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Total community involvement St. Louis School specializes and thrives on a sense of community. Service is at the core of the school’s mission. There are countless community service projects, many running simultaneously, that link students to the greater community. Many are orchestrated by Student Council who selects philanthropic needs and coordinates the supportive events (penny drives for spina bifida, child organ transplant association, food drives for St. Vincent de Paul, aid for victims of Hurricane Katrina and the local windstorm, HCEF Outreach to Palestinian Educators, and Matthew 25: Ministries). Many students independently find a passion for service and ask for fellow student support (Water collection for Haiti, food drives, tuition assistance, and volunteer work with Thomas A. Wildey

School which assists individuals with special needs such as MR/DD). The school also hosts scouting programs that provide acts of service (Children’s Shriner’s Hospital, Operation Christmas Child, and St. Vincent de Paul food drives). Additionally, the school’s service efforts for our military illustrate a continuous theme of patriotism and embracing of military personnel and their families. These activities involve a total community to rally support and prayers for those fighting for freedom. Students collect items and the school and scouting programs send care packages to the military. Last year, the eighth-graders engaged in pen pal programs with troops. On Oct. 8, 2009, the students enthusiastically designed appreci-

To focus directly on the “neediest” of the troops, the school colSt. Louis School lected donations of socks and foot powder. “Operation Sock specializes and Drop” focused on supporting strives on a frontline troops in Afghanistan. Approximately 1,000 pairs of sense of new socks were shipped to community. troops by Veterans Day. St. Louis School in conjunction ation cards for the military during with the Nick Erdy Foundation found that community spirit and the airing of “St. Louis is a Cool patriotism is contagious. School” on Fox 19. Marketing started with the St. “We instill patriotism in our students, a love for our country,” Louis school and church family, said Principal Peg Hunsberger to who wanted to honor the memory of graduate Nick Erdy, who Dan Carroll on Fox19 News. lost his life in Iraq, through this This year, fourth- through eighth-graders are also recogniz- military service project. We invite you to experience a ing the sacrifices of military famischool where faith meets educalies. Students are writing thank tion. Public schools within 30 you letters and poems for these minutes provide bus transportafamily members as they enjoy tion to St. Louis. post-deployment reunions For more information, visit through the Compass Retreat or call 732-0636. Center.

Private School Directory


The Summit’s recipe for college placement success “My main goal is to help families understand that finding the best fit for their child is the key to college success,” says Maureen Ferrell, director of College Counseling at The Summit Country Day School. “I aim to help each one find the kind of environment where they will succeed and be happy.” Maureen says these words with power and enthusiasm, the kind of confidence and positivity parents look for in regards to the future of their children. Maureen however, is not the only person guiding these students to fulfilling their dreams. She works closely with a team of experts who have diverse experiences and talents. A key component to

college admissions is the essay. Enter Steve Penticuff, Upper School English teacher and a key player in The Summit’s College Counseling team. Steve teaches freshman speech and ninth grade English, coordinates the school newspaper and the Upper School’s new Chapel Talks program. Summit students begin writing their college essay in the spring of their junior year. “Really, all of the teachers are part of a team because they all have played an important role in preparing these students for this moment,” he says. Steve works with the juniors and seniors as they perfect their essays before admission. He acts as editor by pointing out any grammatical errors;

and in groups to calm their nerves and get them through the interview successfully. With 14 years of experience in college admission at Xavier University, Kelley is indeed expert in the field. Asked what she misses most about her past career, she says, “working with the students.” Students attend workshops led by Kelley, make an appointment and experience a mock-interview. Afterwards she gives the students feedback, including areas that need improvement, questions Maureen Ferrell, director of College Counseling at The Summit Country Day School. they need to explore and answers that need more however, more important- most? The interview. No thoughtful attention. ly, he acts as a mentor as problem…Director of Kelley is also the point he guides students to find Admission and another person for athletic scholtheir own voice in writing important member of the their essay. College Counseling team, arships. She works with What plays on the Kelley Schiess, works Summit | Continued 11 nerves of students the with students individually


Private School Directory Our community’s private schools are rich in tradition and quality education. Students at private schools get a lot from their education - a sprit of giving back, a respect for education and a deeply rooted value system. Editor’s note: Below is a list of private schools in the area and pertinent information about them. They are listed in alphabetical order. If you have questions about the information in this list, please contact Melissa Hayden, specialty publications editor at 248-7121 .

