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February 2020

Vol. 8, Issue 2






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February 29, 2020.

February 2020

Vol. 8 Issue 2

STONEBRIDGE RANCH NEWS The official publication of the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association, Inc.


Cartoon Ranch


2019 Tree Lighting Ceremony Photo Gallery


Community Calendar


Our Most Important Meeting

We hope you can join us on Thursday, March 5


Make Your Voice Heard

How to vote in the coming Board election


Curb Appeal Corner


Social Scene


Save the Date March 2020 Events


Prepping for the Big Day

Your Annual Meeting documents checklist

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Cover Photo by Erica Lee


Manicuring the Grounds

A look at our 2020 landscaping plans

We love to see residents out and about at our social events. Check out the details for the Marshmallow & Hot Dog Roast (see p. 30 in this issue), which is sure to bring smiles to many faces on February 21!

One month of 2020 has already passed. I hope the new year is starting out well for you and your family. Our three new landscape vendors began their work on January 1. We are anticipating much better results than we experienced in 2019. There have been some questions about whether there is a 2020 savings card. The answer is that there will not be one. We contacted all of the companies who were on the 2019 card and most of them declined to participate this year. We also contacted several new companies to ask if they would like to participate. Unfortunately, we did not get enough participation to have a card with enough value to make it worthwhile. This issue of our monthly magazine will cover information about our upcoming annual meeting. Board Meeting The Board meeting of December 12, 2019 was called to order at 1:00 PM. All Board members were present. The meeting began with a Homeowners Open Forum. No homeowners appeared. The next item of business was to ratify the minutes of the previous Board meeting and all decisions made since the last Board meeting. Executive Session The Board reviewed and approved the Foreclosure Report and the report of the Appeals Committee. We also reviewed and accepted the Collections Committee report, the Violations report, and the Project Expenditures report. Director of Operations Herbst updated us on the status of several legal issues and the status of negotiations with our irrigation contractor. We also discussed upcoming negotiations with our management company, CMA and tabled action on the contract until our January meeting. We also discussed and approved a survey to determine homeowner interest in receiving text messages as an additional way of communicating with our homeowners.

route. The city F ROM T HE P RESIDENT made a proposal to the Board President of MainGait to purchase their current facility at a price which would enable MainGait to build a brand-new facility in another location. The proposal also included a no charge leaseback feature that would enable them to stay in their existing facility until the new facility was constructed. Opportunities like this to get a new facility at no cost may never happen again. That proposal was rejected without explanation. We were unsure if the MainGait Board was aware of the offer, so we sent a letter to all the MainGait Board members to insure they were aware of the city’s offer hoping they might want to seriously consider it. To date we have received no response to the letter. If you have a contact on the MainGait Board of Directors or their Senior management, please contact them and ask them to seriously consider the city’s offer. There are still ongoing discussions by the city about this project. New Business There was no new business to consider. Association Reports Board Liaisons presented updates on committee activities reflected in Committee minutes available on our website (Stonebridgeranch.com). We also reviewed Strategic plan updates. The Director of Operations updated the Board on current and upcoming projects including discussion with the city about the widening of Virginia Parkway to six lanes from where the current six lanes reduce to four lanes west of the intersection of Virginia and Stonebridge Drive to Custer road. This construction is expected to begin in March of this year. The meeting adjourned at 4:01 PM. Jon Dell’Antonia President, Board of Directors

Old Business In our continuing review and updating of Board Guidelines and Policies, we reviewed our policy for inclement weather for social events, community room guidelines and social committee guidelines. 380 Project There was action taken by the Board on the 380 widening project. TxDOT has always stated that if MainGait would agree to move their facility to another location, then they would likely recommend a bypass route North of 380 as their preferred

Murder Mystery Show & Dinner

from 5:30-9:00 pM | The Bevel House at Chestnut Square Tickets available on Eventbrite.com

Search Murder on Chestnut


| February 2020


February 2020

Vol. 8 Issue 2

STONEBRIDGE RANCH COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION, INC. 6201 Virginia Parkway, McKinney, TX 75071 Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ph: (214) 733-5800 Fax: (214) 778-0595 website: www.stonebridgeranch.com Courtesy Patrol: (214) 794-4945

CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS ISSUE Jon Dell’Antonia, Erica Lee, Dave Wiest

