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ONE in five students use AI chatbots with school work although many have yet to grasp it, according to NSW Department of Education findings so some Gen Z were put to the test at the Day of AI Student Challenge. Plumpton High School’s Year 10 students Annacemone Nashid and Ewan Neoh were challenged to reveal how they use AI and obligingly painted a vivid picture of their real world as digital natives. Along with students from Hilltop Road Primary School in Merrylands, the Plumpton students and their principal Tim Lloyd spent a day doing their tasks as students and teachers conducting the lessons as part of the challenge to get to know artificial intelligence. “We learnt that although AI is great, it can’t think like humans do, it doesn’t empathise the way we do, it doesn’t feel emotions the way we do,” Ewan said. “Although it is taking over the world, it’s taking over in the sense that it is supporting students [but] it isn’t the main character of the world,” Annacemone said. More: page 2

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Program explores tech in education The day students challenged AI

ONE in fi

ve students use AI chatbots with school work although many have yet to grasp it, according to NSW Department of Education findings so some Gen Z were put to the test at the Day of AI Student Challenge.

Plumpton High School’s Year 10 students Annacemone Nashid and Ewan Neoh were challenged to reveal how they use AI and obligingly painted a vivid picture of their real world as digital natives.

Along with students from Hilltop Road Primary School in Merrylands, the Plumpton students and their principal Tim Lloyd spent a whole day doing their tasks as students and teachers conducting the lessons as part of the challenge to get to know artificial intelligence.

“We learnt that although AI is great, it can’t think like humans do, it doesn’t emphatise the way we do, it doesn’t feel emotions the way we do,”

Ewan said.

“Although it is taking over the world, it’s taking over in the sense that it is supporting students [but] it isn’t the main character of the world,” Annacemone said.

“It’s supporting us do our best in the world, and it’s supposed to support us do what we must when making ideas, doing implementations and just trying to make the world a better place.”

For two years, these students took part in the challenge, this year held at the UNSW Engineering Hub at Parramatta.

It is part of the Day of AI Australia Program providing AI lessons for students in Year 5 to 10, whose major partners are AI experts at the University of New South Wales, CSIRO, and Microsoft Australia among others.

They were put to task on notions that AI are “evil robots” particularly concerning their social media use, their responses are surprisingly rational as youngsters yet to embrace adulthood.

‘It helped us use the tools

better and manipulate the system…but it doesn’t diminish what we already know and doesn’t lower our critical thinking skills,” Ewan said.

“I didn’t know it was everything in social media but Day of AI educated me what AI does and how it could be harmful.”

Before joining the pro-

gram, Ewan said, she thought about ‘robots taking over the world’ that “only want to ruin our society” but the program taught her to understand how AI “can improve us as humanity” in the bigger picture of her young life.The challenge taught her “actual concepts of technology that incorporates values, beliefs

and ethics of the people who made them.”

The program as a learning tool was developed by UNSW experts to explain how it can be used in education, economy, industries and STEM careers that rely much on AI.

The global program was originally designed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and 12 Learning in the United States, brought to Australia tailored to the local context and national curriculum, program director Natasha Banks said.

While doing what’s expected of them while at school, they also examined how AI impacts ethics and responsibilities, how they use language, use of chatbots and expressing what they think AI bring to industries and people’s careers, Ms Banks said.

Microsoft Australia industry executive Katie Ford said the program prepares students for a transformative future where AI is infused in work, including literacy and judgement regarding how and when to best use AI.

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The Exporess readers to appreciate and engage with the physical, community, cultural and business environments of one of Australia’s fastest growing regions, Greater Western Sydney.

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Greater Western Sydney footprint
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Day of AI panel from left: Lee Hickin of Microsoft Australia, UNSW AI Institute chief scientist professor Toby Walsh, CSIRO National Artificial Intelligence Centre director Stela Solar, ABC host Sana Qadar and Plumpton High School principal Tim Lloyd.


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Governor General lends a hand Mobile medical clinic for homeless

ARAINY Sunday night at the Street Side Medics mobile clinic at Parramatta attending to some of the city’s rough sleepers received a surprise visit by the Governor-General David Hurley and his wife, Mrs Linda Hurley.

His Excellency has been keen to get a close-up look at the charity medical service founded by the 2022 Young Australian of the Year, Dr Daniel Nour, a heart surgeon at the Royal North Shore Hospital.

Dr Nour’s mobile clinic is run to look after people experiencing homelessness in the city and fringes, staffed by volunteer doctors providing treatments for a range of health problems they may have.

“We discussed the importance of delivering crucial primary healthcare to our most vulnerable populations and the invaluable role that Street Side Medics and our partners play in this regard,” Dr Nour said.

“Their visit truly humbled us, and we even shared a very special experience through a singalong led by Mrs Hurley.”

The Governor-General and Mrs Hurley initially sought to visit Street Side Medics in 2022 but there were intervening events such as the COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions, the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and subsequent ascension of King Charles III.

The Governor-General has seen the extent of healthcare needs of homeless people, and why Dr Nour’s mobile clinic has been expanding across Western Sydney with nearby clinics at Blacktown, Hornsby and Marrickville.

According to Parramatta City Council, homelessness and rough sleepers in their council area has risen

in recent times, including secondary homelessness cases among people with no usual residence moving frequently in temporary accommodations.

Since February 2022, Council staff, homelessness experts and Department of Communities and Justice staff regularly visit the city streets at any given night to assist those people.

According to the 2021 Australian Bureau of Statistics findings, more than 122,000 Australians are homeless, with 55 for every 10,000 male population making up most people without a permanent roof over their heads. While homeless women of varying ages account for 42 for every 10,000 female population, or 54,000 women.

In NSW, more than 37,700 people are homeless, with 2,588 sleeping rough on the street while 5,861 are staying in supported accommodation until they can be housed, the Homelessness NSW website stated.

These homeless and vulnerable cohorts have been found to have higher prevalences of cardiovascular disease and other serious illnesses compared with the general population, Dr Nour said.

The mobile clinic provides homeless people with referrals to medical specialists, immunisation, pathology services, health examination, screening tests, nutritional advice, treatments and minor surgical procedures among others.

The Street Side Medic mobile clinic in Parramatta is open every Sunday from 5pm to 7pm at Prince Alfred Square, 353D Church Street. In Blacktown every Saturday from 3.45pm to 5.45pm at Alpha Park on Alpha Street.

For more details on other mobile clinic sites across Greater Sydney, or to volunteer and donate, visit https://www. streetsidemedics.com.au/.

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2022 Young Australian of the Year Dr Daniel Nour with Governor- General David Hurley and his wife Mrs Linda Hurley at the Street Side Medics mobile clinic at Parramatta on Sunday, May 5, 2024. Photo supplied

Businesses get budget boost How Western Sydney benefits

THE Albanese government’s third budget has three measures that attracted support from the Western Sydney small and medium business community.

The state’s 50,000-strong Business NSW has welcomed relief in the $325 energy bill handout, instant asset write-off at $20,000 maximum claim and incentives for apprentices in response to acute workers’ shortage across major industries.

Chief executive Daniel Hunter said businesses will “receive moderate benefits” from the government’s overall budget measures as “challenging business conditions” prevail.

These measures would lift confidence, Mr Hunter said, although flowing in as “moderate benefits” mainly for small and medium sized businesses struggling to pay bills due to high inflation that peaked at 7.8 percent.

“Members will continue to face a difficult trading environment, however, as GDP growth moderates and business investment slows, while there is still a question mark on how quickly inflation will come down,” Mr Hunter said.

The Reserve Bank has targeted inflation to drop to 2.3 percent which Mr Chalmers said were the focus of the


The Budget delivers $1.9B for Western Sydney roads 16 projects mainly $500M for Stage 2 Upgrade of Mamre Road, $400 million for priority section of Elizabeth Drive, $100M for rapid bus infrastructure and progress on Eastern Ring Road and Badgerys Creek Road South.

calculated budget measures.

An estimated 20,000 struggling businesses across NSW folded since 2022 as inflation took hold of their conditions, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ latest index on business’ entries and exits.

Just in the first quarter of this year, businesses that closed shop across the country commensurate to 3.8 percent or 100,164 entities while almost a percent or 21,755 have been added to the

overall entries totalling 123,352 entities.

At least 3.3 percent or 23,990 financially strapped small businesses across the country with one to four employees have stopped trading since 2022.

But despite these exits, the ABS index showed NSW recorded the largest net increase of business entries with 16,385 with Queensland coming next with 14,662 entries.

The ACT recorded the largest percentage increase at 3.9 percent with 1,311 businesses opening since 2022.

Of the 2.5 million actively trading businesses across the country, 91.9 percent have an annual turnover of less than $2 million while 24.7 percent are surviving on $50,000 or less annually.

Business activity increases were recorded on transport support services at 4 percent and medical and health care at 1.7 percent and largest decreases were agriculture, groceries, liquour and tobacco and other smaller wholesalers and businesses, the ABS said.

The survivors among the struggling businesses are those having annual turnover over $200,000 up to less than $10M range.

Mr Hunter said treasury’s forecast deficit of $28.3B for 2024-2025 is still a worry for them despite a projected surplus of $9.3 billion as businesses wade through high operational costs from inflation impacts.