All Saints

Calvary Academy

8939 Montgomery Road Cincinnati, 792-4732 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 453 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

11970 Kenn Road Springdale, 674-9600 K-4 through grade 12 Enrollment: 100 Religious affiliation: United Pentecostal

Cardinal Pacelli School Archbishop McNicholas High School 6536 Beechmont Avenue Mount Washington, 231-3500 Grades nine through 12 Enrollment: 710 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

Archbishop Moeller High School 9001 Montgomery Road Montgomery, 791-1680 Grades nine through 12 (all male) Enrollment: 930 Religious Affiliation: Catholic in the Marianist tradition

Bethany 555 Albion Ave. Glendale, 771-7462 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 240 Religious affiliation: Mission of the Sisters of the Transfiguration

927 Ellison Avenue Mount Lookout, 321-1048 Preschool through grade eight Enrollment: 390 Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

Children’s Meeting House Montessori School 927 O’Bannonville Road Loveland, 683-4757 Pre-kindergarten through grade six Religious affiliation: None

Cincinnati Country Day School 6905 Given Road Indian Hill, 979-0220 Age 18 months through grade 12 Religious affiliation: None

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy 11525 Snider Road Sycamore Township, 247-0900 Pre-kindergarten through grade twelve Enrollment: 1460 Religious Affiliation: Nondenominational Tuition: 4,995 PK 7,995 Kindergarten 8,995 First and Second 9,995 third and Fourth 11,495 Middle School 11,995 High School Scholarship/Financial Assistance Available: Yes Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:17 Percent Going to College: 100 Hot Buttons: CHCA unleashes a passion in students to learn, lead and serve. With academics grounded in biblical princi-

ples, teachers that nurture the love of learning, and a full complement of athletic, fine arts and service opportunities, CHCA students soar.

St. Columban School 896 Oakland Road Loveland, 683-7903 Grades: Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 698 Religious Affiliation: Catholic

Guardian Angels School 6539 Beechmont Avenue Mt. Washington, 624-3141 Kindergarten through grade eight Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

Hillside Christian Academy 5554 Muddy Creek Road Western Hills, 451-3777 4255 Ashland Ave. Norwood, 451-3777 K-3 through grade 12 Religious affiliation: Baptist

Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic 7800 Beechmont Avenue Anderson Township, 388-4086 First through grade eight (Will have kindergarten starting Fall 2010.) Enrollment: 630 Religious affiliation: Catholic

Liberty Bible Academy 4900 Old Irwin-Simpson Road Mason, 754-1234 Pre-school through grade eight Enrollment: 150 Religious affiliation: Nondenominational

Mars Hill Academy 4230 Aero Drive Mason, 770-3223 Kindergarten through grade 12 Enrollment: 270 Religious affiliation: Historic Protestant

Marva Collins Prep School 7855 Dawn Road Roselawn, 761-6609 Pre-K through grade eight Enrollment: 60

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Private School Directory

8 Summit | From 7 Mercy Montessori Center 2335 Grandview Avenue East Walnut Hills, 475-6700 Pre-school through grade eight Enrollment: 250 Religious affiliation: Catholic

Miami Valley Christian Academy 6830 School Street Newtown, 272-6822 Preschool through grade 12 Enrollment: 300 Religious affiliation: Nondenominational

Milford Christian Academy 1365 Woodville Pike Milford, 575-1708 K-3 through grade 12 Enrollment: 234 Religious affiliation: Baptist

Montessori Academy of Cincinnati & The Child’s Place of Cincinnati Montessori Academy of Cincinnati 8293 Duke Boulevard Mason, 398-7773 Preschool through eight Enrollment: 300 Religious Affiliation: None Tuition: Varies with program – please call. Scholarship/Financial Assistance Available: No Teacher/Student Ratio: PS

Roger Bacon High School

1:10; Elem. and MS 1:15 Hot Buttons: Both of our independent, non-sectarian schools provide a nurturing approach and individualized education to a very diversified student body in outstanding facilities. The Child’s Place 4936 Old Irwin-Simpson Rd. Mason, 398-6928 Infants to age five Enrollment: 150 Religious Affiliation: None Tuition: Varies with program – please call. Scholarship/Financial Assistance Available: No Teacher/Student Ratio: Infants 1:4; Toddler 1:5; PS 1:10 Hot Buttons: Both of our independent, non-sectarian schools provide a nurturing approach and individualized education to a very diversified student body in outstanding facilities.