BOARD OF DIRECTORS President Jon Dell’Antonia

Vice President Norm Counts

Treasurer Michael Kaltenbaugh Secretary Jim Norton

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Director Kristen Vartian Director Joe Closs

Director Amanda Batson

STAFF Professional management by RTI/Community Management Associates Inc. (CMA) Director of Operations Greg Herbst

Maintenance Supervisor Michael Cawley

Landscape & Grounds Manager Brock Whetstone Lifestyle Director David Wiest

Executive Assistant Rony Peterson


Maintenance Assistant Eric Ortega, Jeff Torres Compliance Supervisor Kelli Koehler

Compliance Coordinators Gwen Burns, Randy Cain, Pat Liles, Jarred Mercer

Administrative Assistant Melba Siebel

Community Services Coordinator Tamra Collins Communications Specialist Erica Lee

Operations Support Representative Allison Bedgood

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website: www.communitymattersinc.com

Stonebridge Ranch News is the only authorized publication of the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association, Inc. It is published on behalf of residents for informational purposes only. The Association does not guarantee any work or claims made by advertisers herein and claims no responsibility or liability for statements made in the publication. The Association does not support or take responsibility for services, whether paid or volunteer, mentioned herein, nor for statements published in articles or letters herein which are not endorsed by group decision of the Board of Directors.

Annual Meeting & Election to Be Held Thursday, March 5 Mark your calendars! The 2020 Annual Meeting of the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA) will be held from 6 to 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 5 at Crosspoint Church (2101 S. Stonebridge Drive). This is a legal proceeding required by our Bylaws. Aspects of the meeting (such as the achieving of a quorum) are even guided by Texas State Law—see the Texas State Property Code, Title 11, Chapter 209. Further, the meeting provides the forum for our membership to vote for Board members. This year, our property owners will be voting for two seats. (To ensure an orderly annual turnover, we vote for either two or three of the seven volunteer Directors.) An important reminder about the meeting: its success is determined by homeowner participation. The meeting isn’t “just for show.” In fact, it can commence

only if a minimum number of homeowners—a quorum—actively participate, either in person or by voting in absentee. This requirement is outlined in Section 2:10 of the Sixth Amended and Restated Bylaws of Stonebridge Ranch Community Association, which specifies a quorum as: “the presence in person or by proxy of members representing at least ten percent (10 %) of the total votes in the association.” (If you’ve never reviewed the Bylaws, the lead-up to the Annual Meeting is the perfect time to view the PDF at www.stonebridgeranch.com. Article II outlines the procedures the SRCA must follow in regards to membership, annual meetings, achieving a quorum, voting and proxies. It runs less than 2 pages, so it’s a quick read.)


| February 2020


THE IMPORTANCE OF A QUORUM This is a fact we report each year: if we don’t achieve a quorum, the Annual Meeting will need to be reconvened at a later date. Postponement causes an unnecessary waste of collected homeowner assessments. Why? The Board of Directors and management staff work very hard to ensure that the Annual Meeting goes off without a hitch every year. Like any large-scale event, it requires planning, staffing, and funding, as well as the signing of contracts. Venue rental and vote tabulation

WHAT HAPPENS AT THE MEETING? Following the election of the new board members, the Board will present a “state of the association” address. Our Directors will discuss 2019 achievements in every area from landscape and grounds upkeep to communications. They will also look ahead to the opportunities and challenges facing the association in the future. You can expect to hear about progress we’ve made through the Strategic Plan, which the Board first developed and adopted in 2013, as well as how the

Mark your calendars! This year’s Annual Meeting will be held from 6 to 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 5 at Crosspoint Church (2101 S. Stonebridge Drive).

software are part of the annual cost. If the members of the SRCA do not meet their quorum requirements and must reconvene the annual meeting at a different time, the projected cost to homeowners would be in the tens of thousands of dollars. It is imperative that our members help us achieve a quorum on March 5 so that allocated 2020 funds will not go to waste. WHAT IF I CAN’T ATTEND? If you can’t attend the meeting in person, not to worry: you can still participate by casting your vote in the election by online, absentee or proxy ballot. To further aid those who can’t attend in person, we will post the Annual Meeting presentation online at www. stonebridgeranch.com following the event. This allows property owners in Stonebridge Ranch to review the meeting’s proceedings at their leisure.