NEWS 5 www.accessnews.com.au WESTERN SYDNEY EXPRESS MAY 2024
(Left) Business NSW chief Daniel Hunter, NSW Small Business minister Steve Kamper with Service NSW chief executive Greg Wells is the CEO of Service NSW and Service NSW executive director Cass Gibbens at recent signing of the NSW Small Business Charter to reduce red tape on SMEs.
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Rouse Hill student meets Queen Mary

MEETING Denmark’s Queen Mary in person astounded Rouse Hill student Sophia Parada though she has prepared for the special day.

Queen Mary, an Australian-born monarch, and the first to be Queen of a European nation, was personally awarding Miss Parada and University of Technology Sydney’s Matthew Joffe the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship

The scholarship established in 2004 was a wedding gift to King Frederick and Queen Mary awarded annually to two outstanding Australian Master’s Degree level students in all areas of study.

“I was slightly nervous but as soon as Her Majesty entered the room it was clear how down to earth she was,” the 22-year-old University of Sydney’s Master of Nutrition and Dietetics student said.

“She has a very graceful way of making everyone around her feel comfortable and appreciated. It was very inspiring.”

Her five months scholarship at the University of Copenhagen will see her complete a research project investigating whether an individual’s metabolic profile has any influence on long-term weight loss maintenance.

“It’s been a huge learning opportunity and has really taken me out of my comfort zone,” she said.

“All the skills I’ve learnt in my undergraduate degree and Masters have come together to help me on this project.”

The scholarship also meant the fulfillment of Miss Parada’s childhood ambition.

“I’d always had this dream of studying abroad. But as I started university, COVID was shutting the world down.

“International borders didn’t start reopening until the final year of my undergraduate degree. I didn’t see how it could ever happen, but I just kept looking for opportunities.

“I’m so thrilled to be here in Copenhagen. It’s been one of the most incredible experiences of my life.”

She said her love of food and nutrition is becoming interesting as she discovers the Dane’s range of delicacies especially the cinnamon scrolls or kanelsnegle has become a favourite staple.

“They’re amazing, its cultivating a sense of what the Danish call hygge which is creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people,” she said.

When she gets back home to Australia after graduation, she will take on a clinical dietician job and pursue a PhD.

“Anything is possible, I thought I might never study abroad but here I am trying to figure out what you talk about when you meet Queen Mary,” Miss Parada said.

Warragamba Dam full after rain

GREATER Sydney region’s water reservoir Warragamba Dam remains at peak 100 percent on its gauge days after recent heavy rainfall.

Water NSW said the volume of floodwater offloaded from the dam whose catchment received 158.4 mm of rainfall over two days equaled half the amount of Sydney Harbour.

The agency said the spill rate from Warragamba Dam that supplies 80 percent of drinking water across Greater Sydney’s 5.4 million households has been reduced to 19 gigalitres per day and decreasing further as water catchments become steady.

This update comes as impacted residents and businesses along the Nepean

and Hawkesbury Rivers return to their properties with the NSW and Federal government agencies jointly opening Recovery Centres to assist them.

In the Macquarie electorate covering Hawkesbury, MP Susan Templeman has pressed for urgent recovery assistance for households, farmers, and businesses on the floodplains in Richmond and Windsor.

“I’ve already signaled they’ll need substantial help for turf, farm and vegetable producers whose properties are still underwater,” Ms Templeman said.

NSW climate minister Penny Sharpe has lifted the waste levy on impacted residents who are disposing wastes and debris generated on their properties due to the recent flood.

6 NEWS www.accessnews.com.au WESTERN SYDNEY EXPRESS MAY 2024 (02) 9891 1144 29 Smith Street, Parramatta NSW 2150 hello@agilityprint.com.au www.agilityprint.com.au
Rouse Hill student Sophia Parada and Sydney student Matthew Joffe on the day they personally met Queen Mary of Denmark.

Refuge opens for Indigenous families

ANEW refuge and service named Wirrawee Gunya Dharruk has opened in Western Sydney to provide Aboriginal women and children fleeing violence with a safe place to heal.

NSW Minister for Women and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Jodie Harrison said at the opening disturbing findings revealed a high prevalence of violence and sexual assault cases involving the Indigenous community.

As signatory to the National Agreement on Closing the Gap, Ms Harrison said the state government is committed to reduce the rate of family and domestic violence against Aboriginal women and children.

The agreement calls for states and territories designing and responding to domestic violence crisis recently highlighted by the National Cabinet meeting with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to find solutions following the violet deaths of 27 women since the start of the year alone.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare data

showed almost three-quarters of recorded assault hospitalisations last year involved Indigenous people violently hurt by an intimate partner or family member.

Ms Harrison said the Wirrawee Gunya Dharruk refuge will commence taking referrals this month.

The service has been designed in consultation with the Indigenous community with a focus on self-determination, early intervention, healing and recovery for Aboriginal families, including men who inflict various forms of violence.

“Family violence wreaks devastation throughout the community, and we know that Aboriginal women and children are over-represented as victim-survivors,” Ms Harrison said.

DV West Aboriginal Services and Development will run the refuge and service which has been funded by the NSW government with $1.8 million over three years.

It will provide accommodation and outreach to 290 Aboriginal women and their children each year, including counselling, legal assistance, safety planning and support to be able to recover from violence suffered.

DV West manager Terrieanne Hughes said those

women and children fleeing violence need a secure place to start rebuilding their lives that also supports them to connect to their culture and community.

Councils battle over Winston Hills

THE Hills Shire Council has proposed a minor boundary adjustment in Winston Hills in response to an attempt by the City of Parramatta to move Hills homes and businesses south of the border. Council will submit a proposed boundary adjustment to the NSW Local Government Minister to remove an anomaly that sees part of The Winston hotel site reside in The Hills Shire, while the rest is in the City of Parramatta.

City of Parramatta’s proposal is for all homes in the Langdon Apartments and businesses at the Winston Hills Shopping Centre site, as well as The Winston to become part of Parramatta LGA.

Mayor of The Hills Shire, Dr Peter Gangemi said Council was determined to keep the homes and businesses in the Shire.

“The boundary anomaly that sees The Winston split by two local government

areas needs to be resolved, but it should not come at the expense of homes and businesses on land that has been part of The Hills Shire for more than 100 years,”

Mayor Gangemi said.

“I have personally spoken with the residents, and the vast majority have no intention of leaving the Shire. They are deeply rooted in The Hills community and wish to continue being a part of it. Their presence and contribution to the Shire

are invaluable, and I urge the Minister for Local Government, Ron Hoenig MP, to consider their sentiments.

“We’re proposing a much more measured solution that moves the boundary down the centre of Caroline Chisholm Drive, bringing the entire Winston hotel site within a single local government area.” Council’s proposal was unanimously approved by Council at its meeting on April 9.

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Opening the refuge in Western Sydney were Brian Tasker of Habitat for Humanity Australian Programs, Aunty Bev Donovan, Terrieanne Hughes, NSW Minister for Women Jodie Harrison, Habit for Humanity CEO Nicole Stanmore, DV West chairperson Mary Gleeson, Atul Khumar of Signature Projects, and Habitat for Humanity project manager Susan Warner.

Embracing hybrid vehicles

MOTORISTS in outer suburban areas are embracing the federal government’s discount for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, per latest data from NALSPA. Suburbs like Werribee, Tarneit, Kellyville, Riverstone, and Baulkham Hills rank among top ten for novated leases of BEVs/PHEVs since the discount started. EV uptake spiked after the government applied the EV fringe benefit tax exemption in July 2022. NALSPA estimates over 40% of new BEVs/PHEVs are bought through novated leases. The discount makes EVs fi nancially viable, particularly for everyday Australians. PHEVs are popular as a transitional choice

Breast cancer drug support

BREAST Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) supports the recommendation for government subsidy of the breast cancer drug Enhertu, yet urges AstraZeneca to lower costs. The drug is inaccessible to many due to high co-payments. BCNA calls for swift PBS listing. Enhertu targets HER2-low metastatic breast cancer, offering crucial treatment options. Patients face financial burden and delays. System reform is needed for faster access.

Men’s violence action urged

RELATIONSHIPS Australia NSW (RANSW) urges urgent action from the NSW Government following the tragic murder of Molly Ticehurst, emphasizing the need for sustained funding to tackle men’s violence against women. RANSW CEO Elisabeth Shaw stresses the importance of adequately funding domestic violence services and Men’s Behaviour Change Programs (MBCPs). With 235 men on waitlists, immediate action and long-term funding are vital to combatting this pervasive issue.

Drop in lower rentals

SUBURBTRENDS analysis reveals a sharp drop in rentals below $400 per week, posing challenges for low-income earners nationwide. Founder Kent Lardner warns of an impending economic crisis as affordable options dwindle. This trend not only strains finances but also disrupts communities and essential services. Kent advocates for immediate solutions like emergency accommodation while pursuing long-term strategies to combat rising construction costs and ensure housing affordability for all Australians.

Unions want knife action

NSW unions urge the government to grant police non-invasive knife search powers. Dubbed “wanding” searches, these would allow metal

detector use without warrants. Inspired by Queensland’s ‘Jack’s Law,’ the measure aims to curb knife-related crime. Unions stress the importance of safety for frontline workers and the community. They call for proactive measures to prevent incidents and ensure public safety.

Need for remote work

THE rising cost of living in Australia strains household budgets, especially with commuting expenses soaring. The Australian Commute report indicates an average annual cost of $5020 per person for commuting. With Opal fares up by 3.7%, the strain on workers intensifies. Experts advocate for remote work options to alleviate financial burdens and improve work-life balance. However, urban sprawl and city infrastructure challenges complicate commuting efficiency and affordability, necessitating hybrid work models for sustainable solutions.