4320 Vine Street St. Bernard, 641-1300 Grades nine through 12, co-educational Enrollment: 580 Religious affiliation: Catholic, all students welcome

Royalmont Academy 723 Western Row Road Mason, 754-0555 Pre-K3 through grade eight Enrollment: 155 Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

The Schilling School for Gifted Children 8100 Cornell Road Montgomery, 489-8940 Kindergarten through grade 12 Enrollment: 38 Religious affiliation: None

Mount Notre Dame High School

The Seven Hills School

711 E. Columbia Avenue Reading, 821-3044 Grades nine through 12 Enrollment: 760 Religious affiliation: Catholic

5400 Red Bank Road Madisonville, 271-9027 Pre-kindergarten through grade 12 Enrollment: 957 Religious affiliation: None

The New School Montessori 3 Burton Woods Lane North Avondale, 281-7999 Preschool through grade six (3 years to grade 6) Enrollment: 150

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart 170 Siebenthaler Avenue Reading, 733-5225 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 169 Religious affiliation: Catholic

Prince of Peace Catholic School 6000 Murray Road Madisonville, 271-8288 Kindergarten through eighth grade Religious affiliation: Catholic

Purcell Marian High School 2935 Hackberry Street East Walnut Hills, 751-1230 Grades nine through 12

Springer School and Center

Enrollment: 430 Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

Queen of Angels Montessori 4460 Berwick Street Madison Place, 271-4171 Preschool through grade eight Enrollment: 185 Religious affiliation: Catholic

Renaissance Montessori School 9994 Zig Zag Road Montgomery, 234-5821 Toddler through first grade

Rockwern Academy 8401 Montgomery Road Kenwood, 984-3770 Pre2 through grade eight Enrollment: 215 Religious affiliation: Jewish Day School

2121 Madison Road Hyde Park, 871-6080 First through grade eight Enrollment: 180 Religious affiliation: None Tuition: $19,250 Scholarships/financial assistance available: Yes Teacher/student ratio: 1:8 Hot buttons: Since 1971, Springer School and Center has empowered students with learning disabilities to lead successful lives. Springer is the only resource in the region dedicated entirely to learning disabilities.

Springs East Montessori School 9429 Loveland-Madeira Road Loveland, 793-7877 Preschool and kindergarten through grade three Enrollment: 75 Religious affiliation: None

Directory | Continued 10


Purcell Marian: A hidden ‘gem’ in GCL While Purcell Marian is a familiar name in most households, having been established in 1928 as an all-boys Catholic high school and later merging with Marian in 1982, the school remains somewhat of a hidden “gem” within the Greater Catholic League of Cincinnati. Its membership in the GCL pits Purcell Marian against all of the region’s Catholic high schools – many of them much larger. And despite the competition (or maybe because of it), Purcell Marian seems to enjoy numerous quiet successes alongside its larger counterparts, and school officials confirm that the school is thriving both in enrollment and achievement. One of its latest accomplishments is its Academic Team, which recently won over St. Ursula Academy and St. Xavier to start its season with a 2-0 record. The team has a secure

place in the winners’ category for upcoming competitions, and is hopeful about its chances to compete in broader competitions. The school’s Director of Admissions, Brian Miller, attributes their success to the team members’ enrollment in Purcell Marian’s Scholars Program, which is unique to Purcell Marian and offers gifted students an edge over traditional Advanced and College Preparatory studies. “The Scholars Program offers a wide range of enhanced services, including personalized mentorship and guidance, and a wide array of collegiate opportunities tailored to students’ interests,” says Miller, who points out that the Program has garnered college credits for 100 percent of Scholars Program participants and college scholarships for 99 percent of them since it was first introduced three years ago.