Plan goals and objectives have evolved since last year’s meeting. (Again, if you can’t attend, you’ll find this info in the posted presentation following the meeting.) THANK YOU! The meeting provides a unique opportunity for you to cooperate with the association. But there are countless opportunities for residents of Stonebridge Ranch to contribute to the health of this community. Each time you respond to a resident survey, read an article in this magazine, attend a social event, or contact the SRCA staff with a question, you are contributing to our collective success. The annual meeting is simply a capstone event for participation, whether you vote online, by proxy or absentee ballot, or whether you can attend in person. ◀


| February 2020


A Quorum Made Easy: Voting Questions Answered In order to host the Annual Meeting and conduct an election of members to the Board of Directors, we need a quorum of 10% of members in the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA). Each of our approximately 9,400 lots are permitted one vote in the election. You can help us meet the quorum requirement by voting in person at the Annual Meeting or by voting in one of three absentee ways. As in years past, all owners who participate in a quorum will be entered for a chance to win a free 2021 Annual Assessment fee. Two lucky winners will be chosen for the prize—one from those present at the meeting and one from the pool of non-attendant voters. Read on for answers to the most common voting questions. How do I find out more about the candidates running for the Board? To establish their candidacy to the Board of Directors, interested homeowners submitted the 2020 Candidate for Board of Directors Questionnaire.* This form allows each applicant to share his or her qualifications for serving as an SCRA Director. The candidates’ questionnaires are made available to their fellow homeowners in the March issue of the Stonebridge Ranch News and on the association website, www. stonebridgeranch.com, as of Monday, Feb. 3.

How do I cast my vote if I cannot attend the meeting on March 5? Choose from one of these options—online voting, absentee ballot, or proxy form. > Online voting is super easy and allows you to participate without leaving the comfort of your home! It will be available throughout the month of February 2020. To vote online, you’ll go to the homepage at www.stonebridgeranch.com, where you’ll find links to online voting directions. > Alternatively, owners may cast their ballot via absentee ballot. This ballot is available via download from the SRCA website at www. stonebridgeranch.com. The absentee ballot includes the names of each candidate running for the Board. Voters should select two candidates in the 2020 election. > The third option is to assign your vote by completing the proxy form, which is also provided for download at www.stonebridgeranch.com. Owners who vote using the proxy form must choose if they want to assign their vote to the Board or to another owner attending the meeting. Alternatively, owners may choose to assign the “quorum only” option, by which they do not vote in the Board election but do assign their proxy to help us meet our 10% participation quorum requirement.

We love to see homeowners casting their ballots in the annual election for Board members each year. We thank everyone who chooses to support the association by voting.



When Is My Ballot Due? Online votes, absentee ballots and proxy forms are all due by Monday, March 2 at 5 p.m. CST. Absentee and proxy forms can be mailed or delivered in person to the association office (6201 Virginia Parkway, McKinney, TX 75071) or emailed to srca@cmamanagement.com. Forms which are incomplete or turned in after the vote is called for in the meeting do not count in the election. Because of this, if you choose to mail your ballot, please do so with plenty of time to spare to ensure its arrival. For your convenience, you can drop your ballot off at the office any time—not just during business hours—via the mail slot to the left of the main office door. If I’m attending the meeting, do I need to complete a proxy or absentee ballot beforehand? No. Owners attending the meeting will be given an election ballot when they check in. During the portion of the meeting when the election is conducted, each owner will cast his or her vote for a maximum of two candidates. The ballots will then be collected and tabulated along with the submitted absentee ballots, proxies and online votes to determine which two

candidates have been elected to the SRCA Board. How do I find out which candidates were elected to the board of directors? Due to the large volume of votes cast in the election, the ballots and proxies are tabulated the day following the election. Once the vote tabulations have been verified that day (Friday, March 6), the names of the candidates elected to the Board will be posted at www. stonebridgeranch.com by 3 p.m. We sincerely thank all owners who choose to participate in the vote for Directors and in the Annual Meeting. If you have questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to call the association staff at 214.733.5800 or email srca@cmamanagement.com. ◀ *The 2020 Candidate Questionnaire was made available in the January issue of the Stonebridge Ranch News and

beginning mid-December 2019 via our E-News blasts and

on the website at www.stonebridgeranch.com. It was due to the association on January 17, 2020.


| February 2020


Stay Informed: Your Annual Meeting Document Checklist Our 2020 Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, March 5 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at Crosspoint Church (2101 S. Stonebridge Dr.) To help our members prepare for this important gathering, the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA) makes the following documents available to property owners at www.stonebridgeranch.com beginning in February. Please review this checklist so you can be on the lookout for the necessary info.

