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PRIVATE SCHOOL DIRECTORY Our community’s private schools are rich in tradition and quality education. Students at private schools get a lot from their education - a sprit of giving back, a respect for education and a deeply rooted value system. Editor’s note: Below is a list of private schools in the area and pertinent information about them. They are listed in alphabetical order. If you have questions about the information in this list, contact Melissa Hayden, specialty publications editor at 513-248-7121.

Community Christian Academy

Covington Latin

11875 Taylor Mill Road Independence, 356-7990 Preschool through grade 12 Enrollment: 230 Religious Affiliation: Non-denominational

21 E. 11th St. Covington, 291-7044 Grades eight through 12 Enrollment: 240 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

innovative corporate work-study program. In a safe nurturing environment, the school strives to develop the full potential of each student spiritually, academically, physically and emotionally in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Bishop Brossart High School

DePaul Cristo Rey High School

Heritage Academy

Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy

4 Grove Street Alexandria, 635-2108 Grades nine through 12 Enrollment: 357 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

Blessed Sacrament 2407 Dixie Highway Fort Mitchell, 331-3062 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 610 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

Calvary Christian 5955 Taylor Mill Road Taylor Mill, 356-9201 Preschool through grade 12 Enrollment: 396 Religious Affiliation: Baptist

Inside St. Henry District High School . . . . . 5 SMARTER Learning Systems. . . . . . . 6

Contact The “Private School Directory” is published twice a year. The guide is organized by the Specialty Publications Department of The Community Press/The Community Recorder. Questions and comments can be sent to Editor Melissa Hayden c/o The Community Press/394 Wards Corner/Loveland, OH 45140 or e-mail mhayden@community Or call 248-7121. For advertising call 578-5501.

195 Buttermilk Pike Lakeside Park, 640-5147 Kindergarten through grade three Religious Affiliation: Christian

Cornerstone Montessori 2048 Alexandria Pike Highland Heights, 491-9960 Preschool through grade eight Enrollment: 70 Religious Affiliation: None

Covington Catholic 1600 Dixie Highway Park Hills, 491-2247 Grades nine through 12 (all male) Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic

1133 Clifton Hills Avenue Clifton, 861-0600 Grades nine through 12 Enrollment: Target 100 per class for a total of 400 Religious Affiliation: Catholic, Sponsored by the Sisters of Charity Tuition: $5,000 Scholarship/Financial Assistance: Most students will relieve $2,500 in initial financial assistance through academic scholarships and/or financial aid. EdChoice will also be accepted. Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:15 Percent Going to College: Most Cristo Rey High Schools have 100 percent college acceptance rates. Hot Buttons: DePaul Cristo Rey High School, sponsored by the Sisters of Charity, provides an opportunity for young men with economic need to obtain a Catholic college prepatory education made affordable though an

7216 U.S. 42 Florence, 525-0213 Pre-kindergarten through grade 12 Enrollment: 150 Sponsor Church: Heritage Fellowship

Holy Cross Elementary 3615 Church Street Covington, 581-6599 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 180 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

Holy Cross High 3617 Church Street Covington, 431-1335 Grades nine through 12 Enrollment: 447 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

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Directory | From 2 Holy Family Catholic 338 E. 16th Street Covington, 581-0290 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 65 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

Holy Trinity Elementary 235 Division Street Bellevue, 291-6937 Kindergarten through grade five Enrollment: 109 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

Holy Trinity Junior High 840 Washington Avenue Newport, 292-0487 Grades six through eight Enrollment: 34 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

Immaculate Heart of Mary 5876 Veterans Way Burlington, 689-4303 Preschool through grade eight Enrollment: 686 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

Mary Queen of Heaven 1130 Donaldson Highway Erlanger, 371-8100 Preschool through grade eight Enrollment: 239 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

Newport Central Catholic High 13 Carothers Road Newport, 292-0001 Grades nine through 12 Enrollment: 418 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

Northern Kentucky Montessori Center Inc. 2625 Anderson Road Crescent Springs, 331-3725 Grades: Preschool and kindergarten Enrollment: 58 Religious Affiliation: None Tuition: $4,550 half day and $7,300 full day Scholarship/Financial Assistance: yes Teacher/Student ration: 1:10

Notre Dame Academy 1699 Hilton Drive Park Hills, 261-4300 Grades nine through 12 Enrollment: 617 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

Prince of Peace

St. Anthony

St. Catharine of Siena

625 Pike Street Covington, 431-5153 Kindergarten through grade eight and Montessori grades one through eight Enrollment: 110 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

485 Grand Avenue Taylor Mill, 431-5987 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 59 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

23 Rossford Ave. Fort Thomas, 572-2680 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 150 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

Smarter Learning Systems 276 General Mitchell Lane Fort Mitchell, 341-7326 Kindergarten through grade 12 Enrollment: 30 Tuition: Varies with program Scholarship/Financial Assistance: Yes Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:1 Percent Going to College: 100 Hot Buttons: Students receive 100 percent of teachers’ attention. Students are respected. Teacher works very closely with the family and motivates students to be their best at whatever they do.

