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Left to right: Seasoned veteran of the music industry Richard Berardi, New Jersey songwriter Jeff Saxon who wrote the holiday song, “I Want Peace,” and Kara Robertelli, the lead vocalist for this inspiring song.


aking this seasonal release even more emotionally stirring is a guest appearance by the International Peace Choir,” said Mr. Saxon. The California based vocal group representing children from 42 countries is directed by Pam Aki. He added that 28 of those children joined Kara in the final chorus of the song. “This dynamic combination of Kara and the choir is truly riveting because this diverse group of children is making an urgent appeal for peace on earth,” said Mr. Saxon. Thinking of all the recent wars that this country has been involved in over the past several years led Mr. Saxon to imagine what a young child’s perception of those wars might be, as they hear about people fighting and soldiers dying. “With that in mind, I wrote, ‘I Want Peace’ from the point of view of a child who loves Christmas, and believes in Santa Claus. When her father asks what she wishes Santa would bring her, the song title is her surprising answer.” Mr. Saxon shared his videoed audition of Kara with Richard Berardi, a musical talent who has co-written songs for Alabama, Melissa Manchester, Gregg Allman, and many more. He was struck by her natural manner and sincerity and found her to be believable and inspiring. Kara shared what the words of this song meant to her. “It means that the world should get along better and the world should get along like a family and be kinder and show peace.” She said she liked “everything” about singing the song and being in the music video. When asked how she felt about being chosen over everyone else to sing the song, Kara answered simply, “Special.” She loves singing but is not sure if she wants to pursue a singing career.

Nine year old Jake puts a protective arm around his sister Kara. He has become her number 1 fan and an influential part of her support system.

Her mother Diane said Kara started dance at Red Bank Academy at age 3 and on the recommendation of a teacher, she started music drama. Kerrianne Spellman, Kara’s vocal coach at Music & Art Academy in Matawan, was so impressed with Kara’s voice that she gave her a leading role in the production of “Grease.” Ms. Spellman works with Mr. Saxon at the Academy and when he gave her a demo of the song and asked for a few young vocal candidates, Kara was one she mentioned. Although Kara was not interested in auditioning at the time, she changed her mind when a friend explained what happens at an audition. Kara learned the song in one evening and was ready to audition the following day. By that time, Mr. Saxon had chosen someone but decided to allow Kara to audition. “When I heard her sing the song, it was like I was watching a three-dimensional animated movie of my song. Kara brought the lyrics to life and wrapped her whole being into singing the song,” he said. Diane said her daughter has not taken singing lessons, though she has been singing since she was 1 ½. “Singing is a part of her and the lyrics of this song are just beautiful. We are very proud of her whole demeanor, and her ability to express this song to the world.” Kara’s 9 year old brother Jake also prompted her to get involved in this project, saying it was a great opportunity for her. Jake shared his understanding of the song. “A little girl singing to her dad and saying she wants everyone to get along, like the world doesn’t. When others hear the song, I think people will get along.” Mr. Saxon emphasized that there is great humility in the Robertelli family, nothing unreal or contrived about them. “They are warm and open with no expectations.” Diane said

of Kara’s future, “We are working with great people. I owe a lot to Kerrianne for putting Kara with that group of girls to audition. I feel like this was supposed to happen.” A video of Kara singing “I Want Peace” as she sits in front of her fireplace, and the quick shot of her sitting on her father’s lap has brought tears to the eyes of men and women who have watched it. Kara grabs your attention at the onset of this video as not only her voice but her eyes tell of the importance of her request to Santa for peace in the world. Add to that the same request in their own language by 28 children from around the world and the lyrics to the song have to be taken seriously. Jeff Saxon and Richard Berardi will be marketing the song for this holiday season and exploring all the prospects and opportunities ahead for Kara, the song and the video. The audio single, “I Want Peace” on Relevant Records can be purchased on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and other reputable online music retailers. The music video has been on YouTube and further information on it is available on the official website at Direct all inquiries to With the playfulness of a seven year old and wisdom beyond her years, Kara Robertelli will charm you, entertain you, and most of all leave a lasting impression on your heart. BREAKING NEWS: Just before this magazine went to print, Mr. Saxon shared that Kara was named “Rockster” of the week by a radio show in Nashville called Kids Rock Nashville. “I Want Peace” was to make its radio debut on November 17, 2011 on that program. More information on the website of this station 107.1 FM can be found at COMMUNITY MAGAZINE 67

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