Warning to dog owners

WITH home ownership declining and living costs rising, young people may overlook home and contents insurance. However, as dog owners, insurance is crucial to avoid legal and financial troubles. Peter Mileto from Slater and Gordon Lawyers highlights the lack of mandate for dog owner insurance, leaving them vulnerable to liabilities from dog attacks. He urges dog owners to consider insurance to protect themselves and potential victims.

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Fairfield’s best local businesses line up for gala night SPECIAL FEATURE 2024 LOCAL BUSINESS AWARDS

Fairfield’s best businesses line up BUSINESS’ NIGHT OF NIGHTS!

HOLLYWOOD has the Oscars and the music industry has the Grammys – but for Inner West businesses, the annual night of nights is Wednesday, June 12, That’s the date of the 2024 Inner West Local Business Awards.

Precedent Productions Managing Director and Awards founder Steve Loe said: “There’s no doubt that local business owners and their staff work hard to provide the best possible service to their customers.

“That’s why the annual Fairfield City Local Business Awards presentation night is always such a popular event.

“It’s a glittering event that gives finalists a chance to dress up and take a break so they can enjoy an evening out with entertainment, good food, relaxed chat and celebration with their colleagues and people from other businesses from around the district.”

Mr Loe said being a finalist at the Inner West Local Business Awards presentation night was an enormous achievement.

Today is the day when nominees for the 2024 Inner West Local Business Awards discover if they have

made it as a finalist.

Mr Loe said the high quality of all nominees had made the job of judges incredibly difficult.

“The Western Sydney Express which has supported the awards as media partner for many years, will announce the finalists in each category with a special feature in today’s publication,” he said.

“This is a chance for customers and clients to see if the businesses they nominated have become finalists.”

“It’s also a chance for businesspeople and their teams to reflect on their successes with a fun night out,” he said. “All finalists in each category are announced, with their picture shown on the big screen which is a great reflection of all their efforts and everyone is extremely proud to be there.

“It’s heart-warming to hear the deafening cheers from the crowd as everyone celebrates the achievement of all the businesses in the room.”

The Inner West Local Business Awards are only possible with the support of major sponsors, Presenting Partner: Commonwealth Bank Major Sponsors: Big Clean, NOVA

Employment, Inner West Council and support sponsors, Burwood Council, Strathfield Council, Marrickville Metro, White Key Marketing, 2RDJ-FM,.

“It’s with great pleasure that I congratulate all the finalists on their achievements, on behalf of the Inner West Local Business Awards,” Mr Loe said.

“I would also like to thank the

Fairfield community for the huge support that they continue to show for their local businesses through the Awards every year. Without them, these outstanding businesses wouldn’t receive the recognition they deserve.”

For more information about the Local Business Awards, visit www.thebusinessawards.com.au.

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www.accessnews.com.au WESTERN SYDNEY EXPRESS MAY 2024 10 Fairfield Local Business Finalists
Scenes form last year’s gala event.

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Clever Cubs Early Learning Centre takes pride in our continuous commitment to stand by our philosophy

We believe we are an outstanding Early Learning Centre andties and interests as well as supporting their Early Childhood Educationboth one on one and in group experiences into our progream Clever Cubs has community connections . We plan experiencesiarity to children’s knowledge as they embark on their journey

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Let them get you back on track

YOUR full recovery is their concern at Back on Track Health Clinic in Wetherill Park.

The experienced professionals are dedicated to helping their clients recover from injury, reduce pain and stiffness, increase mobility and guard against future problems.

Using their State-of-the-art facilities at Back on Track HQ for Physiotherapy and Recovery, treating a broad range of conditions and working closely with their clients throughout the whole rehabilitation process to ensure their goals are met. Also offering remedial massage, sports physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, Pilates and orthotics

Back on Track Health Clinic offers a range of evidence-based treatments including - but not limited to - education, joint mobilisation, manipulation, exercise, and adjuncts such as shockwave therapy, segmental dry needling, myofascial massage, traction and more.

Owner and Senior Physioherapist Roslyn, working as Head of High Performance with football team, Western Sydney Wanderers, said “I can now use my experience to allow athletes to get the most out of their careers in football, providing the most advanced treatment to ensure that we get our patients back on track,”

To find out more you can visit the website at www.backontrackhealth.com.au.

Holistic approach to early learning

CLEVER Cubs Early Learning is a family-owned centre that focuses on children’s development in a fun and creative environment.

It was established by Roy and Jessica Azzi. Having a young family of their own Roy and Jessica were able to appreciate how good childcare was essential when it came to enriching their environment at home.

Their expert staff ensure that the highest standard of care is provided.

“Knowing the struggles of raising young children, our goal is to enrich family life by having a full-service offering kids practical life skills that will allow family time to be just that,” director Kelly York said.

“We have a beautiful centre that is purpose-built for early learning with new resources, and we offer children the opportunity to develop holistically through social-emotional learning, developing confidence and motivation, and practising cognitive skills.”

In alignment with the National Quality Framework and Early Years Learning Framework, all activities at Clever Cubs are enriched through experience, promote problem solving and encourage positive learning.

“The rights and best interest of the children in our care, including their safety, health and wellbeing, is at the core of everything that we do,” Ms York said.

“Our value of playing reminds us of the importance of growing children’s sense of adventure and being able to experience joy and laughter.

“Our learning value is about giving children the opportunity to bring out their success and construct their own understandings, contribute to the learning of others and participate in decisions that affect them.

“We also believe that sharing is a skill that teaches children how to build friendships and thrive in their environment and our caring value is about building a sense of belonging and encourages children to be aware of how they can positively impact the moods of those around them.”

To find out more you can visit the website at www.clevercubs.com.au.

Outdoor living is their speciality

ENRICHING lives through exceptional outdoor living spaces is the aim at H2 Patios.

H2 Patios supplies a wide range of patios, along with

Warm and inviting Italian experience

AT Grano Restaurant in Wetherill Park they offer a traditional Italian experience based on delicious flavours, fresh produce and a love for the simple pleasures in life.

Owners Nick and Anna Ferraro bought the business five years ago, taking with them the already established Grano reputation for excellence.

They offer a home-style Southern Italian menu and wine list. The region is renowned for its simple but mouth-watering pairings of ingredients to create sophisticated dishes.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with authentic home style cuisine just like

they would have at their Nonna’s house,” Nick said.

“We are a family-run busi-

ness with our children helping out around the place in their spare time.

decking, carports, sunrooms, louvres and ambient blinds. Director Henry Tran said the business, which was established in 2020, prioritises integrity, craftmanship and customer satisfaction in every project they undertake.

“Our commitment to quality extends from the materials we source to the precision of our installations,” Mr Tran said.

“We strive to create inviting environments that enhance the beauty and functionality of homes, fostering moments of relaxation and enjoyment for our clients.

“Sustainability is integral to our ethos and that is reflected in our durable and long-lasting products.

“Above all, we aim to exceed expectations, fostering trust and loyalty with each interaction.

“Through innovation and dedication, we aspire to be leaders in our industry, continuously evolving to meet the needs of our clients while remaining true to our core values.

“Our goal is to create outdoor spaces that you’ll treasure, fulfilling your dreams with every project we undertake.”

To find out more you can visit the website at www.h2patios.com.au.

“All of our staff are family oriented, and we treat them –and everyone that enters our

restaurant – just like family.

“We could not be prouder of our team. We love to see the smiles on the faces of our customers after they have enjoyed a satisfying meal.

“Our motto is: ‘You enter as friends and you leave as family’.

“We hope to continue serving our community for many years to come.”

As well as a la carte dining the restaurant offers catering for events, both on the premises and at your own venue.

You will find Grano Restaurant at 1009 Canley Vale Road, Wetherill Park. To find out more you can phone 9725 4274 or visit the website at www.grano.co.

www.accessnews.com.au WESTERN SYDNEY EXPRESS MAY 2024 Fairfield Local Business Finalists 17

Fairfield Local Business Finalists

Nurturing young minds

“At Kynd Montessori Learning Centre, the team views themselves not merely as educators but as pioneers in holistic child development for ages two to six. Their guiding philosophy, anchored in the Montessori method, prioritises personal growth and an inherent passion for learn-

ing,” states Yasemin Mehmedov, the Director of Kynd Montessori. The centre’s welcoming atmosphere promotes exploration and learning at a pace that respects each child’s individuality. Through

Ttheir carefully crafted programs, they aim to cultivate foundational learning alongside essential life skills such as critical thinking, self-reliance, and problem-solving. The educators at Kynd Montessori tailor learning experiences to meet the individual needs and aspirations of every child, championing their autonomous spirit. “At Kynd Montessori, we are dedicated to personalised education and deep-rooted community involvement, standing as a symbol of nurturing learning and authentic relationships. Our commitment to the community is evidenced by the trust we have earned, leading to swift growth and a positive reputation.”

Discover a nurturing environment where children flourish into confident learners, supported by a caring community. Visit Kynd Montessori at Unit 19/1345 The Horsley Drive, Wetherill Park, or check their website at www.kyndmontessori. com.au.

Feast for the tastebuds

JUMBO Seafood Restaurant at Mounties promises to tantalise your tastebuds with an authentic dining experience.

Experienced restauranteur Jordan Wu is keen to offer his patrons a fine dining experience served with plenty of enthusiasm.

Specialising in seafood, the restaurant offers an array of the freshest options from the tank to your plate. There’s lobster, coral trout, barramundi, crab, and abalone.

