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Picture this: I'm on a thrilling adventure, feeling the wind on my face as I ride along the open road, with the promise of exploration ahead. Being a motorcycle enthusiast myself, I always dreamed of turning this passion into something more and by booking custom motorcycle vacations for others, I am doing that. Little did I know that this journey would come with its own set of challenges and rewards. Let me take you through my personal experience as a new travel agent specializing in inbound motorcycle tourism.

Coordinating the Perfect Routeing for Air Fare etc.,

As a travel agent, booking a custom motorcycle trip is like piecing together an intricate puzzle. One of the initial challenges I faced is coordinating airfare from two different states. Navigating through complex flight schedules, searching for affordable options, and ensuring my clients arrive at their designated starting point felt like traversing a maze. However, I saw these challenges as opportunities to showcase my skills and expertise.

Mastering New Websites and Booking Engines

In today's digital age, technology is a doubleedged sword. It brings convenience and accessibility, but it can also be overwhelming. Learning new websites and booking engines was akin to taming a wild beast. However, as I delved deeper, I discovered a treasure trove of tools that simplified the booking process. These platforms allowed me to compare prices, read reviews, and customize itineraries, all with a click of a button. Embracing the challenge, I soon became adept at navigating these online landscapes, much like a seasoned rider maneuvering through hairpin bends.

Building Relationships with Dealerships and Motorcycle Rentals

Every motorcycle trip begins with finding the perfect ride. To accomplish this, I had to forge strong relationships with dealerships and motorcycle rental companies. Speaking their language, negotiating deals, and securing the best rates became second nature. These partnerships were crucial in ensuring my clients had a safe and reliable ride that matched their unique preferences. I realized that the road to success is paved with valuable connections.

Choosing the Perfect Pit Stops: Hotels and Accommodations

A remarkable motorcycle trip isn't just about the ride itself; it's about the unforgettable experiences along the way. Booking accommodations that catered to the needs of motorcycle enthusiasts posed an exciting challenge. I sought out hotels and lodges with ample parking space, secure storage facilities, and, of course, breathtaking views. After a long day on the road, my clients could rest their weary heads, knowing their beloved motorcycles were safely tucked away. Attention to detail transformed ordinary hotels into cherished parts of the adventure.

The Rewards of the Ride

Amidst the challenges, it was crucial to keep in mind the rewards. Each successful booking represented the fulfillment of someone's dream. The joy on my clients' faces as they embarked on their journey was truly priceless. I became a part of their adventure, the creator of memories that would last a lifetime. The satisfaction of a job well done fueled my passion for travel and provided a sense of fulfillment that few other professions could offer.

Embracing the Imperfections

While technology undoubtedly made my job easier in many ways, it was not without its quirks. Glitches, bugs, and occasional website crashes brought moments of frustration. However, instead of letting these challenges dampen my spirit, I am learning to embrace them with a sense of humor. Laughter became the key to navigating the roadblocks along the way. After all, it's the imperfections that make the journey truly memorable.

As a new travel agent specializing in inbound motorcycle tourism, I quickly discovered that booking a custom motorcycle trip is a thrilling adventure of its own. Coordinating airfare, mastering new websites, building relationships with dealerships and motorcycle rentals, and choosing the perfect pit stops all contribute to the challenges and rewards that come with creating unforgettable motorcycle vacations.

Tipi Raisings

Bannock N Bed Inn, in Sucker Creek, Alberta had an amazing day of Tipi Raising.

Bannock ‘n’ Bed is located on Sucker Creek First Nation in Treaty 8 territory.

Owned and operated by Charmaine WillierLarsen, a descendant of the Treaty 8 Signatories, the Bannock n Bed idea, has been a dream of Charmaine’s since moving back to the reserve in 2000.

Bannock n Bed is a safe and welcoming environment that allows for firsthand Indigenous Cultural experiences.

“Sharing, educating, and creating awareness of my ancestry and culture is a passion of mine.