The secrets that make up a ‘gem’ “To me, what Purcell Marian presents for my children is the opportunity to actively participate in all aspects of high school,” says Megan Schultheis of Mount Lookout, parent of three Scholars Program students at Purcell Marian. “I’m genuinely surprised how a well-rounded experience seems to fall second to an academic focus, when such an important part of high school education is teaching your children to grow as people.” Which is not to underestimate her value on the importance of academics. So far, her two older sons, both juniors, have received actual college transcripts and student IDs from Xavier University and are expected to graduate with college sophomore standing at the end of their Purcell Marian career. But Schultheis emphasizes the

importance of the educational environment they’re learning in, and the enrichment they’ve received through real-life experience, such as the travel they’ve done as part of Purcell Marian’s Intersession program. Intersession, another program unique to Purcell Marian, replaces the traditional spring break and encourages students at all academic levels to engage in more in-depth subject areas of interest. Intersession offers travel abroad and across the United States, as well as local and regional trips, in addition to courses taught in the school and throughout the community. She’s openly proud of her sons’ contribution to the swim team’s recent GCL championship, and claims that the athletic opportunities available to them

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Private School Directory


St. Mark’s Lutheran School

Summit | From 8

5849 Buckwheat Road Milford, 575-3354 Pre-2 through grade seven Enrollment: 162 Religious affiliation: Lutheran

The Summit Country Day School 2161 Grandin Road Hyde Park, 871-4700 Age 2 through grade 12 Enrollment: 1,100 Religious affiliation: Catholic, Independent Tuition: $5,200 to $17,500 Scholarships/financial assistance available: Yes, K-12 Teacher/student ratio: 1:9 Percent going to college: 100% since 1890 Hot buttons: The area's only independent, Catholic, college-prep school serving students age 2 through grade 12 offers a diverse community of students who benefit from a rich, classical and challenging curriculum within three contiguous divisions. Extensive athletics; visual arts; and technology resources.

St. Mary School 2845 Erie Ave. Hyde Park, 321-0703 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 517 Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

St. Michael School – Sharonville 11136 Oak Street Sharonville, 554-3555 Kindergarten through grade eight Religious affiliation: Catholic Tuition: Contact school office for current rate. Scholarship/financial aid available: Yes Hot Buttons: A 2009 National Blue Ribbon School, St. Michael School educates children in grades K-8. St. Michael School provides a safe and nurturing environment in which each child can develop their spiritual, academic and social potential.

St. Andrew-St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School St. Andrew Campus 555 Main St. Milford, 831-5277 Sixth through eighth grade St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Campus 5900 Buckwheat Road Milford, 575-0093 Kindergarten through grade five Enrollment: 516 Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Nicholas Academy 7131 Plainfield Road Deer Park, 686-2727 Preschool through grade eight Enrollment: 212 Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Bernadette School 1453 Locust Lake Road Amelia, 753-4744 Preschool through eighth grade Enrollment: 190 Religious affiliation: Catholic

grade eight Enrollment: 690 Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Cecilia School 4115 Taylor Ave. Oakley, 533-6060 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 197 Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Columban Catholic School 896 Oakland Road Loveland, 683-7903 Kindergarten through

St. Edmund Campion Academy 4100 Taylor Ave. Oakley, 871-0331 Grades one through 12 Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Gertrude 6543 Miami Ave. Madeira, 561-8020 P-4 through grade eight Enrollment: 460

Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Louis School 250 North Broadway Owensville, 732-0636 Pre-Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 170 Religious Affiliation: Catholic Tuition: $2,650 one student, $5,000 two students Scholarship/Financial Assistance Available: yes Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:16 Hot Buttons: The small

family atmosphere provides the opportunity for individual attention within a challenging curriculum to optimize student achievement, growth of leadership capabilities and a spirit of servitude. Promote use of technology in classrooms (SMART Boards and desktops) and possess a 35-person computer lab; software for language curriculum, math, reading, writing; grading and assignments; resources to assist students with learning differences; and extracurricular First LEGO Robotics Team(s).

St. Peter Claver Latin School for Boys 121 East 13th St. Cincinnati, 929-9164 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 36 Religious affiliation: Catholic

Saints Peter and Paul Academy 231 Clark Road Reading, 761-7772 Kindergarten through eighth grade

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Graduating students rooted in Catholic faith For years, many have casually passed the cornerstone of the St. Michael School building, perhaps never noticing the year 1927 stamped into the concrete. Originally a two-floor, four-classroom school housing 85 children, St. Michael School has historically met its goal of graduating students rooted in the Catholic faith. This exceptional faith community, housed in Sharonville, Ohio, continues its mission and is stronger and more effective than ever. Officially stated, the mission declares that, "St. Michael School is part of a faith community which gives witness to the Gospel message of Jesus. We provide a safe and nurturing environment in which each child can fully develop his/her potential spiritually, academically and socially. The school community is dedicated to making responsible decisions based on respect for all people. We work as a team to build a community of believers in which we pray, work, learn and laugh together."