GENERAL INFO > Annual Meeting Notice. The notice provides the crucial meeting details and is the only Annual Meeting document provided via mail rather than online.* > Board Candidate Bios. Along with the rest of the documents listed below, the bios will be made available at www.stonebridgeranch.com as of Monday, Feb. 3 on the webpage titled “2020 Board Election”. (The webpage will be linked via the homepage, or you can access it by typing the title in the Search bar at the top of any page at www.stonebridgeranch.com.) Please read the bios to learn more about each candidate’s philosophy and qualifications. We will also print all candidate bios in the March 2020 issue of Stonebridge Ranch News. > Board Roles. This document provides a description of each of the board positions. At their first Board meeting after the annual election, the Directors will vote amongst themselves to determine which member will fill each role, dependent on their qualifications and desire. VOTING FORMS > Proxy Form. Use this form to assign your vote in the Board election to a third party. You can assign your vote to another homeowner who plans to attend the Annual Meeting in person or you can assign it to the Board. Alternatively, you can assign it to help us meet a quorum only and not as a vote in the election.



> Absentee Ballot. If you can’t attend the meeting but you don’t want to vote online or via a proxy, use the Absentee Ballot to cast your vote before the Annual Meeting. You can scan and email the ballot to srca@cmamanagement.com or you can mail or drop it by 6201 Virginia Parkway. If you choose to mail it, be sure to complete and send it with plenty of time for it to be received before the election on March 5.

BOARD Q & A > Questions and Answers Form. Do you have a question for the members of the Board of Directors? If so, use this form to submit your query. YOUR CONTACT INFO We need your correct info to contact you about important association business such as the annual election. If you have not done so already, go to www.stonebridgeranch.com and click “Homeowner Account Login” (located at the top right of every webpage). This will redirect you to cma.cincwebaxis. com/, where you can create a private online account with CMA, our professional management company. Within your online profile at cma.cincwebaxis. com/, you can update your mailing address and email address so that you are sure to receive all appropriate SRCA notices related to your property.† Note: if a homeowner does not provide us with a different mailing address, we mail the Annual Meeting Notice to the address of your property in Stonebridge Ranch. If a homeowner does not live at the property, this can obviously cause delays in the receipt of notices. If you have questions about registering for a private online account or changing your contact info, please call CMA’s Customer Care line at 972.943.2828. Importantly: the email list related to residents’ private CMA online accounts is kept separate from our general, SRCA E-News list. The private CMA email list is used no more than a few times a year for sending the most important association updates. For this reason, it’s a good idea to keep your email address

updated in your private CMA online account. Our general, SRCA bi-weekly emails contain info related to association business as well as public interest: we use them to keep residents informed about upcoming events and important community updates. To opt in to the SRCA bi-weekly list—which is sent through Constant Contact, not via your private CMA online account—opt in through the “Stay Connected” form which is located at the bottom right of every page at www.stonebridgeranch.com.‡ ◀ *In previous years, the association included candidate

(except the mailed Annual Meeting Notice) via the website at www.stonebridgeranch.com. Please call the office at 214. ]733.5800 if you have any questions about the online documents. Operating hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. †We follow best practices and do not use your mailing or email address for any purpose other than association business. We do not provide this information to third parties. ‡As with the mailing and email address info in your private

bios and all voting form types in each mailed Annual

account, we do not use the Constant Contact list for any

Meeting Notice. Since each member uses only one type

other purpose than sharing up-to-date association-related

of voting format (and many members are now using the

info. We do not share the list with any third parties. You can

online voting option), this practice led to paper waste

opt out at any time by clicking the “Safe Unsubscribe” link

and the unnecessary use of association funds. This is

which is provided at the bottom of every blast.

the third that year the SRCA is providing all documents

You can find all public documents related to the Annual Meeting and election at www.stonebridgeranch.com


| February 2020


Cartoon Ranch



Tree Lighting Ceremony 2019 We captured so many cute moments, we couldn’t fit them all in our January issue!