Honouring my ancestors and telling their stories allows me to preserve and protect the memories of our history,” says Charmaine. With the help of a grant from Travel Alberta, and a lot of support from the people around me, I have been able to make this dream a reality.

Welcome to the Bannock ‘n’ Bed

Phone: (780) 523-6060

Email: reservations@bannocknbed.ca

of photos View the Rumble Alberta Flickr Account HERE

Why Manitoba Should Be on Your ADV Bucket List

Okay British Columbia, I see your endless twisties, elevation changes, scenic vistas and eye-popping ocean views. Yeah yeah, Ontario, I know all about your fantastic roads, Canadian shield and endless lake loops that leave you craving more. Manitoba, what you got??

I was born in Peterborough Ontario, and I lived and played in BC for several years before moving to Manitoba. To an outsider looking in, and a rider, this would seem like an insane move. “What volume of LSD did that man ingest that would convince him to leave Ontario and then the mountains to live and ride in a place that is somehow flatter than Saskatchewan???” this is a question that I imagine many people ask themselves when I talk about my love for Manitoba.

Well, here’s the thing. Yes, Manitoba is flat, and yes, our road infrastructure is criminally neglected by the province, but what we lose in intact road surfaces, we more than make up for in off road riding. From single track stretching for miles through mud, massive water crossings and technical sections, (Prime Meridian Trail I’m looking at you) in the Interlake region, to tight forest trails leading you through spectacular old growth forest and Canadian shield in Eastern Manitoba, and frankly shocking amount of gnarly loops peppered throughout the province you can spend a lifetime exploring some of the most remote, technical and exciting terrain in Canada. All within a few hours of the capital city of Winnipeg.

One of my favourite parts of living and riding in Manitoba is the sheer scale of the rides you can do here. I mentioned the

Prime Meridian Trail earlier, and it alone is worth checking out. It’s over 100kms on an old rail bed that has been lovingly maintained by several ATV groups. Sure, you won’t be carving corners on this trail, but you definitely won’t get bored running it. In fact, at near the halfway point of the ride (which will take you the better part of the day to explore), you can duck off the trail and ride up to Narcisse Snake Dens to check out literally thousands of Garter Snakes who descend on the area in the spring to mate. It’s a unique spot and it’s a cool place to visit. Especially if you’re a fan of snakes.

Northern Manitoba has some spectacular scenery as well. You can bomb North on the number 6 highway through the Interlake, and into the rugged wilderness of the North. It’s not uncommon to see

black bears, deer, and even moose on these rides…. I will say this…. A moose on the highway is mildly terrifying as it would be like hitting a panzer tank if you aren’t paying attention… and the results would be similar, except on top of the injuries sustained in the crash you’d also now have to deal with a pissed off ungulate. If you survive your wildlife encounters, you’ll be treated to jaw dropping sights, like Little Limestone Lake just North of Grand Rapids, or Pisew Falls which has incredible views and offers up some great hiking if you feel like getting off the bike and doing some exercise.

If bumbling down thousands of kilometers of gravel roads and watching the wind ripple through the wheat fields like waves on the ocean under a limitless expanse of sky sounds like fun, (and it is!), Southern Manitoba will keep you entertained all summer long.

Everywhere you ride in Manitoba offers up something incredible. Most importantly, the people in Manitoba are friendly, funny, and more than happy to stop and chat for a few minutes or offer assistance if needed. It’s impossible to cover the entire province in 600 words, so don’t just take my word for it. Pack your bags, start your engines and explore all Manitoba has to offer!

Want to learn more about ADV riding in Manitoba? Why not book a tour with Manitoba’s only guided motorcycle tour company – Epic Ride Moto Tours. Learn more about Epic Rides right here: www.epicridesmb.com

16th Annual Run to the Hills Memorial Rally and Bike Week

The 16th Annual Run to the Hills Memorial Rally and Bike week will be once again taking place in one of Canada’s Most Rider Friendly Communities … Two Hills, Alberta. This thriving little community is also home the Wayside Fallen Riders Memorial and Park , dedicated to the memory of all fallen motorcyclists.