Fully committed to the academic strength of its students, St. Michael School offers educational programs accredited by the state of Ohio, for kindergarten through eighth grade. The school is a member of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and is fully accredited by the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association. Two classrooms for each grade level exist with a teacher/pupil ratio of 16:1. Full and half-day kindergarten classes are offered. An extensive number of curriculum-enhancing programs are present at St. Michael School including Spanish courses for grades 1-8. In addition, math enrichment, remedial reading and reading enrichment are offered. Students with special needs obtain caring support through the expertise of an intervention specialist, speech pathologist and school psychologist. Additional characterbuilding programs for St. Michael students include a strong athletic program promoting good sports-

manship and Christian values, and a student council program promoting leadership skills for older students. An active D.A.R.E program, in cooperation with the Sharonville Police Department, promotes good decision-making, while the parent-taught Everybody Counts! program instills empathy for the disabled. St. Michael is an everevolving establishment offering a faculty focused on achievement and moral growth, with the added vigor of dedicated families and a supportive parish community. St. Michael School is the kind of place where parents want to send their children, and a place where the alumni are, indeed, sending their children.

Summit | From 6

plan comes together, starting with freshman and sophomores, showing them college information without pressure. She lets students and parents know what is needed in terms of both program (classes) and performance (grades). I want students to feel comfortable when they come to my office and talk about their future,” Maureen says. Her office

is friendly and comfortable, which helps students relax. “Once we have a goal in mind and a realistic assessment of grades and test scores, we refine the plan with input from the family,” Mauren says. It has a recipe that has won her awards as a top college counselor and resulted in hundreds of happy and grateful alumni who keep in touch throughout the years.

coaches, students and parents to inform them what’s out there and what they need to do to secure a scholarship. Which college is right for your child? It’s one of the biggest decisions of these students’ young lives. Not to worry, Maureen has it under control. She works very hard to make sure that a

“St. Michael School is part of a faith community which gives witness to the Gospel message of Jesus.”

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Creative Living

Private School Directory

12 Summit | From 10 St. Rita School for the Deaf 1720 Glendale-Milford Road Cincinnati, 771-7600 Daycare through grade 12 Enrollment: 180 Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Susanna 500 Reading Road Mason, 398-3821 Grades one through eight Enrollment: 620 Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Thomas More School 788 Ohio Pike Withamsville, 753-2540 Kindergarten (half day and full day) through grade eight Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

St. Ursula Academy 1339 E. McMillan St. East Walnut Hills, 961-3410 Grades nine through 12 Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Ursula Villa 3660 Vineyard Place Mount Lookout, 871-7218 Preschool (age 3) through grade eight Enrollment: 490 Religious affiliation: Ursuline, Independent Catholic

St. Veronica School 4473 Mount Carmel Tobasco Road Mount Carmel, 528-0442 Kindergarten through grade eight Enrollment: 470 Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

St. Vincent Ferrer 7754 Montgomery Road Kenwood, 791-6320 Kindergarten through grade eight Religious affiliation: Catholic

St. Xavier High School 600 W. North Bend Road Springfield Township, 761-7600 Grades nine through 12

Enrollment: 1,550 (all male) Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

Ursuline Academy 5535 Pfeiffer Road Blue Ash, 791-5791 Grades nine through 12 (all female) Religious affiliation: Catholic

Village Christian School 4581 Long Spurling Road Pleasant Plain, 877-2143 Prekindergarten through grade 12 Religious Affiliation: Church of Christ

Specialty and pre-schools The Compass School 9370 Waterstone Blvd. Montgomery, 683-8833 Six weeks to age 12 Enrollment: 140 Religious affiliation: None

Directory | Continued 16


Success changes everything According to the National Center for Learning Disabilities, at least 5 percent, and likely more, of school age children have severe problems with learning. What is a learning disability? A learning disability is a neurological condition that interferes with the ability to acquire, process, store or produce information. It creates a significant discrepancy between an individual’s intellectual potential and his/her success with any of the following: listening, speaking, reading, writing, reasoning, and mathematics.