“This menu promises to excite not only the palate but also provide a feast for your eyes,” Jordan said.

Diners can choose from the full Cantonese menu and there’s private areas for

Your property is their priority

HE Intaus Group is one of Sydney’s fastest growing, fully integrated professional services companies.

They focus on facilities and property management, cleaning, catering, training and security and their broad service spectrum ensures clients have access to a one-stop-shop for all their professional building management requirements.

Clients have a designated account manager who is contactable 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“We provide a cost-effective solution for companies who require administration and support in ad

They will make your garden grow

WHETHER you are an expert gardener or a confused first-timer you will find everything you need at Nhi Phan Nursery in Canley Vale. The customer experience is very important to the owners and staff at Nhi Phan Nursery who pride themselves on offering an extensive range of beautiful indoor and outdoor plants for your home.

“Kindness and courtesy are the root of a positive customer experience, and we strive to achieve that every day,” a spokesperson said.

“We want you to enjoy shopping with us and offer expert advice as well as great value prices.

“All of our plants are healthy, and we have new stock coming in every

hoc, administration, concierge and delivery services and offer an economic solution to outsourcing skilled support staff,” a spokesperson said.

Security guards are highly trained and provide both asset-based security or mobile patrol services.

In the commercial cleaning department professionalism and cleanliness go hand in hand and their experienced operators strive to ensure that your facility will be seamlessly maintained.

Their catering service extends from menu and portion management to food ordering, stock control, feedback surveys and nutritional reports.

week. And if there is something you want that we don’t already carry in the nursery we will try our best to get it for you.”

The nursery’s Facebook page is full of reviews from satisfied customers such as: “Such a great little business. So much to choose from and all the popular varieties available at great prices and all in beautiful healthy condition. Well worth the visit” and “Amazing selection of healthy plants for a great price!! Lovely owners too. Sweet backyard nursery with some rare plant gems”.

larger groups.

There’s also a daily yum cha menu featuring all your favourites including Prawn dumplings, BBQ pork buns, dim sims and egg tarts.

The chef’s specials include; Jumbo Supreme Treasure pot with abalone, sea cucumber, duck and prawn; garlic king prawns with vermicelli; and diced waygu beef with loofans and fungus.

You will find Jumbo Seafood Restaurant inside Mounties at 254 Humphries Road, Mount Pritchard.

For more information or to make a booking you can visit their website at www.mounties.com.au.

And as a registered training organisation Intaus Group can provide workplace education for staff in the areas of support, administration and technology, cleaning and maintenance and property and facilities management.

“By investing in our people, training and technology we encourage positive social responsibility to our clients and exceed industry standards,” a spokesperson said.

For more information you can visit the website at www. intausgroup.com.au.

www.accessnews.com.au WESTERN SYDNEY EXPRESS MAY 2024 18
will find Nhi Phan Nursery at 62 Canley Vale Road, Canley Vale. For more information phone 0432 286 999 or check out their Facebook page.
Grano Restaurant Corner Horsley Drive and Canley Vale Road Wetherill Park Sydney NSW 2164 t. (02) 9725 4274 enquiries@grano.co
Liverpool’s best local businesses line up for gala night SPECIAL FEATURE 2024 LOCAL BUSINESS AWARDS

Liverpool’s best businesses line up BUSINESS’ NIGHT OF NIGHTS!

HOLLYWOOD has the Oscars and the music industry has the Grammys – but for Inner West businesses, the annual night of nights is May 29, 2024.

That’s the date of the 2024 Inner West Local Business Awards.

Precedent Productions Managing Director and Awards founder Steve Loe said: “There’s no doubt that local business owners and their staff work hard to provide the best possible service to their customers.

“That’s why the annual Fairfield City Local Business Awards presentation night is always such a popular event.

“It’s a glittering event that gives finalists a chance to dress up and take a break so they can enjoy an evening out with entertainment, good food, relaxed chat and celebration with their colleagues and people from other businesses from around the district.”

Mr Loe said being a finalist at the Inner West Local Business Awards presentation night was an enormous achievement.

Today is the day when nominees for the 2024 Inner West Local Business Awards discover if they have made it as a finalist.

Mr Loe said the high quality of all nominees had made the job of judges incredibly difficult.

“The Western Sydney Express which has supported the awards as media partner for many years, will announce the finalists in each category with a special feature in today’s publication,” he said.

“This is a chance for customers and clients to see if the businesses they nominated have become finalists.”

“It’s also a chance for businesspeople and their teams to reflect on their successes with a fun night out,” he said. “All finalists in each category are announced, with their picture shown on the big screen which is a great reflection of all their efforts and everyone is extremely proud to be there.

“It’s heart-warming to hear the deafening cheers from the crowd as everyone celebrates the achievement

Feel at ease with their expertise

I F you want friendly, reliable and e fficient service for all types of existing swimming pools then you can’t go past the Pump and Pool People.

With more than 38 years of unparalleled industry experience, Pump and Pool People remains a family-owned and operated business providing the very best in pool equipment and pool service at reasonable prices.

Owner George said their aim from day one has been to reduce the stress and hassle involved with maintaining and owning a pool.

“That’s because we want all Australians to enjoy more time with their family and friends in and around their pools,” he said.

The head office, warehouse and specialised workshop is in Chipping Norton and a new store opening in Liverpool in

of all the businesses in the room.”

The Inner West Local Business Awards are only possible with the support of major sponsors, Presenting Partner: Commonwealth Bank Major Sponsors: Big Clean, NOVA Employment, Inner West Council and support sponsors, Burwood Council, Strathfield Council, Marrickville Metro, White Key Marketing, 2RDJ-FM,

“It’s with great pleasure that I congratulate all the finalists on their achievements, on behalf of the Inner

October will become an elite Maytronics dealer, offering a wide range of Maytronics and Dolphin Robotic Pool cleaners.

“Our strong relationships with manufacturers allow us to provide guarantees for parts and we also provide a guarantee for repairs and installations done by our expert pool professionals,” George said.

“We’re confident in both our work and our products, and we extend that confidence through our guarantees.”

Mobile pool cleaning and maintenance services, Equipment Installations, Repairs, plumbing work and more, are available to residents of Most areas in Western Sydney, South West, and Inner South-West Sydney.

To find out more you can visit the website at www. pumpandpoolpeople.com.au.

West Local Business Awards,” Mr Loe said.

“I would also like to thank the Fairfield community for the huge support that they continue to show for their local businesses through the Awards every year. Without them, these outstanding businesses wouldn’t receive the recognition they deserve.”

For more information about the Local Business Awards, visit www.thebusinessawards.com.au.

www.accessnews.com.au WESTERN SYDNEY EXPRESS MAY 2024 Liverpool Local Business Finalists 21
Scenes form last year’s gala event.
TheBusinessstartedinformally40yearsagohowever,withDirectingManagerGeorge windingbackpoolpumpmotors,whichultimatelyleadtohisdecisiontoopenapool shop 15 years later. Wedeliverqualityexpertiseandknowledgein-storeandon-site,performingregular poolandspacleaningandmaintenance,equipmentinstallation,poolplumbing& repairs, electricalwork, and in-store equipment repairs for most areas inSydney. We are one of the leading consumer pool products supplier, Sydney’snumber one premium pool and spa services and products provider, operating for over 25 years. 02 9790 1563 | info@pumpandpoolpeople.com.au 1/167 Newbridge Rd, Chipping Norton @pumpandpoolpeople
Let us empower you to achieve your goals and thrive! Experience the difference with Support Services for NDIS today. 1300 18 17 18 | info@ssndis.com.au Level 2, 17 Memorial Avenue, Liverpool 1/ 32-34 Smart Street, Fairfield Shop 5 & 6, 192 Queen Street, Campbelltown Unlock your potential with Support Services for NDIS! We offer personalised support tailored to you. Join our expanding network across Liverpool, Fairfield, and Campbelltown and discover a world of possibilities.

Our services include:

• Outdoor Blinds and Awnings

• Pergolas

• Operational Roofs

• Curtains

• Roller Blinds

• Plantation Shutters

• Roller shutters

• Much More

Jason Sculli | 0466 688 512
Income Tax Preparation Accounting Services BAS Preparation Bookkeeping Services Payroll Services Business Setup ABN Registration ASIC Agent Services including Company Registrations, ABN Registration, Business Name Registrations, Renewals & Cancellations, Company Changes, Company Deregistrations, Annual Review 0433461983 | Suite 37 Level 2, 215-219 George Street, Liverpool NSW 2170 jocelyn@jadbookkeeping.com.au | https://jadbookkeeping.com.au
ASIC Registered Agent Services Our Services

Empowering Group

Inclusive Community

Holistic Wellness

Inspiring Connections

Suite 4, Level 1, 240 George St, Liverpool NSW 2170
Fitness Classes We empower individuals to prioritise their physical and mental well-being through motivating and enjoyable group fitness classes.
foster a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and motivated to achieve their fitness goals.
We emphasise the importance of balance, self-care, and personal growth, promoting a healthy lifestyle beyond our Studio.
Our community-driven approach encourages connections, accountability, and mutual support among members, creating a positive and uplifting fitness experience. Outstanding Business Person of the Year - Finalist Julie Sampson, Owner/Founder of Freedom Fitness NSW WATTLE GROVE | HAMMONDVILLE | SANDY POINT Call 0400 006 343
NEED A GIFT? WE’VE GOT YOU! Local watercolour artist designs with a story Baby gift boxes, scarves, sarongs, blankets, tea towels and more Kate Evans 108 St George crescent Sandy Point Ph:0431 453 674 Website: 8crew.com.au Email: admin@8crew.com.au Studio Open - Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays Back pain Headaches and Migraines Sports Injuries Pregnancy Physio NDIS Physiotherapy Joint and Muscular pain BUPA/NIB/HCF Preferred Provider Servicing Southwest Sydney since 2007 ALL PRIVATE HEALTH FUND ACCEPTED. SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS We offer Physio/Chiro/ Remedial Massage/ Acupuncture/Exercise

New Age wins Health award

NEW Age Physiotherapy is the Winner of the Liverpool Small Business Awards for 2023 Most Outstanding Health Improvement Services

“We are the area’s premiere and award-winning Physio Practice for our service excellence in our community for last 16 years,” a team member said.