The 10 day event kicks off of July 13th , when the gates open and the enthusiastic rally goers begin to Roll in and doesn’t slow down til Sunday the 23rd when they roll back out again with happy but sometimes exhausted grins. 2023 is literally a groundbreaking year for Run to the Hills as construction is underway on an 1/8th mile exhibition flattrack racing oval track right on the rally grounds. Flat track racing is something organizers have wanted to try for a number of years and this year the pieces came together. Another 1st for Run to the Hills is the addition of a concert to close out the event. This year’s concert will feature Alberta’s own Juno award winning, Motorcycle riding, all around great guy CLAYTON BELLAMY with Two Hills own local recording artist Abygayle Durie opening for him. It promises to be a night to remember.

Through out the week there is an abundance of both on site and off site entertainment with the usual bike rally go too’s like bike games, poker run, show n shine etc But there are also some runs to neighboring communities for BBQ’s and entertainment as well. Pro wrestling returns for 2 nights of rambunctuous entertainment, Rock bands and country artists in the beer gardens, bikini bike wash and Wayside Angels Calendar signings, paint night, burlesque and hypnotists performances also round out some of the weeks entertainment. The local FCSS hosts a mainstreet Chili cook off that bikers and locals alike compete for bragging rights as too who makes the best Chili and all and all the community gets behind the Rally and uses the opportunity to showcase the great things Two Hills and area have to offer.

Run to the Hills is excited to bring an affordable bike week experience to North east Alberta and hopes that the riding community continues to support their efforts. Tickets are available at the gate. For more info contact Bob Ross at 587280-2455 or email


Connect with Bob Ross and the volunteer committee on Facebook: @Run-to-theHills-Memorial-Rally

The physical address of the Wayside Fallen Riders Memorial Park is:124062, AB-45, Two Hills, AB T0B 4K0 - across from the Two Hills Lions Golf & Country Club.


Launched by a New Canadian Company

Four different journeys on two wheels, exploring vastly different Canadian geographies by motorcycle, are now being marketed by a new BC-based company named Freedom Biker Tours.

The tour programs, running for between nine and 11 days, are inclusive of hotels, meals and guiding. They are designed to provide “throttle therapy” to those who make a booking, says company owner Joseph Dubois.

Dubois says the guided motorcycle tours –using either the owner’s bike or a rental –will provide a “cage free” vacation experience. He suggests getting throttle therapy while exploring some amazing regions of Canada and the USA.

The four Canadian itineraries stretch from coast to coast. For example, Ride the Maritimes runs for 11 days and covers about 2,300 km., including the famous Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island and stops throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Ride the Canadian Shield winds its way through this iconic topography of Ontario, including Algonquin Park, over the course of nine days and 1,700 km. It takes in routes like the Thousand Island Parkway and the Ottawa River Valley, plus a slice of Quebec.

Two of the trips are based in the West, given the dramatic geography that defines Alberta and British Columbia. One is Ride the Rockies and the Best of BC, which navigates the spectacular scenery of the Rockies, including rides on the Cowboy Trail and Icefields Parkway, and through Kananaskis Country and Banff National Park to name a few highlights over its 2,650 km. distance.

And Ride the West Coast explores the mountainous scenery of Canada’s most western reaches, with highlights like the Fraser River canyon, the twisting Duffy Lake Road, the Coast Mountain range and the rolling Hwy. 4 that leads to the Pacific coast beaches of Tofino and Uclulet. It covers 1,600 km. over nine days.

“Our plan is to focus primarily on Canada and promote it as an international motorcycle touring destination,” said Dubois, or JD. He noted that the company plans to operate one or two itineraries in the USA annually as well, including one this year in New Hampshire designed around the 100th anniversary of the Laconia Bike Week Rally.

Freedom Biker Tours tailors its trips to meet the wants and needs of motorcyclists on tour. For instance, there is a support vehicle that travels with each group, carrying luggage and available to lend help for whatever situation crops up. And there is a guide that leads the group at the front of the pack, dubbed a Road Captain, while the support van brings up the rear. There is also a videographer on board for each ride.