| February 2020





| February 2020


SRCA Welcomes Three New Landscaping Partners In the December issue of Stonebridge Ranch News, we presented the 2020 budget for the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA). Vice President Norm Counts provided context regarding rising costs we face in our community. One notable area of pricing increase relates to the upkeep of our common areas; we’ll be paying more for water and labor rates in the future. As we look ahead to 2020, we sat down with Brock Whetstone, Landscape & Grounds (L & G) Manager, to learn more about our landscaping program for the coming year. Tell us about our new L & G vendors. We signed contracts with three new landscaping vendors who started January 1 this year. They are Superscapes, Manders, and Landcare. Also new this



year: we have portioned Stonebridge Ranch into three zones. Each vendor will oversee one zone so that no vendor has too much to handle. In the past we used to have only two vendors and two zones. Why did we switch to new vendors? We were looking for vendors who could meet our premier quality standards, which suffered with our previous vendors in the past year. We really wanted to find partners who would be dedicated to keeping our community beautiful. We went through an intense four-month process to find the right fit. We put out an RFP and went through a bid process that included multiple meetings with our professional staff and Board volunteers. We looked at company reviews and other properties these companies manage as part of the vetting process.


| February 2020


We Keep It

Top Brands - Grills & Smokers Grilling Accessories | Fire Place Gas Logs Charcoal & Pellets | Rubs & Spices Outdoor Kitchen

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1411 North Custer, Ste. 1200 | McKinney Located on the corner of Custer and 380





One important factor going forward: each vendor will have staff on property five days a week. This will allow us to respond to issues more quickly in 2020—for example, removing a fallen tree branch if a limb breaks and falls in the street. Each vendor will handle every aspect of upkeep in their zone, and they will work on a route through their zone. This will include detail work such as weeding and trimming, irrigation work and repair, fertilization, and enhancement projects as approved by the volunteers on the Landscape & Grounds Committee. What can we expect re: mulching this year? It’s something we look at closely on an annual basis because mulch builds up year over year. Last year we didn’t mulch throughout the entire community because we didn’t need to—we saved those funds. But this year residents can expect a comprehensive mulching throughout the community, not just at major entrances. Mulch helps retain water so it’s part of our thought process when we look at our water savings plan.

We welcome three new landscaping vendors to our community this year: Superscapes, Manders, and Landcare. Let’s all commit to do our part to keep Stonebridge Ranch looking beautiful in 2020!

Tell us more about irrigation in 2020. In 2020, our water rates will be at least 16% higher than they were in 2019. They could rise as much as 25% by the end of the year. We have quarterly inspections planned with each of our new vendors to check our smart controllers throughout Stonebridge Ranch. We’ll be looking closely to make sure our smart controller systems are monitoring each zone correctly. As with all smart controller systems, you can’t just set it to run without checking back. These types of systems require regular maintenance to make sure settings are optimized for each bed—we want water savings without sacrificing beauty. Speaking of beauty, what can you tell us about annuals and enhancements at entrances? Enhancements go on throughout the year as approved by the volunteers of the L & G Committee. The volunteers visually inspect every entrance on a rotating basis. There are over 200 entrances throughout our community, so it’s a large undertaking that takes time and dedication.

Homeowners might not realize that we can’t plant the same species at every entrance, even if we would like to. Each entrance was built by a different developer at a different time, and each entrance has a different amount of shade cover based on trees and directionality of sunlight in that area. Older neighborhoods with a gorgeous tree canopy may not be able to support the same ground cover as newer entrances with more sunlight, for example. Deciding what to plant where is not an exact science. It requires a lot of teamwork and communication between our staff, volunteers, and landscaping partners. Smaller HOAs with just a handful of entrances may be able to do more flower color changes throughout the year, but we must consider the costs of all our choices across more than 500 acres of common area. This is why we do two color changes each year at select entrances throughout Stonebridge Ranch. Residents can expect to see the color flower changes in March and October of 2020. Article continues on following page


| February 2020


What part do homeowners play? We know that the upkeep of landscape and grounds is a vital part of protecting everyone’s property values—it’s why we dedicate many resources to it. Each homeowner also plays an important role by maintaining a high standard of care in their own yard, of course. But if you spot an issue with landscaping in our parks or medians, please notify staff as soon as possible. Since our staff and landscaping partners look at common areas on a rotating/route schedule, it’s possible a resident might spot an issue before we do. During office hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.), you can report issues such as broken sprinklers or broken tree limbs to the office at 214.733.5800. After hours, please call our Courtesy Patrol at 214.794.4945. ◀ This spring our landscaping partners will help us mulch beds in common area throughout the community.