Established in 2007, New Age Physiotherapy has been helping thousands of people in the local community, getting them out of pain and moving again with high-quality healthcare.

“Austral New Age Physiotherapy was born to exist purely on our focus on delivering exceptional patientcare and service.”

“We are willing to go above and beyond to get our patients out of pain and moving again.

“Common Conditions that we treat include: Back pain, -Headaches and Migraines, -Sports Injuries, -Pregnancy Physio, -NDIS Physiotherapy, -Joint and Muscular pain.

Move better, feel better, live better

AT DR Fit Physiotherapy they believe in keeping it simple.

“We are a no BS physiotherapy clinic,” director and principal physiotherapist Dario said.

“When I decided to open the clinic in July 2019 my goal was to not be like everyone else in the industry.”

“We are not a clinic that focuses on numbers that come through the door. Our focus is on quality treatment over quantity.”

“We are a hybrid group of clinicians offering a wide range of treatment modalities to get you back training and pain free again.”

clinic, we take the time to listen and address multiple issues by offering generous treatment times (average 60-minute consultations).”

“We take the time to educate clients about their problems, motivating them to be proactive in their recovery and ensuring they practice self-care so they can prevent future injuries and issues.”

Kate’s crew inspired homewares

THE name and meaning behind 8Crew was inspired by Kate Evans’ blended family.

As Kate explains: “As a mum to two adult children and a step mum to another four, I believe that everything starts and ends with family - both the family we are born into and the one we choose.”

All of 8Crew’s designs are hand drawn and painted in water colour by Kate and then made into a beautiful pattern which is printed onto quality fabric.

That then becomes a range of gifts and homewares which includes swaddles, scarves, sarongs, tea towels and throw rugs.

Each design has its own unique story and is ethically produced in Australia and overseas.

At DR Fit they believe in going “above and beyond” for their clients and take a great deal of pride in their work.

“We hold high values in patient-centered care, and are just as big on manual therapy as we are on rehabilitation, strength and conditioning,” Dario said.

“Not your typical physiotherapy

The practice works out of a state-ofthe-art gym facility which provides a one-stop shop for patients’ health and fitness goals.

To find out more you can visit their socials, book online, call 0433 777 477 or visit their website at www.drfit.com.au.

Providing expert wellbeing services

DUNE Health and Wellbeing provides psychological services to children, adults and families in Australia.

“We are passionate about providing inclusive services to diverse and multi-cultural clients with a strong focus on socially

and culturally competent care,” Director Dr Tinashe Dune said.

“DHW started with a focus on the Liverpool area and Western Sydney. Dr Tinashe Dune, a multi-award winning academic, spent many years dreaming of a health clinic where people were accepted for who they are, and their culture and ethnicity was a strength.

“Since those humble days, the practice has grown to include nine staff and has supported nearly 500 clients from the area and across Australia.

“Our future focus is to support as many people as possible and continue to raise our community. We plan to expand our team to include other allied health professionals which will help us to continue to expand our collaborative and wholistic health care approach for our clients at DHW,” Dr Tinashe said.

“In the next decade, we hope to open multiple DHW clinics across Australia to provide our face-to-face services nationally. The DHW community has provided people with #timetothrive and to live their lives to the fullest.

“We continuously strive to provide the highest quality of care to our clients, and we are excited for the future of DHW.”

Website: dunehealthandwellbeing.com

Gym welcomes members of all ages

No Limits Fitness Academy is a premier fi tness boutique establishment.

Owner Anthony Brandusoiu said the wellbeing of their customers is paramount.

“We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled customer service in the fi tness industry,” Anthony said.

“We aim to be the leading fi tness destination in the local area. We

offer our clients elite coaches that specialise in their respective fields.”

Anthony said No Limits was a place where you can build your ideal physique while leaving your ego at the door.

“We are a family gym that promotes a safe and friendly environment with good vibes every day. It’s a happy place to become a better version of yourself.”

There’s a large fully equipped weight training area as well as classes that include boxing for adults and children as well as circuit training, Muay Thai and Pilates among others.

You will find No Limits Fitness Academy at 12/2 Ash Road, Prestons. For more information you can visit the website at www. nolimitsfitnessacademy.com.au.

Kate continues: “Five years ago my husband was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s disease so we decided to just live from that moment on.

“My business idea was born when we were travelling around Australia in our caravan through the COVID period. Living on the road with limited space meant taking items that were good quality and could be used for more than one purpose.

“And so today almost all of my products have more than one use.”

Kate said as a mum and step mum her life had become so busy that she lost who she was and forgot about all the things she used to enjoy.

“Travelling and being on the road reminded me how much I love nature and the abundance of beauty we have here in Australia,” she said.

“Creating, drawing and painting are my happy place and I am so excited to share my designs and stories with you!”

To find out more you can visit the website at www.8crew.com.au.

www.accessnews.com.au WESTERN SYDNEY EXPRESS MAY 2024 Liverpool Local Business Finalists 31
New Age Physiotherapy is at 282 Edmonson Ave Austral. Phone: 9606 8258.

32 Liverpool Local Business Finalists

Physios trusted by local community

REACTIVE Physiotherapy is a privately owned clinic in the growing suburb of Austral.

Principal physiotherapist Frank Vrataric said their practice, which was established in 2015, was trusted by the region’s local doctors who were always happy to refer their patients.

“We take pride in providing unparalleled client-centered care with our hands-on, tailored, evidence-based treatment,” Mr Vrataric said.

“We believe this approach provides our clients with the best way to achieve optimal results.”

Fellow physiotherapist Jasmine Baye said they place high value in professional education and mentoring in

order to further develop their knowledge and clinical skills, in line with the latest evidence.

At ReActive Physiotherapy they service a wide range of clientele including those with musculoskeletal conditions (back/neck pain), sports injuries, and migraines/headaches.

Both physiotherapists are qualified to treat those under workers compensation, CTP and DVA.

“We also provide further specialised services within women’s health for pre and post-natal women and for pelvic floor conditions,” Ms Baye said.

The practice accepts Medicare EPC referrals from doctors and offers hydrotherapy sessions.

Customer satisfaction their goal

SCULLI Blinds and Out-

door Awnings are one of the few remaining retailers of blinds manufactured wholly in Australia. They are a private window furnishing business supplying a complete range of quality blinds, curtains, screens, outside living options and security products at competitive prices.

Owners Jason and Stephen Sculli started the business 10 years ago with a vision to stand apart from their competitors by providing personal services and demonstrating a dedication to customer satisfaction.

“We believe in having extensive contact with our customers during the entire process,” Jason Sculli said.

“We work with them from the initial quote right up to the completion of installation to ensure they are happy.

“Our unique and exclusive products feature a wide

modalities include shockwave therapy, spinal traction/ decompression, ultrasound and gymbased rehabilitation for post-op joint

Centres offer quality child care

range of fabrics and colours and we guarantee the quality of our product.

“Meeting your high expectation is always our goal.”

The family-owned company also believes in giving back to the community which has supported them.

“We always try to support our local businesses by buying Aussie made products and supplying them to our

Inspired by rich racing history

INSPIRED by more than 150 years of Inglis horse racing history, The Newmarket Room restaurant offers a unique and modern culinary experience.

Located on the ground floor of The William Inglis Hotel at Warwick Farm the restaurant boasts a stunning indoor set up that showcases the boutique equine theme along with alfresco dining that overlooks Riverside Stables and gardens.

The Newmarket Room was awarded an Australian Good Food Guide Chefs Hat in 2024, recognising the hard work of the talented chefs and their friendly team. With a food philosophy cen-

customers at competitive prices,” Stephen Sculli said.

Sculli Blinds and Screens services Sydney, Sutherland, Campbelltown, Camden, Wollongong, Bowral, Mittagong and Newcastle as well as the surrounding regions.

To find out more you can visit the website at https:// sculliblindsandscreens-sydney. homeone.com.au.

tred around a paddock-to-plate menu, The Newmarket Room offers simplistic, comforting and authentic flavours.

Teamed with an extensive wine selection and cocktails that resonate the story of Inglis, it is a culinary experience like no other, says General manager Belinda Thomson.

The Newmarket Room is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner with the outdoor terrace being dog friendly on weekends.


T Step Ahead Child Care Centre parents can be confident that their child will find fulfilment in engaging activities under the guidance of a caring, highly trained professional.

“Choosing to enrol your child in one of our centres is a wonderful decision,” a spokesperson said. “It will open your child up to new experiences and friendships that can help them grow.

“Cultivating healthy habits and creating a nurturing environment is important to us as the early years of childhood represent a critical time for growth and learning.

“By offering a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, we aim to keep your child engaged and happy throughout the day,” the spokesperson said.

“We know that every child learns differently and has different needs and we can also accommodate children who have special needs.”

