East Clare Community Co-op May Newsletter 2020

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Volume 1, Issue 2

East Clare Community Co– Operative Society Ltd.

May 2020



Special points of interest: East Clare Co-op Board is seeking eligible board candidates who can engage in respectful debate and dialogue bringing their unique perspectives and skills to the conversation. If interested Please contact the Manager Gerard English on 085 1290446

As a country we are at the beginning of a series of phases gradually returning to what will be our new normal. For us here at the Co-Op this means that over the coming weeks we start to slowly open all of our spaces to the public, while at all times adhering to Covid 19 best practice.

Inside this issue:


What’s Happening


Workshops & Events







Counselling & Family


Our new East Clare Community Co-op website is currently in production and will be live & published in the coming weeks. Look out for our new Blog , Garden Café Menu,

Cothu Cookery School 3 Second-hand Shop




Holistic Therapists & Therapies


While we anticipate re-opening The Garden

Café at the start of Phase 3 (currently June 29th) we intend to offer a take -away service for two to three weeks before then. Details of the opening date for the take-away will be posted on our website and Facebook page, as well as being locally advertised.

away and again will be well posted.

The Second-hand shop will re-open at the same time as the take-

to re-start, but when they do, we will let you know.

Booking Online Services, Gardening ideas and tips. Up-todate information regarding services at the East Clare Co-op, Online Workshops, Courses and Events.

Other News: Due to Covid– 19 our Counselling & Psychotherapy Services are operating differently. Full details on page 3 of this newsletter.

Other regular activities within the buildings may take a little longer

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East Clare Community Co– Operative WORKSHOPS & EVENTS 2020 Workshops will include: Arts & Crafts Creative writing, Basket Weaving, Men’s cookery, Intermediate Cookery, Beginners Spanish.


Our team in the Café of Eleanor, Jodie, Kasia, Letie, Saana, Sam, Sarah and Tembre can’t wait to get back serving their fantastic vegetarian and home cooked food to you, our loyal and patient customers just as soon as we can. Again this year we will extend our opening to

Once we are in a position to run these workshops, we will let you know. When that time comes contact the East Clare Co-Op office on 061-921536 or drop in to the office to sign up. Workshops will take place throughout the

rest of year depending on demand. Supported by the LCETB. We are currently exploring the idea of hosting a selection of online workshops through Zoom. We will update you if they go ahead?

VEGETARIAN CUSINE include Saturdays for the Summer and Autumn months. This will give those who may not be in a

call in during the week to sample the warm atmosphere of the Café as well as its wonderful cuisine. www.facebook.com/

gardencafescariff/ TAKE AWAY COMING SOON

position to

COMMUNITY GARDEN Richard, the Gardeners and the Volunteers had been extremely busy up to recently in the Garden, but restrictions have meant that there is very little activity on site. This however does not mean nothing is hap-

pening. Many of the young plants have been moved off site and are being looked after externally. As soon as we get the go ahead to travel again, all plants will be planted out in the new raised beds or in the

polytunnels. This year we will focus on waste prevention and composting. There will be more information in future issues.

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Volume 1, Issue 2.

FAMILY SUPPORT— COUNSELLING & PSYCHOTHERPY SERIVCES Counselling/ Psychotherapy Services Available ,We have updated our subsidised Counselling services for under 18yr olds and during the current crises we have temporary subsidised funding in place for adults to avail of this service if required

Due to Covid—19 Melanie Brown is currently working online. Melanie is taking referrals for online child, adolescent and adults and also parent consultations

online. Contact: melbrownplay65

Our new Therapist Emily Walsh can be contacted at: emilyodpsychotherapist@gmail.com

“The human body is the best work of art.” ― Jess C. Scott

or 0852083455 or you can contact ecfamservices@gmail.com for information & enquiries.

@gmail.com / 0871271232


A new and existing range of therapies are available at the East Clare Community Co-op and our associated Therapy Centre's. Acupuncture, Acupressure, Injury message, Deep tissue mes-

sage, Craniosacral Therapy, Hot stones, Reflexology, Reiki , Indian Head Message, Aromatherapy, plus many more. Subsidised therapies can be accessed through the Co-op.

Please contact the family support services at the co-op on ecfamservices@ gmail.com to avail of subsidised services or contact the Therapists directly for private appointments.

Cothū Cookery School & Enterprise Kitchens All cookery classes are currently suspended, but on re-opening we will be catering for a variety of cooking styles geared towards participants needs.

Enterprise Kitchens When that time comes contact the East Clare Co-Op office on 061-921536 or drop in to the office to sign up.

Now might be a good time to consider starting a micro business in food production. Our rental rates are very reasonable, please get in touch for further information.

FULL LIST OF THERAPISTS & Therapies On page 6 & 7

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East Clare Community Co– Operative Society Ltd. SECONDHAND SHOP The Staff & Volunteers at the second-hand shop include Sharon, Bernie, Dawn, Fiona, Martina & Naila. We look forward to welcoming everyone back as soon as we get the go ahead.

Proceeds go towards our subsidised therapy services at the East Clare Co-op. Once we are open we welcome donations of Clean & Dry Textiles Sorry no plastic Toys

AA MEETINGS These meetings normally take place in the Ralahine Room at the East Clare Community Co-op every

Wednesday evening. However, due to Covid-19 all meetings are suspended until further notice.

