eighth-grade young men with a first hand day-long experience on the campus of St. X. The program runs from Oct. 6, 2009 to Jan. 22, 2010 on selected Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Prospective students will be hosted throughout the day by a member of the Ambassadors of Xcellence club, a select group of freshmen qualified to speak on the various aspects and programs at St. Xavier High School. For more information about our shadowing program, please contact Mike Haskins at or 761-7815.

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Private School Directory