The staff at Step Ahead Child Care are highly skilled and fully trained in early childhood care. They also love what they do and ensure that they create a loving and safe environment for every child that comes through their door.

Parents are welcome to visit one of their centres to get a feel for whether their services are a good fit for their child. They can ask questions and get to know the caring team.

Step Ahead Child Care has centres in Heckenberg, Miller and Liverpool.

To find out more you can visit their website at www.saccc.com.au.

www.accessnews.com.au WESTERN SYDNEY EXPRESS MAY 2024
replacements and work injury rehab. To find out more you can phone 9606 9815 or visit the website at www.reactivephysio.com.au.
To find out more
phone 9058 0342 or
the website at www.williaminglis.com.au/ restaurant-bar/newmarket-room/.

AT Freedom Fitness NSW they are dedicated to empowering their members, and the wider community, to prioritise their mind-body health

Empowering women to prioritise

and wellness. Owner Julie Sampson said she and her experienced team of health professionals offer a diverse range of fitness classes and programs for women tailored to meet their unique needs and preferences, regardless of age, background or fitness level.

A finalist in the Outstanding Business Person of the Year category, Julie said her fitness centre is a welcoming and non-judgmental space where every woman can feel valued and encouraged to be their authentic selves.

“From high-energy dance fitness classes to dynamic strength training sessions, our offerings are designed to inspire and motivate individuals to lead active and fulfilling lives,” she said.

“Beyond just fitness classes, we foster a supportive and inclusive community where women can connect, support, and uplift each other on their wellness journeys.

“We believe that by fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie, we can empower them to achieve

Experience adds up to success

AT JAD Accounting they aim to ensure that budding entrepreneurs have thetime to concentrate on their business while they look after the books.

Established by someone who has been in their shoes, JAD Accounting’s bookkeeping services tackles the hurdles of business setup and compliance.

A company spokesperson said they understood the informational void for newcomers and dedicated themselves to ongoing education with the aim of

bridging the gap.

“JAD’s primary objective is to shepherd startups and small businesses through the maze of establishment and development,’’ the spokesperson said.

“This then gives entrepreneurs the freedom they need to concentrate on their core pursuits while managing the intricacies of bookkeeping, accounting and ASIC compliance,” the spokesperson said.

Initially operating as a sole trader, JAD evolved into a comprehensive service entity in 2023, customising

their fitness goals and unlock their full potential.”

Julie also believes in giving back to the community and making a positive impact beyond the walls of the studio.

“Through partnerships with local charities, schools and organisations, we support initiatives that promote health, education and social equity,” she said.

“By actively engaging with and contributing to the community, we strive to be more than just a fitness studio but a catalyst for positive change and collective wellbeing.

“Our community-driven approach fosters connections, accountability, and mutual support among members, creating a positive and uplifting atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and motivated to thrive.”

Freedom Fitness NSW has locations across Wattle Grove, Hammondville and Sandy Point.

To find out more you can phone 0400 006 343 or visit the website at www. freedomdfnsw.com.

solutions to meet clients’ specific requirements.

“Rooted in the values of empowerment, support, and compliance, the company is resolutely committed to fostering the success of businesses within the dynamic Australian market,” the spokesperson said.

Their affiliation with F1 TAX for taxation services and membership of both the Australian Bookkeeping Network and the Institute of Public Accountants, along with being an ASIC Registered Agent and partnerships with QuickBooks and Xero, puts them in a unique position to handle all your business needs and compliance.

Care agency puts participants first

SUPPORT Services for NDIS and Aged Care is dedicated to providing exceptional, individualised support to NDIS participants and residents needing aged care.

Their highly qualified team collaborates closely with participants and their families to address unique challenges and achieve personal goals.

In the four years since they were established the service has earned a reputation as a reliable provider.

Recognising increasing demand, services were expanded to Liverpool, Fairfield and Campbelltown.

“Our commitment is to empower individuals, fostering independence and unlocking potential,” a spokesperson said.

“Through tailored support and expanding networks, we strive to positively impact more lives.”

With a workforce of more than 100 highly trained and qualified professionals’ participants can be sure to receive the highest level of service and individual support.

“When it comes to the safety and well-being of our participants, we leave no stone unturned,” the spokesperson said.

“All our support workers undergo rigorous screening processes, including comprehensive Police Checks, Working with Children Checks

(WWCC), and NDIS Screening Checks. These measures are in place to guarantee the utmost security and peace of mind for our participants and their families.

“Furthermore, our support workers are equipped with essential certifications and training to enhance their capabilities. They have completed the NDIS Worker Orientation Module, received training in COVID 19 infection control, and possess certifications in First Aid and CPR.

“These qualifications ensure that our support workers are well-prepared to handle any situation and provide the highest standard of care.”

To find out more you can visit the website at www.ssndis.com.au or contact them on 1300 18 17 18 or info@ssndis.com.au

www.accessnews.com.au WESTERN SYDNEY EXPRESS MAY 2024 Liverpool Local Business Finalists 33
To find out more you can phone 0433 461 983 or visit the website at www.jadbookkeeping. com.au.


PIONEERING AI PROJECT FOR ELDERLY Reducing early stage hospitaliation

APIONEERING project is set to transform healthcare for older individuals in Sydney’s western suburbs using the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

Recent data shows that many Australians aged 65 and older present to Emergency Departments (EDs), with up to 41% seeking immediate medical care. Of concern, close to half of these cases end up with hospital admissions, putting seniors at greater health risks. However, studies suggest that a significant portion of these visits could be avoided.

With these statistics in mind, the Sydney Health Partnership for Education, Research and Enterprise (SPHERE), a research Translation Centre whose focus is to transform healthcare, has funded an AI project which aims to revolutionise care for older people by detecting those people at risk of hospitalisation at an early stage.

“Using AI algorithms, the project identifies older adults who can receive effective care within the community, thereby diverting unnecessary ED visits and hospital admissions,” explains the project leader, Western Sydney University Associate Professor, Genevieve Steiner.

“The overarching goal of this research being run by SPHERE’s Age and Ageing Clinical Theme is to enable older people to maintain independence, functionality, and diminish disability and deterioration by delivering timely and appropriate care,” A/Professor Steiner said.

“Recognising that the Emergency Department may not always be the most suitable setting, the project employs artificial intelligence (AI) to develop an algorithm that identifies older people at risk of preventable ED presentations who can be effectively

cared for within the community. The outcomes will inform early intervention approaches, fostering empowerment and integration within community and primary care.”

Crucial to the success of this project is the robust collaboration across universities and local health districts. The project includes experts from Western Sydney University, University of NSW, South Western Sydney Local Health District, South Western Sydney Primary Health Network, South East Sydney Local Health District, HammondCare, Carers NSW, and Ambulance NSW.

“The team includes lived experience experts, neuroscience, data science, software development, machine

learning, health economics, knowledge translation, implementation science, innovation, change management, models of care for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities, and a diverse clinical team,” says A/ Professor Steiner.

“What truly distinguishes this initiative is its innovative use of AI-driven machine learning models. These sophisticated algorithms delve into a multitude of factors and data from a range of sources to tailor interventions to individual needs. By considering cultural backgrounds, care settings and community resources, the project aims to deliver personalised care that promotes independence for older


SPHERE Executive Director, Professor Chris White explains that the implications of this project extend far beyond healthcare delivery.

“It represents a shift in how we approach aging and healthcare management in our communities. Through early intervention and promoting integration within primary care settings, the initiative holds the promise of enhancing the quality of life for elderly residents in Sydney’s western suburbs,” he explained.

Linda Music is Communications Officer, at Sydney Partnership for Health, Education, Research and Enterprise (SPHERE).

INSIDE Property Auto Crosswords Travel Mindset Films Trends Fitness WEXPO at Blacktown Workers Club Details coming soon for our 2024 event.

New Directory of Health Services Launches in Western Sydney

ser vice Western Western

Healthy Western Sydney is a free service directory of health services in Western Sydney, delivered by WentWest, the Western Sydney Primary Health Network.

Healthy Western Sydney currently offers information on palliative care, aged care and dementia services and there are plans to expand to include other services in the future.

Easy-to-read information

The directory contains information on services that is easy to read and user friendly, so that you receive a snapshot of the services offered including:

• Service location and contact details

• Opening hours

• Service delivery mode (i.e. in person, online, over the phone or in-home)

• If there is a cost involved

• Referral information

• If a booking is required

Access other resources

You can also use the directory if you are looking for services such as financial support, transport services, home care mobility and carer support networks, particularly useful if you are caring for a family member or friend.

The directory includes links to additional helpful resources such as the , which is a comprehensive, national directory of health services and the practitioners that provide them.

Services tailored to specific community groups

The directory includes search functionality so you can find services for specific community groups such as First Nations or Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) community members.

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Visit to access our new health services directory today.
Healthy Western Sydney is delivered by WentWest, the Western Sydney Primary Health Network.

JHeartful short term accommodation

EN Clark had a vision, what would it look like to have access to sustainable and inclusive properties for everyone?