Purcell Marian | From 9 at a smaller school have made all the difference. She loves the fact that Purcell Marian also boasts a top-notch SSST program, which caters to students with learning disabilities, because of the exposure it affords her daughter and sons to learners at all levels, and the opportunity to get to know a variety of people from a wide range of backgrounds through extracurriculars. “It’s hard to quantify those kinds of variables for people researching high schools,” she says. “In the midst of gathering so much information at once, it can be really easy to look solely at academics.”

Discovering the ‘gem’ For Purcell Marian staff, approximately onethird of whom are alumni, keeping up with the gradual discovery of the great value and seemingly unending opportunity

Springer students gain newfound confidence … For almost 40 years, Springer School and Center’s day school (grades one through eight) has provided for the academic and social needs of children diagnosed with learning disabilities. Small group instruction and

offered at the school has been one of the most exciting parts of the past several years. “While other schools are struggling to maintain enrollment, we’re consistently seeing a gradual increase in our number of students,” says Brian Miller. “As our student successes become more widely known, parents and students alike are interested in finding out how they can be a part of it.” Widespread word of mouth doesn’t hurt, either. With a growing population which reaches communities from as far as Northern Kentucky and Mason, Purcell Marian has garnered attention from families and media throughout the I-275 belt and beyond. And while the population continues to grow, Miller, a Purcell Marian graduate himself, is sure of the school’s outstanding position to handle continued growth. “We’ve been around since 1928,

diagnostic teaching provide students with the tools and strategies needed to succeed in traditional school settings. While enrolled at Springer, students receive a program based on each student’s readiness and needs within a caring, supportive environment where every adult understands learning disabilities. In short, Springer students gain newfound confidence in their individual abilities. Springer helps students believe in themselves! Through the Center, Springer also provides a fun learning pro-

and as a co-ed school since 1981, and have experienced plenty of variances in enrollment,”he says. “The thing is, Purcell Marian has always offered a well-rounded education to a wide representation in its student population. It may just be that the relevance of that kind of education for the money is finally getting more notice.” Families of seventhand eighth-graders interested in Purcell Marian are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office for opportunities to learn more about the school. A full host of application materials and resources are also available at the school’s website, including upcoming test dates, information about Shadow Days and oncampus events. For details, contact Director of Admissions Brian Miller, at or call 487.3160. Or visit

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gram for four weeks in the summer. Since 1992, Adventures in Summer Learning has helped children improve their basic skills while becoming more selfassured learners. Springer School and Center is the only resource in the region dedicated entirely to learning disabilities. To find out more about Springer’s day school admission process, Adventures in Summer Learning, or other outreach programs, call 871-6080 or go to

Private School Directory


Guardian Angels School prepares students for a lifetime of learning, faith, success Guardian Angels School has been an integral part of the Mount Washington/Anderson community since 1895. A dynamic blend of traditional curricula and methods and current educational theories and practices drives the academic excellence of one of Cincinnati’s most reputable grade schools. In October 2007, Guardian Angels School was named a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education. In partnership with students’ parents, Guardian Angels School establishes an educational environment where students are able to maximize their spiritual, academic, social and physical potential. Teachers employ methods and techniques that meet the learning

style of each student; there is no “one size fits all” way of teaching. Guardian Angels School integrates technology into daily classroom instruction according to the needs of the students and educators. The majority of classrooms plus the science lab and Spanish classroom used interactive whiteboard technology, and every grade level has one set of handheld Student Response units for instant assessment. The state-of-the-art science lab is equipped with technology and equipment for all grade levels, and communication to classrooms comes via the new Angels on the Air broadcast studio. Guardian Angels has a low student to teacher ratio of 15 to 1.

… there is no ‘one size fits all’ way of teaching. Since 2003, Guardian Angels has provided an after school care program in response to parents’ needs. Parents are encouraged to be a part of their children’s GA education as they participate in classroom activities or any number of PTA, music booster and athletic

booster opportunities. The school’s music program offers students the opportunity to participate in several bands and choral groups, and all students participate each spring in the art show. Extracurricular activities include athletics, student council, Angels on the Air, drama club, and robotics and engineering club. An education at Guardian Angels introduces and prepares students for the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional journey they will continue to travel long after they walk the halls of this Blue Ribbon school. Scholarships offered to last year’s graduating class totaled $327,400. To schedule a tour, call 6243141 or visit