Riding distances per day are kept to a reasonable length, so as to cover ample territory but at a leisurely pace, allowing for rest stops and photo opportunities.

The day-to-day mileage depends on a variety of factors, including the route chosen, photo ops on that route, attractions for the day, excursions/activities, fuel stops, lunch/snack stops and even ferries. There are a couple of days on the “Ride The Rockies” tour where the route covers just over 400 km in a day, but that’s the most, said Dubois, emphasizing that his rides are based on enjoyment, not motorcycle marathons.

Dubois has just introduced a new Canadian resident promotional program designed to attract Canucks to his rides. The Canadian Resident special promo offers a 10% discount per person on any of the four tour programs in 2023.

Ride The West Coast is the one tour program that is not getting a lot of love so far, said the company prez. The first itinerary to depart this year will be Ride The Rockies and Best Of BC, departing Calgary on July 3. Each tour participant needs a valid motorcycle license and a minimum of one year riding experience.

The company has received interest and bookings from afar, including the USA, UK, Australia and the Netherlands. Dubois is in the process of negotiating arrangements with a few tour operators, and has also been contacted by motorcycle touring companies from Italy, Mexico, Bahrain that want to establish some collaboration with Freedom Biker Tours, he said.

Dubois is working with the travel agency division of the Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association, called CMTA Travel Services. They will be handling motorcycle shipping requirements for Freedom Biker Tours as well as airfare arrangements for tour participants, plus any additional help clients may need from a travel agent.

Check out www.freedombikertours.com for more.

This article was originally published in Motorcycle tours launched by new Canadian company - Travel CourierTravel Courier

Hey Gang… JD here…

As Canadians, most of us hibernate our motorcycles for several months during the Winter. Which, as we all know, really sucks! But what if you could get some of that sorely missed ‘Throttle Therapy’ even during those cold Winter months. Speaking for myself, I’d be all over that!

Imagine vacationing in Mexico and riding a Harley around the Yucatan Peninsula enjoying the Mexican culture, history, food, warm sunshine, and beaches. Ride The Yucatan is your ‘Cage Free’ vacation experience. No Cars. No Buses. Just Motorcycles.

Freedom Biker Tours is proud to associate itself with C&M Motorcycle Tours operating in Cancun, Mexico. The only motorcycle tour company in Mexico with its own fleet of Harley-Davidson bikes.

The 7-day Ride The Yucatan tour program begins and ends in Cancun. The tour runs weekly and starts on Saturdays. You’ll have a relaxing enjoyable ride of about 1,000 km throughout the week. But the coolest part is that you’ll be riding a Harley in Mexico.

Pricing is in Canadian Dollars with user-friendly Terms and Conditions. Pricing includes motorcyle rental, quality accommodations for 7 nights, all taxes and insurance, airport transfers, bilingual tour guide, support vehicle, several attractions, and excursions, a sunset social on the final night and complimentary beer, wine, and snacks on night number one during the briefing and orientation. Breakfast is included daily, and there are 2 lunches and 2 dinners included throughout the week. Another cool thing is that our pricing is user-friendly for couples. Pricing is the same for one person or two persons if riding 2-up on the same bike.

Don’t hesitate. Book your Winter get-a-way vacation now. There are limited spots available due to fleet size. Canadian residents, contact Freedom Biker Tours. Find Your Freedom and Ride The Yucatan.


Is It Safe to Ride in Mexico?

- Sue Bossley

What comes to mind when you think about Mexico? If you are like most Canadians who haven’t spent a substantial amount of time there, chances are its beaches and resorts - and probably cartels and violence.

When people find out that I rode solo in Mexico doing reconnaissance for my upcoming tours next year, the first question I usually get is “are you crazy?” and the second is “did you feel safe?”. My answer usually starts with a cheeky “there can be a fine line between bravery and stupidity” and because of my nature, I do push it sometimes, but yes - I felt safe in Mexico pretty much as often as I feel safe riding solo anywhere else in the world. It was an incredible experience.