Jen has experience running a shortterm accommodation business but with an autistic son with ADHD, Jen and her partner noticed a distinct lack of accessible accommodation available catering to neurodivergence. “It was glaringly absent and according to a report conducted by PriceWaterhouseCoopers less than 4% of listed accommodation catered to an accessible travel market,

Polestar, smooth and fast

WHAT a car to drive! This smooth and soundless ride has up to 400kW of torque and can manage 0-100km/h in 4 seconds. With gold seatbelts and breathable soft grey interior this Swedish design is the new ride. The battery pack sits below the cabin and you can feel the low centre of gravity and even weight distribution as you round the corners. Despite the one pedal system (it brakes gently when your foot is off the accelerator) it’s a very forgiving drive. Caution, on a long car drive to prepare your trip well in advance, you will need to download apps for using the charging stations, they are not free to use, you will also need to build in extra time to your trip

for charging and if you charge at home charging may take longer so charge the vehicle overnight. The Polestar showcase is in Sydney’s Alexandria and the cars come in gold, black and white. 37-41 O’Riordan St Alexandria.

whilst 46% of the population has a chronic illness and or more than one disability”. Thinking about travel needs from this perspective, lighting, smells and sensory factors Jen realised this was a massively underserviced market so set about changing the situation by creating a directory of inclusive and sustainable properties initially called Hosting With Heart. As the concept became popular, Jen added a booking service, expanding to the service it is today, known as Heartful. Jen’s mission of 2023 was to raise funds and design this project

and she’s excited to launch it in July as a modest directory starting with 130 properties but with cheaper rates than Airbnb (4% commission rate compared to about 15%), it’s set to do very well and predicted to grow. Accommodation providers may consider signing up after meeting certain requirements to be a part of this incredible directory, so reach out on Instagram to learn more. Jen is host of the Hosting with Heart podcast and has a large online community, you can find Heartful Travel on social media as well as Heartful Travel website.

Staycation at the Skye Suites

WHAT a fabulous oasis in the heart of Parramatta are the Skye Suites, why not have a staycation not too far from home. Entering the lobby is like reaching an oasis of cool and calm after bustling hunter St. Rooms are generous sized suites with kitchen facilities for families to cook and hang out in the lounge room, if you don’t feel like going out and an Ezymart is located on the ground floor interior of the hotel. You don’t need to go anywhere at all with the 25 metre pool to swim

laps in or just sunbathe on the pool-side lounges. Duck into the sauna or spa or bring your shoes and active wear for the gym. On the rooftop is a gorgeous cocktail bar with views as far as the eye can see and a great snacks and bites menu to

accompany some fun cocktails. Staff are friendly and helpful with cool day trips within walking distance such as Misc restaurant in the nearby park, the archeology exhibition on the ground floor and Riverside theatre close by.

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Parramatta Skye Suites. Jen Clark. The Polestar.

WHAT started off as a spontaneous day hike to ‘The Castle’ took an unexpected turn, scrambling up vertical cliff faces with no harness and putting our trust and life into the hands of a rope that we were unsure of its age and whether it would hold our weight. We

AHike up nature’s great castle

drove 3 hours into Morton National Park, NSW and slept in the back of the car ready for the early morning rise. The alarm was like a toddler pestering us for breakfast at an unreasonable morning hour and the fog covered the car like an ominous greeting. Feeling very underprepared and blissfully unaware of morning conditions, we only had shorts and thin tops to keep us warm in the 10 degree morning, whilst watching experienced hikers pass with walking sticks, waterproof boots and long pants. At 7am we started the 13km journey into the unknown and 100m in we stripped down to cross a knee deep flowing river, instantly numbing our legs and increasing our uncertainty about this hike. We continued up for 2 hours, taking a

few wrong turns then coming face to face with a rope and a very intimidating rock face. We started the vigorous, challenging climb to the top, the track only getting steeper. We held on for dear life and tried not to look down at the 3200 feet drop, reaching the top where everything became flat and silent. Butterflies dancing a parade around us, directing our vision to the breathtaking 360 views of the valley and grand mountains. What at first seemed an intimidating landscape transformed into an arena of beauty and power. It was a hike that taught me that with challenge comes great reward to keep persevering despite the unknown. Take a daytrip today and experience this for yourself.

Even more to be discovered

RICH culture, strong accent and fierce mountain ranges is a glimpse into NZ’s raw and powerful beauty. It is a country of adventure and spirit, where nature and culture become a symbiotic force. On my recent Kiwi adventure I considered Milford Sound the heart of New Zealand’s spiritual connection, breathing life through every organism allowing it to flourish. The Southern Discovery boat tour through the Piopiotahi lake is beyond magical, gliding through the veins of Milfords majestic mountains,

showered by a swarm of waterfalls. It is a truly humbling and once in a lifetime experience. If you weren’t already aware, New Zealand is a sanctuary for hikers, and the best way to spot a local is the Salomon hiking boots, Patagonia fleece vest and the big YETI drink bottle. And what better way to discover the authentic scenery by local knowledge so don’t be afraid to ask a local on your morning coffee run, they will always be happy to help. However a lot of the tracks such as; the Rod Roy Glacier track, Mount Aspiring trail

Riding the Wave Festival

IF you haven’t visited the picturesque coastal town of Port Macquarie for a while, consider a visit to the relaxed beaches, it’s an easy destination to walk around and very family-friendly with skate park and bike facilities right in town. April Port Macquarie played host to a yearly event hosted by the Make a Difference (MAD) foundation with a focus on feeding those in need. The east coast downpours did not dampen the spirits or keep the masses away, the event headed by Xaviar Rudd this year is part of a festival, renowned for an eclectic line up of local and national artists. Rudd’s mastery of many instruments, didgeridoo included, made for the perfect sonic conclusion to the event which also featured skate and surf comps. All ticket sales for Riding the Wave Festival went directly to MAD, the festival food selection is amazing with a wide variety of eats and a fun food truck atmosphere, with the MAD meals stall showcasing the great food provided to those needing a hand. It’s a well-organized event that makes a big impact on this community. Rex airlines has flights from Sydney and the Mercure hotel is right in town, consider a visit for next year’s festival, it will be a blast.

and the Hooker trail at Mount Cook are only accessible by a trusty 4WD car to go off roads and explore. New Zealand can be unpredictable, so roads can be extremely rocky. Sometimes you’re driving on the side of a narrow cliff, gripping the door handle as you hug the mountain around, so a bit of outdoor driving experience might be useful. If you’re an Aussie no doubt you have experienced weekend off road camping adventures. New Zealand is only a little bit more dangerous and adrenaline pumping so just a little tip is

NZ’s raw beauty.

- don’t go taking a fancy white car with no suspension and then you will be ready to go, I totally recommend adding this region to your bucket list.

Words by

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Millie Black


The health benefits of swimming

SWIMMING isn’t just a refreshing way to cool off on a hot summer day; it’s also one of the most effective full-body workouts available. Whether you’re doing laps in a pool, gliding through open water, or taking part in water aerobics, swimming offers a multitude of fitness benefits that can improve both your physical and mental well-being. Let’s dive into the depths of these benefits and explore why swimming is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their fitness routine.

1. Cardiovascular Health: Swimming is a cardiovascular exercise that gets your heart pumping and blood flowing, similar to running or cycling. The resistance of the water provides an added challenge, making your heart work harder to deliver oxygen-rich blood to your muscles. Regular swimming can help improve your cardiovascular endurance, lower your blood pressure, and reduce your risk of heart disease.

2. Full-Body Workout: Unlike some forms of exercise that primarily target specific muscle groups, swimming engages nearly all of the major muscle groups in your body. From your arms and shoulders to your core and legs, each stroke works to strengthen and tone different areas. Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly

all offer unique benefits, ensuring a comprehensive workout that builds strength, flexibility, and endurance throughout your entire body.

3. Low-Impact Exercise: Swimming is gentle on the joints, making it an ideal form of exercise for people of all ages and fitness levels, including those with arthritis, joint pain, or other musculoskeletal conditions. The buoyancy of the water supports your body, reducing the impact on your bones and joints while still providing a challenging workout. This low-impact nature also makes swimming an excellent option

for cross-training or as a rehabilitation tool for those recovering from injuries.

4. Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion: The fluid movements required in swimming help improve flexibility and range of motion in your joints. As you reach, stretch, and rotate your body with each stroke, you lengthen and strengthen your muscles, increasing your overall flexibility. Over time, this can lead to better posture, reduced risk of injury, and enhanced athletic performance in other activities.

5. Stress Relief and Mental Well-Being: Swimming has been

shown to have a calming effect on the mind, similar to meditation. The rhythmic breathing, repetitive motion, and sensory experience of being in the water can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Many people find swimming to be a therapeutic activity that allows them to clear their minds, focus on the present moment, and achieve a sense of relaxation and tranquility.

6. Weight Management and Calorie Burn: Swimming is an excellent way to burn calories and manage weight. Depending on the intensity and duration of your swim session, you can torch a significant number of calories while building lean muscle mass. Plus, swimming continues to burn calories even after you’ve finished your workout, thanks to its ability to boost your metabolism.

7. Enhanced Respiratory Function: Swimming requires controlled breathing techniques that can improve your respiratory strength and endurance over time. By learning to synchronize your breathing with your strokes, you can increase your lung capacity and efficiency, leading to better oxygen intake and delivery throughout your body. This can be particularly beneficial for athletes or individuals with respiratory conditions such as asthma.

