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Dear Voter

reduce Council Tax arrears and the District Council could gain from this initiative.

Our symbol for this election is the hammer and dove. The dove is to show that we like peace but we hope to give the Lib-Dem and Tory candidates a real hammering.

The District Council could work with local trade unions to encourage membership. Non members get about 70% of the wages of those in trade unions. The Town Council could facilitate the setting up of Claimants' Unions and Tenants' Organisations.

Stifling growth, getting people sacked and victimising them when they claim benefits is no way to build any society let alone a big one. These cuts will kill. Cutting heating payments to the elderly and vulnerable will increase the already dreadful winter mortality of the aged. Slashing help to domestic violence victims will leave them in danger. This is not a legitimate government. Nobody voted for a common programme of vicious cuts and further privatisation. Nationally about ÂŁ16 billion worth of tax credits and benefits are unclaimed. A locally run take up campaign could put money into the pockets of many of our poorest. If elected I will urge both the Town and District Councils to put an advice service in place. It could

These measures would help build local solidarity and improve the lives of many of Barnstaple's citizens. The main blame for local government cuts should fall upon this coalition of calamity but local authorities should be willing to eat into a portion of their reserves. There is no point continuing to save for a rainy day during a monsoon. Vote for me on 5th May. You will leave the polling vote with a spring in your step and a grin on your face. Yours sincerely

Gerrard Sables

Vote to reject the calamity ConDems There is a better, peoples’ alternative For more information go

Sables Local Election Leaflet Side Two May 2011  

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