Curb Appeal Corner PLANNING TO UPGRADE YOUR BACKYARD? Below are some basic guidelines to

keep in mind. Visit www.stonebridgeranch.com to read all modifications requirements before you start planning your next major backyard

Attached vs. Detached

project. Questions? Call 214.733.5800.

misc. •

All roof pitches for an attached patio roof cover shall be a minimum of 4:12 or as approved by the Modifications Committee on a case by case basis.

Construction of an attached structure shall not alter the established drainage patterns of your lot.

Solar panels may not be installed anywhere on accessory structures.

size & materials


Attached structures may not extend beyond the dwelling setback lines outlined in the subdivision guidelines for your village. If your property is adjacent to a golf course, body of water, open space or common area, your attached patio cover must be set back a minimum ten (10) feet unless further restricted by your village’s guidelines. Detached structures such as an arbor, pergola, patio cover, or gazebo shall maintain a five (5) foot side yard setback and a five (5) foot rear yard setback unless your property is adjacent to a golf course, body of water, open space, or common area—in which case you must maintain a ten (10) foot setback unless further restricted by your village’s guidelines.

Accessory structures shall not exceed 200 sq. ft. unless otherwise approved by the Modifications Committee on a case by case basis. Materials shall be of cedar or redwood (or another material as approved on a case by case basis). Some village guidelines require patio covers to include masonry. Roofing materials for all patio covers shall match the existing house.



| February 2020


February 2020

Social Scene www.stonebridgeranch.com/events/

Certified CPR Class

Saturday, Feb. 1 10 a.m. to Noon, Community Room 6201 Virginia Pkwy We are hosting one class this year for residents interested in learning certified CPR. The cost of the session is $30 and includes AED training. Participants will receive a 2-year certification card with access to a student book. The curriculum meets the current guidelines set forth by the State and OSHA. You will leave with the skills necessary to effectively administer CPR and First Aid.

The course covers: the legal aspects of CPR & first aid; how to observe universal precautions; the recovery position; scenarios including seizures and EPI Pen; CPR & choking (adult, child & infant); and more. To register, visit www.corecprsolutions.com, call 214.295.6263, or email info@corecprsolutions.com.












TUTORING & TEST PREP Reading Writing Science

Math Study Skills ACT/SAT

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• Convenient Locations

• Specially Trained Teachers • Proven Results 3001 SOUTH CENTRAL EXPRESSWAY, SUITE 301 • MCKINNEY, TX 75070 • 469-796-5125 Flexible Scheduling ©2019 Huntington Mark, LLC. Independently Owned and Operated. SAT and• Advanced Placement (AP) are registered trademarks of the College Board. PSAT/NMSQT is a registered trademark of the College Board and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. ACT is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc. None of these entities endorses or was involved in the production of the program.*Offer valid on Premier Program for new students only. Not valid with any other offer. **Grade level results are based on cumulative average grade level increases in reading and math for 17,445 students from 2010 to 2014 using the full set of available student data. Individual may vary and are not guaranteed. • results Convenient Locations • Specially Trained Teachers • Flexible Scheduling

SAT - PSAT/NMSQT - ACT - Advanced Placement (AP) - STAAR - HSPT - ISEE - SSAT - GED - ASVAB

Certified Babysitting Class


To view, please visit our webinar library at Huntingtonhelps.com/ webinars


3001 S Central Expressway, Suite 301, McKinney 4697965125

Saturday, Feb. 8 1.800.CAN.LEARN 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Community Room 6201 Virginia Parkway

Personalized Attention. Proven Results.


The Child and Babysitting Safety (CABS) program from ASHI and MEDIC First Aid covers the basics that young adults need to know for safe and successful babysitting, including business start-up how-to and tips for relating with parents and children, key safety, caregiving, and first aid. The magazine-format CABS guide and vlogger-style video make learning fun. The cost of class is $48. To register, visit www. corecprsolutions.com or call 214-295-6263, or email info@corecprsolutions.com.