That said, the question is a valid one as most people outside of Mexico usually hear about the country in the news when things are going wrong. It’s the nature and job of the news media to bring attention to what is wrong with the world instead of right with the world. But like so many stereotypes it doesn’t apply to all areas of the country, only sections of it and it’s really only a concern when there is unrest or infighting in those areas.

As well as being warm, beautiful, and diverse, Mexico has an incredible motorcycling culture for both women and men. You’ll find some of the friendliest and most welcoming riders that you will meet anywhere in the world there. The locals are proud of their country and particular region and happy to lend a helping hand. I had strangers help me with a flat tire, take me in to their homes, help me get “unlost” when I decided to take a detour through the mountains by physically leading me in the right direction, take me on rides to show me their favourite local spots and also invite me to an incredible women’s national motorcycle rally.

The country itself is incredible, you’ll find so much to explore on two wheels within her coastal areas, curvy high mountain roads, mineral springs, volcanoes, cenotes, ruins, canyons, deserts, lakes, laid back towns, robust bustling cities and the megalopolis that is Mexico City, or CDMX

Mexico is the home of The Aztec Empire, Maya and several other Mesoamerican cultures. There are majestic archaeological sites, colonial cities, exotic beaches, diverse rainforests, and even coniferous forests like we have in Canada. It’s home to great artists like Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, inventors like Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena, who invented colour tv and incredible foods like CHOCOLATE, which was invented there!

Like anywhere else in the world, Mexico has its unique challenges. As I would recommend to anyone traveling anywhere by bike, you’re best off to approach people and situations positively. Learn a little bit about the culture and way of life before you go. Don’t make assumptions, make an effort to speak the language, even if you are horrible at it. Keep your wits about you, don’t travel at night and stay away from anything illicit.

Mexican people are known to be friendly and social, they also value community and family and this shows when you are two-wheel traveling around their vast and gorgeous country. If you want to explore Mexico on a deeper level beyond what you will see and experience at an all-inclusive, but aren’t quite prepared to ride solo, you can always take a tour. Tour guides are there to help you with the elements of international moto travel that you aren’t sure about. They have also researched routes, locations, accommodations, entertainment, bikes and so much more. Everything is well organized, precautionary measures are taken, you’ll meet other like-minded travelers, and someone always has your back.

Sue Bossley is the founder of Adventure Pacific Motorcycle Tours and Throttle West International Moto Festivals. She’s been riding for nine years and has ridden in several countries in Africa, Asia the UK, North America (including Mexico), and Europe. To find out more about her tours and events, including her Mexico Tours, check out www.adventurepacificco.com

24 to DESIGN the SHIFT, and on Aug 25 to celebrate community, connect and learn how we will be implementing DESIGN the SHIFT within the Community!

Bringing the Dreamers, the doers, the Believers and t he Thought Leaders together to network, support local businesses and create a community wide project that will bring the community together!

Get your tickets today: DESIGN the SHIFT Tickets, Thu, 24 Aug 2023 at 9:30 AM | Eventbrite

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Join Community Now! Magazine on Aug

The Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association (CMTA) and the Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership aimed at promoting motorcycle tourism throughout Alberta and enhancing the availability of rider-friendly accommodations across the province. This exciting collaboration will serve to attract motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world, highlighting Alberta's picturesque landscapes and providing them with exceptional hospitality experiences during their journeys.

Motorcycle tourism has experienced a significant surge in recent years, with riders seeking adventure and unforgettable experiences on the open road. Alberta, renowned for its stunning scenery, breathtaking mountain ranges, and diverse terrain, presents an ideal destination for motorcycle enthusiasts. The partnership between CMTA and AHLA will focus on further developing Alberta's reputation as a top motorcycle tourism hotspot and elevating the standards of rider-friendly accommodations within the province.