WEDNESDAY EVENING TIME: 7 TO 9 PM Suspended until further notice

Room Rental at the East Clare Community Co-operative

Therapy Rooms

Rooms Available Ralahine Room Space is ideal for Meetings, Events, Workshops, Training Events, Yoga, Holistic Therapies.

Halla This is available for Pop Up Bistros, Parties, Markets, Workshops and many other events.

Private Therapy Rooms available to rent. Reasonable rental rates. Please contact the East Clare Community Office for enquiries on 061 921536 or drop in.

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East Clare Community Co– Operative Society Ltd. PIZZA OVEN & GARDEN RENTAL FOR EVENTS & PARTIES Once restrictions are lifted the upper garden area and Pizza oven will again be available to rent for parties and events. We can cater for Private Parties, Community Markets, Community Fetes &


Tara Keegan ART SPACE Free workshops

WORKSHOPS More information to follow

Contemporary Art workshops will take place at the East Clare Community Co-op over the coming months, supporting Community Integra-

Fairs and Family Fun days.

For further details please contact the East Clare Community Co-op office on 061 921536.

Visual & Participatory Artist tion and the arts. Please contact Tara at eastclarecoop@gmail. com.

Mindful Walking, Site Specific Poetry, Human Library, Creative Body Mapping, plus more.

Workshops will include: Arts & Craft for Children & Adults, Sound Art workshop, Cultural Film Day,

Zoom and Interactive workshops coming soon

YOGA FOR WELLBEING WITH GRACE BURTON Although postponed at present, these classes challenge both the body and mind and benefits include building stamina, reducing stress, increasing flexibility and balance and bringing a sense of peace. It energizes the

body an sharpens focus and awareness. Location: The Ralahine Room at the East Clare Community Co-Op. Cost €50 for 5 week term or €12 drop in class.

For more information contact Grace on 087 7198587

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HOLISTIC THERAPISTS & THERAPIES Michelle McNamara, Main Street, Scariff, Co. Clare. Holistic Therapies Provided: 




Sports Injury Message

Stuart Walker This Therapy provides a very gentle hands-on approach working with fascia to unwind and resolve, trauma response with


Body mind balancing Master Herbalist and Reiki. Encompassing a combination of therapy techniques applied Kinesiology, Chinese Medicine and Hatha Yoga. To balance the

Contact Michelle on 061640980 or email

or contact Michelle directly.

michellemcnamara30 @yahoo.co.uk Or contact the East Clare Co-op offices to enquire or apply for subsidised therapy services

Craniosacral Therapy physical & emotional components. Contact Stuart on 083 7636305 or email funkythinking@ gmail.com

Enquire or apply for subsidised therapy services or contact Stuart directly.

Or contact the East Clare Co-op offices to

Body Mind Balancing system using the body mind system.

Contact Toni on 0857278600 or email: tonimichellekeating @gmail.com or contact the East Clare Co-op offices to enquire & apply for subsidised therapy services.

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East Clare Community Co– Operative Society Ltd. Suzanne Hammond Holistic Therapy: Homeopathy and Reiki.

Reiki is an ancient form of hands on healing.

Email ushna37@gmail.com Or contact the East Clare Co-op offices to enquire & apply for subsidised therapy services, alternatively contact Suzanne directly.

Homeopathy is a holistic therapy that stimulates the body’s own innate healing system to bring the mind/body/emotions back into balance.

Contact Suzanne on 083 4084778

Jan Stefanik

Meridian Pressure Message

Meridian Pressure Message is a from of therapy combines the elements of Thai Massage, Shiatsu & Reflexology. This practice is focused on the tendon-muscular system and is done

by foot & hand maneuvering along the meridian lines stimulating the body to the self healing processes.

Majella Cahill

Acupuncture & Therapeutic Message

Blue Dragon Acupuncture & Message therapy provides traditional Chinese acupuncture and Therapeutic Message.

0877785449 or email madge_ella@hotmail. com

Contact: Majella Cahill on

Or contact the East Clare Co-op offices to enquire & apply for subsidised therapy services, alternatively contact Jan directly.

Contact Jan on 087 9778360 or email info@aoum.ie

Or contact the East Clare Co-op offices to enquire & apply for subsidised therapy services, alternatively contact Majella directly


East Clare Community Co-operative Society Ltd.

East Clare Community Co-operative aims to provide an inviting space within the community to generate and facilitate viable and sustainable activities which support the development of the individual and the community. East Clare Community Co-op provides a range of activities and services, each of these have their own vision and mission statements. Together they form a centralised hub of community activity in Scariff.

Main Street, Scariff, Co. Clare.


061- 921536 / 085 1290446

By Tusla & Pobal

Email: eastclarecoop@gmail.com



www.eastclarecommunitycoop.com www.facebook.com/ eastclarecommunitycoop/


ADVERTISEMENTS To become a Volunteer at the Co-op when all gets back to normal, please get in touch by e-mail or by phone.

We can advertise your Event or Services here

Likewise, if there is a particular course or class that you are interested in please let us know and we will do all we can to assist. If you would like us to advertise an upcoming event or service for you please let us know.

Created by Visual Artist Tara Keegan

Please take care of yourselves and one another for the duration of the Covid crisis. All of us here at the Co-op look forward to the day we can throw open our doors and arms and welcome you all back to this fantastic facility that you all have created over the last 33 years.

Normal Office Hours Monday - Friday 9:00 am – 5:00pm