Book Club

Monday, Feb. 10 7 to 8 p.m., Community Room 6201 Virginia Parkway Sit-ins are always welcome to Book Club, even if you haven’t read our selection. At this month’s meeting, we’ll casually discuss Rules of Civility by Amor Towles. This novel transports readers back to the late 1930’s where a young woman suddenly finds herself propelled into Manhattan’s high society. Filled with witty STONEBRIDGE RANCH NEWS

| February 2020




If you have a passion for travel and love to cruise, then a career as a Vacation Consultant may be the perfect next step for you. APPLY TODAY (469) 712 7676 7810 Eldorado Parkway Suite #220, McKinney



dialogue and intriguing observations, the characters navigate choices and chance as they individually define integrity in the face of abundant wealth.

Travel Club

Tuesday, Feb. 11 9 to 10 a.m., Community Room 6201 Virginia Parkway The Stonebridge Ranch Travel Club meets the second Tuesday of each month from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. in the Community Room. This is the perfect group for residents who are curious and enjoy experiencing new things. The members explore together, dine together, and even cruise together. They usually take a monthly field trip to a location nearby in the DFW area. Past excursions have included blueberry picking in Edom, Texas; seeing how life-sized dinosaurs are created in Allen, Texas; visiting longhorn steer in the Ft. Worth stockyards; sampling beer at the Franconia Brewery here in McKinney; and eating out at various restaurants. The Club also enjoys longer trips further afield, such as bus trips to Branson, Missouri to see the Christmas lights and shows; cruising along the Alaskan shoreline; and taking week-long train rides through the Canadian Rockies. Please join the club if you’re looking for some adventure!

NOTE: The Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA) has approved the Travel Club as “sanctioned”, not “sponsored”, social group for residents. SRCA sponsored groups and events are managed by and paid for by the association and are for residents only. The SRCA approves sanctioned groups to use SRCA meeting space but provides no stonebridgeranch.com

other involvement or oversight. Sanctioned groups like the Travel Club are for residents + non-resident guests and they are responsible for all decisions, fees, etc. related to their activities.

Tuesday Evening Bingo Tuesday, Feb. 11 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Community Room 6201 Virginia Parkway

It’s a great time to make new friends! Please join us for an evening of bingo and prizes in the Community Room. Light snacks and refreshments will be served. Seating is limited to the first 40 who sign up online at https://whoozin.com/3GN-QY3-QREE-KHHV. This event is for adults only. Stonebridge Ranch residents get in free and may bring up to one nonresident guest. Guests pay a $5 entry fee.

Neighbor Meet & Greet

Wednesday, Feb. 12 9:30 to 11 a.m. AND 6 to 8 p.m. Community Room, 6201 Virginia Pkwy. On Feb. 12, we are hosting two Neighbor Meet & Greet sessions, one in the morning and one in the evening. Come and meet a neighbor or bring a neighbor. Whether you’ve been here one month, one year, ten years or more, we’d love to meet you! We provide sodas, water, donuts and hot coffee. Singles, couples, children and grandchildren are welcome. Free to Stonebridge Ranch residents.

Dear Friends and Neighbors, Twenty years ago JR & I started Ben Franklin Plumbing. We want to celebrate our 20th Anniversary by giving back to the friends that have supported us over the years. We know YOU are the HEROES in our community. You work hard to provide for your families, help with homework, drive the carpool, coach the sports teams & support the many charities in McKinney. When plumbing problems appear you just want someone you can trust to get in quick, fix the problem and restore your family back to normal. A company that will protect your family and your investment.


All SBR residents get a FREE Ben Franklin Society membership - a $199 value! BSA BENEFITS:

• 15% Discount Up to $300 PER TASK • Priority Booking & Discounted Trip Fees • Safety Check on Water Heater • Free Inspection of Sewer Line • Cannot Be Applied to Prior Work • Cannot Be Used With Other Discounts or Coupons If you are already a member we’ll credit your account upon renewal. Everyone Wins! Thank you again for your loyalty and support through the past twenty years and may God richly bless you in 2020! Drop me an email if you have any questions.