The CMTA is proud to join forces with the AHLA in a partnership that signifies our shared dedication to elevating Alberta's status as a premier motorcycle tourism destination. With the combined expertise and resources of both organizations, we are poised to enhance the overall experience for motorcyclists who choose to explore the province's breathtaking landscapes. This collaboration not only aims to promote tourism but also to stimulate the local economy, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the entire region. Together, we are committed to making Alberta a world-class destination for motorcycle enthusiasts.”

"We are excited to embark on this partnership with the Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association. By aligning our efforts, we can ensure that motorcyclists traveling throughout Alberta have access to a wide range of highquality, rider-friendly accommodations that cater to their unique needs. This collaboration presents a wonderful opportunity for AHLA members to showcase their exceptional hospitality and create lasting memories for motorcycle enthusiasts exploring our beautiful province."

As part of this collaboration, CMTA and AHLA will work closely to develop joint marketing campaigns, targeted promotional materials, and online resources. The objective is to provide motorcyclists with comprehensive information on the best routes, attractions, and rider-friendly accommodations available across Alberta. This initiative will boost awareness of the province's unique offerings and help riders plan their itineraries with ease and confidence.

The partnership also entails training programs and workshops for AHLA member establishments, focusing on rider-friendly practices, amenities, and safety considerations. This initiative will empower hotel and lodging operators to cater effectively to the specific needs of motorcycle tourists, ensuring their stays are enjoyable and tailored to their preferences.

For Media Inquiries: CMTA

Marie RENEE Charbonneau

(780) 933-0182


"By teaming up with the Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association, we aim to provide an enhanced experience for motorcycle enthusiasts traveling throughout Alberta. Motorcycle tourism is a fast-growing market, and we are excited to showcase the warm hospitality and riderfriendly accommodations that Alberta has to offer."

The CMTA and AHLA partnership represents a commitment to enhancing Alberta's reputation as a world-class motorcycle tourism destination. By combining the expertise and resources of both organizations, this collaboration is set to elevate the experience for motorcyclists exploring the province while boosting tourism and the local economy.

AHLA Laurie Chandler

(780) 242-0202


INNhotels is thrilled to announce its partnership with the Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association (CMTA). As a Canadian-owned and operated business, INNhotels is committed to fostering relationships, to promote growth within the industry. Joining forces with the CMTA presents a fantastic opportunity to further enhance our offerings for riders, and motorcycle enthusiasts.

The decision to align with the CMTA was driven by our shared commitment to promoting motorcycle tourism in Canada. With ten hotels in popular destinations across British Columbia and Alberta, we recognize the tremendous potential for growth within this niche market. We can tap into a network of like-minded individuals and businesses who share our passion for providing memorable experiences to motorcyclists.

A key reason we are enthusiastic about joining the CMTA is the educational opportunities it offers. Through their various programs and resources, such as the “Rider Friendly Training Course,” we anticipate gaining valuable insights into motorcycle tourists' unique needs and preferences. This knowledge will enable us to tailor our services, amenities, and facilities specifically to cater to riders!

We look forward to learning from industry experts, sharing best practices, and staying updated on motorcycle tourism trends and developments. Additionally, the networking opportunities that come with being part of the CMTA are highly anticipated by hoteliers. Engaging with fellow members, including motorcycle tour operators, motorcycle clubs, and related businesses, opens doors to potential collaborations, partnerships, and mutually beneficial relationships.

Overall, the partnership between INNhotels and the Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association marks an exciting chapter in our journey. Through education, networking, and shared dedication, we are confident that this collaboration will be successful in fostering growth in the Motorcycle Travel sector of Canadian tourism. We are eager to contribute to the growth of motorcycle tourism in Canada and we aim to provide an unparalleled experience to motorcycle enthusiasts across our properties.



It is with great pride that we, the Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association, announce that Veterans Memorial Gardens & Interpretive Centre is now a Recognized Museum in the Province of Alberta.

Veterans Memorial Gardens & Interpretive Centre Home

“See Alberta Through the Eyes of a Tourist.” Published by ZX Media Corp in partnership with CMTA

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