CM: Colts Neck • Holmdel • Lincroft - July 2018

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WHAT OUR BUSINESS IS ABOUT: Fresh, delicious “Food-on-the-Go” THE PROBLEM WE SOLVE: The stress of party planning and hosting an event. You provide the location, and we will handle all other aspects for a fantastic food truck experience. We even take the trash. You, as the host, will truly become a guest and enjoy your own party. WHAT SETS US APART FROM OTHERS DOING WHAT WE DO: Having 15 years of experience in the food truck industry and providing the most professional service without any hidden extra fees.


Beyond the Brand

WHAT WE LOVE MOST ABOUT BEING IN BUSINESS: Happy, repeat customers who love our burgers and buttered rolls. We enjoy having our whole family involved with this venture.

Taking Fresh and Delicious on the Road

THE BEST ITEM WE MAKE: We are known for our fresh, delish Angus burgers. We have won several awards for them over the years and even won Best Food Truck in Monmouth County. We enjoy making pork roll, egg and cheese; crab-cakes; and especially crispy cheese fries.

For 15 years, owners Jon and Rose Grossman have been cooking up meals for Monmouth and Ocean Counties in their Jonnie G’s Food Truck. Four-time Best of Monmouth Winners, last month their Double Big Burger won Best Entrée at the 4th Annual Middletown South Food Truck Festival. This creative couple thinks outside the box and not only takes their truck to festivals and events, but caters parties in backyards and driveways. They’ve also created something called the Mobile Movie Experience as a throw-back to outdoor movie theaters using a giant, blow-up screen. Entrepreneurs and big thinkers, meet the folks behind the Jonnie G’s brand.


WHY WE STARTED OUR BUSINESS: After many years in the beachfront restaurant business, we decided to switch from being employees to being owners. We learned over the years that fresh food is the only way to go when you want your reputation to be more high-end, gourmet. We really enjoy providing the freshest food available for our customers to enjoy.


OUR NEXT BUSINESS GOAL: Multiple food trucks or a brick and mortar restaurant. OUR FAVORITE PART OF OUR BUSINESS: We enjoy cooking, talking, and providing an overall fantastic experience for customers and their guests. BEST BUSINESS TIP TO SHARE: Smile, stay positive when it’s busy, and always put out the best products possible. You can reach Jonnie G’s at 732.531.5321 or visit