St. Augustine 1840 Jefferson Avenue Covington, 261-5564 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 137 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

St. Agnes 1322 Sleepy Hollow Road Fort Wright, 261-0543 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 412 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

St. Cecilia 5313 Madison Pike Independence, 363-4314 Preschool through grade eight Enrollment: 205 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

St. Henry 3825 Dixie Highway Erlanger, 342-2551 Preschool through grade eight Enrollment: 301 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

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Why a high school needs social media in its community management strategy The community we’ve always had Students. Parents. Teachers. Alumni. Alumni parents. Grandparents. Sponsors. Business supporters. District pastors. District parishioners. Eighth-graders. Eighth-grade parents. District grade schoolers. CCD students. Guest speakers. Service project coordinators. The list goes on and on. The SHDHS community numbers in the tens of thousands, which surprises many people considering the fact it is a small school with only 500 students. It will continue to grow even larger once we move forward with virtual curriculum choices and other alternatives and opportunities to expand the traditional classroom into the future.

spawn a viral event. In the daily leap of evolution in modern communications, we are now accomplishing so much more than that: it’s about more than just providing information. Side effect or not, virtual communities have become living and breathing organisms. They need to be fed – continuously. Relevance, content, and timeliness are crucial, but expressing appreciation and making people feel welcome are becoming more and more important.

the-speed-of-light tweeting and posting is to be connected and truly present, in real time. No one is interested in out-of-date comments posted just for the sake of posting something.

mertime before school starts, and the most common feedback received was that it should be held during the school year so that more students would be able to come.

It’s all about relationships The big picture

Being director of development and alumni relations has always been about reaching out and building relationships. But these new tools are enabling me to take it to a new level by helping people build relationships not just with me, but True motivations “There are two needs especial- more importantly with everyone else in the community. That is ly evident in our society which where I can give them something concern to varying degree all of value, and so the creation of those that live and work in our communities, namely, the need to community has become the overarching perspective of everything I establish truly human relations do, and I am learning to develop a and the need for individuals to new appreciation for the architechave a purpose in life,” wrote Bernardino Casadei in “Promoting ture of it. The best thought of the day is always “Someone is paying New communications the Culture of Giving: The me to do this!” Such a community needs man- Experience of Italy,” in Local The ultimate accomplishment aging and directing. It needs to Mission, Global Vision (Peter is the greater good manifested be interactive, responsive, and deCourcy Hero and Peter through a living and breathing kept up-to-date. Any organizaWalkenhorst, editors). community of people previously tional leader will tell you that Any public relations/commuunassociated with one another – communications are a limiting nications professional can see the the fact that we are talking about success factor. Working together value of marketing that successwhat Robert Putnam calls “bridgand keeping everyone informed fully establishes a sense of welling social capital” (as opposed to of school events, current affairs, being and creates meaningful “bonding social capital”), connectcollege application requirements, relationships in its target audiing what were disparate groups and the over abundance of gener- ence. Just google “Coca-Cola into a new community with comal information is critical for our ads” and look at the images that mon purpose. Embracing diversischool community to thrive both pop up: amorous couples, cute ty, being open to differences, in and out of the classroom, or little kids, Santa Claus. learning about and enjoying other the front office. Add to that slogans like, “It’s people makes it so interesting. But the days of relying chiefly the real thing” and “Things go In a Catholic high school like on informational websites, online better with Coke” and you have SHDHS, bringing together those bulletin boards, and e-mail feel-good central. previously unconnected groups is newsletters are nearly extinct. The very notion of creating powerful. Witness the coming Those components are still neces- community is exciting, and chartogether of our student body and sary, but now part of a much acterized by much positive enerour alumni at this summer’s larger and more complex model. gy. One of the more challenging Social media platforms are aspects of this work is the discov- annual Alumni and Friends Picnic. The bridges built between changing limited one- and twoery that no boundaries exist. We the past and the future were irreway communications into realcan take it anywhere we wish to placeable, and the age gap disaptime community conversations take it – making it as big or as peared right before our eyes, that jump across subject and small as we want it to be. audience thresholds. Planning and strategy are very which is really saying something when you are talking about conOriginally, marketing folks important in that kind of envinecting with teenagers. The picwere very excited to create word- ronment. What must drive the nic is usually held in the sumof-mouth marketing that would machine in today’s faster-than-

When it comes to a Community Management Strategy incorporating social media, one cannot overstress the importance of two things: 1) real events, and 2) a grassroots approach. As stated by Kevin Dugan, director of marketing at Empower MediaMarketing, founder of Cincinnati Social Media Inc., and host/author of the online blog Strategic Public Relations, “no social media platform can replicate the original social network – meeting live and in person.” There is nothing that takes the place of a handshake, a good laugh, and listening to someone tell their story to a group of friends. As far as taking a grassroots approach to community building, it is essential to success. Ultimately it is the members of the community who are reaching out and building bridges. As community managers, we are just facilitating, by providing forum and opportunity, and most importantly by carefully listening to discover what members want to do next.