CCDS announces scholarship for new students Cincinnati Country Day School has a long-standing tradition of attracting and graduating high potential, highly motivated students who exemplify a positive attitude toward scholarship. Students graduating in this year’s senior class have already been accepted to some of the finest institutions in the country, including Dartmouth (2), Indiana’s Kelley School of Business (2), University of Michigan (5), Vanderbilt, and Yale (3). In addition, 24 percent of the senior class has been National Merit recognized and 10 students will be finalists for National Merit Scholarships. To celebrate the School’s history and to honor the founders, who are responsible for the gifts that make the students better children, adults, and citizens, CCDS has created the Founders Scholars program. Founders Scholarships will be

awarded annually to incoming students in the Middle and Upper Schools (grades five through 12) who embody the values and ideals that represent the best of CCDS – past and present – and those who live the school mission. Candidates for the Founders Scholarships will have proven records of academic achievement as demonstrated in their school transcripts, standardized tests, recommendations, and records of activities. A successful candidate will also demonstrate leadership potential and the ability to live the five character virtues of respect, responsibility, integrity, courage and compassion. Students selected as Founders Scholars will receive awards ranging from $2,500 to $15,000, and these awards will be renewable for each year of attendance at CCDS through grade 12. Students must be recommended

The mission … to provide each student with superior preparation for college and life. by a current teacher or principal for the scholarship and must be an applicant for admission to CCDS by March 15. A campus visit is also highly recommended once the student has applied for admission and scholarship consideration. To download application forms, interested students should visit apply or call 513-979-0220 to receive an application packet. Cincinnati Country Day School is an independent, private, college preparatory, co-edu-

cational institution serving students 18 months through grade 12. The mission of the school is to provide each student with superior preparation for college and life. CCDS inspires a passion for learning and independent thinking through a steadfast commitment to academic excellence, personal integrity, and service to others. Dr. Robert Macrae, Head of School, believes the Founders Scholars program will allow CCDS to continue to attract the best students in the Greater Cincinnati area. The program will also honor the school’s founders who believed that “through superior teaching, character development, and practical experiences, students learn that hard work, honesty, loyalty, sportsmanship, persistence and respect for others are not mere words, but are qualities will worth working for.”

Private School Directory

16 Summit | From 12 Kehilla School for Creative Jewish Education (New school formed by the combining of Northern Hills Synagogue and Congregation Ohav Shalom) The school will alternate locations: For the second semester, in late January, Northern Hills Synagogue (5714 Fields Ertel Road) on Wednesdays and Ohav Shalom (8100 Cornell Road) on Sundays. 931-6040 Pre-Kindergarten through grade seven Enrollment: 45 Religious affiliation: Jewish Egalitarian

KinderCare Learning Centers 5857 Cinema Dr Milford, 576-0300 10695 Loveland-Madeira Rd Loveland, 683-2641 Grades: 6 weeks - 12 years Religious Affiliation: None

Prodigy Preschool 6407 Branch Hill-Guinea Road

Miami Township, 683-2345 Ages 6 weeks through 10 years old Religious affiliation: None

Seton Preschool 5900 Buckwheat Road Miami Township, 575-9900 Enrollment: (3 year old, 4 year old, and 5 year old classes) 130 preschoolers Religious affiliation: Catholic Tuition: 2-day classes$145 per month, 3-day classes - $170 per month, 5-day class - $210 per mont; $75 Registration Fee Assistance Available: No Teacher/Student Ratio: Two teachers per class

Sharonville United Methodist Church Weekday Nursery School and Kindergarten 3751 Creek Road Sharonville, 563-8278 Age 21⁄2 through kindergarten Enrollment: 185 Religious Affiliation: Methodist

Tuition: Ranges from two sessions per week at $120/ month to $182/ month or 5 sessions per week Scholarship/financial assistance available: Discount for church members Teacher/student ratio: 1:10 preschool and school aged, 1-7 toddlers

Youthland Academy 455 Wards Corner Road Loveland ⁄ Miami Township, 248-2218 6 weeks to 12 years old Religious Affiliation: None

Youthland Academy 55 W. Technecenter Drive Milford ⁄ Miami Township, 831-5459 6 weeks to 12 years old Religious Affiliation: None

Xavier University Montessori Lab School 3800 Victory Parkway Cincinnati, 745-3424 PreKindergarten through grade three Religious affiliation: None

East/Northeast Private School Directory  

East/Northeast Private School Directory

East/Northeast Private School Directory  

East/Northeast Private School Directory