NEWS 39 www.accessnews.com.au WESTERN SYDNEY EXPRESS MAY 2024 39 Fitness


1 Guffaw, titter and cackle are all words meaning what?

2 The hottest part of the flame is what colour?

3 The 2006 movie Children of Men was based on a novel by which British author?

4 How many letters are there in the Greek alphabet?

5 Is colloquial a word meaning informal, around the neck or feathered?

6 Released in 2001, what was singer Nikki Webster’s first hit single?

7 Horse racing is often referred to as the sport of what?

8 Johnny Utah is the main character of which 90s film?

9 What’s the name of Hong Kong’s metro system?

10 Twilight author Stephanie Meyer (pictured) released what follow-up novel in 2020?

SUDOKU ACROSS 1 Predictions (9) 6 Greek letter (5) 9 Quicker routes (9) 10 Mission (5) 11 Jot (4) 12 “Idiot box” (10) 14 Runway hub (7) 16 Facet (6) 18 Dark blue (6) 20 Manipulate (7) 23 Plant shelter (10) 24 Male elephant (4) 26 Jobs (5) 27 Contamination (9) 28 Finished (5) 29 Finds (9) DOWN 1 Intriguing (11) 2 Cockerel (7) 3 Domestic animals (4) 4 Scholars (8) 5 Method (6) 6 Accept reluctantly (9) 7 Exact (7) 8 Fitting (3) 365 79185 873 83 642 239 562 571 91 79 639 26 1534 37 6452 3821 74 1273 No. 029 No. 029
Using the nine letters in the grid, how many words of four letters or more can you list? The centre letter must be included, and each letter may only be used once. No colloquial or foreign words. No capitalised nouns, apostrophes or plural words ending in “s”. E P D E N E G N I 9-LETTER WORD No. 029 11 words: Good 18 words: Very good 26 words: Excellent QUIZ 13 Holland (11) 15 Arranged (9) 17 Comforts (8) 19 Attired (7) 21 Insulting (7) 22 Jumped on one foot (6) 25 European currency (4) 26 Dead heat (3) HARD MEDIUM
4x4 WORD FIND No. 029 The leftover letters will spell out a secret message. ACROSS 1 Deeds 5 Floating ice 6 Scarce 7 Obligated DOWN 1 Hairstyle 2 Talon 3 Ripped 4 Pip ASGARD AXE BERSERKER CONQUEST EDDA ERIK FENRIR FREYJA JARL ODIN RUNE SAGA SKALD SLEIPNIR THANE THOR VALHALLA VALKYRIE YGGDRASIL Secret message:


No. 038

26 Chris O’Dowd and Rosamund Pike comedy series, State of the – (5)

28 Will Ferrell’s Christmas comedy (3)

29 This English actor won an Emmy for The Night Of, Riz – (5)


1 Comedy series starring Damon of 21-across (2,4,3,4)

6 Abbreviation for the Screen Actors Guild (1.1.1)

8 Adam – played Ben in Parks and Recreation (5)

10 Political drama (3,4,4)

12 Discovery channel reality show set in American wilderness (4,2,6)

13 2004 horror film (3)

16 Comedy starring Jim Carrey as a man who can’t say no (3,3)

Insert each number from 1 to 9 in the shaded squares to solve all the

18 Star of Chopper (2000) (4)

20 She walked into Rick’s gin joint in Casablanca, – Bergman (6)

Multiplication and division are performed before addition and subtraction.

21 US comedy family including Keenen Ivory, Marlon and Damon (6)

22 Scarlett Johansson’s sci-fi thriller (4)

23 John Cho and Karl Penn Film series, – and Kumar (6)

25 Longest running Law and Order TV series (abbr.) (1,1,1)

27 Netflix series about Russian rulers (3,4,5)

31 US drama starring Australian-born Jesse Spencer (7,4)

33 Sylvester Stallone character (5)

34 Movie starring John Cusack and Cate Blanchett, Pushing – (3)

35 James Bond film starring Pierce Brosnan (3,7,3)


1 Restaurant “gotcha” reality show (7,6)

2 2003 horror starring Eliza Dushku (pictured), – Turn (5)

3 Paul Rudd’s superhero (3-3)

4 The Autopsy of Jane —(3)

5 Actor who plays Scott Evil in the Austin Powers movies, – Green (4)

6 Series in which Meghan Markle played Rachel Zane (5)

7 An acting job (coll) (3)

9 Jane Burnham in American Beauty (5,5)

11 Director of Rushmore and The Darjeeling Limited, – Anderson (3)

14 Musical starring the Jets and the Sharks (4,4,5)

15 David Schwimmer voices Melman the giraffe in this (10)

17 Star of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Jason – (5)


19 2004 war movie starring Billy Bob Thornton as Davy Crockett, The - (5)

24 Starred in Forrest Gump as the title character’s son, Haley Joel – (6)

30 Jennifer Lopez rom-com, – in Manhattan (4)

Director’s command (3)

McKellen, McShane or Ziering (3)


Solve all the clues and an eight-letter word will be spelled out.

1 Picture cards, between 10s and queens

2 Teenage Mutant — Turtles

3 Common summer treat: fish and — 4 Magpies are — and white


Book of family photographs

6 Opposite of winner

7 Chocolate cookies with creamy fillings

8 Another name for mirror ball: — ball

1. In what does Cohen have an honour’s degree?

A. Law

B. History

C. Psychiatry D. Accounting

2. What was his series about character Ali G called?

A. Ali G Indahouse

B. The 11 O’Clock Show

C. Da Ali G Show

D. Ali G, Aiii

3. His character Brüno is a:

A. Rapper

B. Eco warrior

C. TV presenter

D. Fashion model

4. In which comedy did Cohen play a role?

A. The Simpsons

B. Eastbound and Down

C. Curb Your Enthusiasm

D. All of the above

HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW... WELL KN CODEWORD 12345678910111213 14151617181920212223242526 BO No. 029 983124675 479216853 847952316 726895134 631548927 162783549 514637298 258379461 395461782 465718293 682137459 527386914 291653748 159824637 836491572 378942165 743569821 914275386 SUDOKU MEDIUM SUDOKU HARD QUICKCROSSWORD QUIZ 1. Laughter 2. Blue 3. P.D. James 4. 24 5. Informal 6.  Strawberry Kisses 7. Kings Point8.  Break 9. MTR Midnight10.  Sun 4X4 ACROSS: 1. Acts, 5. Floe, 6. Rare, 7. Owed. DOWN: 1. Afro, 2. Claw, 3. Tore, 4. Seed.
Each number corresponds to a letter. Can you crack the code?
five reading across the grid
five reading down.
Insert the missing letters to make
words –
more than one solution may be
horizontal and vertical equations.
PUZZLES AND PAGINATION × ÷ = 35 × + + –+ = 6 × + + –+ = 10 = = = 60 15 18 H U M A N A S I D E F U N D S T A C E T S L E D S × ÷ = 35 × + + –+ = 6 × + + –+ = 10 = = = 60 15 18 WORDFILL CROSS MATH 5X5 5 4 3 1 7 6 8 9 2 0623


Located in the in the foothills of the Blue Mountains this established property is a relaxed haven for resort style family living. This stylistic home is on a fully fenced 2,079 m² block and has been designed for lifestyle family living with a layout that accommodates ample spaces for privacy, relaxation or entertainment. There are formal living and dining areas of generous proportions and a seamless flow to an expansive front veranda spotted gum timber deck that captures views over your own mature parklike gardens and outdoor private getaway precincts. The ground floor features a double garage with an adjoining area that doubles as a retreat for parents, children or a stylish home entertainment studio. Upstairs there are four bedrooms, two toilets and high ceilings with a slow combustion fire that completes the country homestead feel of this unique property. Air conditioning upstairs and downstairs and ceiling fans throughout ensure year-round comfort. Recently installed solar panels mean the property is connected for energy efficiency. Did we mention lifestyle? The front garden area is more like a private parkland with mature trees that canopy the space and provide a unique enclosed environment for entertainment, a children’s play area or simply as a place to reflect and unwind. Located at the front of the property is your own car wash bay with water supply. The kidney shaped pool is surrounded by mature tree growth and is close to an outdoor fixed BBQ space.

Located just 5 minutes to Kurrajong Village and with beautiful parkland and bushwalking trails at your doorstep, this is a fantastic location to call home.

• Polished timber flooring throughout the main living space, air conditioning upstairs and downstairs.

• Meals and family area with a slow combustion fireplace.

• The kitchen features an island bench with breakfast bar.

• Formal lounge and dining area.

• Master suite with direct access to the expansive front timber deck.

• Four bedrooms, three with built-ins, ceiling fans throughout.

• Laundry with second toilet.

• A real lifestyle backyard, gated swimming pool, BBQ area and beautiful tree privacy.

• Two car lock up garage with security lighting.

• Outdoor Colourbond storage shed and large side car port area.

• Ample off-street parking, with the house located on a private service road, wide driveway area for turning around.

• Private car wash bay with its own water supply.

• Solar panels for energy efficiency.

• Security lighting front and back.

• 30,000L water tank plus connection to the Belvedere Water Scheme.

Phone: Nicole - 0419 237 044 | Email: info@voguere.com.au
Bestplayed Listen Live @ swr999.com.au Weekdays 5.30am to 9am BuscoforBreakfast LOUD


Deal with legal issues, reducing costs of briefing multiple services

Wide range of property development expertise:

• Owner/builder

• Residential purchase

• Contracts for design/building/landscape business

• Registration and sub-divisions

• One contract for all of above.

National coverage using PEXA

Sydney | Greater Western Sydney | Blue Mountains P 02 88583233 E S digital.lawyers www.digitalagelawyers.com
PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT LEGAL SERVICES Stage 1 – Your Team Stage 2 – Due Diligence Stage 3 – Acquisition Stage 4 – Execution Stage 5 – Resolving common issues/ disputes for progress

Turn static files into dynamic content formats.

Create a flipbook
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