People matter most In closing, it’s important to remember that good communications and public relations will always be a good thing for an organization, whether you are talking about a high school like SHDHS, a medical practice, a marketing firm, or a governmental agency. However, as Robert D. Putnam, Harvard, points out in his book, “Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community,” “Henry Ward

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Private School Directory


The foundation of lifelong learning Study skills are the foundation of a love for learning. “If you want your child to be the best he or she can be, you should make sure that he or she has the correct and consistent study skills and that they can use them confidently,” explains Education Specialist Stefanie Parker. Parker has devoted her life to laying this foundation which provides children the ability and confidence to succeed and live life to the fullest. In 1990, she opened SMARTER Learning Systems, where she offers a study skills

course, general tutoring and homeschooling and test preparation. Teaching study skills is something Stefanie truly enjoys. She has created a relaxing environment in the Learning Center that is fun and functional. More importantly, she treats each child with respect, honoring their individuality and encouraging their confidence. The first lesson she provides is the importance of having a positive attitude. She then shows the student how to organize his or her time, how to study and how to take the test. It is a comprehensive

and goal-oriented course. In the end the child has acquired necessary skill for lifelong learning. A Northern Kentucky native, Stefanie has been an educator since 1971 and is a graduate cum laude of Jacksonville University. In 1975, Stefanie returned to Northern Kentucky and taught at Notre Dame Academy and Covington Catholic. After many years of teaching, tutoring and coaching, as well as working in the corporate setting she opened the Learning Center. She published a textbook on study skills in 1984 and has conducted numerous classes and

… she treats each child with respect …

workshops at many schools in the area, including Northern Kentucky University's Community Education. For more information on SMARTER Learning Systems call 341-7326 or visit

Social media | From 5 Beecher’s advice a century ago to ‘multiply picnics’ is not entirely ridiculous today. We should do this, ironically, not because it will be good for America – though it will be – but because it will be good for us.” The best thing about building a community is the benefits it brings to the people who belong to it. Even better yet is watching those people make the community grow as a result of their participation. Here at SHDHS the best example is, ironically, picnics. From “Grillin’ with Gish” (our Assistant Principal), to “Bach-yard Barbecues” (our chaplain is Father Bach), Senior Class After-School Grillouts, and the Alumni and Friends Picnic, Crusaders know how to have a get-together. Check out the radio show podcasts, videos, photos and stories at You can also follow them on Twitter, connect at LinkedIn, and be their friend on facebook. Go to for more information.

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Don’t be left out Call 578-5501 to learn how you can be a part of the February 2011 edition of the Private School Directory, published bi-annually by The Community Press/Recorder.

Private School Directory


Directory | From 3 St. Henry District High School

St. Peter and Paul

St. Thomas

3755 Scheben Drive Erlanger, 525-0255 Grades nine through 12 Enrollment: 475 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

2160 California Cross Road California, 635-4382 Preschool through grade eight Enrollment: 179 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

428 S. Fort Thomas Ave. Fort Thomas, 572-4641 Preschool through grade eight Enrollment: 230 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

St. Philip’s

Trent Montessori

St. Joseph Academy 48 Needmore Street Walton, 485-6444 Preschool through grade eight Enrollment: 185 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

St. Joseph at Camp Springs 6829 Four Mile Road Camp Springs, 635-5652 Kindergarten through grade eight Religious Affiliation: Catholic www.stjosephcampspringsschool.cath

St. Joseph School 2474 Lorraine Avenue Crescent Springs, 578-2742 Preschool through grade eight Enrollment: 375 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

St. Mary’s 9 S. Jefferson Street Alexandria, 635-9539 Preschool through grade eight Religious Affiliation: Catholic

St. Joseph at Cold Spring

St. Paul School

4011 Alexandria Pike Cold Spring, 441-2025 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 474 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

7303 Dixie Highway Florence, 647-4070 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 445 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

1400 Mary Ingles Highway Melbourne, 441-3423 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 82 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

St. Pius X 348 Dudley Road Edgewood, 341-4900 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 525 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

St. Therese 2516 Alexandria Pike Southgate, 441-0449 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 334 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

305 Park Ave. Newport, 491-3223 Preschool through kindergarten Enrollment: 64

Villa Madonna Academy 2500 Amsterdam Road Villa Hills, 331-6333 Kindergarten through grade 12 Enrollment: 517 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

Zion Christian Academy 10310 Dixie Highway Florence, 371-9008 Pre-school through grade six Enrollment: 78 Religious Affiliation: Non-denominational

Private Schools - KY  

Private Schools - KY

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