Keresa Richardson Keresa@benfranklinplumbing.com

CALL (940) 468-1776 and ask for the STONEBRIDGE BSA!* *Offer for current Stonebridge Ranch Residents only.

PLUS you’ll get a FREE PEST INSPECTION from our newest company Buckaroo Pest Protection


| February 2020


Coffee, Cars & Cycles

Saturday, Feb. 15 8:30 to 10 a.m., Beach & Tennis Club 6201 Virginia Parkway Join us for coffee, breakfast burritos and donuts at our upcoming Coffee, Cars & Cycles (with Conversation). Feel free to bring your classic/fancy car or chopper/ motorcycle to park in the circular drive. We’ll also host our monthly Book, CD & DVD exchange (bring one, take one) in the nearby Community Room. “A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.”

Adult Big Bass Tournament

Saturday, Feb. 15 9 a.m. to Noon, Stonebridge Lake 6201 Virginia Parkway Residents age 18+ are invited to compete in the Adult Big Bass Tournament at Stonebridge Lake. The entry fee is $10 per person and must be paid in cash on the day of the tournament. Only residents of Stonebridge Ranch (ages 18+) will be allowed to enter; a valid Stonebridge Ranch ID or driver’s license is required. First place will win 100% of the entry fees. In the case of a tie, prize money will be equally split. Fish caught from any other body of water other than Stonebridge Lake will not be considered. Only paid contestants are allowed to fish in the lake during this event. (Spectators, including children, are not allowed to do so.) Registration will be from 8:30 to 9 a.m. After check-in, fishermen can proceed to any part



of Stonebridge Lake to fish but may not pass through the Beach Club gates or across private property. The tournament will be held from 9 a.m. to noon with no casting permitted before 9 a.m. The rules are as follows. You may fish from the bank only; wading, tubes and boats are NOT

permitted. Fisherman may carry several rods but fish with only one at a time. Only artificial bait is allowed; no live bait permitted. The big bass will be determined by length, not weight. The fish will be measured with the jaw closed and the tail pinched to obtain maximum overall length. Final weigh-in will be held at noon, though fish may be brought to the judges’ table to be measured at any time during tournament hours. Fish must be brought in alive and breathing at weigh-in. They will be returned to the lake after weigh-in. Participants will be given a stringer, weighin bag and should bring their ONE biggest fish to the weigh-in. All contestants who are not in line by noon to weigh their entries will be disqualified. The Tournament Judge will give all participants the official time the morning of the event.

Wednesday Evening Bingo

Wednesday, Feb. 19 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Community Room 6201 Virginia Parkway It’s a great time to make new friends! Please join us for an evening of bingo and prizes in the Community Room. Light snacks and refreshments will be served. Seating is limited to the first 40 who sign up online at https://whoozin.com/EUK-TJV-TMR6-TC3Q. This event is for adults only. Stonebridge Ranch residents get in free and may bring up to one non-resident guest. Guests pay a $5 entry fee. STONEBRIDGE RANCH NEWS

| February 2020


After School Junior Tennis Classes

A new four-week session of After School Junior Tennis Classes is scheduled to begin on Monday, February 3. For more information, visit selecttennisacademy.com.

EVENTS next month

Marshmallow & Hot Dog Roast Friday, Feb. 21 6 to 8 p.m., Beach & Tennis Club 6201 Virginia Parkway

Bring your family and neighbors and join us for our 5th Annual Marshmallow Roast. Kids love this free event! We’ll provide the fire pits, marshmallows, hot dogs and roasting sticks. For Stonebridge Ranch residents only, the event also includes a train ride, DJ and hot chocolate. (We are looking for volunteers for this event. If you are a resident middle school or high school student who needs community service hours, please contact David Wiest at dwiest@ cmamanagement.com.)

Morning Bingo

Thursday, Feb. 27 10 a.m. to Noon, Community Room 6201 Virginia Parkway Start your day off right with a morning of fun and prizes! Winners of each round earn $5 gift cards, and we provide light snacks and beverages. This is an adult-only event. Stonebridge Ranch residents play for free and may bring up to two non-resident guests. Guests pay a $5 per person fee. Seating is limited to the first 40 who sign up, so hurry to RSVP at https:// whoozin.com/C6N-PWH-W346-MT44.



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Stonebridge Ranch News - February 2020  

Stonebridge Ranch News - February 2020